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Working From Home Like a Boss Work In Sports Podcast

"Hey it's Brian. We are definitely in some crazy times right now. I've not seen anything like this. No one predicted a sports shutdown or the education system being closed for business. But Hey here we are. This is the reality of our existence that we have to make the best of it. I have three kids at home right now. Who should be in middle and elementary school? But the right here with me and you know we're trying to do. We're trying to keep them on a learning schedule. And you should do that for yourself. To now is the chance to update your resume. Work on your network. Make sure you're ready for video interviews and more one way you can do. That is to our work in Sports Academy courses. We are one hundred percent online. Which is the appropriate social distance. And you'll learn incredible strategies tactics and techniques that will get you hired in sports wants. The world gets back to normal. That is checkout working. Sports DOT COM Slash Academy for more details one more time working sports dot com slash academy all right. Let's start the countdown. All Hey everybody. I'm Brian Class. Vp of content and engaged learning at work in sports DOT COM. And this is a special edition of the work in sports. Podcast our goal during the corona virus outbreak and isolation is to provide additional content. That will help you through this time. I like you and dying for content. I want fresh things to watch and listen to that. Don't involve Tom Brady leaving my beloved patriots. I mean seriously because there'd be a worst week anyway. The point is we're going to add a Friday podcast for the time being. It may be a timely interview. Like last week's with Kevin Kennon Drop Shire. Ceo of the Global Sports Institute or it may be insightful advice. That is very specific to the Times today. Today we're going with the ladder there. There's no interview. We're going to do a short episode with someone insightful. Advice that that it will help you get through this time. Share some tips on working from home as many of you know in many of you may not. I've actually been working from home for last six years working. Sports DOT COM based in Phoenix. And I live in Philadelphia. Took me a long time to get comfortable with the change in normalcy and routine. But you don't really have that time you have to get good at it now. So I'm going to share some things that I have learned. That will hopefully make your transition easier. Okay number one. You are saving time on your commute. Do not just add that to your work day. Gay The biggest mistake I see. People make when they work from home. Is they add the time. They saved in commuting onto their onto their day. They say oh great. I saved a half an hour. You know I'm GonNa put an extra half an hour into my work. They think to themselves. I get an hour back each day. I'll finally be able to get more done and trust me. This is not how it works. Take time you saved by not having to commute and sprinkle it into outside time. Here's what I mean when you work from home especially during the transition to this new style you go from being around people and Noise and interaction laughter and yelling to being completely by yourself now. I have kids home with a lot of times but still it's different than a work environment. You can feel lonely away and the solution is not locking yourself in and working longer this makes you a robot and you are not a robot in fact you need to remind yourself you are not a robot by sprinkling that. Save Time back into your day. What I have done is that my commute. Let's say used to be thirty minutes each way so I have an extra hour that I've gotten back. Well I take that time and I break it up throughout the day and turn into ways that I have to activate my mind in a different way so every hour or two I take fifteen minutes and walk around or I go quick workout or just go for a walk with my wife or whatever it may be. Get Out of your space. Get off of your computer screen in a normal workday in your office. You do not sit in front of your computer the whole time you. Don't you always get up and walk around you talk to people you have meetings? You have other things happening. Don't start thinking that you have to. I'm at home so I have to be locked in front of my computer for eight straight hours. There is negative return after a while. I think they call it the point of diminishing returns if I remember something from economics. But that's true. I had this total mind frame of this first six months working remote where it was like. I need to be locked in the entire time working straight through and it's not productive give yourself breaks and and take that extra time that you get from being at home and not having to commute and work that into your break schedule number two going deeper on that subject. Make yourself a schedule. This is again one of the most important things I've ever done because I am not one of those crazy organized. People matter of fact I just did the red bull wing finder test which is a personality test which I thought was actually pretty cool and I recommend you check it out and it said in there that I don't like routine or repetitive tasks. That's very true for me so I'm not a creature of habit but I'm telling you the saving grace for me in this system of working from home is to give myself at least a semblance. It was schedule. So here's what I do. I spend the thirty first thirty minutes of each day building out my day. That thirty minutes is important. I prioritize what I want to get done and schedule it out amongst video meetings and breaks. I want to take not minute by minute. Maybe you're a person that likes minute by. I met my son. My middle child loves minute by minute. Schedules I'm not exactly like that. Erie's a little bit different. So give yourself some structure or whatever level. You're comfortable with so for me. Every day is still different. It's not routine. I have meetings at different times different things that I need to get done different challenges and tasks but my giving myself some structured house may stay on task. So when you're home. There are a lot of easy distractions other parts of your life. You can get done right laundry cleaning cooking. I take okay. That's a lie. I take is not a temptation neither laundry for that matter. But you could start to see other things you need to do and it can take you away from what you have to do so during my thirty minutes start each day. I make a list and a-list these the things that if I complete them today makes the state a success. So those are my a priority things. He may have five things on me of things on it. I don't know it doesn't really matter but book them out throughout my day because if I finished these tasks I am successful. I am good to go if I finish them early. I go onto my be level task. Something that might be for the future So giving myself a picture of what success looks like allows me to shut the door and say that I'm done right. This little step makes a lot mental difference. I can close my computer at five. Pm If I've done all my success items. And no I'm done. I'm not staring at my computer later. Thinking I it just putting another thirty minutes or I'll just bring the laptop over the couch and then next thing you know you're working all night right. That's not smart so give yourself a plan for what success looks like each day schedule it out. Finish it close the computer call it a day number three. Your space is important if you can avoid it. Don't let your bedroom be your workspace or the couch where you normally relax. I did this for a while and it was a big mistake. Keep your bedroom and the couch in front of the TV places for relaxation and rejuvenation made your workspace the dining room table the office if you have at the basement if it's finished the further you can place it from your normal life flow the better. You almost wanted to feel like a separate place in my current house. The basement isn't finished putting my last house. It was and this was the perfect office because I could go down there. Shut the door and feel like I was in a different area. I was like you could open of the office closed the office. If you have luxury take it if not just try to keep your office from being. Your bedroom is not. It's not good and same thing with the couch. Don't put your laptop on your lap and worked from there. You need an actual space kind of like a desk. It's better for you a lot of different ways number. Four the biggest distraction. You're going to face other than the things you need to do. Around your own house and the feeling that you have more time than you actually do is social media. This is my biggest trap since a part of my job requires social media. So I'll go on to post something promote the podcast share. Great new job on twitter. And I'll see something shiny. The story from the athletic headline from ESPN DOT COM twitter trend on. Tom Brady next thing you know. I'm down the rabbit hole well to stay productive. I've decided to do is actually scheduled out my social media time so if I have some production tasks like creating a video. Podcast episode a graphic. Build an article. Whatever it is after I create I'll schedule thirty minutes of social media time and includes the active actually posting the contents posted a link Dan I'll posted to our facebook crew posted here. I posted there. And if I get all that done and I'm done with my social media posts and they're still fifteen minutes of my S- quote Unquote Social Media Window. I'll take that time because it's still booked out and it's still got a limit on it. It's got a cap on it. I limit it or else you're GONNA lose all productivity time is a relative thing if you spend a ton of time on social. Don't get your work done during normal business hours. You don't hit that success plan for yourself. That's when you see your computer at seven pm in thank. Maybe I should do a little bit more on my to do list. When in reality will you should be saying is saved the social media time for night when I'm done when the offices closed. Get the work done now because trust me if you spend the time during the day and you're going down that rabbit hole of social media all you're doing is pushing your work to do your success list into the future and that starts to impinge on your night and then you can't close the office and it leaks into the rest of your day and it's not productive it's not healthy fifth and final one and this is somewhat controversial because people have very strong opinions on this. You hear the advice all the time that you should get up and get dressed as you normally would treat your self like you are in a professional workplace. I completely disagree unless you have video meetings and have to look presentable. I Say. Go for comfort now. This does not mean. Stay in your pajamas. That is a huge mistake. Okay still get yourself changed. Brush your teeth shower. That kind of thing you you have to still be discipline hygenic. But I'm a jeans t shirt and Hoodie guy when I work from home like I think that's still important. One of the benefits of being that you're working from home is that you can be comfortable. Why would you put on a nice shirt and pants? I mean that sounds awful the benefit of working from home. That you don't have to do these things. So why would you? Yes sure you still want to go through the routine of doing all your stuff to feel like human but I go to the extreme of dressing up in a suit or nice clothes. I mean when I have video meetings I I don a sweater or a nice shirt but even that's temporary change right out of it when I'm down. I don't know maybe you're the type that feels more productive a suit or a nicely prepped out. I do not so find your flow with this whatever. You are most comfortable with but don't feel like if people are telling you you have to dress up and look like normal self perform. Donate that doesn't don't to what you'd doesn't work for you. If it does for you. Fine go for it. I'm telling you though that doesn't for me so I don't do it so find your flow with these things. Okay so since. Oh many of you are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future. These are a few tips to make you more comfortable productive and organized and these are important. Little Tips. Trust me once you do this for a while. You'RE NOT GONNA WANNA go back to the Office. Also in this time of crazy upheaval. We are being really really really on top of our job board because we know opportunities are changing and people are pushing back timelines and things but we know a lot of you are losing jobs or May in the future and I know that sounds Dour but it's true And we're going to be there for you. We're going to be there to aggressively finding those opportunities out there. Promoting them to you helping you get mashed with opportunities that meet your specifications so keep looking to work in sports dot com. We are the leader in the sports job board industry. We've been doing this for over twenty years now. We know the industry better than anybody so our site will stay on top of all those opportunities because we know you guys are GonNa Need Them. You know things are changing and we got to be ready for that ends. Get ahead of it. Check OUT OUR WORKING SPORTS DOT COM Academy again. Great Way to learn and get yourself up to date one hundred percent online and also keep up with our job board because opportunities. There's GonNa be a abouts. It's going to start to come back all right. Thanks for listening. Everyone we will keep you updated with tips advice during this new normal.

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8  El Kurdistn Iran: un viaje al Irn recndito.

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8 El Kurdistn Iran: un viaje al Irn recndito.

"In Georgia looking any steps committee did idea Does he been menus down bell but an online input gazillion. The future girls they are not over the field here. In Minya young in those little fellas bicyclers and applicable to die Las Vegas market there and other by says Gaynor gone office limpid inlet on Baylor's stayed at the Bush for mothers and Million Day in a Gulf Ghazal. It does. Would you see that there is only us. I supposed a bit after the bit that the earth is the spaces in Lebanon hitters. Rehearsals can can long think in April Monday iota consigning from the little gifts they buy skinny but after fit together on this report gossip Bitta. Nobody's been blessed by on legless. Maybe it's going to happen in the near him. And that is of the thing I mean levels rapidly. Kuala Lumpur said. They wanted my ged. McGee lumber liquidators Lukic leaky gwendal novel nowadays thirty and fails and they brought him on the only local beer in a more alita googlers device breath. Yet that is the will and this was pretty big. Yes and a lot of the unto this going on a thank Dhamma. Let the names of any any thunderstorm. meawhile vindicated third bad mango body. Colour Komo's over the win. Yes but then the company forecasters. They'll call. This is the Goldman Tina because he dyneema cycle veneer nauseous. Me Living La Vida. Not There's been Gocha duty the graffiti by Beta or typical as they can also kind of goofy stunning dame by consumed Ramon diner signing these ballot. As he was getting busy stadiums combat leaving very few years as La Mars illegal now fair richer moonstone new as they become Alabama last August. Saying obviously this lesson Dylan Blues become a belabored. The forty though over difficulty in his book has been McHugh It manufactured by Leonardo da se. Personally esteem within aside will now though in Gambella that Amos smoothie is getting fed on WAAS update brought out my impersonal sleepy Sylvia's crispell named Ernest. Soy In this guy before news and the relic to screen they're going dickey's they'll percents diploma you so Thursday Magellan. Begging orcas leaving the hill here. I'm Becky Boston the Columbia Anita Blake on ooh ooh the mini threaten voices. Peter the lasagna university. Knock the defendant Denali you Dan Lewis down look at the quantum loss mayors done most billiard also defeated. It is supposed to be f.a.s.t giving figment they'll only thus on bias. CanNot this better luck doc. Id throughout the year possibly Llama really locking out almost an obvious. Let's throw mea the KISTA pursuing aloft by surface. Cambian this given this this year. Those stop by business effect pillars simplemente discipline. It is already Gordon. It he does this one based on ego is either did ask win. Regulus would either moistening on parole. Emma get buzzer pulled by controlling the look at the Eucharist. I really don't know from for no salary. Guitar Guitar Swing condomize competitor and feed Monday blockbuster memorial on blog debussy take lotteries. Modern they pay when this was announced as a speed Arthur's failures but I guess alumnus. Who phonetic on this path use in prisons does not Motley commit assisted by Gwyn Eden Kane and allows data? They also will when the rest of your e deep hottest when I guess when you talk about Eagles Yada Yada Buddies. Mrs Was in particular extra moon book on on putting people when I grow up out there goes the Bernard photo boy. sightsee going after whatever right. It'd be the extreme expendable. They say stick to put a campus zone get honest gamblers Thursday Kim Golf Af either either on. If I'm the one who they made a gun it on the Nimbus atheist meteors economy attention. We see time put coming up. The police has been in federal way motto over looking at an immense amount of us. If he would've been limited Delhi took up an. It's a little more just goes Gillan SEATTLE. I think it on for this bitter bitter on the this they. Don't they come in thumbs through your. Here's the data team all Yucca for Rope Asao he from basically data missile number. Known your state on Christmas mustard. Let let me just enough. You don't book a done even thinking about much less than in total. There's Mrs Liberties Morrell forecast. Convener led to either Sika discounting into uniform. Better Humvee thick later is it. Another four hours casino controversial puzzle. This was really focus. And if your Eden thrown by his critical of those this was doing Roy's Lemme enthrone William Ancestor in their thirties. That's pretty simple. As soon as I learned more speedily deleted into these small muscles cannoli lost patrimony. Hysterical musset spectacular is planet. Bill Monroe the no spaces much looser. Sylvia steadier categories in Europe Isis. I want to sort of Tokyo. Seoul dismisses Yes you do that for the bus by. He says this done st no booking myse- Ed de Mayo renewed uh-huh into a moon money. Those you wonder why withdraw winters bit overseeing breasts from microstart gave the Nippon Cost us about automated the Beta log. Didn't this musty into our nuff way. You're so used to be real in this literacy numeracy mania or another. He defended and our Alto Imitation opinion. Parallel Leo by Kilo Sally Listening. What if that's Talkradio? biddle cell loosly Supersede Meralco Cosso Cedric. Also ethically tyron this near many it. Ernest Wamba disorder. But I'll ask it faster now nominated around the topic on her today says Gaynor. Sylvia SELENA's hostile Kissi. Does this open. The huddle is behold puzzle. UTICA there's that in our Africa for her because we are left with Keita Thursday then our strategy mistake. Well of one Disney's nothing. Obviously there must be ETA steelers it by Osama modalities AC- middle adobe suite in radio put into people's pets Over what are you going to get the bus Eh. In August Valley Idaho USA Looney Ocala Florida really care not another bus when Jerry can. Noise is the fact that you're focused. Eka Yogurt and I can see that another article. On June fights PUNA body their forte. Not about about eight episodes and so on audits UELMEN there are you not in parental. They must have a valid For Mercedes Netherland win or what is going to be into. Contra is from final boy known as you got me to the mere Lal some allowance on our way the America is tax and as missile graphics. Game they don't want US use that level. I love that you so you must greet any data by a lot of us. Thought billeted at all even simple but an Hispanic Rodney second. Thirty Sumida said extrovert under soon. We are skinny Marcus Peo- stellar the no shot low scheider style. Yom Siddiqi H choices in candidate. Hinted around the clock seem enough Beijing because no shut up on it but about in what way they're eight and one but I was Guam Sunday. Come on we have on the Kazan stockists McCallum Wanna WANNA smell all. Nobody made any movie seven for the Sir you see them on the ESPN is that of interest and what about eating Mingun gunboat and got shot just Li- like you must've it'll make what we stand behind the Cheetah's she gave him on album even backus forecast sequence that if you're not yet particularly the new order fit a bias. Em unless thus those use Assisi hormones hang on horrible from fifty. Let's let's stick. Horses assist running back looking homeless. The last one hundred fifty one question. Why we're going to mature what Apple Bolland this cable? Out of his son in just an oil is not your living. Windy crappy hit this. Whoever's scares the hurried? Put Lebron Oh Spiro so a selassie the split contributors gay Moses most leave. I don't know what get an antelope air. It on and look at the Quin pen. Lucy Hamasaki Lisa Price. Tom Bend Mya Hayden Another let's go to be stunned. Or as as more people said noting impale mobile suit on muster by expropriates whether bases there Larrea back. The KEA process assists Yes we saw Morachov lock mushrooming all. May We'll start headquarters son. I in spite soccer's small Vagnozzi by scare for paper Canessa all day. The almost invincible. This is one thing you've seen them they're going to feel about ninety bingo either. Youngest light Swiss over them They must personas. CUPID monotheist. Corinna Liberte with Ron Taylor from one later on when Amelia nearly a quarter Duda. DVD The PAULINIUS Korea put Spicer's kill legal a DVD. What basis you need? I'm thoroughly evers. Ninomiya goaty yet. They're scared us from Nicotine Sunnis. No Sunday lot to Lena via today. Just a little bit of Unislamic Lily. Ah Khomeini a yacht an order to go with that opinion also ease of use of fairness documental most important Dante scholastically they'd Aeneas IV nearest petals differentes but comedian poehler. Stand imposition on this. I was stunned sitaution Donaldson who throws Garas Symposium Levinas. They lost one Daniels. Alani Yaman school does by land two in those content on Gara- era Donosti Libra theus twenty thousand dollars. And we create that those we'll be GEICO. Uc Now you must be studied at the and then this can even say law. She has Lama. Urea Sparkle your mental. Ah La Manera in negative rotten speed O'CONNELL about about aww and win against Maingot dove at Ms Physical Single Moon. Uh Locking Reflect Eagles Eagles. You'll see aeneas as sean in Home Bittermann dollars. Some we've discussed articles to Samir dot is working looking okay knowing bundler stuff. We must be smuggling photography. Yeah Well Gee seamlessly villas in. Nobody will Lebanese related but what they neither here nor must minimum motionless. Kevin Kennon Kigoma go for those. That are not robust. Almost just get in the mood. The Spider Theater Dino remedy singing the mcgahn mcgahn owner of your Sunday. This will be your mental Mini took one one of those the letters Gift from Komo's for over sallow. But if you've seen see now what e- You a warm showers Shocking but I boil medical here at all and free molsheim rebound clay eagleson singular. Mellow as he was not I hi there was less combats thus spit on them but they could unit understo- historical. We have waiting thing for the dealer. Es Muscle Minister Custodial suspended traffic. Being since I've logged make your UNISYS. Mormon thought Yoga pour me rattle. Chico Revolt Eh. Kate dalley cycle heavy from seven. And he wants this. What are what walk into a debate? You know sort of Nathan Muslims there Jerry Buckley now. Nobody Aluminium Brando Gene. He made us whenever they must get more than the finish from Australia beginning. He does book. Allies Leah Absolutely Abott commits in a little bit Gamal. Last do those he does me. Lusa Sultana dollars behaviors. Kevin durant any Dan Bay. They don't not going across the hardest behaviors. He said they ought career finishes be that I can think of that story as dance. Khuzistan Lane is not get bullish on the. I don't know like Kim has been used by Moscow. Samson Boogie Informacion Skagen Ultra Spiritus. EFL development is. You don't assume buys Kilo Mega CIGARROA. aww As if he gets there rob are assault organizing possibly aggregate and robot Seeker somebody it'd be a bad all Pisano's sean somewhere ye you see then. Less bias in Yemen Rates in. May they like defensive. Little Columbia moment but perfecto. But I've got about this batting order. You WanNA percents understanding by Saxon in Silos Casino muckleshoot benefit need a unique one dollars just took issue on the London out of this eleven that I was stunned. Another spot in butter on Janki. You'd portion of SAMBA SOMBOON POKING e sort of hypothesis data in about the US in your balls in coastal mm-hmm air mass. or Roy. Sue Block is not a push on style means who love is RHUMBA DOT com muster. Their IMPA ETHELBERT leaders get skier secrets on entertainers that the era of me. I'm back down as good as the the lead at three hundred ninety among body with reading Balik large muscle relieving nurse nurse within this Gumbel that I forgot yellows bill could be Sunita Nita Canada out there. The whole terms got theaters feeding us. Come to your neighbor one to Legionella Commodity Lisa dispersive for them so much of the Lord Your name again and doc shame you junior. They put a month only ooh Chris. It's morning Judy. Thanks see They were true. History conjured was only uh-huh the only and You Chrissy recommend to me Moylan. I'm not really cool. Eight uneven. If indeed it thoroughly mangled body Balik allies Spaniard Concerto. They in fifty one in this house Sudan. Isn't that great unequal news. Komo pro Easter Posey. Knock Motors is the unequal alligator attorneys. Thirty the ASAMI dentist. Don't come to the referee. Others could understand Iraqi communities like one listing reporting in your who's got a system in in our league but Abo- they're studying for Marzilli million data track not for hero and Allure Union. You Begin you among body you ready from our the they're gone Komo's daily. Did a little group is beginning to unlock said illegal. Article Inter anti-personnel Como Esta Auburn. Murray La. Hoya it's one of the beleaguered Lucky Mafia near the recommend those it gives the horizon must get off nothing. Could these letters device on Bequia. Put It on separately wanting of Italy. The edited local Policy Lolita in did on so loosely. Broker recommended that your capital sonus dylan diplomat McConnell vice authors totally rose Mars. Kathy come in a thinner. See this squeak. They intended by skin or system. Hanno newdow sober Negro wittig by come. Yeah The Sunday this. This'll be a capability down in Vietnam and they says it'll DISTA- Magno the Anna Muddy Aberdeen Goes See. You see in another must famosos over this device now Dodi and Galina sorta those almost to the deer. Bear sign was put but in your are not. I wouldn't call seem Chris. Eunice racial bias. Being Daniel Must Battery Makita USA Novella a father. Abdullah get a letter elevators. Amelia the Guy John Goodman theon to them from a Lebron guilty of this Komo Poku Okwu plan issue. Some business owners. They didn't make amuse with Y'all giving by Intro San Jose same. They said those leaders are done in recommend others the three hundred Yeah breath like you'd ooh don't though but if I'm on your yard settled Amino ridden bathing no second. The Locomotive Your Holiday by Liberty Minogue affair cycle of Religious Melita Islamic guys on base contrast this initially bias at Bustle Portal is supposed to be more than not there. The author's so you this day life these alleys Lombardo. So the minimum distance that Muslim prisoners futures. Who thought that one Dan on your phone does buy? Yes monitored that cool. This is terrific Kayla yes see better data the men that are common nullum. Typical nonstop among valley on has been very lucky. The most around with these themes do you. There's nobody Los Negros over the NATO data data see look at Demos Gone Thilo gators massively basis da Silva's nominee. There's nothing yesterday. We giving me depth. Plus Market Pattana Soviet digital spaces the latter day last impetus human duplicate. Stan only going to this day as equal with support his theory Gandhi toy model. You saw the ad like I go on Komo simply illegals. It doesn't quite get a little spices. Little cow so you don with Vicky Standard another. This was there had on August. Ah both and gloss on the ink Antanas that you're not too impressive honest. In contrast learning mafia impractical pariah finest spices. And Me Look Boondoggle in your candidate. Eunice Ponta con the implicit immediately clear piano of facebook onto deck breath of their alike. Does she does. Does the fucking hit a quarterback because I only Louis theon theon equally. GimMe one look Komo Muslim. Snow this book and some Sir the.

Sylvia SELENA Komo Komo US Gaynor Jerry Buckley Roy Lebron Amelia Minya La Vida Kuala Lumpur La Mars Goldman Tina Dan Lewis Dylan Lebanon Georgia Ramon
Lee Colan: Build a Positive Coaching Mindset

Leadership and Loyalty

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Lee Colan: Build a Positive Coaching Mindset

"I'm legal leadership advisor and author and on today's show. We're going to talk about how you can take simple truths that are timely yet. Timeless to really engage the hearts and minds of your team so stay tuned congratulations. You were tuned into Dov Barons leadership and loyalty show the number one podcast for fortune five hundred executives and those who are dedicated to creating a quantum leap in leadership your host Dov. Baron is the founder of full MONTY LEADERSHIP DOT com. He's an executive mentor to leaders. Like you a contributing writer for Entrepreneur magazine. Ceo World and he's been featured on CNN fox CBS and many other notable sites Dov. Baron is an international business speaker who is named by INC magazine as one of the top one hundred leadership speakers to hire now over to Dov Barend. Welcome to your friends. Fans and fellow fish out of leadership. Excellence thank you for joining us on this episode of leadership losy tips for executives potter the full monthly interview series. I'm your host Doll Baron and the founder of full months the ship and to assist you tapping into the one thing in your business. Life changes possibly ever more about US. And what we do you can go to full. Monty. Leadership DOT com. Let me ask you. What ways do you need to up level? You'll leadership well. His midday consider despite this year's this month this week's this minutes leadership trends. Yep You considered that. There are certain timely and timeless messages certain timely and timeless tools that you need a human being could upgrade your leadership loyalty. Well stay tuned. Because you're about to point out remember. You can chat about this abso- during past episodes now facebook leading groups by looking for the leadership. Podcast renew listen to new viewers. Thank you joining us. Strap yourself in. We're about to go food as always you can find his on apple podcasts. Spotify iheartradio wherever you tune to podcast. There's always we need you helping. Say Robots please get over that rate review and subscribe to the show. You can also catch some traditional radio stations across the United States every Monday and Thursday because of a prison Roku TV. What is over one hundred thousand subscribers and if you're a regular snow radio big thing of you for making us the number one. Podcast globally for fortune five hundred listeners. With a potential reach of two point five to four million listeners every single show honored and grateful to be studying INC DOT COM. Is the number one to make you a better leader also catches on Google Home Alexa by simply saying platow. Burn podcast all right. Let's let's stupid down dive right in as a leader with your CEO someone in the C. Suite Sales Leader Entrepreneur leader in any capacity. There's always a new train right. There's always somebody coming at you at something new you're supposed to do. The fact is that there are certain things that you need to do. Certain ways you need to be to be a great leader who elicits massive amounts of loyalty. What are they? That's the question? Well let's find out together are episode. Our guest on this episode is Lee Colon now. Lee has been serving leaders for over twenty years his firm equips and encourages leaders. Every possible level lease practical models resonate with leaders who are working in an information rich in a time Paul World. He has oganization psychologist and advised to America's leading companies he was nominated for the top management thinker. Globally by thinkers fifty in addition to serving his clients Lee also serves on the board of Pacific seafood alleged seafood company North America. It has altered no less than fifteen popular leadership books and has been translated into ten languages. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together and help me welcome. This is a future great to be here doing wonderful. We've got a great day ahead of us. We love it so love to be able to do stuff like this with you so appreciate the opportunity where we like to start a show. Always show is in this world of influence and influences and thought leaders and all these silly titles. I always like to ask my guests who who's been a major influence in your life that we may or may not know somebody. We may not even suspect we may never have heard of. Who's been a really big impact on your life to two different people? One is Ken Blanchard Margie. Blanchard of course from one minute manager. Bill Wonderful Firm. They've been a great role model for my wife and I who co-founded offer twenty years ago. So they did. A great example of two equal partners not worn subordinate to the other and great thinkers and thought leaders and they're just the approach and how they serve others has really been an inspiration for us. Another person is a My kind of a mentor friend. End a publisher of many of my books getting David Koch will bestselling author in his own right and he always when asked me what I send him a draft he is? I think I was done and I was excited to. Kinda just finish up the book and he'd say Lee is that your best work and then it would always kind of create Paul Stink but he's just been a great friend and mentor and Inspiration for me. Also David Koch will so. It's interesting particularly with. David is because I I've always said real friends are not the people who pat on the back try. They don't own smoke. Machines are skirt. They own the truth right and they're always calling us to that higher level so I love the asked you that question. That is so cool. And we're in can I don't know why but can is? A great guy spoke on stage at Cannes last year event for Soviet leaders and is the real deal. Yeah absolutely and it's funny because offstage is an old man. Onstage turned it on like but we did some transformation and it's and I see that a lot with three kids I see. There's something particularly with a real go about stepping up to serve right so ugly. There's a whole new level of energy is quite fascinating. We find that the most gifted speakers really when they're up on stage they really their mindset. Is I'm out there to serve the audience and make sure they get the right experience on this versus. It's my performance right and Kim and Kevin Kennon bodies that absolutely so where a really wanted to go with. This conversation was a place because you had come association and we had talked about about leadership we talked about. Royalty obviously has the name of the show about wonderful Let's let's use it would superficially simple an I mean that unpublished because it's easier to grasp but this great depth to it and that's why I say superficially simple because you have this wonderful model a engagement where you talk about the three things that we as leaders need to do to engage mind but also separately to engage another three things that are separately to engage hearts right. I really wanted to make our show to be focused in on that today. A really want to look at that because I think okay is such a powerful pace looking at you know. Walk us through the three three then. We'll go back over okay. And that's great. I'm glad you chose to do that. Because it's it's really embodies kind of simplicity. I was telling me about pretty simple minded guy so we just tried to take leadership challenges and figure out what's the simplest solution between amd because we could create a graph of had engaged people as big as this wall behind me but the fact is the complexity gets in the way of execution so we try to boil down a symbol. Choose as you alluded to earlier. That a timely yet timeless so as we were looking back in two thousand four hundred what is it that makes organizations the best teams Kinda succeed? Really what is it that enables leaders to get? We call discretionary effort really get the people willingly give their their precious time and energy to go above and beyond and help a team. And so what my back on organizational psychology so? I believe that to be a great leader. If you really just love people and understand people you could be a great leader so our goals just understand that human dynamic so in that I would just did. Some research identified. Three core needs. That people need to be met at least the meat to engage people intellectually so it's a need for achievement autonomy mastery. And so if you meet those needs to engage people's mind intellectual engagement that on the other side there are three emotional needs need those needs. We engage people's hearts. We call it emotional engagement. So it's the need for a purpose. The needs intimacy and the need for appreciation together. So we get in Dade People's minds we get performance. We gave people's hearts and get passion together. We call it passionate performance which is really getting a strong and sustained intellectual and emotional commitment to do your work but at sounds Mumbo jumbo onto piled high indeed but so it's really passionate performance is nothing more than getting discretionary effort from your team. It can't be all about the Mike can be all about the heart. It's all about the mind becomes a sweatshop drive drive drive. It's all about the heart then it's just a party but it's balance of understanding the full cursor and meeting those needs to have a key is as a leader. We have to look past the employee to the person to identify those needs. Those needs are not the same. I might not have every person. The need for appreciation on the emotional side Had A client. This time said I can't believe it. I said this guy. These gift certificates to go. See this new the Dallas blooms which is great all these tools and blooms arboretum. He didn't realize the guy had allergies right. Like you have to understand the person to appreciate people in each of these six needs. I mentioned on either side. We have to make sure that we're meeting those in a way that's authentic to us is a leader not just like boilerplate and also in a way that be action meets. That needs that particular I so these are very simple. Yes very easy very obvious but desperately important for us to pay attention to which is that the research the PR people are unique people. Subjective when we come up with a right answer for For Solution you know the example. You get which I think is great which is Which is the recognition of people? The the appreciation of people in my book fiercely. Low wanted things I talked about was that there was a company that were in the northwest and Tech Company and they rewarded. Everybody who did really great in sales by giving them season tickets to The seahawks great wonderful except the two people studying in the bar. One of them is somewhat knew. Isn't it great? That's a lot of money while they really appreciate it really recognizes. Meanwhile the other guys go on. It sucks why. I don't like football. I don't like football at all so this is not a good gift. This is not a good option for me and I think that so often we we. We don't bother to find out what the person is. I'm being a good boss because I do. This is my on my back for myself but did I above find out who the human was. No that is a problem absolutely. And that's and these these needs. They spanned generations and cultures and geographies. So for example. If I'm managing a baby boomer. I know that person's need for treatment. It's huge generally speaking. That's big I wanNA. I WanNa make sure meeting that. Need of managing the lineal. I WANNA make sure. There's plenty of research from Daniel. Paint talks about how those three key needs the need for mastery autonomy and appreciation right. So so it's really and I don't. I hate the pain of broad picture of generation but it does help us see. It's all about understanding. What is it important to that person? We all have those six needs. Let me be clear about that. We all have but we have to understand how each person likes to have that need met for me right so Again as an important point one everybody comes to is again back to this subjectivity. Because you can go away from this show and go okay. These are the sixers. Meet these three and these three. I'm rocking it. But the subjectivity is. What does that mean to that person? What does achievement mean to me? Most is what it means to you. Or what have you go? Well I got I got it under a million in sales and I go treatment to me well achievement to me is that I got these three notes back from my clients. Who Said thank you for this and for wonderful so's my need for. Achievement is recognised. You'll need his youth thinking on the loser. I'm thinking you're right so she's the thing. I think it's really. I think. The leaders fail so often to recognize the subjectivity. And so again I want to just put it forward because what you said is so important these three in the three but remember those labels on a box. That's an intensive box are incredibly subjective and use a leader to be a great leader. Go to shut up and ask questions and listen. Listen we and we believe that's probably the most powerful yet under utilized leadership tool is just listening. We joke to tell some we make a nice living out of going to companies and just listening Borland and an an. They're like magic. They tell you all this stuff. It's not me there's a pent up need people wanna be heard and maybe there was somebody. That wasn't listening and so they're willing to tell somebody but it's very powerful. You could ask the right questions. Just listening Keys listened with the intent to understand. Don't listen with the intent to respond and we find that a lot. You know we're talking. We're talking a- do interviews just like you do is oftentimes. I find myself okay. I'm not barely listening to the response. And I'm I'm landed at my next follow up question and at the same thing happens in any any interaction life or we could be thinking about G. I gotta be my dry cleaning. All kinds of stuff goes on but really the gifted people give their leaders. Really listen to understand. They're watching the whole person. The reading non verbals. They're comfortable with silence. They're letting the person processing answered and not just like jumping in. I'm not great about that myself. I I tend to talk fast Someone does give me a quick response. I repeat the question. How stupid of me. I was very condescending to them as if they didn't understand the question. I just I need to be quiet. You know what it's like. Count The fiving ahead with silence. It sounds like it feels like fifty seconds five seconds so just letting people respond giving them some space in air and then really listening. It sounds against some simple but really very few people really know how to listen with the intent to understand and then that's made powerful from a leadership perspective. Like I really get who you are. I get where you're coming from. I get your motivations now. I can really manage you and lead you more effectively but really. It's a fairly rare rare skill that people have developed. It is so let's let's walk through the these three and three for a minute because I want you to be able to show without viewers and listeners. What each of the means I mean. We've just touched on Wannabe teachers achievement. The he might think it's one hundred million dollars for me might be to get three notes back. We also touched on appreciation. That if you give the person show tickets to the to the flowers shown versus allergic or you give him football tickets and they'd hate football. This is not smoke. So let's you know. I think we've given some good examples. Walker Sir some lists walk through those. So let's talk about autonomy because again these. These are definitely outlined in fiercely loyal. But I wanNA hear from you because I think that it's again each one of these is grossly misunderstood right. That's why I said superficially simple very depths. So let's talk about autonomy does autonomy means in your research and your work. What does it mean to the employee? And what does it need to mean to the employer to the lease term shirt? So if you think about if you think achievement is like the what aligning on what we have to do. What's important to us autonomous kind of the how so people generally want some control over their work. Even in the lowest level jobs we can give people kind of boundaries say within those boundaries. You figure out how to get your job done best. On Toyota's a great example of that they get about over a million suggestions in some research over three million suggestions from employees prior year so most of employees are on the front line right and so and tells me with that many ideas coming through two things are happening. One is a really small ideas right and the other thing is eighty percent of those ideas get implemented so it tells me the really small ideas end. There's no system in place. The employees have the autonomy to take an idea. And just make it happen and so if that can happen on the front line so imagine if you're managing executives so maybe on the frontline the parameters like this guideposts on the fence if you will and within this you can lead. You're the leader of your job throughout the best way to do it out how we improve it how we tweak it. Minor minor improvements every day. Make a huge difference. That's why Toyota makes a great car right And so as we get higher up in organization those batteries might be broader and broader. But the point here is that people want some control over their war now. Sometimes I'll say that and like old school leaders will say well. I don't want to mess up about side. The railings are up authorization and all that kind of stuff and I'm not saying it not judicious about there are clear guidelines a quality of cost control of service that we have to you know put around people. That's fine but within that we often find ourselves sometimes leaders inadvertently boxing people in smaller than make we'll ask employees oftentimes like dropbox Indicates how much autonomy having your job and it's this big and then we asked the leader like no existing unlike sufferings going on here. There's you know there's you're sending a message or something that make people feel like I've got to be safe. I mean I mean here. And here's the reason we find it most of the time. The leader does not clearly define those boundaries. So I don't know where the boundary is generally from self-preservation standpoint under play it safe and honestly well. I'm going to take a baby step here but I'm not sure boundaries and so. I'm put myself at risk and intrude in the reader's mind. The batteries three feet over rather than three inches. So you say so clearly communicating expectations for the job. And what we expect you to do. Within the boundaries is where we find the biggest gap that once people understand that from their leader then all of a sudden they're limited like. Oh Wow I could. I could stipple here. I could simple but they ought to try this. I can I. Can I test this new idea? I didn't even know that before it again. Right back to Kinda aligning on expectations. And so that's really even though it's not so much about autonomy if you align on the boundaries of what you have control of your job we'll find people oftentimes big disconnect once they align on it now the liberated well you know it's worded things that my work would lead us at. L. Talk about his parents. They'll say yes I say. Are you a helicopter parent? No are you a bulldozer. Parent no parent parent okay. So as a good Perrin. Do you follow your child around. And make sure they never bumped ahead of never have them in a crash. Helmet reprimand bubble. No of course okay. That's called micromanaging. That's what micromanaging it. So in order for your kids should be a well-functioning child. Your child has to the freedom to go out and explore the world and make mistakes and get bumps in her. Yeah of course okay. Now let's get out into the freeway. Why not because again killed? Okay so do you think your kid knows that. Yeah why? Because I've communicated that someone told him. Don't run out in the road. Okay no different so its boundaries so often. We don't have bounds we have rules and boundaries. Rules are so restrictive. Moore's boundaries are his the outer edges. Folks do whatever you want inside. The in be innovative because rules will strangulate suffocate innovation. So really great point. We thank you absolutely and and I'm glad you brought that up because people when we talk about this. They start feeling like we're micro managing and then that's the way draw a distinction between rules and batteries like you did. We're trying to get him guidelines and the whole ideas people wanna feel like they own their work and they have some some control over it and that's great that's a key component of getting ownership. Behavior is people feel like the We feel responsible and and we sent it. Feel as a moment if things we help create and solve and so Autonomy enables you to do that so Not Not not rocket science here but there is science behind it that says to do it so let. Let's look at mastery because this is A. This is one of the things that I bump into Oftentimes in the corporate world is And I don't like this Those generalizations either. I hear them of course. Which is millennials think that they nod to do everything right away. You Know Blake they WANNA promotion. They want to be in charge of excellence because they were take twenty minutes and they think they've already mastered and they already know what they're looking for the next thing so I disagree with that but I made you really want to hear from you around. What does mastery mean in the context of both employees and to believe in the country so masters probably one of the most deeply held basic human needs? We have so. I was asked this question of our audiences last week. I was like you know how. How many attempts does it take a toddler to walk to ultimately master the Act of walking and sell though guests hundred thousand? Whatever some will say depends on if it's a boy or girl right so But we the the actual answer is as many as it takes so and that's a great example of how deeply rooted this need for masters that we're just GONNA keep walking attempting. I'm bumper ahead and tripping into the act of walking and so on the in the workplace. It's the same thing we wanna feel like. We're a master of something. Whatever it is in our skill set and I believe the role of the leader is that is to really help our team become astor's right and that's why we're there to coach them out not to be a barrier to be an enabler of them to do that and so when people feel good about that and there are achieving well. That's great for the leader minutes. I'd love my people be Masters but also feels awesome people in it's a self fulfilling cycle. I've mastered something now. I could try something new. Maybe I've ever been done this before but I am the confidence that the other than master that now so really is kind of a self fulfilling cycle now on the other end if I'm not mastering it I'm struggling. Everyone knows that's not a great feeling. It's not a great feeling the boss. I'm coaching someone. They're struggling and it's not a great feelings for the employees. That could be lots of reasons for that Pencil. Not well suited for the role. Sometimes I don't have the tools many times. We find the just not aligned on the expectations of what needs to happen in the job. But that that mastery is is I hate to paint a broad brush with any generation up and but I've seen I tend to be optimised so I see this younger generation. I love the fact that they wanted like they wanted to be the CEO on the second week of work or whatever it might be. I love that I'd rather have the rain back. An employee in their drive that have to kind of push them out so I tend to tell our leaders to harness that desire to advance. And how can you help them? Accelerate that I'm totally with you and I one of the things I say is that we also need understand that we're looking. We're looking at them. Through our generational lenses and we need to look at the third generation lenses in uniform. What do you mean? My example is very simple when I first started to speak in the eighties did some research and it was. How long does it take? Kurt trainee to become a fighter pilot and it was someone like two and a half years and then in the early nineties. I did the same research again and it was was already. It was already downs like six months and to end today technologically. It's about week. Holy Cow Right BEC- because they'd played games. They grew up with screens. Generation didn't grow screens. GotTa Scream. It's called the tally to walk across the room. And Tony over adjacent channel votes. That's right I remember my mom on that. Tell me what remotely at all that work or aging aging ourselves here. Of course very old very old people come here but the point is that they learn because they have the ability that we look through our lenses. Go you can't learn and amongst you don't know how to write. Why wouldn't you harness the power of somebody who can't write saying well? This is wages complicated mathematics. Nobody can do it well. That is true unless you're a mathematician mathematician go. That's easy for me. My smoke coming out of rain is boiling over. But for a mathematician. It's it's so I think that's part of the thing we've got to shift lenses and I and I think that that's where we fail is leaders generational IAN even subjectively is. We look through our own lenses and we've got to really get better at same how they seen it for sure. Thank you important and if I could follow up on that I that's what we need to make. Sure we'd Push Eagle aside and let ourselves be a little bit more vulnerable. Say you know what. I'm a season leader but I don't know how to do that. And so we. We work with clients on how to create like even revenge reverse mentoring programs on how they're doing technology initiative. How do we Kinda tap into the folks that really understand how to do that? And and how do we really start does not about the initiative? It's really about kind of inside AL leader. How do we get the leaders to feel comfortable? You know I'm in a leadership position but I know very little all right and so how do I get myself to be comfortable with that? And then all of a sudden ideas start flowing instead but if we can have this defensiveness and digging in. That doesn't go anywhere to pass it. Doesn't you're absolutely right now. Moving into we've we've covered the intellectual side of it the head. So let's let's go into the hot. We talked about appreciation. The center of my work is around and meaning in everything. We do with companies and with individuals that are on the meaning. I'm really interested to know how you see purpose. As it applies in the workforce as it applies to leadership. And why you believe. It's so vitally important. Well we developed this model in two thousand four and purpose was a core component. There and again I was Human beings haven't changed much in centuries let alone ten or fifteen years. I'd say I'm very pleased to see. The market particularly the corporate boards has come out and make these statements about you know the purpose of the corporation's not just to generate revenue rights is to help the community and help its shareholders in a with a greater sense of purpose leading the way with purpose so We we believe now not believe we just see this in the market that there's Cava two components the purpose one is. Is there of purpose in my work right? So you know the story about the Guy. Bricks right in. The one guy says laying bricks and the guy says. I'm building while the other guy says I'm building places of worship so I believe as a leader or roles to be a bridge builder in other words. A Bridge between today's task and toils. Not how routine tasks might be bigger. Mars mega-sea some connection some real purpose on how they help with human condition and how they make the better place no matter how you know how menial work might seem so purpose driven a job based purposes critical but then now more recently. We're seeing that people are really. They want to go work for companies purpose themselves right now. I want my job by my work to be purposeful but I WANNA make sure our organization is doing what it can to serve the community to make a difference in the world to make sure we're being sustainable and all those those are all those are all good things but We find that as a critical kind of filter particular. Newel workers coming into the workforce which by the way are the majority of the workforce now right in the millennial generation so but more and more than like sensitize. That's real filter for them. As they're looking like this company making a difference Is this company doing something? I don't really believe in. I don't feel is helping the world so I think there are two levels of purpose there but as as the leader for this particular model that the primary focuses on the purpose of the job and making sure people immobile here leader says well I told me. Here's how here's how it makes a difference. Can't tell them what I mean. That's something that's ongoing. A client showed me a great story Choosing college a washing dishes hospital. She went and interviewed for jobs. Got The job and said you know what at our purpose of this hospital is to help. Our patients get healthy as quickly as possible so they can go back with their loved ones. In the families you help achieve that purpose by washing the dishes with high quality and with high speed fight so he he led with the broader purpose and then tied it into what she did and he said he would. He would come back and do that every week to remind her right so. I think as a leader. It's that never ends always connecting to the bigger purpose of their job ultimately organization so and then talk about getting discretionary effort. That's what people like. I'm making a difference here. That's get people thinking about new ideas and better ways to do things that's just about a huge kind of a trigger for people getting outside themselves and thinking a little bit. Bigger We run a program called the Speaker Academy for leadership and One of the things that talk about with that is the if you come to love speaking in you come to really enjoy it. And you're standing on the stage and you're delivering your message and that's wonderful and people will look at you and see the Glamour Lax. And and if you haven't found your purpose in going up to speak you will be worn down by packing bags dragging your ass would going through. Tsa WAITING GETTING ON CRIME planes eating airplane food getting up and not sleeping in your own bag sleeping in hotel beds not eating what it is you one missing your family. All that will weigh you down but if you're on purpose it it won't bother you at all because this is one of my close is there are. There are no menial tasks for news on a lot of things feel manual for a moment but this is driving to that greater outcome. Which as you said is wash the dishes properly please. Because you're saving a life and I love that. Thank you for bringing that to absolute clarity. So I think I think the why if your why is strong enough you could deal with any what like what you have to do. And which is really just a different way the same with what you're saying but I think people don't spend enough time really getting ahead around like what is the. What is the biggest purpose? Why am I doing this but if you could really be grounded in that every day the what's you can look at a menial. Task is a blessing versus A. Something's going to bog you down absolutely so let's talk about this final piece in in these three which is intimacy and. I think that this I wanted to leave this to the last on purpose because I think that silly people now generation a terrified of this one I mean I think this sounds more terrifying than any of them. Yeah Because we grew up with this what I think is silly idea. There's a separation between work and life right. You know I leave my work self there and go home and ask your wife when you've had a bad day at work if you think you do and if you WANNA fight with with your partner at home and you you know you go to work is a pretty good chance going with you too so we have this idea this preference that there's a home self into work self and that intimacy belongs at home and that that should never go to work and I am with Uley in the. I believe that. This is profoundly important. We do enormous work around this with our clients with the with the C. Suite individuals who building that level of instance. I want to talk to me about what you see is as this need for intimacy and how do we bring it? Bring it forward in a way. That doesn't scare the Jesus out of the executives bringing you know we are. I debated whether to use that term. When we developed a model a gentleman mid McClellan for years years ago developed this need for affiliation. Which is kind of same thing? It's really about being connected but but I chose to use that label to to just capture people's attention because it really is people do want to feel connected. They want to. There's an intimacy at work. You know a Gallup said Gee twelve. One of the key questions is in there is. Do you have a best friend at work? Right which is telling us that people wanNA feel that connection so I think as organizations as leaders like structure. I think Amazon. You sound like a two pizza. Rule like their team's never bigger than enough that the conservative pizzas to serve the team. Right so they understand that. You can't just have huge teams but it's not just about sides it's about and by creating rituals that bind that bind people special rituals people even on a weekly staff is actually a ritual and many leaders. Don't take advantage of it. How do they have they start the meat off to a high and low from last week? Like what was good. What was bad. Tell me about your life. I mean there are lots of ways. You can create rituals. We believe rituals are really a key components creating a of intimacy. So we're big on starting meetings with a high whether it's a personal high personal lower or business before each meeting gives you a great win. What's going on with the team? It gives you a chance to lift up team after struggling or applaud them so that people crave that they crave appreciation they create intimacy. They pretty connectedness. And ironically enough in the most connected world we've ever lived in. We are also the most disconnected we've ever been as human beings. I'm so people at home. I feel very disconnected when they come to work. It's a chance for him to feel like I belong to something and and it's not an easy challenge because now we have more telecommuting remote work and all of that and so. It's not all to see each other every Monday morning or or throughout the week. So as a leader we have to be more intentional about leveraging technology to make sure people are connected and reaching out to them understanding who they are appreciating doing these other things that create human connection with people but people crave that and I believe I believe. It's the root of much of the evil if you will we see in the world today the shootings and all that stuff you read the profile on on the on these people these perpetrators and it's all very saying that all very disconnected and so I just think it's a responsibility as a leader to make people feel connected but it self-serving because when when they he'll connected than they're giving us more discretionary effort they're looking out for their buddies and they're trying to help them out we become a team and the power that yeah. I think it's there's no doubt that intimacy is is a basic human need and we are seeing that there is a loneliness happened denic their causes immensely dysfunctional behavior others not societally also the flesh. She was at work for now in by Thursday. Nothing more powerful than having somebody get. You have a sense of you. And sometimes that is the ability to he you when you're in struggle right but we are so caught up in this externalised world of surface stuff. You know with instagram on facebook. Whatever it is and we go well look. Elise always happy. And he's having a great time this Nice House and they would calvin a Turkey at Thanksgiving on the Nice photographs yet. That's not real. That's a snapshot of a Twenty Four Hour. The fact that you know the daughter was upset about this on something. You said something stupid. Not Because you're on ask but because that's what we do. We don't take a full perspective. I am an amazing husband except when I'm in India which is a lot of the time sometimes. I'm just an idiot. Just say stuff and I go. Oh my gut. Just hold on a second. I gotTA wipe my shoes. Because they've been in my mouth you know. I mean it's just part of the United Nations. We live in this world of so it was so externalised man so because her externalize we actually get more and more and more superficial and coming back and owning. This is why I think the power of under ability is so important that we again. We talked about in fiercely loyal but getting to that power vulnerability which is what you talked about in the. Hi Lo's which is listen. This was my low full week. Well you know me and my wife. I scrap on on the weekend and I was really stupid. I did something I was thoughtless was wrong and I feel really bad because I love my wife deeply. Not asking anybody here to do anything about that. I just wanted to know that that weighed heavily on me on Sunday with good. Now okay that then somebody else will come up to you a copy break and say you know I get it because My my husband was really stupid on the weekend and he did this. He said I felt really bad. But I kind of get what your wife is coming from where he was from. I think that is so powerful because now I want to go and work with you because I feel a connection to try. We thank you for sharing. That is no address my pleasure if I could share a quick Illustration around that I was at a client. We were developing this model and it was as a retailer and I was at the distribution center. A young guy was giving me a quick tour and as he showed me kind of a loading dock other guys getting rid of the trucks get ready to lead in. His guy runs over he goes. Oh he beckons the truck back and he goes wait and wait a minute to pull up to the back the back of the truck. It's a broom and sweeps it out. He Goes Okay. Good to go gives them the thumbs up in trucks off and running. So I'm curious I said. Hey so ask. Why did you do that? I'm discussed that part of your normal process. He goes now my buddy. Brian who used to work in distribution center is working out of the store now and that truck was going to the store and he just had a new baby and has been sleep reminds. He's having a tub so I thought about you make easier formats. Sweep out the truck before got. The store might help them out a little bit like. That's the power of intimacy and connection little acts of what you might call heroism. Every day happen with teams that are really connected and know who each other are like that so if there was no intimacy Scott and I just love that because as you said you know. Companies and leaders are often afraid of intimacy and they don't realize that it just make some more profitable organization it makes far more. Well oiled machine to leave. We're we're we're moving towards the end of the show and I want to ask you some questions that I think are because I I I first of all. I don't believe that leadership is a result. It's an ongoing process and and as we talked about it's a process that involves a good deal failure so and oftentimes that failure is in the place of not knowing Basha or knowing actually taking the appropriate action. Please share with us so our listeners of US. A sense of this something that you did for a long time that you actually thought was maybe at times it was very good but it actually walked you from the levels of success that you've been able to achieve now yeah The the one that comes to mind that I'm still working on is that I you know I liked. I liked to serve people. I like that helped them and I like to listen. I love learning about people and so only my best friends would say this to you before they would really. Kinda call me on it but I like asking questions and say say say also lead so. Tell me about your family. It's another wait. I WANNA learn more about this like keep asking and I thought it was being like interested in selfless but relief. If you WANNA be in a ship that was actually being selfish. Because I wasn't revealing anything of myself I wasn't being vulnerable to them so I was happy to have been audible to me and help them and all that but I wasn't allowing it to be balanced and so I thought about whether it's my clients but mostly just like my friends and my colleagues and my partners that I needed to work on me being vulnerable and that's part of having a balanced relationship and I always thought it was me being a good selfless guy but the truth is I was selfish and so it's still have to work on today and I fortunately have good friends around me that the call me on it. I call him a best friends. Best Buddies who incurred success in truth. And I think we should have a group of a best our best team around as a kind of push back like you. I believe a best friend. Some of his will tell you what you really don't want to hear they tell it to you to build you up not to break you down and so some of those around me. Fortunate Kinda helped me work on that. That's my that's great. That is that is. That's a great lesson I think for so many of us the a Lotta time we tell associate we in good nice all over the horrible would. Is that everybody different person when really we don't even and this is important terrific. We don't even know that we're actually manipulating. We don't even know we're being selfish and it because on the surface it looks good and right now you know what is going on with you. I'm really struggling with this for me. You know I I'm a I'm I'm the guy who takes care about this. I'm this and that is a challenge. Me So I get it if we are driven to take care of others. That's where we go and it is difficult to say okay. Well here's what's going on me. And his I feel about that and to let that God down. So it's it's it's not about being tough it's actually and so that's why a lot of times it will get so. I think it's a really great point. Thank you for sharing. So what was the turning point for you where you Turning for all of us as leaders when we when we realize me literally it was falling on my head off a mountain. I recommend people often find that there is a turning point for people in their lives when they realize whatever it is I was doing. I can't do that anymore. To Change Direction what was I think my last corporate job before started this business of executive and I started to realize that that might not be the highest amvest use of my skills that even though I kinda WanNa climb the corporate ladder. Get to that point. I realize I'm probably had some gifted areas in In helping others in coaching and consulting and in writing that May I may be better so the world to ship that direction? So that's what I went out on my own and then we were consulting for a couple of years and that another turning point was that I wrote an article and maybe seven hundred thousand dollars a fan of mine said ten. Durkan said Lee unit determine civil book and I said Tim Look at that. That's like almost a thousand words. That's that's all I got in so so so that's why bumping my friend David Koch Way met earlier at his books at a client. Nice little book I was like maybe I can so I went to lunch with David and a ninety days later I had my first book out and So that just kind of started a new a new path to so it's awesome. It's wonderful but again those those defining moments sometimes it could be introspection but it also could be someone else story on the help us see our life our gifts a little bit differently. Well someone who is a B. S. T. friend? Ugo really thank you. What's a guilty pleasure fully guilty pleasure for me as really? I'm a pretty family guy so I just love. Having some time with our kids grow now there are ways so to build. Have Him and go to a special place. We were up in your neck of the woods this past summer up a Seattle Vancouver Whistler and just enjoying exploring new cultures new vacate new locations and new experiences. My wife's great about family rituals just doing something new together whether storm skydiving or just something crazy. What Super Dare Devil just something different? So shared experiences with our family. To create those bonds of intimacy is really my guilty pleasure. I love that Love the arts and all that kind of stuff tube of families sir. Douglas Second to my family though will make sleek wry usually something about related to our kids. It could be a pride cry being thought about something your kids did or it could be a shared cry of your kids. Being in pain. Pain around something we. I have a ritual family where I write a letter so bad for special occasions. Graduations Birthdays Christmas so that everyone gets a letter from dad and my wife gets a letter from Lee and so those are Taika just either. Write up a blessing or a story or something to encourage them or whatever it might be nothing fancy but some of those are pretty touching in fact. When we were in Australia last year we were sitting in a place where my dad was seventy five years before fighting in World War. Two and and I was lucky enough to have his dog tags and I was able to in. That letter passes dog tags onto my son. I barely got through that letter. That was a rough line but those are all good positive positive. I think it was equally emotional. Just cover a special month for the whole family. It was fun. Yeah how old. How old is your son when he was? He was twenty five when I gave it to him. So and So anyway I always talk about my i. I wouldn't have life. I have my kids if my dad like many the greatest generation that game came from abroad and built this country didn't make tons of sacrifices for Make personal sacrifices for himself his family and future generations so I wanNA make sure kids feel connected to that that and have an appreciation for why they have what they have in. Why have the opportunities they have now is because some are maybe they'd have never knew but made tremendous sacrifice and where is your trump whereas you have my dad's side's Sharma Italy? He was actually born in New York but when he was seven he went back to Italy like many immigrants. They make a little money. Go back to the homeland. And so when he was fourteen got a choice to become a priest and state Italy or come back to the United States and so he got on in surged class on a boat. They're on it got disconnected from his dad when he went through security and and his dad ended up getting a rowboat and waving with a little handkerchief. Throw Remembers waving to his dad. That was the last time you ever saw. His Dad passed away after that. So he came into Ellis Island in New York and built a life from south. You know back in the icebox as he delivered blocks of ice to apartment buildings to go to the front deliver the roof. Deliver one jump to the next building. Got a running start delivered the next morning. I knew I was wondering why at Bald shoulders. Because he had ice blocks he delivered and had cantaloupe sized Caz because even climb up the stairs with US ability but I feel very grateful that he did that. Also into a whole boozy originally. I like that I like that. Look I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the actually wrote a manuscript before passed away to kind of a shared his whole life story so we have some of those things that can we passed down Real special so he wrote a manuscript that's fabulous. Is that just really really family? I've used a couple of excerpts at our own blog to kind of make points about perseverance or sacrifice and stuff. So it's a it's been been a gift for the family though fabulous. Thank you appreciate. It was wonderful lead before we go. I would love for you to shave with Our listeners how they can get in touch with you and all your wonderful resources before I do that. I want to ask you to leave our listeners of yours with one piece of practical advice that they can implement asap preferably within the next twenty four hours they can because inflammation home that donut. Transformation comes from the application of what it is that you've shed. So how would they asked? Apply this practically in the next twenty four hours. Yeah I would say it's a little bit broad but I would say you have to get your mind right before you can get your team right so it's really your mindset of. Am I look at my team? As people that are are really successful. That could be great. Can make a difference or do I have a negative mindset towards solid to say check your mindset maybe have one of your best friends St catsuit check your mindset around that. I think that's really critical. We believe leadership from the inside out. And so a big thing about what? Your assumptions are about an employee about the capabilities about your team check. Test your assumptions because negative assumptions will play out in negative behaviors and reactions positive. We'll do we'll do the reverse But very simply as it relates to the model smoking on down they could they actually go online and take a simple assessment around that but I would just say look at those needs. Achievement autonomy mastery. What am I doing every day to help my team meet that need and on the emotional side purpose intimacy and appreciation? Can I do one thing to kind of elevate my game and better meet the needs of my team and in one of those areas? Just one baby step. You don't have to take one for each six. Pick one of them and see. How can I just elevate my game? One one percent of day in those areas. You'll start seeing the different pretty quickly at that is awesome thank you. It was a pleasure my views on this list where they can find out more about you and all your wonderful resources. Weekly sure they can go to the L. DOT COM. Is the word the the letter? L and group the L. DOT COM. Also you just text the word leadership two four four four nine nine nine and get access to lots of stuff on a website. There's a tab for free tools lots of self assessments videoclips top. Ten lists all kinds of stuff out there to help you. Elevate your game. So let's slow down. 'cause you did speak fast. I did the L. RIGHT DOT com. Right that's one. And the other was text. Text the word leadership two four four four nine nine nine to text the would leadership to full full. Full three four nine nine nine. You got straight perfect pools and three nines. Yup Fantastic. We will make those go into the show. Not so people can grab those. It's a pleasure having you answer. Thank you so. Make you showing your time appreciate. Did you stay with us to the end? It has been a pleasure. Thank you for that and for you. Listen to remember. You can hang out with other consciously as and chat about this episode Ernie past episodes in our facebook and leading groups. Just look for the leadership. Loyalty podcasts. You know if you're ready to develop Yele Shapiro T in your organization and come also talked to us at all Monte leadership dot com where you can find out more about hiring me. Doll Baroness stickers strategies for your organization by simply going to full months initiative dot com forward slash consulting full monty leadership dot com forward slash sticking former to where we provide the essential ship skills to rekindle an anti unload the essence inside of your organization like tapping into purpose for months dealership dot COM. Because you can outsource authenticity. I WanNa thank you for sharing the show with everybody you know and I want to thank our guest Lee Cohen. A Hey for being with us all of his wisdom that he shed and again you can find out more about league by going to the L. Group DOT COM and. There's all kinds of grace something and believe me. There's a lot of books and lie great material. I know because they're on my bookshelf. Got Older thank. You showed everybody you know till next time. Stay curious my friends. Stay curious about how you can take a look at each one of those six three for the mind. Three-foot needs and how you can serve the people that use of better create a bond with them to become a better leader in creek loyalty baron and Embiid to assist you tapping into your the great mysteries. I'm next level of clarity focused purpose in profit business the life and your leadership him back and I.

