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June 2, Hr 2  Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

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June 2, Hr 2 Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

"This is mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western. Petroleum, only thirteen ten, Kfi. Seventy, eight, now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot, com, born gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum via the auto collision specialists studios the scenes the sites the violence, the mayhem that we have seen across the nation in many urban areas across the nation over the weekend has protesters turned to violence looting? Burning buildings to the ground violence that it's just unspeakable sights and scenes that we thought we would never ever see in this nation shocking. Police in an effort to protect and maintain some semblance of public safety while respecting the peaceful protests find themselves increasingly under siege. This as you had a four officers shot in Saint Louis another officer shot in Las Vegas scenes of a SUV running over an officer in the Bronx begs the question, are we losing the entire foundation of law and order joined this morning by Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith Sheriff Smith Welcome back to the show though I am sick about the reason why? Good Morning Gail I appreciate the opportunity to Come with you and talk with your listeners, and I would certainly share that a lot of ways. It's proven to be a sad and surreal time you know in a lot of places in our country, certainly not everywhere but. There's definitely reasons to be concerned, and and reasons for citizens to you know to be concerned about what they're singing. Let's start with the incident that predicated all of these protests, and that of course is the. Tragic Death I think. We can all agree of George Lloyd this as Derek Shabina Minneapolis a police officer after he was subdued after he was. Handcuffed and lying prone on the ground, put his knee into Mr Flights. Napa for the better part of nine minutes, and we do have conflicting autopsy reports coming out, but it seems as though the one point they do agree on. It was indeed murder question for you Sheriff Smith, isn't it? The responsibility of law enforcement once a suspect is subdued. Aren't they responsible for that suspect's wellbeing? Absolutely Gail I. Think the thing that really hits me on. This is at times. Tragedy Can Unite Tragedy Unites Families that can unite communities, and and The the tragic death in Minneapolis and so many ways is uniting. What should be you know? The two parties in this one is the community in general and law enforcement. I have yet run into anybody in this profession that is an. Outraged by what they saw that treatment that the treatment Mr, Floyd does not represent modern police practices, anything that we would condone or have any part of and we absolutely want to see justice along with the rest of the community, and we're in a much better position if you. That sort of. Allowing some forces to take this tragedy and and make it a division. That's that's creating you know more and more strikes across our nation. Now one of the three additional officers who were at the scene were reported to have held in one of them was reported to have held George Floyd down, and another is reported to have said. Don't you think you should let up on them or lead up on him? Excuse me on George Floyd referring to Derek China. Don't officers have a responsibility as well if they see misdeeds if they see undue force, don't they have a responsibility to? Do something as opposed to just saying. Hey, you should probably let up on the guy. Absolutely Gail You know that that's the way that this profession operates the vast majority of the time and I think what what you bring. The light is another piece in this is You were barely over a week from this sensor. Having occurred in one of the things that we know about our justice system is that it has to be fair and facts have to be brought out, and what we know now is the facts that are necessary for the judicial process haven't been completely brought out yet. Certainly there's there's good reason to be encouraged that you know. The original officer has been charged, but the thing that we also need to remember. Remember is that prosecutions are based on well laid out facts, and if if the Minneapolis authorities and federal authorities are pushed to move recklessly on the investigation and prosecution, it's a great detriment to the case, so we certainly need to see those facts. Come out what you just quoted. As the first time that I've heard it, but you know not solely right now on on some video clips, and and we know there's a lot more to that story that needs to be brought out, and I look forward to that investigation, bringing those facts out and I think that's what will determine the accountability of others on scene. Who did not intervene as they had the? More legal right to do. Police officers are being targeted now as a result of this as a result of the actions of our ably few bad apples in law enforcement. You'RE GONNA. Find that in any business, a cross the board, but as I watched those scenes of. Being shot and being run over as they're simply trying to do their jobs once again, it absolutely breaks my heart. You walk a very fine line here, don't you? Yeah, it's you know the one thing. We all acknowledges that we are all human. We're all fallible No one is perfect we certainly do, and should all peace officers to an extremely high standard and I would offer that one of the reasons that what we're seeing outrages us is that that's not the. Of the community what happened on the streets with Mr Floyd's Depp does not represent the vast majority of police contacts. Police officers make over ten million arrests, a year, and less than one one hundred of one percent of those arrests in a fatality, and so what we're seeing is unusual, and you know the reality is. We need to keep those facts in mind we need. Need to keep that perspective, and as we move forward, and certainly the state legislature with with barely a couple of weeks left, and what they intend for their session to be are hoping to address this. I have grave concerns that you know that moving so quickly without any deliberative process as legislative processes and to do, we'll create reckless law. That will make things worse. It's interesting I to pull. Out of the Wall Street Journal by Jason. Riley the headline kind of says it. All good policing saves black lives a report by Harvard's Roland Fryer when cops pull back, homicides actually increase now back in two thousand sixteen Mister Fire released this study. Excuse me in racial differences in police use of deadly force into the surprise of the author as well as many in the media, and on the left to take racist law enforcement as a given, he found no evidence of bias in police shootings. I find that absolutely fascinating. If anything, he found anti white disparities when controlling for ray specific crime. Now he is a continuing that research as we speak, but once again, if law enforcement pools back, it seems to me that it is the minority communities, and and I'm speaking primarily now I'm speaking across the board here. It's the minority communities that suffer the most. The sad truth that the facts bear out is minority. Communities are most susceptible to Cryan. General you know. Certainly sociologists and criminologists can can dig into the details of that, but those facts are indisputable, and that's the sad reality of the fifteen thousand murders that occur on average in this country every year. Fifty four percent of those victims are black Americans specifically, even though they only account for thirteen percent of the overall population. Tremendously overrepresented in crime victimization and nobody should be should be You know willing to accept those kind of numbers that's where these discussions really need to come down to the realities, and and and talking about what's going on in the neighbor. The neighborhoods know there's certainly Mr. Floyd's death represents a tremendous tragedy upon knowing his family is community, our nation, but eight thousand times a year. Black Americans are dying at the hands of police officers, but have of other offenders that are out there, and that's not being dealt with right now. Those facts, those realities need to be brought to the table. There's also encouraging information that that most people doesn't fit the narrative, but they don't realize that that incarceration rates have actually been down since two thousand and seven. That's not not everybody talks about the prison numbers up and the largest driver. Of those numbers coming down has actually been black Americans down by twenty percent in a decade, and certainly those numbers are encouraging to see fewer black Americans you know behind bars, and we would all look to see all Americans. You know less likely to offend less likely to be victimized and the police and the police chiefs and the sheriffs across this nation, and those officers on the beat who stand up to protect their community. You know fight for that, and and those are the things that need to be brought into this discussion. For a healthier outcome. Are you and those that you work with you're the deputies law enforcement across the board? Are you feeling the fallout from this? Oh absolutely we're seen, and we understand the frustration that's out there. I certainly northern Colorado has been different than other parts of the country. You know I've watched with great an. Anger and frustration at the places where we're seeing the damage to property in the injuries and riots and looting in different communities we're. We're assuming protests in in northern. Colorado at Fort. Collins Police building for several days. There have been between one and two hundred people in any given evening out, and they're doing exactly what our founders intended. They are peaceably. Peaceably gathering, and and making their voices known. That's healthy. That's a good thing, but when we see the violence out there and destruction, and the and the violence targeted towards peace officers who swear an oath to protect their communities in the vast overwhelming majority of the time uphold that oath when they're directly attacked simply for their profession. That's wrong and dangerous. Absolutely. What's the resolution here sheriff, Smith? had a resolution really comes to. Can we come back to not treating each other like enemies? at this point in time there's a desire by certain people to divide this nation intern turn. People based on where they live. or their skin, their heritage or background, and to into enemies, and and what we need to do is focus on our commonalities. There is so much that we're on the same page on we you know the principles behind our declaration of independence, the ideals in our constitution and repeal of rights. Let's find ways to move forward with that together, and not against each other, because if we fight against each other, you know it just tears this country apart there's so much progress has been made at can continue to be made if we sit down and and treat each other as fellow man KF K.. Sports Story Northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Hey, this is mornings with gail thirteen. Ten KFI K.. The Dan Patrick Show is on the way. Some twenty eight after ten cake thirteen. Of K DOT COM mornings with gail killed by Great Western. Petroleum live and local. The auto collision specialists, the studios fascinating conversation morning a bit truncated. My apologies We actually lost the feed there for a while, so if the end of that interview seemed a bit abrupt once again, technology can be a little glitch e from time to time, but really great conversation with Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith. Law Enforcement in need of support as they are trying to. Some might argue, protect us from ourselves. Particularly when the protests turn violent, because it seems to me, just from well the power of observation over the past few days, seven days of protests across the nation typically after nightfall, turning violent seems to me. The protests are on two tracks one. Peaceable Assembly. Those a protesting the heinous death of George Floyd, but then you have the organized agitators very organized agitators to include groups like Antifa. Who are hijacking the peaceful protests in order to accomplish their own diabolical goals, and you find law. Enforcement Stuck in the middle of it being. With rocks and bottles says they're trying to maintain some semblance of public safety and lot and order your thoughts, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Dropped me attacks at three, one, nine, nine six, meanwhile markets continue to take their own path with regard to all of the unrest in the United States Keith wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few seven, thirty, now thirteen ten Kfi k burst best UNC burs target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Catch. Me Dan Patrick in the Danettes weekday noon on thirteen ten KF Koa. Well. It's Colorado's corona virus numbers continued to improve governor jared police relieved released a draft orders just yesterday on the reopening of swimming pools and playgrounds, and the long awaited resumption of Youth and Adult Recreational Sports Leagues Seven. Forty six now mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western, petroleum live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios working from peace out of the Denver Post by Conrad Swanson the rules would allow outdoor swimming pools to open at half capacity for up to fifty people, whichever is fewer up to ten people at a time would be allowed on playgrounds, people who? Who Don't belong to the same household would again have to observe social distancing staying six feet apart and extra cleaning and disinfecting requirements would also be in place Denver city officials however said last week that city pools and playgrounds would be closed at least through June thirtieth now apparently we can comment on the recommendations until noon tomorrow, and the state will actually finalized these rules on Thursdays, the proposed orders come more than a month after police safer at home plan began the process of re opening the state. Sports Leagues would allowed to have groups of up to twenty five participants. And Ten indoors under the proposal, outdoor tennis and basketball courts would be permitted to open up to ten people at a time and mass are encouraged under these a draft guidelines draft guidelines again expected to be finalized on Thursday draft guidance for places of worship also released This would allow churches. Moss places of worship to reopen at fifty percent capacity, or with up to fifty people in the worship space, whichever is fewer mass indeed would be required at all. All Times for outdoor worshiping participants should be spaced a six feet apart now police on Monday also issued an order allowing short term rentals to reopen as long as hosts provide hand, sanitizer, soap, and water, cleaning products and wait day before entering the property for cleaning while the orders actually relaxed some of the restrictions police once again called for all of us to remain diligence diligent and continue to distance ourselves from each other as much as possible. Possible where face coverings, and of course wash your hands often, he said in a release it may feel like we are getting back to normal, but indeed the virus is still here, and it could surge back the moment that we let our guard down. We're still far from normal, so if you're interested in getting additional information on these draft plans and other regulations, all you have to do is jump online. Fire up that Google or go to covid nineteen dot. Dot Colorado Dot Gov? This governor jared police released those draft orders on Monday on reopening of swimming pools and playgrounds, and the resumption of Youth and Adult Recreational Sports Leagues Seven Forty Nine now thirteen ten Kfi, k. thirteen ten Kfi am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high. School coverage, missing Sports Kfi. K., enjoy some instant classics with Kfi am classics. Every Thursday and Friday night thirteen ten KFI K. and thirteen ten KFI DOT com. Well return to some semblance of covid nineteen or I should say post a covid nineteen, although that wouldn't be accurate, because covid nineteen is still with us, but let's say a return to some semblance of normalcy there. How's that? As Greeley officials will resume modified public access to select city facilities, Wednesday this, according to not only a press release from the city about a piece out of the Greeley trip by cuyler media, seven, fifty, four, now thirteen ten K of. Thirteen ten KFI K.. A. Dot com mornings. Okayo fueled by great. Western petroleum live and local local via the auto collision specialist studios all right. So, what does this look like well backed by the belief that certain city facilities can begin offering some in-person services with safety measures in place, city of Greeley will open some of those services that have been closed since the early days of the the covid nineteen pandemic city manager. Roy Auto, said in the release, protecting public health and safety will indeed continue to drive the. The city of Greeley's response to nineteen every decision we make made by a waiting the best information we have, and evaluating the multitude of considerations that impact our communities recovering recovery. Most important is determining the path for reopening city facilities to the public and resuming person to person services in as safe of an environment as possible we must remain safe together, and thus be strong together so I've got a pretty complete list here. Let's see if we can get this in. What will partially reopen well? City Hall Tenth Street. And Tenth Street drive-thru. Payments Resume at eight am and continue to five PM. This Wednesday Monday through Friday, though after they get underway at the staff drive-thru on the south side of the building city, clerk services will be available by appointment from nine am to three PM city centre by appointment only Greeley's community. Development Department will offer in person services from nine am to three PM. Again Monday through Friday city centre South One, thousand one eleventh, avenue, Greeley's water and sewer department will offer in person services by appointment only once again from nine am to three PM Monday through Friday Greeley Public Works building also. Also open by appointment, only from nine am to three PM Monday through Friday Municipal Court one thousand one eleventh avenue open regular hours for defendants, guardians and trial witnesses. Only no visitors are allowed open from eight am to five pm Monday through Friday Greeley. Evans Transit, starting June Eighth Greeley Evans Transit will resume reduced fixed route bus services and fare collection using the limited Saturday bus schedule from seven am to six PM Monday through Saturday. And if you're interested in finding a list of schedules, you can go to Greeley Evans. Transit Dot Com get Colin ride service will operate from six am to seven am and. That should be PM. Six Am to seven PM and six PM to non nine. Am Monday through Saturday? Tell you what I'll verify that for you and a seven thirty am to one thirty. PM on Sundays. You can schedule Colin Reid and Ada Para. Transit services up to two weeks in advance. By calling nine, seven, zero, three, five, zero, ninety to ninety, seven, fifty, seven, now, thirteen, ten KFI Kfi all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Hey Northern Colorado, you're listening to mornings with Gail. Stick around for me the Dan Patrick. Show nine am on thirteen ten KFI. K. A.. All right was able to verify that get Colin ride service. It will operate from six am to seven am and six PM to nine PM Monday through Saturday. Seven thirty am to one thirty pm on Sunday, so just want to provide that clarification there all right coming up. LOVELAND LOVES BARBECUE CANCELED DUE TO COVID nineteen. Have all the details thirteen ten, Kfi Greeley it's eight o'clock broadcast UNC bears target game. Coverage lives thirteen. Ten KFI K.?

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May 8, Hr 1  Etiquette expert Valerie Sokolosky

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May 8, Hr 1 Etiquette expert Valerie Sokolosky

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. It didn't take long remember yesterday morning. We We kicked off the show talking about that Dallas Salon owner that had been tossed in this. The WHO's scowl. I mean the absolute I would say irony but it's it was a disgusting situation so she is tossed in The county jail okay. Because she was violating a lockdown violation on her dallas-based Salon. Because she wanted to Peter Kids and she wanted her employees to be able to feed their kids and the judge as they're letting prisoners out of jail because of concerns over Cova nineteen and the spread of this novel Corona Virus. They toss her into the exact same jail that had two hundred forty eight cases of a co vid nine hundred nineteen six. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings. Okay all live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum this because she had the audacity not to get down on bended knee in front of this rogue activists who said well. You got three choices. You can apologize. You can pay a fine. You can apologize for your selfishness to be more precise. You can pay a fine or I'm going to throw you in jail. Well once again in a court of law selfishness is not an offense that you are typically tossed into jail four and I get it. I am not advocating that we particularly in a time of covert nineteen that we willy. Nilly break the laws. But my gosh this judge what the heck was he thinking he had the ability to show some discretion if not some heart but he chose not to. Well that's all been turned around. What a difference a few hours make this as the Texas Supreme Court yesterday ordered the release of salon owner. Shelly Luther who again was jailed for opening in violations of the states. Rules as governor. Greg Abbott is an executive order. Retroactively retroactively eliminated jail time. The consequence for violating the states corona virus restrictions. Now shortly after Abbott's announcement the Supreme Court of taxes ordered Luther 's release. She was released from jail Thursday afternoon. There was a small group of not socially distinct Distancing supporters there and this poor woman was so grateful and so thankful and she broke down in tears because she was freed from the tyranny. Because that's call it for what it is. How ridiculous that judge had other means had other ways to say to her okay. Now you're broke the order. We understand. These are unprecedented times. And we understand that you need to feed your children so go ahead. Let's figure out something else. Hey how about community service from say social distance. Abbott said in a statement throwing Texans in jail who've had their businesses shut down through no fault of their own is nonsensical and I will not allow it to happen. Well it did but at least you rectified. The situation that is why a modifying my executive orders to ensure confinement is not a punishment for violating order this order as retroactive to April second supersedes local orders and if correctly applied should free. Shelly Luther. Now you member. It was Wednesday Abbott. The state's attorney general. Ken Paxton Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick they all called for Luther. 's release after. She was jailed by Dallas County State district. Judge Eric Moya who obviously has an ax to grind. The officials said he had abused his discretion. Yuck think and emphasized that the woman was keeping her business open in order to feed her family. Paxton said to in a letter to the judge asking him to free her as a mother. Ms Luther wanted to feed her children as a small business owner. She wanted to help her employees feed their children. Needless to say these are laudable. Goals that warrant the exercise of enforcement discretion obviously not a word in that district court judges vocabulary on Thursday Paxton. Praise the governor for insuring. That people would not be jailed for flouting. The state's corona virus restrictions saying I applaud Governor Abbott's decision to ensure that penalties for violating public health. Orders are reasonable reasonable and not excessive. In what world does this judge live? In and again I am not advocating Basically Willy Nilly breaking the laws looking at our legal system as a hierarchy. But you have to admit some of this conversation that we are most certainly have at another time. Some of these overly overbearing restrictions when it comes to our liberties our freedoms and our constitutional rights mander stand. The government also has some leeway. This is not. It's a very complicated complex conversation when you're dealing with a pandemic you're dealing with public health people's livelihoods just came across piece for example in the Fort Collins Colorado and echoing what the Colorado Restaurant Association it said Particularly Small Businesses Restaurant Owners. Been so hard by everything associated with covert nineteen the closures and they're very futures are in jeopardy but one in five of Fort Collins restaurants may never ever reopened. And I can't help but think that that is more the norm than it is the exception so once again very complicated particularly given the leeway the government does indeed have when it comes to ensuring public health during a pandemic well and other emergency situations but for Texas District Court judge to throw this woman in jail a jail that was infected with two hundred and forty eight cases of covert nineteen this as prisons and jails across. The country are leading their inmates out for the exact same reason. They don't want them to be subject to being infected well. It was not only an over. The top decision showing no empathy. No understanding no discretion whatsoever could be argued. He was also sentencing her to a diagnosis of covert. Now Eighteen. This ticks me off. Should you to Abbott agreed? Avid said it was not just that as the state was reducing its prison populations because of a corona virus that this decision was made. It was also throwing entrepreneurs in jail. Think about this throwing entrepreneurs in jail. I grant I'll grant you the fact that she was not following the order and the law should apply universally across the board but it was a heinous disgusting decision by the District Court judge thrower in jail. No way around it. Avid said of the order that it might also ensure that other Texans like Ana Isabel Castro. Sia and Brenda Stephanie. Mata who were rested in Laredo should not be subject to confinement as some cundy. County judges advocate for releasing hardened criminals from jail to prevent the spread of covert nineteen. It is absolutely absurd to have these business owners take their place. And here's the irony shelly. Luther opened her business a few days. Early okay fine. I agree there should be some consequences but not to this extreme. Tell me where I'm wrong. Nine seven three five three thousand nine hundred ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten but Abbott. Just this week moved up the time line for hair salons barbershops and tanning salons to open today this after they were initially slotted to reopen in mid. May under the state's plan to get its economy going again. It's a fine line isn't it? It's a balance between public health and destroying the economy of state. But I think the bottom line is if we're all treated as adults and we all do the right things. I think we can achieve both how. `Bout you drop me a text thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six six seventeen now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings sweet gale live local fueled by great western petroleum. Hey great news. We might have a official season carved out but we do have twenty twenty schedule and right. Now that's good enough right to start talking football. As the broncos twenty twenty schedule is announced details coming your way in just a few at six eighteen this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where a patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen o nine or carrying hearts H. Com. Well the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Kevin Tara Affect is at the movies. Here don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on. Kfi K now back to mornings with gale well perhaps an inkling of a return to normalcy this as well we might not have an official formal season but the NFL did release. It's a twenty twenty schedule and for analysis I turned to our consummate. A broncos Fan Mica Kilpatrick. So what do you think of the schedule MICA? Well I'm not supposed to say the BRONCOS ARE GONNA go sixteen win the Super Bowl but they going to win the Super Bowl. What was fun away? What was that again? They're going to go sixteen when the soup. You're nothing if not consistent. I love that about you pretty soon. I'm going to start saying they're going seventeen to known winning the Super Bowl and by the way I was against that I like sixteen games. Sixteen Games well. I don't know I guess more football the better but Anyway London game off the schedule Right. He blended Jerry. Really really sucks. When it's your home game like Oh great we get to. Where are good uniforms on the road? Where does the franchise at least make money off of those tickets? Sure they do. They make money off. I mean if they're not making money they're not gonNA do it right. Yeah but you're losing your home field advantage now well so the other team. I mean it's not like if the if the out no Houston. Texans have the have the home game in. London is not like teams. Aren't going to necessarily cheer for them. They might cheer for the Patriots. They'll probably cheer for the Patriots because the Patriots are are more popular. No well you know actually went to one of those games in London. This was back before ranch. Dressing back. you know in the old days when there were horses and buggies but there's a lot of fun it really was. There was a lot of enthusiasm a lot of excitement. I hear that they were pretty fun in Frankfurt back when they had NFL. Europe one of these really cool stadiums that the cardinals built their stadium off out of They base their stadium off of the Ryan. Fires Stadium or something where they They had the field that could move in and out so it was real grass and I thought really awesome and then. Nfl Your went down. Well I wanted to get your take on this because according to Laurie Lattimore Volkmann in the mile high report and she is referencing. Draft Kings broncos have the fifth tough schedule in the NFL. Raiders have the third but the chargers have the twenty third toughest in the chiefs. Miraculously have the twenty sixth of toughest schedule in the NFL. Well it all you know it. It all depends on who you played the season before and sometimes it's luck like that. The broncos would have had a much easier year schedule if Tom Brady for instance if Tom Brady hadn't gone to. The buccaneers in the buccaneers suddenly didn't become much better. So that's one example. I don't think the Patriots are GonNa be as good as the dolphins are going to be better than they were last year. Falcons have to be better than they were last year. raiders and chargers and saints. Things are going to be good. I don't think the saints are going to be as good as last year. I think the panthers are going to be better than last year. I think the bills are GONNA be better if not the same as last year. Yeah I think the broncos have have a about the same toughness I go. You know the broncos schedule. I was excited about last year because I thought it was tough and then it wasn't. The broncos schedule wasn't as tough as I thought it could have. I like it when we have a tough schedule I do. I say if you're if you are GONNA win the Super Bowl. You should beat the best of the best. It shouldn't be like the rams back in when they won their first super bowl and they play a bunch of cupcakes. Go he was. It's you should. You should play the men the best of the man there you go. That's like that. That's right still got back this year. I'm happy about that. Jets are hopefully going to be improved. I hope the the Patriots have a horrible horrible season. But that's just me glad tidings for the patriots all right so regular season September fourteenth. It's the broncos third Monday night opener in four years. This Tennessee taking on Tennessee. So we'll see how that plays out all right six thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com covered nineteen. Needless to say has changed the way we live work and play but why you may not be able to celebrate mother's Day with a big family gathering or a fancy dinner. Maybe give mom SPA Day. There's still a variety of ways. You can show mom your love your appreciation and your gratitude. Valerie Sokolowski is an etiquette gift as experts and a nationally recognized speaker and author with some unique mother. Today Mother's Day gift ideas for these equally unique times and Valerie weighs in at six thirty five six thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage the latest on cove in nineteen local news and sports. We're here with you thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten K. K. dot com still apologized to my mom posthumously. Letting me be myself during those rather rambunctious tumultuous years. I don't know about you six thirty eight now. Thirteen ten K of K. Let's just say I was a little precocious thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM mornings at. Gale live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. So Mother's Day. Just right around the corner this Sunday and in a time of covert nineteen and social distancing. Well those big family gatherings and those fancy dinners out and perhaps a spa day for mom pretty much off the table but there are still some unique ways to celebrate Mama during some rather unique times joined this morning by Valerie Sokolowski a nationally recognized author and speaker on Gift Giving and Etiquette and Valerie. Happy Mother's Day. Welcome to the show. Well thank you so much gail and I had to Giggle as you were describing what you might have been like and I think I probably was I o those eight years. Her sure you know what it is. I can't help but say this. What Mom's really want. I mean those days of what we must have been like are long gone when your mother you just you just remember the wonderful times and it's a great time to say I love you. Mom that's really all MOMS want. WanNA BE LOVED. We want to be Thought about and so. I've got some great ideas for you. Are you ready Gail? Oh absolutely because boy. I'll tell you what we just need. Some uplifting good news now in such a way that we can celebrate the long suffering patience love and understanding of our moms. Indeed you know even Moms away from moms because many of us have women in our lives that are very important to us but might not be you know related. Biologically that is just so interesting. Our minds work alike. I call the motherly and I was going to. I was going to mention that gail that can be teachers. Maybe just a mentor friends. That have been motherly to you and absolutely this is the time it sounds like you have someone in. Your Life. Absolutely several. Someone's well and that's great. You mentioned Spa The When you first started I wanna go there because part of what I wanNA share today could be some things that are really fun and even humorous since so I was thinking about myself. And what could I do? That would be kind of fun Now unfortunately my mother is passed but I thought about my daughter who is a mom. And wouldn't it be fun to have to send your mom Some kind of a small package like just some goodies. Some oil some candles and even just a mask. I think it would be hilarious for my daughter and I to get on facetime and put on a spa ask and just giggling laugh at what we probably will look like until it hardens and. I just think that would bring a lot of humor. Why couldn't we do something silly like that? Absolutely in a time where everything is just so heavy and just you know. We're all just as fun to sing upside down inside out. Topsy Topsy Turvy. It's almost like an out of body experience with all of the changes. But I think what is so important? Does that we maintain that sense of humor self deprecating though it may be that's my specialty but That were able to find something to laugh about every single day particularly on Mother's Day. Well absolutely and memories and memories. That just brings a smile to your face so I was looking at my pictures this week. Gale and I came across a little video along with them. Pictures of my two little grandchildren and I've taught them to cook from the time they could stand up and this little video was of them together cooking and they were telling me what they were cooking. It was so cute so the idea here is put together a collage of memorable things. Pictures Little video something you think your mom would like and wouldn't that be meaningful as well as bringing a smile to her face. Oh absolutely what were they cooking? I'll never forget when I was in home. They had US made Panucci. I still to this day. What Pinocchio Melted Brown Sugar Confection but I mean when are you going to serve the nookie I don't know but the name is fascinating really. I'll look it up. You know what Dale they had. They took little banana slices and they made faces of each of the banana slices. They put little raises on it. And they put a little dots of Red Dye and then they put them in the skewer and they were so proud they had that on a nice play and Dylan was younger. He was about five Cameron. My granddaughter was about seven and he was doing it and then he said Sissy. Could you come and help me? It was so cute really binds us the memory. Yeah the memories and you know Talking about this time that were in this is the time. Also support places that we can can. During the mother's Day celebration restaurants. Many of the restaurants have beautiful Brunches that they can deliver or food packages so think about think about those businesses that we can support as we are giving gifts to our mom especially given the fact that restaurants are so hard hit some referring to it as the Amazon effect That the the large chains will survive in some of our most favorite to local restaurants near and far regardless of where you are might not be so fortunate this as as a result of in nineteen. You've got one in five restaurants facing well not too good times ahead as the you've got many of them looking at the very real specter of going out of business so we throughout all of this as a anyone in the media has long been saying support your local restaurants shop because many business office offering curbside service ref restaurants offering delivery and takeout so again. That is such a great suggestion Valerie. Well we need to think about those people and God bless him and prayers to them. We're all we're all having issues of rebooting ourselves our emotional selves and that leads me a couple of other things you know learning as always good and probably mom still WANNA learn no matter what age there are a lot of things out there that are being made possible. As an example skill share the online service skills share is. Oh my gosh. They have so many free classes that depending on your mom and her taste how about giving them either a free class or subscription. The things like creative writing interior design how to take care of your house. Plants getting organized Cooking art photography just a myriad of things that would keep your mom busy and help her to keep learning. And then the other thing is if your mom like books How about a subscription to audible books and even the Amazon kindle is offering to free month's Amazon kindle is offering to free months of Of Books so there again. There's so many things if your mom is in town I love this idea. And that's to decorate her door. Go Up to the door and do something on her door. That would be fun and decorative and maybe some balloons maybe some goodies inside in in a little wreath of some kind Maybe put a sign at the same time. A sign out in her yard. Assist of the best mom. Love your mom. We all care whatever and let her know win to open the door and all of you be the car so again. It sounds as though this is such a wonderful opportunity to be creative and use some ingenuity in the fact that you know your mom's so well and really you know perhaps our dreams and watch something she's always wanted to learn or do or accomplish and taking advantage of that right now can make this truly one of the most memorable mother's Day she's ever had well it can and there's no reason virtually why you can't share the meal with your mom have a virtual brunch. You know Have something back to the restaurant. Sent to her to eat at a certain time. Says the same thing to you and the two of you get virtual and eat it together and just have a conversation. Everyone is having virtual parties. So why not zoom and so easy? Zoom is so easy. Your mom anyone can learn it and there you have. It's a creative ways to celebrate. Mother's Day in a very very unsettling time. Valerie's soccer Lobski certainly appreciate your taking the time as a nationally recognized author and on gift getting giving and adequate etiquette. And where can we learn more about you? You're also a nationally recognized speaker and author. I appreciate that and let me tell you. I have a gift speaking of gifts. I have a gift for you and your listeners if they will go to my website. Valerie and company DOT com the A. L. E. R. I. E. Valerie and company all spelled out dot com forward slash. Gifts will receive something from the on Mother's Day and so thank you gail so fun to be with you today. Oh absolutely my precocious sister of different minister. I certainly appreciate it as well. Happy Mother's Day to you. Thank you gail blessings by Valerie? Cycle off a give an etiquette expert. You can learn more at Valerie and company DOT COM six forty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi K. a thirteen ten KFI KOA preps radio is northern. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage back fifty four now thirteen ten K of K. A thirteen ten K. DOT COM MORNING. So Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right stay with you. Stay with us this morning. My apologies I was just reading a back story of this amazing warrior Cairo. This is the dog a Belgian Mallon Wa that helped catch Osama bin Laden kitchen. Not and the story is so poignant and so incredible but think about it this way. Marley and me meets zero dark thirty at seven. Oh five this morning as we meet will chesney now will is a former navy. Seal who operated at the highest levels author of no or dog might partner from the seal teams to the Bin Laden raid. It is the powerful story of a Seal Team Operator. Yes a dog handler and a very special dog who not only worked as an incredible asset to the seals but who actually saved will chesney life now just any dog but a Belgian mallon wand named Cairo who along with two dozen Navy seals descended on bin Laden's compound. It was nine years ago this month. Back in May two thousand eleven and after that successful mission only one name was made public that of the fearless Canine Cairo. We'll talk with will chesney. It is an absolutely unbelievable story of Man's best friend when we'LL CHESNEY author no ordinary dog. My partner from the seal team's to the Bin Laden raid joins us this morning at seven. Oh five sixty six now thirteen ten. Kf KFI Wa all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Well you might not be so seeing so clearly these days if you wear glasses and a mask six fifty eight now thirteen ten kfi thirteen ten KFI DOT COM mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yeah it's a pretty pesky problem synergy strap on that cloth face mask and head out the door. Your glasses fog up. Hey but there is a simple fix for that. And it'll only take a minute or two. All you need is soap and water. This advise comes via C. N. N. from the Medical Journal Annals of Royal College of Surgeons of England cheerio courtesy of two doctors and if they're fogging trick and work in the Emergency Room. It'll certainly work in the grocery store so it's open water. Basically acts like a cloak that reduces surface tension on the lenses and this magic mix allows the water molecules breath to distribute evenly rather than cluster. On Your Lens in a way that makes it difficult to see. So I have to do is just Wash glasses the little soap and water. Make sure you rinse them. Course and then you will see clearly all right. Stay with us. this as a former navy seal Will Chesney author of no ordinary dog? My partner from the seal teams to the Bin Laden raid joins us at seven. Oh five it is a powerful story thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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April 13, Hr 1  Farm Broadcaster Russell Nemetz

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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April 13, Hr 1 Farm Broadcaster Russell Nemetz

