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TWiG 632: It's No Sudoku - Facebook whistleblower, Pixel 6 event, Twitch leak, Blockchain blogging

This Week In Google

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TWiG 632: It's No Sudoku - Facebook whistleblower, Pixel 6 event, Twitch leak, Blockchain blogging

"It's time for tweet. This week in google stacey jeff and they're all here the whole gang's here of course we're going to talk about facebook's testimony or the whistleblowers testimony yesterday in front of congress. Should facebook declare moral bankruptcy. What is to be done The pixel six price has been leaked. Seems like a pretty good leak. Stacy is excited. We'll also talk about putting your blog on the block chain. It's all coming up next on twig lou. Podcasts you love from people you trust this is. This is twig. This week in google episode. Six hundred thirty two recorded wednesday october. Six twenty twenty one. It's no sudoku this week in. Google is brought to you by our crowd. Our crowd helps accredited investors investor. Early in pre ipo companies alongside professional venture capitalists join the fastest growing venture capital investment community at our crowd dot com slash tweak. And by your daddy get the in demand tech skills. You need to advance your career. Visit you dasan dot com slash twit and get seventy five percent off any program with a coat twit seven five the time offer and by cachefly. Give your users. The seamless online experience. They want power your site or app with cash flies. Cdn and thirty percent faster than the competition. Learn more at twit dot cachefly dot com. It's time for tweet this week in google. I'm leo laporte in joining me on the panel the regular stacey higginbotham from stacey on iot dot com. Hello stacy how louisville. Hello good to see. You had all these chip questions for you. But we'll get to that. She's our chip undersea cable. And i o t expert. In infrastructure deep infrastructure physical infrastructure the infrastructure also also with jeff jarvis. He loves the written word. Hello jeff text. Hello hello loves the book. He's also the leonard tap professor for journalistic innovation at the grabbed new mark graduate school of journalism at the city university of new york. That was that was that goes falsetto. Shingo worthy four seasons. Yes yes i was trying to think of something of four seasons. Something like critic commend. That's it pruitt. Who's doing the four seasons voices today from a really bad falsetto photography. Also the community manager at our fabulous. Twitter has arranged. I don't know how you did it. An ama was steve gibson. Which is you know. That's that's never happens more of a fireside chat but we will take some questions so okay. So steve's already told you. I'm not answering questions via. He said no. Do get outta here. He's really looking forward to it. It's gonna be popped into the discord to to acknowledge every good nice. What time will that be. that'd be ten. am pacific. Time are on friday. October eight friday morning and they'll be it'll be recorded and you can hear it on the twit plus feet. I presume that's correct sir. So twit plus and the discord are all features of club twit. Which is our you know. Little membership thing or little attempt to to Get kind of listener support And if you are a listener and you want supporters and you want to hear the steve event coming up this friday. It's easy enough. Go to twitter dot tv slash club twit and sign up. Cost you seven bucks a month do at there. Lots of benefits you get ad free versions of all of our shows you get the the discord access which discord is fabulous and. There's a lot of other stuff. There's it's like a chat room for all the shows but it goes on all the time so it's not just during the shows there's all sorts of stuff going on In the in the court and then there's that special twitter feed which is stuff that doesn't make it a podcast like the physics and the lennox show and so are discord friends. Were putting up all kinds of possible stories. I added one to the rundown one. I saw nice very much. Thank you people do that too. And it's exactly it's I sometimes they call it the scooter x. Changed lock because that would be correct. Twenty more things new google every week. So good thank you for. Everybody participates we have a wonderful community. And i i. I appreciate it so again. This friday ten. Am if you're not a member of club. Twit and you want to attend go to twitter dot tv slash club twit. Wow this was a very busy week. I kind of almost wanna start with facebook stuff Facebook was down of course on monday. Which have i know it's out. The is a little suspicious given that it was the next day after francis. How can we know who the we know who. The whistle blower was Went on sixty minutes and then the day before. She testified in front of the senate I think fairly damning testimony Facebook the verge said took a page out of big tobacco by instead of addressing her accusations attacking her And that you know. I think he's a little bit frustrating facebook's very common yeah that's how you take out a whistleblower yeah And so i think. That's a little unfortunate cara swisher asked alec stamos What they should have said he had a wonderful statement saying Basically we brought in people like her to work on these issues and his two batches still there working on them. But we're trying to do this. And that they could. They could have done it right. There was nothing they could say. There was really nothing they could say. Definitely gonna giving him a little better life though this basically saying. Hey we knowledge these are concerns and we want to make this better and she is clearly qualified for this and but nope show-bizzy patio. Yeah just it's hard to start hard to steve. It's it's part of your mo. How do we do this discredit her. Today facebook wrote a senate subcommittee. Commerce subcommittee held a hearing with a former project manager at facebook. Who worked for the company for less than two years. Had no direct reports never attended decision point meeting with c. level executives and testified more decision. What the heck is that. Yeah six times to not working on the subject matter in question What she had documents under comments were sufficient. They don't play he's well. They don't know how i was thinking all week. This is very much a stacey moment of well we need a conversation and this is a conversation and to me was more interesting than than even what she said is the conversation around right and and a lot of people are afraid after the testimony on what i heard from the people i trust like bosnich and niche of kossuth fan and and they personally cake chronic and daffy keller and all those folks is we could be heading toward of a government. Disinformation arm which of the wrong hands can be really scary as so there were things about it. That might have the wrong way but there were. There were things that need to be discussed. Nate personally had a great op. I put it all kinds of takes on his everybody how to take on this And and were suggesting legislation around transparency of data. I think that's my hope. Is that what comes out of. This is a structure for transparency of data so researchers and find out what the real impact is and that would be the conversation. They need band fenced. Right here right now and then it'll be okay so this is the reason i understand why you commit to banney house running fenced. Uh sir i really understand why people are reluctant to let congress way on francis haagen proposed. The whistle proposed something that doesn't necessarily involve lawmaking. They you know diplomats on others really pressed her. Well shall we make a law. She she kind of had to say well. Yeah you should make a law. But really i thought what she said about. Moral bankruptcy was interesting. She basically said the right thing for facebook to do at this point would be say. Yeah we screwed up more. We declare moral bankruptcy. We did something wrong and we don't know how to stop it. We don't know how to fix it. Which is completely legitimate. It's tough thing where it is. Yeah and so what. Facebook should say is We we don't know how to fix it. But we would like your help. And i don't mean congress should make a law. She said change section two thirty. I think that's exactly not thing to do What what facebook should do you know. Facebook's defense was well we did all this research you know we do care but we didn't do anything about it. Facebook should a release all the research in full year hiding the results of the research. Yeah they did it but they don't want anybody to know how damaging facebook can be and then be in stop blocking legit researchers like nyu from doing their own research on facebook data. Let's let's light in here. I was thinking about this before the show. And how to how to tackle this and and a lot of talk about algorithms being bad. And i hate the demonization of algorithms and i even hate the today show of targeting. Well she i agree with her. Put it in chronological order. That's that's the you have that option now off every time let me let me just let me turn it on when you go back. We'll be off again. Let me ask the question. I think the real focus that comes out is the same problem media. It is the attention economy and metrics based on engagement. Yeah so if you're going to rebuild of tomorrow you own facebook elder three of your the new directors. Facebook and engagement. Metrics are decided to be corrupted. What metrics would you use to decide. What a good feet isn't what a good businesses. Well she said something important. Which is you might in the short term. Make less money if you turn off. And i'm fine with that. She said in the run. I believe facebook will do better because it will be less damaging to its. I think i got simplistic. And i think that's that's wrong. Doesn't my question face about facebook. Said when they were their promise when they came along was follow. Your friends and family see what they're up to and share what you're up to with them. That is not what facebook does anymore because of algorithm ick it wants to sell ads understand why it does it but it could still sell ads against what it promised to. It lied to us. It said give us give us your content. Follow your judge what we liked based on engagement. And if i'm going backward of engagement is a bad metric. let's just go basil. You've promised but then even then you have many posts a day as as i think it was. No you're only going to see the random little bit of fine. That's what twitter is too. I don't to you. That's not true by the way that's not true. Look if i follow my mom my kids and my high school sweetheart. I am not going to see too many posts in one of those three people. I wanna follow and find more interesting people. But i also wanna i want some prioritization. And that's not fair. You're dodging my question. Which is if you could redesign facebook around a little rhythm interested in. That's what twitter was until recently for kay did what what bifurcated into personal so leo. You will only be. You'll be kind of like a freeloader on facebook in the sense that you're only going to follow your close friends and family. Jeff might be someone who's willing to follow a wider assortment of people and see different ads. I mean the issue is control. That's the issue it's whether facebook's drove what you can control of what you see. That's all fine. I want because controls more obvious. But i go back to my yahoo. We had control my who. Nobody went back to it because the pain people don't do i don't they don't do dials. What are you talking about my yahoo. I don't know what you're talking about the day we all set up by wasn't news. Eighty s hollowing friends with everyone back to it wasn't just saying we. You say people one more control and i agree philosophically complicated. You're already doing that when you join facebook. You follow your friends if you do it your facebook feed your facebook. You go through this dumb exercise that facebook once. You think you're going to get to see what you ask to see. And instead they tell you what you're gonna see and if you even if you follow your mom you will not see all of her posts. You may not see any of her post right. And i get surprises and facebook than i have seen if i stuck macron every three. You know what we're going to have to throw that little serendipity thing out that's the mistake is the fate phasing return to mass media. No you just exactly the opposite. You've returned a personal media. You're following what you want. Not what ways but tells you you want that's the whole problem in a nutshell and by the way they make plenty of money doing you. Could you could put a dial for more or less serendipity who yes i guess seems like it does a bad job with the serendipitous things that are suggest clicked on. Well that's because they're metric was engagement and if you are gonna shows people if you're going to surprise people with stuff you can't surprise them with anything that's less than like a six or seven on the gods you know exactly probably newton same mcclenaghan. We're going to have to stop right now. The facebook fine thing. That's people say that all the time about all of this stuff. Yeah mine's what's your problem. What he started. Why are you telling me to stop it because it's not useful. Now that does is. It is because because it's because the presumption the narrative is that every single feed on facebook in. Your experience isn't useful. that's what i'm saying. Older white men who has a very different experience based on the types of things. You're interested in the types of people you follow then a lot of other people in your experiences can also be different because of the fact that you're you know a guy. Yes i all true. But i also shoes i. I don't like get rid of them. And it makes life perfectly pleasant. Okay so you ignore people people being served up to you by algorithm or someone on follow them. I get rid of them. It's not hard fine. What's the problem jeff. Face looks great facebook great. Okay if there's gland so clearly. Gayborhood is great way northern jeff. Facebook is great camp. Thanks anyway we'll talk to somebody else about it because you're in a very small minority that says facebook scrape you say nothing. Nothing needs to be changed so yes so. Two billion people are miserable. They're all there because they hated and they're miserable. I should also this. Lisa cram and what's hap- and i think that's because our most vulnerable people are not on facebook but they are on what's out or point at this point jeff just saying there's no problem so move. I'm not saying that at all. I've just spent time saying that. There's a problem and i'm trying to get through more helpful. Constructive way to rebuild facebook from scratch saying that there's a problem with their business model built on attention and on engagement. So your your feet is the problem. Here you're just saying pasta. The problem isn't facebook problems people on during the day job with their heavy. Well you're the ones who are seeing ever. Your your argument is my experience has good so we don't need to change anything that i've digest argued for huge fundamental change in facebook. All i'm saying is number one if you think that every single facebook feed is awful. Then you're basically choosing how many people really and people are being idiots. We're just saying there at all facebook's putting its thumb on the scale and creating huge problems with their algorithms they. They know that there's a problem and they bury the research when somebody green with someone comes out with a research and says here's the problem. They say well. That person really doesn't know what they're talking about disagree with you on is to kron own. Everything is okay. That's that's ridiculous. i. I've seen pure chronic facebook and i've seen bureaucrat chronic twitter. I don't like them very much. I face value facebook. Did not promise us that we will show you want as opposed to the newsfeed. Promise they were going to be selected. What would you would find interesting. Very became now again. I'm saying there's a fundamental problem. I'm not. I'm not arguing with you guys on that. I'm just named this implicit twitter when you wake them up that stuff to system. There's a harder question here. So facebook shows you things. You don't follow right. It's it picked up for you right. That's twitter do that toward us to twitter shows. A friend of mine followed something. A friend of mine like confront did something and then it comes. It always comes to you as a re tweet from a friend but you don't twitter's inject stories twitter. Put someone no twitter. Does or twitter