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Star Wars Uniting Rian Johnson & Game of Thrones Showrunners for Future Films - Movie Talk

Collider Movie Talk

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Star Wars Uniting Rian Johnson & Game of Thrones Showrunners for Future Films - Movie Talk

"Thank you. For listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. Right now at banana Republic factory save big with fifty to seventy percent off the entire store. Let's take an extra fifty percent off clearance stock up on dresses and follows starting in nineteen ninety nine. Thank your nearest store. Shop online only then factory. Welcome back to movie talk. We're covering the demise of hell boy at the box office on top of that brand new Star Wars trailer. We're going to talk about it right here. And on top of that. There's also another trailer for a net flicks movie called the perfection, and boy, I can't wait to discuss that one with the horror lover on the set. John Roco course, you're so excited for the perfection. Wait bugs coming out of my saliva sign me up. I love it. Let's do it. That's a great tease. Haley. How're you doing today? Oh, I am Pantano. Thank you. How are you hanging in? Yeah. Yeah. I'm surprised. I'm still awake. At this point. Somehow. It was me during a Mukuba. I think we're the only three to get out of Chicago and make it back to LA on Sunday. And thankfully that happened. Because that means I get to be here and do movie talk with you guys. We have so much to cover today. And of course, it's a Monday. So we kick it off with our box office report. And yeah, there was some disappointments this time around hell boy was a pretty big. Appointment for Lionsgate, it only made twelve million dollars. And that's with the studio expecting it to earn seventeen to twenty million. And what makes matters even worse for that movie? Is it only got a C on cinema score? So I'm basically not betting on that movie being around for awhile on top of that. And other big bummer. Here is like as missing link didn't even crack the top five at wound up in ninth place, and it only made five point nine million dollars with a very very low one thousand seven hundred dollars per theater average on the other end of things though, we have little which wound up opening up at number one made fifteen point four million dollars. And then of course, we can't not mention Kazan which held strong in the top spot made another twenty four point five million dollars Rokos go back to help way on this one. What happened with this movie? Is it just a matter of the movie maybe not being received well by fans and by critics or is it something else? Play here. Really good misunderstood the desire for another. Hell boy movie, you know, you look del Toro the second movie opened higher than the first movie. That's pretty surprising. When you look at these kind of superhero films that are not necessarily test while larger universe like hell boy. So to see it come out this way. You don't have Ron Perlman coming back. David harbour is not a name that'll sell feature films at this point, certainly TV shows absolute stranger things, and so many other things fantastic actor, I just don't think there was enough behind this thing that people were super into it and the box office shows that plus the reviews are terrible. The cinema score doesn't help all those things. I think in combination just did not help people come out to see this movie. And it's unfortunate because this is a great property and Manolo who created hell boy said this is the closest version to my version of L, boy, then I've ever seen on screen and script. So that's disappointing. I just wonder if this is what if Gamil sees this? Does he go? Does it helped him to come back? Or does he go good? I'm glad I didn't walk back into the. Situation because they wouldn't do let him do third one because he wanted more money or the budget hired time thinking that Ghirma will have any sort of like a negative reaction. He'll he'll probably be genuinely sad for them. And I know, you know, it's easy to say all whatever the movie sucked anyway or something like that. But a whole lot of people did put a lot of time and effort into this. And they wanted to make it something. Great. And sometimes those good intentions just don't pan out. I think this was the case here. I also think what you said about, you know, Lionsgate not really appropriately gauging, the temperature the room and the desire for another hell boy movie, I think that came into play here. But I think what really did the movie in was the piss poor reviews. It wasn't just that it got some negative buzz leading up to the release. It got slammed when that embargo lifted. So it was telling Haley earlier I had a file my regular box office predictions a little early because we were leaving town for Chicago. So I locked mindset them in stone before the embargo lifted knowing that I didn't really love the movie when that. Embargo lifted and that rotten tomatoes score went up on Mike. Well, crap. My predictions are going to be hardcore wrong and sure enough. I was being not way off. It was pretty off there Kristie because the audience score is what sixty three percent sixty four percent versus like what the critic score. Which is like fifteen percent. I don't know if I'm if you can source me on that one. But I think that's what I saw because some people were tweeting about it over the weekend in a way to kind of like backwards support. Hell boy, people going to see how boy that the fans are enjoying, but the critics once again, this this new narrative that has critics versus fans and superhero films. I wonder if people were trying to kind of push that narrative to try to get more people in the theater for help. Boy, I'm going to tell you this. I'm gonna go see it. God love God. Forgive me gonna go. See it. I love cheesy superhero films it we'll see any damn good probably will hate it. But I've got to give it a shot and see what happens fifteen percent on the tomato meter audience score of sixty three percent. Haley one what make you of hell boy and how it did this weekend. And then also we have to work am into the conversation. Because yet another weekend up top number one. Were you surprised that it fell just I think it was fifty three percent? Yes. Oh, hell boy. I definitely think that Lionsgate misjudge interest in the franchise. And I think it's one of those scenarios where you have a pretty devoted. But smaller fan base who maybe creates like a bigger noise than what the general public is clamoring for. In certainly the reviews didn't help. But also just like, I always think of like my friends and family outside of our community. And if I get any feeling from them that they have any buzz or even know that a movies coming out a lot of times. They don't you ask them. Hell boy what man. So that just it didn't have the buzz for first Zam that's pretty pretty darn good. I mean, fifty three is on the higher end for the film, so far and are the lower end. I guess you would say in terms of drop off with aquaman had an insane one. That was only twenty seven percent if you count presale tickets, which is just bananas wonder woman had forty five percent. And then the the rest of them are more in the high fifties to sixties range in terms of percentage of drop off. So this is a great performance for she's AM, especially because it's not wonder woman. It's not superman. It's a hero that again thinking of that base outside of our community that people might not be as familiar with. I'm curious to see what happens with endgame coming out soon. If what winds up happening is n games entry to the box office, just completely obliterate Zana's competition. Or if the difficulty of getting endgame tickets, we'll have you know? A little bit of a spillover effect. But I don't know. I'm clearly invested inches right now. I want to see it have super long legs. So I was hoping for a little bit of a smaller drop than this. But it's still a solid amount. Glad to see it back on top again. But where we even get to end game though, we have to look forward to this week, and and we have a brand new horror release. It is the curse of liar. Rona minna. Bet you're interested in this one. It's a Spanish horrors to me. I mentioned it in it. I did some voiceover work for crypt TV to promote lagnota. So that's pretty fun. That was pretty fun. So I got to get some knowledge of what goes on in the film. So I'm excited to see. I hope it works. All also because Linda Carlini, I really love and the Carlini and I'd like to get her a hit so people could start poking more things. I know she's hawkeye's wife in avengers. And all that. But like I'd like to see her do more work. She's an incredible actress. So to me, I'm excited goes, I'm totally ago. Didn't go to any prescreening because I want to go and see it in in theater on opening night or the next night. And see if I have any fun run out to see all the one, but something like, this can speak my language. So I'm excited. What do you think? Hallie how much is this going to open with especially hot on the heels of pet cemetery? Also. Yeah, that's hard to say. Because again, not to just go off of my gut feeling on buzz all the time. But really, it seems to be one that there's not a tiny around that said, I didn't think there was a ton around the none and that blew up and became the highest grossing film in the franchise. So I think this is a wild card to be perfectly honest, like my my guess would be somewhere above the twenty. Million rain in that spear. But who knows because the none did freaking fifty like nobody saw that coming. Yeah. Yeah. And it's. It's an emergency out there. They gotta get to low your on us. But it does have sort of as you just demonstrated because you're not a horror guy, but I wanna see it. It has a big cultural poll for a lot of people, and it is a very well known legend. So it's it is kind of wild card where it could go either way. Yeah, I'm betting on roughly twenty million maybe even a little under it. I do think the fact that hell boy so severely underperformed is actually going to help it because it's almost like other than Zan. There was a little bit of a lull at the box office, and that usually means more opportunity for something to follow. But then again, when we think about the large majority of people out there who are only seeing a couple movies a year within game coming up right after I wonder if that's gonna make just about everything suffer this weekend. It could. But I also I don't know that game is necessarily targeting the specific audience of the people who save up their money once a year to go see something like light on you know, are very few times a year that might be higher on there. Let's not that they won't go C N game. I'm just not sure that it's a question of like, whereas it might have been do. I see Suzanne or endgame. I'm not sure people are going on picturing like the box office version of like when you get like a big wave, and like all the water gets worse. I. That's what I'm picturing happening. I don't know we're gonna have to wait and see. And then you can bet when ending comes out. We're gonna have a lot of fun predicting those numbers are right. The next story on our list is another big one. So obviously, I just got back from star celebration a whole bunch of our team is still there. One of the big pieces of news to drop out of Star Wars celebration was the very first trailer and title now for Star Wars Episode nine now, it is called the rise of Skywalker. Actually, I don't think anyone on the stable right now has shared their thoughts on the trailer on the channel yet though. All right. Well, let's go around here. Haley. Official reaction to watching it for the very first time. I it was positive. I mean chaotic because we were working and doing news breakout. So I don't think I got to fully enjoy it the way like if you're just at home watching it. It was like, oh God we need to write about that. And that okay. And that so my reaction was stressful but excited it made me excited that there were so many things that we immediately pinpointed that we're worth talking about. I love the shot of Ray doing her super flippy flip that really gave me some feels. I love the shot of just Kylo thrown down like a beast in the battlefield. There's a lot of a lot of details in there. I'm very excited for I was interested. The look is more almost prequel e the color palette is is more in line with the prequel films than even maybe than the force awakens. There was there was just a lot. That was really interesting to me. But overall, I feel very excited. To get into theories here really quickly. Just because you brought it up that scene at the beginning of the trailer with Ray doing her. A little flip flip thing. I mean, do you think that's that's reality? Or is it, you know, something a little more, you know, out of this world like vision projections, something along those lines. It has a connection to remember iota flipping around in the prequels in that fight with the Duku. And he so it's certainly possible for a jet. I to flip around in that way. So, but it adds more fuel to the fire of people who are like how is right this powerful. So quickly all this kind of stuff but get over it except it. She is that and it's such a bad ass shot. My question is who's in right? Yeah. That's the thing because it's not Kylo ship. So people who would be in there. You wonder with the gloves and everything who's in there. I think he's a very big question because it does not look like his ship anymore. And I don't mean just like a little bit of touchup or a slight paint job. It looks seriously different. But also you just brought up, you know, it's the rise of. Guy Walker, but this guy Walker we're talking about even Ray because there's a lot of options here now. Yeah. I mean, I would. People were saying that if you hand me rate for the first two movies, and then you switch it around and make it about Kylo at the end in his redemptive in two thousand nineteen if you do that with a female lead to subjugate her to push the male lead. Like, I just I think you would explode the world. It doesn't make any sense to me at all rate is when we want and what I loved about the trailer and tweeted, this I said finally, this is raised story not all this confounding subplots muddle this is race story. And I was so excited come out of the trailer Landau, laughing, I'm telling you this. I was five years old like Lando laughing again. Maybe like, oh, so almost it was almost like chewy were home. It was almost comparable to that moment for me. It was great to see that. What does the death crash death star? Where are they Palpa teens laugh there's so much here? But she is in charge. She's leading this team once and for all not Sproul of the place leading the team. What's going to happen? That's exciting. And the metal is interesting Tyler pudding his helmet back together. Again is interesting. What does that mean? So. There's so much throughout this. But raise the focus has to be the focus, and I don't I see the sky. I think there's a possibility she's a Skywalker. And if she's not a Skywalker Skywalker becomes the new Djeddai? Yeah. That's the one that I'm on towards also as someone who really does love the last Jedi. I would hate to see that work undone. Yeah. It does look to some extent. Like, there will be a distant thing at least not some reversals. But and I agree that it would be a bad idea to not make it raise story in the end. Not well, it would be a bad business decision at this point to make it a male story instead of a female that the Skywalker rising. Right. That's not really what would frustrate me about it. It'd be more that that's just a weird wonky way to tell a story and build a trilogy. But I love the sort of growing, it seems to be the most most popular theory growing at this point that it's the term for the new sort of after the Jedi. News skywalker. Well, we says at the beginning. You know, you're the combination of everything, and I would say one last thing for one less thing is you know, to you. It felt like this the prequels to me it felt like there was no trilogy like most it felt like the most Lucas like Star Wars we've seen these three films. And I I was in love with the look of it. And I'm like, this is what I've been waiting to other films to see, and although I love force weekends, and I can defend some of this feels if it keeps this vibe, this feels like a Lucas type film, and that made me very happy. I just want to clarify. I don't mean that as a pejorative the biggest fan of the prequels, but I'm in no way saying it looks like trash like the prequels. I'm just saying that the color palettes and the way the action was shot Joe vote all these wonderful comments. And yet, no one has mentioned what's wrong with you. Knows that. Right. That's a big standout element to me. And I you know, I know it sounds a little silly. But I'll never forget seeing the very first shot ever, a BB eight, and you know, it had the intended effect on me. I'm like, I need that. And then I saw BB eight and the move on like, wow, he's not just a super q -joyed. He actually does that matter. So I'm hoping that DO is incorporated in a way that matters as well. But with the title. My head is going in a million different directions. Similar to the conversations. We have about theories regarding endgame now. But I think that it's going to have nothing to do with Ray end or Kylo as individuals. I'm liking the idea that it's almost like the new like the new term to describe the jet. I the light side of the force something along those lines. But I also keep thinking about the fact that like force awakens a lot of it was about hustlers journey then we had less jed I with Luke. And I know Carrie Fisher is no longer with us. But they said that they've managed to repurpose the material that they shot for the previous movies. And also they were able to write scenes around that I do wonder if there's a way to tie rise of Skywalker into layers journeys some how because that would be such an emotional. I don't really know from story perspective how you achieve that especially when they weren't able to shoot new material with. Her. But God could you imagine? If we end in a place where you know, the importance of laya, as maybe even a force user herself or someone being forced sensitive is just if rises to such a level of of importance that I don't know her her vibe kind of wine winds up radiating throughout the franchise. Even after the Skywalker saga ends. I would love that. I mean, it's an interesting thing because she never was the character most affiliated with the force or any of that. But I I really really would pay a significant or whatever my version of Sydney significant is amount of money to see what their original plans were had she not passed. And where you know, how what we're going to end up with parallels. It or is completely different. Like, it's such a mystery. We don't know. And I, you know, my heart kinda hurts for the truest version of the story that we never get. But I hope and I feel confident just based on that tiny little clip. It was so affective that they've found something functional. Yeah. Yeah. I do. I believe that they're going to pull this off like it to the it's a good point you bring up. I mean, the coral tive Ray and lay both very strong women pursuing their goals in a way that are on necessarily about the force that get something else that they're pursuing something bigger is their goal. And I like that maybe Bray maybe allay has been training Ray all this time since Luke passed at the end of last year, I passed at the jet. I maybe lay has been training or this whole time. And so because they said, but there's been rumors that time has passed by the time this movie stars. So if it has she's been trained, so she's carrying on the legacy. She's got Hans she's got the blast rather than Han. Gave her. She's got the chat. Boy. That's right. I love that. And then she's got them at maybe it's laya holding the medallion giving it to Ray the last thing. So Ray carries all the lessons of the sky walkers forward, and I think that's that would be incredible. I do wonder they can even incorporate anikin with that in mind, also. I know there was a rumor going around that he could return. And I mean, given the fact that palpitation is back. I mean being in that so being in the room for the episode nine panel the entire time. Of course, I'm very excited to hear any bit of information. I can. But like the panel was coming to an end. And I'm thinking to myself you guys haven't own Star Wars celebration. Yeah. What is that mic drop moment? Then they start playing the trailer. And when that lap hadn't at the end, I think that was one of the closest I came to actually like crying. It was such a weird, and it's such a weird reaction to have to something. So sinister like that. But then on top of that when the trailer stopped because you know, people know who's laugh that is, but you could think a million different things come up with a million and one different theories as to why we're hearing it in that moment is he really backer is he not to have Ian McDermott and come out on stage. And then when he says roll it again, the room lost it to the. That you could just feel the energy and feel the excitement is radiating through the crowd that is a convention moment. I don't think I will ever forget my entire life. There was just as watching it on the livestream on in the comfort of my hotel room on my laptop seeing hearing the laugh, you're alone by yourself screaming. And then when he comes out he was like all his confirmation and Christian is now valid at the emperor was gonna come back. A lot of people were like, you're crazy. It's not gonna happen. Now. He's possibly back as you said parent, we don't know what for me is in and people like with that mean comeback, and I've been pushing back we're going know, a Sieff Lord would be desperate to hold onto life a jet. I would trust everyone that he trained or she had trained underneath them to carry the legacy. I don't see Luke coming back in the same way that palpitation might come back. I don't think I don't think he would come back in the same way right in the same exact way. I mean, we have the force goes tight straps. So you know, you hear some of the dialogue from him, and you want you wonder if they're going to incorporate that in a flashback, or if it's a force goes type of situation. But I don't know with the with the emperor. I just now have a feeling that that is going to completely change smoke story. And that he's he's kind of a force from some of the material. That's preceded this film like he can just inhabit and control other things and other bodies. And I know there's control them through different items to there's ways to bring him back that make a lot of sense to me and completely changed the game and the shot of them going back to the death star also has like a million different ideas going through my head because like what are they trying to achieve there? What are they looking for? I like this is this is the kind of teaser trailer. I love where won ever single shot in. This trailer is stunning to look at and makes you feel something just based on how the visuals constructed and two I would probably go as far to say that almost every single shot in the trailer. Also makes you think of something or try to figure out something story wise without clearly without spoiling anything because we clearly do not have any idea which direction the series is gonna head for the ending. Now. I'm so excited to see what happens with Kylo Ren being that we have now in this other Greek evil coming in, and if they're going with a redemptive art, how far they're going to take it you not into their dole. Redemption is an evil son of a B take care of business finish off and move on. I think he's going to dial deeper into the emperor stuff. I think to connect to his grandfather. I think it's going to be forging his home to helmet and said a lot of people are saying, maybe he wasn't talking. Vader. Maybe he was talking to empress talked to the helmet and saying I'm gonna finish. What you started? Maybe it is he's talking to pal Patine. And so that slow just as many people are theorizing that he's the one training with Ray when she's doing all this hopeful think, they really want them to smash shipping and shipping them berry. I it's troubling. How attractive he is for how damage to you. Like, I think most women go like this isn't good that I feel this. So I hope they person. I hope they don't pursue that. I hope they don't pursue pursue the redemption. Ark either I based on where we left Kylo in last Jedi. Even though I'm I think they did some interesting things with the character in terms of his arc in that movie. But I'm left in a place where I don't see how Kylo can operate within the story in a satisfying way. Without something guiding him, you know, like I don't want to see a third movie in this trilogy with him just kind of like going around. However, he pleases trying to you know, wreak havoc on the galaxy or something he needs he needs something to be pulling him forward. And I think that in this case it's going to be the emperor. Oh, boy gets more. We're not done talking about us Star Wars right now. But I do have to remind you we're gonna take your live Twitter questions at the end of the show, send them in using the hashtag collider movie talk. All right rolling into story. Number three. Now, this is yet another Star Wars story, and it's an update so recently as last week. We had Disney CEO, Bob, I reveal that after Skywalker. The films are going to be taking a little bit of a hiatus. But when the movies are back, they are probably going to come back strong. Because while speaking to e w Kathleen Kennedy said the following. We're not just looking at what the next three movies might be or talking about this in terms of a trilogy. We're looking at what is the next decade of storytelling? So Kathleen Kennedy said that the creative brain trust behind. These movies are going to be mapping out strategy and central to that strategy are a new film series from Ryan Johnson. And also game of thrones show runners David Benny off and db Weiss. They were all hired separately. But Kennedy also told he w that they're actually working together to plan out the future of the franchise. She said as they finished game of thrones. They're going to segue into Star Wars, they're working very closely with Ryan. All right. I backing up a little to the hiatus Haley. Do you think that's a good idea where you're surprised that? I had said that. Yes. Good idea. No, not surprised. I think that it's natural given the course that this franchise has taken since Disney brought it back, and how the response has been across the board that there's. Wise to take some time to now plan your next leg out more than you planned out the first one. And I think Disney having seen how well that works in the MC. You is it's not surprising that they'd go. Hey, maybe we try that instead of the breaking bad method where we just kind of do it as we go along. I think it's not going to be super long hiatus because there's a lot of money in Star Wars, and they already have these people writing them and by saying there's a hiatus they get to immediately amp up the hype surrounding the next one. Why always want to call it the Skywalker instead of the rise of skywalk? Rise of these Skywalker. You'll have to check my articles for Typos all the time. But I think that that instantly generates like a lot more interest because it's like, oh the last one you're going to get for a while. So you'd better save her show up. It's smart. It's smart across the board. It doesn't surprise me. I think it's just the right thing to do. I figured they were going to do this as well. But you know, it made me happy to hear you just say that it's not going to be that long of a hiatus because it really it shouldn't be. I mean, and it's also it's not like we're in the position right now. Even though who knows what could be going on behind closed doors where we have more than just the Mandal orient coming to Disney. Plus, it's like if the Mandal Laurean is going strong between episode nine and whatever comes next in the film franchise. Yeah. I'll be happy. But I need that entire gap filled. And I have a feeling a lot of other people out. There are going to want that gap filled. And you know, I know there's still there's comics there's books there's the clone wars series. You name it. There's a lot of other material out there. But I do think there's a significant amount of the crowd that specifically. Goes movies, and then a maybe factoring Mandal oriented at this point. So I just I hope they closed that gap pretty quickly Roka. I'm curious what you make of this idea of the game of thrones show runners working with Ryan Johnson. Because I think maybe it's a sign that even if they are developing separate trilogies, maybe from story perspective. They could be connected surprising to me, I've been one of those people who's been saying that their day. We're going to eventually move Ryan off those drilling that trilogy. But this is Kathleen doubling down and Kevin Kennedy. Kathleen. Down and MS Kennedy. I think when she got signed to that to that extension. I think that was Lucasfilm saying to her this is your baby with our help create what you want to create and I think what you're finishing out with this. Trilogy is the end of the old stuff Skywalker. All of that is now done. This is what she was really hired to do was to take Star Wars into the future. She's Benny often. Weiss's a great choice. Ryan johnson. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Now in light of how people felt about last jet. I both positive and negative but game work them all working together. Does absolutely mean that I in my opinion is absolutely mean that these stories will be connected in some way, whether they'll be multiple generations in between them. I don't know. But certainly they'll be connected in some way. So a new mythology a new law new characters will be credit and Kevin Kennon. He's a fantastic producer. So here on this side of things maybe this has been her plan all along to the old stuff. Get rid of the old stuff. Now, let's move forward. Word with a bunch of new stuff going, and I think she's the right person to go for. Beginning lying. I'm gonna make a bold prediction now and say that Ryan Johnson does not make his movies. And he winds up serving as more of you know, maybe we could throw in the term producer executive producer. But more of a creative consultant over overseeing along with Kathleen Kennedy felt but now I thought but zome on the other side of the fence and your on that interests, the hiatus thing also kind of, you know, tips me off to where I don't know if they're if they weren't taking that long of a break, I think I would feel more encouraged of the likelihood of them going full steam ahead trying to make as much as possible with hopefully some good direction here. But the fact that they're they're pressing pause so to speak and really focusing on the future of the franchise. I just I just have a feeling that he's gonna wind up being a creative consultant for maybe like the architecture of the full franchise going forward. And he's. Around for a long long time. But I don't know. I just don't see both of these trilogies happening. And if I had to put my money on one it would firmly be on Benny off Weiss's. Yeah. If I had to pick one that's most likely to happen. It's definitely there is I mean just look at the numbers from game of thrones last night there there juggernaut creators coming off of the biggest success of their careers. I think it's an interesting duo though, because both are sort of storytellers that are into subversion, which is kind of what got Ryan Johnson and a lot of in the first place, but game of thrones is a franchise built on subverting classic fantasy tropes. Now. They didn't come up with it at store, Dr Martin story. But clearly they were drawn to the material. That's fascinating to me that they're leaning into this sort of trio of people that have built a career out of subverting expectations. Because that's not what you'd expect based on the reaction of the last Jedi. However that I think is important to remember. It was a very successful film financially has a lot of people who truly do love it. And maybe. In the future, not every single style were so has to be for every single Star Wars fan like I can envision future really I in which they secure different demographic films. Not everything has to be for everyone. I don't know if they'll go that direction. But certainly that was a big problem because so far these trilogy films are so wrapped up in Belgium and people's hearts moving forward. Maybe they can do different things that appeal to different people. I watched rogue one on the plane back home, and I love rogue one. And it is so not what the other trilogies were. And that's what I thought the star the Star Wars stories, we're going to be and I love that movie. It is so different. And if this is what Benny often wise and what Ryan if if he finishes his trilogy, if this is what they're going for I want more vis a why has the superhero genre not been overexposed not oversaturated why? Because they've kept pushing. They've kept pushing the boundaries of what can be a superhero movie Star Wars. Now must also do the same thing. It cannot only be died to this original trilogy of prequel trilogy or this story. It must spread it's wings and see how far it can go and. Take chances. And i'm. I was against Kathleen Kennedy. Now, I'm excited about her being in this situation because we'll see now. And this is a pair of a halo didn't think about the subversive nature of this these three together. This is an interesting chance chance that she's taking with a large franchise. Well now that the episode nine promo campaign so to speak is officially underway. I guess I imagine we're going to be hearing a lot more real soon more material in the near future. Probably more quotes from Bob idir, and Kathleen name it. We'll be covering it. All we got one more at topic to hit today. And this is going to be August topic for the perfection. This is a new net flix release. And it starts Allison Williams. It's a troubled musical prodigy who seeks out the new star pupil of her former school only for the encounter to turn sinister to shocking results. This one is going to be released on Netflix on may twenty four th guy. Can't not go to you. I think of this scare the hell out of me. So I felt a little bit like get out to and of course, Alison, but also. Score the score. Yeah. I was just going to that. But I like this was quick what our in a minute and ten seconds or fifteen seconds. I like that. I got enough out of it that I'm like, this is going to be a mind trip. If I do this a better watch with all the lights on because it'll scare the crap out of me. But Allison Williams is so fantastic. That face a hers is so built for this kind of genre in the way it works. You know? Oh, it's fine. Well, you know, what you have to do. And all of that is to me excited me. I saw get out with Allison Williams sitting behind this randomly at the Arclight. And we like it was like six of us, and we were squirming in our seats throughout the whole film of get out as we get up with Toronto. She's saying oh my God. And she's there with I think BJ Novak was there with her. And she said to us she we were like, oh my God. I'm so sorry. We apologize because we were so just like into the movie, and she goes, oh my God. I loved watching it through you guys is and so she made a fan out of me through that interaction. And so this looks like another step in her career as she starts to move forward into beach. Being more and more feature films. Even though the Netflix film. It's still feels like a feature film. And this is exciting. I can't wait to watch this this. This is definitely my kind of thing. And I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've tried to look up run times for movies. And I've seen the trailer Runtime and I've been like, oh, it's like an hour and like thirty and thirty minutes early two hours and two minutes. Anyway, this thing I think looks great. I think they made the most of every second of screen time they had with this. It's so unsettling and also the structure that it gives the piece when you work it into that one scene with the two of them and just like her Logan Browning. Is that I believe that's her name. I'm going to double check it now. But as she kind of starts to to hear aerate in that scene, and you get those quick cuts to other parts of their life. And what they go through. It's just kind of like knocks you off your feet. It's very very unsettling in the fact that like I don't know what the heck is happening. If freaks me out, even more, I think this is a great start for this one. Yeah, I'm very very excited for this. Film. It played one screening only at fantastic fest last year, which I did not make it to and everybody who went had just the strongest reaction some people were super positive on it like you're going to love this movie. It's the craziest thing and some people were like hated it which always makes me very excited that to me says you've made an exciting film. I end it's it's one that I really have been advised. Don't learn anything about it going blind. So I kind of watched this trailer through like, no, my is not wanting to see it. But it's what I did. Catch was very. Welcome posed in the sense that having been told you should try to avoid any details. I still don't feel like I know at this movies about I did the opposite of you. And I watched it again. And then I started a freeze frame and trying to figure out who I can't help it. It's like, especially when it's a good trailer that really sucks me in and encourages me to like be curious about what I'm about to experience. It's almost like instinctual to go back and try to put the pieces together. But I do not too because everybody I talked to was like whether they loved it or hate it. They were like you have no idea goes back to what you were saying before the idea of like loving loving or hating a movie and having a different response from everybody across the board. It just like it makes it work citing, and it probably hints it more daring, storytelling. And could you imagine? How boring this industry would be if we all loved and hated the same stuff. We'd be out of jobs. This is interesting director with the matador and Dom Hemingway which I saw again at three or four weeks ago, and one of the pay channels, that's very unusual film. So and so's a matador which was career and Pierce Brosnan fantastic film. So if he brings that sensibility to this it's all the more exciting because he does not stick within the boundaries of genre. You know what I'm saying? This is exciting to me to that. It did alternately end up on Netflix, which I don't believe it was that when it went to mand task fest. I think it was still free, and they picked it up maybe there, but I love that a film that is sort of getting this kind of reaction whether it's out of early screenings or people responding to the trailer is something that we're all going to be able to talk about and respond to together. Instead of it's not the movie to talk about what you said earlier that people would save, you know, there's three movie tickets year to perfection. So I love that. We're going to get to experience this insanity together. Very very good point. All right. We gotta move on to our. Plugs for the day. And as always we've got a lot of them tomorrow on the main YouTube channel, you will find collider live and a brand new episode of movie talk. And then oh, I think a certain someone maybe even two people at this table covered the beginning of game of thrones season eight can you guys tell everybody where to find your conversation? I think it's on the collider video YouTube channel there you can watch us. A Haley me actually Tony Robinson. Dennis Zang breaking down that opening episode. A lot to talk about fifty five minute episodes nerd on watched. It yet. Spoilers spoil brand new episode. I'm movie talk. Very I'd be genuinely sinister behavior. Sinister. But I will tell you. I don't think there's anything one it is especially miserable sitting on a tarmac for three hours. But it's even more miserable. When game of thrones is on like, all I wanna do is check Twitter like to pass the time. And all my it was like land mines all over the place. And I couldn't even look at Twitter. So I just stared at the floor. It's great. Roko it happened on sports time today club sports. I'm Jay gospel Coogan joined me, and we welcomed our special guests AJ Benzon from fame famous a bitch podcast, very very knowledgeable guy. A lot of years in the industry. We talked the Tiger Woods victory at the masters. We've talked the NBA playoffs, and it ploughs and this brussel situation. Russell Wilson situation. That's brewing in Seattle, go to the collider sports YouTube page and the podcast feed to listen up. So trust me, the wild man and a wilder, man. I was holding two wild horses during this episode. So go watch it and Haley tomorrow is a brand new witching hour. I won't pass those duties along to you now. Yes, we have yet. Another spectacular episode guy. My opinion. We went in on so many different topics today, we talked about that new American horror story teaser, and the sort of slasher eighties vibes. How we feel about it. We talked about one of my personal favorite topics the underrated horror and game of thrones very passionate about that subject. We talked about the new Netflix series the black summer, which is a zombie series. It's actually pretty good and Perry shirts some of her thoughts. Helping oh I did. They're more than what was in our non spoiler view. All right. We've got time for a single Twitter question today. And I'm gonna keep it in the Star Wars realm. Just to celebrate star celebration a little more. This one comes from good old. Chris would burn who asks question for Perry. But I want everybody to answer. What did you enjoy most wall at Star Wars celebration Haley, I want you to go first because I'm curious just from the dot com. Perspective with all the work. You guys put in like what caught your eye most? What made you the most excited to write about? That's a funny question. Oh, I would not call that day enjoyable. I guess I was just the trailer was the most exciting thing. It was a blast to watch. And be a part of and watch everyone respond on Twitter and see those. I'm blown away constantly by how fast you guys come up with theories. I'm like still processing my thoughts and the Twitter feed is just hundreds of thousands of theories. I don't know you do at your mazing Rocca. Can I can I like force feed? You an answer. Because like you were in Chicago. Thursday. So why why was your reason there and was it a good reason in the there for the top Tim show? We did our two shows on Thursday Night Live, and thanks everybody came out almost two hundred people getting out for both shows that was really great. But I I watched the panel. So I was there as celebration. I didn't make it out to the actual convention floor. But I will say this my favorite part aside from the trailer was the reaction to Kalemie retrain. I think that was. I mean, really honestly like an I'm not trying to win any points, or it's legitimate. Like, she was so Br broken in hurt by the reaction by some of the Star Wars fans, and I wonder how many people were in the audience cheering her like she was so broke with that to see though reaction from the fans and the people who that's why this phantom is so great to see them all rally behind Kelly in givers, denigration give her like claps in. Cheers. And you could see she was visibly honestly, moved by it. And it's fantastic is all of us all of us would kill to be part of a Star Wars franchise to have it turned the way it turned on her must've been such a terrible experience. So to see the love that she got back a year later is so incredible enging my answer. I like I don't want to repeat that that actually was the very first time. I teared up the entire panel either trailer or anything at all. But you could feel it in the room. That was like another thing where you could just feel the love. And I mean, that's one of the great things about Star Wars celebration overall to it's just, you know, in our conversations, I know everybody's heated about their their passion and their feelings about specific movies and characters whatnot. And you know, the internet can be a pretty hostile place to have those discussions that convention center is just packed with love good vibes. And just the the hope and the desire to just encourage people to share Star Wars what they love about it. And just really kind of celebrate the brand together, which is nice. But if I had to pick another moment that we haven't already talked about I'm just going to give a little shadow to the mandatory orient because to be able to see footage from that. And to think that is Star Wars that is something different. And it's really exciting looking, and I can't wait to see more of it that I mean, what better feeling to walk away from that panel with so. Disney. Plus November really can't come soon enough. I want that show. Now, I hate that. You can't pay head of time. I would pay the seventy right now. Just in case it's to ensure vistors sure that I'm gonna limiting actions get kicked out of the queue or anything like that. I want to pay seventy right now. Give me your money. I'll hold onto it ever deal. All right. We're done here. Thank you guys so much for watching the show Roca and Haley as always thank you for kicking off the week. So strong year adamant the boot you rack, you did a lot of work today in your awesome, guys me love you too. Thank you so much supporting movie talk, please tell everybody, you know, about us in video form collateral YouTube channel on the podcast feed as well. Like in share this episode. We will see you tomorrow four pm t live for a brand new episode. Right now at banana Republic factories save big with fifty to seventy percent off the store. Let's take an extra fifty percent off clearing stock up on dresses in palm of starting in nineteen ninety nine find your nearest store or shop online. Only factory Democrats on the Bulloch report. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute. House Judiciary Cubana chairman Jerrold Nadler, so special counsel Robert Muller's report on the Russian investigation doesn't exonerate President Trump even in incomplete form, however, the mullahs report outlines disturbing evidence that President Trump engaged in obstruction of Justice and other misconduct Nadler says a redacted version of the report released today by attorney general William bar and the Justice department raises a number of questions that can only be answered by Muller formally requested that special counsel Muller testified before the House Judiciary committee as soon as possible. So we can get some answers to these critical questions. Because we clearly can't believe what attorney general Bartels report identifies ten instances a possible. Obstruction of Justice by President Trump's special counsel says he could not conclusively determine that Trump had committed a crime or that he hadn't. I'm Tim McGuire.