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi No we're not going under but it's getting rough in nets with all of the shutdowns all of the disruption all of the uncertainty as a result of Kobe. Nineteen although there is some good news about Kobe. One thousand nine which we will get to In a just a few six. Oh eight now. Thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local fueled by great western petroleum. This as we celebrated Easter yesterday a bit different threat. Eight so many churches doing online services not only near in Colorado but far around the globe. Pope Francis Holding mass a near Empty Basilica Franklin Graham delivering a message of hope from once again an empty central park in New York City. And then you had celli singing from an empty Milan Cathedral. So how did you celebrate Yeast Easter? Yesterday I hope. I hope that you found some sense of peace yesterday. I hope you've found some hope out of the calamity that we are facing not only as a state but a nation and to as a world as we're in the middle of this war with the invisible enemy that is coveted nineteen not to preach but amidst all of the really soul storing soul stirring services that I watched yesterday. And maybe you attended. Virtually you attended Services Good Friday and on Sunday at your particular place of worship but one commentator yesterday summed it up very nicely. You won't SINK IF YOU HAVE. Jesus in your boat five to explain you want to understand but I hope that you do but how little bit of good news these bunny made. Its appointed rounds yesterday and Fort Collins. Making House Cow House calls at a very safe social distance to Fort Collins kids under corona virus. Stay at home order now. This will put a smile on your face like nobody's business working for peace by Sadie Swanson out of the Fort Collins. Colorado on Kelsey Wade is a sixteen year old Fort Collins resident. Well yesterday. She was known as the neighborhood. Easter bunny putting some smiles on the faces of the young and the young at heart alike. See Kelsey had the idea to put on her handmade bunny costume and visit neighborhood kids as the Easter bunny after she and her mom. Barb Wade read posts on their. Neighborhood's Nextdoor Bay page from families saying that their children were sad ad. They had to miss a regular Easter traditions. Because of the stay at home order issued to help Stem the tide of covert. So what did she do? She actually had already made a bunny costume. She decided to put said money costume on and visit neighborhood. Children Waving and dancing and blowing them kisses all while staying at least six feet away. Kelsey spent most of Sunday making trips to people's houses who requested an Easter bunny visit by responding to her post on the next door page. She said I I was a little bit nervous. Apparently Kelsey is quite the introvert. And then she puts on her bunny suits and it's like she finds her extrovert self. The first she said it was a little nervous. I wasn't sure how people are going to respond to. Everybody seems pretty happy and really glad that. I stopped by their houses. Now people driving by roll down their windows so their kids could see the Easter Bunny. Wave and dance. After their first round of house calls Sunday they got home and actually received several more texts from people. They didn't even know asking for a visit from the Easter Bunny. Calcium in retrospect said a lot of kids were smiling clapping. They were really happy. Sensors not a ton of ways. I can a ton of ways that I can help the sixteen year old Fort Collins Resident said. This is one of the ways. Her Mom said. I'm so proud of her. I'm so amazingly proud of her and inspired just by the way she expresses joy now. Wade said that their family is Jewish but both Passover and Easter are all about love. Those days are all about kindness. They're all about self selflessness reaching out and helping our neighbors connecting in ways that we haven't done in recent years if not recent decades. Oh and she added those days. Passover and Easter are all about gratitude not about religion. She said it's about helping in any way. We can some heartfelt advice all of us when you agree. Kelsey said she was happy to make so many kids. Happy on Sunday doesn't really matter what religion people are. I just WanNa make their day. I hope people know we're doing it out of love and kindness in order to make people happy and isn't that something that we could all use not only around Passover Easter but indeed as we all pull together to make it through all of the uncertainty and anxiety associated with Kobe. Nine thousand nine hundred. How was your Easter yesterday? Did you observe a regular Easter two traditions? Well at least to the extent that you could how was it was going to say? How was it different? We all know how it was different. But how did you make it special? How did you make it memorable for you and your family? Your extended family your friends. Drop Me Tech's ten text line at three one nine nine six. By the way. If it's your first time using said text line just text K of k a two three one nine nine six goals who will give us a call. Radio is after all an interactive medium. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten or yeah you can use the Internet version of the Pony Express. Drop me an email gail at thirteen ten K. F. K. A. A. dot com wasn't on six fifteen now thirteen ten k. Thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen nine or caring hearts. H H DOT COM. Rut Bro Trouble in paradise. This as president trump retweets the HASHTAG fire vouch e tweet fuelling well not a small amount of speculation of rather frayed relationship with Dr Faouzi. We'll have the details coming up sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Sports KF K. Enjoy SOME INSTINCT CLASSICS WITH. Kfi Am classics every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten K. K. and thirteen ten K. K. dot com pimple fell the corona virus. Talk a task force that not feeling the love particularly from a president trump This after president trump's spark some speculation about a romance with Dr Algae Sunday night after. He tweeted post that called for the doctor's job. Now here's how it went down trump. You statements from Dr Algae and February in an effort to prove that a recent New York Times report said that the president was slow to act on the corona virus virus outbreak. Of course calling it fake news now. The Director of the National Institute of ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS. Diseases was asked about the report on CNN. And Yeah he admitted that earlier action could have saved more lives. The Times reports said trump downplayed the seriousness of the virus throughout January consider the source deanna. Lorraine of former Republican congressional candidate called out foul she and her own tweet and said she told people in late February that Or that he told people. Excuse me Doctor Pal. She told people. In late February. There was nothing to worry about. And it referring to Cova nineteen posed no threat to the US public at large time to Hash. Tag Fire Foul. She trump foresees don rains tweet as evidence of fake news from the. Times trump imply that if there were widespread concerns about the virus in the White House in January surely foul? She would've known in late February. Six twenty five now thirteen ten. Kfi K. a thirteen ten K. K. dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. But I figure we can all use some good news these days wherever the heck weakened find it. And here's your opportunity. Not only to just howl at eight. Pm of course as many are doing across Colorado myself included howling in support of our frontline hospital workers First Responders law enforcement. But you can get out and celebrate. Greeley healthcare workers this evening again from a safe distance. As an delayed Delaney rights and the Greeley trip agree woman motivated to support healthcare workers tax to buy covert nineteen is organizing? A parade of vehicles passed local hospitals. Tonight eat in a public show of appreciation prey to scheduled again for tonight Monday evening. Beginning six thirty PM with vehicles driving by North Colorado Medical Center on Sixteenth Street before swinging over to UC Health Greeley Hospital on West. Twenty Ninth Street now. It was the brainchild of one Cassandra CASSANDRA Sabaot Cephalopod. Excuse me as she came up with the idea after seeing television news coverage of people driving by the home of a child celebrating a birthday. Obviously in the current time of social distancing. The party goers really couldn't stop and gather so they wish the child happy birthday in a quite different ray. Sef Lou plans to apply the same concept to her parade. It's known as the parade at Greeley Hospital on its facebook page More information is available. They're just search parade at Greeley Hospital on facebook South Lucid. I wanted so desperately to do something. The people who are working there and other places just know how much we love them and acknowledge how much they do for us. Here here editorial side. I couldn't imagine being in their position. Nor could I the parade Will Not have an established roots with beginning end points instead? Cephlon wants the parade to be informal and free flowing. She said that if there was a set starts at end for the parade that then people might be tempted to get out of their vehicles. Something you definitely don't want to do. She wants anyone. That's interested in participating in tonight's parade again. You can learn more Just search parade at Greeley Hospital. But once anyone that's GONNA take part to maintain Social distancing her husband Sean suffer from respiratory ailments that she said she understands readily underscores the importance of containing the virus. She says I do not make any trips. That are not are that are non essential. She plans to decorate her vehicle to honor the healthcare workers when she drives by the hospitals. But it's not at all mandatory. She said the purpose of the parade is to let healthcare workers. No they have our support even if it's only through a honk and a wave and maybe a Lou. Why not? It's the community getting together to praise people who are doing so much for our community. She said they are ensuring our very survival and that is not appropriate so again that's rather informal parade gets underway this parade to celebrate. Greeley hospital workers gets underway tonight at six thirty PM and again. It's a kind of well loosey-goosey in a way I mean. Is that a good way to describe it because it doesn't have set starter endpoint but your opportunity to drive by North Colorado Medical Center on Sixteenth Street and then swing over to UC Health Greeley Hospital on West Twenty Ninth Street and just certain his show our health providers those truly on the front line when it comes to combat combating Cova Nineteen. Show them your appreciation your support and indeed your love from a distance six twenty nine now thirteen ten Kfi k. a thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com as president trump promises assistance to farmers looks to cut some farm worker pay to help the industry during the pandemic. Some far can farmers are looking at planting corn this spring at a one hundred dollar per acre loss. Unless things turn around. You've got farmers Panic buying to keep the nation's ninety five million cows fed and of course the pressure on the supply chain is growing more intense. So what's ahead? Russell Nimitz is and a veteran ag. Brad broadcaster and host of the daybreak market report. He weighs in at six thirty five six thirty now. Thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten K. Preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best highschool coverage the latest on covert nineteen local news and sports. Were here with you thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI DOT com burn bag industry being hit as so many other sectors of the economy to mention our lives are being impacted by covert nineteen and efforts to flatten the proverbial curve. Six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com or Kale live local. Fueled invite Great Western petroleum this as president trump vows assistance to farmers looks to cut Some farmworker paid to help. The industry survived the pandemic. Some farmers are looking at planning corn this spring unless things turn around at a one hundred dollars per acre loss panic buying for some to keep the nation's ninety five million cows fad and well stands reason. The pressure on the supply chain is a growing increasingly intense. This is you have hundreds of workers in the beef packing industry out sick with Kovic nineteen closer to home. A second employee at J B S has died as a result of complications from covert nineteen This is well over thirty. Have tested positive. J. B. S. We'll shut down on Tuesday to complete their testing and of course Necessary cleaning operations. So what's ahead Russell? Nimitz is a veteran broadcaster. Host of the daybreak market report heard right here on mornings with Gail on thirteen ten K. F. K. Hey Russell good morning a gale. Good Morning Hope you and yours is a wonderful Easter weekend. All Things considered yes and I think it was once again. We find ways these days with all of the stay at home restrictions with you know all of the travel restrictions everything in place. Our lives have been turned upside down working from home or teaching our kids from home but we we find ways to find joy in the day and I hope that you and yours found joy in Easter as well but we sure did and you know you have to find the silver lining in everything and and if anything else HAS COVA. Nineteen Pandemic National. Emergency crisis ongoing. Whatever you WANNA call it is bringing us all closer as family units you know. I mean yesterday was just another example of doing that. We really didn't have any place to go nor could we go with the stay at home orders in place but there's lots of things out there for for families to do and I know my wife and I sure have have a deeper appreciation for all those educators out there who are teaching our kiddos really basis and he'd be entertained and on the straight path forward. What's kind of interesting to Russell? We find ourselves all homeschooling now. All right let's turn a no shortage of problem areas when you look at when you look at ag. I mean the the piece that I came across that so shocked me was that Some farmers are looking at planning corn this spring a hundred dollar per acre loss unless we get our arms around the spread of covert nineteen. Yeah you know I mean. It's it's really some uncharted waters for farmers and ranchers and agribusiness professionals. Near and far I mean just like those of us in the media I mean the egg industry is is taking as Cova Nineteen Day by day. Two and you nailed. It seems like every single day. There's a there's a new headline or two that are in that impacting our our economy both on a local level regional level and also a national level and. Yeah I mean we have farmers whether it be corn or wheat or barley sorghum or whatever else we're raising in Colorado looking at how are we going to even break even much less? Think about making a profit with everything going on in the world now because of this corona virus. Now you've got the president promising much needed assistance To the egg industry can you flash US OUT Flush that out for us as to what that might look like because details seem rather sparse. Yeah I would love to you know. I mean what a few weeks ago. Congress PASSED THAT TWO TRILLION DOLLAR. Covert nineteen stimulus. Bill I mean two trillion dollars. I mean that is a ginormous number and included within that was about fifty billion dollars to respond to the krona virus For Agriculture now. If you drill that down I wish fifty billion of that was going to actually make its way to the heartland of farm and ranch country like that in Colorado but unfortunately it's not because like the farm bill the majority of the money that's always allocated goes towards other programs not to say they're not important but programs like meals on wheels with of course the food stamp program but there is about fourteen billion dollars Authorized to to head the USDA and to mainly to to be funded through the Commodity Credit Corporation. That would allow. Usda to provide more direct aid to farmers and ranchers So that is direct money that love Benchellali make its way to To country but The headlights late last week. Were because we depleted the Commodity Credit Corporation to Find the president's market facilitation program to help producers through these trade wars. We've been doing Word has it that the money won't be allowed to actually get to farmers and ranchers till after July one But then there's also another nine and a half billion dollars in assistance that would more directly aimed livestock producers including dairy farmers and fruit and vegetable crop producers That was kind of a special Funding allocation through the office of the Agriculture Secretary. So I mean if you take the fourteen billion just mentioned and this nine and a half billion I mean. At least. There's going to be a little bit of money trickling back into farming ranch country to keep these guys on a least a lifeline for the time being six forty four. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi K. a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum Russell. Nemetz is a veteran broadcaster host of the daybreak market report. All right I want to reflect back July. You're saying you're July is going to be too little too late to actually provide meaningful assistance. Well these guys are going to limp along the best they can and hopefully they have some some some good stay power with their their agricultural lenders. You know they're they're banking institutions. I mean it's it's you know. I mean if you look at the big picture like I said I mean they pass a two trillion dollar stimulus package and then at at the most I mean agriculture directly farmers and ranchers might get twenty three and a half billion of that two trillion. So it's just really. It's Paints Gail. If you think about it. You know what I mean. It's it's it's but it's something I mean I don't Wanna I don't WanNa say it's not you know it's not meaningful because it is something in for and for some it will get them through but Boy I wish I I could look into my crystal ball and say things are are going to get better sooner rather than later. But it's just so hard to tell and so much depends on you. Know what is being spoon fed now to all of us across the country from Washington DC and these daily White House briefings. You know yeah and the story changes every day because you know and you could say well. It goes to incompetence but there's a reason why covert nineteen is called a novel on novel Corona Virus. Because sadly I think they're learning about it Just as we are yeah. I mean it's crazy to me and I'm I'm certainly not trying to underestimate the what has happened in the past month month and a half but how how something like this can just cripple the entire country. I mean bring our fall. Us I mean Konami in the world I mean but You know hopefully some good come out of it. I mean there's a lot of things happening on local and state levels that are You know you know putting the spotlight back on our local farmers and ranchers and the good that they're doing and hopefully at the end of it. We have a deeper appreciation as a country of just how important are farmers and ranchers arcus. They're working their tails off. Trying to keep a steady supply of safe abundant food for all of us. That are you talk about the good. They're doing we couldn't survive without them in this or any other circumstance but wanted to turn to the fact that you now have hundreds of. Us meet workers now testing positive for Kobe. Nineteen is going to shut down tomorrow So that they can complete a testing do necessary cleaning at the facility this after they've had well over thirty cases they're and sadly two deaths associated with cope in nineteen. This only adds increased pressure on the supply chain. Oh absolutely you're talking about your beef. Went there right in your backyard. A really of course. I'm this morning. One of the headlines. I had on some of my news. Reports was was what are the country's largest pork processing plants over in Sioux Falls? South Dakota being shut down Yesterday indefinitely now I mean we're talking about two out of however many there are you know nationwide but In that poor plant in South Dakota over two hundred employees have tested positive for Cova nineteen. And and what's going to happen? If more of these meat processing plants like you mentioned do shut down. It is going to obviously slow down the supply chain of of that protein whether it's lamb or pork or beef. And eventually I mean you're gonNA start seeing some of that. That supplies are dwindling at your local grocery store. But you just have to. If they're not processing it and delivering it to the stores. I mean you could run into a situation where we could actually have you know shortages of of quality. Us Protein for our consumers not to mention the produce people too that are that are short on help because they can't get their hands on h two a workers that are absolutely critical to the vegetable industry So I don't know I hope that We we reached that peak in our whatever levels often we can all get on with our daily lives again. Now what about the before I let you go and I certainly appreciate your being so generous with your time and your perspective this morning veteran broadcaster Russell Nimitz what about the capital markets? I I came across a piece Just this morning saying that well There is a possibility that we'll see cattle prices improve in late twenty twenty as the economy. Recovers Yeah I mean. That was was every economist projections early this year. I mean even when you and I talked earlier this year on the heels of all those great trade deals that we just passed. Us MCA the Japan. Deal the the deal with China. I mean we had everything working in our in our favor and You know then this hits and boy it's been a roller coaster ride and and not one that a lot of farmers and ranchers want to be on right now market wise but Yeah I mean the the hope is that we'll get through this and and you know I mean just because of supply and demand. I mean. We'll we'll have a stronger cattle market towards the end of the year and and and because that was the projections moving forward regardless End of the year and into twenty twenty one. We were gonNA see this thing. Start INCHING ITS WAY UP. But but now we've had this the situation with the corona virus that Scott investigations into the livestock markets because of the disparity between what what the what the meat packing industry is is selling meat for versus. What producers are actually getting and Right now it's you know the whole the whole industry is just kind of in limbo which kind of brings back the whole point of. At least we are going to get some some help from from the federal government in that that covert nineteen stimulus package to help us get through in the meantime bringing it full circle Russell. Now it's looking for that silver lining so appreciate your perspectives this morning so valuable Russell Nimitz veteran egg broadcaster host of the daybreak market report. Thank you so much and I look forward to having you back on again and well only hope and pray that we get. This turned around. Yes absolutely you're more than welcome and stay safe my friend you as well Russell Nimitz veteran broadcaster. Six fifty one now thirteen ten K. F. K. A. or. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI K. A thirteen ten K. UP K. A. Dot Com six fifty five the whole sports story in northern. Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Interesting Conversation with a veteran act brand broadcaster Russell Nimitz this morning. Host of the daybreak market report Talking about the multitude of impacts Cova one thousand nine having on all of us in every sector of society particularly when you look at The farmers and the AG industry in general and a parting thought that crossed my mind because he referenced the fact that you know you remember. The trade deals with China that we were talking about and he joined us To get into detail on that with his considerable expertise and I couldn't help but thinking isn't it interesting That if you're looking for a common denominator when it comes to trade when it comes to co Vid nineteen well you tell me what that common denominator is Bam you got it China this is Dr Anthony. Fouled she says China misled the world. The virus erupted in mid December. Really you're just coming to that conclusion. How long have we seen China in action when it comes to their government officials when it comes to their public health officials particularly with regard to Cova Nineteen? I'm fond of saying if they're flapping their gums if they're moving their lips they're lying well. I'm not alone that assessment. This is Dr Anthony. Policy says that human to human transmission of Conen. Nineteen diseases erupted in China in mid-december oh about the regime told the US and the world and the World Health Organization don't even get me started on the corruption that is rife in the World Health Organization. And why the heck are we still spend spending tens of millions of dollars to support them? But you remember. They told US oh no. The virus was transmitted animal to human. Break all right six fifty now. Six fifty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi KABC news than local news. Coming your way thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's seven KABC. News Thirteen Ten K. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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May 22, Hr 1  Author Fawn Zwickel

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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May 22, Hr 1 Author Fawn Zwickel

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi K all right so according to fairy tale. Laurie if you a frog he'll turn into a prince one not so much. The case for dogs six. Oh Ain't now thirteen ten. Kfi Am a thirteen ten K. A. dot com mornings live local field of by Great Western Petroleum. All right so my apologies yesterday for my rather abrupt early exit from the show. Thank you Michael Patrick. for Making things a so flexible and getting good transition. Well let's just say I had some pressing issues on my hand. So let me tell you a little bit about a fractured fairy tale involving my one year. Old Puppy Rudy and a frog or was it a toad as you know. I'm doing the show remotely from my home studio and Rubio Rudy Rudy out. Yeah a radio is a sometimes vocal components on mornings with Gail Barking his approval or disapproval on any given topic at any given time so yesterday at about eight o'clock I was going into an interview with Weld County. Commissioner Scott James and Rudy typically hangs out at my feet and when I looked down at Rudy and though I know six nine in the morning this isn't the most pleasant to come topic of conversation. Well he was sitting there looking up at me and I know I tend to anthropomorphized a little bit. But he had this quizzical expression on his face which was covered in rule in fact he was drooling copiously seemingly foaming at the mouth. Blood pressure starts to rise a little bit but the weird thing is he. He really didn't manifest any other signs of discomfort. He just sat there drooling looking at me like mom. What the heck is going on so I reached down and fortunately had some paper towels. Yeah still have some paper towels to you. So had some paper towels in the office wiped his mouth and petted them went into the interview and Midway through the interview I looked down and the drooling continued. Okay that's when I started to freak out. I mean he's been on prescribed medication from the vet For ALLERGIES FOR OH. I don't know a month so and I thought well maybe he's having a bad reaction to him. But what could I do? Well that's when I said to Mike and Mike. We have to do something because it looks like I've got to get my dog into the VAT to sweet so finished out to the bottom of the hour. Thank you Mike for rerunning that great interview with UNC. President Dr Andy. Feinstein called the vet and was just like ooh talking about that. The Rudy was drooling and the vet knows really very very well actually taught to jam there. She's a vet tech and she listened very patiently very calmly as I did. My mom dog freaked out thing and then she said Gail let me talk you off the ledge is he showing any other symptoms and I said No. He's just sitting there drooling and it's just it's just gross said. I'm scared to death and I need to get him into the vet. You guys I mean this is. There's something going. There's something wrong here. And she said no was the outside this morning and I said well yeah we have an enclosed pen outside so that he can go outside for his morning constitutional and she said well. This is a characteristic sign of a dog licking a frog or toad. And I'm like what I've never heard of that. I mean I have had dogs all my adult life and I have never seen anything like this. How about you? Have you ever had your dog kiss a frog or a toad and have these symptoms nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten dropped me a text at three one nine nine six and that's the only reason I'm sharing this this morning? Well and to ask for your understanding and forgiveness as I bailed out early yesterday but just wanted you to understand why so begs the question. Why do dogs foam at the mouth after licking a frog or a toad? Well it pretty much stinks to be a frog or a toad unless you have the poisonous variety that we typically don't see outside of a tropical rainforest right because let's just say when it comes to a defense mechanism you have very few right now. There's many types of frogs that advertise their toxicity with bright colors but dogs are most likely to encounter your garden. Variety towed toads. And I didn't know this toads Ashley released toxins from their skin. And some even have special poison glands. They're called parathyroid glands in the back of their heads and other parts of their bodies and when toads feel well a little bit under pressure little bit stressed they excrete these mild toxins or in the case of a poisonous toad unfortunately That was not the case with rudy their poison. Glands screed Milky Alkaloid substance known as bufa toxin which axes a neuro toxin. These toxins are made to make the toad slippery to hold onto and unpalatable to predators. And that way they can hop away and go often live there little toady lives. Well here's the thing and I didn't realize this dogs are particularly drawn to frogs and toads. Because well they trigger. A dog's predatory drive once again. Several types of frogs toads secrete those mild toxins from the skin. Whenever they're feeling a little bit hassled and those are irritating to the mucosal dog's mouth and that irritation causes hugs to drool and sometimes well even spew a little bit. The bitter taste of the mild toxins has meant to discourage animals from picking them up yet. Thank so rude. He's out there looking to the toad or the frog perhaps mouthing it a little bit and the toad says Oh no not to day and releases. That toxin really goes better. Yuck but unfortunately it was already in his mouth and so much end of story but I was just totally freaked out as anybody would be right and so the vet said yeah. The symptoms should dissipate within an hour within two hours. A really was back to his cheerful effervescent. Self and all you have to do the vet recommended if you ever have this situation. Yeah I live in an area where we've got all kinds of wildlife apparently frogs and toads as well. But all you have to do is just watch the dog's mouth out continually to get the toxins the but I'll tell you what that was absolutely terrifying and again it's not. My first Rodeo is a dog mom but I have never seen that in my entire life so again. Sorry for my abrupt exit yesterday morning. Six eighteen now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI A dot com. All's well with Rudy this morning. Let's just hope. The frogs and toads the found another domicile this time check sponsored by carrying Hartson home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen o nine or carrying hearts h h dot com while the whole sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin Cowherd Land Thirteen ten KFI K. Wild animal kingdom set continues with a nod to Greg. Got Bailed animals are great. Animals are great. Well did you see this story about a latter day? Incredible Mr Limpet. Actually an entire pot of them pretty by the way is fine. Six twenty three now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI. A DOT COM warnings with gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Apparently Dolphins who frequent Australia's tin can bay. This is a popular tourist. Spot have taken to bringing gifts ashore. Apparently missing the visitors who would normally be lined up to feed them well at least until the coronavirus pandemic hit. It's a pot of humpback dolphins. They're bringing sponges and barnacles covered bottles and fragments of coral to Queensland's barnacles cafe and Dolphin feeding in recent weeks Berry McGovern is a dolphin expert. Phd Student at the University of Queensland. His as nothing surprises me with dolphins and their behavior anymore. They do everything they use tools. They have culture. They have something similar to names in signature whistles in all likelihood they probably don't miss us humans per se. They just missed the free meal the interaction and the routine they often play with bits of weed and coral and all sorts of things and they leave it on their rostrum. They're getting used to getting fed now. They're so they're used to humans actually coming in and well ponying up some tasty morsel when it's not happening. Maybe just maybe the dolphins because they do so miss. The interaction are doing it on a boredom. Cafes facebook page took far skeptical view of the activity writing the POD has been bringing US regular gifts showing us how much they're missing the public interaction and attention and they are definitely missing. You all six twenty five now. Thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten KFI A dot com. All right. Got A lot to get to this morning. A lot to cover memorial day of course right around the corner and as a result of all of the disruptions that we have seen in our lives Courtesy of covid nineteen. Now you've got an additional upward of twenty states relaxing more restrictions as more and more folks are being encouraged to get back to work but when it comes to Memorial Day celebrations well. They're going to look considerably different. Do you realize that? According to a recent survey I know we'd take surveys and polls with a grain of salt only forty three percent of two thousand American surveyed where where that Memorial Day honors military members who died while serving in the armed forces this according to research that was actually revealed just yesterday. The poll conducted on behalf of the University of Phoenix found that twenty percent of respondents confused Memorial Day with Veterans Day Veterans Day holiday honoring all military veterans for their service. Now it's not an uncommon mistake. Thirty six percent of people admitted to not knowing the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day but to others well the the revelation of Americans not knowing the holidays to meaning came as a surprise less than half forty forty six percent of respondents knew that Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in many slightly more than a fifth or twenty one percent believed. The holiday falls on the last Sunday of May and when they were asked about that moment of remembrance half of those surveyed said they had no idea what it was for. The moment is a time when we observe a moment of silence to remember those who died making the ultimate sacrifice to a nation in through military service Mutt that said a third of respondents. Thirty five percent were able to note the correct time. It actually takes place at three PM on Memorial Day. Half of Americans pulled were also clueless about the term Gold Star family. This is a family who has lost a loved one in military service and once explained to them fifty five percent of them said yes they plan to do an act of kindness paying it forward forward for Gold Star family on Memorial Day. Despite the confusion of the holiday eighty three percent of Americans. A do think it's important to commemorate Memorial Day. Not just by buying mattresses. The most popular ways people will celebrate. Its by flying a flag leaving a flag or flowers on the grave of a fallen soldier or flying a flag at half mast. So how will you celebrate and honor those who did make the ultimate sacrifice on Memorial Day looking forward to our conversation this morning with fund Fonseco is a VA volunteer and the CO author of Great Book From Omaha Beach to Nuremberg a memoir of world war. Two combat and the International Military Tribunal. It actually details her grandfather's war experiences and during these rather unprecedented times of covid mine. Nineteen while many of these Memorial Day observances will be held remotely. Online fun reminds us of the character and the courage of the greatest generation and how the sacrifices of the greatest generation can inspire all of us to persevere through the covid nineteen pandemic again funds. Zukile ZWICKEL THE VOLUNTEER AUTHOR CO author of from Omaha Beach to Nuremberg a memoir of world. War Two comeback and the International Military Tribunal joins us with some important words of wisdom from a member of the greatest generation her grandfather when she joins us at six thirty five closing in on six thirty now. Thirteen ten F K. A thirteen ten K. Preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage MRIs sports on KFI K. Enjoy some instant classics with KF K classics. Every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten K. K. And Thirteen Ten Kfi K. dot com nice. You beautiful remake of the song soldier by Army veteran. Craig Morgan his newest album. God Family Country Drops Today. Six thirty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. And certainly a fitting attributes to those who have served so courageously and selflessly in the military making the ultimate sacrifice. Says we look forward to Memorial Day just as covert nineteen has upended so many aspects of our lives Memorial Day celebrations will look considerably different. This year joined this morning by fun. Zwickel FUN IS A. Va Volunteer and Co author of the Great New Book Omaha Beach to Nuremberg a memoir of world. War Two combat and the international tribunal in which she details her grandfather's war to experiences. Fine thanks so much for joining us this morning. Thank you so much for having me on appreciate it. We can learn so very much from the numerous sacrifices that the greatest generation made and we can also apply those to persevering through the covid nineteen pandemic. Right where so? Many of us are complaining because well. We've been under lockdown order. Stay at home orders. But when you compare what? The greatest generation went through in order to not only save the country but save the world. Well our complaints kind pale in comparison. Now don't they were there? I mean we should all just be humble right and don't act like you're owed sump game and we need to be respectful. You Gotta learn and you gotTA listen to. What is being fed decays? We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this and it's at our fingertips I mean the World War. Two generation have that with the needles and the polio. I mean they just had to you know hunker down. And they didn't have any hand sanitizer masks and they didn't close down school but they just followed protocols and they listened and just you know overall to see thankful We take a lot for granted and the World War. Two generation never took anything for granted but then again at the end. They didn't not speaking English Japanese or German. And we've we've also been spoon fed by the Internet and spoils by technology And the World War Two generation had to figure it out and in that process that we skipped over there were vital. Key Life lessons but I do believe that you know we can be comparable to that generation if we just stopped lifting and you know respected and followed procedures. You know I remember when I was Just a little unit just a little girl and my father who also served in World War. Two had a scrapbook of photos from his service in the Pacific and for years. As I grew up I tried to get him to talk about World War Two but that seemed to be something That bound together many of those who did serve in World War. Two their reluctance to talk about those experiences. Did you find out with your grandfather? When I grew up as a little girl my grandfather Italy He'd rattled off concentration camps new succession. I do remember that and out of the grandchildren are there is only my brother and I but you know he'd always go the we'd always talk about it We would just again. It wasn't talking. It was him or rattling off and stuff And he'd be a little reflective but it wasn't until around the years ago my daughter had a genealogy report do back when I started looking into his documentation and he gave me his You know his He just said Yes sir permission And then I started researching and I went down to national archives and They basically said that because of the seventy three fire at the National Personnel Records Center on Saint Louis Missouri. His file was against the rated so I started basically You know going through things with him because I thought if this one record which it affected millions of servicemen and women and you know if it's not accurate then obviously you know. Our history is inaccurate and You know I started from there. You know talking to him about it and he. He came clean about a lot of things. There were some things that I had to actually dig into like the succession of concentration camps. I said GRANDPA liberate all those concentration camps. So you gotTa tell me what gives i? Don't get it. And that's when he said he actually went around with four other men and he was the fifth and basically they had to build up a case against the Nazis and that was for Nuremberg so he had to get support of evidence. the concentration camps and documentation of what happened The treatment that was obviously that they had gotten in for Jewish guy to do that was you know surmountable pain In took him great effort to do that and by the time. Yeah yeah so by the time he was done. That's when he was like I wanna go home so he left right before the trial started but he helped the prosecution. Gather that evidence. Six forty two now thirteen ten. Kfi K A thirteen ten KFI DOT COM PONDS WACO is a VA volunteer a doctoral student in psychology and the CO author from from Home Beach to Nuremberg a memoir of World War Two combat and the internationally international military tribunal which details her grandfather's war experiences. What do you recommend? How do you recommend given the fact as I noted in the open that covid nineteen has upended almost every aspect of our lives and many morial day celebrations indeed will be virtual online? How do we best remember? The fallen heroes are fallen. Heroes from all conflicts During the pandemic I did think you you know. Overall we have to remember what a veteran is right. I mean these guys have seen hell on some have been able to come back and others have given the ultimate sacrifice and I think to show our respect our love and our gratitude for something that doesn't Woods Cave Express You know basically just give back by showing your respect for our country or flag Our president in a sense. You might not like comes. You know why you gotTA respect them our country. He's leader of our country And I think that you have to remember you gotta be humble and be kind and remember our freedoms and liberties came at a cost and you know between the veterans and their families that have sacrificed them or did they've sacrificed for They're fighting for us. Our our independence in our liberties and that stands for something and you just have to constantly be mindful of that that we're not in here you don't live in this country by yourself and defended and it supported by people that are in the military and those families that have you know that support them. So it's just respect respect and the fact that you know you. It's still relatively small in comparison to a military their muscle. They are the the bronze so to speak that. Protect us from you know outside forces truly look to them for inspiration but can we return to respect. Can we return to a time? When patriotism was not a dirty word. I believe we can and you know what if this if people in this country you know has any mind which I believe that they do I don't believe that we have ignorant like people. I believe we can be taught. We have a lot of knowledge at our fingertips and I believe that people will start. You know putting two and two together so to speak and saying you know what we have the greatest country and because of military forces that defend us and protect us and we have a great country because there are people that are out there that are go getters. Laker president that want to do everything for America and make America great now granted without getting too political. It's you know you might not like. But he says everything the kitchen table that you never thought a politician would say through though because he's not a politician so you want that though. That is refreshing. That is something. He's saying what everybody else was thinking. But he's got the guts to say it you when everybody else is thinking or saying but we won't own up to in public right exactly and if I could just let me the drawback really quickly. I mean listen. World War shoe was lined by people. That you know didn't really listen to the hierarchy. They didn't really follow you. Know in the sense the protocol or procedure at the time but if it weren't for USS Frankford that destroyer that came in on Omaha beach and that literally bombed the hills for the guys they wouldn't have made it. You know my grandfather was after seeing saving private Ryan. He's like the left out. The most important part said which was so basically had in. That captain wasn't even to be doing that. So you have. People take those risks and that that want to didn't want to be heroes but they're doing it because they're looking out for the greater good. They know that you know to win this. These guys need all the AMMO and firepower they could possibly muster and nothing got to the beach so therefore they had no protection and he gave them that protection. And what is your grandfather have to say about the state of the nation today and our reaction to the pandemic on you know. He just says he wishes people would stop complaining. You know but then again it's the mindset and it's all relative you've got. Ptsd THE WORLD. War generation grew up in the during the depression. Practically like these boys from nineteen twenty. One you know moving knew what everything everything came at a cost so they were more humble they were you know they knew what to do. With like five cents. You know I mean nowadays. We are very entitled. Were very spoiled. And you know he just kind of looks at it like you guys. Don't get a wake up call sooner or later. I hope so because it can't continue this way. We kind of have to go back to your humble knees and know that you're doing something for you. Just be stuff less. Don't be selfish. You don't you this. This country wasn't built by you. And it's not GonNa you know it's GonNa take more people to keep it. Raised up in can only be sustained by all of us working together toward a brain on is a VA volunteer and the CO author from beach to Nuremberg a memoir of a World War. Two comback and the international military tribunal which details her grandfathers were experiences. Is your grandfather's still with us. He is he's actually going to be celebrating his ninety ninth birthday to him. God bless you and please appreciation to him for his selfless service at during World War. Two but his ongoing service to this nation through your book. And where can we find your book? I it can be on Amazon or you can find it at Barnes and noble dot Com. Fun Thank you so much again for sharing your grandfather's story with all of us and wish him and to you. I'm very happy meaningful Memorial Day. I'll be happy and well you as well six forty nine now thirteen ten KFI K. Best UNC bears target game coverage a lives on thirteen ten kfi northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with Gail. Stick around for me. The Dan Patrick show nine. Am on thirteen ten. Kfi K six fifty five now on your Friday morning. Thirteen ten K. F. K. eight thirteen ten KFI K. dot com or gale live local fueled by great western petroleum. All right a bit of a return to normal this. The Greeley farmers market is set to open on June six of course with No shortage of safety restrictions during a time of cove at nineteen. Tell you what we're going to get into that. After we get you all up to speed at the top of the hour then you have a really students organizing graduation cruise. Well it's not a graduation crews as you might think about it in normal times. But they're organizing graduation crews poor senior their senior celebration. And unfortunately and we knew this was coming. This has the Initial jobless claims Filed top. Now thirty eight point. Five million across the country This as nearly eighteen thousand Colorado ends have filed initial unemployment claims. So tell you what we're going to get into that. The top of the hour and the story that we didn't get to yesterday this as the Greeley population surpasses boulders which declines for the third consecutive year closing in on six fifty seven. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi K. The whole sports story in Northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten. Kfi Okay sadly half the deaths in Colorado attributed to cove nineteen complications of covid nineteen and have happened in nursing homes across the state this as Colorado nursing homes will be testing all employees weekly to try to avert corona virus outbreaks. But it begs the question just want to do a little bit of follow up As we had a truncated show yesterday morning why has covid nineteen hit our senior community so hard now you might think that it has to do with well the fact that They are elderly. Or perhaps there's CO morbidity going on there are underlying conditions perhaps respiratory conditions or their immune immuno-compromised. While the list goes on and on but the problem is it's not one thing. It is indeed everything this as older people are more likely to catch covid nineteen to suffer from it more severely and indeed to have a tougher recovery will get into that in just a few. Abc News than local news. Coming your way thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi preps Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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August 11, Hr 2  Clark Johnson

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August 11, Hr 2 Clark Johnson

