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"kevin sergio aguero" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

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"kevin sergio aguero" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

"You're one of the GS of the of the television vision soccer in my mind in the US because of your time at Fox soccer channel can you. What are some of your memories from that you know those years back back in the day like what what what what stands out? Were there You know did you feel as though you were sort of I don't know Do you feel view like pioneer or was it just like this is a job. One time that went through the roof is when Mike McKee put in the back of the net and I just we've been aided the American Jewish ship that's when it was when it was at the very high to be honest when it happened. I didn't think anyone was watching. I mean we're a cable channel that you had to the cable companies we're not really putting on their platforms. I mean I would call a game. I think who listening right now. Should I eh stop an f-bomb should I say something really racy. Because it doesn't matter I'm GonNa hear it then went by and years later I I was corrected. Could people said this was important part of them as a their weekend. So thing how it's Soccer is extrapolated it primarily so this is a story I always like to share the the rights for the Premier League when we had them in to ninety nine two thousand in two thousand one two thousand two thousand whenever NBC took it to like two thousand five million dollars a year. That's what we paid almost free. And now it's four hundred million in dollars. So basically and Premier Li was smart to To get it into the American bloodstream. Which I guess what? They did With Fox Fox was enabled them to do this so I think a lot of pride in the fact that the leagues that are now viewed as huge property. You know the Italian league and I think it was the right deals with basically freeze its made. You made it do on a on a advertising and so far so that they can hit their bottom line. It'd be it wasn't a lot of money and to kind of push that along to where it's GonNa bury child was great was calling these Games. receiving typically South America. You'd see these young players it fourteen fifteen come up Carlos. Kevin Sergio Aguero Italy Tonio Cassano and these young guys that become big stars before too long. I mean I can't retain them all but it was the French league we had it I saw. Da draw the plane there when he was eighteen. I bought the college game. It put me in a really good position because I saw it all and you saw where these guys came from. So you know. There's a lot to and I'm from. I'm really proud of what's become and You Know I. I like to reminisce with some folks. Because he was it for me starting in this profession rushing you would. I would go there Saturday and I would call four games off the Monitor. Do a show Sunday the same thing I'd be there six. AM till five PM. Just immersed Kansakar. I mean it was hard work at the time I want to go out and blow it out in Hollywood or something that you know looking back I got what a special place to be able to do this. And just educating yourself there and just getting into the deep end of the pool with a sport I mean it was it was a singular sensation. It all happened really quickly and then it ended. Its speak because because it was. The natural procession is an actual direction. I should say of Of The sports where it headed so I I had a great day I saw. What would you move it Max? Just it'd be I obviously obviously your. Your Voice is brilliant. But there's a there's a there's there's a million people out there with voices that would sound great. I'm here but I think what what you know your your combination of preparation and passion and knowledge To go along along with that was what makes what makes incredible and even when you thought nobody was listening listening. I mean I I can recall. I recall not necessarily game. You call. I remember coverages hearing you and be like do this. This is cool. I was used to watch the Games. Were on show was great and we had a chaplain Shit I'm blanking on the other name. But he was great to buy. We'd replaying Kansas City and we've watched film afterwards and you'd be like this who this sound like. My little cousin is trying to call this game and I remember every every time I heard you out here this is this is incredible but once again. That's that's that's just the tip of the iceberg because you you clearly have a passion about this game that has you know clearly. You've you've earned all this and it's and it's awesome to see me it might make you we're GonNa Make GonNa make me cry on his podcast for that. was that was what I was lucky for that. I'll share this as well with you when I got the job. The chief financial officer. Larry Friedman sent me clip Because John Thornton GM he goes do so happy when we signed you because this has now become kind of famous. It's me calling John Thornton goal when he was with a Chicago fire and for some reason I call them hot rod and now they call them out there. 