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Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon

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Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon

"Hi. It's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of on the go Taylor swift does her first interview in years. Mary Reese, Witherspoon plays around five second rule, and Ellen reveals if she washes her legs, not only Ellen Ellen and Taylor swift talk about washing your legs, that was a big controversy was who are you? My name is Andy last ner. You know me from the show, I'm also now, the host of this podcast. These are my co Kevin Leman Mary Connolly, Ed glavin, bearing the lead time or do we still need to settle? What is the Li literally our lead guest today? We do have a guest to it's not Ellen it's not Porsche. It's not even a celebrity, but it is the person on our show. Arguably a. Side from Ellen who interacts with the most celebrities on our show. He he, he produces the biggest stars heads of states. Foreign dignitaries about him on the show. We have what we say is anytime. A big name gets book up, we go to mount right to produce it because he's got now after thirty one years here at the show. He's got a relationship with the publicist with the guests also very creative. He's going to say he's, he's a reluctant guest. Yes. He wasn't really not. He had to do. He's already stressing because he's stressing for Tom Hanks, whatever he's got up things to do that he didn't know it was going to be on camera. Right. And so he didn't wear his prettiest bluffs. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mat. Right. You are now. What is your title? So anyway, Matt, right? Started with us as a producer. He worked his way up to. Take a pickle. Senior producer senior producer. And that's anything with how long thirteen years thirteen years. He has been producing. Who are the big give give three of the biggest names, you've produced. President Obama Obama. Tom Hanks, maybe we'll Smith. A low talker. Shine. He literally never stops talking. Here's the thing about Matt. He will come into one of us are all of us in Doha. I have this idea for whatever celebrity, I'm and I want your honest opinion you give them your honest opinion. Maybe it's not the best idea. Sure. And then he spends about five minutes convincing you and you just get exhausted. You said that you just say, okay, bright red. So we all kinda worked for red believe I was the last one to fall. The quietest I've ever so rarely badgering. Call in for a meeting because if things you need to talk to Matt about. And then Matt will then say, well while I have you all here and then you take over the meeting for the things that you need to talk about. It gets a lot of segments. But many has a lot of. We do now that we've been on sixteen years, you're aware that we do a lot of packages, showing best moments over the years, and I just chunk to those belong to Matt and things that came from his little head. He's got a little brain, but he thinks a lot of things. And most of them are ideas that he, he, he hounded us into doing and it always pays off these a smart guy. Hey, can you tell the story? Can you tell the story? I gotta say, nothing makes me happier. When I first met math was like years ago when we hired him. But when we interviewed him when we interviewed do you do you remember I love member? And he was working at a show called soap talk. Starring and we were looking for segment producer. We're like, you know, who have you? Tell us about some of your segments and he named some of soap opera people we're like you know what he seemed smart? Let's give them a shot, and we put you on a one day contract. We tried you out and immediately. He had idea. I brought my luggage to the interview because I was on my way to New York. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Or the stop. But you are playing very straight in that came in trying to. First of all, he had a suit. He had a suit. He was full hair New York, you were either either a full head of hair or very realistic very. And he and you would not air. Remember? Not. Not an ongoing. You would not have guessed in that meeting that Matt was gay, really cut to we. We've all become good friends on one day, I said Matt. When did you come out to your family, and how old are you? Twenty one twenty one. How did it go? What happened when you told your mother? My, my said, you know, I was gay. And my mother said, is it because I was heavy. Your mother taught that you were game because she was that. Drove you dad said, I don't understand. You're always so good with girls. Care. Wow. You're always so good with good. You can talk to them, because I'm heavy. Oh my God. I love it. Okay. Do you have a favorite segment that you've produced? But yeah, here's what we're going to say about mad as we have favorite segments that Matt has produced and Matt. When you say, oh my God, I love that segment. Matt immediately goes to what, what could have been in the that didn't have to think about the one thing that, you know, Matt's favorite thing to do after a segment is over is to dwell on the things that could have gone better. Which. Yeah. Yeah. Compliment you go up to him and you go, oh my God. But here's the thing, my favorite thing is, as an, it's so rare after thirteen years. But if a segment isn't going, great, you can see Matt sweating and turning thirteen years in, he feels like there's a little part of him that believes, I'm serious. When I say to him on the floor, this is probably your less. Even thirteen years in, and there's like the seriousness and he goes, oh, you're fucking. Fire myself looking for new ways to get in your cardio between a busy schedule. Well, you have to try peleton bikes men's health calls them, quote the best cardio machine on the planet for a reason the peleton bike will make you rethink the way you look, it's like ling- classes. 