"This is mornings with Kale in northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI Kfi. Seven or eight on your Tuesday morning thirteen ten, k. k. thirteen ten K. of K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Well, it's been said let a good crisis go to waste in those ever enterprising scandalous. Reprobate opportunists are hard at work, just want to pass along a couple of stories to you this morning. So you can keep your eyes peeled the Weld County sheriff's office over the weekend according to a piece by trevor read warned us of fraudulent concealed carry weapons certification that is apparently being offered online. Now, a couple recently visited the sheriff's Office to obtain a concealed handgun permit this according to a social media post from the sheriff's office the couple spent several hundred dollars to. Take a certification class online but said certification isn't valid in Colorado. Sheriff's Office. Took the opportunity to remind us all to. Always Research, and fully that accompany before paying for anything any certification for anything for that matter. Online. Dishes tips include be wary of companies offering free certification or advertising quote quick and easy certification close quote such as reading one article and taking a ten question quiz. No, that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works be wary. Okay and the bottom line is and how many times have we had this conversation when you see something online, it's like Oh you know take your dream vacation we won't even get into timeshares, but if it sounds too good to be true, you know the predicate. It probably is. Be Wary of companies that claim you can print your own certificate at home. Reputable companies offer certificates that features some type of bossing or at the very least to watermark certificates must be signed by a class instructor. Colorado law requires at least a portion of a concealed carry class to be taught in person even during the covid nineteen pandemic legitimate classes take about four to six hours on average, which could consist entirely of classroom instruction or a mix of classroom instruction and range time finally. No single test. No test for that matter. Can Grant someone certification in all fifty states so keep your eyes peeled for that fraudulent concealed carry weapon class online. Better Business Bureau meanwhile, warning northern Colorado and about this online face mask retailer better business bureau serving northern Colorado and Wyoming according to a piece August fifth by by Fernandez, warning us all about a Wyoming based on line retailer. That sells face mass. Retailer is known as hyper favor according to a news release better business bureau has received sixty one complain and fifty-six negative custer customer reviews for hyper favor. Through its website hyper favor dot com. The company sells themed and customizable apparel including up fairly wide assortment of cloth face coverings. Now, according to a news release from the better, business bureau interested in this business course has skyrocketed during the covid nineteen pandemic face massive become mandated about many places around the country. Better Business Bureau has received more than nine thousand, nine, hundred thousand inquiries on hyper phase. Hyper favors business profiles since the end of April. Consumers report order fulfillment concerns, including the laid shipments, and well receiving partial orders. Many consumers have claimed they never received the merchandise they ordered despite extensive waiting times. Complaints also alleged receiving tracking numbers that appear to be fraudulent or that well, conveniently never update consumers who have encountered. These issues also report difficulties reaching business representatives with their concerns. I learned my lesson, the hard way with one online retailer. You ever had this experience where you order something, you never get it or you get it and it's defective or it's just not quite right or it's not what you ordered or you WanNa make a return Oh, just simply call their customer service number and one of their cheerful representatives will be more than happy to assist to. Dial the number you got the smarmy music. And you sit. And you sit some more. And you wait until finally you realize nobody's going to answer and you give up the ghost. The business has responded to several the more recent complaints though the majority have gone unanswered. Now, the Better Business Bureau noted that the Sheridan Wyoming address advert advertised by the company is a commercial registered agents location and not typically a physical place of business. Also according to this news release the better business bureau. Unable to locate a registration on file with the Wyoming. Secretary. Of State. Company companies conveniently also not responded to the better business bureau attempts to contact it. No surprise here company currently has an F rating based on the volume of complaints received and the company's failure to respond to the majority of them. So Watch out for this property and I use the term lightly this so-called online facemask retailer known as hyper favor. Their websites are. Their website is hyper favor dot com. You probably would be best served to avoid them at all costs seven fifteen now thirteen ten Kfi K. Dan Patrick the whole show in Collin cowherd are northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten Kfi K. rockies baseballers right here another northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Here's some good news. It is indeed university bulldogs day on thirteen days thirteen teams training camp cam coverage powered by. Energy with our day sponsor dirty Dan's garage got dirty Dan's garage. We'll be joined debt right around seven forty this morning by preps radio host. Clark. Johnson. Who will give us a preview of tonight's installment thirteen days. Thirteen teams heard on thirteen ten Kfi a from five to six. So looking forward to that and don't forget Keith wineman presidential wealth management ways in this morning right around seven, thirty, five, this as stocks jumped in futures trading this morning after Vladimir Putin the bladder meter said, she has given regulatory approval for the world's first a covid nineteen vaccine. Why is it? I don't feel better that well, they given regulator Oh, there's a new VAC. I I guess it could be argued at least it's not coming from China but I I don't know I just can't get to stoked as the markets apparently did over the fact that Putin has given that initial approval for the world's first covid nineteen vaccine. I can't trust it coming from Russia commie skeptic call me jaded. But I think I'll just wait for one that comes out of well. The good. Old US A, how about you? Nine, seven, three, point three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, drop me a text on thirteen ten. K. A tech sign at three, one, nine, nine, six. All right. We're just talking about this the other day. Zach. Rogers who is a professor of supply chain management at Colorado State University, and we covered a whole bunch of ground talking essentially about logistics metrics, and that is a forward looking. Picture of what the economy will look like GDP is well more looking in the rear view mirror. But during the course of that conversation, we talked a little bit about those. Column Baby, but wipes but now those disinfectant wipes that well, you can't find anywhere anymore. Well, did you know that clorox says they are making one million wipes packages a day in an effort to keep up with a man but. Store, shelves won't be fully stocked. With these disinfectant wipes until twenty twen t one. In from peace out of Fox News by Lucas Marshall. This morning where you had clorox CEO elect. Linda rendall saying just yesterday that the company is making more disinfecting products than they ever have before this, just an effort to keep up with the demand during the pandemic but they're getting slammed since January said to rendell or rendel excuse me in interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts since January were able to make one hundred, million more disinfecting products than we did before. That's a fifty percent increase in specific two wives were nearly one million packages every day shipping them the stores but the company recently warned that store shelves won't be fully stocked with their products until next year as well as we're all aware. The pandemic led to a supply shortage as it has was so nice products I. Don't know stop with the hurting the hamster cough as it is referred to in German I. Believe I'm saying that correctly because have you done just you strolled through the aisles doing your best. To. Go the right way in the grocery store I. I just can't get it right I'm so sorry I apologize to anyone that I offend because I'm going the wrong way that everybody does it. But if you take a look at the store shelves and it seems as though that hoarding behavior has picked up again particularly when it comes to paper products. Meanwhile back to the peace. Disinfecting wipes, which are the hottest commodity in this business right now or probably take longer because it's a very complex supply chain to make them. In order for consumers. To be notified when cleaning products are available for purchase, you have rental noting there are many stores where you can sign up for reminders online to find out when products are back in stock or that allow you to find stores with products and start stock near you based on your Zip Code, if you tried then out nine, seven, hundred, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, and is it effective? Rendell also recommended Collins store managers. Oh, I'll bet they love when they get those calls to understand when shipments arrive at their stores well so that you can plan your shopping trip accordingly. In addition Randall said their other products available in stock right now on the company website such as clorox bleach don't drink it that customers can use as an alternative to disinfecting wife's we have many tips on how you can use that to disinfect surfaces all around your home. Clerks. No surprise here reported a twenty one point, nine percent sales gain for the fiscal fourth quarter as consumers have been stocking up on cleaning products during the pandemic. Sales and clorox health and wellness segment, which includes disinfecting products in addition to vitamins rose thirty, three percent, but if you are on the hunt for those disinfecting wipes A. I'd love to know if you're finding them I mean I've been noodling around online and when you do find them the prices so jacked up I mean it's ridiculous. But have you been able to find those disinfecting wipes well, clorox doing its best to restock those store shelves by making a million wipes packages a day. But again, saying, and those shells probably won't be fully stocked with those products until twenty twenty one causing it on seven thirty now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com looking forward to our conversation with Keith Mine Wineman, we're going to get into the fact that stock futures. Futures. Trading. Jumped this morning this after Vladimir Putin said Russia has given regulatory approval for that world's first to covid nineteen scene but also want to talk a little bit about president trump's executive orders one component of it president signing that memo deferring not canceling payroll taxes for those who make less than one, hundred, thousand dollars a year. But critics claim this de-fund social security and that those taxes will still be due at some future date. With Keith wineman presidential wealth management in just a few. No Code Now Weekdays at four on northern Colorado's. Thirteen ten KFI K. Ed. Catch me. Dan. Patrick and the Danettes Weekday nine to noon on thirteen. Ten F.. K.. Let's all laughs than we would ever want to do is bring me down heiress the thought this as its university bulldogs day on thirteen days thirteen teams train camp coverage powered by PDC energy joined this morning by preps radio host, Clark Johnson and. Clark. Johnson I love thirteen days thirteen teams for so many reasons because especially now Timakova nineteen where everything's just all Wackadoo nutjob crazy we're talking sports, but also it's an excuse to break out the E. L.. Yeah. That's my favorite time. I tell you what hard on Tuesday for me to wake up. Pump a little Jeff Lynne in there and I'm ready to rock and roll. Yeah you're good to go. All right. So let's talk a little bit about what we can expect tonight thirteen days thirteen teams as we shine the spotlight on the university bulldogs via anytime gail that we get to preview a team that just coming off a state championship. It's always fun and so university does the interesting thing here is they dispatched their. Coach after last year. So don't exactly know the reasons why but I'll tell you what the bulldogs landed in a wonderful place. Chris Hutton is the new coach. If you're any kind of a CS, you softball fan, the Hutton family has gone through CSU. She got three girls that all were standouts bridget who's going to be an assistant for her this year. She was terrific standout pitcher at CS you last year. Taylor and Haley. The other two girls Chris's girls, standouts at cs you all mountain, West conference players, even her brother Luc was an outstanding baseball player was drafted by the Kansas City royals. So this the Hutton clan is an unbelievable group Chris herself the coach Eighty, nine, ninety, she was at cs you when they were twelfth nationally. So this group, the Hutton clan that's going to be coaching the bulldogs coming off a state championship maybe the Best Coat Young coaching staff around wow it's a family affair to be sure I, mean what an incredible backstory there we have no kidding note and you're absolutely you took the words right out of my mouth I mean it is. A family affair, and if you're talking about softball families in the northern Colorado area, none bigger than this. So it's going to be fun. We'll talk about them twenty six and two dogs last year they were the new kid on the block last year. But I'll tell you what in the state tournament you wouldn't have known that they were so good and they look like they'd been there a million times. They have most of the same cast of characters back they lose a great one and care McFarland but I'll tell you the Delaney winneke when it keeps coming back Andy Padilla Ashland NAP we're gonNA talk tonight to a of players Keeley Kern Alexi Sanchez so. We've got the the Hudson. We've got the players I mean this this group, they can absolutely go win another title. So yeah, that's what I was. Just you just took the words right out of my head, my mouth, this morning great minds think alike, of course, Clark. I was GONNA ask you. They're going to be in the hunt again as sounds like definitely. Yeah and this is the best area for softball up here. This is what's so fun and Cova throws curve balls. I get that right now would be looking at football if it were a regular year but you know count your blessings now get to highlight girls sports softball in this case, and this is a hotbed for softball. So you've got the Patriot League the best conference in the state eaten will be there. Of course, disturbing will be there this. This could be a great group as Christian looks pretty good. Going forward I tell you what we might see as we did last year, the final four was made up of four. A Patriot league teams including the brush beat diggers. So we might see a replay of that again this year the best conference, the best teams we get to watch the softball stater. Universities biggest rivals now you mentioned eating yeah that's a long time rivalry. Yeah I mean you can count that in any sport Gail. It's if you if you usually if you ask a plat valiquette or eaten kid who's the team you love to be they say the other one and that's the way it goes up here. The interesting thing for softball Strasbourg was such has been such a powerhouse that they're the team that everybody wants to knock off their in your conference. So that sets up as another rivalry in the in the schedule. For the university bulldogs but this is going to be fun sixteen game schedule. So it's an abbreviated schedule everything kind of sharing cove here is abbreviated. So even when we get to football come the end of February beginning of March, that's going to be a seven game schedule instead of the regular eleven or twelve. So everything is kind of different but I'll tell you what what's not different is the teams that that have a chance to win a state championship in the University of bulldogs or at the top of that list. Data thirteen days thirteen teams a training camp coverage tonight on thirteen ten. KFI, way from five to six powered by PDC. Energy in our day sponsor a love. This dirty Dan's girl is dirty Dan's out in Lasalle. They're just great. It's a family that their kids go to to UH and they're just great supporters of everything that the bulldogs do so we can't. Thank them enough for their sponsorship in, of course, PDC energy who just continues to knock it out of the park as far as all of our communities and really specifically our schools I mean they're so big in jumping in and supporting. So many things if you've been out to Kersey and seeing that that incredible scoreboard, they've got on their football field out. It is bets being thank you PGA in a couple of other sponsors out there. But biped drives the nail for a lot of the schools and we really appreciate them. Knock it out of the park I see what you did. Thanks so much looking forward to your broadcast tonight. University bulldogs day on thirteen days thirteen teams training camp coverage again powered by. Energy our day sponsor, Dan's dirty garage, your host preps, radios, Clark. Johnson, Clark. Thanks so much for getting up an atom early this morning you bet, gail thanks, and we'll talk to him on tomorrow. So we'll talk to you tomorrow morning. Sounds. Like a plan 751 now, thirteen ten KFI K A. PARTY NORTHERN COLORADO'S FORCE THIRTEEN KFI The Block Party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen ten. KFI K.. A. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice seven fifty six Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin. cowherd northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen Ten K. F K A thirteen ten KFI. K.. Is Your home for Prep supple training camp coverage weekdays five, six PM presented by PDC energy. Seven fifty eight on your Tuesday morning thirteen ten k a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail the auto collision specialists duty as all right stay with us. We got a busy busy busy eight o'clock hour ahead as we're prone to do jared file cdot region for communications manager will be in on roads and we'll be talking seatbelts once again, joins us this morning at eight thirty five but you know I so at Meyer and love to honor our veterans well. A Patriot Day golf tournament will be held at the Ptarmigan Country Club. September fourteenth to support folds of honor and their mission to provide scholarships to kids of veterans who made the ultimate sought sacrifice or were disabled as a result of service. Major Mike. Fosse joins us with all the details. Coming your way at eight. Oh five thirteen, ten KFI Greeley, Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock. Robo Code now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.

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May 7, Hr 1  Spite of a Texas judge and coronavirus models

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

31:41 min | 4 months ago

May 7, Hr 1 Spite of a Texas judge and coronavirus models

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi All right. This one's a head scratcher by the way I had a I was out Looking at the beautiful so called flower. Immune the Super Moon so little bit Bob. The eight ball this morning silhouetted against twin sisters. I'm not sure it's still there. Got a picture of and we will endeavour to get it up on our facebook page because it's an absolutely gorgeous inspiring uplifting to start the day and we can certainly use some hope these days right six. Oh eight out thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI DOT com so gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right as the nation continues to Chafe under this patchwork quilt of Cova. Nineteen related to stay at home orders as we're easing back into our workaday lives the closures. The restrictions that for many are well at worst draconian at best. Don't make a whole lot of sense whatsoever restrictions that everybody almost everybody. I mean from President Trump to governor jared police in Colorado saying are UN sustainable about this one. Did you hear about this This as a Dallas Salon owner is jailed for reopening in violation of a court order by the hypocritical. Judicial moralizing activists winning his black robe wielding his to wrinkle power as a cudgel simply because she didn't grovel at his feet she has become a warrior for free. So let me give you the back story here. If you haven't heard about this so you have this Dallas Salon owner spending a week in jail so not only she find and not only is she jailed but think about this as prisons and jails are releasing inmates across the country over concerns over the spread of Covet nineteen. She's being incarcerated in the county jail that had at last check two hundred and forty-eight inmates test positive for covert nineteen. This is according to stats from Tuesday evening. So not only is she find an she's jailed but perhaps possibly she is also sentenced to cover nineteen think about it. Is that a stretch. Is it within the realm of possibility as two hundred and forty eight inmates in this county jail have been have tested positive for corona virus? That well she might be the next one to suffer from this novel coronavirus. So you've got this Dallas Salon owner spending a week in jail after she was found in contempt of court Tuesday for violating an order to close her salon during Cova Nineteen. Now I got it. We get to pick and choose among laws but unfortunately it seems as though these laws are being used as a baton. Shelly Luther in addition find seven thousand dollars for continuing to operate her. Business Salon. Alamo D- in violation of a judge's temporary restraining order issued against the business. She was taking into custody immediately after the hearing and booked into the Dallas County jail just after four thirty pm this was a updated on May fifth so just so that we have the trajectory like other businesses deemed non-essential again government picking winners and losers. And we're seeing that happen as well in Colorado. We're going to talk with the Lamoure County Commissioner Steve Johnson's morning when he joins us at eight. Oh five this in response to well his concerns over restaurants and a lack of a date restaurants in Larimer county and you know as a small business owner if indeed you are particularly if you own and operate or should I say if you own and operated a restaurant sure you're able to offer curbside delivery and takeout service but the problem is you are being so hard hit by these restrictions that are growing increasingly draconian in terms of their fact on small business owners. And this is of primary concern for Steve Johnson. Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson who sat down and met with business owners who are being devastated by these seemingly. Well pick and choose when it comes to winners and losers restrictions in the state. So larimer county. Commissioner Steve. Johnson joins us at eight. Oh five but meanwhile like other businesses deemed non-essential Luther North Dallas Salon was forced to close March twenty second this after the county and acted it. Stay at home order. She reopened the Salon April twenty fourth despite that order and tore up a cease and desist letter from county judge Clay Jenkins at a demonstration. The next day so the temporary restraining order signed April. Twenty eighth by a State District Judge Eric. Moya but luther continued to operate the business. Now in this hearing that was broadcast live on Youtube. This past Tuesday. Luther said she had no choice but to open her business. She said she hadn't earned income since the county stay at home order was set in March. She applied for one of the federal loans aimed at helping small businesses but didn't receive it until Sunday. She testified I couldn't feed my family and my stylus couldn't feed their families. She was holding a phone to her face from the witness. Stand so the court reporter could actually hear her through a mask now. Before issuing his ruling Moi a gave Luther an opportunity to grovel at his feet to apologize to beg for forgiveness and promise not to reopen her salon so she was allowed to do so saying he would consider loving only a fine in lieu of the incarceration. Which you've demonstrated you so clearly earned calling her selfish all right. I am not a legal expert. I am not a totally well versed with some of the more ARCHAIC PARTS OF THE LAW. But it seems to me that selfishness is not an offense for which we should be jailed if only she had kissed his ring and. Beg For forgiveness. Luther however remained Stran- saying feeding my kids is not selfish. If you think the law is more important than getting kids fed than please go ahead with your decision but I am not going to shut the alarm. Okay I am not advocating nor I condoning breaking the law breaking the law but this has gotten to the point where it is such a power grab on so many levels destroying so many lives that it seems to me that this Judge Judge Moi should have exercised a little bit of wisdom and discretion because it was only minutes earlier. The Governor Greg. Abbott had announced during a news conference. That barber shops and salons across the state could actually reopen. Tomorrow there's an update on that. So then you've got the Texas Journey Attorney General telling the judge to free this. Dallas woman who in Texas agee's word was unjustly jailed for operating a hair salon. This is Texas Attorney General. Ken Paxton just yesterday. Sending a letter urging Dallas Judge to freed the woman that he had sent to jail day earlier after. She refused to apologize to him. A Ho please. I'm begging for your forgiveness for keeping her hair. Salon opened in violation of governor. Greg apps order aimed at slowing the spread of covered. Nineteen soon after you had governor Abbott. Saying that he agreed with the AG on the matter later. You had lieutenant governor. Dan Patrick vowing to pay her fees. Five hundred dollars for each day. The Salon was open and volunteering to go under house arrest on the condition that she be freed Paxton. Whose Office said Shelly. Luther was unjustly jailed till Dallas County State district. Judge Eric boy that he had abused his discretion. You think and emphasize that the woman was keeping her business open in order to feed her family. Paxton said in his letter as a mother. Ms Luther just wanted to feed her children as a small business owner. She wanted to help her employees the-they're children needless to say these are goals that warrant the exercise of enforcement discretion. How many times have we talked about that? When it comes to flattening the Kerr and even public health officials and elected officials admit that yes our efforts as Americans as responsible citizens are responsible for flattening out curve and continuing to do so by doing all those things that we know. We're supposed to do this. As Colorado's slowly starts to open still to some extent picking winners and losers particularly when it comes to restaurants social distancing indeed works we're adults. This woman that was operating. Her Salon was operating it in such a way to ensure the safety not only of her employees who also had children to feed but her clients. Who as responsible adults were? Well able to make the decision as to whether they wanted to go to that salon or not. She had the salon setup with chairs six feet. Apart SANITIZING STATIONS. The employees were wearing mass at some point in time. It seems to me not only do we have to free. The heard in order to achieve that herd immunity but we also have to free the nation from those who are power-drunk in terms of the ongoing restrictions. We all need to be adults in order to beat. Cova nineteen so again. Luther was given three choices by the judge. She could offer him apology an apology for her selfishness. And again I ask you the question since when is selfishness a crime that will send you to jail. If that were the case we'd all be in jail. I wouldn't we. Aren't we all guilty to some degree of selfishness? From time to time she could offer the judge. An apology for selfishness. Pay a fine and shutdown until Friday or serve jail time. Here's what she told the judge. I have to disagree with you sir. When you say on selfish because feeding my kids is not selfish. I have hairstylists. That are going hungry because they would rather feed their kids so sir if you think the laws more important than kids getting fed than please go ahead with your decision but I am not going to shut the salon. Her sentence reportedly was meant to reflect the seven days. She kept her salon. Open in violation of the governor's order but again on Wednesday. The governor sided sided with Luther. Saying I joined the Attorney General and disagreeing with the excessive excessive action by the Dallas. Judge Putting Shelly in jail for seven days putting her at risk of contracting covert nineteen as we're letting inmates from jails and prisons across the country go free so they don't. How does that make any sense whatsoever? Avid continued as I made. Clear THROUGH PRIOR PRONOUNCEMENTS JAILING. Texans for noncompliance with executive orders should always be the last available option compliance with executive orders during this pandemic is important to ensure public safety however there are less restrictive means to achieving that goal then jailing attacks a Texas mother. That's when Patrick tweeted seven days in jail no bail and a seven thousand dollar fine is outrageous no surprise. Texans are responded. I'm covering that seven thousand dollar fine. She had to pay and I volunteered to be placed under house arrest so she can go to work and feed her kids now. Needless to say that's not likely to happen. But if only she had gotten down on bended knee and apologized to that. Judge Your thoughts this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten dropped attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six six twenty two now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey if you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten K. A. K. A. dot com to download the podcast today back to gail jailed for selfishness in the Dallas area. The Salon Open the salon. Owner that Well defied a court order and yeah. It was pretty vocal about her intentions. She went to a rally and actually ripped at the court order up in full view of TV cameras. But that's neither here nor there this when you have a district court judge telling her that she needed to apologize apologize for her selfish moments or selfishness. Where is the discretion here? Where is the common sense you tell me nine seven three five three thousand nine hundred ten seven three five three thirteen ten? Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one. Nine nine six got a lot to cover this morning We'll give you a recap in case you missed it yesterday of Governor Jared Polis his Press Conference Covert nineteen related continuing to urge all of us to practice social distancing which goes to my point that social distancing works and it's up to each and every one of us not these increasingly restrictive mandates which okay. I will concede the point are being lifted but still many are suffering as a result of these restrictions that well some of the more power hungry elected public officials have elected to put into effect free. The heard and let us be adults and make responsible decisions. All right. We spent some time talking about these Corona MODELS. WanNa get back into that at six thirty five this morning because it begs the question if these corona virus predictions keep changing. Will what good are they thirteen ten? Kfi K. BURST TO UNC BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE LOVES ON THIRTEEN TEN KFI K. We're here with you keep it on. Kfi Am for the latest cove in nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten KFI and thirteen ten k. m. k. Dot Com a weekly jobless claims numbers. Just released coming in at three point. One six million. The estimate was three point. One million this down slightly from three point eight million the week prior which means more than a thirty three million Americans have now filed for initial initial jobless claims since the corona virus pandemic rip through the economy. But there might be some light at the end of the tunnel will check in with Keith. Wineman presidential of wealth management get his analysis on these numbers when he joins us at seven thirty five that meanwhile we've talked to some length about those corona virus predictions. You know the models and unfortunately let's just say well they're not as consistent as one would hope which begs the question. If those corona virus predictions keep changing. What good are they an? Are they actually? Could it be argued being weaponized? So let's take a look at it. Let's work through showy models aiming to predict when parts of the country will reach their covert nineteen cases and how many deaths and infections will occur in the time leading up to the peak. Well they've been widely publicized these published by researchers and universities across the country as. We're all looking for some sort of tangible guidance. As to win the new normal. Whatever that's GonNa look like post a cove at one thousand nine hundred can begin now. White House officials as you're well aware have referenced. The prediction models and their response to the outbreak centers for Disease Control and prevention sites nine. Manoel's count them nine models on its website for clues when the outbreak will actually slow. But as you're also well aware of the projections and many of those models have changed numerous times since health officials began touting them causing no small amount of confusion about the future of Cova nineteen and how reliable those bottles actually are as tools. Health EXPERTS. Core say that the models are exceedingly complex. Yeah they are and shouldn't shouldn't be taken at face. Value talked about. It's dependent on the Information. The data that you put in to formulate the outcome. What does that sound like to you? Does it sound like statistics which basically can be? Oh kind of manipulated in order to get the result that you're looking for just asking the question so you've got researchers using two types of models to forecast at nineteen. One is a statistical model that uses outbreak trends to make predictions that widely cited model created by the Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington is a prime example the i. h. m. e. model which has been referenced by White House officials and Since the beginning of the outbreak uses data from outbreaks in parts of the world to predict where and when you estates will peak or use up their healthcare researches the other type resources the other type is a mechanistic model which predicts how case outcomes would be affected by certain policy actions models that show the effects of certain levels of social distancing on covert nineteen cases and deaths are examples. Columbia University made a model. That projects weather or an hospitals would be overwhelmed in different. Us areas based on differing levels of social distancing which we know from the pandemic of the Spanish flu. Pandemic of nineteen eighteen. Social distancing indeed does work but how do these models work well to create a model scientists plug in dozens of different data points into a pretty complex mathematical equation? The data includes information about the virus. Such as how it spreads how long people learn. Munich after they recover which is still well. The subject of some conjecture debate information about the community such as how many people in the individual comes into contact with each day and information about the healthcare system. Such as how many beds and ventilators are available now some of this information such as the Communities Hospital capacity and the number of later it has is certain. That's finite the challenge. Is that some of the data points needed to create projections are really not known. It's based on suctions and uncertainty and needless to say in a rapidly evolving crisis like the covert nineteen outbreak. Concrete data can be difficult to find health. Experts are still researching. How exactly the virus spreads? Who WAS IT It was in New York that I believe just yesterday. Was flabbergasted when he announced that sixty six percent of the cases. Those people aren't hospitalized. No they're quarantining at home. These are the people that followed the stay at home order. You had sixty six percent of them still contracted the virus. There's still so much we don't know and one important number. That experts still aren't completely certain of is the viruses reproductive rate. We know that it is mutating but is it making as we noted yesterday is it making covert nineteen stronger or indeed as one University of Arizona Study Shows. Is it making it weaker now? An editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine put the rate at two point to the number of new infections. That result from each case other experts have cited the numbers between two and four some site that number at a much lower level. And then there's the question of the level of immunity. Someone has after recovering from the virus while the presence of antibodies indicates some protection. Health experts. Aren't sure how effective that protection is. Indeed how long it lasts. They also aren't entirely sure how long it takes after infection for an a person to be able to infect others so when experts aren't sure about a data point what do they do. They make an assumption based on the information available and that means that these models have more than a significant level of uncertainty. It's been said they're not supposed to be accurate. There's simply taking a look at best worst and somewhere in between case scenarios the I. H. Model for example includes shaded area of uncertainty for each of its predictions meaning that the true number is likely to fall anywhere within that range currently the upper and lower values for new cases in the weeks to come there thousands of parts and then adding to the overwhelming uncertainty. Is that there are things. The models can't account for things like how increased testing and contact tracing will affect the outbreak and to what extent people will follow social distancing guidelines also big jumps daily cases or deaths in some areas could stem from testing backlogs skewing. The data even further projections can change over times. Moore's learned well that's already been seen in several of those models and has more information about the virus and healthcare systems becomes known models will indeed include that in their equations which can change production projections but still was some degree of uncertainty. Think about this the British statistician. George box famously. Said all models are wrong but some are useful health. Experts researchers have pointed to this quotes to emphasize that models are not meant to precisely predict the future. Only help us prepare for. Well what those models indicate the future could be not necessarily will be Jon Allen. Polish is a professor of math at Temple. University he told. Us News and World Report. No model is perfect but most models are somewhat useful. But here's the bottom line. We can't confuse the model with reality. Meanwhile back to weaponising the models. She asked the question mark by showing us a worst case scenario. Those models can actually motivate us to demonstrate specific behaviors. Think about this. Caitlyn rivers a professor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security told US unlike the weather. We can actually influence the outcome. So people see the numbers and they're motivated to be more aware. Stay home and using good hygiene and doing all the things that can really change the outcome Think about that six fifty now thirteen ten KF K. Thirteen ten KFI am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage thirteen ten K. K. A thirteen ten K. of K. A. Dot com six fifty five whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi County officials continued to catchy admittedly in order to be fair. I'll concede the point some Buddha's over That was Facemask guidelines and restaurant closings. You have Fort Collins Leaders Downgrading the penalty for violating The mask requirement. Interesting I Went out into the wild yesterday on. I don't know so I have to be an essential trip. I'm not sure that's the problem. We're not sure at this point. Because there's such a patchwork quilt of restrictions. It seems to me if there was some consensus there. Well there might be a little bit more acceptance. Well no maybe not six fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi Gay Thirteen ten KFI. Gay Dot Com when he's Gail live. Local fueled by Great Western Petroleum Rights. Jc Marmaduke in the Fort Collins Colorado in Fort Collins leaders made several tweaks On Tuesday to the city's requirement for mass or face covering inside of businesses responding to considerable feedback that ran the spectrum from appreciation to under the modified mandate people. Ten years of age and older are still required to wear masks when they go. Inside a Fort Collins Business but council opted to downgrade violation of the ordinance from a criminal misdemeanor offense to a civil infraction removed the requirement for business owners to enforce the mandate which. I actually saw yesterday when I did go out to to Walmart. And they were Very very vigilant in enforcing that facemask a policy at this Walmart in Loveland to the point where a man walked up a sans face and one of the employees Outsides it oh no you can't go out and you know what fine. Run Your Business the way that you see fit but unfortunately right now we all have to be a little bit well fungible a little bit too accepting of these rules and regs that are in place because unfortunately there in place and of course The man just a pop gasket angry at the employees but it wasn't the employees. Doing this is a fort. Collins leaders downgrade the penalty for violating that mask requirement. All right coming up may is mental health month and well. We're all seeing the strain and we're also going to be seeing the signs. Courtesy of North Range. Behavioral Health Michaela Sanchez joins us in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi GREELEY BASS TO UNC bears game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 23, Hr 2  Troy Coverdale

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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April 23, Hr 2 Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI K. Those weekly jobless numbers out once again and well pretty darn devastating even though they came in at four point. Four million people filing Initial jobless claims Pretty much as expected by any number of economists bringing the total of unemployment in this nation to well over twenty six million people. Hey Nancy Pelosi. Are you going to get out of the way and help the little people that you profess to care about so much dragging your heels for the past two weeks on the so called Corona virus a stimulus package at three point five and yes? A PACKAGE. Four is expected to follow shortly thereafter. But they knew in Congress from the get-go that initial you remember the two point two trillion dollar package and The the millions of dollars that we're going to that payroll protection program. They knew from the get-go that those funds would be exhausted. Toot sweet and did indeed which they were and instead you had House Speaker Pelosi and the likes of Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer playing political. Gains as the coppers ran dry but the house is is slated today to a vote on that phase. Three point five of corona virus. Relief aid we'll see if they can get out of their own way seventy nine now thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI DOT com warnings with Gail. Live local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. And we have seen a so many impacts of this pandemic both near and far. Well you just had University of Northern Colorado President announcing that the exacts the top administrators will be taking a ten percent pay cut in re in reaction and response to the financial crisis that covert nineteen has placed upon. Unc calling it. The first of likely several cost saving measures according to a piece by tyler. Meade out of the Greeley Trib. Unc President Andy. Feinstein said that. Yes once again. This is only the first of several cost. Cutting measures cost saving measures. That will need to be made in the coming days. He announced that he his vice presidents and the school's Athletic Director would take a ten percent reduction to their salaries in response to the crisis caused by Cova Nineteen Feinstein's set of the move and campus memo Wednesday. It will not be the last. Although no specific discussions regarding additional budget reductions have been made. I have asked my team to keep all options on the table. Now the announcement was made at Wednesday's board of trustees meeting and this according to a release from the school the meeting also addressed preliminary outlooks for budgets the current an following fiscal year. Unc was on track to be cash flow positive for the second year in a row prior to the pandemic release said that the financial blow is expected to measure at least a four point. Five million dollars a worse case scenario projects eighteen point. Five million dollars in lost revenue Next year so According to this release from UNC. And of course this piece in Greeley trip by Tyler Meade The salaries of seven executives. Who will be taking a ten percent pay reduction based on university? Data are as follows this along with the estimated net savings of the move president. Andy Feinstein We'll be taking that ten percent cut of three three hundred seventy five thousand dollars a ten percent of course thirty seven five hundred senior vice president and chief financial officer Michelle Quinn salaried at Two hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred forty five dollars taking again that Ten percent pay-cut vice president for campus community and Climate Katrina Road Rigas salaried at one hundred ninety seven thousand dollars The one hundred eighty seven thousand three hundred thirteen dollars taking that Eighteen thousand seven hundred thirty one dollar pay cut vice president for University Advancement Alley Steg Haskett two hundred nine thousand one hundred dollars taking that to twenty thousand nine hundred and ten dollars cut vice president and General Counsel Dan Saturday Anna who has paid one hundred ninety four thousand four hundred thirteen dollars a year taking nat One thousand nine thousand four hundred forty one dollar pay cut finally athletic director. Darren excuse me Darren done who has paid one hundred seventy three thousand six hundred and one dollars a year taking that seventeen thousand three hundred and sixty dollar pay cut now. Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Mark Anderson Salary has not been published by the university. As of yet. This is as Anderson came on in twenty nine teen. And that's the year that the latest data is available but his predecessors two thousand seventeen salary was two hundred and forty five thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars so for the purposes of the calculation. The TRIB estimated it from their ten percent is twenty four thousand six hundred dollars now. The estimated savings overall from this measure is one hundred sixty one thousand five hundred twenty seven dollars. No there won't be a quiz at the end of the segment or a three point. Five percent three point. Five percent of the projected four point five million in revenue losses. This year now. Feinstein joined by Chief Financial Officer. Michelle Quinn said that at this point everything. Everything remains on the table. In addressing next year's budget including furloughs salary decreases workforce reduction and outsourcing this as in response to the covert nineteen situation pandemic You have Top administrators Taking a ten percent pay cut in response to this financial crisis that the University of Northern Colorado finds itself in Seven Fifteen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot Com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern. Colorado since two thousand one. We're patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen nine or caring hearts h h Dot Com sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the hall. Show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Am seven twenty one now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. dot com warning sweet. Gale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right this is pretty cool because we spent a lot of time talking about the need for expanded testing and the dearth of test kits while the FDA has just okay'd the first corona virus tests that allows for a self swab at home. Now I pick this piece up from the four Collins Colorado and Courtesy of the Associated. Press a piece by Matthew Perron. Us health regulators on Tuesday. Okay the first Corron Corona virus test that allows us to collect our own sample at home. This is a pretty new novel approach. That could help expand testing options in most states because of course testing of ongoing concern the test from labcorp will initially only be available to healthcare workers as it well should be. Our healthcare workers are first responders law enforcement anyone on the front lines. Yeah we need to help them take care of themselves so that they can take care of us right so again. The test from LABCORP will initially only be available to healthcare workers and first responders under a doctor's orders the sample We'll still have to be shipped processing back to labcorp which operates diagnostic labs throughout the country allowing people to self swap at home would help reduce infection risks for frontline healthcare workers and help conserve that. P that personal protective Gear for the home test. People are initially screened with an online questionnaire if authorized by physician. Labcorp will ship testing kit to their home. The kit includes cotton swabs collection to an insulated pouches and box to ship the specimen back to lab core to take sample of cotton swab as swirled in each nostril and again. It's not like back in the day when you're a little kid and your brain mining if you catch my drift there do you remember. President trump during one of his corona virus. Briefings was showing the difference between the first swab hit. Where basically you know it kind of reminded me of night gallery episode because the swab was so darn long. It's like you were poking your eye out with it as you put it up through your nostril now. Not a comfortable test whatsoever. I mean it was just I was medieval. And now it's just like these little cotton swabs kind of cue tips. Which by the way it should put in your ears but you can put into your nostrils making it a much more pleasant experience for testing so to take us say up cotton. But I digress to take sample cotton. Swab would be swirled swirled each nostril. The test results are Posted online to a secure company websites. The company said it would make the first test available in the coming week. So it's just right around the corner. Each kit will cost one hundred and nineteen dollars. Kits will I wonder if that would be covered under insurance? The cats will not be available in Maryland. New Jersey New York and Rhode Island. Those states have laws prohibiting testing. They might WANNA rethink that equation particularly when you look at the New Jersey and New York. The hardest among the hardest hit in this entire country. You'd think they'd want to step up testing but apparently Maryland New Jersey. New York Rhode Island have states prohibiting testing with at home sample collection kits this according to lab core initially the food and Drug Administration required healthcare workers wearing masks gloves and other protective gear to collect samples from potential corona virus patients. Usually by sticking that long draconian swab up their nose or down their throat. More recently the FDA has endorsed the self swab method. Yeah if only because it'll be used I mean you take a look at that stick you talk about a stick in your I. Oh my gosh. Lab Test is the first that allows it to be done at home without professional supervision. Oh you mean they're going to trust us to actually be responsible and be personally accountable and do something right. Imagine that FDA Commissioner Steven Hahn said in a statement the agency authorized the cell Swab test based on data showing it as quote as safe and accurate as a sample collection at a doctor's office hospital or other testing site. How difficult is it to put a swab in your nose and toilet around? I ask you but hope springs this as the FDA has okayed the first corona virus test that allows self swabbing at home seven twenty-seven now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. Still have a lot to get to this morning. We're going to check in with thirteen ten. Kfi News Director Troy Coverdale as we do each and every morning right around seven forty this as a news is breaking the GPS plants elsewhere outside of Colorado outside of Pennsylvania. I believe is where the other J B s Plant was the meat packing plant that was forced to close down as a result of infections. And you're seeing not at meat packing plants across the country that could spell trouble. We're not there yet but could spell trouble for the supply chain when it comes to Much needed food but JB's plants elsewhere dealing with outbreaks. Be As a result of larger of facts. Larger impact says those infections spread throughout a host of meat packing plants and forcing closures. So we'll talk with thirteen ten. Kfi News Director Troy Co Vale when he joins us at seven forty and been talking a lot this morning. About the fact that those jobless numbers those weekly jobless claim numbers came out just this morning not unexpected but still absolutely crushing devastating when you consider that a four point four million plus claims Were filed initial pilots for weekly unemployment claims the bringing the total over the past several weeks as Co Vid nineteen has just wrought such havoc on so many areas of our lives including our livelihoods of bringing that total to over twenty six million people in this nation unemployed. Is it time to get back to work for analysis? We'll check in with Keith Wineman the management when he joins us this morning right around seven thirty four. We're also going to check in with a great sponsor of the show Linda winner of course owner of accessories with a flair and hair in downtown Greeley when she weighs in this morning at eight thirty five closing in on seven thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi JPL's plants outside of the J. B. S. meat packing plant in Greeley along with a host of other Facilities throughout the country are dealing with covert nineteen outbreaks while we're seeing larger affects as closures are actually affecting the meat supply in the nation. Indeed around the world joined this morning by thirteen ten. Kfi News Director Troy covert. Oh Hey try. The hits just keep on common. Yeah they do as if you're J. B. Yes right now or Tyson or Smithfield. Good time to be in the production business. We've talked about this. Unfortunately it is. It's just the configuration of a meat processing plant geared for efficiency not for social distancing and the bad part about it really is that while J B S Ingredients. Now been shut down for over a week as we talked about many times over what gets what takes place two weeks previous in terms of these outbreaks that really play a factor as to win. Cases will start to show up in your area or in this case in the plants. And so what is happening right now? Is that trickle down from just two weeks ago and actions that weren't taken by the companies to try and potentially stave off the corona virus spread among their employees. And that's not necessarily a knock on. The company's is as much as it is that they found themselves as we've talked about even with with Nursing home facilities they. They've been put into a catch up mode. They've been put into a mode where they didn't realize what they were fighting against and how bad it could be absolutely. Yeah that's news coming out about half the deaths half the covert nineteen related deaths in the state of Colorado are indeed at a long-term Facilities Long Term Care facilities in homes. Get to get back to the the food processing side of it though yesterday it was noted that JPs's plant in Grand Island. Nebraska is providing thirty nine percent of that county's cases of Corona virus. You had Tyson shutting down a plant late yesterday afternoon. One of two plants in fact that they were forced to shut down yesterday on the national scene. Jps has a plant in Wisconsin. Your Green Bay. That is now That they're now having to deal with With one hundred forty seven cases linked there. You get the idea it's It's a tough time or the meat processors and that's going to have a ripple effect continuing on down to the cattle and pork producers fascinating. I pulled a very lengthy piece out of USA. Today with the headline Corona virus at meat packing plants. Worse than I thought and of course we talked about J B S and we talk about Tyson and we talked about Smithfield. But here's here's a quote. They kind of caught my attention expert. Saying there's little risk of do wendling protein supply because given the choice between worker safety and keeping meat on grocery selves. The nation's slaughterhouses will choose to produce food. That's pretty that's pretty shocking Eye Opening statement right there You had a System professor of history at the Notre Dot Notre Dame saying if this goes on for a long time yeah. There's a possibility of a shortage but the politics of this could play out that they open they reopen plants at enormous risk to workers rather than face it actual shortage. I wouldn't bet against that. That's pretty terrifying. Yeah that's exceptionally terrifying. And guess what we could find out as soon as this weekend. Entertains to the Greeley plant. Because that plant is supposed to reopen at some point this weekend the original plan by J B S was that they would be closed through the twenty fourth and so now we are in wait and see mode the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment is to sign off on and he plans moving forward and as we noted earlier this week. There was a report that by mid week. We would get an idea of what those plans would be and what the new public health order would look like but we have not seen that yet and I wonder if something has changed beyond the fact that as we talked about yesterday. They lack of tests for employees. I it makes me wonder what else may have changed in the county. Health departments purview of it. We shall see if if everything plays out the way that it is supposed to lift J. B. S. Will get going this weekend or if we're looking at a longer term closure enforced by weld county. That's a huge huge story to be watching over the next couple of days. Absolutely yes I have reached out to Dr Mark Wallace Executive Director While County Public Health and environment. Unfortunately I know he's a little bit busy these days but I hope to catch up with him soon and I know that you're following the story as well but back to this this comment that was made by this professor at Notre Dame basically saying that these meat packing companies would put the production over worker safety. Aren't there Osha. Requirements that require companies to provide a safe work. Place seems to me. They can't force their workers to come in well. And that's going to be a big part to going forward. What will have to watch as you have the argument in the Green Bay situation with APS as to who really has the rights to shut the plant down? The county They're Brown County in Wisconsin wanting to shut the plant down and J B S is resisting. And so you're going to have that type of an argument come up. The other thing at play here is keeping in mind also that J. B S. USA is foreign. Owned smithfield is foreign. Owned Tyson is American owned. But when you look at the producer side of things that's also an issue going forward. Yeah exactly you've got to keep an eye on on from the international side of things. How is that affecting approaches? Going forward launched to keep an eye on to be sure Troy Coverdale Thirteen ten K of K news director. Thanks so much as always certainly appreciate it tomorrow. Seven fifty two now thirteen ten KFI k. a. The best. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seven fifty six the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. MRIs sport Sunkei F K. Enjoy SOME INSTANT CLASSICS WITH. Kfi Am classics every Thursday and Friday. Night Thirteen ten. Kfi In thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seven fifty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. A. dot com warnings. Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Just wanted to pass this along weld. County residents according to a piece out of the trip by Jaden Watson Fisher can still apply for the Colorado Department of Human Services Low Income Energy Assistance Program otherwise known as leap it will provide assistance to people impacted by Covert Nineteen federally funded program that Helps Individuals Families. Seniors and disabled residents pay their electric bills during the colder months the application typically runs from November until April but was extended until August thirty first or until These funds run out residents whose income is up to sixty percent of the state. Median income level may qualify for assistance. There's a chart available online. Assistance does vary per household due to heating fuel costs and income. Now leap does not cover all costs of home heating but it does help reduce the burden associated with winter months energy suppliers or companies providing equipment services receive payment directly through the leap program residents in the program receive notification of the payment. So if you are interested in learning more You can call one eight six six four three to eighty four thirty five. That's one eight six six four three to eighty four thirty five to see if you qualify for this assistance. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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March 27, Hr 2  Unemployment vs pet projects

