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"kevin weaver" Discussed on The Managing Partners Podcast

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"kevin weaver" Discussed on The Managing Partners Podcast

"The apple platform is taking the The the role of a sort of privacy custodian some might say it's because opposed to build their own attica system others could say because they're interested in end user privacy but the We're seeing a world of nutritional labels for the first time so if you go into the app still scroll down just as you look at the side of your cereal packet you can work at amherst shady. You might have. You can now have a look at that. Is using in terms of data consumption. Data sharing Simplified way We have been saying quite a lot of that Some clients struggling to get back on the store in preparing for that but also say realizing that it although they look like rules and it looks like nole a tiny apple session of the little. There's some broad interpretation and difficulties all you and invite you go past some of those large platforms and look at that nutritional labels workout whether you think they're even the same kind of companies and because the interpretation is very bul in is the fascinating world that we work in now the oldest large platforms can make rules in in quayle's which will maestas programmatic because the rail I'm so eddie. Days something like pi standards around credit card processing now saying it with privacy and they're kind of standard so yeah Beginning to see some of the some of that. I think that way facebook and geico deprecation of the party. Picky on may be moving onto technologies for education and tracking. There's this quad shakeup in that as a very very large ecosystem right safe. I think everybody needs to use individuals with good expertise to navigate. Some of africa's knowing what you'll serving what you're getting getting right and how the data is being used is is is one thing and there's also a little bit of just because you can doesn't mean you shit for some of these technologies kind of trading trading kathleen and working out how to use them but the the power power of online right kevin weaver riddled with that. That's probably one of printed materials in this office. Era thing of the past. that's right We have a printer which we do not use it which we are getting rid of though written on a pair of my house either say anything. He's not now getting out of my eyesight failing so printing. It'll it might be a thing again but i i. I said yesterday. John how to solve. I look down without a great big pattern a decent pencil because the amount of documents you can sign highlight review. Read very very powerful stuff knowing knowing how to use it at nine what you'd go. It's not just watching netflix. Pick it up driver. Other things to agree or i will solve. We got for today when everyone. If you've got questions. Reach out with mark with him on lincoln mark webber again all incas Profile here in a few minutes in this post and then of course. This'll be up on our website. It'll be up on our youtube channel and Mark thanks so much for sharing everything with us today. 'cause very very interesting stuff some things i have not heard and i don't believe we've had such a ra- a europe based focused law firm on on very very cool. I one of the one. Happy to contribute We go competition and some competition. so i just. I don't talk about them. Come so salacious anyone listening or watching of course or any of Marks competitors as you need marketing advertising checkout skipper more value. How come talk to us. We might be hiring. Yeah or they're hiring. But yeah so bob array law dot com for anything for your law firm websites marketing advertising. We'll help you out mark. Thanks so much. Have you..

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