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"Phone A Friend With Kevin Matthews - What are you Goofy?" - Episode 25

The Sportscaster and Her Son

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"Phone A Friend With Kevin Matthews - What are you Goofy?" - Episode 25

"The sportscaster, and her son is brought to you by Elektra, flex a global leader in electrical conduit for over sixty years, makers of liquid flexible conduit, electrically connecting our world. Do. Welcome into the Sports Caster, and her son on your host Hege Kozinski full-time Emmy Award winning sports. CASTER Chicago and my co-host Jason. Is Getting your show off today. Because of Covid nineteen he is finally able to get out and about and spend some time with his girlfriend and with friends and considering he missed everything in his senior year the final month of school I am not pushing it with him to to do more than. He would really want to do in his last summer before he starts college at Ut Austin so on this podcast. Typically we bridge the gap between the generations I. Am a baby. boomer and Jason Is Generation Z.. I think I. don't even remember anymore anyways. Typically we talk sports and bridges the gap between. The generation gap between us and what I have done recently during cove. Nineteen is I have phoned a lot of friends. I have learned to reach out and get in touch with people. I have not talked to in a long time, and so I brought that to the podcast as well and so in this episode I will be phoning a friend. Come on. Using Hi Kevin Matthews. Peggy. How are you? I'm good. You are on the sports caster and her son PODCASTS and my son is getting the show off because he missed his last two months of senior year of high school, and has been inside for almost three months with me and the rest of the family, and to keep the Peace Now that he is able to get out and about and visit friends. I am giving him the day off, so I just thought that you and I could chat and catch up. Going on for two months, he's skipping school it would be called covid nineteen. What what what is that? Where where have you been living out? You know about Cova Nineteen. Suburb a new one. Yeah, exactly it is! It's it's. No I have no idea you probably live in one of those states in which you have been doing everything you've wanted to do when you want to do it and you're out and about, aren't you? for you know what actually yeah I pretty much were gonNA. Do what I'm GONNA do. Good for you. Hey I, want i. get asked all the time. What's going on with you where we Kevin? What's he doing these days so? Go Back 'cause when you and I will working together, yeah you. When we first started working together, you weren't even married, then got married. Then, you were trying to have kids. For the longest time on air, you're trying to have kids I mean not on air. I mean not in front of me. We did actually don't. Really you did I mean you would I ever talk about intro. It'd be really were I. mean you broke that ground, but is that the baby had who's now graduated from High School? Yes, Kevin that is one of the twins one of the tie-ins. The death is. You really is you think about it it so my goodness. I remember you trying to have the baby. Get pregnant. Yes, you have the baby, and now here we are and wow, let wait I remember before I met my husband. I remember when I met Him we you and I were working on the radio Not The loop. We were at one of the one of the many stations in Chicago. You could hear Kevin Matt. Do Show and. I remember when I met my husband, Jason at Medina Country Club. I was golfing as a guest of Jane Makita and. I ran into him, met him at the club, and I remember coming back and telling you. Oh, I'm going to marry that guy. Yeah Yeah and you had you had a psychic on the show, which I still don't quite understand how it works how you can have a psychic over the radio and they can actually read you. But this psychic told asked me if he was a twin, and I said No. He's not a twin and I was like all right I. Don't believe this guy. And he said No. No, no I see twins, I see twins Lo and behold he and I have twins. It's crazy, and then to all my in-vitro I would leave. You would let me leave the show. We did a morning show. I would go to northwestern. Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Go get my shots Go get checked out. Go get the plunger. Put in me. And then I'd come back and finish the show and I. Mean it's it's crazy. You know what we were breaking ground I. Know that sounds so trite today, but nobody was doing this, nobody was talking about that. You know you really brought issues I mean. Think of how many people that has to happen in order to have a family, and and you educated everybody. I'm the whole process i. now it was crazy. It was a little. You know kind of bearing everything at that time. You Know Kevin that's one of the things about the show. It was so perfect because the chemistry with everybody was great. You know the doc God rest. His soul was so fabulous on the show. The producer Jelly had the perfect attitude. Pugsley was just funny as all get up. I mean there were just. Jim I got about. We yeah, if we go if we go all the way back, thinking you, said Doc, you know and and today the world is talking about race and whatnot dock, and I were talking about Race Relations Yep. I mean decades ago it decades ago. It reminds me Steve and his producer. Marcus or if you remember. Our radio show, we were the. First, to ever have a float in the gay pride, parade and we had Dan the gay American. We've had Danny into Rome. You're trying to have a baby I was just what we were doing was talking about what was really happening in Chicago, and throughout the Midwest and and it really broke ground in today to this day. I still have that attitude you know I might. Be a lot older, but I'm. Still thinking outside the box is they say you are too, and you know what? I never really thought of it that way with doc that you and him would would have some really funny bits, and really what they were were eye opening exchanges as to. Stereotypes that we're going on. That still go still goes on right now. I can't believe you guys got away with some of the things that you did that was twenty years ago. Well one of the things that I'll never forget is I sent dock and Jerome. To a very wealthy neighborhood, and they were just walking down the street with television set. It was river were. And and and. And the cops came within ten minutes, and that was actually we did that on Martin. Luther King's birthday to see you know how far we had come and those moments. I love the show, but more importantly I love the audience because they were in on it, too. As far as you know, we did everything together with the audience. We knew who our audience was invited to come over to their pool or barbecue. We went over and we barbecue. We did we did. We grew up together and that's you know. The greatest moments of my life were growing up in. CHICAGO, you said You met your husband. Dina and you were around one of Stan Mikita kids and I think of I was thinking of Scan Makita the other night. You know it's. The people that we've witnessed the sports athletes. We saw it all happen it was. An amazing it was just a beautiful time, and it was one of your golf outings that I wrote about in Chicago District Golf. Magazine. I did the back cover column and. I wrote about how I was so afraid to golf in Chicago when I came home to Chicago. Because I, thought, everyone is a good Golfer, but I knew I should do some of these outings, because it was the best way to get my name out there and to meet listeners and me in television viewers as I would play the Kevin Matthews Golf outings which if anyone was not a golfer? That was the outing to go to, and it was that outing where Maggie. who wasn't someone through his shoes up on the roof of the clubhouse and Maggie went up there. To get them. And then they took the latter away while he was up there, and he's all Keith Magnuson for those of you. Not from Chicago former Blackhawk and Maggie was very bowlegged and he goes up. The ladder gets his his shoes turns around in the latter's gone, and he's stuck on top of the rough I thought Oh my goodness. This is a riot. This is golf. Cared about off. We had an outing ten golf out his. We got it got alternate. Golf Outing and courses and. Unreal 'cause Chellios would always come former Blackhawk would always come to your your golf outings. What's let's start with sports? Some of the guys that you became friends with our Kevin Butler former bears kicker. Give me give me some of your memories. You would have went well. When I first came to Chicago, he came up like the first week when we just hit it off, Darren Pang look at Darren Pang. Who is the goalie for the Blackhawks? WHO's gone on to just be the voice of Hockey? And you know at that time as well as the. Bears had just won. The super. Bowl, so we just got comfortable with the entire bears organization, including that and the coaches, and then that young kid from North Carolina Michael Jordan. You know he was yeah. I remember. we saw the best, and then you saw the replacement, the people the earlier come in and and the new blackhawks in the white sox. The cubs. I always I I grew up in Michigan, so I was always a tiger fan, because Ernie Harwell who would call the Tiger Games, and it was just the American league, so it was. I I just grew up loving the American makes it when I came over Chicago. Of course, there's the white sox you know nationally was. Just torn to me and. Wrigley field at that time you went up there. Play. Just gamble it, and you just went there to get drunk right right? It wasn't about baseball at all in play mound ball. Played Mom ball and got drunk at Wrigley and then left right after the seventh inning and just went to more bars, so it was. Chicago at that time culturally when the loop is underway, culturally I talk about this to this day. You had oprah coming in here more downey junior coming in here culturally, we had second city Bill Murray. Chris early as Farley, come in studio with you well, he I'm working in the building. He unfortunately died them. Yeah, which you know I? It was just an amazing culturally. Chicago was just happening. It was just the perfect storm. Absolutely musically your favorite guests that ever had on one of your radio shows. You know that's another thing to put a montage of bands that I broke the from college. Still Love listening to music and Peggy. It's twenty five minutes on, and it's just saw little segments of it. That's a really tough one. Because I I really got to know Frank Zappa very well. and I wanted to go franken vitamin to calm and when I was in. California's actually come to the house. You know where I'm at diesel moon, the kids and gale is why you're Finland studio, but unfortunately that's when you know. He's started. Prostate. Cancer I had a cold. I couldn't go see him and I I really I never got a chance to see him because he just got sick or. But I, just we just broke so many bands I so many. Melissa Etheridge to rem to the sex pistols when I'm in college, motor had. Everything we just I I. Love Music and and music in. In Chicago. Certainly. Is Is. We would have a a lot of actors come through. Income Stop on the show. I was trying to remember every now then I can remember. Oh I'm so bad at names you do. Remember that I am the worst person when it comes to pop culture I. Know Nothing about music. I know nothing about. You and your daughter check pack was brutal. Was the war. Your daughter. Ends Bad. It is bad, but. I'm such an old fifty six year. Olds you know? Like I remember. We were in Michigan doing a Some shows of your radio shows. And who was it that we were onstage with? It's a really popular. Oh Gosh Oh my gosh, I! WanNa say. Dave Mason or no. Oh it's GonNa. Drive me crazy trying to remember anyways every time, i. see them on every. SEE THEM ON TV I go. Hey, we were on stage with them. We introduce them festival and we don't know what they I. Kind of remember them. That's good. It Kim I can't really remember them, but actors like I do remember the a lot of lot of second city Saturday night live and came through the the studios. Do. You remember any of any standout to you of visits that you had the actors and actresses. I always loved to when Bill Murray would call, or you know bill. Murray is Murray family especially. His sister was big kept at all right. See the psychic or something or Wasn't oh, no, no, no, that was Belushi bow. Sister. I mean you really Yep i? Don't know that. There's you know there's a ton of folks that. grow- grew up in raised in in Chicago. Jeremy Piven and You know they're just it was. We had a good time. After more Downing Oprah Yup. or I totally loved the series on ESPN on. The Michael Jordan that Chicago Bulls Velasco's aunt. Is. You know when I was in. You're working at am one thousand. We with the radio home for the Chicago Bulls, so you had the lineup of Brand Myers Steve Dog. Gerry and me and you and And the Chicago Bulls you know. It was think of how close we were Phil. Jackson would call brand mayor the morning. You know or you'd have Johnny Red, Kerr. He was like a dad to me. and you watch Michael Jordan grow up, and then I started to impersonate Bill Cartwright then. The SUPPO- used to listen Scottie Pippen and Jordan and those guys would listen 'cause i. you know talk like though correct. What I saw, don't talk. The Last Day at? The Gym, shorts. restricted. Hawkeye are spent a win by fifty cents. Now. Because it's. Not. Shop. Jim Shorts who dedicated? For Eleven, I'm a physical educator at Outta here. I bet you got a camera in there. Okay, not Moving. All GonNa get on. Gym Shorts loved when all of a sudden these people are tournament. Like snakes gym shorts, friend of Chicago sports elite. How pep talk. I talk to Scottie. Bochum Yard, Okay Hang. High Crashes Jimmy Up Control to pay any messages for me today for Scotty. Call earlier, Scotty hold. Attack I pray she at Cross. Say A not. Cool no discuss yours. Good time. Answering, they say was that stuff that that was real like when that happened that that was real I was like. Some of it was some of it was theater of the mind when we would all just kind of be on the same page and and on the same joke. But it was great it was there was nothing like radio back then in the nineties. Yeah it. The Best Surely Cog oh. Yeah you had mentioned. This is before you met your husband I'm you know I'm I'm a young guy married and we have traveled. He's little. Teague is just born and we would all. We're doing the morning. Show peg and we would be out. Until late you've come in. You're still drunk and you're slap happy. And those with some of the fun, the best times because we were so slap happy from being tired and it was just a nonstop. Party it was crazy. I did seal TV I would do the ten o'clock news. Meet my friends out on Rush Street afterwards so midnight I'd be on rush. Street and then I had to be back in studio with you had five am. I I would ride. My bike to work does good. Oh on riding a bike drunk with some. Some Bruno Mornings. Like peg I. Mean here. You Know I. Mean Your Your Legacy and sports and this year. It's all been unplugged. Do. You think we'll have I don't even know why baseball's even going to start. Why not just start it up next year? Basketball football's got a chance, could you do you think was the any sports? Yeah, I do I think by the end of the summer we will baseball. We believe there's an agreement in place. So by the end of July. They should be starting a sixty game season. Will be easier for them to play all their games at wide world of sports, the ESPN complex and. ORLANDO. Hockey hockey. Worry about because that's one of those sports that could least afford to lose any momentum of fans in a season, so they can't. They can't play I just think that it might be interesting with such a short season for hockey. It may end up being the best thing for them because everybody will be watching everything once it starts because everyone will have missed so much sports that might almost be like an NC double A. Tournament with hockey that everyone just gets into it because it's like a round robin one big tournament. A. Football will be interesting to see what happens in the fall right now, so many guys in training camps. The college training camps are are getting sick again or testing positive, so I'm just not sure how you can actually play. You can't play football social distancing. I'm not an idiot, but you first of all. It's one of the sports in which you're. You're dripping with sweat. You spit into the guy across the line from you into his. Is You know? You're you're on these piles these after a tackle? Exchanging you know you have a lot of your. Your body fluids our I. Just don't know with football how safe it's going to be! But I'm I'm interested to see it to be honest with you. I'm interested to see each of the sports because as fun as it's been to hang with your family and to kind of get back to maybe slowing down a bit i. I'm back to wanting to cheer for something and root for something so yeah I think we're going to see sports, but you never until the end of the summer I think. So, how will the Chicago bears do? Wish you say forget the virus. You know there's the schedule. How are they? GonNa! Do I well since I'm more of a fan now I like the team that they are building I like the competition that they have brought in at quarterback with Nick foles. If that will spark Mitch Trubisky The defense is. Happen! Never No, No you said Park and I just think of an old model t and Spark Plug No. You never know listen. It's the defense. The Defense Cook Kerry this team of the often just be right. You know passable. Now go now, go across the lake. How do you think they'd Detroit? Lions will do I don't care. Let's go! Let's go up to Wisconsin. How do you? How do you think? A Green Bay will do I. Personally think mentally. It's a train wreck up there. Yeah their after their draft issue in Green Bay. They're like. Oh boy. There's GonNa be some I. Wait to see that. Again now. CODA. I take his always been overrated. I. Really Do they've they've had a couple of good years with good opportunities, but just haven't been able to you know to. Go to Vegas in the raiders I still think that could be the most expensive ongoing joke. What do you think? Totally agree link. All my Gosh I wish I was I wish I was covering a team in Vegas because imagine the stories. Oh, my gosh, the outside of the Games and practices there would be nonstop non-stop stories. It'd be now you put if you're in Vegas. Would you put money for? How would you? Where would you put money? WHERE NEWLY UP TAMPA BAY? I don't. I. I really hate that I hate that he went to Tampa Bay. It's so stupid it reminds me of. Joe Montana and Kansas City. It's just. I don't like it. I don't like it. But, if I were in Vegas, what team would you know? Who Do? You think would win the Super Bowl. Do you think I don't think the city again? I think that you have to look at. Those are definitely a favorite, but I do like the bears I do think that the bears have an opportunity to make some noise. As Long, as Matt Nagy can figure out what he did wrong last year, he can't he can't I know you can't? They should have cleaned house. Every coach should have been on why we we've talked about everybody that was on the show except the guy who did sports and Jim. What is he doing these days? Oh Jim's actually doing a really use a mogul now he is. He bought a radio station from IHEART. Just want it's an am station for seventy dollars. and. It's up on a beaver Ryan. And it's or done, it's on. beaver is on three variety one in the in lake. Michigan yet on a it's on a Casino Syndicate. He's got his own casino. He's you're killing actually. All right. You you're. Y. You're funny. Guys makes me laugh. The Way I talk while. You're just funding the you know the way your job, those Diana rebellious. I! Mean what what's funny a bottom. By it. Matt as a big boy, ause what I said. What are you site pointing? How Drugs? You're you know you're you're funny user, say Yemane. Thought maybe I'm funny. How I may WanNa like I'm a clown. Meals make y'all laugh. I'm Ed Amelio. Body? How How am I? Just, you know. Trying to tell a story. I don't know why you sat at. How do I know you sat on funding? Hot Gum I wanted what the as so funny! I'll make Tommy Tommy what. Get the. I. Start Working a lot with Larry Word Iro boss Larry. He did last year. He was doing these really cool predictions automated, yeah! For the NFL he was doing football predictions. I saw those on twitter, right? What was? Do you know what his twitter handle is for that? I just think it's dumb at us. On twitter and dumb on instagram and then dumb ass on facebook. But Yeah Jim is doing very very well. He's doing better than anybody that was on the loop. He's doing better than brand. Meyer doll. Everybody me. EVERYBODY THAT IS A. Lot of people that's Jim was their favorite. So that's good. I'll have to. I'll have to look him up. I'll have to look him up so Kevin Tell me about your family and tell me your. Grandfather right now. Yeah I am believe it or not. My my daughter. She loves kids. my son travels. He's a musician out in La. And they're all on drydock I, think they're they're I think musicians are going to be the last to come. In my daughter, yeah, she's I love her. She's got. A seven year old, a six, a five and a six month. Old Yeah she's little teague. She's She's quite mom. Has Four Oh my God. Oh, that's amazing. What I with Trevor? What's his band's name? He's in a band called well. He's playing with Dawes. Okay, yeah dog, and then he was also. And then the virus hit with the Theo Katzman and both of them are great. You Know Dawes is various tablets they are. They opened up. Dodge opened up for yellow when they get the north. American tour and you know it's. Tribes doing what he loves to do is to play music. That's fantastic. That's really great. I just love hearing your voice I love hearing. Tell me what you're doing is there? Is there any new projects that your fans can can look up or follow you? You know right now what we're doing I just I'm just going through archives of audiotape and videotape, and eventually I'd like to launch a platform I authored a book and I'm staying busy with that and you know I'm just really just enjoying my family, and you know if that doesn't kill me. My wife poison. The might sleep with I think I'm getting really close to I would hate to be married to me. It's just I really mean. Wait. How long have you guys been married because we used to say that twenty years ago that that? She is thirty seven years. She could kill me. She would but forensic so good right now, but I also was diagnosed with math, but she could make it so like a by fell down a flight of steps. Stop it or A big flight of that. Work where I just like tumbled like you know like. Think of how many who's got the most marble steps in Chicago like a theater like the opera where you're all the way up at the. Break your neck like seventeen steps down and it's just horrible. Yeah, this is a nice thought. This is nice. How are you feeling with? Since the MS diagnosis? How you doing great I guess I mean you know you get used to it They really honestly have come a long ways with new drugs with them astor I. Get transfusions I feel like Frankenstein. Really, you know so. Yeah. I feel like Frankenstein. I walk like Frankenstein actually to. Thank you. Know what I now that I have ms I'm so glad I don't have to go. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU At I talk so bad and now I, have a great excuse I've got that math. I can't golf. Golf dead I certainly can't golf now. Oh my Gosh! Well, it is so great to hear your voice so great to catch. I wanted to tell. I WanNa tell our listeners that you if you have not checked out Kevin's book broken married, you have to check it out. It is a story of faith, and it is really phenomenal A of. You guys may not know and it's. It's very uplifting and. Proud, of you for writing that yeah. I love that book. That's a great. Also love about that book. It takes you really behind the scenes of radio. My stand up comedy and the Miracle We called Burn Mary and Yeah I'm I'm really really happy with that There's some folks that are working on documentary on that right now as they speak, so yeah, everything's good, you know. Knock on wood. I would love to see the World Kinda get along and stop fighting and. Your ground go to corner exactly. Where can fans catch up with you on social media? No I've been banned from everything You can. Kevin Matthews at my facebook. Oh it's actually if you go to facebook the official Fan and Kevin Matthews you know we. We stay in touch and then next year I. Really do want to watch this this platform that could be very very cool, but I've met. You know I'm just really think about Chicago every day and and everybody that listened to peg and I. Thank you very much 'cause it was the. The audience that made the show so work. It was the audience well. It's great to catch up with. You have a great summer. Give deb my love, squeeze and hug those grandbabies and I would love to see you soon. Thank you so much Kevin for spending some US and God. Bless your son man. That's an amazing thing that he's graduated. Act Remember how hard it was to bring him into the world but easier. And God bless you and the whole family peg. So typically after we talk to our guests and do the interviews we get Jason's predictions so since Jason is not here and taking this episode off, I will give you my predictions. He's not GonNa to this. Number one jason will have no idea who Kevin Matthews is. There are publicity photos framed on our basement wall and I have Kevin to thank for giving me my huge huge leap in broadcasting in Chicago number two Jason will be happier than ever by. Because sports will be back in full swing and he will be leaving for college and number three, Jason will never come back from college. is so sick of here at home. homeboy. That's my prediction. I hope does not come true. My closing thoughts are shelter in place has been lifted here in Illinois and we free at last was some life changing. Things have indeed happened in the past few months since we have been staying home, you know we lived through pandemic and we learned how to slow our life down. It may not have been easy, but we did learn that we can cope. And we opened our eyes to the plight of some of our friends. Who may not look the same as we do. And have given waves of support signaling. Some significant social change is going on in our country. I was always told that there are angels that give you signs. You just need to be able to stop and see them. Maybe. That's what we needed to do. Stop what we were doing so that we could see exactly that. Thanks to the legendary Chicago Radio Personality Kevin Matthews. You may have been lucky enough to hear him on the loop radio in Chicago in the nineties or the old one thousand. I was lucky enough to work with him. You can follow Kevin on facebook at Kevin, Matthews or on twitter. At what are you goofy? And things to Adam Offi for his amazing support and expertise in always driving this podcast artwork at logo designed by Shea Commander. Please subscribe to our podcast. The sportscaster under sun on Apple soundcloud spotify Google podcasts Himalayas Radio, dot. com, really wherever you listen and reminder. If you love this show, please leave us a review. We need reviews to move us up. Those algorithms go to rate this podcast dot com slash sports, caster and follow the simple instructions. Don't forget to keep checking out Jason's stories as he continues to write for go. Joe Bruin Dot Com and windy city, and follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram, and the sports caster and her son Dot Com. Thank you for listening Jason. Come home. please. We'll talk to you next time. Enjoy your freedom, everybody. The sportscaster and her son is brought to you by Elektra flex a global leader in electrical conduit for over sixty years of liquid flexible conduit, electrically connecting our world.

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CRE News Hour 8/2/2019

Commercial Real Estate News Hour

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CRE News Hour 8/2/2019

"From the business desk at st broadcast news this is the c. arena news hour. I'm steve lubeck. It's friday august second twenty nineteen in this week's edition of the sierra news news hour considerations for high net worth investors looking at qualified opportunities zone funds has potential investments. We'll take a tour of the discovery discovery labs a scientific research facility near philadelphia that hopes to keep life sciences companies in the property from the workbench start up to whole whole buildings of research and manufacturing and we'll talk with an atlanta startup that wants to make small investors into hotel owners with room discounts as part of the benefits. We'll be back with the top cr news stories right after these messages turn earn your podcasting passion into profits the book the business of podcasting describes the business side of podcasting including how to become a professional national podcast. You'll learn about position your clients expertise who podcasting to plus the best business models how to find clients and much more visit the the business of podcasting dot com oh today you can't wait for the media to cover your company buzney. You have to be the media. Take advantage of the power of audio and video. It's the best way to showcase your expertise to prospective customers. Let the lupatkin you bet can media companies handled the technical side. We're award winning audio and video producers. We can help you produce podcasts and video programs remotely or in our fully fully equipped studio in cherry hill visit being the media dot com for more information. Welcome back to the see our news hour. We hope you're enjoying our broadcasts. We like to ask for your support to keep these programs in production visit state broadcast news dot com and click on the patriot button on the right side of the page to pledge some financial support to the sierra news hour and of course if we have story suggestions or comments on the reporting that we're doing drop me a line. My email addresses steve at st broadcast news dot com now. Let's take a look at some of the news stories breaking in the commercial real estate markets as expected last week the federal reserve cut the federal funds rate by twenty twenty five basis points to arrange of two to two and a quarter percent. The cut represented a marked change in the direction of monetary policy in the first half of twenty nineteen eighteen following a hike of twenty five basis points in december spencer. Leave the chairman of c._b._r._e.'s america's research and a senior economic adviser to the firm. Tom thinks it's a good sign for the commercial real estate industry the current state of the u._s. Economy remains supportive of commercial real estate fundamentals as uncertainty and slower slower growth way on returns and other asset classes the relative attractiveness of u._s. Real estate will influence capital flows lower hedging costs will also support more international investment investment into u._s. Property markets today's fed rate cut will support these dynamics c._b._r._e. Expects continued growth and lower than expected interest traits and growth closer to its longer term trend of two percent in twenty nineteen bain capital real estate the real estate investing business of bain capital. It'll sold a one point. Three four million square foot corps life science portfolio in the heart of the research triangle. That's in north carolina. It's one of the top innovation hubs in the u._s. The portfolio consists of eighteen buildings on four campuses and bain sold it to its partner. Longfellow strategic value fund in a transaction action valued at about four hundred five million dollars. The ninety four percent leased portfolios home to some of the world's leading life science innovators including genetic research firms top ranked clinical research organizations and leading agriculture technology companies bain capital real estate started to build the portfolio with longfellow in twenty a fourteen since then the teams created namic ecosystem of life science healthcare and technology tenants that enjoy state of the art buildouts and a robust mix of modern amenities trans western commercial services is expanding its healthcare advisory service teams exclusive leasing property management and construction management assignment for a medical medical office portfolio owned by american healthcare investors. That's a real estate. Investment trust in addition to the original fifteen assets totalling about four hundred forty four thousand square feet in atlanta the teams now going to provide services for six other properties. The twenty one asset assignment now spans almost eight hundred thousand square feet with an and overall occupancy of eighty eight percent the newly assigned properties include three medical office buildings totaling two hundred eighteen thousand square feet in cullman alabama a thirty thousand square foot medical office building homeward alabama a fully occupied forty three thousand square foot medical office in cell koga alabama and a forty five thousand thousand square foot medical office building in mount juliet tennessee common grounds workplaces signed a long term lease for sixty two thousand square feet in the thirty two story seventeen nineteen hundred market building in the heart of philadelphia's center city. The workplace is scheduled to open in late. January twenty twenty common grounds as an enterprise grade workplace workplace as a service company collaborating with office owners and providing flexible space in co working solutions in multiple u._s. Cities common grounds will build the flexible work space as on two floors in the recently renovated eight hundred fifty thousand square foot building. It's located two blocks west of suburban station. The seventeen hundred market building provides hides quick access to regional rail and subway systems in philadelphia. Come and grounds announced long term leases this year of over two hundred sixty four thousand square feet in midtown town atlanta. Los angeles is financial district seattle's south lake union and to washington d._c. Locations in twenty nineteen common grounds opened new workspace. He's in minneapolis portland and salt lake city and it has three additional locations opening this summer with nine more under construction investment management company carter will have a bird's words. I view of the new york financial district. The firm signed a seven year lease for thirty six thousand square feet taking the entire eighty first floor of one world trade center the seven year old companies relocating from offices at five fifteen greenwich street. Carta is an ownership network changing. How assets are acquired valued in transacted acted founded in two thousand twelve car manages five hundred seventy five billion dollars in equity for more than eleven thousand companies well towers buying summit medical groups forty three acres six building medical office campus in berkeley heights new jersey for one hundred and forty million dollars. The two hundred seventy thousand square foot campus will be mr least by summit under a new twenty year absolute net lease the campuses the largest and most comprehensive of five hubs in some. It's eighty location hub-and-spoke model l. It'll bring well towers total footprint with summit to more than five hundred thousand square feet the sales expected to close in the third quarter of twenty nineteen summit summit recently announced it would merge with city m._d. A leading urgent care platform with significant scale in the new york new jersey metro area jails healthcare capital the markets experts completed the sale of one hundred twenty six thousand square foot outpatient facility fully occupied by affiliates of duke health to venice for about eighty one million dollars fantasies s. and p. five hundred company and a leading real estate investment trust with a portfolio of about twelve hundred assets in the u._s. canada and the u._k. Okay the five story class. A outpatient healthcare facility was constructed. No opened in two thousand eighteen it consolidated fourteen critical sub specialties of the duke health enterprise located in the south point sub market of durham. The outpatient centers the largest off campus facility in the duke health outpatient network it houses. This is practices in neurology cardiology ophthalmology o._b._g._y._n. Pediatrics and primary care tech talent employment in the new york city metropolitan area a reach two hundred sixty four thousand jobs last year. That's a forty four percent increase since twenty eleven according to c._b._r._e. In its latest tech talent viewpoint c._b._r._e. Says is the pace of growth is accelerating growing from an annual increase of two point two percent in twenty sixteen to three point three percent and twenty seventeen to four percent in two thousand eighteen. Nearly half of the growth in two thousand eighteen was in technology engineering related occupations which grew by substantial thirty nine percent meanwhile the the n. y. C. metro region so modest but steady increases across other tech occupations and continues to boast a deep pool of software developers and programmers the most. I highly skilled tech talent. The report based on c._b._r._e.'s north american scoring tech talent report also found the new york metro areas the largest producer of tech degree graduates in north america adding more than thirteen thousand new tech grads in twenty seventeen a growth rate of forty eight percent in the past five years. A couple of executive moves in the state of new jersey at agencies that deal with real estate issues. Donna renderos has been named executive director of the office of planning advocacy and secretary of the new jersey state planning commission renderos previously served as chief of administration for the new jersey housing and mortgage finance agency z. tycoon who was a guest on the july nineteenth episode of the sierra newshour has a new job ties been promoted to vice president for policy and communications at the new jersey economic development authority cooper who joined the f._d._a. In february will report to eda c._e._o. Tim sullivan. You're listening to the c._r._a. News hour from st broadcast news dot com qualified opportunity zones continue to be a huge topic in commercial real estate. They provide some fairly significant advantages for high net worth individuals. Kevin matt's is a partner at the law firm stroke stroke and levion. He's also a certified public. Accountant kevin specializes in domestic and international estate date and tax planning kevin water. Some of the key things that high net worth individuals need to keep in mind. Everybody's interested in opportunity. Zones high net worth with people clearly want to invest in them. What should they be thinking about. And how do they need to position their investments so that they don't find themselves running afoul of the rules. I've is very important for the high net worth individuals to understand <hes> the three significant tax benefits they can obtain and then from there be able to comprehend at least generally some the governing rules that apply so what i'm advising a client on there are three significant snippet benefits to bear in mind number. One is tax deferral saw. Someone asks -nificant gain. Let's just use round numbers because it's easier to illustrate with big numbers. Let's say someone has a twenty million dollar game okay so a nigga game and it could be a game back into uh early part of two thousand eighteen which may be more than one hundred eighty days ago <hes> but there's a rule that's in the proposed regulations and actually actually in the first trunch and said that if you had the game unless unless an election made otherwise and it's from a partnership or an s. corporation or or could also be a trustor states to pass through entity you can have an election to have the game treated as the trigger point as being the last day of the tax will year so that it could be as late as december thirty one twenty eighteen in that in that example if waters listen to this this this conversation later maybe we're talking december thirty one twenty nineteen but bear in mind so the hundred days and you could take that game and if you invest in qualified opportunity fund with an one hundred eighty days and money here by the way is fungible very importantly. It's not like a like kind exchange. <hes> where you have to have escrow funds you just simply invest an amount that equals the amount of capital bowl game that you have could be measurement questions <hes> but but putting that aside for now you put that into a qualified opportunity fund with one hundred eighty days and you're able to defer for that game until the early to occur of two days one is the date of ultimate disposition of being best in the qualified opportunity fund and these doc in trash proposed regulations that came out in april of this year provided some some color on on that and including potentially but then gifting context and the second the the ultimate outside date is december thirty one twenty twenty six so if you're holding the invest in the fund and and december thirty one twenty twenty six cubs along at that point in time the deferred gain comes do but not potentially all of it and also varies significantly they could. There's no interest charge on this so someone has to twenty million dollars gate again. Big numbers simply just to illustrate <hes> that adam outcomes do before putting aside basis adjustments comes december thirty one twenty twenty six so long as it's no earlier disposition would no interest charge whatsoever however so there's a significant benefit time value of money with i'm talking to the to the high worth individuals who has been saved their additional benefits beyond that so so you start out with a zero basis the rules tell us generally if you happen on to hold the interest in the qualified opportunity fund for five years you get ten percents step up in basis on the defer gain so ten percent of twenty million dollars in this example would be two million dollars. Step up <hes> if you happen to hold it for seven years and you with a december thirty one twenty twenty six outside they have investment done by december thirty one twenty nineteen eighteen to accomplish that you get additional five percent above back steep so you would have a total fifteen percent step up in basis <hes> under these assume facts back twenty million dollars for a game. That's <hes> that's three million dollars. Step up which reduces the amount of the gain from twenty million dollars to seventeen million billions so you've just by virtue of holding the interest in the fund this period of time not only do you achieve the furrow without interest charge but you actually reduce use the amount of the gate wanting to watch out for though talking to clutch we don't own with tax rates will be on capital gains. Come twenty twenty six bit it could be higher there could be lower that could be the same but you do get the benefits of deferral and you also do without interest charge and you also get the the potential step up partial step up in basis to eliminate part of it the third main <hes> benefit than that. I bet high then we'll discuss with <hes> my my my clients or high net worth individuals is that you wanna target if you can hold in the interest in the fund for ten years because once you get to ten years to get an additional benefit which is that if the fund goes up in value and at that point in time that will be after we're just ever thirty one twenty twenty six so you will pay the tax on the <hes> although again as mentioned before the amount of <hes> game could be potentially reduced deuce two basis adjustments but come after ten years any subsequent appreciation is completely tax-free <hes> and and that is potentially huge benefit now of course one was always considered. You never know if the fun up in value they could go down. Fortunately there's there's a rule that caps the amount of defer game at fair market value as of the relevant point in time which could be again if there's no prior disposition december thirty one twenty twenty six but if it were to go up say to just for round number purposes to fifty million dollars at that the point in time you'd be looking at fifty million dollars about realized stuff's good disposition a basis of twenty million dollars by virtue basis adjustments assignments due to what i mentioned before and also by virtue of december thirty one twenty twenty six at the deferred tax about coming to that's a thirty thirty million dollar game. If the individual happens to hold the interesting qualified opportunity fund at that point in time for ten years. That's a magic a number that thirty million dollar gain is completely <hes> tax free <hes> completely excluded from taxation so that's that's very powerful unlike unlike tax tax exempt organizations which have to have pre approval for their status but then every service that is not the case here that is apps that is not the case here to make it easy. There's effectively. There is a self certification process big qualified opportunity refunds simply files with its tax return and it's so it'd be a tax attorney were inferior in two thousand nineteen. It'd be a tax return filed in twenty twenty and i._r._s. Interest for him eighty nine ninety six bad says i meet their carbon being qualified opportunity fund in insofar as <hes> <hes> either domestic corporation or domestic partnership now importantly when leaving out here can't be a single member elsie. That's a disregarded entity. That's not allowed <music> out here. It has to be either domestic corporation or domestic partnership. You could have a sole shareholder be of a c. corporation or an s. corporation that could work too so so and then in addition to that there is ninety percents of asset test ninety percent of the assets according to statute that you have to be devoted to holding a qualified opportunities own property or interest in qualified options zone business that in turn owns uh-huh qualified opportunities and a property when i'm talking to clients and say well that sounds almost impossible to to meet how how are you going to know from day. One will fortunately be be <hes> two different trash proposed regulations that have come out have provided quite a bit of leeway here in guidance so first off up in the second trash proposed regulations first six months of cash. That's received the qualified opportunity fun so long as it's made sustained solely in cash cash equivalents or short-term data instruments and that's defied is not to exceed eighteen months it completely does not get considered the purposes of the ninety percent test. It doesn't taint it's completely. It's completely not considered so that keeps me way. They're the big benefit though oh comes when instead of having simply an investment of qualified opportunity fun qualified opportunity intern has investments in qualified the opportunities zone businesses so as i mentioned before the qualified opportunity fund can invest directly and property that's located in the opportunities on so-called economically distressed communities <hes> berry in mind as all based on the two thousand ten census which is now what nine years as this as this certain point in time in the rear view window so much judge for -cation has occurred in certain areas <hes> or it could be investment in a qualified alpine opportunities own business <hes> which and the second trash proposed regulations have provided some guidance as to it's pretty easy to figure out real estate is located is an opportunity zone if it's held by his own business but what if it's operating a brain trader business <hes> guidance has been provided concerning komo the other things that fifty percent gross income tested and various day parts were provided with the two the two key <hes> benefits that are provided the leeway items that were provided was number one be happy investment in the zone business only substantially all the assets have to a particular his own business. I have to be <hes> located in opportunities own. Substantially all is defined in the regulations as meeting seventy percent in this context i and the explanation provision to the first drudge propose regulations say what that really means is that it's ninety percent of the qualified opportunity fund or q oh f- level seventy percent at the qualified options of business level you multiply ninety percent by seventy percent you'll link after have effectively sixty three percents <hes> investment devoted to it and then secondly if you have his own business that's operating as they working capital exception. There's a whole series series. Requirements among requirements are <hes> that you can't have more than five percent of the assets beat on the in financial type asif asif but there's a big big exemption on the proposed regulations <hes> which was addressed both in the first and the second tractors that says that if you meet this this disqualification of of <hes> having a plan for the deployment of working capital over time over appear you could have the benefit of up to thirty one months wants to deploy working capital <hes> these the second trust proposed regulations also said he would be on that that if you you have a plan to deploy but he don't get government approval you can even go beyond that and that is extremely helpful right there so i think those are those are many any of the key points i'd like to emphasize <hes> at the outset in in discussing mismanages quality to opportunity zones with high net worth individuals and how they can go about taking they're taking me amount of their capital gains investing it and what to expect the one one thing i would notice one never has cristobal as far as how <hes> these investments will will play out <hes> the one thing we do. Juneau is that there will be a liquidity need. Come december thirty one twenty twenty six to pay the tax now again as i mentioned before the amount of tax could be reduced <hes> by judah basis adjustments. There's also a special rule that caps the amount of the game deferred at fair market value at that time so if you've be <hes> valued investment has gone down <hes> that's generally not a good thing but at least the amount of tax due gets gets reduced <hes> to to recapped it that the concern that one has to has to think through an clients need to be advised on his well december thirty one twenty twenty six six. That's for twenty twenty seven <hes>. How am i going to pay for tax. You need to have effectively thinks through a funding mechanism you have sufficient funds is to do it but other questions that arise well. What if you die now. I'm gonna stay planning lawyer. <hes> the rules provide that effectively ah income in respect to seed and <hes> concepts apply which means adapt is ordinarily not gonna be recognition of him be <hes> the the <hes> the taxation <hes> that was deferred carries over to ever happens to hold the interest in the fund on december thirty one twenty twenty sixth unless there is a prior inclusion of n._s. Defined and be a second tranche proposed regulations <hes> with a carryover of the holding building periods of five years seven year and also for purposes of of of ten if you if you happen to make it to ten years there's attacking a holding period end of the day though someone someone be at the estate or beneficiary who has been bequeath. Perhaps an interesting unqualified opportunity fund <hes> have to pay the tax at that time <hes> so that that needs to be planned for as well <hes> belva mentioned in discussing with high net worth individuals if we're talking about a general gifting plan <hes> the second truck proposed regulations took a very dim view of gifts from the point of view that this just as a general rule <hes> that's gonna be considered <hes> an inclusion events <hes> if done prior to december thirty one twenty twenty six however however and this is very significant if the gift happens to be to what's known as a grant or trust for federal income tax purposes which very generally generally as a as a trust that is treated as one the same as a grand tour <hes> for income tax purposes although it may be as a result of a taxable gift outside sided wins taxable estate for state a gift tax purposes. If it's too aggressive or trust that will not be considered an inclusion but that there are still some <hes> open issues concerning that i can tell you that <hes> american college which states council is working on follow up on on a comment letter ah that's designed to to flesh out and address and can broaden the scope with the exemptions there <hes> if especially in context of gifts <hes> but those are some of the concerns and some the items that that i will discuss with a high net worth individual who's considering <hes> <hes> employing are going gore investing equality so let me ask you this <hes> the benefits from investing in these vehicles seems to be very large for high net worth individuals <hes> and there is this sense that it sunsets in two thousand twenty six. Do you have any sense that the program is going to be extended attended a renewed and start over and how do people handle the investments if that happened would they just roll them over into a new vehicle or continue them as they are or how does that work well. That's a good question steep <hes> that involves to some extent crystal ball gazing that we do know a couple of things here. This is the one prevision in the task custom jobs. That was an accident twenty in late two thousand seventeen but actually was bipartisan so it was supported by among others <hes> cory booker a democrat democratic senator from new jersey. <hes> i know sean parker <hes> <hes> the former c._e._o. Of facebook founder of master was also a supporter of it <hes> so it is possible and again we can only right now do the law that's on the books but it's possible that that subsequent congress congress may decide to push back or have some sort of additional benefit beyond twenty twenty seven thirty one twenty twenty six x was important to bear in mind that even though the tax becomes do at that point in time again you do get the benefits of deferral you get the benefit of the basis adjustments if you've held for five or seven years and then completely aside from that if you happen to have held it for ten years even though he invested prior december thirty one twenty twenty six x so long as you ultimately dispose of it by no later than twenty forty seven so that's more than twenty years after that <hes> that's about twenty eight eight years from wherever you are right now you can still get the benefits of having a designation attached which means you get the benefit of the exclusion. <hes> i'll be subsequent appreciation appreciation from happyhiller for ten years so <hes> so yes december thirty one twenty twenty six is a day in the future <hes> at eddie one needs to be concerned with <hes> but you can still start now and achieved benefits including the basis step ups and the the exclusion if you hold for ten years even though it's well beyond twenty <hes> at least that's the solution will be on december thirty. What twenty twenty six well it sounds like a lot to think about and i appreciate you taking the time to talk about. Why pleasure steve kevin matt's is a partner in the law firm stroke stroke in love and and in new york city. You're listening to the c._r._e. News hour i'm steve lubec in the peaceful suburban setting reading between conshohocken and king of prussia in eastern pennsylvania about twenty minutes west of philadelphia m._l._p. Ventures is redeveloping glaxosmithkline's smithkline's one million square foot research campus and the nearby six hundred forty thousand square foot innovation at renaissance campus into the largest co working ecosystem for healthcare life sciences and technology enabled companies in the country large research campuses all across the country are facing the same kind of redeployment deployment challenges chemical and pharmaceutical research is expensive and time consuming but companies can no longer afford to maintain large research facilities on their own being able to convert these facilities into shared spaces like the highly successful bell works development in central new jersey is going to be critical of these complexes. Is there going to survive for research uses now unlike bell works however which has been redeveloped for independent companies working alongside each other but not necessarily together the discovery labs represents the first large-scale co working for innovation of its kind m._l._p.'s hoping that the best and the brightest minds in healthcare healthcare life sciences and technology enabled industries will rub shoulders and create energy driving innovation in one mass of team oriented workspace the discovery labs encourages planned impromptu meetings among c._e._o.'s and employees to spark creative thinking and a free exchange of ideas. We took a trip out out to the facility for a tour with audrey greenberg chief financial officer of m._l._p. Tell me a little bit about what we're looking at here. We've got some some renderings of <hes> how how this is going to be redeveloped. Yes we're standing in the k. Legacy worldwide are in deep headquarters. <hes> that we purchased and started started <hes> leasing in the last couple months we're looking at the renderings from gansler did a phenomenal job putting in millennial centric trick high ceilings glass corridors light throughout the building and creating a cluster and east king of prussia where we we are housing life science technology companies under one roof to create an ecosystem for innovation was this building originally used for research and development in the life science in space sciences building. Was it a single company. It was it was yes k. and what made them leave the building and make it available for development. There's an interesting revolution occurring right now within life science so a lot of the large pharmacy pharmaceutical companies are consolidating and downsizing the real estate holdings outsourcing. There are indeed to biotech start-ups. Why is that the research and development costs have escalated to two point two two billion dollars just to develop a drug from idea to commercialization it takes fifteen years and a majority of the ideas fail the the return on equity. The farmer gets on these operations is less than two percent. That doesn't work for wall street so what's been happening as they acquire companies that are later in stage with the f._d._a. Approval process and commercialize those products for them. Which is what they're great at so so they don't need the space the the research is done differently. It's done differently. They still need space. They still do research but they need less space and they need more efficient use of space so <hes> <hes> they have consolidated their operations to three or four facilities into one so how do you take the space and make it attractive to multiple multiple tenants and multiple uses well. It's all about collaboration given the cost to develop you have to work with other players in sharing the costs in <hes> coming up with ideas and outsourcing part of your research so a lot of these c._r._o.'s komo outsource research organizations and manufacturing organizations do a lot of the work for you from a are in d. and manufacturing perspective and being able to partner with them under one roof provides a synergistic atmosphere for development in the way we do that here is through these <hes> collaboration areas collaborations zones in addition to our discovery village which we can walk over here and i can show show it to you. We are creating what we call like. I said discovery village where we're having a gastro hotel. European food hall a brew pub ebben distillery activated rooftops a fun atmosphere for people to get together not just inside the office but outside the office to stir creativity tippety and innovation having a hotel on the property suggests that people we coming into staying for some period of time and they'll be traffic in and out that's right. That's correct and you know one of the greatest things about philadelphia and the location of this property is a proximity to an international airport lead a life science companies require that as part of their operations and transportation aspartame has specimens and the like so given that we're twenty minutes away and there's gonna be a lot of traffic at the site not just from our incubator. We've got one hundred and fifty thousand square foot incubator planned on the site but also from the large pharma and startup companies that are here as well or also on two hundred acres so we have a lot of building plan for the backyard what kind of building so we've got a million alien square feet internally with for lab office which refers with life science healthcare and tech enabled companies and the backyard. We're looking at <hes> manufacturing facilities naming namely a viral vector manufacturing facility viral vectors are a key part to the gene therapy process and cell therapy process. There's a up to an eighteen month. Wait for these factors all the outsource organizations our capacity to be able to provide these this valuable part of the genus cell therapy process process is helping to save lives and get therapies to the patients who need them. How soon do you expect the tennis to start moving in. We have attendant in the site g._s._k. <hes> is in the site and <hes> they have a cleanroom here. <hes> we are in final stages of negotiation with up to four hundred <hes> tenants four million square feet and it's been a very exciting process names that we're seeing so when do some of the others to to get here i would say <hes> we're going to start work in the next month or two and expect move ins shortly thereafter. We have some small tenants that are looking to move moving almost immediately in the next thirty to sixty days and some larger ones that have to do a little bit of planning. I so maybe six to nine months. We've got twelve interconnected buildings. They're all connected did view these class in glass enclosed corridors so you've got a lot of walking that you can do both internally and externally <hes>. We've got outside the buildings. We've got hiking trails running. Trails sports courts a helipad onsite for not just transportation executives is needed but also human specimens. A lot of the cells that are extracted from patients nations are tumors that are taken out require work immediately and are then transported back to the patient to be inserted into the human so the time line in the supply chain is very important a key feature of the campuses it self contained central utility plant which provides power steam and water utilities meeting scientific standards for all the labs on the site audrey explained the one billion dollar power plants importance to the property also at the site. We've got a cup is right here. A cup is a central utility plant which has dual grid electrical feed so if one of the substation because substations goes down the other kicks in and the cop in addition to being backed up by these two dual feeds also has a backup generator plan so it's important for life science to never go down and not awesome so they can do everything they can do everything on site and they can do it. Twenty four seven never lose power which is incredibly important when you're dealing with temperature controlled and humidity controlled environment a lot of these cleaners have high so specifications meaning the number of air changes per hour. It's important for the air to have a certain number or lack of a certain number of particles in it so it's important to always be run and always be putting the live work play environment of the discovery labs offers open spaces where tenants can cultivate a sense of community. The plan includes world class coffeeshops a ten million dollar conference inference center videoconferencing and two hundred seventy five seat auditorium with adjoining meeting at education rooms so we've got this auditorium which has stadium seating fits turner fifty people we've had many events here already and as you know oh millennials and executives in my generation love constant training and development you have to stay current in an atmosphere like this and in an industry that's constantly instantly changing at an exponential rate three times moore's law you've got to be constantly learning and this provides a setting an ecosystem for that we not only do we have this auditorium but we have several several breakout rooms and another training facility where actually in two weeks you'll be the first to here. We have the country representatives coming from around the globe that represent the state of pennsylvania trying to convince companies to come do business here so it's going to be an exciting event warehousing talking about the property and hearing some of the concerns and and some of the opportunities that the state of pennsylvania offers the discovery libs unique design also includes a fourteen thousand square foot state of the art fitness center enter with cardio and weight training equipment yoga pilates classes as well as outdoor options including tennis basketball and more than two miles of walking paths other other features include an outdoor amphitheater high end onsite restaurants and complimentary transportation to train lines. You know twenty minutes from downtown philadelphia very near to the route two corridor where seventy percent of the bio pharma companies are located. <hes> in the suburbs of philadelphia are really a thriving area. Were we're calling this area contract. Russia which is five minutes from conshohocken. You know five minutes to the king of prussia mall where there's incredible food opportunities dining and shopping we <hes> one of the greatest things about the site in my opinion is the proximity to public transportation got the radnor train station norristown line. You've got all all of these septa lines where we're going to be providing shuttle service and uber activated type shuttle service not only do we <hes> commensurate three eight are stop signs in our pickup times with train schedules but also wants somebody arise if they want to go to the airport if they want to go to the mall we're happy to provide that services well it kind of makes the <hes> <hes> transit agencies have to think differently because traditionally those stations were not intended or envisioned for people coming in in the morning rush power to go to work. They were intended for people going into center city from those locations. How are you working with. Are you working with the transit agencies and what kind of you've cooperation or you're getting there. They're very cooperative. We have been working with the state of the commonwealth. <hes> the governor's action team has been quite helpful. The economic development council also <hes> we are working. We're putting a boulevard in and they've been pen dot has been working with us on that and <hes> we're we're going to begin conversations and have already been introduced to <hes> the right players in that area to help us on that what about in terms of the <hes> the local environment the neighbors numbers <hes> sweetland road is not a very big road but there seems to be an enormous amount of traffic on it. I was surprised to see all of the eighteen wheelers that use that road going awake through what seems to be a residential kind of an area. This is zoned industrial so we're on two hundred acres. It's industrial <hes> we an in fact on the campus next door. Most of the manufacturing occurs for g._s._k. So although there are residential areas around here which i find to be an enticing part of the site because you've got brynn marr radnor and villanova very close but you also have conshohocken and some of these other areas so all prices of housing stock which makes it very attractive for the workforce here where we expect to have you know somewhere between three and five thousand employees we've got the twelve buildings here plus the cup plus. The buildings were putting in the backyard and that's the g._s._k. Campus that's discovery labs. We also have innovation at renaissance which is fourteen buildings across the street which are housed by very largely science companies including chop jefferson med risk amir source bergen. We're connecting those campuses to create one ecosystem and mm providing our amenities to both campuses so it just expands a footprint expanded traffic and also creates a more cohesive and exciting atmosphere for around here audrey greenburg who took us on the tour as chief financial officer of m._l._p. Ventures which is redeveloping the discovery labs and if you want more information about the discovery labs visit the discovery labs dot com. We'll be back in a minute. This is rabbi richard address. S. join us for our podcast series from jewish sacred aging titled seekers of meaning will explore some of the issues and events that impact ourselves our families. He's in our jewish world at large in light of the current revolution in eiji. The secrets of meaning podcast airs every friday morning at eight a._m. At jewish sacred aging dot dot com <music> today. You can't wait for the media to cover your company. Anthony you have to be the media. Take advantage of the power of audio and video. It's the best way to showcase your expertise to prospective customers. Let the luebeck lubeck in media companies handled the technical side. We're award winning audio and video producers. We can help you produce podcasts and video programs remotely or in our fully fully equipped studio in cherry hill visit being the media dot com for more information atlanta-based based startup hotelier co. Thanks it can make affordable hotel ownership a reality for small investors through crowdfunding not just for for accredited institutional investors hotel co. Began accepting investors in july under regulation a funding laws to bring investors early stage hotel development opportunities with a specific focus on boutique luxury lifestyle hotels and they started close to our stomping grounds in south jersey you down in the cape may area once an investor invests in a hotel co. Property he or she will own part of that hotel and gets a discount on stays as the property and of course any potential financial gains from that investment. Nathan kivy is the ceo of hotel co. Nathan thanks for joining us on the c._r._m. News hour tell us a little bit about hotel co. And what's different about this crowdfunding approach to people investing in hotels sure thanks thanks steve <hes> so until you co is a creation of fund management company and we're excited just to be able to do it in a way that uses regulation i plus crowd funding and what that means is any united states citizen over the age age of eighteen can actually participate in the ownership what's exciting about this is we're actually allowing access to hotel assets but that otherwise would have being <hes> just possible institutional money or high net worth individuals and so we're able to bring bring an asset class <hes> people to actually invest in and become part owners in something that we're hoping is exciting for them as it is for us. Now your materials indicate that people can start with an investment as little as twenty five hundred dollars. <hes> are there any particular qualification requirements that investors investors have to meet like in other <hes> crowdfunding or private placement situations with the private placement through regulation. I you can actually make the investment huddle as low as you like. So what we're actually doing is a post on is he's the kite my project and the reason was actually chosen a two and a half thousand dollar is because the mock it so typically we'll trade in peak season around six hundred dollars for an average night and we're actually trying to have some focus i mean this meant that the people that invest best <hes> also gang to be guests hotel <hes> so in the future we look to actually do some funds that a an easier entry point so even the two thousand five hundred and then the only requirement that we have in terms of the people investing is the unaccredited investment convince invest up to a ten percent of the annual salary or net worth so one of the requirements when people go swing this is like putting some information mation to do with their financial situation so that we know <hes> what the would be for their investment and one of the reasons that is <music> is ensuring that they're putting themselves in a position <hes> could cause financial stress to them. <hes> should invest in something that the form all active now the first property as you mentioned is a ewing hotel which is a boutique hotel scheduled to open in twenty twenty one in cape may or actually west cape may in the very southern tip of new jersey. What made you choose this particular property for the first investments and what are some of the things investors should be looking for show so the exciting thing about kite ni- is it. It was a property that the people that are in the land <hes> mocking any had already gone through the process to have it approved to build a hotel and you know development. That's one of the most difficult hacks so <hes> those are teak for that part of being done. They were also understanding. The standing of the process involved to do this through crowdfunding. <hes> because there's a timing issue is helping it takes to go through the s._e._c. Persons and one of the other things that decide lent itself to is an assemblage so the property actually sits on a block that has a number of other a residential and been breakfast style accommodations and it's all commercial so <hes> the potential in this one is to we do a large assemblage and build a big hotel asset so it's a pretty exciting project the town itself <hes> tighten height. My is a resort destination <hes> somewhat seasonal but it's an absolutely beautiful town so we're excited to be able to bring something to people that were hoping pays heritage to the historic nature of the site but also provide some testing class accommodation that area and we're very very familiar with cape. May it's not too far from our studios in cherry hill <hes> which is <hes> about an hour and a half north of cape. May i would guess <hes> tell tell us a little bit about the reason why hotels are different you you indicate that <hes> there's a different calculation about the return on an investment in hotels compared with other commercial real estate talk a little bit about that so the reason high tells a different to other guess commercial properties is the fact that you return is not only based on the land and the asset but it's also based based on the business operations and the hotel <hes> the operation of the hotel so when you blend real estate with business operations we we actually believe he gives you so small areas that you can leverage the better returns and we're actually fortunate to partner with <hes> hotel management company denise velo who have very strong track record and then performance on other assets we have been involved in has been very successful so where we believe that they can bring that same sort of success to these asset so when you have an understanding of the real estate side had the landside location as well as the business operation it lends itself to a return that is not the in line with what a commercial cities and the other thing about a hotel is it's pressed daily so hotel rights can shift in real time with the market which also is something that is in the downturns hotels do get impacted faster than a commercial property however when the market is turning around or an upswing the benefits or you know the the improvement in the market is also felt a look quivering heights l. so it's a really good <hes> real estate play especially for people that have other real estate holdings to do this fully now the <hes> investor's <hes> who participate in this project will also in addition to potentially seeing capital gains on their investments will also get discounts if they wanna stay the hotel yes so what we're trying to encourages people to use the hotel that they upheld entering and and the way we do that is giving discounts to book directly to tell the great thing about that is the prophet of the hotel so is not diluted because of that <hes> discount because what would typically happen in america like cape may is p. Food get onto an online travel agent will search engine they book and typically those online travel agents can take anywhere from eighteen to twenty five percents for booking through that so having someone directly giving them the benefits of what would otherwise be asleep pay to another party goes directly back in the pocket of the best and that goes to stay there in hotel so we think it's a really interesting loyalty klay in a kind of loyalty platform that hasn't really been tested in the market before so we're very excited to be the first one to try something like that so assuming that <hes> it's met with a positive reaction from investors <hes>. Where do you see yourself. Taking the the fund the investment <hes> capability in the future so what we're actually looking at in the future is with talking to a boutique take lifestyle brand at the moment. We're hoping that early next year we launch a fund that specifically targets <hes> operating assets and <hes> an existing hotel. That's being converted to be take grant. We are also looking at bringing mean another fund that will be less style product towards the end of two thousand and twenty and then once the platform in the u._s. Is set up the hotel. Operating novello actually has a very strong presence in the united kingdom and stuff africa and they're just set up offices in and you buy in hong kong. I hope is that by two thousand twenty one. We start to look at an expansion globally and take this to the rest of the world. Do you have any plans for any other <hes> specific sites in the u._s. At this point we do have a couple of sites under contract but <hes> we have have signed confidentiality agreements. Hopefully something we can some exciting news that we can bring forward in the next two to three months. Nathan kitty is the c._e._o. Uh-huh of hotel liuqiu he joined us from his office in atlanta and you can get more information about hotel co. At hotel co dot com and and will include the link in the show notes at st broadcast news dot com. Thanks for being with us on the podcast pen. That'll wrap things up for this edition of the c._r._m. News hour you can send your comments suggestions story ideas s. two steve at st broadcast news dot com where you can leave an audio comment for us using the voicemail icon on the homepage at st broadcast kissed news dot com and we take this program in studio a at st broadcast news in cherry hill new jersey join us again for the next episode of the cr news <music> our next friday at eight a._m. Eastern time at st broadcast news dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. This is steve lou beckon. We'll see you out there on the net. Take good care.

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Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts (with Matt Apodaca)

Yo, Is This Racist?