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I mean, for me, I will say the cost thing was President Obama just sitting president, he was still present time. That was pretty pretty amazing. Just getting to meet him when he arrived, and he was nice, and just I went over everything with him. And he's like you think where it gets all that. Well, maybe we did not. But he was very. And I just talked with a lot of these, it's not just the day of Matt gets on the phone with them and talks about the things that he thinks Ellen will be interested in. And so then when we do the show Ellen has been prepared by Matt with sort of a robe, roadmap of what they want to talk about, and occasionally Madel say and this is an area. We're not going to a marriage. Teach people. If it's President Obama or Tiffany, amber Thiessen. Yeah. Here's the most about every question, regardless of all of our guests are treated, which is. Which is. Right now, during this podcast isn't fully with us because he's actually thinking what do you think about is segments for next week? What do you have next week eleven casts and Tom Hanks? When you say the Aladdin cast is there, anyone in the Aladdin cast, we might know who's going to be on the show Smith. Yeah. Gets on the phone with you. Yeah. And we do today as we speak right now. The. Let me ask this question to you Trickett must because you're also a consumer of pop culture and you enjoy true has there ever been someone where you go. Oh, wow. I'm about to go in and prepping for the show, and I'm nervous many many too. I get nervous a lot. You do never Salat. Well he gets nervous. But no matter how nervous Matt gets. He met gets what might once he does not. He pretty pushy with them. And we've, we've gotten a lot of. Smooth things over with publicist because you're so. He's just sort of once once. Yeah he's he's relentless. But in like a way that you don't realize he's being relentless until it's too late. You've given up by the time you realize, oh, he's just pushed me into he's passionate. And it's hard to. Millions of people. The most popular web podcast it wouldn't work. Interested in, you have interviewed all the biggest all the biggest stars on our show. So tell us about what it was like to interview Taylor swift. John. About what it was like for Johnny to. She was quite tell she hasn't she hadn't done an interview, in how long three years three years, and she chose to come and sit down and do one with Ellen. And it was as if not a day had gone by she's on this show. What now when you say she chose. Let me we begged. But she she she. But my question is, is she hadn't done us in a while? But she had been a regular here, we had her at the beginning of career her Annell, and it was like one of the most entertaining interviews this year. Absolutely. And there's so many good parts about Ellen and her talked about shaving legs and washing legs may talked about what else man I know wasn't your sick. They talked about. They took the cats the cats. Of course, they talked about the cats. They talked about Easter eggs Easter egg. I didn't know what he starts worst. I. Little hints. Yeah, I know that she drops. And they talked about Joe Jonas. Yeah. Kevin how. Taking she. Listen, take a listen to Taylor swift talking with Ellen about Joe Jonas. What is the most rebellious rebellious thing? You did as a teenager. Probably when I like put Joe Jonas on blast on your show. That was too much. Yeah. That was too much. I was eighteen. Yeah. We about it now, that was out, the yeah. Yeah, just all right. Teenage stuff there, that's held onto you because I don't remember that at all. What is your favorite curse word? Okay. You say is, and we'll say together on one two three one two three. Because it can also mean like, really good like. Who'd you share your first kiss with I it was my high school boyfriend when I was fifteen was his knee true. True. No. Did you leave an Easter egg during our interview? Yes. Really? Yes. It's on us every word. No. Okay. Your friend invites you to dinner. What do you bring white wine? What kind? Sunset Pena Griego or som- EM block. Choice. Thank you. I just got a really good one. I'll tell you about what's your favorite holiday. I think it's Christmas. Definitely. What's your favorite place to go on holiday like cold snowing, you like island sorting? Sorry stink. Quiet sorting. I think Rhode Island. The great state. Yeah, what's your favorite movie? Is it tough one narrow down to one, but I'd have to go favorite movie. I've seen in the last week. Okay. Someone. Great on Netflix. I don't know. It's a great movie. Well, okay, named three words to