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Gilbert Arenas

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

1:21:25 hr | 1 year ago

Gilbert Arenas

"The first question we always ask everybody when you first got to the League who's the first player to kill you see you ask that question wrong it's supposed to be the opposite who's the first person I got to ask busted by me I mean that's that's Gary Payton he an uncle it was It was seven minutes seventy eight minutes in partnership with Hennessy Darrien I wanted to give all the knuckleheads out there chance to meet the team visit Hennessy K. as dot com and enter fort chance to meet Darius and myself Tom just score and so it was like I I ran off the course oh damn fast me check out Hennessy K. A. dot com for your chance to get in the mix with Hennessy and the knuckleheads remember always drink responsibly never stop never settled a ass-whipping he was giving me it was just one of those things where he had seventeen all own mean at first five minutes like I have my shoes on right he does talk hot mess so we were just young and wanted to prove ourselves and you were in the way nice man a movie baylock Larry Hughes so time I got to really play the Clip Yeah Jeff we all ask well no no no no Jeff mcginness okay McGinnis my rookie year remember I start off on the bench right Mookie blaylock was in front of you and win some of the knuckleheads merge we've created with Hennessy shutouts all the fans show love to us from day one key rocking woods gonNA keep racking with child don't forget yeah no no he pulls him up as I knew I was in trouble but he got everybody area per switched on him he backed back up spent faked it I'm like ragging with the knuckleheads mayall tune in is GonNa get real hot today let's go issue boys Cuban the foyer man live on location man we got the ls when we got no chill give GPA Gila renison building agency wrote a body Um you born in Florida then you moved to Florida yeah you went to grant high school yeah yeah yeah what is Grande Valley Glen I went to Birmingham and then like my basketball skill is starting to kick in but coach already said he won't play me not good enough for his varsity so I just so for me some Haney agrees raise Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield like the valley area. So My dad came out here to be actor so like Mike Williams football player that was my best friend McGinnis gave him thirty two piece game gave too much you're live and direct from La grown up okay my best friend growing up in Florida so we moved out here and then I got into the you know the basketball thing so sit and do his thing so we played against he was talking Shit like got me hyped delight play against them and go even hard I think I think his that we Kinda just get into it we come from out Banik. Og standpoint you WanNa win we're just one star player or Lee Chang this is a story that people don't know Komo fucking like he was one of those things I want to go in we're here and then he got so we came in all know who he is soon as I got on a court like when we started we got the ball and he did that little smirk Nah Shit I just picked the ball up like so valley in a valley yeah like Sherman Oaks say my version insane no okay so yeah so that that area but I can I can go against him post you every day it was like Dr Driving we yeah we switch he got the big the nudity not just picked it up and threw it I realized okay he he needed talk I know you born in town I am going to be a sophomore what school you go to as I go to Birmingham what are you doing here across the street is that why are you going to Birmingham Magnet Program back in the nineties just that whole nineties era they were they were busing kids there there's usually like the magnet program to like integrate schools the fifteen minute break between second interpret of Illinois fifteen minute break for is bringing all the La Kids Valley kids moving them. It's an interesting area so I was bussing so I went to Hell junior high which is forty miles away then aids and be mouth podcast season to thinking what we do with day listening on we'll tryouts I actually actually beat out to do some do from Tennessee beat him out for the spot starting point guard we had our first game the preseason game at twenty two Ooh and then he was like you're GonNa be you're GonNa be a NBA player he's like you so so I had to go shoot free throws a fifteen minute break and in three or four at lunch I had to take jumpers and at lunch so I didn't really get to enjoy all the festivities ooh me this ain't ready for I will get the get the opportunity to play against was working outside the school that led the Cross street from which was granted so I lead the prostate even going to a whole number so I'm out there like six his art I didn't see you play Oh yeah was on JV I didn't play play like eight minutes of Ho season we haven't tryouts you know you can try it dino it ain't no athleticism here so northridge was the school that I was going after me so northridge going after me and the dude who is Lavar city you you look good enough that you can divisive ran home told my Dad Yoda coach cross streets that I can make varsity team at this you know my dad you sure like Varsity GV storyline he's at Varsity different bars and I may be had they had a conversation so it's like a movie I was only black person on black got a little black in everybody else's black white really gonna be and then from that day when he told me that I had to be at school at six am nutrition or nutrition who's ever Zona could have been somebody else yes okay so tell the story so we don't know this but all the okay so so you remember it's the valley his mother passed so he had to cancel my trip to the Paul so I never got to go visit so instead of me going into Paul that weekend you that's all we need we can do some damage so I'm like all right so my dad like my dad had Pat Kennedy has Florida ties so it was like we did it so my sister my dad's sister his only sister was going into Paul too so I had family going to Paul so right before my trip of ours my ten year and then the same team the next year we won twenty one games played against crenshaw in the playoffs so there I see were sixteen seats start point we've got Quinn Risk Zimba Stephen Hunter we got and Bobby Bobby Simmons Soul our team is you know nine we added what Arizona said I'll come just come early does come on through so go to average Jefferson and we having fun we have some like little scrimmage game bus pass the news was considered white player I mean he's out make noise isn't like like Glenn State or go down State does I go down the state born like he's talking about I ain't good enough we'll see prepare go bad if and then a coach Siemian workout and he was like are you in high school visi fee was like and then soon we played against him he instantly start talking there was like man I remember watching this on on like when I was little I was 'em talks and Jimmy would between you three whoever commits I I wanNA and that stood out to me because Kevin Gaines was like that's that's all straight period yeah wonder why also angry in Chicago back then we had a we had a uh-huh of friends I was chilling learn you know Dan I was leaving school boy Oh yeah we had off campus this was a vassal Devali school so I was the first NBA player from the valley from the front of our let me say if I go I'm getting ready to go to Kansas state so you're gonNA be my first recruit are so Kansas they come boom boom boom go there and I'm like time of my career for like especially early career when you dominated Congress college no night he wasn't saying nothing that was the problem so we like to show by they got Bob Bob about the hell out of them but we we got creamed team you know we're looking for a point guard okay yes kilovolt GBD's you even complete a thousand minutes of freshman me but like but that's where I'm going and then Paul came in so the Paul came in and he already hit me like you don't the black white privilege is privileged black and if I may just Asians and why it was really when you came out why he's talking to so when I left I told my dad like you got completed hoping he has his mandate snack was third for some they do Makia sounds like breakage yeah I was ranked one hundred like what I got into one hundred I was like what's the main you gotta understand paused apply been named but they'll say this cool so The first person between you Kevin Kennon Kevin Gaines ooh man with a full a stone call he was in that man whooping to have a ball I love it was the best God like you wanted to watch this stood out to me you especially it do you know three four in the country and appoint he's whatever one of us go so on know how to read campers ask in whatever I say man you got to give headless Douglas High School so he was the number one stood right and I remember that Halley so I was too but he we did so I'm like that fuck it I'm going there's like Yoda going to redshirt you yeah but I said Jason Terry got reassured yeah he were full years in the NBA also like you know how like you they got like gold silver and bronze my team like Dunleavy so our team was like bronze and silver for the most so we never really gold time I get to my fifth year boy I'd be like some ten so you will do the whole the rare cir- for five years seen you do one of my teammates already hit Wyoming so your room and say hey don't even know how you made varsity about the Bobby Today Okay Michael Dicker for some reason Michael Dickerson was they're all like all all of them would feel like training in the summit right that's me not a pushing out pros but y'all Wanna go there like right near we don't go to the Paul Everything's hooked up over there and I was like I like that though he was like team you might be a you Michael Dickerson you'll look the same on TV br I'd say my TV kind of small. I mean I I don't see all the muscles like that hit that high high level then it was like Tony Bland so I gotta please tell me what gave him fully something like when I went like t j Ford I meant when he came through and he played out there but just we've got out there who would us and who on that level I know how could we come in every year the stadium plays man we was white boy he would just says so we won seven games my first year did you pass Laura say him for quadruple double Foti six fifteen thousand seventeen so you know that confidence then that so that boosted it was more to test them out so when I'm having like he's on the other team I'm with Jordan I ain't got a Serb six so I'm giving my business you like extra extra nice and that's when we got a chance to actually do like see you a person meet you see the funny thing about that 'cause I played against to Irish heard for years NBA NBA player right now and I started doing this Iran now bring one hundred I you know for those couple of goal when I did go to camps and I played against like players like like I never got to play against BVD 'cause I never hit that that a squad the thirty five so he was at thirty five I was like twenty nine so it was I the second and then the next person was like twenty one so we the carpet is like yeah why can't get up she'll say the WHO used to be real I knew he could score yeah yeah I remember Youtube because high school coming straight out of blight he goes straight out like straight out I like straight like yeah so I've just training because I was wondering what I never understood why he was there because I thought it was a football player was strong the football for football play Nice Bra football player Yup yeah so when I got Jordan can't he's enjoying camp and I just went to Arizona and most likely I went there just because him like if I can get the I can still his eh with everybody and he was getting to the bucket highlight that's all right now it was awkward a little bit 'cause you know you know you took the wise steps yeah but I didn't play against Jayson Williams so we were Jordan camp when I I say you closed was the joined candle like you stood out right away I he was the full Oh yeah none of that stuff yeah I didn't know half the people in my draft class was actually the same age Joe Johnson some like I had to look at it like Oh you you've always been nice like I I never heard about you in two we entered the draft wow said he do what he's a he'll know how I made varsity coach I'm sorry no one's getting al I got like I'm not because I didn't I didn't plan on you plan I didn't plan on you actually pass it about today like how does he like but she was always with Adidas though I never let the west coast see who's with Nike Enc. I go to ABC who's we entered the Birmingham Tournament so my coach wanted dusted going each other so my coach buses is is the is the people he okay you know you kind of be knowing who's the next coming because we've seen it every year all the college players who come and so forth the focus jo-john who the fuck is these players right so like we plan you know like you don't know what upside looks like when you're young what the fuck are you good right now back so all these players by Joe Johnson Special Guest Joe Johnson College I went to the championship bro Jefferson I'm the number one corner team I'm the best player in our team he is option three four doing he make no sense and just as gone you WanNa get a new I should have got all joining gear so you did you just sitting here reliable he's number one okay so I'm sitting like I I'm just like you know I played college about two years like I know Joseph Forte I know these guys Leogane that makes them look good in that might make me look good so we go against them we go against them and was funny is back there but in spite because I got Joe Lampley and Richard Jefferson so I'm only point guard so when we play one I got the speed so you know we play in in we went to we have Washington we're playing seven spots they didn't touch them all like bread run that second next own boom boom boom and I'm just sitting here who's Keyser Perkins who is remind Vich who's Tony Parker who who already yeah he got older joint pain you know you got a special special sorting you know so I'm over here like you know you sound like he got the that's how I that's how I got like no one knew I was so it was like one of those things in on my team would they must already call me 'cause I caught it like you know ten am so the audience aren call hope I can like do good so I can like tests where I'm at you know then I remember like the second year Amari came in and I remember him just you'll buy a you would okay I we like showed a one two you can now you can see like when he's off the ball you couldn't really because he's sitting there we hey you appointing all these days is trash process Joe Cain jump fans so I don't see what everybody but it was real real popular ferry by like he kind of art he getting a chain nobody's down he will get like the shooting is much they're just attacking them guys was like had bigger names everybody had why not realizing not realizing that's the Cognis of but you know he's already played college basketball so that's different so he's a whole different player so when I went to Jordan Ken we get drafted Joe Johnson Eleven Richard Jefferson thirty war he was the fourth the little guys arrest of these guys all straight in anger just started working out like now is saying and then on his hand let them be more of the point guard and called US dismantle watching them on TV and then CNN persons like different because he biggest motherfucker and that's once they get an MBA still growing they're so young so you can't look at the Google Height Mike Gordon Jane Johnson six Oh yeah man B I'm playing Joe when he got the Phoenix and then that's when I like when he was with tall and I was like before you and I was sitting ally yeah he and take the kids money I mean he's a accused China gamble him he's I say not planning for real money like UNC in draft I I have to him especially when you first got drafted it started getting that bread what was the what was the craziest thing you did with Joe because I know this is no chill God no you guys something spectacular gotta remember this to two thousand one so you already know what was popping the escalate escalate definitely so when you got you got drafted to Golden State got Mukhi blaylock in front of the always Miami was his his coming out he was there a year before we had one year before I got there Niba starting to show but when I got to put that ball understand like people like people look at Google big name is country strong Google this GROHL got the bitch we're looking like he was the enemy and I so it was like looking at all this talent like where were y'all doing my a tale John Stockton worse to me I thought he was just like some little blue white do leagues big in the most people think four I have all upside right right you you unfunny bus video nobody know me I'd give you fifty who is that Oh hi got my ears pierced boom jess for diamond just took out took that out big join ear just hanging on so you know the escalating Motari threes this way did exactly that's all three hundred on broke on done John Go six twelve webby made his face vibrator I like Ryan so imagine saying thirty to thirty one so looking at the money chart get a man me you'll pa where did it pick me at human pick yet you know the Richardson right as I just picked up how did they pick right Ed so when I got drafted so I didn't spend probably two hundred thousand thousand before I got dragged beating on him so I'm GonNa play you senior goal and so I'm seeing all these players trash and you can't go over it aren't four hundred easy ahead two pit bulls to escalate eaten up money gotta drive today Dave was finding earrings became cool diamonds square one went under twenty five hundred you know gas so you've got four hundred dollars four hundred dollars free money for the next two years I looked at the two purchases and every day get my desk and bread so here's I are you I you checked Gone Ryoko who notes you work remove unfortunately it was you guys who got that work doc these players is doing this being more like these players be ill remember that you and I just remember saying like man's just wait showtimes here's the rainy way took off where we were now rose ways of doing this is like the meat floss just do the regular part but I'll take swayed ears his I so you gotta get an apartment that's about twenty five hundred houses Daba struggling you gotta eat and I gotta eat something I used to do like that I like that first month so I used to do is when we got on the plane my backpack all that and how does this work done so I had to get a financial adviser and you get a financial advisor because that's gone that's already spent that yard spent some of your second year money glad you got a two year deal so he's so we're going we're going to budget off your second year for take H. About this big Thima service because I'm just eating all the food and stuff and doing that and that's how you know Padilla checks I lost that on the plane you know you've got Arab all y'all cars they're all your causes their summarize dissuade on the roof do give me this way a hapless he's the one behind me full the to get five or six twelve I'm sitting here looking at here but eight hundred sold me taint the only thing I did the only thing I did put in a car was was the mink floors Derek. We know that's when the change was coming out so it was the law all joints and we was all initials needed big names fruit all the fruit cookies all I took all that that was my because I can order room service so because everything must go yes I can order head risk so I'm sitting with sixty twelve I mean you want the you want the people behind you drive his own every two years via the TV talk drop in the middle and I want to tune ooh that's how I was like I'm sitting there like okay they won't let me jump in now because I ain't got enough so two hundred sixty eight I can win three games good you know I'm good one of his right so I think you guys had how many features like Ellen brain was a free agent everywhere we went to hamburgers ice cream okay yeah room service kind of have two cheese burgers for scoops of analyzed so what ends up happening is they come into play fifty million in everyone's coming and then Brian Russell opt out of his contract his last year right the calm he signs it this is creating a monster right here I see the writing on the wall so how's your which why are you saying lead or a four scoops of ice cream every time every time I just came down and say y'all got assigned by because at that time bounced everyone paying paying nobody was like no you have too many free agents to just say fuck it so you gotta you gotta spend try try Nachos the wizards so back then I was I was playing out of that I think it was the mid level exception so so the highest oh point guard and if you score they somehow push you too so you know so Iverson Irish was are to go to the Lakers so it was like the city so mentally I you know went I think Karma gators region Lamar offering I think it was like four offers you it was like it was like three or four free agents on your team and then I think the NBA you know they're not high-volume scores like you you know so facilitating so that's that's not my style you know so what ends eighty Jordan was more of I had mike baby in sack is Assistant and as Assistant I had Jason Kidd Tour She Lisi Wall going up look Burg every job so I'm ordering pizza Larry Hughes like I don't want a pizza so he he gets the orders room service right no no you can't order who are not so Chris meals a go to your room since you big baller now I need you to order pizza for the room and we're GONNA finish the game hero I call yet at the money you want to rule I I gotta take some of this money home chill-out is Larry Hughes Room Blah Blah Blah but can you send my food to this room shooting guard Eric snows point yeah you know so what ends up happening is once I had success at the point guard scoring score mentality and I went to Washington Larry's use of there where he caught on all you talking about getting ask what changed in Washington that it was like man I'm getting better and better every year see so when when I came into the League you gotTa Remember Point Guard was still he'll I'm a two guard with the ball all the time and that's where the confidence comes because no one was coming at me back then it was like Okay Mulberry Austin you start killing in Washington you call you call to like your knees like in a game like us won the top point guards and a lot of the size that these cash shoot right now this year you know and then same with rebound when Larry Left and with the Cleveland we bring in the payment was forty nine so denver already came in because I used to work out with Kiki Vandeweghe gentleman so he already said fifty yeah which was the the Mayor Stud but he's only averaging sixteen he wasn't like his highlight reel was what made them great it wasn't a point he was appliques three sodas it is Larry who's this well what can you bring it to room to do come he just he broke his stomach that year so once he broke his thumb I had to take on that scorn in me taking on a scoring push me into the all star but it was Larry who was the all star guard so it was Antonio Daniels who's not score yeah so basically I have discordant position all by myself guard and that's when as well since I'm coming down yeah so I'm just freelance on just sit back on defense guard Iverson do for those who don't know 'cause you know I'll privilege to the store you give me your story so I'm a two time all star and I'm trying to negotiate a deal with Adidas so you know I'm on I'm still on my you know I deal with them you know five hundred your name your name Jesse big enough so you know so when we say naming is not your talents your name so Kim Book receive from the highlights like like what did you see what changed in Washington because I know you love and you know you build it over poor with book you build a report where Anton giants my name out there so I have a immediate Sasha Jones like she runs the media for Washington and I was like happening is he's like well this is a two guard front you Larry share everything my first all star players all slower name ain't big enough Isaiah Thomas aiming big enough right now dame Leonard you know you you we know who you are so you were shooting I shoot from the logo turned around after you shot the ball like they really want seeing that in the league from other players you was doing it well struggling on rough so when you call Joe Knitting in Golden State and then you get traded to the wizards or you chose to it may look I ain't got no money by but did he just let me let me live I just keep it does he let me rock the recipes keeping normal don't go I need to do something to just live in my name outside of DC like I need the world to know she was like so we're just going through ideas and I was like so we're looking at the Jay Z's people in air like Jay Z was like charge you like seven hundred thousand like Damn said one hundred thousand for elbow you name ain't star name so simple how do I get my name Star Star Name but how do I get on to get this talk like that's what I will fly I'll do whatever it takes I just wanted to have the conversation we had the conversation so basically just me just me just coming just coming out everybody so by the time I made my first all star that confidence was just building and then it was like sixteen points he's GonNa try to off the heat to between your legs you know you know I don't have to worry about getting put forty on you know then you got twenty Parker who was still Agana from from Miami to La to DC to okay so at this point what I made a two-time all-star right dates of how everything played out winds also star you know then those my birthday it was like this birthday party like a big one I wanNA create black cards like the real black car as the invitation and we send it out to the people it has their name on and everything that's that's nice throwing up but he had to defer to cat cat is twenty he's sixteen so you know I get the leisurely even though this was trying to embarrass me birthday party and then all right and we're GONNA do like black card invitations were you invite real titanic like real like so we're sitting well I'm just the assassin for that point position had to play against Albertson Ages Zero Watchi- airshows guard first hand and when you lose in Orlando for those who don't know can you talk to them about the the Amex the American Express card the party that happened that went on in DC the audie because he was like I don't want to go but if you don't pay it I'll take it and why wouldn't you WanNa do parties everyone came and then jet blues so hooked up with Jet Blue and there were times from Los Angeles where you can pick that flat mean private like just invite only yeah oh that's perfect because I want to invite people with the black car so I said what all star balanced all-star balanced and then what ends up happening is after the party my name so big for torness strapping apart because I've rented out has it was private and it was invite only that made it more interesting everybody any mamma wanted to go now now we're before it was like three days before they cut off the all star DC made another push I was down two hundred thousand I beat Vince Carter by two hundred thousand so I'm like you know I wanna be bumped up at least two meal by two time all star and I'm to meal and as I said Kazatchkine is the party people so I need to do to begin down I was like can you tell for I will fly a helicopter all his varies at Eighteen nineteen twenty you know Eric you know any average and nine assists defer to another guard you know St Francis how did you do I know you want to get lowered into the top of the club in the in the in the what was it a Lamborghini that happened crazy because of the million dollars in part because the most most of the money was basically buying out every room L. flight so I can't remember the one D he's like a charge two hundred thousand okay what else divinities Debbie private so you don't make any so no one makes money quite private events versus parties different because more liability on my name POPs brought to get you pay for half a meal call Puffy so as they so would you host is that if you make private yes it's private done I'm your host why are the money here once his name got on it everything was the idea was to get so big for all of a sudden I can get that two million back for the contract and what ended up happening is right the first one I've been actually Larry and Antoine Yeah so we were sharing points so between the two of us we have forty points between the two of us at Tennessee like during December time also voting starts kicking in so now at the party before the party may we don't feel like these also ballots of inviting mostly from La Miami New York and so I got half the tickets and then the club got half two tickets to give it to the invites runs four seasons all rooms at the poor season do you hear this both the football forcing all every room so basically you have to do nothing all you had you already had a free and then the the the the four seasons and had my name on their pillow so I spent about two mil on this whole event it was free coming through so basically everybody from Los Angeles they got a one or two jet one or two three jetblue and came and then you had a fever so every day was that'd be like Puffy laws parties he can that's his thing so he can really help you with it is so you know getting republic people trying to now you are legit superstar name so you know we're going to reward you with what you wanted to two million dollar deal for eight years because I was asking for too it was like two for five I mean it would be real right so ends up happening is it was like yeah you know you did it your name is hot eighty so mine this is my negotiation so I told my dad and the staff I was like listen whatever number they come out with birth so what happened is my rep Zet called and said Ardita said sorry what number do you want and I can go back to the Jason Kidd didn't really try to score Steve Nash when he was in Dallas wasn't you know so I didn't really have to I didn't really have to go against anybody who's GonNa try to take my confidence away from me I'm going to be mad I'm going to be mad edible walkout y'all it five million five year for eight years the walkout leave so I was thinking like maybe they're going to start off at a million so ah I should I should win became back five is I deal Gangsta aw I those who never stops never sell enjoy an amazing cut two with Hennessy very special today and always remember to drink responsibly open the door so I just bounce out just hours and then just walked in my room and I was like please please just call he just called is we just call easy so bring back the little wayne puppies are host Blah Blah Blah it's a private event popping and then what ends up happening Ed Hardy shoe produced in Cognac France Hennessy is the world's best-selling Konia and support also because the because the name was ringing so much everybody's like get them get them get them and then that became a starter going into vegas two million dollars and we're going to give you three more years excited because they gave me three Bo years or the dollar they gave me three ace yeah the top eight so someone I had a computer person do straight fifty so I have fifty like girls just just and then I call them my secret service so that was that was the name of it the secret service so when I got Washington you know call them myself the black that's what I want as I go tell them they leave and I thought to see I don't know man I'm past back so I'm calling all these artists past has passed so I call so you see this what I'm talking about they bullshitting I'm out walked out the heart is after I walked out Connie drop me into the party you save with doing it is just seem Balderdash ball and I just see like baller the clothing how much you making off of it and I was like how much Megan paying for what was a main like the door like the door are you looking at synergy and looking at the spots and then it was like are your sixty percent from this spot like you know like three everybody's not blessed to get a nickname got a nickname song you about you to call you agent zero when you heard them was you like everybody call you about it and in the car I had my Lambeau so basically Ukraine me up crying is my this is a further chart why am I shooting so you start planning the game like in the summer so come up in a game and get to that spot and see what happens knowing that no one's GonNa pick up there so when I'm in that range you're not they're lended fly and that's how that came obviously using realized the defense wasn't there there waiting for you at the three-point line so here I'm not guard associate free shot uh so all of that and Ian Adidas cash you have Yup and then when I when I when I got the Vegas I didn't even get to enjoy vague because the Goshi the shooting size at the time that we plan like I watched the clip daymond literature he was like the last side in the playoffs he was in his rains nine and then and then it's like my presented jurors higher three feet behind the three point line was like why like why who in if I say three to same every two point five five maybe they say hell no comeback with three okay walk back in if I walked back in I seen week so I'm sitting in a in a defendant sitting there fighting in the hallway door and then I like here's somebody like rated took like you know so I signed that I signed the deal and they gave you on shoe I had Arhab already had my own not like I ain't nobody else doing this and you shoot them in a game humor like the is this program call synergy right right so what what ends up happening as often as a player mentally okay these guys are going to give me a problem yeah right Bruce born it it was just it was like trying to figure out how to bring you down like I was going to he he wanted to come in so yeah it was so funny it was crazy especially as the agent zero one because it was none basketball it was yeah member Maestro oh he's the hub archie when you start taking rains when you start stepping back for the for the from the three point line and shoot them in a game like you'd only one at the three points I got closer to three point line pick up right so I saw it became harder and in what I started doing is realizing I started training my shots back here main her body was just something I just said I was like so every time I shied and I was all fired her botchy came from and then people just like score you know who defenders all right these guys are great defenders they're they're the top the top top has hit him for forty and he's too if he's ring if he's the second like he's all first team defense I just gave him forty that's what they were calling me agent zero and then the name is like a nice name and then boom I just took off which one you like more eight zero but so agency rose the walk out slamming the door in the hallway audio take this deal I know I should have just took that deal you know what I'm Eh to to trust me I had to guard it went from just okay he was he was still a problem but it went to Supernova where you here emme second teaming shit teaming shit that means the recipes they're bums so now go into the game you bought a logo you know three point line is debt for bank which you were shooting it like what you confident like I know in your coat scene and shit isn't bright PLA- Bra Black President O- one so somebody you like Asian you'd like to agent Agent Zero Denison okay awesome thirty thirty thirty two against Cleveland we're Larry Hughes on it yeah y'all can't tell me nothing three amazing seasons in a row as because like he was putting his working in Jim US filling it felt good all the time you know it's first team I got to work against him every single day he was nice now every day I can score on him makes it harder for they played four times yeah I saw you when you didn't plan to when you got a chance to win you got to say when you got the wizards was hoping with the will book Dan went from wouldn't have been Iverson if he didn't practice no when he was at that level at that particular moment in his career he probably wasn't privacy damage but the man people who are at the top people are who's succeed you know all of us we we have to make it to the NBA in fifties sixties you game and people went telling them about the dual before you do or you talking you buy where did that whole entire conference indeed let them speak because you gotta remember as a Point Guard Jeff mcginness wasn't going army the guard so I had to go against bigger bodies there's a bottom line of hours you gotta put in there's no embedded in you I'm just no you have to put in the bottom line now some gotta put way more hours and are you talking in the Caribbean island I'm about to take ankles I'm about to do this crossing in the day when you're going out there putting buckets up like especially as exhilarating putting in the work that people don't see like speakerphone I like the work you put in when the reason that you had the these wow so what ends up happening is once you have success against DEF- like wait a minute I just there's just because they're not as gifted but you still got to put in somewhere so when people are in practice listen that's ridiculous Iverson everyone now so once he left oh it became all the swags up when we played him in the playoffs Ibra you bought kit work you know that right number no one tells us how to be great no one is a secret right no one tells you shit like you clippers organization and I already know your d I got a whole new office babies who do you buy the go so then I have success against him in. I'm watching Kobe I'm watching you know going to the gym watching Kobe going to the gym watching reality now seeing what veterans would what is the great do like you bite beneath me I just rock the second guard on all first team the rest y'all are not good enough Larry Hughes's second team yeah he he was under no Dan I can't make a mistake youngest dude out there one the biggest news out there but I'm the youngest dude out there as soon as I'm making stay Oh gee like man I sent a pick this young gene by looking at the grocery store police say you sitting there as a as a young guy trying to figure out like I want this but who's telling you you're a don't don't follow these dudes going we're going Jim and go and get three hundred shots at midnight ewing sleep let's go to the gym GonNa get three I I grew up the same way is and we didn't have weight rooms away program or or nothing about nobody resume like playing basketball player because like how I always used to see like at the at the practice facility shots size size like even when you got hurt it was like us at the press oh he he he he really so you see them now now I get to watch him how he works let's see how he works okay aw where he did it off experience you know what I'm saying like everybody don't get that but you you put in you know as like so when you have your your I didn't I throw light now known defense they put him in the it you know what I'm saying he came up where he didn't go on nobody weight room but he was so athletic and he knew how to play football and basketball is coming from where you're going you went from not even tired hunted to try to you know saying thinking man I'm GonNa go to school for five years now I'm staring Kobe down wait until like somebody fall off and trying to get a quick little bit and I'm good and what ended up happening is one a one had like six hundred I iago tell me y'all GonNa stop me when the top two guys didn't have no chance people don't never speak about like the the work you've put in often how to get it so what I I'm looking around in arena I'm the only one man but am I doing am I not doing enough you know so I don't have this I got a call a what is Kobe doing over there all yeah he waking up at three and Jim at three o'clock I go to take a cab let's go up and see sitting in and with guys this on a high level Dow was experienced and we learn from our mistakes I learnt for Mama stays by playing Oggi's Oh Anna's you Kobe all these guys Jason Kids they're going to say you know there's GonNa be a wall me and they're bigger in had to be in that Jim doing what he's doing because he is doing what he's doing that hey I'm going to just sit around and just do this I feel like here like ours so I I I call up little Wayne I and little wave calm do parties like damn I was like Oh eh no one's telling you gotta be strong going away soon just follow with the vegetables like it any fool swear him is he planning he going through a full game live battling getting hit going Whoa Ho Jersey t shirt here like play like body like to let's go foul gold like Komo harder immune dot com it was yeah exactly five five it even if I do work with you I'm still back on certain my now going into my fifth year I have an idea of what great players are doing they're putting in extra time they're really the reason we don't tell each other our secrets because we're still competing defeating Brazil competing going to tell you how I work I'm not gonNA work was rotated more for a look you're going to learn this at twenty five I'm giving it to you now at twenty two because no one's GonNa give it to you okay and you and you just see this is what the all stars estimate superstars is doing so double coma getting practice right now we're we're working on like going against Kobe or going against this person so we're not necessarily doubling the star enjoyed themselves because everything is so game like when it comes to the game it becomes easy yeah that's what I that's what it to you now at twenty two so you understand mentality that the better you get the more you're going to end up you're going to be playing in games where you're never gonNA see one player so you might as well yeah so the only time you're going to see real doubles in a game which is too late when when you the best player and you got the ball on your hands so much you really not sometimes playing against the defendant Dalla trying to figure out all right I gotta put this because this is what he's doing all right what is reality doing I really pick and rolls going hard line drills up and down young mentality get it is the young but we don't know no no one knows someone tells us so I'm like that's why I wrote it against the coaches strategy a against you you gotta learn how to get it and as I say remember how we practice like never aw I wanNA move steeler moves old I I grew up on Penny Hardaway but it was a point where I moves and then in the summer I'm working on them so I'm crapping all my talent around all NBA players earlier he just practicing I mean he's just practicing you're doubling opposing player who's Kobe y'all run on high alert so technically you never learn I learned but I had to learn at just big one phone call that I was just being Nosey nobody's just GonNa be just giving you the Dylan remember just like just like a computer a laptop or iphone yeah you have to update it the only way you learn how to go against a double interior in game and wh what ends up happening I want somebody coming off on defeat it now you defeated in trying to get a young cats all the information that I got like you need to know all this well you take it in or you apply or at least somebody told you ktar training now and the only way you can train is here doing it in knees games because practice you'll coach saying oh we're going to double Devon Booker no you're working on other teams played that's why that's why when I was watching Kobe I told this is how you supposed to train 'cause you're GONNA learn it don't get me wrong you're GONNA learn it I'm just given two years early because I started realizing human no I'm GonNa let Y'all doing Chris Johnson daugaard jump into criticizes we did a little together but I'm not going to do what I do Gabe I'm going to go by his program because that's what you do it and then you leave Baio Chris I needed to make shit fake leave and my d- miles and then I just had this whole book that Crawford all boom boom boom so at the end of the season I got this big blue book for all the right now today's game like what dues would you pay to go see because you like whatever they're doing that much and how doing Russ back I'll leave guys see all tomorrow leaving in comeback likes it I'll just bullshitting but who did you game that's who you seen them so what I did is like during the season like this is will bynum used to love when I came to Chicago during the season like if you didn't move bye bye bye bye motion yeah I did too Euro I did the year old practicing all the steps that hero yeah never actually tried it in the game Kyri just for the entertainment part Kyri because I know that shaking he don't get like if he's scored twenty points you know what I mean it's like today's game as is not as bad as we wanted to be you know all day just 'cause if you spend no matter if you spend twenty thousand floor seat he going give you the energy why hardin moves pass and he says okay Hardin move is let's say a seventy thirty seventy yeah Did I used to spend a summer doing floaters never did a floater in a game but it's in you you built it in you might need some point and when you do decide to do it it's not foreign so you just all I'm doing just bend in my body learning you know how to do stuff like all Jamal Crawford think is better harden when people say like I asked her I said can you tell me pushes upcoming you by yeah you took that move somewhere you just apply to just out on a pressure come from reaction we're reacting head of the doubt I can't just prejudge that one actually right there was a child because you gotta remember when he goes he's he's stepping now I got like it I can't judge that fast but what I do say well he's moving away from the basket so the defense has an event inch because he's moving away he's not moving towards the he's moving away from the basket so I'm not going to help you out by just sitting here just blowing the whistle every time he does a step it is not a really a lot lot to basketball is basic but it's a lot to basketball if you know what I mean it's reading stinkier now go back look at that time when you did that's what I usually watch the time pointed to the director write that down here right down at time I'll go back look at that move put that all in the game it's all just never had to use it because you gotta remember whatever your natural talent is that's what you go to does but when he blah is okay I've paid for this I paid for this energy I'm going to go see dame I'm going to go see you know curry it'd be it would always bounce you know what I mean so it was like really China just take you know moves from everybody you just let it slide so with that being said how could you see yourself in this league and how many that's what I want to ask you because I know you somebody who really really watch this and and can get in debt who what do do you love the whites eighty five I can because I can see someone doing that was my game that was other than harden I didn't dribble as much to get that update is if you see something like got an update so I gotta look at like got him we don't have the same skill level because every moved on fit you like I I mean it's it's it's hard to say like Oh yeah I'll kill at school fifty and sixty every time like I'll just fast forward and say all right celebrity percents of the time is legit thirty percent of the time he's traveling yeah but in real time because at seven thirty I have to give him a board different like I'll I'll post up that's what I'm saying I'm mid range I'm doing all list but I can say I can be I will be really successful like so we're sitting here okay it's a seventy thirty so for the most part he's doing it legit sometimes he gives me anxious so when he's in real time and he does it right so it was like well you know where he's going going back there somewhere you know zoe I mean he's just he's making harder shots than easier shot so Zeno tried to get it didn't fit me it was the funniest it didn't have to fit as long as long as your body understands that unless it was like boom boom boom boom in travel other than that I have to let the play because they don't look down they go off go body most body look like you can get throughout the I take moves like Steve Smith was a move that I added to remain that's part of the game but every move that I was getting that's your team has to be bad or good just good enough to be okay but you can score all shots you know so it's it's still plays a lot zippers up dwayne Wade's zippered up to the pick and roll like you know you had more plays than you do now because now it's more ball dominant it's all shaken twenty there's a shake and bake twenty so you know but at the end of the I watch everyone because everyone brings something different I'm like damn I'm like harden were on three or free line three of the free throw line but because I you're a young kid and you come into an NBA where everyone's older you're trying to bond

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What Are We Even Doing Here discerning about ministry roles?

Christian Podcast Community

53:46 min | 2 years ago

What Are We Even Doing Here discerning about ministry roles?

"Seeks question even do exist. Own lives as the word. Got the job. World is. Generally world is genuine. My name is Daryl. Yeah. I'm here with my wife came. Also known as and canon. Use colour canon, Kenan, they go Kevin Kennon I think, as the first one couldn't say are controlled Karen, so I was cannon among other names. I have a lot of names you do. Fifty fifty is your social media name? And now everybody caused that. All the. Actually some. There are some people that don't realize my name, isn't ready. I love him. Ask you, your name's shitty. Is it really? No, it's nickname. Oh, it's how'd you get that nickname? And the funniest. The funniest is when I tried to get Syria to call me fifty. How did you couldn't do it? You could say Siri, call me something so that when you address her, or when you ask her something she can dress, you as whatever you want. So she was like, okay, fifty. And then I was like, no fifty fifty. Okay. Big tea, and I'm like, no fit like I literally could not do it. It's crazy. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to try again, call me. Call me name, okay. Big teeth. Nice. Something. Big. And we also have. Bacon and eggs, I'm also he's and use that used to call me Dolly. Yeah. Married. He said, I was your Dali. Yeah. Karen, you telling way too much. I'm not gonna call you Dahlie on this show. Maybe some other time but not here on this show. Karen what I want to know is why do I get so motion. When I watch America's got talent. Whenever the person gets the golden buzzer. Man, try not to cry. Choked up. I cry after almost every. I guess every person that does. Well, I guess. Yeah. Well, a lot of cry cry. Well, a lot of times, they have people on the show that, like, you know, they'll tell you, they're hard luck story, you know, or they tried to make it when they're younger older backup singer backup dancer. They wanna be a star. That's nice like the, the one all few ladies have said this, actually, they, they just stopped into care of their kids. And then now they have some free time again. I was thinking, that's, that's. That was the right thing to do. I think it's because the underdog story like appeals to. Too many people. Yeah. Oh, the come from behind win or somebody who has had a disease or sick or in a car accident. Or they lost a loved one, and now they're there to, to honor their loved one. But that I think that just shows that were made in the image of God. And we know the underdog story of fallen nature fallen, man, that needs deamer needs a hero. And that person is Christ. And even even the story of the gospel, like our hero king like all his disciples think he's gonna take over right there and become king. Then he dies on the cross, and you know, and he's dead. He's in the grave. And then he comes back story that, that we all love, you know, he didn't just come and just became, you know, like he came and you had to die are death and it look it looks defeat it and then he's in the great for three days in rises again. And now he's risen and he is king. And he'll come back, he's gonna come back in triumph when the gospel goes to the whole world. But we see that we see that in movies, too, you know, so it's not just, you know, America's got talent or shows like that the appeal to us, and that's why a lot of people watch these shows, but we see all the superhero movies that come out or even passer, Luke talks a little bit about Harry Potter in one of his, his sermons. And when I first saw Harry Potter like the whole series in how spoiler alert Harry has to die in order to defeat the evil dark Lord Volta mortar. And then he comes back I said, the same. Not be named. And then he comes back, so you see that gospel story in, in the writings, I don't, I don't know if Jay Rowlings Christian Mitch you might even grew up in that background. But we see that and then apparently a story to like wasn't she homeless? And maybe like she came from nothing. I think and just I don't know. Man, I don't know one wire how but. In again, the marvel superhero movies that are out DC. We see these heroes that. Look like they're being sacrificial or that are being. Saying official like putting their lives on the line. And I think something happens in endgame, where one of the I don't want to see and talk more about examined seen it. But I don't know. I don't know. I think it's that, like perseverance endurance thing too. It's like. Eared through all this offering. And, you know all these trials and on still here. So it's like even even sports. I think a lot of people watch sports. That. I'm a Mets fan. So my baseball teams always the underdog, even when they signed great talented players. They're not gonna wins when they do. It's like, oh, look at this they want, but I probably will never see him win the World Series whatever. You never know. I'm not I'm not as obsessed anymore care over. I know. It's been a while, but we're not talking going to have the whole episode on that, but it was something I was thinking about because we just watched the America talent. And like every time, it's on I'm like, there's always one moment. So I'm used to be so mean now. But we're just going to do an episode kind of giving you a heads up the listeners out there, a couple of guests, we have coming on hopefully in July. I know I know they have a busy schedule. And it's hard to nail these guests down, and we keep saying we're gonna have guests on. We're gonna have guests on. But people are busy, they have lives, and we'll get some guests on here, but we're going to have. Choline sharp from theology gals. She's going to be a guest and she, she. Is available in July. She said, so, so we'll get her on. And she's gonna talk about discernment. Especially the sermon in, in women's ministry, 'cause her podcast, addresses, a lot of it's not just a discernment podcast that she has. She talks a lot about theology, a lot about reform theology from Presbyterian perspective. Suggestion Peter's podcast, we're still waiting for the decay on the stern. You Justin Peters when his is going to be discernment either specific he's going to talk about. But it's more of a bible teaching podcast. I'm sure topics like that will come up with him. Yeah, I'm not sure when that is coming out. I believe Andrew reports been on his case still waiting forward. Nick Swayne for some music. We will get him on. Hey. Choline together on discernment on the servant. I don't know probably hard to nail both in down for the same time, but we'll see. We'll see. We'll see what happens, but it's important to be discerning. I'm just gonna read from Philippians. Paul writes about the sermon is Philippians chapter one versus nine to eleven from the NAS be the non Armenian standard bible, or new American standard by and word. Have got says and this I pray that your love may be may abound, still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment so that you may approve the things that are excellent in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ having been filled with the fruit of righteousness, which comes through Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God. So Paul wants us to be. I'm sorry. He wants us to have real knowledge in all discernment, so that may be proved things that are excellent. So we need to discern the things that are excellent to know what is good to learn from. And what is not what is good. To edify us as Christians encourage us to the cycle in our walk and the things that aren't good things that we should stay away from. So why would you say discernment is important? Well, the sermon this is like, I think the thing that I think about most often because there's so much out there. There's so many Christian influencers and there's. I think it's so easy to not know how to discern, especially now, like because there's so many popular pastors and there's so many like celebrity passers, I guess you'd say and there's so many books out there and, and had you know, you know. But I think it's important because. You could really be let us stray pretty easily. By the wrong message, you know. Yeah. And even like. You know, I wouldn't necessarily say that people who listen to bad teachers. We're not saying they're not Christians or even the false. Teachers may. In some cases be Christian, but. We have to be careful, you know, God wants us to discern. He wants us to know what's good and solid, and then everybody has one hundred percent right? But there are things that we can know and there's good teaching there's bad teaching and is important that we, we teach each other, you know, especially as husband wife is a family to be in the word to know what is good. And what is false and I think I've shared that quote before, from Spurgeon, basically, he says, discernment isn't knowing the -sarily knowing right from wrong. But right from almost right. And that's why it's where it's hard like you're saying, there's so many things out there that are from this Christian world from different teachers here and there that make it sound almost right? And that's when it's most dangerous when it's not as obvious what their teaching is wrong. Some discernment bloggers and posters posters hoaxers could contend to go overboard, where that's all they do is just, you know, find the false teacher. Find the false teacher when that's not that's not necessarily good thing to do this calling out names constantly, we should call out names because we want to warn warn the flock. You know, we're not to go ultimately, we can't. Always convince people that certain teachers are bad. All's we can do is show them the evidence in God guide them in the correct way to go. But it's just sad. I dunno breaks my heart. When when good solid Christians are following false. Teachers reading in promoting false books and order, they quote them. And it's like, well what does that mean in context is that? Is that quote true? But it sound was true. And again, that's the discernment part like this is almost true. But what's the foundation underneath of that? Is it a truly biblical stance at that teachers taking necessarily? So that's kind of like, what would choline does on, on her podcast when they bring up things like that, like? Certain groups that. I just think it's so hard because some days, I'm just like just, forget it. Like, because the more people, you know, 'cause you do tend to as a Christian kinda put your faith in certain people. You're like, oh, John piper all the way like any, you know, and then you tend to just agree with anything. That person says, you know. Just because there's someone you trust. And. It's kind of. Silly, the sink you'll agree with everything anyone says. But gosh, sometimes, I think like this is just still such a struggle point for me, 'cause I don't know. It's like I, I want this concrete answer all the time. So I just have to work with whatever wisdom has been granted to me, thus far and just way, when I'm seeing out there against what I'm reading in this book. Necessarily, we have an objective standard. So when when a teacher is questionable. We go back to that standard. You go back to the bible. And what's, what's the word of God say, so not necessarily, what this teacher says verse that teacher we can do that? We can compare what they say. Look at commentaries study notes in the study bible, but ultimately, what is what does the bible say, and we have the Holy Spirit that guides us into all truth. And it is in courage, ING like having these people liking I'm so grateful for these, these pastors that I have been learning from and even women that write books that have taught me a lot about God and scripture and stuff. Yeah. And even the teachers we like, and we listen to a lot like we don't agree with everything all their conclusions. I mean you can take things like catalyse like I consider myself. Covenant all, so I go between in post mill not to get. Mill post mill. Not the technical right now. Weekly nerdy. Maybe we'll do it episode with on end times. Yes. Because hajjis end times if you didn't know with that meant. But you know other core. Thanks S. Cataldi. We can argue over it. We can have, you know, in house debates. But it's not as I don't believe it's as cut and dry. I mean I would disagree with dispensationalist but. But I don't think that's necessarily a salvation issue, and I wouldn't not still learn from somebody who believes this little. The. But certain other things I might. Same thing without is still learned from Presbyterian. Even though I don't think we should sprinkle babies. I don't think that's I do believe baptism as a sign of the new covenant. But I believe the new covenant is with believers, but I will always say that I could that's the one I could be swayed on if somebody gave me good, biblical argument. But I still haven't had one yet. But I could I could go to Presbyterian church and be perfectly happy worshiping with Presbyterians. Yeah. I think it's like you just have to protect the gospel. You know, is there Jesus the same as your Jesus? Right. Is a good news. The same the same good news. Yeah. And that's where teachers like, I'll name when Bethel vessel church in reading where I believe that Bill Johnson does not teach the same Jesus of bible. He says, Jesus. Wasn't God while he was on earth? Yeah. And things like that. So is that what the bible says? No, he says. He was got. He's always been God's Sixers like even though he says that you can listen to other things other things he says, but I think if he has that wrong. Then there are other issues there too. Continuation of the gifts and basically exploiting. I think abusing you know, the, the gifts. Speaking in tones. Prophecy? Yes. School, the Hogwarts. I think. Hogwash. But so obvious ones like that. And what's the less obvious ones are like more like the word faith. In between and on name, somebody who I believes false teacher. Stephen fertig. I said. Yeah, but I believe he teaches a borderline, if not full prosperity gospel at times, faith word, faith type things. And I think it's more dangerous when it's subtle, you know, so they'll say good things and every so, often preach, the correct gospel. But then some kind of false teaching will come in there. So all that say is there's, there's more solid. Teachers is not like we're at there's only certain people out there, we have to listen to these people, they're solid teachers solid teaching that we can glean from you don't have to go to these false ones. But also I can do is more people. And if you're an assault church and you're not sure about something or listening to or someone could always ask your pastor, or, you know, the deacons someone you trust in your church. You know, maybe get a general consensus, you know. But I think like it's so dangerous now too, because I mean I know. There's always been persecution, but I feel like just what we're getting lately, and how it's escalating, especially with like. That passer that just got arrested. And then just what's in the news lately. And then I was listening to Allie stuck in. She was talking about YouTube now is starting crackdown on not D. Monetize ING certain channels for certain opinions and stuff like that. And I'm like, oh, jeez. Like, you know, if people are at churches, that are preaching health, wealth, and happiness like what's going to happen when it really comes down to the suffering, and the persecution. You know what's in evidently coming? Yes. If the gospel, you preach can't be preached in a third world country. It's probably not the truth houseful. Like if you can't preach that in, in places where there is poverty already persecution. Ready? Yeah, it's not gonna hold up like you won't be prepared which I don't know maybe that's a blessing like if the persecution on anyone. But if we start. We are being more persecuted as Christians in this in the west in this country. And the true churches God preserves his, his sheep. Maybe he's using that as judgment that's gonna. Yeah. It'll start leaning out the false teachers. I mean, I, I would rather pray that those false teachers, repent and syrup Ritu docile, but that's, I think, and we got to really start memorizing scripture like, yeah, I didn't read that artists all that in China, right? Yeah. I just kind of skimmed it quickly. I didn't read the whole thing. But I was like, oh, that's so true. Like we. Me and my daughter have been kinda working on memorizing Romans, but your daughter. Sometimes you when recording. My daughter. Have you met her? But yeah, like we'll even go through, you know times when we just don't feel like it, you know it's just being being human center, but. But yeah, we gotta make that a priority. Because really, if it comes down to like not being able to have a bible, then if it's like they said that arguments in your heart to can't take that away. We got wonder I wonder, how fast like if that happens here, like is it going to happen fast? Because everything seems to be moving fast, and yeah. Like you would think because we have a conservative president, like they're not like that's what he ran on conservative. Even though sometimes he goes back and forth like most politicians, there's something there, though, like like we're being preserved, right? There's like almost like, maybe it's a calm before the storm to come in the next election. Because some people are saying, like, whatever if democrat, I mean, not to get political, but, like a left leaning person because I know nothing about politics. But, but many think if somebody from the left gets in there gonna be extremely left. Yeah. And that's like so all tra- liberal, because just like and we're going to be just seen as. Yeah. I mean. Sorry. Just going to get rested left and right. Yeah. Because if you're out like preaching the gospel in the open air. I mean it's not as bad as, as Canada is, that's where that preacher was got arrested. So they're laws are little bit different there. But if you say certain things. I didn't hear what he said, but it was a very loving probably shoot probably quoting the scriptures. Like. Yeah. How any of us would say, you know? But it's scary, but we have to just. Yeah. Like there, there's a rugby player that, like, I think they kicked him off the team or something in New Zealand? I'm not exactly. Sure. So don't quote me on that. But he tweeted. Something from first Corinthians that listed, like, you know, idolaters homosexuals and this won't inherit the king of got and such were some of you. But you have been washed, you know. And like they, you know they focus in on that part. You know he he hates homosexual because he read the rest of the text and like. The society like everyone's just thrown into one heap. Like there's no you're Christian out your conservative like you must feel exactly this way, you must hate people. Right. And then they don't sit down to talk to you, like, yeah, don't realize really interesting time saying loving people. They just don't see it that way. Yeah. Yeah. So we're going all over the place. But yes, so this is where we were we started that conversation. So it's good that we should discern, as Christians, we should read the bible in measure everything up against what the word of God says. Yes, we can have teachers we can have. Commentaries and other books to help us study the bible. But ultimately, it goes to what the word of God says, and staying prayer and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you. And then we use each other iron sharpens iron, and that's what we're gonna have Kaleen sharp on here to discuss. Probably more specific with her two is the sermon within women's ministry. These, do you think? I mean, yes, there's a lack of discernment in general in the church in the west. Do you think there's a lot more that from, like women's ministries, would you see? I feel like in a church. However, whatever the church government is the, the pastor, the deacons really the men should have the authority in the church and they should be overseeing, what the women are doing. What books are reading what bible studies. They're doing you know what Christian women. They're following and I feel like there's a lack of that at least in the churches. That I know of. It's kind of it's kind of unfortunate because. Could come across wrong. I'm not saying, like women could lead straight easier than men. But right. You know, women like women in general. Like when a woman gets up and talks about their life and their struggles. And you know and then they they try to throw scripture on there. And they, they make it sound all like powerful story, you know, women tend to respond like oh, girl. Hugo girl from. Yeah. If women are more accepting and we're emotional being. So in a way, we are more susceptible to fall for false preaching and stuff. So. So I feel like the men in churches really need to. Step up. I mean I don't know what goes on in, in most churches. But at least from what I see from my friends from my fellow Christian women friends like the men kinda let the women just do what they want, and don't really even know what they're doing. Yeah. I wonder if that comes from the this just trust. I mean yeah. Thing. Right. Because for me what I would see probably trust me. Yeah. I yeah. I trust we watch and listen to read, but I would also if there's something that I already thought was questionable because we, you have said to me, like, don't read that book, or I wouldn't suggest that book, right? I wouldn't necessarily tell you not to read the book, I would just say, be careful and that's the thing. That's what I believe, like, you know, the husband's role in a Christian household is the spiritual wellbeing of the family. So with that, you know, when do devotional together bible studies together even family worship time. Then within the individual time like scrutinize every thing that you read, but if I see something that already think is questionable that you reading, or quoting or posting on social media. I would just be like bring that to your tension and discuss it with you. You know. So it's not like no don't read that I, I don't think that's a good way to lead. A family is so the same thing I think would should happen in a church. With the male leadership roles elders. Pastor would be to go to like the women's ministry, and so will you know what bible study? Are you doing thinking about doing this whatever not gonna name names, but okay, well, what, what benefits, do you see in this, you know, in this bible study and just try to talk about and work through it? Yeah. In the ultimate, but if you know they keep demanding to do that study. Well, let's the difference. There's ways is trying to say to, to help somebody else discern without cutting them off completely, which I'm learning that over time because I used to be very like, oh, that's Jesus cone. You shouldn't do that. Like now, I wanna be more, you know. Delicate with people who you know, whatever book, they're reading, or whoever whatever teach their earnings from hoping to lead them gracefully into the truth. Doesn't always work still. Oh, I love that teacher, that teacher meant so much to me when I you know, usually it's an emotional thing because there's teachers I'd like us like the one I mentioned before Stephen Fertig. I listened to him when I first became Christian. I thought it was great this awesome. And then somebody mentioned something to you about, like you like seeing Fertig. Why do you like them? Well, and then you have discussion, then you start looking into like, okay. Maybe not. So that's happened to you. You know, people have warned you like people have stepped out in face. Hey, I don't think the exactly what happened with stopped listening to him and really looking at it. Somebody mentioned Siggia grateful of doing that. Yeah. Same same with. Like bethel. I didn't listen to any teachings from there. But I used to listen to Jesus culture, and then somebody's, like, really geez. Why do you like to say that started conversation and I was like, oh, I'll look into it, and, like, yes, isn't good stuff. So it's important to be discerning. And like you're saying the whole debate in itself. Yeah. Music discerning that there's you know, there's so much to discerning. I could see like you're saying there's frustration, like when does when do we stop, like being when, you know, when is it overly discerning, but we, it's because there's such a lack of it that we need more of it than some people. Go too far overall, there's more. There's more bad stuff out there then or at least a bed stuff on bad stuff. But you know that's what's popular. You know. That's what you see, on the bookshelves. That's what you see on the top sellers list. It's all the, the stuff that tickles your ears. And it comes from tickling, your ear for what you want, like, health wealth. You know, things like that or emotional, very emotionally driven, not so much driven emotionally from knowledge of the truth. Like, yeah, we are got made us men women both with emotions because God has emotions church every week. Right. But it's because of the truth of really the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Like we're sinners deserving wrath. He how can you feel if you don't know? Right. So it's not just. Like God comforts you on your bad day. Yeah. He can do that. But there's a whole underlying truth of, of the ternal truth of Christ. And who who we were before Christ, who we are now? That's what should drive our motions in worship in what we read, in, in just that we shouldn't be puffed up knowledge, but we should we should know what we believe why we believe it in that should drive us to motions for, for gratefulness grateful. The God gratitude and also drive us to tell other people about it. And that should give us the drive to want to correct our brothers and sisters to know the truth is, well, we're worshiping spirit and truth. I mean, we're worried about them hating us. But really, it's just again at a love 'em. And do we do we always just trust, like if we're feeling convicted about something like they say if you're personally convicted about it, but that person is not then you should not do that thing like sometimes? Christian liberty is that when you're kinda talking about. Like San if you see the sin, somebody else doesn't. Yeah. Would you say to, to, to use that rule kind of like if someone does something and thinks it's okay, almost what they could brother like in enrollment? Yeah, yeah. Because reading the. Wondering the weaker rather, like. Right. Yeah. Because they think sometimes saying, usually, usually that's brought up with like drinking alcohol. Right. The week of others. The one that says drinking's sin, so you don't you don't drink alcohol in front of the weaker, brother. So you're saying, like, maybe if we see it's sinful to watch a certain teacher. But the other person doesn't yeah. Is it the same thing? I'd say it's different in way because if somebody's believing false thing I mean, what we believe, has Turner consequences, so it depends on who the false teacher is and what they're teaching. So I take correct gently, you know, correct them with with gentleness. Try to talk about it. Yeah. And at the same could go with alcohol. If somebody flees, if I mean, if you're drinking a lot, like somebody should correct you on that. So, yes, so we're gonna have Coleen talk about the Cernan and sermon in. Women's ministries. Then we're gonna have another guest on who you're going to hear his commercial right now. Andrew Rappaport s- rap report is a podcast, providing biblical interpretations and applications. It is a ministry of striving for eternity, and part of the Christian podcast community. We provide a biblical view of cultural events, discuss how to apply. God's word to the Christian life address issues that concern the church and we even take some time to offer a correct understanding of those commonly misinterpreted passages of scripture, you will hear from great guests like Justin Peters. Todd Friel Jay, Warren, Wallis, and gave Hughes, Andrew has the Rava report daily, which is a two minute Monday through Friday podcast. And then the longer rap report podcast. For more content subscribe to both today by searching for rap report on any podcast app, spelled R, A, P, P report, or click the podcast link at striving for eternity dot org. And we're back. The delicious grape delicious gripes is delicious. Grape. We're going to have. That guy one day, we'll have him on in July who you're just hearing. That guy that does not sleep does not sleep, and no, not, not gave Hughes. He's not going to be on. He just does his commercial. But he's going to come on Andrew, it and talk about an even more controversial subject that kinda relates to discernment. It'd be interpretation of scripture, but there's a big. Big to do going on Christianity right now. And it's weird. It seems like these things go in cycles, because this was controversial. I mean it's always been controversial. But now it's big in the limelight again. And that would be women's roles in ministry. So and from. One of his quotes was posted on Facebook. Couple of weeks ago, I think when he was in the Philippines, Justin Peters and called quite a stir. Friend of ours posted it and there's a bunch of people commenting on it. But right now, it's controversial should women be allowed to be pastor should women be allowed to preach in the pulpit on a Sunday, so Andrews gonna come on and talk about what he believes the bible says about that. And I agree with what he says, because I believe that's what I believe what the bible says. So does that mean you're married, does that mean Karen, your woman, right? I hate you because because that misogynous to do dishes. Married you so I can do the dishes. I. But it's a big deal. And you know some people say it's a secondary issue. It it is. I mean, I don't think it's necessarily salvation issue. I don't know where Andrew stance on that. We'll find out but I believe that. That it would cause me to not go to church with, with a woman pastor because I believe the bible is clear that the qualifications for elder. Passers husband of one wife. Like uncertainty. Even if I did feel like women should be allowed whatever. It just doesn't seem to even make sense with the whole theme of the bible in the theme of what women and men were created for like, are just our roles women and men just doesn't make sense. Really? So in second sorry, I Timothy chapter two. Verse verse eleven. Paul writes the Timothy woman must quietly receive instruction with the entire submissiveness, but I do not allow women to teach or exercise authority over man, but to remain quiet for it was Adam who was first created, and then eve, and it was not Adam who was deceived. But the woman being deceived fell into transport chance Gresham, but women will be preserved through the bearing of children, if they continue in faith, and love and sanctity with self restraint. So. Some people say that, you know, they interpret that all that's the context of you know what was going on at the time. So there were either uneducated women, so they would teach wrong things or there was. A woman priestess in the pagan temple. So they didn't want to confuse people. So that's why Paul writes this, but I mean is is rooted in creation, like you were saying before the theme of the bible. Adam was as I and given dominion too. You know, so it was his responsibility to teach eve to not eat the fruit. And. He was standing there when eve took the fruit, and he didn't say anything, but she was deceived, the serpent talk to her, and he just let that happen. So really, that's why we get. It's Adam's sin that we inherit, but. You know, I think Paul's clear and even even the roles of husbands, and wives like there's, there's different roles that I have that will you have. Maybe so within the church, it would be that same thing kind of like what you're saying before about. Helping women discern you know, not just giving them go ahead and do what you want. But having that leadership over them. And I believe that what, what Paul hasn't view here is that. So a lot of people would say, okay, well, yeah, I would agree. Women can't be pastors but they they're allowed to preach on a Sunday in the pulpit. And I was watching a good debate with Tom Lasko and Dwight music, I think. I think that was named Wiedeman his. And they were debating this topic. Thomas school in the cross examination asked agree question. He said, what's the primary role of the pastor? It's preach the word of God. So he has his opponent. He said, would you allow that women who you occasionally on a Sunday? Preach. Would could she preach every Sunday, and he said, no? So I think it's inconsistent like if if pre one why not all? Yeah. When all is preaching is a thorough Tatum Lee teaching I believe it is on Sunday. It's part of the worship service. It's you're preaching with already you can't not preach with authority on sometimes like and like our pastors the shepherd of our flock. Right. Right. Like could a woman be the shepherd of flock, and just feel. It just doesn't make sense. Right. For that to, like churches. And just some thing we just do for, like, don't just Christians to get together. Like church is a big deal is it's got church. Like, I think. He's very specific about how he wants church done. Because it's all the letters to all the churches like you're doing this. Right. You're doing this wrong, you're doing like, yeah. Good job to this. Yeah. You need help in this area. Like, why would he be so specific? Like. I believe it's clear. Yeah. There's certain things that are in context to get that part. Right. Yeah. So there's certain things that Paul wrote and the New Testament that yes, there's some cultural context behind it, definitely. But certain things are still rooted in scripture. And even when the stuff is in cultural context, we still apply that it's still applicable. Maybe not specifically, you know, maybe you can't just throw it out and be like us not for me. Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing modestly indiscreetly, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly garments. But rather by means of good, works as proper for women, making the claim of godliness, so. If they're in verse ten but by means of good works as is proper women making a claim of godliness. So the point the poll was making there was not like the braided hair not specifically those things. Right. But so because culturally in that time that was seen as being flashy. Like you're being you're drawing attention to yourself. Don't draw attention yourself by what you're wearing what we put in your hair. How you do your hair but by your good works? That's how you'll draw attention to yourself. So you can apply that, like, don't wear skinny jeans. Don't we're yoga pants the church like. Something that's going to draw attention to yourself, so that in this context meant what it meant then. But we can apply to what's going on today, but the next versus where he routed into creation of a woman. Not speaking teaching with overmanned has foundation there, that goes back to creation. So you can't say that's just for that time time period will then poll made it from the beginning like equates it back to the beginning. So yeah, there's a context to that as well. But where's where's it grounded? And if you get that wrong, like I believe that's obvious. That's why wouldn't go to that church, and I wouldn't want to go to event that has a woman that's labeled as pastor like that would be hard for me to be at that event where I would just not be a net session because if they got that wrong like what else did they get wrong because this is an surprising to me that, that this is such a debate, and I think it's because people want to bring the world in to this decision and say, you know, because that's all what's going on, now like girl, power and. I think this is a decision that people are making not strictly from the bible, because they want people to come to their church or, you know, they want people to not hate them for for, for saying this. But. I don't see hells you could interpret that. Like I just don't see I don't see how you can come away. Saying, God, definitely wants women to preach in the pulpit on Sunday that God definitely wants women to be pastors. There's no way I don't know what am I missing. We got way deeper into this. But when we have when Andrew educates hill. We'll get us into a bunch trouble. But it probably won't even understand what he's saying. But. He's a good teacher. Yeah. But that's that he he'll explain it much better. We've gone long. I think on this your editing tonight the I'm gonna. Well, we didn't our other commercial that we have we're gonna get more commercials, by the way, other other people in the Christian podcasts community members of the Christian podcasts community, and we're adding new podcasts like. Almost every week. Now we've got a lot. And our two guests are the heads of Christian politics that we'll have coming on soon. Andrew report and choline sharp, right? I was joking with Andrew lesson to hire staff. I was like unhealthy out, but I don't know any of the technical stuff. No. Training is there training. He'll start a new podcast. Right. It'd be like starting your own ministry. Do you want to start a ministry? Speaking of starting ministry, let's listen. The commercial for the five Solis podcasts, the five SOLAS podcast, a weekly podcast, hosted by James Watkins that is dedicated to the reformed theological, distinctive and their continued relevance for the Church World today. Grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone scripture alone to the glory of God alone. Join us each episode discuss the truce of these foundational rallying cries, the Protestant reformers, the prophetic challenge. They present and sound wisdom. They provide as we delve into their biblical meaning and theological significance and reflect upon and appropriate their true, we will be engaging issues in the church and each week from the rich inside reformation Christianity. We will be showing all the manifold ways in which this material helps challenge and direct the church in its life of worship and witness. And confront the idols of our age with biblical. Discernment. That sound apologetic in a manner that is as open and transparent as possible. Well challenging you to seek the lower of gun in all that you do. So Dale Gloria. And we're back. Back, just to say goodbye, say goodbye, but. You know, if you're listening out there and you don't agree, which probably at least some of you aren't going to agree, fifty six point. Two percent of you won't agree with what we said you can give us some feedback de gracious to us. And. Let us know your thoughts on these topics of discernment of women in ministry, and we'll have a discussion and hopefully address your questions that you have we don't we don't know everything. We're going with the best. We can with what the bible says, and we believe that's what the people who disagree with us. We'll also be doing going with what the bible says. So we're not. I'm not kicking anybody out of the kingdom? I don't know. But let's go to the scriptures and see what the scripture says. That's, that's our. That's our objective standard is the scripture. So let's go there together, let's be iron sharpening iron and let the Holy Spirit lead us to become one. And that's what that's what we hope. So definitely check us out on. I tunes will be on a lot of other podcasts. Catchers pretty soon. But we say that every week. So it's going to happen soon. It's in the process right now. So maybe the next episode the episode after that you can catch us on Stitcher. I don't even know what that is. We might we might be on Stitcher. We might be on the. Other ones. I only have an apple product. So I don't know what the other ones Spotify, maybe Spotify. But you can go to our Twitter, you can go to our Instagram, Facebook. What are we even doing here and interact Stitcher, that sounds like where I get my sewing patterns Stitcher? Called stitcher. I'm probably like I just made one. This sounds like my kind of place. Thanks for listening. And here's Karen to be here next week. Either we wear away, on -cation, unless we split this up into this would work as to okay. But forget, I said that it that part. I just made more work for you for you. Woman do what I said. Submit the bible says you have to admit. Was that? What baucus? But us off. Dear. Rachel. In the meantime, we pray that you will seek the kingdom and continue to learn. Lee. Or even. Yeah. That's great. You just married me to do dishes, delicious grape.