51:28 min | 2 months ago

Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts (with Matt Apodaca)

"Hello oh that's andrew. Doing fireworks noises weeks straight up forgot last time but it was the fourth of july. I'll give a shit about that. Hot holiday too hot too hot no matter where you are in america. That holidays too hot date you. You're too hot to mother's day. You barely make it barely make it in their shit gets unbearable outside. Barbecues cool downside as the summer haters the house. The subir haters back on american soil. I'm sick of it. I'm born and raised californian and i'm sick of the heat. How about you matt matt here. That's right yeah. I i'm a so cal kid and you know what to hell. Yeah it's too hard on a c. Frequent earth yeah it is. There's a i feel like this might not be earth's fault. Strictly speaking i earth. I'm watching you okay andrew. Okay pita we have that. We might have done this one. Fireworks are helping the environment every kevin. I'm tony that's the strength. The ozone layer. What a wild energy to start with we. We are all or all wearing black white or grey marination right. Now yeah right. No we look like we look like. Here's what we look like. We tried to coordinate but the text threat was vague. We all like took a stab at like a black and white party kind of i. We look like it's one thousand nine hundred eighty three eighty four and david byrne said. We're going to do a show together. Everyone wear neutrals and what he meant. Was everyone wear gray. But then a bunch of people messed up and like charcoal and black and stuff anyway. That was his stomach and he's going to wear baby blue. That's chris france. Because france is gonna wear a blue polo. This and he didn't tell anybody else about his giant suit. This is us doing jokes about the concert. Film stop making sense director by jonathan demme. Is that turn into this. Show for know what this show. Is this racist the show where we listen to your voicemail questions about racism with the help of a special guest or matt this map wars. He the unscrupulous guest of them all. Yeah it's not even in case of emergency break glass. It's just sort of like in case of emergency. Just give that class tap. Don't even you don't break. yeah the low lizard. He's he's already on the other side of the glass. Yeah yeah i was. I was always lifting it up just the case. I'm ready in the class. A little head handle a door just a little glass door breaks. But you're fred durst in the house point point point speaking of you being a so cal kid. You're talking about this off. Mike and then we were like why are we talking about this off mike. This is what the show is. So i ran across a news story about some children in southern california being racist question. Mark shocking indra. Did you see what school it was. Or what city. Oh i did not. I thought kevin might have was in san diego. In the school was koran nadeau it sounds like coronado coronado thank you okay. So at the school they started throwing tortillas asked. An opposing team made up primarily of lat next students and they were stripped of their whatever. Bullshit high school basketball title. Whatever shit that matter to them was taken away and important part. Amazing actually yeah. It's pretty good. Pretty good turnaround for for san diego. I'll say this is the thing i don't want i'm not trying to come for san diego. I i know that. I think you're allowed. I think i just know that there are people. There are good people from san diego who take issue with me saying this about and this is the thing. I'll say it's not you. It's everybody else. At san diego san diego's bad. I'm sorry to be and say if i'm not talking about you i'm not talking about you. That's good i like that. I'm going to start saying that. That's that's i like that. Look at kevin and his little cup. I'm i'm froth and milk over here gang. We this is. This coffees hitting different. Sorry sorry we're we're no we're everyone. This is a transitional ios this racist tawny tani's traveling we're recording on a holiday monday. Yeah on holiday. I suppose we this podcast. It's not recognize according to regular monday. Yes well yes that can segue us into the next item but just to put a button on the high school. That was exactly going to be my point. Matt was that the fact that by the time i had heard about the story that was already happening. Yeah yeah thank you. I was sad that the thing had happened. I was mad that those little shits were racist at fucking basketball game like surprise. You're all going to grow up to be realtors and your basketball trophies matter. Yeah yeah nothing wrong with realtors. I'm just like you're not going to be pro basketball players so this shit doesn't matter and you're going to do a racism unto other people over some shit that won't matter in literally four years i. I'm always thinking like that to me is like it's very base level stupid. Let's like a stupid thing to do. Because like i always wonder if like white people star stuart truly just stop for one second thought about the thing that they were doing if it happened to them how stupid. It would be like what he was throwing the most. Sorry kevin bland food at these people. Kevin matt my coal kevin's very proud of his white culture spaghetti with butter on it grilled cheese. Yeah exactly and that. I know we're having a good time. But that is kind of the point is that there is nothing so racially coded about white people that anyone could throw. That would be like throwing a tortilla at lat. Next person is such a specific targeted yet if aggression little tells you exactly what they think of you that's why we say it's nearly impossible to actually be racist against white people because there isn't what what could you can throw at you where you would go. This is white the book. Yeah theory book are. Yeah i mean well. It's also though as we talked. I've talked so much about san diego over the years because it is like two things. I guess it's like such a like segregated city like when you see it was just like oh like this is like there are many latino people there but is like so segregated from the rich white parts. Yes that's gross and then also there's the thing it's like. Do you feel like we hear so often like leaving. We're moving in the right direction that the kids are kids are okay right. And it's like the kids are like ok by like one percent in some areas. These like san diego high school kids kind of remind you that. It's not like california's like amazing. Alex southern california's necessarily amazing. It's just like like some marginalized kids in some racist. Places are slightly opening their eyes because of listed on tick tock yes which is good but it's not that good all of a sudden i will. Yeah i wanted to. I to the pessimism trade. Sorry slow. we're having a lot of fun. We gotta have the balance andrews here to to bring it down and that's what we need. I was just going to say. I i when i even though i get annoyed. Sometimes at the smug little tick tock here. Here's what racism is activism on the balance. I'm grateful for it because it's reaching an audience that you know. I mean they're not listening to this show too long too long. It's got to be quicker and more like more just our face. They stopped listening nine minutes and thirty seconds ago. Yeah have you guys tried doing the show like to talk to sort of like waiting having word up here. That would take a long time. I feel like the shows like forty minutes. Yeah i did not realize i. Someone showed me how to do that. On the tick-tock that's like it's much more production intensive than i realized because it is time intensive. You can't there's no edit. There's no live at if you fuck it up just simply have to go around the loop again. It's so i don't understand how it works but good good lord. It is one of the few things that have sort of made me feel old. Because i just seems like a young man's game like i really can't because there's an here i i just like i can't get in. I'll sit and look at it and it'd be like i can't believe they're making this stuff and well. There's like not figure out how to do it. I think i've reached this healthy thought in my brain where i'm like you know when instagram came out. I was overwhelmed. But i was like i want to do it. I'll figure it out. Yeah same thing with twitter. I mean i guess. I was around the same time but i got on twitter later with tick talk. I truly feel like if i get into this. I'm sure i'll be fine. But this take time away from my actual career. And i kinda at a thing. That's actually going to take time away from the thing that pays me money. Yeah there's such a bizarrely high learning curve. yeah and also. It's like just get avid kids. Just get it advocates. Really here to say kids avid. Just get get an avid and send the send the tape down to your editor at half a whip up a nice little video for you all this stuff. Yesterday was america's birthday. Or as i like to call it america's father's day what did you mean and you're on father's day. I think i said happy birthday to all dad's that's funny and very are usually most big holidays. I say. hp number two and then whatever the you know so whether it's all moms or grandmoms or shore whatever got to the irish shirt and then if if it's if it's an award show i'll in all caps tweet. Did i win. A for instance. Did i went to oscars that. This is how you stay topical. Everyone wants to know. Yeah my process that what is what is father's day third sunday in. Yeah jeeze june. Somebody loves their dad. I mean july. I wrote h d two dads. That's what i do well. This is all a tangent. Because i was going to try to do andrews joke for the fourth of july but it actually makes sense. It is happy disregard the last minute and a half everyone. My my old boss on mixed ish tweeted happy racist june teens like that. Wow i like that heater. Stodgy aka mr june. Eighteenth the man who in some ways is responsible for popularizing. June teens with large america wrote. He wrote the black shepherd said about june teeth. Anyway mr june eighteenth that hashtag. He tried to get to get him on the show. Yeah tag trindon. So all. I wanna say about yesterday's holidays the only holiday. I was celebrating. Even though i was far away. I celebrated the text was the fourth of july and that is lacey. Moseley's burke the only reason to care about that day for me it's such a does feel like a bigger event. Because i feel like i see more posts about it than i see about like honoring the the fourth of july. I just want to post their little cute red white and blue outfits people just want themselves swimsuit and all. I hear about thrilling. I reeled up some burgers yesterday for my girlfriend and her parents. And that's all we did it. And i felt like a god. They were all so happy that i was it was really really great and i think why. Like dads to bring it back to dads. I know kevin love them. But off. I grilling was like wow like. Everyone is kind waiting on me to really pull this off. I hope. I don't mess this up and i didn't really good get man. I didn't have any choice though. I no cheese. If i could go into this more on the premium show yo. Can we live subscribed to at sub pods dot com. It's the show where we talk about not racism anyway. Little little tip for the seafood people out there and actually i have a question for kevin after i make the suggestion. I grilled oysters yesterday. In let me throw this other. It's super easy. You just wanted oyster on the grill. Okay but where do you get them. The ocean knows you. Can't i put a yuzu shallot butter on it by you. Don't have to and they you can shut them beforehand but they also if you let them grow long enough they just kind of die and open up and much much easier. But i tried to do the thing where i chucked them on the grill as they were out and let me tell you a one pro tip. That is the most dangerous thing i've ever done. A million really put it on for you in the pants shoe. A hot oyster. That oughta flame. Jesus here's my question that maybe for the other show for kevin. I don't. i'm being annoying. Asca vegan person. I had a co worker in two thousand ten who was sort of vegan but his exception was oysters because he had read something or had some argument that was like they have like no central nervous system kind of the closest to a plant that an animal can be and they are like completely farmable and in fact like when their farms like take pollution out of the water the show. Yo is this vegan. Kevin bartell answer the question vegan. He otherwise i believe he was vegan and he was just like this is my accession. This is my like vary rationalized. Version of this kevin does that seem compelling to you in any way. No thank you this. Show call back next week next week. Seven tackles regular milk. kevin. Miller can't think i did. I did have a coworker mix. Who was like. I admittedly just a person who may be loved fad diets or whatever but was like hold up butters vegan. And i. oh yeah. I'm some people just want to eat. Certain things don't eat other things like love to get rid of the rigidity of labels when people are just like eat bacon. But i'm vegetarian. Just go off. Yeah that's that seems. I'm not ever going to be like a you can't do that. You can't say that you're that and he that no stranger jail with you i think. Hold on i. I you should be more like a friend of mine. He is like sort of like makes it very known that she's a vegetarian but one time was like that's what i ate today. Fried chicken and i was like this is awesome. I love this is wild. Like i just wanted fried chicken. It's smells so good. That i had a piece of it and i was like that's great. Yeah that's exactly the my experience with eating fried chicken sell it. I gotta have it right. Why wouldn't you want it. Everyone should have what they want. You know what else people should have. If they want is fucking marijuana people in fucking twenty states. It should be legal federally conan. O'brien just smoked weed on tv on it at night show every everyone went nuts. Everyone's like great. We love this. We love this for him. Everyone's so happy about it and then feels like two minutes later. Sha richardson who we are so excited about last last week. Especially in the premium show. We're talking about all the black woman going to the olympics. Chiquet richardson gets. What disqualified kicked out. What do we say excommunicated from the cult of the outdated ridiculous olympic committee for ingesting marijuana like don't twelve hours prior to her race. It's it's like. I think kevin kevin brought up. How people were commenting like. It's so deeply ironic. How excited we are at like that. News came out as recorded. Probably like was a day of or or the next day. Yes something like and this is why i have had a longstanding policy of. I don't celebrate anything because of course it could all be taken away from us but that is what we turtles get is editorial. We express anything positive. Yeah we this how the world is racist. I mean the olympics. Yeah obviously are racist. Faulk as like every sporting body but at the same time it is that double edged sword. Yeah that's both ways. Yeah that it is like a place where like people of color have been allowed to excel do excel because this just like a lot of the entanglement is never as simple as like yea or boo and and that's what we get for. Try to have them fines. And yes and this doesn't even on the women who are being disqualified for having higher levels of testosterone. Pardon me the solely black women who are tied for having testosterone levels that are too high naturally not their natural bodies are being disqualified. This is also a separate conversation about the unnecessary 'gendering of really of all things but specifically here the olympics. But yeah these. I'm just so tired of these double standards of you know. Michael phelps getting to like smoke weed and become kind of like a hometown hero again. And then this woman and also are. Are we supposed to be disqualifying people who are taking performance. Enhancing drugs like you should sooner disqualify someone who drinks way too much caffeine. 'cause that could make you fast. One hundred she can smoke weed and be that fast is she should get the metal already. That's insanity a friend of mine. Tweeted jews like if i smoked weed and tried to do anything afterward i would die like i like the idea of trying to even run. I'm like trying to run at all for me. Not even high as a challenge. If i rise high. I would have to start digging my grave. It'd be awful. Just such arbitrary. I firmly believe that people's people who don't smoke weed their arbitrary hatred of it or disagreement with it is rooted in racism. If they also don't drink or they don't do other substances those things are quote unquote legal. So they can be okay with people doing them like mentally. They're like oh well. She had ten beers the night before she ran. But not my choice. But that's okay like they're not going to have a moral objection to it. And the only reason they have a moral objection. Marijuana is because it was so heavily coated as being a black people thing the seventies and eighties it was so it was a way to separate a further way to separate out black people in communities and say look at these lazy people look at these people who are doing something illegal and bad and even now when it's legal it's still thought of that way i mean and the like i mean i think if i recall correctly actually from a previous episode of this show abdul with dulles i eat it is even just like calling it. Marijuana is like that's how they were trying to tack like you know associated cannabis with mexican people as all of it like. Yeah it's end. It is like because booze is so like eurocentric like how. How could you not like out while this thing that fucks people. We should go back to prohibition of alcohol. Now we're not were going. But i i'm interested in seven seventeenth amendment. What what amendment did i say you guys. How ignorant am i. Don't give a damn here. He goes again doing the to two senators from each state. Not even close yes close. The track nailed it. That's all i have to talk about. I'm mad at everything. Fuck fuck the olympics. Fuck i mean. I guess it's like fuck the ioc specifically fuck the american like like organizing owners of the olympics while at the same time celebrating individual athletes of color but not assholes like michael phelps or like like ryan locked e what like peed on some shit like in brazil. And it's like whatever. Yeah he was just like you can like doing a bunch of shit out late at night which like also i don't give a shit about i don't care if he could fucking go on a bender and tear the town and then the next day. What was his event swimming swim. Good great congrats. That's why i don't like let's leave her the fuck alone at. It's also just the in ten years or fifteen years. Hopefully sooner. we're gonna look back on stuff like this and be hopefully so embarrassed because it'll be federally legalized and regulated. And everyone will be like well. They kicked you out for that i. It's a little though. The people who are mad about it now will be the ones who are quote embarrassed and the people who are not mad about it now are unbearable racists. Yeah that's yeah desk. I'm just like skateboarding. Is an event this in this upcoming olympics. Like what is going to be the rule for those guys. What are you what are they. I'm sure there'll be a whopping double standard because of the way. Skateboarding skews racially evident double standard. Sure are we. We've we've we've gone too long without trying to sell you. Guys some take a break therapy or or milk it the. I don't know we'll see in a minute. We'll be right back. Episode is brought to you by green chef. what's green shaft. Green chaff is the first. 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Well what interferes with your happiness. Y'all you know it's something. Maybe it's many things is something preventing you from achieving your goals for me i tend to over think shit a lot i over think and i worry and i get myself into a spiral which gets in the way of me doing my job which is creating things and making things. You can't create things if you're constantly questioning every last thing that you did. It's a real struggle so Better help we'll assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapists. This is a person to talk to about issues. Like what i'm describing. Whatever your stuff may be. They have someone who you can connect with and you can connect in a safe and private online environment. Yes because some people even though things are opening up and you know people are getting vaccinated. And everything's feeling a bit more hopeful. Some people still want to be in their home and not have to have contact with someone. 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Having to sit in comfortable waiting room better help is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches so they make it easy and free to change counselors if you need. It's more affordable than traditional offline. Counseling and financial aid is available. The services available for clients worldwide. Doesn't matter where you live. Find a particular expertise you need online and don't limit yourself to counselors just located around you. These licensed professional counselors are specialized in many things. They can help you with depression stress anger family conflict. Lgbt matters grief self esteem sleeping trauma anxiety. Many many more things anything you share with them of course confidential. The whole thing is convenient professional and affordable there's even testimonials posted daily on their side. If you want to check out what other people have to say about better help okay. And lastly is not a crisis line. Make sure that you don't call them when you were actively in a crisis. This is a this is counseling. This online counseling not a crisis line now so many people have been using better help that they are recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states. That's right it's just growing getting better and better and andrew. And i want you to start living a happier life today as listener you'll get ten percent off your first month by visiting our sponsor at better help dot com slash why. It are. that's better help with a p dot com slash why. It are go ahead. go get into it. Join over one million people who've taken charge of their mental health again better help h. e. l. p. dot com slash why. It are and we're back. Okay was good. we're excited. We had newsy things we have. Matt matt welcome here. They were up top but just kind of launched right into shit. No that's okay because here's the thing it's not. I'm not un special. It's just it's like okay. i'm here it's like it's comforting sort of hanging out. You don't have to make just hanging out with friends or do you wish. We made a slightly bigger deal about you being here. I mean i asked kevin to say something about it before we started he. Yeah oh should. I read this now. Wow big haircut my man. Thank you for for you big haircut. We need somebody to say something. And i didn't wanna make an insane. But i was about to make a joke about how we had a whole fireworks display plan for you and then we set it off accidentally and that reminded every day for a few days to talk about. Do we talk about the lapd last week but mungai neighborhood in our really quick. Just 'cause fucked lapd especially by the lapd set off like a like busted someone for like selling fireworks and so they had like five thousand pounds of fire or something like that in south la and because they're racist and incompetent they like blew them up in it. Like destroy buildings injured like seventeen eighteen people. Something like that like and to me. The ios this racist element of it is by far. Apparently people like felt it. It by me why it's like. Yeah from like if you think about five thousand pounds of explosives is like some shit you drop out of the truck the truck also up with the stuff so there you know but to me the just like oh south. La you decide that this isn't this. Yeah try blowing up a if that truck were in you. Know silver would yeah. They sure as fuck wouldn't just be like. Let's just see what happens if we blow this up. I do have a racist fireworks story. I when i lived in lakewood with my family just like near long beach street does area. My grandpa like i mean truly was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. I guess he did go and get fireworks that we shouldn't have had who say who my grandpa. Yeah exactly grandpa's social security number. Yeah my grandpa real quick. Look it got if anyone to ever find him he would talk to your off and you'd be like you know what was but other people on our street are also doing the same thing and the cops his house. The cops came to only house with brown people at it and they wrote us a nice nice ticket and it was just. It was awesome. It was great. Especially when everybody. I mean i grew up with all kinds of people. Set it off fireworks so to think of it. As a brown people thing is bad yes comic in front of the show. Moshe cash had a tweet that i'll paraphrase and bastardize but go look for it where he said. Hey guys. i've just moved into a neighborhood. That was setting off fireworks long long before i ever showed up any suggestions for what i should do sit down. Yeah that's real. We punch through some voicemails couple punch high. I am a pretty new listener. But i haven't binging this podcast. Because i'm black man and i'm very curious what questions people have about racism but i want to ask the question which is From my professional experience from actually a job that i had for a long time no longer half but I had an interview years ago. And the interviewer asked me again as a black man How i felt about race in the workplace. And how i work alongside large groups of white people and you know at the time. I appreciate the question. I was Obviously like five years younger very my career. But i appreciate the question but i've kind of always wonder joe is racist I'm kind of on the fence. Because i'm not sure if this is a good question to ask or if it's a discriminatory question to ask and then there's the aspect of the fact that this would not be a question that's probably two white people at all But yeah i wanna know your thoughts on this in all the different angles of it. Not only from like them asking it. And i'm sure selectively asking if that even just from the usefulness of asking that question and giving the heads up that like hey this might not be the most welcoming environment for you Which that'd be very welcoming environment. But it was that they at least get that up. And i'm going to stop talking collar green. Yeah yeah yeah. My first thought was just like if this was truly them giving you a heads up. It's then it's not a question of how you do in that. It's it's instead saying like okay. Just you know. This isn't like a super diverse place. We have a lot of white people up like. That's the culture here. Maybe we're trying to change it or whatever comes after that but not. How do you function when surrounded by whites. Yeah well and and i guess there is like the the other side of the hypothetical if the caller had been like i don't like it. I prefer more diverse workplace perform a more representative workplace. What would that disqualify him from job. Because that is like racist. Yeah sure why. What are you going to be like. No i love it. That's great that's my preference. I love to be the only one. Yeah and the caller is right. There's i mean in my mind. There's absolutely no way they're asking this question to white people. There's no way unless it's jet magazine and they're hiring white graphic designer on they're like hey this is real black. Well what are you going to be. I you're also to. I mean it's like if you why people like how are you. Do you handle working around. Lots of white people all lives matter version of that. It's like it's okay because this associate matt ear wolf. Did they give you a warning. I don't think so. Because i don't know if if people clocked it right away i and that's shade to to them or anybody i just. I don't. I don't know if it's top of mind when i enter most spaces. I think i'm less that i. Yeah i unless they're bad. They were bad whites. There's this one's not right. Bad way you gotta you gotta warn people. Yeah yeah but i. Yeah i mean i guess it's i know it's different because what my job before that. A big thing of that was like a worked at a grocery store. It down that was primarily latin next people and then i worked at a restaurant here in la at mozart. And i would say that. That was a pretty diverse staff mostly white people in the office. I guess and i was in. I was in the office but i. I guess that questions ever been asked to me. Because i think it's a bad question i don't know. I think it's just a question that it's like. I mean if you're asking that question as a someone who's hiring people i think he need to maybe asked i mean look at the questionnaire self rated mirrors. Yeah yeah also. There's a world where it was if the were. The idea was to give the caller a warning bad way to give a warning. Also probably ill straight up illegal question. I think waiver lawyer. But i like that feels like the type of shit that other people have been like. Yeah obviously we can't legally ask you this but or legally tell you probably you probably can't even say like hey we're a bunch of whites just a lot of it. Seems like there's there's an even if that person wound up being just like a sort of hand-wringing nice but clueless liberal white liberal. That's one of the best case scenario and it does matter a certain to a to a certain degree that the caller did say that they liked working there. It was a pleasant environment. Maybe it was just a poorly worded question. Maybe was a nervous manager being like hey like we are really really trying to ni- only have people here. Yeah because like asking a person of color. How do they do with. How do they do with race. I would assume the answer is pretty well and it's not a it's just a bad it's just a bad. Yeah yeah exactly. I've been doing this. Since the day i was born. I'm pretty good at i. Guess it's like if it actually was a good work place you should be able to say all this shit to their face. Sort of i bet you could it. Yeah like there are many places that i've worked like even at your will for like we in in meetings. They i mean they. Maybe i don't know if it should be saying this like they tell you. They people people in corporate america. That are trying to be good and do better by you know. Everyone are actively being like we are trying to change how we hire people and like the diversity of that process and like really interested going as far as like removing names from like resume. You know what. I mean like blind submissions or things like that so i think maybe this this caller did say this was a few years ago. Maybe they haven't caught up to like how hiring is is now you know so like a few years ago. I could see that being a question. That somebody i asked. Yeah well now. I think there's more ways to make it better exactly. There's there's more there's better ways to do it. That doesn't put that person on the spot and for anyone listening who may be considering working this into their interviews. Maybe don't because it also it's real easy to make it sound like now. Are you going to be good. We got a lot of whites out a lot of you. Are you going to cause trouble. Yeah which is how my paranoid brain would take it. And i. It sounds like a threat. Like indisputably sounds like a threat. Yeah thus ten practices. Yeah don't i would love it in the black prospective employees. Just throw that out there. I would love it if people were listening to this and hurt us going off on this question for a while and still were like. I might ask this question. You never know what people you never know the world. Yeah we got a punch us next voicemail. Hi i'm calling. I am a a white passing hispanic man. I work at an elementary school. And something just happened. That i just kind of wanted you guys opinion on. I'm feeling a little a little frustrated. So there's our attendance secretary is also a a white passing or white a white presenting hispanic woman have a staunch republican and trump supporters and just sent out a pretty standard regular kind of tendency email to the entire school building I should mention that. I worked in a predominantly People of color. Are you know throughout the staff. And the students black and hispanic and other people of color and she sends out just a regular but at the end of her signature. She puts in big bold letters. We all matter. And this is just a couple of days after the george floyd Anniversary of his death. And i just. I really wanted to kind of put her on blast and i kind of want to tell her off and and and send her along Emails her how wrong and how offensive. That was she. We worked with predominantly. Like i said black and hispanic and whatnot. Students and and most of our staff is in that same category i. I don't understand why she would think that is okay but it also just feels intentionally provocative but as as a man Speaking to a woman. I also feel like i have a little bit of privilege over her so i don't wanna be i wanna be too. I don't know why. But i just thought maybe i could get your guys stake. So thanks love. The show won a classic way to take a stand in your fucking attendance email yet. That really changed the minds. I bet somebody read that in the end like. Oh you know what. I considered this. Oh what donna said this. So i think yeah. Is there a way to just be like. Hey you can't push it like that in school. I don't know sometimes it's nice to hide behind the like separation of church and state of it all with schools like you can't really shit like that in school. I couldn't wear a t shirt and school. That's a cowboy butts. Drive me nuts. But they were casper's in cowboy hats and my teacher maybe turn it inside out. Wow shirt that's all you see real hamsters or were they mice. They were some little animal and they were not outweigh hats yet. The thing about that. i mean. That's a good point tiny. You can sort of hide behind the bureaucracy of hey like there's things that we can't just go to somebody above her. You know. I just be like this. I think is inappropriate. Hopefully they have the same values as you. And i'm really presenting this because i know andrew's gonna be like go to that ladies home and yell in her face so i'm giving the cowards answer is the warriors answer it was just gonna say. There is a shocking amount of cowboy boots. Drive me nuts apparel on that. See just little. Hamster's are unbelievable. I'm looking others. there's a corgi wide. Okay that's pretty good a lot of a lot of stuff that skews over two guests a little right-wing particular. Oh okay i would. Of course town this tracks post one to the chat right. Now that is maybe the most confusing messaging vis-a-vis cowboy butts. But maybe not. Maybe i'm wrong. What is the description is cowboy. Syrupy leopard-print how cowboy certainly a lot going on here. But it's only five dollars. Cactus in it to just a lot of shit okay. Andrew burnt down. Where was i. Oh well so. I mean i don't know if there's any the inability to burn is because this is like that this is like the i guess the power of like right wing rhetoric is that it's like what like as long as you're ignorant of current events past history. Yes and knowledge of how the world works we all matter sounds very reasonable. Annotation versus de notation. Yeah so it's like it's that's it's exactly the like you know. Obviously they white lives matter of it. The all the all lives matter of it like the like you know. Teach both sides of like any controversy. The i'm just asking questions it's just always like again. Sounds reasonable as long as you're the dumbest fucking piece of shit on earth and that's typically the type of person you're going to be responding to you know it's the i'm not touching you. I'm not touching you of flooding. Yeah yeah so. The thing is it's like you're gonna you're gonna complain and the thing that right wing people do do well is that like to debunk this. You know she used what is four words we all met are three words. Three words to say something that we'll take you like links and articles and arguments to like refute. And that's why and that's that's when like at no point. Will you be wrong except in the the tone the tolan make you sound wrong. Yeah and it is easy for this person to point and say how can you say that. We don't all matter when you're like that's not what i'm saying. I think every person matters. That's not what this is about. This is about the three words that you chose. Because you didn't say you didn't write everybody's important you didn't right. We're all russia's beings on the earth you could have gotten your point across if you weren't specifically trying to take away from black lives matter from any of these movements that have used these words. It's branding its branding. It's why coke and pepsi. They don't say the same shit as each other because there anybody and so. Yeah as a little counterpoint. I it is not true that all lives matter because the racist who post that shit definitely matter and it's like now i mean you know this this racist lady or the sorry this white supremacists. Supporting lady doesn't matter her opinions. Don't matter like fuck her. Like and i think unfortunately all you can do is like i mean. I don't know. I mean i think if you're willing to put in the time it's just that like they they win by the exhaustiveness of dealing with them. It's exhausting to be like. Here's why this is racist right because and they go well. You can't say anything anymore. And they throw up their hands and it's like no no no no no if you wanna if you want to throw out a provocative statement like this then we're gonna talk about that you actually are doing and why that's not correct so maybe you do have to be the pain in the ass. Yeah because i mean. I i had. I have people in my family who probably looked like this woman and you know sort of like light. Skin like latino ladies who have similar opinions to this lady who don't know what the fuck they're talking about and so. They just regurgitate stuff that they would see on tv and it took a lot of work like from like me and like my brothers and like other family members to be like what you're saying is this and they're like no no no no look listen and like having to really just do a lot of labor to explain to them and then they like stopped like they just dropped it because they didn't believe it really you know what i mean is like it was just easy to say yeah. It's easy so regurgitate able information. So maybe i'm not saying that she doesn't believe this. You probably absolutely does but know it took a lot of being a pain in the ass you to get it. Maybe like the i guess. Consequent weakness in the right wing's is because one has to be such a pain in the ass. Yeah occasionally people are going to be a pain in the ass to you and hopefully we can keep that up. I don't know i'll have a coffee. Thought enhancing drug. Yeah got him so mad. Everybody have a coffee beverage. Have some cannabis. Whatever you need to get the day we are going to go. Do our little premium show now. 'cause we got matt and we want to. We wanted to skill him and keep him forever in a little box. My glass little box. Don't break in. yeah it's a really small box. He looked tiny unbelievably uncomfortable. Yeah it's like when people put their face against glass but it's by dire being the whole and allowed to do from. There is podcast so go and do that. Honestly thank you all my dream thing. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having of course anytime anytime note thanks to the racists. No thanks to the race three race. Totti's a delay. I'm sorry and everybody's great. I met randy newman. He's at andrew. T we got at kevin bartelt kevin j. Bartells what did you have. You got it. Yep at kevin. J. bartells on twitter at for exam at matt apodaca on both. You just got your name. That's right. Yeah i got it. They let me have it now. Oh wow yeah you yeah took it right. The we did a show by.

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It's a Supercharged Brunchtime

The Round Six Podcast

1:29:27 hr | 1 year ago

It's a Supercharged Brunchtime

"This episode of the round. Six podcast brought to you by trailer. Tug The world's strongest trailer Dali learn more at trailer tug dot com. It's the route six. Podcast a weekly roundtable discussion featuring a variety of automotive subjects interviews special guests and stories posted by the round spearheads. Ryan stuff. Ski Alex Welsh and Brad King. Wow episode seventy five of the PODCAST. This is This is good. And it's Kinda cool of of what seventy five actually is so on this episode we We talk about brand steps keys one and done challenger Bill that that we put together for for an episode of Amazon's reason steel. Dave ingle on and and Alex myself in Bryan and had a great time and Relived how the whole thing went down so check it out. We'll come to the PODCAST. I'm Brian I'm Brad. Alex I'm David and Hey here we are. It's it's been awhile for that Things have been busy. Fortunately no-one here Has Been Down with the The nastiness that's going around and hopefully the you out there in listener land have been spared as well can a weird times man funny because the last time we talked about this. We were all allowed to get together at a car show. Yeah can't do a lot of people. Yeah and now. It's mandatory for us to be over the phone and not in person. That's weird Although for for a guy and introvert like me Man. I was built for this Bring on social isolation. I'm your guy as speaking of six Mary. Fred show up. That's the the the mean that says when you find out your daily life life is called quarantine name for it. It's frightening Matt. I mean that's literally having worked from home for so long an odd small Home Office. Everybody else is freaking out. Like what do you do what do you do? I'm like Oh let me teach you how to run your day. You know. That's actually capitalizing. I should have a youtube channel. How to survive quarantine with a sixteen year old kid? What Wall will thinks okay. That's that's paid site type of deal. Backout weird somewhere out there. Wow that wasn't even while I wasn't even two minutes somewhere sister. Mary heartbreaks perish for the young. The some of the bunch of people just kind of cringed really quick fish stops swimming for a second Oh Yeah Hey This is a family show. I mean that happened because no one wants to joke at this time right. Jokes are unacceptable. Yes but Speaking of speaking joke quarantine. Oh that's what it is horrible. Man I do. I do all sorts of essential things every day out in the wild all right. Well I don't know if those are all essential. Well they they are. Now who else is GonNa crap on the neighbor's lawn of two in the morning? We're GONNA call the cops you keep doing up those essential things that you have to do. They're they're getting tired of it. All every everything you know. Everybody's got to tighten up on things so you know fertilizer as fertilizer. Ah We we need to do a whole other episode about that. That one is a pay per view. This'll be fantastic. That's big first fertilizer while under quarantine. That's really specific. A very slim demographic but Brennan this this is episode seventy five. This is kind of a kind of a milestone. Wow Dude seventy five days. That was like ten years before you were born tall. Hey nine so close. Dig Your shoes off. Do the math. What is what is the seventy fifth anniversary? What is that? What what do you give for that? What is what's so the the the anniversary would Kovin right well. We'll play their Alex. And now we're going to be banned for countries hanging on any. Look this up. This is really professional. Type in what seventy five We didn't want to go there. Hang on auto fill was not correct. what's a diamond? This is our this is like. I can't believe diamond jubilee. This is our diamond jubilee episode. Wow they do some special artwork for this one. Seventy five's a diamond. What's one hundred? Holy Crap make sure it's all colored end of forget that you know. GonNa make sure. Oh sorry had to what the seventy fifth and one hundred told me. The diamond industry isn't behind this one. Oh somewhere the Dutch are like. Yeah from seventy five to one hundred. There's twenty-six diamonds diamonds rubies diamonds in. And what the Hell you think it will get cheaper. Because you'd be out of money from all those other yeah. This doesn't make any sense. I like the other one. Here you get some grant money a you know right after that point rollover and somebody goes out one hundredth anniversary like Yeah Mencia joke. I'll tell you I'll offline yeah all soup anyway So what Oh. Speaking of a couple months span gone by the kind of the topic of tonight's episode is the upcoming episode which will be number five which I ninety to look up the fifth anniversary gift. Jeez Louise that this has become a research episode. Cardboard is like a paper airplane. Oh it's fantastic it would. It's gatewood twenty minutes figured shaved ice An ICY ICY. That sounds good terrain. Now those are the wonder. How do they door deaths from seven? Eleven somebody's got to Omaha Dude. How monkey get. How quick do you could get a slushy? No what do they call a slurpee. Slurpy which I can. We add it that you need leaving the part where I asked if we can edit that part right. Hey anyway going back a couple months. The less time we recorded was at the National Roads. Show in the week prior to that. We did something else as a group that sounds really only it was a group. Yeah it was a big group thing. Wow Yeah that was a. That was a giant group surprise ice. The workshop perhaps the what workshop really and figuratively and points in between. Yeah and I think like I said this this episode tie in with the fifth episode of stories and steal which you can watch over on Amazon prime video for free if you have Amazon prime video right there but yeah unless of course you live in Australia or Canada than will sorry and it's not our call by stretch 'cause we WANNA do produce a show for the Australians and the Canadians however because we speak both Austrailia and Canadian yes we do. Yeah we do all tiling by a a arctic anyway getting to this kind of the prelude. Wow so you dave all of my periods. This is the way wrong. Tribe wrong tribe to the episode on Amazon Prime Kind of a lead and get a little bit of the backstory behind that and this is really going to send her pretty heavily on on you guys really namely Brad Brad. Brad worked his ass off right. I'm surprised you can even sit. Not just slide off bud is going to go back to the very beginning of this thing and and now that I you know after Alex and I've had numerous discussions after it happened. He he's laughing because he goes when you started this. I don't think he realized what you were getting yourself into and I had a rough idea but it just kept getting bigger bigger and it's like Oh guy what are they get myself into. And I'm still trying to do my regular work and it's still trying to re edit videos for the stories and steal things so I I was gonNA have a meltdown a couple of times and then I never time you would call Brennan. Oh Guy. He's got he's somebody somebody told somebody read me. What are you doing for happened? Oh it was which is amazing that it never did. Well you got to hand it to everybody involved. What they all sworn secrecy and they all held to it and that's pretty amazing because usually something would slip one guy. Here's the next thing you know it it it filters out. It never did it. Never did I. I was scared to death. Went to Sima Yeah. There was a lot of secret handshakes and winks going on and the whole thing and you never knew it was. It was crazy. Yes I was waiting for somebody and nobody did. Everybody's kind of grinned. Kept so it was. Yeah it was I mean I the the funny part about that was like we talk at night going back to the hotel from the show. I kept saying something's off. Something's way off and I was like. Nah It's gotTa be me. I'm tired whatever at the show. There was kind of a strange vibe. Yeah well but nothing that. Got Me thinking that direction. I mean I was the whole team. Didn't talk to you for the last week. Because he was scared he was going to give it up. He just ignored you. Well like I told you I'm GONNA call you. I don't think he's on tape talking to avoiding me won't even make eye contact with our house to the point. Ross going to find a way to test him sleep off little pieces of his hair not that he didn't have a lot of heroin that head at Miss. It did yeah. It was so weird like that week leading up to what transpired. Nobody talked to me. I didn't call you doctor. If you flash back to that point you were having maybe one of the worst weeks you've had in recent memory. It was so bad that we were very careful about even talking to you for fear that it would slip out. You know it's like we just gotTa let him sit there and get through this week because it's all going to get better. You just got to get through this week that last week before it was awful. I remember that vividly. Sarah you name it. It was going wrong every conceivable direction. Yeah I was to the point where I was like literally I was. I was just GonNa wake up one morning and my poor kid was go. Hey where's dad was like? I'm heading someplace far away. Catch up with you in about twenty years. Have a great life. Here's fifty bucks. Get yourself something to eat. Yeah it was. Yeah that was the week leading up to Sima. It was funny. That was two weeks just pure like crap on top of the next. Yeah Yeah you had some work commitments before seem that were pretty Yeah challenging challenging schedule. That's all I can tell you. Yeah and then on top. I never forget that because Brad. We're talking like what's going on check out. My backyard is right houses destroyed. That was one thing is somehow I? I don't know I persevered one but let's let let's. Let's Talk. This is what was going on though so it got to that but oh man it was just the the whole. Universal is in on it. That's that's the that's the bottom line. I call Dave and I need your help. I got something I WANNA do. Okay all I know this guy will call that die all right. So that's kind of how that whole this whole thing wins this like that this is. I just kept calling people at a new over here. I know this person those person so when I was when I would call them. It wasn't like I was having to make a cold call. It's kind of like some of the stuff with the with the with the With the stories and steal certain people. I wanted to talk to you. I knew I would know somebody who knew them. And that's how it worked I'd call. It's like oh man called before it's like. Yeah so then I can call them and talk about what I wanted to do. And it wasn't like a cold call of who is this an had you get my number. I can I. I could talk to them about what the game plan was and wrote a little. A little premium. Explain the whole thing and a proposal and this is. This is what I want to do and I know this answer ship thing. I want to make this completely worth your effort because I know how this works just Freebie. Thank you see later. This has to work both ways. You know you're helping me. I want to help you and and the dumb thing was is. I knew I couldn't really help them. Full on until you found out what was going on wall okay. Let's work at this but I couldn't tell you you're like oh I gotta get some money for the podcast. We remember the team like I know I know. I know I think we may have. Some potential stuff was just keep. It's like oh I like no. Let's just keep moving forward. I think we may have some people that are gonNA. Maybe I want to be involved with us. We just gotTa we just gotTa make this work and the worst part was trying to bug. You're like I got these People Michael. Tell me who it is so we get moving forward. I just keep making bullshit. It's just this one game and that one guy is like well. Yeah well it was him and some of his buddies just crap out there because you're asking too many and they didn't have answers for my my favorite line of the entire weekend when the build happen was you said was like playing chess with Bobby Fisher. Every time I talk to you I had I was I knew I knew I'd ask a question whether it was about spoilers. Or is seriously it was like everything hoods and in combination Bush so weird because I was like fitness and how low and I have to ask you in a way that you're not gonNA wonder why I'm asking you so let's now I'm looking at cars. I like challenges. There's chillers everywhere Brian. Well yeah I know I told you and your light so I started going that way and and and it was funny because I'd start asking some questions and in Stacey would take me and go. Hey you're asking too many questions. Yeah and I would just not talked about challenges for a couple of oppression. I was like okay trying to get me back into this because I was burnt. I'm done and Asian. Oh I was ready. I had the car cleaned up. I'm going to the dealership I'm going to trade it in get something I can literally just go round and delivered door dash with. I didn't give a crap. I'm going to trade it in and get a jeep. I'm like Oh yeah. Sure that'd be great. You know you're going to soccer mobile. Yeah let's do that. I just WANNA car that. No one's going to bug me about him. Yeah Yeah that is. I just. Don't want to mess with it at all. I'm just over at all. Okay after those the worst. Yeah you you were. You were very negative on me for about everything I could throw out there. I was just going to get this. That's dumb we'll see. Thank goodness all of your friends. Were in on it. So if I wasn't getting it's like what was he saying? Oh don't worry. We handle that. We shut that door. Okay the worry too much because you were just talking to the same people I was so it made it. I was negative. How how `bout when I went to La auto show. And I'll show you all the news coming out on the new Challenger is like lame lame trying to throw it back at you. 'cause like for weeks no matter what. I'd say that's lame that's dumb and even those freaking out over the stuff your show me like this is so cool. I'm like I type that stupid man. It isn't funny. All these phone calls of doing something I'd be working on. You have no idea how many times the customers call me. A customer was one of your people. Plus I gotTa take this phone call. Brennan gotTa Cover Okay in other and I kept hoping it's like okay. I hope this goes to like. Hey this is still here. He's one of my favorites will. We're on the ten freeway. We're in the truck Brown rings. It's Brian Everybody. Be Quiet. We're heading to Phoenix Art. Everybody be quiet. It's him what are you doing? I'm just going to a job right now. The job it was so freaking funny dude. How about the one when you were in watching the tires mounted on the wheels outside standing on that hillside at age our e Yup and What's should truck hit this fence across the street? I don't what I what I what I how am I gonNA explain. It was watching. The game was hit a fifth book. Where are you at watching this standing watching Paul into this building and almost took the fence out when he made the corner and animals blew him just like I knew nothing and that was so. Let's let's go back further okay. Let let's talk a cat. There's way too much talk about it. Let's Talk Logistics Wise. How does one do round up the support? Our because it wasn't just you. I mean you not a couple of good people but you did. The lion share the workman. I mean you you carried holy crap does a lot of days. I did not paint because I didn't have time with no way to. It's time taking notes and writing things and making phone calls people calling back and it's like what did you do today. I was sitting at the table. Megan phone calls and put notes together doing this. And checking shaking stuff out for what what was involved with so many calls and see. That's why I feel terrible. I know challengers making phone calls to so it wasn't obviously was just everybody was tons of phone calls going on trying to figure out like you telling me. I'm working working on a great. I want to see what he's doing and you'd never send a picture and I'm so used to that check this out that you know and nothing. I'm going well. It's not sharing anything. He'll Kinda Dave he'd called standing then. I talked to stain. It's like okay all right and it would go back and forth and I talked to Carson okay mic check so I get a hold like your old man. This one's GonNa come to the wire here so just but there was so many things that we're trying to do a few of them few did didn't pan out but a lot of it did. Your God yet did and it was like a head visions of high wanted to do it. And then and then the really. The really goofy ringer on the whole thing was a what two days before we did it debuted. My Dad died. I had like me and I know how film I want to do this. I want to do this. I want to get all this I went over. There is all just figure how to focus and get through the day which was just kind of killed the whole vibe but it it did okay. I mean it was I. I watched the video. Was Editing things going? This is? This was an amazing day. It was really it was amazing. Be Part of the fact that so many people actually flew in just for the deal. Yeah D- that ended up to fly in from. I mean from Canada. Even you know but obviously like J. F. getting the car ready and you know there's lots of people are like they're gonNA hop on a plane to fly just for this silly philly deal but a lot of people wanted to be with the grand national stuff going on it was just. You just wasn't gonNA wasn't gonNA happen but man. They wanted to be part of it. They have rebuilt Rob Rob Rob Ida included. You know just like everybody just wanted to be part like all right. Well I could fly in. I'm like we're GONNA have enough guys. They're just wanted to you know. Obviously you know disarming new type of the deal you know what was going on. And so yeah. There was a there was a lot. A lot of people knew about that. Wasn't there that had that had a hand in you know so? That's crazy man. I still my my big question on that whole thing asked at the beginning of that. That was like well. Why did it to this day? And I'm touched by that my neighborhood. WanNa come out and do anything like that. That's and I said well like Tim so funny you see. Tim. You're going okay. Because you see Tim Tim Tim out in Arizona Zone so it's not like it was a shocker. He was there why he was. There was the big shocker. 'cause see him a couple times a year out here and say Anna. What you're looking at Dell you're looking at Dell it's been a couple of times life delon his daughter Mary Dell. Yeah my my brain like I said when I pulled up should we we kind of go over it in the video. But I didn't know what we're supposed to give way and not give away I feel. Let's let's not talk too much but I will say this much. Though from my point of view though like my brain didn't function at all like we pull up his allston about that morning. Dude I wanted to call you but I had to leave early to get to that brunch. Okay the best thing ever. Yeah Yeah so good. It was so bad it was so funny. I just imagine waking up that morning and going okay bring one. I wanted to get a hold of bread. Fine how you doing all those days. Check in something can brad and my brain is going. How does a surprise birthday Brunch Work? Like what is expected of the ever. This is so bizarre and as we're driving there I'm not going to give away any of that story but my brain is on those two things. Get a hold of Brad and want you to have time to sleep. I didn't WANNA wake up that early to well. I should say sub part of that was where the Hell's my dad take my kid. Okay so stu on all this stuff and then it's we're we're getting closest place. I go I know rat and we drive by placing. I've feeling really bad on my man. He's got all the guys together. They're going to go do something fun and going Order Barrett. Go go see. Yeah that's what I thought was going. Oh this is all the stuff that's going on in our world embarrass bear. Jackson was that week. That was the big day because yes he was selling his truck right and all that stuff student in my head and I look I look right at Brad and my brain could not comprehend that. That's Brad when you were sitting in the car you kept looking over your shoulder out the window and the door opened yet. No you get over here and you looking at me. And you'd look back and you'd say something to Stacey you look like obviously it's not registered. What is going on in Cranston? Anita need to call all my friends right now because all their double game was going. They can't be 'em like Tall Asian like guy now. I don't know who any of these people like. This can't be the worst part is you and I are talking from across the street and I'm still in the moment of what we've gotta get this guy's gift out of the car a brush to get to stand up all day. See I gotta I gotTa talk about your morning. Dad Takes the kid. And why are we going here early? My morning I get up. I'm staying. I'm staying with Alex inlaws and I get up. It's dark you know 'cause we're getting get out there and get you know. Get their way before you get there. And so it's pitch black outside and Alex's wife. We're going to go for her morning. Power Walk and again it's pitch black else and so. I'm kind of in that mopey mood because of the whole situation and I walk out my greeted with a cup of hot coffee at a plate of Bacon. Today's going to be a good day. Ask Great Way Day does this. You'll never go hungry at my in-laws now seriously vacant and hot coffee like okay. I'm I'M GONNA be okay today. This is a good way to start a bacon. I left the House on. I think I had a half a English muffin. But we don't want your Bryant your deal. What what is your thinking. We sing happy birthday quietly for the coffee kicks in. I mean what what? I didn't know it was coffee yet. We gotta sit quietly. How how do I play the part of you know a good participant in this thing? This dude trump's Abedin's naked club. Somebody with a baseball bat. I'm like oh I can bring the surprise to him and he's supposed to come to us. I mean let's I was really lost. I'm like you know what if this dude sleeps naked. What if what if he wears? We're bunny slippers. I'm like these are all things they need to know. See that's and then. You're looking at breads. Double Ganger on the driveway across across He. Since a place why you would be in. Dino's driveway like the clock in the morning on a Saturday after everything that it can happen that much less the whole group and then dude. I don't think I got my wits about me until around noon. And it started kind of trickle in the weirdest dismantled even at that point I was numb to it. You guys could have done anything to it. I was like. Oh you're the car apart. This okay cool. Look at the group you had. I mean come on you got you got you got Alex Jet Dave. They got they got the end of the hood. Shredded drill a small house drama Snow Too. Shabby Best Razor Blade. The players okay. This is just scary. All of its own Tim straighten out. Hey Kevin Matt laying on the ground with with Dell this thing ever. I can't wait traumatic. Pull out the SAWS all complete now. Seven IT L. You don't need this cradle anymore. You getting back half so that speaking of that. The weird part about that was when I get well come on. Let's go to the garage. We'll see what we're doing and I'm going. Oh this is cool that they're working on something for Dino and I'm trying to y everybody's filming here. Why why would del at Brandon? Alex be here for something dean. How big is this GONNA be? I'm like this is going to be really cool either that it's going to be some weird intervention. You know your kid you know it's like why is this guy's all year this is they know about my actual. I don't know it is interesting time but it was weird. 'cause as we get back there. I'm expecting to see something sitting in the garage. I WANNA get back there. There's no vehicle so to me that's whereas come here and see what we're working on. We're working on the visit car. This is awesome war excited me wonder woman. You know we're working on you. We think you have a problem. That's my thing because we'd love you when you talk with you and Oprah look. There's a lot of cool parts over here on the side of this garage. It was so much better than having Oprah standing going you get intervention and intervention interventions for. Everyone you're not acting my dad. Reo You know. What's funny about that? What I used for the one of the promos for this week's episode. I don't know if you saw it on. Facebook it's you know All Star Wars theme. Was You know these are the gearhead? You're looking for one of them. Maybe your father find out which one this week so do they would have been created. What if we would have shown up back there and it was like You're not Daniel's dad let's talk about. Let's talk about Daniel for a second. Let's talk about what that day did for Daniel. Well let's let cyber the first and say he got a haircut since then gotta hear a kiss. Thank goodness Um yeah. Was that part of the intervention or that does part of the deals. You didn't see that was in the box with the superchargers was a flow V. It's a flow. Xl Sucks amick cuts. Suck Day okay. Stop that day though we we help create another hour. Here's all around. It was heard of his life. He just he didn't really care he's jaded in one day. We we absolutely ruin. That guy was so funny because checked. Now he's one of he doesn't he doesn't want a girl car anymore is that that's be transformed it now. You still got girl car. But now he can't rotate tires the now he's already thinking salutes already passed the drug stage because there will be able to afford drugs. Now right right. What's already got him. We've already gone over that over that Hump. Right there so the second now I need gas money. Yeah I gotTA tires. I got higher than gasoline. I don't have money to buy that. Other stuff. Be spared him one of the rights of passage that some people take so. Yeah I the kid I mean. He grew up with me. I mean I'm I'm in the thick of it for better or for worse in fortunate to do what I do. You know that would never treat any of that. That was a great run but this kid just always kind of saw it as like well. It's what dad does we're just around cars and I think he burned out on it because every weekend for years was car show crews carshow crews something like that. Yeah when you're spectator. It's totally different. Though for sure you know indeed yeah and he was too young to have a car so you know I wasn't in a spot where I could go out and buy him Carter restore you know this kind of difficult. You know you do the single that thing which is really weird and you want to do all this cool stuff for him and I was trying to find ways to do it in the car. I did get him. Yeah we'll do some cool stuff to it but there's you know there's only so much you do too. I car especially that generations a little different but man a kid had no interest and that day you guys through the switch in him that I could never get to that I can never say. Thank you enough for that. That was that was he was in the middle of and he was excited to be in the mid. Once you see it happening at what how it brings people together. I mean it's it's infectious That's for sure you know. And that's what you see the true nothing. Both of it literally Figuratively and then it's like all eye-opener this you know you get to create something and make it just frigging bad ass in now with your friends and just have a little bit of a plan a little bit of thought and you know an execute it and then you get the actually drive. You know a piece of of hot rod art and you know by the end of the day. That's just you know. Total transformation so yeah it's a. I mean for any kid that would be an eye opener. That's I'm glad we could pass that on. You know that's definitely a great thing for a not for a non Kar person like you know what we started with was a nice car is a nice challenger it wasn't anything overly fancy but for the non Kar Person Go. That's a nice car. It was a very nice car. And he's watching a bunch of guys gut it with no fear laughing. The whole that if if you're not a cart you'RE GONNA go. What is going on because these guys are having fun to string a car that we drove over your was it. This is a nice. It's a nice car and they're just dist. Yeah probably while. There's no way we're driving home tonight. Right was that went through my head a couple times with your mind to it was like Oh maybe we were prepared. We were We had a little chat about that on the side. Okay we can always lift home. We've got this set. That was my biggest fear when Brad start talking about this whole thing. I'm thinking is a great idea. I think we could do it. But what if we get three quarters of the way through it and break aplastic clipped? We can't get or something happens and it's a Saturday a nobody's open or nobody carries that part. That was my biggest fear and we got right through it and there's a couple of things that occur if you watch the movie or if you watched the show that's coming up you'll see a couple of things That could have thrown is for occur but they we went. We worked through and it worked out really well. I can't eh you guys and just to have you guys that group working on something I own. This is a good thing the video. It's it's different for me like I look at the car in the garage and Brad. You and I've talked to tell Dave you hear me. We'll be talking on the phone and you can hear the garage door. Open them out. They're just going this this this back. When I talked to Dave and Alex this whole thing I started. I knew you're hitting a life. You're just beat up and done up and you didn't even let cars anymore. Here's a guy this is. This is your world. This is my world. This is Dave's and Alex's world this is our world we are we are car geeks all the way and you lost your Geeky. It's like no you know and and you were just hurt and tired just you were done and I couldn't do it so now when you call me like that in the garage at four o'clock in the morning sitting there they're gonNa Cup of coffee looking like cars yes he. He's looking for money that he doesn't have because he was just spending mice of yeah and then and again for Danial to be doing the same thing as being proud of sitting in the garage. I mean that's that's a just as big of a deal as as you know as having just a cool carpet Brian as well. You know. There's a picture from that day. I don't know who took it. But it's Daniel sitting in the driver's seat of the car. It might have been one. We were bleeding the brakes. Oh Yeah Yeah. It's somebody's snapped the picture him behind the wheel and the look on his face. Kinda says it all and I was like. That's me when I was at age with four or eight times the hair but still with a bunch of car guys it was a whole like ablest car guys like Dude. This freaks me out. I had literally not that all. You guys aren't my hero but it's hard to say but you know what I mean Matt. Hey a guy whose name is read in a magazine and now I WANNA get a burger with like gets. Wouldn't be asking me like what he's been doing like telling mad. Hey what you doing on this car. Allies world am I living in right now right and like the whole thing built one thing on top of the next having. Okay Alex having you're under the hood I was. I couldn't be happier because I've got the world's most anal retentive CD afflicted in the best way possible. Not You know but yeah have you Mike Okay. So everything's GonNa be surgically perfect because it's funny look on every clamp is clocked perfectly database though see decide and then as I'm working I'm looking for Dave Gone. This guy's frigging nuts this guy turn this thing apart like like he's at Paul. You have you done this before my now. I'm older Kinda Jacqueline like man. This guy's got no fear. Hit that whole point. He was going to this part. Like I hate Bryan. That's why it was so easy. Now my car okay. I'm not driving at home. I have a ride home. I don't think anybody's driving home everything. Everything went so smooth. Yeah that was that was. Did I You know it's funny because here. We are really in the garage of a valley folk hero. Yeah I mean Dino's a great friend and he's somebody who I in. My life having crossed paths with him really opened a lot of doors. But just having that guy is a friend is amazing. So you've got to be at his place which to me. I've got a ton of great memories there and I've made a lot of friends both at you know his home and his shop. And you know if you guys don't know Listener Ville if you don't know who dino is Dino's Chevy only. I think that's about all we need to say. That and the get down pretty much sums up what that Guy S. He's seatown legend. Chevy guys generous human beings you will ever meet a healthier. That's for sure we were in his house and he'd like well. I can't really do a lot of this stuff but I'll I'll do. I'll grab that you know package over there. He'll do whatever he can. You know if you guys want water anything. You've just so gracious in his own house. Just take care of all of us like you you know. Just Papa Bear basically an audio. I mean you couldn't ask for a better host ever. You know I mean it's this amazing you know you. Just don't use the most genuine and you know big hearted You know human being that we could ask for so it's one of the first guys I called because it's like okay. If we're going to do this where are we going to do it? I'm just GONNA ask Dino. It was going to call it. Because he's you know he's tools and it. We've got enough of a garage that we can do this thing. I just call them and see. He's all over. It creates an off so just kind of kept going and amazes me. And that's that's a great family the holy cow and just again to call in and have friends like that like Tim. Packs up in comes in from Tennessee literally on his way up to finish a car with Zine so the California so weird this. I couldn't get over team del. Yeah there was so much help chip chip chip sake. I think he had the UH nineteen when he drops breaks off. I think he did. Have it? Honestly believe that. Yeah there's a real obviously one of those people who is like yeah probably like among the first. Yeah Yeah Patient Zero. Wait well not enough fee. I probably patient like maybe like old point. One point two one that showed up in Phoenix. And it wasn't him I laugh. I call you know that's not you the first over there. I know what I'm thinking. Well you know it affects just geography of where his girlfriend came from and a lot of things yes he rolls up on the morning that we did it in the wagon. Looks like death warmed. I'd love to stay guys. I got to drop these parts off and go home and die. Yeah he lives so he's back about ten feet he goes. Don't anywhere near me. So we grabbed the stuff closed the door and I'm gonNA make the bed. He got in the car and left went home. He is one of again. He falls on that list of my group of favorite people on the planet. I know you cannot help but like chip right when you sink like literally the ambassador for the hot Rod. Yeah bees the poster boy. There was a cheerleader. He's the guy yearly absolutely and like the Louvre Guy. So I guess in the Valley. I don't even know who else over there at the tip chip Quinn. Everybody ship yeah. Hyde Central Louver Company. One of her big supporters. Here man just a huge heart a guy who's always like this has got to be the worst thing ever this. Whole like social distancing thing. I can't imagine what that does to chip psyche. I haven't quite poked into that far. But is he's a guy who arranges a cruise if not every weekend then every other week. He's always big on that. He keeps the community going and he's he's found a way to build little pocket communities. And we're fortunate here in the valley aside from what's going on now where every weekend of the year there's something going on and it's not a big official event. Chances are it's something that chip started but man had that guy get out of bed sicker than a dog. We love to say that because he loves. He loves his dog sicker than well. Whatever but he went over to to bear breaks. He was dying in a coma. Said can you? Can you know I told you I'd do this? I'll go do it okay. Argue what the GAG is he? Yeah okay they had to do. That's that's another guy who I look at him and I go man he no. He's the Phoenix historian. He's hot rod is straight. He's he's everything like that and he's one of those guys where you just call let's go get a Taco all right. Yeah and you sit down. And he'll take it to the best of all Mexican restaurant you would. You would have driven by thousand times stopped absolutely man every time I go into town. I'm always like let's go. Let's go find. He knows where he oh man but like all the behind the scenes stuff. Okay speaking of behind the scenes while we're just let's get into the companies that that's a whole big part but a guy like Sean Smith. Huge part a huge. Yeah absolutely you cannot. You cannot measure how much of it you know he did. He is one of those guys. I'm I met him at the C. Show good two thousand six ISH and We met through mutual friend and there I was so stoked to meet him because I'd Kinda followed his career from afar and super talented but just super nice dude like super humble super hobble. How's it going to say that Super Low key dude? I I remember. I'd met you know in the industry. You meet some people egos and things like that. He's one of those guys who should have a giant ego but it's just so freaking nice and Super Super Talent. I mean Think when when the book it's written on on our little generation of this whole thing it's GonNa come down to the fact that that dude has been so influential and had his hands and so many key projects that are shaped way more trends than you can shake a stick at but yet to talk to him. You'd never know he doesn't suit his own horn. What what was so funny. One of my of my funny Sean Smith Stories as one day. We're talking and he asked me about this one guy's name and he goes. How do you know him well? I didn't really know him all that well but his dad why didn't know status like well. He was best friends with my uncle and when they were in junior high so I mean I've known him my entire lifetime I want. How do you know him he goes well? It's my mom's brother. Had this tie in to shine my whole life and I never knew crazy so we figured that out did he. Just it was just like okay. This is the one I finally made his mom. Okay this is just weird and so kind of you know. Then she knew who my family was. You know my mom's side and all that and she knew everybody was she goes. This is just weird because it was a long time ago in her life and here we are talking about my family and her family and the connection back then. So it's just it's just funny sometimes. How the world works crazy. That's small you know. But but he was making he was making phone calls like Dave making phone calls. Was You know? Hey called these guys you know. I kind of tell them what was going on. Call let them know. Let them know what the whole deal so you know it was area? I didn't have to do their cold. Golfing I was making phone calls and and and I gotta be honest. I was a little blown away by some of these parts that I'm looking at because this is way out of my price it's like. Hey what he what? Well I kind of like these but I don't WanNa be the greedy guy I don't WanNa know know you could as what you want. Yeah 'cause I was like I don't WanNa be that guy abusing the privilege. You know it. Go ahead go ahead. We want to be part of this Brian. This is great. Shana told us about what's going on. And we like what you're doing and this needs to be part of this. Okay so yeah. The whole entire deal was just like that. This is like the whole thing was meant to happen and and it did it was it was great. It was a great day for a Lotta people. Brian it was it was it was just cool. Create Day for me. It was just a good day. I just you didn't have to do anything you decide together with about yourself. Yeah which took me forever and I look back at it. It's funny 'cause I'll see pictures from it and I look lost like I said till noon early afternoon the rubbing your forehead at the beginning when people. Watch this I was. I was laughing while I was editing. Looking at your face and when you get when you get confused and and not really know how to react. You Rub your four and it's amazing. You weren't bleeding as much when he got a forehead. That big you've got to put to you know what's going on here. Wait a minute what is this. Or where's Brunch cake? Don't get me started on that. That's a whole other aspect of the whole breakfast brunch thing. I didn't quite understand but yet dude and the logistics sneaky nece like and the extra work like okay. You guys you and stacy were very. I put this here. Couple sneaky bastards. You know that that the work that went into that Alex Alex kicked money. Aleks I know dude. Why did a lot? He because he wanted to be part. Of course everybody did it. Wasn't you know that's why? And if I would have got the word out there a little bit more weed ahead one hundred people there but I was trying to kind of because if I knew hundred people knew button. Would you know the more people knew about it? Easier would be for somebody to slip and so it was really kind of tight lipped. The small group of people that needed to know and and and that's just what it was nice looking at comprehend though that what was going down at the Sema Show Alex. I texted earn. So there's there's the blower the there's signatures over there. He's like okay. Yeah get Brian over there. I said I gotta I gotTa Talk to talk the gas here at hemmings real quick. Okay so they part ways. There's a let's go let's go let's go let's go all right. You know. I'll be there I wanted. Just check out. This is like climbing on the ground. Real quick look at this car you gave the Bryans hate is now gone. Hey you never called me back. Sorry keep looking. Make sure you guys are doing an about-face to come back hedge me so I was sort of like we're doing the reveal over a cover craft for the The KHUDA WE'RE WE'RE GETTING READY TO TAKE OFF. I'm going to go talk with Fred who he is. I don't think okay I was like. Oh man they're gonNA miss the reveal. I want them to see this and kept looking around us like They didn't make it back. Who Will See? I didn't know half of what was going on. There was a weird day. It was it was a good day. We are free is a frequent incredible. I said I still keep trying to find the right words for because did there's there's many people I think that would have benefited a lot more deservingly. That's the right word. I don't listen. I don't know what I do. I mean I hope I treat people well. I hope you guys will. I know sometimes Douche. Dave don't start. I'm nothing that wasn't that wasn't even when Steph goes out but it just makes you miserable. It's easy to be a jerk. That's just bad. That shouldn't be though. I like being the guy who nobody knows. What's it like? There was a whole other part of my life when you had no idea what was going on. Because I didn't say Jack I just liked the point that you went from. I'm just going to sell my car. Just get a nothing. A get a mini van. I mean if you didn't care about anything anymore I'm just done. I don't care and And now you're trying to figure out a peer credit cards. You can tap it some more. How this is so good to hear. He doesn't have enough money because he's trying to our parts. This is great and I. It's funny like little stuff POPs up. I don't know how often you and I have talked. Probably GonNa do this next and I'm GonNa get this done. I I want to get this taken care of for the kid and this and this and this and this but man if I can put away ten bucks here twenty bucks there and it's it's like literally being an addict getting away from it and then having the Group of friends who are like no no no man. No no no these are going to make you feel really good but you don't want any part of this. Yeah yeah do we. You don't want anymore to do. That's a super charger. You don't want any of that for the devil was the I liked it. When I get up you'll get a five thirty third my phone on Bupe and there's a picture of brains colored that was taken at four thirty I smile. Have you seen it in this lighting yet? So I don't want to give away too much more. Because episode is the episode of the Amazon. I think I think people will like it's like an. We should explain the way it was filmed is really cool. I it was awesome. This is all and it was such a quick deal because of my brain be unseen. I still it why you I was lost and I what I do. I set my camera up out in the driveway and fill him well. If I do that he's GonNa go. What is going on over here? Why are they filming? Didn't want to do that so I just asked her. Bernie'll quarter to eight. Hey I want you guys do me a favor said everybody get your everybody. Get your phones out and And video when he gets here and then throughout the day if you want to a little clip or take picture whatever. Give me everything you can get me. I want your perspective on this whole on this whole day. Dude it makes me WanNa cry is just it was like everybody had their own version of how the story went that day and I tried to use as of the footage as I could so some of it maybe is a little a little out of Focus. A little bouncier a little raw. Which makes it that much better because there was so many people involved with the episode and kind of Blair Witch Project Style GonNa say you ferry. Yeah very found footage to the thing and oh it was like to see. From Steve's point of view are Dell's point of view Dave's point of view which he holds us. Phone like a millennial. Don't hold that against him. Nobody told him about you. Know Yeah no way you can get a better shot. It's just funny. I mean one but it's weird when you're walking up driveway at trying to get your brain to collect fair why these people would be in this drive with that time and why they're filming you. That was weird from me that that. That's a surreal moment. I'll never forget when I started getting the footage from get Alex Dave Getting Dell stuff and Dell's daughter and they'll start with the cool polaroid-snapping then your kid and your dad like this is an oss. It was I couldn't have asked for a cooler cooler deal that isn't as polished is professional. Is You know some of the big name shows on TV. No but oh. We got beaten depth in depth and soul. We got them whooped. It's not even it's not even a contest so so weird we're GONNA at some point. We'll have to do a lot of part two or you get that car out on the road. Put some cameras on it and it's fun. I A dude. I got a lot that day. Man I I got brought back into the full which is really cool and I got a car guy for a kid man. That's that's bad ask do I got? I don't WanNa say it was a big. It was a big deal for me because Alex is no me for well. We've been friends for a long time. And he's seen me Daiva no a lot of vendors and put my heart in my entire life into them and then just just fall apart and it's like I wanted to just feel that that little bit of success. Just it's right there watching that morning go together and when when you fared the car off dude. I wish you could i. I was grinning so big and it was even bigger insight because like wow this this day actually worked. I worked my butt off and and this is what it feels like. This is it was. It was a good day for me. I needed that day so I'm really glad it worked like it did. Yeah worked really. Well did it was unbelievable. I I've still lost for words. You know it's funny sending thank you emails and the thank you cards and everything like that now. So they're trying to put all that into words. You know when you're writing you know it. It's weird to go. Thanks for giving a shit or you know you may not know me you know. I'm Brian Step Ski. You may know me from such roles as angry polack in I hate life after this. Yeah this part. Two part reckoning was just many people Erin I mean. We haven't even talked about Aaron at all in the Senate. I mean there's so many people we can talk about this that we could make a really long episodes and Tito. Hr Ian St at it. Toil and and the David speed core. God Yeah Save those guys and Over bear breaks Oh and Hotchkiss Jon Hotchkiss Jon Hotchkiss you know and and and Carson Carson curse was making phone calls and he was like pestering going. Hey this has got to happen. You know do this. He was browbeaten. These guys you need to be part of this and I thank him immensely for that. You know there were just just kept going and going and going and lots and lots of people were involved and it was. It was wonderful and brock. When asked Brock about doing the shirts and Douglas? I wonder do the artwork and and you know Dan made your badges. It's just there was just one of those people. Volvo Kraft Kraft grills man. Dan Is Dan Bakers one of the One of those cool people that again he might. He could be chips brother. If you look at those two yeah Quinn could be like. I always wondered if their long lost. Kinda funny but like you said like okay like Rick over at bear local company who did. How many times have you talked about that if you're going to build a car it's late? That was like the number one first part on my list like man one day. Look my pie in the sky thing and now I might be the only guy in the world who goes out polishes the calipers on his car. It's not a euphemism for anything. Impulsion gallopers now. Because I don't want to give away too much to watch this. I think we need to just you know I I. So I WANNA thank I wanNA thank h Ari and And Toil and and Hotchkiss and bear in Magnusson and speed core and Danilova craft without a doubt. Yeah just just just great. It was just a great day. Everybody jumped to make that. They agree day me to my well. Obviously in the show notes I want to have everybody listed man. Oh we we we. We left out one of the most important things to that car. Wouldn't run if it weren't for the guys I'd Pettis Garage. Yes yes as garage left out the garage thing. That's a very important part of the story. I'd like you to tell that story real quick though what one into the whole e. c. you part of this whole thing well and that was the okay. That was the biggest thing when I talked to talk to Erin in her husband he goes. You know you're GonNa Crack Open. The computers like what does that mean. You can't just tap into their with a laptop and you gotta you gotTa send it off and have somebody. That's that's capable of getting breaking note to get in. And what does that mean? Okay so we got all these parts. We can't we can't make it work and he goes. Well you could buy aftermarket computer for like eight hundred bucks and I o Guy. Okay or we can. We can talk to somebody. And it's like all right so but we gotta get the Vin number. Oh she's with me. You gotta get the vendor. We have to have the VIN number. How the heck am I going to get the VIN number sh? I got to talk to his kid going to do this. And I got a drag it up. Because it's a lot for the kid. To find out. Way Way ahead of time he would lost he would have lost his mind so okay and now we're getting close here so I finally taste it. Hey I need your help. Why thanks because I'm doing something why I wanNA reach doing? Wring his neck. I just need a picture of the VIN number. That's like dads the Dan secret stash. He's not giving away dead secrest flip texting Stacey Stacey. I don't know what to do. I need help. She likes okay. Text him again. Okay so you know. And they're waiting. They're waiting at Magnuson to get this country. We we already have the computer thing we we we got one that was four one of their projects. That didn't happen. It's like okay. Get the correct computer now. We just need to get it. We need to get it taken care of. But they need to ship it out so it was already shipped out. We just it was already there waiting. We just needed to get the VIN. So you know it's like five minutes goes buying and goes is this. What you need is a being. There's DADS Dash Holy Crap. Yes man shoot here she goes. I already set it off. Okay so we know what knowing what the cars of course Daniel has. No idea what we're doing you know. Are they going to steal his car company? Stealing their car would just need the number for what we're doing here and I'm sure I'm sure dead. You've already start what that was all about why we need a number. Because he's like what are they need that for and I'm sure you kind of explain the whole thing does he. He really did he was he needed to hear from you. What do we need to have because we need that this? This pretty much tells you everything about the car and and yeah so the guys at petty enterprises you know the infamous or famous infamously famous. Infamously FAMOUS THERE. You go you know. They they worked on your car and it's got a pretty good tuneup for not really doing much more with it other than what they go through together for Oh yeah. The baseline tune is good. It's good carrot. Occurs GonNa be scary but man just the people that came together and we preach it all the time on on this show and especially over on stories in steel. That's a big part of the show. It's it's not just the cars man it's about the people and Dude I I am blessed with a group of people in my life that you couldn't write a script better. Thank you guys for that too. You know. I definitely I'd steal one of your kidneys to give to another one right totally free guys. Alex I would totally take both your kidneys and get them to Dave. If he ever needed I would give him up. No and I don't want old kidneys. Come on man. Oh Lord you with the old saying dude. You're not that much younger man when you think about it. Okay well Brad I could. Maybe you're a lot younger but compared to Brad. We're all your father time over there. I think he oh. I thought you were out on a bathroom break. No I was I was kind of going through my name's here of all who all helped Steve pay so we got we got alex. Esteban him. Mike Austin helped. Yes from hemmings Mike from hemmings. Yeah People Yeah Dino's guy but he was right in the middle everything help with so in accounting and speaking logistical stuff. That guy was in a constant state of arranging a keeping things. Oh Yeah Heidi and in order that dude we offer kid. Danny we get your father you know. Everybody was Steve Steve Hayes. Hey we got dino we got Sean Smith. Got John Jackson. Who helped me direct? That was that was actually really cool. All these things I'm just doing. I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm just winging it and he's like well. Let's try this and move this out of the way. Let's okay so I just listened to him that day to day was pretty much super experienced. I we get Dave. We got Got Dell we get Michaela Dell's daughter Pike Craig Pike. Was there helping run around and get cramped for you that day? So he was buzzing around the vet and Pike. By the way gets the award I think for having the rowdiest camshaft at the end so evil and And then chip Quinn and Stacey you know so that was. That was the evil. That was the group that were in the middle of this whole thing. So it's nothing like you know. And I had to have like pro builders on their day you know working on my stuff man. The cars the cars got quite the lineage. Was Pretty Incredible Lake. Still go Kenneth speechless man. Well let's end this episode. I mean this is people need to watch this. This is this is a big deal for us. It's it's going to launch Friday right. Yeah Man I I. It's where to get emotional with us. I can never say thank you enough. You guys stupid blessed and you guys are Awesome Man. You know dude. Seen you come out though Dave man that was and I mean come to the event not. It's a whole other episode intervention not mine. Well how did I get to spend? I even tried to. I got to spend time with you out at Disneyland right before they closed down so I wondered if we're the reason for that but I we don't. We shouldn't talk about that too much on the air two days prior. I mean that that can't be two days prior and yeah a certain broken. Down right yeah. Let's not even Daniel Fault. He was in the driver seat of Indiana Jones. So I think flooded it. Yeah definitely flooded still hold to that but yeah I am. Alex man you pitching in Dude from the beginning you know and so yeah I was Kinda therefrom when the idea was hatched. I it was important I wanted to be there for sure. Dude I I I just love having something wrenched on man. Oh Stop Kidding me. Too Big Fan or stuff. Touches like surgically clean? Well I don't know just all those years of being an aerospace. That's kind of what we had to do stuff so yeah it kind of rubbed off so exactly. It's funny just listening to the bantering between you and like Dave when you guys are working underneath the hood that that'll be its own show and if some cable companies watching this you need you need Dave and Alex like Dave and it should be Alex Dave get it done. Well you know. We've banner back and forth. And then Tim strange would just take all the way out to the opposite extreme. It's like all right time for the next joke. That's the thing it would go from. Pg All the way out to the the outer extreme ratings it was outstanding. Everybody was constantly in on it. And Yeah you can have a group like that in one of my favorite jokes. Steve Joke that day about the class ring. You'll you'll hear that unless the episode very good we have a good group but really we almost need to do another episode on this just to talk about the logistics involved in what you put together. Brad Leeann effort. I just started I had. Was this little so cool. So many people that were involved in it. You know doing a post game. Show all over the place. I think we need to wrap this up and then people just need to watch it. Yeah totally let's do that. Yes so let's We'll do one we should have. We should do. Ooh Do a whole breakdown. We'll do an armchair Monday morning quarterback version of the show. And maybe we'll get to hear like all the The comments about how people would have done it differently. Yeah but now I can never thank everybody involved with this enough or if I can let me know. Please a similar similar. Say you didn't do this. I will gladly Cook dinner for all of you and you know if ever caravans. Become a thing again. Y'All got a place on my couch. I'll give you my bed. I'll sleep on the couch. But that's one of the things I just did my touch on that real quick. I feel really bad. The timing of this whole like the virus end. I hate to use the word pandemic but what? They're calling it with all of that going on this really. Put a Canada big hiccup in the road. Because as we're talking Brad. I always like this car is going to be everywhere every weekend. And now there's nowhere to take it right. Which really really kinda sucks. I'll dressed up and nowhere to go. Yeah and suffice to say though it does get a Lotta street time You know one of the things to blow off steam. The kidney will happen that it'll be like let's go for a cruise and You know we we make sure it's out there. I wish I could be out of things like cars and coffee every Saturday morning or you know a local show and try to get some bigger events to. We've talked about going to the open house and doing those events began yet. No no but as soon as that happens this this car. I really want that car out there in front of people. I want the story out there. 'cause liquid talk if this inspires another group of people to do something like this for someone in their group and then another group of people to do this. I mean the one dumb thing is kind of a Phoenix tradition. We have kind of a history for doing that out here. You get a group of guys together and you just get a project. Banged out one afternoon and this was this is a couple of weekends worth of work in one shot. So if you're out there and you know you can if you have to social distance you're still allowed what ten people in one place you could pull off some great project. Get out there and do it. You know do something this. This'll be over soon. Hopefully yeah and then we'll be back to when clearing throat means. You're ticked off not possibly contagious right right. So this Friday Amazon Prime Steel. Please be there. And there's there's four episodes already up there wasn't any this episode and you can tell. She recalled this brunch time versus. Everybody talks about a sima crunch or crunch time. Yeah literally you know the story about Brunch so look for this episode five Brunch time and if anything if you don't just watch it for my dumbfounded look which is pretty much my natural face but what watch it for how cool these guys are and how are really great group of Human Beings. I'm somehow fortunate to be around all get together and just have a great time. We we've got a hell of a group of friends and I hope that you out there listening. Oh beer even half as blessed with that. I think he'd be set. I am I gonNA get all emotional and weird so I'm just GONNA I'm GonNa wrap it up and just say thank you. You're very welcome. Yes of course. Yeah you guys are the best then hands down. I totally worth it. Totally glad I didn't trade it in on a camry see I told you yes. You did all right. So do I guess wrapping up? Wow at the end of episode five. I I am truly a supercharged Brian to change it. I can change. No no no. No you can have that. I'm just was was a good one. I could go the old thing for Dave and just say. I'm I'm antiqued bronze Brian I am what am I if if I had no name and it was spelled backwards be with. Wow Wow nice tie in by land deep Doina brunch better. Alex I mean you hit the waffle amount when those was good. Shit the scrambled card. Sorry Gay Dave. What's your deal? I'm a deeply boosted Dave. Oh well I do it again and I am deeply disarm full. Keep deeply disturbed boosted David. Nice that you are any guy who drives a car named Blanche you gotta be okay. As she is the bee's knees of the Valley of All Right Valley Fountain Valley Founds Nicely Nicely Put Valley Fixture Wa tastic in here hips creek in from here guys. I think we've got a good episode there. I hope so and I again. Thank you guys for everyone who takes time to listen to this. It's great to be back. We're GONNA get this hopefully Get back on this. This is good stuff back on a weekly basis. We can do it now. We know Alex won't be dead. You know from driving nine thousand miles over. Yeah Alex Alex we should. We should S. Alex has retired from the aerospace industry. Ladies and gentlemen as December thirty first nineteen. I finished my twenty nine year career as an aerospace. Thank you for your so. It was it was well. Thank you thank you It was a great career. Look back on it. Finally I don't but I don't miss it. Oddly enough I always look ahead so yeah. Good time we'll definitely make the podcast things a little easier and you sure following. You probably won't be fallen off. Sometimes man. We have a great guest on there but man I was just out of gas. I was out of gas day and that was not a late day for you know everyday started at two thirty in the morning. That's when it started Dave. That's eleven hours before you get out of bed. Yeah you're still playing video games right about that time. Hey I am not a gamer chosen. So your mom's banging on your door the time a very special episode of saved by the Bell is coming on Disney. Other hot pocket took me now. We'll get this going on a regular weekly basis again it's it's good to be Paxi. This is this is nice. It's like a weekly therapy session and you know well. Thank you dave for coming on tonight. Appreciate it I think for me. We should have a poll. If you guys want to have on a regular guest let us know in the comments. How would that be Dave? You're screwed now man. You could be our fourth man. I thought it'd be comparing notes. Check those off right. You get rid of all those positives on. I'm not I'm not a. It's not the three men and a and a half. Asian boy now one other channel a half Asian boy I lab. That was kind of weird night in Manila up At the end here I I do WanNa throw it just an extra. Thank you though to everybody involved in in in no particular order. Hr Performance Wheels Magnusson superchargers. Bear Breaks Toyo Tires Hotchkiss Sport suspension The guys over at speed core performance group our good friends at big Red Camaro Aarp probably the leader in automotive fasteners bar. None you guys know. Obam far hemmings The the great guys over there have been nothing but fantastic to is a group. Are Our good friends over pettis garage guys over? Luma craft naturally our regular sponsors here guys. You may have heard their name enough but They make all this happen Our good friends over a trailer tug chip over at Hot Rod Central Louvre Company. Our good friends over at impact signs place the Alex hasn't even deeper connection to now. Xl Fabrications and he left out Brought Keenan and relentless impressions. I was getting there. Okay yes sir. Great Dude and of course our good friends over at Redfin so I think I got everybody to get everybody on my own. I got Dan Dan over little craft. Okay we'll get down there. We got everybody and of course our partners over Aunt Auto Revolution. Hells steel possible. That helped make this whole thing happened. So yeah that said. Thank every single one of you. Thank you guys for listening. Thanks for tuning in Again we're GONNA make this a lot more regular once again. It's good to be back This chair feels delightfully comfortable and still warm from last time so irregular especially in our age right Dave right. Yeah he's just GonNa go from what he's heard he's you'll you'll have to let me know. Your secrets are in about thirty years. Yeah some people. Throw out the pickle. Juice all righty juice. Whatever that means thanks again. We'll catch you guys leader and again please. This Friday Amazon Prime Video. While you're sitting at home quarantined and socially distancing come join us read opportunity. We promise not to well in fact we promised to infect you. You'll be infected with the car bug so until then stay safe out there be healthy and like they say. Stay home all right guys. Thank you for listening. And we'll We'll catch you next week. Thanks again for listening and be sure to keep up with gear heads over on our website at www dot around six dot com. If you'd like to be invite you to follow along with us over on facebook. Instagram and be sure to check out all of our latest videos on Youtube. Dot Com big. Thanks once again to our sponsor trailer tug visit them at trailer tug dot Com and learn more about the world strongest trailer Dolly. Our listeners receive ten percents off the order when the Discount Code Round six at checkout or in calling the order in.