will put a post right there on your screen. That says so-and-so replied to this or that i was interested in it or not they only put it there. I don't see that i turn it off. So twitter's fine. I tried to say that there's a more fundamental problem. slap him. Fine you can scream about how the world was helpful. The problem the problem is algorithms. That's the problem. That's the problem with youtube. That's the problem with facebook if twitter's doing that that's the problem with twitter. It is the algorithms are not reminding for anything except engagement. And i think this is what francis how can said when you optimize for engagement. You optimize for extremism. The what else could you optimize. Four is what. I'm trying to get you to address engagement him doing powers for engaging people because say hey listen to me all about this not going forgives right now. Two hours worth. That's what we do to. What is the alternative to do. I still believe it's good for people to talk with each other and find a way to select on this earth. So how do we do a better job with. Let me ask you this then. Is facebook immediate property. You've heard this before. Okay but so media media optimized for engagement. Because that's the job. What is facebook and twitter and google took all on biya's business model. Yes because the ad industry. That's what the ad industry bonds you're going to get back to. You can't have if if you asked me can't have it both ways either. Facebook is a platform for people to share with one another which they would like to pretend they are or they are media which optimizes for engagement. You can't have it both ways. I don't think think that's fair. What you just said that is a pretend going on here. There tends to connect you know. They want us to connect that was their emission. Way back when but they also want to profit make a crap ton of money in all the way to do that is to algorithm so us stuff that's going to have people more engaged on it where it's great content or really really horrific content something that's going to make people like something that's gonna make people hit reshare share and comment on it over and over and over again. That's that's where they want to win. So what would be a better. What would be a better so you want to start a whole night by the weight. Jeff i've told you four times. My solution is and you just rejected out of hand. You can't do that. Well no. I do because if i wanna follow more than ten people. Let's go follow anybody. I want something. I want some mechanism to help. Choose that no facebook. No facebook should not put its thumb on the scale because facebook cannot be trusted to do that because they're going to optimize from for profit. They're they're doing it to the wrong. Metrics is what i'm trying to get to. I do imagine doing it to the exact right medicine any choice. Yes just as we optimized for engagement any media business should optimize for engagement. They're doing to the exact right metrics if they're media platform if they are a sharing platform. They shouldn't put their thumb on the scale. at all. you should follow who you want and see what you want period. I don't see why service this place. So jack dorsey in his talk of wasn't blue-sky or whatever it's called right you edition different architecture. Where we are speaking is the commodity platform. But there's a value added layer where people find the stuff that's worth listening to. I want that serbs. I want someone to go. As i did with my. I put on the scale with my kobe twitter list. I chose six hundred people. I am god and i felt as value it right and i offered it to others and you can take suggestions you can reject them. But i did. Put my thumb on the scale to that extent. Right i chose. I want that as a service. But if it's done what we did is human till you. If it's done to pure engagement and attention it will be corrupted. So what are other mechanisms. That is fine jesse of experience. Say at one more time on this. There is only one mechanism which is to optimize for profit. That's the only mechanism of for profit. Company will use the that is optimizing for engagement. They're equal and the minute. Facebook puts its thumb on the scale in any direction. They're going to optimize for profit. It would be dumb of them to optimize to make less money. Why would they do that. their argument there. I want to hear stacey. You're talking three as your one. Their argument there is that a bad experience is not profitable in the long run right at if this is such a cesspool in such a miserable experience and if people come here and all these eight and forced to do that that's bad business now that's clip but i think there's an underlying point there that says that if this thing is so miserable to so many people that it's not in the long run going to be a good business so are there other measures of quality and value to people in their lives. That may not be as profitable as says but we're trying to end up at the same place where we're trying to get their different ways you see only saw some some of it is the users to we we we do have a choice to not use these platforms and not engage on the stuff that we see pushed up through. If you're cunanan fan and you want to follow all cunanan on facebook you should absolutely be allowed to. I think facebook wants to be a media company but pretends it's a platform for sharing and it's it that's exactly how they got into this problem. And as soon as they put their thumb on the scale in favor of profit. I aka engagement. They're equal. that's when you get this problem youtube star and now twitter's doing it and all in all three cases that's when extremism gets pumped up. I don't think you should see anything. You don't follow on any platform then you would solve it. Yeah and if you think you're your friends family and the new services you wanna follow are boring. You're not saying that you're saying it's too much so you're gonna let facebook curate it well that's an showed us from new york times and some washington polls until i can find the new york times wash i could find all that stuff myself that becomes a media platform. That's a curation. Platform inherently problematic curation for my company. Optimizing for profit is inherently problematic. Stacey degree. I think you can't do anything at scale when it comes to moderating or if you're going to pick in this this is actually. This is common across all in anything. Technological anything that requires computation whether it's using like sensors to optimize factory production or trying to optimize for engagement. If you're trying to optimize for profit which people are at a large scale things are going to people are gonna come up the work. So maybe it's people being jerks maybe. It's people slacking off on their brakes getting. Rsi injuries because they can't work as hard as you would like to optimize them. Poor the point is we have faith in technology to solve these problems. But we can't apply technology uniformly to people in any way whatsoever to do otherwise is to break free will write it. You end up with this horrible dystopia place. So knowing that all of our companies are gonna use technology to optimize right now for profitability. If they're publicly traded that's cool there the to -ciary duty in most cases. We have to figure out how to price in all the externalities that they're ignoring so if it's social media you have to figure out what are harm. What are the externalities that we're ignoring. What are the harms in. How do we mitigate those. And that's kind of what you're asking jeff. But you're saying it's not what you optimize for. It's how do you price in things knowing that you. They're looking optimize for profit so like a lot and that that goes to the you know. When i was on my mind transplant i love working expression. Where what we came to was. Where i think the discussion heads now were made personally from stanford heads is. We have to get the data out of facebook to understand what the impact is to then I used to say create those interventions. But i think you're right to then identify the costs and and now facebook just says we're gonna throw through forty thousand people getting rid of crappy content. Okay okay that that's not it Meanwhile people were getting Harassed have nowhere to go because that's not value because there's no cost to that so i like that a lot. Stacey etiquettes great mechanism to look and say there's cost to every there's cost two cars and we add in the seat belts. We require every manufacturer to do that. We all agree. We're going to spend money on that right. So that's an interesting thing to say what you have people online which i celebrate. What are the costs that end that we now know end up coming. And what do we do about that. What are we demand as investment against that. is that a fair summary. It is but you have to also be aware that you know everybody's extranets are going to be a little bit different like some people think the cost of like a cheap consumer good is more valuable to them than the cost of preserving the environment rate right because they're thinking short term versus long. So i mean this is hard. This is this is why mosaic we do nuanced discussion. And we decide what we want to give up. What we don't policy yes so okay. Hey let's talk about failures because y'all this talk. Can we talk about do we want to talk about. Gps or do we not care about that at all. I think we've actually talked about it quite a bit on on the security now and other about something we could do. We could do the rundown if you're doing it to change the subject. I don't mind if you're if you want to change. Gpa anything other than this. Yeah this is the top. This is the top story of the week though. This is really the top story. I mean i guess you're right. We're not gonna make any progress at this point Just going yeller getting real loud in cranky and know each other structure process passionate this this triggers all kinds of craziness. I'm a bad pundit. I can't even listen to you. Well i i need you to hold my hand through this i got you. I got to think. Think in the long run. What's going to happen if you add all the data and you do all the research analyst stuff is you just going to come up again and again with problem that facebook it says it's a platform is a media. Company is optimizing for engagement. Because it's profitable and there really. Isn't there either to media company which cases you can say. It's fox news. I mean. I'm not saying fox news Should be stopped. they're engaged. They're optimizing for engagement. That's fine and your choices not to watch it or watch. What whichever you please. I don't think that is an issue. I think it's a much bigger issue. That facebook promises something delivers something else and it does it in a very sneaky way. I think the real reason they don't release this data is they don't really want people to understand a how much they're rhythmically. Massaging your feet and be the consequences of that whether it's instagram or facebook. Whatsapp doesn't really come into this conversation. Because it's just a messaging platform what's app. I would say there's a lot of damage going on. Yeah which window there. I agree what's app. You're only talking to people that you actively talked to I don't know what you're gonna do about that. So so jeff. That's the same thing as a common carrier problem so there's all sorts of horrible stuff going on in the telephone company but it's not their responsibility and i hate to throw children since we're gonna if we're going to keep talking about this. We have to focus less on the jeff's situation in more on how the kids are. I thought it was interesting. Congress really focused the senators really. Focus it about kids. And i think that's politically safer and easier than saying january. Six have to protect our kids. And like and i'm not saying this is some sort of pro clutching crazy lady. Saying this from the standpoint of. Here's here's here's what instagram and facebook. Tell kids put your pictures on here and and look at the pictures of your friends And it's very simple and and you you know. I think there probably are issues with adolescent girls looking at their friends pictures and getting you know bad body image messages and so forth. That's a societal problem. I don't think that that's instagram's problem. I i don't think instagram should be required to somehow. And i don't even know how they would fix that. I don't think that's fix. You can also see like. I don't know where instagram falls on this but like you to take talk. Prioritizes certain You know they What's the word i'm looking for brings to the fore you page. Things like talk is a perfect example of the opposite of totally out rhythmic feed. I follow the my son for instance and he never shows up when i look at following. They are not. They are literally not showing me his contact because they've decided out rhythmically. I don't wanna see food content. So that's the take talk is the actual worst of the. I mean. that's as bad as you can get. I'm i'm not gonna slam tac henry. Go get into a million followers. He's doing very well. But honestly tick-tock perfect example of. What's wrong with this stuff and you know what that's the next one where you're gonna hear. I'm surprised hearing more of it. Oh my god it's not a. Us based company can do while they can ban. That's gonna. I think i honestly i think algorithm is the province. I think the promise face no it is. It's absolutely the worst algebra. No no. I'm not demonizing algebra algebra. He's demonized the people who use the fact you can't scale and you have to pick something to optimize for and if you're optimizing for prophet you're going to optimize for engage and it's just not nuance add. There's no way you can say. Well i think we're gonna make zeal it better so it doesn't hurt children. You can't wants it. You can't it's an algorithm and i'm not demonizing the algorithm demonizing the people who use. It's the same thing world of warcraft. You when you flame world of warcraft. Wait a minute what no listen. You play world war craft. It's a very this is clear. So it's less charged. When you play world of warcraft. You bet your team up with other players to go on raids right and when you go on raids you get loot drops. So the the people who do world warcraft. Watch very closely your engagement. Time a world of warcraft. And they tie it to the loot drops eight can tune the loot drops to make sure you engage more their loop probe. It's just stuff you get from. The rain made up. Stuffy gives the winnings. And just like well vegas does the same thing you think. Vegas doesn't pay very close attention to what payoffs make you play. Slot machines longer. It's mall all of this engagement stuff is all the same. They are feedback loops and the problem with technologies a very rapid feedback loop and pretty much the humans. Don't get involved. They can they can tweak little factors but they. It's a it's what. Jeff bezos calls. The fly wheel gets faster and faster and faster. It's happened with world. Work became very addictive because they knew exactly how to tune it for optimization For engagement. And i think that's exactly what's happening on facebook zaps. Exactly what's happening in youtube. And when you optimize for that kind of engagement you let you lose control of what's happening. There's no way to tweak it to make it a safe that would that's a fool's. Errand was fascinated as as much as sometimes the instagram algorithm pisses me off. Look at youtube. And i'm like what is youtube doing. Different the arrhythmic experienced much more enjoyable for you. Use the gram grams interesting. Because they don't show you at the top of your feet anybody. You don't follow. They save that for later. After you've gone through all of that have gone through my current stuff. It'll say i'm caught up now. There's stuff you might like this other stuff. And then i'm like i'm yeah that's the algorithm like. What are you doing wrong year. Youtube doesn't do that from but it might work for others for you right right. How selfish of me self centered. Anyway i just shutting up because he doesn't want to get in a fight but tried to start to have your saying that i'm otherwise you simply impossible so we disagree about that. I think the i the internet is young and if we say that the internet is finished and these are the only owners were screwed. Then we asked the agency to build the internet that we what a social network look like where people can connect you have one answer which is a you fall people. You got all of that. I don't think you want a media. Experience yeah senate already You know mastodon you only see what you follow two very good social experience