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"kevin roberta" Discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

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"kevin roberta" Discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

"This. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Talked about private life, which I just enjoyed early. But I wanna talk about my other work because you've been busy the last few years and one of the things that I've actually watched two or three times. Now is I love dick. You have have kind of tell you I s with Marfa, Texas. I'm from San Antonio and for Uniroyal now, I stopped in Marfa for like five or six days before I go home for thanksgiving. So I was just there a few weeks ago again with friends in the Airbnb made us, I'll watch dick. Dick. I watched that show a lot. Oh, that's it's a good show. And I've walked through some of the places where you'll have shot friends the station there are public radio. Oh in the old gas station. I had to get changed in there. A few times. That was like a little of a makeshift dressing room. That's beautiful. I love I just had a sweet Email exchange with rob weiner's like the head of Tanada. Yeah. I loved Marfa so much and I love that show. So. Yeah. I love the way that you end you bring intensity every role. But something about the character you played in that show the entire time. You are this volcano waiting to explode in their such intensity in every movement in every I roll in every whisper, and it's it's beautiful expression of how everyone whether they show you this or not everyone in that. Same way is barely holding it together. Everyone has like the the the the stove top on top of the boiling water. And you do that in that show. Well, Sam this is really it's here. I'm actually seeing Syra go pins. Tonight's provider of anyway, I can't wait to tell her. Yeah. We that means a ton. God. I really. Oh. Yeah. That experience. I'll hold very dear. It was a really tough one. It seems hard place to live for that. Yeah. How did you get to that place and stay in that place? In that mode for the whole arc in. You have to be. There was a shootout like three hairs hair. It was. On the set shoot about three months. Three months for three months. We don't we only live there for we shot in at sunset Gower out here for the bulk of the interior. Okay. We were there for like three weeks at the end of the entirety of the pilot out there. But I did love it. And I loved it source material and Griffin and Kevin Roberta the whole cast is phenomenal. Thank you for saying. So it's weird too. Because people if people say were you expecting another season, or we I, you know, of course, would have loved, but I think it also kind of exists perfectly as an eight episode thing. I would have been fascinated to see where it would have gone. But I think it also kind of like the cord kind of it's kind of perfectly. Yeah. Also, it's like one of the things that I noticed about like that roll Andrew role in private life and roll entering the other stuff. It's like so many of the characters you play everyone thinks they're crazy. But actually, they're just right? Awesome to hear about Kevin bacon. Character was true. You know, all of the angst. Yeah. That your character in private life. Feels is true. But no like, and so like, what's what seems to be a rationality is just you being radically. Right. And no one gets it. And they think you're crazy. Is it feels like this is the thing women characters and film do because it feels like a way that women in the real world or treated a lot Sam. Well, I mean, that's well with deep about what maybe you just latched onto the there is that something I had never thought of. And I don't know if I can again, speak to globally, women wise. But there is certainly something that I had never thought of is that a lot of these women are really really trying to be heard. That's something that I as a human completely recognize for myself. Yeah..

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