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March 27, Hr 2 Unemployment vs pet projects

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi rethinking the conversation talking about that. A so called rogue Republican This is representative Massey out of Kentucky and this rather antiquated Voice vote okay. Fine steeped in tradition. I get it But worry on both sides of the aisle that basically he could dig deep six the passage of this two trillion dollar corona virus stimulus package Because we're talking about that This verbal exercise. Okay in which those in favor shout. Yay and those opposed Holler. Nee and the loudest side would prevail when he must have a really big mouth if he could beat the rest of thinking about that but as John pointed out via text this morning At three one nine nine six well. Nancy Pelosi is going to hear what Nancy Pelosi wants to hear. Seven eight now thirteen ten. Kfi K. but again it goes to the question if there's just one single solitary vote. Then how can that blow the whole thing up? I mean this on the heels of stunningly horrific job claims numbers unemployment numbers for those job. Claims your we talked about this at a great length yesterday as a jobless claims Well hit record numbers yesterday. Labor Department reporting search to three point. Two eight million shattering The great recession peak of six hundred. Sixty five thousand in March of two thousand nine the all-time mark Of Six hundred ninety five thousand in October one thousand nine hundred eighty two. I thought that all time mark was Way Back when nineteen thirty three if I'm not mistaken When the claims were then seven hundred thousand but well I suppose I will defer well no now now it's CNBC. Now I'M GONNA go with my number but think about this so as they continue to quibble over the stimulus bill. Americans continue to suffer nearly three point. Three million jobless claims filed crossed the country K. over forty five thousand Colorado and filed for unemployment. In the first three days of this week it increased by over seventeen thousand claims from the prior. Week This according to the US Department of Labor and a piece by Derek Draper one out of the center square according to the data Nineteen thousand four hundred twenty nine Colorado ins filed for unemployment in the week that ended march twenty first up from two thousand three hundred and twenty one thousand and the prior week. Think about the numbers okay. And meanwhile it's politics as usual and that absolutely infuriates me. How about you nine? Seven zero three three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. So you have Representative Ken Bacha. Talked about this. A little bit before the top of the hour pulled this out of Colorado politics piece by Michael Karlic representative Buck wrote of the Senate passed measure. Yeah and there's a whole not a whole lot not to like about it particularly when you kind of get into the weeds a bit and look at the look at the fact that when it comes to unemployment benefits could be argued in many cases that is APP. It's actually subsidizing people to stay home. They'll make more on unemployment than they did for example In their job that thanks to Kovic nineteen is No LONGER IN EXISTENCE. Something to think about but again. I look at the overarching. Good in the hopes that there is a return to normalcy. Sooner rather than later you know president trump talking about the fact Let's see where where are we now? Day Twelve of the fifteen day Social distancing slow the spread flattening the curve. Day Fifteen I believe is Monday so would not be an effect on Tuesday. Of course president trump Saying yeah he wants to put the country back to work by Easter and Dr Anthony fouts. He's saying well. You might want slow your Easter Egg roll. They're just a little bit because I thought he made a very very good point. The government doesn't determine when we lift all of these. Stay at home orders. All of this social distancing when we can get back to some semblance of normalcy no covert nineteen and the spread thereof determines when we can get back to work that meanwhile back saying to Colorado politics the Corona Virus Response Package has special carve outs seventy five million for public broadcasting fifty million for museums and libraries. That's one hundred. Twenty five million dollars for pet projects and set for struggling families and businesses dams are again exploiting a crisis to fund their liberal wishlist. He also said that. The twenty five million dollars for the Kennedy Center for the performing hearts had no place who could disagree with that and if the Kennedy Center for the Performing Heart Arts had any heart had any morals had any values whatsoever they would say no. Thanks thanks but no thanks. Why don't we give that much? Yeah like that's going to happen right. Buck went on to describe a requirement that businesses receiving loans remain neutral in any union organizing efforts as a special carve out For Union bosses. Now after the Senate struggled over the weekend to reach consensus Democrats authored their own proposal. Funny I thought it was Nancy Pelosi and that earned a rather well strident rebuke from lambourn. He wrote seems like the Democrats. See an opportunity in this crisis. Well never ever ever let a good crisis. Go Away Stride. They're not here to help the American people but to hold an emergency relief bill hostage until they get their radical wis list that radical component features he included included fifteen dollar minimum wage. Same Day voter registration and expanded collective bargaining rights. Yeah no shortage of pork here. We are in unprecedented times and not suggesting far. Be It for me that you settle for what's going on in Congress but here's the question with millions of Americans out of work and who knows how long this is going to continue. Do we have any other choice? Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six while all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Missing Sports on K. F. K. Enjoy some instant classics with K classics every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten. Kfi K. And Thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM so. The House expected to vote on that two point two trillion dollar corona virus Stimulus package and well one rove Republican Representative Masi Out of Kentucky. Take it down in flames seven. Twenty-three now thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com mornings Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right so let's look at the glass half full view work through this bill and I'm sure you have far better things to do these days because it's hundreds of pages but in the middle of the bills hundreds of pages you'll find the details regarding exactly who can expect to receive money if this This I don't even know how to refer to this because I'm so angry at the Congress for stopping at full of things that don't even belong there so if this debacle I would say on one hand of a bill passes but it's also much needed assistance to millions of Americans who are suffering. So let's breakdown. But I digress. Let's break down what you can expect to receive and how much you can expect to receive if indeed this bill passes. I Dunno if you're making a bad on this. What's the over under that? This bill will pass nine seven three five three three eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six all right. So let's start here who is eligible while the bill does make clear that everybody is eligible except for non resident aliens and those who can be used as the basis for deducted for deductions for another person. Senate Finance Committee chairman. Chuck Grassley said Seniors Veterans. The UNEMPLOYED AND LOW INCOME AMERICANS WOULD BE ELIGIBLE TO THE BILL. Taxed indicates that those who received social security can collect checks for those that required to file twenty eighteen or twenty nine hundred tax returns because social security benefits tax returns aren't required aren't required to claim the money. The government can use information from a form essay. Ten Ninety nine social security benefits statement or form are are be ten ninety nine so security equivalent benefit statement with that in mind and you probably already know these numbers but let's run through. How much can you expect to receive if you file your taxes as an individual? You're eligible for payments up to twelve hundred dollars but that decreases for folks who earn more than seventy five thousand dollars a year. The bill says that the payment is reduced by five percent of every dollar above that mark or fifty dollars for every one thousand dollars over seventy five thousand dollars breakout the abacus. What that ultimately means is that for people who make more than seventy five thousand dollars. The payment is less the higher. Their earnings are with it. Being reduced to zero for those who make ninety nine thousand dollars or more couples who file a joint return are eligible for a payment of up to twenty four hundred dollars plus an additional five hundred dollars per child however that amount decreases for couples who earn more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year at the same rate of five percent of every dollar above that mark that translates to less money. The more you make without being reduced to zero for joint filers without kids who earn more than one hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars. What about heads of households if you file as a head of household you're eligible for payments of up to twelve hundred dollars but that amount once again is increased by five hundred dollars per child that amount is reduced for people who earn more than one hundred twelve thousand dollars a year and the extent to which is decrease. Of course Depends upon how many children you might have. Our income is based on people's tax filings for twenty nine thousand nine. Don't quote me on this but I think and I have it on fairly good authority because this question. You're probably wondering. Is it grocer just that? I believe it's adjusted income but I'll have to verify that for you. Income is based on people's tax filings for twenty nineteen. But they haven't filed for that year. Then they're filing for twenty. Eighteen actually applies so when and how will the payments be made payments? According to the bill will be made as rapidly as possible. I'm hearing as early as April but all they've got a lot of wiggle room there because once again according to this Bill that spans hundreds of pages. Now they get themselves out yes. The payments will be made as rapidly as possible and no later than December thirty. First of twenty twenty. Too late they will be made via direct deposit to an account that you have authorized for tax refunds or federal payments on or after January. First Twenty. Eighteen notice will be sent to your last known address within fifteen days of payment informing you of the method and the amount of payment a phone number will also be provided so people can call the IRS. In the event you did not receive your stimulus bucks so there you have it the breakdown. Seven twenty nine now. Thirteen ten K F K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM coming up Keith Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management with some tips on what to do if your 401k is down and it well could be. We'll check in with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management Just about five minutes from now. Thirteen ten K. K. Preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K F K. Isn't that incredible? How life has changed so tremendously over the past twelve days thing about it. I mean how we're looking at. Stay at home orders worth thinking about. Well what are we going to do to occupy ourselves? Our kids are home distance learning. How are you holding up seriously? Nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. All right Kim crosses piece wanted to get your thoughts on this as well Japanese CDs. I pulled this out of Cbs Denver Channel. Four Dylan. Thomas Corona virus in Colorado this as health officials. Prepare the LARIMER fairgrounds for use as a temporary hospital just in case. Just planning being proactive in their planning procedures. Here's what Dylan. Thomas wrote in an effort to further protect residents in northern Colorado from the spread of cove nineteen health experts and larimer. County are prepared. They're prepared to house sick people at either the Budweiser Events Center or the surrounding facilities on the ranch property. Can you believe we're having these conversations county director of Emergency Management? Laurie Hodges told. Cbs Four is the Dylan Thomas. That one hundred sixty beds have been established on the ranch property to house those in the homeless population. Who Need to quarantine SCUZ- back to our conversation yesterday far-reaching conversation. You can find it Up On our podcast. Thirteen K of K. A. DOT COM. Just noodle around. You'll find it our conversation With a Greeley Mayor John Gates because it struck me as we were talking about his support that we in Greeley needed to do our parts and Justin adapt and follow governor. Polish says. Stay at home order but it struck me. Well it's a stay at home order. But what about those? That don't have a home and the homeless population throughout. Colorado has been identified as well one of the most critically vulnerable dacoven. Nineteen so again hundred. Sixty beds have been established on the ranch property to house those in the homeless population who need to quarantine. Hodges said the county prepared for time such as covered nineteen Previously and now it was time to move forward with establishing beds for the. Ill Hodges said our job is to always look forward a few steps ahead. We have community spreads so at this point we are looking at the next phase. Your thoughts nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten and remember this too shall pass best. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K am thirteen ten KFI KIA DOT com. Sam fifty-seven All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Hey it's always your turn to comment text KFI K. Eight two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now. Thirteen ten KFI K. C. I put it out into the universe. I was just talking to my husband last night. I went out Thomasson. Snowmass village is doing and here. You Are Thomas Good Morning. That's so sweet of you to think of me initially so Hey Listen you. You've been asking questions about how people are coping with this whole thing and I mean I feel Kinda blessed because I'm a retired school teacher have a pension and I'm kind of enjoying being Being at home and getting things done getting things organized. But I gotTa tell you know. I want your listeners. To to pay attention to this you got to reach out to those who are really struggling right now and get ahead of the curve. Just think a stick a people who Don't have the means you know to to cope with this hairdressers. People people who have a private businesses that are struggling right now? Thomas along those lines. I actually texted my hairdresser yesterday. And said how are you doing now? Yeah because and and who who gives a rat's Patootie on my hair is going to look a month from now I mean. It doesn't matter but also there's elderly people that data are just waiting to hear from you and just write a letter. How what's your last time? You actually sat down and wrote a handwritten letter. Send it to somebody an elderly person. Because they're just they're just they would love to hear from Gold School and let's all take care of one another Thomas snowmass village so great to hear from you be well. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few were also going to check in with Troy Coverdale at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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April 17, Hr 2  Senator Cory Gardner

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:04 min | 5 months ago

April 17, Hr 2 Senator Cory Gardner

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi living in America these days of being rather difficult as a result of the Cova de Nineteen pandemic with any number of states issuing stay at home orders. Colorado among them but there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Seven hundred six now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com warning swick Ale fuelled by Great Western Petroleum. This has a president. Trump unveiled that three days plan to get America moving again working again and of course Those decisions are to be left to add. The individuals. State governor's discretion. Joined this morning by Senator. Cory Gardner Senator Gardner. Thanks so much for taking the time. Great to have you back on the show. Thank you for having me thank you yes and I hope you your colleagues. Your family friends doing well. They are self quarantine for a while. But I was in Washington when that happened so I never ended up with any kind of signs or symptoms in the family's doing great We're learning some home schooling trips and tipped so It's it's been interesting. Aren't we all these days? So what is your take on? The president's plan to reopen the country had been studying them and look into my spoke to the Governor Governor Polish yesterday about them and I think the governor views them generally in line with what He's looking at in. Colorado and how that would work Look we're going to have to figure out how to do this phase by phase and I think it's important that we focus on doing it in a way that builds trust and confidence in our economy. Because you can't have a Economy without confidence and so that's going to be critical in getting these phases Correct and the governors who will implement the more detailed parts of the face president trump saying yesterday that Two States may well open today. But twenty nine states may open earlier than expected and given your conversations with the Governor Jared Police. I wonder is Colorado among those twenty nine states. You don't see in my conversations with the governor last week again. We're having another conversation with him a day later this morning with the congressional delegation. He had said he felt confident. That the twenty six to date Would hold you know. And so I think he's looking at phasing from that date to forward of what it looks like. Maybe we'll learn more today but you've got states like Wyoming. Were they've had few cases and you've got other states that may feel. They can have areas open but again they're going to have to face. This obviously probably not having you know an eighty thousand a person Sporting event take place right away but perhaps some metered or social distance events too. But it's important that we it's important. We get this economy back open after handling health emergency and making sure that we're handling the health emergency more dreadful unemployment numbers yesterday over five point. Two million additional Americans filed a jobless claims bringing that four week total to over twenty two million Colorado has seen a one hundred and twenty seven percent increase in unemployment claims the highest in the nation. Why is Colorado so hard hit? You don't think if you look at the state. We have a lot of seasonal of businesses. That could have been more affected than others. Whether it's people coming off of work from the Winter Sports You know whether it's a scary event or something like that or is it. Perhaps it's people who aren't going to get their summer jobs because they were coming to Colorado to start their summer activities It could also be. Because we're heavily reliant on industries that have been very hard hit Like tourism hotels outdoor recreation economy Travel economy restaurants. I mean that's those are those have all been hit not just hard but they were the first ones to be hit. And that's why I worked so hard to address the The the business support the individual support and making sure that we're getting out of this health emergency immediately of the business support unfortunately or the lack thereof. This has the paycheck. Protection Program ran out of money because Democrats led by Speaker. Pelosi blocked the necessary. Two hundred and fifty billion dollar replenishment for the program. Well question is why did the Nancy Pelosi on the late late show show off her luxury? Refrigerators and thirteen dollar a pint. Ice Cream collection from her chateau and San Francisco instead of funding. The paycheck protection program seemed a little bit like marie-antoinette moment. Let them eat cake and It is sickening that they would put politics ahead of people Look Fund that paycheck protection program. It's kept millions and millions and millions of Americans in their jobs funds the paycheck protection program. Stop the politics and keep the job. So that's what we ought to be focused on. It's a shame that Nancy can't seem to get out of her San Francisco Silo We ought to be focusing on the people. Not Petty Politics. It's childish it's embarrassing. It's unconscionable and that's why we have to stop Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from blocking this funding care about people more than we do about the bottom line in Washington and get to work a little bit about the import particularly in Colorado of small businesses across the state because small businesses responsible nationwide for the upper eighty ninety percent of jobs and job creation. But it's even higher in Colorado. It is an incredible high number ninety. Nine point five percent of the jobs they have a small. Let me rephrase that ninety nine point. Five percent of businesses in Colorado are small businesses. That is just astonishing. What I don't want to see is a Wall Street. Recovery without a main street recovery and these small businesses represent mainstream. And let's let's Great Wall Street recovers. I hope that it does but we also cannot leave main street behind because that is not a recovery in my mind. We need all corners of our economy Every avenue to be back open and flourishing again scammers unscrupulous hackers. You know the old saying never let a good crisis go to waste. Have come up with diabolically ingenious ways to exploit the pandemic for financial gain. My understanding is you're working on legislative effort to address that correct exactly right. I'm working on a bill. Called the cease act which would increase dramatically penalties and jail time for people who are fraudulently advertising and trying to lure people into Basically a criminal scheme where they're saying. Hey you know I'm I'm you know John's a loan service and I've got an access to a paycheck protection program loan. Just call me. Here's the eight hundred number and the person makes the number for a small fee. They get connected to somebody that doesn't exist and we're starting to hear that it's it's a shame and so You should never be taking advantage of somebody period. You should never be taking somebody in a global health. Emergency in pentameter. People are scared for their lives. What they're gonNA do for the rent their food and we have to make sure the punishment rises to the level of the seriousness of the crime. Seven thirteen now thirteen ten. Kfi Am joined up my Colorado. Senator Cory Gardner all right. So as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I want to ask you this question. This is class action. Suits are being filed against China for recklessness and negligence and lack of transparency. Let's call it for what it is outright lies regarding the initial outbreak of Cova Nineteen in Wuhan that spread around the world. We're well aware. Can China be sued? You know right now That's a it's a question that's being looked at and legislation that has been introduced to try to address that but China has to be held accountable regardless of anything we do. China must be held accountable for what they have done to the world. Not just to the United States. They lied about its origin. They lied about it spread. They lied about how it could spread. And how dangerous it was and then they covered it up by forcing the disappearance of the doctors and the journalists. Who were trying to blow the whistle on what was happening in China and then they got the World Health Organization W. H. O. to be complicit in that cover up it is it's it's criminal absolutely for alleged. Go this morning. Certainly appreciate your time and insights many concerns and I'm sure that you heard them as well over constitutional rights and liberties Throughout the government lockdowns stay at home orders beaten limiting the number of people in gatherings. And then you've got Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer now facing a federal lawsuit several for what many see as particularly Cronin restrictions. Now on one hand it could be argued that these steps were necessary. Look at it. This way. Shared sacrifice equal shared benefit. But on the other hand there are very real concerns that these encroachments on our freedoms will become the new normal. How do you see it? Look we're GONNA follow the recommendations of our health experts. Said but when you see governor and I think this governor was from Connecticut go on TV and say that In response to whether he's concerned about the orders he's made impact on our bill of rights. His response was well. Frankly that's above my pay grade and I didn't see any attention to that that's That the price is an optional and so The law has to be followed. Look we are acting out of love not fear of the Krona virus. We're acting out of love to protect our neighbors in our community and make sure that our parents and grandparents that we stop the spread. We don't give it onto them but we have the constitution to follow. And that's why I know courts around. The country have already been engaged in this issue as they should be and will be but to think that the bill of rights doesn't apply It's just it's absurd it makes no sense. I mean how did that person even get elected? And as we see the reopening of America or in a very measured manner testing remains tantamount right. It does testing key. Gail testing testing testing is what has to happen. I'd like to see a a test so available that you can go to a seven eleven and by that test and you know I had a sore throat make sure I'm okay. I get the results thirty seconds later minutes later and I know whether I should home call work and say hey I tested positive or hey you know what it may just be a cold. Maybe I still need to go to the doctor. But at least it's not covert nineteen and we need the serology test for antibodies. We need to be able to show who has been able to get through this and we can learn from that and just have the certainty and the confidence because as we start at the beginning our economy thrives on confidence and confidence comes in people knowing that we have addressed this issue. And they're going to be okay and testing is is as sort of a a keystone of that confidence absolutely important in these very troubled times. Senator Cory Gardner thank you so much for your time. Certainly do appreciate it. Picker you to seven seventeen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi K the whole sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Dan Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for news. Sports talk thirteen ten. Kfi K now back to mornings with Gail twenty two on your Friday morning thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com or gale live local field by great western petroleum. Interesting conversation with Senator Cory Gardner this morning. Be Interested in your take nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five. Three thirteen ten dropped me attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line three one nine nine six again for his time. Using that text line is enough to do just Text K F K. A two three one nine nine six. And then you can text away to your heart's content but when you look at the unemployment numbers in Colorado and of course those numbers dire across the entire nation this as we had an additional five point two million people file unemployment claims just yesterday bringing that total to well over twenty two million claims filed in just four weeks absolutely devastating. What else is absolutely devastating? Is the fact that you've got the Democrats playing political games once again letting that SBA PEP program run out of money? The well is dry and the Democrats Chose to say. Well we want this and we want that we want two hundred fifty billion dollars for this and that the other for states we wanted for hospitals. Hey one of happened to the concern for the common man. Those who are truly the engine of this nation's economy. If you're with us you heard Senator Cory Gardner talking about the fact that a nationwide and stats vary depending on how you source it but you will see that. Small businesses account for at the low end anywhere from fifty to eighty percent of the jobs in this nation. Senator Cory Gardner saying in Colorado. That number is much much higher. Ninety nine point five percent of the jobs in Colorado but it was interesting as we ran through all the rather dire numbers when it comes to those jobless claims unemployment as a result of the pandemic Just affecting every aspect of our lives not only across the country but in Colorado around the globe when I asked them the question. Why is it that Colorado has taken such a hard hit when it comes To those unemployment claims hundred twenty percent spike that we have seen it's the highest in the nation. He said Colorado employment is high simply because of Well Seasonal recreational industries make sense. Went on to talk about Nancy. Pelosi showing off her palacials San Francisco State and our luxury refrigerators. And the thirteen dollar a pint ice cream collection. Did you see this on the late late show but instead throwing up roadblocks Pelosi and company Chuck Schumer? The list goes on and on playing politics when everyday people are suffering across this country. You may be one. A needless to say we all know one as businesses are really on the precipice of closing particularly small businesses again. That's why it's so important especially now support small business wherever you can. Because they've gotten so creative in order to hang onto these businesses that they've put not only their life savings but their heart and souls into the lifeblood of our communities but once again doing everything they can to stay open to stay solvent throughout this pandemic so support your local restaurants who are offering takeout and delivery support your local businesses. That are still open. That are offering curbside delivery. Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi living in a bubble her chateau in San Francisco. Well I'm just doesn't seem to understand the plight of every day Americans. She is so separated from reality. And it's just absolutely disgusting as Senator Cory Gardner said this morning. Stop the politics already. Haven't we had enough fund the P. P. E. P. Puts More money back into the well so that small businesses indeed can survive this catastrophic situation that they find themselves in through no fault of their own. Let them keep. Their jobs. Can't be overemphasized enough. Also saying that China indeed indeed has to be held accountable less than transparent. No they lied. They lied for six days after they knew they had trouble on their hands. No surprise and I know this is the stuff of conspiracy theories but not anymore. No surprise that we have ready evidence that this virus now. We're not going to get into the conversation of whether it was released accidentally or it was released intentionally. We don't have enough information to make that decision but isn't it interesting that you have this biomedical research lab in? Wuhan and two years ago government officials here were made aware of the fact that well there protocols there were pretty darn sloppy. There were concerns about the research going on there and the fact that well. Let's just say they weren't as buttoned up that they should as they should have been Perron virus research. I might add. Now we have the evidence That's coming out. That clearly indicates that this was not at this point in time. This was not an intentional. Act Now it was simply mismanagement. It was simply a matter of someone walking out of that facility. Doing research on this novel. Corona virus going to the wet market. And then all hell broke loose. We know what happened from there. Chinese officials knew exactly what the heck was going on but they kept quiet with the help of their water carriers at the World Health Organization. This is they told the World Health Organization. Oh No don't worry about this no this this novel. Corona virus can be transmitted human to human. They were wrong about that and I have to wonder if they knew they were wrong. About that but Senator Cory Gardner very clear in his Certian that China has to be held accountable. They lied. They covered up the information along with the World Health Organization. Aright seven twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. Lots going on camera but think there is a positive reaction in the market as a result of president trump laying out that Three phase plan in order to get America up and running again Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management joins us in just a few seven thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen ten K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi K. ED the ASS. John Thank you so much Via text this morning at three one. Nine nine six That Reopen Colorado Rally To join residents and business owners to rally at the state capital is actually set for Saturday. Or excuse me Sunday Sunday April nineteenth at one P and alright joined by Troy. Coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi News director eight Troy's so Some interesting news This as there is some hope foot as president. Trump introduced that three-phase plan to get America up and running again but the question is where does Colorado fall into that equation. A big part of what the issue is going to be going forward is that we are starting to see groupings of states form in preparation for the quote unquote reopening in that they try are trying to manage on a regional basis and be able to Kind of set a set at Easter. A line of how they'll handle things you've got one. That is taking shape in the northeast. You have one that has of course taken shape along the seaboard in the West with the Oregon Washington California doing so and then one in the upper mid west or on the yesterday of of course Michigan Wisconsin. Those states Colorado finds itself with the only other state To its east that would be a potential Kansas of course New Mexico with cases. But then you get into the states that do not have orders in place in terms of stay at home and have limited cases Wyoming Montana Idaho which has a number of cases but again. You've got differing setups. In Nebraska. A short makes the plans going forward In terms of trying to make a you know in terms of putting forth ideas and how best to handle these situations it puts Colorado really almost on its own in a lot of ways and is that necessarily a negative. I mean if we don't you know if we don't fall into that category as he said we have coalitions of states forming but it seems to me that each state has kind of an entity unto itself one of the things though about being able to be part of that group is a better management of some of the resources that say for example Has Been in short supply such as ventilators because when we do get going again And lit a number of these orders across the region. You're going to see you know the potential again for the the virus do put to the hospital at larger numbers. Exactly and so. How do you manage some of the resources That have been limited and coming from the federal government That are able to manage those among each state. That's near you and be able to really help each other out given that that's kind of been the reliance anyway Throughout this entire thing well and again A Senator Cory Gardner this morning. Talking about the importance of testing and having those test kits readily available by some eleven to pick up a slurpee. So the question is do. We have enough testing to reopen. If that's going to be a huge issue going forward and I think that the governor in alluding to really being era alluding to it and really Being about a five day stretch here. That will tell the story on how we go forward. speaks to that because there is not nearly the testing that is available or intake. Not nearly the testing that has been made available or could be made available at this point really for all of the states to be able to manage The the testing you want to see take place when you do get The stay at home orders knocked off and start to work on trying to get your cells To a point where we restore What is quote unquote normal or at least close to somewhat normal right exactly? Now there are some glimmers of hope in terms of of the the testing in terms of the varying tests. That have gone out and are possible but I don't I don't think that I don't think we're anywhere near unfortunately The number of tests of being available to be able to make this go off though the way that the White House. Maybe hopes better will well. That's going to be an interesting phased or allowed to be sure thirteen ten. Kfi News Director Troy Coverdale. Thanks as always appreciate you on Monday. Sounds like a plan set fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi TAE ROBERTA'S TO UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten KFI K. Eight dot com closing in on seven fifty while the whole sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K the latest on cove in nineteen local news and Sports. Were here with you. Thirteen ten Kfi am thirteen ten K. K. DOT com. So what the heck is see pace and why does it matter Sherry Pipe Doing a great piece of page to complete Colorado. You can find it online at complete COLORADO DOT COM. Had this conversation with Weld County Commissioner Scott Jeans but right Sherry pipe the pullout from public private financing option by the Weld County Board of Commissioners Commissioners has some crying foul some claiming political payback and others. Saying the program. It's just too big of a risk to taxpayers see pace stands for Colorado Commercial Property assessed clean energy program is part of the Colorado New Energy Improvement district which was put into state statute by lawmakers to give taxpayer guaranteed financing to projects utilizing clean energy up to one hundred percent of the cost for commercial and industrial property owners. To which you say okay Gail. That's quite a mouthful. What what exactly does all this mean. Bear with me here. Need as it is known. Covers only the counties in the state the pass resolutions to be included? Thirty of Colorado's sixty four counties currently participate two counties weld and Mesa have opted out now weld in two thousand seventeen initially voted to opt in to the program against the recommendation as a county commissioner. Scott James told us against the recommendation of both its finance director and it's county treasurer. It wasn't until recently that the commissioners changed their mind and decided to pull out well. The decision has some calling foul including Windsor Mayor Christie Melendez. Who asserts that? The decision may have cost Windsor. A one hundred and sixty dollars million sport sixty million dollar sports complex development that has been on the books but has failed to come to fruition for more than a decade. Outta state developers. Were Hoping to borrow twenty million through the program to Jump Start. The development planned for the east side of town. We'll work through it all with Windsor Mayor Christie Melendez when she weighs in at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's eight o'clock. Abc News Thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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April 14, Hr 2  Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