describe yourself. Curious. Cat lover, make it one word chirp romantic. Yes. I would say creative also. Nice. Thank you. Okay. Smart to do five. Yes. We because you deserve more. Okay. That's o- outta time. Do we know what exactly she did say the I can watch the did she, she took a shot at him because Ellen was asking are any of the songs on the album about anybody, she named a specific song? And she goes, well, you know, I mean. In the name of the song was like forever. And always Ellen said in the olden of you. Ellen said is well, she said, have you have you written any bad, anybody would know? And she said, yes, and Ellen said how about this guy, and it was Joe Jonas. And then she said, and then she said, yes, and which song and Taylor showed her, and it was a song called forever and always announce that is that a sarcastic title? And she said, absolutely. And then she also said, I'm not dating him now. And then proceeded to say, I have no I'm not in communication with him. I have no relationship with me over the phone in twenty five seconds. But I mean she was a kid. Yeah. And he was a kid. You just get the sense we've had as you say, we've had Taylor on the show a lot, the first time she was on her show. I think she was like eighteen and since the first time we've had her she's become a massive international icon. It's just feels different now, when I mean, even associate producer on our staff, his name's Alex Clark. Oh boy. An Alex is somewhere between a Taylor swift. Stan. And just a straight up stalker. Me so crazy about her that you can't really so when we knew that we were booking Taylor swift. We heard that Taylor swift had locked Johnny Norman who books, all of the musicians on our show all the artists on our show and produces them as well told us that before he published he wanted to tell Alex Clark that he was going to have someone tell Alex Clark that we were sending him to Houston to shoot for us on Tuesday. And then after getting now we didn't know any, and then after Alex Clarke agreed to go on that you, we're going to publish Taylor swift for Tuesday. Right. So the human interest department asks out published mean send Email out to the staff, right? So they do this, and he agrees, we publish and that now I know all this has happened. So I call Alex clock into my office, and he walks in, and I go, so I just wanna make sure you're cool. You're cool going to Texas on Tuesday for us, right? And he's white now, Alex. He's just. I say he's eager like he wants to please wants to eagerly. Speak really wants to do the best show really wants to impress. And, and I ask them, not question. Any goes. Yeah. I mean, whatever and I go, what do you mean whatever the problem? Not wanna go on the shoot. You not wanna know. I wanna do I wanna do whatever's best. What do you mean whatever's best like we wanted to go to Houston? So then he finally, I'm gonna do. I'm going to go and I go great. I just thought there might be some conflict or something. He's like, no, no, he leaves white. He shaky, apparently, he went from there to his office to cry. You're kidding. I didn't know any of this. So then I don't ever get caught up in these prints. But it was so fun. I couldn't now seem felt bad, you call them back, pretty ideally, I did I called him that well, we'll car came in and said he's these in his office crying. I said, call him back. And then and then he went from crying to like shaking, and just sort of hyper ventilating. Friday morning morning. And then he got to meet her. He didn't. Witnessed the rise of a hero, marvel studios presents captain marvel an all new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the marvel cinematic universe in this action packed story, the MC you introduces its first standalone female franchise, title character. Carol danvers aka captain, marvel set in the nineteen nineties, captain marvel sidesteps, the traditional origin, story template with Carol danvers already. Possessing her superhero powers, leaving her earthly life behind. She joins an intergalactic elite military team called star force, but after Dan versus trained and become a valued member of star force she finds herself back on earth with new questions about her past. She quickly lands on the radar of Nick fury, and the pair must work together against a formidable enemy in the form of the scrolls who are planning an invasion of earth. Get marvel studios captain marvel on digital in movies anywhere may twenty eighth and Blu. Ray June eleventh new on four. Okay. All. Tra-. HD. The do produce it's been, I did produce scotch. Yes, she was so fun. Two of them together. Have such a history of it does seem like Reese and Ellen have the same close friends, and it does feel like Belen his friends with these people first, and then Reese example, Oprah Oprah Jetta Fran. And there was a couple of new, there's a little bit of bombshell, Obama, she's now because I brought it up to Ellen and I said, well, they were texting with. It's sort of, in fun, and then it's a little bit competitive like a closer friend of Oprah's who's a closer friend but Reese at Ellen's birthday party last year. My sixtieth birthday party, it was a bad ass. She was amazing. She, like she like organized that party. She produced. She produced the entertainers how to do there