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"keyshawn johnson clinton" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"They're bussing. Cap here goes ready. I may have a different answer every time you ask the same question for example. How are you might tomorrow. I'm not so good. I got a headache. i'm great. i'm awesome not so well i mean listen. You could ask me the same question. I may have a different answer every time so i want people to keep asking questions. I don't wanna be not talked to ever again right the marco. Well it's actually my life in reality my daughter. why why. Why y y yes. And i'm trying to do this. New parenting thing. Where i can actually like answer. You get brave trying to connect and you know and not just say shut up russia video here take the ipad required. We'd be alone so i would. I guess i'd have to take the question. I just you know being in a world where no one talks to you move. That would just drive you nuts. Yeah solitary isn't that's right. Yeah exactly what they couldn't do it. Yeah i'm with you. I gregory very nice work. Dangerous no matter me. No not as good cut him. No it's time for a check on traffic. Let's find out what's going on out there and then we're going to get to the dodgers and padres and his big series. It's going to happen on tuesday. And i say big i mean. The dodgers are on fire and the padre season has just gone down the toilet. Yeah this. Friday is our big fantasy draft party. Y'all hollywood park casino this friday afternoon. We'll be on the air from four to seven. You'll meet travis rodgers. You'll hang out with keyshawn johnson Clinton yates says he is bringing his handsomeness to this event. Nice and it's going to be a great time to marco is going to be heading up to denver for this Broncos rams game but hey how about this demarco the following friday. I'm calling all l..

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