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"kevin lionel kevin" Discussed on NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

"Nine thirty six the time tuesday morning active start to the week. Thanks for being with us here on no code now joining me now. Our syrupy four by four. Vip guests hit is kevin idol With the fort collins colorado and kevin how are we. This morning you don. I'm doing good doing good. Thanks for thanks for joining us. Kevin real quick. I wanted to just a teaser story that from one of your colleagues over there at the colorado and Kelly lyles put together a pretty cool story about an xy issue star decathlete which is a crazy enough thing and so on right. Those guys Have to do different things but he had a pretty devastating injury a couple of years ago. And that looks like it would probably in his career Instead he is right in the mix Trying to qualify for the olympics for the us track and field teams Definitely worth checking out one out. Kelly went down the lakewood or or hundred price lives and trains. Now and and yeah. It's a really cool story and certainly someone You know people can root for as you're kinda checking out potential olympian so so it really neat one and and really cool to see a guy like that Come back from a really horrible injury very cool story and again it's up on the colorado shutout kelly lyles for putting that together but Thought that was a pretty cool thing to to note there and goes into great detail about About the fall about everything like that. So i've got check that out for sure heart. Kevin wanted to talk to you about Russ mckinstry so putin's losing their athletic director. Says that you know the the district. Athletic director is a lot of people. Maybe don't know their neighbor. Their face But they play really pivotal role in and everything that goes on in russ really big advocate. Athletics coaches in the booth or school district here. I kind just rave about the job. He did the you know advocacy. He did for sport programs In his five years here so he's had nothing into retirement. Gonna play golf. I actually literally ran into him on the golf course yesterday. Sloughs ironic but but yeah really good. Guy had great career. He is a phenomenal basketball coach before pivoted fulltime to the administrative side. He wants to Back to back state titles at lewis palmer In twenty twelve and thirteen. I to say so. That's a big opening. Say it's not a necessarily a name. Everyone knows know whoever's in that position in your district but they play a really important role because they run everything high school and middle school so pretty much any any student in the district that wants to play sports That district athletic director plays a role. So it's really important job even if it's Behind the scenes bit. So what does that job. Search going to look like yeah. They're they're trying to move quickly. 'cause you would want to have someone in place by star july july. It's time for the off months for schools As much schools are off and then obviously in august. Everything's going to be going. Full bore back on normal schedule so Psd said I believe you would. They june fifteenth. I think They'll finish taking applications students. Seventeen started interviews. I might have those days slightly off. That's the general gist. And then yeah. I would expect By by late. June we'll have a new district athletic director. You talking about moving in a hurry. That is a very quick job search Do you expect there to be big interest in this job. Obviously it's sort of a niche spa who is qualified. You know a lot of long time. School athletic director. As i was saying and i would think some district athletic directors from different areas probably in the state by probably say well obviously fort collins is a pretty attractive place live. Pf is generally regarded as a pretty good school district obviously issues Like everyone but Generally well regarded. So i would think there'll be a number of people interested russ When he came he was the ada monarch so that was and he had that was. I think the four school athletic director at so so probably someone with that resume is what we're looking at. Well it'll be interesting to see how the job search goes and like you said. I mean it does have a big impact on how things go for for the putin school district as a whole talking with our syrupy for four. Vip guest kevin lionel Kevin si- Sharing a story here as well. There's a rocky mountain offensive linemen that received an offer to go play for you. I'm a sin as another kid. From fort collins phones started produce a little bit more division one football talent. He is definitely gonna be one I think he has every chance to be a power five guy to be honest But but you gone him early I believe is his first offers. That's always a good way to try and endear yourself so a local kid Say he's won a dorm mcgarity at receiver here for collins has picked up an offer. So you know we talked. I think last week or two weeks ago about camps opening up and and coaches actually game to to meet kids and see them in person. We're seeing that now with all these offers flying a million offers that right now so and offer doesn't necessarily mean That's hurt gets going or anything like that but we we are seeing a little bit of the fruits of being able to actually see kids in person and it's a good thing we talked about. That recruiting process So now you talk about with with stephen osceola and his crew trying to trying to build some momentum around the program do expect him to stay more inside of colorado with their with their recruiting efforts to do a lot in colorado. I think pretty much every class. We'll probably have a minimum. I would say of six or so colorado kids and and probably up to maybe ten or eleven depending on the class And then they've also been really big on getting walk on they wanna make it really attractive. Walk on spot. And that's another place where you get locked colorado kids you know. They're a ton of success stories. We could kind of go back through the years specialist on the is obviously college. Football is a little different on. How you know scholarships and walk on's work compared to ban but the idea is still sound so yeah colorado's definitely big focus to coach adagio and his sascha. They said that day one. I and everyone says that they wanna every coach ever hired in the colorado has said they're going to recruit state but most of them don't actually Follow through and see the adazi and his staff are doing their recruitment state. Hard and and that's another thing with the recruiting opening back up for in person they can. They can start to kind of re cultivate those in-person relationships with these kids and coaches in the state that that they had started but then covert hit and and You know obviously there are phone calls. Zoom calls and everything. But it's nice to be able a spaceman shake a hand. Yeah i thought it was interesting. You know the big push was was. Boxing is that was. That man was the slogan. They used basically right when they were hired because they had a a recruiting class. They had to do right away. I haven't really seen them using that sense. I'm that's dead. Or they have a new one that you know all these programs love their little hashtags for recruiting but be out or whether the hashtag exists or not that is definitely the general idea that they're they're hunting right now. Box in cheesy or not or very cheesy about like i say. That's pretty much standard for retrieving college. What's.

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