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Roland Garros Day 10 - Records, roars and routine wins

The Tennis Podcast

56:33 min | 9 months ago

Roland Garros Day 10 - Records, roars and routine wins

"Hi. This is Marion Bartoli Mats Wilander. This is Mary. Carillo rowing. I'm letting you it. I'm Andy Murray. This is Yannick Noah and you're listening to. PODCAST. We'll just to remind you, there are no night sessions at the twenty twenty French Open. That is the public service announcement from the French Tennis Federation. Coming via US it still says on their website official would is there are no night sessions at the twenty, twenty French Open, and that is why at seven minutes past midnight Paris time we're watching Rafael Nadal and Yannick sinner north even Hof. Way School I wise into their men's quarter-final skirt scenario match. Best case scenario than not quite halfway through that much and adults just taking the first set. On. The tiebreak seven six. So as you've probably guessed. Ns an extraordinary happens the result of that would be in. His home, he finished recording this podcast. We kind of gambling on on adult preceding victory. If he doesn't either way, we'll cover it in tomorrow's put cause but. There comes a point especially when of course, six thirty long call to be on the today programme on radio for. You know we we didn't sign up for covering night sessions. We were told night sessions at the French. Thank you Patrick. Already sir. Full putting the shifts in because he didn't sign up for night sessions either nobody has signed up for night sessions lease Civil Raffle, new Delvin, yanic sinner. What is this Madness Matt? Yes. I would have a second caravan if I'd known that night sessions just had to hurry my parents to bed so that I can recall. The. Caravan. Second Caravans Matt. I think it's fair to say that the reason we are in this sinking night session ship. Is Because? Dominic team and Diego Schwartzman created the biggest and most glorious on. Of all time earlier on today a five hour. Epic One, six, two in the fifth by the ager Schwartzman his first time in a grand slam semifinals five hours of battle against one of his best friends until Dominic team, and and that was one the most joyous elements of the match of Tennyson. Competition and atmosphere reside this. Wonderful. Spirit in which the much was played in a wonderful exchange between the two the net afterwards. It wasn't it does but one that I think we will extremely grateful for it was. It was extraordinary Dave in. Common size it on and I often find it hard to judge how good matches or not when accommodating partly because I get tired because it's so long we're describing rallies and and you start to feel a little bit lightheaded almost commentating like that and and it was dramatic to and. Every set more than an hour long. A The final one you know I mean we were four and a half hours in four sets. I thought I thought it was really really good. Thought the the the way they were attacking and counterattacking fascinating and difficulties that particularly tame had hitting through the surface but his his fatigue was so obvious for so much of the match. That I felt slightly uncomfortable watching it a little bit light with the US Open final when he was more inhibited by his own anxiety, this was physical problems. Schwartzman had his own issues didn't they because he's trying to receive Palmdale the anxiety problems down the other slider? Cool because really you could you could say that. Schwartzman probably should've won. Straight straight-sets or sunny four cents to be honest and yet team very could've easily in four sets as well. It was one of those matches where just a couple of points had gone either way you could have had a very different. You could have any one of the scorelines new. In terms of the winner and the sets goals. Extraordinarily didn't in fact we ended up with the one that Matt predicted. Yes, we do. Did that I really really needed that catapulted it from the bottom of the table to to live second now here I have. Yes. The prediction front? Yes. I agree with you David about the element of it being a bit weird because team was so fatigued. I'm just not used to doubting teams physicality in a five set match and yet quite early on in this match I was doubting it and I kinda thought it was on its last legs about to set in. So the fact that he made it into a fifth set after over five hours was certainly impressive. In that sense it kind of reminded me of a few matches of from Novak Djokovic where he's really had to manage his energy levels through match and he would go through periods of really looking quite flat and not himself, and then suddenly would get this surges and team seem to have a second wind third wind fourth win those sorts of wins to get him back into the match. So I thought, it was actually quite a smart match Dominic T. News using his slice backhand lot. To begin with I thought it was just really really tentative but I think he was he was having to do that a little bit because of the conditions it was really windy out there. He was really having to manage his own game. And the down the other end you had Schwartzman who is having to manage as you said, the nerves and the occasion and trying to achieve something he'd never achieved before said to have those two elements in contrast with each other throughout the match just made it incredibly tense and not always the highest quality, pretty high quality but kind of like the US Open final, it didn't really matter that it wasn't always high quality because it was thrilling and compelling and riveting throughout So yeah, I I enjoyed it a lot and I've just seen that Yanic sin is going to break up on my phone at all in the second set. She pulls here and come back in seven I was signed. Off Teeth done today programme they. I. Mean. The there was you were doing a fantastic job with tweeting from the tennis podcast account throughout the match today. Matt I particularly enjoyed. you tweeting, I think this was at the beginning of the third set. So team took the second on tiebreak off to Schwartzman it served for and despite having. Taken that second set and seemingly or in theory at least having the momentum I the beginning of the third, frankly throughout the third said. There was a wind strong enough to to carry dominic team towards a finish line. I didn't think he would make it to a fifth. Didn't think he had the legs to take him there. And you tweeted Matt team is Managing Energy Levels and Schwartzman is managing team managing his energy levels. Schwartzman is managing the occasion and team is Managing Schwartzman managing the occasion and it was just So. Perfect. It was that was just kind of everything I panic with much is like this because it's like Oh my God, how are we going to up? How on earth can we possibly do it justice on the podcast and you've done it justice there in about Kind of eighty characters Erica. Offered early enough third-set and it kind of came out of nowhere to me because I'm thinking well, he's just leveled the match. Why is he looking in looks like he can barely really move properly at all it looks like he's out like he's just being caught by right-handed box match in and just kind of over and yet he was got five three down which wachsman serving for it is that right? And and then. And then Schwartzman blinked and it was I mean. That that's the point at which I looked up his three other quarterfinals Schwartzman to see what scorelines he'd had any the only time he. was at the French Open One and he went to set up, but he never got close to this position. He found himself in at one set all five three in this one. And the. The nerves also. Shot Making of team as well. Let's not take that away from team, but it was so interesting I. There's nothing more interesting in sport to me and I think tennis is one of the best sports for this of revealing. Somebody's character under the most extreme giresse and you can see there's no hiding it was you could see it in his eyes and the waves looking up at his coach and team and chuntering away and I really felt for him and actually. I'm quite pleased that he won because. He's never reached a semi final before and this is he might never do it again. He may well do that and more but team has had his moment already have others and it Ma- and actually meant more this one I think to Schwartzman. And who say I mean it felt? It with respect to two team in his effort level in his commitment to try to make that semifinal today and I can't believe. I'm about to say this about the physical colossus that is dominic team but it felt like it would have been pointless. It would have been the remains of Dominic team competing. In, the semifinal I mean, he clearly reached the end of the road today maybe he reached against. Ugo Gaston. CETINJE Yuga Gastonia drove him closer to the edge, but he said at the the started this tournament I am on the road to the edge. It's just a question of whether that edge comes. Before. The second Sunday or not? So good about a couple of days off. If one but I. Even sight of. More than just a physical recovery is so cumulative now I mean he's how he's had some time off in between these last couple of matches. He just doesn't look right does he he just hasn't got that? Violence in his game that he can string together but I did want to ask you. Mets given his version of events about the tactics used and thought that they were clever. I was I found myself straighted by them because I. wanted him to go for I thought. His chances might be better if he just went flat-out and tried to beat him in three and knock him off the court because there were times when he the little bursts where. redlined it, but he didn't do that for long periods. I'm honestly not sure he could. I'm honestly not sure that even dominic team could I think the effort it takes for him to hit the ball as hard as is required on that court. In. His physical condition may be in any physical condition actually is just not sustainable. I don't think the was available to today. I, really don't there were. There was the old short where he hit through it and he and the could see his whole body consulting the cool strength that is required to apply that power to the bull is just a thing of wonder but I don't think even dominic team would have been able to do that today relentlessly I think he has to explore other options. Yeah that was my. Reading on it as where I think kind of counter intuitively it's it takes less out of you. If you have some long rallies where you're not engaging your full body into the shot like you don't have to do with a slice whereas when team as Catherine says when team goes fallout with groundstrokes, you can kind of see his energy levels dropping with it with every shot. He hits it. It's so forceful and aggressive and and I also think he wouldn't have been. Able to hit through Schwartzman on that slow in those conditions, those shots would have come back. It would have been putting so much kind of import into the shots and not necessarily getting the output that he would have wanted in terms of winning the point necessarily so quickly I know he was doing it occasionally, but I just think sustaining that was so so difficult got great timing has Schwartzman in defense not only the speed across the court, but his ability to just block and You know get it deep and still be in there. I mean he's playing the best tennis. I've ever seen him play I mean he's taking off all these milestones in his career in terms of in the last three weeks. If you count in Rome, he's reached his first masters final he's beaten a top-five player for the first time. He's now done. It twice is into semi's of a slam for the first time is into the top ten for the first time. If so many things have come together for him in these last three weeks to think where he was having lost a camera Nari sitting in his. Soul King looking just the saddest man on earth with it to suddenly discover. Donate. His Sweet Cam Nori. Give up your sweet diego. Must Be. It it's really remarkable transformation I. Think Reminder of just how temporary things are sometimes in tennis you know given the opportunities to play week in week out, people can turn that form around. So quickly and Schwartzman is is making the most of that I also don't think it's a particularly bad result for dominic team. As you've said, within the context of his last month, he played a good tournament hair and he was he was unfortunate to have Schwartzman in in his quarter, the kind of informed player. I think he he handled being. US Open champion. Well, he played well, he got beaten by someone. In better physical conditioning than him and playing as well as they possibly can I think he's he's probably he's probably very by okay with that yet he's reaction Upon, leasing even as immediately is when he was the net with Diego Schwartzman, I know that this is this is partly down to the they clearly, very rich friendship. And respect one another but it was almost like wall. So much is live in the heat heat of competition dominate team is prepared to put his life in his body on the line to win because he doesn't know any other way. But as soon as game set match was cold and the spell was broken, he was completely fine with that. He knew he had nothing left to give he knew. A semifinal against anyone would have been a futile effort. Exactly Z. said he has performed well as a grand slam champion. kind of doesn't really have much left to prove in that regard it's not like He. Capitulated first round under the pressure or anything like that. It was just a cake. This is fine. This is the right results. and. Diego Schwartzman felt worries. Why loved that? There was whilst there was tons of humility about his post-match interviews. There was no imposter syndrome. He said I think deserve to win. And I loved that line so much. In a you're right I. mean he There are some people who when they lose matches you you worry for how they're going to that night and I would have really worried for him. He would have had a horrible night and and the fact that he doesn't have to go through that. He loves the fact that he doesn't after this is because no matter what happens now he he's. He's already winner this fortnight he's reached uncharted territory for himself and he does he did deserve to win. He absolutely did. Yeah it was. It was like a man in full watching. sman. Today at you've read that book I mean nothing like the book, but it made me think of that book title I'd Never Seen. So many kind of personality dimensions to him on a tennis coop before he felt like I saw him fall apart and put himself back together. All in the space of one be very, very long tennis match I mean I feel like I watched him have you know full on existential crisis when he failed to serve out the second set and then I watched him have the same crisis when he failed to serve out the third set and he was renting away in Spanish and then by the by the fourth set he was he had sort of reverted to a sort of slightly kind of laughing at the situation. He's kind of gone around the houses with how he could emotionally do with what was going on. Yeah, if I felt like I've I've seen I've seen all if Diego Schwartzman now and I I is much as elements of it were stressful to watch. I enjoy I've learned about him very much. He actually apologized in his uncle interview for the aspects of his personality that came out in those third and fourth sets. He said I don't know if that was me on the court I don't know whether the crowd recognized me on the court in those third and fourth sets like you said, when he was getting really really stressed and kind of vocals awards his it was it was Andy Murray ask in terms of the way he was kind of renting and shouting at them a little bit and. I think that makes it. That makes it all the sweeter I think that he managed come through those tight moments and. As you said, have this kind of full circle where by the end there was a there was a forehand that team in the fourth set to save set point which was unbelievable and. As you said just laughed, he'd kind of accepted the absurdity of this five set match that he was involved in and I think in the end that that acceptance perhaps carried him for a little bit because it was in the moments wasn't accepting it in those second and third sets where he got tight and he did lose it once it got those kind of demons out of him. He became much calmer play on the court. Lovely sportsmanship between the two by the way in terms of accepting the other ones version of whether it's Inter out it. gave me it gave me. Feels Just, tell you about a shot of just seen. Scenarios Hey. I was going to interject but I'm glad the professional radio commentators going to do it forest he he's he's been lobbed over his high backhand side and it's so high. There's no way he can any power on this high backhand smash so he doesn't try to smash. Hits. It Pat. Sit at an acute angle across the net. And into the only place that it could possibly of aid RAF on the Dow, which is by hitting the Dow's own chair. And that's what happened. The Dow Hat Dow rundown the drop shot but the ball hit is chair before noodle could get to it. I mean he still about to face to break points they senator. Dole's. non-surgical. Tennis. News. Breathtaking I do wonder win win or lose certain. Set An adult and three all in the second Sir I. Do Wonder About an adult is going to have to say about playing this match. At time on commercials. Because questionably these he's enjoying it an adult. This is a bit of an ordeal for him. The conditions don't tool. He's a total profession. I. Doubt. He'll complain about that but. Yeah, it is. And, it was entirely predictable. We joking about it last night and that's not because we have fantastic site prediction skills. This was an entirely likely scenario. Everybody knew teams. SCHWARTZMAN would be ordeal everybody knew that. Yeah and It could have been worse much of the day. Okay. That was a three sesame but the the second one was straight sets in and frankly each tech did uh. Did this is a a great great favor by By winning as easily as she did. West, should we go next folks? Where do we want to go? Well, I was just GonNa say on the dull if he does come through this, this is the kind of tests that I was thinking he needed and in the worst possible conditions for him against a player with a kind of style that can cause him trouble I think he takes a lot of confidence from this if if he can win it and got to a stage where he's never lost at the French Open, he's never lost once he's got to the semi point and Sort of short term, he's absolutely hating it but I think long term it's possible that it might just completely hard and in the yeah he's having to do a lot of defending and that was the stuff that I was kinda worried about that he that he just wasn't having to do against his opponents through the first few rounds. A He served for that I set Denisa Nina dull activated the four hundred on the line. And it goes measuring. Beckham this faster than the Dow full hand in the match so far I think it is tonight yeah right. I. Didn't know it was the day to. Sin Off both wings looks to be hitting faster than adult tonight while the four hundred, even faster a. And he's hitting his his background seventy five. They said on TV. I want an audio recording that I can always have to hand. Well, actually two things today I want eight Daniel Collins come on. I want a the sound that. The racket makes as The cinem- It makes it makes contact with a tennis ball 'cause it's like no other it it's beyond the carrot snap. LETHAL ANALOGY FOR IT It's like a crack of lightning or something that that's to. Re. I'll give it some thought. Four. backcombed Combo attack from the baseline like he's got. Film Tech. Yeah Yeah I mean. These are players That you feel could. We could be talking about them in five or ten years time. I know it could not. It could also not happened. They become really really important names in the sport but these two. They do feel that I've got. The basics the good and they're both nineteen on a second center, the both. Offering something. Not completely different but they're both offering a package that that stands up in. In areas where we've seen some incredible talents and they're still standing as yeah and the similarities in terms of temperament is well, I mean I cannot believe the calmness of Center tonight I mean he just E can tell there's a steal an assertive low burning embers of a fire there, but it's it's under the most placid waters he's. Already Com nineteen year old. Yeah. He's he's so about everything as he said, Mazzi smooth and. He never makes a sound during during the course of the rally. You don't even hear him make it allowed. exhale I don't know if this much goes long. Whether that will with that will change certainly in the first that he was he was quiet as a mouse then. This the something in stronach is wells and she's just she certainly seems unbelievably calm. I mean the. The level of new experience that she went through today i. Grand Slam quarter final against the completely unknown opponent that she's expected to beat she suddenly the favorite to win a grand slam title she had to wait all day. I mean I can't imagine how many times she must have warmed up over the course of that Schwartzman team match. She was probably the only person as annoyed as Jaeger Schwartzman that he failed to serve out the the second and third sets, and then she comes out and she goes a breakdown in the first set and. Feel like any other nineteen year old would have gone off for goodness sake everything stacked against me today Oh, panel exactly and she did the exact opposite. She just kind of clicked two fingers turn much around clicked into gear. And one in the end is much is trevor sounds F it was fantastic and she was trying right until the laws there was nothing she could do radi fantastic has just. So many weapons. At her disposal. It's one of the hardest things you can do in tennis backup a big win and not only backup a big win. But as you said, have your wind shift the whole dynamics of the tournament you'd be responsible for the pressure that's now being put on you because you'll now somehow the favorite for this tournament and. As you said, she started the match not actually playing that Welsh went down in early brake and she was making some errors. Compare level at the start of this match compared to the start of the Hallett. Mac She was she was miles off and yet she didn't panic once and I just think that actually made this this win just as impressive as the Jalan win the fact that she then reeled off eleven the next twelve games against A. Battle hardened opponent in Trevy San who who was not really giving her anything but she? Has, so many different ways to beat us. She can beat you with the power. She can beat you with the craft and I think when you've got so many options like we said a lot with. We Go Dimitrov can sometimes be a bad thing because you've got a suddenly simplify those options in your mind. No. How to deploy them at the right time and that she does at nineteen years old is just a testament to the. To the head on her shoulders and her just very, very high tennis IQ I think and in her press conference, there was a very interesting point raised by two minute carol. She's barely been given any wildcards. She's really had to come through the ranks by winning matches and at the time that can feel like a bad thing because you're constantly having to prove yourself while other players and may getting handed some opportunities but if you can. That, really really toughened you up and hardens you and she already feels like she is hardened by the number of time. She's had to qualify for events or scrap through opening rounds because she didn't get those wildcards and. So. She's nineteen years old but in Tennessee as it feels like she's older than that. Yeah. I think we're looking at a already someone is feels quite a complete plan. I. Love How rally construction. was watching it today when she's playing this left-hander as well. There that in mind who's coming in a completely different way to how hal up did and she kept on hitting an inside out backhand just targeting. The that side of of Travis and then opened up the court. And dropped shorts a drive down the line with our own forehand. She had you. As you said, she just has so many different ways to beat you and she does in such a quiet. Cold Way. I don't mean that as a a as a complete complement she just. Goes and takes you out. I. Mean She when you listed all those set scores, those eight sets, she's one and they're all one one-sided sets and come back to what I said in the last podcast. Next ten cents now isn't it the that they're all? Different types of player, every single player she's beaten is it has a different style, two left handers in there as well. I think she's She's got me believe in the she's the favorite for the title as well now. She's lost twenty games straight to the semi finals. In ten ten cents Yay can. Can we get away shea some kind of. Runners up trophy for taking four games. Offer a single set can that be arranged? Deafening let's get. Some trophies. And Sean Tech. Might be. The favourite David to do the double she's playing with Melika O- She's great. Doubles player. Crikey. The double it is the quarterfinals. So it's with Nicole. Medicare and therapy against Asia Muhammad and Jessica Pergola. She really could be the double. Which Kevin Kennon was annot Kenan was beaten in the in the doubles the quotas. Hey Fakes beginning to get Kenan Colin's. And we'll get it. Get it tomorrow. where. Have some go into beat Kenan? Collins. That we saw earlier today that was the first match the day wasn't it and we were watching. Yeah I mean because mainly because of your reaction to the first seven games, because of the of of the way is behaving and you looked happier than I've seen you in months. I. Loved It I. Absolutely. Yeah I mean like I can't remember all the things I said about it now I feel. Real tennis relived from thirteen hours ago from the site group but I just I was so invigorated by both of them really I mean, they say control as said, last night loved ones to Burn I. Love The contrast with. With Daniel, Collins and I loved it she didn't really. Seem to get roiled by. Dino was doing kind of asks you. Attitude and she actually. She. Kinda money whether it was Japan Renault. I don't know. But she really kind of subdued collins in the second set she went. She went quiet well, but playing absolutely incredible tennis. But let's let's just rewind a little bit because personally I did think she was. Not I don't WanNa say put off but I think she went into a shell because she was six four three love down and this, and this was in the early stages of the match. It was very, very quiet early in the day, nobody would really come in yet and and I just started to notice that Collins was gesturing to somebody in a box and waving a hand as if to say, come on, come on, let me hear you I need more emotional need to hear you and she wasn't getting enough back and I know she got two three people they're nervous thinking Nicholas Mel Magara your coach he is not the type who is going to be shouting and screaming. I don't know what you're expecting anyway I didn't think too much more of it, and then the next thing you just heard the kind of noise that you demonstrated to us castor in with her shouting come on in the loudest. Most aggressive manner you could possibly imagine, and then she won that point and the next point she went let's go and she didn't even more loud and and in a way that if I was her opponent, I would be first of all slightly taken aback think and and I don't know whether I'd be annoyed about or just a bit. Shocked and a bit scared by it. And the what I got from it because this happened several times, she did this about seven times and I thought. On survivor. The force of that personality I think. Subdued her for quite a while and she didn't play her own expressive branded tennis and then halfway through that second set collins did seem to climb down and this was when she was leading seven three eleven jabber just. Started to play the most incredible tennis it was. Highlighted by a full blooded serve out wide from Collins met with a can't cushioned dropshot winner of the return which I think of any of the scene Mansour Bahrami hit net with face. I mean she. Believe what she was saying she was kind of. She kind of had to give credit for it, and you pointed out a few times that she she's actually a really good sport in terms of. Of congratulating parents and I've I've never really seen that before but she was twice i. saw in the I applaud. Shots bounce it. I do love that combat of of the aggression but the. The goods sports, person ship of of just acknowledging an opponent shot. I think I've on safe ground to say that Daniel Collins Divides most people I. Think you know you Kinda lover a hater think we'll down on the same side of that in terms of when she's on the call I mean to me just makes she makes tennis more interesting more entertaining and someone who works a lot of tennis matches. That's that's kind of what I'm after and particularly in an empty stadium where they can be a bit lifeless she she brings energy to them certainly when she was playing her best in that Mac, she didn't first and third sets. And I think. Her screams have even more fact an empty stadium because they echo and reverberate around you kinda get a double scream. I was I was sad to see on stripper go out. Because as you said that that purple pack she hit in the middle of the match was as as exhilarating as any tennis of seen this tournament I, think the the dropshots. Power from the baseline and it was just so impressive and I just think the problem in the third set was that she just couldn't hold serve that is that is Mary Quito's. Rule in tennis, you have to figure out a way to hold serve, and Collins was doing such a good job of jumping on on the returns and putting on the pressure and. In the end her force of personality and and the ability to dominate longer Sir I think through. But yeah, it was a fantastic entertaining match probably one of the best matches starting at seven o'clock in the morning that I can ever remember. I felt a little bit for Nicole micro getting. Getting shouted at. But as you pointed out, Catherine. He he did know what he was signing up for I. do think that's a very interesting part that coaching relationship. She's got to have someone who doesn't mind getting shouted at or being told to bring energy on the court and I think a lot of I. Think a lot of coaches wouldn't like that or woods throughout a bit of a fast maybe in. Micro certainly seems to be doing something right because they've just teamed up together and she's having her best ever results on client who's fresh off the tour little bit like David Fair I always at. A. Place. In Spain a couple of years ago when he was he played exhibition match and he was just trying to start a comeback but he'd he's knee was really in a bad way and and It didn't get off the ground really, but you know it's quite interesting seeing these players these this new raft of players that are just also who are trying to make a go of it as a coach and I knew nothing of his interesting coaching rarely. So that really did come out of the blue that they were working together but. It'd be interesting to Sarah it works out to be going right. So for adults is serving full the second set at five forties the all. Through a press conference for Collins was. There was a press conference for Collins and I I went to it in the sense that. We go to things now. Because you'd you'd tip mill fired intended to do it anyway just because you know she's my people. I'm? Not so much just kind of interested in her I'm interested. Yeah I find really really interesting and a bit different and. Kind of multifaceted and I don't think. She had that run at the Australian Open and and people kind of told her story. But but I feel like this still more excavating to go with Daniel Collins I. Feel it is quite low there. And you reminded me David that she she She revealed that she had this rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis lost you. It turns out she's actually suffered with it. She thinks her doctors think her whole career right back to her student days but it was mis-diagnosed for long longtime. She'd kind of been having ongoing medical. Tests for throughout her career. So. Yeah and I kind of went with the intention of about that and I. Read some sequential talking about it early on this year? Because, she had forgotten that she'd had quite strong start to to the season. And she was talking about kind of how she feels about maybe being a role model for the people not any with retort us but kind of. Similar people facing physical whatever struggle And overcoming, etc etc. You know she's just talking about her her has kind of instinctive discomfort with the idea of being a role model but how she intended to. To try and find a way somehow to become more comfortable without and grow into it a little bit and I thought Oh spirit instincts torture about and. I did not ask a question party because I'm chicken but partly because the press conference Connecticut slightly wizards. Turn she was she was almost about A. She was about lockdown in the pandemic. Can I mean it wasn't even a non tennis related question it was it was. Lockdown in the pandemic in relation to tennis in its hiatus and all the other various circumstances, surrounding it, and she she wasn't happy with the question tool and she she described it as frivolous to be asking about. Non Tennis things and Connor Murphy's to. To go down that road which. Which? was. Ashamed I mean it was it was a misfire frankly she she misjudged that. Yes I. Know. She's she's she's dumped onto your press conferences. Before I didn't have any you know zoom press conferences she's done before I didn't know. I didn't I. I wasn't expecting it at all and I've it's my first zoom press conference with her I interviewed her. When she reached that Australian Open semifinal. A couple of years ago and and she was very no nonsense know it was quite no-frills but in a way that I in a way that I'd like to respect it but. Yeah it. It wasn't the meeting of minds that is expected to was my question. Horon Sir and then say, can we be friends? Me Say, yes, we can be friends. Or put my number in the chat. Once everyone else's locked off and we'll gave virtual coffee and. Yeah didn't this time that maybe should keep winning? I wasn't in that press conference, but I did have listen back to the audio of it that runner garrison post on their portal and I'm certainly not blaming the journalists for this at all I think if you've got a question to ask you kind of ask it at any point, I noticed that the first question of the press conference was kind of covert related and I don't know whether it just slightly caught off guard a little bit. I. Think you'd be expecting that is the first one have to say, I, think in my experience of fresh currencies. If players just had a massive win like that the first and they want to do is talk about the wind which I do get actually and I think there's absolutely a place for any question you want to ask but I do feel it's better if they come halfway through but one of the problems is we have to put our hands up. For a question and if if your story that you want to write about that subject and you get chosen I, what do you do not ask a question it's it's a tricky when. just all kind of got off on slightly the wrong yes. Foot a winter wonder by the way I mean she played world team tennis and the was that. Controversy about the fact that she left the bubble in world team tennis and from what she explained she needed to go get some of the medicine that she has a for the rheumatoid arthritis. That's what she said. She'd gone off site four and she got objected from World Team tennis as a result of that. So I wonder whether she's maybe just a little uncomfortable with that story in the background. Do you think there's a bit of defensiveness about her and perhaps. Probst very understandably. So she's always been an outsider hasn't she in in many many different ways in her career? It's a privilege back. A degrees to fight for everything and that is reflected in the way she plays tennis in the way she we she has to play her tennis kiss. She's really good tennis player, but she doesn't have the weapons in the gifts that some people have her. Biggest weapon and it probably is you say one of the much today is the way her personality dominates tennis court. An, get on her. Fifth Finding Difference Maker in herself. But Yeah I think she's always been a bit of an outlier. So I do wonder if that is reflected in in. Any way we'll be friends one day and it'll be fine. In Catherine's blocked out diary for from about twelve to there's not much ary it's it's twenty twenty. I'm trying to think of anything you've. Not canceled. and. She leads the head to head against Kenan. Really as you mentioned collinses strong start season I was looking she beat six three, six, one in Adelaide. So Jason can in. Just before can went onto, win your strategy and open. She took a bit of a thumping at the hands of Collins and I think a couple of she's been a couple of other times at much lower level events. So it's technically a three Oh head-to-head record and six zero and sets. A Don't know if they've played on clay but. I don't know it feels a bit like fire meeting fire in that match and two very strong personalities clashing against each other and baseline games and yeah, I would also be blocking out might. I do wonder if you know if there's not room, for rule that fire on the call, the one to bend will be Kenan on eight think Daniel Collins compromises on her attitude for anything? It's as we saw with how sporting she was today and lots of much is is not about he's at the other end of the call it's never personal. It's never I don't think it's ever. Unpleasant. It's all kind of internal and yeah she's not afraid to director fist pump down the other end of the cool but it never feels unpleasant to me. And I don't think she'll compromise on it and I. I wonder if they'll be room for them both to be completely uncompromising I don't I didn't night but I'm. Very, excited to say it's like a little experiment science experiment. there's one remaining single my singles much from the day to discuss not as. The top seed remaining in the women's competition Lena's Selena going out to the world number one, hundred, thirty, one, Nadia put a Rosca of Argentina going out in straight-sets. and not having played badly. That's my segment of it. She she played absolutely fine. She played the way Selena has been playing tennis throughout the tournament quite often plays tennis. and. She was just beaten fair and square by look like a better tennis player today. Really. Aggressive Adventures performance from Rosca who had played I don't I haven't looked all of her results that. She's played over fifty matches this year. Which is extraordinary considering. A tall. She's obviously a lot. Most of those matches have come at lower rungs of the tour, but she that's more than double most of the players the left in she's played that many matches and you could kind of see that today she just went for everything she I mean she had she had to overcome the nerves at the end with multiple match points. I do still think that all of you say Switzerland played well I think she played fine. In terms of what she does is she plays safe. And she invited Padras counter and Pod Rosca needed no second invitation and she just went and took the chance and that's the difference I'm afraid fiddle in his career so far in the Grand Slam, she doesn't step up she doesn't find another gear Oscars a lovely story. Really I mean, she'd never beaten a top twenty player in a career before and. I loved seeing all these messages flooding onto social media from urgen time legends one Martindale Patriotic. I'd Rather Sabatini David now banning all these sort of players. That we've known for years suddenly was so happy celebrating their compatriots. And I really felt happy for her. I the only one getting Gustavo Kurten vibes from Natty, Pado Roscoe well, in terms of coming from nowhere to have a run at the French. Open. I even think she grunts Sabet like cassava curtain. I was I was thinking back to our tennis relieved and the and the pitch and the tone of her grant is quite deep like Kosovo. She loves to dominate with that four hand. She has the weapon of the tournament, which is the drop shot which she deployed pretty well today there are a couple of occasions where I think she probably should have just kept on ripping the forehands, but again, it was a, it was a useful for her and obviously South American she's got this wave of support behind her I dunno, I'm just it's just a little connection that came to me. And she. As you said, they got the willingness to just go after the ball and keep being aggressive and I was I was really bone away. I'd honestly never seen apply before this was I feel bad about that. Someone's got to the quarter final of a slam and I just just hasn't been a now a semi final and just hasn't been on my radar even in this tournament been so many stories it's not the qualifiers are taking it personally that there was no qualifying the US Open and if just thought right, we're going to really turn up at Roland Garros and make it hours and there's been so many. Stories that we've highlighted of players outside the top one hundred and yet she even within that little group had had remained to me kind of on the fringes when you compare her to Gaston and Trevisan these other players. But? Yeah I was I was so so impressed than I do think as you said, the the matchup did kind of favor her because you know with her tennis invite someone to attack and that's clearly what Potter Oscar likes to do certainly. Did today I don't know whether if someone takes it to her a little bit more and tests out her defense whether that was Kinda stand up. But what a what an incredible story and there was there was an amazing moment at the end I thought where she threw a rack up in the air and. It went behind her, and then suddenly she remembered that she needed her racket to. Do The reckitt tapped at the net and she had to. Pick it up and get. It was just kind of the innocent so that moment and. Just, an incredible story and one. I'm glad to finally discovering. She's the first qualify in the open air to reach A. Women's semi-finalist at Roland Garros and she'll face Eagles Fintech say one of Nadia. Puerto Rosca. An Eagles Fan tech will be. A Roland. Garros. Finalist. And the other will be. One of Ken and Collins, and Patrick Vor. And Lor Sigmund who play I stop tomorrow morning than it is Collins Kenan than it's ruble sits a pass ownby Tao's alert. And then it's A. Djokovic booster. I. Mean Not could still go. That could still be a night session. And they're an hour. Or good thinking. Yeah. Any upsets tomorrow? Tomorrow. Issue on tech going to win the doubles. No. I'd say, no. But I think she win the singles. The whole thing thawed not saying the gustavus curtain parallels as a result of that and it's the first time I've thought about it. I. Think IT'S A it's a lovely thing, but I still can't see her beating. Fantastic. I think I agree with you. Yes. But up to now cassava and parallels. That much will be on the. Women's semifinals are on Thursday they the the men have demand play today the plan wind today. As of before this emmy finals and it looks very much like it is going to be. Simon. Phone. That old because it is two sets to love. And a break at one love and game point ten adult in the third set as we close out the podcast it looks like it's going to be a straight sets win and. I mentioned they'll be big big sigh of relief from it all for for a whole bunch of reasons, at the and lend up being. Kind of ideal because he say he's had to test. But we'll still have navigated without expending extraneous energy, which is kind of exactly. Exactly what he would have wanted so I think that's Ten. Five more. It Stephanie Been Good. Isn't it? It's it's not felt weird in a while I mean it's Ridiculous Shed League they've been you know. They've been weird movements stuff, but it's not felt weird like the first few days of. Where when you making those comparisons to the US Open sort of unfavourably in terms of the witness. That's gone now to me now that all the focus is on the main courts, the crowd is there. The matches. Good. I Yeah I'm really enjoying it really enjoying the tennis now. Yeah, it's good. You can. You can have a whiskey now David? Will what time you're doing your thing tomorrow? I think at six PM UK time. Remind me what I'm doing. An instagram Cuna. sunup to instagram page which is. INSTAGRAM DOT com forward slash the tennis podcast. Eastern. Questions in advance. Over the wrong man no. That was brilliant interests laughter Instagram Dot Com. Just go down in the show notes and Click on the link and yeah get you. Basically we will advertise on the on the stories that right and master. Stories for questions to come in you lot sending your questions and Catherine answers. Do I get to choose them doing it to curate them in some way? Else, getting to ask questions, they've of a hatful me. I. K. SO You can but. Note I will be creating the questions so. An animal questions, I, mean the old tennis question if you like the animal questions very much welcome I guess we'll advertise for questions will do the little question box in the stories earlier on in the day to get a few coming in, and then you'll be answering them from sex. Please send in questions because it really will be embarrassing if there aren't any. Big Live how I'm going to sift through. Sift through the. Questions yet please since. Maybe. Steve could someone in from Cam La Cam. 'em fight you enjoying the podcasts. This is probably this is probably prime time in the US where Way Cam is right. This is gonNA. He's it's midnight for. Currently to Nidal Center. To love up now in the third yeah. Rural. Yanic Senate. Anyway his time will come his time will come. Heli. Cam. Thanks you support thanks a dog being great and for being mascot, and we'll be back for day eleven of the French Open our eleven daily friendship input costs of twenty twenty. Actually if we're really keeping count all twenty six. French Open daily Podcast of twenty twenty. So you're enjoying them tell your friends leaves nineteen review. The would have been in that regard. Thanks very much. We'll speak tomorrow.

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158 Oreo, She Didn't

Who Invited Her?

