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"kibo pot" Discussed on Upgrade

"So I the more I read about this the more. I think this is exactly what I've been using the bridge keyboard to do which is in certain circumstances like when I'm traveling or going outside or going to other places which again remember that. Remember going to other places I would I would use this because I wanted a writing tool. I wanted a laptop and then the beauty of it is then you take it off and it's not that anymore and this seems to be pretty much the same thing it it transforms your ipad into a laptop for as long as you needed to be. We have been talking on the show for a while about knowing that this had to be a heavy product. Otherwise it's not gonna work as advertised right like and we know this from having used as you say like products similar to this one for quite a while right like and it is exactly the idea that needs to be heavy because I want to be a laptop like that's the that's the point. That's that's kind of one. I'm trying to make it like I want the laptop factor and I won everything that gives me. That's why I would say be skeptical about anybody who looks at this product and start talking about how the IPAD shouldn't be a laptop or you know stuff like that because that's that's wrong that's wrong idea. The IPAD IS. It can be what you want it to be and one of those things that some people wanted to be. Some Times is a laptop and this is as far as I can tell having not used one. It looks like it might be the best way ever to use the IPAD laptop and that's great so the the one of the things that we will. I especially been wondering about is how much adjustability is in the design bright. Like how far can I turn? Can I push it back and forward and basically seems like you have the range of from about ninety to one hundred thirty eight degrees in angle? Most people were saying that practically it goes back as far as the old smart keyboard. Folio did right like that's kind of the maximum like like how far it will go back but what you do get which you don't get with the with. The current products is anywhere from ninety to that level. You can adjust so you can adjust it to be kind of as you want it to be. I personally was hoping I think for a little bit more than that right. I want it to go back further So that that is a disappointment for me on paper but I still need to try it. It is higher up so it's not just about the angle it's also about the height and the height makes the angle a little bit more acceptable but yeah it turns out. We're going to have to get this and try it because I know that people have been frustrated by the lack of adjustability of the of the smart keyboard. Folio the fact that it only has two angles one of which is not acceptable for anything except watching a movie. At which point I mean I guess if all you have is that case then that's what you have to do in order to watch a movie and then the other one is okay which is the other angle. But it's the only one that's usable so you use it. It would be nice to have a wider range and although it has a range where you can adjust between those two points. We'll see if a somebody a bone at the verge said that if you're the kind of person who opens your laptop and pushes the pushes the angle of the screen way back. You are going to not get that experience from this and I understand why in terms of just the physics of the weight of this thing. But you know it's adjustable only to appoint an that's a that's a fair point. Like in indeed review he compares it to the surface and cycled surfaced. Goes all the way back and he likes that because I think he uses it on his desk a lot but Sarah teaches review. She says well you know you. You have more in the south but it's horrible to use in your lap. It's like uncomfortable. Cuss kick stands stink? Yeah so like kick cons depending on how you're using it like if you're just using it on desk and desk like environments than the surface is my people and don't buy this product if you're just using an and we talked about it here. Mike and I get it upgrading and get it. If you're just using your ipad on a desk get a get a stand. Yeah you shouldn't and using it and get an extra keyboard and get a magic track pad to and you're done you don't need to make it into a laptop you should make it into a desktop if you're using it on a desk and then just pop the ipad out and walk away. That's what you should do. But Sarah's video made me feel very happy because she handles this device the way I would handle it like she just picks up the Kibo Pot and just picked it up from the from the table and it's just like walking around holding just a keyboard portion and the whole thing stays together and that's something that I want like because that's how I laptops around or like just pick it up from the keyboard part right and stable right bravo than like needing to pick up the screen pot. So yeah kind of like is. That's how I WANNA carry my ipad around when he's in this room factor so like I'm excited for that. I do feel though like off to watching these reviews and reading like lots of people saying about this product to have used it. This feels like very personal opinion type of device for sure because it is at its core. It is the challenge with reviewing something