'cause it's flip and like I've never been called out of my life and I don't know what helped helped me to call you that. But they all laugh about it but that Clip Kinda loud needed evening to my new job. I'm so glad that it was brought up by Larry at the time so so I mean there's a lot out there I would love to get my fingers on the library at some of this stuff. I think it's I think it's probably some mountain of Beta tapes. Somewhere somewhere in the Valley of California in San Fernando Valley. But Yeah I would love to get along. That's a good memory. Say what was what was it like off camera. I mean were you did you have. I just have this picture of you and you know the people that I remember like Jeremy Saint Louis and Bobby McMahon And Terry Lee. I think I had a big crush Ontario Labour Day. Oh they were they winnipeg so I spoke folks them and we did stuff but I did rarely even bobby came down when we got the Champions League in the beginning the first year. It was on Fox with me Bobby. It was two here that I think I may I give it to. ESPN need bobby. And Warren Barton and we covered the champs which was a thrill. I couldn't believe the Champions League came across offs And it was a part of that but Guys I work with Christopher Sullivan or Allan Hopkins. MLS circles Kent Christian Christian Bolt. So I did that Argentine Games and a few others who was pretty cool and there's a lot of like the Spanish language guys in the same facility so I learned a lot from them. They were Kinda like my. The Teachers Fill Ramirez Costa Rican legend. No longer with its who taught me a lot and used to take your sponge. You did it but man we we had good times. There was a Lotta hijinks there. I gotTA say I'll get into that another time but we we had a good time with a good crew. I forgot that those guys were all up in Canada. I mean they all had like really strong at a Canadian accent when doing fox soccer report or whatever it was so yeah that makes total total sense that they were up there then he did. Everything was done on a sheet. Everything we've done on a shoestring budget no was making a lot of money as you can imagine and the back they did it in Winnipeg. It was because it was our shows or expensive to do because it was financially You know uprooted where they could do something in in Canada and An exit on a daily basis. Wow I didn't realize so. We're we're learning all sorts of back story here from from my childhood. If you know the soccer soccer now this is awesome we will be back in. May I'll be leaving behind the the times when I I I took a cab at four. Am from some club in Hollywood to go to the studios to call up on this thing a game at five. Am All right. It's too late to go to bed or find you'd find that we find that in the archives. Oh man that's awesome all right we'll get we'll get more. What am I all right? We'll run through the weekend preview if you really quickly 'cause we got FA Cup this weekend so it's not it's weird to talk about FA Cup because it's a it's an important competition and you know clubs and fans hands especially care about it but it's clear that like there's a there's an evolution going on where some of the clubs especially like big six are seemingly not putting as much emphasis vs on it and even even Waterford this past week they did a they did a replay with tranmere rovers and they played a bunch of young guys in a in in a game that they easily should have and probably could have won and they lost Watson loss in the replay and the coach was like listen. You know we're fighting relegation right now. It's more important for us to to stay up and it's true. There's so much money tied to to stay in the premiership that you almost got to understand where he's coming from on that but that's a long way of saying that you know the FA Cup Games are not quite on the level of premiership in my mind anymore. which is such an elitist thing to say and I apologize for even saying it But we'll run through some of the Games that I saw really quickly That stood out the first one being being millwall hosting Sheffield United And there's two things that come to mind about this game number one is anytime I see Milwaukee Dec- like fuck you you want the guy that went after the terrorists in London back in the day a couple of years ago anyway and he is like basically just emblematic of what Milwaukee fans are all about which in you know in two Americans we think of millwall is like nothing but psycho fans Either one of you guys have been to bend milwall by the way never No I mean West Tammy obviously. That's their rival. They never play. But they're kind of like the Philadelphia The Philadelphia Eagles And they have this. I think they both have the same kind of rallying cry. Nobody likes us. We don't care uh-huh they're perfectly they who they boo Santa Claus to you know what I would like one St. into got AH batteries at them. Yeah that sounds like a mill in do jeff around with yeah they're they're up against Sheffield. WHO's a chevy the united a real tough team but milwall is is always a tough out in the FA Cup? So I'm just I'm GonNa go with millwall just out of the random You know they always come big. NFL Cup so maybe this is gonna be their big upset. The other game that stood out with Southampton Hosting Tottenham Myself being a long standing long-suffering Spurs Spurs Fan I would not be that disappointed. If we lost this game because Southampton Number One are are actually pretty good at soccer. At the moment you gotTa Give Southampton some credit here And Spurs or not so good. It's better But also we just like. We're probably probably not going to win it and we might as well lose early. I said this will be fell out of the league. Cup is well. If you'RE GONNA lose lose early so I wouldn't be I wouldn't be the the I wouldn't be that I'll just put it that way spurs lost this one. In fact I'M GONNA go a Southampton to win. That one did any game. Stand out to you guys. I don't I don't WanNa like run through it too quickly if there's games that you guys want to talk about real quick what a glowing view of the FAA nothing. uh-huh how am I teams to lose. I'm being a realist here. Magazine with the Galaxy actually with the galaxy. We're we're not only did lose in the first round of the Cup every year but Bruce wouldn't even show up it would be wait. He literally would win. You show up again..

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