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The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

33:37 min | 2 years ago

The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera

"Do you see struggle as a gift if not you might change your opinion after the next few minutes after you listen to this episode of the remarkable leadership podcast are you ready let's go so bobby let's just start here when I started this podcast I said the my goal was to have have meaningful conversations with leaders I am I was introduced to having to contribute at a very early age and that was a constant theme in my in my story the guest today is Bobby Herrera he believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to lead and is an unwavering champion for the underdog he's the CO founder one of thirteen children in a migrant family he learned the value of hard work rising early and putting in long hours in the fields after highschool bootcamp became his ticket chip experts and expert leaders and you fall into that second category but you've also written a book so you fall into both categories tell us about the past really this episode is sponsored by thirteen days to remarkable leadership a free leadership video series based on Kevin's book the Bus Story and I I was introduced a struggle from day one am one of thirteen we you're my introduction of U. Says a little bit about it but say a little bit more about your path of how you get from where you started born in New Mexico too Marqaba leadership sign up by going to remarkable podcasts dot com forward slash thirteen days and now here's your host Ken. CEO of populist group or the fastest growing HR services companies in the United States who annual revenue of five hundred million many fortune one hundred companies as well end everybody welcome to another episode of the remarkable leadership. PODCAST I'm your host Kevin I can bury you probably knew that but you don't know whom I Guess Day Kevin I think we all have marker moments in our journey that stand out more than others and I leave the book with v Marker Moment in people's potential and seeing that so I'm a student your work and I'm grateful you had me on yeah well I I knew from the minute I was reading the book that this would be conversation in five minutes that we chatted before I hit record all the more convinced so we're GonNa have a good time sit down get your pen opportunity. He serves on the national community excuse me he serves on National Community Association boards and is a regular speaker corporations and for service groups he's leading it's a great book and I'm so happy to have the chance to chat with you today Bobby Walk I love your philosophy about and as I reflect back on my path I was being forged into a curriculum of army veteran. He's most proud of his family. Wipe Rosalind in their three children santino Griffith in Sofia they live in Portland Oregon he's got his beard on because out and if you're exercising or whatever you do this podcast make sure that you know you're gonNA WANNA go back and listen and take some notes but laggard farm work and family I learned how to work in the fields at a very young age a lot younger than I wish I would have the that said though countless lessons that we're GonNa later serve me incredibly well as I put effort into developing other people and you know I I'm just so grateful now that I was introduced to struggle from day one was I didn't always look at it that way and that's one of the reasons I wrote the book because I want to refrain take his annual mountain tour if you're watching us she would know that and he is the author of a new book titled Gift of Struggle Life Changing Lessons mm-hmm how people view struggle the way that I was able to do so I wanna get into that a little bit more and one of the things I want to say it is in the book you tell several stories I mean it's not just a book of stories but stories are woven throughout the book and I think that Mike Family I did grow up in a farm family and while my work wasn't exactly the same as yours my experience was very similar to yours long hours in the field it here's a here's what I experienced and I think it's a lesson for all of us as leaders one of things I experienced as you told that initial story about growing up although I did not grow up in etc and so the point that I make here I wanna make sure is that the story forged a connection between you and I and I think that one of the values of story for us as leaders is it forages connections with those that we lead and you again you several stories throughout you WanNa make any comment about that need and I've always believed that a good story should give you something something that you can take from it it's going to help you make your S- before I want I want to dive into struggle as you guess anything USA about stories in general and and maybe how you use them as a leader yet no doubt I mean that's actually really about your story and I think that's what leadership's about leaders give and you educate the people you're guiding in a manner what I was I'm a storyteller by major my dad was a magnificent storyteller Kevin and I didn't realize the gift that he was given me you know I I was always complaining that I'll dad another story go through struggle pain and suffering before you get the wisdom and when I coach someone or when I'm guiding someone I like to go back to the beginning and I like to find out okay let's flip over the resume resume industry say you're the sharpest Duggal precedes any form of transformation that we've ever experienced in our life and when you view anything that we've accomplished you have to so why is it a gift or maybe better how do we how remake it yest- sure I get that question a lot can and story better until I try to be very intentional about applying that philosophy a storytelling into my book in the stories that I was telling because I wanted the reader in my own life and reframed it I talk about how I did that during experience in the military started reflecting on my own life however hey the title of book is the Gift of Struggle and you said that one of the reasons you wrote the book was to help us reframe how we think about struggle so it helps them see their own potential like that's what leadership's all about is seeing an encouraging potential absolutely so how you how you made that reframe happen for you sure I was about three weeks in the the mental and physical breakdown of Bootcam- what shaped you how it shaped you and what are those standout moments that were that iron forged iron and really sharpened black and look for that I know you tell the story in the book but can you you teased us a little but can you tell us about that moment when you're in boot camp as to how you saw Sharon those gifts with others and teaches us something if we choose to find it right and so I think that one of the things that struck me as I was reading and I was prepared you know when you when you think about it anything that we've ever done in life that's worthwhile you I have to go through struggle hyphen I started thinking about what those experiences in those struggles at taught me and I remember using that newfound perspective of a teaser as a gift and shrug aren't usually used in the same sentence and I wanted to be intentional about that because it took me a while to see it table to connect with it and see themselves as the character in the stories that I was telling his early on in the book and say hey these stories about my journey I remember thinking to myself it's like this is like I've been getting up in the wee hours to work for our conversation is that everyone who's listening or watching in whenever that is you will either be in a series season of struggle for years since I was a little guy and I started thinking about how that eventually transition to ten hours a day six days a weeks in the field and in the next six weeks that I haven't somehow already faced and still for the first time I started reframing my journey in it's like Oh give me this gift and that's how he communicated and I am to Italy pick that up and I always use stories to coach in the League word but you were framing what you're describing what you wanted the culture of the organization to be but at some point down the road you figured out that that wasn't all the culture I'd experienced some very unfortunate you know a time when I've been asked to leave the table just because of the color of mice yeah and I remember we were is about eleven thirty at night and I'm polishing my boots by flashlight and all around me I could hear the other you are today and it's from that exercise where I'll pull out these gifts you know someone may have struggled through something but what did it teach you on that road trip when I explained to her what I wanted to create I tend to learn for reverse role models Kevin had a lot of we feel like we're connected to something bigger than ourselves worthy to be ourselves we act like kids who have a lot to learn were humble courage the other soldiers around me like you've got this it's like I know you've got I know you've been through worse like what did you learn and I just started carrying that found yourself with a with a vision of it and then we're far from that vision so talk about how you created the one you wanted when you were starting or co founding populous group you were talking with your wife about what you wanted it to be in terms of an organization and you were maybe not using this dismay but but you know I I like great is I flip over the resume I want to know what's not on the resume I want to go back to the beginning I WANNA learn those marker moments and that's where I cream up with my leadership philosophy but we all struggle but every struggle teaches something that's the gift and leadership again and so I'd face things that people shouldn't have to face and I recall thinking to myself like there's nothing they can do or say to me and that in itself was a feet and getting her to move from Sunday Northern California to Detroit inexperienced harsh winters out there and ositive force for ourselves and I think that's a tear point what we need to do as a leader so one of the things that struck me in in the book was to creating populist group we had been through a couple of errors I tend to look at my journey in areas and the first five years Kevin I call it the most fun and as explaining this to Rosslyn I started explaining that I want to create something where first and foremost that you're right you're right it's a bit of a brain war brides it you know it's it's a bit of an after you realized to me and that's not where we are at all can you talk about that because I think that's where most of us actually are we don't have the visit we don't have the culture that we want how do we soldiers complaining about the night that had no insight and the morning that was gonna come way to send them and as they're sitting there complaining and grunting Ah I wasn't building the level of trust that I wanted to build and culture is a vehicle in which how you build trust for the community I want to have again I'm just happy we survived and the second five I call it the holy bleep era in your favorite explicit sure we'll things were starting to crumble and it just didn't feel right and when I was experiencing that feeling just like when I was really forced to the four but that was the time when I really started reframing not only my struggle but how I viewed what I experienced a life the first thing I did is not only did I tell that story but I started sharing with him what I imagine what I explained Rosalyn on that journey oh down look in the mirror and start asking myself some hard questions why and I think that's where a lot of leaders unintentionally overlook and and and and and it does whatever our background is whatever our struggles are at does frame who we become the challenge that you've described as how do we use that as a building per se but our foundation wasn't very day and you know you can only build so high until things start crumbling we had some great return on luck and we were growing like gangbusters but what I realized is that we were building this wonderful the bus story I didn't tell the story that was driving my passion to build this company and or perhaps as a result of this conversation you you will want to be benefiting from struggle on anything that you you just highlight we've got a we've got to be willing to look back and they were able to correct themselves challenge themselves and we could all protect one another and keep one another safe and more often than not hi ha it's not even possible right you got it you got together we figured out how her right and so it wasn't an overnight home grown up people around me were making choices that I didn't agree with and that's where I came up with one of my mantras the long ways shortcut welcome to the remarkable leadership podcast we are here each week to help you lead more confidently and make a bigger difference both professionally and personally that you had built and so the reality is we all have an organizational culture whether it's one we want or the weather not the one we want whether it's what we're aspiring to or not you transformation however you fast forward about three four years after I finally shared the bus story after I finally was that's the start of it is number one I address that feeling that some didn't feel right and once I did what I learned most personal foremost was that shift how do we move in that direction I remember that Dr when Roseanne we had relocated from northern California to Detroit there were relentless boundaries yet were willing to learn from the best you all these feelings that I wanted to create very intentional about sharing of these these are the boundaries this is a code that we're gonNA live live by this is how we're going to behave in our organization bill but the single biggest mistake that that I made Kevin and I talked about this in the book I didn't tell in a especially if you are willing to let people and your point is I had to let him first before the rest of that can start to happen right and when she asked me how I was going to do it I have no idea I'll figure it out and you flash forward and about ten years into and how how were they supposed to help me if they didn't know why I wanted to build it and they didn't know what I wanted to build if they don't know the what the the what and the and the it just having those very indepth intentional conversations about what you want to build you'll come up with the how together right but in your organization at the time that was we were small we had about I'd say less than fifty it was real us to everyone who's listening when when that when that when you made that choice when you started to do those things in rough terms how many employees this idea about our role as leaders in developing other leaders and so talk a little bit about your approach title and when you look at it from that perspective first and foremost that mindset you get a return on their development that just GonNa make your heart would you give to those listening about finding were valuing coaches and mentors in their lives they're priceless oh seen make them feel heard and once you do those two things then give them voice and you do those arts saying and I believe my role is to help them live up to the potential so I support us make them and what what I learned is to pick the mentors that can help you see these valuable and he became like a second father to me and another gentleman that met bill down the line and I've always been very intentional about leadership is about giving more than you take and the essence of leadership is do you want more for your people than you want from there you leadership development as a leader yourself in terms of how do you support and engage and invest in other leaders in your organization sure I believe that in in the Doctor Joe Chapter I talk about I think the most important part of a mentor mentor relationship is haven't but that's where the beauty of it is it only works if the men tea is willing to rigorously in clumsily apply what in the book as well as you mentioned several of the coaches and mentors in your life what's what what advice operate here for everyone listening earlier today that on the day that I'm actually having this conversation with Bobby I interviewed Melvin that's exactly exactly right so you another thing that another another place I think that we we resonate with each other even though we've just met is you can't climb your mountain without Sherpa and I've had some wonderful Sherpas on Mike Line chapter about Dr Joe Three Things Kevin and they'll madge they'll surprise you with the results that they generate and clarity you owe them clarity that's the value driven insights that you need to hear that align with your values and from there you just have to be prepared to do the work signed participate in my own rescue with my own development have mentors they guide you through these blind spots and they tell you what you need to hear now what you WanNa hear absolutely so when I read a book or in this case when I had a conversation with an author there's there's often at least one how well the man t applies what they learn and the beauties in that application you forgotten more about this than most people know the mentor is teaching them clumsy first and then rigorous accurate got it wrong order you're right and showing them the way and let them see that I'm human and that I'm developing these critical leadership skills that and I'd love for you to share briefly your strategy about your advice about how a leader ought to read a book a. and then guiding others one of the things I learned very early on in my leadership climb was you're not allowed to change anyone until you change yourself argument for a team and so don't lose don't let these ideas go past you because you're not the owner because you don't have a five hundred million our company don't lose any of that because all of this applies to us at any level context maybe a little different but it doesn't really change in that regard one of the things that you talk a lot about so even before some of those fundamental steps that I reference is like people do people see and if I'm not leading myself but I'm saying to all of you that you have more influence on that than you realize even if you're the leader of an eight or ten person organ part of part of an organization a division you must start there I go back to the beginning identify those marker moments you you don't start there you're not you're you're going to dilute your impact Smith about a new book called helping people changing unless are scheduled changes should add interview will come out a couple of weeks ago and I strongly encourage you all to go if you didn't and then I will work rigorously to apply what I said I was going to apply from that lesson I expect him to develop they're not gonNA follow me they're not gonNA listen to buy it so that's why part one of the gift of struggle is who am I already knew I wasn't a finisher and one of the first things he had me start doing and do this to this day when I get a book Our reread the book and I will highlight the parts that resonate for me that really stand out and the ones that really let me start with a more important part let me tell you how bad I was about it before I start implementing this strategy so I was that well intention students you build trust tell them tell them what you're thinking in you have to know what they're thinking that's one of the pillars of building trust with somebody so I have to have to oops the conversation that had sleep all you can go back and listen to in episode I believe it will have been episode one seventy seven about a book called leading clarity to go back and listen to the conversation with Melvyn Smith about the book helping people change because it's very connected throughout although I had no idea it would be necessary speak to my strengths that I want to further develop I will write a note right next to that highlight with exactly how I'm going to apply that I will read it front to back just sit down during my blocks and I will read it front back I'll just absorb it I will it one of one of three categories for me wine is your purpose I'm a big believer in building something meaningful day and then I'd start the Seguin I'd finish even less of that won all five of them ended up becoming very expensive coasters so right atom believe repetitions and other of skill and I will once a month I will pull a book from thing that will be the one thing that I'll always enact to that person into that book and of course there's a couple of stories you've hinted you've told one and you can sit at one sure it went Kevin one thing if I may yeah you with regards to your while ago we talk about the mentor mentality relationships rhajel and after a very thorough candidate executive feedback session what we identified was what I'll resist the temptation to start writing notes highlighting the first time so the first time it's just absorb it and then I'll go back and had a real big impact on me on how I wanNA build my community there's leadership on student leadership and those books are up there After some dash of motivation at at at stop the book store and buy four or five books had no idea who was buying and who I was I'm also a student of story and I have some storytelling books that I keep up there and that those are the three types of books that end up on you focus on that checkmate uniform so then there's another thing about books and then we're GONNA move on but there's another thing about books you have what you call your bibles leadership habit to building that mastery that we're talking about you can learn more about that by going to remarkable podcasts dot com forward slash way so so bob anybody with populist group bringing the bus story to life that's that that experience was invisible force drove me there's purpose driven books even though I've read both books and they had one of the conversations I didn't know it'd be as connected as it is to this so I'd strongly encourage everyone listening to go back to that and the point you just made about clarity connects to Kevin Matt in a bind four or five books and I'd start the first one maybe get a few chapters in and then I get bored with that when I put it away attitude the most the most powerful emotion on the planet practice develop it's a skill and the Hi Bible row and I'll pull one off every month and just refresh and re self-assess however I'm doing with those lessons cool uh-huh and that served me so well because that's where the magic happens you're often say hey readings the one percent applications a ninety nine percent sure but there's but there's there's some strategies that you use it you were taught by a mentor about how to read how leader ought to read a book ro of books in some of those so so case so what's the what does it mean to be on the Bible row and how to treat those books differently well those books bat and I'm passionate about the mountain so I spent as much time as I can you know answering that pool I give from the mountains all right and and what wrote down how it was going to apply it and I'll just refresh it and the books that end up on my Bible row usually me just one is accountability starts with what's inside of you first and foremost and becoming the person that you imagine ah the fast break is I got three words I'm GonNa say the word that just wants to give me your first thoughts whatever you whatever you feel led to say about that one briefly will go to the next one are you ready to just one word bobble row and I will review those highlighted sections that I just referenced and the notes where I fascinating book about the history of mankind and it the reason I picked it up is because I feel like what my story whenever that is hopefully not too soon will I check the box that says did my story matter number two Grad Yeah I got three words near the first one is success what is your first reaction to what your definition of what do you WanNa tell us about the word success is at the end and then helping others do the same all right so I've got two questions now that I ask everybody and one of them you know the other one you don't and the year ago and Delay Low Cana- Jack that up a little bit with the book but you know for me it's all about team won and learn more about you and popular group and the book where do you WanNa point people my websites Bobby Dash Harare Dot Com. Now that you've told us how you read what's something you're you're reading now or something you've read recently well I'm actually

Kevin Bobby Herrera United States bobby New Mexico CEO National Community Association CO founder Marqaba Ken Oregon Bobby Walk Rosalind santino Griffith Portland Sofia thirteen days ninety nine percent three four years
Ep 94: Self Made with A'Lelia Bundles

The Culture Soup Podcast

48:38 min | 1 year ago

Ep 94: Self Made with A'Lelia Bundles

"Hey y'all this is culture soup where Texas culture and business collide. It's a podcast at spoons up. Everything hot from social media. I'm your host El Michelle Smith and each episode. We bring you some of the most notable and not yet notable thought leaders in Tech Business and culture The year was two thousand and two. I was in Milwaukee for the National Association of Black Journalists Career Fair and convention. This would not be my first time at this Rodeo. But this was one of the best conferences I attended in the best in a BJ convention. I'd attended yet. Milwaukee was off the chain. How many of you were there. But there was an arranged meeting that I had thanks to. Abc News is first African American female anchor. Her name was Carol. Simpson her producer would be in Milwaukee at this event and she wanted us to meet we actually connected by email ahead of time and we would meet in a coffee shop not too far from the Convention Center and the Host Hotel. This is where I would meet Ilya Bundles for the very first time in person. She told me that she had book on her own ground. And it was the story of Madame. Cj Walker the first female millionaire in the United States of America this was in the early nineteen. Hundreds sister was doing it. She was balling. He's doing everything that you want to do today. Back in the early nineteen hundreds well. A Lillian was their great great granddaughter. And she would become my first client when I started my agency. She in Valorie Burton. Of course you know her. She is my mentor coach. She's the one who runs the institute where I received my certification not long ago. But I digress. A Lilia had a vision. She wanted to share the message of women's empowerment from Madame. Cj Walker story with the masses through her book and my job would be to publicize the book fast forward to two thousand and nine thousand nine hundred ninety one of the first. Several episodes of the culture sue podcast. I had a little bundles on the show. Some of you may not remember. Many of you came along after and started to listen to the podcast but a Lilia said something in that episode and I invite you to go back and listen to it. She talked about how her book was being option and turned into a movie. And at the time it looked like net flicks would pick it up on original series produced and driven by a production outfit led by Lebron James. You know King James from the NBA. Yeah everybody knows who? Lebron is and the lead character madame. Cj Walker played by Octavia Spencer. You've probably seen the series it's called self made and it premiered last month and several of you saw it and several of you loved it and several of you hated it not because that it was this great story of Madame Cj Walker but there were some problematic things about the writing in fact the Lilia talks about it with me. I invited her back to have this conversation about the importance of black history when it comes into contact with Hollywood and she gives us great advice for all of you authors out there who have dreamed about turning your book into a movie. She's been there and done that. And has the t shirt. Did you know that this particular story has been optioned more than once outlet her? Tell that story ladies and gentlemen without further ADO. I like to introduce to you and reintroduced others my friend former client and also author Speaker Historian Emmy Award winning journalist. Lilia Bundles on this special extended edition of the culture. Podcast how're you you're looking? Well how are you good? I know I know I see your little updates on instagram. Thank you so much. But she don't what you predicted it on. You didn't predict that you told me what's going to happen. What what with the Dell theory right you. You mentioned that Lebron had picked it up at that point. And you'd mentioned Octavia Spencer. So to all come to fruition assist amazing but I I also predicted that the firestorm over the step. That people didn't like was going to happen as well. You did all of that. Everybody store excited my dear friend back. We had her on dipper out. The leader was one of the earliest shows. It is a little bundle. She is the biographer of Madame. Cj Walker the great great granddaughter of the First Female Millionaire in. That's right on her own ground been released under a new probably because the NETFLIX series. May I have a mind how you doing very nice to be with you? You're looking fabulous as always timeless. Y'All hey good thank you. You're looking fabulous two dollars. This pandemic hair is all up in a Bun Maria opportunities for our friends. Yes yes Ma'am yes ma'am and I have. My heart goes out to beauty. Preneurs out there all over the place because so many of them had to either halt their their businesses or pivot. And it's really been trying time. Just WanNa shout them out before we get going. Yeah yeah definitely definitely eight if you know. This is a non for creativity. It's tough but you have to dig. Yes ma'am yes ma'am and you know what we're all inspired by your great great grandmother the man of Cj Walker and she is going to be the Nice segue into worse moment. Are you ready? I'm ready okay. You know what no matter. What the heck out there right now. We know covert nineteen grown virus. All over the place. Boss is always trendy. Wouldn't you say absolutely and I think that the self may Netflix series? I have seen people saying that. They are destined off their side. Hustles and that. They are inspired as they're sitting at home and you worried about what's going to happen next that they are looking to their entrepreneurial. Spirit yes ma'am yes ma'am and Madame. Cj Walker such the original boss. Baby you know. I had the thrill and purpose to do some work with Mary. Kay last year. And now you're unraveling the story of Mary. Kay Ash to some entrepreneurs that day. I couldn't help but in my opening remarks saying that she inspire me but she harken back to original boss. Babe Madame CJ Walker. They sort of the same business model. Wouldn't you say well? Yes and you know one of the things that I learned when I was doing. My research is that in nineteen seventeen when Madame Walker had her first convention a first sales agents something that had been one of the first group of women. Business Women Getting together at that convention. She gave prizes like Mary. Kay what two years and Mary? Kay was born you. The women who sold the most products brought in the most new agents but she also gave prizes to the women who had contributed the most to charity part of her message to this army up. Two hundred black women who had come from all over the United States the Caribbean in Central America. And she said to them. Your first duty is to humanity. I want others to look at us and realize that it's Walker eight since week here. Not just about ourselves but about others and at the end of the convention the Women in the telegram to President Woodrow Wilson urging him to support legislation to make lynching a federal crime. So yes it was about making your own money becoming economically independent but the bigger message was used that money and that influence to make a difference in community awesome. You know what you said the magic date in there and if this is something you don't want to talk about edit it out but I gotta ask you nine hundred seventeen nineteen eighteen. The Spanish flu. So Madam Wasser deal with exactly what is going on right now with corona virus. How did she manage that? Is there anything that gives you any indication of how she kept her business afloat? One of the reasons that we can tell Madam Walker story with such detail is that we have almost daily letters between her and her attorney between her daughter or attorney and business records. I mean literally tens of thousands of records so I can tell thinking about and in one thousand nine hundred eighteen when the flu was happening. When that Spanish flu misnamed Spanish flu was happening Family Physician Joseph Ward Lost. His son his infant son. She had a coal which he describes a cold throughout the fall of nineteen eighteen and into early nineteen nineteen into letters. It just said I can't shake this call. She never mentioned that she has the flu so I don't know that it was the flu but she was having some health problems and of course she was immuno compromised because hypertension and she had kidney issues as a result of hypertension. So I don't know from a documentation standpoint. She actually had the flu but she did have some kind of cold that she couldn't say. Oh you know what this almost spooky. Because there's so many people here in the United States of America before we even knew that it was going to hit our soil. There were people who were sick. That didn't know what was going on right. That's read a symptomatic. I mean it and you think about all. I've done a lot of research on black soldiers who went to over to Europe during during the war in France and certainly a number of soldiers died of the flu. I haven't seen anything really written about the black soldiers. I wonder if they were in a separate you know. They were separated from the white soldiers. If that had anything to do with I don't know that from a from a research standpoint. Yeah Fascinating Oh my goodness so. Let's talk about how on your own. Brown the book you and I worked to get publicity around. How many years ago? Two Thousand and three thousand four something like that has now been brecon. Rename rebound. I believe because there's a new cover to reflect the new Netflix. Show self me right so my book is that we worked on Long long ago on her own ground the life and times madame. Cj Walker originally came out in early two thousand one and then the paperback came out in two thousand and two and now that there is a Netflix series. Star in the Amazing Octavia Spencer. We called staff made. Yes we love her she was great the publisher my publisher has put together two additions. One is a movie tie in edition without Spencer on the cover name South made and the other has an ill cover the original title on her own ground so it is essentially the same book as the original thousand one but I've written a new epilogue and I made a few corrections. You know in a two hundred ninety three page book there are few stakes that you make the first time around so I hope as a journalist I have made a couple of corrections more research. Because I'm writing. I'm almost finished with a biography on Walker's daughter L. E. Walker. It will be out next year away from here so yeah. I stuck in a few little things about her that I did that. Were in the first edition and this would be your grandmother. My great grandmother. Great Greg Greg Kevin Matt Jay Walk or Great-great-grandfather Lily Walker my great grandmother and then a Lilia Walker actually adopted my grandmother. My grandmother who was may so may appears at the end of the Netflix series. She goes to Spelman and she becomes president of the company. And then my mother Leilia and then me well okay. That's how I got it a little crosstalk. I knew there was more than three ali-aliens. We'll throw you ILYA number three. You says more research. What did you uncover that? You didn't know already so a story with a Walker. Even when I was writing on her own ground I was trying to establish the relationship between mother and daughter and my last chapter this sort of end of the book called the after Ward I wrote about tried to put her whole life in the twenties into about ten pages because I knew I was going to write another book and I didn't WanNA get secrets away. But one of the things. I discovered is that the way she's been written about in the past essentially as Madame Walker made the money her daughter Leila spent the money she had a lot of parties the end and I have to say nobody is that pathetic was very well educated and they were like that would just be you know but it was a kind of shorthand that people even some scholars work. I really respect in writing about the Harlem Renaissance. I guess that was just kind of a neat package to do a cliche often. It's because you're lazy so I think I like banning original Click Bait and not for the Internet. That's right exactly but what I discovered about her. She truly was a patron of the arts. And she hosted the first show or against the savage. The famous blacks gawkers. She was very close friends with a lot of the musicians and actors of that period. Because that we know Langston Hughes County Collins Orono Hurston. Even those are lied about her age. But by and large the writers were found a decade and a half younger than a Leilia Walker so her contemporaries were the actors and musicians. Who Really. We're kind of that first. Wave of talent for the Harlem Renaissance. So those people were adver parties performing in her parties and doing concerts on her homes. So those kinds of things were interesting to me to really place her as a as a patron of the arts and not just say some people say oh you know. She didn't even read books. But I haven't library so with her first editions of scientists but just put her in a box and then the other thing. That was so fascinating to me is. She really wasn't international travel. She loved Havana and in one thousand. Nine hundred twenty one and twenty two. She went to Paris London. Monte Carlo Rome for the coordination of the Pope Palestine high row and then Addis Ababa to to meet the empress of Ethiopia so she was saying that she was and she went first class on the on the S S era. The only black who is in first class so you know she is a really interesting story. Now she not. Her mother is absolutely true. She's not as driven a businesswoman. As her mother. She still is quite interesting all on her own. I can't wait to read it now. We gotta get back to Madame. Cj Walker and self made first of all. Tell me about many experienced. What was it like taking your book working with the lights of Lebron James and his team and then and TV Spencer and bringing this story to Hollywood. What was that like? So I know people think that because Lebron James's name is listed as an executive producer that I know but I've never met him never talked to him so I hear splitting paypal dot. Bff that that sort of added to the You know made it interesting to people that are gave some cachet but my book had been option the couple of times before and this is kind of a very typical. Hollywood story in the early eighties. Alex faily wanted to do a mini series about Madam office so I did a ton of research for him that he died at two without having written with that was in some ways. Okay because it was like I got a great mentor and some doors stop. You know what that is like black history. I like take that in four minute. I wonder what his take would have been like. You know it was. I think some of it is generational. This is what I love about doing interviews with you is that you have. You always say now. Wait a minute Minnesota journalist so I actually. I have the treatment that Alex did for the original idea and we so far as to you know he had this beautiful farm in Tennessee. That Marion Wright Edelman Children's Defense Fund now owns and they use it as a retreat. But we went to his farm with A couple of the Hollywood producers and directors who had been part of fruits and Reuben Cannon who had done the casting who now I think works with Tyler Perry and a couple of historians who I invited to come and we talked about how we would develop a story and you know he saw when it was interesting. He saw composite character. Which is something that I would have done for this series that that the writer in really having her vision but to have composite character who was a good friend and a mentor to Madame Walker when she was still a Washer woman and the Church women at Saint Paul Ame Church at St Louis. The people who gave her that vision that she could be something more than an illiterate washerwoman and the person he saw in that role at the time with my Angela. Oh this is so. This is no different people's ferry he was close to Quincy. Jones and Oprah. Winfrey was part of that mix because they had just done Color Purple and he and he and of course an Oprah Winfrey Maya Angelou. We're good friends so that was part of the mix of people who would have been involved but of course now you know thirty years has gone by since then so some of those. Some of those things are older but that was the idea and it was there was more there was a love story with. Cj Walker that he was developing and you know so that was interesting piece and more of her politics and more of her philanthropy which I loved to have seen so we so we get a but Alex. I did all this research for hours. I said nine months off from my job as a producer to be moved to New York for a few months and there were still some of the elders who were living. I went to twelve different cities that these people people work with the company so it was really a very special moment and some people may remember Stanley now since film two dollars and a dream like his very first documentary. You know people know his vials Davis and Hugh Jackman Stanley's a macarthur fellow but his very first documentary with two dollars and a dream about Madam Walker impart because his grandfather was F. B. Ransom Madame. Walker's attorney so same elders for his film and you can see it now on Youtube. He put it up on new to a few weeks ago. And there are the more than four hundred thousand views so this is. Kgo People Participate. This and I know friends but he has since become my friend. I'm no other conversation that I've had on. This show has fascinated so much except for drummer. Please Dr Henry Louis Gates Junior. To what you're sharing with me has a lot to do with ancestry. And that's what we talked about of course but these black history figures that are interacting like in real time in these stories just blowing my mind and these are the types of stories that that skit shares. You know right well. Listen listen this is so much. The story I really want to Redo Spencer was great in an in south main. I think for me. She really embodied the spirit and the courage and the Walker but the story lines were really different than what I would have imagined. It SORTA got stuck on that. Annie Malone Addy Monroe imaginary relationship. That really didn't happen and very little about people like item. Well who Madame Walker new and the way that Booker T. Washington was portrayed and a little bit of wkbd boys. I would have developed those relationships a lot more and a lot more with the philanthropy. Because I think that people don't really know just how amazing those black folks were in that first interaction out of slavery and rather than default two women fighting each other. I think he could show the amazing things that were going on. And I think that history people assume history is boring because they didn't like it in school but real dynamics and the drama. You know some of these all of these famous people. They didn't get along with each says it. Anyway it's how it is that's real but some of them did and they really lifted each other up and I would have loved the shown that sort of empowering women of our ring other so that's why there has to be me doing another version of so much more stored itself so why not and I've got to ask you again. I'm going to stop you again. You said it was option twice before this so the story so so our when Alice start in one ninety two I had met his editor. Lisa drew who had done roots and Lisa and I hit become friends of the result of ours and she's the one who signed my book on her own ground to scrivener so I began working on that book when it came out as I was finishing it at the end of two thousand the book was actually optioned by Columbia. Tristar for a CBS movie. And that back to me because it fell through. Which is what happens with a lot. A lot and then about five years later H. B. O. Obstinate and this was going along well but There were two writers and the more senior of the writers actually died and HBO wasn't willing to go forward. And so then the option came me again and then we had about a decade of Lack movies don't sell overseas so Hollywood interest and then right then sound twelve years in slave the Butler and Oscarssowhite happened Black Panther. But all those those things happen and then my phone state ringing again so that was in two thousand. So you need option now. We need the story of you getting past book. 'cause that's the movie in and of itself. We need the Iliad Bundles version. There's city there's definitely some drama. There's definitely drama behind drama. You mentioned Malone. There's some other things about the movie that why quite on the menu. You WanNa talk right. Sure so yeah. So the the most obvious thing. The thing that got the biggest firestorm was the adding monroe character. Who the writer the head writer and the show runners decided was a composite character who was adding Monroe because they said and they've said in interviews that they wanted to lean into cholera them. So even though in real life Madame Walker and Annie Malone were rivals and competitors both were in fact as you know very successful businesswoman and philanthropist who you know we're equals in that sense and not there constantly had nothing to do with skin color at Annie Malone in real life certainly did not follow Mount Walker to to Indianapolis they were both doing their own things with an empowering women so upset a lot of people and I and I and that because I did not think that was the Waco overthrow go there you go but that part of the way things work in Hollywood like anyway but I am. I'm really I think there's so many amazing stories now so much. That's being option about these historical figures who the most of the world doesn't know about those of us who read his three. And you know do that kind of research we're fascinated by and we know they're fascinating stories with the rest of the world is like who are these people but the really pave the way for us and I think as these stories are being option. I'm really trying with my friends. Who are in Hollywood who are receptive and my friends who are historians and journalists to really try to create a dialogue that changes the dynamic of you. Write the book and we want to go away. We really don't want to hear you because you're interfering with our creative license and I don't think it has to be that way I mean. Obviously they're different mediums. But there's a what is it that people who write history and who have all those facts that can never end up in a movie. What is it that we need to understand about translating it to the screen? And what is it that the to do the translation could learn from why it matters? If you totally changed the history you know. Yes you could do Kakaza characters but if you totally changing history it's like saying the confederates won. The civil war last came when folks? We're going to do that and movie. This reminds me a lot of the back and forth around hidden figures. And how the white male character kind of turned out to be a savior of sorts but even the whole episode the whole scene around the the woman I think it was Katherine Johnson. Going to the bathroom right or wrong. That was and how that little nuance pretty much changed. The whole storyline which is kind of made a false and not and not true. And you and I get that there are. There are some things in order to make something dramatic for Hollywood. There's some things that are going to be changed so you just kind of go okay. I you know for the greater good but there are things that that were for me troublesome in the movie I mean aside from the Annie Malone thing that was the thing that most people reacted sure. Other things for me Now I will say I love the whigs. I love the I love seeing really prosperous black folks because most people don't know that there were prosperous black in a century. I you know I like to see that. There's sacrifice that goes along with building a business and you and so a lot of people related to that and they were inspired by that but here a couple of things. The character sweetness and I know people love Bill Bellamy but that's not a real character and EFI ransom Madame Walker's attorney was known for being a straight Arrow. His daughter said he took an oath as a teenager to never drink smoke or gamble and so Sofer which which allowed Walker to be on the road into visitor. And you know when you're trying to run a business you gotTa have somebody you can trust so he was totally trustworthy but to have them betting on the numbers and then to and then to have some illegal money implying that illegal money was necessary for the company to get started for me. That was problematic breaking his character. I mean literally his character. That's right literally his character and then one of the other things. That was problematic for me. Well the character was problematic adequate for me because I didn't have a girlfriend named Esther and conflict which was over two boyfriends so there's death but the other piece was the John D. Rockefeller scene and so people have said. Oh did Mana Walker. You know. Visit John Rockefeller. I didn't really live next door to each other about five miles away but I can get that if they had actually known each other but there were so many black people who she consulted you know. They're the publisher of the blackest papers. The leaders of black organizations those are the people whose values were aligned with hers so it was unnecessary to imply that John D. Rockefeller you know who wouldn't have had her over with someone influence she could. Those things back goes way because most people are not going to get in the weeds and not think about those things but I do think that kind of thing matters ultimately. You're the biographer. That is just holding the flame. No matter what you've done so this long stop but I what. I want people to be entertained. I wanted success but movie like anybody but I do I. Maybe I just feel like this for the ancestors that their story is untold and and we need to know and young people you know. Young people can go whatever we don't know our history and our history has intentionally been raised at margin. Awad so it's an opportunity to lift those ancestors up even with their flaws. I don't mind them having laws they had flaws but to really tell what were their struggles so you have done what briars dream of first of all there are plenty of writers industry me having a successful first of all then to take it through the idea of having an option two or three times and then finally having it land and then. It's a Netflix events right. I mean there wasn't too many people on social media that were not talking up saying I've got to watch. It was a really good premier. I would say advice or tips tips. Might you have for writers who are trying to cross that magical cast from book to movie but it is a minor miracle the idea all of these people who worked so hard on this Octavia Spencer was great. I love having Blair underwood is not a walk as bad as tables love edge. I mean real wonderful. I mean if you didn't have anybody actually exactly but it's also true that during the summer when they were filming he caught me to get more information about CJ Walker. The character play. So I really admired him for doing his homework and really putting that kind of care into Kevin Carroll who played FBI. Ransom was incredible. He such a great actor and then be the behind the scenes people that make up people to costume people. The Director of cinematography the production manager to we're both black women so there's a lot of riding on something like this in order to get to this point so I have great admiration and love for the folks who work so hard but advise people so what. I just put one foot in front of the other. I mean that literally I just I I never. I couldn't have told you that this absolutely what happened. I just knew that every time something fell through that I said okay. Well I'm just GONNA keep working. I didn't even think about it as a defeat. I just thought well. It just didn't work out that time but I'm still GonNa do what I'm doing to tell the story. I'm making my speeches. I'm doing my website. I'm getting ready for the next book on. You know all of the little things that I just did. Every single day and ultimately somebody founded. The timing was right. The planets align isn't it so much the pathway of the journey of an entrepreneur it breath it is and you just you. CanNot you know because you are a serial? You really can't be defeated? It was like okay so I learned something from that and I'm just going to keep moving onto the next thing and there's another door that's opened over here. I mean that's a Cliche. I know but in fact it is true that so oh I see another opportunity here. Let me let me keep moving. Yes ma'am put one foot in front of the other and when you hear no keep going to manage the opportunities that pop up right now doesn't even know the name and a pivot just dependent. It's like okay so you you know. Why are you miss? Smart enough to get it. You know that's right. I heard somebody say this. I don't know who it was. It might have been a contemporary of mine. That's an entrepreneur. Who had advice for other entrepreneurs get used to the word no and you not only have got used to it. It's just a part of your whole operation nip. Propels you it absolutely absolutely and you just see you know. There's some things that I've learned so much this now. I have some other things that I'm some other projects. I'm getting ready to do when I finished with this book on really walk. And that's the last book I'm writing. That requires him historical research. And I it. This is kind of madame. Walker's advice have a product that you really high quality and is always really important to me that my books be reliable and credible and so I knew I was starting off with a great foundation so that really important to me that I research and write and rewrite and so everything I write has gone through multiple edits for me so I started off with that. But it's getting ready to do some other things and I'm thinking okay. So what did I learn from this experience? There were some things that didn't make me happy As I was going through it and but I managed to do my meditations Ivanic myself care I managed to see the people who were allies and identified when people were not in my corner. But I didn't WanNa have you know. Knock down drag out fights with anybody I just said. Okay I just gotTa go. GotTa Take Away Right. That's wonderful. That's good advice to because you will come against adversity and how you take care of yourself during that time will impact the way you respond because at the end of the day. It really is about how you respond it totally. Is You know as as I was going through some of the most challenging parts of it I have a really good friend who is like a coach. And you know you have friends. Who are your you know who are in your corner who are cheering you on about or what. And then there's some people who can really give you really good at 'em be honest with you and I need to. I have some of those folks around me you know and that's really really important. It's like here's what you need to think about if you do this. Here's the response that you're going to get right. That's awesome and you mentioned allies. You mentioned people who supported you. I noticed that Rhys Dennis was behind this too and promoting it anything else but it was wonderful to see that side of your business kind of come and support the book and the movie. Yeah the the Sundial folks have been just great and you know now. It's the essence folks with rich. Now this is one of the gifts. In every time there were there were things. I didn't like or challenges. I mean literally for the last fifty years there has. There's there's always you know one of the parts about telling Madame Walker story is that in addition to the wonderful party inspirational parts there are always people kinda grabbing at it or throwing something at that happens as part but one of the great gifts for me has been rich denison interest in Madame Walker and people who know something about him no he came from Liberia to go to college and he had heard about Madam Walker even before he got to the United States and wondered what had happened to the brand so never went out of business that my family was not involved after the mid eighties for about thirty years. Another entity owned trademark and rich bought the trademark for Sundial. And that's when he began to develop this new line of Products M. C. J. W. to be in the Sundial family with Shea Moisture and Nubian heritage so sauce. And it's it's great for me after he you know after the company after with so the Unilever he created this Voices Fund. This one hundred million dollars incher capital fund and bought essence but one of the other options of that is he created a foundation that now earns. Dilawar. Madame Walker's home in Irvington. That's it. That's a national historic landmark. So some of the women who go through the new voices funds. Eventually we'll be able to visit. The House blames it because I saw some of that story. Line about the the entrepreneurs that are being funded and that connection and I didn't know the full story that's amazing having a moment. I mean this is fantastic. I mean let's go back. Did you when you when we met in Milwaukee you a little coffee shop your universe or you want to write this open to the universe at that point I just. I knew that this is part of the one foot in front of the other. I knew that I needed to finish writing. I finished writing the book. I had a great crime promoting that book and then I needed to move on to something else back to work ABC. I did five years but while was doing that. I was starting to ramp up my speeches on Madame Walker. I was starting to do other things. I was on the Board of the Walker Theatre Center in Indianapolis but just little on the vacations here and there. I was just doing little things planning seeds but I also knew that I really wanted to write a book about a Walker because I thought her was as fascinating but some of this is just total. Labor of love comes failed to tell their story backwards driving me the ancestors. I knew the ancestors needed their stories told and so that became a passion. That's amazing Olivia. It's always good to. Have you knew that you have been so intentional about what you were going to do? And each one of these things planted seeds dislike. I had planned to see. And some of them blasts him into big huge trees and plants and certainly them a little small African violets are important so I let us know and I always felt like connecting with that very important time when I was thinking about starting agency and I got you. Onboard Burton on board. There she is back there. It's about time this scene. Everybody making the still always believe the spirit of Man Walker coming into content when you empower women around your you know your confidence so amazing because you remember I know I. It was like a whole feel even more honored that I want. I mean are you kidding me say this but you know what even before self made the Netflix revamp of the products. And everything on her own ground has been standing up one or two offices no matter what the box from my agency with all my words in there because you so much of what we did during the time. I have to tell you. This second generation a serial entrepreneur. In fact it's probably more powerful now than it was because I advocate executive women and business coach watching and you had lived the things that you saw in that book on your own. That's awesome on Brown. And now you can also get it around and you know what so. You Can. Order the book on my websites. Lilia BUNDLES DOT COM madame. Cj WALKER DOT COM. And you can get at your independent bookstore because we want to support them Amazon. Barnes and noble and Simon and Schuster and I will tell folks it will probably come back if you order from somebody. Else because I have now become the fulfillment department that Shipping Department labeling department and I go about every three weeks on my couch right now there are people that I have to label and I hope to the Science Yoursel some affiliate workers that can help you move those things as soon as soon as this is over. I I know you are want an amazing conversation. Lilia thank you so much and working. People follow twitter and instagram and sign up. Paul thank awesome conversation with a will you? Bud those biographer for Madame Cj Walker. The original book on her own round the new release self main and. Don't forget to check out that Netflix series. Self-made with Octavia Spencer. When you have a little extra time pandemic pandemonium a couple of things coming up. No next week Thursday. We HAVE THE PEOPLE'S JOURNALISTS. Yes another innate. Pta or my sister. Natasha offered she's Vice President of digital content at the Grio. We call her guman lineal executive we talk a lot about this pandemic and how. It's impacting our people black and Brown and we also talk about the intersection being Hispanic and black. Also everyone the dorm Slayton open again. It only happens about three times a year on. Nfc COACHING CO war. This time for the summer you'll want to sign up quota Elvis. You'LL SMITH DOT COM IN COACHING TO REGISTER DOT COM. On his twitter and facebook at the poultry. Podcast until next week the park as a reduction of known size communication the Culture Sue. Podcast is a registered trademark of no silos communications. L L C.

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Pushing the Odds with Matt Perrault

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09/01/2021 Pushing The Odds Hour 1