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April 14, Hr 2 Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI well indeed a C. L. Colorado thought they dropped proverbial bomb on Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reams. And yesterday he was more than happy to return the favor turning. Aclu Colorado's hit into little more than a Scud. Seventy eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. F. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local fueled by great western petroleum. This as court documents filed yesterday morning clearly. Show that the Weld County. Sheriff's office was weeks ahead of the curve in its preparation for a possible Cova. Nineteen outbreak in the Weld County. Jail joined this morning by Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reams share frames. Welcome back to the. Show me out again. Gail you bet. I certainly appreciate your taking the time. So this was a twenty eight. Page response Titled the Declaration of Sheriff. Stephen Rene's filed Monday morning in the. Us District Court of Colorado This in response to that lawsuit Liberal levied by the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. Uh take us through it if you can sure. That's actually one of two documents that were sent in yesterday. There's another forty page filing With all the legal the legal arguments for why the ACL's ACLU's lawsuit Basically fall short but in essence they sell you They sound seven different inmates inside of my jail to represent as plaintiffs and they proceeded to Levy lawsuit against me saying that. I was violating the eighth and fourteenth amendments of these individuals by allegedly subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishment because I was keeping them confined in jail where they could be infected with Corona Virus. Because the because of the inability to social distance by more than six feet between every inmate. I mean that's that's summarizing their argument and I think anybody who just heard that goes to jail. Of course you can't social distance in a jail So our response is basically to show all the things that we've done in preparation for and in preventative measures of Corona virus and We find out about eighty four things at the time. We're still making changes in jail and trying to react as best we can to the thing that none of us really knew how to deal with But to this point I mean the the seven plaintiffs against me At this time none of them have tested positive for kronor up the Koran virus showing symptoms in fact. Two of them aren't even in my jail anymore. So you know I. I don't know what else we can do. as a jail we prepare just like the rest of the nation and unfortunately there were some people in my jail. They got sick We provided medical care to those folks and we've treated them accordingly. We've we've taken to the hospital When he needed treatment but my employees were also Impacted BY CORONA virus. So it's it's not like this is a a a virus that discriminates between you know. Good people bad people. Whenever you want to word it I you. You can go to the grocery store and catch corona virus so You know there's I it's just one of those things that once it gets in jail you know it's it's Very difficult to stop. But we've managed to To kind of quarantine every body away from each other and hopefully we've stopped the spread of the of the virus but in in the light of all this You know the ACLU finds an opportunity to file a lawsuit. Exactly was in your estimation your opinion. Was this politically motivated. You know. I don't know what their true motivations were but you know. I'm obviously an outspoken critic of Of what happens the master while there's You know I haven't always been pleased with what we're seeing come out of our legislature or some of the steps that are governors taken and I was pretty I was pretty upset when I saw the The the State Department of Corrections was using corona virus as an excuse to release prisoners. And I just think that that's the wrong thing to do. That's not what's in You know in the interest of public safety. That's not what what a sheriff should be. Doing is advocating for the release of inmates. If we can safely hold them within the walls of our jails and so that was the stance I took and I I. I'm certain that's what drew attention from. Aclu all right so you made these filings. So where does it go from here Well so we filed a timely response. nine o'clock yesterday morning and now the ACLU basically has until about five o'clock this afternoon to To respond yet again to the judge And basically explain why they still have standing for lawsuit You know this is kind of uncharted territory. Because it's not too often that Temporary restraining order attempt at a temporary restraining order an injunction is filed against the sheriff ordering them to release prisoners So we don't really know where to go after five o'clock You know I'm hoping that the judge dismisses the case and gives a summary Judgment and about our business but who knows You know there's. There's still some some work to be done here. But in the meantime we're going to continue to run the jail and we're gonNA continue to try to take care of everybody in there and do the best. We can in a time where none of us really know what the the absolute best method is for preventing the spread of a virus that none of us can predict or see absolutely well said closing in on seven fourteen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings a gale fueled by great western. Petroleum joined by Weld County. Sheriff Steve Rains. I WanNa go back to your comment about the inmates of being released early. And I'm so glad that you brought that up because I pulled a piece out of the Denver Post and the headline says all fifty. Two inmates released early from Colorado prisons as officials try to create space in case of corona virus outbreaks. Hundreds more likely to be paroled early came across something yesterday National News. They're letting prisoners out of jail in Chicago and they are not making that information public. What does that tell you well? It's it's disturbing it best and it tells you that you know. We have a prison system in the United States that is woefully under constructed. There's not enough prison beds to to make prison meaningful so we we sentence people to the the Department of Corrections. But there's really no there's no teeth in it if they don't do the time for the crime they've committed. I mean what keeps them? What gives them a chance to rehabilitate. What what persuades him not to go back into it. And the fact that you know These crisis a crisis like this is used to release prisoners. Anywhere in the country is is problematic in my mind it disrupts the judicial system for sure. Well you know around the manual famously. Said never let a good crisis go to list here. Definitely definitely all right. Well we'll keep tabs on this and I look forward to an update too but Yeah I'm so glad that you took the opportunity to kind of set things straight With the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. It's going to be interesting to see how it all turns out. Thanks for your time. Thank you weld. County Sheriff Steve Reams Seven Fifteen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM is time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen nine or caring hearts h h Dot Com sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey the latest on covert nineteen local news and sports. We're here with you thirteen ten. Kfi In thirteen ten K. K. dot com seven twenty two now thirteen ten K. FDA a thirteen ten K. at a dot com or sweet gale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right got a lot on our plate a lot to share as we are here with you during this cove in nineteen pandemic as we're with you each and every day bottom line is though you wanna stay close if you can. We're going to check in with a thirteen ten. Kfi A news director Troy Coverdale when he joins us this morning around seven. Forty to drill down through the pack that That J B S. Switch me packing plant in Greeley has been closed for at least not being the key phrase there at least a to wait weeks and what all the implications of that are this when Troy cloverdale joins us this morning at seven. Forty also going to check in with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management as we do each and every morning right around seven thirty five talk a little bit about the ongoing Wall Street casino and all the machinations in the market again Keith. Wineman at seven thirty five but just wanted to click back to our conversation this morning with the Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reams who fired back at the Colorado Aco you making the claims that he was quote indifferent close quote To the potential spread of Kobe. Nineteen in his weld county. Jail TURNS OUT NOW. He was ahead of the proverbial curve in terms of taking necessary precautions. But we touched on the fact that fifty two inmates have been released early from Colorado Prisons And of course The justification rationalization for that as well Officials are trying to create space. Where space doesn't exist. I mean jails not known for being spacious right. So all they can do is the best that they can do in terms of combating an outbreak in their jails seems to me the ACLU might be better served if they wanNA make a point. Why don't we take a look at the nursing homes and the assisted living facilities. If you really break down the numbers okay. We'll set New York aside where people it's a density there's just off the charts got people living on top of each other and that's where you see a preponderance of the outbreak when people are in very when they're very close when they're in proximity to one another but if the ACLU wants to make a point other than a political point in my humble opinion is why not take a look at the outbreaks that all of these nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Where you have elder all. That's right I forgot. It's a cultural thing now. Isn't it. Well they're old. They're kind of in God's waiting room and unfortunately it seems as though well there's just a little speculation that we're not getting the true numbers coming out of those nursing homes and assisted living facilities when it comes to the true number of covert nineteen related deaths. But HEY ACLU why don't you pipe up there? Just my opinion how about yours nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten dropped me attack stats three one nine nine six. But oh I digress. So this piece out of the Denver post to buy a lease Schmeltzer fifty to Colorado prisoners granted early release. Never let a good crisis. Go to waste early release last week. Hundreds hundreds more could be eligible. The state's prison system creates more space to better prevent and treat the corona virus now. The release of the inmates is the result of course by that March twenty-fifth executive order by Governor. Jared Polish relaxing policies at the Colorado Department of Corrections Says Weld County. Sheriff Steve Ren- said this morning. You know if if your prison term is meaningless. Well then what do you learn from that experience sorry consequences? The move gave the corrections department. More flexibility to manage the number of people incarcerated. Many of those released will be placed onto parole. The order also allowed Dean Williams correct and Corrections executive director to halt the intake of newly sentenced inmates from county jails Williams in an interview. This past Friday said between stopping intakes and releasing inmates early the prison systems vacancy rate has grown to four percent from one percent so they've gained a three percent vacancy in just a little over a week and Williams says to be quite frank. That's remarkable yeah. I agree with you Mr Williams. That is remarkable but perhaps not for the same reasons that you have but the department will need to release at least ten times that number ten times that number before it can implement a key part of its corona virus prevention strategy. I don't mean to sound heartless. That's not the intent here but once again it just seems as though we are playing fast and loose with Public Safety. Be Interested in your thoughts. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six or go ahead and gold school. Email me Gail G. I l. at thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM now. The department needs to trim five seven hundred inmates off. Its population of approximately seventeen thousand so that it can close close a housing unit and transfer that unit staff to the Vacant Centennial Correctional Facility. South Department hopes to transform the empty prison into a facility. Where new inmates can be quarantined for fourteen days? Okay before transferring to the general population and other locations. So after centennial south is operational department. Yes indeedy do will continue to decrease population so it can better implement social distancing in all prisons. Oh it's a very good time to be a criminal some of the prison's situations right now. Problematic this according to Williams and I'll concede that point it's difficult to achieve social distancing when what the cells are six by eight. I don't know but they're very small. And you've got a group of people in a very limited spacing. I understand that so you do the best. You can with what you've got where possible Williams would like to give. Some inmates individual cells will stay hopeful. It's going to get us to a place where where we have margins to relocate our intake to Canyon city have the margins to advance just a little bit of social distancing and prison which is almost impossible so Keisha wondering the department is able to grant early. Release to inmates through three methods. Placing inmates who are at higher risk of dying from the virus on Special Needs Parole immediately. Paroling those close to their eligibility date and increasing earn time so inmates can reach release date sooner. Hundreds hundreds of inmates are candidates for release under guidelines Created by the department. Many other states have released inmates in response to the corona virus. Yes the dastardly virus that just keeps giving including more than thirty five hundred thirty five hundred prisoners in California at a national level. Us Attorney General. William Bar has urged the early release of inmates at federal prisons as the corona virus spreads seems to me. There's some pretty smart mines out there that they might be able to come up with a much better solution. How `bout you nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten coming up Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management and. I think I think we're going to take a look at what the markets are doing today so stay close burst. Unc Bears Target Game Coverage Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi carrying catch me. Dan Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi Koa. Well follow up to our conversation yesterday with Troy Coverdale. This House of L. Testing had been abruptly halted at the Swift J B s meat packing plant in Greeley Testing Ashley had gotten underway to my understanding. Good Friday continued throughout the weekend. But not all the employees got the memo or the phone calls so we were talking about. Wait a minute. Why isn't continuing? I think we have an answer. Seven forty five now thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten K. F. A. DOT COM or next week. Aol fueled Great Western. Petroleum joined by Troy over del. Thirteen ten KFI news director so we do have an answer now. Don't we troy we do? And it's not a pleasant one in many ways as J B s now shuttered until the twenty fourth and a Weld County Department of Public Health and environment actually was giving them a little bit of a of a benefit of the doubt. If you will and set up the initial health order to allow them to reopen at five o'clock on Wednesday morning if they were able to meet a certain level of cleanliness. I will put it at a number of factors that The health department was going to be looking at and I think J B. Yes at that. Point said there's no way we're going to be able to meet that by Wednesday Do you have any idea at the top of your head. I mean it's a huge facility. Right I do you have any idea. What square footage. They're talking about their no. I do not off the top of my head. No I don't either but it's huge. It's absolutely huge. And what we're seeing. There is what we're seeing other meat packing facilities across the nation the fact that the employees there you talk about the difficulty of social distancing not saying a meat packing plant as a jail of course but just to compare as we talked with. Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reams. This morning was not not not in different To the potential spread of Cove Nineteen in the Weld County jail. Sorry Colorado Aclu. But I DIGRESS. But the bottom line is just as social. Distancing is hard to achieve in a jail very difficult to achieve in any sort of a meat packing facility because you've got employees working shoulder to shoulder this is at best or elbow to elbow again. We get back to something that you and I talked about last week. And that is that facilities are built for efficiencies. They're not built for spaced out Social distancing they're built for efficiencies and in the case of a packing plant As you said shoulder to shoulder that's what is efficient at least in the operating model that those plants utilize and that means that it is a prime location four this virus to move through because of the fact that there is that constant contact taking place every day every shift and so it's no surprise that now we find ourselves in a situation where you especially if if the companies haven't done as much maybe as they should have in trying to stem the tide of because it would affect their efficiencies. It shouldn't be surprised that we have the number of cases we do whether it's here whether it's at at Smithfield in Sioux falls but we talked about yesterday whether it's at the Pennsylvania J. BS plant. I I missed it then to fight it yesterday. Ohio but Pennsylvania that one has been closed down You know these companies are trying to run as best. They can as normal as they can in a time where there is no normalcy. Anything but normalcy. Absolutely right and then on top of that and I didn't realize this but thirty languages spoken at that J B s Meat Packing plant in Greeley which only exacerbates an already difficult situation. And that's something that Weld County Department of Public Health and environment. Executive Director Mark Wallace has always maintained. That's part of the difficulty that we're seeing in weld. County is just a communicating effectively. It is and when you have that many languages at the heart of just one facility part about that is that That cares into that efficiency that we're talking about because then you aren't able to communicate your message. Is well the other thing that I found interesting about this and I can't say that I'm surprised that there was this finding By the health department and I would be interested to see how. Jv S handles this going forward. And that is the Basically the atmosphere of Working while sick that you are expected to work while sick or at least fostering that atmosphere where you feel you have to work while sick because it's going to cause you problems Ah Job right talking back in and and I I'm intrigued by that. That that even is a philosophy or a viewpoint that has been ingrained into the system. Even though there's a pretty solid union in place backing the employees of JD. Yes and how that is going to break down here over. The next few weeks and months is going to be a very interesting watch. I think absolutely because well desperate times desperate measures and certainly. That's what we're seeing. That indeed is the grain philosophy. There that you come to work when you're sick it seems to me in not only during a pandemic but in the aftermath of the pandemic it seems to me that That needs to change. It's going to have to change especially given that. We continue to talk about what the future holds. Once we do get back to being allowed to maneuver at least more than we are now Because of the day at home order and the like They're still that conversation that we're going to see another quote unquote of virus cases that come up over the course of the summer into the fall potentially well if that's the case. J. B. S. can't be going through this again now. I'll tell you what it's just you know we've had this conversation nighttime says well. It's just amazing when you think you've got your arms wrapped around all the ramifications of covert nineteen more domino's continued to fall in terms of its impact on any number of businesses and industries. Indeed our day to day lives. Well prime example. What is neat price going to do coming up here over the next few weeks? Yeah what are we going to at the grocery store in the next couple of weeks as it pertains to both beef and pork because of the closures that have taken place right now absolutely incredible well so glad that we have you on it so that we can have those discussions troy coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi News Director. Thanks as always talk to you tomorrow. Seven fifty two now thirteen ten. Kfi KIA thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen ten K. K. Eight thirteen ten KFI K. Eight icon close again on seven fifty eight the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Get your message out to our community with no co now nine. Am To ten weekdays on KFI K. Just a few short of seven fifty nine there. We go thirteen. Ten K OF K. A thirteen ten K. DOT COM or Newsweek. Al Live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. You know there is no blueprint whatsoever in current psychiatric research for the long term psychological effects of a pandemic now looking at Cova nineteen as a purely physical threat. Health officials have drawn parallels to the Spanish flu. Nineteen seventeen thousand nine hundred eighteen of course an exact correlation well. It's next to impossible more than a century later. This is a different disease and we are a far different society now looking at curve at nineteen as a mental health threat. Some have compared to the days following nine eleven north range behavioral health. There for you as well. We'll check in with Kim Collins Administrative Director there at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley's burst UNC. Bears Targeting Game Coverage Lives on thirteen ten K F K.

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March 25, Hr 1  Relationship expert Sharon Roberts

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

33:26 min | 6 months ago

March 25, Hr 1 Relationship expert Sharon Roberts

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Well Magin that a Senate actually got their act together. Maybe just maybe they were a little concerned about their collective a political future with all the partisan shenanigans that we've seen over this corona virus Stimulus BILL OVER. The past does few days but but they actually got the job done dollar. Yeah actually two trillion of them and of course it's still needs to pass the house six. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM morning. Swick aled live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum this as the White House and Senate leaders reached a breakthrough deal shortly after midnight on a massive and historic two trillion dollar corona virus. Relief package for workers and businesses This of course as we talked about at great length yesterday as All the infants were throwing their toys out of their cribs and yelling and screaming in cattle rolling. Well days of temper tantrums. That had nearly been derailed as well. Nancy Pelosi mounted her broom and flew back into the DC swamp with a host a veritable. Christmas wish list of last minute demands but White House legislative affairs director. Eric Coolant saying last night early this morning. Ladies and gentlemen we are done. We have a deal now. Ulan went on to tell reporters that much of the work on the bill tax has been completed and that he was hopeful over the next several hours that Whatever was left would be finished that it would be circulated early this morning. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the bill amounts to unemployment compensation on steroids. And that every American who has laid off due to cove it nineteen Will have their missed. A salary remunerated that provision will enable companies to stay afloat and immediately. Bring back those employees went. Things are safe once again. President trump of course Talking ABOUT ABOUT EASTER. But is he getting a little bit ahead of his skis? So here's what. We know the unprecedented economic rescue package would give direct payments to most Americans no word of course when those payments would actually start. I've heard As early as early April but once again this entire package is it has passed the house before anything can happen but yeah. Direct payments to most Americans expand unemployment benefits and provide a three hundred sixty seven billion dollar program for small businesses to keep banking payroll while workers are forced to stay at home. Now one of the last two issues to be resolved circled around that Five hundred billion dollars guaranteed subsidized loans to larger industries including a fight over. How generous to be with the airlines given the Democrats wanted them to abide by new carbon emissions restrictions. Hospitals would get Significant help as well some DC insiders as A. Nancy Pelosi actually made the rounds giving up for her laundry list of demands. She actually beat a retreat yesterday From that massive corona virus wishlist green new deal projects immigration measures and the list goes on and on a host pardon the pun of other non virus related changes that she and fellow. Democrats had proposed just hours earlier signaling in several television interviews that our troops would likely accept the deal. They better that will emerge from the Senate while casting her own It was about fourteen hundred pages. Fourteen hundred four page bill with a price tag of two point five trillion. Oh well now. Isn't it funny? How things change on a dime. She referred to this Bill as Moore's marker a marker for future fights over the direction of American priorities on Energie. The workforce elections and Immigration Yadav Law. But yeah basically the move was a face-saving exercise not only by Pelosi but by Schumer and of course crying suck trying to take credit for GOP. Bill that he filibustered for Small Ball Alterations Democrats. The conveniently unnamed source said. Couldn't drag the situation out much longer as a result of economic conditions. That as we're all aware aware have worsened dramatically and well president trump's approval rating has indeed risen. I've seen numbers anywhere between fifty and sixty percent approval ratings for his handling of the Cova de Nineteen crisis. Now McConnell said the Senate will meet again today at noon. Didn't set a time for the boat by rule the procedural vote to begin debate on the package would happen at one. Pm Eastern time This unless unless the Senate scraps that vote and that means there's trouble bruin deal came hours after president. Trump's top economic advisor said an unprecedented at six trillion dollar stimulus plan was imminent including four trillion in liquidity from the Federal Reserve and two trillion in new bunny from the Congress. Then well yeah. Tensions then abruptly ratcheted up back again on Capitol Hill Republican senators. Lindsey Graham Steve Daines taking to the Senate floor and calling for an end to negotiations because his grand put it. Democrats were nickel and diming at a time when people are dying literally dying but interestingly enough if you are watching the markets and yes you need a very strong and sturdy constitution these days to do that but it was. Graham and Danes is late night. Push for that. Immediate vote on a stimulus spell while it came after some of the tensions in Congress had seemingly cooled for the day and Well this send the down. This actually sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its highest point game in its history. We'll get into that with Keith. Wineman presidential management when he joins US at seven thirty five but Republicans said late. Tuesday that Democrats were still seeking those new payouts. That were delaying. Vote on that Final Bill now. Nancy Pelosi is a backed down from her supermarket. Sweep laundry list of a whole bunch of crap. She was trying to stuff into a bill. That's designed to help American. Stay on their feet. You remember. We talked about this yesterday. Her bill included measures to restrict airlines carbon emissions protect illegal immigrants provide for same day voter. Registration Payoff Billions and student loan. Debt encouraged federal agencies to employ minority banks bailout the US Postal Service and yes even fund the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Unlike didn't that that was in there. Hey nance seems to me. Your pockets are pretty deep if you WANNA send some money to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts had meanwhile trump yesterday declared at that corona virus taskforce briefing that the country was nearing quote at the end of our historic battle with the invisible enemy of corona virus. Trump's approvals numbers hitting their highest point ever throughout his administration sixty percent of Americans approving of his Corona Virus. Response efforts how. `Bout you nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at Three one nine nine six then you had the director of the US National Economic Council Larry Cudlow specifically saying that This new corona virus. Bill working its way through. The gridlock would total six trillion four trillion in liquidity from the Federal Reserve. Two TRILLION. In new money typical. If in case you're keeping track. Typical annual appropriations from Congress in ANY GIVEN FISCAL YEAR. Just for comparison purposes are about one point two four trillion with tuttle expenditures. Roughly a four point three trillion could low also said this package will be the single largest main street assistance program in the history of the United States. Yeah but it's got to pass the House I. What do you think's going to happen? I think that Tar Congress critters are going to tow the line on this one because there's so much at stake could be wrong hope. I'm not six seventeen now. Thirteen ten K of K a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com. Got A lot. Coming your way yet this morning but this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seventy three seventy eight fourteen nine or caring hearts H H dot com coming up in the best of our community segment Greeley Company steps up to ramp up the production of face shields to help in the fight against Kobe. Nineteen all sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten KFI K. It's always your turn to comment text. Kfi K. Eight two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now. Thirteen ten. Kfi K yeah. We will get through this. Stay calm and basically lean into the new normal because unfortunately we have no choice. Six Twenty six now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM mornings list. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum in our best of the community segment powered by PD energy. Greeley based at Genesis. Plastic technology is ramping up their production of face shields To aid in the battle of the invisible enemy of course a coveted nineteen Pulled this out of Biz West as Colorado mobilizes more and more resources to arrest the spread of cove it nineteen including Shelter in place orders That when went into effect just yesterday for Boulder and Denver. Yup a Greeley company is preparing to produce millions of FE shields for medical professionals in the state genesis plastics technologies which has manufactured medical equipment for more than fifty years and has about forty employees is mobilising hands on deck as it ramps up to produce as many as fifty to sixty thousand face shields for frontline medical personnel per day. This according to sales manager Jake comber the shields covered the entire face. And they're designed to be worn over a mask and safety goggles. They can protect parts of the face. That aren't covered by a mask or a respirator. Now comber said that genesis was approached March eighteenth by a client to join a task force created by Colorado Governor Jerry. Police to redirect manufacturing in the state toward medical equipment needed to fight covet nineteen when genesis joined the task force comer said it already had the raw materials on hand to manufacture face shields acquiring those raw materials is becoming a more difficulty added as the Corona virus disrupts parts parts of the supply chains. Now so far. Genesis has made about sixty face shields. The shields have two components a ring that goes around the wearer's head and the shield itself. The shields are made from plastic using a di- a special Specialized manufacturer cutting tool customized to the object. It's designed to create commerce. Said that with that die. Genesis can indeed make five to six thousand shields per hour. Ring is made of polymer right now. It has to be Three D. printed a process that takes about an hour per rain to help speed up the process. Genesis working with about a dozen other companies and private individuals who have lent their three. D. Printers to the effort now comber said the state asked Genesis for one million shields if Colorado develop surplus the shields may be sent to aid medical professionals in other states but comber at Genesis plastic technologies said that of course Colorado is their top priority. The logistics of how shields will be delivered and well the where they will be stored while all that still being worked out but right now the priority is making the shields as quickly as possible for a medical workforce that is already undersupplied said comber from our side. It was how quick can we show? There's a viable product here. And how do we help the people of Colorado in our best of the Community Segment Kudos? To General Genesis. Plastic technologies for getting the job. Done six twenty nine now. Thirteen ten K of K A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. Need us. Say as you're well aware we're spending so much more time than ever before with our kids our partners our families well and this as a result of Stay at home orders working from home kids home from school. Well that's become the new normal. As health officials in the government are locking down essentially to help stop the spread of Covet. Nineteen and all that togetherness. Well it can take a toll on your mental health. So asking the question. How do you keep the kids engaged? And busy and stay sane as we literally regroup at home relationship expert Sharon Roberts with relationships. I has some tips when she joins US AT SIX THIRTY PIPE. Thirteen ten KFI Koa preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage Dan. Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for news. Sports talk thirteen ten. Kfi K now back to mornings with Kale and six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI K. DOT COM l live local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as a families are being forced to self quarantine. Spend a whole lot more time together. Hang out with each other rather than Finding the Distractions in activities like going to the theaters and sporting events This kids are home from school. Maybe you're working from home and those Stay at home. Orders are becoming more prevalent as we saw them issued yesterday in Denver and Boulder so how to cope with all that togetherness Sharon Roberts is a relationship expert with relationships. I this is an organization dedicated to helping people go from conflict to connection Sharon. Thanks so much for taking the time. Welcome to the show her much. Good Morning Good morning and I hope you and yours are well. So here's the thing I used to have this number lodged in my brain but unfortunately it's gone m. i. a. but when you look at the dynamic of the family Usually the kids are in school. And you know the parent Sir at work and you gather around the dinner table hopefully sands electronic devices and you know the spend a little time together. Well all of a sudden we're together twenty four seven and while it's a good thing it Has the potential to be well not exactly a brady bunch experience? So how do we cope with all of this togetherness I mean? Sure we love each other but Well we're just not used to it. That's very true. We're not used to it. I mean we. This is completely unprecedented with most of us have never most of us are changing our routines. And we've never faced danger gone through the day exactly like we are right now. Yeah and typically we spend more time with our co workers than we do with our own families. Yeah a lot of people do and you know even for the people who are still going to work there still high stress. You know a lot of people at work in some some people are still leading the house for for the essential businesses. But whichever one you are you've still got the financial concerns and the health concerns and the changed your teams and you know the you know getting through. It could be very different. You know people. Let's not forget the the worries about toilet paper. That sounds it's causing exactly. I mean there. There's all these things on people's minds that like in addition to hey. I'm learning things about you. I never knew before because for a lot of people I never spent all day with you before on top of there's all these underlying fears and Oh my gosh. I have no idea how to talk about all this stuff. And there's one person often in a lot of houses. There's one person to get to talk to this about. And what if they don't respond exactly the way that you wanted them to and then everything far and I think that's another thing that we all need to keep in mind that we need to somehow Adapt to the new normal. I mean it's amazing. How in the past Ten twelve days our life has changed considerably significantly as you just noted on just about every single level imaginable and we have to kind of learn to pace ourselves mentally and emotionally and because we're all trying to cope with everything that's going on but you also have to. I don't know execute the governor in your own brain and I don't mean not the way it signs but you need to Not Become overwhelmingly needy because guess what your family's feeling the same way. Oh that's cool. I haven't heard anybody articulated just like that. I really liked that a lot while. I'm glad that made some sense. Because I think that it's kind of leaking out to all sides and we could be construed as being a little bit overly emotional these days and as far as relationships go if your relationship is in twelve all that it could be that could be magnified in this situation right. Yes I think that's a lot of what's happening is things are being magnified. The maybe before you distract yourself with something night can't and we. I work for A organization called relationships. I and our sounder was when they got started a while back they ask himself the question. Why do couple fights and they found out that it is what they call the objection to different and that means we handle things differently and then we have a hard time with the fact that other people handle things differently and it could be something as simple as you know somebody wants a rotted info. They want to know what's going on in the news and they wanna hear all the national addresses and they want as much information as possible about rotavirus and the other person might be like. Oh my gosh please turn it off. I can't take it anymore. You know. There's there's different preferences. And then they become this huge thing because of the difference well and I think expectations I mean I've heard it said that Expectations are only future disappointments or more imminent disappointments. And I think part of the problem is is that you know if we find ourselves in that pressure cooker crisis mode where our emotions are getting away from us and we're looking for support from our significant other and we're not getting and it's like hey you're not doing it right but on that note. I'd love to give people some encouragement so we teach A process that we call safe conversation. Rogue is a structured way for people to talk and listen to each other that help them connect and so just a real quick overview of how that goes so. There's there's three so I say to mirror the other person so when someone tells you something instead of coming back with you know whatever you thought about when they told you the repeat back what they said they. Okay let me see if I got that And just when people feel heard when someone says let me see if I got that and repeat what they said. It often calm people down just to know that they were hurt. And they don't have to keep fighting to be heard essentially instead of lashing out with you and everything that comes next essentially. It's active listening and validating that. Yes your message was received okay so you said validate and that is actually step to. Yeah yes exactly and a big thing that we say that you know. Validating does not mean you are agreeing with the other person. That's hard for people. Sometimes they're like that. I don't agree with what they said. I WANNA give my own point of view is way to get to validate does not mean you have to agree with them to validate immune view your understanding their point of view. And it simply means you say that makes sense you know. Maybe they've got a different fear from you in this whole thing and whenever they tell you what that is this okay that makes sense even wasn't really makes sense to you except right now that it is it it could make sense to you that it's bad their situation maybe their perspective or their personality or the way they're wired like chances are like it can make sense to you that that's where they are coming from that doesn't mean that's where you're coming from right but it gives you a place from which to build yes exactly and so then the building part we would say step three is the emphasizing where you can say okay. I can imagine you know that coming from either. Your work environment to you know. Working in the living room without a door has a small child running around really hard. And you know and then that can lead you into especially of you know. What can we do about this? Why is this hard? How you guys feeling and and you know we we always say it's not a secret that people have heard you know. Hey you've gotTA communicate But many of us I think have lost that ability to communicate effectively face to face. It's too and it's on and that the hope there is at relationships skills can be learned a lot of times we rely on what comes naturally think that interacting with other people should just be this natural thing But that's a that's another thing that a phone from our founders. Dr Harvey Hendrickson Dr Helen. Lee Kelly Hunt. They say they were there a breakthrough the neuroscience and the nineties that that we learned that we can actually change our brains. The weekend. Brian Kelly program and we can You know when we have conversations and we can help each other feel safe then the fight or flight response that was going into the brain can calm down and move into that solution oriented part where we're actually engaging with each other in a safe way and so if we pay attention to not immediately go into fighter flight okay wait. I want I hear you. I hear you talk about that. I see where you're coming from like that. Can that can literally reprogram your brain to calm down and be productive instead of just fighter flight. Sherline Roberts is a relationship expert With relationships I again organization dedicated to helping people go from conflict to connection. It's kind of ironic Talking about the fact that we're finding ourselves you know socially distancing where isolating were told to stay at home shelter at home where quarantine essentially but at some point do even have to further. Remove ourselves from a Potentially well hair on fire situation if we're overwhelmed do we. Is that the time to call for a timeout for yourself. And maybe just isolate yourself from everything that's going on you know self care is very important as far as you know having a moment to take care of yourself and if you're all in one house you know sometimes you just have to go could be the garage could be the closet like these days like. Just go find somebody. You can breathe. I can still go outside to the she shed. I'm not sure I don't want anyone to forget. You can go outside and you know if if it's a nice day hopefully you know. Please please go outside. And take a break Yeah we're we're we're definitely not recommending isolate yourself like it's okay to breathe and to ground yourself but you do want to enter into the relationships that you have because actually healthy relationships can boost your immune system. That's a fun one. Yeah like they really healthy relationships when you engage in ways then and the neuro chemicals that are released your brain chemicals releasing your body can actually do your immune system that we do actually need that in these times so you don't want to just go hunker down by yourself. You do. Relationships are worth investing in. You do want to move toward those relationships because overall that's going to be the hope in this whole thing absolutely hander boy. I'll tell you what we have ample opportunity. It's kind of like getting to know you. That's what it's all about these days and share and I can't thank you enough for these tips because I'll tell you what it's it's hard enough with everything that's going on relative to cove at nineteen with all the uncertainty in the concerns and the fears and what we have to embrace as our new normal so certainly helps to know that you know. It's okay if you're feeling a little off balance but Basically rely on those important relationships in your life but not much Sharon. Where can we find? where can we find out more about relationships? I face conversations dot com certainly did enjoyed this conversation as well. Thanks for your time your insights and perspectives. Thank you so much be. Well take care six fifty now thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. BARBADOS TO UNC. Bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi for more on KFI programs podcast sports schedule in news goto thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. dot com now Vakhtang mornings with Kale Sixty five thirteen ten K of k a thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local fueled by great western petroleum. Pardon me I'm noodling around on my text messages here Keith Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management the Best Day in eighty seven years yesterday in. The market's pretty tough act to follow. Wouldn't you agree? So what are the markets a doing this morning? We'll check in with Keith. Wineman Presidential Wealth Management when he joins US right around seven thirty five. Thomas cranny witter founder and president of a speak easy ideas and of course our fearless leader. Of vino Veritas for Collins monthly. Get together in which we explore the federalist papers which by the way convened virtually last night. Well he's sent out an email March twentieth this past Friday and it was an eerily prophetic email as well. Here's what he said. Dear Fellow Colorado once I predict our state. Government is soon to command the closing thousands of additional. Colorado businesses not partially but altogether coupled with the euphemistic executive order to shelter in place that order by the way Did take effect in Pitkin County Boulder And Denver just yesterday effectively criminalizing continued Thomas crandall witter and this email leaving once home for any productive purpose without government issued permission papers in hand on Friday March twentieth said. I hope I'm proven wrong. I worry I will. Not No he called it. Didn't he. Tom's grand winter Founder President of speakeasy ideas weighs in on the implications when he joins us at seven. Oh five while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Public Health confirms what we already know. The virus is indeed here this as a number. The number of cases in Weld County has grown to eighty four and Cova da Ra cove nineteen related issues has claimed a third life in Weld County. All right stay. Call take a breath. Stop Hoarding we'll get through this. But we've got the details coming your way in just a few but looking forward to our conversation this morning With Thomas krant wetter. Who sat out that Well kind of predictive email last Friday as to what was a head himself. What's ahead in the new normal? Dr Thomas Cranham Winter. Founder President of speakeasy ideas joins us in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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March 25, Hr 2  Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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March 25, Hr 2 Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Yeah not so much. These days as Cova de Nineteen unfortunately has pretty much stopped us in our tracks if not significantly slowing our role Had Mayor Michael Hancock ordering residents of Denver to stay home except for essential travel and limited outdoor exercise? Did this on Monday. The order Kicked in yesterday at five PM continues through April tenth unless extended. Hancock said. This isn't a recommendation anymore. If you're sick stay home. If you're not sick stay home seven. Oh eight now. Thirteen ten K K. A thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM or. He's with Gail. Fueled by Great Western. Petroleum joined by Tom Christina. Witter Dr Thomas Cranny Witter Founder. President of speakeasy ideas also are prognosticator in chief as I mentioned before the top of the hour Basically sending out an e Mail on the twentieth and Tom. You saw this coming didn't you? I heard you know Gail I always look forward to being on your show and talking with you. What and typically I say. Good morning but I'm not going to this morning. I'm sitting here sipping my coffee reading the headlines about what our Congress did in in the middle of the night and and I've been crunching a few numbers and with this one spending bill. There's one stimulus bill. They just passed it. They are committing to spend more of our money unless be real clear. Every check that gets sent out is a debt that you have to pay. I have to pay all of our listeners. Right now have to pay or our children or a ranch children. This is that that we have to pay. Is this one bill. Our government is spending more than the entirety of the new deal in the nineteen thirties in the nineteen forties. And the new deal. No small thing and the new deal made the economic crisis of the Great Depression much deeper much longer. Much worse for everybody than it needed to be. An our government is doing the exact same thing all over again. Let me ask you a question to play. Devil's advocate here. Okay just because well. It's kind of what I do. What else at this point in time could the government do now? I understand our concerns. I share your concerns about the the. Here's the bottom line. The only thing Congress critters can agree on Republican. Democrat is spending our money like drunken sailors but what about the millions of Americans that are really facing some pretty hard times? Yeah so okay several things I mean we are in A. We're in a very peculiar strange situation right now because because I mean we're we're facing. I want to be real clear I I. I don't want to sound like I don't care about the corona virus because I do I. I don't want to get it. I don't want you know my loved ones to get it. It's a nasty little bug and I'm not downplaying it at all. It's not the only danger we face out there. They're all all kinds of other dangers including total economic collapse. Total personal financial destruction when people start losing their jobs. Losing their homes. Unable to buy the essentials of life they're gonNA find themselves confronted with with immediate threats to their health and their safety no less real than than this virus floating around. So so what else could be done? Well what's the cause of this economic crisis? It's not the virus. The virus has not caused businesses to shut down government policies government. Eds government executive order is what shutting down entire industries entire entire states in some cases So the first thing that has to happen to say look if if you want to be productive and and you're feeling good and you WANNA take measures to protect yourself then by all means you should be free your human being to be productive to do the kinds of things that you wanna do one of one of the singular great problems we have right now is productivity in. This country is coming to a grinding halt. And I'm reminding people you know. Government can send a stimulus checks. And what are you gonNA spend the stimulus checks on if there's nothing in the stores it's the things that you need to live are not being produced and and some people might think well. That's just exaggeration. When no it's not when you start shutting down thousands of businesses across the country Who's going to be producing all of the things that we need for life? So so the one thing we could one thing government can do to stop this insanity of controlling people and stopping productivity happens. I'm sure you've seen the videos coming out of Miami in the spring breakers and it's like party like it's nineteen ninety nine the boats up on the sand bars. Don't we bear some personal responsibility in the action? That government has taken because so many are taken seriously well at the same time I went to my office pulled up the big house right across the street and I saw a couple of guys up on the roof fixing the roof. Right they were they were. They were doing roofing repair good to see some people doing something productive right and they were up there and they had protective. They had masks and face shields on they had gloves on They weren't right next to each other in other words right those guys clearly. They're thinking well. I have worked to be done. I need to do and I don't want to get sick. I don't want to get this virus going to take some measures to protect myself and I think human beings should be free to make that choice What kind of risks they WANNA take. If you're if you're a high risk category if you're among the elderly or you have respiratory problems. I mean by all means take extra precautions. Stay inside stay away from anywhere where you think you might get sick with it. What I'm trying to emphasize is In in the study of economics. There's a there's a critically important concept Of all other things being equal right when you are faced with a choice. A or B. Look the choices are get the corona virus or don't get to the current virus and all other things remain equal. Everything else in your life is the same. Then it's a really easy choice. We do not get the corona virus if everything else remains the same. The problem is everything else is not remaining the same we. We are cutting down everything so the question. What if someone said instead of? Do you want the virus or do you not want to virus? What did they said Risk getting the virus or total personal destruction. Lose everything you have well in. If those were the options I suspect large numbers of people would say you know. I might risk getting the virus That I don't experience. Total personal financial destruction. A big part about the the with with regard to the federal government. Our federal government has been spending our money so recklessly not merely for years but for decades very first thing they should have done rather than looking for new ways to spend it on. Stop spending it on the wasteful ways. They've been doing in the past. Stop spending sending all of our money around the world to other countries stop spending our money hiring literally millions of unelected bureaucrats who are unconstitutional regulatory agencies that come and harass us about how we run our businesses in how we use our property. There's all kinds of that. The government could have done to repeal abolish. Get rid of the weight of government. That's already pressing down on us I'm sure your listeners are familiar by now. Many of the story we have been tire. Warehouses sitting there full of medical supplies that they cannot get shipped to the hospitals. That need them because there aren't enough. Fda inspectors to come out and look at these are trusted medical suppliers. Just ship the stuff. Yeah it's necessary step in a process. I mean you know desperate times desperate measures we. I was reading an interview recently said the federal I believe is the Federal Department of Transportation. They have all these Regulations about truck drivers and you know how many hours truck drivers can drive. And there's all this stuff and they're suspending because they need certain things to be shipped in that requires people to drive trucks arrange transport. These are unprecedented in one of the bureaucrats was saying you know he said it's still it is possible. Some of these drivers might drive much and they might get tired and they might have a wreck and we're hoping that won't happen because we think these drivers are going to use their best judgment right in and practice Driving safely Because they don't want to get an accidents and I'm thinking well that's true. Then why do we have regulations at all where the that's what he said is true? Not only during a pandemic. It's true all the time and so what I would point I would. I would love to see government lift some weights off of US rather than create a whole new series of weight debt. And I promise you we're GONNA see. The debt is going to include the creation of entirely new bureaucratic offices and agencies to oversee all the spending and all the regulations and Streams. Come come attached to this money. Now you set up a interesting paradigm Dr Thomas Cranmer. Whittier President Founders. Speakeasy ideas seven eighteen. Now basically when you pose that question and I was watching Texas's Republican Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick last night on Fox says saying that he and other grandparents would be willing to risk their health and even lives in order for the United States to get back to work so you set up an interesting paradigm. Would you rather run the risk of getting Cova? Nineteen keeping in mind that what eighty five percent of the cases are exceedingly mild to and You may even be a or or would you rather just careen into personal economic destruction but I wanNA get back to that freedom to make that choice right. Here's well in view when yes I agree. We are all free to make the choice to be responsible. We know that nineteen There's a lot we don't know about it. But we do know that it's highly contagious. Okay so we have to make that choice to do the responsible thing and you know the Litany. You know the drill Wash your hands. If you're sick. Stay home and the list goes on and on. But what happens if you don't make a responsible choice given the fact that Cova nineteen is so highly contagious. I mean don't our rights and my rights and your rights begin well so so. Here's the thing that point. I want to emphasize this. Not One of US nobody has a right to infect other people. I don't have a right to become a carrier of some terrible virus and forcefully infect you or anyone else who wants to be a thirty percent are and so you know I'll give you an example My parents are not young people and neither of them are in great health. They live in a part of the country. Where there's been very little corona virus I live in Denver Colorado where more cases and so we talked on the phone. I was supposed to go see the last weekend and you know we did we. We we used our reason and we came to an agreement. I'm going to wait to go visit them until all this settles down because I don't want to risk infecting them even though I feel fine. I don't think I'm sick. I don't know I don't know if I if I you may be a symptomatic so you don't want to expose them to the possibility that that's absolutely right. The other thing I've been pointing out you know I don't know if you remember there was. There's this fun movie. I think it was in the early nineties. It had Have Rene Russo and Dustin Hoffman? And I I think the titles outbreak and it was about a really serious pandemic was a fictional movie and in the movie the fictional virus was such that. If you the moment you breathed it in it started melting your skin and you know and you died this horrible death looking within minutes. That's right yeah I think it was just like a horror movie right point. That's not the rotavirus. That's not what we're dealing with. We're dealing with something very different. We're dealing with something where a lot of people can be exposed to it. And and and write their symptoms. Aren't that bad. They're going to recover other people. It's different we just don't know and there's they're in is the source of individual responsibility. You make the choice How much how many steps you WANNA take to protect yourself and preserve your health And along the way we ought not forget that that the economic crisis as the economic costs are just as real devastating I am. I'm genuinely scared what's going happen. All these people losing their jobs and very quickly. They're not going to be able to pay the rent. Paid their mortgage. They're gonNA find themselves being kicked out of their homes That is a public health crisis justice serious arguably more serious than the corona virus itself. Absolutely I wish we could resolve this this morning by the way Thank you for the virtual installment. Last night p known Veritas Fort Collins Carson exploration of the federalist Papers Missing Ya. I missed your wonderful toasting you. Do you know these. Nobody's doing this. Great program that injured Baker Tiles three wells. As of yesterday we have three more meetings. We have two more now and as I said in that so did a little recording and we sent it out what we're supposed to talk about together and I mentioned in there. I said I can't even look to the next to. I don't know what we're GONNA do because I don't know what's going to be open. I don't know what available right. Yeah unfortunately uncertainty the name of the game. Well let's continue the conversation. Dr Thomas Cranham. Later President and founder a speakeasy ideas certainly enjoyed it. Where can we learn more about speakeasy ideas best places? Stop by our website. Speakeasy IDEAS DOT COM speakeasy ideas dot com also Not by our facebook page. Do a quick search for speakeasy ideas. You'll find a robust conversation going on there like it. Follow it and stay up to date with everything speakeasy ideas. Thank you sir as always for your insights perspective certainly do appreciate it be. Well thank you gail. Thank you for all you do. Especially in a moment like this right now you. You're really important to work that you do thank you. I appreciate that seven twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey catch me Dan. Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi Koa all right. Take a breath become. Let's put this into perspective. Piece out of the Greeley by Trevor Read. The viruses here weld health not naming towns and cities with cases because the virus is so widespread this as the number of cases in Weld County has risen to eighty four The Third Cova nineteen related. Deaths reported in weld some forty-six now thirteen ten. Kfi May joined by TRA Kover Dale Thirteen ten KFI Koa news director morning Troy. Good Morning Gail you know it's interesting because I think we do have to maintain a sense of calm an perspective here because Well County The public health officials public health officials around the state around the country have said Yeah It's GONNA get worse before it gets better so we shouldn't be surprised that we're seeing more positives right absolutely at a big part of that is because we're seeing increased testing that for all of our discussions about well such and such tests here or in another place. We're seeing increased testing now because the the tests gets are being made more available and as we continue to see this develop. Additional ways of testing are being developed as well so those numbers are going to continue to climb no matter what plays out Or no matter what. The spread of the virus has been just from the aspect that more people are getting tested. That's going to skew those numbers constantly. Oh absolutely and I know this might sound kind of convoluted but given the fact that we have numbers doesn't really make things any different than they were yesterday or perhaps You know ten days ago. All we're doing is recognizing that yes. The virus is spreading but once again it doesn't change the fact that the virus as well health sing is here. We're such a knee jerk now. Has It. Well I'm looking at it another way. I am trying to figure out the best way to put this. But as humans we like quantitative evidence brainers like quantitative evidence and the numbers are that evidence to us and fortunately they could be you know as we said they're going to be skewed in this situation because of the the multiple variables that have played out thus far in the spread of the virus There's there's something about us as humans trying to take comfort in having numbers to to give us information and yet they're not always the most accurate way to do it see. I think we're coming to the same conclusion hair because that was my points and I don't know if I articulated appropriately but yeah we like numbers. We understand numbers but in this particular situation Those numbers could cause a little bit more anxiety than is warranted. Because nothing's changed since yesterday. You know what I'm saying point. Yeah I mean the virus was here yesterday. It's here today and we've been told to expect it so again. It's all a matter of just putting things into perspective really the the number that you could look at that probably would be the one That that is the most quantitative and the one that does change day to day and should concern. You is the number of people that are going into ers. Yes and the number of people that wind up hospitalized because of it and again for multiple reasons we don't know all of those numbers nationwide We that some of them in the in the breakdowns but for the most part We don't know how severe any of the cases are we don't know how how long people are in or out depending on again their their individual situation but those are the numbers that we should be concerned with the most going forward rather than just the confirmed cases because not everybody winds up in the hospital from the right. I mean you know anywhere from eighty to eighty five percent Maybe as symptomatic or just have very very mild symptoms and You know I'm trying to look at the positives Hopefully that leads to herd immunity so that this time next year. We're talking about this in similar fashion. Inform as we do the flu. Let me give you a hard example of what you're talking about. When it comes to the symptomatic were the lesser cases of this a professor at my Alma Mater. Kansas state in the school of journalism and mass comm and his family had been in England part of a study abroad situation for this semester. And when they got back from that trip all six of them were suffering from the varying Symptoms of it. Five of them are okay but Andrew happens to be in the hospital. Hyper ahead because and on a respirator and fighting if you want years old so you know a younger case than you than than what? We've we're to believe but in the grand scheme of things okay. You're talking one out of the six other five suffered community the food like symptoms and the other variables that are there But he's the one that winds up with the most of your case out of it. My heart breaks to hear that. I'm I'm my condolences. My I mean my heart goes out to you troy because when it hits really close to home yeah exactly. Yeah that's numbers. Go out the window right because it becomes very very personal. Does he have underlying health conditions? No no no. And that's part of the supplies of their hate in the case of this family and and you know they they will tell you what front they while they understood what the what the symptoms were and the like. They never expected that this was going to be a fight that they would be involved in Definitely well I certainly hope for his recovery. There's been some pretty miraculous Cases I believe you and I actually talked about one of them. but Yeah so I hope that he's able to beat it. Yep and it sounds like he's doing all right but you know it's it's little by little that statement just like just like any other thing then. We talk about trek over down thirteen ten K. K. News Director. Thank you so much so appreciate All your updates and just keeping us up to speed not a problem Gail. I do want to mention before we sign off Larimer County. Today is holding drive for personal protective equipment you've heard all of the discussions about PT and and the lack of the face masks and the like that have been available. Larimer County is holding the drive today between eight and five at varying locations if you visit the link on our website for the Larimer Department of Public Health and environment. You'll find the information there. Try thanks so much great work. Thank you go preceded. Seven fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen. Kpfk a thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com seven fifty six bass. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Business is good Samaritans entertainers. We want to hear from you on no cone now nine. Am To ten am on thirteen ten. Kfi maybe you're working from home. Kids her home from school. Sadly maybe as a result of orders not only from Denver Mayor Hancock but also governor. Police maybe right now. You're sitting there going. I one wonder when I can get back to work. Now as a pull us has suspended. All non-essential medical procedures in Colorado extending the restaurant and bar closure To April thirtieth along with the closure of hair salons tattoo shops much size polars nail salons and spas. Well you might be asking yourself the question. Well maybe had an upcoming appointment. And how do you determine if it is Still on because again Governor police saying this includes all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures while when it comes to maintaining your dental health that is so very important particularly when we're talking about The spread of covert nineteen. How can I make that connection because your dental health determines so much else that goes on in your body? We're going to check in with the doctor. A bit. Buddy Benson who will differentiate between elective and getting in to see the Dennis at integrated dental. Kfi Greeley or all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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August 31, Hr 2  Local news roundup and Vail

