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"kevin mckeon" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"So listen, after that in your house, where Vince was pretty upset at the end of the Bret Hart. The British bulldog diesel match. He's going to program Brent against diesel at Survivor Series. And that's going to end Kevin's one year title reign, Brad's going to win with a small package and the camera is going to get a tight shot on diesel's face immediately after he sits up out of the small package finish as diesel Yale's motherfucker and then he powerbombs twice after the bell and destroys referees. So our baby face diesel is frustrated that he lost, cursing got this harder edge, powerbombing Brett twice after the bell, no regard for the referees. This attitude change is probably much needed for the character here now. Yeah, it was. But listen, this is Vince's idea. Yes. It was about what a Kevin Nash did this. Kevin S followed orders. He ran the plays that the head coach wanted to be run. And I remember that day, Kevin was, you know, nobody likes to have your run or your reign, whatever you want to say, ended. No. Especially when he believed it to be premature. And he did. He thought he was still, you know, he thinks it's sort of continue on. And he said, well, what do you think about the finish? I said, Kevin is a wrestling hold. Inside cradle is not a con, please. It's not a bad thing. Right. And I said, you know, the commentary is going to take care of that. You know, it was a strategic in how you use it. You get you off your feet. And it was a simple one, two, three kick out. And there you go. I was watching last night, so many things you pick up that they were talking about the undertaker and finishes and things like that. It showed him beating King Kong Bundy. Taker. And the unfortunate thing, I would middle edit here if I was those guys, but they showed me kicking out at a good fat. Three. Yeah. Kick out. It was chicken shit. And I always liked it. I was the best at talking about it. I said Bruce has done this. You stealing money. It's stealing money. So he kicked out at two and a half or almost, he got the three. Three K and that's not good. That didn't help anybody. No. And also ironically, you didn't see a lot of Bundy after that. Oh, yeah, that's right. It's all riding on the wall. The Bundy was more concerned about doing the honors than he was doing what was called for and doing the right thing. So that's how that works sometimes. But Kevin McKeon was concerned about the finish, not necessarily doing the favor as much as what are we going to do to make this happen? And I told him the logic behind an inside cradle and how I was going to call it. And he got, it got the match in the ring and it got the finish that we needed. And then finish we needed was for it to go over. To the best of your understanding, to the best of your knowledge, and the champion make more money back then. What do you mean? Like, as far as, you know, Kevin Nash losing the title. Will that have represented a pay cut for him on his payoffs? Eventually it could have, yeah. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That's the bottom line that people look at, Connie, you know, cash. Yes. Cash is king. And all of our lives. Well, that's what I wanted to bring up, because I know you said, you know, he was concerned about this or that or whatever. Well, here's the reality. Creatively, maybe you might be saying, hey, who gives a shit? Well, if it's going to affect your income and this is your job, then yeah, you might care. If your job came, if your boss came to you and said, hey, we're going to have you do something else. You want to be willing to do it. But it's okay to ask questions about. Do I still get paid the same? Because I think that's logical. I think in that, I don't remember what we paid there's too many payoffs I did back in those days. But I believe that I would be surprised that both those guys didn't make the same and I may have paid Kevin a little bit more money than Brent because he was the incumbent champion, passing the torch. Right. So the model would have logic would be, well, let's take care of him on his way out, so to speak. Put a little extra cheese on his whopper, and she's like, say a little bit more sauce in the ribs. All her today. So the next night on raw, you and Vince McMahon are talking about Kevin Nash's or diesel rather's new attitude on commentary. And even in an interview, Kevin would complain about how the company packaged him and that wasn't the real diesel, and of course we're trying to explain our behavior. Hey, you're just now seeing the real me. Well, behind the scenes it's around this era where we started seeing the newsletters that they were reports that the quote unquote click that we referenced earlier were causing some pretty major morale problems in the locker room. There are some people who are upset that Sean seemingly never loses a title in the ring. He always forfeits it or surrenders it or there's something going on and supposedly the click is held up some house shows from starting on time and maybe they've been problematic about refusing to do jobs, you're a part of talent relations here, spearheading the doggone thing. What sort of headaches if any is the click representing for you? They were ample headaches. They were very strong. And again, the catalyst is if you're watching on YouTube right now, that young man in the middle. Shawn Michaels. He was a communicator. He was the he was a liaison between that group of news X park and Scott.

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