that's social. I'm seeing the people. I follow it. They see me. We have conversations. I don't see what's so bad about that. Jeff you're only argument against it is. It's too much. Stop following so many people. Do you have the one you want. And i'll have one on one. And why can't we have that. Because media platform pretending to be a social media platform is problematic. Get to the real thin sheep's clothing. Most there you go. Thank you wolf sheep's clothing. It's using the engagements let's go. They gave me fox news on a what purportedly social site and. That's not what you're getting. That's why it's problematic. Well let's talk about. At and t. o. N. not to change the subject yet. I'm sure we'll get to it but the same problem. I'm not going to even do this story. I don't even know why the stories in here. I exactly why this warriors a major reuters story scott. It's not some made up thing. So one big company funding another to get the merger through and for other other other motives and reasons and to engage certain parts of their audience. So they'd get more subscribers. They basically created away so what. Oh no no no. At and t. has always been super super conservative. Just as a company i. I don't even understand what's wrong with that. They're like the coke company that the. Yeah so what's wrong with that. That's what businesses do they thing is. That's a media company and they own it. Yeah yeah they own up to that. You don't have to watch facebook. Why don't as a matter of fact. I don't at all right but i would love it the opposite of me. You're so you're saying that my experience at work. Well neither does yours. Because you wanted to ni- everybody experience and say this is so awful so we're different sides of the same coin. What if you want to keep going retain or we can move on. Facebook is awful. You don't think facebook is off. He clearly does not okay. But if you said you had to be eighteen to participate on any of these platforms. I think that makes some sense however tried to enforce that it's going to be held age. Lots of other problems. Actually kids don't want to go go. I mean kids. Keep focusing on facebook in alka right. We have to talk about instagram and others to you're right don't think. Instagram is bad to be honest with you. Instagram is horrid it is horrid for kids day so he throws each other because they're in parties then you feel left out. That's because we're because that's a. That's that's a kid problem as society problem. I don't know. I don't think that's an instagram easy for them to see it. That's all it is. It just makes it and then it glamorizes bad things. It glamorizes a life people. Don't how would you prevent that. We would not allow your kids online because anything that they do online is going to end up being that. Yeah but it's the bullying and things that go on the instagram. Bullying goes online and a lot of ways social problem. that's a kid problem. You can go away from it without like if your all of your friends are communicating in this one place. You're gonna go to that place if they're on the watering hole watering hole with the ball and they were bullying at the mall. Would it be the malls problem. Well but at the mall. it's a lot fewer. People can go find you at the mall. It's a higher. It's a higher friction experience to bully someone at a mall than it is online. And there's a there's limitations on the number of people who can see you at a mall. Well this is where. I'm going to be on jeff side. Which is this is a feature of the internet aunts and it's a pre agree. It's problematic. But i don't know if the problem is the internet you're marketing for society. Kids are if you didn't market it to kids. Kids would use it. Yes but the problem with angel. That's it's it's harder for kids to buy cigarettes even though kids do still smoke because we implemented laws against it right. When i was a kid you could still smoke if you really wanted to. But it was kind of a pain in the ass even in china where they are pretty effective laws and they even make you sign up with a driver's license for your internet access. Somehow kids under thirteen getting through okay or not i mean that's we can't just say well this laws happen through texting as somebody's pointing out in the end yes so again. You're not you don't spread it as far you don't. You can't like our badge in their in their group. Text sittard yeah. There are group's tax but those group texts are being bullied on something like twitter or facebook is different than being bullied by friends in your texts threat. Even if it's two hundred people. I'm sympathetic horrible. When a kids bullied in the consequences can be devastating. Even life threatening. But i don't know if you can. I mean that's turning off you say well you can't go to the mall you can't turn on the internet. You can't turn on texts. You can't have a phone fact. Why don't you just stay home and you won't be bullied. Let's bring in dana boy now. Who says tried to protect our children. We armed terribly. And they can't find people who feel like them right and bright and you lose. They lose their their growing up. Yeah because kids are bullied on the playground at school. Mike my son was. It's definitely a balancing because the instagram can be quite problematic but at the same time we hope that these children have some sensible adult in their life to tell them. Hey none of this stuff is what you think it is. People are doing a lot of phoney baloney themselves. Look better and in you know. They have to tired drawn a line and let them know what reality is and what really matters in life and stop buying into the body. Shame and stuff. I think it was twenty. Seventeen or twenty eighteen on. There was a kid to commit suicide at The heart heads school and that was a really really big ordeal to talk to them. You know they were much younger in just seeing just seeing how they reacted to it because they just assumed everything was about instagram and snapchat or whatever apps were at that particular time and tell them. Look there's more to life than just these apps right here. there's other things that are going to take precedence. And we gotta help find the balance still. Enjoy your time with your friends on these mobile apps and whatnot. But you do have to understand. Look i'm going to draw a line on the stuff dot catch you post and i can't stand these kids posted this braggadocious stuff because that's what it leaves. At least the people feeling like everybody is is leaving them out and it's not even factual just again. Just have some sort of sensible adult around for children. But i don't even know. If that's guarantee unfortunately can i. Can i use this is not so so there's an example today from talk where we see all kinds of stories out there learning to trend on talk that you should go and slap a teacher. Now i would say any sensible is a parent would already have taught their kids but to slap teaching your teachers and so dan email about rx going to cause this rash and if it does. Isn't there to answer point a different problem that we've got to grapple. Well yes and so to. These kids having social credibility. It's like you don't when you're that age you're like if all of your friends read off a bridge. would you run to your they. Would they would do something. Credibly stupid because peer acceptance is way more important at them at this stage slapped a teacher because insist to think that i would like to think that mike. It wouldn't either it. There are other kids who are very easily led horrible people. You know what happens. Is you become so desperate to get your acceptance. And if it looks like the only your best way to get peer acceptance acceptances by having tick tock then you might. It might be worth it to you to slap a teacher just because that peer acceptance is so important to you. I can understand that's steps to do that. Yeah yeah but that's what i would step in and say look at that peer acceptance it. You know there's a fine line you know. Yeah i know you want to have friends and this and that but you can't go out there and just do stupid crap. The problem is you're gonna say that after it happened because you're not even gonna know about it until it does happen. You know what i'm saying right there. Unfortunately especially as kids get older. Their lives are now out of our purview. We don't see what's going on and it's all about their peer group so you're going to know about it but it'll be after they slapped the teachers before. Yeah right. you're right. i miss stacy. I looked out most done crap. I did was in my adult years. Not so much in like well childhood years. Because i i was scared at my mom's it's good to be scared. I was terrified of my mom but my brother different person. Yeah yeah my sister. Lisa thing and this is the substantial difference. None of us grew up in a world where everything was online right and that is a huge difference. We're then that's kind of what we're grappling with here is that this generation is growing up in public effective. I just. I just had this conversation with queen pruitt yesterday. She said that. Yeah we we didn't grow up with everything being connected and having the challenges of of following the lights and stuff like that jeff shoulder different. Take their stuff offline when they turned. I've been. I've been telling my daughter everything dan you've ever posted starts off. Tell you that it's very hard for the same reason even as an adult peer you know your peer acceptance your peer group. This is you get values that we get value. Did you read jeff Ben thompson's peace institute decorated. Didn't get through it no. I didn't have been spent thompson. It takes forever. i didn't find it. It's essentially defensive facebook in a nutshell Facebook's value to the economy giving small businesses and so forth a parody with big businesses. It's so valuable to the economy that it's it's really important that facebook continue as it. Has you know all of that. Engagement stuff does go to advertising which is all about giving so. Let's stay there for a second here for second so imagine that rather than trying for cpm based advertising and programmatic based advertising to facebook. Said we're gonna rebuild around local which is is not about engagement. It's about local and trust and other things. There are smaller facebook. But it's the way to imagine a advertiser-supported facebook that we'll next door is trying to build that right. Next door is doing that on on real identity and there are a whole on next door to them off there forever. Similar problems though with next door because problem is people holes in the world and so the question is do we protect. Do we expect the platforms to protect us from holes to an extent. Yes that's the other side of the by the way the algorithm also demote salata stuff. And take stuff away that you're not gonna wanna see because it's crappy now. The problem is they're demoted neurotic. Things in promo the wrong things. And that's part of the problem here is that they haven't defined why they exist and what the experience should be but there is a world i can imagine where social can be better and so not ready to give on up and neither rain to give up on algorithms and and choice. I don't think that's a bad thing. I think that can be value added here. This is what ben rights. If you've got in the end you would've actually enjoyed this. He says i acknowledged a pro some of the problems at facebook particularly the first one about facebook internalizing the fundamental flaws inherent inhumanity in other words to argue. It is not in facebook's interest as an ad platform have angry. Political discussions doesn't change the reality that having people interact more will entail more angry political discussions amongst every other discussion than humans are liable to have. But this also makes the case for why. I don't think the world would be better off if facebook were a much smaller company. It's political problems both for the company in the world irrevocably tied to its size. He's he's arguing. That facebook has now become a behemoth and that is inherently problematic. In fact that facebook ultimately will be used for political power. He said james madison predicted this the federalist papers facebook presents a societal problem. Not a competitive problem. Moreover per political problem three politicians don't wanna smaller facebook. They wanna use it. They wanna compliant facebook so the most likely outcome facebook doubles down on information control. Perhaps with some regulation which i you know. I don't think there's any possible regulation that could actually solve this problem it just without mucking it up and he says that it's far more likely to hinder new startups stricter limits on data for example or increasing liability for user generated content than it is to materially harmed facebook. Not much will change at least in the short term He makes it. It's a very strong argument It's i don't like but it makes it very strong argument. reuss also orbited fee. Facebook is weaker than we knew. Mike mas- nick. I think also smart about this. That that that we're we're messing this facebook weaker than we knew. Is facebook week at this point. Do you think this is a fix. Its problems i think. That's what kevin's point laws. What that's a lot of what i've seen is that is that they put themselves the i mean. Here's here's the most dystopia envision right. I think the congress looks at this and you're right by the way some of the senators were going after. Facebook spend tons of money on facebook But the people look at this and there's a solution and facebook. You could solve this right and part of what you're saying leo was no. They really can't was that they really can't. And that's the that's the question does is this is. This is this train gotten out of facebook's hands and they don't know what to do with it now. I think that's the board is in view here and that's why i hang around with academics. Even though i am not one. I want a lot more research understand this better. Because what we're doing is having a huge discussion and a policy discussion on presumption and i want to know more about this. And facebook is the only passed to get it at knowledge because they have the damn data that to me is the essence of this entire story right now now others might say too late. Forget it it's it's it's it's ruined the world it's awful we should just turn it off. But that's where i think is really interesting to say. Well no not the advertising piece but also the george floyd story also the the my students who worked with people who were food poor in the midwest during the pandemic and facebook was the mechanism by which they did that you know. I think you would agree. It's not all bad will absolutely agree. Would we all solve if we just turned it off so the harder thing. That's why but i'm not saying he's your hard problem. Turn off the algorithm. So but his point russa's point is facebook is actually a dying company not because of political problems but because young people aren't interested He says talk is or something like it. It's gonna take over mice i would. I would submit that if tick-tock takes over we have not seen the worst yet that that take talk so algorithm eq and i love to talk but that's part of the problem. It's very very addictive. It's so algorithm and so cleverly done algorithm that it would be worse than facebook musicals will solve the. We won't know for some years yet. But i think you know after after reading what he said. I think you're right Kevin often gets things wrong but in this case he might be right. I agree with you. I think dick knocks down right now. I just try take his down on the web. For some reason. I did the same thing and it says too many concurrent connection. I was trying to find a musical to salt. So this is not more soul. This is not the same problems that the pt problems diaz yet. That looks like it. Looks like either a diaz conflict configuration. It does seem to be working on mobile. So i'm not sure exactly what's going on Take talks on the web. Hold up really. Yeah here's a here's a nice tip. You don't even have to have an account to watch talks. You could just go watch them in fact if you wanted to watch somebody who's about to have a million tick tock followers watch. We watch hank on the web i thought about. He's on instagram. To in fact he just told me is gonna start a youtube channel. Which i it's kind of a relief. I was just wondering today whether you're advising. He's advising himself to branch out. I've been telling them for ages here that he should not be relying on one platform so different right. he has to take on. Youtube has shorts which are basically. It's their attempt to be ticked talks. But i think he's. I said shorts. He said no. I'm not sure i'm going to regular to you. I think that's great. I think he's right. You should never exciting cooking show. Yeah yes i think. That's what the long-term he you should never. You should never rely on a platform. You don't control whether it's facebook tick tock youtube stack medium. Yeah that was you know always when we first were you know everybody said all you facebook at one point was really getting big into podcast meat and video and you should just do it on facebook and i knew new nor on youtube nor anywhere else i mean we are everywhere you want us to be but i wouldn't be on anyone platform and ultimately we need a controller on destiny so hank hank cakes monetize plan is he's going to sell salt because his analysts salt underscore. Hey and he's he sold her product. It's high profit. It doesn't go bad the he don't have to worry about rodents. It's easy to ship. There's no restrictions brilliant sell saw. Already your brand walk in the winter. Yes yeah he could do that sell. Yes sell road salt. He wants to do. We were talking this morning. Because i workout with Wednesday mornings and he wants to do a halloween thing. I said you should do a road kill recipe. He said but and this was telling he said i. Can't i go up. Pretend to pick up some road kill and cook it up. He's no no they'll take it down they'll take it out and you can lose your count for stuff like that. Tick-tock is brutal. He knows people with million followers gone in sixty seconds boom in. And that's why i'm telling you if you think. Facebook is bad. And which i do tic tac is going to be. It's gonna be worse. I wonder why it's down so Facebook pulse shooter. Was there a moment. 