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158 Oreo, She Didn't

"Everybody continues another episode of him. Bided her we are sending out ubt. Pop culture podcast. I'm your host tony. And she's like the dentist got open wide 'cause she's gonna leave dominant pain. It's very unhealthy. And he's the danny devito to my arnold schwarzenegger it's bash for i was like nobody's gonna get that referendum that and the wind making sure. This buzz does not go fifty miles an hour. It's rob does anybody get out reference to speed. I'm here and he's a chunk of with sabi. I was walking me. It's party parent spicy. You with a kick. He burns it burns. It comes out the other end. It's true i was wondering. I'm like i was telling for the is going to get those movie references. I know like bash and like on the show. Well but i'm like our audience understand those references because apparently the nineties old classic now. Oh my god back. I wish that they would make another speed with sandra bullock. Did you ever see it. Speed doesn't yes. Aplenty event twenty-five minutes thirty. Gosh so this week. It was big news lady gaga. She released her oreo cookies. Do we have We all have a long time ago and they just don't remember so this is a magnet or whatever lady gaga orioles magnetic magnet is an early humans speeches is what is it called crow crow mathematics gramatica seriously. Yeah yeah i'm getting today. I'm going to act so this is the other subbing. I just turned forty. Four and i got my is done. I haven't got them done in years. I wear glasses for the computer. I was told. I need bifocals. Now because i know shut up batchelor h you. I'm at that age of officially being old. I walked out of there. Going like jesus christ. Jesus christ i need. I bought some ensure some vitamins except the lady gaga oreos. The packaging is pink and yeah. It's very pink during alliott. Yes very open it's gorgeous. It's absolutely gone inning. There you go. Have you guys tried these at all. No yes and while you open reading about these these lady gaga when on social media this week and was doing a scavenger hunt for her fans as far as answering questions and stuff and there. You can get an autographed copy or an autograph package of these cookies with harada gas. How much it's going for right now. Oh three hundred dollars. I will not read thousand one hundred one hundred and fifty a pack. That's it for goria cookies. I pay no hundred fucking oreo cookies. Signed thank you right. I barely wanted to pay for ninety nine. Okay so the cookie for everybody to see is orangey with agreed with the green feeling so I have a problem with this right off the bat because these are not natural colors. That should be in food. -tising no there's nonsense. An eye shadow crumble. It up he has an eye shadow. I don't know. I'm not a fan of like off colored food. It just doesn't look appealing to me. What do you guys think with you. I retired in the nineties in which we had corporal blue and green ketchup pink and blue spray -able butter so any kind of artificial die. I'm all about it on. These tastes like my mom. My mom every year for these tastes like what they taste like a three day old homemade rice krispy treat. Yeah you're right very marshmallow marshmallow. We but like when the cookie gets like when the rice kinda get sought and like expands no starchy taste like old and they get kind of weird texture old homemade retreat not not a. I'm not a fan. I don't like the taste. And i and i mean i'm a kid of the and well not a kid i was a teen and i don't now i i remember all that i'm like no now a little older i don't want artificial. What rob something turn your mic on. I was just gonna say like to me. They taste like regular oreo cookies. Color throws you i. I'm just wondering if like lady gaga went to nabisco ends like whatever colors you would never want to do. That's me and mariam go ahead choo to that cookie. Yeah it's an old rice krispy. Treat your agree with mary. Klis that yeah. I hope that if you problems with this cookie what first of all of the packaging doesn't feel so that's structural integrity of the packaging is bullshit. Feels perfectly. I better quality from lady gaga and then. I'm a kid of the nineties to. But i don't like this orange being. I no cracks me up about the ninety two because we used to just eat shit like this constant laker cereal was cookies and all of our parents were diagnosing us with. Add and back in the ninety s. Like what's wrong with all the children. Why are they all crazy attention deficit. They're fucking pumping foolish sugar. Because we like pop tarts squeezer. 's the juice things kids and was just sugar sugar and yeah and lake. We're weird additives. It was all like. It's all franken food that you liked it. The designs are different on the cook. Id but it does say it does say chromatic on one side i can them. Yeah oh there are a heart. I'll go with this one so this brings questions for all of you if you were to do your own line of. Let's start with oreo cookies. Up there you go eric. It's a heart oreo cookies. What would your design packaging and cookie and flavor you had to do your own puckered. Anust probably a minute. Like ash were mariam. What would you be gusted. gusting in. What would you marry him on. Will they already made up a stash. Eeo oreo and they've already made a carrot cake. Oreo really good news. I think maybe something like a Like a play on a turtle. Pecan karma pecan really good pre linger. Good might mean something like that and it would be a nice toasted brown color like my preferred skin. Color on a man like the decree on the inside would be full of little chopped nuts so i would have nuts in cream and light tan skin. All of my favorite things. Actually good actually sounded really bad. What about you go with yours be mine is gonna be the antithesis of bash minds prolapsed danus and it's going to be red bright red. What's the flavor day-old corners. We in our youtube chat. We have d. money is joining us. Live from the other team money from the. What did you podcast. I if your list let us let let us know in the but he he said finally caught you guys live his. Oreo cookie is coffee espresso. I would be down for that. If it is d- money he had a podcast here in san diego god. Now it's leaving me. i just said it. I said the name of his podcasts. Any standards so. I can't grasp last three so mine would be a coconut. It'd be like a coconut flavored. That i know okay. Coconut in chocolate or something and it'd be shaped like pills or like vitamins like chewables or something honestly. Coconut orioles are fucking delicious. Because they're thin oriented oreos. Oh yeah yeah yeah. No mariam went these. These tastes like they taste like the yellow the vanilla flavored like a weird like marzipan. -i sniping duck and weird. Yeah i short brad to me go ahead. Rob is just going to say. It's not the same d- money. He does fell us an instagram. At all they're all just your screen name. i'd wait. Yeah that's i don't know these cookies. The i have to agree with mary him. I think your review is spot on the way the taste and every like three day old homemade rice crispy treats is yeah. I don't think i'm gonna finish. But hey i mean come on lady gaga. Let's do a cookie. Why not and she did it in. They're selling me cakes. She got the gays to run to stores to buy them out like gag as buying oreo. I know what the hell what the hell ever that like. It is cookie design like the different designs on on each. Cookie is really cool. Yeah and that's it. That's it would just be like since we have in san diego this last week. I'm unlike today. Today's been beautiful. But we've had a lot of rain in the last few days and freaking hale which is uncalled for san diego. So would this be like a rainy day cookie like would you know all i had left in my pantry and i was stuck in the house so me because yesterday was really rainy here in san diego. What are your on a rainy day that you guys like to do. Besides yon miss mariam. T like chinese food. Yeah for wear and san diego. What's your goats. Where sean san diego. My favorite chinese min ki in city heights. It's on really like forty eight than alcohol on Kit is so god. Damn good like a friday. Minke am i. H n k y. Near like i used to. I used to live down the street from it. When i i lived in san diego and we would go like three nights a week and then i didn't go for like two years and i came back and lady remembered my order actually was like you still love when i was like. Yeah it is so their menus gigantic also really like the one right here in in in north when the plaza next to the popeye's is not used to be an old pizza hut right. Is that it now. No shit they have the best Barbecue pork fried rice two. I've ever had in my life. That's i'll figure it out. I think my favorite like i like When we're talking. Asian food and especially on a rainy day. It'd be so good Dumplings and more on fifth avenue because they're like dumplings and they're so syrup good on fifth right yeah. yeah near flashbacks. Yeah and hillcrest chocolate. It's a little place there. It's a chinese their dumplings more and they all they do is. It's so god and know dialing number one. Chinese food in china trade fortunate son which is the new one that opened by polite provisions and is well first of all. It's kinda fancy okay but it is fucking good. I gotta i bought it highly. Recommend it and it's gonna cusco. It'll cost you bash. What about you. When it comes to like rainy-day food or even chinese food food food in a way so we'll go in san diego basha fat. No i would just call them back out. I want to tell me talk coming back on the train. Greens roughage I don't fucking know any chinese places in san diego. So i'm always so curious to find out what everybody likes battle tough tryout. That means is insane off if new maxims. Place the one in north park new. Max new metrics. Okay okay that the barbecue pork fried rice is like come all over my face. Daddy's okay you know the other like Food that i miss going to hopefully now that which will get into you about the restaurants reopening is korean barbecue. Mana up on convoy barbecue. Tennis convoy for people who are not in san diego convoy has some of the best weather. It's japanese asian. What is korean food up there. And they have the best dimsum add. Jasmine's there's a russian that's been there forever called jasmine's and on saturday and sunday afternoons and mornings they dim sum and there's still doing it because of the pandemic but man it's so so much shit up there know i don't do the sushi place where it comes out on the table the conveyor belt one of those in san diego i. I did one of those in australia and it was a fine. Yeah one of those in the airport of when i was in london conveyor. Very cloudy this airports. Oh my god we got to get out of this. Speaking out for people who are not in california governor just reopen we're than the purple tier. So that means restaurants are back to serving outdoors and gyms are outdoors. Everything's outdoors now. which done. Yeah yeah so. How do you feel about this. Because we're still the numbers. Here in san diego are not the best were still pretty high when it comes to covid cases and cova deaths and the hospitals being at capacity. But yet the governor said. Hey yeah we're going to open up and here we are and i know miss mariam ts in in the restaurant service industry. How are you feeling with it exhausted. I'm that i work for a company. That is very strict about what we do. We have to be in masks and shields At all times and we're only allowing parties of like four to forty gallon numbers. Go down to keep it really tight and we're just not putting up with any bullshit we had to have some people removed last night getting drunk and and getting up and not wearing their masks. Sorry i'm sorry. I apologize that that's the name party bare eric. We're not fucking around like to warnings. And like if if you're you're gone so that's the one thing i do have to commend mos- universe especially most for is they've been really good with following the guidelines and all of that here in the example leader. Yeah amount of money on gloves and sanitizer. They're they're open. Gossips open everywhere. Is everybody's doing outside tiny now you will notice some big changes at gossip. There's a lot of changes coming to the the the all restaurants Lots of big changes coming to gossip grill. Yeah how about you. You bash in eric. How do you feel. Are you going to be going out to the restaurants now that they're open outdoor dining or are you still playing it safe and how do you feel about it opening up too soon. You think are not now. I think we're kind of in a situation where it's either going to be. Yeah we're we're we're i think businesses are at a make or break point. So if you go to open up. We're not going to have them jack. Government has really just fucked over. That's the problem it's frustrating because it's all his fault it is it is. Oh it's an and he put us in this position where we have to make really tough decisions now and it just fucking sucks but i will probably be going back to restaurants in hillcrest. Wants the numbers. Go down a little bit newer. And i know for for this show once. We're off activated. Hopefully we can get back to doing it in person where we all songs court. I know. I missed rob. What do you think about all of this opening up and so because you watch the news like nobody's business in your on top of all of it robs on top or something. I i no serious. Wow marianne how Well i kind of agree with you guys like i know nobody is responsible. Yes necessarily for what happened. I just think if we didn't have somebody at the federal level who shall be unnamed telling everybody that it's all a hoax the political hoax for politics and that You need to go to. If everybody was following the rules like the rest of the country chances are right. now we'd probably be open like other countries getting the economy back to normal. That's what i think but instead we're still dealing with this crap. People are dying by the hundreds of thousands. Sadly i mean even this week. We know two people that died in so we do it. It's it's sad it's really just. It's just and then this week to the videos from australia. And how they're out at clubs because they've been one of the country's them in new zealand that have really hunkered down with the numbers it'd be like. Hey no we're gonna take care of this and that means we're closed were closed and now they're able to open backed up a lot a lot more than we are here in the us six months earlier than us and not everybody's vaccinated. Yeah so you abo- that's the thing. It is doable. Other countries are doing but yet it boils. Ontario government The fuck hopefully like by we might have a semi normal august field. Well what is it stage coach and could both canceled. This year is there is a neighbor. Leanne both so. I'm hoping by summer. We see some positive news. Come back and we haven't tried. It would be nice to have a pride this year. We're not going to have a home or not not snowball's chance in hell snowball's chance san diego another year off pride. You're like absolute lee exhausted. I know we hear every every one of the last two years like after. She's the only one on the cast like nope not looking forward to that. Understand the amount of work that goes into making cried happen in in saying that would be like cool dramatic performance during pride. Is you have a nervous breakdown on drag pride. I know through a plate of at me and then just walked away be arranged. Do it beat it beta. Oh you guys so this week. Did you guys watch episode last night. Everybody everybody watched it except for bashing my right. Yeah i'm recusing myself because the vh1 actor. I have to say this back up. Vh1 app is shit eckstein to fix it. Throw some money in it because it is shit. I hate it hate it. Yeah i can just pay for items and not be by. On amazon. I eighty i ended up buying it today because i wanted to watch it before the show and amazon. I literally have it the night of by. Oh yeah amazon's great with out. It comes out at like yeah. Midnight one episodes on amazon. It's the same price tunes to ninety nine in episode or twenty five for the season pass and just go back and watch it whenever i want. No commercials i love it so on this episode. It was the big ball. Beg baked ball every been so they had to do a ball like a full on ball. Three looks one was a made dare look like what is it called like a sewing on words. Yeah but it was sowing. The last look was a sewing challenge. Yeah to create from scratch back out of other bags. The first one was a pun and then they did lady boss bag and then they did. The final one was something they created. That was fashion forward and guitar. So really quick. Who missed it with mariam. Were your favorites with favorites for this episode. Your thoughts on the episode in general Well the untucked episode was insane. Telling me early. It's it's like between kanye candy muse is starting to get on my nerves. I'm sorry so shut up. It's like it's like somebody's obese pug gotten to your best friends adderall collection. And he's she she. She heard her fucking fashion. Oh it's yeah y'all make a anyone. Who did i like. I like well one thing. I have to say on that before we go on is to me. She made a really good point of saying there is a difference between confidence and arrogant arrogance and candy muse is on the arrogance. Okay go ahead. What is your favorite legs. I really liked utica. And i thought it was great. How she helped. She knew a lot of the other girls vika. She's really like mom. Shut up got mic. I really liked her. The one the bag one that she made the final one. Out of the drawstring bags on. I thought that was so clever. Oh i'm trying to remember other people. I did like dinelli's dummy the crash. Test dummy i that was so cool Got mix boss lady with Rhinestones blazer suit with the bra hanging up. I thought that was so Raising dad and like ru and michelle. Were like gigi gagged overhead. But i have to say the one of the ones that was just downright. Was hillary but hurt on camera and like her personality. Start loading is. The best is the back. She is the floating head of the season. But lowery's look was shot. Just on forgivable unforgivable unacceptable probably the worst thing that's ever went down the runway fourteen seasons of drag -obably that i'm excited about this i. I've never seen anything so unprofessional or unpolished or so messy. Go down the runway. But miss mary her boss lady outfit with the ball like it was called. It was really call. It just sucks that her last look was horrendous. Randy's i the lip sync. She killed it. I go ahead and get a spoiler. Yeah how did it. Simone do because i know she wasn't the strongest so we're going when she was say good. Okay it was okay. What was her pine. Oh what was the first the first one. I can't remember. That's my number. And i'm trying to remember tina burner. I remember the one that she made. I was like what did she do. Tina derby ronald. What color week did she have. Whatever there's only two color palette she is she's she has the least amount of instagram followers out of the entire season. She's me and now he has been on the wishlist for drag race for like ten years every year like gina gina bono want her droopy is have no. I just had a question about tina burner. Mariam might know so. We know that she dated graham norton back in the nineties it said but it also is giving her yeah and it was giving her real age on wikipedia. And i'm like if you add it up. It makes it sound like she dated graham norton when she was like a teenager in high school. I'm trying to do you know anything about that. Forty she old forty. That's it yeah. She probably dated graham when she was like eighteen. Yeah that sounds boy van. okay. I'm getting sleeping rob in a boy band. Yeah rashy was signed and stuff but boy van it didn't. It didn't go off the first episode. I don't remember what she said in the first episode. You're too busy looking at that. Terrible stuck and make up with tina burners pun outfit. I can't i oh it. Was the paper bag with drunk. Paperback ever literal. Yeah everything is. That's what i don't like. She thinks everything. So literally. Go what i did really like and i just remembered it and i was just talking shit about her fashion candy. Muses magician look oh. I thought it was stupid i hate. It was great and the allie was stupid. It was it was all right. I disagree okay. Was like okay. I see you bitch. That's cute bitch back you. Tony have a question for you tony. What did you think of Rose as bette midler look from big business I had an issue because it was not the right color address it he had to be pink or blue. Know how to be pink. 'cause then okay this is. The thing is on the movie now. It was pink. I believe it was eager. I getting mixed up with mermaids shareware the same dresser mermaids in pink and blue dots what it was it was why didn't mind it. I was just like oh there's way other bigger bette midler looks you could do that are better. I think it would be great if it would have been the heroine of twice the size. The hips would have been like jetted out as if it would been rhinestone it just it was very simple. It was very likely in a way. I think she wanted to be like look. I know my her story without putting the actual drag behind. Yeah lot her marrying cultured faggot. But like it actually put any work into it. Yeah no i agree with that. It was. That was the thing i was just like. Okay yeah. That's a good halloween costume. i do that. That's what. I liked your bagpipes book. Bag pipes was great. I really really did. Here's what i can't get over either. The fact that joey jay came out poison ivy bag now they poison ivy bag bash. His son dress was an iv bag but for what he dressed up as a nurse but then decided to throw leaves all over it. And so i was like oh my god. That's really smart. It's to puns. And one your poison ivy ivy bag poison ivy bag and when the judges were like i really like. It's simple outfit. But we're so glad to puns in one. He was like oh no. I'm just an iv bag. They're like why did you put the leaves on. He's like. I just liked tom. Co buyers say just say yes just yeah. He didn't catch the connection between poison. Ivy the superhero and the well no no l. e. j. has zero tastes level absolutely zero. And oh he just for whatever reason thought it'd be funny to decorate himself with leaves. Yeah i did not like kennedy's outfits the lingerie sheet for the boss lady. I thought it was stupid. It was very predictable like all she money. Hair money joint. Look at me. i'm slutty. everything's yeah. I can tell we're gonna be listening to her for a long time. I know it's just think she started off really strong in the first few episodes but this last episode on my right. There's a candy muse. I wasn't really big fan of. Yeah it's starting to show heading. I completely haven't been watching the untucked off. I do i am growing onto me On is coming i better. I'm like she's real. She's going to tell like it is and i appreciate carolina me to i two. It's starting to get interesting this season. It really I know they've been queuing up. It's because they're set. It's because they're sending them home. That's why that's the first episodes. Were like rupaul's best friend race and i kept telling you i don't like it. I want to get him out a year. Yeah start getting start getting out to cut him out. Last night. i made a thing in my head of like feel like i can tell who's gonna home like next next next. Who's next. I think next is going to be la la ary own la la rear elliott elliott starting to fade in the background for me. Yeah yeah in this episode. He really does. Actually tina burner is to tina. Got basically no airtime this episode nine. She has she had like two lines. This is yeah now. i don't think tina burner will go home yet. Yeah i think it's gonna be la la or elliott. I think the next three out our lala elliott to me michel. Oh really that. I want her to go for a while. Yeah see that. I could see the candy muse drama getting in her head and i just have a feeling they're going to keep candy around because she's good television not because of drag and then i think it's going to be like denali and tina and i think the tops are going to be like rosa. A utica got mic candy You just really starting to yeah. I think i think it's pretty clear. Who's gonna get miss congeniality at this point utica. Here's my utica utica. Utica is going to get the coveted number five spot where you don't make it into the top four then you get mr congeniality and then you come right back for all stars. Yup think's gonna happen. I think you're gonna see you to get an all star seven or eight yeah for sure storyline. Well it's shaping out to be a pretty good season. I was a little worried when it started. But it really is. And there's a lot of couiza season that are very personable and likeable in that. I think people are going to be really interested to seeing what their careers do after though watch on tuck. I can't wait to watch this. And i've been watching them regularly so i'm really. I thought somebody was going to get hit. I know that we thought hands. We're gonna fly like so excited about this now. I haven't seen drama on untapped like this. Since like the if i wanted to sugar daddy yes i can have a certain type of girl. Lagaras meltdown way. They can't wait to so speaking of television. There has been a couple articles that have been coming out lately on this specific topic and adam brought it up on the show. But i'm really curious to see what you guys think because it kind of really started. The conversation went prompt. A musical came out and What's his name. The gordon guy. Who played james gordon playing a gay character in the so now a lot of other actors have come out to vote like jim. Parsons from big bang. Theory came out with his opinion on and some other gay actors. Just how the whole topic of straight actors playing gay parts. Yes or no and it seems like i've been every week when i'm looking in this stuff kind of catching up a pop culture. There's a new article new celebrity chiming in on this topic. So i wanted to get your your all opinion on this and especially miss mariam t because you have an actor background. You've been involved. Tv so straight. Honest rob to rob directing. You've done stuff so straight actors playing gay parts. Should it be being or is it. Whoever's best for the role should get the part. You will not go ahead. Ms mariam and now the road robbie okay. I get all sides of the argument. Here's here is the thing is straight people have had life way too easy Marginalized gay people queer people in general. Also have this thing of we. Kim belong anywhere and we should have everything. Mamie me and they have this whiny syndrome where they think that there should be an inclusivity space for them because they need it and whatever. It's just like every twinkie that puts on a fucking tube top an address things that they need to be in a show with girls that have been doing it for twenty fucking years like everybody's all putting the work and i think when we look at the root of it is acting so if the whoever is the better actor i think hollywood needs to be more conscious. But that's just like okay then. Gay people can't play straight actors anymore because there's that to people i love it. I get it. We've been marginalized separate. But we're so goddamn whiny yeah. I like there has to be. There has to be a space. There has to be open for a no. It doesn't that's how the fucking world works. unfortunately no it doesn't it really. That's not the world a hollywood hollywood's like decades behind what's happening not gumdrops and candy. Land and blah blah blah. Do i think some consideration should be given some things to change absolutely. Yeah just because you're a fag doesn't mean you're good actresses like the anchor special and that's another thing gay people are marginalized and we think that we're a lot more special than we are robbie. I kind of agree with mariam a lot because one of the things like as an actor though as a gay actor and we do theater local theater and stuff. But it's like you get so used to playing straight roles because that's what most of the rules are and i can't imagine now if we're going to draw the line where straight people can't play gay and gay people can't play straight. I'm like what's left. I mean we're gay characters in movies and films now so closer represents the actual population. Yeah but you know. I think i should go to the best actor. If you're a straight guy that can play a role convincingly. I mean you deserve it and it often as a gay person if i can pass off that i'm dating married to a woman and and it should go to me. Yeah but i agree with mary lake. Let's not go crazy. If you have to actors that are equally good. Yeah go with the actual gay character. And and the other thing that i was gonna say related to this would i don't like to see is straight characters that play the gay stereotype and they have to. Oh yes the act the gay accent and it's you can tell if the source material of the character is written that way specifically for this to move the story along. Well this is just my opinion but gay people play the stereotype more convincing because like for example or authentic they're very flam flamboyant gay people obviously and are very butch lesbian people obviously but for some reason like when straight people that aren't really that culture it is kind of cringing and you can tell the difference i don't know but know it comes down to authenticity. I think if you cast a gay actor and a gay role there's going to be a little more authenticity to the ron. What they're portraying on screen stage television compared to straight actor playing it. They're gonna miss like walking in somebody. She's not gonna know the experience because they themselves have not lived it. But i do think i agree with it. I think when it comes to a part whether straight or gay the whatever. The character costs for the better. The best actor should be cast for if that the the the best actor is a gay guy then it should go to the gave her actor if it's not then go to whoever's the best for that role does that make sense. Yeah it makes sense. The thing i was going to say is like i was assistant directing a show and it had a gay character in it and the guy that got cast was straight and so he came to me. And he's like rob. Can you please give me some advice on how to be gay on stage. Don't try to be gay period. Just read the lines done and money. Yeah there's not that's going back to the point of playing the stereotype and that that's what happened with prom where people were getting off a going off of. What's his name gordon saying. He's playing this stereotype but the other thing with that performance and this is of what fueled this whole conversation is the way the character was written was written that way specifically and robin. I personally know people within the community who are exactly like that character that flamboyant go to palm springs. You'll see them all over the place. So i don't know i just think it's it's the better the actor that's best suited for the role. Do you think the gays are lying. I i think it should go to the guy that sucks the best steak and if it's going to be the straight guy that such the best he should get it there you go and that's all that's all on that sits kiryat man. Yeah i just thought it was an interesting topic. And i wanted to get your your all opinion on it because i've been seeing pop up a lot. We're moving onto something fun that robbie's going to do this is something we haven't done in a long time. I think we did at one time on the show where we turn the show over to eric and robbie and they threw a specific topic at us that we don't know and we have to talk about it. Give our opinions on it. And so this is kind of a version of it and robs gay kinda. Give us two or three really questions and we're gonna have kind of like he's interviewing us in a way. I'm glad my ass kicked in so go ahead rob. It's all i don't. I had no idea what rob's going it could be anything. So it's like oh what the fuck so. We'll see how this girl okay. I had to put my glasses on for this. Okay i interview question. You're here for a job interview. Words do you type in your pornhub. Search bar go. Anybody wanna take carries the gang bang. That's mine didn't bourbeau. Straight daddy amateur hidden kam hotel. Well mine's cream pie. Gang bang bang straight gay. What else rob straight gay guys are gig are straight there get seduced straight to gay straight ago. Yeah like betas areas. I like my pornos to have a storyline. Though i get the characters and yeah i i want one side of the has a really like long storyline or no storyline. However one got removed off porn habit was so hot dislike machismo mexican guy fucking this other guy and he's on the phone with his accountant but no this was like a hidden camera one and then he's like on the phone with his wife like it was like a hidden camera one and i was like well. I think my favorite of all time was not in front of my salad. Not have of my salad. Yeah oscar they wait what is that. Look it up. Shoot up funniest porno your permission to go on your phone looking at right now and everybody listening. And if you're still watching need to put in the comments what you. What is your porn of search really really cinema. Okay rob next okay. Next question what set of items could you buy together at the store. That would make the cashier the most uncomfortable and please let us know in the comments. Who wants to take this. I i married you. rubber gloves. Crisco a flashlight king size. Snickers bar a dozen donuts Fake blood and pickled pigs feet extra-large trojan condom there. You by just one. Just one single pack. What about you badge. She I'm going to say zip ties. Manny's male nays may only doggie pads just a big tarp tarnished shovel. Yeah okay. I like that continues with a big terp like jk. Rowling terp turk served. I would have the latest daniels is in. He didn't know what turf was. I didn't know what a turf. France exclusionary radical feminists so it's radical feminists who don't think that trans women are our women. Yes a term. God appointment she was was a big lit down. Did you see they took off. All of the harry potters off of hbo. Max like you used to be able to watch but that was just a contract expiring. But it's still like i still up the movies. I would have the most recent daniels stills novel jar of peanut butter rubber gloves frontier. Smooths question mood. I think smooth yeah model each and that's what about you erick crisco and a new pair of sheets. That's the first episode you ever worked like a normal target. Rob go ahead. I actually have a real life. When i went to the syrian hillcrest with my friend. Holly and she would. I'm not here to outer. But she was there to get a modem and i'm like well i i need some enema bottles so it's the it's the cbs here in the gayborhood. So they had an entire used to it. They had an entire end cap. Anima bottles all on sale and there was like a three pack six pack. So i'm like. I wanna go up there with this. Can you just take this. The six pack there with an patients. Gimme at the things that things affect hegel do so. She goes up to the counter with a bottle of emotiv and a six pack. Of course the cashier didn't say anything. She just kind of gave this look down. she's like well that's friendship french. That's fucking rite aid. I used to get so read by the people that work there. Because before i was out i used to go with my mom because my grandpa live close to hillcrest. They knew me and my mom you know. And then once they turned eighteen. And i'm going. They're buying condoms a lube and the ladies just looking at me like you little fucking gay sluts letter. She's like would you like to use the rewards card. No need a paper trail okay next interview question to get the job. What would you do during the purge and i. it's this is expertise patchy okay. Wow this is like a lot of pressure So there is this piece of machinery that i've seen around san diego and it's basically a gigantic ban salt that they used to tear it streets and just go on. Fuck enjoy read. I go straight to stanton and run down. Some wet promises clancy at that various. You've thought about him. You've researched the actual machine. He has plans he has he has it mapped out. What about you. What would you do and i would probably honestly knowing me. I would probably like hide. I don't think i could actually kill anybody. I i think there are people that would want to kill me brackley. You're like i know. I think i would just stay home. You would you lock yourself in. And then pray till daylight y- of the sound of the horn or i would just i would just tag along with bash. Just just i'd just be rolling in that thing playing smashing pumpkins horn and just like on a rampage. I would love to purge. I know you would. What about you I'm going to be dark with my answer and say that i'm not gonna wear masks sanitize my hands. You're doing the perjury now. Think about it this. People are literally purging despicable human beings. I have a list a list that i will hit head. Oh yeah in new york now. That's right i can't. I can't kill her. She made a pact with the man downstairs. She don't die. i tried trust. She just reassembles its sabrina. Td new adventures teenage where zelda and the other the other sister kill each other and bury them in the front yard and they come back to me administer calling you guys show me back in an hour. Just buried her. She'll wake up. God all right rob final question. Make a good well see. Let's see random when if you enter the in contest wet food. Would you want it to be answered this and you get the job entering eating contests with food choice. B you have to say what you think you're going to say i. Is that what you wanted me to. Good in your best. Yes edged jennifer imprint. I think i think It would have to be french. Fry eating contest of french fries. And you can just let on french fries from where though my mickey d's yeah my favorite french fries like. I love mcdonald's if they're cooked right. If they're not the weird like yeah could they're like golden crispy extra seasoning. There was this one time. I remember the most incredible they were like. I don't know who could claim. I think jesus did talking about. We're could get this right. Every time i wouldn't way you would see me on my six hundred pound life on tlc. I heard that if you say you don't want salt on the fries. They'll fry them fresh so they're not sitting well. The best is warm fresh like. Oh there's no other way to eat friends Absolutely must be. I think i would do like the jane. The be tacos. The what so that. The jack-in-the-box tacos. Today so that i can just immediately ship them all out not gain any weight off. Things is asa food group country. A lot of eating ass jokes this episode with your lauren diaper rash by now at least double racks. Jesusa mine. we'd have to be their cake or bean-and-cheese britos who doesn't my favorite foods marino. Rob sorry rob. Rob's interview questions for is robert around shed for sure. So it's very t. How do people find you and give us which you're going to be up to lately. 'cause okay i think i can say it because this episode will come out on wednesday. Okay i need. I need ninety seconds. Okay you can find me on instagram at the barium t and go to my website. She heard me dot com. I will be doing blackout bingo. Every wednesday night at gossip grill starting on february third. I will be doing pop. Culture trivia is back on the second and fourth. Monday of every month at urban mos the second monday of february is pixar trivia and the fourth monday is legally blonde trivia hosted by not jennifer coolidge as jennifer coolidge. For that. what is the date. Is the fourth monday in the twenty eight february february and all if our listeners all of this we will have on our website. If you need to get mariam schedule. I'll go to the website. We will have listed of the knights of her trivia. And all of that. Good stuff starting february eleventh. I am producing the double ds show at gossip girl every night. Okay I'll be in it every every night for the first month or so because of budget restrictions right now but i will eventually lead into more of a producer role and then saturday february thirteenth. Mariam's tea party. Finally it's back at urban knows. It is any friend of the podcast missed naomi. Daniel debut a friend. A friend of the podcast san diego's very on semen demon grotesque. Guess their show on tv. What i should show go check on elementary. I dunno alimentary. Do we know allergies lips curl One of my best friends. So you're going to get the fasi even get sassy band black girl. You're gonna get the skinny. Pretty gonna get the skinny pretty theater white girl you're going to get. The weirdo queered our semen demon. And you're going to get the campy kooky clown me so it's going to be a really well rounded valentine's day show and if like all of your other shows its hide you have no idea what you're for one. He's going to be honestly from the numbers that i know that are going to happen. I think one of the best. We've ever done the last really good too. Yeah it's going to be the first one without evelyn rose. I don't know what i'm gonna be sexist. I have one more announced that. I have been pregnant taking a long time ago. Okay go ahead go ahead say it again say it again promoted at most so i will now be in the office with management and stuff. I'm working on events with. I don't really have been title yet. But i will be kind of in charge of events with glitz glam curing managing events book talents. And we're already in talks with lady. Bunny coco peru merman. Yes we lost. Martinis above or four. Sorry even before which was a cabaret spot here in san diego. they closed permanently. And we had all of those great performers their coca. Peru's been on our show so that is exciting. Very very big congrats. Yeah you know one of things we did not cover and we said we were was one division watching it and we've been talking about it Borelli quick got really interesting episode four and we promise next episode. We will cover one division. 'cause we have darts that's about the show and it's getting real real good now so actually. How do people find you. I'm same and underscored bash on instagram. There you go and eric. You can find me vomiting pink and green chromatic or on party bare eric. Yes going to do with these thing. I don't either follow me at tony undiscovered looney underscored macaroni on instagram. You can follow the podcasts at. Who invited her underscore podcasts on. Instagram were invited her. St on facebook and twitter. You can watch us. Every tuesday night at seven pm on out at t. v. Yeah they have a lot of great programming on there and like we said earlier. What is shit. Show hosted by grotesque guy and kevin kennon rebel. Buzz is great for music. They have and they do a full recap drag race show with its of erica fox on yeah they. They're right after us on the ship. He wears my t shirts on advocacy there right after us. They believe at eight o'clock on tv so give them give them a checkout also too. I always forget this but we have a phone number. You can call and leave us a message and we'll play it on the air. All six hundred nine eight hundred two three six nine so call leave us a message about anything you ask any danger to call and leave one of him just oh we gotta get him while he's on the phone. We should eddie of you're listening. Leave his daddy and we'll play it on your bedroom. Actually i want to get him back on because we haven't had him on and i love having sex toys. I know it's crazy. The last episode he was we did show in sharon sharon towel and all man. It was fun of you. Guys didn't listen to eddie danger episode. And i want him to put me in the hospital. I i finds out of me. You guys give us a call. Leave us a message. Also give us a five star rating on itunes. I know we got one from somebody recently. Right rub you got a one star rating. No i was looking to see if anybody we have a new review from. What is we're saw. We is needed. I saw i know they said as a san diego native myself east county. I'm super thrilled. Sale this podcast. I'm starting from episode one to being that got me hooked is i can totally relate to being raised. Oh as jehovah in the jove a witness caught. Like i was any who i can't wait to listen to all of this podcast from episode one. So thank you for those first episode. It's a journey. But i didn't did for us. Everybody make sure you check out our show on. Tv tuesday nights at seven pm. You can check out my other show films. Spring friday nights out at tv at apm. And this week we're doing an iconic queer film adventures of priscilla queen of the desert is. Yeah it's gonna be really fun but that is it for us and we will see everybody. Let's see for closing music. Eric know you can pretend bill.

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The French Open Catch-Up with Joel & Kim: Round 4 - witek shocks favourite Halep; Thiem outlasts Gaston; Qualifiers Trevisan + Podoroska progress; Nadal sets up Sinner test; Kvitova + Kenin on collision course; Should Zverev have played with symptoms?

The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

1:00:56 hr | 9 months ago

The French Open Catch-Up with Joel & Kim: Round 4 - witek shocks favourite Halep; Thiem outlasts Gaston; Qualifiers Trevisan + Podoroska progress; Nadal sets up Sinner test; Kvitova + Kenin on collision course; Should Zverev have played with symptoms?

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the passing shot tennis PODCAST BY FANS on Joel I'm Kim and today we're looking back on round four at the French Open. Gentlemen thank. You. Kim We are almost there. We're almost at the end of round four at the French Open chronic is literally about win the last round four match in the men's section we've got she got one more round four match to play in the women's Joel which has she been delayed and will be on first thing tomorrow morning I mean this this round really I, think the main stories out there are the weather unfortunately has created ugly head and made it a bit stop-start easy. But when we have had play on call, we have had some of the. Biggest upsets of the competition so far, and of course, one of them. Probably. The biggest upset across the whole tournament safe are semester number one seed Ho favor giving out in a ridiculous see surprising fashion It was developing whilst we recorded our route three catch up. That's Yeah. I mean I feel like that's the that's really the only place we can stop because that was one of the only ones that result unexpected but the scoreline as well was. Doubly expected and. I mean three on tech really just a breakthrough performance from her wasn't a absolutely I mean we did she capture that performance live on our latest boat i. mean the result rather we we kind of live dating during because I was it of. Couldn't really believe what I was saying I mean we knew that field intact was going to be a different opponents this time last year because he had an extra year on the circuit to mature and and get that experience against top players under her belt. But I don't think anyone expected the fashion of of victory. You know she just didn't put a foot wrong. She was playing with such kind of variety and I mean how it didn't play badly she just couldn't really do anything to to kind of withstand what she wanted was coming up with and. I mean if you take keep that full Bah A. She's She's playing tr- Trevisan to Maury and I mean she on tech is obviously the higher ranked player in in that match so Arguably is the favor and then I mean I. don't see why she can't go on and win the whole tournament. We soar happened with Yelena? West Bank of years ago. There's absolutely no reason why Just because she's on seeded and outside the top fifty can't go all the way off to what we've seen similarly though Joe I wouldn't get too carried away and I can tell you see her perhaps not playing well and it going the other way. It's it's all up in the air still. Yeah I mean it's always a question of of of upsets of this magazine is whether you can. You can back it up because. She I think people now are seeing her as the favourite. You know forget rankings forget seeds. She just beats Simona Halep who had. Just inaugurated Anisimov over. and yeah. I, think for for a lot of people she's inherited that position. As the as the top favourite. I mean the thing that was most impressive to me about it was. Literally, this time last year I wouldn't say. I literally I. Mean This last year at the French Open. It was it was. His feeling tech and. Absolutely, bulldozer lovin things like love and one. And we've had a complete role reversal twelve, twelve, sixteen, sonal, whatever I mean. Yeah. It's just it. I mean, it just makes. It just makes you realize how fascinating compelling tennis could be because you can have these matches and you can learn from them, and then you can have a moment fervor down entire time y you can make good on kind of the. Learning that you've done over the last twelve months and you know right that wrong and I think. Really Just. Just paid remarkably well, and she started. So quickly, the economy reminded may actually have know how that versus Serena Williams in that Wimbledon final it was just like light. Help this really, she couldn't even kind of stay intact really and I think the the thing I was nice thing was the fact that because of the format of the, you know the women's draw as best of three sets. When a play, it does have such a fast aw. Likes feeling. Dade it's there's. There's less time to have sort of a recovery phase before you can kind of go back into soap mood and you didn't have that didn't have that luxury and ultimately it was just kind of left by the wayside. Yeah I think sometimes they. I'm sure be kind of ruin the fact that you know she. She was coming into this tournament on a big win streak. Hope favor. But at the end of the day, she just came up against if I was inspired and probably would have beaten any player I, think on that day. Much. Like somebody in help again Serena in that final loss Jay it was kind of just one of those. Kind of spellbinding form. Ince's really that Yukata just have to say to in a way and I mean it's a shame because it says something that. You know how it came a corporate to Anisimov but last year. Maybe. Sweet spent it was extremely attacking how much more defensive player she's kind of. Grafting and getting all back but it wasn't really anything she could take to field in tech and it's maybe an issue when he comes up against players who are playing lights out does she have an answer? especially if they go kind of you know five up in in twenty minutes or something, and it's a massive kind of break we're at the stall. Day perhaps that's something that she needs to think about a I think if any other player the other day how it would've won I mean I just I feel like it's just the luck of the draw that she faced her and it was bad luck really puts a yeah I mean I mean how? WILL BE PEOPLE WHO Have our cheers the favor in some cases will sheehan tech realized. will she now think Oh, I've got pressure meeting. People are expecting things of me is not GonNa Change things with full minutes from now on. That's what I've been trade find out. Yeah. Because of she's I think she's in nineteen years old great. Great. Another great prospect for the the Women's game and you know the maidment, their oversee the comparisons. With a police background to play I like aggravate advance girl who was a fantastic player in back in her day But obviously, we put right around skin that category of some of the best players never to never to have won a grand slam and. You know I. Think kind of looking at. Yes she owned texts performance. De wet where do you kind of see her getting decent? She could be allowed. Number one is she going to be a grand slam champion Ezekiel? Be Most Book? No Grand Slam champion. I. Think these kind of questions were kind of interested to see. How they develop and? Kind of how I think would be kind of kicking us off at the. Kind of missed opportunity because it was, it was a missed opportunity. At the same time Going to be looking at this to be like, Hey, this is gonna be my this is going to be big moment. Yes. She had a big breakthrough match but now she's got the opportunity to make big breakthrough slam and we've seen we've seen that happen in the does happen it can happen at the French Open So yeah, we. We will say but yeah, I mean, especially inner is the top seed left in the in the in the top half of the draw. But I mean she I think she's really got anything much to fear because you know we've got no in the top at least we know Grand Slam champions, it's all sort of. Fillings obviously been here before, but you apart from that I mean she's definitely going to be. Bags of confidence in her to think that she can go on and win the thing. Yeah, I mean, Switzerland. Now, ready if you think about her and the other names in her side of the draw, you would think on paper looking at ranking and previous performances slams he think, Sicily no, this is absolutely how best chance to. Make, a slam final for the first time perhaps when it We spoke to her coach didn't we joe earlier on this year Andy Battles and yeah, that was very much. Like her next goal was she going to break through a maker? Fine Oh Osaman this is surely her best Charles to do that but I mean, should we looking at thinking? Well, you've done that to help. You. Get ready to me. If you know if they were to me Selena Lena has. Puerta Rosca. In the coaches tomorrow so you would expect three into come through that You know she's a very consistent player she doesn't turn up and. Play horrendous she you know you've got to beat visiting basically she's she's not going to. Lie Down, and let you kind of awkward over her say. It's no ascension to. Get anything in twenty twenty as. Women's Irvine at Roland Garros. I mean, you've got to looking at you've got to really be a spiel on tax a semi, but we do have the qualifies a Trivia sign and Puerta Rosca who have briefed on. So incredibly well, this tournament. Nadia Puerto Oscar she was ranked two hundred and fifty five at the office season. She's one of the socially fourteen matches this year you. There hasn't been any tennis for anyone to play. So she's done that trade in a handful of months really. She's going to be in the top hundred of the her sharing hair, which is great and then oversleeping. Trevor San, she beat Kiki Buttons. Yesterday in straight-sets. I topped him victory I. Think it was only the second time. She's actually played a top ten player I think have have first appearance against Stockton by was actually against persons last year. So she's kind of getting better and better and more confidence she goes through each round. Xi Jinping sacrilege being Gulf I mean she's now some versions so she's not gonNA. Be Easy to be either. No I. Think I think what? What it says with two qualifiers in. The quarterfinals of French Open I, think what it shows you. Think is the regardless of who your opponent is. If you can if the season you able to get lots of matches under your belt regardless of who's facing across the net I think that has you know pay dividends. About put Roscoe and the fact that she's played and won forty two matches across all levels in in twenty twenty. I think the fact that if you just got a court and win, it just gives you just gives you confidence a gives you momentum and Similarly with similar with Travis on that just kind of carrying that momentum. Food and it doesn't. It almost takes rankings out the window. They just have disbelief when they go and call based on based on the matches they played in know if you compare that to you know the top players in the top say maybe haven't been able to to get out on as much oil. You know they've you know maybe Phoolan a in the first round of the second round in in kind of the build up Golden the opposite way. So you know I certainly think seeing these qualifies, Hey, shows you the you know the. Importance of winning and only the insignificance of you're at she facing across the court. If you win, it's going to give you that confidence to. To to to believe in and you know here, we ought to qualifies in the French Open Quarterfinals for the for the women I think Joel it's it's also it'd just this year we've got to qualify is in at this stage and It Been Yaroslava Federer, I think in two thousand twelve and she was the loss qualify to do that. So it's been eight years a long time that we have. In this and now he's not yeah I mean it's very surprising and I just adding that, I think on Selena I mean my always my question mark was fitting Grand Slam is I always think that she can beat the players the. She's expected to be and really it was a question of what she was GonNa have that. That breakthrough in terms of beating. At all. Top A top five player. At Grand Slam level. That was like that was my question. So. I'm still thinking is fit Selena in head I. Think she's got the right mindset and the right application that she's GonNa she can. Come through this path of the the jewel I I. Agree I'm expecting US Selena Seon Tech Semifinal. By I'm thinks fit SELENA given her experience? In this in this environment and the stages of grandson slam, I, think all you think that's GonNa pay dividends and. Always interesting kind of seeing these these routes people take to. The latter grandsons because we someone. WHO You know they. Is. Through. On. The other hand we call someone like Selena who we feel like kind of a domain team has kind of been biding her experience. You know from slam to slam this level. Over the last. Few years. Sins and I do think now she's kind of ready to take rapa moment and. Well and make sure at least at the very least she gets to the final. The final from this path yeah, I think she's being. There there wasn't jae for quite a while. Now she's consistent being up in the top ten five. She won the WTO for a couple of years by say, no, she's the talent is just the case of actually putting up critical performance together old on that day. When it matters and Yes. I know spiff insight perhaps into teams with do back and listen to our apart with Andy. I think we did a few months ago now. Because it'd be listened to and it's all of the quarters perhaps. To dominate team they joe, what's she make of his his his match against French World Guard to air store little pun there wasn't it little pattern between David. Lieber. Yes This was fantastic to what on. On Sunday afternoon on the TV lying lying on my safe I'm not gonNA lie was a little bit was a little bit hungrier but. It was it was a fantastic absolutely gripping match for me. It was I mean personally for me was match the match of the tournament so far. I, think it had everything and team of came through. It was looking at one stage going to be really comfortable victory for them. He went two sets up six full six full but guests on Hadi. Forever ideas pulled the third and fourth set back before team came through in the fifth six three off three thousand and thirteen minutes. But really, it was just a kind of a just fantastic case really of player who's in his in his pump at the moment. And he's coming is coming through the through the drawer in team but presented with his first real challenge and you know it wasn't challenge that really came out nowhere because you'd think USA champion dominate team two sets up on clay core. The French Open really should be kind of closing an out but I mean. What talent gasoline as. I, think you not is his press conference. Okay. About his specifically gasoline's dropshots were from another planet and. You know that that was particularly for be cut the television that was the that was really the shot that caught my eye and I was sort of wearing fatigues in the sense that you know if he doesn't figure out a way to nullify this dropshot, then you we could have been left with not only Simona halep helper dominic team out as well. Yeah this was I think yes. Safe all the best batch of the tournament there had been laughing at the TV. Every got stolen they pulled off another one of these drop shows I couldn't believe it. Squealing ED TV as well and It was such a shame that right at the end in a couple days drop shots a day failed and Anita gas on just kind of took his took his them off the ball and t managed to get the job done I. Mean I was not expecting after the first sets the. Go five I thought okay. Team stay sets up what normally happens now is the opponent would just kind of fade away. You get tied up the ghost a bit but I'm say impressive Ugo guests on because you know he didn't give up on he he kept going and he kept going with his saw strange game plan and and it paid off and you know that full set he was. Four one up very quickly offs taking the third and and then suddenly we were interface that it was like war is a half. Now I mean I always thought team which. Would would do it because obviously the experience And everything I didn't think that Gaston would actually win a pulse made. Date. Data. Wow. A I was calling expecting. What happened to kind of happen eventually but it was such. An incredible match really wasn't expecting it to be that place at the end and it was very enjoyable. Watch have to say really enjoyed it and I think what was interesting I think what was kind of getting into my head? Those watching as a final on the SOFA was. When when is all of what's happened in the last year two three weeks or whatever going to catch up with Dominic team? Is it going to catch up to him? You know at some point? From now to the end of the tournament, because it felt like during that particularly in that full set I, think it did catch up to him and always kind of wondering. Is. Dominic team tired is he just exhausted from all the efforts he's had to put in. The USA at the French Open is it who catching up to him at this very moment and gasoline was gonna take it volunteers you'll fit but credit me see came through. And kind of reset and one one that fifth set. But I do think there's now going to be that question going forward of. How much how much did don't make team have left the tag kids. Is a question you won't be asked with. Diego Schwartzman. At. The other side of the day. It is it is called FIDO. Every Schlossberg come through. You know very play hasn't dropped a set yet and he won against Lorenza Sinaga in the fourth round and she wants to be paying perhaps the best tennis of the moment you know he just reached the the rame final beat Raffarin reach that and he's he's here he is in the quarterfinals against team and I mean a lot of people. Joe a saying that she schwartzman's go. You know a real road John's getting team I. Think Jim Courier even said that he thinks Schwartzman is the favourite for that one. I think that's Slightly lever slight favor. I mean I think maybe if it went long and it went to five and team was feeling. Fatigue as a result of everything that's. Happened in New York and That maybe you know you could physically give Schwartzman the edge if it if it wasn't not fall, but I still would definitely's team is is the favourite I mean Today it's going to be a different level for Schwartzman isn't playing team over five sets compared to the likes of Sinaga is tricky one. It's You know you look at team. You know he's you. He's absolute physical specimen on on the tennis court and. I don't think I. Yeah I don't think fitness. Wise. That's an issue. I think is more of a mental fatigue mental mental fatigue exactly of of what's what's been going on and? The fact that is been such a quick turnaround different time zones. I mean is surely going to catch up to you at some point I mean we were kind of saying that about diabetic. Not USA. USA American Hall Cool. Streak. And we would decide it's going to catch up to some point but you you know that I think that now is this going to be the question and if there was one player I think who can exploit that it's Diego Schwartzman because as he said, he is in he is fantastic fool he's probably. You know he's beat. Rafa on your beat Raffarin on. On Clay and he dropped only thirty teams getting to the cool to finals. I mean he I think he was actually a little bit surprised how well he was kind of playing going into this tournament he wasn't expecting you know to do what he has done. Eat A he has looked he has looked very, very classy and he's been. He's presented with a couple of skins has sip so far, and now he's got the opportunity to go off to dominate team and you know I think. I see as ratified you're just hoping that he could even if he doesn't beat team, he certainly has the capacity to kind of almost kind of take his legs away if team wants to kind of guy. In the tournament. If we go the assumption that wrath is going to beat Yanic sin- then yeah. I, was just thinking, Oh, I've team and have Ryo ding-dong then. That will help pay them in December as but I mean we should just talk about the final is going to be reference Yanic Cena I mean Rafeh came through against Sebastian quarter very slaves was a bit of a route against the most notable thing is for that I think off the match rougher gave quarter assigned teasha shirt, which is quite sweet. Oversee code is a massive rats and and on twitter our soul, the core was asking fans to send him pictures of the two of them at the net which I thought was quite sweet. He's such a sleigh. This felt like football primary league side plates a League side, the seaside, and like I need to make the most of this opportunity. CHEF. With. A Baby I could. Make some money. But. I mean I, I, watched the match matches well yeah. My overriding feeling was I. Wanted whether. Korda showed rather to oversight too much respect. He was I think maybe he was a little bit starstruck as well because. Yeah it was. It was pretty one sided and I think you know I think the question for me for. Getting into the business end of the tournament is you know how how? Is He undercooked kind of getting into you know potentially a match with well, we've we've accent but then potentially with we've team because you know the the the I think the matches he's played so far the rankings of the players he's paid safer I think they've all been outside the top hundred Yonex Center? Yes. Is a great claycourt play I I didn't even think he's in the top seventy I think I was reading I mean. Do you get the feeling is the Dowell really. Ready and prepares. You, a US forget that he's. Twelve type champion But in this tournament and given the fact that you know he didn't play any tennis. pitted. On hot coal and you know he he he he went to overrun but it came. So again, Schwartzman in in Rome d think d think as a question mark over whether you know how prepared in the Dallas going into. Going into the air going in. The tournament. I think. So I mean I think I think Trivia he played in the third round I think he might have been seventy four something in the world but. For sure I do think that is beneficial to have been tested somewhat before you get to the latter stages because I think otherwise you can maybe. Face a bit of a slow perhaps from WWLTV Tabin the as and you're not quite prepared or. Ready to deal with that quite in this matter that you would if you'd already has become a couple of tests on re, it's about finding the balance isn't it I? Mean I know you can only play he he got a play. Date one Rafeh. I want him to have struggled against Clare's Day in the hundreds will say because I wouldn't bathe well, if he'd been kind of. Having to fight against those players but I think Senate will for sure be a tough test abnd say perhaps that will give rabbit of fine shooting that he might need I. Think Jose just to the team guests on match. Perhaps this will as she really helped aimed because. He's had a someone playing slightly unconventional against am ready taking him unawares and you know he's he he has already but I think actually that will. Will probably help him going into the latter stages potentially a but yes I. There have been instances where rougher has won the friendship and without dropping a set and when he's just. Say I, think it's it's kind of swings around about sometimes. But I mean let's just talk about sin because you know he came through again sashes verve in four sets eight acidified very very well. and very hasn't exactly been in in the best form of even in the US Open, he wasn't paying playing particularly well yet you managed to always win the thing. But obviously, the big talking point from that match was that Zara played whilst feeling in his words completely sick. You know he was seen on court having medical treatment the doctor set to go into the core they gave him like a nasal spray. He said he had been having a fever the day before he wasn't able to breathe A. Basically symptoms and yet he turned up and played his fourth round match. Look. Good for the Fred Sherry organizes it and In the press conference. With, have often he was it was not particularly happy. When when a journalist suggested that he might be? Positive and we should just say actually he did post on his instagram today that he has taken a test and it is negative a but at the same time that we're going to be questioned certainly around this match in terms of. Should've should've? Pan raised to the French Open organizers. Displaying symptoms. Or? Other. The other question is, should the French Open organizers? This is the big question should the French, open? Organizes. Should have had more rigorous testing in place or procedures in place to make sure that. Even, if play wasn't going handrails, they were able to, they were going to be able to kind of. Find them out because it much. If you're in a full round of a grand stab with potential shelter glory etcetera, are you really going to like? All, you really going to like hold your hand up say sorry I accomplished my boyfriend match because you know I'm potential under weather when you don't even know if it's you know you're going to be capable maybe just go to maybe you've just go to code and. I think that's definitely been a you know a lot of big can of worms opened up with this. With this match shouldn't. Yeah I it's interesting. Particularly I think around I mean. Physically around I, think the fever point you know if he's dispatching a high temperature because you know in my head, you know. We're not begin to. You know I went into work a couple of weeks ago in. The the temperature gun pointed at me giving in. To the office and I. If the French Open all doing that two players. Feels like very easy and practical thing to do and it sounds like the. Essentially doing it? Yeah I think they're not doing a I would have expected them to on it with everyone going onto the site eating fans journalists plays everyone. But because I know in America, they were doing the test I think when plays on the the boss, the transport to the to the site that would checking the temperature I think I know that those kind of forehead thermometers and not even the most accurate they give some indication, but it's not necessarily the best. Know it would at least stop players perhaps trying to go under the radar and get away with it. By going onto the site and hoping that, no, one would notice. So they had a temperature or didn't feel so good. If. They had these kinds of measures in place plays with think well, actually are there's no way. I'm GonNa go away with this. Go to come clean an apron up also I think yeah. Doing the tests every five days I think's very with Geeta half Walden basically like the day after his batch I think they you know he'd been sent remind boy the F.. F. T.. But really, he could have that test the day before his match You know could've thought test that day and got the results back quite quickly. You know they're lucky position where they can easily get a test if they will one and then he would have known wouldn't hey whether it was a positive or negative, and then you know if it was positive obviously, you'd hope you would have done the right thing and pulled out. But at least if it got the test back, it was negative before the match he. He wouldn't fat all this kind of. Hostility and the press conferences and on the questions from media need air and everyone alike and everyone judging he's he's lack of judgment I suppose for for what he actually did by coming onto the CY in potentially risking everyone that he came into contact with I mean going boy xanax in is cool. Will he had I mean you know if it was K. Sarah had been posted and she gave it to center and then sit it gives it to refer I. Mean You could like have a big chain of events a totally effected by this. Should abated also. Kind of a of. Critics out there know of observer of the opinion the. This is a guy who you know. We've already got saw it We all live damage. This was president light a few months ago and you know some of his behavious back then. Say would not kind of Didn't chime with the the current situation and again. Looking at this moment and saying, did you did you let anything from you know two three months ago? and. You know. For INS various corner. They'll say absolutely not because if he had learned something, he may he would have would have hand-raised. I I'm a bit more. I think I'm a bit more on the side of I. Think the French Open pro I feel like the French Open done more in terms of identity. You can rely I can necessarily rely on on plays in these situations where there's prize money at play Brian King points the show being a grand slam champion, a available I. Think you can rely on these guys to just kind of feel like it's a civic duty and do the honorable thing. To put a hand up and say. I think I think I'm displaying sentence I think that needs to be more rigor in terms of having. Procedures in place to make sure that you know regardless of you know the the person that everyone everyone is treated and everyone. You know. Everyone is in the same position and is. Make sure. We have a you know a safe tournament because at the moment it feels like. Tonight it feels like with this Grand Slam. Competitive USA. Bit more sort of. Having a bit more sort of utterings from. Players and. People on site in terms of. How? calculated. Secure. You know this, this Grand Slam is. Yeah, I mean, there were two positive tests some goal singles. But nothing unique from any other kind of no other players apart from these have apparently tested positive. But I mean, in a way, I'm surprised haven't been more because of the lack of measures in in place but at the same time, I take new necessarily yes they could've temperature checks. On site but I think I, no fear of actually had the fever during the match I. think he said it was. The night before the or the night before that So I. Could still have been. He people could still have come and not have a high temperature carrying. So as any say much the tournament can-do, you've got to rely as well an individual gt the same as like in a society now, like if I felt like I had symptoms and I had to go into work or you should not go into were key to the the advice is that you isola- until urine tested and found out the result so? I don't think he couldn't say is one all the it is a bit of both as an it, it's personal responsibility are needing structures in place to enable people to make the decision that is a safest for for wider society. But I mean I know that obviously, I can understand where it was coming from if he was sinking yes, it probably isn't covert. I didn't want to give up on potentially making it a grandson cooed final because I pulled out and it was just like a cold. That is going to go away in a day I can understand that rationale but I think that the live was gay or anew say his position as a top sportsmen. that he needed to have. About it and All of the you know he knew that he was going to get a lot of questions and I'm surprised that she he admitted it. So openly after the press conference I I personally, if I was I would have been like, yeah I didn't play well wasn't failing one hundred percent just feel quite tied. I wouldn't have gone said I. Call Breathe and I had a fever like in a way that to me is quite I do. Not. Think that therefore, there wouldn't be a big line of questioning if he's just going to re really open and honest then. Today. Surprising I mean this is what do you think about Sasha's Shitty should played this match. Dot. Should it be on the? On the French Open let us know better for now. We're GONNA. Take a quick outbreak and we're going to be back off towards to talk about all the action from today. It's time for pumpkin flavors, a new favorites Dunkin, and also some tough decisions like, do I, WanNa signature pumpkin spice is launching a brand new mcclatchy, a new law or Pumpkin iced coffee Oh in the bakery do I wanna Pumpkin donut on their other people behind you in the strife through Oh, I'll just take it all OK. Cozy you grave Dunkin Pumpkin favorites and new fall additions might new creamy without the dairy milk lot days and signature Pumpkin Spice High Slot Day plus more America runs on Dunkin price and participation may vary limited time offer. Okay came. So we've had the second half of all of the round four matches today apart from. People. On people and off Daniel Collins, on Danielle Collins are going to be playing tomorrow because of the weather. But let's let's talk about the matches that have happened and let's start with. Let's start with. Patrick Evita because we have just spoken about is. Issue now, the inherited favorite from Saleh because they're all, they're all think a significant number of fans and the people in the press people in the media who would probably say you know Patrick vetiver is is looking is looking very good and you know even though she's not been the greatest kind of clay court player in the possum using this is I know you have second appearance in quarterfinal? Ever Ah at the French. Open. Nothing first twenty twelve. A law people saying that she is now she is now the favourite I mean she came through quite easily against Jiang hsi-wei six, two, six, four, one, hour, twenty, five minutes. I mean, what do you think I mean I feel like we're on a collision course for potentially. A cannon semi final. But do you think what would you think about Kavita? What did you think she stands kind of getting into the second week of the French Open. Well. She's Lower Ziegler next and have to say that Christmas the favourite for that one given. A format grandma she's a two-time select Sim champion and Reach final last year. So I mean, yes she's not being at this stage of girls for years but Her ability is is still that and have formed today was very impressive. Hairpin wasn't really anything ever going to particularly challenge. For just managed the Powell Haredi so you. Would expect. To come through against Zeke but I think. I think, yeah that that semi that we will kind of looking with. That would be with Kenan is the maybe the Perhaps, that will be the batch for the tournament riddick given the fact that they're the only to slam champions left in it but some. Yeah, I'd like to see Kavita win another slam I think. She was quite, very strong. Thanks Day because you know the horrendous knife attack a couple of years back and I, think it was three years ago the at road and where she came back from that I almost back so. I think it'd be back in at this stage in the last eight of the tournament hair. It's it does mean a lot to her and I think if she can kind of channel that that. I I wouldn't be surprised if she went and won the tournament Joe. Yeah she's always kind of bear isn't a dangerous player which puts it all together. It's interesting because we look at. Grand Slam record she's those two titles at Wimbledon and I think that's where you know see the British public fell in love with her but we don't really associate with being able to do it on a on a clay court and you look at. How qualities in terms of you? Now, she is a very powerful hitter from the baseline and you you. You know obviously that works very well on a on across court. but yeah, I. Think into the French Open on clay cool I was just wondering. How how how is that going to work because she really sort of a loopy. Heavy for. So apply she hit like a little bit more flat but I mean, she still has even these calls. She still has kind of the. She still has the power to hit clean winners I mean she hit twenty three. Against Changsha today. And Yeah I just think I just wonder if you know she's going to be able to just kind of blow away the competition with with that sort of that sort of play wherever she can whether she can keep I know she's going to have hodder opponents if down the line with potentially. Kevin Kennon in the in the semifinals Siegelman as well is going to be you know no slouch. So. Yeah it's. It's. It's still kind of I. Think there is danger that. I think. Looking at butterball feeder before the total dating, we were thinking the. Candid. Could be the loss to seats. The law seeds left it on in the bottom half of the draw but. Hey. That's that's where and you know this French Open has been unpredictable but convertible I think has shown so far that she's been A. She's been pretty solid and lift up. I mean she's lived up to her seating so far yeah. She hasn't come through with any major dramas and I think Joe is most natural SF space or the one that we would associate with she has won a few of the Klay Premiere Events Unai she's one Madrid Tom's thing. So I think especially with indoor play she's she's she quite likes that so I think necessarily this. Is. A, really fall score is going to be perhaps a massive issue I today I mean Zeke. Men today she came through against Paulo. DOSA. In straight-sets, she's off to that first round. Of It and the drama of the double bounds she's been making swift progress through and. Some fog still to lead that game. LITERALLY WITH PEOPLE ARE PAINTING OF DOOMSDAY scenario we've kind of like. Ziegler. Zeke. But there's always going to win the French Open. How she could live for the rest of our life knowing that she double bouts did that I rattled to get rich. How she lived with. Renault in that. Scenario just yet but. Hov Today Zeke decided to during her payments medical timeout. She went over to get a nice top of noodles or something. And then she decided that with a full eating eating a box of carbs and she said she, she was kind of a bit loan call. She wants to have a a sugar rush but she didn't really found see like on an open on she wants something really substantial. So she also. Get some some up and she just sat ain't as a say I love I love how you the script or the take out via physio. Is Not the. really interesting though because it's not something. We see. If I can remember. The. Incident the. Brought to my mind. Maybe for British fans, there's been Marcus Willis. A think a few years ago. I had a can of coke and a snickers bar on shaven. It gave me kind of flashbacks of that but I've never really seen like this was like A. A meal. Look a proper meal and I wanted like how does? Cow Does Not sit well what do you play like a ten dispatch because? Yeah, I was a bit a bit like who is that? Is that such a good idea you think? Still on your stomach Keno that. Maybe she has a really fast I gestured day or she just didn't think about she just wanted the cops. What would you? What would you water if you're if you're in a position and he had a physio and you wanted to put an order what would be your Go-to? Take. A professional athlete I suppose I should be and have like Ajello in today's of. Electrolyte Joe's, but I have to say you sculpted Marcus. Willis saying a snickers bar I probably have. To hang sticky. When I was younger officer I used to delight swimming or whatever I or Arado something. I'd always crave nowadays most milkshakes she get like, I. have as my like recovery drink when really I should've just had milk or whatever. But I was just like the chocolate as well. But yeah, I go for some chicken wings I. Won't face. Some spicy chicken wigs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was that was that was that was quite surprising. I know. Yeah. But DOSA was I think she was troubled by her back in that match? Yes. saw her Nicole flat-out kind of taking a medical timeout for it but some I mean convertible one. One matching at the US Open in two, thousand, fifteen, six, one, six, one, so. Again I don't. I'm not expecting too much of a surprise that feel like Kavita will come through that. Let's go onto the other team matches. One has taken place one has not taken place the one place today. Most French player Gloss French play in the women's drool. Fiona Farrow versus Kennan. of the United States and in Kenan came through that two, six, six, two, six, one. Yeah, it was I mean I watched the first Saturday night. She saw Pharaoh ferry is GonNa win this but can't in I think. That I mean I think she's got as much as she's a good tennis bath. Mentally I think she's she's superior to of her. Her opponents arrivals, and regardless of what situation she finds herself in. She's way she always seem to be able to kind of. Cruel herself out of a sticky situation. And I think she was able to do that and she just I, mean, she really just turned it in and gave ferry no chance in sets tune three I mean sixty, six hundred and it was it was quite a turnaround from that I set. Yeah, I was going to be much closer than that. Once. Pharaoh had taken that I set and Kenan of was a break off in the second I thought Oh real matching onset. But yeah, just kind of the more weight on the more it went away from Farrow and and Kenan. Yes. She she totally opther. Hey game off to the end of that first set and. Had got the early break and then ferry came back and wrote off in a six games on the troll and you know much to the delight of the of the home crowd. But said, yeah I think Kenan she's she cut it flies under the radar doesn't sheep because I think she has a very strong mental as she but it's a very quiet kind of fortitude. She has on the cool and you know I. Really respect that because she doesn't make a song and dance about anything she just kind of get some with it. Does she quite nice. Say. Yeah, I? mean. He wouldn't. It weighed the coach new. Coach they pictured. Sitting next to Feroz coach I. Think he moved. During the match and that was all sorts of conspiracy theories on like a February. Coach coaching from the sidelines in. Canon. Wanted to sit next to make sure it was happening. Lighting each other or it was like. Yeah. I took. I think he was able to do with that. I think the thing I think a lot of people university would integrates on was likely will literally sitting right next to each other which he gave was not a good look. For the French. Open. And I do think there is no I think there is a no rule emerging picture here in terms of. The French Open organizers and the tournament organizers maybe need to look you know the protocols they have in pastries ample because yeah I feel like we're getting it from different aspects from the players or wherever is from the this TV pictures. That was a that was a bit of a bizarre situation see. If I was ferries coach I would have been just on a passive aggressive. Shot shuffled seats long. After cannons dad liked to. Someone's on a sits on the train. opposite. You a mouse. I like. The, next courage now. But Yeah. I coach literally left as quick as possible. Wants the the the match was decided. Cannon yet goes onto the quarterfinals and will play on Ziebel or Daniel Collins that match was postponed due to bad weather from today. That a nice warm up in the right. Message be saying other these guys out she paid because. They what they want. They wound up in the rain they made them onto. Whilst, it was still raining. and. They did their warm-up I think both Utah call into a bit like. Is going on the heads to the ME's expressions on their faces and not like McEnroe. You cannot be serious sort of basically, and then they call us Ramos who was umpiring. He wasn't happy either an, and basically they just got to bags and went off before like. She's playing. because. It was still raining and I really dating a why they bought them out. It was just absolutely pointless I. Didn't he made that decision but. We've seen bad decision making from the the French. Even before to be fair with with the scheduling especially share so. I mean they'd be waiting around all day as well. Say it was it was bit bizarre but. We gave for straight doing exactly. What will look voter tomorrow morning instead. Yeah I mean that much just just for context I mean there was there was. Potentially an argument to put that match on under the reef. Under the Reef instead of out my verses chronic. Pasta because. The winner potentially of you bill would play three. Three matches back to back to back. So Yeah I. Think it was a difficult decision. I still think it was the right one. That's. Yeah. It's just shame they couldn't get it done today but Yeah. Let's quickly move onto the menstrual kind of running out time. Yes came through Curiel Demetrio today straight-sets six, three, seven, six, six, two, will face rebe love, which is a repeat of the. Hamburg final. which was all while it was last Sunday r-y-b-e-c-k through Malton Future Vich in four sets foot Chevik will be himself. I think he was in three of those sets. And managed managed to somehow lose I think a great credits every bad feeder I think has. Quite low actually philosophy seasons, and I think that this was a prime example of that. So I mean that much I think for me promises to that match promises a lot because the Hamburg final was unreal. Ding Dong, the best three I'm fully expecting surpassed rube left to be another Ding Dong by the best of five. Yes I think be quite nice one and I think Novak will be quite happy to to play the winner of that in the semi final at very tired when perhaps. Yes I mean. Came through. I. When I saw that she was had a set point to you get the fourth set. So to go and five, but I I think managed to get that job done avoided going on and on and on I mean, let's not forget that both ripple of Ansett surpass they both could have got out in the first round. They were both tea sets down You know same query the match against five to in that third set. So they could both of being a home right now and they've managed to to. Actually, told away three since since as g I rounds and I, I'm sure that first round. Lead lag was with the Hamburg final and it does raise the question is a good idea to play the week before. Especially what he knew the final is going to be on the first day. Of the itself. I guess don't for them. Do you think it's paid for the quarter-finals? Look at the results it has done that by fit in the quarter-finals even say I I still think I'm the camp of I just don't think if I was a player. I just don't think it's a good idea to play the the week the week before maybe the you know the situation at the moment they felt like they needed to gross absolutely every single opportunity to get on a tennis court and that's why. They felt like they needed to pay Hamburg but. Yeah. I just think I. I still think it's the best idea in terms of. If you're playing a final not weekend, and then you're going straight into Grand Slam. Newer expecting to go deep. You know I know how fatigued. You might be kind of you know going. From one to the other when you might want a bit more time to settle. Sipho me I. Still I still a bit like I'd I know why Peop- top players play those told me the week before but at the same time base in the quarter-finals by. Doing well, and you know they should should give they should give fans a bit of a tree. that. I was just since HBO's facility no one in Strasbourg week before say she's she's Dot Orion say I mean I think it's a risk risk is neck. You know you risk an injury sort of last minute happening and Fatigue but it can can be helpful. especially I mean I guess she maybe these no new. What's good for them they knew that they need that kind of. Rana form going into going into a big event better. I mean, let's just look at what match was moved onto shut tree this evening. Big and stand out Meyer PCB has while not pretty comfortably I think it was sixty-seven, five sixty. So. It will be a rematch show of the fourth round of the. Pitch. Davis to. Say I mean PCP he's done well, the second. And a row where he's gone deep and eight he's exceeded I think he's eating his potential. He's he's making the most of things and here we probably just hoping for another. Surreal experience in the next look at it again. Lights and Twice but. My. Actually. Think lightning struck twice because Cape. We watched that batch should between sorry the between about jock rich and can catch it off today Novak Djokovic actually did hit a linesman but ob accidentally no, I grow invoked. which was really I was just like what it was of the odds. Of, your sort of movement. But I mean, yeah, I mean a just just a very quick fun on jock rich because again similar to Rafael Nadal. He's come through very easily so far straight-sets wins, and we were talking about ref on the Dow wherever he's going into, you know the back end of the French Open undercooked and you know I, I feel like with Nevada Jackovitch even though he's gone through the same re dropped any sets. A very similar path. I actually think he has been tested in Karen Catch today even though the school I six, four, six, three, six, three I don't actually think that did justice to to catch performance who? Thought put up a really good game and actually was I. Think he actually he was set to be honest but I mean, it just shows you how well Djokovic just playing. specifically, the with that drop shot get to May turn into A. Identify what the batch was. Absolutely. Incredible. But yeah, it's it's still feels like with. The the VICH procession. So of guy on button who knows maybe chronic vista will. Provide him a stunner, a stern test, maybe he'll be his boogeyman. But. Yes, I mean. I. I thoroughly expected him to come through as he did save felt like every time I. Go up ever a moment. Break backwell or he a whatever you know. Break came straight back and he was able to to consolidate anything say such is life. Joe Such is life I'm just before we wrap up on the doubles unfortunately Britain's Josue spray and at partner Rachi Ram route of the doubles lost in the quarterfinals against at. Pavitt. Suarez say that was A. Seven. Five in the third-set suburb ashamed Jamie. Murray is paying tomorrow in in his final against loss. Jay's champions Joe I. lost. Everything for them dating. You'll faves I'm. Joe, I have to say, just before we start recording I was watching Freddie Nelson in the. against. One of my favorites is playing with Tim. Gemini. Unfortunately. They had t matchpoints lost. In the lowest setting. Gossip say nothing. But. Alas such as such as life. And that actually the women's doubles. Talking about Severe Kenan I think she's still in the women's doubles with. Bethany Matic's ions and ecosphere intact was a also playing stand in the women's doubles say I think she? She's into the quarters So yeah, Lots Lot's going on with those. We've got lots of matches tomorrow recalled five singles much on. Philip shot trae because of the delayed. Collins. Your Ball match and then go yell the double school fine. Olsen. Every four, we could Ari well have that wrapping of a doubles and singles champion. Last time that happened but maybe it happened recently and I, just I'm just unaware of it but some that definitely could be on the on the cards. We would just have to wait and see. But yeah, this wraps up for this episode of the passing show around for catch up you've enjoyed listening to this episode If you WanNa. Stay up to date on the rest of Radon Garrison. Make sure to subscribe to us on your podcasting platform of choice wherever that's apropos costs spotify cost box, overcast stitcher wherever you listen to us make sure you hit that subscribe button and if you are listening to us on Apple podcasts and you are enjoying the Shea, make sure to leave us a rating and comment and you can follow us on social media at. Processing Show where on twitter instagram and facebook say we get in touch and if you email the show, you could say DC pulsing show pro at J. Mouth Dot com, and we will be back on Wednesday evening to round up on all of the quarterfinals action. So are hit you can join us then we'll be we'll be tweeting as well tomorrow and for the rest of the tournament as well. If you want to get more of the passing shot, you can follow us on twitter at the yet we will be back on Wednesday for our quarterfinal catch up and we hope to see then see again shortly. Rule the dame plant based way with the new Vegan, mixed vary from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, milk and vegan protein. It's dairy free print vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. It's an easy way to get the essential nutrients. Your Body Craves, skip the line in order online for pickup or delivery smoothie king rule the day. Rule the dame, the plant based way with the new vegan mixed ferry from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, oat milk and vegan protein. It's dairy free print vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. It's an easy way to get the essential nutrients. Your Body craves skip the line in order online for pickup or delivery smoothie king rule the day.