"In this is putting the is pushing neon on the sports map radio network by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage live from las vegas. Is your host matt paroles. Welcome to vegas everybody. It is a wednesday edition of pushing the odds. My name is math. Peralta guys could follow me on twitter at sports talk. Matt you guys all the show on twitter at pushing the odds on sports talk. Matt you will see a video stream for this radio program. As well as the sports radio facebook page you will see us for three hours right here. Video is it's out of my home studio where today we talk college and pro football man. I gotta say this. If you're the seats in you thought you were going to be able to go and travel to dallas to play your game at. At and t. Stadium again. I even read enough just broke a couple of minutes ago. But what the heck is going on. What's in that game to jacksonville in september. Now if you're green bay in europe packer fan. You can't be all into this. It's jacksonville it's outside. It's extremely humid in jacksonville right now. And while the new orleans players. That's not that big of a deal in. Maybe that's why new orleans asked for to go to jacksonville. I don't know but it felt like yesterday. That due to hurricane ida in the fact that the game could be played at the superdome in new orleans that that game was going to get moved not to an outdoor venue but to. At and t. stadium in dallas where they've played before it's kind of a neutral field of sorts it allows indoors so there's no real weather advantage. I don't know maybe they felt like hey. Our home field is enormous. We don't get the home crowd obviously in new orleans. So let's go to a place where at least we have the home environment. We've got the humidity on our side. I don't know. But if i'm the packers i'm not exactly jumping up and down about having to run around in that heat game one out of the gate. Wow circus sports opened up with a plus four for the new orleans saints. That is very very tempting to take the orleans plus for the entire world is going to be on the packers. You wanna fade the public. Go ahead and jump in and the public. The first move was four and a half to three and a half. The first move was onto orleans. But i think the public may give us a better number there. We may get five. We make it five and a half by night. Game kicks off outdoors green bay in north in jacksonville. That story is part of our hard four. We've got four big wants to get to common up in the next segment. Don't move pushing the odds hard for next year on wednesday. You're listening to push. Neil odds by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage. Oh vegas here. He is in the odds being brought to you by mako. The upside of os with magic. Your cars don't longer tragic. Life throws you owes just say better. Get mako and had to make dot com to get online estimate today. Pictures are out from what we will see for the new caesar sportsbook at chase field for the arizona diamondbacks in. Oh my goodness look when states have gone legal. We've seen sports books that looked like glorified hole in the wall sports bars that is not what caesar's is going to build at chase field. It looks gorgeous and man. I can't wait to see what some of these companies do when it comes to point of sale books. Meaning you go to a game and it becomes kind of like a sports betting lounge and you have a book and you've got bookmakers there and you have oddsmakers and you've got a big screen. Tv's and your menu like a sports bar but it's a book and when it's at the game itself the ability to go you're going to be able to sell tickets to get into it. You're gonna be able to sell reservations and it's going to be remarkable because teams are competitive right so we saw what wrigley villes gonna look like. We've seen what some of these other teams are proposing the specs for what we're going to see in dc. It's like okay. They look all right. No caesar's is upping the ante here with their very impressive now. Specs shots will see when it's done from sportsbook perspective. You can see it at pushing the odds on twitter just re tweeted the pictures from chase field as to what this is gonna look like but our guy dave sheriff and makes a very good point about well. The one constant throughout the years ray has been baseball. The clode from field of dreams which is like wait. What but it's true right. There's a sportsbook at a baseball stadium. Shoeless joe jackson band for the game. Pete rose banned from the game. Sports books exists now at a baseball stadium. And it's coming to a baseball stadium near you. We live in a wild time and we live in a wild really really cool time. Wanna say quick thing because this guy has been really good to us over. The years lands pug meyer. Today was his last day at the athletic and for a guy who is one of the best to boxing writers. In the game we've had lance on a ton. I really hope he lands a job quickly. He's really good job. He's really tapped in and look that stinks. Mike copier left and landed on his feet at. Espn i hope. Espn or somebody likes. That will grab onto lens pug meyer. Because he's just a great combat sports writer. And i don't know what's going on at the athletic but man that stinks. There's been some really big named guys who have walked from the athletic or been. Let go from the athletic over the last couple of weeks. That stinks so my thoughts goes out to land pug meyer but on the complete opposite end. Congratulations to rachel panetta. Who just became the first. Nfl official sports betting content creator an expert in history. Yes the nfl. Now has an official sports betting content creator and rachel leaves fox sports one. The program that she was hosting there is no longer in existence really. She's doing a bunch of cool things including sitcom idea about her life. I guess that she helped to coal right that. That's going to be getting pilot but the nfl has hired rachel banana to nfl media to be a part of their sports betting digital platforms nfl dot com on the application and whatnot. So congratulations to her. That is an awesome deal that the nfl one nfl game day morning. She's going to be doing a ton of sports gambling content for nfl nfl network and dot com sports betting legalize sports betting focused. Content is how they're describing it with rachel. Banana congratulations to her. She's tremendous. We've never had her on poison the odds. That's definitely something. We've tried to of cross off a bucket list. Could i think she's tremendous. She's a great follow on twitter. She's witty she's really quick. He knows her stuff. That's i mean that's nothing but exciting news to see the nfl. Hire somebody like rachel to be a sports betting. You know these face essentially. Nfl sports betting for nfl media really really cool stuff from there are four big stories. We started off with the hard for. It's time for the hard four on pushing the odds with perol all right. We're going to get into this a lot today. The status of players in the nfl who have been vaccinated or not vaccinated is a major topic. Apricots were made yesterday to the fifty three man roster and the jacksonville jaguars head coach urban. Meyer announced the players. Not taking the shots factored in to the decision to keep or cut more on this later on in the opening line but urban meyer says the quiet part out loud creating a firestorm with this comment. You can't give specifics. But could you share with us. Whether a vaccinated versus unvaccinated player had an impact on a roster decision. It's everyone was considered That was part of the production. What's his you know. Let's start talking about this and then also vaccinate or not. can i say that. That was a decision maker. Was certainly inconsideration cam. Newton comes to mind more on that in the opening. line number. Two the new orleans saints now catching four points from the packers. Do teams are gonna play in jacksonville. Not at eighteen stadium in dallas. Sean payton yesterday was pressed for the media as to what's going on but it sounds like it's going to be a long time before the saints are back in new orleans. We're starting with the idea that let's say it's a month. Let's say it's it's i think it's much easier. Reel it back in. But what would that mean that would mean prepping for green bay week one prepping for carolina week to prepping for new england week three and then prep mentor. What is the home game against the child's fourth game. So i i think we're looking at all right just The the first quarter of the season the first four weeks Knowing that we can we can always adjust if need be number three the tour championship and the ryder cup start later on this month for championship this week. Pga tour made the announcement yesterday. That shocks some people. If you're going to go to the course with the plans on heckling bryson deja yambio. You can do that but you just can't call him cooksey you know the barometer that we we we are all using is the word respect and to me when you hear brooks yelled or you hear. Any expression yelled question. Is that respectful or disrespectful. That has been going on for an extended period of time to me at this point. It's disrespectful and that's the kind of behavior that we're not gonna tolerate going forward. Jay monon the pg. We'll continue greenstein from points. Better bit about that story coming up later on the program fourth and finally college football on the telly tonight. Uab play in jacksonville state. Espn's got it. Excuse me sixteen and a half point favorites tonight. Look we got better games coming down the pike thank goodness most of them are in the big ten. Actually ohio state plays at minnesota penn. State plays out wisconsin later on this weekend. James franklin of penn state excited to start off the year against a ranked. Wisconsin team obviously have in wisconsin as a as a opening game is different than i think the way college football normally normally starts out that that was a big motivator and driver for us all off season we don't typically put a countdown clock up Of our first game We do that usually when we transition to to our first opponent but we thought it was important but that up in our facility All summer and all training camp. So that's been up there. Ticking or big stories for you guys recovered today here on a wednesday pushing the odds seven zero two two seven five one matt text line seven zero two seven five one. Six to eight opening. Line look as gamblers. We got it to pay attention to this. Kovic is still a monster factor. Have you seen what happened. What is happening with the boston red sox. How about during the game last night zander. Bogart's got taken off the field during the game because of a positive cova test. Could that happen to say. I don't know a quarterback during a game where you're watching the game watching the game watching the game and then the guy's gone. Hey where. Where did i go. All right he tested positive for covert or he's in close proximity for somebody who dead did test positive for covert urban. Meyer said the quiet part out loud yesterday and everyone everyone a lot of people very animated about whether or not team has the right to cut somebody for being unvaccinated opening line next year abortion of the odds this is pushing the arts in the opening line starts net you guys keep talking about that and i would just point out that. I don't know what the number is. I mean you guys can look it up. You have the access to a lot of information. But the number of players and coaches and staff members that have You know been affected by covert in training camp vaccinated. It's pretty high number so a win. Lose sight of that bill belichick asked about cova nineteen whether or not the vaccination of a player factored into a player being cut or kept on the roster opening line on this because urban meyer said yes. It did factor in now. Bella check was asked. Pointblank did cam. Newton was he got because or was it a factor in him being cut his status as an unvaccinated player. Checks at no andrew. Brandt who is a lawyer who has been around. Nfl free for an office for a very long time. A guy who works in sports business guy who has been with espn and with green bay. Packers translation yes. Look there's a big debate going on right now. Instead of patriots twitter as to whether or not cam newton's vaccination status actually mattered. But i don't believe just let's take a step back on it for a second and talk about what the teams are all doing did cam. Newton get beat out on the field for the quarterback spot for the patriots the interest. Yes right we all watched it but now we know for a fact cam. Newton did lose the job to jones. So now you have mac jones. He's your starter so the first question is who's starting quarterback okay. It's mac jones. Second question is what do you do with cam newton. What's interesting about the cam. Newton situation. In why i thought initially his vaccination status did factor in one reason why it might not have in. He may be belgium. Maybe telling the truth check was given a chance to talk about cam and give sort of a flowery thank you. We love what he did here and he did not do that. He yesterday had a chance to talk about cam. The way he had talked about cam for the report a year and a half and he was very cold about it like it felt like listening to talk. It felt like something had happened. There was a falling out process between cam and bill belichick which would would would make sense right. Because if you're cam newton and you tell the team. Look i'm gonna come back but i want the chance to be a starter and if mack jones comes in and says hey hey mac jones as the starter you could make a case that cam newton could say. Wait a minute. I started every preseason game. You called me the starter. Not once but twice. You represented me as the starting quarterback to the team. You represent me the starting quarterback to the public. And now you're cutting me saying i lost the job to mack jones. Well why didn't you just cut me during training camp. I mean why didn't let me go way earlier. Then what happened. And maybe cam was mad. Maybe cam called him out and was like bill. You screwed me. And now i have to sit there and wait. You could have had this. You could've made this known earlier in camp. And maybe i would have found my way onto another roster now. I have to sit and wait and see. And i'm competing with all these other quarterbacks who have been cut where i may not get a job so this was his last hurrah right. I mean cam. Newton with the patriots. This is it. I heard the prediction yesterday. That cam newton won't throw more than fifteen passes in the nfl for the rest of his life. And i felt like that probably is accurate. I mean maybe he plays one half of a game in mop up duty or something or coming in for an injury for somebody. But no one's gonna take cam. Newton cam newton the starting quarterback for their team. But that's where the vaccination status comes in. Okay that's to me. Do i think belichick cut cam newton. Because he was unvaccinated. No i don't but the fact that cam mistime with kovic last year and the fact that cam had covert miss time came back wasn't the same player so he's seen what cova can do to his body and cameras deciding to not get the vaccine. The patriots are angry. The patriots want their players to be vaccinated. And if you're the quarterback if you come in close contact anybody who has coverted in your unvaccinated you're gone for five days so why would you. Why could the team trust you. Why could the team feel like. You're going to be available and we're going to able to have you on the roster then it's why do we care you as a backup so i think it's a little bit nuanced. It's not like cam wasn't vaccinates on the patriots cut him. No cam missed five days of practice because he was in close proximity of somebody who was positive and he's unvaccinated. Enduring those five practices mack. Jones showed he can meet the starting quarterback so then the team said let's go with mac and then what do you do with cam. You can't keep cam around because he's unvaccinated so get rid of them so they caught him so that it's like did cam get cut because he was unvaccinated. No did cam lose the job because he was unvaccinated. Kind of yeah i mean. He gave the window to mack jones. He gave his comp- his competitor in opportunity in that competitor took advantage of the opportunity. Thus when now cams the number two do you want an unvaccinated number. Two the answer. No now is brian hoyer who was cut. It will be brought back by the way. But is brian hoyer vaccinated. We don't know. There's been some speculation that brian hoyer may not be vaccinated and if he's not vaccinated in the same conversation and indulgent telling the truth that they had it had no factor none but as betters. We have to take a look at this right now. Because there are a bunch of quarterbacks in a budget teams who are not vaccinated. Okay just straight up vaccinated. Look what happened last night to the boston. Red sox during the game against the first place tampa bay race. Alex cora gets told. Hey by the way you gotta pull zander. Bogart's off the field. Why zander is positive. For covert because covert has now run through the red sox. I think the numbers of the ten players and coaches who have covert nineteen starting. Second leadoff hitter. Kiki united plays senator right as everywhere. But you're leadoff hitter. Kiki hernandez has covert. You're closer matt. Barnes has has cove now. you're starting shortstop has cove it alex cora. After the game last night had to address the situation and what it was like have a player be yanked out of the game in the middle of crucial pennant chase under her own but now we still have some guys that can. We'll talk about what we do. I do believe that for for excellent on time we defense to talk about. The red sox are in deep trouble football team. This year could be in big trouble with players and there's some speculation as to how many red sox players are vaccinated. We know there's rumors out there that not many vaccinated and that's why the clubhouse has been ravaged by cove. Tony dungy on twitter asked. Was there anything wrong with urban. Meyer said he said vaccinate status was a factor in decisions when these rules were instituted. Did anybody in their right mind. Vaccination status would not be considered at all. And i think there's some truth to that i really do. I think there are some real truth. To the idea that these rules were put up to four players to get vaccinated so if players are not vaccinated. Now you've got to make a really hard decision as to whether or not you want to keep that player on the roster and so yes i do think a player status with the vaccine factors in. I think it matters in teams are kind getting very frustrated. This is john robertson. The titans teams are getting real frustrated right now because they know they've got players on their roster who simply will not take the vaccine robinson yesterday. We've had two people that i know. Personally that have lost loved ones over the last couple of days to covert from symptoms and complications. And it's a life saving vaccine. They are trying their hardest. But there are coaches like in washington. Who are going to ask the question of players that they sign. Hey are vaccinated. The player can choose not to say yes or no but the team that has a chance not to give them not to give them a spot. I mean if you're on the bubble in you're not vaccinated regardless of how you feel about the vaccine you're just you're putting yourself at risk that's just what it is you're putting yourself at risk and you can't even say vaccines on proven okay. It's fda approved. You've taken workout supplements that you have no idea what's in it but you're not taking the vaccine. That's fda approved you go and eat questionable meals all the time that you don't really know what's in it but you eat it anyway and put it in your body and you're not gonna take the vaccine. It's just comes down to a competitive advantage now. For teams and teams that are fully vaccinated college football teams that are fully vaccinated or going to have a big advantage in. Nfl teams. Can't say the quiet part out loud unless you're urban meyer. Who just isn't part of the game yet. Because he's been in the nfl for like four months that he says the quiet out loud absolutely the vaccine factored into cutting players. Not teams just aren't saying publicly. What one hundred percent given the rules if you if you are not vaccinated you were definitely putting yourself. It's a strike on your resume that gets you potentially kicked out more on the nfl on the saints. Game going to jacksonville. Why jacksonville more on that. Next pushing the odds. This is pushing the odds on the sports map. Radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage sitting in for matt paroled years. David del and who's sitting in for me. Wait what i'm still here man. Do they get replaced oil. Show with which the The bumpers back or the rejoins back. I clicked the wrong one. I guess okay getting replace. I thought it was still here. No one's told me. Let's talk some football. Kevin boulevard from cbs sports in the pick. Six pod joining us here on the progressive guest line. Kevin matt peralta aria. I've got some bad news for you matter. This is my show. Now come on in. You can take it over. You may do a better job than me. Who knows hey. I'm just teasing questioned. Why are we going to jacksonville for the saints and the packers. Why not dallas. Why are we going outside to that heat and humidity. I mean the nfl has its ways. I mean that would make sense. I bet you it's probably a little easier to Get jacksonville to go along with that. Then say dallas or houston but Ultimately they're just worried about the game being played in a safe location Not necessarily You know with the best location as do you think that factors into the game at all because new orleans. Clearly they practice outside. They're used to that level of humidity. Green bay is not like that. It's warm up there but it's nothing like it's going to be in jacksonville in early. September is earning competitive advantage for the saints to go outside here in this game and not being a dome if there is a competitive advantage would probably work against the saints although this is going to be a different change team than we've seen for the past fifteen years 'cause there is over but that team has historically been You know a hi fi offense indoors on turf with a you know a defined set atmosphere so Not having that is Gonna work against them. I would assume but then again it's week one and You know everyone's working out the kinks spend I don't think it's gonna make that much of an impact on the floor of the game. I could say kevin. What do you make this year for. Aaron rodgers because if you look at former athletes like tom brady didn't have goodbye tour even though patriot fans kinda had an idea that this could be it. I mean rodgers has said. It's roller bossed. And he's made no bones about it. It feels like this is the end of an era for him in green bay ensure cooler heads heads could prevail. And maybe they get a deal done and he extends but what do you think the atmosphere around rogers in green bay is going to be this season in particular. That don't get off to a good start. I definitely think that the fans will probably most of the fans are in denial. That he'll ever even leave. Because that's just. The way fans are but realistic fans will probably treat it as a you know a farewell tour just because you don't know what's going to happen next and doesn't sound like He's all inclined at this point to return to the packers. Now i'm gonna go ahead and say my prediction is that he stays in the package. They figure things out. The grass isn't always greener inhaler side. I feel like it's so rare that a situation like brady's works out where he just forces you know not necessarily voices way out because he became a free agent but was on the wall that he was unhappy at wanted news new change of scenery And then he goes he wins the superbowl in his first In his first season wouldn't about careers. I think there aren't many quarterbacks. Who can you know. Get out of their current situation and better one on the rise. And you know i've listed on from plenty of shows but you know it's not like this packers team is devoid of town. Everyone wants to say that this the front office is doing aaron rodgers service It's just hard. It's hard to win super bowls. Tom brady has done. Something is broken. The system to You know make it so that everyone thinks that multiple super bowls is the norm But honestly you need everything to go right. You're breeze just had. An incredible career only won one super bowl. Aaron rodgers has his won. The super bowl I don't know if he'll get another one. But that doesn't mean that the that the packers are failing him is jordan. Love gonna get jimmy garoppolo. Meaning is the team. If they do lock in long-term to roger say two three more years are they forced to then trade jordan. Love somewhere I mean. I think that is a little bit better than jimmy. Garoppolo is. i also think that The forty niners were a little more committed to to jordan Trae lance because think about that. They got into that third spot. That's the guy that they wanted. Apparently all along jordan lab kind of fell into the packers lapsed guests. Considering looking for quarterbacks but it's not like they were like all right playing going into the draft and they're going to build the franchise around the future. I'm in new england not in san francisco. I mean when the patriots had to make a decision between garoppolo in brady and then they sent garoppolo out. They had to train them out because brady was staying in going to be the long term solution. I get you. I guess you yes. That's that is much more likely. I think gives again jimmy garoppolo with a second round pick. bill bellas. Jack really liked them. But you know there was probably differing opinions. When it came to robert kraft big difference In green bay is there is no direct owner there that sad publicly owned franchise so The voices maybe more consolidated around with the front office. Thanks head. Coaching staff so I think is a probable scenario Just because i think that aaron rodgers that would bring social circle. I think that's when things really started to come to a head when they drafted jordan loves if he's the departure of love. He's still playing at a high level. As tom brady was with when he was on. The same team has dropped below. I think that kind of rectify situational kevin. We mentioned jacksonville. There for the saints in their game against green bay but urban meyer yesterday said the quiet out loud when it came to cutting players who are unvaccinated. How do you feel about urban meyer. At how things have gone so far some people were pointing out that. Look regardless if you were going to do that or not you don't say that publicly because it puts everybody team the pa. Everyone's on edge when you make a comment like that for either grievances or lawsuits or whatnot. How do you assess how urban meyer is done. So far here in his first couple of weeks. I think it's kind of indicative this moment here that we're in with him being under investigation jaguars under investigation by the nfl pa. Before he plays his first regular regular season game. It's quite indicative of. I think how urban meyer got joe i think urban meyer took the job only because they told him Chaka khan the owner of the jaguars sold them. You can run this organization from top to bottom in your image however you want to run it This is your show. You've got a number one overall. Pick you're gonna take trevor lawrence. You can build this franchise from there You know only way to go up Only way to go from here is up And i think that that applies to maybe ownership but it doesn't necessarily apply to all of the players that are going to be buying on his roster doesn't necessarily apply to what the league or the nfl pa thinks of the way he's gonna conduct themselves. Got gotta learn to play the game and in a sense You know you don't have to say everything that's on your mind just because ear owner has given you the longest leash in the world to do whatever you want doesn't mean that everyone else has and i think that's one thing he's gonna find out the hard way. He's taking a lot of criticism for some of his decisions. This year Whether it was travesty can Late in the first round or bringing in. Tim tebow you know i. I think that he's learning. Maybe the hard way that You know not everyone is going to go along and cheer him on and pat him on the back as he goes. And it's not gonna be as easy going as it was. I stayed around florida This is building an nfl franchise from the ground up. And he's got his work cut out for them and then if you go in add on losing on top of that something. He's never done before which is going to do a lot of this coming year. How does that factor into the wade urban meyer. It's going to be able to do things that feels like he could be a guy that really struggles with the grind. Yeah that's true too. I mean i i if you look back at his last two stops in college. She had health issues that You ultimately led to him leaving those programs and You know it's a fair question to ask whether that will you know occur again. The professional level especially because This is the highest level of competition in the stress. Should be of the of the job is Knocking parable to anywhere else. So i like i said. He's got his work. Cut out for him. I think he's got a lot to learn the nfl level. I'm not. I'm not saying that. He's he's not going to be successful Because i think that you know there's so much that was working him this year. He got to build this roster the way he wanted it to. Trevor lawrence is a fantastic quarterback It's just a matter of whether the jaguars franchise will be his talent So i think that you know. He's got a lot of things going for him. It's just you know. don't step on your toes. sort. I this statement from the team came out this morning that no no no no no no player with got do their vaccination status kind of going back reno. One eighty from what urban meyer said yesterday on at the podium talking to the media Kevin yesterday. Tommy curran who covers. The patriots does a really good job. Cover the pictures for years and years was asked about cam newton future and he thought that cam newton wouldn't throw more than fifteen passes again in the nfl if he signed anywhere else. What's your thought on the future for cam. Newton now the patriots go. I think his options are limited at this point Some of that has to do with suspected vaccination status. But you know also last year. It wasn't like he really led the league on fire in his lone season started for the new england patriots. I think the you know the persada and the attitude and the charisma. I guess you could say to be a team leader and to be a starting quarterback in this league but That also works against him. I think when you know you see a lot of these quarterbacks such is joe flacco for example in recent years who was a long-time started for baltimore. Ravens had it swallows dried a little bit and go at the back up for the broncos the jets and now the eagles has extended his career so to speak I don't know cam. Newton can be backed up and that was the biggest reason. I think why the patriots did decide to keep him on the roster. As they're backed up i mean. He was clearly the second best. If not the best quarterback maybe not for the long term future But jones or the two quarterbacks on the roster and the patriots decided not to keep them. I believe because not because he wouldn't be the best aca- for mac jones but because mac jones is a better starter In a in a more confidence starter without that you know overwhelming presence in the in the locker with a total degree kevin last question the odds for rookie of the year off. It's rookie of the year. Mack jones has rocketed. Now he's going to start for the patriots. And what did we lose kevin. We lost them. Okay we lots of tibet okay. So we're we're at the end of it. So that was whenever that click happens like We've heard a click. So we're gonna thank kevin billiard from the pick six podcast and cbs sports become non on the progressive guests line. I was going to ask him before your time. I was gonna ask him whether he thinks that zach. Wilson's a better play for offense of rookie of the year. Which i do. And i don't get all the money coming in on that jones. I don't think that jones is gonna throw nearly enough dodgy hair as a better option personally. Because i think the packers sorry i mean the steelers are going to ride him into the ground in particular if big ben struggles and or gets hurt throwing the football. They'll run run run with nausea hairs and play smashmouth football. But i think. Trevor lawrence zach. Wilson are both playing on bad teams. And they're going to be behind. They don't have good defenses. But both have decent weapons to throw to think. The jets receivers are good. I think the jaguars receivers are good. And you're gonna okay offensive line not great but okay where i think both trevor lawrence and wilson were both get more reps. They'll get more opportunities though. Put up bigger numbers in throw for more touchdowns than what mack jones is gonna throw too. I think mac jones's record will be way better. And maybe that's why he could win the award because the patriots might be in the running for a playoff berth. But that's not why i mean i. I don't believe i wouldn't be betting on jones. How about that. I would not bet on mack jones to win the rookie of the year. Ten to one five to one neither odds interest me all that much. Zach wilson if you get better odds on zach wilson with the jets okay or better odds than trevor lawrence because of the money coming in jones. Okay but i don't think that's a good bet personally. Lots more to come here on wednesdays pushing the odds. You're listening to pushing the odds on the sports map radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage live from las vegas. Here's perol's i don't know if you guys have seen the pictures that are floating around here of the fourteen million dollar. I don't know what i i'm not calling it a house. It's not a house. It's a straight up compound then. Mark davis is building here in henderson. Suburb las vegas. He's building a fourteen million dollar. Fifteen thousand square foot layer. It's a villain layer. It's a bond villain layer the review journal this morning. Here in vegas has pictures of it. And i i don't i can't call it a house i don't know what to call it. It looks like a spaceship fourteen million dollars. You can buy a house here in las vegas and look. Our housing market is stupid right now. But it's even still with all these prices being totally inflated like my family all they'll come from the east coast and like they'll see the of the house that my mom and stepdad live in in how much money they paid for the house and then they come here and they realize what they can buy and what they can get for an equal amount of money and they just shake their head. They're like this is just ridiculous. It what do you mean we can get three times the house and the yard and the amenities that we get in new england. And they're like. Why did we live in new england in i. Oh exactly why. Do you live in new england and the weather on top of that. Fourteen million dollars here in vegas is like like a college campus. You can buy that much land for fourteen million dollars like it is a ridiculous amount of money here in the desert and there is land to be had in particular in henderson. There's land to be had and well if you had any thoughts about mark davis putting down roots in vegas. He's coming here in a big way. It's a silver in black mansion. Fourteen million dollars fifteen thousand square foot silver and black mansion. I mean he is all in on the raiders. That's the one thing that people say about. Mark davis was is very unique. You know most owners of nfl teams. Their most. Valuable thing is not the nfl team. They've got something else that they own microsoft they own gillette and they own something that is more valuable than the football franchise that they purchased the most valuable thing. That mark davis owns the raiders. That's the most valuable thing that guy has and it shows because he wears the colours on his chest in now his house in a fourteen million dollar fifteen thousand square foot silver and black mansion. He is building my goodness. We've got a lot to cough week one. Nfl bets major league baseball. Tonight's and a college football game tonight to breakdown. Coming up pushing the stumble.

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THE NERD ON! UPDATE - Mulan to Disney Plus, John Wick 5, and MTG Creators

Nerd On! The Podcast

36:21 min | 1 year ago

THE NERD ON! UPDATE - Mulan to Disney Plus, John Wick 5, and MTG Creators

"In In The sheeting update. degrees. To. One. What is everyone welcome to the net on update where we talk about the nerdy news that were excited about from the last week, and then we answer questions from you guys the people be. We don't introduce ourselves in the show. We just go straight into the news the TOM started us off. I'm starting at off Caitlin. Okay. So this is what had happened baby so Tell me about it. Normally, the DC boy as per usual Yom, means area. As per usual the DC what the DC. Y.. AK. Here we go. Now I. Understand I need to have people who are listening to us for the first time understand what I was saying, and then they'll catch on. anyways. So we cared about them before with that but. It was introducing it introducing at first and now I'm like okay. Well, now here it is. Okay. Proud you know like Iran, wanting come up being just like, oh Universe, we have to just then everyone now other the like we don't have to. It more so Why don't talking about today though is important because in my realm of interest of TV film. All that jazz. Something interesting happened in the world of cinema and talking about what's going on with our pandemic and everything and America's still shut down for the most part wherever the country's gotten their shit together Disney has decided to pull the plug so to speak and just commit to a course of action, which is to launch release premiere showcase, whatever it is stream Mulan, the live action of reimagining of the Disney animated classic that's purely from the marquee. Oh, they call it onto Disney plus or as some would say dizzy plus plus because it's going to cost your sweet booties thirty dollars. Nine dollars and thirty seven cents or something like that. There's some tax well to to watch that bad boy and that's just to rent it. Or tying it. I think it's to just wash it to stream. So yeah, I guess it would be. Oh. But they're basically traded treating it like a digit like if you were to go to the movies, it might cost you for two tickets thirty dollars. So okay, exactly. But I don't think he would own it which is interesting. and. It's you know like I said like I want to make sure that people are supporting things equally and all that stuff and everyone's just up Disney's hold because the happiest company in the world, but also their brand new to streaming. So it's like they're going to it is it is thirty dollars to watch it as many times as you want as long as you keep your Disney plus description. So it's like hunting owning it. It's like having apple music, right? It's. If, you don't pay any more than buy baby but that also talks a little bit like. You know the Internet's funny place where a lot of people can air their differences and thoughts and a lot of people did not understand why movie theaters were so upset and I want to talk about just perspective. I don't own a movie theater but I could. But I'm part of a business of a podcast understand of when a big company that is primarily. Part of your res, your income large on your income to at says that we're going to release in theaters and we were expecting that the theaters to destroy the screen it and then pull it from our the rug and tell everyone at the same time publicly that were no longer going to theaters You're now telling everyone at the same time that you. Know cheated on their brother. You know that's what you pretty much dead like instead of telling them behind closed doors like, Hey, we're not gonNA do this. We're gonNA tell this to the rest of the world in about three weeks. So I want you your you and your companies to prepare for this So Kevin. Matt Grain of salt in mind a lot of. People are saying like Oh. What are you talking about? Everyone's been doing the schools businesses, sports entertainment everyone's in the why was it so man it's it's boggling for theaters because Disney's been able to play it both sides say like, Hey, you have to be understanding to us because we're pandemic but also we don't have to give you heads up because we're in a pandemic. So, it's just really tough because I'm assuming standard kind of thing. Hand, it's it's shooting on the grazes that they built like obviously, the theaters wouldn't be where they are successful without Disney films. But also when you're like well now it's everyone for themselves and we're just going you know cut our losses and we've put millions of dollars in the marketing campaign to say in theaters you know we're not gonNA, make any money on anymore we've lost money. So now we'd have to make as much money as we can get. So there is a little political because you have to see like both sides of the of the argument where of. Ends and business you know inch introduces itself but that's not only thing to happen streaming news Harry Potter which is a a water brothers I. think it's a new line cinema as well under one rose will no longer be on Hbo Max Tober they are going to peacock which is weird because it's everyone has universal studios universal NBC Universal. Why is Harry Potter World There Because Warner Brothers licenses to universal. So it's interesting to see the play of where licenses go because. Unlike and I mean I say this in a very. Benign way unlike Disney where it sounds like they. Want to take all of their rights back and keep it to themselves. We're seeing a little interplay between streamers. Yeah, and whether it is a licensing agreement because a lot of DC films are now moving to to net flix and so some DC films that were on maximum longer there. So if you're like what's going on, obviously, you know behind closed doors curtains inside baseball wherever you want to call it licensing agreements happened before the idea of the advent of watching streamers so. Again it's GonNa be like why is endgame on Netflix and on Disney plus where it's like well, give it a couple of you know more and then we'll get it back. I know that Disney is making a huge push they hit their five-year Disney school within eight months. But keeping my like the pant they didn't obviously plan on the pandemic. So no, still my God. Yeah. So it's interesting to that the Harry Potter all eight films will be on a peacock which peacock I think has quote unquote. Gar garnered some of faith just because it's free medium and where you can join for free washing things. But you want you know quote unquote premium product than you had to pay. But one thing that I'm really excited about and this is now type of information at all but coming this September. Really Scott Original TV series will be coming out raised by wolves. and. That looks baller. I don't know if y'all are into the SCI FI world and it looks like if walking dead met Westworld like that's what it looks like. It looks baller AF. And I'm excited that's that's all at. Its September. Release Guy. to regional story. There's no source material at all and I think it looks really recall at. Times excited well. Joy in Tom but also released Scott is a hit and miss sometimes so I don't know. The truth this. Is the truth although some exciting news came out this week that John Wick five is happening and it will be filmed back to back with four I'm excited because I like the John Wick series so far you like Yano I like Jano Yeah doesn't he's a good human and to support him But also what I think is interesting is that there's this fan theory that the John Wick series is actually it symbolizes the five stages of grief Oh okay. where it is denial anger anger. Bargaining depression and acceptance, and the span theory is like even before the V movie was announced, they said there's going to be five movies and it's going to be this and it's very interesting and I'm like, oh. What if what if it is if you like because there's a few breakdowns of how it how it does follow that kind of like the first one is about denial the for the second one's about anger the third ones and they break down the scenes of how this proves. This is very interesting. So it's So. That's the case that means that John Wick for is depression and John Wick five is the acceptance portion of I'm very interested to see how it goes if if it is actually at all the case, but it seems more like anger. As Zoo Lotta anger back I love the idea. But yeah, there's not a whole lot of details I one. He's denying he's denying the death of his wife or he's the nine that he's back. He's like, maybe that's it. It's it's little. It's one of those things. Like. Yeah I've read into that. His is denying his wife stays denial guns these not getting her star. Are True true true true. Call it deaths and troy together they're. out to Iraq. But like in John Wick three bargaining e actually pleads to a higher power. He asks the high table for a stay of execution. So it's like there's little things that you like it's kind of a stretch, but and now he's infected our audience with this fan the. It's interesting. Those are fun. Yeah Hall Andy and at Toy Story. Oh. Yeah. Come on and the end of the world kind of but Yeah. That's my newsroom next. Yet Mines Quick we have officially joined the Coast Creator Program. Fashion, that's so cool. It's official I not know that. So. Look for a slew of content don't have much sooner to right now but look I through content coming your way join me on Mondays for some streams will be given Magic Mondays. We doing either ladder climbs deck building or playing against people like Josh Shelly Kimmy call it the triple m magic Monday madness. Oh. Three Guy Fieri. You know what? I'm saying like. Triple am I mean I? Think that's the same. It the same as another stream marines me of something from anime from like love live. I was GONNA say I was like all the other you. Know. Like nevermind watch the enemy anyways. Speaking of animated things I have two pieces of animation news that I'm very excited about. Guys the maniacs are coming back. Yeah they so Like. It's been Twenty, two years since the final episode. On November twentieth on Hulu. Steven Spielberg produced reboot is coming. So they're they got a two season series order GonNa have the ACA Wacko Dot, Pinky and the brain the the. The second season is GONNA be coming back in sometime in two thousand, twenty one but that's kind of like all. That's really known as far as I'm aware but Spielberg is on it Sam Register is also working on it as well with him. So it's you know I mean thinking the brain do yeah. Yeah. Jakko Wacko Dot Pinky the brain the. Yeah. So Bag. If I don't know about anybody else it just as Yakovenko Dot, picking the brain. Okay. If you if I ever respond to you with Cu. It's from the the good feathers. Cu. Cu. Also the other thing. You guys remember when I talk about this. I know. So has been hotel. the There was a music video that came out called addict and that was like maybe three weeks ago and it blew up I think it's like twenty one million views at this point. Well as of a couple of days ago, eight, twenty four. Announced that has been hotel is going to be coming out through them. And for those of you who don't know much about twenty, four they keep cinema. Pretty Weird. So it's a pretty good spot for them they. Worked on under the skin tusk Swiss army man it comes at night lady bird, the lighthouse uncut gems pretty much. Any good movie you've seen in a lot of great stuff you've seen and for for those of you who are uninitiated with has been hotel. It is set in Hell it flat out. Charlie who is like the kind of the Princess of Hell and and her girlfriend of aggie and? Like trying to make a place to reform the damned so that they can go to heaven. So the overpopulation and Hell isn't a problem so that they don't keep murdering a to keep population under control like there's a purge every year essentially She's trying to undo that and then it's like the crazy things that happen because they're in hell and there's demons everywhere. But it's amazing and I'm so so so excited and there's not much more information we have aside from that other than has been hotel and twenty four working on this thing but that's very, very exciting stuff because that. that. Like knowing that Internet projects and working on something like I know Vivian Madonna has been working on this tirelessly for very long time so many people involved. and to see it like get picked up his just. So awesome. So one of those like keyboard on your dreams keep fighting, you can do it. Anyway. So for the next part, Josh? Yes as for the last. Call Casey. Onis Kennedy hone as Yonis for the last part of our show. We answer questions from you at the audience and if you'd like to submit those questions. There are a number of ways that you can do that. You can send an email to questions at nerd on dot. TV You can go to a nice handy form that we have nerd on dot IO backslash questions. Also, if you are a member of the discord, there are channels within there that you can ask questions, and if you are a member of the nation you do get. A nerd on nudge to have your questions answered. I. These. Questions can be anything like Jeremy M asks. who was your favorite beetle and why? Urge Harrison George Harrison George. Harrison? He wrote he wrote songs. Yeah. Weaves. Something here comes the Sun Yeah. His album all things must pass was just oh, it's a beautiful album back. There is a great song. Sweet Lord. Is a phenomenal song. Also ordered film like one of our favorites Monty Python. He basically budgeted the entire or produce the entirety of a holy grail because he just wanted to see it. Doesn't get much cooler than that or do like the case offering go start though he's also. One of the few Beatles who didn't hit his wife which I like Oh one of the few you mean one of the three. Of the four what? No No. No. It was like him Ringo Paul and John both known. Got It especially fuck John. Other than sales I do like Ringo Starr and how how nice he always is bring a dog at the most fan mail. But all I just think of the Simpsons episode where Marge. Flashback and she a letter to him, and then she doesn't get the letter back until she's like in her thirties and she's like. This one thing that I wanted a child now has solidified something that I'm doing adults. So Kaelin does like the Beatles so actually like the Beatles but. There's sort of a backstory. Dime like now ashamed of as an adult. But when I was young I, I had a thing with I love music and I would like go drive hours with my friends to go see live concerts nauseates. No the So whenever I would go to a concert if I met someone and I learned their name for them as a person, then I would like remember it an associate them with their music and everything. But if I was just listening to if I was just listening to a CD or an album or something I would only want to associate the album art and the number of the song with the music. I didn't want to know what the look like on remember names were and didn't want to know the name of the song. So it's like one of those things where like the Beatles I like the Beatles. I like their songs. IHEART like I only know their name because it has been like showered on. Try Pop culture. You try to the celebrity out of it yes. So I don't really have a favorite beetle because I wasn't ever focused on them as people. I only ever focused on the music. Wa. Wait what are your favorite Beatles songs? Hey. Jude blackbird see like Paul McCartney. As a writer yeah, that's that's daynuss. Favorite. He writes all the poppy pretty love songs well, I'm about that. Shit. Yesterday. All right I mean. All. I also remain there. Lennon McCartney wrote those ones I also remember when Kanye West and Paul McCartney this song together and everyone's like. Paul McCartney is going to give them a career I'm like. Happens. Right next question. Next Question Comes from Black Devil Mamba Shoutout mounds garments Mama If there was a show book or video game, you can save from failure what is it and how would you save it? I've Constantine got to. Yes, the Constantine. TV show. I. Would you say? Air. Joint know why it Diet right because they why? Because so they shot in west and now it was highly marketed. They died in mid West town in the thing that really kind of came down to was when you shoot not in California because California's sucks tissue things other states will give you a tax credit. So Ak when you use services in employable. Your your company will get paid to employ people to do that thing. So the sound stays that they're using on swamp thing they flooded the sound stage to make an actual swamp. Yeah and it was like seventy feet deep or something that was a huge endeavor and they had a constructive from the ground up and then one like after they shot like five episodes of seven. Production found out like the state had revote what they were going to do, and so they're like, okay we'll actually that fifty eight, million dollars that we're going to say we're going to give you you're not know. So fucked their entire schedule and they and I think they're twenty episode season like will down to thirteen episodes or like ten episodes. and. They're like not feasible for same thing happened to Constantine concentrating I. think it die because of ratings. Constant, not swamping. Constantine Oh so I knew about swamp thing but I would think I would say the Constantine TV show it'd be the one I'd WanNa save you can't put on Friday you can't put it on Friday a better time slot but also. 'cause prompting was marketed Constantine was not marketed that well. It's one of the truth adaptations from the Comic Book Shop Boom Night who also had great conversations with about this. And if you it has one of. The most loyal fan bases. Quite released the Snyder cut loyal but pretty damn close like heroes level. Yeah. It's still to this. It's the reason his fan base for that. Constantine Show Matt Ryan Fan base. And that shows famous. The reason he was brought back for the legends of tomorrow and swamp thing because they know there is a fan base for it. They just don't know how to market show correctly, which is ridiculous. What you need to do is put it on something like. DC Universe or be oh and make it in R. Rated Show, and you'll have a huge fucking success in your hands in a positive light of it I. Remember like that was a big fan of era and I'm big fan of Stephen. L.. He's really fucking stand up dude and when the announcement of their cancel it, he hit facebook live instead like hey, if it's like, Hey, cw if we bring constant in then he can guest star on the on the show and Like what introduced him into the show guested on era in such a fucking baller move of like how powerful Steven Steven L. became on CW. Yeah. Like how Greg Berlanti and the rest of the team were just like. All right. We're going to do what the Audience Wants Yeah and Matt Ryan to be fair has gone onto voice him in in a few movies and animated movies school and he's I think he's kind of still tied to anything they might be doing next but. I know Guillermo wanted to do a justice. League. Dark movie with Matt Ryan attached but I don't know what happened that went into limbo. But that'd be my show I would save. To, say, that should be we'll see CDC Phantom saying Hbo Max do a do a dark series and have constant swamping It'd be great back maybe and Lucifer can fucking shop wants by and. Bring dead man onto that show please Boston's springboks builder. Yes. Please bring Dover on his Boston. Ceylan Josh. The the one thing that comes to mind right now is a video game that Korean I were actually a couple years ago really excited about overkills the walking dead by the same company that did payback payday We had a great time playing. It was a lot of fun but it just it. I I'm not sure what happened. Something happened in the release and it got pushed and pushed and pushed, and now I just found it on a list of like the worst commercial fails video games in the past few years and it's like it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun I would have liked to have seen it come to fruition. Yeah but it on sky bound entertainment revoked their rights ruling. The Game Yeah. So is available to play for three months. Skyvan said never mind. So they had to shut down servers. And overkill didn't have enough money to fight it. So that's what sex hail. Yeah. Is a great game. We played it at eighty three. It was a Lotta Fun yeah. Kaylin. I mean. The one Jackie Chan. Animated show. That's my answer. I mean I would want to be. hand-drawn rather than. CG. But actually the one I was thinking firefly. Okay I would. I would fix it. That's the thing that I'm not as sure about I. Mean they aired things out of order. There's like a lot of things that you'd have to like. Ret Con you'd have to recon stuff. Oh. Yeah there's a lot of things I would change, but it's one of those things where it's like. The there's so many things. To to adjust and shift around and put more budget in here and there, and and that kind of stuff that it's not like just one catchall answer of like I would just turn this switch sure dial or Knob or whatever, and it's going to be perfect. Now like you guys are much more entrenched in like the back end things to say that NBC. Airs the episodes of the right fucking order that would have helped probably. honestly I think Have someone else show run it. Have someone else show it would be probably the main one I got. I. Got. I got to Boy, hold on digested. You have a way to fix a overkills walking dead. Have skype not re tracked their rights. Yeah. Know that's the only way to pick out. Some people have skype a little bit because it was a great game that didn't need. You didn't need to change. It had a lot of. Remember how excited you guys were. It had a lot of potential and I think that check out the cinematics if you haven't seen him. Yeah. They had a lot of potential of in game mechanics that could have been really fun. But yeah, the only way to save it would would have been like them working out the rights. Numb a video game would be any of the sonic. Video Games. You fix it. Oh No. Make your like fuck in launch week or announcement date like three weeks after announced. That's coming out like the Hell's wrong with you. Out The games immediately I get it man I got fast but sometimes not doused lowdown baby just. Pule Glitzy walls, I'm saying. A show one show specifically game of thrones the last season. or just the whole show altogether. You know you have you don't and you don't mean how you fix it you take out at. You put a MIC G or Jeremy Carver. McKee the the the minds between behind US supernatural. Why? Because they have no qualms with running show for fifteen seasons? Yeah. So you may lower in quality but also got to flesh out your characters as they know how to write characters without source material. True. That or they just be like, okay. What are the audience which? Show owners again thrown didn't know how to do. That was their big deal just like we want to do star wars yet Dan you're still in this one baby shit stars will still there just watch things. And then. The last one will be Avatar legend Cora. How'd you fix that To. Give it a good. Like airtime. Eric off the air and just put it on Nichols website and it was super hard to find it. Yeah which. Asphalt's faults in itself like the show like. Withered into the hated security is ridiculous. The fuck boys who? Are Ruining Avatar D- Can go give up Camp Feeling strongly today I feel strong about that show I. Think it was a great addition and I don't understand I can't comprehend the amount of hate gets can figure it out I. think it's just like a sexist totally misogynistic thing I. think it did more to expand what Avatar? What the Avatar is than the first show. But the first show has a better quote unquote story are but then the second shows like arm exploring the world that you set up an in in a really wonderful way. So and did everything to your expectations I was like this is this is good subversion ice. All right. Last question last question comes from Spencer Shoutout. Suspense what Mt Faction do you identify with up to three colors? He has broken it down for US organization white curiosity Blue Self. Black emotion read instinct green, I have one. Here's the wheel go ahead corey. LEAD OUR ZODIACS WITH? Stories. Out of all of us Tom, let's start with Tom I think tom would be. White and black he'd be or off. It's a it's kind of an order and making sure that basically if no one else can do it, I'll do it myself. I was GONNA say just how I see the world in black. Of they tax their big thing is is in the RAVNA guilds is to tax people but the way the mechanics work white and black together it's It's kind of like. You sacrifice a bit yourself to gain a lot. Creatures kind of what kind of things are there in there we'll black Ken black is mainly vampires. They went vampires as well, but it's a lot of areas a lot of the way the black and white mechanic works is there's a lot of like whenever another creature dies gain one life in your opponent loses one life like if you sacrifice a creature, you gain all this life and they lose all his life and then when you gain life, they lose more live. It's. Sure that you're in control of what you do and no one else is really. and I think Tom is very good at that. Let's see. Tires. I guys. In Kaelin next I think caitlyn would be. Green. And Red Eye rule. I think it's a lot of like I'm GonNa kind of push through this and I'm going to it's a little. I don't mean this in a negative sense. It's a little chaotic energy like let's let's get this done. Barrel down and and aim for my opponent in just let's get through. A chaotic good energy for. and but you do you do have a very with with green energy. It's a Lotta select like making sure what you would be doing in it. What do you call it in magic as ramp, but really it's using the energy of of the to nurture. what you need. And you have been working really hard to do that with yourself making sure you get what you need to make sure that everything's good. So I think gruel read. Josh I think you might be our. Color. Yeah. I think white. House like Josh. White and red. Yeah I think. I think you would be boroughs. Because there with the Boroughs Legion has is there an army of of? Like basically order and passion. Emotion. They're they're basically like nights and guards of their towns in their people and they watch out for the people who live in the towns. and. They do respect order, but there's there's room for passion within that you can still be passionate and organized all at the same time I. think that's Josh. I think that's That's a very josh. And I think. I'll do all these since he's not here. Think. Would be. Always tougher. Green and blue. Cemex Yep. Motion on on instinct. How I mean it's all about. It technically in the revenue could. Biochemistry like they create creatures but but the way he meticulously works on graphics and when he comes to our meetings and this is a little peek behind the curtain. When he comes from meetings and he wants to talk about something he's working on he makes the most beautiful graphics we have. No reason whatsoever, no one's going to see him but us for that ten minutes in that meeting. It it for me. It's just like you can tell that he sits there and he works with it over and over and over again much like the simic work on creating their new creatures and evolving their creatures, and he's always trying to look for with our graphics. What's next? What's bigger with? What can we do? So I think that would be I think he'd be simic. Think he'd be Blue Green I. Think I would be. Read. I think I would be I think I might be a three color. which is red white and blue. The AS I. Do things a certain way I do have a emotional scale that. Can go up and down with red and blue I like to think things out. Like a maniac before I purchase things especially I will I think before I got my camera. I researched a for a year and a half I. Could about it? So then from taken. Just, I would just guy does is it's a lot of The mechanic in the actual game is when you cast like non creature spells, it's all about. Knowledge and using your. Basically, what you have in your gained more when you can Yeah. I think just guy would be or just blue and white. Always used to blue and white is what I use all the time the Nasdaq I like knowledge I respect knowledge sheet I'll tell you. The other day you told me to checkout, mono, green and interesting deck I don't have enough wildcards to get a a really solid stompie baby. Killing it but. I don't have enough wildcards to do it. So I did I found a budget one that's still pretty still pretty strong start playing and you'll get more goal gamma wildcards. MD Arena. Not sponsored. Hashtag it. That's my answer. All right. Well, I'm cool with that. Yeah. That's pretty pretty accurate across the board Nice Nice. Everybody home. Thank you so much for listening to Spencer Mamba and Jeremy Thank you for sending in your questions. Answer. What do you think? Yeah. Yeah. Because Spencer as a MTFG content creator. So check he is an aficionado and also on our discord do check out this court. There's always a lot of really cool conversations going on in their anywhere from Gosh gardening to food to commerce anime there's caused play. Now we finally added that but yeah, check that out on dot I o. backslash discord check out our patron do consider joining that because it does allow us to. Grow, does allow us to get better all sorts of really good stuff that comes with a lot of great benefits nerd on dot. Io backslash Patriae on stop by rate reviews wherever you listen it does help us to grow because we see that feedback and we take it seriously and it really means a lot to us when we get that positive feedback as it affirms what we're doing and we work really hard on this show and it's always nice. It's always nice to get that. That feedback from straight from the audiences mouth or keyboards. Warm Ho. Warm? Hug. yeah, that is it that has been on update. Thank you so much. You know the drill as always.

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"From a girl talk about goals with kevin used us. Well well well. It's time once again for sunday sermon. Yes it is indeed. I've already experienced a series of What would you say bad scenarios in this little office that we're recording today. So far i've managed to pull down the blind Intern hit cactus. Yes because that's the thing you keep here Which in turn with its long spangler arms hit a glass of water. So we're having so much good phone so far today that i need to talk about ghosts to get my mind off. The obvious curse. I'm under. I hope that you're all fantastic nevada. Great week here in the uk. We've started to relax lockdown laws of bit more so you may have seen that people can now go out and have a drink as long as it's outside and that resulted in carnage in liverpool. Yes it has everywhere is rammed like it's like there's no pandemic unlike. We walked around town yesterday. And i pointed out back. Backup ninety five percent of the people who were rammed into these places. These outside areas the under fifty now currently it's only the over fifties who've been vaccinated and there's a few people underneath who for whatever reason of vaccination too but largely it's only people fifty vaccinated so i think we're gonna head for fourth spike. Can i get f- earth. oh i'm spelling fourth backup but you get it so yeah. That's until look forward to. And also i seen something which i thought was only myth and folklore. Yes i did. We walked along the river. Mersey yesterday and i seen and heard about this happen. And i've seen youtube videos of the happened. But i didn't know it was genuine. Seen the seagull rob someone's ice cream only in liverpool baby only liberal yet. There was some pocket about four years old. like thanks for my call. Mommy look lovely swoop. Mom i've got no ice cream and it flew off literally with the corner side on an its mouth and then after about say ten foot of flying there was a big drop from the sky as a lump of the whippy. Ice cream had fell on the floor. So did they want the ice cream. They just wanted to be an auto so well done asshole segel's everywhere another one for the team. Actually video on youtube of a seagull going into greg which is like a pastry manufacturers like this l. pastas and. What else would like sausage rolls and stuff like that. There's a video on youtube of siegel literally walking into greg's through the automatic doors picking up a pakistan vinegar crisps flying off seriously. Check it out. And that's bill to we oughta eagles well here anyway. None of this is spooky kind of israeli if the eagles are it over. That's very spooky. Anyway before they do and we have some sort of avian leaders shall look at some things. I think we shall but before that of course we like to check what weird and wonderful things have been happening in the last seven days a little segment. We like to call quique in queered yes. It's a wonderful time of the week when we look everything. We had wonderful possibly paranormal and strange. Let's took place over the last seven days now. I'm taking today story from that. Wonderful magnitude of truth the daily star and. But it's a very good story and it's actually made me think made me think yes it has the and i'll tell you after we can we it of a story. I was told by an ex bandmate. But anyway i digress. So this says pub. Landlord fears ghosts haunting his snack. Van after hearing spooky voices inside yes. Steve pilling said his staff at the more top in stockport greater manchester too to get in the van. After a series of strange goings on including hearing ghostly sounds and cutlery moving by itself now this is literally a van. Like a very small van. It's not like it's a big wagon now. Apparently apart from the voices and the could move around staff have also been teddy fide by claims. The coffee machine has started up when it was switched off. Steve fifty six is now fed up of these areas at the pope. Says i never counted on anything like this sure from manchester. Another counted on it. I don't know manchester. The people speak a shortage. click next. Oh let me try to get a key thump. There we go. I never county done anything like this. Just wanted evanston to run smoothly for when we reopened one member of staff came after the first day and said she heard a voice whispering from inside but when she opened up there was nobody there. Then someone else took over the shift and said they'd been arranging some pastries when all of a sudden the cutlery flew in the air and ended up spread everywhere. I've already been a bit cynical about things like this in the past and took a look a few times endeavor. Thin seemed normal but then a third member of staff said as they opened open. The morning via the coffee machine burst into live. Mike it was grinding away. Only to find out. I had never been switched on all right accent wise. A steve is now trying to research the history of the spot where the van is parked in heated. More village stockport. Tell him whether it's possible. The area is haunted. Ooh he said it's not surprising. The staff reluctant to get inside the van with all this going on. But i tried to convince them that it must be some very good explanation for all that stake in place. Well there you go a haunted snack by now as you will find out after we can we when tell you my little story of a personal friend of mine. Maybe it's not the area that's haunted but either way that's been this week's mancunian. We weird. Obviously were backed by the way just in case. You didn't know but obviously a big apology to anyone. Who is an cuny. Thinks i don't sound like that kevin. That sounded like daphne from frazier and yes that's largely right. Took my inspiration for my mom cuny and accent. It's a strange thing. If you're like in the states or america or in europe you may not know this or you may know. This don't know there's allegedly while there is it's not even allegedly. There's a huge rivalry between liverpool manchester. Which is strange because we would literally be the same state we were in america. We'd all be fighting together but no thanks to football mainly apparently whatever each other's necks which as a musician you don't really find we're all quite polly. Rarely bought football. Ate each of our governor. He doesn't a cockney accent. Just throw that in the mix too anyway. My story so it reminded me this about the haunted van. Or he saying the guy saying is the area haunted. I don't think the area is home to. I mean it may well be but i don't think that's the case in this instance. It did remind me of a guy that joined our band. I started abounds after a. I was in collapsed. Sort things so. I was interviewing a bass player or dishing a bass player. If you don't use the pollens and it was nice. Lot returned to the rehearsal studios these children on his base. And as i tend to do when i meet with people. I would like to believe in ghosts. Let's goes immediately and he said funny. You should say that. Which is anyone who's interested in. Ghosts knows they're the words you want to hear when you say. Do you believe in ghosts funny. I should say that. Sit down let me tell you a wizened tail so he says bought this valley so about three months. He said that the guy in the garbage that you won't like what he bought it set of needs full disclosure wise. He said this is being fixed up after the crash. He said that's all he see you. Okay with that. As long as it's passed all checks yet and fine he said not only said. I asked him what were being done. He said that the entire top it being crushed rights. Put all that yet but the fixed it up. It's pastula's checks. He said anyway. He said the radio on himself. He said i keep seeing something in the back. As i'm driving round said i've genuinely thought somebody's open. The car door next to me said the monotone roundup headed click. It's been short. There was loads little weird things you were saying. It's definitely haunted. Like and i was like come. We spend the night in your own and you look at these and say i met you ten minutes ago and no you can't and it didn't work out. We had about two practices and he left. But i always wonder was his van halted. It did sound like it. And that's what makes me think about this guys want. Maybe it's like. I'll look into the area to see if there was monks. Hong here in the general woods ten years ago ten years ago hundreds of years ago. And i think maybe not. Maybe you're valid self. Might be you know just like my old bass player. A haunted the heck euler monstrosity. I couldn't think of a word anyway. So that's my little story scary though. Isn't it yes. I think we all agree. Now before we get into the story proper. I want to say a big. Thank you to everyone who's contributed to the show since its inception rarely. I've been thinking about this and it's only what it is now because of you who listen and it really is now. Don't say thank you enough so genuinely wants to say thank you to everyone who submitted stories it. Now or in the past everyone who's gotten through feedback or comments. Everyone's left the review. Sounds like a mentor in the show doesn't it. Don't worry i'm not. I'm not planning to anywhere. And obviously everyone who donates to the patriots. But i do want to say a big thank you to everyone. Always thank the patriots and rightly so but i don't give thanks to everyone who listens. That said. i do not need to say thank you to the patriots so big. Thank you as ever to our patriots. You literally occupan the show afloat for those who do not subscribe to patriot. Please be genuinely aware that apart from me record and at the only reason you listen to this for free on apple podcasts. Or wherever you're listening to a is because of patriots because they literally are paying now for the entirety of the podcast produced. So i think we all of them at debt of gratitude and when you do sanitation you get two extra episodes a week. You get walmart. I just waffle and try make you laugh and you get another. Which is a sunday which will be today. Which is all about the paranormal. And we've got a bit of an ongoing case with ghost woman. I think it goes to the seems to keep appearing in a back garden nearby. I haven't seen anything over today. But you know she tends to pop up your own recordings which is nicer but if you want to become a patron go to patriot. Dot com forward slash. We need to talk about ghosts and three wonderful people have done so this week and i asked about need to say thank you by the medium of song guitars out loud. That's proof and today. We have three wonderful patrons to say thank you to. we have. Peter would abby martin and barbara sinclair. And i think if you've listened to that. I hear it when i'm writing the song. You'll hear the automatic cadence of pete to would be martin barbara sinclair so. It's quite easy to write this song for those people who thank you you three wonderful new patriots the having such symbols. Wonderful names we go. This is gone. Yeah peter would be modern bothersome at bin laden. Bob keeping the show flow. Say thank you the most do modern. Baba's peter would be. Martin ended down wrong code and i. It was still seventh. However i think that we will all go to bed tonight singing knobs. That's a really nice catchy tune. So i'm also available for jingles by the way i'm not really they the guitarist down and safe. I always say that and then it slides over and crashes anyway. that's all redundant. Thank you very much to peter. Would at be martin percent so if you want to become a patron as i say you will get loads of extra content. Each and every week two extra episodes a. I'll be honest with you. That's a lot of content. There's about one hundred and thirty. Maybe episodes on their future going binge. Why don't you go into it and also supporting the show for everyone else harass a anyway. Thank you guys head over. The patriots dot com slash. We need to talk about ghosts and speaking of which shall we talk and we are back and we'll get in writing to go see stuff. Yes indeed we are. Let's jump right in no holding back boom. So i e mail today comes in from the marlena effect. I like it. And i do hope that you got your legal name. Yes i'd love to see your credit cards anyway. This is entitled my own haunting in connecticut. Hello kevin matt becker. I like it when people start. Include matt on the welcomes. It really makes day. So hello kevin. Hi hello matt why that could have gone to a cockney accent. I'll try again. hello kevin. Hello hello matt why. Hello becker. i've had so many experiences some pretty out that. Let me start by saying i am from the. Oh it's a tribe m. I gosh an apostrophe k. m. a. q. tribe now. I really don't want offend. Anybody is so. I'm going to go with me mccormack. That's how it looks like it's sound. I apologize sent. No offence meant of. It's not so. I am from the meek. Mac tribe and spirituality is a big part of my life and always has been since the jump. Now i am at enough means since the staff imagined. Imagine so this is the molina affect email my own haunting in connecticut. I seriously don't know where to start. Okay how about. When i was from the ages of eleven. We lived in a very haunted house in connecticut. Okay so we moved into an apartment which was a house with three floors. We lived on the third floor my cousins on the second floor and one lord and his wife on the first floor like most kids back in the day we will latch key kids when we came home from school alone. Lady will have my sister. And i come help her with whatever. She was cooking to sopa and she always baked his treats on one of those days. My sister would chasing each other around the table playing kind of like tug in the kitchen. There was a door to a bedroom that was always locked. But this time it wasn't so my sister's ruining after me and i grabbed the door up and become counts italian. It's this felt like slow motion because at the time. Merry yelled no but it was too late. I was opening the door when i phoned the door. Open the coldest co breezes wash. Pass my sister in enough air. That i'll look like someone tend on a fan for a second. Mary freaked out yelling garros. Oh my god oh my god. Do you know what you don't get out get out of my house. We were kids. We got scared and ran and ran up three flights of stairs crying. Our eyes out. We only opened the door. What's the harm in that. We never told on anything. Duck day until three weeks went by which my mom got a little suspicious. Because the rent was ju two weeks prior and they never came affectionate. Mom went down to pay but came right back up. that's we. She said they always make sure they collect the my sister and i looked at each other and we knew what the other was thinking. We have gift like most do when someone's close to them then. We told them what happened. She said put your shoes on. You're coming with me so we go now as a moment knocked on the door. No answer mome jiggle. The lock and it wasn't locked. These people always look back door even when they were home. This particular door is the door that led to the back stairwell on the kitchen. Mom opened the door and the kitchen looked exactly like it did. When there was cooking and baking forest the mixing bowl still had ingredients in them which were now rotten chicken. She had on. The palm was full of maggots from being left out. It was strange. They must have left in a hurry. All of their clothes were still in the closets etc. Whatever my sister. And i let out of that room that day made these people vanish. I don't know if they moved or rarely vanished but there were no longer there. I'm what even wieder is that. They never come looking for the rent for the next three years we lived there. We moved from the third floor to the second floor and all of us had so many haunted experiences. I have to leave right now. But i will tell you about them. Thanks for reading those fall. I love your show and was searching people that will listen to our experiences. So thank you so much. I've also experienced a very strange entity that. I'm hoping you guys can help me find others that have experienced it. But that's another story and it happened here in canada not in the states. Thank you so much peace out. I love you. All the molina effect now. Apart from that being blue mystifying and terrifying molina also says in there. She has so many other things related to talk about that. She's willing to come on the so i'm saying to here now. Melena get back in touch. We're going to have you on the show because the is just the tip of the iceberg. I can tell. Wow that's totally fine. What did you let out of that door. And you're gonna shiver genuine shiva so we definitely need to get you on the show and more into the depth of darkness. Yes we do terrifying not the so on next emails entitled the true crime. Paranormal history of my town. And it's from sean. Hi kath hi hi becker. My name is shawn. I love the show and recently became a patron off. Thank you sean. I live in the north east of england. And i wanted to tell you the true crime slash paranormal story about my ferry hill and my old school in the late seventeenth century. Very hill was the site of a tragic matter. Andrew mills seven boy killed his employees. Three children brass farm now high hill house farm in brackets. Which is now a health. Spa resort mills claimed did not commit the crime of his own volition and claimed something. Not of our weld told him to do it. A hideous creature like a fierce winds with red fiery is its two legs like those of us tag its body resembling eagle and was supplied with two enormous wings. Ultimately mills was sentenced to death by hanging on. His tombstone is still a nearby barrington. Cemetry which labeled him as a murderer at the time of his sentence his mother actually crossed out the word murderer on the stone and that can still be seen today. So that's the true crime parts of things now. The paranormal so high hill house farm is situated in the backdrop of my secondary school. Right in the top right corner of the field. Older kids pass on stories about the farm to first years. Like if you dare. On new year's day from thirteen times anti clockwise about the power of the windmill and the specter of andrew mills himself will appear and he will chase you with his blood stained axe. We had a since retired. Caretaker at the school will call him. Be who told stories of herring whispers early on in the morning in the school and he swears once he came into work and a number of books in the library would arranged on the floor. In the sacco formation there was always a sense of foreboding in the nearest toilet. Room and students have reported seeing the shuffle of small feet in old style clothing. When in a cubicle in brackets. I grant you. It could have been year. Seven's ha ha. I have more stories if you'd like to hear them. Keep up the great work. All the best sean. We would like to please. I am all for stories about giant wolf. Egli stacks making people commit matters. That's right in my wheelhouse. Please get your fingers to the keyboard and send me more stories in. And i think we all agree that that's what happened that terrifying. Thank you very much sean. Now sean. also and this is amazing. Provided a link to an article in the northern echo dot co dot uk which covers the details of the story. Now you know what it reminds me of. If you if anyone's ever seen the film the vich it's actually the witch but it's like two vs listen to this because this is the the true allege true as reported account of those matters and this guy's encounter with a demonic force. Listen to this. it's petrifying. I'm gonna put the music behind it like it's a genuine story because it is kind of fleshes out the story that shows your census. Now remember this took place in sixteen. Eighty three okay. So this is the embellished story. John and margaret brass. Were out to delay. Christmas party in ferry hill. They had some good news to celebrate the eldest daughter. Jane was about to get married. She was by all accounts quite a koch. She had jet black her ruby lips and was made temptingly beautiful by an audience of manners. Which tantalize the young farmers who spent evenings at l. house. It was she who andrew mills kill i. Mills was the seventh boy aged nineteen. Perhaps he was besotted with perhaps he was as most accounts. Say mentally insane when browsed a dangerous light flashed from his. Usually dole is on the fatal thursday. He was feeding the oxen when he had to voices in his head. Commanding kim kill all kill. All some versions of the stories say that the three brass children of which jane was the eldest but now the windmill a nut mills wielding an axe chase them through the fields to the farmhouse or the version. Say that they were already talked bad on that cold january night either way the territory place in the farmhouse jane and had brought the john seventeen and described his cheeky and somewhat is barricaded themselves in the bedroom of elizabeth. The youngest aged only ten but the wooden bedroom door proved no match for mills. It shook on its iron hinges. And then splendid jane bravely lakhdar against the door frame to prevent mills from entering but another crushing blow from the axe broke her arm and sent spinning to the floor. Mills best in and killed. Then he turned to john. They struggled until mills knocked him on the head with the axe. John stumbled to the ground. His skull fractured mills. Causes throat with a knife to finish him off. Poor elizabeth was sobbing under the bedclothes she had until now had a close relationship with mill. She would often be seen with him playing with toys or chasing docks around the yard in desperation. The ten year old had the presence of mind to plead with the. How would be mad or she offered him bread butter and sugar and some toys. A mills relented sped highlife and left the room but in the passage outside he encountered a hideous creature. Like a fierce wolf with red fiery. Is its two legs. Those of a stock. It's body resembled eagle and it was supplied with two enormous wings. It was this dreadful operation. The devil incarnate. Which with the most on krisztian croak ordered a rhyming couplets that some mills back into the bedroom to complete his terrible spree. Staring mills the devil spoke and said go back thou hateful rach resume thy cast knife. I long view more blood span. Not the young ones life and so mills returned and mad at the young girl. Mills was convicted of madder. Durham i reports at the time. Quotes the half witted creature. Gave no motive for his crimes beyond suggesting he don't all at the suggestion of the devil himself for this diabolical crime. He was sentenced to be hanged alive. There is that a very vivid accounts of how they punish them and tortured him. Which i'm not gonna go into on this podcast. No sirri. But i think that's amazing. I think it's beautiful. Well oh well. Oh oh whoa. Whoa when i say. I think it's beautiful. I mean incentive. A story and in terms of its darkness. I think Anything if you've watched the witch with two v.'s. Vich you'll know the kind of pagan beauty of this goat. God been like speaking all strikes burian and be like those dow have no pants on and things like that. And i mean in that sort of way. It's obviously a big nope and massively terrify the fact that you can meet the devil and he'd be like i'm going to tell you what poem it's going to make crazy on my god shown sincerely i love it when i find a story as old as the which. I've not been aware of in the past and i am not as marvelous. Obviously effing horrific bought marvelous. So thank you so much shawn forgetting took those titles of low and we are going to round things off this episode with an that may well progress and develop into alive. We need to talk about ghosts. Vigil yes i'm serious when things will die down from the naughty seaward. There's a good chance we're going to end up in this haunted home and doing an episode or an investigation. Whichever so this e mail comes in. Alice and it's entitled into very northern. Wei is my gaffe haunted. But that's not a cockney but you get rid me. So this is alyssa's email hey kevin becker. Hey i hope you both doing amazing. We're doing all right. go that far. Your podcast has been amazing. And it's helped me so much through the last few months while that's pretty humbling and thank you very much. You both amazing and everything. You do the dark. Paranormal and we need to talk about ghosts. And the we don't need to talk about ghost episodes great. I'm also sign against the patriots as soon as money is better anyway but thank you. You know i mean. I don't know what to do when somebody says. Hey your gray so you so you so so are you great to So anyway this is his email. I moved into this house with my ex in about may two thousand and nineteen. It's a small terraced house. Just outside of warrington town centre two bedrooms and a bathroom and the kitchen are all built on an extension downstairs. It's a pretty old house. And i think it was built somewhere between eight thousand nine hundred and nine hundred and ten ever since the first night. In the house we were both experiencing co-top corner of the phenomenon and seeing black shadows moving past us and they moved pretty fast we also both constantly felt like we were being watched from the top of the stairs anytime we were downstairs anyway. We both just kind of brushed it off and ignored it because nothing bad ever happened keys be moved before but we have two toddlers so we shoot. It must be one of them. Even though it will be uncharacteristic of either of them to be honest we never really spoke about it. Because it didn't bother us. We broke up in november twenty twenty a few days before my birthday. Happy birthday to me and she moved out shortly after. I'm still in the house now. An ever since. I've still been experiencing the same things from feelings but i've always smoked a lot of weeds so i put coats in the we'd feelings down to that however the last two months or so i've actually been able to see slash how people round again and brackets might depression. Last anxiety had been off the rails for a while. So i didn't really speak to anyone. And since about a few people round in brackets them. My support mobile everyone. Who's been round of all said they've seen black shadow 'cause they felt like that being watched and people are constantly looking around as if something is moving around a little side note which did freak me out for a few days. My dad came round to change some lights for me. We decided to look in the left. The wasn't anything there. Except an i key about which had a basically grey board with a load of what looked like photos of the virgin. Mary and things like that took to it. And after finding it i struggle to sleep for days like i said none of it bothered me and he still doesn't now. My friend leah was passed to come round in brackets last night. And she said she saw black shadows and felt the same things. I have and everyone else house. What really strange though is that since me and my ex moved in we never told anyone about seeing the shadows. Feeling watched not single-person new yet. Everyone has said to me that they've seen it. I've never told anyone. I'd love to do a ouija board or something can find out what's going on if you to come round and do something be my guest. I only live around thirty minutes outside of liverpool. I hope you have a great weekend. My story confuse you as much as it does me. Thanks for the most amazing podcast. Please keep doing it forever. Alice why you for the lovely sentiments at the end we hopefully will keep doing it rather but you know we'll have to become a more. I anyway back to your story. Oh my god. And i know that when you mentioned maybe i should do a lot of the listeners with judas. Dr wage bald. What are you crazy bought. And i'm being sincere here alice. If you're still abode. I'm sense in. This could be a halloween special. Because you know what that time will creep pretty soon and hopefully by then lockdown will be completely away in dome with you know it's meant to be meant to be completely by mid to late june a think so that july august september october. So that gives us around. Four months denser plan common round and do an investigation in your clearly haunted house. What the f. is that board about with pitches. The virgin mary on to me that would be. I would take to mean has lived there prior to you is aware that it's haunted. Death has sought some help. Some of these. You need to get the holy mother. Get some pitches stick into board and put it in laughed because they obviously a farmer. Thou- up but now that's terrifying. And i'm all about come around to investigate once we're able to do so so this is an exciting show isn't it. We've got some actual movement on the call and potential investigation to go to so. Thank you magnificent. Thank you each and everyone who sent singer stories this week. Don't forget if you have if you're sat on a story or you want to come on the show and actually discuss it. Drop me a line. And the email address is contact. Talk about ghosts dot com and i will either read it out or get you on the show to discourse so. I think that's everything for this week. Don't forget if you're a patriot. You can hop over there now. Pay dot com folks. We need to talk about ghosts and you will have this week's paranormal episode. We're going to look so it's an interesting one. You know when people put on twitter famous people on twitter or people with good followers. Hey what's the scariest thing you've ever experienced and people then started. Say it's this is. We're going to them in. Some of them are downright terrifying for whatever you fit one hundred forty characters. Yes short sharp snaps and bites of jeter any. Who if you don't patron ask until then take care of yourself. And each other copyright generally springer mid ninety s dialer and just all around a nice person get. What's the daca from by the to say. I'm sure you will be a nice person. You don't need some great idiots of bills on his. Do so fucking kevin. You needed our web this off. Thank you kevin. I will guys taty by.