'cause you used facebook was there was there. Can you remember a moment when you turn on facebook on you. Yes when i realized. I always felt bad after i went through it and and it really was and i was trying. I kept hitting the chronological button. I just wanted to see the reason. I was on facebook and i think the reason i would except for you. Jeff most people. I think the reason they're on. Facebook is that's how they stay in touch. That's how they see kids. The grandkids pictures. Or that's how they see You know my high school sweetheart. I was following her. That kind of thing. And if i just seen that i wouldn't have felt bad every time i went there but all the other stuff i could would. I feel a pit. I'm why am i using something. That's making me feel bad. Same thing happened to twitter. Twitter made me feel like having a stroke because it is so fragmented. It's like i can't. It's like what you have to stay on twitter all the time to understand what they're talking about anyway. Just accept that you don't move on. Yeah i kinda into very zen experience. I have no idea what they're saying. No it's like having dimension ahead of time. I don't remember anything i couldn't dementia. I'll be like did i tell you about. My picture can k. Was i years before. Let's take a break We can't talk actually about the facebook router outage Because it's on facebook of course not telling us everything but they've told us a little bit more as of yesterday it's not a bg peer it's clients. Bg is kind of interesting. And i know you like infrastructure. So we can do. I can cut. I shut those pages down in every we'll talk about the pixel six instead. That'll make everybody. Thanks everybody happy. Our show today brought to you by our crowd. You said you were reading up on them. It's kinda jeff. It's kind of an interesting business. Venture capitalists and of course the phrase venture capitalists us all the time kevin. Rose said this he said you should be angel investor. You've got deal flow. I said what the hell's at he says you can see. You know what's happening and so this is the thing if you wanted to invest in pre ipo startups. You know buying a stock is no big deal but if you want to invest a startup early before they have the exit of course. 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You don't have to be a millionaire billionaire to do it. Our crowd dot com slash twig. Thanks so much for their support. And i think it's an interesting idea it is. I just signed up. Because i've done a little bit and to call a what i do. An angel investing is ludicrous Because it's the agency the head of the panama. What i what i have is about the size of have a pin But with a couple of friends with things. And i have done very well. What's what's but i. I love to stay involved in the startup world. What's interesting about this is that they have only the individual companies but also their fund. Yes and they are very experienced investors. So i mean they. I mean they take the meetings with all these companies. You're only seeing the stuff that they they've gone through hundreds of copies. You're only seeing this stuff that they've looked at and they've taken the meetings done the thing a normal. Vc would do or angel investor would do and then they present you as if you're in the room you present you with information. It's very interesting. I i was like. Oh i don't know this. You gotta be richie rich. This is But i i trust her. Audience knows what they're doing And they have a lot of money in no well you got to diversify right if you've already especially you and me. Were you know where we were at that age. You know maybe a little to the kids are finally out of college. Well oh you still have one strategy tell you what. Oh yeah graduate school. Abbey's doing a master's program but it's it's a lot less expensive the doing masters in For me ask writing. I think it's is it essay writing. I it's writing of some kind. It's a master's in writing But it's One of these modern programs at Dominican where You're off site for a lot of it and then they're like i think quarterly you go in. It's really cool. They have a lot nowadays. Boy you can do a lot but zoom and stuff. This learning society yeah. Are you still teaching classes zone. No well yeah one class which is international. They can't get here right class. Avenues innovation leaders. Most person engagement journalism classes in session with masks. Yeah new york is Is in pretty good shape. I hear broadway's reopened is nice. Still be a little nervous about going nerve wracking. Yeah yes if we the concert we went to. You're talking about before the show where the alanis morissette was outside. At least in. I not comfortable going to inside events of any kind at this point even even we go eat out. We t- we try. We eat outside inside all right. There is a big leak These leaks google just does have no success. Maybe maybe that's their strategy. Maybe they're just like you know what we're not the apple pie apple it. Just let it out. I kind of thought it might be actually A german retailer has accidentally leaked out The price let me see. If i can find this. I had it before the price and availability. we know. The event at the officials v invitations have gone out. the event will be the nineteenth Jason holland i will be covering it. That's a tuesday so we will be Ten am so We'll be in here right before. Mac break weekly i. I'm hoping will do watching. Yeah it'll be it'll be fun. I'm very excited. I actually had an order in for microsoft's folding phone. The do the duo they call it and I thought you know. I'm gonna cancel that. And because i'm i know i'm going to get a pixel six. I mean i just know it. What are you gonna pixel fold that really going to come out you think. Well i don't know that's interesting isn't it. I already have the z. Flip which i like by the way. That is a folding phone. That makes sense because it's a little thing that's the clam shell once and then opens up and it's a normal size phone in every respect. I love this phone. That's part of my problem. Is i've twenty phones now. I don't want yes on the twentieth. If i should get the pixel six or if i should get the folding flip phone well i don't know i'm my guess is they're knocking announce that that's coming. We have been enough leaks so we know they're doing it. No i'm at the samsung phone. Well you can look at the pixel so the camera on the is good not as good as the top of the line. Samsung phones for okay. If you don't see. I think it's still a very good camera even though it doesn't like the white they're all very good. Well not not to aunt standards all very good humans. Most of them are pretty good. Flanks shows are roughly pretty good. Yeah so yeah. That's a good question. Actually i'm not sure where i'd go on that. Here's the german retail. This one even comes with a free pair of bose premium headphones from german retailers saturn pixel six costs of six hundred forty nine euros launch october. Twenty eighth so the events of the nineteenth that would make sense that the you can preorder in the nineteenth delivery on the twenty eighth. They're off also offering. This can't be right. A pair of two hundred sixty nine old bose headphones. When you preorder between the nineteenth twenty-seventh so but so big retailer probably not inaccurate. Here's the you'll have to read german. Facia google pixel six wabash dylan forged only beans preorder preorder six hundred forty nine euros. Duly from the nineteenth twenty-seventh right. So it's it's it is limited time and make this big. I'm going to make this big for you. As big as i can do will come fifty mega pixels. Plus twelve megapixel. I can read that on eight mega pixels front comma wonder what a front camera is eighteen year program and one hundred twenty eight gig. Internal spiker is forty-six twenty million hours. It's got a finger through finger broke as yeah gazillion again. The recognition ball recognition. Both face recognition and fingerprint. That's a really good price. So you're getting a bose like over the year headset. Yeah oh that's weird. Oh this does not look like a mistake. I mean this doesn't look like there's a mockup this is real. I wouldn't trade ins google for full. Hd plus display. You're gonna have to do some math here. Six point four inches. That's that's pretty good pretty big phone but what is six hundred forty nine euros. How much money is that. Seven hundred and fifty bucks. Addessing says room. So that's a that's actually if that's the price that is That's good you know the seven fifty seven fifty. Oh yeah that's half literally half what the fold to costs. Actually though it's only two hundred and fifty bucks. I think the flip phones eleven hundred so good. I will say that. The google chip right. Yeah i think. That's why. I ended up thinking i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna uses microsoft phone because google is just more interesting better android experience. Android twelve come out this week but not for the pixels pixel xl. It's it's just been weird out here recently. the pixel launcher just freezes. Oh have to go in and restarted. Here ready oh. You're just doing this right on time. Google i see what you're doing according to feel about my three my three eight whatever the heck it is. Google not only confirmed the date rumors. Very start about what other devices. The company will announce this is from notebooks. Check according to apple la- to fifty seven on the twitter. I don't know who they are. Google may be planning a bumper launch event with lots of things maybe a pixel fold pixel watch on the twenty-first oh so they would save then probably the new nest speakers for that right. That'd be my guess. I mean they've announced like basically that whole week is like all devices all the time. How i'm feeling it's gonna be interesting to me. Yeah the pixel tablet seven. Oh boy that would be great. Wouldn't it what do people want android tablets. The nova just had a tablet. come out in There's one other one android is notoriously bad at tablets on portugal around mom loved her android tablets side. I enjoyed rome. Tablet makes no sense. Yeah why oh yeah. Yeah carlton other rumors say google scheduled that fold release. Well after this month so it might not be right away. I have to say stacy. I really get the idea of having it a handkerchief pocket handkerchief size phone that opens up to that really works. It's a great experience and it's holding up. Oh yeah. I'm not using it all the time. But yeah it's going to hold up. I think they've they've they've gotten pretty good at the folding screens. It's well protected. When you pull it up get a case They sell a case that then hides the gap and all that Star trek it. No it's not like when you're scrolling does the does the bump you could feel it. You see it but it doesn't bother you. I don't think i'm gonna get a callous from going through twitter though the bigger issue to me. Is these folding screens are they. Don't feel like glass there. A little softer. So it's a little bit less of a glassy. Feel last year's was real. I didn't like this here. They've gotten better at it. They're putting layer of glass on top of it so i think it's pretty good anyway. Yeah well if you wanna join us for that event you can. We'd love to have you. You could have a whole news. Yeah well you know what. The nineteenth tuesday ten. Am anybody wants to join us please. We'd love to have you. It'd be a for sure. Jason and i will be here and all three of you. Why not we can have fun party stacking Back avatars we could do that. We've never tried though. Can we do that. China all takes his money he says. And god love you through the craig's spot. We could put you jeff dot dot. Yes you put in all these stories. I'm going to let you talk about him. Well i wanted to hear you receive explain mirror to me. Decentralized mirror is something to pay attention to publishing platform decentralized publishing protocol Okay it's on. It's apparently on the blockchain. Yes sounds a lot. This morning's machine isn't automatically bad. You guys i. I understand the point of blockchain to you. It's more like jeff. Flake seems like over overcomplicate. When you use mirror you log in with your theory and wallet. You got one of those right. Yeah oh god do you. A way ahead of me. Cool kids got them. You don't use it or password. You use your wallet. That's kind of interesting. And your which means your account is owned by you and lives on an open blockchain instead of a centralized database. All data published on mirror is cryptography signed by users and stored on permanent decentralized storage. Okay so there is a server. Are we've decentralized storage. What does that mean. that's what i'm trying to get to understand here. Well in theory the blockchain some stuff you can't you wouldn't wanna put whole blog posts on the blockchain that seems let's see here is people have whole mechanisms for storing chunks of data in different maybe i p s. That's the idea. Afs are we they are. We've store data permanently store documents and this is interesting. It's a collectively owned a harder might be. Pf s that never forgets. Welcome to the perma web. So this is where your your data will be stored. I guess if you if you're using our we've you'd probably have to participate right and you'd want to give some of your. This actually sounds really interesting of their ts hosting can be. Yeah yeah it. Natively supports new crypto. Native business models around tokens and nfc's for instance posts on mirror can be minted as entry editions allowing them to be collectible telex my blog post. Pay her like taking like some of your computer storage. I'm gonna assume becomes part of the the distributed storage. Do you get like tokens for that. I don't know presents. that's a really like it. I mean i've i've been high on decentralisation for a decade in with some of these blockchain's in token cryptocurrencies it is actually incentivizing people to maintain consistent records over time right because big issue is like you might sign up and then you're like screw this. I'm not interested in it. And then you take it off line right and you don't care but if you have an economic incentive to maintain it which is what this can do if you have a token or something like that then of t. Feels a little silly. That's even more. This seems like overkill for a blog. Post most of which are ephemera. Hey speak your first granite for no actually seriously. Your blog posts are real essays and should be preserved. I think they're not being preserved swells. It could be my blog posts on the other are saying really should just kind of i mean think about it about like all the yeah think. Well let's get my god now. Just think about like look at how much culture we've lost over time and how haphazard the findings we have our in the it's it's pure hubris to think that our stuff is really going to. I mean yes. We have shakespeare. But i guarantee you a million other people were writing. Maybe not a million but lots of other people