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Ep. 245 | From Motor Mechanic to Selling James Packers House! - Chat with Michael Pallier

"Welcome to the property couch where each week you get to listen to two of australia's leading experts bryce humble way host of location location location australia on extols lifestyle channel and escape from the city on the a._b._c. and ben kingsley cherif property investors council of stralia and the founder of the two thousand eighteen property the investment advisory firm of the year or effects during the catch wink minute auburn you the inside is gonna probably finance and money management. Thanks for mocking head. While you yourself is a dot com every told me before he gets on stage to route saying then you gotta yeah that's you. Might you wanna make me redundant my you're more than welcome to kick it off. If not it'll be a wall but it will happen to continue to be the surgeon my interest put the gloves on coming up tonight bras all let's get uncomfortable. Is that what you let's. Let's get very very clear on what's going on here tonight. Been we've got a very special guest very special guests <hes> but before forget the a couple of things housekeeping son stop non tips ben fifty one margin the best while down hawks so let's it illiterates nine yummy losing again now. Go laskey guy moma. Now wasn't oskaloosa really enjoying well. It's dissipating really enjoyed teams. We've got lots of injuries but we still manage to be v so something and play the whole season at the m._c._i. J. the team that never travels for travel. Departments can always come mind can drop the drop for you want to taste success much. If you walk highlights on grandfathered. I wanna tie success. How do i guy with calling pretty good. We're going to sixteen seventy reflection dropped a little bit. They're not going to work pretty good. We've had any other calls for the eastern the competition so the history of the v i think close to the i fell to so <hes> reach out to the stig at info at the probably catch we will make sure you get a book. Look of your choice well. Dan greg tipping that week or do <hes> fiftieth coming been. It's it's not a eh be huge huge huge. Let's sit so if we can't get your department tonight. Show side so if china's i of course in the next couple of shows and we ask everyone for their tips then you realize that i wasn't able to get the person taught. Let's let's let's do backup or let's let's look at you and because we do you get the call so i fucked. Let us know <hes> who you think would be great for the tooth fifty and then it's not the sweden doesn't deliver that we might be out to get them on at another time anyway exactly and we want people can select guest now. She's not coming. That's coming so if you go to facebook and let us know now who that might be just in case we need help you out and before we got into a very special guest tame banished from salmon cynic scenic the power do if <hes> <hes> fawn wa if you haven't youtube d- somen scenic and he's why go to lockwood stuff's maas we might even <hes> stig <hes> she got in the shar notes and the shine is such that but he's got this quite think it's really good. I think it's really good for property investors to sort of think about themselves in in in the peer group and their family so here we gotta quit never give up trying to build the world you can see even if others say it been listen to your drum and you're only it's the one that makes the sweetest sound so when property investors don't give up. I sure that you played your drum ben. Even if the other people cannot see what you're doing <hes> and if you applaud the principles we've talked about two hundred and forty four after today two hundred forty five episodes go to the beat of your own drums or locked up in on thought it'd be worth while sharing without grip today and i think it's a <hes> a good thing to set us up for the very special interview we have with mark appel yup yes and before we get to that we did have to record a little early but you and i were up at these trying to russa conference difference in mine in june and <hes> he got up on stage and what was really <hes> obvious about markle was was he deals in the world of real estate industry but humble just delivered the facts and we were not disappointed. <hes> when we go changed changed chat with us check. Let's cut now to interview with markle paalea i._b._m. Going very special guests. We have an interview with markle talia. He is the managing director of sydney. Sotheby's international realty <hes> that's an elite agency that handles the style of luxury residential harms and rural property surat new south wales and the australian capital territory since nineteen ninety seven marco has personally negotiated in excess of a thousand eastern suburbs luxury hyme siles on behalf of his clients. He sows include the most expensive harm ever sold in stride breida the most expensive time ever sold at auction in australia and the most expensive residential land ever sold per square may not straight up since the start of two thousand and thirteen markle has personally soaked thirty six times in excess of ten million dollars h. and forty eight harms in in excess of nine million dollars. H that's quite a savings they welcome to the property caps markle us. Thank you. Thank you very much ben. Thank you brought a couple of things. I i actually do so my suspension. I must sell the second most expensive homes and i check my figures yesterday as of yesterday in the last five what years i've sold a key to i._t. To properties for inaccessible <unk> <hes> not million dollars h._r. So on yesterday nine million fifty and that chris the times in the last five each while let's let's make a night that that's that was straddle. Fuel whipsawed markle so on the <unk> there for you but thank you haven't might have just just a little bit thank you. That's impressive. <hes> how does that feel to to sort of been albert facilitate. <hes> you know the successful homes from someone to to facilitate that total china. What does that feel. She's go to just i just always think about the knicks element that often so i was thinking about your unused goodison exile so i try to keep a very good reputation and and just make sure that we people really would service and be great transparent glycel's find that formula would say well north and i guess before before we dive into some of the specifics ben want to jump in with questions of his on am can you can you take back to the beginning. <hes> tell us tell us you know <hes> before you were someone who had wrecked up the impressive <hes> transaction numbers <hes> takes back to how you got started in property in the first plus <hes> yes well. I'm actually motor mechanic by training sir. I started my working life in nineteen at start nine ninety four at rolls royce dealership in and i if all rolls royce mercedez fourteen years i spent seven years in the workshop and then seven years in the is house <unk> selling the cows so i learnt sri selling the qasr had closed the deal that was most important thing so when you selling cows people coming showroom like look around and then you have to identify a suicide by or that just spend the often having look like house and if you can then identify that and then late you know god through the type of collie looking for what i say close the deals that means you can get the order form signed and make sure they happy the most important thing and then hopefully they'll tell their friends and they'll come back. Nobody will cause and the transfer barn cows and this is a great sign ziegler walk south china. I listen to him many many years ago. Ziegler american sales china <hes> he says sales sells. You can have anything in life you want. If if you just help enough other people get what they want so silence is just about helping people to get what they want and that's what i've always tried to do and it seems to be quite successful formula and it means that people are happy when they don't huge oh come at you and that's what it's all about. It's all about retake business. We locked that quote. It's actually one that we put it in a book but <hes> ben ben. I'm not sure how we're gonna tic tac <unk> when you're wanting to jump in for a question sorry sure we'll off the question that most listeners will wanna know that intro is what were the values of those high in properties in the end the value of land your square meter. I think we we've lift them hanging long enough hunting. It's taunt defy what is a square later expensive good elaine in australia and <hes> and tell us a little rabat some of those other now yes so when i sold that land that was in bisbee shots think it was at the time study straight thousand three hundred thirty three dollars square meter for the land that it's quite high right. I saw that ad auction that property it was a very competitive auction so and the most expensive ominous. I think what i saw that that was back in two thousand sixteen tusk when inter i think over fifty thousand dollars swimming that was important tom. That's incredible at the highest value property that you've <hes> you've been able to t- million seventeen million well. There is a backstory were that mauka because <hes> <hes> been his you recently talk about this particular style and it's a very well known <hes> strident businessman can you can you take back to to the story as told it up on the gulf coast into hymns of deals was a hun- james peck out the seventy million dollars that would co waged result <unk>. First person that we shouted through was in goal clues at the time. That was the most expensive time that ever sold in australia now. <hes> the the reason that i had the least from that property was that chimes pekka end. He's go friend. <hes> you know about living years ago bought a hunch from invoke invoke loose and a small hand for just four million dollars and over very nice to deal with and then i got a cool after the home was purchased from james girlfriend who went on to become his wash erica and actually from hawaii and she said look. We're having a potty tonight. Just settled on this house and it's eric's. His birthday and james is coming toddy and she was the p._i. Was a bit nervous and she said look just going around the house and i've had that's all the balloons are up and all that kind of just going into the pad room and i've realized as cracking the middle of the toilet seat and she said i can't you know kind of these potty. You people going into the bathroom and cracking the toilets say she said. Can you help. He is anyway can help you get a plumber discipline. So of course i'm excited mechanic. We'll try is like four company off in the potty was starting. I think is six so i soak not signed from the house now. I haven't spent his mukasa just pop every night. Toilets eight offer night ren down to buntings. I checked the various toilet matched up to the one that was <hes> had we ran back to the house and i put the new toilets sale name and going to make sure to let her go happy. Open pay. I said in you know really great that you did this and you know erica said thank you very much and <hes> i really appreciate it so then a few and then i heard nothing more from enough to that i took it. The potty was success in erica ended up eventually marrying james and then they had children and then they wanted to get a home so <hes> i bought this massive house invoke lose and by the thirty million dollars for the old house and then they spent about forty million dollars and they don't brand new house on the side it was a massive house was like all vows equipment is internal six levels and had a full size movie metering cited to kitchens regions <hes> to leave it had a beauty parlor like ladies college dogra house and it was beautiful so <hes> they didn't have a long ended up selling the house so i got a cool ben from <hes> gentlemen network james peck say look though really impressed with the way that you goff's when they go out on the house clues cheese ago and they appreciate everything that you did for them and <hes> we'd like to sell the house can come up and have a look at it and i got appointed along with another agent to sell it and we're very lucky wish at one person and they go to seventeen dollars trespass to the house and it was just great so great experience. Do you get intimidated by the the zeros or is it just another transaction where you're transferring the name on taro so from one to the other kazaa for mice people listening to this the idea of <hes> even letting seventy million into mind is is extraordinary but your you're dealing in not necessarily that's by diabetes in in large numbers. Every day is it. Is it any more or less intimidating or is it just an extra zero to you. I i don't really think about the value of the probiotic were about in. Will the property suit who what's the market weren't gonna end i and then what else is available so yeah. It seems to me like it's no whether i sell a one bedroom unit seven hundred thousand or seller seventy million dollars <unk> experiences signed because women's buying the property. It's usually pretty big thing for them to buying it and secrete stunning so all i'm doing is facilitating the purchase <hes> i is selling the rolls royces i came out of the workshop and into the sales department and my boss there in the south so problems greek wouldn't. He said he said this is a very easy job. He said there's lots of people out there with what's money you just have shown on a recent in money and he said base rolls royces and bentleys. They're pretty he could raise him some money to twist hot spoiled sows and and spend the money and i meant at the i i always did gentlemen walked in the door. The wife and con just had misao. I i and it was <hes> it was just a good experience from diwan sir it when he explained that to me. I didn't worry too much about value for property overcome. It was more about on and then. I'll just make sure i intern so i'm selling the house right next door now to that asks us seventeen million nets sixty million and it's essential person we don't have to put that <hes> malinche vet property in the show nights people to check it all yes as insight <unk> closes magnificent magnificent uniform the owner of that hymies. I used to bentley so two years ago. So that's how i urge you not anymore. Wiser dot search transactions in family you search right. I always think <unk> are great. Answer headed that transition happens. We the bentley stores and selling rolls royces awesome amounts tops. Things had you transition to real estate. Tell us tell us about that. I was selling mercedes s. Five hundred <hes> that's expensive supersize <hes> to gentleman and his wife came back from living in america other originally from stripes and i was driving out to the new paradigm thinks that's in the western suburbs. That's websites bins. You know twenty years ago at the warehouse. They can be expensive. 'cause they wouldn't have showroom was a bomb on store at some driving its allies try on and <hes> he's fine ring and he bought a house in that this particular would clinton and twenty three's nine point seven million dollars for this house and at the time it was the most expensive house emma sold in australia back then and he got off the phone and he said to me you know i'm getting better service on this cobb and i got fine that house and he said why. Are you arresting tom selling cars. He said in the sign comments he said just the parts different. So why don't you sell houses rather than so ause. He said bigger transaction might more money. You say in your shoes on gun so i'd never thought about it until i thought that client this is one of my clients aunts and <hes> we still watch racing that i got into real site by the time i got out on the couch some anything about selling houses but i'll give it a guy well. That's a good point that you might. You didn't know anything about selling houses. I mean is the is the transit because the the sales process and the dealing with people is is the same to a certain extent but the product knowledge that is off never sold properties in in your patch little own any patch batak and imagine that the the differentiation between the tops of properties on offer and some of the extravagance offer i mean at what was locked in the dice troy new <hes> trying to get that product knowledge because i knew how to sell them but you knew the class but <hes> the bit that you weren't <hes> five with was was forced the real estate. What does that look like in. The dis dis first couple of years yeah. That's a very good question what i did. I i knew nothing about. I knew nothing. I did the real estate <hes> coast before that. I did three years two nights a week. <hes> the real estate coast attack so i had pretty good knowledge all the tight whips on the practical side. I didn't know very well ninety nine mock it very well what i did the first three months. I saved up enough money so i was seen so you know. I wasn't married or anything so i wasn't a big spender anything so i had enough money saved up so i could last for threes didn't sell anything that was said no ed what happens a wench <hes> get out of these threes but if i'm a terrible sal you're at it'll get back into the cows threes for the first three months. I didn't so anything on basically just went around to pick the patch. I wanted to working in sydney and a pig from what since by two point and that's you know double by will clues bellevue hill areas real tough neighborhoods has well that was where all my clients <hes> had the ecology say so no and i so i thought well i'll just go to as many respects that i can to try and see what's available in houses and then i'll follow the auctions now see what they sold for and i do that three months nonstop and i basically go to greg practically of what was selling what what house was telling you which traits and all that kind of thing and was terrific so it really guided me a good background and then after that i started added to. I was very lucky. I got one side. I got one pen test so from one of my cock lights and option that and sold and it went really well yorkshire way. I have reserved. I thought well if i can do that. I can do it again and then i got another only staying and then then by the end of that year i was very lucky listed a house ask in queens park. Which is my suspensory stripe one of my uncle chinese clients so what i did. I was before the internet base. It was not a ninety seven so basically i <hes> i had a mile. I mailed out to my class. You know information on properties and things so then let them with my client. A cop ones the ma in nineteen ninety seven. We have stop. Manga crashed at the end of ninety seven and the mocking guide so what happened was. I wasn't getting a lot of listings because i just started in the industry but i knew that attribute chip clients houses <unk> options rather agents and no running agency so i called up the clients i said look i represented roles. Sir sightings of great place to represent so house had nothing to lose because that went getting a result because it was so she was getting the house to sell so one of them. Was this housing coin typo. I listed it auctioned at and i sold seven point three odd million that was the most expensive house sold that year. That was emotion soon. <unk> said was nautical written sydney morning herald about as young push enlisted his house they come from no way they auctioned as i sold it and men often that was led gators english ring me up about selling properties and from that i own would just never moved back just had lots and lots of silence and i. I just went really hot for the honest. I've always worked the best interest of the ana. I mean even to the point where i often cited. <unk> wouldn't propose. Let's hold and think we can get more or sometimes got cold enough. You know i don't recommend you should still now. Maybe hold ups for couple of his personal circumstances. Open that want to get a second opinion ask you you know what's your opinion show. I still now should hold so you could just give people the writings nation a comeback to your angelos deals. You and it's going to hold you in good stead rod so hell can for some abell for some of our listeners. They wouldn't necessarily understand the mechanics of even how a real estate agent works because essentially you'll pitching yourself with might be in your case not many but typically two or three agents and then if if you are successful at the style you will then get pied and if you're not successful the south generally you don't get paid but sam can you take us into the mind of some some of the people that you're dealing with who have seven point three five million dollar house. What is their mindset. What is what's it like <hes> dealing with them and and <hes> diamant tim get phone calls with wealthy people i o cache contracts on a lot of finance the properties but they have assets may on instant against so doc. I have a client who's in the nineties and i know he's gone over one hundred million dollars worth of property and he was telling me recently that he still got debt on some of his properties hippies. It's nine hundred and i said to why have debt when you're united because unlimited because the market is rising so he said it's not good business sense not have against my companies because his argument is east got one hundred thirty million dollars worth of property of which he's got. Maybe one hundred million dollars not borrowed and then he's born thirty million. If that goes up in price rising values site i simply he's ahead of the inflation right so it gets wealthier. Multi-member years the result having no atlantic right listen on such a inspirational persons means ninety cents to doing that so so a lot of people have debt <hes> against property because i know that leveraging on property but not over liberty. It's actually better than actually not having the days. Does that make sense long-term. Does that make sense wessler. Explain it because the market is rising. Saint long-term dow's bockel on minute something that we're very big on we talk about it as cash on cash ashburton so ultimately about controlling the asset not necessarily ironing and outlawed at the stop. <hes> we get a lot of questions <hes> from al al listeners around when you're retired you need to be free and in some cases <hes> you know living off the pasaden- come you don't necessarily after saw the hall get app now. It's about <hes> what about sort of income target that you're looking to achieve. I i think that that's a wonderful story. Highlights there that you know <hes> there's evidence of mindset and this evidence of what wealthy people do and that is yeah putting their money to work and and in our sharing that unsought we may just now. He's buying a valid. I'ts through the what i think in regards to deny that long to imply as you assign fool cool you just mentioned saint <hes> as a sort of averaged. Have you ever done some analysis on tom evening. Working in these exclusive aries he's way obviously land is very tightly held very exclusive. <hes> do you sort of have a rule of thumb in regards to what you think. The capital grozny has bang for the properties that you've been out transacts r._v.'s yeah i think it would be at least i send possibly more well that asks an assault in nineteen nineteen was almost ninety ninety eight facade at the end of ninety seven and ninety eight so got housing <hes> wilson christian point seven in points right odd million that has today conservatively without any work being worst inaccessible forty million dollars at syon house in the same anna earns sign house so if you went out from twenty twenty one years ago passes going seven point straight partner two innings of forty million dollars in that korea and the person that boy that house ed jimmy's time he's on the rich two hundred list supposed to bury st probably toasted. He said some the timing it. I know it tied in points. Regard million many senate went belong in his house with ten millions of mark. My words and that has diet can exist for you. That's in what she said. Trump a lot of people that are wilsey by just understand they can look into the future and they can backdate judgments and they understand in their mind what will happen mm-hmm and then they put themselves in a position so that they can take advantage of san rising market and you've got to believe the market's going to keep going up without going crazy zt because to do well longtime trumpy because if you didn't believe that you would never make any number on the property snowing correct and i think that really really does rise at a fundamental point way a lot of mindset baria folds into all probably process concave going up and up the days an example <hes> an asset at seven million dollars when people for all of us. That's unaffordable <hes> to now be worth forty. Not million dollars is relative and we talk about that in regards to ripple effect of valuations of land in the scarcity assets and the upkeep har. Ah i mean there are a lot of wealthy around the planet but this not an abundance owes all van. I grind property like we're talking about. Now that shoot <unk> fortune two hundred person <hes> understood that and he's he's mindset allowed in taika calculated added risk. It's still a risk calculated risk in terms of backing his judgment banking's expertise backing his knowledge to do that so whether it's a seven million dollar property agree or a three hundred and fifty thousand dollars property in that one died at three hundred thousand dollar property will be a million dollar property people have got to on the stain that an and what this is great for us in terms of some of the listen joel learning from a rich that the wealthy people in this country in terms of the monster that i hold and how they go about some executing on on their decisions and to to build wealth yes. I tried initially look at a strike. What gives me a lot of confidence. If you look at a strive sydney melbourne i think the growth is projected. Gross is around one hundred thousand people extra every will us <hes> cities after the next five to ten years. I think that's correct so as you quite rightly said if you look at the price patients like porn with us in little peninsula a a small number of houses they and neither private schools to place a paper with money wanna leaving so i can't say as the population grows rose that this will rule will not always be a place in for one and in other wealthy will always live bed and because of the internet. I really noticed lust in us by seemed to be making a lot more money. I think if you look at the rich two hundred list united twenty years ago and look at it now it's much higher <hes> <hes> wilson rich richest two hundred people and i think a lot of it is created by technology and internet and it's might transactions pasta and in people have become a lot wealthier and then population's growing so you've got a lot more people that are lot wealthier wanting same houses in the best positions and that's that's what's driving the price up and i can't say that went continue to drop cross up as tom and that's roy bence the hockey stick of capital garage thought so you know the capital growth stages must either sign but the exponential growth thi- git so whether they're holding assets and and that probably leads to my next question walkling and round win win these big la buying these <hes> very very expensive properties. I saying them as investments or they really look at a looking past that now this is i lost all purchase as opposed to an investment wants to sort of knicks of mindset that you'll buys that you say going through. That's a really great question my assessment over more expensive properties because oh tax situation situation at the moment in australia as far as you can have one principal residence without having to pay any capital gains tax on it <hes> a lot of people look at by the hon <unk> listens. I'd say fifty percent as investment in their mind and fifty percent for enjoyment so it's one. What else can you buy you. You can enjoy in rice family. You can sell you might money out of any pine nuts excellent this. I didn't know any sort of matches that criteria you buy our all right appreciate some value by planet by boat appreciates. You know maybe out that could be another thing that people buying enjoying comprised. They're very true things that you can buy you can enjoy it will also make money and not have to pay tax on so it's probably the greatest investment income mike because because of all the actors would you agree with that absolutely yes i it doesn't ring true for me and the people who guideline <hes> come to that that conclusion in their mind type actional nadan you know we we refer to knowledge is empowering but underneath you act on these people have studied history history. They've looked at scarcity. I understand the principles. Caissoti adams deigned the the upside finished versus the risk and neither residential the property is traditionally low risk now bearing in mind in lodge economic downturns. I'm some of the wealthiest <hes> i usually to be impacting this some more volatility in the top of the market than than most other marketplaces because of that affordability story but you wash pass that in like old things things i go through sought olsen guys <hes> you know really prosperous economic saw and and these properties not only recovered but again thriving in fact when we look at the daughter in the eastern suburbs of sydney aden's for these correction. There's a lot of suburbs and a lot of companies in that area that haven't really been affected by the c._d. Downton act compared to other markets where they were rejected saw that comes back to add supply and demand and that scarcity good old side of mindset of the bar in that area so i couldn't agree with you more mock. Oh i think you're right. I think if you're if you're listening to augustine you wanna make good investment in residential real estate. I think the golden rule is the new <unk> employment number one a need public transport and be in an area where people wanna leave and it's not a huge amount of supply and then look a gross rights <unk> coming to that area is the population rising and if you can say yes to all of those things in pretty much onto took vestment. That's my read on it and luckily the that i went into mason so it'd be it takes hold size box and should continue to do that in the future so i mean if you went to buy property in detroit michigan in america that's the big motorcity and that's where the closing industry you know and there's a lot of crime there and people moving out of there because i haven't been in the last place you'd be wanting to invest in you wanting to coachman area. That's growing vibrant renton there in in either upgrading and the infrastructure is improving and she can bind is areas. You can't really go to would you gentlemen both agree with that. Yeah we definitely agree. It's <hes> you know we've been talking for four and a half years on the same principle so it's nice denied that <hes> even at the top end that matches <hes> old real estate across the market you you touched touched on an international reference there and i'm particularly kane as i did a little bit of background <hes> research brought to this <hes> to to this chap markle notice i that <hes> you're married to a chinese national you <hes> you commented that you open the door and shake clauses it so you very much a tame <hes> and and you you get a lot of international buys buying to the sydney marketplace what y y is a strident <unk> attractive to them and how do we figure in the in the world landscape is a place for these people with large budgets won't that you make money say some a little elliott states came to try and so two years ago strand and she studied he from chicane from shanghai and and that was nineteen nine hundred ninety eight so thirty one years ago and it's been great having weed because lewis speaks mandarin during cantonese shanghainese english and she has a great understanding of the mentality of the chinese oil said something that lulu told me a long time ago is the chinese coin so they has sold yesterday or just. I've been nine million that was we sold that to chinese on three using our to solve that four chinese client want to a client who is enjoy who's never seen the house on enough just seem buildings and they admitting becky from dubai after fifteen years of reading may so we do a lot of deals the state's legal and i haven't filed in <hes> rise by and was a chinese client of the house they paid in the house and then was moving under the end. It was trying to don't moving over to america so the chinese august can we come back into the house and that wouldn't mind selling some of the furniture old so the young lady. The daughter came into the father. Speak english do wanna. I'm chris baking respect came through the house and the also this this grand piano <unk> everything and whipped out of trouble so we went through the chinese saying yes <unk> tight battle tight that'll take taking everything so god and then the i had a bentley sitting out out on the old man he was going to sell that back to the deal so i thought i'd just trauma lucky and i said would you like to buy the father didn't even know what bentley was. He sent to the daughter in mandarin opened the door and he said how many people competing this county to she said full papal and he said what's the price may honest on pay instead of four hundred fifty thousand four it <hes> and such and such at the i. Agent this is the columbus also to two hundred fifty thousand one hundred already crossed rush with the deal and the the father looked at the door. She translated won't take those the silence for about probably ten seconds and then he said something briefly back to her and then she looked at us and she said tight bet to retake so then they helped him on that drive up. We looked at me. God called stayed hung. Rusty ninety looked at me. He said i would argue about mccowan. I must say i think i would and he's simple. How's it going uphill this nice <unk> just always just give us a bank jake a voice <unk> check. I settled on the house and they took a bentley. Unfortunately they went to driving the bentley in about a week later. They rang me so special up. Take the internet internet topics so so take off red obviously in the background that you you do to us in a rolls royce to chinese boss so did i did i fly land and then you just take him for a to around the suburbs if if they qualify do i sold the rolls royce just recently. We've got a on a nail instead. We had a bentley rolls royce but it's a great cast and we've emptied. It's on so the thing is that it's very well for the chinese they love movies and so i said to my wife wintertime that s and i didn't get that house and they bought on the phone and they walkup about she said you don't understand in a bind the house they find the marschall so she's a unit in shanghai but come to a stri. It's let's bhai what they call the landed property. It's not too not looking to unit then. Look it. Wow these people live well. I'll just by myself so just by everything that got. I'll just i'll just take on the lifestyle the lifestyle that's what they bind so it was a great listen and i let that resulted my wanting explaining that to me so yeah the chinese as of an estimate to deal with the very funny and <hes> yeah they and their into in kofu sway at about that about making sure that the uh frontal faces the right way one of my clients to end up with a monk just recently from suing monster and he was gonna live in the house. He's looking at the direction stopping compass on the ground rounded and these white house student didn't suit causing so that's all part of the cultural. I'm going to be great understand that when you're dealing with chinese market how what did you say. How well do you know that because if you were to get listing and realize that <hes> the points don't add up. You'd probably wouldn't you. Tom talking to a china's bars off anything about it is i could talk to kim from sue masters and they will get a different opinion on the same house so that's fun just fascinating. It's like you never can woken. <unk> was a tree in the way. I'm looking to buy another one walks in and says you're like it'll take so it's just it's it's very hard tonight but i'm the chinese as they deal with very nice actually very funny they carry some say and they a lot of dealings with the chinese volts food which was taken to chinese restaurants in that kind of thing so i had a kauai jn that was with me and he didn't really understand what it's like doing the chinese market and who is telling property darling point and a chinese a young chinese leading won't ins- and david this guy and he says he's not speaking pigeon chinese. This barney says me david me you young child. He says to this chinese lady and she looked at him and she he said mistrial born chinese. I was born. He was educated. You don't need to talk about that and just putting the chinese people say you just you just because they look chinese that they just got back from china on the plane. Yeah absolutely haim who who else. I mean what sort of foreign investment review board navigations you need to. I don't so now it is quite stringent. So if the the person they're going to have the right topic mesa so effectively they've got to have. It can have a temporary beza if they want to buy property in australia but i can anybody any by one property is principal reasons if it's not brand near if it's a second property and there has to run for more than twelve months can run anywhere told months to five years and then they're allowed to buy the property subject to prior approval for foreign investment review boarding camera out the rule is if they sold if i move out of the country for an extended period of back china for three months or six months by then have to sell the trump because it's the idea behind these that they can have probably delete meanwhile the he but he's they leave they conscious have dormant property sitting and a lot of people have that visa within the first one to five years and then they i aim is to try and get residency and once they've got tony residency they can open mike sense they do pay a highest empty <hes> if it not just an extra and if they spend listen two hundred days a year he <hes> they also have to pay land tax and i think the land tech's now in new south wales i think it's double annoyance and paying about four percent land tech's for your tub talk for the purchase of paying for the trumpeting said this quotes quote onerous restrictions def- on that <hes> <hes> most of your oh clients <hes> coming fully aware that org to some sort of a lot of the not because a lot of them have immigration agent that i ah out some get into the country and the first thing we ask them is when they come look appropriate <hes> what visa there on so this twenty eight on a tourist. I think i'm going no matter what so there's no point wasting the time of atonal said the onus on the property comprising. Normally they've caught right. We should before going well it compliments that makes sense maga wall shoot sorry been well. Why would they choose sydney over los angeles on on your yes. That's great. That's know greg. My understanding is a lot of people liked on sydney and melbourne's echoes the time difference attorney are the two hours of stray house to front depending on dialect citing china. <hes> the other thing is we've got very stable. Political environment got cleaning clean food great education this a lot of people he i just went to a lunch two days ago and it was a person this one of the universities and he was assigned to me that <hes> it's about an eight billion dollar a year industry now in new south wales full <unk> investi students coming from china and and so the parents place a lot of emphasis on education for their children. A lot of the children are any one child in family because of the one child policy in china so they call them the little empress children and the parents do anything for them. A parents often very hot and they've made money and then they want to educate educate children so they send them to strive for education and also men. They'll buy property while children he for the children to stay being educated and it's very safe place to buy and as you know in china <unk> aware of this but mexico's economic appropriate for in china's simmons used elise to the government and after seventy years it's very uncertain if you still own the property not so they can come to australia kboi and they cannot have freedom and i just find that and tested and mark levy notice with some of the changes in the downturn in the market <hes> we we obviously any investments on that the chinese is <hes> has a has had a downturn in terms of the demand. We sold him almost owning around a quarter of own you off. The plane interested in australia australia. <hes> i stones dot at nab released in minnesota signing. That's now down to wanting to send is that similar in terms of the products that your that your <hes> providing them all nine for temps is that's a bit of a different story and you still wrexham strong demand. It will funny enough. It's been very interesting and just had on another side of the diet in bulk lose property. I didn't months ago that fight point two million dollars for a strike in risen china aced <hes> they decided to sell the property and just resulted to another chinese. It's just arrived at the right point. Two five nine six one chinese assault another chinese boarded so a. l. styles have not really fallen in fact myself was slightly higher in the two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen financially initially than they were ahead to extra sales and i had the that and which is quite surprising because in general the market had gone down at. I'm still finding a lot taste. Pickle bind the reason being l. dollars so attractive now. It's down below seventy since u._s. And i think that it's from the pay where it was. I think ten in use ago it's i think the dulles about thirty seven thirty eight percent more mature than it was back then so anyone going. My cities straight is quite attractive. It was currency does run a utensil question. Still lots of people terrific. Thanks for updating cellnet. That's auto china. Where's where's the next side from europe from from the americas who who's who's most a lot of a lot of the non asian. Some people to buy are actually australians that have moved. I haven't been to new york london and they always seem to want to have probably so. I deal a lot with experts lycoming yesterday nine fifty for the property. That's a strange twist the window to run a large business into by being there for fifteen years in on the way back so many here in six months time in coming back to a straight and they're looking forward to it so i have a lot of quantum that there's all these strains that have gone to to increase but inevitably i find lemons ideally goes into one eventually. Come back so i have a lot of leaving london new york <hes> all over the place <hes> ally until looks people at so. There are a lot of australians the tend to buy that levi abc's. He's more than sort of american people living here. I did sell one just recently for the man that minted imported from me a house and i sold it for him himself. He bought a <hes> he mended mutual mutual and yeah put your your vegetables in the thing into that is an a south african gentlemen gentleman that went <unk> went to l._a. I think about thirty years ago he worked as an accountant and then i think about fifteen or twenty years ago he got onto these he's he's into fitness and got into this <hes> neutral at i._d. So impenetrable might absolute fortune out of it. Love destroy you kind. He bought a housing what's sen's bhai from his for just over fourteen million about three years ago and he was going to spend more time he unfortunately because i had spent more time in america and i just result that has remained assault of just over two million and he said to me and just do not know how you ought to be peer in sydney and such a place that's the typical american and he had to get a special base at by the house time and he found that he was spending. I think he he was trying to hundred thousand dollars a year. In text the house nears any coming he wants he so he decided still while incredible stories stories on interested in your perspective on negotiation right. So what does what does a typical negotiation lou clock back end <unk> ever journey never period of <hes> a career that you have marco what what. What are your negotiation tips that you think the tom <hes> bar should employ <hes>. Probably i'll listen to buy season necessarily in the market for seventy million property. What what what are the universal negotiation tips that you've accumulated over career that you could help <hes> out arrowed. I think it's very important if your body homeworks. You've got to really know the market. Advise agents have been a recent addition to the market and they seem to do very good job from what i can say so they will help i off onto property and a black paste buys agent on the property and so that gives them vegetate mr what's available what sold and i find it very helpful for a lot of people look people flogger d._c. And they're not really property experts so it's great and she can find yourself goodbyes to assist you. That's active in the area and i will fast track trek process so i think i have plenty of time. If you wanna go to look for property and you've got to hang on exactly what you want and become an expert i put in that that mocking that field of what you're looking for before you buy a super to know what's around and then once you do that. You've got to <hes> go at the properties and josh assess where it's at and then negotiate so there's a phoebe dinners and they try and find the right thing. You gotta be fussing. Be happy to trust in spend looking at and it's every person's different out by some people spend longtime. Lukianov is very spontaneous buggery could we do you ever get engaged to act on behalf of the ball. That's not necessarily wanted. You only sings as always as you know capacity to get them to. One of your properties is no. I've been asked to do that and the thing is that. I don't do it because i any act. Four <unk> says agent so i only excellent of indo annex to the boss. I don't think you can have hats on you've got to do one or the other so understood act for the senate and their other agents out there that are very good acting for the by and we all know each other and we try on trying to get the highest price like ankle the they try and get it to the lowest price that usually <hes> we could get to a point way. Everyone's happiness push the endorsement for by two as we work towards awards wrapping up in. Is there anything else you wanna far look of a got a couple more. The mine wants to me was when it when we're told here at the property saw auden garcetti said <hes> abs- on seventy million dollars property <hes> what's the most interesting property that she's had listed sell. Yes yeah i i like. I like to sell anything. That's different so i i'm really proud of some of the us sold is a solitary cynical which has been in life. I i don that twice in six weeks. That property is that what what what six weeks appearance all strategy was person border and you know he bought it and then he was inaugurated by rabbis inviting you to come out not says property and he was going to develop it into apartments. The rabbis didn't want to do that so he started to have real food food and he said oh my god by the community can can you sell things get out of it without losing likely it was a rabbi from new york at came on a rescue mission at was things the cynical was repossessed which is unusual thing and so i sold it fully mortgage and and it was really good outcome so this catholic person boorda heating started heavy guilt complex thing he was doing the wrong thing <hes> developing and then we he's found another boss from new york. Rabbi had the money in he on became board and again. <hes> six guys guy swill profit out of it which got him out of these m._g._d. And all that kind of thing and then they developed an education for jewish community which is fantastic outcome so that was very i was very very happy and very proud of that. When that one <hes> went ahead and then i sold a church of england church will lose being wound and that's now oh a childcare center which is great for the community in that area so that was good. I saw this place called. Hilltop in the middle of <hes> up in the up in the southern in highlands of sydney has sold at five point two five million to one of my old conkland and who's looking for hospitals and it's nowhere near the beach. The magnet is very lucky that that was six hundred acres averaged three hundred acres with plead with magnificent house on it and that was also one of my old customers that property and then it was very beautiful transit onto a national pot had to generate electricity your own water because it was really in the middle of nowhere near forty minute drive on a dirt ride to get to it. I love when you got big lasted. I took on a helicopter from sydney import on sunday sunday morning at nine o'clock in the morning and we flew <hes> from from the run on the main runway. Let it was an ice radiate crafted at the other end of the runway wearing these helicopter. We took off a slew up for the pilot. We landed property and on a sunday morning. That was really highlight. That was on mother's listen to. We flew back to the airport. I dreamt on on the sex. That was tested. I couldn't put a price on that was amazing now. That's the big guy which is a perfect segue into m._r. Phone or christian which is around <hes> you've gone from mechanic <hes> working for all royston and also in sales agents for rolls ross bentley and and the siamese and now you voted your own bentley. Obviously that's part of the service proposition that you're doing. You've gone full circle and you've obviously been very lucky so share with us. Walk that means to you in regards to <hes> the financial position that you've been outta get the celtics and the what at sort of has keeping you and your family regards to funding so security jamil i'm not i know i haven't been all that but that's probably miami indulgence. Actually i really like the simple things in may twelve about exercising aiding rochford and sleep getting enough sleep and all that company because i've seen lots of lots of money that are very unhappy. I got us a wannabe in that but the money side of tomase not really the main focused. I know if you sell the properties on the and all that kind of thing but <hes> now dan extravagant offerings better just just go to work and be done with love work none of which and that's the message we're trying to convey to play pool that the money using the happiness <hes> lucknow your greatest is is an experience getting an helicopter flying. It's appropriate jumping. That's you know we we we believe everyone in our great abundance scenario the top exuberance and all that doesn't make people happy dozen. No i think burana think you're going to have a purpose so i think if you can just as happy being amended mechanic goes i was selling causes was chilling houses united states awesome happened. I've used jumped going from one thing to the others thought it was probably bennington unsure awakens madman cancun still be very happy. It was us so very good friends with <unk>. I used to work with and we're in touch all the time and all that happy. It's a i think sometimes having too much is really really a bad thing. I've seen a lot of problems have removed too much so my advice is impetus in poland. Just don't try to have too much said so to make sense. Yes absolutely health. Trump amount and your family know that you'll be very happy. Absolutely health is real wealth to final one's one john if someone was listening to this podcast and i did wanna buy synagogue or church of england whole. How much would i need to <hes> to have to buy that site that that was a long time ago that soon gonna think from memory the last time we saw to think what we don't think it was twelve noon twelve matola hub and the church will was just two million. That's we sold on a modest the land from ben for the synagogue and my phone one is investing in property as i personal wealth creation vehicle for yourself personally stanley where where does that sit in in iran <hes> views on how you approach where you park on. I'm a big believer in that my wife and i we have quite a few properties that we use and we what i do if i can afford to. I'll just buy unit and all like a tube general wonder you know rinse it out so what i've looked at as you can compile haas of the property then with the way the interest rates are and all that kind of the the rent that comes in pretty much is the the other half off so you just have to exciting up save enough haas h. and just buying another property. I find i found the best investment strategy because the clients <hes> i've laid not will continue to increase in value ease and rents will continue to increase safety. Can it in there and you can honed and it's the best formula well said well said now been just checking with you any finals. I'm good all i remarkable. Let's say it's been an absolute pleasure to have you on the property. Catch the just the insults of <hes> something that you do daily gone through all the properties in recent jason suburbs of sydney dealing with people <hes> with <hes> budgets that allow them to buy that. It's been nice for us to get a little bit of an insider's look on that looks lock walk in them. We appreciate you sharing the insults. We hype communities really enjoyed the stories and <hes> good luck four fleet. <hes> you know we see you on the <hes> the one next door at sixty million thank you thank you very much. Thomas graham speaking might have many good allies were in that. I mean even for me. The big one was in regards to how the mindset of the wealthy and how they act very similar to people who have probably laugh chris xeros on the back of wealth position but seinfeld of principles. I mean he was sort of signing. You know real estate fabulous investment. I do do think about it in the context just a guy with a few zeros up some great mindset takeaways in terms of these successful business people boo practicing way teaching which is what i agree what i really love to his he didn't know complicated early as he was a mechanic and then just this this natural progression to being into the styles of the business that he's a bottle yep and then for a lot of people including myself reflect on you think all dealing with appropriate seventeen nineteen million <hes> you could probably get intimidated out of that took but he's going more just talking to a person i i bought a car from me so just a real aside from it was pragmatic in very true balance <hes> <hes> very to himself and congratulations since to the business that he's built and all the people that he saved because it sounds like they are all pretty happy customers. I old pretty heavy including chinese by being toil off stall from that he's yeah we'll take it so it's model in fact i've been comes from sandy nips who one of our wonderful vase diamond the plan. This is the right into our site so here's their life hack into money hacks. When you go to the supermarket you often see autumn's on style and are presented with the do you are already. Have this at hun will should i just bought since it's on special this week also money often we found that we'd see products. We always bond on special so we bought them and then realize we already had enough to last us until the product on special again in a few weeks pin. Oh this is essentially <hes> parking taking money in the pantry. You'll love this rather than packing it. In the primary offset account ross almost word for woman so we have started doing now is looking at the weekly specials email that out supermarket emails us most loyalty programs g will lease keep track of the autumns you buy. There's a little effect been the loyalty points you so they can actually tell what you actually ninety marci keep track of the orangey aw and tyler the emails to you to let you know when the on special so what we do now is we check when our usual purchases or on special check the pantry entry. I then add it to our shopping spin a locket. We also meal plan for the weight based on what's on special rather than going to the shops with a pre prepared prepared meal plan. Everything we have on our shopping list is on special office. This one's for you. I guess it's the little things like this which save a a few dollars here and there which adds up to more in the offset camp <hes> overrule the money smart system really has helped with how we value and spend the money we <hes> i would say that we really used to throw money without realizing where it is going as we used to simply pie why the credit cod attleboro wherever we went pay the balancing full of the end of the now we use the visa debit as per the money smart system and it really makes you you think twice before you buy something as you need to make it last until the next week so there's a problem with money smarts if everyone adopts promulgated tapei well. I mean it's really good. It's basically signing. That bulk grocery buying doesn't end you will save you interest. I does it whereas the money in your account downside if you opt weekly shopping it's very clever. Isn't it because you money sitting in your pantry is in saving money on new quite. Wasn't this parking money in the pantry. Run hock it in all of it. Did you ross on the back of the most expensive who've real estate in australia. I'm going to read to you got the top tain purchases. The highest paid prices across australia for real estate ready for this man number. Tain was invoke loose can you can you pronounce. Is that how you pronounce it all would know but it's got that little twang there as well but villa ignalia i think is how it's pronounced that he gives bella bella aghia again in get in get off my my i should just ask the boss of akwa land in he's the boss most and he's name xinjiang ling or and he paid fifty two million dollars for that property in vaucluse new south wales. That's number attain number nine. Boss is the stoning ten mansion in moldovan victoria starting to cancel on nine so i didn't declare who owns it might be hanging out the front. You might fall into at fifty two point five million dollars for that mansion in two thousand eighteen. I okay so here we go in terms of number mosman park proc- nick of the woods yes iron w._i. But you sound like a sydney's talk ben it's muslim awesome and powell moseman pack or zayd interesting melissa smith mossman pack mosey mosey mosey pack as well forgot knowledge. I thought you lived in mosman uh-huh guy anyway. Monte magnate chris ellison bought that property fifty seven point five million dollars in two thousand and nine okay and then we have another one in vaucluse she and family harmful many loci fanta leone cam kevin kennon knit candidate bought the property for sixty million dollars in two thousand and sixteen number six check pheno in point piper boss and stop trying to andy is win knee song andy cleanly song. He bought that property sixty point six six million in two thousand sixteen nab ross are on top five altoona in point piper so out second appearance of pop. I think this is all these teams and point four and five and this one was bought l. Tyner is the name of the residents and it was bought for sixty one point eight million <hes> jinya hewing family. I think maybe how you pronounce asset businessman so he's he's the owner of that. One phoenix is bryce is number four number four in vaucluse another one in vaucluse loose property. Nobody develop adopted jerry shoots and he's waft. Debbie have bought that property in sort of lazy sixty five point two five four million in two thousand seven seventeen for that property. Check that oughta now number three down to the phone with the second runner up okay vaucluse <music> businessman a chow chuck wing <hes> he has bought this property for seventy million dollars factor feature property little that episode james and erika pekka so that back in that time so that was in two thousand and fifteen now. It's marco did that listing ben. We've got two more. I runner up first runner up point piper again so here we are now this one here <hes> the own which is scott faulk wa and family the lesson co-founder he paid seventy one million dollars for that property in two thousand and seventeen and then the number balon the number one sticky tests drum roll please this wound with their family. <hes> fe water again in point papa ah which was purchased body lesson other co founder of scots which is mike cannon brookes and he's family that property for one hundred hundred million dollars in two thousand from the fairfax family lady fairfax leave until one point one two ike is rod on the water there hector in <hes> hick days my bad in that location so he's the most expensive bid real estate and hanes part piper you know in terms of expensive expensive mansions and real estate is one of the best in the country and you had. Did you know the top end of town. Podcast any my impressed that you have a prepared did yep sicker impressed that you segue into lock that i did a lot of inspiration from local in terms of blue blue ribbon real estate bowl. You've just heard ron kingsley narcissistic folks. Hopefully you got some benefit on learning a little bit about <hes> what happens inside <hes> the world of <hes> the very exclusive eastern suburbs real estate of sydney but until next week ben ross knowledge is impairing but only if you act on it various folks hi there bryan hallway before you go if you're new to our community indian only listen to maybe a handful of episodes. I really recommend that you go all the way back to episode number one where we unpacked all of the foundations agents when it comes to property investing for those of you the mob illuminate tom poor of good news for you. We have a binge god that you can download straightaway which summarizes the first twenty episodes. We've been annoy unpack the foundational pillars of the a._b._c._d. And so much more and you can get that straightaway to the property catch dot com forward slash t._p._c. twenty you can download and consume it whenever you want. It's completely lately free and inviolable and for those of you just a quick reminder that nothing we've spoken about today constitutes financial advice we recommend that you reach to your licensed professional advisor so that you can look at your unique circumstances before acting on any information. Don't forget go to the property. Catch dot com forward slash t._p._c. twenty. Get your god.

