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"kevin thommo" Discussed on Out of Bounds Podcast

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"kevin thommo" Discussed on Out of Bounds Podcast

"I don't know what okay. So you're instagram. Handle is the real buddy king. What's the buddy king buddy. King is my nickname. My name is thomas king. That's where people can find me at my website. kevin. Thomas king dot com. Buddy king is a family nickname that stuck. That was one of those you know i started. They started calling me buddy when i was a kid when i made my instagram account. That was what people did. They just put the real like or like something like that. So i went with the real buddy king in now. It's just. I'm in too deep to rebrand asking people because it's just funny 'cause like sometimes like i was like i wonder if king is his real last name or what he calls last name and that was like a weird thing for me too. Because i'm thirty four so i was man ten or eleven when we first got internet or as well same age and it was beaten into me to like never reveal who you are the internet. Yeah now tell you are right. Now you're i am me out is this is it. Here's exactly where. I am right now at this moment. Here's my coordinates zach lamb. That's this is where i've been. Here's all my secret spots. That i've been touring all year. Exactly that's amazing. Yeah i lo-. I obviously crept all your stuff before i agreed to have you on and i love your edits. They're just like that gloomy but just like a little dark like everyone's all color. It was a it was a moody year. Yeah some moods the because it tells a story so anyone who's listening. Go do at the real buddy king look at these things. Follow him on instagram. Go to www dot kevin. Thomas king dot com. Which dude. I don't know if you want to hear this or not but i was like kevin thommo skiing and i do the same. Like what though masking as like. Oh kevin thomas skiing eric. King see i did it again. I was like oh. Maybe he doesn't wanna hear this. But now i see it to it. I do the same thing. Everybody else handles where. I will read it in a half delight because my mind never goes to the simplest explanation like oh that their name. That's exactly kevin anything else. You talk about any shoutout. She can give another. Shut off your instagram. Where can people follow us. What you got going on this summer. I don't really know what i've got going on this summer. Going to try to get into some sailboat racing. I've been talking to people that really like pictures of their boats and that sounds fun. That's gonna do. I just wanted to take pictures of cool stuff and you know. Keep skiing as much as i can. Keep skiing mountain bike do you. Are you hiker. what do you do with no. I don't mountain bike which has been real big deficit for me especially now but i like to hike to spend all my time up in the mountains when i can't live where i am a short drive from a number of trail heads and downtown burlington. I'm jealous i am jealous. Cool kevin thanks for thank you for short noticing and hopping on the show and and having the guts to come on. Because it's scary man. Like i think he shot. You're shot like kidding. And i was like you're on and then i put you on the spot. Call my bluff. Yes thank you for joining. Because it's fun..

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