was a there was a stage. There was a DJ. There was really no. And she got pink to get up and sing. She got all these people get up and perform, and it was all just Reese deciding it was crazy party. So, like, I don't think I'd ever. I don't think I'd ever been at a party with the so many of my fellow celebrity. At the bar Oprah clearly, I was at the bar Oprah came up next to me, and I was like. Produce over just producer like two days before she loves you. Talked about me there she has. But. And. At the bar, and I was like, do I try to get her drilling? How does this work and then the bartender, I'm like, like, what are you drinking? She's she's what are you drinking? I said, white one and know what I'm getting into just, you know what you're getting into. Then wanted kill wanted some fruity drink on what it was. You know, you're buying drinks for Oakland. Pretty standard for stories on the podcast and that was pretty bad. We wanted to say it was like. All you need is you walk up to the bar and Oprah goes. Hey, man. The story. I remember Ellen had some sort of secret stash of really expensive tequila and she kept going behind the bar herself like a tray and just handing out. That was crazy party. I remember Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Oprah and Gayle all pretty much the same and Reese doing throwing back shots. Deal. Writer Gil, well, I do remember leaving holiday party once and Kevin was on his knees drinking tequila out of an ice. Floe. So the sixtieth birthday party, Heather Ellen's makeup artist. Want me to we were Dennis doesn't need makeup. She's naturally beautiful. Former cover. Yes. Asked me to go to the bathroom with her. So we walk into there was a another bathroom in the back. I guess that we went to so Heather, and I were there and Jennifer Lawrence came back. Jennifer Lawrence told the story on our show about that. Maybe she had tried some marijuana that night that was very strong. And she was really out of it. So Jennifer, Lawrence came back, and Heather and offered her to go first because we didn't want to we felt bad. It's you know, slip go first and she's like no no you go. No, no, please go ahead and Jennifer Lawrence, Heather oh my God. Do you have to? Is that why you know, I started laughing very, very hard because, you know, I'd had a few glasses of wine that point. Now finally. I'm just telling you this. She told her on her show. So then. So then I'm laughing Heather, it goes in there, Jennifer Lawrence is like she's definitely pooping. I remember as picture of me and Jennifer Lawrence is crying laughing. Oh my gosh. So that's my that was a fun story that was made her action with Jennifer Lawrence, cut to a few weeks later. I'm driving into work, and she's on Howard Stern. And she is now telling Howard Stern this story about ten back there and how the poop everything like that going in now back and forth, she's laughing as she said, insecurity came over and was, like tell him, you gotta stop you gotta stop and I was like, was there security there. And then she realized she was talking about me. She said security. By the bathroom while Heather. Oh my God. Think about how did you decide what game to play with Reese Witherspoon, because they're competitive, and we'd never played five seconds. Your host. I thought it'd be fun for those to play. Yeah. Five second rule has become such a racist fast people to come up with things we didn't feel as funny, and you didn't feel like for Reese, you could come up with like a new game. Originally. No ideas. We have heavy played burning questions with Rishi yet. Nope. Next burning questions. All right. Here's the weather spoon playing five second roll. We'll talk to you more Madison. Category, and you will have five seconds to name three things in that category. And then hit the buzzer to stop the clock. You ready? Although I you'll get a different category than me. Wait, wait. Wait. No. I go. I or Yuba. I just said I'd go I wasn't listening. Ellen name three of your celebrity best friends Aniston Oprah Winfrey. Michelle obama. That's on because those are my three best. Okay. Reese name three of your celebrity best friends who aren't Ellen's best. Gayle king. Large earn credit. Good. How you hit it. Stop the clock so you had six point six seconds left. So that's why you say say the things I then hit it. Did I lose damage? All right. Three reasons why you don't have kids. I like my furniture. I like silence. And I don't want them. Feel. This is going. Yeah. Named three things. You do that. Embarrass your kids. Okay. 