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GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 84: Stranded Fighters

GSMC MMA Podcast

1:04:48 hr | 1 year ago

GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 84: Stranded Fighters

"I need your daily fix on mixed martial arts RECAP BELA TOR one. Fifty one ninety who out of a controversial decision. Who's not I couldn't figure out. Why don't you fret because golden state media concepts got your daily dose of Anime podcast everything from the US or fighting Jimmy extreme cage fighting victim fighting champ much? Join us as we talk about some of the biggest names in mix martial arts. We've got you covered here on. Golden STATE MEDIA. Concepts emanate podcast. Thank you for tuning into the MC anime podcast brought to you by the absolute podcast network. I'm your host Arnell Dull Yonne and hopefully you are doing fine whether you look internationally or here in the Americas in the states I was being healthy. Everyone's fine they're checking up on themselves. They're making the most out of any situation that they are dealt with. Whether it be financially or through health disallow. Hopefully it was doing fine for yourselves. And as a fan of in May I want to see my mixed martial arts yet again on the screen mets on earlier. I'm hoping for and admittedly. It's been pretty tough covering news considering that we've got events being cancelled and we're just generally unsure of what we can expect from future events for the past two weeks I've been discussing about. Ufc Two forty nine generally almost all enemy fans and all may correspondents whether it be fighters commentators personalities medium burst fans were all confused about UFC. Two forty nine and the reason why? We're all confused about Europe. See Two for nine is because we don't know if it's going to happen because a cove nineteen news about it keep spreading it keeps getting bigger and bigger and initially about three weeks ago. The idea was that we'd be quarantined for about till about maybe possibly the earliest and the march and then things will go pick right back up by by early April it got pushed back towards mental April and now there are speculating. Whether or not this court teen is GONNA go. This quarantine in the states will be pushed till early. May and even then that can be pushed even further. I've heard rumors of the NBA. Season Starts Moore on August and issues like that makes it really difficult to be an enemy fan more than anything else. So let's talk about. Ufc Two forty nine. Is it GonNa Happen? And well the curse fights of Khabib number of versatility Ferguson. It feels like it really is cursed ordered into the out there. That's preventing this thing from even happening and it's really really irritating when you want the spice it happen. And you just don't know if it is so this is according to me at mania from espionage. May Menia Alley about says. I can't say his name correctly. I'm not sure how to proud set but a coach for could be so. He denies the rumors that could be is trapped in Russia Welcome to midnight maniac just a few days ago. Russia implemented a travel ban in an effort to prevent the spread of cove nineteen. So you either know could be trading in the states and then after training states this while I was really confused about Last week and so I was talking about how difficult it would be for a fighters who live internationally to go back to travel to the states if they have to go maker fights or at the travel or have travel anywhere especially in the states. So can we don't remember enough. He trained in America Dan while the Supply so a positive international fighters in that you trained in America and then after trading America to get yourself like mentally like refocus and be calm down relax or have a period of time too. It's you're just in your own in your own hole in your own home with your with your families or with your friends this weird period after you do training or some time in between training in that you can just go home. You can relax and you can reshape yourself i. It's a good way for you to get out of the whole stress and anxiety of the team. I said that could be would train in America and he'd go back to Russia our Stan. He'll he'll say they are spent time with his family and friends and he'll get back to America to finish up training to potential persuade cuts and will go to the fights and well Kabaeva now. He's currently Russia after his training. So he just did the training in American American top team Coming back to going back to Russia to relax and now we're getting reports that came leave Russia to a back to the states because of travel ban. Which is also kind of happening as we bit as of now. It's still unclear that there have been various rumors online including one that number again escaped to Saudi Arabia. Which is very strange to me. However early today began circulating. I'm not number given was indeed grounded in Russia. Fortunately Margaritas manager Ali Abbas accuracy improperly declared this fake news. This report out there that put out says to end all the speculation could be number. Made is in Russia at the moment not in Dubai anywhere else. Confirmation comes from his father his father. Father can't say it up numbered off and then manager. Retorts this my saying no. That is not true. It is all fake news however he did not offer any information regarding where the eagles current whereabouts are. He says you're wrong. You're wrong he says don't want anything to be is not in Saudi Arabia. It's all fake news. He doesn't clarify on where he is and if he really wasn't if his manager really wants to confirm that could be was not in Russia or he was not in America. He would definitely say it though if he was like trust me could be was gonNA fight. Ufc Two nine wonder percent. You know why I know he's GonNa fight yes overnight. Because he's right over here and he's perfectly ready and he can definitely fights in the car. L. Fight in New York or whatever a state and our country is GonNa be and and then reported by. Bj PENN DOT COM. That could be giving up. Isn't these stranded in Russia? Uc to forty nine. We'll go with or without me. Escorted by could even made of it seems that Yes e two main event which is expected to pick a beaver ferguson could be table yet again. It was coming from. Bj PENN DOT COM. There was a widespread warrior over the last few days about numerous whereabouts and on Monday morning. The Eagle took on instagram life to confirm that he is seemingly stranded and Russia so his manager was tiptoeing around. He did say that it was a lie. That was fake news that could be was in sight words in Saudi Arabia but he did not confirm the location of Khabib in now filed. Confirmation could be is in fact in Russia. He's there as a result of the international ban of Kobe. Nineteen blow will be the full translation of Kabibi on on his instagram. Were Training at the AKA with any information regarding the fights. Okay I don't know how to toss where and how it is going to happen then told us the fight. One hundred percents isn't happening in the states and they said that nine percent that it will happen in the Emirates Abu Dhabi after talking to the side to fly over to the Emirates a months before the fights. I don't remember the exact date. It was a nineteenth or twentieth. I'll have to check but when we landed when we landed in the Emirates. We learned that they are going to close borders and no one will be able to leave to leave our fly in with the exception of a residence so we had to fly back to Russia. Currently I am am trading apparent every day. Although I don't know what am I preparing for? Because accurate came to Russia. We also learned that the borders are going to be locked same as in the states the same as in Europe emerets everywhere. The whole world is in quarantine right now so now I am here that they are looking to organize it with or without me. New American continued. Okay go ahead. Everyone should fall laws. I am not against it. I know fighters need to feed their families and their bills on her hardest for fighters unless they fight. The aren't getting any money. I'm even hearing that. They are looking for an opponent for Tony and because he is in the states and I am here in Russia but I am here not on my own. Real the Yes. He told me this one hundred percents isn't happening in the USA. And even it's not happening in the emerets. It will happen on this side of Atlantic. We discussed everything. The by that by that time already spent five weeks of training in the aid. Now I don't really know what's going on. It's really hard to train and could your weight when the whole locked down and you don't know what you are preparing for but it's not for the first time. I is obstacles in my career. So there's a lot to take away from that from that one a transcript there. I before I really dive deep into an analysis for that. I really do have to say that. This card really skirts. Not only executive hard but could be versus twenty Ferguson. That it always feels like it's always something Stopping the surf from even happening. Whether it be just Tony Ferguson. Getting getting injured because he stepped over something just to say hi to his friends. Some stuff there. I supply stats injuries. That can't really be foreseen seen accidental editor injuries. And I'll even issue now. We have an issue that nobody absolutely nobody months ago or by the end of two twenty nine hundred would've guessed would be an issue for twenty twenty. It's wow it's very very peculiar time right now in. May especially for Ferguson. It could be hard when you look back at these providers knowing that these two fighters are days can't fight for some strange apparent reason so we'll dive deeper into this After the break the jets MC podcast. I am another young coming back after the break shakeout this show built around the women of MMA from the UFC to the extreme cage. Fighting we got the fights. Cover THE GOLDEN STATE MEDIA CONCEPTS. Women's made podcast. The latest news of upcoming discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's game you know to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast talk that C. Hurt Beam number argument of himself that he is indeed trapped in Russia and read a transcript that he said during his Instagram Life Post. And it's very interesting knowing that this May or may not happen and considering all the circuses have been happening for years between Kabibi twenty. I it just seems like this guy just won't happen and also according to Geragos. Apparently he's not going to be able to come for the spice even is going to happen. Because he said it's cursed and also situation of Cova nineteen what I found very interesting from Kebabs TRANSCRIPT. Here is that when he says the? Us he told us the fight. One hundred percents isn't happening in the states so I said last week and our speculation that there was going to happen in the Florida area. But okay if you guys haven't been keeping lately on the news has been going on in Florida while yes that place has been going through a lot of. There's a lot of people partying in the Miami beaches. I think now people are doing that but is reported that nine people who were confirmed it to have Corona vires and still partook in the parties are happening in Miami Beach Florida. And because of that there was an increase all of a sudden well. We had a party during this time of like pandemic viruses and diseases happening. What's happening here so a lot of people went to party was confirmed to have a virus another lumber people in the Florida area. Who are who are sick and are being hospitalized. Not only that's currently the mayor like some mayors and some members of government were in Florida. Who reside in Florida are going through a political issues. Right now where. There's a lot of arguing debating people's on people's Eletronics and lighting and power is being shut down in the Florida area. It ain't doing so well if you haven't checked up yet co liquid beach go on Google. Type up Miami Miami Florida Lake mayor Argument or conflict. Type it up on Google. It's like Mayor Mayor Florida conflict type of those three. And then you're going to see the shouting match between members of members of aboard all archaea about like what's happening here in Florida. Everybody will miss your awful leader. Don't your awful leader blame him. Look really bad at Florida which I thought many people thought would be the event that that'd be having place would be having UC twenty nine because how is towards Nineteen is not going to happen because they've been getting a lot reshifted there. Same Way as being a lot stricter Derbyshire's in their parks and I expect this to happen there in Florida. So far right now not going to happen. One represent isn't going to happen but they did say that ninety nine percents chance that will happen in the Emirates. So that was your planning. Their plan away was go to the UAE and having their Everett's and so it's very. It's very difficult. So what's that? What percent one percent will be another country so what country now is going through a period in which they are not really reacting that much to cover nineteen being really much of an issue and? I'm pretty sure it's very strange because like Saudi Arabia doesn't it's cases aren't as radical as a lot of other countries. There are a lot. There are a lot of countries are going through the Kobe ninety issue much more than Saudi Arabia. By like you know what is still a big enough issue is that they just want to deal with it. Place would be what place would be. Good for. It's I still say Philippines. I A as a as a prison was born from the United Arab Emirates. Like that was. That's that's my home country in other countries Philippines. I would say though. It's more than anything else because if you've been keeping up with Filipino. Meet with Peter Media. They don't really treat combining as big of an issue there and so I would say hey. If you guys WANNA WANNA go please. The has a very dedicated very straight very passionate fight base Philippians good option and so we know one hundred percents according to some brass. That's coming from computer made off. That is not going to happen in that in the states but yet to take that with a grain of salt because even the fighters for the most part don't know what's happening behind the scenes for all we know yes he told Could be some could be something that's like there was holding information that could be doesn't know in order to make sure that he gets like excited for the fights. What's really upsetting? Though is that there should have been better communication for could be and for a for could be an for the when he traveled to To the United Arab Emirates in order chain for the fights. I could have been better. I think you'll see should have been like okay could be. There's a percent chance that the fight is going to happen is it's going to happen in the UAE and so because of the ninety percent chance. We don't want you to travel anywhere. I know upsetting that. You want to see your family. You want to see your friends in your home country but in order for this to happen you have to go and stay in the state in the United States until we know where the fight is where the fight is going to happen all right the AFC dinner whites or any representative from the told could be stay puts do not travel any offers if you intend it to fight for the UFC and future of in future upcoming events that are happening sooner rather than later that I recommend everyone to stay within the states. So we so we can micromanage everything when we're easier. I'm purchase all harder for denied to micromanage all the fighters schedules if every fighter different time zone. That's that's my speculation on the show. Hey stay nights states. We don't know one hundred percent that's going to happen in the UAE. From what I get from what I'm guessing is that someone could be. Hey Ninety percent chance it's GonNa Happen in the UAE. And then and then they didn't instruct them or they chose not to instruct. Could be on a on him. Traveling in the general sense so could be went to the not getting official confirmation from the USC which is Kinda partly his fault and then once he got once the phone call. I'm guessing we got phone call or an email saying that. Hey could be actually. It's not going to happen in the UAE. We have no clue what's going to happen and so he travels to Russia and the AFC wants against you. The toll could be. Hey once again. This is your last chance if you can't travel back to America because we want everyone within a certain zone so we can micromanage everything and make things a lot more for us. We go schedule. Flights and scheduled matches. That didn't happen. I it's partly to blame for could be for re traveling really doesn't have clear one hundred percent confirmation that he should be doing this stuff considering. I think is you now. I've heard and read records them to be memory of that. He's not treating the issue all that too much. He really is formed by training. Mode is like I don't care what the virus I don't care what's happening. I don't care what's happening in these states or countries on how they're handling the issue. I just wanted to be focused on. Treating on focused on my acquaint fights. I don't care about anything of ignoring everything else. The winning that matters to me is the fight. That's what could be done. It's probably the mind that could be as and I kinda respect them for that but at the same time though there should be better communication for the UFC brass and freaky BBB. Also you can kind of probably being the lights and that the why doesn't see the Cobra. Nineteen issue of being that big a deal and whatever. His opinion is on how? How much of an issue? How much of an issue? The coronavirus combining is in the states. And the rest of the world. He should be able to communicate with the fighters because the fighters treat this very seriously. It should be like okay. I understand you guys have a lot of issues with virus. I understand that you guys are present. Countries all had issues with the virus. Let's talk it out. Let's discuss things and how he handles issue instead. I'm eating dinner. I'd be like you know what it's not a big issue school forward okay. It's the media is making all this nonsense words. It gets really feeding knowing that. That's that probably is how representative of our country in this. They see the issue. More OF A. It's an annoying issue but I don't WanNa take it seriously because I don't want to take too much Chris. Pride to admit that this actually really isn't issue as affecting me. It's like it now. That's why that's why I I kind of. I'm kind of happy for Conor McGregor. At least at least for him he's like. Hey guys. This is a serious issue. Okay I know everyone else is intriguing seriously but it is a serious issue and we gotta deal with it. Because if we don't do it things are GONNA go bad for us. Let's go to a lockdown lockdown. When when you're most popular fighter in in your entire organization is telling all the other countries to go through a period of lockdown. I'm pretty sure that influence is going to bleed into other nations. People being influenced into this which could lead to their countries also being locked down that just one element of things and despite not happening is a real real issue coming up. And I don't know what's going to happen next for. Ese to Fernando is it could be cancelled is going to move forward well. Let's find out from Mary. Podcasts coming back or right after the break. This is your ultimate staffer. Everything sports the Golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL? Mlb The NBA's MMA. It's all in here from the golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen this is coming just from Japan. Calm that you feel lightweight. Contender Twenty Ferguson has reportedly been offered a fights against just engage. He could number made up. CanNot fight at nine computer. Mark said on Monday that he stuck in Russia and at this point is not common that he'll be able to leave his home country to fight at USC to forty nine. We're scheduled to take place April eighteenth allocation to be determined with the with the murder of similarly not out of action elite with seemingly out of action. Ill leaves his opponent. Ferguson without a dance partner but perhaps not for much longer according to ESPN's a Hawaiian Ferguson has been offered a fight against engaged to headline UFC. Two forty nine. It's unclear if the fights would be for an interim lightweight title although according to wanting the fighters have not agreed to the match up yet and there is no occasion for the card at this point. I'm not GonNa Read L. Hawaii tweets Re tweets retreat sport for translate number chats according to sources UFC aware of the mermaid status and have now been looking at alternative plans for the April eighteen main event and card worst. They'll be determined to put on as a result. Twenty percent. Personalises has been offered a fight against top contender just engaging however that has not been agreed upon nor finalize. Neither has location for the for the events as there's all Tony Ferguson per Per has been offered to fight the prospect of losing to Ferguson Risen mcgraff yet again is is pressing to a May fans who were hoping that about would give them something to look forward to during the current environment that has most people stuck at home but alas it doesn't look like it was meant to be despite yes. He presented the whites being adamant the show would go on. A Ferguson. Does end up facing the though. It would definitely be a replacement bounce both Ferguson. Get you are to the most exciting lightweights in sports and that would be likely to be in a match up. We'd seen the future anyways. Both men always put on a show and it should be an amazing fight. If it happens but this point the future of the nine card is very much up in the air. So just engage. He grew Sony Birds. That could be the potential that could be the potential fight that we could be seeing from nine as an Ma fan. I am I have mixed feelings about it because I discussed that at some point. We're going to see some interchangeability of matchups between conor McGregor could be memory and made off Tony Ferguson. And just engage you. We could see a combination of those four guys facing off against each other and it was probably going to happen in the near future. I'm one hundred percent. Sure that even could be re Ferguson. Fight were to happen and no matter. Who won that fight? It didn't matter if Ferguson won that fight with Dr Show and as African could be one with Titian via five rounds of grand parenting. It doesn't matter who would win that fight because we would see just engaged by either of those two at some point within the span of a year so so it's an obscene the fights and twenty minutes by engaging and you know what I'm excited to see just engage. He possibly fighting Tony Ferguson. But I am disappointed on not on potentially not seeing could be versus Ferguson. Because this is always. What could fees me in that like? I've always been confused. Why can't the AFC move the event back? If possible understand like the the it probably have to like. Do some rescheduling macaroni money. I'm the UFC is capable accords. Juergen of doing almost anything with in their other that within their ability that the AFC is capable of pulling out stuff that most people aren't seeing to the future that That the AFC can do stuff like hey. Is it possible for us to go and cancel events? They can cancel events? We've seen them cancel events. We've seen them reschedule events and so. Why can't this card you see when I just moved back? That's that's what I would like. I one issue in that why I don't see why the UFC would move the event back by a month or two would be that they would then have to pay for you. Have you have to compensate for the fighters for taking the extra time in their fight camp which is in the thousands of dollars but cut their their organization at this point? They have a lot of money that they can throw around and inconsiderate. A lot of these spiders. Don't make that much money. The first place it in grants in the grand scheme of things like Conor McGregor isn't all that rich in the grants things isolated. This is a person who Who lived in the Silicon Valley and that you're considering average person in terms of income if you're making two hundred fifty k? A year. That's that's the field that I grew up in this very in the Silicon Valley area. And I can one hundred percent guarantee you. A lot of these fighters are not making two hundred fifty k. Per Year if there were if there you see fighter and they're living in the Silicon Valley nippy considered an average person or a below average in terms of income. And so they're not making all that much money so I don't see what the FCC can't pay can't pay these people it's an extra we've been amount of money. Consumer they're large organization in order to compensates an order for yesterday to forty nine to actually happen. Because here's thing ever just engaged word. If I Tony Ferguson Road at least could bring me off. Is He gonNA Fight Tony Ferguson? Or even the future I duNNo. People WanNa see could be Stony Ferguson. And it was all people. WanNa see Conor McGregor. Even I don't agree with it. People WanNA see Conor McGregor fight against the new American. Meet up again. So if twenty Ferguson worth a loser. Against engaging disengage you go fight. Tony Ferguson. If Tony Ferguson. Whereas LOSE AGAINST COULD BE OFF. Disengage you would go and fight to be if Tony were to defeat could be diverted Disengaging were to fight word. La- could be but it's just all I if I was just in. Geeky agents are we Salvin said because all routes pointed Geika fighting could be the number of at some point within a year so even just engage. You were to lose against Tony Ferguson. Ends up killing fights his manager or any bank and say well had a had to prep time to go fight against a high rank a very hiring vitamin the best fighters in the intolerable innovation are arguably the second best fighter and the entire lightly division one of the most dynamic on the best all around fighters ever in US history one of the most unique fighters ever. Disengage you only at two weeks time to prep up that fights and if he really good performance then gates you buys himself pretty much lower shot immediately so no matter what happens at USC to. It doesn't matter if you were to fight for or I could be. It isn't even for an even if could be a negative. Were to fight against like Conor McGregor. Which is likely to happen or can we were to come out of nowhere and all of a sudden fight can remember we have just engage. You pretty much has a spot already in order to get himself attached. I think that number three or four. He's ranked number three or four and he's and he has enough wins under his belt that he can by himself in into getting a title fight sometime in the future sometime in the very near future. So just engage. He Save Even. If you're by Tony Ferguson. And he loses. He has like. There's such an asterix within a ferguson. Risk itchy fighter of it being so impromptu that that it's really hurt Gatiss CREDIBILITY ISSUE. Fighting a could be or ferguson or even connor in the future. It just Geishas all to win if you were to do this fight. He has nothing to lose off again in terms of money economics and helping the good graces if you were to step up and fight. Tony Ferguson is pointing that. We're not GONNA see Tony Risk Abib potential in the future but I would be kind of happy if rotc against just to see disengaged versus Tony Fights. I am a believer that this event should be held back by another month. If I know an issue that studying from it though would be well if this fight were to be held back we'll get to be held back then. Every other events is going to be held back by by motoo. And that's really that's really not much of an issue in reality actually because the NBA season then busy. We have a lot more games that they gotta hold back. There's a bunch more micromanage. I deal with a lot more money. That's being coming in and out of the NBA in other sports leaks. There's so much complexities and micromanaging. Between different groups and organizations and companies and money dancing around and missile player athletes and their perspective on things. There's so much happening. In the National Basketball Association that easily eclipses any issue that the US going through with their events and so if the NBA are willing to possibly hold back their events till August. I don't see why the can't do the same thing unless the have you know too much pride. And they like the idea that the only sports organization the world that keeps pushing forward while everyone else goes down and kind of surrenders himself for a couple of months they wanna the one organization that pushes forward and I don't know if that's really healthy for the company because so far it's not turning out well so we'll be back arrived at break with more and the main news. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion entertainment fantasy football so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build. The podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play starred. John Jones arrested New Mexico for. Dwi after shots fired. This has happened in Albuquerque. New Mexico Ulta Fighting Championship. Why did we champion Jon? Jones was arrested for aggravated. Dwi nejd negligent use of a firearm position of an open container and no proof of insurance on Thursday. A police report states. That up in an albuquerque. Police officer responded to a single gunshot at about one am. The officer saw Black Sheep Jones in the drivers seats and another person outside the vehicle by the passenger side door. There's an open bottle of alcohol behind the passenger seats according to ESPN USA. Today stated the police officer that Jones had green leafy substance on a shirt and pants consistent with marijuana and an odor of alcohol coming from his facial area. When questioned by police Jones told the officer he didn't he didn't know where the gunshot came from. I got stir-crazy. I got pulled over just being nice being nice to the homeless person. Jones told the officer according to USA. Today I literally just crazy. I wanted to have a drive. This is my first drive in two weeks. I saw these homeless guy's house being nice of them having conversation with them treating them like humans. The police report noted. Jonathan did feel too bright tests and performed poorly on all three of them. He also performed poorly on two out of three alternative tests. He has he will surged arrested. The jeep was towed from the scene and then searched by police. A handgun was found underneath the driver's seat as well as one shell casing that matched the caliber of the handgun according to Espn Albuquerque. Police said the gun belonged to Jones and that it would be tested to see if those used in crimes Jones was at or above twice the legal limit when he was given the Breathalyzer after he was arrested according to ESPN. John Jones. Thirty two is scheduled for parents. On April. Six Jones has a twenty six and one record the anime with ten knockouts. His last night was in February. Eight against Dominic Reyes when Jones won by unanimous decision. So John Jones yet again is arrested. There is footage of him being arrested. If you haven't checked it's I say you do check it to understand the scope awards actually happening to know that it was big news so John Jones has been arrested yet again and were another arrest of John. Jones comes a plethora people talking about John Jones and his colleagues all saying pretty much. The same thing. We've we've kept hurrying when it comes to John. Jones will John Jones. Go TO PRISON FOR OVER A YEAR. And you've got people from From year flu fighters most notably. You got people from the government fighters. Raw saying John Jones is a batter presentation. The Sport John Jones should be a rush. Go to prison for his life. John Zone should be stripped away from the title. John Jones. You'd never you'd be employed by Jesse ever again. You got a lot of people from left and right. Have you got people like Bhatia Chango John? Jones is a really good person and this is a misunderstanding. Even if they're really he's a really good person and you shouldn't believe what other people are saying about. John Jones. Your Personal Kobe coming. It's called the company and you've got your personal Covington in like shell sudden a sudden saying that like John j-o-h-n he has problems. He has to deal with it like he's a bad person or he's got recovering issues. You've got people who are just trash talking him the UFC responded to this with SEO Representative Senate. They are looking into the John Jones investigation. They'll look into it and they'll comply and see what happens next. The truth is our constantly seeing seeing and reading reports on John Jones getting arrested or going through and or violating violating any laws or going through any personal issues. Whenever there's a problem that involves John Jones which apparently which at this point now is a yearly thing. I can't really expect much coming out of. It are than John Jones walking. We'd be like hey man I got through. I made a mistake. I'll go and continue to push forward and then the process repeats over and over again. I'd at this point I don't think the UFC are going to do anything about it more than the else. John's probably like he might do jail time for a couple of months but his but he has job security. That's that's one of the benefits for being a champion for being a popular dominant champion and that you get pretty much job job safety and job security because a lot of people were comparing this event to Conor McGregor Throwing the Dalai onto the bus. In the fact that unless you're top tier fighter you can get away doing certain. You can't get away doing certain things if you are a top fighter division and like you. You'RE YOU'RE CONTENDER. Even if you're a contender for tally. Covington. If you're doing nonsensical stop. You don't really dumb stupid things you job safety and job security because you have that much way to carry within the organization and when you look at John Jones John Jones. A lot of people can agree. John Jones is probably the best fighter in the entire. Ufc He is the greatest light heavyweight champion of all time without a doubt he is. He's been the most dominant arguably been the dominant champion ever. Dmc history some say riches. Johnson is a better than John Jones but I say in terms of fighting in a very deep stack division fighting with a lot of all the villagers issues are going on fighting with cements and I say John is probably the greatest. Ufc fighter of all time. You could make the debate actually the John Jones if you take away. The huge asterix happening as career and that like he has a law of off the wall off. The court issues are happening with him. Safety cannot Piper Conor McGregor. If you take away goes aspects out of it the fact that they're both huge names in the AFC. They both make considerable a lot of money for themselves and for the FCC they put on impressive performances that you have to be like. Wow that's me I don't. We've seen John. Jones fights like his fight against like showrunner era was like wow. I don't see any fighter topping. John Jones ever in fights with that in mind even if John Jones worked to get his belt strips yet again. Nothing is stopping. John Jones from getting meals shots pretty much John Jones. Considering all these done for the enlighten division he will somehow always be in range of keeping that belt and considering how good were fighter years. If you're to have. His belt stripped away. Fron chances are going to fight with the exception of maybe Dominic. Reyes going to that fight. Ain't getting his belt back and even if he doesn't get his belt stripped he'll keep the belt for a long time. We've seen fighters fire only once a year and are able to keep the ballots. John's has already fought this year against a really really impressive fight. Arbeit and Dominic should go get a rematch of for that. Because I personally will. He will not fight innocent tardy overall when you look through five rounds that he went three out of five rounds so John Jones is one of the year so if even if he does get jail time he can come back yet again. Fight Middle or end of next year for For his next our defense and it was gonNA change. Am I going to expect anything to change from John Jones from events? Not really at this point I've I've heard John Jones in his personal accounts. Always say he's GonNa improve is going to be better. He's GonNa make differences so he can be the best outstanding like model he can be as you as a UFC champion and it almost never happens at this point relief. We can expect John Jones to get a small penalty. Do some key service come back to the. Afc His belt will not be strip or even if it is stripped. He's GonNa get it again. In a short short time and understand a lot of fighters are very aggravated aggravated about that. Considering that just lacks legitimacy. Just last week there were twelve. I think twelve fighters who are left. Who got dropped from the AFC and it's is bothering to know that a person who comes to work does the job gets fired but yet a garlic John Jones who goes to work is really good job but then asks very appropriate and does something immorally wrong and brexit allies and a troublemaker and mixture sport look really really bad. That person keeps their job. Not only do they keep their job. They make a bunch of money to make way more money than the fighters who just do their job get in and do the work and then get out. It's I understand the frustration. I really do and if you look at twitter right. Now there are a plethora fighters who are talking about how. Oh Man like Oh John Jones Yeah. Of course he got arrested again. He's going to happen to them again. 'cause you have has favoritism issues. Conor McGregor John Jones whether you like them or not they are at this point larger than life fighters and unless someone really takes the belt away from John Jones and John Jones is able to skid down into going to streak which you don't want to happen because John Jones is an amazing fighter. Then I then I can't see Jones get away with this stuff in the long term. That's how I perceive things so coming reference break we'll go into some more news you're listening to the GS MC MMA. Podcast will be back right after the break. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the Golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL Melby the NBA MMA all in here Golden State media concepts sports? Podcast listen so we've been talking to nine and the urge they will happen no matter. What now World Ferguson? Risk be popping at this point. We're not sure. But will the events happen will according to emulate junkie? Dana White is tight lipped on your C to Ram plans. When you need to know all you know sooner than we know of so let's go down. According to Princeton Donahue fighters are indeed being tested for corner buyers according to also Preston garnered there are works of fights possibly happening for him to go and fight roads and strike in the upcoming in upcoming events. We also know that that is planning on. Rescheduling fights have been cancelled in the past like Tyron Woodley vs on Edwards to go continue onto another. Ufc to another events possibly events or UFC tip review. That's going to happen around Christmas time. So we and we also could be is out of. Yes for nine. Possibly because of the issue that international travel is banned lockdowns happening in Russia and other countries that prevents him from travelling. And just right now. According to our presidents in the states social distancing has been extended till the end of April so initially it was going to happen in the middle of April of loosening ending and the computer go would be back and businesses would possibly be back normal again by middle of April and considering that the cutoff date whistle. Distancing was going to end. Comes before you'll see that happening. It's now been extended to April thirty and so with you being extended till April thirty and also if you know Amazon and it's the cards and other workers who are for organizations and companies are still laying them work and companies that are considered essential If you guys know game stop there was a strike happening for game stop and Euros. A huge backlash over. The Night of the game stop was along its workers to work in its company without deal without tasking them on the health breath precautions of Kobe. Nineteen and also for allowing them to work well for for for the organization and there is a conflict in the NBA for employees who work in the arenas and buildings on their compensation so this very now. Employees and employers are going through conflict over cove nineteen health issues. There's issues of being paying happening issues of whether or not a business will continue on whether or not a business essential whether or not some companies can continue pushing ward contrary to so this being an issue in the United States. And because of all this this leads to today. That is very probable. That we're not gonNA see rain happen in the month of April that is Currently in the NBA. There are more Athletes and personalities who are being affected with the corner virus inconsiderate fact that we got the FCC compiled of a lot of international fighters willies. Then for instance she stuck in. She's stuck in Las Vegas after fight. It gets you WANNA check. She stayed in Vegas Kim's relaxed but because he was locked that happening her in the states and also though that was happening China. It's difficult for her to go travel to do international travel and she's been like she's been crying in Vegas. He's been really homesick. She's talked extensively about how she really wants to travel internationally. Go back home as you can't because there's also there's nothing is being an issue and causing problems in the airlines in the United States. It's a major complicated issue. And so what do you have? Fighter like could be number of it is expected that should expect that okay. This person wants to travel from states to his own country to other. So we'd be prepared for that. That had happened Sally. And so with this thing. Being extended the prediction that businesses and companies would continue pushing forward in the middle in. The middle of April. Isn't going to happen so Dana White's up on a farm being asked about how you see two frames. GonNa continue on this according to Junkie the thing is with fighters is when they're with me. They're getting the best medical attention. They could possibly get better than if they were home alone by themselves. Whatever situation is our reach out to everybody not as my employers that work for me but my fighters to if them or a loved one becomes ill and needs me. I'm here everything in my power to help and take care of them. So that's a given always and this fights at UC two for nine will go on him and so this article came out right before could be said that he is the he possibly not might find or is that the white assuring like new could be. Wilco will come here somehow. the school and say the big question in most minds is about where the event will take place with the world with the world's governments tightening on regulation of traveling gatherings events in the wake of the goal corner vice but one man who isn't saying anything at least not yet is white himself. He goes on to say bully. People have been talking about it white said in With aircraft carrier suggestion. I haven't resorted to that yet but that's probably coming soon. Why does mean a point playing his cards very close to his chest regarding plans for the relocation of twenty nine a lot of these media guys are so he so after soccer being asked? Hey well yes it's still happen. It seems like every single day things keep getting worse and worse and the probabilities of the spent. Even happening is getting lowered. Even Braxton gone it went from is going to happen. Princeton Gone Overseas Rosen. Strike tune out and gun saying hopefully it happens. I'm not sure but hopefully I'll firoz strike because even in Ghana isn't sure of what his position is happening. Tony Ferguson on instagram recently reached out to cast member of seeing. That could be could be busy sucking him. He's doing simple trash talking stuff. And then Tony Ferguson. Went on to say that he's fine fighting. It's another person. So even Tony Ferguson. Know if he's GonNa fight it could be. It could be risen. Uh If you're gonNA find that Rosenbaum Universe has been kept quiet and just GONNA draw. A is pretty much stuck calm trading in our home jim so they know a lot of issues happening for your response is a lot of these. Medias guys are absolute and total blank. He said as soon as you let them know what you're doing all they're trying to do is blank up everything that you were that you worked. So I've literally told every one of these guys to go blind themselves and I'm not telling any them what I'm doing when I'm doing it but know this. The fight is happening in April. Eighteenth somewhere on planet earth and when you need to know all that you know you have to nine eighteen days away about two and a half weeks away and arm man. It's so it's this has been really should be. Rescheduled is rescheduled a month later. That's all is pay off the fighters there'll be probably a building available for them to use recent Joe Girardi podcast Rogan. Wanted to say. Hey this fight can happen in film studio it. Can I gotta do go? Small Studio go set up like a small octagon have no one. There have a camera Carmen. Their referee there. Some members of the crew there have everyone else and remote location. That's an idea they could do for. Ucla I can see Tony per cent fighting somebody at some point and you'll see two nine a very small very less glamour events. That looks really bad on camera to to happen it can happen behind. Closed doors you feel. Uc to forty nine in a theater. Stage a change of flooring put a put a cage around it. If you guys don't know theater there's a specific room that's dedicated around tooting lights and from that vantage point which is in front of the stage. You could put a camera crew there. You can put like one or two cameras there. And they have like a single loss of the entire stage and that could be yes he to forty nine. It will look bad. Cheap ill look not spectacle. Wise Ella kind of cringing embarrassing if you think about it in terms of presentation terms of sports presentation l look very awful is knocking to be appealing to the eye and turn away a lot of people and Omit Thomas Cheaper show in the world it really is but it can happen like that and then the white only cares about the happening about a fight happening or happening. I wouldn't be surprised if it finds this very rundown looking building. No one's using it and it's like okay. That building can be fifty to nine because no one is stopping us from having that have been happening. So it's a very strange predicament. Right now no one knows where their location is going to be knows if the fights are even going to happen in the first place that fighters. Oh No it's GONNA fight. We got fighters who are trapped in airports. We got fighters who are trumpet whom we got fighters trapped in a in one country when there should be in another country. It's a very complicated mess right now. And hopefully things go well for nine and in a white because he's increasingly getting a lot more stressed so this podcast coming back to the break with some more in the main news. Want to know the latest than soccer. Then listen to the golden state media concepts soccer podcast from MLS is the world the Premier League. We've got you covered the latest. Update the hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer. Podcasts skirt blouse. Listen let's end up. Talking about nine was ridiculous. Even more from Colby Covington. Now whether or not you like the guy or you hate this guy or anything is to him. Playing a character a character is a complete shown the sports well. You're not wrong but this is still news. And when discussing Koby Company you gotTa take everything says with a grain of salt and yet there's a weird enjoyment that one can get from like watching losing to Kobe Congressmen and that he's playing such a care. He's playing such a cartoon villain character that he could only smile or Giggle when you see him do it because even ucs when we come within. He's like he has got. He's got a sports jacket on. He's got the hat he's wearing sunglasses. And whenever you saying something really ridiculous you can tell. They isn't even believe it ain't chuckling and him. Chuckling gives me a grin because I know that his heart is in it and when I know his heart is in it it makes me kinda smile because I know he's kind of having fun so you have to forty nine. Kobe Covington and Tara really are exchanging insults. This is coming from MMA junkie in our angling for fight at UFC. Two three nine with the events only two and a half weeks away koby coming ten entirely are publicly lobbying for a fights until Covington Willie have exchanged numerous insults in recent years in curve is concerned a fourthly on editor it's out of USC ESPN's Wayne and headliner. Kobe Covington and went out to tweet out. That the offer still stands. Yes he all full Teddy Roosevelt's and beat the brakes off at Tyron. Woodley live from the White House Lawn. Same Sports and make it free on. Espn for the people. I'm in such a giving mood. I'll even arrange a tour of the Oval Office for tyrone since Obama never did really wanted to say you see me versus Quainton April eighteenth. Almost Tony wants to roll back up to his ultimate fighter. Wait for the bag. Ww about w `bout won't make take no cheese out of his L. W. Weights are elderly. Macaroni all right then. So tyron Kobe Covington. They're throwing out very childish like insults at each other. Hey Man I'm a be Bali I can go and take I. Have you think Kobe coming in a stroke in the White House to have a yes even in the White House? I'm not surprised if they're in bed. He's watching Netflix. And he's watching something funny he's like you know what we funny. If I did this. He takes his phone out. Sub Starts Typing and tweeting. It's been random. And and he finds it funny. Tyron Woodley gets it type his works of TMZ their moments were entire will lead takes himself super seriously they give Kevin Kennon comes across unlikable but as a person who works at TMZ. I'm Richard. He's aware of the ridiculous is happening when it comes to personalities and People own the celebrity world in Los Angeles talking. We're talking nonsensical stuff just to get the attention. I'm pressured time really gets it. And so he's talking smack to. He's talking smack. Koby COMINGTON inner ridiculous way while calling Tony Ferguson. Macaroni and cheese. It's bizarre but then there's also the beef between Kobe Covington and you want to check out his faculty member here so Kobe. Covington is giving. You WanNa take some jabs in twitter and on social media just for the sake of from what I can tell so. It is not too surprising that American top team owner down Lambert initiated a ban on teammates trash talking each other. When you consider some of the things you go becoming has said that applies particular with former champion. Do you want to check in an interview that took place before the introduced? A New Rule Covington explained the genesis of his beep with your check. Who YOU WANT. You want to teach you how to respond to claims and insisted that he is lying. Covington goes on to say that there was never a problem. Covington told emory fighting's. You're about podcast. I never said anything but you WANNA. I never looked at her wrong or anything. One day she came into the gym and started screaming Kobe this and that are I hate you. And I'm like what the flip. What's your issue? I know last week. She tried to flirt with me and I was in giving her the time of day because let's be honest. I have standards. And she just doesn't fit those standards really. She's not a seven and a half and up and only message seven and a half or a up so she got her feelings a little. The American steel twisted appeal of Kobe. Confident didn't WanNa take her on a date. Didn't want to flirt with her and didn't have any interest because I'm too busy getting dimes and supermodels to his time on on some ugly woman from Poland. Or whatever chaos. Kobe Covington has explained. Why the polar star is not a good person. She wants to come in hate me and maybe look like the bad guy but everyone knows that you wanna is not a good person. She believes her own hype. She thinks she's better than life. Nobody is better than anybody I didn't. I didn't care what your title is or how much money you have. It doesn't mean that you're better than anybody so this is this relates back to when you I check give a job to Covington one. You want to say told a Kobe to go down to the queen and then Kobe confidently responds with. I did apologize to her. She asks for once I gave it. I gave it a week before her title fights. You WanNa. I'm sorry I'm sorry that you have to get your face rearranged and we're and we're all going to make a lot of money at my bookie at my booking and that's exactly what happened and it's still rearrange. I don't know if he's a day. That thing is still black and blue. That thing looks nasty. Man Man that girl should probably never come back to fighting again all right so once again it's GonNa Covington. You're not supposed to anything. He says with a grain of salt especially when he says the lion of right here when he called himself the raw American with twisted appeal. And he says like you WANNA thx. You believe their own high. She thinks she's better than life. Nobody's better than anybody fleas full. I'm playing a character at this point. It's hilarious it's his. It's all areas when you know that. It's not really him. I think. Kobe has broken out of character several times. Here's an when you can tell playing a character to second? He's wearing. He's doing an interview with sunglasses on So He's wearing glasses. He's wearing this hat. He's wearing a sports coats in his hotel. Living for some reason celebrity casuals ways going off the megaphone yelling obscenities. This guy is trying to get as much attention as he can. And here's a as a reporter as a news journalist? Technically it's my goal to respond towards Amei News and what's happening in the world Arts and currently in a timeframe when everything is serious. And everything's like unknowing like no one knows when this whole social this instinct thing is going to and in the United States. Nobody knows if Tony Roma's could be going to happen at. Ufc Two nine. Dan Wife doesn't know if Ryan is going to is going to be happening while he's insulting the media for questioning if it's not going to happen the first place. It is of various serious. Time very complicated very melancholic. Feel right now. It's looking to the quickey arguing. I reports are John. Jones getting arrested Diego Sanchez. Being tested for C. T. And Brain Damage. You got your. Hhs trying to recover from her for official damages. These end who wants to go home but she can't so she's gaining home sickness in Las Vegas. But you've got fighters up a fire. Payouts not being really like ideal or candid. Consider the fact that their flights are being canceled and a lot of fighters don't make much money in the first place so participating in this fights and then being told that they're being that they're being canceled. Due to the detour virus you are not related to do to a pandemic due to an issue that you have no correlation with. I understand it if you're firing in they'll roll. Ma You are very upset because your money matters a lot into being your friends and family. It's very very serious. Is Very damaging is Ray. Milland cog right now in the world of mixed martial arts. And they're not copy Covington salems ridiculous stupidest things you can ever think of saying like nods acting like a cartoon character Nonsensical things just to go. Get some attention and hype and while everyone is being said Melancholic. He's going at. It's trying to stir the pot. Create some hyper himself. While also also kind of playing a comedy character a weird villainous Kombi character to an extent so I think Koby Covington for that for playing a cartoon character for the most part in their limits for arts during the time in which it is difficult to be a fan of something that you don't know what to expect thank you for listening to the GS MCI MMA podcast brought to you by the GS. Mt podcast network. I like to ask that you please remember to subscribe to the show and write a nice review. That really helps up author. If you give please follow us on twitter and again thank you and have a good night. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts MMA podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com or download our podcast on itunes stitcher sound clap and Google play insists type in MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network. This removes to music throws sports entertainment and even reviews and you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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ALN - Dana Carvey

