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"kevin leman mary connolly" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

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"kevin leman mary connolly" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"Hi. It's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of on the go Taylor swift does her first interview in years. Mary Reese, Witherspoon plays around five second rule, and Ellen reveals if she washes her legs, not only Ellen Ellen and Taylor swift talk about washing your legs, that was a big controversy was who are you? My name is Andy last ner. You know me from the show, I'm also now, the host of this podcast. These are my co Kevin Leman Mary Connolly, Ed glavin, bearing the lead time or do we still need to settle? What is the Li literally our lead guest today? We do have a guest to it's not Ellen it's not Porsche. It's not even a celebrity, but it is the person on our show. Arguably a. Side from Ellen who interacts with the most celebrities on our show. He he, he produces the biggest stars heads of states. Foreign dignitaries about him on the show. We have what we say is anytime. A big name gets book up, we go to mount right to produce it because he's got now after thirty one years here at the show. He's got a relationship with the publicist with the guests also very creative. He's going to say he's, he's a reluctant guest. Yes. He wasn't really not. He had to do. He's already stressing because he's stressing for Tom Hanks, whatever he's got up things to do that he didn't know it was going to be on camera. Right. And so he didn't wear his prettiest bluffs. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mat. Right. You are now. What is your title? So anyway, Matt, right? Started with us as a producer. He worked his way up to. Take a pickle. Senior producer senior producer. And that's anything with how long thirteen years thirteen years. He has been producing. Who are the big give give three of the biggest names, you've produced. President Obama Obama. Tom Hanks, maybe we'll Smith. A low talker. Shine. He literally never stops talking. Here's the thing about Matt. He will come into one of us are all of us in Doha. I have this idea for whatever celebrity, I'm and I want your honest opinion you give them your honest opinion. Maybe it's not the best idea. Sure. And then he spends about five minutes convincing you and you just get exhausted. You said that you just say, okay, bright red. So we all kinda worked for red believe I was the last one to fall. The quietest I've ever so rarely badgering. Call in for a meeting because if things you need to talk to Matt about. And then Matt will then say, well while I have you all here and then you take over the meeting for the things that you need to talk about. It gets a lot of segments. But many has a lot of. We do now that we've been on sixteen years, you're aware that we do a lot of packages, showing best moments over the years, and I just chunk to those belong to Matt and things that came from his little head. He's got a little brain, but he thinks a lot of things..

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