like this is. You're not reviewing review a laptop. You're reviewing one hundred percent of the laptop experience. Maybe you're not reviewing like what it's like if you attach it rented closed and attach an external keyboard and mouse and stuff but at that point. What's what's what are you even reviewing. It's like not even there but a laptop the whole laptop experiences in the laptop with the ipad. This is an accessory to a central product. So like it's not for every use case it's like aggressively not forever use case so what you really need to do is kind of look at it and say like like. I said about if you're using it a desk don't use this. I mean maybe you can but if all you ever do is use it as a desk why you could save a lot of money and get a better experience using something else. It's four a particular use case and what that means is if it's just like when we would talk about the bridge is like people would not get why we had that product and the answer is because we had a case where it made sense but not everybody does right and there are a lot of people who probably looked at this product thought. Oh this is really exciting. This is awesome. I'M GONNA get one of these and it turns out may not be for. You doesn't mean it's not a bad product for what it's four like what it's meant to do but it's not for a lot of cases a lot of use cases. The Smart Keyboard. Folio is better or an external keyboard and a standard better or a bridge keyboard. Maybe even I dunno novel track not with the One with the track pad. There was two last things I wanted to mention this before we move on today. feature was is the one handed. Removable is a thing. Like I've watched people do videos that you like in the marketing video. The you can just pick the IPAD off the the keyboard about touching it which you know we all wondering like obviously it's going to be heavy to allow that but is it even possible as just a call marketing thing but no you can just pick the IPAD that really easily which is great and the track. Pant is a physical click but it works across the entire track. Pad doesn't work just like in on the bottom area and there's two parts of that one. I'm really pleased as the case because I would have been really upset if like it was only clicky in the bottom then. Yeah I was expecting it would be for such track pad anyway like I don't know if I was wrong to think that that was what I expected it to be be like. I just think it's interesting that Apple's making a track pad in two thousand twenty that clicks physically but I guess he's just really difficult to do In in the form factor that they have but nevertheless. I'm happy that the entire thing clicks because then I'm probably not going to know is any difference to my usual trek pets right and I did want to say I just saw Steve Trump Smith. He tweeted he has his. And it's like the perfect review for me. Says the Magic Keeble by curve? You this is the accessory you've been waiting for is perfect if you're somebody trying to false i-ipad into your life when you don't need a wanted to be more than a net flicks player not going to do a lot to solve your problems. He also went on to say something that very much like what we just said which is baffled by people by People. Complaining about twelve point nine inch measure keyboard. Plus I've had weighing as much as a thirteen inch laptop making it equivalent to a laptop is kind of the point. Yeah even more so than any of keyboard right like if the smart keyboard folio made it way as much as a laptop I will maybe raise an eyebrow but this is a track pat in it as well is a laptop. That's what this is. This is the first first party complete. Your IPAD is now a laptop product that That apple has done. And it's it's telling in fact that the smart keyboard fully was still available right. That's apple saying let you know heavy keyboard with back lighting and the and the and the Magic Keyboard with the moving keys and the track pad and all that it's like not everybody needs this. That's why you also get this other thing. That's a lot better in lighter super excited to get mine and you could expect us to be talking about this saying a lot more. I think it's coming we so we've been waiting for this product for a long time rolling long time. We've been trying to find ways to make this lifestyle for ourselves. And it's apple's finally made the product that will do. That's the thing that's the thing that really hits me more than anything else. I've written a bunch of calms about using the IPAD in different ways for six colors on the old exactly and I keep coming back to that idea that you know is apple ever going to embrace the idea that the IPAD can be used as a laptop with a pointing device and build a. Its own thing instead of us. Doing things like the bridge keyboard build. Its own thing and say yes. You can use an IPAD as a laptop and honestly. I wasn't convinced that was ever going to happen. In a short period of time in a few years time. And that's what this is so I'm excited. So hopefully they arrived when we talk about them. fingers crossland to come into more all right shoe. We do some Hashtag. Ask upgrade questions. We finish out today. Yeah let's do it all right. Today's episode is will support you express..

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