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"kiki lindsey bobby" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Time first time. Prince Harry has definitely used a spreadsheet because he is a qualified Apache helicopter pilot. They have to do a lot of training they have to know a lot of math. So minimum. He has done the math i. don't know if still uses one I don't know if he knows how to use a pivot table. But he's done at least basic spreadsheet. living with a laptop. Thank you. Bye. Good. Good to know. I. Thought about that video where he like in the interview and then he has to run and get ready there in the airport hangar remember the radio ea but that's WHA that's Harrier. Is that William Terry Oh. That's right and then they then people put the song we talked about this on part is for the song like do do do do dum when he runs when it okay. All right okay. Yes moving. I had to. Tuesday's episode when you were talking about Cain Brown because. He put out a song with that he cheese at a lot. And then the couple of months later came brown gets lost in the woods behind his house. This is further proof that Becky g person's real. She cursed him. While they were recording that song together and now look what happened team. Brown's got lost in the woods. That each purchase real and it. Strikes. against. contract. No, that's right. That's that's exactly right. That's what happened. The becky g curse is real and real. It's real. It's real. When's the last time we to? Oh, with the lesson we talked about you I remember is whenever she got. which you got kicked off the stage by security because people thought but she was just A. A woman. But she was she's gotten very successful since he was more successful. So the Becky g curse doesn't quite really. It doesn't really apply to Becky g applies to people who are who she's next to. It's like it's like Oh becky does song with like all Mahone who she dated or whatever like, and then he he flops like Becky a song with he did Arianna Guerande on her vocal cords hammering. It did happen becky joint on tour the wanted and then they break up or whatever you know like the point is she curses people and she cursed came Brown I'm just saying we're talking about fake pop culture curses. There are much more potent curses out there than the baggage cars and we won't even get into. This is a funny curse and even Becky pokes fun at and also Becky G has gotten only more and more successful as the years have gone by. Yeah. Remember shower everyone that's the one song lot on remember right but she right now she mo she's primarily. Right but like her songs are are huge hits. Bigger than shower honestly, Hey So I don't. I don't even know what you guys would say this, but there is a third one rose. My Son has been watching listening summer sing along like nonstop and one of the Disney characters on it or not I. Guess Disney Star Is. Maybe Rose Turner. I. Don't know who she is but I just think it's funny about there's like. At least three roses, I-. Ruby. Rose Turner. Turner also, you can't be a ruby rose Olympia Ruby rose done. Ruby wrote, those are the rules now. I think it's pretty alarming that there's another ruby rose at all even if she is a turner. We did really need like a young be rose. That's true like to make the Trifecta the true Ruby rose trifecta. GotTa. have. You gotTA JERRY'S Go Jo, Jo, and Joe. Joe's trader Joe's so now we have Ruby Rose Ruby. Rose and Ruby Rose Turner I wanNA know what drugs the Disney creatives are taking to come up with the names of these shows. First of all Alexis Texas Hannah. Montana the one that she's on. What's it called? Hoop and Cammie asked the world like what is this top hat of fucked up words that they pull from every? Ricky Dicky ticky unusual. That's. There on a completely different drug. They're both on like dueling. Drugs. This shed kids love that stuff. Are you kidding cloudy with a chance sunny with a chance and the name Sonny I love that Hey. What did he tell you that they went to the restaurant that the changes things kid worked at a few weeks ago and we saw him when we were like freaking out and we asked him, why do you have a job? Like we kinda thought he was preparing for a role and he's like, Oh, I just wanted to take a job like normal could have a job. So I just wanted one. So I got one. Whole so Anyway crunch. Going up to Gotten Mata routes while you're in new, Jersey and going, hey, kid, why do you have a job? We recognize you from net flicks I mean that's like a perfectly reasonable question in my mind it's a little rude shore but you know we're building character. What is he supposed to do? Sit home play video games like on the horizon at. With his friends know he's building character, he's out here building character. He not not characters for the hit show stranger things but care but character inside himself Meanwhile has buds are out here promoting a nola homes now that I'm doubting the future success of gotten. Oh but I will say that it is it is probably smart to learn a few other skills other than acting for a child's Dr in general. No. Someone else called an asked have gotten and heather. Macho Rutta were related. They're not. We've we don't work did that one? We did that one. Oh, next up, I'M GONNA play a montage of AU- a lot of your suggestions for other co hosts of the view to work with Kiki Lindsey Bobby at. Cash obviously just in terms of the Kiki. Millennial you I know if you noticed how many of your tweezers were child actors even on either nickelodeon channel..

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