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David Goggin 's and Mel Robbins, the book, I'm listening to right now. It is a biography of Freddie Mercury and it's called somebody to love audible members can also get free access to the New York Times Wall Street Journal. Washington Post delivered daily to the audible app with convenient app members can access audible anytime any. Anywhere. Explore all the ways listening on audible can help improve mind, body, and soul with entertainment information and inspiration. And here's a great offer that Kevin wants to tell you about. You can start listening with a thirty day. Audible trial of your first audiobook plus to audible originals for free. You can visit audible dot com slash Ellen or text Ellen to five hundred five hundred that's audible dot com slash E. L. L E, N or text. E. L. L. E N to five hundred five hundred. Now before we move on. We're back on. If you're just joining us, my co hosts. Ed glavin Mary Connolly, and special guest. We have what we knew you're the leader of all, the sandy, by the great seat, you name something that you wish would have happened differently in the in the Reese axe because, you know, not everything goes your way you always want something to be different. Was there anything that we didn't get to? I don't know. There was anything that was that. Thank you. Here's my here's another thing. I'll think about it a lot that as soon as done. I can't remember the phone. My dad had. Like who'd you produce this week? I'm like, I don't know is there. So you're on the floor with Andy and Mary. Yes. Andy low Sassa me every time, do they know about my Twitter, right? The bigger the starring they know about my Twitter. Twitter. Of course you do. And so I'm in the booth with Kevin and whole host people is director. Do you ask Andy to ask for pictures to be shown when very aggressively? Just happened. I think so today, we're standing releasing the segment cases. It's Matt Allen is an our eye line. And occasionally we're writing to Ellen ask for this picture, whatever. But this one is so aggressive, and I'm saying, over the headset ten, there's a picture apparently about Senator Dole to the family picture the family, the picture of the valley. No one cares. No one cares about this. And then he's like, and then he'll go, we didn't get to the story we have to get to this story and I met seven minutes. Heavy you could add it. Yeah. Starting to see. What would sit down with us at the beginning? What happened at the end of the reshow that not even Reese, new happen? Yes. Set it up. Calf set it up camp during the interview like we mentioned Reese, and Eleanor insanely competitive with each other, and they're fighting over who is better friends with America's sweetheart. Jennifer Aniston, right? My friends, I can fourth and both of them you joking with actually convinced. One point. She goes now, this is when we joke this serious, this isn't, sir. Frontino Ellen's texting all the day, whatever. So we're like, oh, this is great evidence new jettison forever. Yeah, thirty years, our first guest sixteen years ago. So then we say goodbye, the Reese, Witherspoon, she actually knows, Jen longer than I do. She leaves the building. You're slow stupid. So she leaves. She leaves the building building, Allen's like are still doing the show. Yep. Bring me my phone. My phone. She need her phone phone looks out to audience and goes, I'm gonna call amnesty. The audience went insane. It was such a fun, spontaneously. Really? Here's what happened with that. I'll do that. Time. But there's one thing I need to do I am going to settle this once and for all. Do I need to put it on speaker? Call you back. The nail. I don't know what else to do. Let me see if I can call Reese. We'll see want me to call. Tim Unical Oprah. Just. All right. She was on the treadmill. She said call her back, that was gen-. Oh my God. It's hey are you on the treadmill? Yeah. All right. So it's, it's, it's your friend Ellen. How are you? Good sweetheart. How are you doing? I'm good. I'm not on a treadmill. I'm actually doing a show right now. And this is a really important question. Say hi say hi Dan say hi to everybody. Here's the. I know that's why I'm your friend too. So Reese Witherspoon, you know, her right. Okay. She somehow she'd somehow thinks that she in new are better friends than you and I are, and I just want to settle this once and for all that you and I are better friends than Reese in you. We've cleared this up. I know I thought we had to so, so once and for all you, and I are better friends. Sterling. That basically based also almost thirty years of knowing each other. Yeah. Okay. So it's done. Thank you. Bye. I haven't heard back from over. I'm just going to go through my list. I feel like that's all the time. We have our we we'd be wrapping up. We have all about. I'm usable content. You've pretty much talk nonstop for thirty. Believable dealers. Guess what we? I'd like to know the writers find Matt so. Yes. On camera lot, you've probably seen them as part of curtain Bernie. The postal service boss went played into my dad was a man that middle out to him. He, he watches retired. Yeah. What do you do with this time now? And also take care of my niece held your niece six launch shut up. Ami ambala. Sammy bill. Jimmy, my husband to the show, I guess, that's right, sure did. Talk. Tell how you met your husband show, Austrailia two thousand thirteen. It was Saint pets. We got there. We ended up on staff went to Australia the whole staff. You're on an advance NAS with I think almost everybody everybody we stayed back with Ellen. Correct. Exactly. Plant the flag tennis. I'll toss go to this one club. We had gotten there we are all trying to stay awake. But it they go to midnight. We were like oh about ten. We've got ten pm Noam's there. Tony came or DJ. Tony was there. Everyone was there from the staff. Yeah. They said it was kind of mixed, but yeah, and this girl. And this guy came up to Tony and they were talking I met him. And remember, he's