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Ep. 52: Rachel Wall Teaches Me About Periodontal Classifications and Claims

Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan

53:46 min | 1 year ago

Ep. 52: Rachel Wall Teaches Me About Periodontal Classifications and Claims

"The welcome to nobody told me that your source for candidate business talk and stories. Your host is speaker and author. Theresa Duncan sit back buckle up and hang on hi everyone. We are back with another episode of nobody told me that and I love having my friends on always always you guys now. I have another one that I found out in the wild and said you need to come on the podcast and I just love her so Rachel Wall is here from inspired hygiene. What's up Rachel Theresa? Thank you for having me on the PODCAST. I have been bugging all my friends to come on the podcast and Rachel finally relented so on the house and you can see our rhythm here. It's going to be a fun podcast here. So first of all we are in this virus Cova time. What's going on in North Carolina? How's it going in your state? I think it's good. I think we're actually starting to see a lo- flattening of the curve as they say and our say at home order was supposed to lift today so it was in place March. Twenty six supposed to live today. I haven't checked the news today. I don't know what the state of that is but I wouldn't be. I think we all just assumed this. GonNa go a little bit longer. So that's where we are right now. It's beautiful weather is amazing which has been such a blessing. Kerala able to get outside but yeah I think I think we're we are elephant. Charlotte are schools They haven't announced it yet but I think they probably won't go back to school for the end of the year. Just kind of trying to ride this thing out. And I think by prediction added start hiking. Like we have coaches. That are all over the country but we decided we want to start a fool. Office offices pregnant pay the day in the weight and all of that like burning pit. We're going to pick the day that the dentists are are allowed open in the near North Carolina again. You guys are going to be listening to this probably in July crazy but I am a month. I think dentists will be open mid mid-may here. Okay all right. So mid-may prediction where stay at home until June tenth here in Virginia Asahara Dot it's crazy but the recommending April thirtieth to go back and that's what all the Virginia offices are doing but I don't. I'm sorry I don't believe that I I'm with you with mid-may but you know throw me in at may twenty fifth about that. Okay but my neighbor the pool right around Memorial Day right around Memorial Day you'll have one aspect barbecue and your back into it. I think so days you might WanNa take a kid for maybe twenty six okay so so let's go ahead and hop into it so it's crazy crazy times but in all of this last year something came out while I think it was even two years before but something came out that know a lot of offices were in the middle of implementing and some even discovering some office. Still know about it and I've been wanting to ask you to do a session for my listeners. Where you kind of explain it. And that's the new guidelines from the American Academy appeared on talent. I believe the World Congress of Yes holiday or something like that. It's like the big body right. The big imperial body a lot of my listeners may not know about it so if you could explain that and then I wanna get into more of the advanced which is what are we doing with that in our practice. Because I don't want people to lose sight of this with all of this Kobe stuff. It's going to be so important documentation. Why so what is it? What THE HECK WHY. All of that stuff yes. So actually I WANNA address in. You just said before we get into that. That's Katri says I've have like okay so it's a really busy when we go back to work and we sanctions knocking down doors and you and I have some different opinions about whether or not that's GonNa be the way it is we'll see you know. Do we China short hygiene time game in and like not do our periods. Aminov hat in my my response to that is a really allow like Keating. No do not abandon your diagnostic duties. Do not abandon that. Like keep your systems in place. Yes it is in a little bit different but please take these things in place he does. Your patient's still deserve expected that you are doing a very thorough hygiene visit and that includes more than scaling right that includes the medical history review the oil hanser freeing the period screening there was sort of screening all of those things that give your patient that ultimate hygiene experience and also by the way it drives treatment into the practice right. I mean we're there to care for patients and identify sees. Treat it so if we're not buying it in recommending treatment than we're not serving our patients at the level we should nor are we so. Please don't do not abandon your diagnostic style. So the A. P. so this world congresses that the American Academy Period Oncology the and the European Federation of period oncology so they came together and created this new classification so most. Us remember the taste types from a long time ago or the class tides right class one class two early moderate beginning aerial all of those things and there certainly are. I don't know what the stats are right. Now but if I had to guess I'd say probably twenty five percent of practices or actually employing this you classification system right now. I do think it is important that we all moved to and it's a process right. It is a process in. It's a learning process and I love being able to see to administrators as well as team members and owners about this because it's always as with everything we got. I'll be on saint hate and Siegen same language so the untraceable put all this in the show notes. That what I want you to do is go to the AP's website. Which is Harry Dot Org? And I'M GONNA WALK. Everybody through can't see this right now but. I'm just GonNa Kinda verbally walk you through this that you're gonna go to various dot org slash twenty seventeen ww DC and. This is your headquarters for everything about this new classification system and there are probably twenty papers here that if you're having a hard time sleeping this is your solution and I'd like the South because I'm a nerd No but you don't have to read all the favors I want you to. Kinda scroll down lower into this page and there's a couple of things down. One says download will practice resource. The chair side guide to carried on titus stage in grading absolutely need that one download and print that out laminated for all of your hygienists and then the other one. That's really great. Isn't the bottom. It says disease classification. Faq's that one is also super helpful. And really answer a lot of the questions and we'll go through some of those two essentially. I believe based on the information that I have heard from an. Ap There's a video on here. That's actually pretty helpful. Kind of you know the behind the scenes and why they did this. But what I gathered is that this was a leading an update in the nineteen. Ninety nine was the last time we have gary classification system. Put in place that that long. Yes yes so. It was time right. We need to something new improve and I also think that with the oral systemic connection in our knowledge of that now they really wanted to include some risk factors right that were outside of the dental round that influence on tinus disease onset and also disease progression and also response to treatment the other thing. Yeah Rachel images break in here so is that in response to US realising all these different links to all these diseases and you know the risk factors that come along with diabetes and obesity and all that is that why they had to change that. I think so. I think they just wanted to make sure that we were taking those things into account and before the state the classification was really just. What are we looking out today? What is this station? Look like today and what attachment involving how. They lost what teeth they lost. Why do we think they've lost his teeth? And that's how we're going to classify that patient didn't really address like a prognosis or halide accepted patient to respond to treatments in. This new system gives us a little bit more right okay. Great Yeah I think another reason why they did. This is to have a language the a little bit more understandable to the lay person to the general so you think about staging disease staging. That's something that we're all fairly familiar with right if he ever had anybody. You know In your life that's had a serious illness cancers the one that always comes to mind right and they say this is stage four than we know. That is very serious right. It's GonNa require treatment and also we know that the prognosis is a little less certain with certain types of treatment than if we had caused this disease intrigued at stage. Two for example. So I think that's another reason why is because I think the general public understands that and I think that is something that we can kind of? Translate that to win caution. Certainly you'll want alarm. Patients were saying United Stage for all disease the arenas but you know we say you know you think about stage four cancer like we don't know that we can make that direct comparison but I think there is some language around landed. You might have heard. You might be familiar with the term stage when it comes to disease progression and so now we're using that similar terminology when we're looking at this the state of your health and disease so Rachel. That's something that I think would need some coaching. I mean like I even have to sit around and think on how the admins should approach to scare the patient so if you come up with any really good language on that in the future could you let me know and I'll definitely pass it on because you're right we don't WanNa scare them and you say cancer and people just kind of like forget it. We just gave them the worst news. Even if it's not true you know even if we're just making a comparison yeah okay good. So I didn't think we'd be aware of that. And we're continually evolving with this. We've developed some worksheets that we share with our clients. That makes this easy. I I want to work on something to eat a naked more simple because this is the only downside with this is that it can get complex at necessarily so it can get unnecessarily complex and confusing in in we over. Think it right for working on informing Frank Assemble Bible process. I guess it would get even more confusing to if you've got multiple providers that maybe see this in a different light. I mean I think the goal was to make it uniform so we have one guideline but I still think it's open to interpretation depending on the the clinicians I guess point of view were aggressiveness. I guess as is through with any type of diagnosis of dentistry. Right in it. You know there are Fossey's and wind into sees an A cavity on. Muller and says okay. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do a d. in the other sense no. I would never do an Emoji offering more. I'm going to do a crowd right to strengthen latches in. I'm not here to say what's right or wrong. In that particular instance. Everyone just has some different interpretation. That's GonNa be still going to be true. And we'll get into some of that as we concept into that. So I'm GonNa do kind of basic introduction to this great so the first page. When those that downloadable guide the first page is linked to be your staging. Hey this is of your table. Where guide you to the stage of period on of the patients. In one thing that you won't see on here's you won't see that it mentioned it will give you a parameter around bleeding because we're only staging grading patient if they have active period. Ozzy's so in period they're gonNA be bleeding leading our sign of active infection. You're not gonNA be staging and grading in my opinion. You're not going to be stage in granting a healthy. Hacia this these patients music is what I ask. Okay so somebody comes in healthy like me. Yes so I'm not gonNA have any any stage written in my notes. It's going to just say you know healthy tissue and all that kind of stuff. That's something that I don't think I realized I thought every patient was going to have some sort of stage. That's okay that's big. I didn't realize that okay because the staging really based on the amount of attachment lost the patient has experienced so this is the stages where were looking at. What has happened in the past? Where is the patient now? What has happened in the past? That's led them to the disease state that they're in right now okay so it is mostly based on attachment loss. They're looking at three things. Severity right one is the severity of attachment loss which often translates to Beaumont. This is this is the second get really we get in the weeds especially with clinicians because we talk a lot about like all wear destitute where the tissue originally attack when we don't know where's the tissue attached now. Well it's dark. Wholesome still don't really so the severity appearing on US might have a different opinion. I'm I'm giving you mine as an educator. In in coach of pottery we establish this practical use of this thinking ingredient. So the first thing that we teach is if you do A complete screaming. That should include charting recessions. K. and one of the things that administrators can look for and you can cite inspired hygiene and you can share this podcast with your clinicians is because I did this. For years and years and years because probing very tedious and time consuming and then going back to measure recession and probation ambling and mobility and press and all those things it is very time consuming and it is very detailed. So do you have to go back so you do the the program. This is where I don't. I think US administrators are like what the heck happens back there. So you do the probing. Do you go back. And Chart The for -cation and all of that or denying it all at the same time it depends if you had a voice activated charting system. You might be able to do some of that at the same time but typically and even with that you might go back because it makes a lot easier to go back in Athens. Typically what most Denison do particularly if they're charting by themselves right like they're measuring entering into the computer is they will talk at depths. I usually they might plug into bleeding if the bleeding is immediate in happens right then. The typically going to go back and add. Some of these other things are going to add for patients and all that what we teach is at least once a year that whole complete screening should be done right at least once a year and from a benefits point of view what I teach in classes and this is good for your or your clients to know is that the carriers are looking for complete pro being to be at once a year like if you send it in for scaling replanning. Rossio surgery and it's not within one year. They're not going to approve it. So that's another reason you don't want to be insurance driven but insurance friendly and if this is a standard appear anyways we should be doing it absolutely and then only alternate you may discharge bleeding improving right. Leading is our sign of active infection. Probing easiest easiest easiest see changes right between bleeding improving only alternate. I would suggest Attorney you know bleeding improving and again you might have healthy patients that have wanted to me. Poppy tests and no leading anywhere and those patients. You'RE GONNA attempt once a year unless they have some type of health events that your so. Let's say we gathered all that information and we've identified. The patient has recession. So if you imagine you're looking at a all charting and you see to number three on the facial in right in the center of that facial image is three that's indicating three millimeters of recession. But what what? I did for years and years but now recently with US needing to document much wrongfully to basically prove the case of the Aussies we as hygienist really need to be charting that three millimeters assuming that remillard. There's a three millimeter van of recession on the facial. We need to be charting that on the digital facial enemies. You'll otherwise what it looks like. Is it just looks like? There's a really thin narrow for patient events on the direct facial of that too but if we're seeing a band of recession we need to be charging in all those areas of pace it up just one little tip that. I think is going to help win. We're looking at attachment floss. No that's great. Yeah that's another clinical point that we don't we don't know so that's interesting about the Bandon. Okay great thank you if you see that and you see this recession that you can immediately go to this first line of staging grading staging table. Would you have printed out right? You'll have show this insurance and you can kind of go along with us. You're going to be at least see in this area of greatest loss so I'm looking at. What is the two that has the greatest amount of recession? All right here. I have one that actually has four known years. Then that's GonNa put me immediately that sage to sage to Harry Titus. Then I'M GONNA be looking down at some of these other after sage. Three now includes they've lost to to inherit on price right. That's an shift into a higher stage and then really look at complexity or these local factors. That's where the pocket gets of comes in and so you're just kind of layering layering. The evidence for died for diagnosis right. So we're Larry hormone meters of recession. That means they have that much attached on. That's easy to see their if we don't have recession then we have to go to this next piece of the staging which is looking at radiographs phone loss. And almost doing a measurement of that and bass work is really in my opinion suggestive. Because we're looking at an image and we're not really seeing the whole picture yet Afridi image. I think it's GonNa be a whole lot better and some type of measurement tool but this is where we have to start kind of measuring radiographic ball loss so another piece Teresa. Just to to your your teaching. Is Your X. Rays have to be diagnostic? Colony in view cannot see the bone loss the bone level on the x Ray than that extra is not diagnostic quality. You got to take a different view. You've gotta take vertical might wing or you've gotta take on. Opiates are ideal for a measuring. Bom Off but there are some patients that have had so much Wasa. We're never going to get in on it so we've got to reveal that somewhere regatta. Sure that somehow so if they have recession it's GonNa be real easy to to see that task loss if you don't have visible recession than we're GONNA need to look at the X. Rays in it gets a little bit you there but we that's one of the things that teaches how measure and you can read on this chart. How they they tell you. So you're gathering all of these things together to figure out what stage they go in and then at the very end. The hygienist is looking saying all right. This is localized or generalized disease. Or do I have a molar incisors pattern? This was temple in what we used to call early. On Saturday juvenile disease right where there was the interior the incisors and the first molars were affected services. Localized disease is generalized disease. Or is it a molar inside incisive pattern and then you staged that patient so with generalized? Just WanNa be clear. Clear to the people listening. Generalize you see it throughout the mouth. Localized as you see it in one side or maybe to you know what I mean like. It's it's not just explaining it. It's not all over the mouth. So the Muller Siser. That's something that I'm pretty sure. None of my people are aware of that. What what that means though is those are the teeth are those particular are going to show the? Perro faster or is that what that is yes? And I'm GonNa say it depends on population some. You're GONNA see that more than others. It's not something that I saw that often in my career but when you see it it's pretty obvious. Yeah 'cause there's everything looks fine on the x rays and all of a sudden. They're these vertical defects around the molars and the interiors. Typically that is a sign of unaggressive type of Okay great thank you all right so this point now. We stage the patient right here in typically stage. Two three or four is where we're going to start treatment. There is a stage one but this is kind of tricky because we're looking at one to two millimeters of attachment loss. This might be your patients that actually you're GONNA be treating while say trio gender bias here people really. They should have no attachment loss if yeah. That's true yeah. We'll say that. That sage one is a little tricky because this nation has one millimeter attachment loss that we see on the x. Ray and less than four millimeter pockets. Like a really gonNA be pretty not patient into the on planning. Probably not but if they bleeding. We need to address the bleeding. We need to figure out what the issue is and how to give that now has anytime. They're fleeting there's inflammation so the same student three or four typically where we're moving patients into some paranoid there the next stages grady so grading is and. I'm GonNa read the strength from this. Abe Document grading aims to indicating appeared on Titus Progression Responsiveness. Santer therapy and potential impact on society health and so this is where it takes into account. Local deposits like hard and soft deposits. Capless takes into account pages that are smokers that have diabetes. And how old are they and how much Beaumont have they have like? How rabid does it appear the disease as they advise us to start all patients at gravy so get gravy is a moderate rate of progression? Which is what would be typical right what we typically experience. And then you've got to look at these different factors decide if you're gonNA move them down to a great eight which is a slow writer progression or if you're GONNA move up to see which is a rapid rate for and several talking about progression meaning healing progression meaning getting worse which which Progressive Disease Progression. Which means the disease continuing to progress. And Okay okay continuing to progress but this also staffer in like it gives us clues about how this patient might respond to treat you which still goes back if I treat them they still gonNA for Russia. There's two things are primary criteria which is their bone loss and there's this whole like formula of the percentage of bone loss divided by their age. Honestly that gives a little convenient so we say I know skip down to the to the modifiers and the modifiers are smoking diabetes. I think in the future World Federation will add some other modifiers so there might be at overall like medical conditions that might be modifiers might affect disease progression. I think will probably add some of that but the ones right now are smoking diabetes. So we assume everyone's in be in our trying to prove that they go to get? Afc If they're not a smoker and that's one shift over to a if they smoke greater than ten cigarettes a day which I think is a half a day they slip more. Is there ten secrets and Mush? Have no idea so greater than ten cigarettes a day. So let's say greater than a day. They're immediately going up to ride. See if they have diabetes and HBA ONE C is greater or equal to seven. They immediately go to a C. So that means that we're either asking for that. Hba One C R. We're measuring it ourselves. Is that something you're recommending to your clients that we get on that that we do in office ourselves. We have not gotten to the point yet where we are strongly recommending that only just because we're still research wants the best way to implement. Vinson where all the laws around this? And how do we? Yeah but I think I think it's a great idea and out of at the very minimum anytime you see diabetes on medical history always at every visit. Ask what was your last day. Onc- and that patient should know that number if a true if they don't know the number then either their physician just said. Oh you're fine. You're great tell them. And they didn't ask or they're not being closely monitored so if they don't know it this is another way for you to help empower your patients as a healthcare provider. Say this is really important. Your oral health. So next time you go to your physician ask them. You know they're going to do this. Hvac tests the blood tests. And this is something that a diabetic should have done about once a quarter right. Yeah patient have this done about every three nine in. It is a snapshot of how well their blood sugar told over. The three months sounds is more accurate than blood glucose like taking today. It's it's not shot of overall so those agents really should be under seven agency. What we say. When you're looking at grading you're grading that they should just jumped out to be sprayed modifiers and ask yourself about smoking diabetes. That might immediately ship them up to a seat. Then the next up the charge is local platinum calculus if this patient has less lacking calculus than you would expect to see based on the amount of Moss. You'RE GONNA move them over to see right. Which there're going into more of a rapid rate of disease progression if they have less. I'm sorry they had a lot of hard and soft deposit but they thought you know early loss. Haven't been to the dentist in ten years. There probably have a slow rate of progression. So that's kind of a an easier way to grade patients so we're giving them a stage and grade and that should go in their clinical notes. So the grade will change over time at the stage does not unless you do a reset like do you do another comprehensive evaluation in a little bit? How do you rate question? Yeah Okay thank you question. As we use this more and more it will be her more clear but yes I think the great is are likely to change because the great the affected by things like or hiding better arrangement of diabetes quitting smoking. I mean those are three things obviously right now you know that we can see that affects the progression of their disease now. They can't change the amount of bone that they lost so that will still be there and remember with patients repaired all maintenance one of the reasons why carried on maintenance is so important in it is different than rosy is because these patients are at risk there at a much higher risk for relapse so when you have a patient that has gone through and even at a moderate rate of of disease progression based on this charge like they're higher risk for that disease relapsing then. A patient data center fielder lives right a healthy. Haitian definitive I. This is something that I you and I have talked about over the year. I mean we've known each other a longtime over the years we've talked about this the the fact that if a patient comes out and says that didn't feel any different than my regular. That's a big red flag to me that there's not a lot of education going on. It's actually kind of a pet peeve for me because at the front. We shouldn't have to explain the clinician with the clinician. Did I mean I just WanNa say if you have a High Janice to say this but if you have a hygienist in your patients always walking out saying that then they're not doing what Rachel saying which is evaluating them properly based on their disease and that to me is not a good way to provide hair and so I would say yes and an alternate way to think about that? Too is his as providers we have to believe in the value of the service from providing patient will so perhaps the hyginus the hygienist or hygiene team in your practice. If that's what you're experiencing than haven't had the opportunity to have someone facilitate a conversation about what is the value of Almeida's because they have just gotten hot in rented through the schedule every day and it's like okay. I got another patient and with this one. I'm going a little bit. Deeper and improving are going to be will diva but other than that. It's it's pretty much the same. So they're believing it's the same because they believe they're very thorough. Was the protein anniverary relative here maintenance. So it's one of those things not being able to force for the trees. Sometimes you gotta take a step back and say okay. Let's just think about as providers. Is there a difference between how we are currently doing a of maintenance in how we are currently doing and the answer might be now in which case? There's not a difference in value so then you have to really identify. How can you make this to services different? Is that something that you've had you've had to catch has ever really really. Almost every client is because they get into that debate of maintenance alternate like what do we do? I'm like okay so time out like less I I I. I M to coding manual. Like read this redesign script Bridgen. Read this Hoodie. These are two different procedures. What stands out to. You Is Different Right. Because we're billing according to the coats and what we do so then we just have to start all over as what is included in hearing all maintenance what is the value in here. Almeida. So part of the value is more imperial screening charting right so that asked me down. That's the whole point. Rating RIGHT RIGHT IS MONITORING. But also accessing some residual artists is gonNA be anxious that curve. GonNa be at a state of health but they still have a residual five. You're five guests and it takes more expertise in. I'm the work to get down into that target. Now be healthy. So now we're don't we? There's a whole other set of conversations about around window. We reactivate appeared on maintenance patient right. They shouldn't ban active disease in multiple areas. You shouldn't feel the hygienist. Feel like they have to treat all that in a apparently there is a point of patients. Need to go back to hear therapy. It's unfair to the hygienist. I mean ergonomically all of that so I get absolutely I have a question about. The grading factor does dry mouth play in all of this. Is that listed in any of the literature like if they have it from a different different. You know the medications for other other things. Does that factor in anywhere our have to go back through honestly and look a little bit closer at some of the papers that were written about all this But Dry Mao so active prayed all diseases. It's a bacterial infection. So they're still has to be bacteria and a susceptible host and so even if they have dry mouth if they have active disease. We're still gonNA classified the same. It could be a modifier. Perhaps it just hasn't shown up almost grading scale yet that okay. No I like that because I I've always wondered about that I have. My uncle actually has really bad. That sometimes goes straight into burning mouth in. It's just always it's it's I'm sending him bio teen or you know telling him to go find it when he can. And that's it it's painful. I didn't I've never known anyone with burning out than so it's horrible. It really is okay so we have the patient. That has been graded. Where do we go from here so to answer your question about? Do we do this here? Yada yeah if you're seeing changes in the patients in their. You know these things that we talked about that hun affected disease progression. He certainly could change their grade. You're not going to have an the FAQ document that I talked about earlier is going to answer some of those to direct from the A he. So you're not gonNA for example you're not gonNA have one part of their mouth. He Stage three in another part B. A stage four or taking the worst areas and where densify state face on that area and some yes. I think you'd probably could if they had some type of regenerative treatment. Maybe they might go down a staged unusual for them to have generalized. You know less. Have some type of laser procedure. That's GONNA create some type of new bone growth and things like that. I think you might. They might go up in a stage. They might get worse. Like let's say you use stage patient today and they did not do treatment and they come back in a year they could absolutely he had a higher stage of Oak. That's a great example. Okay good thank you for that okay. So you staged in greater the patient. Now you're GonNa be depending on your practice philosophy. As to what type of treatment you're recommending. I think one thing that you might say. Hey if we get a patient. That's this stage four. Then we're referring to the that could be. It could be. Hey we have patients stage three or four. They're going to go in for laser therapy program. You know when we're looking at the grading and we're seeing their smoker and they're diabetic. We're probably going to need to have some other Johnson decides just basic feeling replay. Right we're GONNA need to pull some other tools our tool belt because no this nation is at risk for rapid progression of this disease and their immune system is suppressed or the Agitated Immune system is compromised because of these other factors. I don't know if you track this or not but anecdotally the the office that you're working with the do the laser assisted perio. Do they find better healing? Like are you seeing that? I mean what what your opinion on that? So in my mind there couple different camps right. There's one that is the like laser assisted surgical procedure that the dentist do and there are couple lasers. I think that are afraid to do that. Procedure right now. Yeah absolutely. We've seen very clear. Clinical evidence that there can be done regrows and there are some parameters around what makes that for Gigolo seizure effect for example. The procedure is a one that really is is works best when patients treated at the most infected saint so you wouldn't do scaling Nonsurgical scaling route planning before you do that preceded tank. That's a certain type of Laser then there's the other type of laser which is which is like a dial laser where the hygienist in certain states can actually use the laser to kill bacteria and on a detoxified pocket in some instances That granulation tissue and things like that and I do think that I think all the ad him patient advantage in viewing you know whether it is some local antibiotics laser of Harry protect try. I think all of them are an advantage. Just did they work in different ways and they have different term results but I do think because there are some bacteria that are very easily easy to disrupt the Hockett and there are some that get embedded in the soft tissue and are resistant to scaling refining. And meet some other modes of Atlanta Tackles for my administrators out there. I mean she's talking about bacteria infection and that's why it's really important for to understand that because we tend to think they just have gum disease or you know they have to have scaling reclaim we kind of say that without understanding it. But there's actual infection going on in there and cleaning out that pocket. Disinfect damning these are all terms that we use when we're trying to make someone healthy so it is totally an infection and I am always fascinated by all the bacteria you guys have to deal with like there's PJ Valez and there's what does that Muthana Start Mutations and all that kind of stuff and one of the most fun classes I took was. Oh Gosh way back. In the day way. Back in the day betsy randle about all sorts of you know all this bacteria and stuff and I just remember thinking ooh All. That's in the mouth you know. Here's the thing is in the mouth but we have science that showing that it's traveling to all these other parts of our bodies right. It's been found in the carotid artery in the uterus. You know with patients that are pregnant in the synovium fluid of joints like this bacteria when there is acting infection traveling and in is causing all kinds of issues another device and so yes and so it's a Ford Dan. Clinicians are creating the sense of urgency that the administrators carry that through right to their conversations insensitive urgency and then though it will creating the sense of urgency patient. You read my mind cause you deal with this right so so if you don't have those places blocked in the schedule and you're telling people that they've got a serious infection and you're like okay. We'll see you in two months like what did you just do. You just shot yourself in the foot with that you know. The patients like what must not be that important. You must be a fan of the reserving spots for that in fact we do that with our clients before the ever goes into the office. We try to help them prepare their schedule. You know. Once they sat we help them establish a really clear to call maybe patients into treatment. Then they're going to need some water participation so we yeah. We help them free. Plan the simple and you know and I hear all the time well. We don't have the time to expand. We don't have this. We don't have that and if you don't have the room to expand than you're at capacity if you're on a lot of PPO plans that's a sign that you probably doing okay and you could probably drop a few and if you have extra room. Maybe it's time to get another hygienic. And then of course I hear Dr going to want to do another. Check la the but you you walk them through. Why how they can do it without feeling. Run A ham stress and there are different ways to do that. You know you can expand the casino. Your existing raging team by using a high level DOLE assistant in really savaging team to hiding. You can add another hygienist and make sure that they are trained to your philosophies and and think of it too. We always think that exam instead of thinking of it as an interruption. In his right. This is an opportunity for mutable. Trusted the patient for huge Keith patient. You're Baptist long-term and it's an opportunity for you and your full densify weeds. That's one of the patients there. Utah identify if they have any treatment needs. I know that they think of sometimes. There's an interaction but it really is an opportunity to for practice. It is yeah indifferent dentists. Of course. We'll have it. Depends on their mood right. If this right before yeah his right before lunch. And they're hungry. They're like all really you know so I I get it. It's it's not the end back there and doing that. And that's why I love being able to bring the snapshot of what's clinical a front and more and more we're finding front office team members don't have clinical experience. You know I think back in the day it was easier to take a break and go back there and see what's going on and the people I talked to they don't have time to breathe upfront. So it's it's kind of. We're in a BIG HAMSTER WHEEL. So yeah and there certainly is a point at which the might be checking humane doing too many hygiene chats in which case there are ways also to structure the schedule to you know around crime time when a dentist is not. GonNa be you know. Have step away from hair. You're in other times where you can have more high tech. It went well in some states. Allow you to not have a hygiene check at every visit or a dentist evaluation on every visit. So if you're not sure about that in your state you may WanNa check to near the patient's healthy. Maybe they don't need to see the dentist every time they come in that same some time and I think this really goes back to the conversation. We were having not just before we start recording but at the very beginning where you said we really need to pay attention to the timing of the how much time we spend because our patients going to be asking a lot of questions and I'm really worried that you're gonNA have dentists and hygienists burn out quickly because they're not going to take the time to spread out and and really make time to dig into the P P talk and you know all of that stuff. I think there's going to be a lot more conversation about P P than people exit. You're speaking of now back to the cove and when we reopen and that her thing. Yeah sorry I took an off is where you're don't want that and you now always so here it. Just be completely transparent. Here's my mind is hustling into one is. We're to be more time because patients questions and they're gonNA need reassurance and I think they need once we get whether he we're going to need I think we need to take some pictures of ourselves on social media and show. Our patients will run. They need to know what it's GonNa look like before they come into the office if at all possible right. If you're going to have a screening station they need to know that. That's going to be saying you can classic patient even if they're not in your office they need that from you so yeah. I do think that one part of our line is going be a little more time. We're just GONNA be chatting a little bit more to honestly. Because when did you do during the quarantine doesn't pay was happening? It's just GonNa be some that and our patients have been a need that from us and then the other part of our brain is like you've been shut down for two months why we gotta keep. This isn't viable in the revenue going and save up to perhaps for the first two to three weeks. You do schedule a little bit more time and you might have to right. There might be buffers between patient. That's probably something that's going to be in place when we open is that you know it's GonNa be tricky for some of these. Large Group practices that have twenty off minimizing the number of patients. And Are we going to know? What is this facing a look like we might have to have some of that anyway? So what that means then is. We've got to be really diligent with our diagnostics and making sure where dinner buying patient needs in presenting treatment to divest of. I do worry though that after the initial rush of people who are needing their teeth cleaned. I do worry about a slowdown with people. Just being concerned overall I guess if that happens. I hope that it doesn't happen but if it does then this is a really good time to reevaluate everything. We've been talking about and make sure that all those systems are in place I think and Rachel and I were talking about this before. I think we're all we're going to be busy in November and December just simply because people are going to be using their benefits and they're gonNA wake up and say hey. I've got all these benefits to you so I think we're going to be busy than my fear is next year. If they don't have benefits how are we going to remind them to come in? And hopefully you've made that important people that they know they need to come in right. Yeah I think it's different and you and I are trying to like put on our crystal ball and stuff and then part of me kind of wants to put the crystal ball in the corner. Because I don't even want to think about it right now. I mean it's it's GonNa be but the thing is we have to be prepared. I do think you will like you. And I and our colleagues speakers in consultant colleagues are really telling the Denton says. Hey there's a of stuff that you guys can get done and we're doing that in our own businesses to like. There's a lot of stuff to get right now and sometimes we're getting we're getting the word. Bagwell furloughed on my team and I really ask his work and I'm to check out for a couple of weeks which I get right. This is mentally exhausting for everybody absolutely so mamy. You have kind of a a reopen plan and then you have a post reopen plan. That is okay. So if we are tracking along then awesome or training along work. We'RE GONNA go in if we do a little low right. Maybe after the first month then we're GONNA go back to some of those things that maybe we suggested. They do during their closure. When you do have your team still there and you WANNA be productive. You know maybe not the time to do some of that too. So I think we're all of US coaches consultants or at least the ones that you and I. We are trying to. Just carry the positivity flag and just try to keep everybody like. Is it going to be okay? We're going to get back to it and also I think we just don't know so we're just trying to help everybody kind of considered different things that might happen to be prepared. I was I was talking to an old client last week and I was saying to her. Are you still going to have your meetings because we had one of the struggles as we had set up meetings in her office regular meetings because she had not been having them at all and she said well? We're probably going to take off the table because we just need to get busy again and I said no no no. Please don't I'm just begging you. Please don't have regular meetings because no one else you're not gonNA have check in time other than those preplanned meeting. So don't I know it's a temptation but please don't take those meetings off the table and you know we kind of went back and forth. But she was like all right all right so so she's going to do it and I I understand though she wants to get back on where I understand it too. And here's the thing though is absolutely her opportunity. -tunities checking with the team. It just say how're you win or has already feeling with all this. What are we hearing from? Hey sense what do we need to share with our communication like you? You gotta stay. You gotTA keep those check ins in place or else like you said someone might burn out like I'm out. I can't do this so I wanted to ask you to another question that I again. I think we're so focused on what is going to be the protection equipment and we've been hearing so much about aerosols in the office and I know a lot of people just automatically think about the drill. But you're your people are at significant risk with aerosols. Can you explain why just because I want them to hear somebody who's on the front line so we are big big big inspired hygiene prepared of office on at scaling and we have taught for years and unless something changes dramatically? We will continue to teach that. Ultrasonic is our primary ceiling tool we feel like it is more efficient we feel like the move is and the presentation really helps disrupt the biofilm. Remove Calculus. All of those above things reduce the fatigue. All of what we do know is it creates aerosols. So there's water that's blowing out of the patients now one of the things that I'm trying to wrap my brain rent. I don't know this yet. So that's my next adventure. So aside from like all this helping our clients and do Informational. Hi Cassidy like that. Were all also taking off his right and it started with like all. The government stimulus relief white fat and then like. What are we do when we reopen now for me? My Thug is to educate myself on the infection prevention. Which is what. I'm learning this. You Tom and really learning from some of the experts in our field. That and so. I think that hygienists at a minimum will have to utilize high speed Appalachian for so high suction when using ultrasonic and there are several devices out there that will hold a mirror as well to basically Amira Slides into the section. So you have like wow in one. So there's lots of different products out there that are going to address it and I'm sure there will be more. I've seen some like over the patient section devices better pulling things out of the air. Don't know whether the promises of that or when the cost and all of that but I think the other thing I'm trying to wrap my brain around is some of the P. p. e. suggestions out there are based on treating patients a have acted coalition. And you're going to do everything that you can to avoid treating patient with after Cova Da. Not Everybody we're not gonNA know. Everybody has the virus. Is there a dramatic? But you're going to likely he doing some screening of anybody that you have your assets. Wait right I think that's important to remember too is. You're not going to be treating knowing you're not gonNA know eating agriculture kitchens but does has all that air solve those right of rest. So Oh my gosh all over. I mean as a patient. It's all over so I can imagine all day. It's all you guys. I mean I know when she wears a hair. Yeah I would i. I'm years anything wrong with that even before all of this. Honestly you know when I worked in Perio at UNC. We wore a surgical. All Day over strives for the same amount. I don't have lots of changes out. And they got washed every day. Every you know they have the military at the dental school to do all that. I get a minimum. It will be either a disposable or a cost surgical gown over. Scrums that will that you know ties. In the back of thing we will probably wear head covering and will wear a higher police wire. Kevin Matt more protected type of mass interface shield. The question is about loops which we also I would not be able to work without loose. I think that's going to be have to be issued that saw and I'm sure that that's also being worked on to his we use they. She opened up. I would imagine that the loops company have to be all over this because they want their leaps to be used. I would imagine I would hope that. They're all over this working with the protect. You know the those companies so with that you're going to be wearing. I imagine we gotta turn the Air Conditioning. On all your. It's so hot with all that stuff on. Oh my gosh. Yeah but at the same time. Maybe you don't have to wear as much makeup if you do your hair because no one's GONNA do your hair recognize in the grocery store anymore right because you but if you're wearing that's awesome for many because as far as people to collections one. Yeah I mean I sent him to collections. I don't want to see him in the store. So you're saying that you think the administrative team should gone. All of that is well. No no I'm kinda joking about it but sometimes it would have been nice. You know so the beadman upfront. But Yeah I think yeah I think I do. Worry about the the Admin side. I do worry about that. Because they're scared to and the assistance for sure scared right now but even the Admin team is scared because they're going to be touching all this stuff and you know patients come in there drooling and they wipe their mouth and I mean and I know some Dennis are putting up the protective plexiglass which is just so ugly. But I yeah for a while but I think your point is really good to take a picture to show what the difference is GonNa be. So people aren't so shocked when they come in. I think that's genius so that that's a good tip will definitely call that out in the show notes as well. Is there anything else you want to add? Because I didn't think this is GONNA fly by but it sure did and I had so many more questions to ask you so you're going to have to come back for round two. There's just you know you just have to. What else do you want to add this year? A resource page since right now. I don't know how long will keep that up. I know folks go back if you're like me and listen to podcasts years later but it's inspired hygiene dot com slash resources and all that pay. We just put up a bunch of things that you know folks can do now while they're closed just evaluate your standard of care so once you've saved rated the patient now. What are you GonNa do as a team? At what point. Are you moving that patient home appropriate into Harry therapy so establishing those standards is really important. There's a really quick load tool that you can use their to identify where you are here. This industry benchmarks for the department. All the mini hygiene analysis soul. You can rub our hook. There are book does not have the new a stage in grading it yet got to rewrite at that but just a lot of good resources for face on the book is Awesome. That out a lot at my last sentence yeah return on hygiene and even without the guidelines. It's still a very good if you don't have that even administrators even though it says return on hygiene. It's for us as well really for us so I really liked the book Rachel in Case. You haven't noticed so okay so we're going to go ahead and wrap it up. I would highly advise it. You follow inspired hygiene facebook instagram. All those places linked in and he up with where they are. Now you have upcoming events tabby now in your newsletter you say where are you gonNa find us and I love seeing all the faces? I don't know if we're doing very many live events right now but when we do go back to that definitely keep up with you guys. Cover the whole country right with all your coaches. So do that and I hope that you're able to take this information and take it back to your team and have a nice positive team meeting about it and start off on the right foot after all of this and Rachel thank you i. I know I tease you a lot but I really am appreciative. That you came on pleasure. I think you'll be opportunity inside. Love it absolutely so again Dear listeners thank you for your feedback in your questions. People come in and as always I thank you so much for spending your time with me. Subscribe to this podcast. So you'll get our next candid. Discussion Visit Theresa's website Odyssey. Mg MT DOT COM. That's Odyssey M. G. M. T. dot com for more information on Theresa's courses books and speaking schedule subscribe to her newsletter. While you're there don't say we didn't tell you that.

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Knockouts and 3 Counts  Episode 105


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Knockouts and 3 Counts Episode 105

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot I'd passed Detroit Dot Com before information. Everybody is the man and want to get your money's worth stay right here to do knockout to drink out. Remember Harry. This is Don Western. I'm telling you knock out to three counters podcast bathing make sure that's a winter tech out because somebody like me. They're the real Dale Jake the snake Roberts. We know we need to this jams. Shoot up dance. This is a ring of honor. World Television Champion Aka Shane Teaboy the baddest champagne. Can you ever seen boy. You're listening to knock out of three counts. What UPDO everybody this is Kyle in? You are listening to knockouts and three counts and on the line with us. We've got Devin Tony. How you guys doing tonight brother man and heard today fellas? But I'm good bro. You just got too excited for the Thanksgiving food. That's what it happen. Just tell the truth. You were like Turkey and mashed haters and all that Shit. Oh Shit I slice. My finger asked by forty nine. Give me an email shoot so before we get into the show. Did you really early go to. CVS with your your thumb wrapped in a fucking towel. So look you know down here to Texas right about been a little busy so I forget you gotta get like all my -mergency stuff man. So a slice. Mepham go to bathroom like I e bandages and price silence. Oh guess what. I ain't got none of that stuff so excited I could just sit here. I'm bleeding my thumb Benetton. I'll we've got some bandages and of course. The cashier had to ask the magic question. You cut yourself now. A thumb was just very very cold. Look Diz because they got a lab coat on doesn't mean there they got to be the brightest people but we're at a Devonshire talk and throttle your social media. Let everybody else know where they can find you already. You can find me on on twitter sphere at Devon assists assists three d. e.. In the six. You can find me on instagram. All Stack no says the speaking of which January six twenty twenty. The show's show's coming back aren't aren't chose banked up. I'm working on a editing now. So we'll be back up and running J.. Were very six day before my birthday twenty. That's what does Tony let everybody know where they can find you my twitter d twenty th under twenty eight hundred on facebook and all that Shit you can find. UW at United Wrestling Front It's ATP official. UWSA on facebook. That's what's up so since we've talked about a little bit before we get into it. You can find me on twitter and Instagram at Detroit. Knockout at Detroit. And Okay Oh. Ut make sure you're following the show at Keio Three C. pod twitter and instagram knockouts and three counts obviously watching the she already know that on facebook and on Youtube knockouts and three counts on Youtube. Where we've got all our stuff from star cast After the bell that Kyle in Smitty and I did yeah man like it Sherrit subscribe it. You know so help some people out hell. Yeah what he said. But since Tony Alluded to it already. A little bit. This show is going to help you get get ready for You WF Thrill Thrill Seeker. Tony tell us a little bit about the show and tell everybody where it's at where they can get tickets all that good stuff okay. Okay in South Bend Indiana at the Eagles. It's Kinda historic if you think about me recently. was there shooting the back backstory of Ruby riot and how she came up in the area so The fact that you know rustling at a place in a venue that was shown their network is Kinda big. You you know I don't know other questions asked but yeah where can they get tickets all that kind of stuff you. WF The best twenty twenty DOT PHILIPPE DOT COM. You can get your ticket. They ten bucks During mission kids can and under absolutely free bring your kids leave drunk talk Delo. They won't know they'll be going to sleep. That's when when I was a kid. She used to put Cognac bottle. Nominee get a little cognac and note numb. You're on good. Take a quick nap. You know now. My Momma didn't do that what you read in my faith breath through I can't incriminate my mother. I don't even know where to go from that. One Yes yes well before I forget and it slips my mind also thank you to everybody that came out and showed some love and our party with the boys from breaking down the ring at b-dubs this past Sunday. We had a great turnout. Man Probably I would say twenty to thirty people showed up. I mean we had the spot where you can do your own Promo. We gave away titles as we gave away t shirts I we gave away tickets to be. CWA Cataclysm which is going down December. Twenty Eighth Copeland's why not Michigan. We gave all kinds of stuff out so so Thank you for everybody that came out And also if you guys are looking for a house you know we tell you about these guys all the time. You should had already kind of know the deal but if you're looking for a house Shot out the Stransky and company. Strengthening company is the top producing real estate team specializes in individual strategy over the top strategy. The over the top service and continued success for their clients. They're the real estate easy button. If you're looking to buy seller invest call them at two four eight five six three nine four four nine or e mail mail them at Admin Industry and ski company DOT Com. Follow them on all their instagram face. Yeah Yeah Man. I mean. They've got all the stuff you WANNA find. Yeah anything else you WANNA know. Check them out. Stransky and company DOT COM. So let's get into this card a little bit Tony I saw the stuff. You were You sent went over to me to help you get ready for this and First of all. Why don't we start with the obvious year going to be wrestling on the card against a guy? Hi that I've never heard of so. Tell me about your match against. Is it Sadden Orse Sadan. Okay say Dan I set uh-huh but his name is I have more. I don't know what do you point by these days. But he got the little rock hair ninety eight when he was had curly shit would have blue. It looks like I'm GonNa kick him in a safe twice. Are you going to kick him. And that's all I'm a Bichon Shabak year. We have no chance to hill. Okay Vince nine. He's he's he's hit hard and You know I'm GONNA put some paint on my face I might you know and I've been doing that lately. I might spit in his face like who knows so tell me about that. What's up the face paint which is and Took a little trip. Well I didn't take. It was like a mental spiritual transition Robert met the demon that beats shouted. Kimchi Muto and He was like no you try. You can do this together and confronted my deal with on my side. That's what James State and one of my phone. So that's all I listen to. That sums it up. I can hang up on him intact. Just just say the word sounds good headgear. Anybody who social media why. That's always not doing that. Follow Randy Oh Randy Walker on twitter. So we've talked about Tony's match here. I'm interested to see what what happens now with this new. Look Tony Thunder. I haven't seen it yet in person. the next match on the card is another past guest to the show who also is kind of been going through a little bit of a change of pace change a look? The mysterious movado is. Channeling has been channeling his inner wolverine lately. He's going going to be facing directs. Odell tell me about that. I don't know much about Drexel Dell but I know plenty about mysterious Nevado. Both of these guys got about you. Know about roughly twenty years under their belt over these guys trained some of the best kids coming up in the area This is kind of like an enjoyable Boonchu remodeled being like with a wing. That was kind of like the incredible hulk so this is going to be like a witty reimbursement. Credible he'll I don't think they ever worked with each other her or recipes each other or fought each other but this this is going to be probably a standout matching. My opinion is going to be exciting to watch all right. So who the hell you got what. Oh man don't do like that. Have you know how we do on this show very easy all right. I'm with it and because Machado's past guests of the show. I'm already going that way anyway and before I forget this Friday. If you're in the Detroit area come out to the sanctuary. The bump uglies will be performing live. I've seen him lie before it's a show that you won't WanNa Miss. It's entertaining to say the least. They just made their return learn at A. B. Cwa At their last. Show here we go now. They're gonNA have another show. I got to see him a couple years ago at smalls in Hamtramck It's definitely going to be something interesting to see Devon if you're ever around when they're playing you definitely should go yeah. Whistles sells at our BC Dwa next week the man I was talking about the bubble uglies all this time. We've had a bottle showroom display Okay so tony. You're going to have to help me with some of the leg work because I don't know a lot of these names but the next match I got on the card for Thrill Seeker is going to be. Tk Zero Zero and Chris Gordon versus Jazz Lean Navarro Shayla hide. There's this matches. Uh if I'm not mistaken is the first Indians in their tag. That area seen I'm very excited about this woman. The ladies got a lot to offer. Especially oh you. Do you have their kick ass man. What else can I say Jocelyn has been really rocking? You know working with guys like trae. Miguel Oh from IMPACT OUR HASA show g you have a heart man G K and Chris Gorton they they come in they. Actually what's funny is that Chris. Gordon is a former house a true student and as early as a student of Drexel Tara. So that's kind of like a little little fellow input of what might happen with bottle and no dear author so low oh foreshadowing so the thing that interests me about this match Devon. I don't know if you've seen Any of the match card pictures or any of that stuff but the thing that gets me about this match is we've seen a lot of inter-gender stuff you've seen you know Tessa Blanchard and Sammy Callahan. And impact and you know Tessa. BLANCHARD verses Brian Cage and all kinds of stuff like that. But I don't remember the last time I saw a match where not only was it men versus women. But I don't know that I've really seen too many tag match where it's two men versus two women. tell me your thoughts about that on the match and You know what challenges does that present for these competitors. There's Tony Mute Devon for either one of you okay how you tag next question for you but Yeah I'll I'll say Israel okay at some kind of caught me off guard too. I was thinking to say I don't know last time I saw editor tag match. But I'm I I really would like to see this batch Varroa. Someone I've I've seen around the area if you WANNA check her out once again I'm in Texas will be highest bidder bantered about spars being on the show a few times. I'm definitely looking forward to Sam or caring what happens with this match but yeah totally what you think about tag team wrestling man Man This is like I said. I don't think the area ever seen it so definitely something new something refreshing. Uh I'll be on We gotta so we're GONNA have to show coming up shortly after the The event on the thirtieth so you guys will be able to check. Yeah now I will be hosted by Giovanna who is GonNa rebel collision as well. Okay so That's what's up. So is it going to be like A. Is it going to be like a blog style thing. Is it GONNA be like matches or clips. Or what can we expect from the Youtube. Show Tony All right right. Tony Tony's having some technical difficulties like you said Devon. That match is going to be interesting to me. I've not I don't I don't know that I've ever seen a tag match where it was. Two women verse two men so that match Interest me to say the least because I don't know quite what to expect with that one another match that we got on this card. You've got another past guests of the show Sean Tyler versus diesel tracks versus Jack Thriller Taylor. I've seen all I feel like I've seen all three of them. I Know I've Seen Jack Thriller in Sean Tyler You got any thoughts on that match Devon. Yeah so it's like a bunch of the pack members man We we we've had tony only joking. I'm talking about the rat. Pack with but not say sticking diesels wanted a pack member of the. No Tyler was a pack member too so They get some Pekka dissention here. Tony back in here with no and then you've got okay Tony's calling back in now so Next match we got on a card. You've got a war INC versus Tigray Bazooka Let me let me jump in here. Real quick if you've ever seen the war boy it drew Jacobsen. I thought that was him. Yes you gotta see. This do live in a person I am a few times exi- somewhere else to do when he when he gets into war. Boy Mold Matt You. You don't know what he's going to get into bed. He went to Proving Grounds One time and basically the the crowd had to continuously be on edge because he jumping on people in the crowd like a whole night. I mean as it'll be interesting to the last time I in. This is a long time ago so the last time I remember seeing dray Jacobs you and I they were at the show at the Masonic Temple for Excise. CW and yeah. It was a Yet it was not rights that right and that was the last time I remember seeing dray Jacobs in front of me. I've seen keenum a bunch of different places and obviously I mean for being a big guy like he is man the guy can move. He's very athletic for being that big Like I said man you hit the nail on the head. The Guy is somebody definitely to watch for sure. WE'RE GONNA have Tony back on here in a couple of seconds to help us break down the rest of this card But while we wait with real quick though not usually order fat not just randomly brought up Matt if an arena. You usually all over that. We're trying to mature here and it's almost nineteen but We all we already know we got. We got love for Queen Almond Outta here. When I was in Japan I did not know she was in Japan? But that's pretty fucking. Who is she? You work with I think the name of the company is marvelous wrestling. She she's Basically doing was not young boy. I guess it'd be young girl. Stay there like she's training and working away in. Yeah I'm GonNa make an open invitation for Clinton come back on the show talk about her time at Japan. Hey I'm all for that. I have no problem with that. We can talk about time in Japan. We can talk about her match on smackdown. There's plenty of stuff to happen. She's really really been making some moves and not to mention. I mean she's helping train a friend of mine Hunter that trains down there at the Ohio pro wrestling academy so Yeah Queen Manado follow replace way. I just realized this is Michigan Ohio State. We can't talk about. She lives in Colombo. She's hearing America's lives at Columbus yet. We talked about queen out until after Saturday at the Michigan Gets uh-huh shut your mouth all right next up with some things you just have become the grip. I'm not in denial. Oh I didn't say that we weren't going. I didn't say we were going to win. I just don't want to reference the fact that I have to go into this game knowing that I can't stand Ohio state and there's more than likely chance that my team is about to get the shit kicked out of them. So what were you saying stages surveys got really depressing. I it really did so to liven up the mood while Tony gets his connections us taking care of How about we talk like a little bit about the party We had the big party down at b-dubs with the boys from breaking down the ring We had a great turnout man. I would say Probably Twenty twenty five people there. Something like that There's a lot of our folks and we're actually in Chicago for the event two so first of all shoutout to all of our friends from the reality or a newsgroup. which if you're not a part of make sure you join the group on facebook We had city was their sith. was there you had Let's see who else was there. You head city had sith you had Christie and Cole came. You had Chris James. Who's always with US Abi? CWA and all his homeys came through. Scotty was down there with us. She had Cody and Some of the other guys I play softball with were down there. And can I just say that Z. Unmasking himself self during his Promo. They're the party was quite interesting. I heard you guys have like little Promo stations set up Batman might deal. Where was that when when I was there? Well it's because you left us and don't love US anymore but it at seven percent true. What'd you say? That's only thirty seven percent only thirty seven so there's thirty seven percent of you. That doesn't love anymore. That makes me feel real awesome but It's smacktalk showdown They actually followed us on instagram. So shout out to you guys There it's so essentially. It's a thing where you pick a at least from what I'm seeing. You pick a card you have to cut a promo based on whatever whatever the card says and then you gotta obviously cut your Promo Smitty almost ruined because he almost broke it all including Mikey's like he's phone or whoever's phone was doing but that's neither here nor there so so this Mike came about this is like an actual game or a actual professional step up so I don't know I don't no no if I don't know if Mikey created smacktalk showdown but That's what it's associated with so I don't know if he's the one that created it but I know they plugged them a lot on their stuff plus they followed us after the show so I don't know much about him but it was pretty funny. Watching people cut promos also also find out more about this. Well I totally forgot to go to your thing on Sunday looking forward to it too because I love b-dubs that that hurts randy. Sorry that hurts. See Randy Randy's being serious when he's being sarcastic. I was being serious. This randy doesn't let it anymore garlic wings because it's an actual sauce everybody else just tosses like Parmesan cheese and crushed garlic with their wings. Butler b-dubs makes it into a sauce and hustling land. I can't argue with that. So pretty damn good. Wake saucy can't even argue that so so again while we're waiting on Tony to join us Did you hear the news in the world about the rumored fight. That is supposed to happen in April. I know what you're talking about. It was a Khabib and uh-huh somebody else Khabib in Tony Ferguson. Give me your thoughts on that fight. And then I'll go into mind Wait a minute okay. So Ah I HAVE NOT BEEN FILING IMA May. I'm having a brain fart right now. Is this fight the name of trying to make like seven times already. Yeah Yeah. They've tried a whole bunch. Okay all right all right. He's got might so. Hopefully it actually happens this time It's a fight. I wanted to see for a couple years now. I feel like this is really the only spied out there man. That's like the fight that as needed to happen the for years and justify it needs to happen now I I'm with it. So here's my thing. I was talking to my buddy corey. Who if you watch knockouts and three counts after for the bill He's done quite a few of them with me When there may related We were talking about it on my way home from work today. So this fight is very intriguing to me Because I definitely would say Tony. Ferguson deserves a shot at the a shot at the title. But you know corey where he was like Yo but Tony can fight off his back and he's GonNa cut could be but so. Here is my issue with that logic. I I don't think that tone is going to get eaten up by any means but for people to just say that Tony is going to be able to play his Jitsu to an land elbows on Khalid that's going to be a tall order Because to me yes you can be a great. Ju Jitsu Practitioner in Tony. Ferguson has proved to be that. But here's the problem. Khabib has pressure like nobody. I've seen in recent memory and having that wrestling print pressure combined with the fact that he can punch you in. The FACE IS GONNA make Tony's Jujitsu hard to get off. Now if anyone can submit could be from there would be Tony but I feel like this fight is going to be a lot harder for Tony than people are like wanting to make it. I think we've got Tony back on the line. Tony Oh my guard. Tony has returned so before we get back to you W. F. since we were already in mid conversation did you hear about the fight about The fight white with Khabib in Tony Ferguson. That's being proposed in. Do you have any thoughts on third. Time's a charm. They should I think it's been more than three shit. Man is at the top of his game. Aim Right now is a fighter. Everybody's been wanting to see I've got to go with a beat man. He's just rare form right now. The piss off Nova McGregor pissed off. It was like Shit raked. Do you know I'm I'm with you bro. I mean never I haven't haven't seen somebody hop the cage and go ape shit like that in a long time before competed that so devin. You didn't give us your pick. Who Do you got and then we'll jump back into you? WF I said give me your. I was saying. Tell us who you think's GonNa win out to be been Tony and then we'll jump back into. WF there could be certainly against that. I mean that's a pretty safe bet. I'm not even mad at you for that. So wait real quick random random Thought so I don't think we talked about the w power thing. Oh my God wait wait not jumping into it. But I'm I'm watching the new episode right now and they're wrestling in front of empty a student really yes. It was a wasn't a Aaron. Stevens question is the Dawson's right now. An empty studio so They shot a bunch of stuff this weekend. That's crazy interesting though. I definitely got to check that out especially with the timing. It might just be this mashed book but half paying attention attention but yeah. This is an empty studio this interesting. I'm sorry hi. WLS All right so tony while you were getting a Things situated the last match talked about was the tag match between war INC and Tigray Bazooka Uh what are your thoughts out. That's a classic styles right. Durham Anna Warner Inc.. Are brawlers man. Those guys go in in in every sense of the word. dre Jacobs is been all over. I'm sure you guys have seen them at excise. Y-you the guy the guy's a freak of nature man in he's he's altered his character somewhat. You can see the change in him you know he confronted. His team is not their own. Hitch side shut up Jane Smith by the way this is Justin timberlake's favorite pro pro wrestling. MMA podcast and also Jane snus favorite pro wrestling and intimate pike. Ask So shout out to Jane Smith once again Buys album twice. But you. I think we've also got Jaden. Smith's number one fan you don't lap kyle. Somebody's got you can't really tell what a pitcher but there to bake guys like this. This is a clash of titans. Men Are Jay. Jacobs is a small guy Justin Dreams on a small God. Bazooka is probably big in both of them as far as height goals and muscle mass. Josh Obey Been Doing Lucho for while they've been all over the world doing it so this is like a brawler burst. Lucia town. See those big guys do the way they do. It's very is going to be very interesting because I've been in before and that guy hits hard so him and Jacobs you know them guys slugging it out. It's definitely going to be something. I'm looking forward to so. Who are you taking? ooh I wanNA take the experience on this Zukin Tigray I don't know man I think Devon and I were leaving the other way they go hard man but Bazooka Antiga so you guys are really not familiar with them. I'm sure them immoral Southwest in Mexico based Nando. There's really not the market. Say about those gusts. I'll have to check this out for sure not familiar with the other team boy. I've I've seen them and I I don't know how how extreme that at this show is GonNa get just be careful people worldwide gets a little crazy out. There ain't gets a little crazy out there all right tony so I gotta ask your opinion on this one because we talked about this match while you were out to because we knew one of the guys in the match so the other match we talked about was was Sean Tyler versus diesel tracks versus Jack Thriller. Now accede excuse me this proxy thank. That's original right there. So what are your thoughts on this match. This is like a pack matched. I mean. Well Assan Tyler is not back at all. He's not that that's not packed. Tyler is not back and I'm GonNa just leave that at that sums that up any thoughts on the other two gentlemen Jackson thriller has has is is a veteran man. He he's he was the head trainer at Dan Sovereigns Jim and Co water. Michigan will price glory. He strained the few guys on the car. We have and Jack Dempsey got the experience in this one. He's a he's crazy man he can control the crowd like no other. He's are we getting better with age and time is like wine. You know. Okay I need to hear your guys. Opinionated go ahead. He's like fermented hoots. So I gotta ask you guys opinions on this guy. Because I've heard about him around the Detroit area but I've never seen him live in person. So the next match that came up for me is aqua bre versus this excalibur. I've heard of Akubra. I don't know much about him. So what are your thoughts on this match. Tony a little bit more about these guys than I do. Let everybody we know what they can expect with this. One Opera Bro Aka Sign Satin Aka sweat as you mentioned. He's he's been trade area awful while now he's taken over Atlanta and Florida The Guy can fly. You know he He went from getting sweaty to getting it wet with aqua world. So Oh you know ladies little for Akubra have nothing scalpels the ham and he's he's also a high flier liars. I'm just going to be this match is GonNa take air. No both of these guys are good at taking air with their areas saw. Both of these guys are really quick So you can expect a lot of highs with this. I mean that seems to be what always gets fans going man nets. That's a match that stood out. Let me 'cause like I said I've heard a lot about Akubra. I haven't seen him in person but I've heard a lot about him in Detroit area time to the Mid West and I think maybe f three or four years. I don't I'm not sure about that but I know he's been gone for a while. Well then let's see how is coming ends up The next match that I've got up is It's going to be passed to the show a show. Excuse me Durell Jackson other passages hazardous. Show Ken cash. I don't know what that says. Percy Percy Andrew Percy Andrews and is that I don't know how is it we know he is that what it is still busy. Oh Okay so bruce all right so we'll do the another representative of the pack. You know I'm biased on that one because you know back the packers the packers you know. But I'll I'll I'll I'll you guys know how can cash gets down. He's trying to. He's GonNa try to dance over everybody's faces he's GonNa try to step it up. You Know He. He's he's GONNA run pay. I'm paying rump Iran. Do all of that stuff you know. You Got Percy Andrews Andrews Manny's he's a great up and comer he's recently made his debut with Horace Lamb. He you're trained by Kongo Kong Dave Chris so if you guys know anything about those you guys you guys know that Percy's got something to watch out for and then you've got oil Jackson you know he's also pack so see him boozy interact with each other after the pack fallout and not really only talking sense that that's going to be interesting in. It's all right but on the future math. I think Percy Andrews is going to surprise everyone with a big win municipal way drew Jackson's Paco. derosa impact but you know when the Had Fallen out guys. Kinda kinda split up guys kind of left the area you know the fallout has been unfolding for about the past six months. You know kind of boil down to four guys fighting over. I forgot what's Steven. Rogers says it was about the hand signal. Some say we should grab the ring. Finger Grabbed the Middle Finger I don't know what that means kids but at the end of the day you know we're back and we're back in full effect is GonNa be the first time in over a year. That the entire rat pack doc will be under the same roof and like I said since the fallout still might be wars. That said you know amongst each other. And they're still might be a little beef in heat there so luos led to expect with this. So that's a perfect lead into the next match You were talking about Stephen Drug Ner He's got Chris Rains. I don't really know what to think about. Chris Raines because he kind of looks like if your math teacher got pissed off and wanted to wrestle so I don't know much about this guy he. I'm sure here's somebody's gem teacher and math teacher in the same class. You know. Teach you math. While he's groveling. Can you up. If you don't got the right answer. He choked you out so you know but again I'm biased with the pack. No Stephen Draws near his win against the likes of guys like Al Snow above bad wellman went. He's he's definitely You never know what to expect withdrawing 'cause sometimes you know you may take him seriously and he may do some something silly that those you off guard. He's he's all about mind games and you never know which way he's going to try to control you in the match so his mental ability in the ring alone is something to watch out for. I mean like I said I've heard Utah. I've heard you talk about him before. I don't know that I've I've seen him personally. Live but Like I said man I mean. There's a lot of guys on this card. Who maybe I haven't seen but they're all guys that I've a lot of guys on here that I've heard of you've been there definitely guys that are making noise? If you're in the Indiana area man you need to come out and check this show out the next match worrying. Say can we go back to to Metro quick short so Jackson man I haven't seen him. I don't think I've seen them this year man. So what's what's going on with him as he is still been wrestling in the area or is making a comeback or what was going on with realme dwells took a little time off to be a great father you know. He's he's always in the gym always trying to kick people in the head. That's his favorite thing to do. I don't know why he likes kicking people in head as you guys know. He's fought in the cage before he's Daron cruickshank right. He fought past Gessler. Show Miles Jerry mouse jury. That's what it was sorry. Sorry but yeah. The guy's a freak of nature man on you never know what to expect with him but you can expect violence. That's one thing you can expects who okay so with his background you know. Is there anybody that you might liken him to that somebody for those that. Maybe haven't seen around four that I would compare him to currently wrestling. Yeah rustling or otherwise you know something that people can you know kind of get an idea of what they got. Expect from. Terrell Jackson Maybe filthy lawler. That's the first one the mind and For guys who don't know filthy lawler is the w champion currently and he likes kicking people in the head. So it doesn't Matt Riddle Doral Brooklyn Derail. The one thing I say about the road is a little different than those two is is that he doesn't just focus on his strikes. Derail can take air derail. Russell you down to the match. Dwell is is is an awesome word rail rounded. You know you never know what to expect I with him physically in the rain. But you know it's GonNa hurt everything. He throws so quick sidebar since you mentioned him and he was the name that you guys that you Like you know compared him to. Where do you guys think? We're GONNA see filthy. Tom Waller next because rumor has it that his contract with them L. W. is about up man I would like to see him any and everywhere man. He's got a lot to bring to the table as far as entertaining and in putting on great matches Essentially mentioned power early. Al Like to see what he can do in that type of you know style of wrestling blink. You know what I mean That would be a totally different look from MSW for sure absolutely devon any thoughts on filthy time I like to see him in in ring of honor. I rang honor in the air. They need Fresh talent that can Bracing eyeballs to the company. Give some fresh talent the opportunity to flourish man. I think that's a great place time lawler. He's definitely done as thing in MSW In on the Andes. I read about. It would be a great platform. I agree with that and speaking of ring of honor. Another side. Note with Mardi scrolls contract allegedly being this Saturday. Where do you guys think is the future for him So I don't know if you saw the news that Marty apparently apparently They say are reporting says that he is going to compete at final battle. It's GonNa be him and flip versus Bandido and Flamenco I do that show right. Yes what I saw for me I. I know this is is going to sound obvious but to me I want to see him call i. I mean I'm cool with wherever you go but if I had to guess where I think he's going to go I think he's going to W I think I'll be their biggest. That's very arguable. That's very arguable. Fact now awa they would just wait visit contract run out to go over there so I mean I'm GonNa stick with what I thought. Yeah I mean that's pretty much that's pretty much. I think the sediments of most people that they all think he's going over to aws he w and here's the question if he does go to eight. W who would you like to see him. You know what are some interesting prospects for him in. Aws You guys is would like to see if he does go there. Orange Cassidy Bergerson Bill. It I got to see that would be a hell of a match. Yep that's a good one. I'm because they both are funny. You know got great characters. People people are jumping orange. cassie right. They've seen the clips. You go by a man can go. Yeah I was was he jumps out of that are funny the man can go man and I think it would be a funny match. It'll be entertaining but I think it'd be a good straight match. That's a very good option. I've got a couple of other ones. That are maybe a little more character driven but I think that they would still be good matches Personally personally I don't know why but I think that a match between Marty and Darby Allen would be very interesting nice and I also think if that another match that would be very interesting just because of the Styles and I know they got his three together. Is I think a match between Marty and Jimmy Havoc or a story with them. Would it'd be interesting also going but if I had to go with the match lowest a mentor to that I would think would be great for him with two guys with with them. Bantu guys have been a bit of a chip on shoulder so to speak. I would like to see him Shawn Spears. Go at it just to see you know who has the biggest chip on her shoulder who who is really trying to prove themselves bigger than what they've been given I like that and here's another question that it just made me. Think of so if you watched Awa last week you saw Hangman say that you know he needed to kind of step back from the boys in the elite if Marty he does go to. Aws Do you think that he's going to immediately link up with The elite or do you think we see him try to expand villain enterprises over day. W that's a good question man. If skirl goes over the AWA billionaire Ed the process basically Dan my pain But you gotta realize Mardi score will be become an end as has basically like a big free agent. I don't think they would wanNA put the two of them in a feud against each other. Maybe them working together conceive. See that yeah I could see. I could maybe seeing them doing something together. I think they probably want to build. Scroll up. Bite him by himself. Very good point in the last match that I've got on tap for You WF Thrill Seeker is. Let me see where we at Larry. Roger Linear versus Louis Lyndon. I don't know either of these guys so Tony School separate quick You Louis London at W. Array. He teamed up with his brother flipped. Hendry aren't Yep Yep never mind. I thought he looked familiar. I just didn't see him. I didn't recognize the name. You're right a Louis London man. He's Oh my God he's he's a man. That guy is one of the most underrated guys in the indies. That most people you haven't heard of Due to injury him step in that for a while when he was at the peak of his career. If you just youtube search was lined in you'll see him against the likes of world you name it Johnny Gargano Ricochet Ma'am I'm drawing a blank. But I don't want to super namedrop but that guy has as seen at all. He's he's been through it all and The car doesn't say it but this is actually for the U. Championship. Recently relinquished by Rene depre- so these guys are GonNa be brawling out by these guys are going for the biggest prize in our company and Is is going to be great to see. See what they can do. Because Roger being trained by Dan Suffering and coming from that school and being under the wing of Louis Lender for a while it is. It's going to be in his mind to step out of that shadow to show Lewis London that he can go the distance in that he can become a chance. And this is. This is probably going to be my favorite match to watch watch so Tony. I don't know if you're watching the live feed but the homemade chase burnett would shoot mad shots so when you get done with this feel free to go back and respond to those shit. He's a Tony was having to put more minutes on his phone. No see what happened. was I usually three minutes after nine. I am with me calling at like eight fifty. I was using my minutes so since I had no more minutes. My free after nine minutes wasn't working so had to go one to get a pay car her and Salad Burnet for actually providing the Lippo. He was like you know under. I got a flip phone for your brother. I haven't used it in a while but if it still works you can have and and I threw it off a ten story building and it still works. So there's that to taste the net. A man shut up nets. Favorite tasteful nets favorite rapper of Alzheimer's Jaden Smith. He say that to park himself. Were put his stamp on Jane Smith and I couldn't agree more. Hey Jason is going to be in a Raila Music Theater on Sunday. Jake got the whole lassie. Well the question is is Tony Thunder going to be the building man. If I'm not a really Jaden Smith Fan as the cost so also I need to address this endeavor near perfect person to talk about this. With 'cause ring the Bell we both were in that arena. So was they're right. We both were there. So Stephanie says that the allstate arena sucked. I very much so disagree. Hold on let me let me take a stab. It is so at least it. Hit me up After takeover okay and she was like. I don't like that building. I'm like why I guess where they were sitting. She said the site line. Wasn't that good now. I'm like I don't know where that is because to me at the building has some of the best sight lines I've ever seen and then the the sound I've heard all cozy status plenty of times. I love working in all those. My horizon got. That would sell it so the sound reverend right back down. I'll tell you like he. He wasn't live like that. That plays sounds great. Like I said one of the loudest arenas ever been in. I've been there twice twice money in the bank last year and Delatour five this year is to be regretted rain. I love it so I couldn't agree with you more that's one of my favorite. Arenas that I've ever gone to watch wrestling in exactly for the reason that you said because both nights even though they were vastly different crowds when I went there with you it was for an xt and money in the bank. Those crowds were insane. And I don't know will maybe why they weren't able to see good. Maybe it was because of the two rings for war games or something but I mean dude that arena reno when the crowd goes nuts is just so loud which makes there. It makes it feel like so much more energized during the show Tastes Burnett. Said don't you slander me. Dale Smith you said to himself a sample on Jane Smith and that's how you became a favorite person of all time. What about men Chase Burnett? A lot of people may not know And I think two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen halloween. He was ready for when I was Scott Blue Elementary. Oh so me and says Brunette are you know to Pete's in the pot you know we both love Jaden Smith. We both got flip phones. The need minutes and manage this is just the housing to say. I have nothing for this but just to finish the thought with allstate arena for me man. It was one of my favorite arenas never watch wrestling wrestling in. Just because like you were saying Devon like stone cold this set on multiple occasions I mean maybe not as much during money in the bank but men at takeover man that that building was just. I don't even know how to put it. I mean it was just electric. Dude I don't sadists if you want to criticize I will say this. It is older building so as far as like you know Concessions to the outside. You does it could definitely use updates but as far as being in their Watson show man to me. It's one of the best so Tony I'd like to get your opinion on this too because it brings up a good question so I can agree with that to a degree but I'm going to like in that arena to where we were at in Baltimore for a full gear it was a smaller arena. They're more of an older arena For me you know we had the Joe Louis Arena here for how long you know for me I almost like the the older arenas just 'cause it's Kinda got that that I don't know that just that nostalgic feel to it like that old school feel to it. You know what what are your the thoughts on The older buildings and do you like You know do we do like. Do you like older buildings better. What are your thoughts on that kind? Kinda stuff man as you know man a lot of sports arenas are getting toward down and building new ones and you know it's Kinda like it's kind of like a couple of age thing man. It's it's sad to see him go. But it's one of those things where you wanna see with future holds. You know retractable roofs. And and the way to cede needs sarin you know lazy boys and all that But we personally man I've always wanted to change. And to Wrestle Ngobila Serena and and things like that so to see all these old venues and stadiums and arenas getting tore down. It sucks hurts that you know you won't be able to. I'll check that one off the bucket list so to speak so randy. I don't know if you're paying attention to the live. Feed but Chase Burnett is just offered up Tony Thunder spot brought and said that we should let you close the show with us. I mean I kinda do Rancho special super host. Like it wasn't ready it wouldn't be a KFC throughout all GonNa Notice. I mean Wendy Rennie. Wants you know what he did was. He took his pinky finger right. Tell you put it in all Finnish. He took his pinky finger right. Any Brennan into the air and in a flock of business came to him and he was just like Nah hose. y'All can't have randy. If you could only see the look on his face right now all he was just like Nah Bitch. It's you you can't have and I was like I was like Randy and he's like no. We don't want you coming thunder. We want the Randy I have. So we have drug rally and the Red Okay Rainey's got more personalities than anybody else on go without even trying that comes out in derry white plan all right before we get out of here man. I'd be remiss miss if we don't bring it up so we've talked about you. UBF Thrill Seeker. You need to be there if you're in the Indiana area but also in the Detroit. Area December sixth evolve is coming back to town and next Tuesday. We're going to be bringing a guy who said she mentioned in w a power. I don't know if you guys peeped peeped it jd Drake Jay. Drake was in the high spots commercial last week I'm really looking forward to this interview especially considering we kind of want to bet the last time. Jd Drake was involved with our show and breaking down the ring but that being said I'm going to bowl against jd. Drake either before or after the show. So make sure you're staying tuned to our social media but What are your thoughts on jd? Drake in bringing him on the show as well as evolve love and he's a great talent and undeniable. Like you see where he's at. He's there for reason man. I don't know how good is. Bola skills are verses. You do. I know you get download. How so you know? That's going to be a good match Mount Honestly which all brains in the table Baldwin. And that's GonNa be it's GonNa be a good look. I'm not above low blows just saying and now man now chase his. I know y'all been going back and forth from the social media about the Bonin thing but later this at all you know I was talking to Devon about off the show and since we're on the show you know there hasn't been unofficial wager said I haven't thought of a wager because I didn't really know where to go with it. So if you've got any ideas that aren't too crazy and over the top throw him out out there and Chase Burnett now his called US evolve listeners. Choose we should make a list of things that have our listeners to do like a poll so where even the listeners can add things to it and the winner is the wager. That's long as as long as it's like honorable you know. Yeah yeah that's my thing. It can't be nothin' thin like super crazy dude. It can be fun but I think a little too crazy so chase burnett has just now informed us that did you guys know that were evolved shells now what So Chase says boo. You guys revolved chills now team to Harvey. Jason is my mom's favorite wrestler. I leave L. There's one due to low Line in the sand so Yeah so look here I just ask a simple question. I just wasn't expecting the response I got in return. And that's not to say that. I'm not a fan of Darby Allen so before we get out of here let's let's just nip that in the bud just because I didn't like I didn't expect his answer to my question. I'm a fan of the guy so I mean I've got no issue with RB Allen but yeah it's GonNa it'll be interesting. Jd Drake's going to be a fun interview. You can check out his interview with the homeys breaking down the ring to help you get ready for that. You've got evolve and all that good stuff plus like like we mentioned beef. CWA coming again this month. You Got Cataclysm and it'd be a ceremony for online now on that O.. J. Says he's got to talk to me off air about this. So who knows real real quick real quick that so got involved on the thirteenth we got shine and Kaija big battle. Come to Nicer Columbus Center as as well. We've seen shine here before we got double D rose to the weapon of asked Structure Coming on Charlotte That but I bet you are looking forward to that but could seriously so there's two shows that there's shine and then there's a big battle I don't know if you guys know anything about Kaija big battle but go on Youtube and look. This is God's Zillah and pro wrestling mixed together. It's the craziest thing I've ever say I'm halfway thinking about flying back to Detroit that weekend show chase is Godzilla like you summon him from the waters and he comes and destroy the whole fucking city and you know what that's just one of his party nights that's not even him trying to turn up. Pay Man we hold on a second. This is real sitting on my lap on a serious note. Jaber Network Party Amy Body under an in Maine Chamber net with hardy. Them under the Falcons. So Tony I don't know if you know this but definite I can attest to this Because we went out with chase and other pass guests to the show Zine silver to help them celebrate their birthday electric. And can I say that this guy this guy is like the fucking energizer bunny with a beard and a lot of tie-dye home. That's just a bald side. That's not the boozy side. I mean off the cusp. ESTES him being out. I mean this dude is on another level when he goes out a lot of fun but he's on another level you gotta get level man like you know how to party like Chase Burnett Style and you know his level. Don't even show. You're not trying to turn up donald term. I think he's trying to turn up. I mean I think Tony has pretty much. Hit the nail on the head. Radi how we doing on on-time over. Oh Shit were away over so with that being said man were at that time. Tony Three your social media out and let everybody know where they can get. Tickets gets for U W F. This weekend I'll be. Let's get down tonight. Lead coming out. You find your tickets at you. Dash Twenty twenty dot ticket leap DOT COM tickets on sale for ten bucks general admission kids ten and under for free. We go back washed episode again. A to look at what. The card is in in mock predictions as well is what to look forward to. I'm GonNa find me on Facebook at twenty eight hundred. You finally instagram them at the thunder on Snapchat Tony Underwood under Tony. That everywhere except in my mom's house so Tony before before you get Outta here. So are we going to see you a knockouts and three counts more often here because It was nice having you back on the show here. Are we gonNA see on here with us more often. I'll always I see. Also you asked Him Papa Collins and Kevin Matt or I did. I'll I'll see you author under the bus air but I'll be back more. Don't judge new skied now so there's no reason why I can't merge in. There's no reason for technical difficulties. The rang has made everything right in the world. So Hey yes you will see. This is good news devon let everybody know where they can find you and Anything you need to put out there let them know about all stick no sizzle again. Yep Yep so on twitter you can find me. At Devon's sixth graders. D E V. I N T H six three on instagram. You could find me allstate. No still little work and I said I'm baking up content right now. January six twenty twenty shows coming back day before my birthday so Up W looking forward to it and that's about it and last but not least you can find me at on twitter and Instagram at Detroit. Knockout Account at Detroit. And Okay Oh. Ut make sure you're following the show at Kale Three C. pot on both twitter and instagram knockouts and three counts podcast on facebook and knockouts and three counts on Youtube. And and you can check out all of our past episodes. You can hear our episode with Human Tornado. You can hear our episode of Jimmy Jacobs. You can hear our episodes Kongo Kong Shane. Taylor Booker. T. Bruce Prichard Eric. Bischoff I mean we can keep going through. I mean Chase Burnett's always welcome but chase knows. Is that so cornet. I don't know the Devon would be a big fan of that. Let's jump cornet so we can bring Ronald. You know you feel me over I would. I would not be opposed to happen to a coordinator well with that being said. Let's put it out into the universal. Never you'll never know what'll happen here on knockouts and three counts. That being said. Make sure you're checking us out next Tuesday. Jd Drake will be on the phone or maybe live in studio who knows but Make sure you're checking out the show next week. Checkout evolved December Sixth Knights of Columbus Lavonia Michigan and until then peace.

