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"kim avella" Discussed on Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts

Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts

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"kim avella" Discussed on Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts

"Tip final tip when you're considering katie piece elect and kindle villa. What your value is. How much do you feel you bring the table. And how much do you think you should be compensated for that. If you're just looking for an avenue to just publish 'cause you love the craft of writing this might be for you but if you're the type of person that doesn't really want to grind it out for say twenty five cents for every purchase or twenty two cents There's also the risk versus reward because katie p select is a proven commodity. Many people have made a lucrative living going to kdp select and some continue to do that whereas some people don't even katie piece left at all they just do it on their own and the wide but we know the proven we. It's all about the devil you know. And so with kindle vela. They're really the devil. We don't know just yet so be very careful. It's going to be about risk versus reward. Because you're probably going to have to write about three plus episodes. Get that all queued up before launches so that way you can have people reading and binging your content and you can keep up with that demand Really there's not too much of a risk if you ask me because you're only out a time. Let's say you took all the time to write. You got it edited you gotta proof-read you got it formatted you gotta cover for and such like that. Let's just say for instance you find. Kim avella doesn't work out for you. All right on. Enroll it from kindle villa and move it over to katie pete and trout katie piece select or maybe even publish it. Why there's so many options you can do here. It's really no negative in my opinion. Hey folks do me a favor subscriber. Follow me on your preferred podcasting platform and leave me a review or comment on the youtube podcast channel. Rt gave you that link..

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