wearing a blazer, and I was like, what it was a blazer to a club. But that was that. And then I met him. So I'm again later, and I'm like, oh, there's blazer guy and we started talking. And that was and then out he wanted a green card. Brought him back to. And where. And how long ago was that? Two things six inseparable Simpson. He lives here with you, and we're married you got wedding. Wedding look, he's got a ring Ellen did tackle the internet controversy about washing your legs. Yes. What was the internet controversy for those who don't remember it? A mini controversy. I would say, yeah. Someone on Twitter posted the questions you wash legs in the shower. Right. And turns out people start responding like no, the soap just runs down to watch him. And then people crazy. What do you mean on wash your legs in the shower? So that's the kind of controversy. We tackle here. We asked tell us about it as well. So here's Ellen revealing if she washes her legs or not, here's Ellen Taylor talking about their legs. This is the monologue talking by legs. Right. That's why I do the importance rolling once again, the internet is a buzz with controversy that we have to talk about the other day, someone posted a question on Twitter, that asked do you wash your legs? When you take a shower. Have you seen this yet? The world is divided on this about twenty percent of people say they don't wash their legs. Eighty percent say they do, but that's probably because after the twenty percent said, they don't the reaction was so strong that even if people don't they had to say they do it sounds complicated because it's important. How many people don't wash their legs when they shower? Has your spouse ever written wash me on your leg? You have a spouse. All right. How many people wash their legs when they shower? How many of you were lying because? Most people online say they don't wash their legs think that so p- this, this opus is runs down their body. And that's enough. They're calling it the trickle down effect. Which means that dirty water is trickling down your dirty leg making, it doubly dirty one person said, I love this. My legs have been safe inside my pants whole day. What's the problem? And then someone else said the only body parts I wash every time our hair pits crotch. Why you're crotchet asks acid been safe inside? You're paying. Come on people. Why can't we go the whole distance? What about your arms or people not washing their arm? How many don't wash your arms when you're in the shower? You don't wash your arms. You're not sure. Will you sure about the legs? Okay. But you don't remember this motion happening? You know about that. I think everybody should be washing everything. You should see me in the shower. I mean you never will. But you should see me. In the show. I have a team of people scrubbing me down with brushes. It's like NASCAR and there it really is. If you're on the fence about what to wash I'm gonna do a little public service announcement for you right now. Okay. Head to toe. It's going to be all right. So, yes, yes, yes, yes, no. Yes. Anything south of the border seat. And yes, yes and yes, but I'm not a gym this I'm not going to end. All right. So that, so now that leads us to what? Cast ever t wash likes in the shower. I occasionally do but not always if I play sports. If I play roller hockey, if I've done sports, I for sure, soap down, John in the swimming pool. I so down. Otherwise, what I do is shampoo, my hair, the soap underarms here head so shampoo. And while the shampoo stays in Nara grabbed the bar soap dude this hour. The soap run down the leg conditioner, I don't always condition. I find my hair gets to fine with to limp, really. Yeah. Over my story. It was bad. What? Every time. And now every morning when I wash, I think about that discussion that Ellen room so that you don't can't. Never. Oh, always do Edward. It's not easy. Every time every time I think so worked out every day. Good for you. Sure, you have to because you have all that hair on them. So when you say watch your shampooing well, when I when I if they're not, I would say that the rash begs to differ. The rash, the rash requires special, we've, we're out of time we ran out of time for all of our clips. If you wanted to hear one of the things we talked about. We'll talk about them, get sued or go watch the show. Thank you, Matt, Matt, Matt. Exceptional when this is posted you may or may not be on it. We're gonna have to make some choices in terms of editing. Normally your mental everyone in your family that you're going to be on the podcasts. Let us wait wait until we tell you definitely won't spread the word. Try to tear niece now. Seriously? Matt, we appreciate you. You give Mattie looking comfortable when people give them it really doesn't like to really get into the podcast just just talking about. I don't know what your poor parents did to you. Been good everybody. Thanks on apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you're listening to this. Guess I would say, thanks, everybody. Tuesday. We would so love to know more about to here at Ellen on the go. Please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O, N, D, E, R, Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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