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"kevin smell mente" Discussed on Beyond!

"Twenty eight yes. I'm bringing the energy from the beginning so WANNA quieter at the end of the show. People don't mind I'm your host Jonathan Nervous of weekly playstation Asian. Show here celebrating our wonderful six hundred twenty eighth episode with a star studded cast. If I'm reading the show correctly I start with the person to my right Mexico. Bill you startled me just trying to keep you on your toes. Heavens also here at Rhino town of beyond there. We go and Tom Robbery marks because he's currently investigating a robbery in the office. Low of a tail. Yeah missing tale from a statue. Don't blow up the investigation. There's a tale missing from somebody and it's it's a long story on and off. It's it's it's a whole ordeal. Yeah bulletin stealing a statue tail sift the Great Wolf from dark souls. Somebody's still put it back and then they take it away again. It's driving me. It's a long con. We're pleased to work also. According to the Russia we have crank gets. Let's McDougal cutty. Is that correct. Yeah okay or cheese lawn puffer Kevin Smell Mente Taki Corcoran and Murphy. What about Phil mccracken Padma Grind. With every time they called in sick Before we start the show I did want to say thank you to everyone who wrote in On last week's show we put out a call for a new segment that we WANNA do highlighting some smaller details and games that we all love and so many of you wrote in. We seriously got dozens of responses as soon as the episode was that we were getting responses in which is incredible because it should take you at least an hour to listen to the show but thank you to everyone who wrote in. We'll definitely be reading a few of those for the end of this week. Show so stay tuned for those and continue right those and we'll get all the information of how to do that and do on a pulpit comment. I'm GonNa pull that up later in the show as well because I wanted to start off with a few bigger sort of topics that we could discuss for the week. Obviously playstation five news still hasn't happened. We still don't know when it's happening. We've got nothing to talk about so there would probably be speculation all of this but the first thing I did want to talk about is something we know is actually happening. Happening soon. Is Dreams is launching on Feb fourteenth and before dreams is in its full release. Obviously it was an early access for I think roughly about maybe eight nine months or so since early last year. End In to celebrate everything that's happened in the game. So far media molecule put on in award show the first annual. MP Awards this happened. I believe last week is when they hosted hosted these or earlier. This week I fold name choice. It will be. It's the character in the game but yes it probably brings to mind some out yet. Everyone's favorite game were. You make your own character I would love to have entered. That contest is not out yet. yes this is obviously for everyone who's been creating in early access and so I just wanted to briefly bring this up because has obviously as we're getting into dreams full release will be talking about it more but The categories included most helpful dreamer which went to neon the coder best curator the underscore community star project genesis most improved dreamer SD RU and Lodhi underscore double best visuals. Also outposts sixty best voice. Acting Celts beat Jones. or Go back with us. What was the for the for the role of it doesn't say the role? Oh Oh thank you. Sheriff dog in pig detective to that that was a classic role. I cannot wait to play trips us that you guys played pick detective one no. It's all Choi Baker which was amazing but for this guy to come along and take troy's place. Yeah it's impressive. That's I mean that's no small. Excuse excuse me Kelvin. Jones is now taking over on retro replay for Troy. That's true take all of his work The other Troy's doing pretty well The other the things that were nominated there if I may the performances where they came from opposite day five computer voices collection pick detective Halloween special and which he would i. I love dreams so much. I gotTa Watch this Best character was Frederick. The Fox from Cody Barry. Three three who beat out ruckus anesthesia. The Messenger mayuge Roger Roger White Beard and Bo mazing. That impey wasn't very scary. Favourite countries look hung up on opposite day. Five if you watch opposite one through four you'll understand. Favourite Streamer was project genesis. The AW award for cutest thing is color with crayons funniest creation which she woods best Song Rivera daylight best sculpture. The collector to best animation by duet and creator of the year was slur. Learn Mackenzie also best gameplay cubic by the underscore Burger van and there are about another half dozen more awards which which is all to say. It isn't saying how much has been created and dreams and the game isn't even officially yet. Yeah I know we haven't really gone a ton hands on in the office within outside kind of those of us who've played a little bit of early access but I think something we've all had an ion maritime accretion pops up on our feet or like how did so and put together. It's kind of how have you felt all about like sort of the pre release version of dreams of it. The way it's been. I think the community was doing which was trying to make the most realistic or just the best English breakfast in dreams. Oh yeah and it was some of the most it looked like final fantasy. Fifteen food beans on toast and sausage and bangers and Mash and all that stuff so what I love about that as it's very art school where like a teacher comes in and gives an assignment to the class and then everybody has a different interpretation of it like we got assignments that all the time and in art school where they would be like. Hey Go home and draw the devil in some people would be like they'd rather dad and other guy withdrawal like a literal devil then people withdrawal like the like the New York City. It'd be like wow. What are you trying to say there and they'd be like I'm trying to say that I painted this for a different class? But I'm double dipping. I mean it makes sense. That man was me. Did you paint New York. City is the devil yes and passed and now I'm here her to make you to governor but no it is interesting as this thing of I was thinking about it before we start recording. The show dreams was announced with the. ps four this has been part of the PS floors lifecycles. Since it's revealed that's insane in some form or another and it was all these. Ps Four uh-huh dreams Beta is on the way dreams releases on the way and we kept getting these delay stories. The laser is actually here. This is the first major AAA sort of first party exclusive for the PS four. This year and I was I was Razan those awards a little bit but at the same time I do think it's super cool. Eight of media molecule to honor its fan base in the fact act that they're really making the effort to not you know it's not just like here's our favorite thing. It's a bunch of different things in some very real categories is very very cool to me and it also also I think goes to show the scope. What's impressed me in this early access period? Is that the quality of work has improved so much not just the game image proved but like what people can make with it and it's also proven how varied things can be right. You Have Sculpture Song Game. There are all all.

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