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"kim adam schefter" Discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show

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"kim adam schefter" Discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show

"Why it's so important. That's why it's important to get these words. I have to remember that. This is my show and i want to ask you questions. No no no all seriousness. Because you're like you you take over. That's just what you do but I won't have it on my show but i wanna know i wanna say i wanna say i'm gonna ask him questions that people are asking. Okay they say listen and l. Let's be fair. Because i understand. I i live in the world and i know that people had the reason. They don't believe any of this because it's fundamentally inconceivable and its distasteful and they would like to think listen. Yeah you're you're on the other side of the issue in your all hopped up and there's always been irregularities and stuff but come on a presidential election was not overwhelmingly stolen. It's hard to believe and by the way if it had been for crying out loud surely the supreme court Would have been open to seeing this stuff. It's it's it's not very conceivable to me that the supreme court wouldn't look at it. Why wouldn't they look at while they. They didn't look at the stuff before they never seen this. No judge has ever seen this and an here. You've got to release. Every single person in this country. Knows there was weird stuff that when you had the big spike in michigan and wisconsin. Well everyone's going well. Those were the mail in votes that came in the mail in votes were counted in the morning of the third. Yeah so people need to get educated before we bring it to the supreme court save. Here's how they did it. Here's how it happened. We had the best people in the world. Chuck validate the evidence that these other guys brought brain. So these guys are there white at akers that worked for the government right theft. Pretend this for cyber attacks on our country now. I just read this morning again. Chris crab grabs. He said just like you said like you said i think november. This was the most secure election in history. Yeah but then. He went no then three weeks ago. Four weeks ago. Kim adam schefter on morning. Joe and they stay asked him is what's the most. What's the biggest threat to the united states right now and they both didn't even blink china china a cyber attack right down to the local race. Now if you're everybody this country can go while my my company can get hacked miami business. My business can get hack government. The governments state governments can get. Hey what's what is it so hard to conceive that we got hacked by china. We think that the reason. I'm i'm trying to process this with you because this morning as i was coming here to the my pillow factory. Use the code. eric As i was coming over here we were talking. The car about the hacked pipeline. And they were saying that. It's hard to get gas in tennessee and.

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