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2021-06-23- KSR - Hour 2


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2021-06-23- KSR - Hour 2

"This is david stockton. Stock mortgage the mortgage provider for cash are headquartered in kentucky with local service and local decisions. We've been helping people finance or homes for twenty years and we would like to help you to purchase or refinance. If you've not taken advantage of these historically low rates you could be missing out on substantial savings. These low rates will not last forever. she'll go to stockton dot com or call. Eight eight eight nine one. Four two two seven six to get started in last number eight two thousand nine. Equal housing lender talk radio ten. Eighty welcome to our to a kentucky sports radio presented by stockton mortgage now gears matt jones. Welcome back to talking sports radio. Five seven one dating ryan read the opinion on the cheerleader case. All you did. We're at least most of it. Eight one supreme court said schools can regulate off campus speech if it threatens school security involves harassment of students or harassment of teachers. But you can't just regulate it just because it's criticism because she did on snapchat too a private group of friends and criticize the team. That's protected speech even though she was cursing the idea. Well you confuse me from where it said. You couldn't criticize another student but criticised harass harass harass. What threaten ci criticized the fact that some girls made the team and she didn't but she didn't say like she didn't harass them as individuals. Gotcha got beat them up or something personal attacks or something. Yes so there you go secondly remember another case we talked about on here the case of if somebody was chasing you for speeding could they then go into your home and search your home. You remember that we talked about that right. Supreme court says nine o. That you don't just because they're trying to pull you over for speeding then get to search. Somebody's home you can only do so when you believe. There is a major crime taking place and you have to have probable cause to do that. I like that so those are two those. Were exactly what you all said in both of those and you ended up being correct so i think the moral of the story is ryan or not deserve to be on the supreme court. I think drew said the same thing. And you're i wasn't on the school when with snapchat but the other one i was also with you. So there you go all three of us. Four of us knows where eight one in one of them and nine. Oh in the other so everybody agreed. Isn't that nice. Harrison ford has suffered a major shoulder injury on indiana jones. Five that will lead to a delay in the movie man. How old is he. Is he doing his own stunts. Remember a couple of years ago. He wrecked he had a plane wreck. He was driving plane pilot. Little small plane golf course. I think i mean how is he doing his own stunts. Though as drew pointed out how old is he. He's got to be close to eighty seventy eight seventy eight do you do. I like indiana. We need a fifth indiana jones. Yeah of course we do. Not but do you believe a seventy eight year. Old man is still doing. Indiana jones things swinging from a rope now. Power to the is man. Yeah so you. So you all in the indiana jones. Five got the old man stony already. Hurting himself in filming. I don't know that. Indiana jones is what it used to be. But i'll watch it. I like the old ones where they tried to do. The young indiana jones tv series. And that sucked at this. Because it just because you didn't didn't have harrison ford you wanted hair some full right and it wasn't good all right. I'm just saying i. I'm kind of leaning towards drew. I feel like there comes a point that you can no longer be indiana junk it. Hang up your will. I think you gotta be indiana jones. His dad and then you're hanging out with young you know nebraska jones or something like that. What would that be like hanging out. Fighting people in cornfields. Well which wasn't there. Indiana jones were. Sean connery was his dad. Yeah yeah yeah so now. You're just now. Harrison is just the data the next one. I don't think it worked but they may do that next well. They're gonna do something because his shoulders and he can't nursing home sling. So i went and looked ryan at the jerry's point about the transfers and i went to bruce feldmans list. And can i tell you a couple of things about it. Yeah first of all one. Del robinson is ranked tenth on the list. I think we would consider him a pretty big transfer for us. would you agree at. He's a month or transfer tent. So that just gives you some perspective. There are only four quarterbacks ranked higher then. We'll let us. Can i tell you where those four quarterbacks are going. Yes one transferred to notre dame is going to start. He was the number one ranked the second one transferred to florida state. And we'll start the third one transferred to utah and we'll start and the fourth one transferred to texas tech. And we'll start so if you were to not start ryan he would be the highest rank transfer to not start at his other school which i think showcases that he's a pretty good transfer. Yeah put it in that perspective and you realize how important to get him to transfer here. It'd be fact. He ended up being our starters. We think so makes all sense here is where the start. The guys ranked just below. Low will let us transferred to tcu. Missouri usc nebraska. Florida florida state. Florida state again. Usc oklahoma oklahoma. Smu iowa state auburn. And then there's a western kentucky. Those are people ranked below the guy going to kentucky including two guys going to oklahoma so ryan. I you know maybe you still do or don't believe in we'll let us but there's nothing about where he's ranked on that list. That should make you feel anything but positive about it. Is that fair. Yeah you should be excited about him. Being here ranked where he isn't here. The guys ahead of him where they went and that sort of thing absolutely. You get excited about it. One of those quarterbacks in front of him the one transferred to florida state is makenzie. Melton who was who got heisman votes just a year or two ago so even the guy ranked ahead of him in the. Qb spot was one of the best quarterbacks in the country so matvey about this. Is joey gatewood. If he's good enough to beat him out then. I'm excited about it. I think what ryan has said. A few times is correct. There's a decent argument that we have three quarterbacks that are better just as pure quarterback talent than the quarterback we had last year. And that's no offense to that guy because he wants us a lot of games but ryan. If you're just talking quarterback talat. We might have three guys better than we had last year. Yeah no disrespect. Terry wilson at all even steven johnson. But we gotta go back several years. I think to look at quarterback as good as we've got coming in. I think that quarterback room how good it is as best. Maybe it's ever been so i'm excited. You don't have to be if you don't want casey go ahead casey. Oh good morning matt. John sellers jan today. Good morning. what's up things. I wanted to give my condolences. Jim tower You'll have found a lot for father's day. This is terrible. And i just wanted to let her know. We're praying for her kind of you. I also. I wanna talk about the week a thing. I have a little interesting perspective. Because i go to facebook therapy weekly and i can just talk to a lot of people physical therapy and i love cal terry. More than anything. I've been there. I was there all asian duda. Cows got to get this kid though. I think because. I think it's gonna cause a lot of turmoil. Don't see nice to hear from me. I agree. I mean you know. There is a sense ryan. I think a lot of older fans. Let's talk about the older fans. Many of whom are listening. There is a sense that a lot of them have always been more frustration with cal than the younger ones. And i think part of it is something that they're just going to have to get over. Which is the fact that the one and done era like. We're never going back from that. So they don't love that but they're blaming cow instead of really just the system but then you throw in the fact that he has such a focus on the nba. You throw in the fact that he doesn't recruit kentucky kids you throw in the fact you know. Some of them got mad about knee. Lean the reach shepherd thing. I do think matters to those people a lot because that generation really liked jeff shepherd ryan and. I do think that it's probably they're going to be even more carrying about it than the younger folks. I think there's a lot of truth in what you just said right there. And the fact that the older generation you know my age and maybe older. They've got this fondness for one kentucky kid on that roster every year. They just such as something that they strive for. Now you've got this kentucky kid who is a great player. A legacy recruit was mom and dad both played there. I think you're right. I think that just adds to the frustration a lot of fans. Yeah whether it's good or not. I think casey's right that that will be you know it's very easy for whatever level of fan. You are to feel like everybody else is like that. So the twitter generation thinks. They're a sort of group of fans and there's fan group younger than that the tiktok generation and in there the fans that are on message boards. And then there's the fans that are not anything. I think there are though drew a huge group of fans that will care about this. Read shepherd thing them more than they would have cared about any recruit in a while. And it's already showing. I mean the reach shepherd. Exhaustion is going to sit 'n pretty quickly. Because i mean his name is being mentioned everywhere. It's hot right now. Because he's playing with all the summer stuff going on but he is going to be talked about daily until he makes that decision and there'll be people groaning. uk's not recruiting people begging yeas recruiting him. It is just getting started when the viewers this rhyme. When we were down at the thirteenth region tournament a lot of that was driven by him and the viewers. For those games we did. There were a lot of them. There's no doubt he's i think Jack pilgrim in the post. He had on case or the other day. He talked to a college basketball coach about read shepherd and he said hey reads not up to the rex chapman level yet. But he's getting there. And i think that kinda indicates madness to two and a half and the last two years rags in terms of talent or hype but the height may get close. He's talking about getting there with the hype brian. What's up brian. Brian sounds like he's there. Hi brian we'll go to jared what's up tiered who i just wanna give you an inside on the reading raising. Don't four were you there. I was not there actually went two weeks ago to ride. But i ain't gonna mess with the people there this weekend But it actually gets mammoth cave national park down there and there's a really deep poll that they have a rope tied to that you can climb down the bottom of and i've heard a couple of stories already that back a few weeks Thank actually climbed down there and wound up falling and actually that way. May you're telling me there's a whole at the blue holler campground on throw park. Yeah the blue holler ofo. Parker's big ole hole broke down and then rope up right. It's like a rope tied to a tree. What could possibly go wrong right down into this horror. That they're supposedly bomb to. Roy got drought one day. I reckon i'm gonna go ahead and tell you i'm going to go on record sane. His saying i will not be going down a robe tied to a tree at the blue holler. Campground are you going to do. I don't think so what could possibly be down there. That would be that reward down there and then come back up. Is that how it works. You go for it. Yeah you can walk down to where it gets back but you probably don't want any further than that because you don't know what's down there by about twenty five thirty feet down to the bottom of that ledge when you say you don't know what's down there. It's dark as a cave on the ground but essentially. Yeah it's a cave. I'm gonna guess some rocks probably is a lot of dust. What else would they down there. You can't hear it hit the ball. Well then that's more than thirty when you go for the whole homeland well. That's kinda creepy. Yeah i appreciate the call. I mean think about that for a minute. That's so there's just a whole get shine a light down. Not that dave strong light you could. But that's that's a heck of a thing to decide you wanna do. There's a whole ryan where you can't see to the bottom. It's just next to a tree tied a rope at blue holler campground. And you just gonna go down. I'm sure there aren't professionals operating that rope. No you don't buy a ticket. I mean ryan. It means who's all jackson boston. Man i'm i'm not getting close to that whole. Are you know. And if the guy that fill in. I guess how can they even retrieves body. If it's does it just keeps going to guy forever. It has on the other side end up in china like he who's going to get the body. It's a fair question. I'm just saying it doesn't go forever through with you. go down the hall. I'd probably sit that without a big about it but no shout out to the riceland girls basketball team. That is eating in the bar right now looking at them right now. Other right behind this there. The race baiting research boy down. They've been down camping at transient some lunch. Hope they enjoy. We'll take a break five. Oh five seven one eighty. This is to talk about jones in the crew. Called the clark's pump and shop online at five zero two five seven one eighty or one eight seven seven thousand four hundred eighty or just the kentucky brandit chaos or tweet of the day by twenty matt at kyi sports radio kentucky on kentucky. Sports radio talk late road. Penny superiority did the indiana jones. Kid movie against that was indiana jones. Four no it's not right stay said shy. Labou was jones kid. I think that was a tv series. Oh well that's not the same movie right. More production crystal skull was part for that was with harrison. Ford have you seen all of them. Yeah what's your favorite temple of doom tipple creepiest. He was in crystal skull. That's the shallow book isn't it may have been in it but i mean harrison ford was was in it as the lead. What are your thoughts about clay travis. Now that he's following you on the radio. I wish him the best. I am pro this company doing well wishing team player. I mean i'm not gonna listen to him. But i'm gonna stop there. You said something. Nice what we're trying to like. It's not go too far. And also your since. That's going to be a tough tough volun- rush limbaugh. I mean you know rush. Limbaugh one of the two most successful people in the history radio going to be tough to tough gig wishing the best five. Oh two five. Seven one eighty at ky. Sports radio one person says mad. Cow thinks shepherd is not a uk quality player. Would you still take him to appease the fans. Well i think there is that perception thing that you've got this great player and he let him out of state to go play for somebody else so just per perception first of all. Let me say this. He is a u k quality player. He is is he a uk quality starter with the way. Cow does things that i don't know do i think he can be a uk quality starter. Yes i do is he. Come in as a freshman and start. I'm not sure if he is. We'll see that's what this summer will tell us. But ryan we know that cow does not like to recruit guys who are not guys he thinks could come in and start as freshmen. He just doesn't like it. He doesn't do projects here and if he does. It's almost always ryan a big man you know he. Has he ever recruited a guard. That was a project. Maybe dominique caulkins. Yeah maybe and i think. Don't you think cows found the advantage of getting two and three year players now. When the past. I don't think he was all for it but i think he sees well the advantage of that. Yeah but look who is recruiting drew in the two thousand twenty two class. He's back to recruit and top twenty kids that the transfer market still going to be wide open so he has that route two and i really think how is going to focus on that more than he ever has in the past. That's another question. Take read out of it for a second. Let's say you want to go get top. Twenty guys but ryan. Which would you rather get to fill out your roster juniors and seniors that you know how good they are or go. Get a freshman. That might be good two or three years. I think most coaches will choose to go get the junior or senior that they know how good they are. Yeah kind of see. What county with this roster. We got coming up this year. Wouldn't you rather have that to be honest. Yeah i think he would. Which eighty and cj frederick are would you rather go take a freshman after what we saw some of the freshmen fizzle out last year. Definitely pro transfer with those guys. Here's how i think it's gonna play out. It's all going to be about what he does this summer and next summer but really this summer drew if he lights it up this summer and goes from ranked fortieth to twentieth cow. We'll go all in on it if he doesn't cal probably won't offer till next summer and we'll have a year of people complaining. Would you agree with that. I think so. You has built in and head start with the uk connections with reads parents. But you know if they don't get onto him now they're gonna lose that head start. No be right there. Maybe behind a lot of these schools that have already seen in this weekend and standing close contact other than just a little text message or whatever you done so far. I think you joel. Justice was recruiting him a little more than their recruiting right now before joel. That's i mean they know how to get in touch with him. Sure if they want to get him. They will steve. What's up steve. Hey i'll just wanna bring up Keith whitley memorial motorcycle ride. That will be coming up this weekend. Friday saturday and sunday Just harvey talk by last year and past couple of years and just want to get the word out. There is a real good events in goodlettsville. Tennessee you get to read fan. I appreciate it in whereas it again. Thank goodness field. Tennessee at redwood van starts friday afternoon all right there. You go for the keith. Whitley where do you go from goodlettsville to wear. Well they lead. They lead onto a motorcycle. Ride is a memorial motorcycle ride and classic cars and they take a ride to the cemetery and they have a lot on a country entertainer singers all perform their big tribute to keep willy. It's really awesome initiate. Thank you for letting me know. Hit the road with. Don franklin's family of dealerships and save big visit don franklin auto dot com to find your new ride. Today don franken wants to buy your car offer you a thousand dollars more for your trade. They do pay more at don franklin. They've made selling your vehicle easier with the franklin fast cash. Enter your vin number and you will get an offer immediately. It's done franken dot com whether you want to buy or sell. There's no better place to deal with cars than don franklin. I sent you a picture of the redneck. Rave did you say yeah. I just looked at it a lot of cars. You know what else. There's a lot of dirt. Rv's yeah yeah. Got down calling that a high now kentucky. Sports radio presented staff. Julie's suzy sorry i was talking about you. Consider this one of his big hits. But i really like it. Yeah he's got so many songs i mean. Even the the deep cuts were good. Yes lots of great ones. Probably five seven. One eighty here in recovery from substance use disorder looking for a new career. Kentucky comeback initiative powered by the kentucky chamber believes. You deserve a second chance for employment at a place you'll love employers all across kentucky are willing to give you a chance to turn your life. We've had a lot of success stories just from people who heard on this show that can be you as well to kentucky comeback dot com positions available for a wide variety of skills education level and work experience. One person writes what about tyler hero. Same basic ranking as Read shepherd if it worked with him. Why wouldn't it work with read. Okay but here's the thing about that. I could give you the same thing about. Bj boston we'll bj. Boston was great. I mean was ranked fifth or should we always take. The guy is ranked fifth. And you'd probably go well. No we can't just take top guys look what happened. Bj i mean the question is whether or not ryan cal thinks. He's good enough. Cow believed tyler herro. He looked at that. Kim said you're an nba player. I don't care what you're right and he was. Does he believe in read shepherd only. He knows the answer to that question ryan. I don't but i think that'll determine what he does. And like you put it out. You know this summer that the coach get out. Wash these kids playing down in high level competition summer ball. Au ball they'll get an idea how can do against teams outside of the thirteenth reach. So and i personally think he'll be able to. He'll do it. I think he'll be able to do it as well. But i also drew wanna see it because really because there was no summer ball last year. He's basically only played against the thirteenth region lexington louisville that we've seen now he's gonna go this summer and play against the best. We're going to have people there at every one of his games if he does it this summer than i'm onboard. Let's just see if he does. And i think there's nothing wrong with kind of seeing if he does with that sad louisville in virginia took the bet that he's going to do it and have already offered. Yeah i'm okay with being patient. The only thing that worries me is that louisville in virginia and others are already all all over him. And you're kind of losing that built ground you have made up with them being the local boy and having the uk ties. I wish you had a little more contact than they already have. But there is still so long to go in this cage. Recruitment i mean he's still looks like a child he still has maturing to do his games gonna grow. He's going to grow. There's still plenty of time to figure out where he'll fit in uk and if you need them during what do you think about the tennessee. Baseball coach you see that shannon. Watch that live. That was awesome. Live can't argue balls and strikes. Everybody knows that okay. So he gets kicked out but that happens. Yeah not normally happen in the college world series in elimination game but it happens but drew what he said to the empire. If you can read lips you don't see coaches do addle. Those are two words that are very frowned upon on television and real life and he was just throwing them at the empire. It didn't just. He said it a bonds and had another guy holding him back. And it's you know i don't i don't know much about how a baseball dugout works. But he was a lowly assistant. I didn't know they had they're allowed to snap on them buyers. Yeah wasn't even the head coach out there. That's what i was gonna say. It was an assistant coach out there. So can you keep that coach. Can the lowly assistant on national. Tv call the umpire. That and keep his gig. I mean they probably sent him out there for a reason so that the head coach didn't get tossed right. it's not that he got tossed. He's like the goon twenty said. Yeah i mean that's pretty blatant and it went viral. So everybody sees a guy in tennessee. Gear saying you brad. Remember that blair. What hurt him. There's been other coaches. Say that before get kicked out but it to go viral. That's where look at such a bad. Look for him in the program who easy get rid of. Because he's a volunteer assistant volunteer like tennessee. Volunteers actually joke. No he's literally. He's literally an unpaid assistant. Volunteered his to be thought you were making a little joke. I was like well done soon. As i said it had hit me that lined up but no he. He's an unpaid guy on that staff. So if they do need to go of him it should be fairly easy. Go ahead what there's more bad news for. Uk baseball program. What's that scoop down. Derek terry tweeted just tweeted it out their starting catcher. Who was the leading hitter. One of the leaders in home runs. Rbi's started every game in the sec in the transfer portal left. It's not looking good for damages. It is that the kessler. Yeah yeah kessler kessler. What do you do. i mean. he's not is he going to be able to survive it. It's gonna come out to some recruits not gonna come either. Go ahead i. Three creeks things First of all what do you think about kentucky plant at kansas. Is that did that come out today. Yeah i didn't know that. Oh we came out during the first hour. So can you play kansas in the sec. Big twelve challenge in lawrence in lauren. Let's bring it on good trip. I'd like to go actually. We'll this thing i got. Did you see the radio. Yesterday of the pitcher's getting undressed. Because of that new piece took his pants off. That was you know. Listen if you got to enforce a rule they gotta check sometimes so those dudes. I can understand. Why frustrates the dudes. But like if you're gonna if you're gonna ban the sticky then you check for the sticky. Another guy did the same thing last night for the as the pitcher took his pants down right in front of everybody i mean. Don't you understand it. I mean don't any. Everybody talks about slowing the game down. But i mean if you're not going to check then what are you going to you throw a strike. You gotta drop your pants on the mound. I mean that's always drop. Your guys did last night. They were being a little dramatic. Nick what your you i. Have you have any more stuff on the. Ncaa are ruined by the carts. Another news i think. We'll probably hear something. I appreciate it from my guess is ryan. We hear something from the ncaa. Either as a friday news dump. Or i the next week. Today's what the twenty third so we from today is the deadline ride. You say a week from. Today i mean. The law goes into effect week from tomorrow. Wow so you may be right. It may be a friday news dump late friday afternoon. That's not my prediction. Is they do a friday news dump and they tell us What the rules are joe. What's up joe. You mentioned that. It's not why i called the mentioned that indiana jones movie. Have you ever seen one. I've got the last one. I saw was the one with his With sean connery other guys drew ryan. You guys see ryan good for indiana jones. Said he saw them all. Yeah yeah my I i was calling about negative collars. But my i have ken that that designed and built the the room that is a circular room that fills with water in that movie and But that's the word kin to him. What's your what's your other can't be negative about negative. People be negative about negative people. There's over fifteen hundred college football transfers every year. More than one hundred quarterbacks to have the thirtieth best transfer maybe the fifth or sixth best quarterback. That's something we should be shooting confetti off even if the guy stinks the fact that we got them says something and you just celebrate it and if it doesn't work out then was one out of eighty scholarships i mean. I don't know what anyone would like loosely per be upset about that and in different way to the top thirty. I mean we got two hundred thirty. Transfers continue football ryan. That never happens like the guy said we should be shooting off confetti and having had a parade on campus or something to get two guys translated football. Go ahead assuming the free throw league guy hasn't passed away. I don't wish that upon anyone obviously but man. I'm glad that guy doesn't call the pre-game show or your show anymore. He would call buzz and oscar. Yes and then he would call them recalled every every time it was seventy five percent of the calls where like you're getting pumped sure gain. You're excited. He called the twenty sixteen duke game our member and he complained about the free throw shooting. He said we weren't won the national championship if he taught them how to shoot free throws in the semi final verse wisconsin. We were nine of ten only missed one and before that game. He said he hates duke but he was going to start rooting for duke. Because calipari has undestood people. It's like i'm just so glad he doesn't call the pre-game. I'm glad that you guys stopped. Talk with him. He was still just to be clear. I appreciate the call. I would still take his call now. I just might laugh a little bit darrel. what's up there doing. Good what's going on You got a couple of things real quick. They Centenary calbury has a much interest in ray because considering the stuff that happened to him in the past You would think it being calculated. If i want kids. I need to get on the early. And make sure the priority to think. There's something to that. What's the second thing i don't mean to rush. I just gotta go to quick break last week. You had people Earlier this week. Talk about the guy yesterday. You calling about out of touch with reality talking about. Oh i got a plane. I fly around and hang out our v. i mean he just sound like you. He probably went home and bathed him bat. Lavender bath bombs. i mean. yeah he wants that guys though l. dan. J rock talking about Yesterday talking about powerful That i'm telling you right now. We should have never allowed. That will be bird. I mean me mama. Rock went thank you there. You coming over saturday darrell. Yes sir i'm booked. My ticket got all right v. wrestling dot com a bunch of ks. Rpm people body we might. We have a chance to have our first sell out in a certainly since the company and potentially long time which would be awesome. The guys are excited. If you wanna go lovie wrestling dot com. I cannot wait till shannon comes out ryan and the rea- well you all three of you guys will come out. The reaction's going to be hilarious. I just have a medic on standby for poor shannon guy. You get a lot for you considering what you don't forget who i got him. I call her. Big mike bennett. Take my speaking of medics. If you for covid vaccine get the shot and receive tickets to one of this year's hottest concerts if you're mercer montgomery estelle nicholas iraq castle counties this week get the shot and you get a pair of concert tickets k. Hp dot org mercer montgomery estelle nicholas and rock castle counties. June twenty through twenty fifth sponsored by the kentucky association of health plans hottest concert. You get to go. That'll be just in time. We'll be there. I'm seeing pictures from this event. A do shoot fire into the air like one of those good of those places. If i ever went. I just want to be there during the day time. It's like you know we're going to go somewhere else. We'll take a break barry beck. More of the chaos are blue lights across the bluegrass county by county virtual tour presented by the kentucky office of highway safety. After this to talk to matt jones. The crew called the clark's pump and shop. Phone line at five. Oh two five. Seven hundred ten eighty or one. Eight seven seven nine four eighty and for the blue kentucky. Sports radio on talk radio sports radio. So may i ask you guys. This people are asking if we should do. We're gonna do a road trip. We usually do it in december. But i don't see a game in december that makes a lot of sense. The only one would be michigan. But it's not very far you know. And we want to spend a week in michigan and minnesota in january. And what's the of. Yeah well. I mean that's the thing i think. Kansas is going to be boy. But here's what i would say. I'd say we wouldn't go just to kansas. We'd find stuff around. 'cause you're i'm not spending even i hate it. I'm not but right. We go arkansas. Texas oklahoma kansas or we could do. We could do to kotas kansas new york then kansas. We're not gonna do you ryan. Would you prefer january around kansas. Or december around michigan. I'm kind of with you. In december in michigan. Maybe a little rough but yeah we could find something to do. Maybe this don't take the ozarks. Stay away from the ozarks filling every trip trip we've ever done we're in kansas and oklahoma for most of the time i think we go north so i think that's what we do. Is we go north. We go up. We hit like wisconsin. Go to green bay packers. Maybe i mean maybe but it'll be january. It'd be over then no so. It'd probably be basketball. But we hit like wisconsin the dakotas and then come down through to kansas. I think that's the part of the country and we haven't been there. Maybe you do that true. And we hold though it'll be really cold. It was cold last wherever we go. Probably i mean i. I think that's to be just what it is so so at kansas. Is that the one million. It's not my pig. But you'd rather do michigan football games. Don't work either. I mean the football games are georgia. That's not very far. South carolina vandy. Where's the college football playoff this year if we make that work. But that's like that's like when we go to the ncaa tournament. i think it's going to be kansas. You don't see very exciting. I mean i mean. I hate kansas too but the game will be fun. Have homeless drew. And i've been to a game at kansas and drew a couple it is. It's awesome it really is awesome and for that game. It'll it'll be awesome. you'll love it. Assuming they let us all in the pack. We made all get in our fans there here really. Oh that's right. We've had a little last time. I was there. The kansas media person came over and said are you drew from k. As are in and they started laughing about how much we make ourselves hair well. He does have to pay. I'm envious of it. That's the thing i keep saying like it's like i think he has the best to pay in america who's got a better ranking. The top two pays better give me a better to pay hoops. Wise carl ravage twice. But it's not better puts it on backwards sometimes. Don't be looks like it might be backwards. Not for air. Center it on the. When did you need to stop call. Ravage you keep saying that but i'm not sure you have proof of that insiders say insiders steve called ravage hair hair. He's got good hair. So is the only reason drew. I know about it as we saw the clips Like we were sitting right next to him at peach jam and i kind of found myself staring and you can see like a any good journalist. I actually have a second source. That pretty good scoop confirmed he had some solid work done. That was the year that drew took two pictures of the bill. Self hairpiece and another is snapchat of mike shefty. Which if he ever got out. You still have that picture drew. No that's long gone. But i had fun drawing on his case on snapchat. I've ever that one person that we really the first of all. We're not children when we did it. But we acted like children's speaking of people who don't call anymore what parts and writes what happened in the dude that bit. Someone's finger i remember your name. He didn't like me. He turned on me and said for me to keep my name out his mouth. Keep his name out my mouth. Yeah i liked him though. There was some good callers back in those days. That we've heard from the thing was those callers called every day and now it's just harder for people to get in like wildcat on us next if i can get kevin. Are you right catholic. Kevin on here my garbage kevin right now. Looks the horse thing when i get to it right here now. You do the horse voice when i get to it. All more can say whatever you want here. We go when when when i q you go. Do you pay electric bill every month. Have you noticed how keeps going up. You can eliminate your electric bill today with stallion solar zero dollars. Two zero out of pocket visit stallion solar dot com and fill out the form to have all your questions answered. There's no reason for you not to do this. Kentucky guys based in richmond creating jobs it stallion solar the customers produced so much electric for these folks. They get the money back from the power companies. Go to stallion. Solar dot com and fill out a questionnaire. And you'll be ready. Come ride with us. Kevin at stallion solar dot com. Who of course. They'd sweaters real quick. You got kevin i. I've been to trump earlier my that guy talking about that or whatever yup going down. I'm with you guys that. But i don't think i gotta tell you. Vote to here last night. News talk like a joke like we go do this. Don't think i can say the name of it. I like y'all this. Check it out. So you kind of want you deal with i. It's on his aka close when everything he's saying email it to me. Kevin matt jones at kentucky. Sports radio okay. Good technology show now. I understand anything else. Yeah i'm talking about coming up. Election light is lane. My buddy. We're all swing by please please. I'm allowing guy recommendations her wings with y'all have something to talk but not famous case barcelos get. Let me know when you come came okay. I'm thinking back on saturday as well. I if you're there during the day. I'll see if i come if at night. We got wrestling. But i appreciate it man. Thank you very much. Let's go to Get corey. I got a minute. Hey matt I wanted to give a vic. Shot out of a love events. Vince for offering my nephew back out of louisville. Let's cow so your nephew got offered a football. Scholarship drop the mic gibney. that's exciting. Isn't it drew. Because you know we got wildcat. Corey's nephews great football player and hank's son is a really good basketball player. Ryan for west. Highschool western. High school is going to be dominant in the next couple of years. You just wait. They are the king out of louisville. He inked son is very good. Jerry here he comes on next here on ten eighty. You should listen to him if you don't regularly start now on talk radio. Ten eighty dot com ks bar tribute. And i bring a team out and come see shannon and get his butt kicked it over. Thank you very much. We'll see you all later. This vague dougie sports radio. Where will the chinese menu insane.

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Episode 18  You Me and the Devil Makes Three

The Billowing Hilltop Podcast

1:17:53 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 18 You Me and the Devil Makes Three

"And. then. Hello to heal what caused me with pull out I pull hello nick ZIP by the way preparing questions for on accession we a here blowing hilltop Central. Say with confidence. Central. Admin and we had to do an intro to episode eighteen. I've forgotten the name of it and we say thank you to three readers. One of whom we think concessional the sweetest doesn't. Destroyed by mistake they've joined by mistake they were looking for a gardening cost I think yeah very likely and also thanks. For the feedback, we really enjoyed doing that poll the twitter poll. Yeah that was a success we think. The results of that will be in the show later on and a special thanks to a friend of the show the friend of the show. Luke from D. Show podcast and who has got many things to say about nukes 's. Character. Bill Choices. which will be picking up at a later stage. Well. What about the coaching staff was interesting. Nice that you could use. APPs we should have a discussion about this actually in the game. Yes. Let's have a discussion about this. In the game. It just remains for me to encourage you to employ you to subscribe and to review us on. itchy. He'll. Know we stopped now. What we thought we. Produce. Claim if you come into the offices, you've I say sorry everybody. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay Anyway. In Cross. Oh. Sorry. Yes. So we employees to subscribe and to rate and review in your podcast APP of choice B that. Who Beyond Yes leakers? On. Apple podcasts or institue whatever it is, and it just remains for me to say sit back and enjoy episode eighteen. Paul was called again, you may an devil three. Yes. Indy did in and eight, eight, eight, eight. Day where we left things, you had just finished a combat in the temple of Banshee view at a temple gladiatorial arena we had set up think. He'd had a bit of a kind of. SNOOT labout in all sorts of in all the ancillary chambers than sensory right word. Peripheral anyway the little little network of Chambers, the with the priests combination than Little Chapel and everything you've been through it and had a bit of a dig about and found some stuff which we ought to. Refresh our memories about. And you take a long rest. People need to apply that long rest. Make sure your healed up spells back. And e went up a level. What do you want to go through stuff in you WANNA DO LEVELS I why not? Use. Levels in the lives euro full level four, thousand, the most interesting level. It's not. But you get a bump stock dump though or or if it at four. Announcement. Yeah. In. Hospital or a feet if you choose to select one instead. Yeah. Well. Let's start with the initiative tracker and the person who's round it would be at the fight started or stopped was. BERTHEL suburban. What, have you done? I I actually had a problem with I made some bad choices. So I mostly it's kind of. Repair. Yeah. So wrong spells said. So basically I chosen. What was it? Enhanced Ability I think it is, which is second levels but where you can, it's the all cats grace. full-strength all those kind of things you can buff buff one ability. But concentrations bell and I also heroism, which is the first level concentrations. But so I, basically never using it. So swap I, think I swapped that out because I want spell. And I took a see invisibility and then I've debt a set a new spell invisibility. So that's Kinda sorted out my second. told me about seeing visibility is see visibility literally the ability to see Track for myself. Can you see through things like missed stuff or is it just? The. Reading the spell. Okay. You see criminal Jason's if accessible and you can see into the theory plane. Yes. Gracious. Okay. So They. Can they appear ghostly in? So I. Thank Spells. And then I thought of taking lucky because grandma takes it and uses its effect the feet. Yes To, Graham, you've taken grams taking lucky in another one of our games. Yes. Yeah. He's used it. But in my case, I had a problem with Armagh class needed to do something about that. So I took a point of territory. Yes, and then because the extra point would give me the extra plus I took his strengths as well. So the point of extremity has tipped you over to an even number extra level of bonus, correct and same the same strength. So I've got basically mild mccloskey's up to fourteen is still not great, but it's better. And my my to hit and damage of Ghana. So that's actually pretty. So you'll feel better base off. Well. Yes. I still don't think fourteen causes enough. To be very careful. Not, good you there's no way you could. Swivel spells around to get you wearing armor. Yeah I'm wearing leather armor. Ula As bards, the ballots have proficiency in what light and medium or just like a think it's night. Studied leather, which gives me plus two. Car. Parts for thinking about fourteen is fourteen is light definitely light. Okay. Well, we're we're about like. What about? Johnny about grumbled Seton Right. So I've taken low another Larousse source around because you know I don't like most causing. A I was going to pick shatter but then they have a spelling here and I could shadow blade which comes from the NFL's guide to everything which I don't have a copy of but. it. Actually. He's probably a little t power for I think for the level, but I'm going to pick it. Galaxy this shuttle in your hand does to da Psychic. Damage. You can throw it at people. Range then as a standard weapon, not very good it's about twenty. Twenty foot, and then you have. Increment sort of. but if it's dim light darkness, you talk with advantage. and if you've thrown it, it dissipates the end of the turn and then you can use a bonus action to make it reappear in your hand. You. Darkness but talk vision. No, it's more. Tim. Lloyd. Okay. Well, we'll see how that works out anything else, and then I increase my charisma because that will help with my spells DC stuff, and so now eighteen charisma's Roy might be rabbit low bit blame the best looking hope around. rubbishy. Also you. You're you're. Nine. Hundred Seventy eight anymore Johnny. Christopher. Is Not like come linus. Charisma is your is your your your your your personally Mac magnetic. Okay. So everybody should be following me around doing what they're told A. If you say, Oh, good looking and that's the that's the thing you know there we will. Maybe you're so ugly you hold sit a strange fascination. Whatever we've hit the hit the gap between the rules and reality. Why don't you try telling me something to do something and see how that works. Yeah. Charisma's always been problematic stat. Y- anyway whatever what about? CUTHBERT's expenditure Cuthbert. You had a choice because your your split on you car. So I took a level in Roque. Yes a now. Second second row. Luke. Somehow, he managed to. Produce Did I want to explain that to you when you when you talk. About the probing. Probing. You can move up making the tack and then do the disengage. Action Yes an Ordinance Alcoholics Unity Lucas ready talk about Parker or if you don't make a decision yet. Yes. Well, as you said, normally he fought level isn't very interesting. Because I took a level of druid. Their. Full third level monk is interesting right. Third Level, monk? Yeah. Because you get deflect missiles which is quite nice. Okay. Yeah. Five things that you and you get to choose. A monastic tradition and certain. Four elements although I have to say unfortunately having a little problem with here are lap. Doesn't seem to have it, but there is some online discussion and I'm shown I work it out. That is really cool because you can basically used key points to do of very nice things right fished unbroken. Doing Three D ten bludgeoning damage for two key points. Coin Nice Yeah, you get okay yeah As. That you get your deflect missiles, which is quite useful and. When you pick distance correctly. Correctly you picked his cigarette. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you pick the correct disputants which one did you would have you picked elemental achievement then depict something else or How does it work? No, the elemental disciplines what I'm not quite sure about according to this. You don't actually have to choose them in advance. You picked up levels. Yes. Basically you pick there there is a, there are a set of elemental elemental distance and you pick them some of them have a level prerequisite some of them you can pick straight away I think festival unbroken air. For example, you can pick straightaway he's been two key points and choose the creature within thirty feet of you and that was strength saving throat but don't really understand about the dispenses with you pick one when you choose traditional third, you learned magical disciplines that harness the powerful. Discipline requires you to spend key points each time you use it you know the elemental achievement discipline and one other elemental discipline of your choice. Okay. He told. So basically I completed he picchu. Yet because I was walking out to get into here, I want you to pick one that's incredibly appropriate just at the moment that it. Okay. In a bit. Anything else no. Everybody taken average hit points. So finally, what about sessions sessions? Okay. Well, sessions to lovely. Seems. logical. Gives him access to another second level spells right-hand innovate Ken trips. I. Much like catch the I doped into. Guide. To everything and found, it would've radiance as cantor, which sounded rather cool. I'll be calling this sound of the dice. Yes I like it that that causes radiant damage to all creatures I nominate within thirty feet. They have a savings right within thirty feet view. Yes. Okay. So it's like an ore from you. You don't pick a point range into right? Okay. Cool. Assists pretty good. Is that it? I took a feat Robin. Check them. On the dance beautifully. and. Seemed the most appropriate I took. Lucky. Okay. Why don't you remind me about lucky? Lucky is a a thrice. Long wristy. Fizi can do it three times between arrests and you basically get the choice to. Either rewrote yes. All role again for an opponent on an attack grow made against E., it's only as that grows. No it's for me I can rewrote attack roles as. Dating trees it's basically. It's really annoying saving. Let's he checks attack close. Got It but. Call No. The result you have to declare that you're gonNA use it before he never resolve. So okay. So I roll Okay. So be careful the DMZ Bain so It's more about them seeing things that you've done I think. Yeah. But so for you, you make a role to hit and roll a number you look at it. I've got to be careful not tell you whether or not. You succeeded before you decide to spend one use of your lucky feats. Yes when it comes to me hitting hitting. Great. Hits if creature fires an Arrow at sessions. How does that work I roll and if I tell you that I've hit, you tell me i. what will how does that work you roll the what it should have what should happen as you roll the dice he sees the number on the dice who makes the decision then. It's kind of difficult to find. No no, we we'll we'll try. During the bonus because effectively over replace, you're able to replace the D twenty. Twenty I understand we'll keep keep me honest. Yes. Keep me honest when the times when the time comes I'm I tend to roll the dice tell you the number and then do the things Yup we had this in the other game. So a breaking the fourth wall put. Light property on a weapon bright hand crossbow specifically. Yes. So two weapon fighting yes. Basically says that if you have a Melee weapon yet it doesn't say anything about light main range weapon then it doesn't because you can't use it and the reason I know. Is because there is the sharp shooter feet. Which I picked for the. In another game. And the way that it works is that sharpshooter specifically Kohl's out that feet as allowing you to use A. Range weapon as your hand weapon right. So I would need to take the sharpshooter feet in order to be able to do the to attack thing with light crossbow and hand Crossbow Anna. UNTO rubbish. Sharp she's defeat doesn't do that shop she defeat is absolutely brilliant, but it doesn't do that. So it might actually be something this called out in the assassin. Path as a rogue. which we have a quick look. Like shorts. Just. So light, a light weapon is small and easy to handle making it ideal for fighting with two weapons. See Rules two weapon fighting in chapter nine to take the attack action, and it's with light mellow weapon that you're holding in one hand you can use a pint his action. So with a different. Yeah. So what's the point that the property in the case of a hand across doesn't do anything? and. There is something and I. It is okay. We'll have to have a bit of a dig about an I will have. I have found I found something when I was building Nicos. Rogue for the Princess of the Apocalypse Game Yup. which it specifically called out as a choice because he was assassinated particular think a particular kind of feet particular fate. George. He was allowed to use the light crossbow as is often weapon. Okay let's move on. So you take a long rest you level up. Presume Yo, hunkered down in one of these kind of side chambers of the main Temple Room Yep Yep. And you get a time to stunt the things that you found when you were. Let's. Be Honest about this when you were ransacking they. Chambers. You found some treasure I'm very hesitant to mention. because. Mention because. Time, sink. All Top on. It wasn't there wasn't talking about an awful our. Own. Protection there was gravitation plus. Scholar, this Magic Crossbow flav statue Jim with intro pieces locked just splaying scrolls. non-magical Journal. With the symbol of the grey woodmen key with the symbol of the Greg. Woodsmen Yep. MIRA well. So the mirror was on the altar in the Chapel and or a vision that mirror it still retains a faint divination aura but you've got the sense that today is it somehow keyed into Parker or is it a? Certainly other people look to that mirror and see anything on the Senate caucus or it. looked. into it he sort of vision. Do you remember the vision. Yes good vision of shaft with water and a battle bobbing. That's right. The water receded away from us if you're looking down well or shaft of water and sewer barrel surface and start rolling around on the surface of the water when it got to away to when he got sent point away from you. The. Key Well, tonight, the scrolls have an unspecified and on. An unidentifiable magic on the magic may are. and. Then you've got the book which is Fell Drugs Journal which we could probably you get a chance to read while you're resting up would you like to hear stuff from fell drinks journal yes? Yes there are a couple of entries I'm going to city voice I'm just gonNA use my voice. The first one is dated. The third day of Spin betwixt years spin betwixt years is the little five day festival that sits between dismember and Danieli. This is the third day of Spin betwixt years. Praise be to the Queen Marshall says the faceless one grows increasingly concerned. That adult beast Granik Kerr has yet to provide new insights into the over God's nature. The crude missives he sends speak of the worms of a slumbering power that must be awoken but nothing more. I wish you would go back to the under forest that spawned him if he has nothing more to offer. The face. This one tells me this ties into an ancient figure, a being of great power. Of course, he tells me that lyles he enjoys keeping his secrets, but he forgets that they flourish only behind the protection of Band Chievo. His latest Taunt is a scroll he tells me contains all the answers I seek of course, the food wrote it in a cipher where it not for. The dictates of the Ebon Triad I would lead my troops into the damnable land and kill every lost wizard within it. Graphic is the key. Thank the scourge that he trusts me a not the faceless one otherwise I doubt the faceless one would bother importing anything to us. We cannot trust these majors when the over Goto rises I think it will be time to settle some old scores The second entry is dated Weekday the fourth of February. So quite recently, it's now thump. THUMP Henry, she makes the night. The hold will how an queen will lead us. Grow occur. Finally, yielded a useful clue. I personally delivered it to the faceless one who giggled a blood adult beserk when he saw the message. Spoke with the worms again, of course, he that even now a stir and ride the world is like an apple infested with them. All seems well for now. But soon, they burst through the skin and swarm across the land. Still part of this vision troubles me Gralak spoke of a great power behind them but the on try it teaches that these worms will awaken the overcoat. Is there some other power hand here that we cannot see is it friend or foe? The faceless wasn't knows more but he of course, little say perhaps grandma's has invented everything his monstrous kin of few in number and batted after their pilgrimage to the dog. If he is an impostor trickster we need to reach out of this place. In that case, our agent should make another supply, run six coils of rope and bows and more arrows should do the trick with the petitioners leading the way we can uncover any ambushes they have within the cliffs and that was the second one. Well, there's some possibilities there. Making this back to test put yes. Certainly. This That could well be the scrawled with the. Holding Holding. Yes. Yes. So it looks like she's referring to that scroll. She refers to this Faceless one yes and these wizards. Face this one seems to be further down because they need more ripe. Well, no. Well, maybe I. It it seems. Yes, I be. The thing is is what she says it's perhaps grandma's invented everything his monstrous kid in his monstrous Kim few in number and batted after their pilgrimage to the dark remain to route amount of this place in that case agents who make our agents making supplier on. So he she's talking about Gralak there. She's talking about two distinct figures. One? Is the faceless one, and then one is this character called Grandma Kerr who seems to be? You might infer from the way that she describes. Him It her and their actions. Some kind of Sierra or some kind of profit. Yes, and then you've got a chemical defaced one who seems to be being passed all of this information. Can I make some kind of knowledge check to see whether any of this make sense to me from anything died. From the monastery. You most certainly can anybody could make a just a straits intelligence check or history check or an Arcana chat or religion checks any goes kinds of checks might might I might able to give you a little bit more. Points I can go plus one. To. I don't have any blesses. Ten could save middle of the road number. Fifteen. So as a fifteen, what what is that? Kana. So fifteen alcon from purple an Tan what from Religion Okay Well Sixteen from me sixteen from grumbled. What can attest you making what kind of check? MINUS ONE RELIGION OR CALL Anything right I'M GONNA try a religion. Yeah. Let's let's. Let's combine your checks. And let me give you a little bit more information or a bit of context. So the first thing I can tell you is. This reference to something called the under forest. Forest it's got lots of different names. There are. There are legends that stretching beneath the Earth for Kansas Miles is a sort of realm of the. Oakland. Not so much. The thought. So say there is no underdog there is something that's called the done. Sits underneath even saw him. So even star is a city about three days bride west of where you are, and it sits on these barrier cliffs that look this kind of land called the this region called the lands that wait we aren't going to go into that too much but the lands that wait a not good and they all the the the the things that way to the creatures that weight. Off just those that wait is the way that the people of even star referred to the denizens of the lands that weight and. We're talking about evil people. It's like a it was once possibly some kind of inland sea. But. It's now gone. Instead, there is a jungle sits at the base of these giant cliffs that even started to the top off. Riddled in through these cliffs under Union Stars this thing called the dungeon and it is rumored to go and this little spider tentacles of catechism passageways, holes, and even cities. Spread for vast distances under the earth under even star out towards way you are. In parallel to this near to the surface the legend is that there is this realm, some people call it the under forest, some people call it the dark timber. But it is when the worshipers of the Great Woodsmen Almond live. It's dark woodland Realm Yup. So this reference to the under forest may refer to that therefore that you could different from that that grandma Kerr is some worshiper of the grey woodsmen he or she has come from the under forest. I must be some kind of SIA or prophet. Who seems to be pulling out of somewhere visions or wisdom or information about this age of worms, worms, the dead, all the stuff and this is being passed is character faceless. Not. Bad Start for one descend on check I don't think that you're just going to get you very far trying to see if there's any other kinds of things I should refer to then already. Okay. So back to the magic. Plus, one ring of protection. Yes. And what else? Except plus one ring and it's a scroll dispel magic plus one half plate doesn't off bank blessed one on. Three. On though some blank scrolls apparently will these scrolls that were referred to. Well, that's just the policy I am. Isn't it? So who who wants to bust one ring me? I have all the class fourteen I needed. Plus fifty is it protection saves or? You just I've got the ring and take some. Yes. But what is what does the Ring Protection Do isn't That's the question that Graham was asking. Ring. Shown look it up. I'm looking at up. Makina. Bring a protection ray you gain postponed by storm Klaus and saving throws. Could. old-fashioned version. Okay Sounds there. Should we roll for it? Yeah Yeah. We rolling for choice almost. That's for choice choice three times. So, we would only t one hundred. Anybody Day make their first role. Just gets eighty nine. Three. Anyone. Right, Miss Attack Parker. Palmer. POLKA. have. You don't actually he booby needs the ring. Thank. You Ivan takes okay. Okay I'm second year. I'll take the what does that hall and a scroll. Off Plate and. I'll take the health plan obviously. who's next. ME. While I'll the scarlet dispel magic. Okay. Johnny. There is nothing. EP things, yes. This is Jim. G. P. I'll tell you that. I'll take the locked chest. Lock chess okay. Thank you. Write locks chest chest. He found in what looked like the sleeping chamber of a couple of priests open not tried to open it with these picks and tools but failed how big is the chest as interest Oh. It's about the size of a chest. That's really helpful. Nine Probably couple of. Couple of. Female. Couple of feet wide by high by foot deep. Let's call it. That's not. Carry. Sagan two hands to carry two hands to carry. Yeah. You didn't put in a sack or something. It's not big enough to hold anything like a sword, for example, any armor or anything like that. CanNot happen again. You I certainly can. Okay I'm standing back but blossoming. All gathered in this. Euro gathered in the kind of in the kind of the priests bedchamber right which ones that where we're kind of. In the far corner of the complex tucked away past the room with the alternate and yeah, very small ten of we search. Every says, okay. It was in terms of searching you've you you I think you I think I'd say that you've ransacked it. So you you scramble through the end of combat. quickly, doing a search of everywhere looking under stuff pulling stuff to one side detected that we did a long rest and we searched the whole place. Well, then he's done a long rest and you've read the Journal and you've done your leveling up, you haven't done a fingertip search of the walls looking for secret compartments earning that but we can do that during alone rest going you can do it me. Yeah. Within reason, it's quite complex but yes it but we don't I mean not not exerting ourselves I think the rules That you got to spend about half of your time in an activity something like that. So yeah. You can you can spend half of your time? Reflecting. And recuperating and meditating if necessary forgetting spells back the other half of the time, you could spend on a light duties doing a quick search or or even an intensive search of of this complex Yup. K Well Yeah. Funding thing. Okay I'm going to. I'm going to try. Getting I'm, not letting. Tastes, forty feet way. Eighteen that translates into a twenty. Yes. Sure. You get more than that. Have you gone proficient with these big tools? I. Am choice plus to just. One thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, two. Twenty two and we have a quick look and see that gets you. where? That's good enough. But it leather and the chest contains. No magic faith food, you'll be delighted to hear. But it does contain Let me just check for you you. Find It. Annoying here we go. To the two hundred gold in coins and there's a jeweled Brezler and you reckon that's worth a fair amount more money but difficult to pin a value on it without making some kind of. Educated, CHECK Guess okay. There's a sorry there's a jolt brace wall and just two hundred. copays coins racer. Magical. Now. And just do such the Chessy Cra, possums and things visit. There's actually there's an actual non-secret bottom in the bottom sitting at all muscle test. No false bottom or anything like that. Triangle to A. Real bottom. Moves. Giant but. Yeah now. So you've now spent eight hours tucked away in the corner of this place You didn't as far as I can tell post any kind of God. you've rested up and your stuff. Okay. What do you want to do now? I'd like to I'd like to Redo my leveling up. More Sense. Well. If I take medium proficiency Yep, I could use half plate which would. I think another four points of Obama. which is fairly significant. That's. Unprecedented. Oh allow it. Yeah, let me just check I can't actually take that friend God storyteller. Eight. Right she head over to the main entrance hole and there's two more doors. Anything that you've not really looked at much those scrolls. Strength what strength you need, I think do exit and you probably do. It's just so much better. Then basically it down to just The stove disadvantage clunking around. Yeah and the thing. Yeah. And I it gives me a point. Motor, Yeoman gives me a point of strength or dexterity as well. Can you spells with the? I. Think I can hunting. There's any there aren't any of those rules anymore other. Than divine spells or all kinds I can't spell. Okay. Can I spell eases not wearing allman? If. You want to be a wizard that whereas plate mail you have to burn two feet I think you have to the media moment efficiency feet? No you've been three. Then you are you proficient in light armor as a wizard at everything you all. You have to burn low two feet, but I'm not worried about. Your but you get my point. In doing what user doing that I get the strength increase on two on. Would have feisty on. What does that do to me? Since. The scrolls I think might hinting there. I wasn't so much hinting as just saying, well, what do you WanNa do? The definitely radiate magic. It's Graham rest. that. So much better. That makes me eighteen. Oh You think it's Yeah, it's possessions who has testy. You think there's some magical there's a magical or on the scrawls. In some kind of combination of some something to do with an com check with. Me That's me. I'm the primary SPO- you. Know thinking about. GonNa Make You Might see if I can figure out what they. Do the same yes. True. Point now. Natural, twenty and what's your bonus are natural twenty. That is. Nineteen grilled come on what you get when you're all going to. No hold on I. think that what a? Sessions can. Determine. Is it there is some kind of magical writing on the scrolls You have to kind of hold them up to the light here with your with a detect magic running which you have. Yes. Yes, I, can do. You can yeah. So you we feel to take magic running and a high arcana check. You can determine that there is some kind of script on the scrolls, but somebody's going to need to discuss since some kind of Cypher. Some don't know that it's beyond your. is to decipher it to to decrypt it. It'll be tough. You think it's possible but tough and it's just a code orange needs kind of. A magical writing. Invisible to the naked eye, you've managed to pick it out with the read. Magic. Oh. Sorry with a detect magic and and a very an indecent already good Arcana check. Now you need to make a probably some kind of investigation check to actually decipher the writing. You could give it a go but investigation numbers. It's quite similar to my knowledge are counted them can get. You're thinking that that might you? Yeah. You're going to need maybe need a bit Helpmann as. Well I'm going to have a go with my plus one. I think I think since head. Okay. Okay. Okay. But that's not enough I think. You need to make the Khanna check. I think if you've got the magic running and you can see magical auras now that sessions points out that there is a script on the scrolls, you don't need to make that Arcana check to see it but you will need to make some kind of fatty scary investigation check intelligence check to decipher it. Okay I'M GONNA. Try At. Another guy okay yeah. Twelve? Much is not enough. Maybe. There's a scratching my head. In the Journal. Fell Drek. She says is latest taunted scroll. He tells me contains Leonsis I seek of course, the fool wrote in a cipher potentially there might be some way of decoding it somewhere else comprehend languages spell. Comprehensive, which just do it I don't have the. Freshest creches spells comprehend languages feather full. Useless. Very useful if you have to read being instructions on a parachutes. In Russian. Should we anyway she we hit out the other doors. Any anybody? Thinks safe in. This way. Rose coaches dead. You have no idea. Nobody's been headed. Any look. Patting on pedal your grumbled quietly. Okay. Give me a self check if you want to be caught. Torture burnt-out how you seeing? These. Lights. Doc. I'm am alight spell but I'm I'm shooting it. So it's it's producing dim light. Okay so you're using a light spell to kind of give you a little bit of a little bit. Let your phone. A little bit of local illumination. Yep. Yeah and I myself is eighteen. Decent roles you're quiet at least. Anyway. So whole bit the whole set of Cathedral Chamber at the base of the elevator shaft and order this area was lit by torches but those tortures have gone out there. There is a little bit light coming from the chamber to your north, because there's an ever burning torch burning in there. Yeah. So that light spills out into the chamber that you're about to cross, and then you'd be heading into darkness as you walked towards back towards the elevator, there's no sound coming from down there. I'm going to proceed for anybody else coming. Give me a perception check. Is. MINUS ONE so. You can detect the faintest kind of sent of tumblr bonfire smoke in the air, which is something that you picked up before when you look down that corridor leads off the narrow corridor that leads off to the West from the elevator that's in the air as you approach. nope. Burning bodies would smoke. Yeah. It's smells bonfires autumn bonfires. GimMe, a religion check. Okay now it's nothing maybe something in the back of your mind that the jobs are memory of some. So this idea bonfire smoke, but it's not it's not joining up. we'll proceed for what anybody else following me yeah I'm I'm, felony. Shouldn't really be the front should I? Primary source. I find. Acting me I was the primary salsa. Give get another stealth check. Last Time Susa. You give me another step check grumbled still check please from the incredibly company sessions I. Hope it. S. Still, myself. Plus and start. With. Bolt. Sixty one or visit as I wrote us. And Eight? Okay Yeah you've been super quiet. Okay. Oh. You're heading up towards the. End of the corridor where opens out into this chamber you can. Smell smoke a little bit more Coming here, nothing. Can you hear you can hear not much. You can hear hats the sound every now and again of. echoing clanking sound or kind of slide on a banging sound that might be the elevator in the shaft at the top just swinging in whatever under. Underground breezes might come disturb it. And that will kind of reverberate down you can casually hair. Kind of. A set of slow show bubble that might be coming from that dark pool of liquid away to the South That No. Nothing no cultists they seem to have gone the elevators gone. The. Elevators gun we saw. is on a on a hand winch it doesn't have A. Coal Button you need to be on it to move it. So no way out. Don't see. Well, you didn't have a way out Michigan Climb. Yeah but it's a good I think. Thirty or forty feet to the ceiling. The starters. Then, it's ten foot wide shaft so you wouldn't even be able to brace yourselves. Left across that bitch get swing. Bridge. How useful it would. Door to the north. Well tonight but there's no light spilling down from that corridor to the north if you remember. Earlier. That door opened while you were involved in the fight with all of the denizens of this temple. And purple kind of had a quick look at what was going on. He could see and he could see into a room with strange columns and markings and bone white flagstones, all sorts of weirdness. which was seen to be led by some kind of immunization well, that that's not there's no light coming from out there anymore. So you can presume that doors either closed or the lights around. To pathways. Off. A west. Johnny Twenty Gang for. Not going anywhere because I'm not a person that goes the front pool. What about Paulo? Gossip. Rose that's what we need at the moment. Proud. Party. Oh. No. We've got. About ten feet from the end of the corridor leading out into the main Cathedral Chamber. He's being followed up by sessions and then Parker. Purple Purple are so oh yeah. Go back to skulking yet right back in the main. Brave you know young chat wanted to be the. Front. That's what do you call you know the person that the bag the special team. Signaling forward off the bench was his dog so Votes? A Little Bit of light spilling away from your into this chamber or quiet. All right. I'm game from. Hello A. Sessions to make sessions now, you get close enough to the main room you can you you pick up this the smell of smoke that grumbled is not mentioned your. Check. Twin Teen True Twenty again for twenty. Okay. Well, we are. You know what this is or you can guess what this is. The Lair, the lands of. Followers of the great woodsmen tend to. Tend to be smoky. As. Penelope bad way You tend to find bonfire smoke. And in the lays of the followers of the great woodsmen. Daphne. Bobby is Yep. eltel sign that you'll close to. One of the IT'LL NESTS I'm getting related information. Courts, I'm going to sneak to the entrance to the main home. I'm going to Roll A. Stealth check, Yuck. Oh Sinus what drop with a plus seven he rose total of nine meaning he wrote a to nine is not catastrophic. Okay it but you went particularly. No I'll say. Yeah, I was averagely. Paulk let's pick up with Park. Eighty yeah. Join doing things would have just hanging back I'm just. To stay lamb? You roll the Erodotou, you get nine not much happens Parker is somehow paralyzed at the back of the party all creeping forward. He doesn't seem to be moving to fiddling with something quite as always flickering. Typing he's some kind. Some kind of object that he's he's always all fours. He's got some sort of objects on the ground which he's got his hand cupped over he sort of sweeping. It's around on the floor and then he's looking at something that you can't say and keeps going to touching. anyway. You hear her. And the doors of the north is the opening and you can see the sweep of light as the door opens. Yeah and light floods out down the corridor from the north and into this main chamber illuminating the area where the lift descends into the Pinson Saiful and. Laid out running out clearly running all the way down the corridor and from the store and into the room Shanteau this night behind a figure that must be in this doorway that figure bulky warned. carrying some kind of large weapon. You know what Game Cuthbert Gimme and Gimme perception Chekhov and grim bold and sessions. Who could all see this shadow? No just no. Sorry. grumbled. Fourteen. Sorry twenty one year old above a ten, twenty one is good for Cuthbert and quite how you might communicate this to your fellow without making a noise I'm not sure. But you recognize that this creature is holding a weapon in one hand you could see the shadow of it and the weapon is the same shape as what glaze it's that shaped. You've seen everywhere else in this temple complex. The glade and the wooden shield or the grave through the windshield is the symbol of cheever. So, there's a figure standing in the doorway light behind it costing shadow bulky honed to. Holding, what looks like a glaze? not like t fleeing horns grumbled can see that even with a your lousy no more war spiky more like a Dev or diabolical. And then as you noticed this shadow and this light, the shadow just dissipates doesn't move doesn't step away it just goes. Invisible he's GONNA invisible invisible. No, it doesn't blink out of existence. Of smoke and that smoke gets blown. Away. I guess Yes for. A theory that was a shadow being cast by somebody standing in the northern doorway, the door that was open before as Abbot Nazis of opened again. Yeah. Can Can I put my head around the corner? To look at the door attached to your body or you can on a stick or something. Touch to my buddy. Okay what have you. So. You constantly what your vision. Yes. So the room is laid out as it was empty. You can see light still flooding down from the Cordo to the North your angle doesn't give you a view of the door itself or the end of that corridor. And there no figures we'll movement or anything. If only we had somebody who seem visible. I can always. I'm GONNA do foods life. Shit. All right. So seeing visible seen visibility is not concentration just lost an hour so I'm going to cost that. Nest Egg didn't sound like he went. Invisibles is probably not going to help but some. Costa Anyway. Right. And then I might actually governed visible myself. Jay. Because you've got some visibility cost. So there'll be no difference. Let's go around and everybody gets a go I get six points in my life by the way. Grim bogut six points from its live Cuthbert has popped his head around the corner is had to look burping has cost. Well he's taking a couple of actions. He's caused detectives ability and then he's caused visibility. So everybody else want do a thing Paul is at the back fiddling with his count she. Had A couple of actions sessions you've gone action to spare. Should you want to use more moment I'm just going to contemplate. Gay, So let's go round again from the Scotland Cuthbert cuff is going to move south about ten foot, but move into the room and of the wool he he gets a stealth. Chang he rose nine getting thirteen. But also consumer. Section check but. Yes thirty one section checks and like. Seventy. To roane a stealth, Chink. Yes. Well, just as I'm not gonNA notice I'm going to do that right now. One. One eight. Is Rope, something I suspect or skittered pebble yet all there's a tweet sneeze. As a tweak and there's a letter leaves a twig these stand on Stop My. Tone Golf. Bowling, a tin can is a bucket. Whatever it is you make a noise. Cuthbert. It just seems incredibly loud in context. Yes. Around this space. Everybody just freezes I'm GonNa Cathedral. Yeah Bill thanks Cannolis if you skip your pebbles. I freeze. You freeze. Okay. Well, there's nothing there's no reaction to your mishap the you can see a little bit further up the corridor to the north from the angle that you've picked. As you head South we had the ankle up, but you can't see the door. The light is still streaming down from the north. There's nothing else. What about grumbled. I'm going to. To. The corner that YEP CBS. Run. Then I'm going to do I want to far for my spells as the thing do you ought to be quiet? Bothering anyone to pull the fine on maybe up there reading an action to cost. WanNa do that that she caused spelled then I. Noticed stay. Okay sessions. Yeah. I think sessions I'm gary wondering back this way. Towards the no no. I have I I have a plan. These chambers way, there were lots of the cultists. Hold Up. Conceived lift any of their garb behind Tony Yuck I'll get you. Yeah, There's light in that chamber up to the North as. Complex as well. So you can see it's a there's a strange. There's an oriental to Ben cheever standing on a packing crate in the middle of the room. Surrounded by SORTA bills yes. Think it's reasonable to say that there is a there are a couple of sets of roads. Kate. Big On you, you might again like the dressing up box a five year old he lives not et. Yes. I will call up the m the gowns. Best, I can. Then I'm going on one. Okay Gotcha purple. Police. Visibility on himself and new. Three, four, five, six, two. So moving up to the entrance to the main Cathedral Chamber Parker behind grumbled. Yeah. I think I'll follow sessions and do the same. Okay. Well, you can. You can pick up the other set of robes. In the store chamber whatever it is. K Let's go back to Cuthbert again, what you WANNA do Cuthbert there's nothing happening here I mean there's no noise is known infant. I think we'll comfort is getting to do is he's to head. West. So across the room is going to go across the room towards the other narrow passageway leading away to own Seismic Yup and he can look down the passageway. Okay. So it's really quite smokey and you get to the conception check. It's like you're standing if you've ever walked down a road past the side of the banks of gardens where people have been having a bonfire and you walk quite close, it's quite like that now. Yes. give me a perception check. I'll give you a check I roll. I Roll Thirteen getting titled Teen. That's perfectly decent and you notice as you peer down the narrow corridor. So this little narrow heads off to the west ends in a kind of weird white door made of something like bone or ivory. Yup There are no symbols or anything anywhere but scattered around in front of door and increase with increasing less creasing lower frequency as it gets towards you or dried autumn leaves give. Religion check. To say that you get making. All the right women into that. Straightened it straight? Is Religion Intelligence or wisdom back at? I seventeen. I roll in eighteen seventeen something in the back. So cuff but was paying attention school at day. again, it's the great woodsmen and it's it's a key signify of the lair. All of the followers of the Grey Woodsmen, the silence in the forest, the mad axeman in the federal of cells. Autumn leaves just out of context scattered from nowhere. This is a Scandi new isn't it? Needed torture a an automatic pistol. Cross. Your hand with a tour. Hold the torch like a sword. Grip. with the beam facing down then flip it really over the top of your other risks as you push the pointing a pistol down the corridor. Certainly. Enormous jump. And the South West. And the horizon is a winds. Lost Lots shots of cars driving at night from above. And just grim and courageous. Yeah. A miserable grim bold. I am moving over to Polka and I'm going to grab a couple. I'd grab a Ripe Damn Brenna ribes there were a couple of pairs of robes say you. How would you know? Talk. No yes. Okay. I'm I'm going this way. Then I'm going into the room Yep. To the base of the elevator that's going to be a perception check. Running perception check, which is seventeen. Okay and anything that. I'm going to Canada trip. I'm. GonNa do. It. Poison Spray Yup. I have to be able to sit matter. The cases eating your tucked up hunkered way around by the kind of little wooden framework sits around the elevator or the bomb yeah. Because I'm a hobby I can actually. I'm naturally stealthy which, yeah Gimme a step check. Can Hide even when obscured by. I know you can't let you silly to make a stealth. As a plus three on this. I twenty. Very good. So your you've become virtually invisible at tiny figure hung up in the shadows next to the elevator purple. So that door is closed right? which tool the one at the north. No. The door open to go. That's why you saw the shadow being thrown from an lives spilling down the corridor from the North Okay well, I'm going to move to their. So you're moving up to the door than the northern end of this fedral chamber just tucked around the corner from this door. Congo that false when it gets there Catholics looking at Berkeley and? What the fuck you doing so can you just bonds? Can you just describe the guy took of somebody who couldn't see the? Okay. So I'm going to emerge from the corridor from which standing go round the wool. The EAST WALL UP TO NORTH WALL. And and take a position moving stealthily again I'm invisible. So you're heading up was that northern passage where the doors just opened in? Ucla the. Carotid. Still check. Still check getting. Onto Johnny. do I thought it was minus one. Watch for what Oh from the This advantage it is disadvantage again. Well again, Coke Boston. Playing. A bump into the Paler. Folks. Brilliant Yeah Breaking. Bullock's. Okay What about the disguise twins down here? Our now that we disguise I, think had frowned stupid. King. Looking to? Get rid of. Isn't. Move around there. Yeah. If you have am. Sam. Because you're you cultus chiefly. Yeah Okay fine type is please. Good thanks for bench. Guy. Working. Guy, Benxi view, Queen Marshall of the housing is. Really been paying attention Great. Great. I love his word. Queen. Love his work. Okay, That's not hopeless. Let's go back to Cuthbert. Intrepid Cuthbert. Sorry burgled I'm so IT'S S. Walk through the door. BURP I didn't give you Smith. It's Perception check. come. Okay so perception check you. Guys like this. But perceptually. A belly. See your hand in front of. Visible though. Yeah you could see visible as long as it's really over. Go. A big flash flashing NEON. Needing to. The invisibility. Clang there, and basically the reason I bumped into the pillar is i. put my eyes. Blind. Okay that is. What you wanted to? Gain into. Now. I'm looking. I'm looking at purple. His birthing. Visible. Only, go to not looking at. All, right I. flew. You'll head whips round cuss. But when you hear the clang from the north, you don't question what made that noise. God is that idiot look behind you to see Jimbo. Chicken. So fantastic you don't need grim believer, and then the anything you can see there's a couple of these cultists combined you. Still. Pick up got an eighth just to just to be clear it's not like. Nail on fail if we're having fun with you. Yeah he's longing. eight-year-old who the back of bells. Yes like you're over the bag bells. You use that moral It meetings in. Ideas I ain't you know with a bag of bells. Toll Phrase isn't it you? Say. Right. Custody. Leading. Catholics. Going get around the KUNA. And you're heading your padding. West towards the storm West toward stowaway. Excellent and I'm going to. Another stealth checking. Yeah. Rolling A. Oh Eighteen on the twentieth. Silent as a ghost Yup. And I'M GONNA. Come up to the DOLE and relaxation. Czech. Killing. Fifteen. For nineteen on perception on the door listen to listen at the dossier pricing your ear up against it. Yes. You can hear distant screams. The occasional kind of skater echoey schizo or something might pebbles. Folding or rattling around in kind of spaces That is what you can hear. And there's a door, his there's a keyhole. ooh. Go have an option she looked keel at. Why not unit through the Keyhole I'm GonNa look through the hill June two perception check and then there's no need you can see through the keyhole. You can't see much because there's too much smoke. So but you think you're looking into a kind of tight like tunnels tighter throat little tunnel. It looks like it's gaining meandering away from you and down you can see a little bit of wall in a little bit of floor as turns away from you and you can't see very far. I can't. It's dark obviously you've got dark vision, but also it's much more smokey past the keyhole than it is out here in the corridor. Okay. I think that'll do for you. Do for me. Didn't it who picked up the key? ME. I might go back and check. Let's go back to grumbled. Disdain where I am I'm yes. That's it. So you'll hunkered down by the. Your perception check if you make them section showed. That and it's Eighteen. Okay. No nothing my fast and efficient. let's pick up with purple. Pike, my head found I'll move up stealthily. Pack. My around the corner. Okay. So the doors open as you. As you expected because he's light flooding heard the door open and you can look up and you can see. Up The corridor and into a chamber now you've looked at that James before but I'll just refresh your memory as to what you can see you're looking into chamber with some columns. Thing. Just thinking caucus horribly wrong but reading her own thing. You're looking into your looking into a passageway bubble. Yup. You can see that off to the left, and ahead of you, there might be a kind of kink in the doorway had further to the north. Otherwise is a wall running across what you could see about. Ten feet away from the door. Our. You can see. A. Mobile a slender marble column standing just inside the door. And that column has got a strange patent of GonNa wispy green veins that set of ride and undulate in the stone to they're always in motion a floor. Is tiled instead a square bone white tiles about a foot across and the wall that you can see opposite you is dull grey marble that it Sou- coveted instead of Weird circular bulges. Strange circular bulges in a sort of not not in a patent irregular. Basically the creepiest thing you can imagine yeah and what's Paul doing by the way he hold his full of my. He meant Cuthbert headed west down the other corridor, the corridor that you've not looked at yet. Yeah. That corridor ends adore to which he thinks he might have the key because the key you found on the table or the key found in the effects of Federick in her chamber. Has a symbol of the great woodsmen on the key fob, what is it and what is it? What is the Brown be of a key called the bit that you hold? It'd be no. But you go online anyway that keep as a symbol of the great woodsmen. So you're confident perhaps the carpet mobile to get through that tool. Yeah. Give me another check. Fifteen. K. And that's pick up with Park and sessions I'm. I did was made by times I'm so sorry. Yes. What else do you want to do? I want to start sneaky sneaky on the corridor two, three, four, five, six, potentially I can move to the everyone. Well. Okay. I'll made to I. Can kind of say. So when if you step up start out in the doorway Don't see much more Gimme a perception check another perception check. Another fifteen. You can hear. Properly at some distance from you house reverberating around from rooms. Distant. The perhaps the sound of. The soft sound of shoes against stone. Maybe. Yeah. What's it had Dulcie Kennison. Perhaps the sound of something not trying to make an enormous. I didn't have to put this something moving around quietly at a distance from me but no, you're not directly listening to. It might be echoing down difficult as you step further forward. You can see that this chamber that you're looking in opens up. An I will reveal it to you. You're looking into a chamber that extends off to your right. So off to the east. It's dot with pillows all running all the way down the floor and the walls are as I described. So the wolves gray mob with these strange regardless circular bulges on the columns of these writhing Green Trae, surreal network like veins moving in them on the floor is one square tiles of bone white marble and the desert door to your north and. To the north west of you yes. but this core effective you looking into the side of a corridor which extends off to your right and then turns a corner north and it's from round that corner. You can hear the sound perhaps. The soft sound of a boot leather against stone. Okay. I'm going to make stealth check. Why am I G that move? hopefully when though that I'm wearing armor, we'll do a disadvantage. is going to be any worse. Stealthy I'M NOT Not So six K Make. A slight noise guess it's GonNa make it quick check making a couple of roles here. K. Bubble bubble. Bobble. You. Get. Ball. Seal the heads in the back of your neck. Oh. This something you've got this. GimMe an insight check or Gimme a straight wisdom check. Straight kind of insight and stage. Yeah. Denver's particularly even bumper to. If team. Bubble something wicked. This way comes purple from by the pricking of your thumbs. Yes some any particular direction this way comes. Well, let's just talk about drugs in a second directions once we've had initiative at start with purple, what you get. Sake already. Already Old Lady. Seventeen. Seventeen for purple. What about grumbled account see anything right? Come back ten seconds. For, grumbled. What about Cuthbert? Kathy Rosa attend gets thirteen thirteen for Cuthbert. And then dresses cultists at the back bringing up the rear sessions. Team. Six. Six four sessions. Thank you. John for that strange intervention and Parker. Nineteen Plus Two, twenty, one okay. Twenty and by the way the name for the top of the keys. I just googled it. Okay. So the photo of the key has gone carving of the symbol of the grey woodsmen, which is a, which is an ax embedded in the trump. Okay says of things are going to happen, and then park is going to go. First thing that happens is the behind parker and sessions something comes into. Right go to. Pinson Newmont. Pence is a good way. Actually, there is launch. Creature Dodge. when I say large? I. Mean. It's medium in terms of size. it is It has hones it has a what seems like some awful prehensile bobbed bid. And it's holding a lay. Scott dark purple skin and Co Black is. Devil. Demon. Not. Sure that it materializes. De. Ended I think he said Yeah but that's all it can do to the poor guy invisible. To do you're not quite sure it just seemed to such of but yeah. Materialize is the best word I can think of for it Yep Kate of pop into exist anyway I mean you can't see this, but it didn't pop into existence it more it just sort of coalesced coalescing. Good. Talking things coalescing gaseous. butthole yeah. Something comes zooming up to you become through the wall, which is never a good sign. Is I mean. It's just never never never i. Can See me. Drawn by life energy. You don't know that it can see you. So we'll be might be taking a guess as to where you all may be. Yeah. It looks like it's made out of coalescence. Of Smoke, minimum ranks. I mean there is the suggestion of humanoid figure in there. You've heard of things cooled spectators and you'll have heard Taylor legends of these kind of foul on dead spirits that can move through walls. This is not what you worry. EXPECTER. Inspector to look like it seems to be too physical even though it's just come through the wall, it's physical it's made out of Sways smokey material and just pure darkness kind of. Kind of wrought into a figure. and. Babbel's crazily you and we'll pick it up. Next time. Oh Oh in a brave. Just, end up dating also even. In you McLeod Incorporating. Disability. Hilton Production Dungeons and dragons is a trademark of wisdom cursed the three faces of evil at age of Copyright Heiser. Music. Is You Kevin? Matt. Thousand and competent Obama is used with thanks under the critical commonsense additional music and sound effects come from the wonderful. Sarah. Escape. All other original material is copy hilltop role playing games all about going to be able to get US role twenty s all tabletop the path is game and disco days. Thanks for listening. Senior