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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August 31, Hr 2 Local news roundup and Vail

"This mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's Voice Thirteen Ten Kfi Aka. In, our local news roundup, Greeley Evans district six is going to offer free corona virus testing for a symptomatic staff seven ten now thirteen ten. KFI. A thirteen, ten KFI DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the auto collision specialist studios working for peace and you've heard this in our news today as well. This piece by an Delaney, in the Greeley trip Greeley Evans School district six will host free nasal Swab drive-thru Coronas testing corona virus testing in September. For employees who are not experiencing covid nineteen symptoms, but well, just WANNA. Know for sure if they've contracted the virus, the tests will be conducted September eighth eleventh. The twenty second and the twenty four at the District Six stadium and at the district six, a service center district six, eight stadiums on the campus of northridge high. School this is at one hundred seventy first avenue in Greeley, the district service center includes the Nutrition Department twenty five eight, Fourth Avenue. Now I've got rather lengthy scheduled here and we might be getting a little bit into the weeds but go ahead and share it anyway, and you can. You can find all the information of course on the district six website online easy enough to find but September eighth. And September eleventh at District Six stadium the schedule is pretty much the same There will be two sessions of testing from six thirty to eight thirty am and again, from three to five PM at the service center of September eighth and the eleventh at District Six Stadium and the Service Center September twenty second from three to five PM at the district. Six Service Center September twenty fourth six, thirty to eight thirty am again at a district six stadium and as previously mentioned, you could get all that. Right in front of you simply by going to the district six website this at. Greeley schools dot org forward slash covid nineteen testing where you can also sign up staff who go for a test are asked to bring their insurance card newly benefited employees can download the AETNA health APP for their insurance identification information. Now, important to keep in mind walk INS WILL NOT BE. Accepted The testing is actually a partnership among district six banner health at NHA The district's insurance provider and flood and Peterson. This is the districts insurance broker testings being held at the rest of the Greeley Education. Association. the Union representative for approximately seven hundred districts, six staff and teachers. It's one test on one day. This according to a statement by district six chief of communication COMMUNICATIONS THERESA MYERS IT means they're not testing positive for covert day. It will give them a piece of mind a feeling of a piece of mine she said, she hopes the district recommends staff or teachers who are showing symptoms of the virus to contact, of course, their primary care provider or banner urgent care. Greeley Education Association President Andy Lee said just this past. Friday. The Union has been working with district six administrative leaders to arrange this testing. Lee said testing is important part of schools continuing to remain open and functioning during the pandemic and for her part. She's glad that district sex has taking a quote proactive approach close quote to the issue Lee went on say we think it's really important and part of that is one of the ways we can stay healthy or at least part of that. Is One of the ways that we can stay healthy is to know who needs to quarantine and who doesn't when you have symptoms. It's very obvious and it's different when you're not symptomatic and this way allows people that peace of mind. Lee said, the testing system is the same as the process offered for district employees flu shots. Flu shot still tantamount importance. Of course, we can't let that fall by the wayside during a time of covid Nineteen San. She also said she has no idea of how many of the Union members might take advantage of the opportunity to be tested but Lee went on to say I'm glad they're doing it and I hope they offer this periodically in the future in such an uncertain time. Everyone's comfort level matters, right? And we've talked about the fact that many teachers particularly those of well as I'm fond of saying certain vintage, perhaps those who have underlying medical conditions that make them more vulnerable vulnerable to covid nineteen. Many of them voiced their concerns about getting back into the classrooms even younger healthier teacher said. And I think in time of just so much. Infusion. and. So many competing narratives when it comes to Covid, nineteen? That we need to keep everyone's. Comfort level in mind how about you? Nine seven, three, five, three, thirteen, eight, seven, seven, five, three, thirteen, ten, drop me a text on thirteen ten, Kfi a text line at three one, nine, nine, six, seven, fifteen, now thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten KFI. Dot. com this time check sponsored by candlelight dinner playhouse in Johnstown where the curtain will rise again September thirteenth with always Patsy cline candlelight dinner playhouse Broadway in your backyard visit Colorado candlelight dot com for tickets and so information. Patrick. The whole show in Collin cowherd or a northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K for more on K. ABC AA programs podcast. Sports. Scheduling News Goto Thirteen Ten K. A. K. A. dot com now back to mornings with Kale. Pretty much what Colorado's top court had to say in response to that lawsuit filed by Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, and activists of Michelle Malkin. This relative to Governor's mask order. I didn't a whole lot of time. In fact I think I, spent absolutely zero Zip Zilch time talking about this when news broke that this lawsuit had been filed because. I don't know something. told me. It wasn't going to get very far seven, twenty, four now thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings we hail from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios Worrying Peace Out of the Denver Post by John Agwu, lar-, an attempt by to Colorado, conservatives to get the state. Supreme Court to strike down that statewide mask order and other executive actions taken by Governor Jared Paulus to slow the spread of. The Corona virus hit a roadblock Friday. Roadblock, when the court declined to take up the case. I'd say that's more than a roadblock detour around that I mean. Courts has basically said we ain't playing. Again Colorado House Minority leader, Patrick Neville Castle, Rock Republican, and Activists Michelle Malkin filed their lawsuit against the governor late Wednesday on Friday a spokesperson for the Supreme Court. tweeted that justices would not give the orders a review. Well, that's how we communicate all of those important things that we need to know these days. Right? We tweet Neville and Malkin asserted in their suit that the Colorado Disaster Emergency Act which does give governor expanded powers in emergency is unconstitutional. What are the limits though of that? And violates the requirement that laws be passed by the state legislature. Among the orders they cited in their lawsuit was polices July sixteenth directive that Colorado and where mass in public. I just do it to avoid the side and. Actually to support local businesses. Because again as Governor Paulus, put this into fact, he put the onus on the poor business owners if they haven't been hurt enough by the initial quarantine in lockdown phased reopening of the economy now they have to enforce those masks orders in their places of business at the risk of losing their licenses. Thanks coming or pulse. They also assorted that are asserted. That more than three dozen other executive orders by police the Colorado Department of public. Health and environment and the El Paso and Denver public. Health departments are unconstitutional because as they cert- it, they violated the separation of powers in state government now, the plaintiffs. Said before filing the suit, they would take it to a Denver Court if the State Supreme Court declined to hear it. State Supreme. Court? Yup? Did just that. I don't think we've seen the end of this. Have you I mean governor Jerry polls has admitted on numerous occasions. That these executive orders. Are By the very nature in this scenario unenforceable. So, wonder why are state supremes declined to hear this case? You have any thoughts on that nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, drop me a text on our thirteen ten Kfi k a text line at three one, nine, nine, six. All right. So got a lot to get to this morning talked we glanced on this topic although we've been talking about it now for twenty two years for Heaven's sakes. Northern. Waters. Wonderful Project and I'm sorry for all of you who are in opposition to glade reservoir chimney hollow to Nesp because it seems to me, we're ignoring the forest for the trees. Northern Wilder has jumped through so many regulatory hoops and it looked as though well. The heavens were smiling upon this. Not so much the case this as in early August the Fort Collins City Council voted to oppose nist now that headline in the Colorado and little bit I mean the way I'm interpreting it a little bit misleading JC marmaduke writing August fifth in the Fort Collins Colorado. In Fort Collins her where it's not my. Fort Collins City Council voted Tuesday to oppose the northern integrated supply project a departure departure she writes from the city's previous neutral stance on what she refers to as the controversial plan to Siphon. Poodle river water into two new reservoirs. I'm sorry this narrative is so reckless. I had the chance over the weekend to talk with someone a friend of mine who actually worked on. Let's say the other end of the pipeline. He worked on water distribution planning. He knows his stuff. And I don't think he's got a political dog in this hunt, but he told me that when you listen. To all of the hue and cry. All of the Pearl, clutching all the self righteous indignation when it comes to how this would impact the puzder. The impacts. Are Minimal. If any whatsoever. I don't have the time to get into the weeds on this discussion here but the bottom line is it's a political agenda, your thoughts this morning nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, drop me a text at three one, nine, nine, six, he went on to say that after twenty two years. Of all of this maneuvering. He sears questions. If we will ever see miss come to fruition and that my friends is a very scary thought. We'll talk with Jeff stay law northern water at eight. Oh, five. All right. Today is the last trading day of the month. August has been really a pretty good month for the markets. So what does history tell us to expect in? September heath wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few. Rogue Code now. Weekdays at four on northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen. Ten KFI K.. Catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K? the good old days. Remember what it was like. When you wake up. To the weather report and adult in the mountains and your feet up to the high country to ski well during a time of covid nineteen. You can pretty much forget that actuality as you want to race to the ski area because now if you want to ski at a Vail Resorts, mountain, you need a reservation. Mask some forty, seven now thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen ten KFI a dot com northern Colorado's voice. Mornings we Kale from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios working for peace out of the Colorado Sun. By Jason Blevins Vail resorts just last Thursday unveiled the details of the plan for skiing at its North American resorts actually getting underway November six at keystone. and. Comes as no surprise, the twenty twenty. Twenty one season will be like any. We've ever seen before here are some of the low nights not surprising changes mass are required for everyone on the mountain. I suppose. Would it be much different? You know when you're skiing in the high country or boarding whatever the case may be or you know tubing down the mountain whatever your favorite activity is. You know if it's snowing sideways to wear those neck, gators will over. I just can't imagine skiing with the mask but is that what they're saying? I'm not quite sure. Physical distancing, of course, will be the rule with quick cashless lines through went rental shops and on mountain eateries. No. Sitting next to strangers on chairlifts. Lines are going to be just amazingly long. Anyone going to ski school will be required to conduct an online health screening Before class with an instructor class sizes, course will be limited, but then there's the reservation system. This is where things get a little wonky. As Vail resorts plans to manage on mountain access by requiring mandatory reservations dried lifts at all. It's resorts with epic pass Holders Getting First Dibs on Ski Days Vail Resorts Chief Rob Katz wrote Thursday in a letter to Vail resorts gas. I realize not everyone will agree with our approach. Some are feeling we are being too conservative or aggressive. For the company's overarching strategy. Now more than a decade old a pushing as many skiers as possible to buy season passes before the lifts start turning. Well, Vail resorts is giving pass holders that early line on reservations and the company really really really want skiers the not just by ahead but plan their ski days weeks and even months ahead. Here's how it breaks down. Pass holders will be able to lock in seven so-called priority reservation days for the season between December eighth and April. Fourth. Time scare. US uses one of those days they can reserve another day. So pass holders essentially can keep bank of seven reserved as rolling through the season. Reservation window from November sixth through December seventh, we'll give pass holders and opportunity to book their days before the company starts selling single day lift tickets. So yeah the early season skiing in November the first week of December well, essentially be for pass holders only company will not be selling day tickets for the early season. Now, in addition to the priority reservation days, pass holders will be able to make as many week of reservations quote as a bill availability allows close quote everything so darn convoluted and complicated. These days that quote as availability allows clause is really. Going to be. something. To Watch. The Resorts on Thursday also announced the expansion of its free epic coverage. Insurance plan. This allow scares to roll over their past dollars to the twenty one, twenty, two season. If they don't get the reservations they want and don't use their pass by December seventh needless to say this is a complex policy. With all sorts of deadlines and details. No indication of what could becoming for uphill travel policies at the resorts backcountry gear makers, sellers, as well as Avalanche Education folks bracing for a big spike in the numbers of skiers, eschewing lifts, and earning their turns on the mountain and how resorts handle this anticipated ship. That'll be something else to watch in the coming months closing in on seven fifty two now thirteen ten K. F. K, A. Party northern Colorado's forks thirteen KFI. The Block Party Wednesdays from ten P.? AM Thirteen ten K. thirteen ten KFI K. A., dot, com seven, fifty, seven. Patrick the whole show in Colin Coward around northern. Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten K. F. K.. Failed to finish my thought to full points of Leeson this as Fort Collins City Council voted. In early August to oppose the northern, integrated supply project okay headline says changing previous stance. Well, this was the current councils first opportunity to take a position on this city's position on the project has vacillated over the years right Stacey, Marmaduke in the Colorado and wavering between. And a more neutral can't support position can you explain to me? How can't support is more neutral? Well, I don't know maybe Jeff's Tayla northern water can when he joins us at eight Oh five, thirteen, ten, Kfi Greeley Loveland it's eight o'clock. Rogue Code Weekdays at four northern. Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K..

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May 14, Hr 2  King Soopers, and new coronuvirus outbreak, and Governor Polis

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May 14, Hr 2 King Soopers, and new coronuvirus outbreak, and Governor Polis

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI seven zero seven now. Thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten. Kfi Am dot com warning so gail field by Great Western Petroleum King. Supers is extending. Its free cove nine hundred through testing through the end of May offering additional through testing sites at the campus cu boulder and the University of Northern Colorado working from a press release Courtesy of King Super this morning through continued partnership with the Colorado Emergency Operation Center. King super is extending once again. It's Free Cova. Nineteen drive-thru testing through the end of May King Super Health and wellness professionals have administered. Already over two thousand three tests date and anticipate and administering fourteen thousand tests by the end of. May All right. So here's all the details of what you need to know This will run this extension of their free. Covert nineteen through testing Running may eleventh through May Thirtieth. The dates and times vary by location. If you're interested in taking advantage of this free covert nineteen test. Just hop online visit Kroger health dot com forward slash Cova testing. That's kroger health dot com forward slash covert testing for details Locations include the campus Fifth Street. Parking garage this is thirteen. Fifty one fifth street in Denver. Cu Boulder this see us space sciences building thirty six sixty five discovery drive in boulder and the University of Northern Colorado Twenty nine thousand eight Fourteenth Avenue in Greeley again. You can register at Kroger Health Dot com forward slash code testing. Now here are the particulars people needing a test according to this press release from King Super Use a virtual screening tool on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines To See if they are eligible. Those who are eligible for the testing are based on. Cdc's state and Local Government recommendations if you are eligible than you can select the appropriate testing location again university of Northern Colorado among them and appointment time and receive an email confirmation with pre appointment paperwork. When you arrive for a test you need to have a photo. Id Ready and leave those car. Windows rolled up for check in a healthcare practitioner will then approach a car and alert. You went to roll down the window now. The tests use those self administered nasal swabs which are less painful because you're a member of the nasal swabs that looked like twigs and it was kind of like you had to drive this up into your brain. I mean they were terrifying. They truly were. These are more. They more approximate tip. And it's just a very simple test that you can do yourself So once again much less painful and designed to increase safety test results can be expected with in approximately forty eight to seventy two hours. This king supers extends their free covert nineteen drive through testing through may thirtieth and among the locations. Where you can get those. Self administered enable nasal swabs in order to detect in nineteen the University of Northern Colorado. Seven eleven now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com pulled. This piece out of the Denver Post just wanted to pass this information along Piece by Mag Win Garter Colorado reports the first corona virus outbreaks linked to child care centers now for adults one child testing positive for a cove. Nineteen this according to new data released on Wednesday by the State's public health department all of the cases related to childcare where in the Denver Metro Orchard Valley Learning Center this in Arapahoe County reported to adults and one child tested positive. The other adult cases where at the Learning Experience Westminster in Jefferson County? Now children are at a lower risk for severe complications have covered nineteen though as we learned yesterday during our conversation with a virus experts and microbiologists at Dodger Dean Heart. At least three children in New York have died from an immune overreaction to the virus far six thousand one hundred ten of Colorado's copay nineteen cases and six hundred and seventy three debts have been two two hundred six outbreaks across the state that means about thirty percents of all cases and sixty. Three percents of all deaths have come from a known outbreak all-told Colorado has recorded and This was a piece that was written about eight hours ago. Recorded one thousand sixty two deaths and twenty thousand four hundred seventy five confirmed or suspected cases of cove nineteen since the virus was first detected in the stage in early. March outbreaks have been reported of course. And we've talked about this in a dairy plant a mushroom farm six grocery stores seventeen food manufacturing facilities eleven prisons or jails the vast majority of Colorado's still in facilities serving The older population those with disabilities of the one hundred ninety two active outbreaks one hundred and thirty four were in residential care facilities five outbreaks. Colorado have exceeded a hotter caissons a cases. And they aren't yet over. This includes the sterling correctional facility with four hundred fifty eight cases in two deaths. J B S The meat packing plant plant in Greeley. Three hundred sixteen cases six deaths. I'm not so sure that's accurate because I had come across information earlier that there was indeed a seventh death as a result of cove nineteen related complications with an employee at GPS Cherry Creek Nursing Center Aurora one hundred and thirty nine cases thirty two deaths Orchard Park Healthcare Centres Centennial. One hundred and twenty-nine cases five deaths Cherry Creek Nursing Center also had the most of any outbreak in st other outbreaks with the highest death. Tolls were also in nursing facilities this week. The Colorado Department of Public Health and environment declared fourteen outbreaks resolved meaning. There's no longer evidence of covert nineteenth. Spread that setting. The resolved outbreaks include a bridge tournament in El Paso County Housing for employees of Copper Mountain Mountain and twelve senior living facilities which have been so hard hit by the spread of this novel Corona buyers. I was listening to Senator Pat. Toomey talking about the fact that in Pennsylvania sixty nine percent of the covert at nineteen related deaths have occurred in those Long Term Facilities Nursing homes assisted. Living communities absolutely heartbreaking seven fifteen now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home health care serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen o nine or caring hearts H. Dot Com whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. It's always your turn to comment text Cave K. Two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation Mornings Gail continues now on thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Well WASN'T MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. That's getting in the way back when she? It was the governor Jared Polis going to Washington and things seemed to go pretty well as he was sporting his new haircut very proud of that. When's the last time you got your haircut? I'm just letting mind grow out seven twenty-three now thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI DOT com. No I will get back into my hairstylist. And we'll take care of things getting a little bit nessie but we're for peace this morning by Alex Bernez out of the Denver Post. A PRESIDENT TRUMP PRAISES. Colorado's corona virus response in a meat meeting with Governor. Jared police it was funny. I was texting back and forth With my brother who lives in Ohio and my brother's like hey is your governor Republican. Because he sure seems to be cozying up with President trump and I said no. He's he's certainly Democrats and could be that perhaps he's making nice with president trump because well he's asking for a whole lot of money makes sense to me president. Donald trump praising Colorado's response to the corona virus and also governor. Jared Polis in a meeting at the White House yesterday and to Governor. Jared Polis and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum a Republican trump said. You're both doing an excellent job and it's an honor to have you at the White House. Yeah they were playing ice yesterday. White House of course as you're aware is grappling with a corona virus break of its own. Paulus said in a facebook video ahead of his meeting with President trump that he was tested at the White House and that the test results came back. The governor police has been in regular touch with the trump administration through the corona virus. Pandemic said the president invited him to meet in person and that well he couldn't turn down that in that invitation among the other. Attendees at Wednesday's meeting where Senator Cory Gardner Jill Ryan the Director of Colorado's health department a Debbie burks the White House the White House's Corona Virus Response Coordinator and Interior Secretary David Byrne hearts who by the way is a Colorado Native Colorado's sufficient officials were mass at the meaning while the president burks and officials from North Dakota did not police conveyed optimism about Colorado's a gradual reopening which kicked off Late last month well before many other states and ahead of any other state led by Democrat. You know it's a sad statement on the state of politics these days but it really comes as no surprise that once again the reopening of the states has this partisan tinge to it and I remember coming across a piece where you had the Georgia governor reopening his State Georgia governor a Republican and coming under considerable. Fire in the mainstream media. But when you looked at the actions taken as Governor Jared Polis eased up on a lot of the restrictions. Now we're still waiting until the end of. May I believe it is before? He makes a formal official decision on reopening dine in in restaurants across the State Solo. You've got some restaurants including a couple in northern Colorado. Indeed that are open and functioning but once again if you compared what was going on in Georgia as far as they're reopening and the fact that it was a Republican governor the headline asked. Why is governor? Jared Polis acting like of all things Republican in allowing the state of Colorado. Too slowly reopen. Once again what does politics have to do with it? Unfortunately in today's overheated political environment everything. But if you looked at the guidelines issued out of the state of Georgia compare and contrast but it was more a matter of comparison to what Governor Jared Police did in the state of Colorado. Guess what they were almost exactly the same governor Jerry. Police Democrat not coming under fire in the mainstream media. Meanwhile you have a Republican governor of Georgia taken all kinds of heat for doing the exact same thing. People are back in a safe way. Governor Police told the president trump yesterday. It's not the way it was. Yes he does qualify. There is the king of understatement. As evidence of the return of some commerce in the state police shared that he'd recently gotten a haircut. Trump responded looks good. Trump then asked how Colorado's ski industry is doing police. Oh he actually told police I go there as you know and the ski slopes are fantastic governor said. He is hopeful hopeful. That late season skiing can resume. Soom police praised Gardner's work and helping Colorado acquire sorely needed testing supplies and Gardner returned the compliment. Everybody was just so nice and civil yesterday. Saying the governor's done a good job and I appreciate that. Police didn't share anything at the White House. Said he hasn't already shared with media in Colorado. Much of the public portion of the meeting was taking up a by trump taking questions from reporters schools in Colorado again closed for in person instruction for the year and during his exchange with reporters trump Very strongly indicated that he disagrees with that decision. Our country's got to get back he said it's got to get back as soon as possible. I don't consider the country coming back if the schools are closed trump also spoke out against all mail voting it's subject to tremendous corruption cheating Colorado. Which is at the vanguard. Well aware of the all-male voting trend is shown that well this is not true. Not necessarily the case the State Colorado ride widely regarded as one of the safest places in the country to vote. And how many times have we have this conversation with weld? County clerk and recorder. Cardi compass practices been touted by Republican and Democrats State. Election officials alike. Finally some consensus. It's also increased voter participation. So all in all a good good meeting between Governor Jared Polis president trump other officials at the White House yesterday seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K OF K DOT COM. Weekly unemployment claims coming in at two point. Nine eight million. That brings the eight week. Total to thirty six and a half million filing those weekly unemployment claims that is twenty percent of the workforce. I will tell you what we're GONNA do. We're going to toss this one to Keith. Wineman presidential Wealth Management. See if he can find us any semblance of a silver lining here when he joins us this morning at seven. Thirty five seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi KFI RUBBER TO UNC. Bears targeting game coverage lives thirteen ten. Kfi catch me. Dan Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. All right got light yet coming your way this morning. Thirteen ten K. K. A thirteen ten. Kfi Dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Just bouncing off our conversation with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management as we're talking about what the new normal will be for industries so hard hit by all of the implications and ramifications of covert nineteen talking about the cruise ship industry. Will you take a cruise in the future? What will that look like We'll cruise lines be operating at less than full capacity. I mean those boats are norm. So what is that going to look like for them? Came across this fascinating piece in ink talking about South West. Now we talked about what frontier did it was kind of a Hashtag epic fail selling that empty middle seed. I believe they After there was so much outcry that said they were basically profiteering over From a pandemic basically they reverse that. I'm not sure if they gave Those who had taken advantage of that opportunity to snap up that extra seat so that there was an empty seat there. I'm not sure if they actually refunded their money or not but boy. I'll tell you what the clap back on that came fast and furious but South West taking a very interesting approach to basically getting getting you interested in boarding a plane again. Something might poundage find. It rather counter intuitive to some extent because basically it seems as though southwest is just kind of going. Well Yeah. We're getting back to life and living pretending like nothing ever really happened. We'll get into that in just a few seven fifty three now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage and CAP K. Thirteen ten KFI DOT com seven fifty seven while the all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi for more KFI programs podcast sports scheduled news goto thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Dot Com now back to mornings with Gail Seven. Vicky out thirteen hundred a thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM. When he's with Gail live local. Fueled with great by Great Western Petroleum. Ready might chime in as well there he is he always has something to say Rudy. Nobody's nobody's this morning for Collins won't change their mask. Requirement despite LARIMER COUNTIES POLICY. Change really has a little something something to say about that. We're going to get into all the details on that and while this just showed up a piece out of the Denver Post This as that experimental corona virus drug remm disappear is being distributed in Colorado. Eight state. Hospital systems will receive initial doses of severe which makes rudy very very happy looking forward to our conversation as well this morning. this as the DOJ drops the case against Michael. Flynn Rick Grenell declassifying names of the Obama cronies who on Amassed Flynn many saying this is worse than Watergate President Trump of course referring to it as Obama Gate. Well is it someone that knows a little something? Something about Watergate. John O'Connor post how the Washington Post betrayed deep throat who by the way represented covered up Watergate and began. Today's partisan advocacy journalism weighs in at eight thirty five. Kfi Greeley bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

Colorado Kfi Governor Jared Polis KFI University of Northern Colorad KFI president Gail Seven Donald trump Kfi Greeley Kfi White House Denver Post KFI RUBBER Kfi K. A. Colorado Emergency Operation C Colorado Department of Public Greeley Governor Jared Police
April 3, Hr 2  Michelle Lyng with Colorado Apartment Association and Troy Coverdale

