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"kim dyke" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Once again. If you actually peak between the lines with northern water general manager brad wind saying that. This is an alternative to costly litigation. Well for most of us fifteen million pretty costly right. But unless i'm misinterpreting what i'm saying paying that. Fifteen million is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of ongoing litigation now. The windy gap project moves water from the western slope as part of the colorado. Big thompson project. It's been in operation since one thousand nine hundred eighty five. It partially redirects water from the colorado river through the mountains and to the front range. Shimmy hollow is cited west of carter lake. It would store up to approximately nine hundred thousand acre feet of water to be divided between twelve water suppliers ranging as far south as broomfield to as far northeast faz greeley settlement clears the way finally for northern water to begin construction on the six hundred million dollar reservoir this summer but in a joint statement. No surprise here. Representatives from the environmental groups were rather unhappy over the long term impacts of the project. Kim dyke is a board member of the colorado sierra club. Kim called the state's water laws antiquated for allowing western slope water to be siphoned en masse to the front range in a time when climate change is straining supply of an already presses research is resource her words not mine she said in a statement the lack of focus on water conservation in front range communities and the multiplier of colorado's precious water resources being used for her words not mine. Dangerous fracking for oil and gas. She covered all our bases. Didn't she put us on a dangerous of dangerous path. Forward gary walkner the director of save the puzder and save the colorado. He told biz west in an interview that settlement came about due to what he called. Reiterating the comments that were made by kim dyke reiterating what he called week water laws and courts interventions over the years that are overly friendly groups that aim to drain rivers for municipal use..

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