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"Don't take horse medicine curry john. John's devora half twenty twenty one award winning nation media fascination episode. Thirteen seventy nine. This is no agenda. The sir shed broadcasting live from the heart contentious country here in number six in the morning. Everybody i'm out of curry in from northern silicon valley where they're going after roe versus wade. Doing vote democrat. I'm jesse divorce all my goodness. I got a story to tell about that. So there is all there is thank you texas for. Start this little bullshit. Well let me tell you what hap- so we had a little party yesterday keeper invited some of our friends over you know the rejects of society as usual cermark cer- gene. We add dale. Our buddy from Houston lost his bar during co bail. Dale you you don't know deal dale. No it's okay. There was the one who lost his bar in dacoven in houston and the and the schoolteacher came. And i have to give her a lot of props met as a public schoolteacher in austin texas. And she she's going to sit with us and i really appreciate that but she came in hot came in. I can't wait till i can get out this horrible crappy stock. She was completely beside herself. And and it didn't take long because remember. Now we have surging. We got Marks mark also lawyer. You got me keeper. I mean so. We're all like okay. I mean first of all have drink conned out. We calm down so the way it came out was. I can't believe that they're they're not allowed to stop a you know that there's no abortions allowed at the same time the same time that anyone can have a gun anywhere they want and they you know the racist voting rights and it just went and talking points. Wait wait end the crt theory bill. So we're like hold on a second hold on so the first so sad to say and keep saying well. There's no teacher's union taxes but they do have an association and this association is completely abusing these these teachers. So they've put in her head that by the way we could as we continue the teachers association all these unions with a name associated shelia of course and no dues but they get you in other words but their political the completely political so now if you also listen to the talking points on the take on the tv talking points are to first of all the heartbe bill props to sir mark. The immediately showed everybody the the loophole in the bill. Which is an exception for medical emergency at the doctor's discretion. So that's something that is not really discussed on television. But there's a huge gaping loophole. For this which i didn't know either i still don't like the bill but everybody agrees this is just a ploy that somehow i don't know how the legislature fell into this because this is now the this talking point is bigger than afghanistan if you ask anything about honestly i haven't had time to focus on it. Okay gotcha well again to interrupt. I was watching. I turned on the. I didn't do it. Three by three. But i watched the three by three and it was all you know. Meet the press face the nation stephanopoulos. And that's all they were talking about. They had donna brazile on head that cutie little kristen solta sanders and whatever name is. Who's who's a dog mom. And she's on. They're worried sick that she won't be able to have an abortion because she hates kids and she and they're all going on about the bounty which is the one that they really liked the pound. That one home. That's a beauty with that. Let me explain this one. And by the way For those of you wondering yes. It is thursday. The second thursday of the week i guess i opened with thursday's someday you did. Yeah no one caught it so we so mark right there you know. He looked at this section one. Seventy one dot twos one zero. So the ways being presented his and now people can rat on each other a few. see someone. Who's helping someone getting abortion. You can get ten thousand dollar bounty. Yeah no by the way. That's a pretty good deal. Yeah no it's not true. It's simply not true a wait a minute. That can't whatever you set telling me. Adam can't possibly be the case because the news media. I watched it three by three. Because it's a phony thursday today and they all went on about it so they would've explained it if if what you're saying is true. No the only thing that's in there is that anyone can sue someone else and if you're successful at suing then you're then you would be. You can get an award which actually starts at ten thousand dollars. But it's like it's like such a non starter. It's a joke. According to the lawyer ten thousand dollars yet starts at ten actually can be higher. So it's it's it's total bullshit. You have to mount one hundred thousand dollar lawsuit to get your ten thousand dollars. It was stuck in there and on purpose to get this talking point. It's completely unrealistic. It is this was stuck in there on purpose. Tell democrats are behind yes well the only republicans in texas are so dom- that they they got suckered now is it that or there's one other thing i was considering. Maybe an still got suckered. Maybe came up with an idea. Well let's do all this and then we can be heroes and come out and say well you know as republicans. We need to temper this a little bit and then bring the people in the middle more towards the republican party. I mean either way. It's the stupidest thing because you're right. The airwaves are plastered wall to wall. And you know. And here's a story. Anti-abortion whistleblowing site gets a new home with provider for known for hosting right wing extremists to another ratcheting up white ring. White ring Right wing extremists are going to be tracking. You as you're trying to help your friends get abortions and they're gonna report you just the whole thing. It's pitting people against each other and abusing the so. The next one was sb three which is not even a bill. It's one of these things. These these idiots throw up you know like just In trial balloons anywhere goes anywhere. And this whole thing of you cannot teach you about frederick douglass in school you may not teach that white supremacists are are are bad anyways. His whole red lion thing and she's flipping out about i. I will go to jail. I'm going to. I won't teach my children. That white supremacists are bad people in and it was so obvious what was going on like. Oh my god. She's been completely abused. It is disgusting to see her down from her ledge. Oh yeah we got some alcohol. Inner got better got better but i- gene was actually saying to tina. I'm gonna report her it. I felt so bad about what had happened to this poor. Schoolteacher is really really really sucks is really not okay that's happening. These people should be ashamed of themselves ashamed of themselves. Anyway i'd like to reiterate my stance on the shame themselves. They're worried sick at the twenty twenty two. Yeah it's all about. It's all about it but you've let's listen how it's being helped. Listen i two quick clips on this just so you can see about two flips good. So we'll get up. I'll play the play these first. So this is Corporate america jumping on the bandwagon to help with democrat twenty twenty two talking point which is unrealistic and full of crap. Even though i completely am against this bill would they're doing with it is is it's politicking. That's all but it is so well. This is from logan. Greenie of course lifts co founder. Ceo wayne in here about texas sba. The state's controve controversial new abortion law. tweeting here texas. Sba logan green says threatens to punish drivers for getting people where they need to go especially women exercising their right to choose. He says lift has created a driver legal defense fund to cover one hundred percent of legal fees for drivers sued under sba driving on our platform. So hughes these virtue signaling cox on something that can never happen. Oh yeah oh we'll take care of it because you know those those crazy republicans and right wing. Or genentech's trump. There'd be reporting on women going to go ahead and ask anybody on the street in texas you'll find majorities like this. Bill is stupid and one other point. The supreme court did not reject it. They just said we're not going to hear it is. That's another thing that's out there. Oh they didn't overturn didn't but they didn't know said we're not going to hear this because you have no case this is just legislation. You don't have a case where anyone is harmed yet. Amazing amaz screw the mainstream. Adam is a beautiful job. The democrats freak it is it may be over. They may be shooting. they're gone too soon is a little early. It's not twelve months away. It's because they could've done a lot with the constitutional carried well. They got their second round ready. Which is mississippi which may have a case and they think. And that's the one that everyone's teasing is gonna overthrow row and it keeps calling row row row row. Not even roe v wade anymore. Just roses row. Overthrowing go there overthrow round-ups now just overthrow. I roll overthrow. They got they got the mississippi thing in there. And so. So you have your your. They didn't have Brooks shakeel brooks on there. They had she this guy they had. Now they have on the pbs newshour. Now they have two people from the washington post. Oh wait is to make it. So you really have some diversity some diversity in there they talk about it and there's one of them. I have to say michael gershon and before we play michael goodwin. Who is the take over from brooks at least temporarily. Michael gershon actually made a point. That's absolutely that susie said. Oh yeah yeah. His apposite is completely right in his buddy. The the by gay guy agrees one hundred percent but i do have to play this one. Little pre clip. Which is judy calling. Michael gershon michael moore cramming more political path de michael michael. Half at this point. How does how does she correct that. She never did. Did he say excuse me. Excuse me no. Wow he didn't know what to do. He's like a part timer right now if he is afraid of offending jimmy be off the rails for all we know could be so. Let's listen to cape horn on row. the he goes on about this listen to him. I k- part row and health. Now who's k. Part is that black imposts. I also got his own show now on. Msnbc get so they'd have to from the washington post but one is black one white therefore it's a diverse opinions balanced got it that is why there is so much fear in the country about what this means for row because ralph texas and the idea of pitting neighbors against each other colleagues snitching on each other because someone is desperately trying desperately trying to safeguard their health in may perhaps the health of their unborn child is just it's beyond handmaid's tale good because they actually believe there's going to be a number you can call like a like a line you can call think taking the dude barsha no you either use. There's actually something in that. Little commentary besides handmaid's tale. Another another dog whistle a good one There's something in there he said that is just be on. Believe it is one of the finest stupidities i've ever heard. Don't don't give it away. Can we listen again to see if we can kill you. Ask you looking all right all right. It's stupid it's it's great of all time here. We go and focus hand on the buzzers candidates that is why there is so much fear in the country about what this means for row because it didn't stop texas and the idea of pitting neighbors against each other colleagues snitching on each other because someone is desperately trying to potentially desperately trying to safeguard their health in may perhaps the health of their their unborn child. This is just got it all right all right all right you need to. You need to bend over. Because this is well deserved. That was great flip damn skippy. Trying to protect the health of unborn. By hailing yet. How i would like to reiterate. This pointed out i am completely okay with abortions as long as we are also and we get the television rights able to show capital punishment. Executions live on television. I think that is a fair tradeoff. Death for death. We want the rights to produce. Yeah that's the exit strategy that make us multimillionaires but unfortunately there's not going to happen now. So gershon comes on and this guy came. Part has to agree with what he's about to say. And i agree with it too and i think this is one of the reasons that the democrats could pull a stunt they pulled in texas and by the way if you look back on it when the to draw attention to this stunt this is why the texas legislature flew on their private jet all the way to washington. Dc avoid a quorum in at the state house and they all got cove it and they got all kinds of publicity for flying on a private jet to washington and got into news. It was in the news. Cycle's washing around quite a bit. So when this whole thing came to a head it was like cut everything flat-footed in texas. It seems to me. But i think this discussion guy really nails it and this is his commentary and i think it's something we have to consider if you. I think people don't quite understand that. The republican party the social conservatives in the party abortion is not the central issue right now for a lot of them it's critical race theory and immigration and a lot of other hot button culturally. She's so i. I'm not sure of rallies. Republicans in a certain way. I think it does rally democrats. I think there's a broad concern over the fate of row. I think it's going to bring people out in the two thousand twenty two midterm elections. And that's the. I think they're going to benefit more from this argument going forward. How do you say the political. I agree with michael. This is as horrendous. Says it is. This is something that will fire up and already fired up and rested angry democratic party and democratic party base. the question though is in a midterm election. Is that enough fire to go from being angry at what's happening to going into the voting booth because democrats and republicans vote in fewer numbers than in presidential elections but in the midterms democrats vote even less I think you're right about them. Firing this off way too early but they try knowledge anything yet but the mississippi's the booster. That's the booster shot in the mississippi. Thing will come in much closer to the election and a reignite the this fire so this is a this is all electioneering anymore but we have to and it's a shame by the way that people like the teacher are so caught up in this sort of thing which is nothing more than politics. It's hold and they can't see the politics no not at all. And then when i said okay well how about how about if i had time to look at that when the most significant was exactly what dave said onto when these two were going back and forth. Nobody cares about of kazakhstan. Like quite an and it becomes a distraction of the week because of ghanistan. Nobody needs to deal with that. That makes biden. Look bad heaven. Forbid we do that l. o. By i went to all of his speeches his little jerkin him up with some shooting up or something because he's oh yeah but this doesn't last forever. And then i'll make him angry because no matter what you do i mean these. All kinds of that would get you fired. Up in focused will also make you depressed in all right. Let's just a couple of things we need to That we really need to talk about. And that's what's going on your use. The word booster I'm starting to see start to see a real pan a real pattern here with the With the booster shots in. And what what we're seeing. Is that the advisory panels here also in the united kingdom are saying you know we really should go easy on the booster shots. Let's let's let's take it easy And the governments are our overriding. Those advisory boards and. That's why you know people at the fda are there. They're resigning from these boards but also the same and what do they call it in the uk. j. c. v. I that's there. And that's for immunization for twelve to fifteen year old kids so that they're really pushing that but the booster. We have a problem in the united states. Which is which is really interesting. And it's a rivalry between moderna and pfizer. This is just a short. Cbs report president. Biden's plan to start delivering cova booster shots later. This month may have to be scaled back. Cbs news has learned the top health officials have told the administration regulators need more data on maderna's booster before signing off on it booster shots maybe limited initially to those who've received the pfizer vaccine a key fda panel meets in two weeks to review pfizer's booster. So what's going on behind the scenes. And i think they got a lot of this from axios who would probably know because they're they report democrat more than anything is that moderna also wants the approval for this. It should be the same thing as far as i know. But okay it's for. Some reason is not and they want to do a fifty microgram dose which is half the hundred micrograms of their first of the first to modern doses. And the problem is if if The fda gives booster approval to pfizer modern. At the same time moderna would be able to sell twice as many shots because they still have the supply. So they're they want to cut their supply and half give everybody fifty micrograms stuff by the way we should note. Remind everywhere the prices of these shots johnson and johnson. Then this is. The government. Pays this johnson. Johnson shot one shot. One one shot is ten bucks visor shots or nineteen dollars in something. Each and madonna is thirty bucks each day. So this is really this is about money and when you look at the data and everything coming out of israel in particular. This israel is fantastic. The rayleigh health minister said well get used to it. Four shots are coming and the israeli the green passports now. They've been reissued people extra slots not just an extra slot. Six eight expires every six months. Yes yes this is israelis put up with this. They really pushed they get pushed. Somebody about they get pushed around. I don't know how they do it. Okay so so what we see here. is the pharmaceutical okay. I'm going to give it a name immunity as a service. That's what we have here. Immunity is pharma wants to bride down. That's a good one. Big pharma wants to bypass your doctor and give you stuff that you're not sick of the sick. You don't need anything. Keep giving you vaccines and boosters. And i have a feeling john up to four now in israel where they were they really have all of the data so bad so i i should mention that foul. She was on the face the nation this morning. I didn't clip it. But i i watched it And it was a very scripted thing with some. I don't know asian woman that was the post for some reason and she was just reading from a script and it was just. It was bad bad script and she. The question that was asked was is it. Okay i had just. She says as if i had the modern shot is it. Okay if i have my booster be the pfizer shot right reading it and then foul Says well well you know he goes. He says we're studying it. They wouldn't come out and say it but you can see that they'd like to pull that stunt visor would in fact she's all in on it but no they'd right now no just wait. He told right so we have so. We have a very big problem in big pharma. Land one is. We're having trouble getting these. Advise these damn advisory boards filled with doctors and shit with morals stupid okay. They don't like this idea. They see what's come. I truly believe these. These advisory boards see something nasty and immunity as a service. The new business model on the scene. This is your build back better business model and they want no part of it. The mainstream media is completely all on board of course and they've been giving the marching orders. And i truly attribute this to joe rogan that we need to step it up on discrediting ivermectin joe joe and i were Exchanging memes of him off over the past couple of days of how the mainstream portrays him as the guy who ate the horse paste. I mean it's crazy he camp. He's like. I'm the poster child for this. Then here's a syndicated piece that has centered around two stations. We'll probably have one of those. You know eighteen thousand boxes where everyone saying. You're repeating the same script because this came from k. H. o. u. in houston. Now this is a little segment called the. Why and the why is y. Ivermectin is not the way to go take it away. Late is as the delta ovarian spreads. Why are some patients. Turning to unproven treatments like hydroxy chloroquine and ivermectin researchers can tell you a lot of drugs show promise in a petri dish lab animals. Vince failed to work at human all the time we hear about possible cures for cancer that worked on lab rats. But don't show the same for people without reality of medical research. Is that thirty. One percent of drugs fail in phase. Two clinical trials and more than fifty eight percent fail face three both hydroxy chloroquine and ivermectin showed some promise in the petri dish. Either mechta which is an anti parasitic drug and hydrochloric win and anti-malaria auto immune disease drug appeared to prevent cove in nineteen from replicating and cell cultures. But when it came to clinical trials the results were as good hydroxy. Chloroquine showed no benefit in large trials. While ivermectin trials have been so problematic. It's hard to figure out whether it works or not. Meanwhile there is a treatment for in nineteen that is performed well in clinical trials monoclonal. Antibodies in tests. Antibodies reduced hospitalization by seventy percent in high risk patients and someone was exposed to treatment reduced risk of infection by eighty percents. The key is to get medical advice from a trusted professional not social media with the why. I'm brandy so this is So first of all you heard them say they didn't discredit the many surveys. That say ivermectin is very effective or With moderate confidence. No they said it was so messed up. We couldn't who knows how to figure it out. There was too much crazy. We couldn't fios. Aa goodsell confusing couldn't do it for this part. I'm sorry it just didn't work out that way now. They are pushing the monoclonal. Antibodies which leads me to believe that's on deck for some big pharma. Push well. I mean that's been on. That's been going on for a while. The government brandon though says is expense expensive. I'll price thank you. It's about price well but we still need to tell the slaves that they're stupid. Dr jason mckelway saying patients are packing southeastern oklahoma emergency rooms taking ivermectin doses mid for a full sized horse to leaving. False claims could fight kobe. Nine hundred or so backed up. That gunshot victims were having hard time getting to facilities where you get. The care retreated soon says is now backing up small town ambulance systems to all of their ambulances are stuck at the hospital waiting for the open so that they can take the patient in and they don't have any other lives. There's no ambulance to come to the call nine to come with the call. Miguel says minneapolis. Patients aren't even afraid of ivermectin using it on their livestock. Now they're going to their local stores ignoring the warning signs and figuring out a dosage themselves so some people taking inappropriate dosages have actually put themselves in worse conditions than cocco. Severing nausea vomiting muscle aches. Cramping and that's only in minor cases scariest one that i heard of unseen is coming in with digital loss. Even batterer saying there's no scientific or meaningful evidence that ivermectin is effective against the virus but many store shelves still empty. You'd have to ask yourself if. I take this medicine warm. I going to do if something bad happens. What's your next step. What your backup lamp. So there's a number of studies that come from the national institutes of health. But we before you go onto that this guy at the bill that he cited it on nor gender social one of our people posted the press. Release at the hospital had to releasing this bullcrap. Doctor hasn't been there for a month. Two months no one was turned away. We have perfect capacity now. It's a lie. It is a complete lie and it's been such a center at the hospital. Had to send out a press release saying no and this is the case with all this stuff and we'll go right back to. I'm sorry to interrupt trail go ahead. Go ahead but we have to go right back to january february march of twenty twenty when news reports showed the hotdog all the ambulances lined up in front of all those new york hospitals and the next the very next day. A bunch of youtube bloggers went to those same hospitals. And film them showing. There was nobody there. Those videos were all taken down even interviewed the hot dog vendor guy in front of the hospital who said now now man exactly right. They'd went to be fair he also brought out illuminating lizard. People so it was. It was a well rounded report the data. So here's just here's a couple reports at all in the show notes. This is july. June twenty-first twenty twenty one. It's right there on the national institutes of health dot gov website ivermectin for prevention and treatment of cova nineteen infections systematic review. Meta-analysis trial sequential analysis to inform clinical guidelines. I'll skip to the good stuff conclusions. Moderate certainty evidence finds at large large reductions in kovic. Nineteen deaths are possible using ivermectin using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe. Dvd's the apparent safety and low cost suggested. Ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the sars cov to pandemic globally That's just one. The one that i found rather interesting goes back to two thousand five again from this is from the british metal Bmc what is that. I can't remember this is now well. Here's the study. And this was from two thousand five chloroquine as a potent inhibitor of sars corona virus infection and spread conclusion chloroquine which is a big brother of hydroxy. Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of sars cov to in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells treated with chloroquine prior to or after sars to infection in addition the indirect immuno fluorescence essay described in represents a simple and rapid methods for screening sars cuff to antiviral compounds to. There's a lot of information that was out there. And here's the kicker because the fda and the cdc of course don't communicate but right here on cdc dot gov presumptive treatment and screening for newly arrived refugees. And what do they suggest in their very own documentation. They suggest taking ivermectin. Yeah this is. The bureau is scandalous. Truly scandalous. I know they do that. And i will mention that again. I would recommend people going to iv m. m. e. t. dot com or sixty six studies. Forty four hundred peer reviewed of ivermectin. But then again you go back to the cdc site where they were which has been cited. Where after the cdc put a link to it when they did a tweet saying don't take horse medicine. And on the cdc site they have the sky you know somebody with a horse and then some patient as a same thing very very offensive. But on that. Page if you go to it. There's a link to seventy five more studies about ivermectin on that page. If you read it carefully they never say that. It's no good. No no of course not they just know it's cheap and they don't want to promote it. The indian bar association sue eden the world health organization chief scientist dr sumio swaminathan Seventy one point brief accusation causing the deaths of indian citizens by misleading them about ivermectin. They say because they misled over. Ivermectin that some of the core regions of india withdrew the free handouts of ivermectin. M people died. Of course they did so at least. This was scandalous to do. They have in fact catherine sutton in a bangkok sent me a really clear picture of the of the blister. Pack oh the the the the the fifty cent pack that has everything could save is is now in case you you. You're questioning what the nut jobs are doing with their horse paste. And are they really dying. And what are they doing. Let's go to the numeral head not head not do not job who lives in austin texas just eighty miles down the road. My friend and your friend of the show alex jones as he opened a bag of prescription ivermectin live on the air and eats the ivermectin. Like a good horse should. Oh what's what's all this is going on here here. Let's just opening up for. You didn't get this tractor supply. Because i've been like santa claus taking care everybody hours a day for months. Tejera people overhead shot. Please you know what they're says. This is ivermectin for humans. Want to nobel prize is an anti viral and this year's inhalable or these are the tablets steroids. So let me show you. I was gonna do this anyways earlier. See this she foul cheese this bill gates. I'm gonna kill those prions you bastard martyrs and hit with a bioweapon you monster. You want depress me. You wanna kill me you son of a bitch goddamn demon easy to kill like i'm going to roll over your crap. No just to be clear. He's showing prescription ivermectin tablets. And he's eating them. You'll rogin kick your murdering asked to you'd love to bury 'em to you little monster magnet. He's in this national geographic piece about. Oh i don't usually deal enemies right away. I get them later. Yeah you creep up on with a poison injection pressed up at a lab coat you little. Joseph mingle nuremberg code violating monster. Get damn monster. Aaron cancer proteins like that nobel winning for humans nobel prize winning for humans nobel prize winning for women's nobel prize winning no no prize-winning freedom is what three thousand five nobel prize winning for humans. Joe ruble can joe rogan to. Greg horse is stupid knowledge jones. They're both tom be very funny. Alex goodwill yeah. Yeah he does make the point. That ivermectin received the nobel peace prize in medicine. I think it was the nobel prize for medicines. No such thing as the nobel peace prize for medicine at nobel prize for medicine sorry nobel medicine prize for humans. So you know. There's there's some truth for you. But in the meantime i guess we might as well just roll down all the all the mandates everything that's that's being implemented where the united states is pretty bad second only australia Just a quick little thing here from gottlieb. The fda former fda commissioner dr scott godly who is representing pfizer everywhere on television particularly cnbc as board member now in terms of that september deadline of reporting. Today it's unclear really. May that reporting saying whether or not this is going to be a delay in terms of the authorization of some of the boosters some of the company's products or all of the boosters the way i interpreted some of the reporting is that some of the manufacturers modern in particular could be delayed because the fda may ask for more information. that's how. I read the new york times report. The new york times is actually. They pretty much went into this Madonna thing not quite the way axios did. But it's out there that this is more possibly more about The company's health and their stock price etcetera than the actual Medical benefit of it. But that hasn't gotten through to your neck of the woods. john. Berkeley is on watch. I don't know have you got the notices yet about berkeley conan. Oh let me bring up to speed starting today. Most indoor businesses in the city of berkley required to ask for proof of full vaccination against covert. But it's believed chagall reports. The city is allowing a grace period before enforcement in order to allow businesses to prepare. Berkeley hope department is giving businesses a one week grace period before enforcing its new health requiring most indoor businesses to have customers provide group of flu vaccination against cupid nineteen. Hopefully we'll be able to start before. The deadline on ten michel madison is general manager of seats on fourth and says he is using this time to prepare staff. What's madison says. The restaurant will not turn on vaccinated people away or vaccinated patrons that are unable to provide fruit. We have our parkland and our patio space One hundred percent available to the unvaccinated core businesses. Tuber fifteen to collect the vaccination status of folding in virtually philippe from there. You go This has been going on san francisco and it's a little more strict there the This is these businesses. Have enough trouble staying alive let alone having this restriction put on it. I totally understand that but they may be forced to To enforce no doubt about that will a candidate canada's on the way. I mean i've got a couple of candy by wanted to play this clip here. This is a canadian. Tiffany figure out the non-sequitur in this kovic candidate clip. It's been a vaccination summer for most canadians but as the pace has slowed down the delta variant has kept cove nineteen raging on and in some regions. It's hit hospitals hard. You're in a province. Alberta's gosh when we don't have ice you capacity you know you get into a severe car accident or something like that. That literally means that you might not get the critical care support. You need in order to in order to have your life save so that is the kind of desperation. We're at food. That went from something to something else. Pretty quick we're is disaster and if you get into a car wreck you're you're not gonna find an icu because we haven't got icu's because of the what to do with anything so it's more of the horse paste. Eating people are filling up issue beds. Which of course is complete porsche. It pours paced course crap. Let's go to west virginia. The governor there it. I'm sorry i sorry. This is going to be the whole shaman. It'd be interrupting i. I gotta bring horse pace for a second. Because mimi uses it for For her own consumption on atia is a very well known in its invokes in the documentation that stuff. you buy -pointment is called ivermectin appointment and it's it's into horse paces. That warmer for the horses oral is not some wipe on a horse reduced tidy. Does that warm. A horse. But roy ivermectin. -pointment is the number one cure for rosacea in women and men and she's been using it for ten years. She used to have the horrible rose as she was taken drugs for it. And then cropped up women. It'd happened to the women just out of the blue and cropped up the drugs kinda helped a little bit. But then she found out through the underground about this ivermectin as a Is a is a Saul that is. Rub it on your face before you go to bed cleared right up. I bet also we. I think that The mainstream media has an extra step. They could go in my humble opinion. If they really wanna go over the top because ivermectin pace is pace for a reason. I mean you don't just feed it to the horse. don't you put it up the horses. But i don't know what you do with the horse paste. Well i think we should tell people that they should put ivermectin up there but instead of that's the new no agenda way That were some excuse. Are working on a rogue me. Here is the governor of west virginia. He's going to lay facts on new people and we'll give you a few stance about our. This guy's got some important information. This guy's got dokic bannon token all. I'm talia moat. Motown is in my view on in west. Virginia but west virginia is seeing a twenty six percent increase in positive cases of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. Was that a gaffe. Was that a gas. Read that one more town. West virginia is seeing a twenty six percent increase in positive cases in people that are fully vaccinated and at twenty one percent increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization for people that are fully vaccinated. We've also seen at twenty five percent increase in deaths of people that are fully vaccinated. Now that's not a twenty five percent increase of the total numbers or whatever. It is a twenty five percent increase of deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. We gotta get rid of this season work. Well we go talk to that guy right. After they talked to the To the the patriots coach quick follow up cans vaccination status have anything to do with him being released. No no you guys. Keep talking about that. And i'll just point out that i don't know what the number is. I mean you guys can look it up. You have the access to a lot of information. But the number of players and coaches and staff members that have been affected by cove. It in this training camp who have been vaccinated is a pretty high number So wouldn't lose sight of that. Yeah well friend jay. My daughter Kind of her and her boyfriend a couple of slightly freaky they never come over here because is cutting because if you gave your dad jay. We we really he free. 'cause out man we can't we can't be around him so Vit- big vaxxers. Next she's got kobe and and how you feel about. It was the unvaccinated that gave it to her is that is that how it goes because that's alive to can tell the teachings now that's the t- yes you've probably wringing her hands she's so corentin or it's sick. He's worried sick days people. This is really bad. So here's here's what you should not do as this was just a funny story. Meanwhile a new vaccination card fraud scheme has been busted. More than a dozen people are charged with forging vaccine cards in manhattan. Da says the suspects include hospital and nursing home workers and in hawaii a separate incident. Twenty-four-year-old khloe mrozek busted at the airport. Where police say she showed a fake vaccine card. Authorities tipped off by the misspelling of moderna on her card. Hashtag madonna with two as was later trending on twitter and now there's a new variant of the corona virus. The world health organization is monitoring the new variant. More research is needed to determine if it's any more contagious. Yeah so that's feels so planted to me that someone had this fake and so they busted a ring and so this this vaccine ring of which one lady who had misspelled modern vaccination card cards work. I mean what Of course in some states like florida. That's not going to happen. At all. florida's governor meanwhile continues to vow to fight school mask mandates and more in two weeks. The state plans to begin issuing five thousand dollar fines to schools. Businesses are government entities that require proof of cova nineteen vaccination but in the rest of the world. These mandates are going to be a are becoming a real problem Google mandating contractors long from one of our producers long story short google youtube and contractor accenture have mandated the backs to work in the office by the seventh for people seeking exemption including myself They've asked to fill out a leave of absence. Request with no further explanation describing what that entails you can only guess they mentioned accommodations for medical and or religious reasons but have not said what that would mean. I'll keep you posted as this continues to unfold. Also gotten word that apple and facebook in austin are mandating the vaccine as well. I think that this is also a very good way for companies. Who have their business has changed and they may need less employees. I think it's a great way to trim employees without having to pay unemployment tax. Because you can just say. Vaccinated or terminated and several of my friends now have termination slash vaccination deadlines looming on october november. and it's. there's no no exceptions. No exemptions too. Good way to do it you're right. This is a very because this is what the new year. The new normal is less people work. That's what these stock markets so high because they cut their turns out that a lot of dead wood companies work other people to death. Since you bring up the new normal mean. I have a mini cut. Reminding us it's never coming back. I want to be straight with you then will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future. I repeat there will be no turn to the old normal fully foreseeable future. Some people you we are just going back To the good old world which we had everything would be olmeta gain in how we used to the old-fashioned insist is. Let's say fiction grin happen vaccine on its own will not end the pundit just a reminder reminder that's what the elites are saying and those are the elites his this play my cove in canada clip which is a run down. I got from the. Cbc canadians have loan masked up and sacrificed. We've bought time for one of the most successful vaccination roll outs in the world but still according to the latest pandemic modeling from the public health agency of canada. It's not enough. The bottom line is that millions of people across canada remain. Unvaccinated trends are are wrong direction. Pieces of going up hospitalizations in someone. We've seen this movie. Before average daily new cases surging now to about thirty five hundred a day kovin hospitalizations rising to about fourteen hundred overwhelmingly patients who aren't fully vaccinated. The number of canadians who still don't have that protection about twelve million including four million children who aren't eligible but the modeling isn't about where we are about where we're going and vicar dope shows us. If health officials are right. It may come down to this either more vaccinations or more restrictions if these any country related to the to the to the royal british crown there. They've gone off the rails. Australia is erect. Yeah australia. This is the premier of new south wales. We have to do things differently. Managing pandemic we can't pretend that the rules that exist for health system a guy to sign in the middle of the west bit of a major outbreak in a pandemic. So we just want to make clear what people can and should expect over the next few weeks so there's no surprises and also the confidence that if you do the right thing. There's no reason why you'll end up in hospital austrian side that because sometimes obviously delta dillashaw doesn't provide the symptoms in and people don't even either have the disease until it's until it's The symptoms are made available. I say this that if you style. Chances are you weren't nate hospitalizations. This is so reassuring if you stay at home and you're vaccinated symptoms are made available. I say this that if you stay home and you're vaccinated chances. Are you need hospitalization. To consider is being and to feel confident that the health system is there to take care of you. I don't even think that's a gaffe. I think she means exactly that because she knows the vaccinated unvaccinated. It's just as contagious for both. However again and even push back on one of our producers as it. Show me the data of severity of sickness. Because that's one data point. I can't find it keeps getting said. Well you made. You may get it. You may transmit it. I mean you may get. You may get sniffle. You won't be as bad. You won't have to go the hospital unless you live in west. Virginia you have to go to the hospital which wrong with them. You might have died if you in west virginia so it must be something with them in particular So now in new south wales they've implemented the tracking app and it's a contact and tracing application. And if you have been paying in another ping democ down under then you have fifteen minutes to take a selfie. Show where you are Yu-gi-oh locations so your. Gps coordinates are sent along with it too. They know that you are following the rules in and doing what you should be doing. And you recall one of our producers sons. Got a He got a the father. Got a contact alert on the app. Four days after his son apparently was exposed to something in day care and but the but what. The app did was sending messages to him with The wrong first name so he said okay. I'm just gonna ignore it. See what happens. Well we know what happens. Update and i have it here. He shows these These messages this is an msw health reminder that according to our records you should be at home in isolation you were required to respond by visiting. And there's a link to let us know how you are. Thank you ns w health so update. The police came around yesterday to check if we were isolating. The cop called me from the car while i was taking a dump. It was not interested in eyeballing meet to check. I was home. He was in uniform but not in a police car. He was being driven around in sydney in sydney trains. Vehicle for some reason. The impression i got was he was just ticking. The boxes say that he checked on me but he really didn't care again. He knew nothing only might phone number and had the incorrect name that they had for my son more theater so says as we've discovered delimited three text ignored because he shows the three on screen. Then they come in check but they don't even come to check they. Just give them a call so again. It's like no consistency. it's bullcrap it's not is not really theater. It's theater well. You know the thing that if you were mainstream media editor you wanted to get your reporters to do something interesting. And all reflects everything. We've talked about find out why so many doctors and nurses in particular nurses in particular aren't getting the shot we talked about on the show all the time. They're walking off the job. Yeah getting an with with no no unemployment benefits no benefits no safety net. Nothing and they're not getting the shot. Why why so many in healthcare these aren't the boneheads. Eat you know that ivermectin crackers. These are people that are trained in healthcare. Why are they not getting a shot specifically find outlets interview of you know. I love that. Sweden has banned travelers from israel. The israel the most vaccinated country in the world. Now working on four shots with boosters. No longer welcome in sweden starting september six due to the record-breaking rice and covert nineteen case so yeah There was one other. I had here that. Oh yes so i. I can't find any real confirmation on this. You know the keys as they call him. And that's with es The truck drivers have have closed off the entrances into new south sydney. Certainly but new south wales in general all of the roads leading the just blocked it. That's still going on From everything i can see on telegram groups do not seeing it in the mainstream and so the the reporting i'm getting. I'm not sure if it's a complete. Is that new. South wales is considering Different vaccination rules for truckers to. They may not have to get vaccinated so they think that they will get the truckee to open up the roads by saying well. You guys won't have to be vaccinated. you'll be exempt. I think they got another truck all day. Our damage he knew. I think they got another thing coming if they think that's going to happen. What happened to our truckers. That didn't do anything. They didn't make it happen on the thirty. Or if they did. It was unreported. Completely and i i think i would have seen i can see a freeway from your needs to happen is we need to the needs to be more visuals of this happening in Australia no online with needs to be pushed more. I think the truck drive the biggest problem with the truck drivers right now in the united states. They are making out like bandits. They are making so much money. The ones that are driving. He's just insane so they really don't feel like doing that In france though people pushing back on the vaccine you know the the the sanitary passports as they call it passports. Sanitaire to their hand. They're they're just storming into malls without showing a literally are just walking in a huge crowd of people might have been five hundred that i saw maybe a little less and they just walk in the cops are standing there in front of the shopping mall escalator and the people. Just move forward in the cops. Just backup up the escalator at people. Just move for numbered completely outnumbered and done and that's probably where we're going to have to take it everywhere in order to we're we're not france and it's not gonna well no us but you said to me that the american people when it comes to their their the business of america being business and other taking away people's business by mandating them out of jobs something's going to have to give. This is not happening in every country the way it is in the united states so i agree some might give but the thing is i don't know i i have different not complete. Okay i mean the the only thing we're supposedly good at is boycotting with our dollars and our feet. And i'm not seeing it. I'm not seeing you know. So i look at. I won't fly with airlines. That are mandating vaccines for their employees. I was like. I'm not going to use financial. I don't want financial institution anymore. Really they're not gonna use financial institutions that mandate vaccinations or or the platform people financially. I mean we have to certain point. We gotta start doing that or these. Just take over our lives. I mean it's making people go crazy. Let's this is dallas city council meeting where they get three minutes. I have all three minutes. You can stop whenever you want. This is someone who called in during the they did a. I guess you could do it in person. Also on zum stein. My name is alexander stein. I'm calling from highland park. And the reason i'm here today is we need to take a page. Mayer johnson. Out of new york spoke and we got a mandate vaccines. Because right now i am losing housekeepers left and right because listen every time the services a housekeeper to my house and they test positive for current ivars. I can't have them work around my kids. I have two trans kids in my house on puberty blockers and you realize they are vulnerable. Immuno-compromised we need more people vaccinated. I voted for joe. Biden's happy that we're getting more migration to dallas but until we mandate these vaccines. This guy is so good is the best troll. I've ever heard no phony. No he's troll. He's trolling listen to him. He's doing a good job. It gets better to trans attack. Get creative in the new york. Giving one hundred dollars plus free hamburger here in dallas type urban. Kfc we give free tacos in the latin martha the latin markets. I'm telling you. I've had multiple housekeepers die from the delta area and that is so hard on my children in daleks because what nine year old when they lose their favorite housekeeper when they lose pusa recipe when the service sins the next worker that housekeeper doesn't make recipes for my kids are going through a total terminals. We haski creative and we had to go into the gay community. Like you're creative idea. Since you're the first openly gay mayor of dallas we ought to do mayor. Johnson's free johnson and johnson. Busy gay meaning like the double entendre. Also like a drag clean storytime where we can have a free vaccines. We're can have drag queens reading children and then we could just have this open air market of cleanliness and not a bunch of people with germs. Had governor abbott. Is that everybody's going to get sick. Dive delta let's get vaccines and vaccine will work unless you are vaccinated so we need to stick needles. And aren't we need vaccine mandates. You shouldn't be able to shock. You shouldn't be able to work and you shouldn't be able to go to any of these sports especially high school football without your vaccination and we need you being a gay icon like yourself in the gay community. We need you marriage is. You cannot protect these people without the vaccine. Not enough people are getting it and now everybody that doesn't have the vaccine is making me sick. I don't deserve to be sick. I followed the rules. I'm do everything right and until you make vaccines now. He's just stretching busy camp believe he hasn't been cut off yet he just goes and i think we need more of this. Show the mirror because this is executive possible but that guy is talented. He's he's not a comic he might as well be he was ever class clown of his office and he's a snide he's also prick and something so the snide son of a bitch love it but so you can't have more of that. There's just not that many people that are capable of doing what that guy did bright. Well i don't think i could handle it. He kept going man. He was dressed burn. Fire people like that are official. No agenda joke writer. Marty higgins He can do that. It doesn't the forty five seconds. Just let the guy round out. It's so good mandatory. I'm gonna keep on losing housekeepers left and right. And i just can't do that because that is so hard on my family. It's not fair to my family. So until vaccines are mandated. We're gonna keep on having people get sick. We're gonna keep on having people die. And i'm telling you i can't i can get it's easier to get my nine and eleven year old on puberty blockers. It is to give them. We have to make it. Okay for five year olds. Twelve year olds to get vaccinated. We need more vaccines now. Vaccines are the way out of this. Till you make it so. We can't live this society without a vaccine. You're gonna have all these people with their fake vaccine cards their anti masters addicts ruining everything for us. And let me tell you something. I'm not going to stand here. And just let everybody live their life. Well i got my vaccine. And i was sick for two weeks after my vaccine and i did it. Because that's the greater good and sadly we have a bunch of people that aren't willing to mandate these vaccines so we have a bunch of cheaters. So pleased mayer. Johnson johnson johnson and johnson in cedar springs. Thank you karen. Hughes thank you karen hughes. Meanwhile and this last. I have one more to come. This stoppers again. We gotta go back to this guy. What do you do. I d- city council meetings everywhere. And they do this. They give it usually as two minutes. I'm surprise it was three and two well. Dallas everything's bigger in texas. Yeah i guess so What do you do what do you do you know the thing is the problem. I think you have a liberal mind. Has this problem. And it's worth discussing do you. Are the guy really just a trolled. Just playing with you. Because it's like what if what if he does have to trans kids that are on puberty blockers and you kick him off is not. What makes good isn't that. What makes it so good. Yeah that you're in a be between a rock and a hard place you don't know 'cause the guy played is straight up. Everything he said is true. I got. I got the vaccine shot. I was sick for two weeks but everyone should and he just goes. It's really. it's everything that we've heard in this political cycle of cova clear what that is from people. This is the schoolteacher. This is the schoolteacher. She could have had a ramp like this. And that's what makes it so genius is when you put all the things together. You just listen to a like. Oh my god this is. This is crazy blood hominy. Let's bring up Additional small point which is how many people do you think. Listen to that seriously. I was looking at room and there were a couple of people who still thought it was serious. Like a minute and a half in poor man who can't keep a housekeeper. They didn't say that they said he sounds like you. Serious which is what makes it good. So there are two things to wrap it up for me. the Blood donor study estimates. Now that so this is Let's see who did we make sure In journal of american medicine jama published on thursday that according to their blood donor estimates over eighty percent of american adults now have corona virus. Antibodies typically in the medical community of of of your of lor. We would be celebrating what we call her. Immunity eighty percent. Data is that we are. They have i think we. I think we've been there for a while. Yeah they'll be some more pockets. I think coming up to to stretch this thing. I'm convinced of it. My thinking is still take it to april next year. But in the meantime they're gonna come up with therapeutics visors one of them. They got the pill they got the prep pill dacoven pill and merck's going to be the other one because merck is two guys i think are partly responsible for the development of ivermectin. So they're gonna come or something to be didn't zinc it is it'll be zinc maxon seed. Don't come up with better than his zinc mechanism. But they'll all come out. And then the transitional take place and then because of the therapeutics l. dealt back off on everything and we'll be back in to build back better normal awesome time next year. Thank you and thank you. Note there popping that early to john. I'm telling you you are right. They're doing it too early. They are forced to do it. Because of hani stan and it started. I think it was thursday or friday. The crypt keeper herself. Nancy pelosi was in austin texas. Why was she in austin texas. Good afternoon everyone thinks much joining us here. I'm we'll depraved k. A. and austin we're going to go live now to a news conference happening here in the capital city. Where house speaker. Nancy pelosi is joining austin. Us congressman lloyd doggett to discuss healthcare legislation related to the build. Back better act. They'll have more information about those proposals in. Just a moment will also come back in a little while with reaction from republicans life behind your back for someone so this is super interesting. The bill bag better plan which was being muttered over a year ago. Which i think this show identified as one of the first in the world that this was a global meam and Into quite a while half a year at least for people to kind of catch on that this was not just the usa but now we find out that the three and a half is sorts of brand branding exercise the three and a half trillion dollar Bill the reconciliation bill which will not be named of. What's really in it. That's now being called to build back. Better act and i have three quick clips of the president explaining it spooks hurricane. Ida's another reminder that we need to be the next hurricane and superstorm are gonna come and they're gonna come more frequently and more ferociously. I've been working close to the governor and our colleagues in congress and both parties on my bill back better plan that will modernize our roads. Our bridges are far system. Sewers and drains systems and power grids and transmission. Line to make sure they're more resilient. I walk through the backyard's here so many telephone lines are down so many telephone poles are down so many of the of the way which we transmit energy is lost because all wouldn't telephone poles underground or secure costs more money. We got not just bill back to what it was. Put the same polls up. We got a bill back. Better out back more resilient early and we gotta make sure we do the same thing across the board. Now notice nancy. Pelosi is an austin talking about the healthcare aspect of the bill. Back better plan. That's their bailout. They are going to bail out these hospital systems which fired everybody in round one. 'cause there was nothing to do they furloughed them and now. The hospital systems are collapsing collapsing onto themselves. With with with the with no people to work and people who don't want to work not just people who don't want to don't want it here to mandates people who are tired of it. They're tired of the end. It's mainly i would say. Nurses the most important factor in a in a hospital system is the nurses earful. Am i operation from a nurse. How they keep you alive and one of our producers and i have two more those bill back better clips but it's all about infrastructure. We can laugh about it. But i i wanna play this. Do you remember the hr lady we had. This was back in june and she was doing success Succession planning for oil and gas companies. Remember here's the clip. And just think that she may not only be working for oil and gas companies. To this day i am running a global gas and oil recruitment firm and the reason that this is important is because of what i am seeing as an executive in this industry happening right now as a result of the kobe. Vaccines in it's something called succession. Planning basically what it is companies need to plan for. What's going to happen as their staff. Move on rather they move up the line. They retire and succession. Planning is something that i help companies with professionally by offer them Recruitment services a low. Come to me. And say hey. We're going to need one hundred guys tino staff this rig so on and so forth and so we'll provide them that service will what's really interesting. What's happening right now. And it's actually mortifying not interesting. Executives are having their hr staff and their managers superintendents mormon. Go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines and they're planning to have to replace them all within the next three years. Remember no no. I don't think so. Imagine that's also taking place for hospitals and might have been taking place in june now whether it was. They were only looking for people who had the vaccine or not. I dunno that lady could be full of crap. I not i think at the time i did look her up. She is. She does do what she claims to do. it seems to me like the the may be all kinds of work behind the this. This is your great reset and it's being done by the. It's not just one global command. Is everyone taking advantage of the situation. These hospital guys. they're ready. They are ready to get bailed out. They want universal health care except you get it from the private hospital system and the government pays them directly. And that's just to keep you after you've gotten your immunity as a service vaccine in case it doesn't work and then all the other stuff gas and oil while gee maybe it's because of the build back better plan which apparently means we're going to put the entire transmission grid. Everything in the world underground has few days of hurricane ida the wildfires in the west and the unprecedented flash floods in new york new jersey unprecedented other reminder storms never happened classes crisis are here. Ooh he had another one of those l. problems. He did it again here comes. He's extreme storms. The crime crisis here need to do better prepared. We need to act on. Congress returns this month. I'm going to press further action on my bill back. Better plan gonna make historic investments in in electrical infrastructure modernizing. Our roads bridges water systems sewer and drain systems electric grids and transmission lines. Make them more resilient to these. Superstorm and wildfires and floods are going to happen with increasing frequency ferocity. We're reminded that this isn't about politics. Hurricane i did care if you're a democrat or republican these guys have done so poorly on ida only thing that's happened is we've got new orleans on the news and meanwhile producers who are in louisiana who have had no food supplies. No electricity probably no potable water for at least four four days. Now i think They say that they're not going to get any kind of reserve of service restored for at least three weeks because there's no one working anymore. There's no one who can do anything. They're all seen home going on my problem. They supposedly brought in a bunch of people from out of state. Well i'm getting very distressed emails from producers and we don't know what there's nothing there's no news no fema. It's only only new orleans that's what they host who sells generators seems to be the there's your investment for the future bill back better. Put a generator. Now's you can't trust these people. I want to say a couple of things because it keeps cropping up about this idea of doing underground everything never more about that. When you're ready to play it. I we have a significant piece of legislation both infrastructure bill. A budget thing reconciliation bill that calls for significant investment and being able to deal with what is about to come another words for example when you guys are putting backup those high tension wires again and that's working. I can put up the same exact system and got us going to have to build a better and its resiliency. And so i just want you all focus on and as you take a look and i'm gonna presume the send you copies of this. Take a look and see what we're what we're suggesting makes enough sense to you. Not whether it's not money or not or doesn't make sense. Does it make sense for example coming in seeing all the polls down. Well you know. I mean we build back better. I mean we know it's underground. Health cost a lot more money but guess what it saves money long term. Oh no that kind of stuff that goes across even you. The high tension across the mississippi like it did once in the delaware river which is held a lot wider mississippi. Where it's you know. And and so we have to seems to me. We can save a whole lot of money in a whole lot of pave pain constituents pain before we build back we build it back in in a better way better. I love the part where he wants to put the actual high tension wires the really big mama's he wants to put that under the mississippi river but is at eight eighty. What is the voltage on those things. It's unbelievable the Sir sir ben protected the megawatts. He'll he'll weigh in on that for sure. Give an inch information. You know the thing about if you put that underground it besides one backhoe just hitting it as shorting out of the world that will light up the back home. i'll tell you melting boiled the river. Any it's just stupid but even the regular stuff that they put in the neighborhood which they do and brown here. We have a half of the half. Our towns of the east bay are arrive. Tap telephone poles and then there's a lot of areas where there's all underground and the underground wants always have internet issues because they put the internet cables under there and the water seeps in and it just grew up on the internet in areas where they have the underground cables as opposed to the like in front of my house. I've telephone poles which. I don't mind but sonic comes in with the with the gigabit line and they say string it on the pun the polls they pay per view talking to gain about this. You pay a purple fee and you hook thing on her. Hangs and you know you got into maybe a bundle with somebody else's than it's just a. I don't know with easier to easier to repair. Just throw the repair. You can't repair something. It's underground without digging up the road which requires control and approval by the government. Yes that's true. You don't need to go to the poll. I still just can't get over the actual high-tension wire and i'm i'm hoping august number. That's gotta be gigawatts of of energy that's running on that shit or megawatts for sure. Can't just put that under water of i mean i don't know much about it but it seems like a very inefficient way of working and that is an ain't that the truth though man in amsterdam you want anything done. You have to wait months for them to be able to get permission to dig up the road to for anything additional. You are so right. New services can't roll up quickly. Unless you know you have to fiber. it's total. Lock it but it is here where we live. Everything's underground go. Figure stupid hickson hill country gets too stupid and they want our power. You can't put a t- there's no woods can't make it wooden telephone pole. You can't stick in the ground khazal sand texas over. Yeah that's exactly what it's like out here. I'm glad i'm glad you know what you're talking about As a just a cursory note we have the the unemployment benefits ending the ended. Yesterday i think in the united states which means people will start have less money at the end of the month with unemployment. They may want to go back to work as we drove back. From dawson airport on friday. Picking up the keeper sister staying To the weekend so we stopped i. We stopped at a dairy queen. This was dripping springs which is outside of austin. Their ice cream machine was broke. Which is i thought that only happened. Mcdonald's which by the way. Have you viewing following that the mcdonald's i'm going to actually have something to say about that Sleaze please i mcdonald's machines or breaking left or supposedly they have been forever for years. They've been breaking well. Have they really been breaking. Is the question that came up on of all the shows. I watched a complete episode of gut field. Okay so gut field had cat. You know the discount easy as temps. She's very funny. I don't think he's and a couple of it. Turns out that almost everybody at on that show had worked in the restaurant business or at a mcdonald's yeah that's that's yes and she point and she's the one who initially pointed out he says you know when you work at mcdonalds. I guess she worked there. She says you have to clean to a bunch of clean up afterwards and and these machines are such a pain in the asked. Clean that you know. It's better that you clean them one night and they say oh it's broken and never use it for a week if you can so you don't have to clean it anymore. Really intro whole thing is an employee scam while you know that there's a lawsuit now pending an true legal law investigation the company that makes them apparently they had rigged them so that they would break at regular intervals to keep the maintenance contract going. Well it's a double whammy did can be anyway so that whatever the case very queens airs okay. But here's what. I did care about too. Then we went across the street to go to burger way stopped dairy queen. That's all they do. I know mcdyess bird no they. They sell burgers. they do. But it's not a burger place like mccoy's ice cream. Exactly yes ice creams larry queens and that was broken and then we go across the street to water burger and they and the lady said well and there was a huge line at the drive. Drive-thru bike around around the building and stree- long as we go into the dining room. I say burger. It'll be forty five minutes. We don't have enough people. oh okay. Water burger doesn't have enough people paying. Now it's mo- out here the paying twenty two dollars an hour for wait for waiting on tables plus tips. Water burger I'm not sure but They've all had to up their game. So anyway What we talk about. That's i guess as we had ice cream machine bitching and moaning about your drive back. That's right that's all. i was doing. Who cares here's my plan and assigned to call on the dude's name ben and bernadette because you know the dudes and do debts we need to and i'm not advocating for anything. I'm just saying if i in a perfect world. I could envision making sure that. I'm not instigating anything. I could envision people taking over hospital management. Just going in and saying sorry. We're taking over your hospital. I could see this happening with school. Boards it already is. I can also see the dude's name ben and do debts named bernadette disrupting transmissions of mainstream media. I've i've said this is going to be. They tried a little bit with the With the ransomware. And we've got to stop this. It's the messaging it has to stop. We need to take down satellites website role rooms. It's not a lot of work not we're able to take. Everyone runs on microsoft. Come on. that's unfortunate fact. While there's a lot of issues with microsoft that can be anyway. I've always said the dude's name. Ben who's gonna save us and we'll see if they do because we're gonna need some help pretty soon a you don't know what do you know this is. This is going with cliff here brock. You get teachers something. Except i'm infected in the opposite direction. We have no one left to do anything normal before we take a break. I want to read a note from our one of our homeless producers from saturn lizards. Remember saturn lizards. Who did the crazy as video vaguely here. No it's local. That's why i need wishes me. Happy birthday he said. I was in austin for you for a few weeks. I flew back to jersey to spend time with my daughter. And i'm going to colorado to camp and get high rocky mountain high. This what you do. When you're homeless you see and possibly crashed my air airplane into the ocean. He's doing john. Donvan dungeon john denver. Joke a meeting up with a friend. I made an awesome. He's going to travel through colorado with me. This dude looks like tommy chong but with a lazy. I even sounds like him. People were even calling us teaching sean. I didn't like austin. I slept in the streets. That's no big deal. Because i'm used to it but it didn't feel safe. I was hanging out with this other dude named easy. He told me he kept getting mugged and jumped. When i got there. It seems the homeless. Don't mess around with the tech fake liberals with money but they have no problem messing up the new homeless people or robbing them. I saw no interaction between the two. It's two separate worlds by the tech people. I noticed those phony liberals walk right past you and make comments but it won't look at look at you when they do it. These guys walk past me and one of them said everyone's pissed at. They're turning that hotel into a place for the homeless. Be look pissed off about it himself. Austin has the worst. listen carefully. Austin has the worst homeless situation of seen in all of my travels and he's been east coast west coast south everywhere. I'm sure you know i noticed. A lot of them were high in psychotic. I only see for that from time to time and other places they watch you to see what you got. Good we in austin though. Bought some from the brothers off sixty because they had the good ship. So can you believe that all of this virtue sailing and they still can't take care of their homeless in a proper way the homeless eating each other. So yeah i see problems. I really do. Yeah in the wor. Yeah and that guy himself said awesome the worst case scenario. And that's what's affecting your brain gano. It's proven industries in san francisco. And i'm not as down on it as you don't get out of the house. You're not allowed anywhere in anymore. You got you got no card. Don't don't pretend like you're going anywhere divorced act. Don't give me that way you're staying home. Staying fit with no ham. Radio renewed license and with that. I'd like to thank you for your kurds and say in the morning to the man who put the sea in the climate license ladies and gentleman john c. Back in the morning to you mr adam. Curry also in the morning to all ships at sea both underground subsidy or or substantive. Water dame's the oregon feet dna nowadays. Tonight's out there in the morning to all of the romano trolls. How you doing talked about the trolls all morning. We'll see if there's enough for them to count on their so hard to count. Will you let them scurry very difficult. We have twenty three zero eight today. John good number. That may be close to the record. Are you look at the record at twenty three sixty eight zero three sixty eight. That's the troll room. You can find it at troll room dot. Io and that's where you can Troll it's a chat room the very basic you can even use your own. Irc client if you know what that is to connect to it and there's always people in their well. They're not really people there trolls and you can chat with them. Hang out troll. And there's also a livestream which is courtesy of no agenda stream dot com and you can listen to the show live recorded. Live straight to tape no mess. We do it live and you can do that for many other. Shows dare kneel before the rock pre stream that nick the rat on wednesday nights even saturday nights Just go into dot out. You'll see it's great. If not where you can always do is follow us. A no agenda social dot com if you just like a more social Social media type necker experience only ours special because we use the federated montana network with mastodons servers Nanjing anyone can connect to it. And there's no algorithm and you can give complete control over your own experience and you can follow me at adamant no agenda social dot com. John devora at no agenda social dot com and you can sign up and follow us from pretty much any mastodon account anywhere in the world. It's a great system. It's what twitter should have done years ago and let us thank networks for the album art for episode thirteen. Seventy eight one of my favorite titles. You're boy. Amy is what we titled. It just made me laugh even seeing now and to have the networks vacs match which was also a possible title candidate as the art just kind of brought it all together is we had some discussion about the art was to call out for darren o'neill's happy fifty seven. It was a good piece that i almost use it in the newsletter. To but then again. I couldn't pass up Capitalist agendas girl writing a microphone fantasies. Well it's the newsletter. It's a little different than the album. Art and There were a couple of things that you like. You didn't like this piece initially because you thought it was too narrow because it was a mocking a magazine or actually mucking a phone with the swiping back and forth. And you thought it didn't take up the page correctly didn't really portray the phone right but the idea. Maybe yeah there was a. I didn't have any argument but the but the art was so good in the small touches like the black. I that was good. That was was good. The vat which would is kovacs is at. We're calling it. Backside backs