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"kevin rubbiani" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

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"kevin rubbiani" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

"Get away with it know whether that was because she just let she'd somehow bluff it out or he thought theresa may's position is so weak that she wouldn't have the strength to do anything about it or the other alternative it suggest such an astonishing lack of judgement that it's a miracle that she was ever talked about as a cabinet minister let alone a possible future prime minister pull us bone thank you very much for joining us on the monocle daily kronen luke john tune aims to make america's american democrats smile today phil murphy and justin fairfax mr murphy is newlyelected governor of new jersey missed defects and ula lieutenant governor of virginia will journey me now in the line of campaigns reporter kevin rubbiani from politico monaco's nieto bureau chief ed stalker at welcomed by to the program kevin eight tell us a little bit more about phil murphy in his victory a pretty open goal as he was taking over from chris christie or murphy governor governor of the state of new jersey thing ever from chris christie uh who you might remember was a gop presidential contender back in 2016 but he had become extremely unpopular back in his home state uh the exit polling last night gave him who were rating of around twenty percent uh which is gone awful uh so bill murphy a democrat uh with sort of an easy uh win for him uh once he got the nomination the interesting thing about him is that he's basically run as one of the most progressive gubernatorial campaigns we've seen in the united states uh he's run for a higher minimum wage for um sort of uh marijuana legalization in the state for slowing down the rate of deportations in the state uh a lot of real progressive policy goal he's made a big effort for the big emphasis on leakey's interesting uh given this this and many of the people in the pace said that this is a solar goldman sachs nine how could he have such policies when he comes at someone.

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