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"kevin leong kuko" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

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"kevin leong kuko" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"Okay. Okay someone else in the room know well sometimes okay so you get down on all fours and you put your leg up l. with right and the I'm just do it up like that. I know right I know that one fire hydrants. Yes these are like not new thing. Then I've got a Khulumani Times. You do that up in the air. Three sets of twenty five twenty five right and then I have a power played and you. Do you do squats. What's your just do the old fashioned things and I have to confess I do zoom zoom? Oh you do it at home. Yeah I would like to see that. No okay she brings out like the silly side of Ellen Ellen in a way that a lot of guests don't we were saying like her and Michelle Obama. They don't put up with her shenanigans right. They throw it right back on her face and he just loves it it. It's so fun to watch her. As producers servers we always love when. Someone's out there and Challenges Ellen pokes her little well share shares. Very confident in who she is and what she does and she doesn't need to take any any grief from Ellen and she knows literally the opposite of me literally you see share onstage rehearsing or song and you go like my God She has been doing this forever. She is like the consummate professional knows. Exactly what to do has incredible comic timing and just it just brings it so now. Kevin had a brilliant idea that none of us thought would actually happen in which he was overdue for. We have but dr dry bar next to my favorite drinking place. Don Kuko's Lisa Industry Chip Kevin Leong Kuko's and get blow out not worried about you're going to say so. Yeah dry bars just opened and of course share play stylist and Mermaids Ellen has hair so who better better team to go and surprise people there and have them do their blowouts and Ellen and share and I was like there's no way share it's going to go with L. into the dry bar and blow hair covering the reaction to the folks in the drive bar when the door opens and Ellen and share walk into the brand new dry bar into Luca Lake it was awesome is fantastic. Share share instantly. Said yes ellen got early to do it. It was so much fun. We shot it and cut it all on the same day. I think we're putting the whole thing up on ellen tubes you can definitely see the whole thing there if he were sure. I wrote the car with share over there. And Kinda pissed her through some ideas he wanted to do and told her where we had some whigs hidden but and he was a little shaking voice and Kevin never gets nervous. A little shaky shakey celebrities. Still Shaky made me happy. It was fun. And like that's the coolest thing about our job is like Kevin Leman grew up loving share air and now he's producing her in comedy piece so it really is a cool job and it never gets old to me. Mary tell the story of Kevin Leman. I'm so glad you asked Ed so Kevin Kevin Leman came to us out of the NBC page program. He began as really sort of just a young man who was mostly straight or confused with his sexuality is surgery but yeah great. We hired him. I believe as a production assistant assistant and he was a producer's assistant. He did a number if things very quickly he became a writer after submitting some material to Alan how many years before he became a writer too so so meteoric but we were you need in the first few weeks of the show well. He appeared on the very first episode of the Ellen. Degeneres show great because he's an amazing. He's an amazing artist. Full face He became a writer he then became the head writer. And in that you become the head writer so two years in. We're starting our sixteenth season in in season. Three you became a writer and then when did you become the head writer. I think officially seasons seven long story Short Kevin is now an executive producer. Ellen made him yeah okay all right okay. That's pretty much. And he's an EP when I was young and I'm old. But here's what's interesting Ed. How long have we all been together at the Ellen Degeneres Show sixteen years? We've been here since the beginning. Yeah never never. This is really the first time anyone who wanted to hear what we've had to say. I'm not sure if they want to marry. Oh well that's the first time we're at this point we have zero listeners. Left Kev. There was such an amazing moment in that piece. There's such an incredible moment. If you know sixteen years years in it feels like everything has happened but how often does someone call Ellen a word. LYNN LOVES COMES TO TO POKE POKE POKE and push buttons and share put up with it for a while and then just unleashed a little bit on Ellen in a way that made made Ellen Laugh her head off.

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