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Who should replace Ellen?

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Who should replace Ellen?

"News is ongoing. Generous. Ongoing News that won't stop are one nemesis might be replaced by our other nemesis. On their talk show the Ellen show. Well, these are that this is them news, but I do feel like Ellen could be replaced with a WHO, if this all comes to fruition or like a WHO thinks so too person because I'm seeing a lot of people nominate various talk show e people although apparently the rumors are like James Corden is going to replace Ellen, but like he has a show so. That makes no sense to me on any. That's what blows my mind. Why he has eight hundred shows. He has just made another daily show like that doesn't make any sense to me at on. The also has carpool. Karaoke. And then he also has the cat sequel like he has plenty, oh. Yeah. Let's replace a supposedly nice person with another supposedly nice person like. Haven't. We learned anything from this thing. These people are Nice. They suck. I think always be wary of people who say their thing is being. I think the number, one person who should clearly replace Allen is Kiki Palmer. There's literally no. Better obvious. Getting a lot of a lot of traction and she showing up a lot of tweets because it's like she just had a talk show that got canceled for no reason on ABC. Well, it was like that one hour of Commerical Strahan. Michael? And Kiki Sarah? There was A. Third Sarah. Sarah. And Michael and Kiki It just give it to clean working it. Just everyone likes he. We Love Kiki. She's a great host. Who else do you think if if we're going if for skewing young? I think we to Kiki for skewing older, I think it should go to fucking the woman who should have gotten David Letterman, amy. Sedaris like give it to amy sedaris because people like her. She's silly. I don't know that, amy, the thing is I. Don't know that Amy Sarah's would want to do that I. Feel like. I don't need that. We're talking about this on the Patriot. If you WANNA. Go listen to that about how drew Barrymore also has daily, show a daytime show coming out, and I'm like who would want this job? Drew Barrymore wants this job since when like it's just to meal a a weird job that you wouldn't want that could turn you or probably. Turn you into a monster, right? Yes. but the to provide a context in case you've been under a rock people are like there. There have been the rumors for years and years and years, but specifically the past few months they've really you know the hit a critical mass and started being reported publicly like Ellen is an asshole to everyone. Ellen is an asshole. The people she works with Ellen makes people not talk to her ellen cruel. But now there are reports by like news and variety and insider that it wasn't just ellen being a to everyone and celebrities and not liking Ellen like being on Ellen show. It's that the executive producers were actually like being abusive like in sexually harassing the employees. So it's like a culture. Culture of toxicity. That is the sort of thing that I don't that Ellen is deciding up allegedly that she doesn't want to deal with anymore. So she's like this sucks like I just rather not do this anymore. Right. So but this rumor, this isn't this is in fact, this is rumor because people keep their keep going back and forth and saying some some sources say she's not leaving this show sums his sources as she's leaving the show. I. Can't imagine somebody as likely a annoyed with the whole situation who is known to be not a very nice person would want to continue to fake be nice and have to apologize and half to like kind of whatever because these rumors have been. Kind of like I for some reason I, keeping you Kevin Spacey Pre the abuse allegations like when everyone knew he was gay, but no one knew he was gay like it was weird thing where it was like if you knew, you knew if you didn't, you had no idea what be totally shocked it. Kind of feels like that type of Hollywood news where like everyone knew that Ellen was secretly mean except for Ellen fans who had no idea where living happily with ellen everyday of their life and like the show was wildly successful, right? very strange. A very strange thing. Do you think that this will happen because people are so bored in their craving, the Gospel, and then somebody just this is this is what I mean I, think it's I mean. It's a combination of a lot of things at one of is like the people finally speaking out about their employers. It's like finally like shutting down like the. The systemic issues and leg, not being corporate America and knowing that people will support them and believe them and believe them, and that like the media machine of Ellen isn't powerful enough to shut down. So many voices if enough come out and and we'll talk about it later in the episode, but it's like the it's similar to the. Vanessa. Morgan thing, it's it's shades of an ESA Morgan being like I'm going to speak up against the riverdale creators and the Riverdale producers because people are people are realizing that they can do that and they won't get like dumped on by the press or of their fans they will be seen as like heroes. But. It's also just like, I, Think Dakota Johnson had a tiny bit to do with it because Dakota Johnsons like Open crubaugh open open. Rudeness to Ellen SORTA. Gave People. I don't know permission to speak about rumors that she's an asshole more openly. They're like, it looks like that's what Dakota's referencing. So I didn't even know you liked me. Of course, I. Like you. You Knew I. Liked you. You've been on the show many times and don't I show like. But I did invite you and you didn't come. So this time you invited me, are you sure? How do you? I don't think. So ask everybody. Jonathan. Your producer. I was that, why didn't I go? I don't know that became a meme. You have people like Brad Garret and who else replied to him. Leah Tom's Tom's joins. She is mean she is. She. Yes. Now, I can't believe I just called the Thomson. So Deutsche US minor. That was obsessed the disease of this show right here. Yeah. Leah Thompson also respond to that and said Yep I mean, I just think that it's like no one was a true story note once you lose grip on the fear, you are the power you had over I mean, and it's funny because then you have scooter Braun coming out her being like Ellen is great. I. Love Allen is like so people still. Look at the people coming out and say L. Like scooters, hedging his bets at this, all go away and back to normal and Ellen will still be powerful and whatever, and then you have people speaking out i. just it's a fascinating reveal of a monolith almost kind of crumbling that you didn't think would ever. Be exposed like this. I didn't. It seems like Palmer is getting a lot of A lot of press over like a lot of tweets being could replace. Ellen is trending key Palmer got a lot. Tiffany haddish. Got A lot that woman who does the like trump impersonations? What's her name? Sarah? Cooper. She got a lot of people tweeting about her I mean, I think it's just bomber just someone who someone who actually. Got Some tweets booing reply Oh doodoo be from drag race also got A. Drag. Race. Got I. saw that. Yeah. But I think he palmer when you when you want someone who has like the resume as well like. You of don't WANNA, pick someone random like Sarah Cooper. As funny as she is on twitter, because like her her her skills as a as an interviewer, not proven whereas Kiki, Palmer is a link interviewer host. Yeah I mean I would say like the Ellen slots, big slot made we just move up the ladder. We get Kelly Clarkson in that slot. We get Drew Barrymore Kelly was and we get key. Palmer. Work. Curse, lot I know these are all people on different network. So it makes literally no sense but you. Better like we. We cannot confuse the audience. We must replace the Ellen show with someone named. Ellen. Ellen Ellen. Page's like don't look at me like another gay. Just like I will not I will. Zone POMPEO, she wouldn't do it. I. Don't I don't need Elon Pale. Ellen Page Ellen Popular, and Never Would Ellen Pompeo every interview Ellen Pao's ever done. It's been like I. Love Grey's Anatomy I. have nothing but free time like. She will never do that. You know who would do it. Who Ellen Barkin? Embark and all Ellen Barkin wants is a soapbox like did someone say soapbox?

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