were writing at that time frame and we've lost a lot of their pamphlets or they're not worthwhile so i mean i don't know cool for instance Aunt doesn't have to be blog. Posts could do his photographs where you could do a blog and totally fine with that you can meant the entries connect the revenue to a streamer auction. I wonder what yes. It supports crowdfunding so you can rally the support of your audience on mirror. Anyone can raise funds for an idea project using the crowd fund block. This is really interesting. Thank you you also a token race. Have you heard about tolkien. Race was that wilson's written about so token raise away away that Completely if you look up. Fred wilson and token race. Let's see it's a way your audience could chew can curate and choose what goes up. Yeah to create a token race. Oh the wonder fred's writing about this. It's mirrors portfolio company. Okay oregon so our portfolio company mirror has been using a game mechanic called the right race to onboard. Uses the mir service. I'm gary interest. Yeah you need to write token to publish on mir. at best way to get it is to join the right race. That happens every wednesday fall. We missed it five. Pm eastern shoot. Shoot anyone who joins a hardly dead. Yeah if we had been stopped yelling tompkins now nevo for new users in the right race. Top vote getters airdropped a right token and compulsion mirror. Fred got his right token awhile ago. What a surprise yeah. She's a mirror image of this blog on mirror yesterday. Mirren as they've expanded the game mechanic to any activity that requires a token. They call it a token race. Imagine your. da don't know what that is wants to admit new members. I had looked up to but needs a way to do that. token race. the centralized autonomous organization. That's me imagine you're. Dao wants to distribute funds toward the crypto pocket brought projects crypto race token race. It's like a crypto race so to create a token raise user specifies the address of the twenty token contract us uploads a list. Oh this is going to be very mass-appeal uploads a list of the community to vote on and specifies. A minimum number of tokens members need to hold to be eligible to vote. It's just like civil. Which is how the reason i have a theory was because i i gave money to civil which was this whole journals and thing built on the blockchain while the overcomplicated journalists heads exploded. They didn't know what to do in it That's what i fear for this. But this question. What distributed though for all the problems we were talking about earlier and all. We don't want the huge involved is a distributed thing though more vulnerable in the long run. No so but it's less popular because it's so complicated. So i use as my example mastodon which is our federated twitter It's just less popular because you have to figure it out and it's it's not it doesn't that doesn't need to be. Does it sort of because you have to find server joined that server then the people you want to follow in other servers you have to understand that you're following them from there. It's it's not immediately obvious. Little complicated. And i think though we're getting to a point there are some services and that's why i'm excited about the crypto thing. You can embed a lot of this and hardware so imagine if you bought like mastodon may not be a great example like if you brought the gamers mastodon server rate you wouldn't like in a box so basically or maybe just bought a mastodon box and then you connected to certain categories that you liked when you set up your box like i think people are becoming more interested in buying hardware in maintaining it and so as part of that deal you. Are you know your own server. Tributing to distributed network. I'm sure in the early days of the worldwide web. It looks as complicated. And of course you. You wanna create user layers above you know honestly a hardware wallet is basically what you were talking about with your personal blob ages months ago on this show and i can imagine that your phone could contain a have a hardware wallet or you'd have in separate devices hardware. What that is your identity blob and it has an has everything has links to the blockchain. Where your personal stuff is stored things like that that you control access. He could you know this is this. Is i agree very interesting right now. Crazy complex much more swint. Token raise supports voting on behalf of a multi account without requiring multistakeholder to sign their vote using the multi. Say in order to vote on behalf of a multi at your multi sick address to the token race page was. It's verified you'll be able to vote on behalf of the multi sick so that's using your but it's interesting team and fred listened to fred fred's smart. There's something here. I just kill this very very interesting to me I put it there. Yeah yeah i'm i. I'm definitely going to figure this out and do it on a couple links and i'm gonna look at it. Some two has yeah. You already have wallet and you've posted. What did you post there. You posted a token found him on either scan okay the token information about two token and many holders. There are and stuff like desk so people can research it if you want to read about this dev dot mirror dot xyz. Yeah sorry you know. Even the dress dot com xyz dot com. That's whereas you go xyz com. No i've put it in our c. N. put it in our distinctive dot mirror that xyz you mean dot com. No no no. No no i guess what does he. I have enough trouble explaining that people that my son's account is salt underscore hangers for. They go what's that though. It's well it's too late now ain't gonna change it can't change. I don't think he regrets it. He always you know he's he's ahead of me. Yeah he's cool he's way ahead of me. A million followers and tick-tock show us the way. Hank show us the was the way i love it. You should be doing him on the discord server. He would absolutely love to be on it. I guess talk his backup now. Yeah right. I i feel. I feel like a are rundown his taking on the attributes of twitter now for me. I don't understand any of this. What's in their research. Every google's coral kit does mistakes thoughts. Okay let's look at it. I don't know that was brought up this morning on floss. Weekly line is standing right after the in it right after the mirror. Xyz coral dot aon quick takes you mean coral dot com dot com. Jeff coral dot i o. Alexandra dot com compute. Oh it's hardware it's just you know coral is. They're they're compute board it. They've had it for a while. So i'm just like what it would do here. I did see. There is a risk with devised risk. Five board from intel out which is interesting. the fact that intel's making a risk five board is pretty interesting. Although like in videos had them for a long time they use them. They built them to manage some of their processing on their massive big. Gps but like intel usually poop uis everything so intel's probably terrified what's happening. I was gonna say they'd just trying to join apartment. Essentially risk five. Those who haven't been following our conversations about it is a new architecture. Open source micro architecture for processors kind of like. X86 would be your arm It's it is. It's risk so i. I bet it's arm like i don't know if it's related to arm it is it is it is a risk ended style instructions. Yes and intel's not exactly building fabs for this. They're putting on fbga's so You know they could program with machines but still the nias. V processors the next generation using it actually just like invidia has been using it so this this makes sense to sheep. Optimize in control your. Fbga's with us. Yeah but you know. That's the first step isn't it. it is it's not like intellectually has to pay licensing fees so beauty part. It's freeman open. I is the hardest thing a l. style licensing for it. If you use it you have to. You can't there's restrictions on how you can use it. I don't know. I don't think there are restrictions and how you can use it. I mean one of the challenges of using risk five is most people are not chip designers. Like it's a pretty esoteric skillset so you usually go to like. it's not. Is it science. Five site lab sites. Oh sci-fi is there's so many side committees mr huggy so you know he's good he's cute. Anyway i five okay. Mr huggies said intel did an ip in fab deal with cy labs for risk. Five scifis related sci-fi. No science five is a company. They're fabulous chip company. They do compilers and they make it really easy for you to bring your ideas to risk five. They're kind of like a. I don't ahead but intel was actually talks to buy them. That was the big rumor which would have been a big freaking deal anyway. I don't know why we're documents silence british regulators. Getting involved setting out rules that i think might be a little challenging for tick tock snap and only fans. They want age verification admittedly and up with identity verification which means you end up screwing vulnerable people around and they don't think so you can still be. You can still be anonymous on the web you do need to have. We do need. I know people are going to hate this. And it just depends on how you mandated to have a credible digital identity that is not that is protected and that is attributed to you in. Isn't it could just say your name. Their social yeah. Just say you're just say your birthday and and verify that. I have the token you name or address but you do know. My birthday is over a team. That kind of thing is they. Also they also want to control hate speech they must videos platforms full speech speech that is harmful harmful. Yeah so when the government tells you it's legal but harmful than it becomes defacto jury illegal right but they won't tell you what is harmful did your ass know when we see it oh video streaming platforms under the new regulation must ask the age of users and take down. Harmful illegal content including hate speech and terrorism or face. Heavy fines the uk media regulator off com. Oh f- come or of come Somebody who'd be great to have on you had on before you have kossuth. No let's get them for jeff. Wrote the twenty. Six words agree created the internet. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Great book into book on onto thirty his next book just coming out which i blurred is on anonymity and the need for anonymity jeff a law professor and brilliant at the stop jason. Let's see if we get him on a twig chaos. I f neo double sef ko double s e af cossack. Twenty six words upgrade internet. Brilliant book. yeah really is the explains the history of two thirty and really well and his anonymity brooklyn's go to and he defends the so that goes to question. Stacy is possible to have an identity that is not tied but if you have verified age somehow it's tied to you. Who do you trust to do that. You end up in the death of anonymity spiral may remember that the original off com regulation required you to go to a bar and show your id. Unless he's born the bus within pass along. Yeah he's he's good man. he's good. The guidance does not according to analysts not put pressure on video platforms to roll out. Any major product changes such as new age verification technology because off comets consumers could just switch to services headquartered outside the uk. That's called unintended consequence. The regulator said hopes to coordinate these requirements with counterparts in europe and elsewhere here so there is a globally consistent regulatory framework in the future analysts said the regulation and the guidelines were not meaningful and we're inherently set up to fail because they don't address the biggest player in the video streaming industry youtube which is not does not doesn't have a their non-violent exactly right right is also pre legislation so it's a weird thing to do with a regulator is deciding to regulate without the laws behind it very big. Well i'm gonna take a break and then we will talk about probably the biggest security story of the week and just a little bit our show today brought to you by you. Dasell tea and i am a fan. You d- acidy Was founded about ten years ago. I think they just had their tenth anniversary. Congratulations you'd ask the. I join them shortly thereafter. 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I know don't we do. I think one of the reasons is. We've been talking about you see for decades because it was the google connection. And it's on this show. We've been talking about This is bad. This is not a ransomware attack. This is not this is not you know some hackers trying to make money. They're not selling the net today A user posted a one hundred. Twenty five gigabyte torrent link on four chan that basically contains everything everything on twit. The post which i twitch. No you. don't get our source code. No way man. There isn't any twitches. There is Amazon owns twitch amazon. Aws serves twitch. I'm gonna that mean all twitch. I don i don't understand that You get the source code you get projects to his chazan announced that The code for those you get How much money. People are getting paid on twitch. You're getting passwords. Although it looks like the passwords were salted and then and then encrypted with be crypt later but apparently somebody was looking at the code on twit twit Twitter a so confusing twitter twit. So i was reading on twitter. Somebody's code saying you know the way they coded this. You could use the salted hash as the password and we go. Yeah come on in. So i know so. Normally you salt it so that it's a one way process so you can the salted hash. But the idea is that nobody has the password in the clear. Well anyway. I don't know who look change your if you have a twitter account. I do this immediately. Change your password. Turn on two factor for sure Twitch internally is aware of the breach according to one anonymous company source this is from video games chronicle dot com. And it's believed. The data was obtained as recently as monday this old. Aws angle here. Yeah this is on. Aws we don't know exactly you know we've seen breaches from Poorly protected s. Three buckets things like that going on. I don't know the poster said twitch would have all their stuff in an unprotected s. Three you think they'd be smart. Twitches confirmed the league is authentic. We quote we can confirm a breach has taken place. Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this will update the community as soon as additional. Information is available. Thank you for bearing with us. The entirety of twitches source code there get basically they're get repository with commit history going back to its early beginnings. I guess that's justin dot. Tv creator payout reports from twenty nineteen. Actually they're twenty nineteen th through September twenty twenty one gabor's making six figures folks many new The one i liked. I liked Chess masters making some good money grandmasters like a made. I think two hundred fifty. Seven thousand dollars Last year on Which is great because chess masters historically or kind of a threadbare bunch So i'm just glad. I'm just glad to doku guy. He's probably doing big. You get the mobile you get. Here's what you gal don at what you get with your hundred twenty eight gigabyte download mobile desktop and console twitch clients proprietary s. t. case and internal aws services used by twitch every other property that twitch owns including gdp and curse forge an unreleased steam competitor. Which was working on. Code-named vapor from amazon game studios twitch internal red teaming tools designed to improve security by having staff pretend to be hackers whoops Holy cow there. The poster the hackers posted saying quote. The leak was intended to foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space because their community is a disgusting toxic cesspool or another one Unity code for game called vape world which appears to be a chat suffer based on on vapor Popular streamers such shroud. Nick merck's in dr lupo have earned millions. More than eighty streamers earned over a million dollars in the last two years. Wow good for them. Yeah nothing wrong with that. Although i've seen people say well that's it. i'm not giving them any more money they earn. It's fine eighty-one. Twitch streamers of paid more than a million dollars since august twenty nine teen top of the list is crucial role which is a team of voice actors who stream dungeons and dragons sessions. Now that's nerdy. They've made get ready for this. Stand back nine. Point six million dollars over the past wrapping. That's twit money man. They're doing goods. Yeah exactly also awesome. Yeah i'm thrilled to see this. Also any more than five million overwatch player x. qc w. or maybe that's excu cow counter strike players some at one g fortnight. I think they met players some at one g fortnight player to phooey and phase clan co owner. Nick merck's here's twitch here's the list of twitches highest paid streamers. We go on right now and look at one of these tim the tat man. Sure i'm trying to change password. You wanna see critical all right. Let's go to bet you know before you do anything else might want. Change your password. Let's go to crucial role. Oh unless you get this contact. I think i probably did it wrong. Maybe the maybe they earned that money and left i. Would you know what i did. A i did it i. I have to factor so lhasa. Kate hold on. Hold on okay okay. It wasn't by the way. I set up to factor and it didn't work so let me see if it's working now. Yes it is good all right. So now Search for any of them. Who was it again. Caddick forgotten critical. Role is a crucial role. Oh critical role. Sorry crucial role. No resort brandon. Yeah i that's i mean i. I shouldn't yell at so critical roles. You know i wanted now. I wanna now critical. I want it now. Let's see what nine point six million dollars. Yeah i think the left never mind the surf code line right. Who else. Tim the tat man. I wanna follow tim. The tap man. Tim came my pass. I'm filtering by categories. I wanna go. That's why critical. Just user pebbled. Cac tim the tat man. Do you think he's doing tattoos. Live now it's not. i can't i can't follow. I don't know what's going on. Maybe because they're not live right now. That's why they don't have tapes tapes. What are you. What are you talking about. Tastes tapes of it. I got here. We go critical role this is. This is Check out this chatting stream for six days ago I wanna see them playing a game. Know here you go. Oh man i gotta subscribe. I wonder they're making so much money. Yeah f- how do you make money onto it. Make money because people throw money at you getting commitments. Yeah you got to say. I was surprised my daughter is now in. Dnd club with the the kids right now. Five bucks a month for critical role. That's interesting. I wish that though i'm not gonna pay that anyway. That's how they got their millions that's know lately but you know what five dollars a month. That's a lies. don't them hello. Hello twit club. Whit club come on one club club. Some of these behind like a lot. I mean fifteen. I complain about being on for like almost three hours. They work out for this by the way. Three of the streamers on the list of confirmed to the bbc that the figures are accurate. So this is This is this is this is the real deal twitches confirming it people are confirming the data people are looking at the source code saying yes looks like the real deal fortnight's streamer. Bb g. calc told bbc news the earnings. Let's cut my finger one hundred percent correct. Wow anyway biggest. Biggest breach at least in terms of you know the impact to the real world in a way. I'm glad they weren't ransomed. You know. I mean they're not they probably would have gladly paid millions not to have that revealed. But this feels kind of like the sony. Hack in the sense that it just feels like vengeance vengeance. Mind say at the hacker so leo of even following bed art friend considering that you have a tiny kidney you might need to make a friend who's banner friend and hard friend is a story of the new york times going nuts for re okay. Is there a woman went on social media and said i'm going to give away my kid beat somebody. I don't know just to do it. Because i want to be one And then people started figuring that this was a little overdone and then a writer this is. This is an unpublished writer. Published writer came and wrote a story pulling pieces of the chat as part of that story. So now everybody's interprofessional all over creation about her and her kidney. But i bring this up only because it's relevant to you with your doctors to find somebody who needed a kidney but wouldn't otherwise get one in fact she eventually did meet him and she started posting Celebrating her one year. Kidney very surrey. I you know what the good news about my particular plight. I cannot donate a kidney now. So don't ask. I don't know if it's not functioning or just less functioning or what. They don't really tell you that they just say your kidneys kind of smart people to do this. This is the okay. So i've been thinking about this because we talked about it. We're we're talking about his earlier a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned that. I had done a full body scan open an mri and it's like very detailed six an hour pain in the but Noisy but it didn't scare. I didn't wasn't claustrophobic. So and then they come back to you with your pictures and they say well. Here's the twenty things wrong with you. And what i realized is of course first of all if you just look at your skin you know. There's things wrong with you on the outside right. Everybody's got a flaw an either turns in or whatever But you don't know about the things that are wrong with you inside you. Just go along merrily living your life. Well now you know and you know none of it was life threatening for me one of the things i learned. I don't have heart disease. I don't have Makings of an aneurysm. And then there is no cancers so all of that is what i wanted to say. It would seem to me but then you learn things like i don't even know what it means you're spines at t to. I don't know what that means is that good. Is that bad they say. There's there's there's something on your liver that could make your shoulder hurt. No actually what they say is. It's probably nothing but if your shoulder right shoulder see that actor. What what's really weird is my right shoulder was hurting. But now it's all better so i don't think it's related deliver It's more like lifting This weird little things like that. I have One of my Mama mass toys is full. Still laugh about that. Took the picture you see. It's full. you can see the other one's empty once once empty so they said full of blewett. i guess but it could be tar. I don't know it looks like tar. But they don't they say look. You should probably have this. Look at how i don't know whether they put some in your ear. I dunno you should have this looked at because if it got infected you get it a bad ear ache. You could lose your hearing if it's really bad but it's been there probably my whole life life so that's exactly with the skin. Yeah so they could actually gives you my doctor and then we'd give you antibiotics someone. Would you do this again or not. Yeah i'm gonna do now. What i wish is identity. When i was young because then you'd have a baseline of all the things that are wrong with me. I don't know how long i've had a bad kidney but maybe it was bad. It's not bad it's just a little smaller smaller you seven centimeters normal kidneys. Well yeah it's like being as it could be like that exactly so but now i have a baseline so forgive any smaller that would be. Oh no no wavy. Now you're setting yourself so i'm going back and they said you should come back. Of course they did every eighteen. This is abc changes. You'll know because you now know what's what it looks like. He's still don't know what it is. I mean you're kidding. Might expand to twenty four inches. Wanna know that. I think i'd want to know that if they say like That's weird or different. We think but we don't know what it means and then you're like oh i keep what you have to be prepared for. Is this knowledge. The act there is the everybody everybody's imperfect there are no. There's no perfect human. So you're gonna find out about things that are imperfect. Are they bad. Well if you have no symptoms. Maybe not i found what i really wanna know heart. Disease cancers or aneurysm. That's important because that's something that could kill you. So i wanted to know that and And the rest of it. I'll just kind of live with the knowledge. And then i do wanna go in every couple of years just to make sure that nothing's changed. I don't look it's expensive. That's the problem is two thousand five hundred bucks and most people are not going to spend that kind of money. But i can afford it so i'm going to do it. They said no. It may not be a problem. But i have been eyeball on a yacht so mission so the The the the this cord Chad is going every perfect. All the all the animated shifts ted. So sorry i totally over sharing. I know i'm totally totally totally over sharing me exactly what it looked like and the guy. The guy is literally sitting on the screen. While you're doing it says because you have to do things like Hold your breath for you know and and get to get a steady shot. And so he's saying he's saying oh that's good. That's a good one that's nice. What's wrong with kidney. Well never mind it. We'll talk about that later now. They're very they were very professional kid. It's actually great and in theory. I have a phone call me with a doctor. But i think what i'm just going to give it to my doctor and say look if you think there's anything we should do something about it. Then i'll do it but otherwise keep this in your back. yard byron one other person to pay into scenarios. Get medical insurance no. I think that. I know people who died suddenly from aneurysms. my aunt. I know people who have gotten fat out. They had cancer when it was stage. Four or stage five so if you could find at stage one would get one. Yeah and that's something. Considering this month of october knits breast cancer awareness with kovic nineteen. A lot of the checkups didn't really happen in. That's right stuff yeah. A little later would've normally caught it. So i feel you on that. Don't feel my kidney because it's little small. No i'm not to do it but it's good because now i have an excuse if anybody says hey. I need a kidney all. I'm so sorry. I i i need both. I gotta dig little one of so. Sorry i apologize. I'm so google is an investing a billion dollars into africa including a new subsea cable. So that africa will have faster internet. That's pretty cool. Let's just put this perspective though google just last week spent two point one billion dollars to buy a building new york but you gotta handle both your billion for expensive more expensive. The billion dollars will be spread over five years to support. Africa's digital transformation cover range of initiatives from improved connectivity to investment and startups Nigeria kenya uganda gun. Gonna you know. I have to say yes you know. It's not enough other key under the companies should do it. Maybe it should be more but we'll take everything we get. Africa's historically just been ignored plus what's happened. There's fascinating is happening there The the the kenyan nigerian startup. caesar amazing nigeria is becoming a major hub for new online. Fintech got old. I learned a lot to be learned. The subsea cable will cut across south africa and namibia nigeria and saint helena connecting africa and europe. It will provide twenty times more network capacity than the last cable bill to serve africa. This will be. This will lead credited managing director for google africa Nineteen geria- to a twenty one percent reduction in internet prices and increased internet speed and geria- almost triple in south africa see. Google knows more internet's could google tonight's virtuous nice virtuous cycle it's projected create about one point seven million jobs in nigeria and south africa by twenty twenty five dollars those go farther so a lot of money. They also launched the africa investment fund. It'll invest fifty million in startups across the continent and they'll give them access to google employees networking technologies. That's exciting. i think. That's great good for you. Google is also working with swedish engineers to build a carbon emissions tracker. You're going to see. I think over the next ten years a lot of activity in climate change and carbon capture. And do we want to talk about google. Sustainability event was on tuesday. Oh yes did you watch. I did watch soap. I'm going to give you an example of what i think is corporate. Bs microsoft announced their ocean mouse. Which is made from recycled ocean. Plastic and then if you look at the fine print only twenty percent of the outer shell is made from recycled ocean plastic. So there's a lot of plastic thing but only one fifth of just the outside part with iphone. They say that crap every year drives. We created their heart. Well endow just talked about building a. Are you ready for this. A carbon neutral plastics plant. I was talking to us. Petroleum like how do we make plastic. It could make plastic with soybeans. You can make it with no without hydrocarbons yes mushrooms they are they are not doing so has always said we're carbon-neutral they have been since two thousand seven. They want to be carbon free by twenty thirty. I don't know if that means using carbon credits or actually being carbon free but you know google those networks centers use a lot of juice. So what are they actively. So i was going to say also has been very proactive facebook as well at buying renewable energy credits ahead of putting data center somewhere to help goose demand for renewable power in places. They're going so. I think that's actually very practice. So they announced a couple things. I was most interested in the nest stuff because there but they they did a deal. Where when you search for things on maps. They're going to show you the most eco friendly way to get their homes. I'll do that. So that's an option that the most fuel-efficient route they're also if you're going to take public transportation they will show you the most like the or the non diesel buses if their electric passes. When you're booking flights you will be able to book flights based on carbon consumption. You buy a first class seat in there doing it. The sea level. So if you like to buy first class seat you're going to consume more carbon because you take up more space on the plate so you'll get a notice about that. I think that's kind of a little bit of lip service. I think it's nice for people who like still believe in individual efforts for affecting climate change So that's fine and you can. You know look eco. Friendly hotels and stuff like that on the nest front. They're actually basically using their market power. The power of anyone who signs up for to buy renewable energy credits. You'll pay ten dollars a month as part of this subscription. So sorry i should tell you the free subscribed the free option is they will let you use your energy. Consuming devices. Things that consume more energy at times when renewable energy is being produced over so the green dots versus the black dots. Yeah yeah yes. This video is just brilliant. Oh goddess so adorable because everything's made of wood in the future or cork so that's good so then the the extra feature is you pay in what they're gonna do is they're going to aggregate all his payments to in areas to say. Hey we're going to buy carbon renewable energy credits for these people and then that'll incentivize more construction of renewable power in that area You can actually do that through other places kevin. I spent a lot of time trying to figure this all out his he'd already does that And then there is a third thing that i don't remember. I'm sorry we When we travel we by I there's a lot of evidence that tree planting projects and others are not as good as they thought but when we travel we go to good traveler when we fly and we buy carbon credits They're twins buying now from tara. Pass carbon credits for our business because we want to be. We want but again. This doesn't mean you don't let me. We got a lot of lights and we use a lot of power and stuff. The idea is you you buy credits and it's actually surprisingly Inexpensive and they use those. Give them money. They use those credits to buy programs and this one's good tear passed by programs near you which is nice for things like land. Gas capture clean energy from wind. Power farm power. This goes back to stacy's point way earlier. I'm not bringing up the topic again. But but but the true cost of things and that's why carbon rate taxes. Yeah and having a cost to causing the damage will be more sense. Yeah lease and i love to travel. We know that you know. Planes and cruise ships are horrible polluters. And we don't want to sail sailboat. I wish i hadn't electric said but we do. Have you know we generate all our power at home with solar panels But so we buy carbon credits. Which makes us feel a little bit better. I don't. I don't want to do performance of sustainability. And you're right. Stacey raised the most important issue is is individual effort going to do anything. We need governmental and corporate effort. You know we need changes called fixes globally. But it makes us feel a little bit better. And