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31:17 min | 6 months ago

April 3, Hr 2 Michelle Lyng with Colorado Apartment Association and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi This Kobe. Nineteen and continuous. Excuse me to Re Financial on public health and disaster nominally around the nation. Indeed around the world. We've seen unemployment claims skyrocketing to nearly ten million This as those numbers of six point six five million on top of the three point three million were released just yesterday march jobs report out this morning and the news is pretty devastating. This as a seven hundred and one thousand jobs were lost unemployment. Standing at four point four percent. This march jobs report ends a nine year run of job. Growth needles say with all the uncertainty and all the anxiety related to covert nineteen. Many are concerned about how they're going to pay the rent. Seventy eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com joined this morning by Michelle Lane with the Colorado Apartment Association. Hey Michelle having me on you. Bet It's good to reconnect with you. So let's talk a little bit about the realities of this situation now. Courts and Boulder and weld county have positive fiction or through May and state leaders including Colorado Attorney General Phill Wiser of called on all the other counties to follow suit. But this is a frightening time for many are living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps out of a job as a result of closures associated with covert Nineteen They're looking at their bank accounts. And saying I just don't know I'm GonNa do this. One hundred percent true. This is a really challenging time. I've been saying it's unprecedented in my lifetime. I've never seen our economy quite fall off a cliff like this really. It is trivial and So what we're recommending for our members and our members are some of the largest department apartment management companies and also mom and pop Apartment owners what we're recommending is a few things create payment plans for residents unable to pay rent Do to virus related loss of income. Took those who've been directly impacted wave late fees through April thirtieth Refrain from enforcing eviction orders With move out to April thirtieth or avoid rent increases and we've also come up with a list of resources for renters Addition to you know hopefully your rental housing Provider will you know we give you break or you know work with you But there's also a lot of state local and county resources out there and you can Renters can find that at This is kind of a mouthful any. Amd Hugh Dot Org Forward Slash News Ford Slash Corona virus now in parts of Northern Colorado and Boulder valley particularly in those counties With large universities. Well the rental rate is even higher in Boulder County for example. Thirty eight percent of homes are rented Larimer County thirty five point. Four percent broom bill Broomfield thirty three point seven percent and weld twenty seven point four percent so obviously the concern is is is huge particularly for those in in college towns that Many of whom have been laid off lost their jobs as a result of the restaurant closures. Whatever the case may be but what about if you have a less than understanding landlord. Then what a great question It worth first of all. We're seeing a lot of our recommendations are coming out of a task force that our association Put together so first of all these are things that landlords are already doing But certainly there are some It's it's I think it's not so much that they're not understanding. I think that there are a lot of a small mom and pop Or even larger apartment complexes that simply can't afford to you know give people because I mean the rental housing market is really ecosystem right so when Renter's pay and I'm a landlord myself So when renters my renter's pay me. I use that to pay my mortgage. I had employees and that's the domino effect of this entire situation because land would landlords as you well know have bills to pay to right so So you know if if they think it's worn less it's class that they're not understanding and more that they're unable That's where a lot of these resources come in You know there are resources Federally as well as Throughout Colorado so to one one Colorado's one option That that's a collaborative of aid organizations. They host call centers to provide food shelter and rent assistance for those who qualify You know There's there's energy outreach. Colorado that helps people pay their energy bills. I there's just one we the resources that we provide around eleven pages of resources Now the one thing we do want to emphasize is yes. There's a lot of resources out there. But they are limited If everyone stopped paying their rent and hopefully not but everyone stops paying their rent These organizations can't pay everyone's rent so if you can pay your rent you should really pay your rent and preserve those resources for people who are in dire financial situations. What like what you're describing jail. Anthony good advice and in fact it was that a press release that sparked my call to you because There were rumors of an April rent. Strike in Colorado. Right sure Yes in you know what we're hoping is people who are concerned about what's going on With their financial situation that they go and talk to their housing provider and really open the lines of communication You know the way we look at this and we're all in this together. This is really unprecedented challenging situation. And we're hoping that people will go and talk to their landlords. They feel like they can't pay their rent Or if they feel like they're in danger of not being able to pay their rent he'll where people to Then there's people to we understand that this is a crazy time and It we're we're we're we're looking at this as we're all in this together we've got your this out together we've got to find solutions and the cool thing is is that a lot of Housing providers are finding great. You know innovative solutions to this problem. You know one One housing provider is actually creating a fund within their communities in their matching some of those funds to help people who are in the terrible financial situations Another one of our members has extended eviction moratorium like themselves for two ninety days. And so you know yeah It's GonNa be what housing providers can provide is going to be different in every scenario but the important thing is going to talk to Your landlord sooner rather than later. Good Advice Michelle and isn't it amazing? How something? That is separating us at least in the physical sense with all the social distancing might be bringing us closer together perhaps as unfunded saying making salt better humans. Well you know if there's any bright spot we hope it's that right Jeff linked Michelle laying with the Colorado Apartment Association. I saw that website again Where we can find more information? It's amd h q dot Org forward slash news forward slash Corona Virus Michelle. Thanks so much. How you doing with all this? I'm I'm good you know. I've been quarantined now for three weeks I haven't lost my house Fortunately I kind of like my house so you know doing well It's it's getting a lot of time with my six year old. Who WHO's joining? My conference called regularly. That's wonderful I'm broadcasting from home so I get to do the show with my puppy curled up on my feet. It's Heaven Nice it is. It is Michelle Laying Colorado apartment association. Thank you so much for this important information all the work that you do with the Colorado Apartment Association and please be well. Youtube thank you. You Bet. Seven sixteen now thirteen ten. Kfi K. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern. Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen o nine or caring hearts H H DOT COM. Coming up well. County is tied for the highest number of deaths in the state related to Cova de Nineteen. What is that attributable to have the details coming up sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Kay Haigh thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past highschool coverage while whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. If you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten. Kfi AM DOT com. Download the PODCAST TODAY. Back to jail nine news reporting well. County is tied for the highest number of deaths in the state related to Kobe. Nineteen sixteen people have perished due to Cova nine thousand nine hundred ninety related issues. Seven twenty two now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. dot com warnings week. Aol fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Interestingly enough the county also has one of the largest number of cases even though the number of people who live here is far less than other counties well Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says there are three hundred and twenty thousand nine confirmed cases of Cova de Nineteen and Wild County Liberal. Fli the same number as El Paso County. So what gives well? Mark Wallace Executive Director of the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment says that about twenty percent of all confirm cases. At least nine of the sixteen deaths have been tied to nursing homes in the area around seven nursing homes in the county. I've had at least one positive case said Wallace. That's our challenge. Today he keeping up with the pace of the growth part of it is nursing homes part of it is we have larger families. Part of it is that we have a lot of cultural diversity and different languages spoken now. Wallace says the county relies on the limited testing supplies that are available to track the virus. Well they could always use more. We're just GONNA have to say he said you know what it's here referring to covert nineteen it's been clinically documented and. We're going to have to treat the person as if they have it with or without a test result but we do need tests. These next two or three weeks are really a critical as in Colorado and certainly in Weld County and northern Colorado patients with cove in nineteen symptoms. Now crowd the emergency rooms. Stephen Lok is the chief medical officer for several Dan. Banner Health Hospitals in northern Colorado. He says a hospital greely is seeing the most action each day. Many times a said look referring to the number of patients with covert nineteen symptoms that he sees. There's been quite a few patients that have come to our hospital and Ben admitted for covert nineteen suspected. Disease Look says. The hospitals have sufficient personal protective equipment. Ventilators and supplies at least for now and he certainly hopes that it stays that way adding hustling to stay ahead of it but we are managing well at this point. This is this is a call for these folks referring to Those frontline medical providers. They continue to step up every single day to show up and do their job and they do it with great pride. United Way of Weld County has had to set up temporary shelters to house the homeless. They needed more space but sadly in weld county just like everywhere else. The number of cove nineteen cases cases. Continue to grow. The question now is when will it stop seven twenty five now? Thirteen ten K OF K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM last time. We had Mark Wallace Dr Mark Wallace Executive Director Weld Public Health and Environment on. And we speak to him on about a weekly basis. I was asking him about those maps. The maps that show the appropriate earn the approximate. Excuse me approximate location of where those cases are in weld county meant to well minimize concerns throughout the county. Unfortunately for some it only escalated those concerns so begs. The question and Mark Wallace wrote a great piece in the Greeley trip asking. Is Our privacy worth protecting? Here's what he had to say. Any disease outbreak investigation conducted by the Health Department requires abouts and he is indeed correct on that point. It is a tight rope. A balance of public health information and personal confidentiality during the covert nineteen pandemic. Some have criticized the health department for not reporting the specific location of Covert Nineteen Positive Cases In weld county. He says. Let me ask you this if I told you. An employee at store acts in any town weld county tested positive for the virus. What would you do with that information? You know what you do with that information. He goes on to ask. Would you avoid that place in the future? Would you wash your hands more? No you had been there in the past. Would you make sure to stay six feet or more from other people because they may have been at that store? Would you worry that you had been at the store before? And so therefore maybe you to have the virus or would you breathe a sigh of relief because you know shop at that store. Therefore you're in the clear. Would you go about Your Business as usual? Because that's store isn't in your town. Here's the point. He's trying to make while public curiosity might be satisfied by knowing the city business or location of a positive code of Cova Nineteen case knowing. The location. Shouldn't make a difference in your actions if you are taking all the precautions and preventative measures. You are being asked to take if knowing where even generalities of positive covert nineteen case is located changes your actions to this situation. Then you're missing the point of why we were in the situation we are in. We should all be acting as if the virus is everywhere because likely it must certainly as we should all assume that we have stood next to talk with or some other way engaged with someone who has the virus because says Dr Mark Wallace. We probably have his team of. Epidemiologists is conducting extensive investigations for each positive case in a professional and exhaustive manner. But he says they need your help. They need you your family. Your friends your neighbors to stay at home and emit your exposure to others for your sake and indeed. There's they need you to assume. The virus is everywhere says Dr Wallace and individuals. Privacy mental wellbeing is very important to us. We asked for your help in ensuring that identifying information about positive cases is not posted the public platforms including social media in order to safeguard the identity of positive case. Well County Department of Public Health and environment whether or not reporting the specific business neighborhood or town in which they live many towns in Weld County of small population sizes and it would not take much conjecture to figure out who or which business had tested positive include star Wallace. We're all facing the realities of covered nineteen together together apart but together. We're all concerned about our own health. The health of our family our friends and our neighbors we we all want to get back to a normal life says Dr Wallace. Let's please remember that in this difficult time. The mental and emotional health who of those who have tested positive is just as important to their recovery as are the medical procedures to speed their recovery. So please he says. Let's respect and protect their privacy. Seven thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com well. It's becoming a common theme in our conversations with Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management. This has those March job. Numbers came out this morning and once again Pre-t darn devastating this with the seven hundred and one thousand jobs lost unemployment now at four point four percent and then of course We got a check in on all of the machinations and all of the shenanigans going on between Russia and Saudi Arabia when it comes to the oil war Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. Some forty three thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. of K. A. Dot Com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum? Elder news coming fast and hard This has Puzder and Thompson School districts. will remain closed for the rest of the school year to fight Corona virus spread joined by. Troy Troy Coverdale Thirteen ten. Kfi A news director. Hey Good Morning Gail so. I don't think that this comes as any surprise. I actually did the story earlier this morning and I can't help but think that This is the first of many across the state. No I think you're absolutely right. It's a matter of just trying to probably put in place of the plans effective For the remainder of the school year. Of course having a little bit of a head start in that planning having already gone towards Online instruction in many cases will help the the cause but a big chunk of that reasoning has to do with both school districts. Yesterday a having talked with Larimer county public health officials and determining that it just wasn't an option to look to open in May especially with the extension of quote unquote social distancing guidelines until the end of April Now we've already seen if I'm not mistaken here and I'm doing this for memory but several universities colleges and universities across the state of already taken that step to include. Unc CORRECT. That is correct. It just became more feasible for them to be able to operate that way then it was to try to think about getting people back on campus and getting people back into the DORMS and getting people. Back into the classrooms physically That at a point it becomes a a major challenge to stop and start if you will in the midst of a stream so better off to go ahead and finish out things. The way that they expected to and that is utilizing online resources to be able to finish off the school year and then reset when we get back around August. Yeah I think as as the prudent thing to do to be sure Right so this comes. As no surprise you knew it was coming because there's been some caterwauling about loss of our liberties and freedoms as the government take steps Local governments take steps. You know it's interesting because in this equation. The governor's actually governor of each state actually have more power in terms of stopping movement Particularly when you have an emergency and I would say the covert nineteen certainly qualifies as just that. The governor's really in the power seat there. But you've got the first lawsuit filed against the stay at home order in Colorado. Tell us about that. Denver Mike Lawrence Lawrence versus the state of Colorado et. Al Loa he's sticking to get a temporary injunction against the stay at home order to be put in place and then once they have it made permanent Because of the fact that he claims that because of the closures eight equates to essentially a takings matter and filed the bio case on Monday in court. And you can tell where Lawrence's coming from in this argument in that he also refers to it as a certain flew as opposed to the virus that it is Speaking about any number of factors such as the loss of his paycheck. Veloce the opportunity to go to church Any number of factors and really claims it as as overreach. But it's going to be a tough case for him to to have to move that way Because they must be perfectly honest there is a wide latitude that has been given by the Supreme Court in the past but two states constitution. Yeah Yeah And and the fact of the matter is that every time that something like this taken place as the stay at home owners in the lake but because of public health We see it swing back into place where the constitution is followed. Shortly afterwards again everything gets back to a relatively normal It it's an emergency situation and I don't see how This suit at least has enough horsepower for him to get into to a point where they pull the order And and send everything back into motion and don't get me wrong. I mean I understand the concerns when it comes to our freedoms to end our liberties and we all know government is a very grabby power-hungry bunch but I really believe. I'm glad we're having this conversation this morning but I wanna get into this conversation at another time when we get covert nineteen control if the government continues To grab at our freedoms then yeah then is the time to pushback. I'm not so sure that now is the right time. But of course I've talked to any number of constitutional scholars that Well let's say they disagree with me. Vehemently and there're plenty of constitution scholars. That would agree with you the as well and I think that's part of the part of the part of the aspect of this I think that shows how much we all love. Our country is that when people will debate the issue at hand and have plenty of views on the issue but we can agree at a point that that our constitution is a wonderful wonderful guiding tool in in our country and that We don't want to see it slip aside for any reason even if it is If even if it needs to be put aside in some ways or an emergency such as this and it hasn't been the first time indeed that that has been been used. But here's the bottom line. As social distancing does indeed work we know coveted nineteen is relatively inert until it finds something it likes. Well guess what it likes us a lot. It's a parasite basically and if it doesn't have a host it dies. Unfortunately I asked the question. If we had taken all the social distancing a little bit more seriously you still have those megachurches cramming in five hundred people elbow to elbow in the churches. And don't get me wrong. We all need to get through this as much as we can and to lean on your faith is a wonderful thing to do but once again if we had actually paid attention would all of these. What some call draconian measures by State of federal. I mean they're even talking about the Anthony Fauci Dr Pouch e Wants a president trump to Call for a national team but if we had been responsible about this would we be in this place? And that's the key issue. I think at hand for our country and and for each of the states because we did not take it as seriously as I'm sure have and and it's a matter of playing catch up as opposed to being out in front of it and you're absolutely right. Had we done a better job at taking it seriously and the realization and the remembrance that history does repeat itself especially on something like a pandemic You know we we would have a better control of this situation than where we are right now but even to this date there are too many people who don't take it seriously I saw a letter posted yesterday from someone who was a was not a person who took it very seriously but now finds themselves in a little thing. I made a mistake. My thought it was a joke. I thought it was a hoax. I thought it was just the flu. And that that. That's the post mortem if you will to it that too many people can look back and say that now unfortunately But it still remains where we can do the proactive parentally and make things right if you will and get ourselves back into doing normal things in our lives the sooner by taking it serious by following the instructions and by taking care of ourselves well said try. Coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi KFI news director. Thanks as always and be well. We'll talk to you Monday. Sounds like a plan. Some fifty two now thirteen ten. Kfi K Y Bro. Whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seven fifty seven sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Kevin Tara fact is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on. Kfi now back to mornings with Gail. Don't forget to hear Kevin Car that guys at the movies guys at the movies Dot Com today is is day Friday morning staple oh mornings with Gail. He'll join us this morning at eight thirty five talking about some streaming opportunities all the rage. These days can't go to the theaters really can't under the stay at homeowner can't really go out and play but Plenty of streaming opportunities coming. Carfax is the movies at eight thirty five all right so we talked about the fact that North Range behavioral health during doing Tele Health Telemedicine. Well that's all the rage these days. We're going to check in with Dr Dan O'Brien Physician and professor When he joins US AT EIGHT? Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley loveland long bond. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

Colorado KFI Kfi weld county Kfi Gail Dr Mark Wallace Kfi K. Thirteen Colorado Apartment Association Kfi Greeley loveland K. A. Dot Great Western Petroleum Larimer County Michelle Colorado Department of Public Weld County Department of Publ Cova de Nineteen Mark Wallace
June 1, Hr 1  Violent protests across America

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June 1, Hr 1 Violent protests across America

"This is mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. Fear unrest. Anger? Anxiety and Gripping the nation already psychologically and financially ravaged by the myriad impacts of covid nineteen, this as protests turned increasingly violent in the aftermath of the heinous murder at the hands of a Minnesota police officer of Georgia Floyd. Floyd death was unwarranted. And reprehensible well, that's something that we can all agree upon. The gratuitous looting. Arson. The. Destruction in George, Lloyd's name by the opportunistic is something that we come not. How do we move on in the name of Justice Justice for George Lloyd Justice for those whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed by the unruly mobs, rampaging through the nation's cities with an agenda of nothing more than insurrection and anarchy, setting fires to businesses of the innocent, simply trying to make a living for their families, and for their employees, setting fires two churches. Vandalizing the Lincoln Memorial. Again destroying businesses and Wreaking overall havoc. You. Tell me how does that honor the memory of George Floyd six nine, now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen. KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision that Specialists Studio. It's heartbreaking, isn't it? Peaceful demonstration is is one thing that can affect meaningful change and again. That's something that we can all agree on as a racial tensions across this nation, reach the boiling point but destroying America. Destroying society destroying American civilization well that reaches the change of entirely different stripe now, doesn't it? And it needs to stop. It needs to stop now. But how? How can we affect that change and save a nation from itself? Riots escalating in thirty states and the District of Columbia including Colorado over the weekend, where protesters faced off with police Sunday night in Denver despite an eight PM curfew protesters of the in custody death, heinous, as it is George Floyd. You have George Floyd's family. His girlfriend, begging for peace begging. To remember George Floyd as the peaceful man that he indeed was to affect change in such a way that will bring meaningful change to this nation. Destruction doesn't accomplish that goal, so let me ask you another question. Is this a failure of leadership from the top down? Is President. Trump failing the nation are governors across the nation at failing the nation, indeed failing the people of their states. Seems to me one of the foundational. Reasons, for government to exist is to protect us. And it seems as though now. That protection is severely lacking. How do we build leadership? How do we strengthen leadership? Nine seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three thirteen ten eights. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six now last night shortly after eight PM. This is when Denver's curfew went into effect, protesters began marching down. Colfax Avenue tear gas and Flashbang were reported near Colfax and Washington Street this after a day of relatively peaceful protests about nine o'clock last night, protesters continued to face off with law enforcement, some creating a barricade, using fencing and signs. They're finding incendiary devices. In automobiles that have been purposely put there to continue to escalate the anarchy that we are seeing around the country. Is this yet another example of rob. Now infamous saying never let a good crisis go to waste. Nobody likes to be stereotype for Heaven Sakes, but that's what we are seeing. We are seeing the base nature of human nature. Sure peacefully protest, but don't destroy a country in order to make some sort of point that you're not making. What's The answer here? Should president trump addressed sedation. Tonight is the nation in a state of emergency at this point. No one wants to be characterized by the color of their skin or by their gender. Likewise with Blonde forcement sure the actions of those five COPS IN MINNESOTA! Heinous represents just reprehensible. Totally unacceptable. But what a convenient narrative! To say that law enforcement across the nation is systemically ruined. Meanwhile back to Denver, Earlier yesterday, many gathered on the lawn at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts lying on their stomachs, their hands behind their back. Chanting I can't breathe. The last words. Not exactly the last words of George Floyd! As that police offer officer. Bent his knee as George Floyd was already handcuffed lying prone on the ground already in police custody. At that point. Not Resisting he couldn't. But that didn't stop that police officer for putting his knee on George Floyd's neck. For nearly nine minutes. Essentially murdering George Floyd. Is there a problem given the fact that this very same officer of course now in jail. This very same officer. was the focus of at least eighteen or nineteen complaints against him. Throughout the course of his career in law enforcement should action have been taken much sooner. Absolutely. And why wasn't it? That's a question that indeed needs to be answered. So. Here's what you need to know right now in Denver Rtd suspending services through Monday, no bus or rail service to or from downtown Denver Union Station Civic Center station remained closed. eighty-three people arrested on Saturday the seclude according to Denver. Police paramedics responded to forty five calls on Saturday thirty one people were transported. To Clinics Hospitals Medical Facilities Court according to Denver health suspect was arrested after police say he deliberately drove into officers and a civilian causing serious injuries. How does lawlessness lead to law for nurse? How does anarchy and contempt? Lead to a civilization that is a functioning healthy robust civilization. Protests capital over the past three days. They've largely been peaceful. Indeed, they've drawn hundreds of thousands of participants before Brat riots began later in the afternoon or evening. That police had to contend with. Mayor Michael Hancock instituted the countywide curfew on Saturday. He said it would run from eight PM to five PM. Saturday and Sunday nights ending on Monday morning. In a news conference, Mayor Hancock, said once APM hits. Our message is very simple. Go home. Go home if you are planning on coming downtown tonight. Stay Home Yet many. Opted not to listen as they have. Over thirty states and the District of Columbia across the nation. What is the solution? Seven, three, five, three, thousand, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text at three, one, nine, nine six. Got It right in Weld County. As County held a peaceful protest details coming up in just a few while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Dan Patrick is coming up at nine am northern Colorado's home for news sports and talk thirteen ten KFI. Now back to mornings with jail. Our hearts are breaking not only over the heinous death of George Floyd a week ago at the hands of Minneapolis police officer, who, by the way is a now in jail under a twenty four hour suicide watch cameras in his cell. They check on him every fifteen minutes. His wife has filed for divorce and well. The bottom line is this. What's so concerns I think all of? Of Us is that we had a moment? There was a moment there when there was authentic authentic concern about what happened to Georgia Floyd, and race relations in this nation unfortunately is that moment forever lost as we see these violent riots and the anarchy and the looting and the arson destroying some of the most well foundational cities in the nation across the country as opportunists. Use this as an advantage to fulfill their every dream in destroying American civilization, American Society and American culture. You had Dr King as she is. The niece of Martin Luther King who along with George Floyd's family, his girlfriend, calling for peace for unity and love. But can we ever get back their? Going back to my question, this morning is what we're seeing across. The country as lives and livelihoods of the innocent are being destroyed by well. Let's call them for what they are thugs and opportunists. I asked You the question. Is this a failure of leadership at almost every level bill this morning. Thanks for chiming in. The text line. Three one nine, nine six by the way easy enough for you to do as well first time using the thirteen ten KFI text line. All you have to do is text to KPFK A two, three, one, nine, nine six, and then you can just text away to your. Heart's content, says bill winning. How do we strengthen leadership at almost every level? Okay, we'll take the almost out of the equation because it seems to me that. Leadership it could be argued is failing us at almost every single level. So how do we strengthen? Leadership says bill we don't. Leaders do. And yes, he concurs that the president should address the nation and set the course ahead for all of us to follow in some very troubling unsettling of violent times across the nation as we see cities rocked. By these violence or protests, but here's the thing I might take issue with you just a little. When you say that we don't strengthen leadership. Well. I'm going to play devil's advocate here because I think that as Americans we do. Actually strengthen leadership. How do we do that? Through showing up and voting at the ballot box, okay or dropping your ballot into the mail, taking very very hard look, perhaps a more laser focus, look at those who are running for office, those who purport to have the leadership skills to governess, because right now from what I'm seeing across the country and happening and we are seeing a failure in leadership that is having disastrous results when this all land. And how can it all and? Tell you what we are going to check in this morning with a good friend of show someone that I haven't had the opportunity to speak with in quite some time, but. Christopher Harris is executive director of UNH- hyphenated America on hyphenated America Dot Org if you'd like to learn more about his organization, but had the chance to. Correspond with them just a little bit over the weekend via text to email, and he has some interesting thoughts to share on all of this unrest, an outrage, and how perhaps it could be focused to achieve the greater good because what we're seeing right now is only leading to the destruction of a great nation. Couldn't help but think as I watched these. Absolutely I mean just harrowing scenes across the nation over the weekend this morning. Couldn't help, but think of British historian Arnold. Twin be who wants said. Great civilizations aren't murdered. Great Civilizations Commit suicide now the question for you this morning as that indeed what we are. As looters and opportunists rage across this country. Don't get me wrong. Peaceful Protests as we had in weld county over the weekend. That's a good thing. But what we're seeing right now is no more then object destruction that does not honor the memory of George Floyd. Six thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen Ten kfi am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. Coming back for we get you all caught up on everything that you need to do with national and Local News, Weld County Group holds a peaceful. A peaceful protests in memory of George Floyd doing right for collins extending their face, covering requirements in definitely and then look out for those debit cards relative to the stimulus coming up thirteen ten KFI Greeley Loveland Longmont, it's seven o'clock all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country to into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

George Floyd Denver Kfi KFI officer KFI Colorado Georgia Floyd KFI K. A. President Floyd Weld County George Lloyd Justice Gail Great Western George Arson MINNESOTA America
July 28, Hr 2  Northern CO Regional Airport, Christmas tree, and COVID test

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July 28, Hr 2 Northern CO Regional Airport, Christmas tree, and COVID test

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten, Kfi okay. Well how about a steaming aluminum to update seventy, eight, now thirteen ten K. of gay thirteen ten KFI. DOT, com northern Colorado's voice. Mornings, Gail live and local. The auto collisions specialists studios this as the northern Colorado Regional Airport got its hands on a pile of cash. And we actually talked to the airport manager there Jason McCone when they got this seventeen million dollars to spend on improvements and. A variety of projects at the airport, but now airport officials while they're making it a group project asking for your input on how to best spend that money working from a piece out of the Fort, Collins Colorado and by PAT farrier northern Colorado Regional Airport once public input on how it should spend millions millions of dollars over the next twenty years as updates and expands its facilities now the airport is you're well aware owned by the city of Fort. Collins and Loveland has a long wish-list to projects. Call it their bucket list. List including expanded runways and a new terminal to replace the temporary facility from which operated for seventeen years now the master plan the airport master plan was last updated in two thousand seven. It has one hundred and seventy three point, five million dollars, short and long project slated over the next couple of decades when the airport is expected to grow its general and commercial aviation traffic master plan is more since April. After that infusion of nearly seventeen million dollars through the federal government's ten billion dollar cares act to help public airports address. Address the Coronavirus Crisis Airport Commission authorized two million dollars of the money to cover airport losses as a result of the pandemic with the rest set aside for capital projects, the windfall tip, the commission's thinking, accelerating the potential construction of a new twenty four million dollar terminal, including parking, lot and road improvements leading to the facility I'm all in on that suggestion runway expansion slated for twenty, twenty four is eligible for more federal funding than terminal construction. Because well, some areas are typically used by commercial ventures such as car rental companies so using. Using the cares act money for the terminal means it could be built without local funds, so according to the master plan documents about fifteen million dollars. Okay, fourteen point eight, nine, million to be more precise in cares, funding could be used for the design and replacement of the terminal other grant money would be used to fund the remaining concerts. Construction must be completed by March two thousand, twenty, four under the terms of the cares. ACT This according to airport manager Jason La cone with new terminal. We create a lot more economic. For folks in the region, he said the terminal well include shopping opportunities, and possibly even a restaurant. We have a lot of great ideas. Okay, but what about the return of allegiant lump? The airport's growth over the life of the master plan in large part does depend upon the return of Commercial Air Service. Well, how many times has allegiant come in, and then pulled back at least a couple of times right? The cone expects allegiant air will again return to northern Colorado after the pandemic subsides given the strength of the market and its new tower now the airline pulled out of the airport and twenty twelve, citing the lack of an air traffic control tower. It announced its return late last year year member, and we were all doing a happy dance, but ceased operations just weeks before it was to resume flights to Las Wages Phoenix because the tower was not fully certified well. That particular hitch in the Giddy up has been addressed the towers now being run by certified FAA air traffic controllers, but remains in the first phase of testing. I should say it's now being addressed. Completion of the phase has been delayed due to covid nineteen, but the cone believes it is operational enough to satisfy allegiance needs. That's good news. lupone expects allegiant will return by. Does he told Pat Ferrier with the Fort Collins Colorado, and until the pandemics excise subsides well, we won't know for sure. He added I've a very strong feeling based on the market demand in northern Colorado that they won't go away at least not for good I don't think we'll see with the new census that northern Colorado it's gotten smaller. Jason you are the master of understatement. They're low cost. Carriers like allegiant provide the biggest opportunity for northern Colorado regional airport known as FM L. According to the master plan. With its past success in the market, it's reasonable that allegiant could could operate service to its traditional destination markets like Las Vegas Phoenix Mesa Orlando Sanford and it's less traditional large markets like Cincinnati or even Austin. Now. There will be. A virtual open house on the airport's master plan that'll be from a five to six PM on August six. The Open House will include a brief presentation and a Q. and A. Session information on how to join. The virtual meeting is available at. The northern Colorado regional airports website fly Noko dot com forward slash. MP, you get fly Noko. Dot Com forward slash MPU The master plan also available for download on the airports with. Questions and comments may be submitted prior to the meeting on the project website or via email to airport master plan at city of Loveland Dot Org and they're hoping. Should you have any questions whatsoever that you would? Like to. Be addressed during this virtual. Open House on the airport master plan again from five to six PM on August sixth They're hoping that they have all those questions in by August fifth this as the Fort Collins Loveland, airport with that twenty year growth planned and big infusion of money wants your input your suggestions on best ways to improve. Their facilities and their services some fifteen now thirteen ten K F K A thirteen ten K. UP A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, fourteen. Oh, nine or carrying hearts, H H dot com, while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. rockies. Baseball is right here another in Colorado voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Little Christmas in July seven, twenty, two, now thirteen ten KFI gay. Ten KFI K. A. Dot, com northern Colorado's voice mornings of Gail via the auto collision specialists studios this, as Colorado will supply the next US Capitol Christmas Tree Yep. It's GonNa Happen. This is the first time the Colorado will opponent up that tree in eight years. The tree this cording to a piece out of Colorado politics, actually the gazette at my Jessica sn wart I, hope I'm saying it sounds like hogwarts hope I'm saying her name correctly. The tree is selected from a different national forest each and every year. It'll be harvested from The Grand Mesa area. And, The largest national forests to in the rocky mountain region on the Western slope south of Grand Junction this according to an announcement by Governor Shared Paulus. An engelmann spruce has been selected, and we'll be harvested this fall during public celebration, the exact tree and its precise location haven't been released, and that's because those ever enterprising hooligans would probably find a way to go after the tree I'm thrilled that when of Colorado's magnificent engelmann spruce 's is heading to Washington DC to represent our state at the Capitol during the holidays. This year. I hope is the ones that the bark beetles got. Hold all stop, Micah. That's what I had forgotten for. Just a moment that you are such a devotee of all things. Christmas I'll bet you already have your. Christmas decorations up and take it one step further. You probably never took them down. I. Don't think I ever put them up. Actually you know when when it comes to Christmas. All my decorations, their star Trek and Broncos all there. You go there you go, and what have you been yapping about? We'll get to the Christmas tree. What's the Elway Theorem? Oh, the elway theorem it's a it's a star trek reference to like transporters like a special type of transporter, who or you can transport using a different universe or whatever? I didn't fully read the thing, but it's from an episode of the next generation. So close so you can be me up John. I'm yes that. The elway Theorem. Is that an actual errors that a notch John Elway I. Don't Know My theorems postulates. I forget while they the I. I'm guessing. They went through football rosters because they needed They needed names and they're like. La Okay, we haven't mentioned that before. It was between Elwyn Zimmerman said Elway, and they called it the Elway theorem because was shorter. Okay well, thank you. That's good to now. Meanwhile back to Christmas. Trees governor. Chair police absolutely thrilled that. This engelmann spruce is heading to Washington DC to represent our states and were present. Well I guarantee us the first time in eight years that Colorado tree well Be, just in all of its magnificent beauty at the US Capitol. Colorado ends or proud of our state's natural beauty for us and incredible outdoor spaces, and I'm glad the rest of the country he said Governor Police will be able to see a small piece of the Majesty that Colorado I. Just don't move here while this I'm just kidding. That was just an aside. I'm just kidding. desalle, many people are fleeing New York and crowded areas. It's absolutely incredible own. We've got enough problems to deal with with the California case. I love you Californians but leave you're. You're leaving your state for a reason. So why are you bringing those very reasons with you as you're fleeing high taxes and a lot of shenanigans going on politically, why do you bring those political sensibilities with you? Don't you want to start a new and start afresh? Okay, spiraling here. While this is a difficult time for people across our state and across the country governor pulls, said relative to the Christmas tree. I hope that Colorado's contribution to the National Christmas spirit there. He said it can help bring us all together now. The tradition in case you're wondering if placing a Christmas tree on the capital on started back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, four with House Speaker John McCormack Democrat out of Massachusetts. He put a live tree on the Capitol Lawn, but it wasn't until almost thirty years later in one, thousand, nine, hundred ninety that Colorado was chosen to supply the tree also known as the. The People's treat. Since one thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety Colorado has provided to count them to other trees one from the Pike National Forest in two thousand and another from the White River National Forest in two, thousand, twelve, the white. House Blue Room, which featured a Christmas tree most years since nineteen sixty one has not included the tree from Colorado. We need to rectify that situation. North Carolina in Pennsylvania have featured the most trees for wide the White House with thirteen and eleven respectively now for this years capital tree. The US Forest Service will work with the nonprofit choose outdoors and other companies that will volunteer and donate. To help make ornaments and transport transport the tree to Washington DC the annual journey is only possible with the help of strong community partnerships throughout Colorado, and beyond state lines this according to Bruce Ward President of choose outdoors were grateful for the time and resources that are oh, so generously provided to celebrate our public lands, and help bring hope and joy to the nation something we could all certainly use these days right this as a Colorado will supply the twenty twenty us capitol Christmas tree for the first time in eight years. All right markets are down on earnings news this morning, but the big earnings news comes tomorrow, and just by the way we're driving our cars more. Longer distances I think that's what this says. Keith Been Presidential Wealth Management joins US kind of flesh. All that out for us when he joins US this morning. Right around seven thirty five closing in on seven thirty, now thirteen ten KFI K., thirteen ten K. K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes Weekday noon on thirteen ten KF Koa. Cool a new inexpensive portable covid nineteen test may be making its way from Colorado. State University Research Lab. To consumers as early as this year this according to a piece by Aaron Dow in the Fort Collins, Colorado in seven, forty, eight, now, thirteen, ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI, K. dot com northern, Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. Now it's a small paper based virus detection device. It's akin to a home. Pregnancy test came out of collaboration between CSU. Researchers Brian Guys Chuck Henry and David. Dandy, combining their backgrounds in virology, chemistry and chemical engineering. The trio began developing this new virus. Detection technology more than a year ago with the original goal of using it to detect organisms with anti microbial resistance this according to Colorado, State University and as the covid nineteen pandemic took shape guys, Henry and Dandy realized that they could generalize that platform into a sensitive test for our A. Viruses, including corona viruses like covid nineteen, the viral. Testing platform was licensed to diagnostic biosensor startup acquired devices earlier this summer. Licensing deal allows the testing platform to move into product, engineering and design phases while the scientists that are behind it. Keep testing the devices for accuracy who are as a chief science officer and you professor Ken Reardon, said this technology predated the pandemic, but because of its versatility as a platform and the significant need for high accuracy in detecting covert nineteen patients. We see an urgency to get it out now. We're trying to get into the market within a year. He continued which he admitted it. It's a pretty. Pretty aggressive acceleration testing devices roughly the size of your standard run-of-the-mill Granola Bar, and it will cost about fifteen to twenty dollars to manufacture. Although these costs are likely to go down with larger manufacturing scales to use the device, a patient sample weather, it'd be a whole blood drops, saliva or nasal swab is added to an opening on it in the team's initial device, a few drops of buffer are then added to a second opening on the device to start the test second advance version of vice, still in development would have a button. The could be pushed to actually activate the test. This according to guys as well once the sample processes typically twenty to thirty minutes, a line shows up in a window similar to a pregnancy test If there is a line that indicates the virus is present this as A. Researchers are working fast tracking this new portable covid. Nineteen tests could be on the market as early as this year seven, fifty, one now thirteen ten k. f.. K A BURST UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen Ten kfi k. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com, seventy six, while the all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K for more on Kfi. Programs podcasts sports scheduled news to thirteen ten KFI KEIEY DOT com now back to mornings with Gail. Subsidy on your Tuesday morning thirteen ten a UP K, a thirteen ten. A. Dot Com northern Colorado's Voice Mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collisions, specialists studios okay I know there's no crying in baseball, but for heaven's sakes I mean is is, would this be such a cruel turn of events? This as you had half of the Miami Marlins team testing positive this after their game with the Phillies leading to the phillies game being canceled last night because of health concerns, Yada Blah, and they're talking about either postponing now. No decisions been made get so let's not get ahead of our skis here, but they're talking about either postponing or delaying the rest of the season saying. So. That would just be so cruel. So what could they do to continue playing major league baseball thoughts this morning, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, thirteen ten KFI, Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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August 4, Hr 2  Jared Fiel with CDOT