i and then it was other stuff. I personally liked the black balls from correct the record. I thought that was but that wasn't gonna fly under any circumstances. All's what else was there was something you really liked. It didn't heinz fifty seven. We talked about Just as as an option could we birthdays and special occasions. We usually use that. We didn't so it's okay extremely vaccinated. Kiss ma now. Who did that one. That was tonto. Nail was okay. There was some thought there was something else that we looked at. I see on page to hear anything to. I just looked it was something i thought that was well. We thought the joe rogan experience was cute but only for us. Because we're not going to do that anymore as you know as you know with a horse Our show at the joe rogan to nothing and there was a lot of art. The this is the one that was it was. I wouldn't say it was all mediocre but it didn't have like normally we get to one of these is like oh there's four good pieces are we have to choose from it. Wasn't there wasn't for good pieces to choose from. I i just. I like the grow in the microphone. Like from a capitalist agenda and i like networks piece big ben networks one because it was more thematic the cap the girl on the microphone just pure cheesecake. It wasn't it was good cheesecake though. He's very well done. you know. I didn't think fifties heinz fifty seven was gonna cut it. Because it just wasn't i would mike is. It wasn't as pure are as the girl at the black guy well. We are very pleased with the outcome. It's it works again. I got a lot of people saying best art ever. It happens all the time networks. Congratulations thank you so much for the artwork for episode thirteen. Seventy eight if you would like to see all of that. You can go. To noah agenda generator dot com. You can contribute. Anyone can be an artist on the show. You got just as much chance. You'd be amazed. How many first timers coming with something boom. So good is keeping them going. That's really hard. that's what i think. Even ness works in the as heart is very hard. These new guys won't be around in two months and that's just from his elephant and that's just from the delta variant let alone the artwork if you're using a podcasting two point oh app which is saving and extending podcasting from the evil throes of big tech like they tried to do it. But it's not. They can't really pull it off by stealing it. Thanks the decentralized nature. Another one i think is in the app store and that is cast a matic and that is for ios. Only for you a toy. Phone people. And i heard someone say that i thought was kind of coop casta matic now. also has streaming value for value and chapters and many other features. And it's in the app store. A lot of people are always hesitant about stuff. That's next test flight. But this is actually in their made it. We congratulate them Check out more apps it new podcast apps dot com meantime. Let's go to the one at the teas of our time. Talent treasure where we thank our producers who are completely and solely responsible for producing every single episode of the podcast We're going to thank some of our executive associate exects off the bat. And why don't i start with a saka. Six six six six dot six six. From joseph heister and joseph says joseph rights while listening live on september second my dangerously delightful wife emily donation of three hundred and thirty three dollars and thirty three cents in my name. She's the only person i've ever been able to successfully hit in the mouth and for that reason alone. Why married her just kidding. He says. Emily is the amazing mother of our two beautiful human resources. Jacob and jacqueline jack lean the no agenda has been the grounding to an out of control electrified world. We all live in now your show coupled with the no agenda network has provided us valuable resources if counter argument as well as mental health we live within the blast radius of washington dc. I like that as a term. I live within the blast radius of austin and we are inundated with fear politics since education and critical thinking are a scarce commodity the deconstruction you provide in the community. You built our breath of fresh air. We cannot thank you enough. I've been meaning to donate for over ten years. Finding finding every excuse to do. A sex is the best you could do then just not committing after driving down the road hearing my two year old mumbling i. I'm kara john's john. Dora i realized. What a douchebag. I really am. Luckily emily helped push me over the edge. Please accept this donation of six six hundred sixty six. If you could spare us penny we'd like to ascend to knighthood under the name of sir emilo sive by got the penny. Amy elusive please deduce. Wow lots of stuff. You needn't here today. Sprinkle little karma. And if i may ask please play the long forgotten bought dinner. Gilligan's island song. I've only ever heard at once on the show. Never heard it again and i am sad to report that i looked for this. I remember the song kind of i was unable to find it. I don't know who did it. It's i think sounds like a. I don't know who did it. Am i feel bad about it. Because holy crap wasn't that a good one who sit down into the to who of this one though it's another installment of i can do karma maybe phone boy confined forming my dinner with the o. Butts yeah it was the gilligan's aisles. It was a. I think it was under show i ca. I can't find it. I can't find anything under dinner under island under gilligan. Under oh botts next on the list is anonymous five seventy ninety-three no jingles karma. That's the way we like it. A happy birthday. Adam made this year of having a of living under the ferment. Be the best one yet. Thank you very much judged firmament vermont i absolutely we have once again proof the firm exists i get to it in the second half another shorty cer- kevin of the burning river. Five hundred seventy dollars. That's good Happy birthday adam. Thank you for your courage. No note no requests our that love that a harris. I'm sorry sarah hamry hambro another short one. I'm gonna let you can read the long. Thanks three ninety seven sixty two. She's in seattle item to you. John an atom just donations do acknowledge network september seventh birthday networks september seventh birthday. Please credit him with the donations. Switcheroo awkward now hold on a second networks works. Let's leave credit humid donation. God happy birthday nails for nels. Now snow sales not sure of his talent quote unquote. She has d. Dushi him so him. So all i'm sure okay. Let me read this correctly. awkward not sure if his talent deduces him still please manually deduce him. You've been deed douched love from your biggest fans d. s. h. That sub segment of the show going very nice very nice. William ackerman checks in with three thirty. Three sixty-nine listener and douche since early twenty twenty please deep dish me expand deep. Douched shop is called paradox. And we sell glass. Cbd crate him and vape supplies at our three locations. In the greater portland's we do not follow fewer brown's illegal mandates and we welcome naked nostrils in our shops and individuals. Living outdoors are exempt. Anyway so just identify as such. That's good that's good loophole. And by the way just a just make make this On the show because we don't talk about it enough mimi's always complaining about. Where's the dead homeless people. Well where's the dead homeless people and be. Why aren't they requiring the people to get vaccinated. They're out and about was because they don't want to lose them. Where's the outrage. Don't you get the outreach. To the dead the homeless. where's the dead. The dead homeless. He's annoying things when the truth is right in front of your eyes yet cannot be spoken. Our business and industry as a whole is constantly under attack by the state and the feds and now the fda is going after crate him yet again. Pushing the world health organization and un to schedule it internationally. Visit protect dot org to submit a public comment and opposition. It means a lot to all the people who have found relief through this natural plant product in place of opioids especially relevant with the afghan debacle. I still have. I've yet to try them. But i do hear a. We've talked about it. In the past a lot of people who no longer qualify for opioids or just wanted to not take opioids. Really found a lot of relief in them. So that is you can make tea a special on it. Yeah well we should try it. Why don't you try it and then we'll say you try it. Thank you for everything you guys do for humanity and sanity in a world gone mad plug you guys to anyone everyone who's receptive at my business with my family infringing request sixty nine dudes all load while fees little. Go yay. Give you the whole load. Today the whole load is received. I will look for l. alexa. Delgado iu continue. We'll see lee north from papillon nebraska with three three three fifty seven. Let me see. I don't think i have well. Maybe you can look for his. And what i'll do is i'll roller next one because This next one is from the one and only nussbaum nussbaum news only work the grand duke himself checks in and says happy cake day. Adam had many great talks at the hot pockets tour in the dc event. And the austin. Meet up i'll be in texas soon. We'll give you hala beers always. Cold coffee's always warm here at the in the hill country yes or nussbaum you just let us know there's nothing from an alexa about lee lee from mean the problem. Is that the problem with a lot of people they they don't it's just no it's just it. We don't have a lot of these emails because they don't use their names in the emails they don't put it in the quotes or anyplace else in. It never shows up different at the same here with there's nobody to name North anywhere my email so well so All three of these executive producer. Alexa delgado lee north and thomas nausbaum all came in with three thirty three dot fifty seven signifying my birthday. That is very very read. Tyler selby's next and Tyler is also throw. He's three thirty three thirty three classic and chico party town california this donation from my beautiful wife. Tina selby who turns thirty three. Oh now the thirty three On september seventh stunning to me. How many people turned thirty three on this show executive producer credit to her and please add to the birthday list. She's on it the light of my life and pregnant with our first human resource reverend l. Thirty three's a magic number and a big happy birthday tina from john. Happy birthday tina. Espn ct doesn't badges karma aubrey barnes in ogden. Utah three thirty three producers ships for my smoking hot husband. Isaac barnes is switcheroo. I believe he's the absolute best thing in my life next to listening to the two old dudes podcast twice a week. Old dudes dot com. I consider somewhat competitive with the no agenda. Show wait a minute to old. Dudes dot com. That's not us. Oh maybe it is. I could be wrong. Let me let me tell these. Add him to birthday list. September fifth a little house buying karma to top us that we got that for sure got karma i have here Alex mcintyre from the twin cities minnesota three hundred thirty three. That's your Executive producer number shadow to my lovely friend. Ashley for starting the douchebag in train however the buck stops with me after being called out as a douchebag this past thursday by my considered friend marina by figurative. Men's needs to be made however two marinas dismay my friend tasha and i were never officially douchebag. So if you'd be so kind as to bag us then deduce do shelves for a first contribution that would be greatly appreciated. Russian salvaged a what a russian sell a russian sell a cell as it. Sounds like after being holed up at my house for over two months of the start of this plan dynamic. I started to truly questioned the cova narrated narrative or as four says. I'm not buying it. I had a pivotal moment in april. Twenty twenty where. I sat on what i feared was a potentially contaminated park bench and walks to guy with this dog approach me. I viewed the stranger in his dog as a possible threat to my health and safety which then realized how was overrun with irrational fear. And all of this cova craziness was messy with my psyche of come along way since that turning point so thank you both for being a part of my journey to never viewing human beings walking diseases again but that for that. I'm incredibly grateful that my friend marina and her brother john hit me in the mouth last year. I can honestly say this show has permanently altered the way i perceive in deconstruct media sources. So thank you both for your wit candor and courage. Keep it up i request. Screw your freedoms shut up slave jingles to counteract all this mandate hogwash as well as jobs karma for tasha marina and everyone else in need of employment change. Thank you very much for your courage. Grew your freedom. Flagpole jobs jobs jobs and jobs. That's i associate executive producer. Is jacob long in lindenberg for pennsylvania. A two six nine six nine two six nine six nine love is lit to our mouths hitter sir. Jd sixty nine forever. Shot out to art tuesday crew. Jim bob reuss reba in hunter s. Pau per parson hunter s. parson. I guess that's when somebody's name. Keep an eye out for an na. Meet up coming to twelve mile radius of say. It's sometimes hard to read these sentences coming to the twelve mile radius of delaware. Make west virginia the no agenda state highway dude. A awakened fest two. Oh two by psych code will. I am wearing my essay on west virginia. My alma mater and wearing my salem college hoodie. And when i say motown. I'm talking about morgantown i think's possible west. Virginia's a good vibe man. I've been there nothing wrong with sir. Oh talk who's next. The duke of northeast texas and the red river valley k. Five easy seventy. Let me three to five seven five seven flower mound texas. Happy birthday adam. Here's a little flower mind. I've been to flower mound once. It's a big mound. Where he gets is a bunch of dead indians. That's no morgantown. Happy birthday adam. Here's a little something for the show in your birthday now. You can afford to take part in the doctor. Fouled she action figure kick-starting body. Such thing. i need one. I'm surprised there's not already a doctor fallacy action barbie doll doctor dr snow carmi seventy-three so sir otahuhu duke northeast texas in the red river valley k. Five cs z. Seventy three degrees. Five alpha charlie charlie and by that by that by terry niebling one of our favorite numbers. This is our third associate executive producer for today's show. Two three four five six. Hey guys after waiting to many months for my joe biden tax return. I was pleasantly surprised to see more than expected deposited. Thanks to the human resource credit. You're media. Deconstruction is not only kept me sane throughout the past years provided hours of stimulating conversation with my smoking hot wife because couples who know agenda together stay together. I also want to call out. Aaron abramson i should do these all in order. I guess almost second. I also want to call out erin. Abrahamson eker news. Nick blacks rudd. There's bags it's been a while boys. Aaron hit me in the nose. I'm doing my voices it's good it's been awhile. Boy is aaron. Hit me in the mouth in two twenty twelve shout out to the camp thirty three reeducation bus blacks get-well-soon. You know we'll keep this short. Loves lit seventy. Three's please don't find that exit strategy djing requests sixty nine sixty nine dude boogie boogie and do you see that juiced. My wife wrote this love. You guys t. s. n. St huge scott karma. What does the. Why are there so many sixty nine jingle request today. That's three random number theory reason. Nothing sorted on nuts nuts forever. Ever of the watt in linwood michigan to ten twelve A forty second anniversary shot out to my bride. Kathleen to afghanistan Rather peaceful forty two years forty two years and they never had fights ever of the watts. Good work i'd say kevin matt's is next another one in north sandwich b. c. two hundred dollars and thirty three cents. Thank you for what you do. Adam for those of us learning dutch. Could you please help us with the correct pronunciation of this phrase. Justin trudeau is is in potter. Dental notes l. u. l. at the and try again Powder dan tad. It was hard for me to hold that in. They wanna translation or the pronunciation. You got very close. John justin will get no he wants to translate pronunciation. I think i'm guessing that the that the translation is something lewd or you wouldn't be giggling. Yes you came very close john. I'm proud of you. Just i'll do the whole dutch pronunciation just through though is imparted lual. Justin trudeau is in part to go again. Well it's good and there you go. That's how you pronounce it fantastic. Thank you very much kevin. Matt i'm not gonna translate. There was no request for that. It was only request for pronunciation sir. Looking at as we speak sir lightly control room remo have they know sir. C. h two hundred dollars and two cents to oh dot two donation due to adam playing my shitty three by three jingle once but not not once but twice. Yes that's when i pull the wrong one. Evidently associate eight c h. H made this anyway. Says i laugh every time. If jcd could say matt as douchebag so i could ice oh it out and send it to him until he donates. That'd be great. That is all matt. Is a douchebag nice sal hauser of the three twenty one from india atlantic in the atlantic florida. Two hundred dollars associate executive producer but this donation is for alex salazar. Okay now the switcheroo authored low at now. This is sir salisu. I'm sorry sir. Salazar alex or alec already been put on. No wait may no no. It is this thing. it's a family member. It took three years of trying to convince them to listen. Now he's on the hook on the best podcasting and universe jingles. Beaches are open while normally hi sir salazar with. I think it's i think this is meant for alex. Alex is a family member. I'm pretty sure. Don't you think this is one of this is one of our nights saying. Hold on a second you know. This guy's finally doing something. Cooky make sense so decide now okay as for would just the name that will be listed. We'll be Alec salazar yes. The beaches are back up. And i am really high and he finishes with love. You guys mean it was bad. I know that some couple of weeks which arose that came in somewhere on those later. never mind bill walsh. Meanwhile not the football coach and wayland ontario canada or welland. Welland two hundred dollars This two hundred dollars is in canadian dollar arrests usual. Please read 'cause it's been up. His under sixty dollars in our money is one hundred zero eight. Sorry that's how bad it is one hundred sixty in Was one sixty two. Gye said joins sir. Saturday and his band the west clark. Seven for the world premiere of the second episode of sir saturday night in the morning where his guests will be. Sir sir sir sir sir seats center post of absence six pack On this episode sir. Saturday and sir sir seat sitter. He's tongue-twister discuss geopolitics. And then chase the dragon around it. All goes live after the episode of the no agenda. Show at sir. Saturday dot com. You love you want it for christmas. Love bill saturday so there you go. I told you no agenda. Stream is is interesting. He's all kinds of crossover here from the app. We have so many shows that are running. All net is and that is our last executive associate executive producer of the listings. I wanna thank each and every one of these people for helping to make the show a success make it possible and make us wanna do it and a apologize to cynthia's halter who i've Mistakenly did not do or make good on thursday. Show this thursday though. That's today the second one. The sunday i will do it here it is. I hope this email reaches you guys that you can make good on my donation from episode thirteen. Seventy one he. We're still trying. I've been trying to reach you guys for few weeks. Apparently our emails just can't play nice together. Finally we connected. Sorry about that cynthia. Thank you for all you do. She says i had a lot of thirty. Three's appear in my life recently and figured that it was time to donate. I humbly request that you d douche me incentive goat karma my way deducing always happens. I can get my here. We go spend deed. Do addition please call out my friend. Hans owl as a douchebag incredible work. Cynthia sculptor adam. Thank you for pronouncing my name correctly. No one ever gets it right in the states. Where you're at the right podcast. Cynthia thank you for your courage. You've got and thank you all of our executive producer and associate executive producers for this episode. Thirteen seventy nine of the no agenda show without you would not be possible. And that's not just treasure that your time and your talent as well if anyone else would like one of these executive or social she executive producer ships. It's not that hard you could find out how by going to dot org slash and not for nothing. The best podcasts. The universe with the best producers. We thank you all are formula. Is this we go out. We had people in the mouth just by the way You know megan. Kelly wanted me on the podcast. Megan kelly show was very excited about that and You remember what happened. That's what happened with the with the booking It was during our show. Well she said so the booker. She has a professional book. And she's very kind. Very flattering or. She does this before. I left for the netherlands in. She said well you know. What days can you do in august. I said any any days except thursday and so she said how about thursday. The came right back with the thursday. I'm like no. I can't do that to win back and forth. So what could you do it from europe. Yeah i can do from europe. Just give me a time. And we'll just not a thursday or sunday for that matter so okay we'll get back to you so yes they finally get a reply. Just let it sit there and now it's like well. Can you be available on tuesday at eleven thirty eastern which app cool. I'm ready for that And this will be about thirty minutes and here comes the disappointment on. Megan kelly's new show on sirius. Xm gonna get any audience. That's what i'm saying. I have to do it. It's like an audition. I guess. I got to audition to get onto the real podcast with her. That's not going to bring in any one. Well what are you might as well do it. I'm just going to do it. And just say. Is this an audition meghan for the real podcast. Probably work on that. Maybe not a good idea. Salter probably think about that. You're thrill here you're thrilled to meter. You've been a fan since she was at father of her podcast. She's podcast fan of the podcast. No no no you got it. You have to be a fan boy. You have to be a fan of everything and be a podcast key. Thinks of herself as a low. Life is a podcast. And that's what she's trying to move. Sitting serious is a step up. I'm telling you. I know these media people you do too you know that she's needs flattering. You're right my gosh meghan. I've been a fan ever since fox you know and your work on cbs. It was really groundbreaking. Nazi nbc. We're to work. I don't do any of these suggestions. You gotta help may i. Have you gotta be telling me what to do. I need it. Might need you whispering in my ear. Thank you pete caucus for the following domains now fording to no agenda show outbreak dot info. Kobe twenty-three dot info kobe. Twenty four dot info sars cub dot com and sars cov- for dot info thank you. That's working ahead brother. I like it. We are truly from the future. Visionaries only viciousness. Listen to our show canary visionaries. It's true they are. We have just the people from the future you were asking about. Ferment i is what is that well. I'll play this clip. And then you'll now explain what the firmament is fifteen million dollar failure in the debut of firefly aerospace's unmanned alfa rocket thursday's launch and california's seemed okay at first. But after reaching supersonic speed two and a half minutes later the rocket you can see exploded well known is investigated so this explosion. If you look at it is not just an explosion for those who follow the firmament. I theory of which i am a student. I am not a body or teacher. i'm still a student. i'm still learning. The concept is the earth is a flat disk and we have a A dome over the entire earth. That is the ferment. And what happened is the rocket was trying to get through the firmament. This is what they've never actually gone to. The moon can't get anywhere and so what you saw was the explosion when it hit the ceiling. When it hit the firmament. That's that's what happened there of show you got at this firm you can look at all the ancient drawings they all show kind of the same thing this show like snow snow dome like a snow globe. O that rocket just proved. I'm not making a big deal out of it but show me show me get past the firm and i'll stoffel so we're talking about nutty things. Yes i do have to buck. Short biden clips. Oh goody that are just kinda goofy okay. I got his dumb comment for making sure. This kind of relief is equitable for those hardest. Hit the resources. They need have to begin to them. Let's do that the resources or the need to. We're going to be getting that to you. People soon you'll resources you need. We'll get the people from fema who are not in new orleans are people are people are not doing well and then we go to Just this just a little short is a very short ramble. We know for a fact if underground. They're secure costs more money. We got not just bill back to what it was. Put the same polls up. You got to build back better. I kept but the same polls. He's polls bad build back better. That's all that's all. The guy does have trains good no polls bad. He pulls back underground better bill. Back better man has been a lot of crazy social justice warrior stuff about this black lives matter the. Nfl has now announced what social justice messages. The nfl will allow on helmets. This season. are you interested. They never used to allow anything any messages on the helmet or on the body or on your face paint or anything else but now they're allowing it why well the players will be able to choose from the following messages for their helmet. Decal and racism. Stop hate it. Takes all of us. Black lives matter inspire change and save their stories which isn't even english. What does that mean. Say their name. Tell their story say their name say her name. Additionally babbitt wanted to put ashley babbitt. On somebody you're on kerry weaver gary weaver. Now you're talking. Gary webb so i have a couple of afghan. Yes i just wanted to give you the last two Additionally the phrases racism and it takes all of us will appear in the end zone and less another yes unless another 'cause like the salute to service game being promoted. How about that. I don't watch football for political messaging. Hello i'm not gonna watch football anymore if they're gonna keep doing this. Let me do two more before you go to afghanistan jamaica all the us embassies. They were flying the pride flag along with the. Us stars and stripes air jamaica. Is there people outside the embassy and they're mad and they're saying that flag is not allowed. It's illegal it's cultural imperialism. And we don't want it. You know the jamaicans jamaican are not on board on the lgbtq ip to two and they also made very clear that the that the us embassy does not have the legal right to do that so they want that to come down. See how that goes. And then this was the the The noodle gun of the day. As far as i'm concerned if you could not have a more poetic politically correct company than apple. And here's the note. Tim collins got from apple employees amongst other things in the note And this is just the second demand calling for the company to transparent liveable equitable and fair compensation across all of apple in part by auditing all promotions and performance reviews for gender racial disability and hetero normative biases that may lead to or have lead to wage gaps and a lack of opportunity and compensation within the company in each part of it. The workers further asked apple provide a transparency feedback. Loop into how. These issues will be addressed long-term within the scope of inclusion and diversity in you locked in loaded in joy your policies. Tim cook what you dad was. You just read the death. Epithet epithet epitaph epitaph yes for Epithet to to some extent it through You just read the death notice for apple. I think so too because the they cannot stop it now now now. They're going to have to do all kinds of what they should do with. People like that. Who ever sentence should track him down and fire him but they can't do that. Because there's you know it's an cooper president might hurt someone's feelings as an aside you know. I'm very close to somebody who worked at an apple store dude. It's it's crazy. They're ask anyone who worked at an apple store what culture is really liked besides all the clapping and the standing in line like little good soldiers. Everything you say to your colleagues scrutinized how you say it when you said it. They also time you entirely for how fast you process order. They are a slave form of epic proportion. They just have nicer clothing. If you call that nice clothing well the blue shirts. Yeah that's that's new uniforms and uniform and it's not all that great kids apple retail is hard ass business and they take-no-prisoners the whole thing is like the whole apple of empire is guy is always crumbled from inside out. It doesn't have the outside. Nobody can compete with apple. Let's face it okay. Well done a better job of marketing. A better job of everything. But it's gonna it's always from the inside out rot starts in the core. Are we shorting apple as of today. No my no no. But i'll tell you what i've said this before you short apple when the stores start to close got it and not not by. Don't mean close and then build a bigger one right there in the same spot. I mean close just one store. One one store closes in one location. Don't return with another store. Dan you start to think about it and then you did is going to be bad when it happens. You got to wonder how those guys still have employees so afghanistan. So i have this new theory. I'm gonna ride it up. we left. We left all the armaments there For the for the afghans defeat. Fight to chinese when they do their belt and road. This is a this was a scam. Yeah you mean because the because the taliban out saying china is our main partner. And here we go. Let's listen to some clips. Victor davis hanson. The guy from stanford harvard earth to hoover institution. Yeah he's a good guy. He's a smart very intelligent guy in here. He is discussing the taliban arms Sorry i'm not. i'm not seeing which clipped. This is supposed to be under. Victor under victor. I got if you look at all the military a that. We've given israel. Since the founding of jewish state this is about eighty five percent of that over seventy year period. We're all worried about the aircraft carrier gerald ford twelve billion dollars the most expensive aircraft carrier in history. We have had seven of them for the price of money for the price of weapons that we've left in afghanistan. We talk about abrams tanks. The the weapon depot that we left in afghanistan has equivalent worth of three times of all the abrams tanks. That we've ever we've ever deployed we've ever had in the army and then finally we're all upset about the f thirty five fighter. The ninety million dollar boondoggle. Some people think it is. We could have had a thousand of those for the amount of equipment. We left in afghanistan. So this is the greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare by one power. It's absolutely staggering. And yet we take it so nonchalantly the people responsible for this should be either fired or resign. They've done so much damage to the united states and they've been powered a pre civilizational Terrorist band into making them into a considerable. You know militia that will cause havoc for the next twenty years. I'm looking at some of the stuff that was left behind. I wanna just read a few of them. They left behind and by the way thirty three. Am i seventeen choppers thirty three blackhawks helicopters Forty three md five thirties. Little the little helicopter on. Are you familiar with it. Yeah of course they left for. Why did they leave these. They were trying to get everybody out. But why did they leave behind. This is simple questions should be asked. Why did they leave behind. Four ce one thirty transports us. That's the that's a very valid question right there. Why weren't those packed with people in flown out. They they left behind twenty three embraer. That i'm going to stop because this is a republican party talking point and i gotta push back a little. Also victor davis hanson. I saw this segment. You can't trick me. I know where you got it from you got tucker you cut it out. You just pretend like it wasn't tucker i. I does from tucker that clippers. Because it was because he tucker was interviewing him clearly on here not see anyway. No it doesn't say that on minuses. Victor davis hanson. top running. i was running out of i. Got other tucker's it's not the point. First of all. He did make a mistake. It's not the ninety million dollar Joins georgia yeah. But he's he messed that up. We do not leave so we do not take stuff from the theater of war. We left all the stuff in iraq. We left everything there. Because there's one simple reason. Besides the chinese thing may be true maybe not. I'm not so sure we never want to bring stuff back. If we're going back to war we have to make new. Hello that's how the military industrial complex. We'd never back this point. We brought stuff back in droves from world war two. Let's talk harry complex. The new one since iran. We know bringing stuff back. We didn't bring stuff back from iraq because we needed to start isis isis. Needed the gear. But will you agree that the military industrial complex doesn't want us bringing stuff back. No i i know. They like to make stuff. But you don't leave for c. One thirties agree. One eight cessna. Two eight you. Don't leave twenty two thousand hummers. Twenty two thousand hummers forty two thousand trucks. So what does your point. You're outraged no. I'm not i'm telling you. This is a setup. these left behind on purpose. Of course the whole thing is a setup scam bitch about the republicans. The republicans are the one moaning and groaning about this. Let's listen to this clip. Here's the bbc irritated about this and this is a that's under the clip afghan ripping caliban bbc. It's been a constant refrain from western capitals since the taliban captured kabul nearly three weeks ago they will be judged by their actions not their word sand for all the talibans words of reassurance to women since they seized power their actions today were perhaps a more accurate indication of their intent. Doesn't women activists took to the streets of kabul demanding the right to work and for women to be included in the taliban government but they were met with violence by armed taliban militants. These women explained together with a group of our colleagues. We wanted to go near a former government office for a protest. But before we got there. The taliban hit women with electric tasers and they used tear gas against women. They also hit women on the head with a gun magazine and the women became bloody. There was no one to ask. Why hubbub negative for the purpose of gathering today was to get our rights the right to education and the right to work. We gathered yesterday and today to defend our right to education and our children do something this gathering was not just for ourselves and even though it has been nearly three weeks since the taliban seized power. They've yet to announce a government and they've yet to overcome the last open resistance to their rule in the panjshir valley north of kabul so and afghanistan's neighbor pakistan which was one of three countries to recognize the taliban the last time they were in control in the nineteen ninety s the head of pakistan's intelligence agency isi gentrify hammeed has been in kabul for talks with taliban officials. This whole thing was set up by palm peyot and trump but mostly pompeii or. I don't even know what trump is aware of this. This is the end is all done. Is all my god that you know we. We always leave our stuff behind into the when the chinese get mad about it. The chinese put together figure out. What's going on here. They're gonna you know it's gonna be what no it's just an accident that we left a hundred sixty. Two thousand walkie talkies behind is only an old. We left three hundred fifty eight thousand assault rifles behind. We just we had to leave. They were forcing our. We've got nothing to do with it. It's this biggest scam that i think they've ever been pulled off. Afghan play. this clip is another one. Afghans it says soils weapon. Cnn upon row of sophisticated assault rifles at boxes of pistols ammunition vision equipment videos posted by the taliban online in recent days boast of what they say are there seizures of the assault rifles in the afghan city of herat and at kunduz airport armored humvees by the dozen some mine resistant ambush protected. Vehicles called 'em wraps costing half a million dollars a piece. Even a small drone these are the potentially lethal spoils. The taliban are believed to have captured in recent days from defeated afghan forces weapons made in america supplied by the us to their fallen afghan allies. Go on we have everybody's in on the on this thing. You're including tucker. Carlson and i do have talkers. Flip here. This is actually greenwald on discussing afghanistan and gra- glenn and tucker are in cahoots Here we go with green wall his commentary so it's a little weird for the news organizations that repeated uncritically and not just on the left. I i hate to say it but almost all of them just repeated these this kind of happy talk about how afghanistan was progressing for twenty years and then they whip around and are shocked that actually. It's a mess and always has been. There's some dishonesty there isn't there. The whole thing was a fraud and you know you can go back to things like in two thousand eighteen. The washington post publishing. What call the winston papers. There's now a book out by the reporter. Who broke that really important story. They did a good job on it where they obtained secret documents going up to twenty sixteen into the obama years where internally they were saying the exact opposite of what they were saying publicly about the ghanistan just like they didn't vietnam as real by the pentagon papers they were saying to the public as you showed. We're making great progress. We have faith in the afghan national security forces internally. They knew the afghan national security forces were joke. They were filled with literate people. Who couldn't do anything with drug addicts or people who had no interest in fighting would disappear soon. Got their paycheck. The whole war for years and years and years was ally and so while i do agree. Of course their ineptitude how we withdrew the fact that we withdrew because two presidents i president trump and then president biden ensure that it happened is something to celebrate in large part. Because it's the first time. In as long as i can remember as these people what i do know is the deep state that manipulate us all the time that lie to us all the time for their own benefit have finally lost and the media is turning against bided not because they suddenly became fair but because they've been in bed with the deep state that's who fed them russia gate. That's who fed them all the league starting the trump ears and they're angry on behalf of the faction that they genuinely serve x. Put an extra data point that we can analyze this. I got a note from ceramicist dog patch and lower sla bovi about afghanis. And because i'm the one that's been saying that this training is bullcrap. I saw it in iraq and makes no sense if people can't speak english or any of the illiterate general they can't read a right and they can't follow any instructions. Complete mess So the afghan national army. What is that really. And so he looks at the which by the way the durand line which was kind of drew the The border between honeystone of honeystone and pakistan which was just driven just drawn right through tribe tribes like on a year. Now you're afghani now. You're pakistani so a lot of this area is is tribal complete. I'm reading from his note. Now completely isolated uneducated illiterate and many people. Practice customs passed down for generations. They have tribal wars. True blood. feuds kill over land disputes and family insults and protect their lifestyle at all costs. Most are honorable in their own. Sense of honor like killing over insults but certainly some tribal leaders have become enriched beyond measure from intelligence agencies maluku stan. That's india the k. In isis iran. T. t p that's The us to keep the roads. Open are not big secrets. And they recruit the poor boys to do their bidding an eighteen year old with a wife and child that are literally starving. Promise they'll be taken care of if he puts on a suicide vest. Water is choices cost about two thousand dollars. The price of a kalashnikov training. These men is extremely difficult. They cannot read to. How do you use a training manual. Have them watch and record license plates or even vehicles. Some could better identify by horse than by car. The race to be fearless warriors in their tribes yet are mostly young. Have never seen a movie eating at a restaurant or been with. The woman accepts sisters and mothers. We focused on educating the girls and women yet they marry uneducated men such as these and the next generation returns to the standards. It's far more complex than these simple lines. But some things. I do know. In the western educated industrial rich democratic. Weird people. Do not understand this. I got acknowledged that we really have no idea. Just what we're being told. But if this is and i and i agree with you. This is Pompeii oh he's the one that brought in all my colleagues art the longtime negotiator with the taleban going back to going back to zig new brzezinski With the mujahideen keywords. In on this they had the meeting in doa So what is this was the cia who gave me because it can't be it can't be the military so i know cia. Nobody you said trump. i don't think trump is a part of this way. I said trump. I've said i did say trump. I didn't i think i push back on that. I don't know. I said i don't know if trump knew about it is good because i think it's just purely peyot purist on pale came from the cia. Became to guy no. He never left the cia. That's the boy ever. You know exactly heads never do. That's what greenwald always likes to claim. I agree with him. The wall street journal this morning. Then this is being ratchet up so this is part of whatever. This game is part of. It is take out biden. This is the wall street journal. Us spies didn't cause kabul to fall. The biden administration apparently wants to make a scapegoat out of the intelligence community to we. Don't even have to read the article to understand what's going on here. The wall street journal. I republican. Party is pitting is ratcheting up. The fake republic will whatever. You know what i mean. It's it's all fake. The only people that are real everything else is fake everything we have to. I think with good reason. We have to assume that everything is up the news media and everyone in there playing it against the public and we out white it cut through it. It's hard of course it is does where there's two of us so then. It was so when you get this thrown in here. China will be our main partner says the taliban i think that's i think that's propaganda. I'm not so sure this has anything to do with china. China was better off with us there. They could mine piece. you know. Do some stuff because we were protecting. We had the country under control. They have no. I don't think they have desire to put all these unless they want us pakistan as a as a proxy but from what i understand from logan in we run. The intelligence community runs pakistan's entire intelligence community as well so what what is the deal other than making terrorism great again because that's what all the the hill country patriots of talking about about the afghans out at least ten of them were on a watch list but one of them was wanted for terrorism. So is that being imported into our country is that what it's about the deal was done. I said early on that. The cia did deal. That's when the whole thing you know decide. Let's get out of here and they're still there and it was hinted by shep smith and clip. I played last For he mentioned the cia and they don't wanna talk about it now. I think there's enough. They decided they look at it and they look at the situation. Look we got our we loaded up all three hundred thousand of these afghan soldiers. They didn't do crap like you said and you witnessed says than on him says so. These guys can't fight. The taliban guys like to fight pretty good at it. They can hold their own. Let's give them the guns and weapons and see how many of them and will keep a bunch of of an. I've said this before. And then i kinda backed off on. Then you reminded me the we've got a bunch of Mercenaries there this is. This is the main point. This taliban point in maybe we've got two point. Oh these are trained. They're indexing their firearms properly. They've got they've got a spokes whole who speaks to the press. Who does press conferences since when that happened so we got which is really the giveaway spooked him right there. One hundred percent so the whole thing this whole thing is a giant somemore soured and you notice the things. They didn't leave behind. I mean they left all the stuff behind but they didn't leave any stinger missiles or anything that can take down an airplane that by omission. You're so right it's all digits because they're taking all these play some yahoo what's this and he shoots and brings down a one of the blowback. Did the c seven. Did they leave any crackles. Any of those those containers on it. Where's the bombs where the ordinance by the way. There's it was selective what they left behind but they left a lot of trucks a lot of vehicles and they can drive those no matter how illiterate they are. They can talk on a walkie talkie they gave him a lot of those sunglass. Those glasses hundred twenty six thousand pistols went yards did oakley did oakley give him a the oakley gives taliban's glasses how under armor do they leave any under armor stuff. I mean come on. Let's where's where's nike league. Lasser to get three pair of the three pairs and they get and he. Here's a giveaway. Since we've been doing this show terrorists and crazy people in the sand drive toyota trucks okay. They don't drive hummers. You show me. Toyota's i'll believe these guys are terrorists. They don't switch brands like that. They're all well this because it gave them the hammer got they get free hummers. They got they want. Toyota's they trust or they got a bunch of chevy trucks. Forty two thousand dry says give us give us the landcruisers. They don't want the ship. It's not his semi truck perfect gift for free. It's taliban chevy truck month. Everybody todd on track month so this is okay. So the thing. Let's now let's just look for one second and what we can expect. This is a this is a huge problem for by the military. Hates him the rank and file okay. They already hated the pencil. Pushers the general austin's in these kinds of jokes is so media. All media is pushing back on biden. Because i think as you point out is that they always have gotten their information from the intelligence community because they're one and the same yes totally. The here's the clip glitter released of this is a pbs clip. This is called polls on biden. Yeah okay let me go. And we are reminded of what what sacrifice there's been at polls at our hearts president biden in explaining the reason for leaving afghanistan. Said he didn't wanna see any more bloodshed from young american men and women and as much as the american people seem to agree with that. They are saying they don't like what happened here. At the end there was a new poll. We did with the news. Hour did with npr and marriage showing what thirty two percent approval. Sixty one almost two to one disapproval. What do you make of this. Say about the country. How long lasting is this. Well take that last question. I how long lasting. We'll this disapproval. And i don't think it will be long lasting at all. I think it's possible. And it is possible to disapprove of the way. The united states withdrew from afghanistan while still supporting getting the troops out in the washington is a washington post. Poll that is out that actually lays this out quite perfectly seventy seven percent of those surveyed support withdrawal from afghanistan. But when asked do you approve of the way the withdrawal has the president has handled the withdrawal. Only twenty six percents They approved. They support withdraw. But they don't approve of the president's handling of it and fifty two percent disapprove of the handling of it but they support the withdrawal. So that's why. I say this is a momentary blip okay. Let's see now live a couple of things that you're going to predict what's going to happen. I believe you're going to see. The taliban actually gets the few americans left. They're going to help get them out. I think you're right as promised. And so they're going to show that they have their word of honour doesn't mean a few marketing to get beat up by some punks doesn't mean Different but you're gonna hear interviews of the people. Some of them will get out and you okay all right. So what you're saying is the media will actually report and allow a story to come out about the taliban helping. Yeah because i'm doing one thing it'd being reported as another they're gonna what's gonna be one of these is going to be one of these side reports that comes in after the fact everyone's gonna just a relaxed people a little bit because right now. They're going reserved with the historical reporting like the bbc. Report about the women. Getting beat up beserk. So we it's going to get it because you get back off this story. And let let whatever's going happen happen and let our people this the intel guys that are running the show over there now. They've taken over the place the way i see it Let me A couple of things putting so yeah. I think pretty much anyone who needs to get out. We'll get out and there's people all over. I know people very nearby me who are doing that right now. Who are working in all kinds of This fledged deaf. This flights going in qatar united arab emirates is flying in now. That's not reported but the you know now there's commercial flights or at least commercial aircraft going in and they're going to get everybody out and that's not just going to be the taliban it. May tom action not do anything. They may just be given the credit for that. What if us ability to. But i should mention if you listen to some of the right wingers. Hannity dare going on and on about americans left. Dc the same memes. Right right wingers. Americans left behind. They're going to be held hostage now. That would have happened already now. So let's look at this from another angle. What if this is trump. Let's just look at it from a trump angle. What if it is. What if this is trump. That the did this. He somehow managed to Have it some place the military i would say the pull this trigger to this takes place and maybe the maybe it is. Let's just say trump's behind it. What whatever his if. It's his sigh up. What is his gain. What's besides getting joe out. They'll be the only one. I guess just to get biden out. He's got he's i think he's got any real angle here has got to be just pure pompeo cia. I think he convinced trump. That is a good thing. And trump went along with it but honestly get being trump's plan. Personally i don't see it. I mean if i'm of course you're you're asking the right question but you can't come up with the right answer because there's no reason for it. Well the only one is the theory that he runs for the house be And and then joe gets twenty five and then the the actually because joe will get the twenty fifth no matter what Then they only have to get rid of Kamla i believe these kill. I don't know this. We should have a betting pool on not not advocating for for violence. But i'm just saying how. How does he get removed from office. I personally think it does a camel cameras team does it. She only has to get a couple more people joining with her. she has with. I'm putting this down. He's going to resign. Yeah that's the way to go before the twenty fifth is implemented. Yes resigns. she'll take over and they can throw the twenty fifth at her or they can impeach Which i think is what would they would be more fun. Okay here's the scenario by resigned is the republicans take over in twenty twenty to buy it. Did they take over in. Two thousand twenty. Two camera becomes the president. They impeached because now they have the votes way. How do we impeach her. Because of her. Cackle cackle the cackles is a million ways. It's naked dave impeach trump for never a phone call. They can impeach her a million different writers and they also but they have to impeach and then they still have to vote to get her out in the senate. If that have enough is going to be tough. Pass it won't get her out. They won't get impeached for sure right so then then then only two years. I don't know it seems like a seems like a lot of a lot of Open ended shit in that strategy. Well these things is just like you'd be lucky to get by. We need it was trump needs to do something. And i'll tell you why the people i know are going now that you know now it's like not only is trump gonna come back and it's going to fix it and this is desperation to some degree. But also john f. kennedy juniors alive. He's a part of this Mcafee is alive. He's working on it. John mcafee fees not alive and john lennon is also alive. I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. You this is very serious. Some people actually thinking this johnson's alive. Yes the same people. Yes but that's okay was such a blowhard. When he was alive. I would you you hear from him by now. How about epstein. This is the one. I want no one ever says epstein like come on people mcafee man his to his a telegram channel is great keys mean. They've got all this. You know releasing torrance with in your with the encrypted code and it's like a thousand photos of epsteins island from when when they were building it when they were building it. There's you know it's keeping the nut balls busy while it's not Unaware that the texas hill country was filled with them. Do not not balls. These are my friends. Shut up divorce like these are. These are great people. These are great people. My people out here be kidding me. We're ready for everything and anything. Jon jon can always stay in this in this bedroom. Always welcome any kid of kennedy is welcome here. I'm going to show us little by donating to no agenda. Imagine all the people who do. Yeah that'd be mom. And yes it's show twelve with his twelve seventy nine. Yeah sure. Twelve seventy nine. We do have a few people to thank increase. Somebody wrote a very long note here. You might to look over Is like glasses melanie. Parent in la- lady smith bc. Canada one thirteen seventy nine and switcheroo. Switcheroo is put in or not well is for Please shen my love of my life. Mark who celebrates his forty second birthday tomorrow. Yes and we will do a quick deducing for him as we do that. Martin douched marked. Karen kay onward pete federal each e. One hundred eleven dollars in one said iron eleven dollars hundred eleven dollars. No sense barron ball. I wanted to say something Bob smiley needs some jobs conifers. Smoking hot partner. Who will do that at the end. Barron bob smile in holland. Pennsylvania john rubin hundred dollars. These are one hundred dollars. Michael gaston in charleston. South carolina adam lambert in port arthur texas patricia. Pamela mcclain in fort worth texas. Jeffrey brother I'll argon i wanna buy would say allen away. He sent note actually loma thabit here. Song and bach. I think it's like bow pronounced the bowel. He wrote a note. He'd handwritten note to those to you. John devora from jeffrey dion dog. I was recently introduced to your podcast. It's fabulous when rush limbaugh died. I thought my trusted source of information was gone forever. I now have a new source of information. That i trust thank you. I'm anti mask and vaccine free. And i live in florida. Thank you nice. I love that shot up. Look this is who. i am. Take floor jacksonville. Beach back jacksonville. Jacksonville beach down the coast. He's living it up. Lily patching santee california ninety three sixty four. Stephanie sykes Pritchett colorado ninety three fifty seven jan leclerc l. e. kevin okay Ninety three dollars. These are all happy. Birthday adam calling. The love rana missouri. Happy birthday ta another news bomb from virginia beach and he says an-another to outages. I one matthew genesis ninety. Three ashlin davis eighty-five sky scott of the tall corn in davenport iowa where there's a lot of talk corn eight. Oh eight robert patch eight or eight in santee california music for as zero good hot wife lily patch. 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You can do whatever you can do it he. He's just spraying all over making fun. John d. carney. Yeah making it rain and alfa reta. Georgia baroness monica. Drayton valley alberta sir. Kyle of bertrand the three donkeys in bertram texas. That concludes our fifty seven dollar donors. I would go on with chris bailey. Fifty five fifty six. Jeff kenyon in clone tarf queensland fifty five twenty eight and is wishing. Jake is a happy birthday for jake. Goes on the list sir. Don of heart hospitalizations in clarksville tennessee. fifty five ten. Brian thoroughly fifty five ten sir. Tom dari in deforest. Wisconsin fifty five ten fifty three thirty thomas. Her tired in her tato. Michael gates fifty to eighty susan. Clay camp fifty twenty-one in the following people as we wrap it up or fifty dollar donors starting with Matthew jetta ski in chicago and done dansk scalise in vernon connecticut. Trae watson Cook in verd- bullard beaubourg verdes verdict verdict texas and villarroel villarroel blow by david. H in san antone loretta vandenberg and provincal louisiana. Indrek joel joel link gelling. And he's in o. Yali gays in the netherlands and last but not least william dole gay in bristol. Ville ohio wanna thank. These people are making this show of big big hit. Hey kids thanks for making it that be your job a make good here for combat rock of the audio of the idaho highlands apparently the hollywood producers He says thinks. I and my wife are nuts for staying. Rv's while building our house and barn. Do we ought to do this one. No we do. We did his original then. We did the follow with brunetti saying he was nuts. Now this is the follow up. I'll start again. Apparently the hollywood producer things. I my wife are nuts for staying in. Rv's while building our house and barn echoing the sentiments of john indicating that this endeavour would surely end in divorce murder or the abandonment of human resources to the wolves to this. I say bollocks my vegas vixen and i can whether the storm with a plumb american says bolic's or a plum yes. Yeah that's why. I'm so wish the brits man they're used to huddling in the in the in the subway. I'm so assured in my resolve that a wager. A bet with dana in the form of dame drive. If when one year's time. I am still blissfully married. He will have to donate an executive producer shift towards my keepers damehood. If not or if my children turned feral pictures of my children. Turn fair. I will donate towards his keepers. Damehood pecan respond with a donation to the show. He promised was imminent three shows ago. That is a slap of the glove. If i've ever seen ah sounds like graves. Lay down the law. 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Keep track of it before when war breaks out and thank you for supporting the no agenda. Show another Accumulation of a thousand dollars. It is so much appreciated. Now we have Two nights two nights for today and they didn't ask for any special stuff at the roundtable. I'm just realizing is plenty of stuff at the table. There is okay can la. Actually we've got a dame talk radio. Joseph heister both of us step up here on the podium. Thank you so much for supporting the no agenda show in the one thousand dollars minimum. That brings you up to the roundtable. The nights in the dame's are here. And i'm very proud to pronounce the has dame erin the breastfeeding mom and sir deaf. Both of you. Welcome to the no agenda roundtable hand for you. We've got her persson blow rent boys and chardonnay. We've got cookies and vodka ship and came breaks. Got onion rings and ice cream parlance and how we got hit suburban cases sock the botkin vanilla in drammen gerbils pablo from new dame and mutton and mead. Paul is good for you. Healthy tastes fantastic. And we've got plenty of it here. Go to noah nation dot com slash rings. Fill out the form their actual take all your information on the back end. We'll get out to you. Sounds bad. But i have good. We'll get your ring out to you. You're beautiful signet ring in your sealing wax for the correspondence and of course your certificate of authenticity. We thank you for supporting no agenda show and for joining the roundtable. Good to have y'all here the see our the meet ups doing checking with them. We got a nice over modulated reports from tennessee. This nobre on the theme region four. No jen of meet up. The people's republic of kim stan knoxville tennessee. Meet up in the morning to you. This is scott the lizard of ours and stay positive while trying to test negative in knoxville. I hey lumberjack right in morning vagabond recon and this is my third. Meet up in the morning sir. Dude named ben again bitcoin. I really love those reports especially these over modulated ones. it has such but vega banri recon is the spook. Oh he's oh totally. Thank you for mentioning that it's it's it's it. Sounds kind of like the resistance world war tuition of looking the report him for not knowing exactly so one day. This will be interpreted in schools as a piece of historic war information and of course during the resistance during the the great vaccine wars. They met at clandestine places. They had a secret meeting. Place called no agenda meet. Ups dot com. And that's they scheduled these things and they and they met and they talked and they plotted against the government as they worked on the overthrow of the mainstream media and the hospital administration in the schools. And it's happening again Today actually at ten o'clock pacific time so that is well underway. That's trails cafe. Griffith park On september ninth on thursday the denver area sunshine appreciate his meat off. Can up kicks off at six. Pm at city park denver museum of nature and science at mead off no i it was a mistake. It's lots of talk about you. Know i'm i pulled the biden. Hey man pull the biden okay. Hold on i'm contemplating. okay. I'm back Next thursday until birth netherlands. The india tango variant. Meet up seven o'clock amsterdam time at beer cafe kinski. Great place or rob is organizing. That he's the night of the philanthropic shareholders federation l. Dude rachi Coming up Let's see september eleventh. Local 4:06 people's republic of missoula victoria bc south jersey september twelfth corona california rapid city south dakota sacramento california charlotte north carolina the seventeenth charlotte south carolina. Datino boston agora hills california. Dallas atlanta georgia. The nineteenth deerfield beach florida. The twenty first alliston ontario adelaide. Australia on the twenty fifth portland oregon on the twenty fifth october. I said drew woolley washington october. Ninth marshfield missouri twenty-second monterey seaside california october thirtieth oregon local thirty three remember. These are important. This is how we overthrow the regime. We have to meet up. We have to consume beer. We must talk about things. This is your no agenda. Meet up call out taken seriously. If you can't find clandestine meeting at no agenda meet ups dot com start one. They're easy they're like a political potty. Go buddy trying to new spin to it. You see geddes kicked off a youtube. Sure you got the isos today. I do i have to a goody goody goody goody goody goody goody goody goody what is wrong with me. i'll write that down as possible without show title and off the deep end. Somebody good kicked in dirty start with ice. Oh bbb i so bbb bill back. Better be favorite. Yeah good good. Good agai isos safe trying to keep people safe nice. The new zealand woman is that Trying to keep people safe. So she's a woman f saif trying to keep people saif. I have Two by the way those both of those were one second another very good I would say right now. Biden is still in the lead for me. So i will give you my biden Counter eyeso- no evacuation you away but wait. I have one more. Have one more testing case just in case nobel prize money. He's just muddies to muddy as mu- evacuation. Yeah i guess so. It meets my to i i i can see evacuation man. The poor guy the elder abuse their burble horrible. What people are doing to that man. He's trying his best to hang in. What is up with this reporting this chinese report like this. This is some messaging behind this. We've got to pay attention to many parents struggle to get their kids to turn off the video games but in china young gamers no longer have a choice. It's a move. Online gaming fans would never pulling the plug on their playtime but china's government is doing just that limiting gamers under the age of eighteen to just three hours of play every week at only on the weekends. This seventeen year old says it's annoying. But i'm in my last year of high school and really should be studying more anyway. Limits are part of beijing's push to strengthen controls over society and stop what the government calls a growing game addiction. That's harming children's health. Chinese media has referred to video games as electronic drugs and some parents like lee. Henshaw agree or you know how energy says the time limit is quite good because so many kids are addicted. China is counting on the country's multibillion dollar gaming industry to enforce the rules gamers are required to use their government. Id cards when registering to play. So they can't lie about their age but this player says people will just by accounts from adults. Thousands of kids went back to school this week and the government is urging teachers and parents to keep a closer eye on their computers and cell phones students will be allowed extra play on school holidays but after sixty minutes it's game over. So this is cbs cbs this morning. So i'm just trying to find the angle here. This is played up on. Cbs the networks here but also in new tang dynasties talking about it and i just longer reports that actually come out of china the chinese. I don't know if there's an angle other than the they want these kids to work there as often school which they do tend to do more than our kids do but i think it's i think the long term i think they're asking for trouble because our kids like our kids in my family for example i th i let him play games any sort of game. They wanted grand theft auto when they were little play and they turned communist eternity. Communists got sick of it and now they still still play games but they they are immune to the to the addiction aspect of it. I believe they still play games though. I think the chinese may be making a mistake. This is little associated engineering. That might backfire on what i'm trying to figure out. Is it just a report about china or is it meant to give a message. I can totally see american parents who don't just ignorant to really all of it internet gaming etcetera. They know facebook in the. You know the basic stuff I can see you know. I think we've got to be is good as china. So i'm gonna limit this. You know it's going to create all kinds of profanity possibility. I don't take our media's that's smart to pull a stunt like that the chinese. Maybe the chinese don't want us. They want us gaming ourselves to death so we serve bunch of bunch of dummies so they can take over the place which were get nair fast. I forgot to mention from producer. The keeper overnight. There was a massive purge on instagram of Natural product to what is it What's the term. I'm looking for the natural medicine. Yeah sure this stuff. Yeah makola stuff like of my voodoo doctor and even people who just posting pictures of the inserts of the approved vaccines but accounts purge done deleted to delete. It really gone complete gone gone gone. Gosh mentioned that much earlier. it's facebook. Yes facebook yeah just gone with functional medicine. That's the term. I'm looking for functional medicine because the bat ivermectin ivermectin. Of course it's all part of it. That's all a part of it I have another china clip onto china. Where the latest government. Crackdown is on. The country's infamous culture of overwork the so called nine nine six work culture working nine. Am to nine pm. Six days a week has been celebrated in the country's tech industry but now the labor ministry has warned that the legal workday is just eight hours. Experts say the government is responding to rising public anger sparked by recent cases of overworked employees apparently committing suicide and dying from exhaustion. Also fuelling discontent is a younger generation of chinese with less tolerance for brutal schedules and low. Pay again the cbs. Yeah up so they're trying to tell us something about china. Were supposed to not like. Oh we're not. We're supposed to not like him. Just stupid nowadays. yeah Anything else for for this particular show. I mean i got one last clip. Good good. And this was taken from tucker. 'cause i thought was funny eric. Prince was being interviewed by tucker on that special. Joey yes on the tucker carlson today and so. This is the story at I guess tucker thought was hilarious kind of mentioned in passing in his book and erik prince's new book. We know eric princess the guy the founder of water and other mercenary operations. Any seems like a really nice guy to be honest about it and so he has a story to tell that he relates about saving biden. It at some point in in the past. And here's the way the story unfolds. So this is your book which is excellent two billion warriors. The inside story of blackwater. Page one eighty. You have this picture. And i don't know if he can come in on this. It's right this right here. And it says three then senators. Joe biden chuck hagel and john kerry the future vice president secretary of defense and secretary of state respectively pose while waiting for blackwater rescue. What does that yes. So they were on a congressional visit to afghanistan in the winter and their. Us army helicopter got lost in a blinding snowstorm and set down in taliban territory on the side of a mountain and the us military launched a ground convoy to get them and they got lost in the black guys launched and they did not get lost and we recovered them. We rescued them from taliban territory. I think that was the winter of weight. You rescued joe biden and john kerry and chuck so are they grateful. You wouldn't think so now did right you thank you. I didn't get a christmas card have yet to saw that. I got to watch the whole thing again. Grateful jerks well. That's the message. That's for sure that was the message of that interview Okay here's a message from the banyan camp. The last one. I've got for today's show that should be more than enough. But i wanna keep our eyes on because the audit still continue and you know things are coming to light. That were not expected. This is now now. It's great now we've got a right wing. Radio guy on the banyan podcast. It's like some magnification. But he's got breaking news. What's what we've uncovered about to break in georgia is all hell's going to break loose. We've got to organizations called opposite intruder. Vote heather mullins from real. America's voice who has been on the ground for us broke the story today on my my radio show basically what we have is coming video. She seen the video. It's not been released. There is coming video where there are basically aiming media about two hundred and forty. What i'm going to call ballot. Traffickers gained georgia. And so what they did is is they went around to. The dropbox is all over the state with each of them. Averaging about twenty four dropbox is each at what they would do. Is they would go there in the middle of the night. This is all on video and they would empty backpacks with gloves on full of ballots into these drop boxes. there's two hundred and forty different ballot. Traffickers dave identified as potential suspects. Here of the to forty. They averaged about twenty three to twenty four. Dropbox is each so some did ten some fifty. Now this is totally illegal. Because the way even stacy's law the illegal consent decree was written. Is that one person one. Vote in the dropbox no harvesting. Let's see if that video actually surfaces reminds me of the video and tapes that we're gonna be brought about trump. that by the actor forgot his name already. That was tom arnold. Tom aren't tv show. It was called the trump tapes. That tom arnold. Oh my goodness whatever happened to that. I'm so disappointed. That's gonna happen this. Nothing was bull crap from the get. Go all right everybody. I hope you feel better. Because i certainly do. You see get all infected by by by outrage in the anger and then you just laugh at it all just like looking at the floor. It all goes away and the spinning over. That's concludes your session. For today from you conspiracy therapists. We do have a cool nick. The rat show coming up next the no agenda stream dot com at troll room dot. Io you'll be this. Is the mike riley interview. That should be really cool mike. Riley got his funding going to do book very excited for mike riley and for nick the rat what a get end of show mixes we've got The clip custodian ways in with the neil jones. Special also sound guy. Steve and i am coming to you. From the heart of texas hill country fema region number six and all the governmental maps in the morning. Everybody by madame curry then from northern silicon valley where i remain jussie toward. We return on the next thursday more media deconstruction. Please remember us devora dot org slash tell produce the show until then audio simone. Come out as a person who does take issue with a lot of aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. A lot of the profit-driven aspects of the pharmaceutical industry as a person has been skeptical of the vaccine schedule currently which is very different from what it was when i was a kid just mass around on while they may not be as deadly some feel they needed to be observed was making fence. Nation faced. Doing what you mean by. I'm just weird fraud on every level matt. And that's how we're getting these numbers in kobe. Because heart attack colvin three vascular accidents stroke lead in the brain. Kovic like everything's coming back. Cove it broken him positive. Pcr kovic no no maxine tonight. I'm sorry i know. People must have the defeated. Well i mean so pleasure in how you describe it. I really have to give credit to because they. Obviously you know what you're talking about but to be able to stay in this way medicated. So clearly says people really hear what you're saying understand it and feel it. You know it's unusual. Here's a critical thing understated world. Let me say clearly. you know. there's nothing. China or russia would rather who'd want more than afghanistan wrong idea. Let me say clearly got to learn from our mistakes me too. I know this. The president has no plans and second mistake. Clearly focused on the fundamental national security interest. United states for american spout china. You know that. I've known she control on time by the time vice president. I'd spent more time when she created world leader. I spent hours upon hours with him alone. Interpret return the page for foreign policy. The future lies and who can back. I wanna make sure that china's own my concerns you to have spoke about. It is make it real clear to china. We'll play rick. Imc no question of credibility from our allies around the world china especially women and girls jerry sponsors for here's the deal world houston shunji existing in perspective. What interesting ads is afghanistan. This point this is where we should be. There's nothing insurance. Rather than that mojo dot org slash and no evacuation.

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