i guess it helps me keeps you from being depressed in. It's not so bad. Yeah but also. I think it does help. I hope it helps and we. We decided we wanted to be a carbon neutral. So we buy these events terron pasts to yeah It's you know. Surprisingly inexpensive is a few hundred bucks per plane flight. Something like that so Yeah if people are interested. Tear past dot com is the carbon credits for businesses and so forth and for travel. It's the good traveler. And i got this from the yale department. This is what they use. So i figure well the yale forestry school it's gotta be okay the only ivy everywhere It's cool you enter in your flight and it. Yes it also considers you know Your your First class costs and so forth and then it's not very expensive so This good and then they pay for carbon offsets which i guess is like tree planning mostly but it was a big article on how treat planning is not the panacea that we would hope to be. Cool engineers are helping us swedish startup to build a carbon emissions tracker. I mentioned that now. I've said it again so saying it twice as better right. Let's move on. Forget what we say. When did i tell you. I told you something. google's deep mind has made money. If it's so smart why did it make money sooner I ever profit because they can embed this stuff in commercial products it lost half a billion pounds in twenty nineteen. I wish i could lose half a billion pounds. I i've gained three pounds. It's the first sign that google's huge investment. The research outfit is starting to pay off. According to the financial times forty six million pound pre-tax profit nice entirely revenues derived entirely from playing its technology to commercial alphabet projects os even in house. So it's just moving money around. I guess google is as you mentioned. Updating maps search And other products to help you save energy. Traffic light efficiency. Do you wanna talk about that. Stacey that's their other sustainable thing you're right Basically it's a i to figure out how to keep people idling lists at traffic lights to produce fewer emissions and i don't know a slick conso fluffy. I have a car that when you were stopped. Return it's engine off. A lot of cars do need a hybrid. My outy and the reason i found out was because new york city. That's the law right. Jeff if you're a delight you're supposed to turn off your car. Not no wow really know. Maybe they need to get off the the green so fast. Maybe maybe they tell more people about this idol. You're not supposed to stop on the parking an idol but not lights. Okay lights okay. No person shall allow the engine of a car to idle for longer than three minutes while parking standing or stopping. Well that means. Shopping doesn't mean. Traffic lights are quicker this time. We're faster this time as three minutes at a way. There's no way there's more. In addition legal idling. Time is reduced from three minutes to one minute around public and private school facilities so schools often. Stop right yeah you. Can't i send the car service to pick up a bryant. Hersi little jimmy. It's not just. It's not stop lights. You can't see the real driving new york on entered. They're all rear ending me. No but the nice thing is that car anyway. It and peddle. It would start up and it didn't seem like it was a big deal speaking of good. Lord oh i know turns green com com. Yeah yeah that's what we should be replaced to go. We got through and these tourists are always walking slower. Was it pisses us off please. That's not tourist. That's new yorkers guide. You can smartvestor anywhere else in the country. Because they're like irrit- a stoplight or a crosswalk if they're like halfway in the middle like ready to frogger out there. I love it is. The tourists are the ones who walk and drive slowly in front of us in the words of friend liebowitz. Pretend it's a city. Oh god you got to watch that. And it's so funny was for. She used so funny. Isn't she. On the net flicks watch billions. All right we're gonna. Oh what do you think are you. are you disappointed. Spoilers no spoilers beazley's there was. No one was yanked up by a A construction crane. What movie was that. That was a reference to an earlier show which certain character appeared. Oh okay i'll have to rewatch damian lewis. Oh damian lewis. Yeah oh that's right. Yeah oh that's right. Yeah kind of person. Actually it's When you watch billions kind of sad because damian's wife was dying in the process of this these final few episodes and so it's very sad But he like what a trooper man. You know great actor. Oh get ready because that two step verification. We mentioned before the google's turning on here it comes. They're turning on. This is gonna be fun. I can't wait to do the radio. Show that weekend By the end of the year art hundred fifth home. I god google is going to start enabling two factor authentication. This month is cyber security awareness month today. Google update on its account. F t to two step verification efforts. Right now google says i you know it's not clear what this means we are enrolling We're enrolling people who have very okay and we're connecting to your teeth. What okay we recognized. Today's to as they call it to us. V which drives me crazy two step verification instead of mfa or to fa which everybody else call. It aren't out aren't suitable for everyone. So we're working technologies that provide a convenient secure authentication. What experience alexandria. Why can't i get into my. I was quite reduced. The reliance on passwords in the long term. Right now we're auto enrolling. This is what i was trying to get to right now. We're auto enrolling. Google accounts that have the proper backup mechanisms in place. You rule cam of own to a seamless transition to two factor to make sure all you can. Do the security checkup want to see. As part of our security work we lead the invention of security keys. Oh please google oh that is taking a little too much credit another form of authentication you. Becky was around before you got involved and all this requires you to tap your catering suspicious signing attempts what. Wait a minute of requires you to tap your key during suspicious sign in attempts again the little notification it pops up on your phone every once in a while. You gotta tap your key. What if i off. That's crazy. this is poorly written. We know security keys provide the highest degree of sign insecurity possible. That's why we partnered with organizations to provide free security keys. Don't get your hopes up to over ten thousand high risk users this year. Something like this is the key okay. Ub key isis. Yeah okay security. Keys more accessible. We build the capability right in the android phones and our google. Smart lock up on apple devices so it will use the Already built in fingerprint or face. Id to to be the second factor today over two billion devices around the world automatically support. The strongest must convenience convenient to technology available. So the it's the end of this year but it's not by the end of twenty twenty one. We plan to auto enroll in additional hundred fifty million google users and require two million youtube creators to turn it on. Does this. i don't remember if it specified Using sms in near kazoo. This is not a mess. Note that would be my take regular people would try to find an easy way out of this and you know they're not going check email. Yeah no no. I think with their well. There might be a fallback to email or sms. That's a good point but this is intended to use devices. You already have somehow. I hope it's not you're right and that would be not a good. I guess it's better than nothing is better than nothing. But it's still gonna be a problem down the road yeah You must have put this in. Who put this in koo. Youtube is looking to hire. Its first executive. Abedin taught me. I do youtube. Looks to hire its first. Executive coaches also podcasts. The site is looking for someone to manage. The growing number of podcasts uploaded every day. What does that even mean. Yeah i didn't know about you. Is it foreshadowing to more exclusive to youtube content. Similar to what spotify stolen some get filling. Lucas shaw the author on bloomberg. Because he says youtube is already one of the top destinations for podcast listeners. The joe rogan experience. One of the biggest podcast in the world has more than eleven million subscribers on youtube. Yeah but not the podcast because spotify it's okay Podcasting is a small business relative to online video. Youtube generated almost twenty billion dollars in advertising sales last year while the entire podcasting business didn't even top billion dollars. You got half of that. I don't know if that's an accurate but podcasting advertised. Sales are expected to double this year. Good news we're who's that's good. Many of google's competitors compete for spot podcast listeners. Spotify amazon apple yeah. I don't know what this means exactly. Because i don't think a youtube video is a podcast is it. We upload our podcast as a youtube video but then it becomes a youtube video right right. Could we pull a youtube video and turned it into a podcast. What it's a net cast. Have we done the changed lockout. You wanna go home. Don't you know. I'm just like where are we in this rundown. Oh god people keep sticking stuff in here. Rundowns started there was stories like one hundred. Twenty eight hundred. Did it the only one fifty stories. And he hates it. You know on tuesday. I literally went through the mac break weekly rundown and took like half of it out. I meant to do that today. But i think this here. I put stuff in there and you put it in. I'd probably take it out. You put it back in view. I know this is not a democracy and your dictator role throw offerings to the although know i appreciate that because that's great that's great but the problem is. I don't really have time between you doing that. And going to the show to go through this and call it and put it in order and all that stuff. I can put asterix next to minds. It's fine pollen. No i'm just apologizing for my ineptness that here. We are two hours in. it's practically midnight. Stacy's passing out from lack of waffles. And and we haven't even done the change log so i just me saying i'm a bad bad man on a bad host. Let's let's play the glenville interested. I'm going to list. I'm too tired to be interested. It's time for google change long. Well we cross this. How did this. Google updating caps to help assume consumers how about this the october security patches rolling out you know. I don't think that's true. Because i just checked and i didn't have it all but i'm on twelfth so this is for eleven so We also did the two factor authentication throw that one out. Google abandons plans to offer bank accounts to users. You know who's offering bank accounts to users now the us postal service. It should have been doing that years ago. But i don't trust to joy to do it. They it's not exactly bank accounts but you can. Cash checks their paychecks and stuff like that. They're interesting. So the former google president who oversaw. The project has begun his own fintech company hiring away staff from google. They were going to work with. They were basically. That's what People say apple should do. They're so close already with the apple card. Google announced his two years ago but If you watch billions you know you open a bank bank. You can't take marijuana. Money can't take them marijuana married. You wanna money. I feel like he shouldn't really be liable for that. Yeah i agree. I agree well by the way. Chuck should have long been forced to have to recuse himself because his wife ship. This show doesn't make any sense doesn't make youtube. Music is going to offer a free background listening in canada. I didn't put this here So apparently you always handed us waiting room now. You couldn't listen in the music in the background while you're doing other things on the phone or the screen is off. I didn't know that that's a real humiliation. That's terrible you can do it on spotify apple music. Everybody else leads you do that. So apparently couldn't Youtube music but now starting november thirty in canada. You'll be able to and maybe that will extend. Oh i see it's free users. So premium users will be. We were able to do it. And i'm a premium user. That's why i didn't notice course. You're yeah well. No i may when he wants. You don't engage. Don't even don't even participate of feed me. It's going to feed the troll. Google this cam floodlight a new ninety nine dollars indoor camera available starting today you like these stacey. I'm i'm i have cameras in outside. I wouldn't put him inside. But i'm outside i i remember. I tried the the new fancy outdoor in the software on. This is really frustrating. Because it's now google home software so like when you go from a notification. Sometimes you get the his like sometimes you can see it but sometimes you just go straight to your homepage and then you have to scroll directly. That's because it's battery right. I think is that right. You think notre no no. It's just it's just because nest. Put everything into the google and there's a lot as you have. Well you especially. You have a lot of stuff right youtube. Tv has settled. It's wrong running battle with nbc. They're gonna keep all the channels with no change to monthly fee. We didn't really talk about. This is one of those ugly carriage better who owns nbc rate com cash cast and comcast and koogle. They fight on a lot of opposite of. Yeah google almost google. It was it was getting close. And of course sunday. Nbc had a big game. Tom brady goes back to new england. That would have been a big problem. If nbc yanked its feed wouldn't just be that nbc as a lot of other Things they started a website to pressure youtube Etcetera etcetera. Apparently they've made a deal. Google says no price hike it later emerged according to nine five. Google that nbc wanted. Google bundle peacock premium into monthly consumer payments. This would have led subscribers to paying more with google in august committing to know price hikes in the near term because they've had some steep wooded sixty five bucks a month now in announcement is low is it. It's sorry table money right sixty five. Exactly what the Channels had been trying to do to the cable guys right so indoor knows constantly happens you take our crap channel. Go with good channels. Oac you didn't mean that. Low priced humid low behavior. Yeah that is used because sixty five bucks five bucks you said that is low and i thought talking about no. I'm saying listen. Peacocks only good on that amber ruffin show okay below deck which is pretty good. Google search no longer supports internet explorer. Eleven because it is time we will really want to be the spokesperson took. The time has come to say goodbye to eleven which has long been horribly insecure as a web developer One web developer cramped force on twitter. Tweeted this is one of the happiest announcements Good simple pleasure. Said yeah and that my friends is the google changed law coming up next but first a word from cachefly yes. Our podcast is brought you quite literally on cash flies content delivery network when you download it when you watch it on our website when you subscribe to the podcast. Cachefly cash like there the cdn. It's been innovating content delivery since nineteen ninety nine. And i know that because we were trying to get this thing off the ground and we were having so much trouble getting it to listeners. Matt levine came by from cachefly one of the founders and he said hey we can help and they've been doing it ever since more than ten years cash flights get some new. It's really exciting. Ultra low latency streaming. It's not the web. Rtc solution that's let you down in. The past streamed delays less than one second. But there's more how about a million simultaneous concurrent streams in just thousands of synchronous streams talk about scale ability. They've got a great html five player that offers easy support anywhere the s. t. k. Gives you access to websites. Applications mobile devices any platform wanna put that player on really great cd and to the fifty pops distributed all over the world and with their low. Latency network your video. Streams will be streaming quickly anywhere you have viewers doesn't matter what continent they're on transmits. Thousands of stream simultaneously live fail over they can ingest rtm our tps s rt and more deliver ultra low s. l. dp and lists dreams at the same time and of course the one of the things we've really always loved it back cash. Lie they work with you to tailor. Their solution to your unique needs. Everybody's different cachefly knows that in fact if you go to them right now with your usage trends maybe even if you've got a cdn right now your current bill they will say if you're overpaying they will show you away you can. Do this. spread the cost out so that even though your traffic might be spiky. They'll make sure that you know the costs. Don't go out of control at any given time i. They're just amazing. Go to twitter. Dot cachefly dot com. They're giving away a completely free. Detailed analysis of your current and bill and usage trends you may be overpaying twenty percent or more cdn cachefly twit dot cachefly dot com twit dot cash lie dot com one million concurrent streams less than one second latency five times faster than the other. Cdn's the world's wants to reliable cdn backed by a one hundred percent sla. You just can't beat them. Twit that line dot com. Thank you matt. Thank you cachefly. You guys saved us and save us every day now. I think we can wrap this all up with some picks of the week how. 