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"kimmy kitty" Discussed on The Community Cats Podcast

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"kimmy kitty" Discussed on The Community Cats Podcast

"Her cats into action. Today we're speaking with Britney Fox over Brittany is the shelter director at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society and overseas the adoption program. She started volunteering. With 'em are for us in two thousand nine became a part-time staff person in two thousand eleven while working in finance. She was hired fulltime as medical coordinator in two thousand twelve and became shelter director in two thousand fifteen. She's also an active foster home and likes to specialize in critical care cases. She loves all animals domestic and wildlife but is particularly passionate about promoting feline welfare. She currently lives in Maine with her husband. Two children dog and five cats Brit. I'd like to welcome you to the show. Thank you so very much for having me. Well this is family. We're having family day at the community. Cats podcasts as many folks. No obviously that I've had a lot of experience with Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society. It very much involved in very passionate about the organization and Brit has been awesome to stay involved and working hard and providing great leadership for the Organization for it. I WANNA I ask you before coming to us. What made you a cat lover. Well I did not grow up with cats. Most people find that very interesting but I only had dogs and it was a kitten that my aunt found in a parking lot. He was Kinda scratched up and he looked very sad and she. She rescued him and she brought him to the police station in our town and no one claimed him so my husband then boyfriend at the time he said I'll take him and he had never had a pet before in his whole life. So we got this kitten. Neither of US knew what to do. You know we kind of figured it out as we went along and we completely fell head over heels in love with Rupert. He is no longer with us but he really is my inspiration for finding my passion and my career in my life so I have a lot to thank him for from their Robin. I really learned what wonderful intelligent amazing creatures cats are and We wanted to get more involved. We lived in Amesbury at the time and drove by the shelter and we saw the sign and said you know we really. We really got to check this place out and we applied to volunteer. And the rest is history. I did volunteer at the Bangor. Humane society up in Bangor being when I went to college so he had a little bit of shelter experience and so at the time. Janet who is our volunteer coordinator. She said okay. You have experienced right downstairs and into our room at our quarantine room and I was like okay and I I like a challenge that I really like learning so for me. It was an opportunity to do that for cats who I had just recently discovered I loved so much and fell head over heels for shelter medicine working with cats and just really opened my eyes to a whole new world that I didn't know existed so you know it's sort of the rest is history as they say but cats and feline welfare are something that just so truly important to me. And that's why I'm here. So as you discovered the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society. Maybe share with folks a little bit about the organization and the programs and what makes it different from other organizations. That you've been around. Yes so when I started. I didn't have a great idea of on the animal welfare community and what was going on in other shelters but when I started at the MRI for us. I saw the cats that the shelter were taking care of and it really realized that these are animals that needed a lot of help in a lot of care and really had a wonderful chance to find home and the people who cared for them were so dedicated and committed to not only Finding these animals from home but rehabilitating them before they did that and so the more I worked at the time for us the more I realized that we took in animals stat. Maybe other shelters just didn't know a lot about or didn't have resources to care for. I had interactions early on with feline leukemia. Cats Feline Leukemia kittens. There was a Persian. Kitty named mugs. Who was so sick and he had a lot of problems and I just really realized that. There's a lot of animals and a lot of cats out there that need a lot of help. And that's why the morale for us Was Really special to me. Was that they were taking animals from our community other shelters rescue groups animals that without. Mr For us did not have much of a chance. And so that's really what ignited my passion for taking care of cats and kittens. That just really compromised in need a lot of help. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel that these animals can really live and thrive. So it's really amazing to see that journey and get them there and for us is really committed to helping them along that journey and that that is really super important and special to me so one thing that Mri France has done quite a bit over the years. As as you've mentioned the feline leukemia positive cats. What are the greatest challenges when dealing with feline leukemia positive cats and why is it important that we work so hard to try? Get them adopted. You know I kind of look at the challenges on two major fronts. One of them. Is that the cats are immuno-compromised so when they're coming into shelter which for the most healthy and robust of cats can be a really stressful experience. These kitties have compromised immune systems so that creates an even bigger challenge to keeping them healthy and then on the other side of it is adoption recognizing that we are not necessarily a sanctuary that we are in adoption program for these kitties so we need to work with a ball and work with members of the public to make sure people understand the disease and the disease process. Make sure they understand with these kids need but also show them that these cats look healthy and they look happy because they are when they are not showing signs of their disease and they're sort of in that middle point they look like a regular cat and so many people see that so. It's really nice to be able to show them. These animals have such great quality of life. Just like a regular cat and we can get them a home and you know a family and that they have the ability to live out their years whatever they have left happy and healthy just like a normal cat. So that's why it's really important to find these guys. Homes is their quality of life is typically very good. When they're not showing signs of the disease they just look like a regular cat and they deserve our love and our support just like the other kitties that we take in. Is it common? That many people when they adopt feline leukemia positive cats and then the kitty does pass away. They tend to come back to adopt more. Yeah absolutely we have repeat adopters. Feline Leukemia Cats. I usually tell people I see it. Go two ways. I see people that adopt the Feline Leukemia. Kitties and they lose their first one and they kind of say you know. This isn't for me. I'm GONNA come back and get another kitty but want you know a nonfeeling Kimmy Kitty and of course were sensitive to that but more often than that we get people that come back and they say okay now needs a home and those people really inspire me. Every day. We have a couple of people I can think of off hand to really focus on the feeling that Kimia kittens that don't have even as long a life span as the adults and they really are committed to taking these kittens and giving them a family a home for as long as they have and.

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