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"kevin sullivan tree" Discussed on Busted Open

"It reminded me the CW. Dave. Let me tell you a quick story I Kevin Remember when I started telling her. We're working in the Bahamas and we talk about I. I don't know Kevin that much, but I'm starting to form a friendship with him and working for a company icy, W with the civil dis and a a mutual friend of ours Tony Rumble. He's the booker, but he he's learning a lot. You know under the Kevin Sullivan Tree and again. You talk about great minds Kevin's. Sat under the tree of Eddie Graham as well and so we're doing a show in the Bahamas and it's. It's called Nassau. Calcium looks nothing like the real, Nassau. And there's a guy. Named Tara Pride and he's the Haitian sensation, and he's GonNa tag with Joseph Oldie, against Kevin, Sullivan and Tasr now when you talk about no boundaries in. The Bahamas the president was overtaken and be headed for real by this other militia, and the government has been overthrown, and they have a guy who's identical to the person who legit murdered and chopped off the head of this leader, and they have this guy at Kevin Sullivan says he's bringing him, and they're shooting promos without guy who looks like him and he's bringing him to the to the venue. And, they're having the batch. I wrestled three times already that night now. The guy gets cold feet, 'cause he's GonNa get death, threats or murdered because he overthrew the government. Everyone's taking. This is real, so they're like well. We can't not listen to this promise and do right. Tell you twenty years old, and Kevin cubs up to he goes. You have to put this Basque and act like you're this guy and I'm like one. and. He's just like you have to do it and I'm like okay. When you go to the ring there, they had chicken wire surrounded. To get to the ring. And then it just opened up like old school nwea where you had this one barrier, so they're getting ready for the end of the match and I'm waiting for my cue. I to run down in a mask and fatigues. And, Evans like take the inside out bump. I'm like I don't know what that is, and he just like. He's just GonNa Ram Tasr it to you. Flip into the ring and the guy's GonNa pin you and I was like okay. They do that. I get pinned, and they realize like here I come running and I think I had like a fake machete. I I get pinned one one-two-three three, and all the sudden I look Tasr and Kevin are gone, and they're running to the back, and I'm now left there a load with all these people are coming to murder the person who murdered their leader. And I'm like Oh my God and I fought for my life to get through the big, and they had this door of the locker room, like was an old school castle door that they would slam. The would shut, so they couldn't get there and as I run to the back I see Sullivan by the door and Dude I'm fighting my way through chickenwire as they're throwing urine, punching me and heavens slowly starts closing the door at least. Diet. He's laughing I run back and he said that's what it's like to be a hail. To. Door show and like they will leave, and then he's like. Take your outfit off. Change it to your baby face outfit changes you. quickly, take off the stuff we wait wait. They're waiting for us. We have this chilling the back the whole time. Finally they come in, and like security wants to kill me, too, and they opened the door and I'm just sitting there by myself and they're like. Where is e.? albuque-. He, went that way, and then they. The other way thanks Gavin for me. Yeah no, but if you think the and. What he did. You. Know what Mrs Sullivan I had more questions, but we have to end it on that because they can't get any better than that story business. Oh boy. Killed Kevin Thank you. Thanks for valuable lesson. Your home for Combat Sports is Sirius Xm finalization start your. Day With Hall of fame pro wrestling talk on busted open. We spent these men and women that build the business. Then the Barak Show keeps you up to date on all things. Boxing boxing is the fear of young expectant and the geary loop Thomas. has you covered for mixed martial arts? Joe Logan is the most important influence in all in A. Broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius Xm by nascent Channel One, fifty six. Three was a damn good. He'll back in TNA Tommy. Before we ted. He wanted a greatest heels of all time. We are get a give away another pack of tickets for the virtual fan.

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