'bout you stacey see anything you like this week. You wanna tell the world about all right okay to this is a psa and a showing off toys. Psa holiday decorations holiday gifts are gonna be soon late like so. You lack friday target amazon. Everybody's doing black friday tuber. Because court shortages worker shortages like fedex places shortages. Get short shortage showed more in. Plus the wildfires have made trees a likely shortage so real tree. So if you're thinking. Oh i would have spent a lot of money in christmas trees tree. Oh my god. Of course in oregon. So i'm sorry. This is bad news for the holidays but good news for people who like to shop early. I dunno know now. So i went out and got my holiday decor. I bought a fake tree for the first time. Ever do that to. Yeah just because. I couldn't bear like you know plus i live in a place where i can go out if i went the smell. I can just open my windows. Yeah lisa says right you live there. We'll get aretha. it's okay that is my thing like andrews like just by a wreath but don't put it inside because we'll get the needles everywhere christmas if it doesn't smell piney not non plug in the needles out of your socks. What are you do really. Can't you just go take a tree from your yard. Yes that is. I could do that for like another ten to twelve years. A good point. Okay never mind so drink. Every year for john loves the tweets and twinkly these are the rgb w because the original rjb's they're white is yellow. It's this has a warm white light. And i bought a lot of these are expensive. Are one hundred. Eighty five dollars a great. I've had some for the last three years. They still work. They've been inside and outside so three years of living still doing okay. The fun stuff about them is. I can't get it out of the box. I was going to plug it into. You'd see them but we're looking at the dancer on the Site really doesn't really very good ad. I don't understand just hasn't been with christmas. So these light up your house right there. Christmas music so my strengths are not those strings. Those are actual late strips. My strings are little light. Okay by christmas lights but their wi fi enabled of course they are but good advice. Do not get our gb. L. d. led because the white is not as yellowy. The white is totally yellow. Is which ones should we get if you if that's important to you have our gp w special editions. Which is what. I got or you can get the help. They call them their elegance collection. And they're like golden weight and those also are fine but they don't have any of the other callers. So why would you be that. Some people might be so fancy. My inlaws only put up white so they might go for that. The white lights myself very and holler is so talibans collection for the elegance. Yeah okay you. Should you have a video anywhere. John of your house. Because last year he used wrinklies like yeah light it up. It was cool. So he's got there yet so that's my take they're grossly never big at the box seven than you think. We missed a box. Okay good it looks like a bunch of dynamite. Yeah there it is so you is that you're going to be your indoor indoor outdoor. You're going to do a lot of lights. These are outdoors. These are indoor outdoor bit. We're wrapping so we had this big oak tree. Oh that's nice tree that's pretty. We're going to leave him up year round good idea. I'll have valentine's day halloween. Like american flag for the fourth of july could do all sorts arrives. So we're gonna have lovely lovely lights that oh this was how it was going to show you the thing to know. Yes you're using these. Yes they don't go end to end so you have to buy as many as you want on one string oh blue. Yeah so that's important. It is pain. Can you get as many as you want on. One string of up to like this is i did get to four hundred. But i'm going to have to plug them into both sides of the outlet. Okay you want to see what a plugging them into. Y'all giant outlet the lunatron. Oh that's a good idea and you don't have to go outside to turn on your oak tree. No we never go. Outside hubs about john's show can't plug it in john. Show us will show us what he did. Look at that. That's a front porch. Oh and And he's got it all. Isn't that pretty nice little patterns. Yeah and you do that with your with your phone your problem. Yeah on the app. Really cool music thing plug into it And he never stories jammer. I think it's is it a plant john. It's a play the dead plant these winter. Winter was christmas it was very nice pick twinkies on the left looks like a look ahead with o on the left. That is ahead. Yeah though gets my kidney trump. get head jeff. Jarvis has a number. Well you don't have to see. It doesn't doesn't mentioned Since you did a book earlier mentioned a bath kirshenbaum. Who wrote the book that you and i like called track. Changes has a new book about word processors which is really weird which is wonderful. yeah so this is about the future of digital literary heritage. Oh when he says what is textual scholarship when the text of our everyday. The speech is a transit of verb as often as it is now so much in that also mom plugging i wanna plug the black media. Report just out today from the center for community media at my very school. The crag cray greg new martin craig. Thank you The black media report dot journalism dot cuny dot edu which has a bunch of really amazing stats about how black media versus mainstream media Cover the things that matter to all of us now. Within corona covers coverage corona virus covered like media wrote five times more than mainstream media. Unfortunate racial impact of the pandemic julie twice as much as mainstream media on frontline central workers. Nearly one in four articles in black media mentioned racism related issues but less than one in ten in mainstream media and on and on and on which all shows how we need to support. I think mainstream media mass media has had its chance and now it's time to support tino media black media digital media and other media to serve these communities better than mass media primarily online or the or their print publications to or lots of the history of of black beat it goes back to eighteen twenty seven. The first newspaper published an owned by And four black americans in the us in new york of course because we're the center of the universe that's where everything is all right of course all right Ninety seven different media sources For study so that's cool. Thank you jeff mr pruitt. It's time for pruitt's pick. I'm going to pivot off of Mr jarvis Because there's an app that. I just found out about a week or so ago called flap and is basically allowing you to find black on businesses in your area and i was using okra for but i think it was restaurants right. Yeah it was arrested. This is everything restaurants and It was quite surprised in some of the stuff that i found in there. Because i didn't know in high try to support local businesses around here but fact of the matter. A lot of the black owned businesses suffered the most during the pandemic and it would be nice to throw a bone at wayne help. Those businesses continue to grow and thrive just like everybody else. So it's a free app on android and ios flap the la next up. Oh pb l. a. p. p. and up dobie max's free again. This year wanted to give them a shot. Is they shot at me out on twitter. Apparently ace but is free again. Is virtual october twenty six to twenty eighth. I've signed up for a couple of classes just out of curiosity Because they always have a lot of updates to self with a and just to try to make things faster for content creators and of course. They have their keynote interesting people as nice. Yeah wow this looks greyer and grappling so this is normally paid conference right and this is the first doing it. Free really good. This might be the last virtual one. I imagine they'll get back. I miss going. I loved going. Yeah usually have it in. La and it's nice to be able to see a lot of these creators. That i enjoy cnn. Face to face and sit down with within hanging out at night and the loveliness lisa kearney. Who was previously on. His photography was able to hang out with her and it just. This is just great to meet in person khloe jao. Who did the nomad land. The director tilda swinton the actress kenan tops. The comedian bryan cranston and aaron. Paul from breaking bad. Wow was the andres. The chef young thug my thirst hours there. They had dave grohl there. Any liebowitz really cool quite the speaker much. They do not know where my dobie creative cloud money's licensing fees. Now i think people also love adobe and they wanna speak there. I imagine resided of him. You on the show the The cameo that they sent me here. Where's that it's right up under my pick. They sent you a cameo on what is a kansas. Oh a little cameo thing. Oh no oh that's hysterical. We were talking about this tober. Twenty six to twenty eight. Let me go back here. The people who work with aunt. It's me kate. Flannery meredith to me office will be out of the office october. Twenty six to stir be creativity conference so busy being inspired. He won't even have time to listen to his favorite podcasts. Somehow i managed let alone respond to email so please somehow his listeners and co workers will have to manage without him so at is unavailable to adobe. Somehow i manage is of course of course Mike sergeants Office podcast is of course. Meredith from the office podcast. I love that podcast. I listened to it doing it. I thought he stopped. he's still doing. He's not doing it but his his was some tiff arm armed. She still doing. Oh tiffany oh good. Somehow i managed podcast. No wonder she loves that. That's hysterical. She's probably you know the topic of conversation it's we had been talking about cameo and the length that meredith was on there on the show and they must have been watching. That's awesome. that's cool very cool. Oh my god. Somehow i managed has gotten up to season seven the season. Seven with michael scott leaving. Yep wow there was just listened. Last wiki guidance got into the airport and tried to leave without saying good. I remember that that was the end of that. Show for me always still good. I don't know the michael scott best year. He can't wait. And you're still going to new orleans. They've rescheduled you. Yes we are rescheduled for january. Good good so yeah gone down there and hang out with this and learn about food photography concert photography or in my instant streep in night photography and we'll have a good old time and eat drink. Be mary and shoot. Some photographs. launderers photographic experiences in new orleans wanderers photo dot com. If you want to know more that would be so much fun looking forward to it. Look you right there at the number one in the list had a steve. Brazil and freddie clarke vanni. That's great. Wow impressed aunt. It'd be fine. I believe one into locations is it dookie chase wanted locations. We're gonna. she's at a restaurant. What does that really popular dive fun. I understand oh. Oh i love new orleans. Oh man i've never been so i'm looking for. Oh god you're going to have some great food the mini comeback when it pounds heavier at go over two frenchmen street. Don't get stuck in the you know the bourbon street stain around the corner from bourbon street hotel. That's where people go to barf. Added past bans on frenchmen street the best music It's a it's a. it's a wonderful musical street. It's a great town. I love new orleans. We also have a second second line. Is that what is called. Second line being. Oh fine parade with music follow. Follow them through the quarter. God yup fun. Yeah oh that's great you. You can pretend it's your funeral. Get doing it right yeah. That's great had a second line at their wedding just for really see. I've only see. I've only heard of it for funerals. I wanted for my funeral. they be. that'd be so cool there ju- joyous dancing. They're playing the music that be so great celebration. Yeah thank you. Aunt pruitt hands off. Photography's at twit dot tv slash hopped. Oh forget ten. Am on friday. Pacific time steve gibson's. Ask me anything in our club. Twit it will be moderating. That'll be fun appreciate it. You know we can also teased at. We're going to be sitting down with to you on the twenty seconds. Lee said i will be doing an inside. twit the following twenty-second. Not this. no no no. No no no october twenty second. Okay got over twenty second. We're gonna sit in you. And mrs never is only content so the a sign up for the club. Horribly jeff jarvis. He's the director of the town center for entrepreneurial journalism new york graduate school of journalism at the city university of new york frank sinatra called him bum former. Tv guide critic buzzmachine earlier the show bomb. I didn't call you bum. i never called you. I never ray crack. Call them nigger. He was once asked to appear. On the oprah winfrey show and google does not pay him so there you go get it all in got it all in their mother. Dragons stacey higginbotham. Well there's one dragon anyway. Stacey not dot com mother of dragging. I'm just reading whatever's on the chat room. That's what i do. That's it if you If you have not yet subscribed to newsletter go stacey ot dot com and subscribe. It's free take a look at the events coming up Rf sensing is. Can we listen to that online. The event you did last week something. Youtube nice nice sweet super nerdy on it. But if you're really nerdy your guy. I'm sure it's super earths. Yeah the queen of inert. She is the nerdy stacey king about them. Say that with the best. That's the best can love it is. She's no she's not insulted by. That was an accident everyday day thirty day with a bit of gig. Ed we We do this. Show every wednesday about two. Pm pacific five pm eastern twenty one hundred ut. You can watch us to live at tv slash lives. There's audio and video there if you're watching live chat live our free chat rooms. Irc dot twit dot tv. Our club members can chat as well in the discord We love that discord. Oh forget if you're not a clip twit members seven bucks a month. Gets you add. Free versions of all shows the discord the plus feed the special events. And all of that is available at twit dot tv slash club twit. After the fact we put the show up on the website twit dot tv slash twig. You can also watch it on youtube. Yeah there's a youtube channel dedicated to this week in google and of course the best way is watching subscribe that way you get the podcast automatically the minute it's available and if your podcast program allows reviews please give us a five star review tell the world what about the goodness that is this week in google last week And you had a nick anderson on and everybody in the cham- saying oh don't forget about that one. It's really watched photography last week. So i'll give you extra playing. He he was great this week. We're going to get into some more or listener feedback. So yeah if you're listening to this show and you have feedback is a strong chance to get your feedback may be a part of the show so check it out a pet photographers if you wanna get better pictures of your up. That's a good way to do it. Thank you thank you all for joining us. Thanks so much. We will see you next time on this week in google by android is constantly evolving. And if you're part of the android faithful then you'll be just as excited about it as i am. I'm jason how host of all about android along with my co hosts florence. Ion and ron richards. Were every week we cover the news. We cover the hardware and we cover the apps that are driving the android ecosystem. Plus we invite people who are writing about android talking about android and making android onto the show. Every tuesday at twit dot tv look for all about android.

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