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"kevin spacey n. bob scanlan" Discussed on The Darren Smith Show

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"kevin spacey n. bob scanlan" Discussed on The Darren Smith Show

"Really it also appears that the Games will be streamed online as the teams marketing arm has been hopeful of and pressing for. Alas I will miss the Grassy knoll. More, sarcasm right. What else can it be here? Here's again. It's so passive aggressive. What Chefs Kiss Kevin I'm giving you credit. You'RE NOT GONNA. Take it I'm already telling the audience. You're going to deny this tomorrow, but I know what I know, and you know what I know and we're just GONNA. Leave it at that. Do you think that color has a framed picture of AC and Scanlan as well in his office saying? mission. Accomplished, look at them I got into the Needham either out there in the park at the park. This can't quit us. This is what I reduced the San Diego. Meteo tail. Meanwhile, the other reporters went home and cracked open cold. Bernie Wilson like seven beers in by the time Kevin, as he got the doctors up there to his eyeballs, but that's party Wilson. You know that's the way Bernie role so different strokes for different folks here, but back to the point we thank parker at t underscore seven when three P.. If you've missed it the money shot, we've all tweeted the picture. Now it's hilarious and that Bob Scanlan is in the background. In multiple positions by the way I mean there's one where Bob is just laying flat. He appears to have some sort of fruit as an apple. Is that plum? We're not quite sure. Maybe mid NAP could be mid NAP. He's got a snapple there, so you can tell he's in for. The long haul seems to have brought some sort of beach towel, so he's prepared. Prepared and then another picture emerged today from Parker at underscore seven one three P. in which both Kevin Spacey N. Bob Scanlan. Had the binoculars up to there is Kevin appears focused ace man right there on the field of play. Scan on that. Sure what's going on, I really don't I think he's looking for the the Savannah Sparrow as he's now part of the. Society here in San Diego and these guys are just doing some birdwatching. So. Again I know that the segment sounds absurd. I know. Some of you have said Hey, can we move on other stuff? That's important. Yes, it is absurd, so is the decision that these guys couldn't be allowed in there during an intra squad game, so you combat absurdity with absurdity. Do you think forced Aj prowler to go ahead and change his mind again. This is not on the media. Relations doubt this is the GM so great Russian yeah. Who who who got problems listen? You can't treat them like this. You can't do this to AC. These, we're seeing sad pictures. The radio station put a bounty on him. Do, this? My Gosh I don't know I don't know I don't know what the point. The pivot point was here I. don't but this was. This whole experience is been done and unnecessary on our behalf. There's no doubt about it. It's been a little passive aggressive I totally believe that as you said you don't believe anything that the guy is saying printing and would dumb and unnecessary other teams streaming..

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