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

25:36 min | Last month

August 4, Hr 2 Jared Fiel with CDOT

"This is mornings with Kayla Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI K. Seven or eight on your Tuesday morning thirteen, ten KFI, pay a thirteen ten KFI K., dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings, with Gail, live and local the auto collision specialists studios all. We're doing a little bit of juggling this morning welcoming in Oh, about an hour and a half early and we appreciate his flexibility jared file, CDOT region four communications manager Hey, jared or good morning, Gail, how are you? I'm doing great this morning and I appreciate once again, your willingness to just mix things up a little bit with scheduling. Well no problem. I'm I'm really glad that you were able to get me on today because I got some numbers this week that. I I don't know any other way to say except it just made me mad I? Just absolutely blown away by this we we got her numbers on the. You know we've been talking about fatalities on our roadways for for a while now and the latest numbers. This just came in from the other day last year twenty nineteen where believe it or not there was no pandemic and we were on the roads all the time we had sixty three fatal crashes and sixty-nine. Fatalities. Okay. That's an all region for the whole northeastern Colorado. this year just so far we're at sixty nine fatality crashes and eighty one fatalities. So we are up sixteen percent in fatalities in. Northeastern. Colorado. A lot of that is in Weld County. and now statewide, we're actually down about eight percent. So it's this is this is a real I mean something's gotTa happen here. You know we're seeing a lot of these there. There's two main differences right now one is is drunk driving. We have had twenty three fatalities the do gesture drunk driving compared to six last year. You know I think that goes to I was talking earlier this morning about the coping mechanisms some healthy some not so much when it comes to all the upheaval in our lives as a result of covid nineteen. And get it and I and you know everybody's got to figure out their own way to deal with this. But this is this is killing people that's not to do it. Yeah. That's it's just so you know it just it's making me so mad and the and the other one that of course is is our is the seat belts and you know we've got A. Weld County leaves the state from Twenty fifteen to twenty nineteen. We've had one hundred seventeen BECCA unbuckled death in traffic crashes just in Weld County. That's the highest county that's the highest in any county and all the Colorado. and when they look at seatbelt weights, we're about ten percent below. People Buckling up in Weld County you know, and it's those kinds of things when it's just something so simple. Our Safety Guy who comes up with all those messages that you love VMS sports He's they're going to be putting out some ones coming up in a couple of weeks. You'RE GONNA. See All around weld county kind of talking about reasons to buckle up you know and You know like I use a few of them. reason number eleven to buckle up a windshield is something nobody should go through. reason twenty one to buckle up be right back shouldn't your last words? reason, eighty four to buckle up you finally paid off your student loan. Reason one, fifty, six to buckle up you're not out of dad jokes yet? You know they're trying to come up with a with a cute and funny way to. To get people to buckle up but. You know I and I do understand it is a person's choice and it is your right to to be an idiot and you know to to be stupid and kill yourself despite the fact that you have family and people who love you. But this is this is really really really eye-opening right now I mean what is happening in northeastern Colorado in a time when there are way fewer cars on the road even still you know our traffic numbers are way down you know comparatively speaking to last year and you have had this many more. Crashes and fatalities is just it it it it really makes me Kinda Mad I'm just it's hard to control myself because it's like these are things that are easily within our control handle and people are just out there being stupid. You know and I can't help but draw that comparison in a time of covid nineteen that masts to where one not to wear one. Of course. Now, mandated by mass have become the new seat belt debate because he brought up a very good point again far be it for me to tell anyone how to live their best life but I can't think when look at the number of fatalities. Surely, that needs to make a dent on your psyche and what about those who have lost loved ones children. and. If only, if only had worn a seatbelt, put put aside you know put aside all your sensibilities and sensitivities when it comes to nobody's GonNa. Tell me what to do fine. But I wonder if in the aftermath of losing a loved one if it crosses your mind if only. I had buckled in or buckled child. And, it's not like we're asking you to put out major money here or or take lots of time. It's a couple of seconds and it's you know this stuff is happening on our roads all the time now and and I get it I. Get you know nobody's GonNa tell me what to do but here's a way that you can actually save yourself, save your level and save yourself for your loved ones. Very. Very simply and and I get it and you know I mean it just look at the. So we've I mean we've had what did I say one hundred eighteen unbuckled deaths, right and. I just looked up the number. We've had a hundred and forty one corona deaths in Weld County I, mean. These are all things that are avoidable. It's a stark comparison certainly as oh my gosh, just drives me crazy. All right. Well, let me get this out or on this day. Know what jared I appreciate your passion I really do. Because like you said, this is something that could be easily prevented if we didn't politicize weaponize it as we've done. So long ago I, mean I know several people who categorically refuse to wear a seatbelt because well, it's their right to do so under do so yep. Yeah exactly. Let me ask you this though we've been talking about during this time of covid nineteen I mean since you know everything Kinda went haywire in March we were talking about speeding on the roads and how I have to wonder if people are playing out their frustrations with road rage. I think that that's a huge piece of it i. think that I. I don't know if I would call it road rage I. Think it's you know they just see the open road and figure this GonNa you know normally traffic kind of contains you at a speed you know and but I think because there was a lot less traffic people were going a lot faster. So it's kind of. Like. What we talked about how you know in under Kobe, there's all these new rules we have to wear masks. We gotta do this stuff. You know what nobody knows what to do we're all confessed. Yeah, right. But then but then those the old rules kind of go out the window like, okay I'll wash my hands but I'm gonNA. Forget speed limits you know and it's like those are the things that. I mean, that's my own personal observation. I didn't. Know. Statistically. And Scientifically there. There is research that supports that particularly when it comes to laws, you know we got law Palooza from the General Assembly every year and I always run through the litany of new laws well. There's a hierarchy in our minds and this has been I, mean fully vetted that they pile on more laws. Well, we tend to disregard what we feel are the lower level laws. And and you're right and I think as okay. So now if washing my hands and putting on a mask is up here, it just bumped these other ones down and I think that's that's been a big piece of that you know and so forget wearing a seatbelt forget you know speed limits or or maybe I can have another drink before it hit the road and that's the stupidity that's out there and it's you know I I I love Weld, county I, love northeastern Colorado and this this just hurts to see that we're leading the state in this and It's all most of this ninety, nine percent of its avoidable. And you know it's it's just two people not being smart and you know a lot of times what we're seeing is is the fatalities are the people getting hit by these people to you know and it's there's just I. It's incredibly frustrating and to know that you know statewide we're down that but our area is so high. I mean ours is a ours is sixteen percent up and the State is eight percent down. I mean Scott passed a huge shift in such an easy fix just simply by buckling up. Let me ask you this Is it because of nature of the Physical Nature of Weld County? I mean what? Four, thousand, seventeen or so square miles right it's huge I mean well, county is absolutely huge and a lot of it is rural. So you've got you know basically UN trafficked roads. That's a huge piece. I mean real rural rules are always a little different you know. You know you always hear about you know. Kids get behind the wheel you know ten. In the middle of nowhere. and. You know what? That's kind of standard particularly in agriculture, right? Right. Right and so I understand that you know. especially, those things when you're you know, hey, I just gotta make a quick trip. I don't need to buckle up and I think that's why that one message in there you know be right back shouldn't be your last words. Those. Those little quick trips. You know where you don't think you got to do anything and that's where. These. Fatalities are happening and isn't it true that most accidents happen within mere miles of your home? Address within five miles. I, mean you know and those are the things that you know and I and I do understand it it's you know. You. It can be restricted to certain. And the interesting part to me is I actually think it's worse in the winter. when you go your big jackets on and everything to try to get the buckle around. And I have some extra that are too Nineteen, yeah exactly spell a little more than that but You know so I get it but I mean this hasn't even been in. This is just you know since January you know and so I, it's just one of these things that when I saw those numbers and it just really hit me and how how just awful this is and what a huge impact that's having on our on our population. I mean you you've talked you're talking about. You know eighty one people. Have died in northeastern Colorado. This year on our roadways. I mean. That that's just ridiculous. Especially when you figure how fewer people are places here and it's almost counter-intuitive it's almost like an Oxymoron Yep Yep it actually makes no sense at all and that's why you know the statewide numbers are down. But You know up here north. Eastern, we're we're getting bad and and you know we certainly do see a lot of it enroll county but you know out of the Eastern Plains there's a lot of it's the same role stuff that you see happening as well, and you're right that a lot of it is that mentality you know I'm GonNa do what? I. WanNa do and it's my right and I get that. But when you think about all of the people that you're affecting by that choice and it's just it's such a silly one well also argued that my rights and rights begin. Yeah I mean you're other people? Yes and that's what's got under point. Yeah. My point. Exactly. Jared files. CDOT. Region for communications. Manager. certainly an important message and I'll tell you what I just can't get you know and I do love those signs I. Love How you're taking. A lighter approach well to a very deathly possibility but just in order to not bring down the heavy hand of government telling us what to do. Right. But the thought of don't let be right back your last words I can't get that out of my head. Yeah and you know I think you have to get people with different types of messaging always post the how many beats. Out there too. So you know you gotta get and get away. So hopefully that gets somewhere out there and I promise next week Gail I will be a little lighter but I'm I'm a little met this week. No I totally understand because it certainly is preventable jared files cdot region for communications manager. Thanks so much. Thank you for ship time you bet seven, twenty, two now thirteen ten KFI, all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten Kfi K. catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten Kfi K.. Well it's great out the parachute. What do you say seven forty four now thirteen ten K of a thirteen ten KFI. A. Dot COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Kale, live and local the auto collision specialists studios. All right. So thinking that musical question, what do MC hammer and a high school principal and the late Welford grimly have in common. Well, let's start with this Alabama principal really cool guy his name is Dr Quentin Lee. Now he realizes the coronavirus pandemic is not going away anytime soon. So he did a parody. of Can't touch this. It's on Youtube. It's reached viral status. It's close well at this point in time. It's over a million of us. Apparently, he wrote this parody and fifteen minutes features Lee and three other students from his school children's Burke. Highschool performing CDC recommended protocols such as putting on hand sanitizers, social distancing mask wearing in the hallways of the school. Lee Dr Lee hopes his latest viral rab apparently, this is not his first. Rodeo will allow everyone to take a break and to laugh and smile which I think. You will do as well. Here's Dr Lee. You can't touch this. By. His be so hard. Other Teachers Say oh my Lord. Is. Other. DC. CAN'T BE FOUND All around this out. No look beings picks up. I told you, students. Take. You better pull that master. To CDC. Hey don't wash your hand. and. Let's all be say Washer booed backup. You better, not coughing better season attention. Hold on. Let me check your under your arm like that. Like that, you're off to the everybody says that this too much and these other things you can't touch. Your told you. Why are Y'all standing? So close back. Everytime you see me. Attack I'm, GONNA. Get my head whom cases are on the right now. Would I ever stop doing this while others getting ill I don't WANNA be sick. been to all the classrooms there's until. Isn't legally. Dot your late look at the clock touch this. Touch this. Record Fifty. All Right Mike Ditka. Patrick. Doing a little bit of additional research there Mike. You said this is actually top two three and a half million views on youtube now three and a half million since. July thirty first. That's incredible. Oh my gosh. Then again, I can't help but think you need to message in a way that's effective in an age appropriate manner Kinda reflecting bouncing off our conversations morning with jared files dot region four communications manager is talking about the fact that we've seen so many road fatalities in Weld County but I digress, all right we lost a great one Wilford rambling and I don't mean to seem crass but somehow some way I think wilfred grimly. Would appreciate this version. Sir. Our losing my ice rink. Apple Pie, I would get up every fifteen or twenty minutes the night. All my Apple Pie. Wasn't a to die. I might have to live a long time. fell. I really wouldn't interested in. Diabetes had twenty uable third shift I'm not. Beating to death I was experiencing symptoms that were strained beat. Start when I was first diagnosed. Until finally, at the urging the one to love me the most Wilford if you WANNA get better. Faster, you'll get better and better. You'll ladies and gentlemen that you. Through the years the better I feel knife slipped up the better I feel I've eaten my family. And I do my. beat us I want to tell you I. Do feel matter diabetes my best friend and partner Richard Diabetes Liberty Medical is accompanied staffed with the diabetic and it isn't dilemma. I was care I like to say we will. We will. There are so many new ways for you to treat your diabetes people more people made these rules. I promise you. I'm surrounded by diabetes. Thanks for your time. You know he did do commercials for. Medical and just thought I, mean no disrespect and I hope it doesn't seem crass or course as. The late Wilford Brindley, did in the of complications of diabetes, but you tell me to. Seven fifty thirteen ten, Kfi thirteen ten Kfi am preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage baseball is back in the rockies can be heard right here on thirteen ten KFI play. I got a little inside baseball well inside Radio Story to tell you this really kind of funny because I had forgotten that the services actually exist. Remember yesterday we're talking about that Denver Post story and tonight You can see this hbo documentary the swamp in which several congressmen three to be exact including representative Ken Buck talk about the pitfalls of the swamp and. The point was made in. It was by one of the producers. No, it was one of the directors of this HBO documented documentary. By her own admission a liberal saying Ken Buck seems sad he seems sad about what is going on in politics these days. So we got a little snarky with it and I opened the segment was sad eyes and I asked the question is can buck sad and then I said as I work through the story and by the way representative Ken Buck will be joining us this morning at eight thirty but I also said okay. So I'm going to reach out to Ken Buck because I want to get his take on their take on how he's feeling about things and right after the show I get an email from his communications manager. That says Hey Gayle I just listened to your discussion your conversation about representative box. So you said you wanted to get him on the air. So do you want to get him on like? Oh, my gosh because I forgot they have services skimmers a basically that they pay bucks for tax payers do but anyway, basically what happens is every time you say Ken Buck something POPs up on their radar and they can actually link to the interview but it got like oops E and she says boy Denver Post story is just giving me a headache but it was all lighthearted. So Ken Bark Representative Ken Buck joins US this morning. To talk a little bit about that HBO documentary that Airs Tonight The swamp closing in on seven fifty, seven now thirteen ten, Kfi k a thirteen ten K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage for more on KFI programs. PODCAST sports scheduling. News. Goto thirteen ten KFI K., A. DOT COM now back to mornings with here. Was Work at home our destiny. In many cases, there are some say that for years we have been moving in that direction covid nineteen just well, actually expedited the process seven, fifty, nine, now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen, ten KFI K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live and local via the Collision Specialists Studios Cove nineteen has indeed changed so many areas of our lives but my facebook question have you been working at home during a time of? COVID, nineteen and how is that working out for you? We're going to talk to about eight Oh, five this morning thirteen, ten KFI. Greeley Loveland Longmont it's eight o'clock Rolls Sports Story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K..

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June 16, Hr 2

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

24:34 min | 3 months ago

June 16, Hr 2

"This is mornings with Gail fueled by. Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. Disturbing developments in that story we talked about yesterday this as gunman knelt on the neck of a black student athlete at cs you and jammed a pistol into his back well The man of course was arrested. His son is now speaking out seven eight, thirteen ten KFI K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists studios piece out. Out of nine news, Colorado State University football player, who is African American pleaded for his life after being accosted on a quiet loveland street by a man who him and a CO worker to the ground, and then proceeded to kneel on the student, athletes, neck, and jam a pistol into his back this according to court documents at one point, the student athlete asked the man who was wearing a tactical vest not to kill him. The man proceeded to tell the young man. Well? He wasn't going to kill him. The police would this according to the arrest affidavit for Scott Gudmundsson sixty five, who faces two counts of felony menacing two counts of false imprisonment, the incident last Thursday evening this in the twenty four hundred block of done court in South. West loveland the affidavit. Light on the events that left to roofing salesman, rattled and gunman under arrest. Now he is now being treated at an inpatient mental health center this according to his son in an interview with nine news, the family also removed all of the man's guns from the home. Now as you know the student and his co worker had been going door to door for a roofing company where they both worked, they wore matching Polo shirts with the company's name on them shorts, tennis shoes wight surgical style mass, and they carried clipboards and pamphlets for the roofing company that they represented. They're not being identified because they of course are victims of crime and have not yet spoken publicly about the incident, but it all got underway just a little before six PM, on Thursday. This according to the affidavit, when gunmen soon call police, the said there were members of Tepa in his neighborhood who were wearing masks and that he was going to confront them. Gudmundsson reported that he was a former police officer and was armed and wearing tactical gear. Well after officers arrived, they quickly surmised that the roofing salesman had done nothing wrong and arrested gunman. To had been in the neighborhood the day before, and had knocked on gunman since door, according to the affidavit Gudmundsson told them to leave and they did. and. Then he later approached them and demanded identification. After one of the men provided it. They talked, and and then proceeded to apologize this again, according to the affidavit. Then on Thursday. They were in another part of the neighborhood. This is went. Gudmundsson allegedly approached them. Calling them terrorists and ordering them to the ground. Both of the men complied this according to the affidavit, one of the men told police he didn't WanNa die, so he just laid there and tried not to move again, according to this affidavit at that point, gunman son knelt on the other man's neck, and jammed a gun into his back now gunman was actually released after posting bail, and his family arranged for him to be treated for a mental health illness. That he had been struggling with for at least a decade this according to his son, just the family. We want to clarify. It was not racially motivated in any way. He said of his father's actions. He is mentally ill. Scott gunman was armed with two weapons. This according to Loveland police Lieutenant Bob Schaffer a Glock pistol and second Glock pistol that had been converted into a longer weapon that looked like a rifle. On Monday. Mr Gudmundsson Son Stanley. His family feels terrible about what happened. And he said that he hopes the CS you player in in particular does not think he was targeted for the color of his skin. Stanley Gudmundsson went on to say this is clearly a mental health issue, not a racial issue. He, referring to his father. As never exhibited racist behavior at any time. In my life, this is a mental health issue that has been dealing with for about a decade. Scott Gum send scheduled to be in court Thursday? But his son Stanley went on to say he's not sure that he's going to be there. Given the treatment, he is undergoing, but a heartbreaking story all the way around closing in on seven fourteen now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten k. up a dot com. This time check sponsored by carrying. Carrying Hartson healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, h, dot com, while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen, ten Kfi k. a northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with Gail. Stick around for me the Dan. Patrick show nine am on thirteen ten KFI. Well, we've gone from stay at home to safer at home to a brand new set of guidelines to contend with protect your neighbor this as jared Polis announces the protect your neighbor phase that may allow large events in some counties, and for all of you, barflies on the good news is bars could reopen as early as next week working piece this morning by went meg. WYNN gooder out of the Denver. Post seven, twenty, one now thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot. Dot Com. Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum, live and local via the collision specialist studio. So, what does this look like well? You had governor jared. Polis announcing yesterday that some counties could begin allowing large scale events as early as July, and all will be able to reopen bars and some additional services next week now, the current safer at home guidelines require both parties to wear masks for personal services like haircuts well, that doesn't work so well for facials or professional shaves and. Lip Waxing, so customers for those services won't have to wear a mask as long as the beautician or barber actually does we all need to take notes? The loosened guidelines also allow overnight summer camps to reopen with social distancing in place, and for bars to reopen at twenty five percent of their indoor capacity. Not all areas will be able to immediately move into the next phase again labeled protect our neighbors in that phase. All activities would be allowed. At Up to fifty percent capacity with a minimum of five hundred people present at any given time, so that would allow events like county fairs. Take place this according to Governor Police, but is that easy when you look at the number of huge events Greeley Stampede Blues Jam We would have celebrated the Blues Jam in Greeley. I believe it would have been just last week, but is it that easy? Because of all of the planning the pre planning that goes into place and many just cancelling their their event. Is it that easy for them to say Oh. Okay, it's back on I. Don't think so. I don't think that we're going to see any of the canceled events being rescheduled, but I could be wrong on that. Mom. The State is accepting comments on the draft guidelines for the new phase protect our neighbors through Thursday and on the safer at home changes through Wednesday. Counties that want to move into that phase needs to show that the virus is only circulating throughout their respective counties that low levels the number of cases are trending downward, and that they have the capacity to use testing and tracing to stop small outbreaks from growing those that do well in the protect our neighbors phase might be able to allow events at more than fifty percent of capacity, so you've got these projections coming from the. The Colorado School of Public Health showing that stead. The state actually wrist overwhelming hospitals as early as August. If we all don't maintain high levels of social distancing, others have raised concerns about a second wave, Oh and we talked about the second wave, and who determines when that second wave actually begins is that the World Health Organization is Dr Anthony Bouncy is at the Centers for Disease Control and at this point with all of the conflicting information that we have gotten over the past couple of months from all of them. Well, who do you believe and who do you trust? But others have raised concerns about a second wave of infections in the fall which could coincide with the seasonal flu, and could indeed further strain healthcare capacity. Police acknowledged that allowing larger events, doesn't he'd carry some risk of spreading the virus? Oh, but protests don't. I don't know it's difficult for me to wrap my head around that and somewhere buried in the stack in front of me. I have an interesting piece in which. You've got a number of public health officials coming out in favour in favor of the protests, but only if the protests are relative to. Systemic police brutality as they peg it right. Systemic racism in police departments not so much when it comes to those that were protesting the loss of our constitutional rights with all the. Questionable? Lockdown guidelines that were going on. Well. I'm sorry. I didn't think that the virus was that smart. I know that it is a novel coronavirus. I understand that and we were still learning so much about it but I never realized that you that the virus was selective. It's not it doesn't care. It doesn't care what you're protesting. It doesn't care why you're outside. It doesn't care whether your social distant while it does care if you're social distancing or night. At least that's that's the narrative that we get, but it doesn't give a hoot, but you've got public. Health Officials say Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no those public protests! Peaceful public protests when it comes to police, brutality and systemic racism, those are perfectly acceptable and indeed encouraged. Does this make any sense to you? My heads exploding, nine, seven, thousand, three, five, three, thirteen, thousand, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten trot me attacks at three, one, nine, nine six. The virus doesn't care what you're protesting. It doesn't give two hoots. It's either the Kuti's are either gonNA. Get you or they're not and I'm not minimizing covid nineteen all right? Let's not get it all to a sit in confused here. My heart once again. Standard disclaimer here and I don't mean to be flippant or snarky. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one to covid nineteen, but all of the conflicting information changing on a dime. Sometimes we're told one thing and just within hours. We're told oopsy. No, we kind of got that wrong. We have another study yet. Another study that tells us that Well I. Oh, yeah, Corona virus can live on surfaces for upward of the eight nine hours maybe days. oopsy, while no, it might live on surfaces, but that doesn't mean that it is live. It's it can be transmitted from surfaces where a mask don't wear a mask. You know exactly where I'm going with this and I find it overwhelmingly frustrating at this point in time and I've talked to so many of you. That feel the exact same way and rant. Give me a call. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three thirteen tents, got governor police, acknowledging that allowing larger events carry some risk of spreading the virus. Free the heard. And that older people and those with health conditions may not want to participate, which is how that quarantine lockdown should've operated from the get go. As with any pandemic. We already know. A third year medical student knows this. SIP those with compromised. Immune systems those are the ones that should be quarantined, not the healthy governor police going on to say if you WANNA. Take that disannul risk, be smart, wear a mask. Leave that up to you number of new virus infections and Colorado well. They remained really low on Monday, with one hundred and twenty five cases reported Sunday one hundred sixty one people hospitalized with covid nineteen. This as of Monday afternoon, hospitalizations have dropped precipitously since mid April but they appear to have leveled out somewhat in recent days. No new covid related deaths have been confirmed since Friday though it can take several days admittedly for those records to reach the Colorado. Department, of Public Health and environment this as Governor Jared Polis. Unveils that new protect your neighbor phase relative to new guidelines with Covid Nineteen, seven, thirty, now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI, a dot com, all eyes on retail sales as they take a record to jump Keith wine, presidential wealth management ways in in just a few. To UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Catch me. Dan Patrick in the danettes weekdays, nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI. Koa. Some forty four thirteen, ten KFI a thirteen ten K. F. K. dot com mornings gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live local via the auto collision. studios alright. wanted to catch up on some local news items that I wanted to pass along I did find that peace here it is. When was ranting earlier about covert nineteen being just justice, so I mean intelligent that it targets protesters based on what they're protesting I mean that's at least if you translate the narrative that were being fed. It seems as though well. It is very very selective. I did find that peace and we'll get into that after the. Get you caught up on everything you need to know at the top of the hour, but yeah, this one caught my eye piece by John Aguilar in the Denver Post Headline says it. All many health officials are okay. They're O K with police protest. Despite covid nineteen sub had critics and color me. A critic say medical leaders approach to George Floyd protests contrast with the treatment of the stay at home demonstrations. You know those of us who will give wit about the Constitution and our First Amendment rights and a right to peaceably assembly, but it seems yeah once again the corona virus. It's just a very very specific when it comes to targets. How does that make any sense whatsoever all right? Some forty five now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI. DACA, not a rhetorical question way in I if you would and we can agree to disagree nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, dropping text on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six all right, so it's interesting that governor Jared Polis announcing of those new guidelines as we move to from the original stay at. At home orders to safer at home orders now entering a new phase and a whole new set of guidelines that we have to figure out, and that is the protect your neighbors phase again as a restrictions continue to ease throughout the state those restrictions of course relative to cove nineteen, but talking about the fact that we might see the return of some of those. Large and I put that in air quotes. Because of course, there's restrictions on the number of people that can gather for example at a air quote. Large gathering like county fair, but This as Greeley's weld words announces the Cancellation Of the Twenty Twenty Weld works invitational. It just announced. This past Friday that is canceled. The Weld works invitation on set for Saturday. October seventeenth due to covid nineteen safety precautions now, according to Kristen pop chef Girvan director of operations. It became apparent to us that even if it is safe, hold an event like this in October. There would still be many necessary safety regulations in place in our opinion. It's not worth hosting an event. That will be anything less than a world class experience now well-worked sent emails to ticket holders with information on refunds, said waiting to hear about my refund from Stubhub for the ROCKIES pirates game. I was going to this past weekend. That well check on my ticket accounts on Stubhub says I went well. There was no game. So how could I've gone? I digress to get holders. We'll have the opportunity to purchase twenty twenty one presale tickets online at a later date to questions about the twenty twenty event cancellation or ticket refunds. Camby sent to events at weld works brewing dot com again. If you are a ticket holder events at. At Weld Work Brewing, dot com, and if you want more information about tickets or the brewery, you can visit that site. This is really a well works announces the cancellation of the Twenty Twenty Weld works. Invitational seven forty eight. Now Thirteen ten F K, a thirteen ten K.. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home. For the best high school coverage, the day's headlines podcast mornings with Gail and more and a scheduled upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com. Lovers. Rejoice does as a brewing company in Fort Collins launches a canned wine project, seven, fifty, four, now thirteen ten KFI. A thirteen KFI K. A. dot com morning, so gail fueled by Great Western, petroleum, live and local via the auto collision specialists studios yeah wine lovers in Colorado can indeed rejoice as del Brewing Company is of visually launched the ob see wine project, and its first line of can't wine this. This according to a piece by Tam Market Out of the Greeley trip winds included in the project are a red blend a lovely white, Pinot Gris, blend, Rosa and a Rosa with some bubbles, the red blend combines a blackberry, plum, and pomegranate degrade a full body flavor. The white penal grease band blend consists of verse. I this love. This is written bursts of grapefruit line, zest, peach, honeydew, melon and wet stone. whetstone to offer drinkers, a refreshing mouth-watering Finish Chris Berries and citrus make up the Rosa with Aromas of white strawberries, raspberries, orange zest, and dried herbs that wine they say is perfect, food, friendly, summer wine last, but not least the resume the bubbly rose. Combines the sweet flavors of strawberries and white peach with the fun of some carbonation. Travis Green expend experienced. Vintner is leading the charge on the projects production of canned wine green actually operated his own winery for ten years before delving into the urban. Winery Concept Greens knowledge of winemaking in sourcing grapes from across the country has been of great benefit to the brewery and the project now. Now, interestingly, enough it would appear that Odell Brewing Company. In Fort, collins is hopping on the wine train at just the right time. According to I, R is twenty nine thousand nine year end review a data analytics market research company can't wind sells. A sales grew seventy eight percent. Making can't wine the fastest growing pack type across the entire wine industry can't winds will be sold through. And chain retailers some fifty seven now thirteen ten Kfi K., all sports story in northern Colorado their state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. K., this is Kevin Kara. Fact is at the movies, and you're listening to mornings with Gail on thirteen ten KFI. Well after pandemic, here's protest Colorado lawmakers have closed the books on the twenty twenties session. I would say our wallets safe, but Yeah, that's probably not the case this as a Webb County commissioners and governor poll as coming together proving a bill to provide financial relief to local businesses and city of Evans recreation facilities will begin a gradual reopening June. Seventeenth while all the details coming your way as is ABC news then. News as well thirteen ten KFI Greeley Loveland Longmont, for Collins, it's seven eight, o'clock, the best to UNC bears charging game coverage lives thirteen ten KFI, okay.

KFI Kfi Colorado Gail KFI KFI Governor Jared Polis Scott Gudmundsson Kfi K. Stanley Gudmundsson Twenty Twenty Weld Colorado State University Great Western Petroleum tennis K. A. salesman Dan Patrick West loveland Greeley
June 26, Hr 2  Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

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June 26, Hr 2 Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

"This is mornings with Kale fueled by great. Western petroleum. Oli Thirteen ten KFI. Around. Seven or eight now thirteen ten K of K, thirteen ten K., A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum, the the auto collision specialist studios well got this press release from the weld. County sheriff's Office yesterday and well put a smile on my face. This as a concealed carry weapon permit fees are expected to be reduced to Apter Weld County, Sheriff Steve Reams and the county commissioners came to an agreement yesterday, according to the headline in the Greeley trip. the commissioners are expected to. Vote on this reduction. Come Monday share frames. Welcome back to the show. Kirby Bill. So what prompted you to take this step because it's not the first time that had these feasts reduced right. Yeah when I took over in. January two thousand fifteen, after I've been elected one of the things I'd say early honest that I would reduce the cost of the permit which had been hundred and fifty two dollars, and fifty cents down to one hundred and that we would continue to monitor, and you know if we could reduce the fee anymore. trying to figure out how to. Most efficiently have my administrative staff process these things and try to reduce the cost to doing business. you know as things kind of transpired over the last six years you know the the current environment is is pretty scary for a lot of people they're worried about. Whether or not law enforcement is going to be there when they need them. There's a lot of fun. The cops rhetoric and and I've gotten I couldn't even tell you how many voicemails emails facebook messages whatever asking you know, hey, is there a way that we can help law enforcement and my response to that is always that you should have an in your public safety, and are in your own personal safety, and so the best way to do that is to be armed and carry a firearm and We want to remove any barriers that we were imposing on allowing someone about and get that concealed weapons permit, and this is the way to do it. So characterize your discussions yesterday with the Weld County commissioners if he would. Sure so I had a gentleman come into the lobby and he just said you know the permanency of one hundred dollars. He appreciated it being that low, but he wished that he didn't have to pay for for one at all. And like you know what you're right. So I sent an email to the commissioners. Wednesday night, said I'd like to discuss the concept of removing everything other than what the state charges us to submit fees, and immediately all the commissioner started responding back to email in a very positive manner. they scheduled a work session for the next morning and We sat down and had a very brief conversation about kind of where the state of the the state is right now and. That, this was a good move for the constituents of Weld County, and and so they said well we'll put it on the agenda for Monday morning, and we intend to reduce the feet on the fifty two dollars and fifty cents, just to cover the state fee and therefore the five commissioners present at the at the meeting, but I believe all five vote in supportive of the measure. And if they vote in favor, when will that go into effect? Immediately. Go Monday morning soon as they as soon as they pass that vote, we will start collecting Nazi Let me, ask you this I'm just playing. Devil's advocate is prone to do here is is there a downside for law enforcement for more? Concealed carry permits. Not My opinion the people that are coming in to obtain a concealed weapon permit. They're they're proving that one. There are lots going on her to. They're proving that they've been through some kind of training and three. They're showing that. Hey, we're taking the extra step necessary aches in order to obtain a waffle permit so that we can carry a weapon, concealed and protect ourselves It's it's been very infrequent, if ever that guy or any law enforcement in the state of Colorado got into some kind of armed conflict with a concealed weapon permit holder more often than not. Those. Are The folks tend to avoid being in situations where a illegal activity could occur I mean? They understand the right that they're. They're exercising and most do so extraordinarily responsibly. Seven, twelve, thirteen, ten KFI K. Thirteen Ten K. K. dot com joined by weld. County Sheriff Steve Rings Timing. This have anything to do. With the passage of Senate bill to seventeen. This is that. A Law Enforcement Integrity Act interesting I pulled a piece out of complete Colorado page to by Scott Weiser. Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney's George Brock Ler says this bill was driven by what takes place outside of Colorado certainly has some flaws yet to address right. Yeah so to seventeen I. mean there's. The, the concept in the bill was to try to better better regulate law enforcement, and and essentially try to you know. Try to clean up our act a little bit. The problem is the bill is so poorly written in some missing, and that it really doesn't take focus on the things that most likely should, and what it's causing is for law. Enforcement officers to really have some trepidation about whether or Or not they want to stay in this career I've been talking with my. My my deputies extensively about the things that we need to do to try to best protect them while we can still protect the citizens, but if we're having that conversation, obviously every other police police agency as well and the citizens are reading this bill on men I don't know why people want to be a cop. Exactly, particularly in today's environment, as you're rushing toward trouble, and being pelted with rocks and bottles and invective, which while the invective is probably the least part of the equation, but I can't help but wonder I mean particularly when it comes to recruitment. What impact all of this unrest, and all these calls to defunding disband law enforcement this sweeping a bill that was passed. It seems to me a blanket approach when it should be. an individual look at police departments across the country. Am I wrong there? Now, you're not wrong at all. And and truly the focus of of these types of efforts should be on the police departments or the agencies where you're seeing these violations come from the most you know I'm not going to tell you that my department. My Agency has never had You know someone that acted out of out of accord or someone did something they shouldn't do, but we hold those people accountable we. We did with him internally. We've oftentimes had charged. Those folks say often whenever we've had one of those incidents something. We have likely charged that person criminal as well when. I don't do that. That's what causes a rift but in the trust between the citizens and law enforcement, and that's truly where the the focus should be those agencies that don't hold their officers accountable the way that they should be held accountable Instead you know we get this blanket policy that that makes it really hard to function in a law enforcement capacity and understand how it is you're supposed to. Still take the necessary risk to go out and protect public safety without putting everything you. You own personally on the line on each individual call. It's a it's a tough balance, and we're going to have a heck of a time trying to work through it and figure out how to keep keep people in. This profession. What do you find most troubling about this police? Accountability Bill which governor poll signed into law. Well there's the there's the removal of qualified immunity that a lot of people focus on You know in my opinion if a person is acting in good faith, that provision probably won't impact them that much. Where I'm more fearful is the authority that this bill gives to post to immediately decertifying officer based on actions that you know in court may look one way, but in reality maybe something else, but post is now required to just basically started find officer and take away his ability to to continue to to work as a law enforcement officer, and and there's not a lot of wiggle room there Without getting into the technical details of the bill, the Attorney General through the Post Sport has an immense amount of power. Through this bill. I as you have so many of us have just aghast appalled at watching, those who take advantage of highly charged situation are destroying monuments across the country. Just had one pulled down in Denver in the wee hours of Thursday morning cannot but wonder I mean it seems to me law enforcement would-be on particularly high alert, and certainly that would be the case in weld. County! Do you see any vulnerabilities there? you know I think there's probably some areas that you know our. I guess could be targeted I think weld. County Greeley tends to be a little little more conservative, leaning I don. I, I hope that we don't see any of those kind of monuments toppled or destroyed or vandalized but we also have citizen out there that are kind of keeping an eye on things and and being is on the ground for us and. And that's you know. Unfortunately, that's the environment we're in and without saying specific locations because I don't want to direct those that might WanNa. Do ill-will You know we're. We're doing what we can to make sure we protect the. Major in value of of the citizens welcome, and I will say that you know once again. We've had this discussion. Kudos to the citizens of really to all of you. That did take part in the protests that in fact did remain peaceful and I hope those calmer heads continue to prevail for electric Oh this morning, sheriff, and certainly appreciate your taking the time with the sinking heart. I watched as a Denver schools. decided to cut the contract with Denver police as far as school resource officers go moving ahead. Put her school board once again. calmer heads did indeed prevail, and they extended that contract. My concern is that doesn't that send the wrong message to our kids not? But I'm talking about yeah. Because it makes it sound like the law. Enforcement is the problem and I think you talking about this pathway from from schools to prisons, and and how having cops schools Facilitates that and. Our experience has been that the relationships that I law. Enforcement officers build inside the schools are. Priceless and you know they're very. They're very positive relationships so to. It any other way I mean I. I guess I'm just not familiar with how someone can get there but I think it's a bad trend and the consequences of doing these things. I, think it's pretty obvious anybody All you're waiting for the next tragedy, and and we hope that it never happens, but they're definitely setting up the setting up deck for it. Well No, at least all of us here. Certainly do appreciate everything that you. Your colleagues in law enforcement do every single day. Thank you say back Webb. County Sheriff Steve Reams thanks for your time. Seven twenty, thirteen ten Kfi k. well, the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Dan Patrick is coming up at nine, A. Northern Colorado's home for news sports and talk thirteen ten KFI K now back to mornings with Kale. Seven, twenty, eight now thirteen. K DOT COM mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Liam, live and local via the auto collision specialist studios once again. Just a reminder to all of you are fearless and dedicated first line medical providers who have done so much for so many throughout the Cova one thousand nine hundred. We'll continue to do so. Don't forget your chance to win. A two hundred and fifty dollar gift card courtesy of Linda winter at accessories with a flair and hair in downtown Greeley just have to look for that signature red awning, and that Gift Card can be used on anything and everything as accessories with a flare and hair truly is one stop retail therapy. You can find jewelry. Jewelry and clothing you won't see yourself coming and going ECLECTIC fashionable clothing. You can even get your hair done there. So if you are a frontline medical provider or you know of one, please please please be sure to enter into that drawing to win that two hundred and fifty dollar gift card courtesy of Linda winter at accessories with a flair and hair. Hair okay, gail so. How how do I do that? Easy enough to do? Just go to thirteen ten k. f. k. a calm look on the left hand side of our homepage, and you'll be able to make your entry into that drawing right there. Deadline is the end of the month of. Don't delay seven thirty now thirteen ten K. F K., a thirteen ten K., F. A. dot com, coming up a preview of what we should watch for next week when we're joined by Keith wineman presidential wealth management in just a few thirteen ten k. k. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten Kfi K.. Seven forty three now thirteen ten KFI K., thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings week, AOL live and local via the auto collision. A special studios fueled by Great Western petroleum well. Did you realize that there are about three hundred at drive in movie theaters currently operating across the country? Wait hold on, make that three hundred and one as a my big day, marketing and events along with partners, Thompson, education foundation, visit, Loveland, and really a facts launched that pop-up loveland drive in fundraiser actually launched that June fifth than it runs through July twelfth joined this morning by event producer my big day, marketing and Events Christine forced there hey Christine. Thanks for having me Gal I absolutely love this because I. Think Drive INS hearken back. They hearken back. To An earlier time, that perhaps wasn't as turbulent and as uncertain as today's times with covert nineteen and everything else, that is going on across the country. Certainly are so tell us a little bit about the love. Driving Sur sure Yeah, that's exactly the feeling that we want people to get. Although I will say what makes us unique and especially different is that we can air. Air Movies anytime of day, so we say daylight or moonlight of course, if you think back of a traditional drive in movie theater, which like you said many still exist not a ton We're finding more right now. With covid, nineteen traditional move in a drive in movie theater typically happens in the summer, and you have to wait till the sets, and it's pretty dark little. That work I was curious about that when I first got the press release about this I was like. Wait a minute. How can you watch a big screen out outdoor Sun Shining drive in movie? During the day that's right. We have special led technology, so if you think about if you've ever been to fiddler's green, and in Denver or can picture with the Vegas Strip looks like or even Times Square New York there those bright signs and lights that you can see from an airplane up in the sky, fear of flying over, because they're so bright and crystal clear We have that technology here in little O'Loughlin. And so we rhythm affects is our technology partner and because the the goal was to not only help this nonprofit, but just to employ people this time when so many are losing jobs? We're working with a partner who is willing to give that technology for a great deal now it's very expensive compared to running your traditional driving, so that's why we hope that people are generous with their donations, and they come in, but we also know that people can't afford a lot right now, so it's name. Your old own price at are driving but the. Led technology allows US air movies at nine. Am We see a lot of families come? In fact, we're airing here and just about an hour we have the movie turbo, playing and We have lots of MOMS and kids, and we saw tons of DADS on father's. Day coming to the morning movie, and then we have a five o'clock show, which is perfect for dinner time for family, so that one is actually really popular, and then more of a traditional time eight PM show, which still is early for traditional drive in. Those movies now in the summer can't air till after nine typically, so you can get out and get home at a decent time and all of them we think are great for families, and also dining dining with us to we have food, trucks and vendors and It's fun. And of course you have all the protocols and all the restrictions relative to Covid nineteen places well right Oh goodness. Yes, it took about at least two months to get through all of the red tape to plan this, and there's red type tape with getting the movie rights, but also we had to work with other driving, making sure that we weren't stepping on any toes and that this is something to make sure this is something to community actually wants. Wants which we're finding out, they do and also making sure that we adhere to all of the regulations, so their state guidelines, county guidelines and city guidelines, and to actually receive movie rights, and pay for them. We had to get approval from all levels to make sure that we're following covid, nineteen regulations, and all of those are posted on our website. All of the precautions we're taking, and we're going above and beyond to make sure that people feel safe. Well and again paying it forward with the loveland drive in because all of the proceeds benefit the Thomson Education Foundation correct. That's right. That's right there an amazing nonprofit, and so we wanted to make sure that we did the right thing and that we not only employed people that we are paying food vendors, but we're also supporting a nonprofit. That's deserving because they to just like the rest of us who are small businesses. Businesses and big businesses are struggling. It's really hard to get donations right now. And as a marketing expert and a person who puts on events for nonprofit gala. Often, we were finding that the the donate donations are hard to come by right now. sponsorships and donations, and so this is the way to help fund deserving organization here in northern Colorado that serves all of the loveline. Students and families in the district. So. Give us all the particulars. Give us all the details. I was just running through my mind. The last time I was at drive in boy. Am I dating myself here? I saw true grits. So the particulars are the things that matter to folks are. How early can get there? So unlike traditional driving? You don't have to get there an hour and a half in advance to get a spot. We have a very calculated way to lineup cars. So when you make your donation online at loveland driving dot com then we ask you what vehicle type you're driving so that way we can make sure to stagger cars in size in order. we have a touch list process. When you drive up, we have a mask. We hope you have a mask and we just take your name and make sure you're on the RSVP list, so everything has to be done online in advance and Then we tell you what role your parking in all of the roads are numbered, so you can pick your spot in that row. we allow cars to arrive forty five minutes in advance that you don't have to come super early. All of the food vendors are there waiting for folks when they arrive and we even have menus available the restrooms close by very clean because it's at the outlets of loveland. The parking lot space where we are is in super populated, so it's great because it's kind of kind of separated from everything else, so there's not a lot of noise, or traffic, you can really enjoy the night out and have indoor clean restrooms available again. The tickets are available online. We publish them about a week in advance to a couple of days in advance, we wanna make sure that the weather's not too hot for our guests, so if we have five o'clock show, that's going to be blazing at a hundred degrees We will cancel it. We will just make sure that we don't make tickets available for that time. but everything is listed on Loveland, driving dot com, as far as all of the facts and questions. You could ask and the tickets for the week. What's? The response been like. It has been incredible We get lots of feedback. And in fact, we started the page not too long ago for all of the Kudos, kind words that people are sending us really haven't received any criticism that we can name just lots of great happy people who are excited to have something that's safe and outdoors this summer, and also at different times, so there's a variety for anyone's job type or family situation. I love it. Christine Forrester. Events producer of the loveland drive in with a big day. Marketing and events certainly do appreciate the heart and the passion and the just see the empathy that has gone into creating this and taking us back to Heiner Gentler time, but the loveland drive in certainly do appreciate your time and hope see at the movies. Thank you so much. Gale have a great day you, too. Some fifty two thirteen ten Kfi K.. To UNC bears, targeting game coverage. On thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI may thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seventy-seven, while they're all sports story in northern Colorado, the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K for more Cape Day programs podcast sports schedule in News Goto. Ten KFI K. A. Dot com now back to the mornings with Kale. He was dragging his feet. He didn't WanNa do it by us. District Judge Emmet Sullivan yesterday ordered the cancellation of a hearing he had scheduled in embattled. Michael Flynn's case following a ruling from the DC, Circuit Court of appeals saying Sullivan Yup yet gotTa let it go for analysis. We'll be joined this morning by Ken Lacorte the founder of the news first ABC. News than Michael News coming your way thirteen ten KFI. Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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