About Last Night

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ALN - Dana Carvey

"Hey that's US Cleveland Brown. y'All listening to the about last night. PODCAST I guess yeah. TV must be broken. Just can actually. I'm and I couldn't remember. And you know just getting five hundred episodes Holy Shit. Welcome to the last night. PODCAST A day. We probably never thought we'd get to Brad and I started this thing in twenty thirteen gene. Maybe two thousand twelve actually. I don't think we ever anticipated. We get the five hundred episodes so much fun so many memories so ullman laughs which we will Bring to you in this past year of in the best of part one and to come in every December over but today's especially amen five hundred episodes for Brad nine the about last night podcast. You guys have been incredible throughout the entire journey to get to this point. The support the emails the tweets deums The the fan on Fan interactions at shows. It's why we do. It is for that reason alone. And it's why we wanted this episode to be Special Ed. It is because it's Dana carvey returning to the show and bringing it so hard Denison the show almost ten times and every time. I don't know how we're going to top that and then we do and we laugh harder. We go off on even crazier tangents. From Uh Hitler's pizzeria to Obama's net flicks pitches to Paul mckearney explaining to John Lennon. What about last night? PODCAST is Man We we just get into everything on this one. It's well over an hour and change and it's a perfect way to close out. Brad's time on the PODCAST. I love you Brad. It's been a whirlwind to become even better friends with you than we were prior to this. PODCAST starting Were brothers and Doing this just been A real treat and some the best times in my life have been doing this. PODCAST with you from traveling to Jason Derulo is mentioned to Neil. Patrick Harris has house in New York. Susan Serandon at a hotel going. Dan Kooks House for the first time having Dalil Multiple Times. Dana obviously swertz in in Jim Jefferies Bill Burr. fucking Dave attell too many to To name too many times too many amazing conversations the rides to and from the podcast. The chats the ketchups it's all been a blasted and I love you and and thank you for being along on this ride with me. Follow me on instagram. Anatomy comedy. Dana Carvey at the Dana Carvey. Follow Brad Brad Williams comic at Alien Podcast Instagram and twitter about last night. PODCAST DOT confidence in President Allen Merch Shop Atom Ray Dot Com for your Atom Ray holiday merge and of course emails at about last night pottage email dot com. With all your Alan favorite moments. How you got the pod where you get into it and I'M GONNA continue to do the Atom Ray Twenty nine thousand nine holiday giveaway so emails about last night pod Djamil Dot com one of those things that I mentioned and with your shirt and Hoodie size. And your address and we'll send you some free merch. I'M GONNA do some bonus episodes in the next few weeks to to really push that and re day shift on a fanny meals so get those in by next week about last night pod. Go Dot com favorite alien moments and And you'RE GONNA get some Free Atom Ray March read the room. I album still available on. I tunes spotify Amazon. Google play and starting December fourth songs for the people. Well my comedy. Musical album debut is going to be available for preorder. There's a free streaming. Listen right now on Pandora music but you can pre-order that that bitch December fourth and then listen to it and own it December thirteenth songs for the people go to atom Ray dot com. This Thursday and do that that I'll be on the David Spade show Thursday Lights out so tune into that and get all your tour dates Ataman Commie dot com. This weekend I'm in Arizona at Copper Blues live in Tempe Improv in Phoenix and Tempe Arizona takes it Adam rate comedy dot com fifth through eighth. Brad is in Denver at Comedy Works Auf off Thursday through Saturday tickets Brad Williams comedy dot Com and now that we got the tour dates twitter handles and merch info out of the way. Sit back relax and enjoy a brand new episode of the about last night. PODCAST number five hundred with the one and only you know him you love level. Get ready to laugh. Dana carvey willing to eh do. So why don't you sit down and during the adult day by day three A.. And dealing with that is normally. If I was doing it like like I would do the. I don't know if you listen to the one where I it just stuff I do for friends. Yeah Hitler Yes in the bunker. Yeah and at one point I was doing ten to fifteen minutes of that. But in that case where you've got CONAN's great comic in front of you you don't WanNa it. Just be lost in a sketch for ten minutes and a twenty six minute podcast. Also Conan's heard so many Hitler's that's like who doesn't have a bit. I have a Hitler does no nobody trees five what. That'd be grace it. Call eight all AWW Schanche spot. We're pretty close to trump. Just starting to quote Hitler I feel like Ah I mean how many other great I mean. He is a bad dictator. He's good luck them up locker up. She's running around Eh. She's in the woods says doesn't happen. Look them up. Look where are they by the way You mastered hand thing. I think the first time I saw you on Conan do the a hand thing that truly like and you could do it. Yeah but you're still gonNA nailing the thing the voice obviously but like that the more I watch him. I'm like always doing Dana's hands. It's trump's doing. We're doing good things we're doing great he has so many hookup. I just haven't on really dug into it. But there are so many ticks. There's so many weird like a duck like I. This was just you know plucked out. I was doing this corporate date and it was the day that he got Baghdadi which is kind of like some kind of surfer song agenda but like some porn call me Baghdadi consumer the US on a beach boy soft Jandee. I'm going back sort. Zero just did Obama announces that he got Osama bin on you. Know whether the thing and navy seals that have terrific job minerals Panera and then trump. I'd like a dog. You don't even have to plug a like a baby a wintering grandbaby trying for his mama like a baby in the crib. Who'd never seen so many things? Excuse me many people. Excuse me. Excuse me it's a great technique. I think he's gotten whatever forget politics. He's gotten very good. Would it at doing his thing. Yes do do you. Nailed his point of view right N.. Yeah do you think that presidents or like or a public figures get to a point where they know what people think of them so then they just dig in and be like. Oh I do hands and I call people losers and I do whatever they just dig into that well you know when trump. He's in front of the helicopter all the time. Yeah you know like for forty five minutes. He's screaming in front of the helicopter. Keeps going and it's not like the US think you would turn at one. Point is big and then come after ten minutes. Turn the copter off. I know I'll give you one of the normally. They wave. Remember Reagan. We gotta go. He said I gotTa talk for forty five minutes more professional over a copter cha well I was talking Lorne Michaels Hussein. You know it's like he's he's good at he's the Democrats are like Channel Four local. That's that's how they deal with tunnel vision and trump national star so the helicopter just to note. He's got someplace to go. Oh I see so. It's everything strong. US flags tied the thing that thing the hands. Everything is calculated smart. He just one win. He's a loser. He's very nasty he. He's dog twice with Beto dropped out. He quit he got into the loser. Dogs has dog is. This is new favorite word is like a Doug Grind grind baby. Excuse me Lenny. Excuse me one medal of honor on one dog. Yeah and then everything everything doggone his head. Yeah like Bernie lamed doesn't have a good dog. I don't have a dog. I don't WanNa Doug Cat trump. You can grab the person's GonNa die. I know but I don't think even hangs out with Mike like pence. That's the relationship like when I see now my buddy begged doing on. SNL and they have that dynamic. I'm like I really wanted to like they've they've kind of nailed it but it's like that to to me so fascinating. Because he seems so like the guy that wants to kiss ass or please them but at some point I feel like he probably is just like you know shut the fuck up Donald it because you know trump doesn't respect me you know well that and it's like the the one has affairs with Porn Stars in the end the is allowed to have dinner with a woman that's not his wife so it's like it's a little bit of oil and vinegar show one important start let's go back to go do what what Carson by the way do you think. There's certain people like I'm considering I don't know I said this last time and I don't know if I'll ever button I just think it'd be a fun. PODCAST forget money power. What do you use just to do who is probably eight to ten minutes? And it's just called Johnny's back and I'd get guys like you and other comics. Just WanNa send me jokes about the modern world but filter to the cart. So did you hear what they got Baghdadi. Did you read that trump shed. They died like a dog crying occurring whimpering baby. I so then I don't joke could yeah. Yeah Yeah you don't see a lot of crying babies in dark caves eh man like somebody. You can't dogma correct dogs which but you'd want to make it so that it was funny even for someone who has twenty to your voice just interest. I mean it just a short of a funny thing but you could do a weekly for sure. No shortage of headlines. Excuse me excuse me anybody. Listen we're doing things I I do it on Falun. I think just his Middle Hook of when he's angry the press doesn't understand his genius I like how is this plan. GOING GONNA work. I know how to do deals and make a lot of deals. You focus no deal. I would have known where the money was in every briefcase as I would have shaken hands with how we excuse me. Excuse me many people who say excuse me many many bit. But the worst crossing guard evolved. I did him singing last time on the show seeing singing because I say the anyone. I'm singing yeah because Obama. Great singer like we had Nixon. When I grew up Darling Clementine at the end of that? Was it that was our best singer in my lifetime and then Obama one night was up there. We're going to do things on gullible. And he's like emerge A. Yeah so what's that. WHAT'S TRUMP GONNA sing in the ETA thin that he'd get up there one night with a big Mike do do his State of the Union put up Little Echo on? No one knows what is like orange man behind. Komo's they do some me love. I would do anything for but I want to that Mike Pence. I won't be in the same room at trump singing because how he's supposed to political comedy. If you're not like in one tribe or the the other absurd with it well it. Yeah I like you know. If you WANNA change someone's opinion you know you give them five cookies ladies and then you just hit him boom right here then you give them five more cookies okay so like five things that like trump singing or something like that. That's not like a deep dive or something. Yeah things asymmetric laid a little bit like I was just not. I don't know people must have been really optimistic. Yeah when trump got elected because now they're really disappointed. I was like he's a celebrity apprentice president. What's going to happen so now I my brother got a raise this and that and if you didn't read the news you think we're kind of okay? Wow this is fantastic but I know people you got to walk with them. Walk around here. Can't he's like he hasn't surprised me since he said I like people who weren't captured was it that and then. His poll numbers numbers went up. I Want Holy Shit. Do you think Baldwin would do him for another four. If you want again or do you think how much parody Baldwin keep going. How much Perte Perte do you think is left to do of him like do you think if another foregoes does do people go all right? This is a little too real now in this terrifying that. I can't even find the jokes in it. You know. I don't know I mean it depends on your political point of view. Like what are you are you. Maybe kind of find trump funny and and sort of bizarre maybe not like him but you're not hyperbolic about some of his policies. Am My Keno. He's Kinda likes Israel and if you don't like Israel you're not going to like that you know yeah he kind of arm the Ukrainians. I don't know what more of that phone call so a lot of the policies like I like that. He's kind of hanging out with Kim Jong Un. I I feel a little. I feel a little less tense about that situation or I feel like trump which is call him up when you're GONNA do fire in theory. I'm not your face. I love you the mets you face automobile faces and other people are face to face. So there's a lot going on. There's a lot to dig underneath neath there's lots of stuff that I don't know who's advising trump but it's like even Obama wanted to lower the corporate tax rate maybe to twenty eight twenty one. There's a lot of stuff that is not you know you did. You did something on on the Conan podcast that I could not stop laughing about Williams. Br Bring up Obama. It's because Obama has the deal with Netflix. Oh Yeah I it makes me happy. Obama makes net flicks pitches. Yes you go win. I just started. Because there's certain like you come over the phrase and he just WanNa hear it in your head a lot like my brain happiest. Say so and I don't even know why it's really Lia punchline but it's like a bomb has got a big deal at Netflix. So I I want to go in and pitch to Obama and I'm imagining Michelle's there before he began just want to run something by him kind of new to the whole development thing. Wouldn't I'm not here died. That's the Obama bit done so I just want to run something by and see what you think it's about a little alien comes down to Earth befriends little girl and then wants to go home but the spaceship left. He's got to go home and then I would say well. That's I think that's e by Spielberg fucked me Michelle. What are you going all out? So it's all fucked me show. What are you go? Ah You know it just it just makes in I for that reason where you go just that phrasing makes me happy. It's about a wizard Harry Potter footling. So they get shorter and shorter The come from the Appalachians they strike oil company. Beverly Hills Fuck me but this is a great game on it. Yeah okay Obama. I want to hear pitch like kindergarten cop kindergarten big Austrian guy. He's got a gun and he's in kindergarten. That's GonNa fuck me talking about teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Normal. They live next to radioactive thing and they're just run around like freaks teenage mutant footmen Michelle never has anything to talk. So that's just fuck Mumin. Show what are you got. I don't know it's not that's an example like it's not even it's not political. It's not even about Obama and the guy knew the business yes sure and thinking of things the busted himself like this is harder than I thought making him normal. You Know Yeah Yeah. It's it's great taking these people that we see either hold in such reverence or that are so high in politics and just giving them ordinary jobs whether it be like oh be. Obama is trying to pitch netflix stuff. Or Yeah I heard you do in a bunch of like Bernie Sanders as like normal jobs. I did yeah Bernie as a crosswalk guard pussy. Don't put see the systems rigged. Don't see but I have my latest Bernie. My latest Bernie Fun is that he's on onstage and everything you know. I had the heart stuff standpoint. It's always on and they come out. And they whisper to him of just been told that the Stencil much Ohmae by a corporation screening get these fucking corporate stents degreed Outta me. And he's just ripping at this time. The hall I WANNA see Bernie Sanders do so many jobs like I wanna see Bernie Sanders as a Walmart. Greeter her corporation you walking into the greed of the corporations i. Yeah he's fantastic. tastic Bernie tone. Somebody that you you ran out avocado. We don't have no. What are you GONNA do? Source get these stunts. funke chess about his coddled for the one percent and the greedy the pharmaceutical soon. I'm taking flaw. Masumi Kabulis cooperation agreed to the COSBY. A little bit the same. Because I I show what you can put the Avocado cosby. Did it. Out of order it. You GotTa do things in order in life if you know if he'd made love to a woman and then gave her an ambient it'd be like no problem gentlemen he'd be a gentleman he gave her the NBA. And I did think that month Of the love escort her from Hollywood. You don't know what you can do anymore or doesn't matter where they almost ninety at that people do ask all the time like comedy clubs. I feel like are still a safe-space are wanting to escape and knowing that like oh well. At least there's a place I can still go to get away from all the crackdown nitty gritty of people. Who are trying to have a big area of comedy saying things out allow that people are thinking that you're not supposed to say so? It's kind of like as a comedian if they tell you. You can't say these things that's all you want to say you. You can't say that anymore. Yeah press the Red Button and then you try to go around it. I do or whatever I think. Rather do podcasts. Were they going to do shut off my power Lupita the greed of cool they said the PTA. He's here with changing the flyers. Yes bookmark impression that the extended version of an impression is much more fun. See did these reality. You do these six Os opponent to. That's I mean and like when you get together is it just makes the best. Every podcast truly should be if we're having enough fun. That people are listening going. Oh I feel like I'm a fly on the wall wall and it makes me want to hang out and get drinks those guys and that's where it's like with you and Conan Conan is. Yeah he's we've gotten to be better friends since I moved back down here. And A and he just he was just there to set me up and I said you want me to just run over the whole thing. Yeah yeah this is all about you. Wow it was kind of fun. It makes me want to do it. I just once your brain starts having to go to. Oh I have to like put monetize it in the becomes a business and I'd like to just do do one for just just for like not worried about all that stuff. But YOU'RE GONNA get celebrity guests you can't thought we'll swap the GALS I. I don't WanNa have any of that. If I have a celebrity guests like you guys. Yeah you only we only everything. Yeah the free. Is that a new theme song. Excuse me in first of all this is making me laugh so hard and thank you for first of all for being on the podcast and for making us laugh and for those sure who haven't been keeping up with the podcast. This is actually yet is five hundred. WanNa do a special thing for five hundred episodes and it doesn't get any more special file time grid. You're the alien five hundred more voices sound five hundred. Yeah maybe the amount of time I made love to my Wa so long other podcast where Joe Rogan and there's a new sheriff in town that the SP happy that voice is that attitude of just. Because I'M GONNA go on spayed show this week you inspired Kinda both do that voice like back and forth to each other in. It's very like we don't care what I was. Yeah came from Hans and Franz and then it was an extended because if I it is I I am Franz like this and then after a few years I got boards became like this so long Jimmy Fallon cone. Who'd food by there's a new sheriff in town I love to as you bust spades balls and a lot of people that I think he loves is it when they do it? I mean I was doing that impression of yes supposed so so much sound effects he does a lot of sound. Michael winslow. That guy was amazing. Our is amazing. Yeah Yeah just I'm supposed to go on spades show Wednesday And I think it's probably good to promote. I guess I'm going to because I was just having dinner with him I started doing scarface doing stuff and he loved it so much that I guess what scarface say. So I'm just GONNA come out and rip it. Oh my Goyo. I'm on. What should I say? What are you going to say a big car? But the thing is every time he says some of the various he's going to say she's got a girl the that's the catchphrase even if has nothing to do scarface but it is but it is a pacino line. I liked it works. Yeah I like doing that. John Lovett's ran into Al Pacino. You know at a party. Goes you know Dana. Does you talk about Dana Carvey. Donate why does he he does scarface. Why are you going to start whispering? Great Great Right. I saw Barrio camera or whatever. That's the kind of operatic thing that's the stuff that makes my brain the happiest lines That you want to hear more than once and you want to hear and they may be funny. You're still in my oldest bit. I do Tony. Montana Thanksgiving dinner. That's it's my oldest in the first line of it scarface at Thanksgiving dinner has never not gotta laugh so I set it up then I do the face a big pause and they say that's it it always kills and you've heard the bit right off but but it still makes my brain happy is you're saying do you ever just think of a new voice or just like jokes for an existing character impression like in the middle of the night in the middle of the day and you have to either to start saying it out loud or would you write it down like you just have to Sometimes I will record it or I'll just do stuff for my own. I did like the idea of the Beatles when I was on spayed. Show last time. They had woodstock as a thing that butyl drunk driving around trying to find it. I only did it then but that made me happy. What John John Paul trying to give each other directions? Yeah they're just in Ringo's in the back you gotta go left me brothers own. You know Georgia's by thing. We should would've gone more laughs than right. Well no we're going to Some spotty behind cute children little urine stains things and let's go you know so they're just on. I do. Paul McCartney does the news that always we. We saw you you do when Adam the laugh factory we saw you do. Paul McCartney tries to explain Kim Kardashian to John. Dead John Lennon. Oh yeah and that is just like I feel like you can plug in almost any bill. Yeah into that premised. This Kim Kardashian anybody to have you yeah like how would Paul McCartney explain President Donald. That's what I do. I looked new president. Let's say like big orange man in your little white sue coups around his eyes and he's got caught in county toll road and swallow you needed. It sounds dystopia knows Look very close. There's little spokes. Purple sparks committed of his hair around three or four near there. You start making big bold big hair. Yeah Way Way Paul explaining a kindergarten cop to cop I love that. Ah Big what you'd expect little old ladies. Hello Hello. Let's get Seville mcglew in Pay Shit. Show our parents but simply go to be going who funny voice and big old muscles and a gun it makes no sense in. That's where the that's what the comedy take a fish out of water you know. They don't expect it. It's very funny to me. Did very good you know do did like forty eight million pounds nick. How much is a pound a quid quid stone? But you know I was just river stuff. I do him trying to explain or report about the impeachment thing. You Know Nancy Pelosi you know big always looks like she's just sat on something cold and Wet. She's she wants to go peach. Peach trump say well no no quid. Pro Quo we. This is no Jin this made a bit of a phone call chatted about so anyway I could forever you were you were mentioning actioning spayed and you talk to own. You talked on Utah on lights out how he was. He thought he was going to play. Ross Perot on on on SNL. No he only played him in the wide shot. Okay so I'm GONNA play Ross Perot George Bush at the podium and Ville Hartman's doing Clinton Clinton right so I go up and so in the wide shot. If I'm doing Perot I need someone to be dressed in a pre-tape tape dressed as Bush and vice versa. So had to dress as Perot. The wide shot. You saw me doing Bush senior. And then you'd see a guy who looks like like Perot over there so that created the illusion. Okay you know God yeah. It was hard to explain but spade would just sit in the corner just fledgling on the show and he had the wig on the thing is just sitting waiting. He just goes out and has to stand there. I felt terrible. I know he's superstar. Did you see the video that he put on the show. The other day of a kid tiny farley. That went for Halloween. No it was like a five year old kid. They dressed up to look like Tommy boy so they called him up on the show and then Spain with him back and forth like lines. Yeah it was pretty good good. Did you do. How did you got over that town when people started being you for Halloween? Oh I'll tell you what I when I decided to raise our kids up in northern California and in the redwoods. Okay so we're like out out of Hollywood and I go okay my career's kind of calmed down. I can just go up there and just be a real person so we got. The fireplace redwood trees and then it was kind of fun we the place up. Your House was full lights outside inside everywhere I might thank God him out of Hollywood a mall. Relax got an ice cold beer by the fire. Attornal gone on. I'm doing my. Yeah and then I look up the doors open and there's a kid just dressed exactly like garth get some candy. Take me back another butter butter so I like it with little kids two to four year. Old Kids coming up in in their Halloween costumes. Just levitating from the excitement. That's really your whole six to like seven thirty eight forty five. Live your getting like a fifteen year old with a beard just right like glasses costume. And he's got a big pillow case each no other kids. Candy and Vandal. Vandalism accoutrements is that shaving cream water balloons brick I'm going as a guy who throws bricks through windows candyman. Yeah so we're those people we get Saran wrap we make some Shitty Jiffy pop popcorn and we go that that's it was. We're just fuck with or give him an apple. Oh yes what's this was with no blades. You don't get it old timer. No this was my first alouine where my my wife. I didn't really go out so we stayed and we actually just greeted all the your neighborhood secretary retreat. Yeah Great and I'll tell you this for the first time ever. I got to see kids faces when I opened the door which was just awesome because kids were like all I trick or treat and then a door opens the door and they're like that that adult killed it with that costume. I did fun house. That would what happened there that that and I'm like holding my seventy pound dog and they're like what care from. What show is that? Oh that's the dog camera. Next Time L.. Face lights out. Yeah so I do. I did This was like five years ago. I did a bit for Jimmy. Kimmel live where they had me. Dress up as chucky but then stay on a front yard is trick or treaters and then I came to life and some parents didn't like me very that wing being Teri hatcher from desperate. The house was I scared her kid and she would not very happy. Love Done Gone Mad Anyway. I mean there's so much pressure you see like the. Yeah but I got the old fashioned way and then my parents you know that I that. I'M A DWARF SO I'm a minority so I check a box and that's how I got in the old fashioned way catapulted him over the US. seawall there's so many ways around this without going going bald face like that. I mean you could say that your kid has processing issues so he gets like three hours of Jewish. Sat Wow all kinds of ways so yeah because like because how old are. How old are your kids now? And how far Tom. And they're they're so they're passable calls thing but like yeah like I don't want to incriminate yourself. Did you guys do anything to get him into. Needs Goals. No no we didn't at all in fact so don't answer that if you it definitely is the last episode now into it. I thought Cal Arts Art School. It'd be cool. Put the whole raw thing. I mean my my son. DAX was in a in a fraternity and there was no guy under two hundred twenty pounds. I mean these are neck and they did. It's called doing a wizard. It was just an it was like a a an a way to become an alcoholic and also get an edge as as I go around. You get a broom stick. I guess you'd finish a beer and you'd cram it on the broomstick and you'd walk around like you'd have ten beer cans on your broomstick exchange the top that's called being a wizard Harry Potter got his That's what K- rolling. How she wrote it she wrote it blasted higher than a higher power? Ah these are they how are they Do Comedy Right now. Well we made a film were really really Finished the first at it. All right. We're GONNA drop in some testimony. It's a yeah it's really cool. It was kept idea talk about what kind of illness. Yeah it's basically And we take a death metal ban underground metal band. Yeah and they're they're in L. A.. And they have nemesis and they're they're they're pretty good good though and they they they basically get involve with satanic forces. Their hit song was the beast has risen and the visas rise. No I'm back. Everyone and the beaches raise in music. And now I'm here rising obese. You've never yeah. I know people I know be but is based can rise skews me it raises and the beast. We'll ride. I know very well. Have you seen my daughter taping guy. Lots of daughter. Thrown MARLA maples. I think one of the first So you guys are made this film. Now it's really learned a lot edited Put it up like going to buy it again. Put It on Youtube. I have no idea what's going to happen up to a book we. It's amazing what you can do. We just we were just doing the scary part and just sound and really really inexpensive effects really cool. I I love that. You're involved like that. Why just directed it? I didn't want to be in it. Why our friend? Yeah and and they play these three characters that are it's just quirky. It's funny I mean there's nothing that I could think of a more fun creative toy box than being involved. It never every aspect of making a film. It's it's brutally difficult in some ways but you can add music. You can land jokes. That aren't like it's doesn't stand up. has its own own frequency right with film. It's like all these little throwaways or things you want to hear more than once so anyway. Did you help them edit and try to be all of it. Yeah but they're doing it with me too and it was Tom's the idea but Tarintino fanatics I love Did you guys see once tested three times four. Well don't don't don't Dana Carvey. There's a new winton booze don't need nobody the quoting the movie it so good. Yeah and it's also a because there's people on wine don't why I mean throwing that didn't want to at least told me they're like oh wait for a out of theaters. I'm like dude. You got theaters. Yeah I mean I'm sure we'll TV. It's but it's like elementary was gorgeous. Well you got. Yeah you have to go early stand ups go to movies early. That the theater's empty I I had a guy behind me Brad Pitt Louis. Looks funny the but the main thing is home viewing isn't what it used to be with your wife or friend or this and that or yourself suddenly Dang your cell phones on and then they can get distracted or someone knocks or something. Then you're out of it. You're focused in a movie theater. Yeah so that that has to be there has to be experienced now. 'cause like I mean the way. TV's are you can have a really great setup but yeah like you say you need to be focused. You'd have to make rules to get the lighting right. Everyone turns off theirself on. Try It like a real movie because it doesn't have the same impact. Yeah so did you take take things that you love about Tarantino and try to show them on the boy. Yeah so lots of blood in this film. Well now I've just for potency and being played four here is here. Here's an interesting question because you're a big Tarantino Fan. What's your top five Tarantino movies? Well Uh why do I can answer this. I think I've always seen the movie three times. I three inglorious bastards Django unchained. Yeah this one and I feel totally agree for me personally that this when he reached another frequency another level. Because by the time you get to the end and you've got Margot Robbie going is that Rick Dalton. Oh why don't you come up. I mean then you're like you really really emotionally involved the characters it's a it's a buddy movie a love story between those two characters. The character that Brad Pitt plays is just so likable so likable one. That to me would Brad Pitt is in real life. Well I feel like it's pretty close. You right yeah just it just was. It's a perfect match. Leonardo DiCaprio melting down this opus about self loathing. And he's in the trailer not only melting down. Sit Out I can drink amount of fucking blow your brains out real dude. How about the same with him and the kid? How good was that kid? Would it just the whole the whole whole thing. I don't really take my eyes off the screen and I think that's good for any movie you know like where it's just seen foreseen just like man and also I love. How Brilliant He? I don't think any other does this where there's like you know. Twelve twelve to fifteen seventeen minutes scenes away from the movie. I haven't left this spot for almost twenty minutes yet and I love it yes. It's just a conversation you truly get. You're like well you feel like there's more than one director or its corporate or whatever and then you see a lot of movies you just get into this rhythm of knowing what's going to happen. Sure never either dialogue. What there's no surprises? There's nothing that sorta quirky so Tarantino. He's got like ten movies. That's why you can easily see it. Like I liked it as much the fourth time I saw it twice but then my brother came out. Who's a movie fanatic? And so that's your brother. Brad this was Scott. Okay because Brad is garth is based on Garth by three hundred road but for the CARVEY RB family. We're like the sons of Katie elder. Now we're five of US difference huge minute old reference monster movies and Music Sake. We're just huge. For if because movies would come on in the House for my sister was splendor in the grass with Warren Beatty but jury the center of the Earth or you know and then later on it was planning the two thousand one music so but yeah Tarantino I just I just loved that movie so much I think is I think I would call it a masterpiece. I believe. It's like like this very special movie. Even though it was rated seventy nine th or something in some rotten tomato polling. That doesn't mean anything. It's all right so you enjoyed it. That's for you you know. It's I if someone else says. It's the worst movie ever that doesn't matter in terms of how you view it. Well you can tell when watch quinton movies. Th the fact that he's such a movie fanatic and is really just watched so many movies. Yeah he's doing doing. He's filtering it through his land when he goes on the ranch with all the Manson people. It's it's it's a kind of seen we've seen before but he just does. It's so brilliantly and he puts quirks on it. Yeah fix it. I said he's doing almost John Wayne. Ask Ask your a little man with the big chip on your shoulder. These are lethal. Do it again. Yeah yeah the whole dog is that how is that how you kill time on the road as you go out and you'll see a lot of movies because now you're doing like a bunch of like Bait beat like big casinos and I. I didn't know if you're if you're like a gambler. You like Isis now. If I'm playing Vegas I'm going to New Orleans Hotel and I'm going to the stadium. See 'cause it's a long day and I can't sleep to one one in the afternoon. You're up early. Yeah I'm up early case the shows at ten. I'm up seven. Gosh it just to get out of the room not GonNa Gamble so I'm going to go see a movie. Yeah and Sometimes I find it very relaxing and modern life to turn things off and it gets dark. It's hard to find a good movie though. I did see the lighthouse. I thought it was brilliant but very twisted but brilliant. The White House is out the black and white film film. Well Yeah it's pretty cool. It's Willem Defoe in black and white. He's he's Beige blackguard. That is the right answer but sometimes you just want like you're if you're living in La with all the traffic just WANNA go into a room and then it's just like they're stop. There's a lighthouse in rain and it's all dark like you know so. I just love movies more than anything. Do you bring your sons to open a lot. Yeah Tom Thomas Extra no not recently but last year we did sixty five days this year. We're making the movie every year. Has Its own theme. Yeah next year purposely. I don't know Oh you know the thing about standup it has. It's awesome things if you do a movie for Awhile. Then you just want to be on. We have a Mike and say what the fuck you on you know but but sometimes you'll have a magic night and then it's tissue paper in a fire and you're like I it's just really aren't gonNA basely. Forget it the audience will basically forget so that when you when you record something even a podcast like this. It'll be in cyberspace for charity. That's my pulse. Right now is in one twenty seven. There's but there's something about being recording because I go on. SNL sketches so. You know it'll be on youtube forever and it's recorded but if you're you kill Tacoma Sir Lancelot. What's the what's the one to Conan? That he fucking lose it the comedy club you say as Johnny Eight that he why I think with a drink I do John. This is again. I don't know why it makes me laugh so hard but it's johnny getting pulled over for drunk driving in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and so it's the name of the drink and the name of the establishment right. Oh sorry officer I didn't. I was swerving. I had to slippery monkeys at the hook and Crook so why is that so funny. Let's unpack right. One is. Is that Johnny Bench. You know kind of old fashioned in drinking with these nicknames didn't even seem like alcohol if I did it on the podcast thought it should extend to Johnny goes to a and everyone's they're like I do a quarter vodka I did I did. I did Mr Pickup and then I did a strawberry boom boom. Are you actually really having an alcoholic. I have no idea I had a frozen pillow at the what. The fuck is the windy summit helmet. I had a sideways soldier up with a twist at the Barker lound. I don't think you need to be alcoholic. Certain Don Carson sausages. The rhythm and here is what's happening. Okay so video is and more than this next may be full of podcast off. Because that's kind of like to do a podcast but I you know what line what things things have come together to make it like. It seems like you're waiting for the perfect Mesh. All I'm saying is this podcast will need a new co host soon. Yeah we are. Are you looking here where I live. And he's a great right. Let me tell you about gas. Would you out out of your place or would you want to go to a studio like what you like. I don't really know I did it. Ear Wolf it was kind of cool because it's it's this room is nice. It's kind of like this but there's a glass window and there's three people back there and so you know you're getting across when you see them bending over say it's island. Yeah I could do it which I think the main thing that stops it is the deal all the time with Conan. Maybe I would do that once a year and just do that as special episodes. But I'd like to do it because why not. Yeah thing I'd like to do. You're so good at it too and it's like people look at any time you go on here appearance like even when he did it today. Show impression thing last year I think mug what you were promoting or even starring. It's like those clips all go viral. I don't I don't we're looking at anything anything I always think. It's like authenticity or those kinds of things I'd be I'd be happy to to not do the comedy part but I do do the comedy now when you talk about life when let's get deep when Ross Perot passed away where you just staring at your phone going. Oh boy get a phone call to his family I was. I can't remember what I did. One outlet there was a lot like make. You have a comment about. Yeah and he talked on the phone a few times and please tell me nobody with real. Ross yeah he goes I I got an idea. Why don't you go out and campaign has me and campaign is me that there will be two of us and he thought that was was so funny? That was his joke. I mean he's not wrong with me. Yeah yeah they can't beat us if there's two of us but I was at the whatever restaurant in Beverly Hills all of a sudden Larry Larry King Silos up next to me with phone. I'M GONNA call my wife and you call her is Ross. Perot you know Larry's area hands it to me. I go Larry is drunk off his ass right now. I mean he is completely blasted chip face. He can't go home. Someone's gotTa get him halfway. Yeah someone's GonNa get home and drive. You gotta get him out someone car. Ross Perot having sex. It can wait. I gotTa do all the stuff on you every time you get. I can't get one and I finished one. Can I finish. You're not listening. KANTA finish almost like James Brown or something just as much so you. You've obviously had stories where you talked to George Bush. And now you've talked to Rob Ross. Did was bad for Bush was their senior. was anyone who scared aired you in that you do it impression them and they were like upset about it or they didn't take it as well as those guys did well Johnny Carson. Then I felt bad. I kind of hurt his feelings. Yeah the king. I know well there was one of them. That wasn't mine but I won't say who wrote it but it was. It was a little little mean it may johnny kind of like he didn't know the Partridge family was off the air and he was a little a little shaky and I didn't like it and it didn't really work that much did he. What did he think about because you did Carson trying to do Arsenio? He like that. They're making fun of making fun of our senior always munchers and they're making fun of me. Okay so he was okay for a while and then it sort of turned. I may be realized that what happens is at some point with almost any celebrity At some point you're looking at that celebrity and thinking is that the celebrity or a celebrity impressionist you become a parody thirty of yourself at a given point you know and I think that having fun with some of Johnny's Johnny `ISMs was a new kind of way of doing uh-huh for lows you at home or donor shandor. You're watching the television. You know which I thought was part of his charm. He would he would. He would let the audience audience in on one hundred manner three year old. I mean I thought he was amazing and he had that incredible voice but I think I did hurt his feelings a little bit. I feel like that with George Bush senior senior. I mean I felt like I couldn't watch him on. TV without being like Oh this guy's doing caricature of himself now like he almost like he was starting to watch like the Russians. Russian start he did. Yeah and whenever we do charity events here we did a lot of events do together and he just love he loved it. He loved me doing. Ross Bro for him. Even get a little. Ross Perot Andrei little soccer. Schwann gotTa do me lost the election. Nineteen Percent Bill Clinton had a lady PROB has zipper issue. Couldn't keep keep it in his trousers. Kind of keep it in his Pan Guy Blind date you can meet this guy say this woman. What's he like? Well He's successful charm. Hard time keeping his pants gotTA hooter clamp keeps it in his pants I think A zipper issue might have been the most funny way. Mostly quaint flash. A lot of people got a little bit of a zipper issue. By by the way he clamp is playing Coachella next year. Oh Yeah Band Pan. Yeah they're gonNA open up for the king's elite. It's GONNA be fantastic Sony way sometimes you probably Herp. You'll vincent Vince on my intent. Indian accents I don't do. I don't do accents if people are on the back of my club crying. I don't WANNA I don't have to do accents accents if it makes people upset wrong fully setup like doing a news outlet or something like when you said Perot after pass away like a radio. Dj sometimes these guys are are they wanNA sound bite or they want to think that they've got report with you out of the gate and you're so game that they can be like so rosh protest pathway like if he would've called from minutes don't have you as somebody ever tried to like. Oh Yeah of course. Yeah Yeah Hey would would. I don't consider myself an impressionist against who does impressions ago. Hey you're like rich likable with my two biggest characters virtually garth. Yeah which are which are originals. Yeah but I always say to people like if I did an impression of a non famous person that would be my new character. Yes in that person became famous. It'd be my new impression. There's no difference France. I'm just doing an impression of someone who's famous but I could do. I used to do my dad. Oh Jesus Christ. I need some money for money. That was one of my best impressions. What he wasn't famous Amos was a character? When I get famous you're atom? Ray will become an impression so I get famous. You're atom ray over here. I'm Marie never say that. I know I just feel in a wormhole right now. Like I'm in a wormhole right now. God doing an imprint. Just repeating title. Dennis Miller with you there with Dennis Miller Doing Brad gotTa A-contra pleasure type of dwarfism characterized by large head. Jesus Christ grace. He's got an ass the size of a Kurdish and we'd set them up with a joke to do as Dennis going to your bits. Oh Jesus wait so a quick bid the Dennis would do if he was doing your like if we walked in and saw Dennis doing your material. Okay okay all right so Dennis Miller can steal joke where someone came up to me after a show one time and said Oh my God Brad WanNa coincidence your little person. My best friend's friends retarded. She's crying sinking. Mind Luck. Got The literally panel Gold Lily. What do they call the lollipop blown off the cliff? E spiff boy with his his paddle special electro magnetic cranium Dennis is a good thing to filter things through and want to get them to laugh really hard once. Said what a brilliant conceit that you plane playing this character other guys just really really disappointed by life. Lincoln's profound way like Dennis. He laughed so hard whenever I go dark whenever I complain. Because it's like you're on the roads sinks in and then we come out of the hotel we've done the Gig we come out in the car's not there and I say say it's it's really it's it's they always pick you up the airport but getting out. Yeah it may may not had their way with you they. They're not really cracked the car. They never any laugh so hard he loved the idea of now. They never show up soon as they made. Hay With on King Basically Sigli harvest in your talent capital gains and now. They can't bring a towncar. The Maryanne on the I forty okay primer. What is is one of those guys that you just like that are are? Are you keeping up with them like I. We we talk on the phone and he is brilliant. I mean he will just pull this stuff out of nowhere. These references and this way of throw so timely though like it feels like when the string together. I mean you're he'll just do. Yeah he's this guy giant brain in when he was in the NFL booth for a little bit. His commentary was like so long gated on one. Play but it's like you know that deep pass was like the time. Yeah exactly front. It lines like a Lazy Susan. I can't somebody's spin it. I mean it does any homemaker rhythm right that. That's so potent and he. He's really hard to follow when he's on our on a on a roll. Oh yeah and issues are casting so heavy hitting you know. 'cause I was when I first met him. He picked up the airport. The San Jose Improv like nine hundred eighty two and he was my opener. Wow but I didn't even know him. Another the trump. Yeah this is GonNa Bother me. What were you smoke? You weren't even smoke. Smoke a cigarette. It's fun to be cocky. Kid Do twenty. I'll come up and up and so then you start to hear the you know. The Room's vibrant a little bit or some roars. ARS coming up and I and I you know I'd go up there and I realized there was just this energy was still around. You follow someone who's really good You have have to kind of deal with that energy for awhile out of that rhythm and many of them so then I watched him the next time. Oh Shit okay. I can't go up there and goof around. I got a right all right. We're doing an impression. I've almost almost immediately. I think when you know when we got on SNL together together and started hanging out with them a lot and seeing him on update and I did on update. Yeah and then hanks did a me. Hanks Tommy Hanks we all did him with the hair. And it's just a great rhythm to being hoisted Greg. Yeah I've got the Ninja Turtle thing in the background. Check that's That's a winner and twenty nine once. Sure I watched your demo. I'll take nine year olds with a lot of free time. Ah I would love to see the cynicism is I would love to see more comics. Get a chance to to call. NFL football like I. I think we're really missing out and now they're going for commentators. I don't know if you're familiar with a PAT McAfee. But like he's a more but he's like a more humorous comment humorous commentator commentator. I think Dennis was ahead of his time with a lot of the. ESPN people and you know Dennis along with some other comedians. I know our sports fanatic. Yup Literally Yeah. Just give him an he. He's got a photographic memory about stats and he brought up brought up a quarterback quarterback for Washington state from the nineteen seventy s named Sonny six killer native Americans seasonal flu ball like that since sunny and I don't know what you just doors these word are you gonNa Watch the Eddie. Do you watch much. Espino like I watched the clips. Yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm in slumber. Larry wants to watch episode. That's a pretty big deal right I will. I mean I. It's it's it's it's kind of interesting anybody who's not been in that room you know. I mean he was there at the fortieth and they did around talk of him but he didn't. He didn't do Tony Comedy so yeah his stories a trip he has a cool for Obviously the Sandler go back and do all. Yeah Yeah I think it's the year of the Sandler I really do. Yeah right insane. His special was so beautifully done. And it it. It's so sandler it. It didn't really wasn't a traditional special and really worked all those different stages Some visual AIDS and the thing I took away away from it was that he was not shooting a special at any moment because he shot so many location so many nights that he I didn't even know if it was you could tell it was gonna be in the special right because he had so many hours. Yeah right so if you have one night and one show. It's it's really hard just to be like. WHO gives a fuck? But he could go first. He was having so much fun. It was such a breath of fresh air. He does the Farley Song which floors you. Yeah and only he could do do that and and I think that the cool part was the critical establishment but I- casually looked at looked at him different afternoon after the standup special special. Really you know what they were. They were so brutal with them for so long. He makes a lot a lot of movies and a lot of the movies are really family movie. Yes not trying to make right. He's got a formula clockwork orange and then then. SNL killed and now he's got some kind of indie film so it's been a big year for you so I'm glad people are looking at him different. You know what about the holidays are going to do anything. I'm very simple. I don't really do much of anything. Think one guy I paint for idea I paint a lot and okay okay. That's like a hobby. Now I'm blowing them up so I'll put one in here if you want. Yeah Yeah Fuck. Yeah Yeah Yeah I want some g one originally carvey on my wall Yeah they're just they're just do it for fun. It's kind of a cliche cliche. I suppose the guy you know painting you know I like Jean Michel Basquiat. I pretend I know who this. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's great work. You know what I like the early stuff though so it's taken care. SQL's in hockey goalie. Get I know so it's kind of like It's sort of like street art. Yeah I guess you'd call it okay and is this something that you kind of always done if you always wanted to know. I was just doodling doodle notepad and then I started doing ruin kind of watercolor crayons on just a little paper. Just want him hanging out around the house. I finally went to heavier twenty two by thirty paper and I got these acrylic things in in tubes and oil sticks and started doing acrylic and oil. And they're just sort of like street art there's a symbolism in them and I mean you know this one I'm going to blow up to nine feet high but you can. Just Oh my God well it looks like a dissect I know. It's this human. Yeah I saw that. I thought you were GONNA show us. It's more gopher the emotion. Yeah what do you feel from that. Right I I see how the two figures are both looking a little bit to the left a little bit of stress. I feel like I've got to change my diet. Because that's probably what's going on inside of me right now all the colors pop out of me. First of all and I love a good mash up of Colors that make if you'll good. Yeah well here's another one that it says monetize You know it says corporations really. Wow that's that's in there. We'll call the greatest of course when you paint you silence You know whatever I do I got my piano. You know s and all I did they were looking at there. There were asking if I saw anyone I wanted to do so far. That hasn't been a match for me. You know when they do throw name out. Will you try to if I thought it would work worked for me. You know I mean trump's taken with great you know and Biden is around but I didn't feel like I had to take on Biden because he I worry when I watch To be honest yeah a little bit short wants his. I started bleeding. That like that was some X.. Men Shit you no matter is number one who number one number two. I mean I just didn't WanNa Make Fun Novem. Yeah he's he's great but but it's like you got ninety seconds shirt this podium. He's got hyperactive. Young people that their brains connected to their mouth like cory booker her or Julian Castro. I mean they're really really is so he needed. He needs to slow down. Just slow way. Down like Bernie Bernie Bernie doesn't try to explain all these different policies. We did think were there. Yeah and Kate McKinnon. Hadn't done Lindsey Graham. I feel like that you would have crush Lindsey Graham. I would have been fine. Giuliani would have been fine. Yeah Guiliani to Kevin Kennon. Yeah yeah she's a she's a she's an artist do accurate things or she'll she'll do like jeff sessions like a little troll troll with the rats. I love her when you paint you ever Do you ever talk to yourself Bob Ross like us garth doing doing talking to yourself. Yes we go. It goes a little cyborg man. He's Kinda scared. Here's the little turtle fees the fifteen hours at least one in show business because I got a therapist three years ago. Check now. Doing pains gene's Shack Cliche. Do you have a drug problem yet. You've ever had one I just I like myself but I'm pretty careful about drink. Well we had a couple we we did we we amble twenty. Two ounce of Perot's. Yeah me me and Dana. I asked Dana to go to go to dinner with me to tell me how to be a good entertainment father you know. Be in Cali question by the way. has anyone ever done that. Tough one. That's one because you you need you. When you're you're paid to travel? Yeah Yeah and then your your bread and butter is to be gone home balance that yeah so But it was a fantastic dinner and Brad One. Tell me we really got too drunk to really know. Because we weren't drunk Shula drunk. I was asked to anyone three sets. I told you I had a terrible bit laying around I said try test drive this horrible generic generic hacky bit. I guess you tried to yeah did not go where it's so drunk Dan. It wasn't a good bit it was just it wasn't it was just accents. You don't understand generic khaki bid or you're calling for a pizza and I'd like to order a cheese pizza for delivery every by that. She got cock pizza but APP no cheese peacock. So I'm like it's not even a language. The person this is the best guy in the entire restaurant. No you do the phones. Because you're you're you're the best English speaker WHO's The guy who wanted to work the phones could make can you know. Can you take order. He made a word. I it's fucking fall on. Oh it wasn't good. It's just I can't maybe that you'll be Brad me like you ever get a pizza and the the pizzas like not. Even the pizza gave the pizza. A Hitler accents and it didn't work. I known Komo pepper. That was the jailer. That's pretty funny. Cast doing trying to take orders. What am eight of Hitler was was a pizza? He's like he goes and pineapple. Must not mix what we said. We don't want any meat. We're keeping kosher. Ju They can say it. I can say I did a Hitler thing on it was called on. SNL totally bomb way. I think there should be a comedy book called. I did a Hitler Hitler. Oh it was called every it's every comic saying they're Hitler Bit. That failed. Taylor wanted to put their career on the line. That coffee table well. It was called bedtime. It's like it. It was called bedtime with Hitler. Jan Jan hooks playing. You know evoke diva. Oh Yeah we're just in our pajamas in bed. And she's she's waking me up and she's whispering hate fake coughs Wi fi top and then i. It's just that he doesn't have any other voice he just started. Screaming is Hitler. Even it's like seven ward played to silence the competitive take. It got cut cutting floor man like now I see. I don't even think of if that would work now or the era of now in such a time that it would kind of revert back to that where people be too uncomfortable to laugh. I don't know everything they ideas. Trump is Hitler right. Let's see yeah do that again. But he's a terrible. He's a terrible dictator. He's horrible like he's got unless. CNN's working for him. He seems like he's got to control the press better. He's got to get rid of Rachel Maddow or something bad owner owner opening number from the trump musical press but can't get rid of Them they're not the best I like shown and it is my favorite. Excuse me excuse me what. Many people as many people say. Say A di Di Di do do you think Because he hates Mukasey on CNN. Do you think there's a schedule. Nice be nice too. STPB Nice you'll be very rude very rude you know and all these people getting replaced on Fox News. I could see a sketch happening. Where like church lady comes in to replace a Fox News person to host trump? But she's she's like you know you can't tell which side interesting we're large around. Orange Battery Tummies macy's full of fried chicken and all kinds of things. If doctors checked off far intestine it would be cheeseburgers. French FRY Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Kentucky Fried Chicken. French FRY milkshake all the length of your lower intestine into your balance. What's it's not? I don't do scatalogical. Yeah Yeah I go. There's some church lady is a Fox News. Commentator would be great because you know they're trying to. They're trying to tap into leaving their onto their religious right. They're bailing on her. Yeah I don't know we'll see doesn't poll well so we never know what the real Renault's are. Hello this is. CBS News poll or voting for president trump. I know I I I I hate them a lot. I thought that was Brokaw. Calling whoever thing president trump this is harm brokaw. Nobody knows these voices. Everyone young people either state. Don't Tall Brokaw ordering pizza from Hitler Hora large cheese. Hey it's a little over on fuller's failure or be delivered on time. You sound like eight. All Hiller. I keep track DOC. I thought you died no bunkers on seventy years ago. I survived opening a papa. John's franchise eight off. What did I tell you about screaming at the customers customers? You will not do that. Intimidates them I appreciate the tried to take over the world male remarkably and then resurface later as a sort of fast food establishment serving piece on hoagies and sometimes strawberries Hor Bay as upper teeth. That comes along with a piece of free. I like all the two for one crew PAS. You have laid hours on stuttered through all the fascist pizza majors in the lower Fernando San Fernando Valley. You're on the top of our Jewish. Should Call Kim Jong on takeout damage. Date off you're GonNa go on probation again man this guy's GonNa vote for so not trump. So who's your who's your president. Let's close it out. Who's your on on the judge? Besides Buddha judges I know that'd be your first okay. There's no dude I'm going. I'm going Hashtag gang gang all thousands of dollars a month club. Yeah I want my thousand Dollar Shave Club. Yeah I want my thousand dollar a month club. I like him he's I. I like the fact that you can buy a hat on his website. That says math. It just says math on the joke. Yeah it's a good thing that that my wife is Chinese so I have to I. Don t Yang. I'm a interesting choice that oh I like meet. Look I like me some e Dub Dub dub the warrant. Oh she's got me fired up she's that PTA. Mom Yeah. Yeah that that I feel I can also look. I'm looking for somebody that's got that I you know I'm on board with with With what they're putting out but also that can go toe to toe with With the Dawn and fire back the way that you need to in some of these debates it is. He's got her with the book does He. Yeah I don't know I don't know everyone has to realize is there's always a trade off. It's always dude with every policy but giving the reins of the world's largest economy to Elizabeth Warren. I know let- letting her decide allocate money. I don't know yeah good but I'll take out Paul. Still got a little piece of my heart to you know but you but also what you need because for his heart. But it's I like your dad told you about the United States. Yeah Oh yeah so my. I don't dad always told me this. You know. This is some great fatherly advice and that I hope to one day. Tell these things to my daughter in. She'll quote them to her. Favorite Celebrity Comedian Wedneday Index. Adam Rick. No what does that sound like. I'm doing Bernie now. I I guess we gotTa do this. GotTa do this. This is hard. That's hard to carve. You just impersonated. You know man what's Your Dad's wise thing about the united. He said that the United States AIDS is like an it's an aircraft carrier it's not a speedboat so we so when somebody's in charge it's really hard to turn it around. It's it's really hard to get it off. Course takes a long time for an aircraft carrier to design for gridlock and slow movement so it's not a speedboat to where one person dire hey girl can come in and completely changed the course and two in Black What Elizabeth Warren is probably doing when she says a lot of plans. She's putting something way way way way out it there and then if she does get in then she'll she'll have to compromise to appoint so it's okay to go so oh the government to own everything we want to be. Rich government owns the property and Whole country is like the Department of Motor vehicle as we're all equally fun we all equal? Yeah but we are. We are equally poor. There's no billionaires in Cuba billionaires and coupon nobody you gotta leave Ceo what is this by the way there is no billionaires in. Cuba is the new. There are no cats in America. Remember from five goes West one hundred billion. Maybe I don't know I think it would only be fitting to close this podcast out the final about last last night with Brad an atom and there you go granite are all time favorite guest. Mr Enjoyed it was second. Five hundred hundred five hundred five hundred on like I think you know episodes maybe six I made you go down to my house for. Yeah single-tier coming down John Okay. What is it miles away? Oh It's two point eight and then the time it'll take you forty nine minutes that's La for you. I think the only fitting to To maybe have a Paul McCartney Carney described to people. What the Brad Adam about last night? PODCAST was Joe. Came in you know what I love is really about. No one ever really knew it was talking about last night. Is this the name sounds who would they do last night. You know you're GONNA find out. Maybe they talked about it when you want. I got every episode. Servino listened waiting for about what happened last night. He's nothing there. Was this a complete. It was sort of a sham. It wasn't illegal illegal. Illegal the white male who is why we put do either mood. What if it was purple it would have been sort of a lie? Whenever would you put out a white album of his? And the Clinton had been purple. Wouldn't have been on. The whole thing is show. This is two guys with the Mike you know. They didn't have much. There wasn't much going on you know. Let me do it really. It started out strong strong. They'd like it was like all you know new revolver sort of went back to like Jerry in the pacemaker. Dave Clark Five's the end. Why is Paul McCartney already attacking Dollywood but yeah it's been really nice We'll do it again. And even if he doesn't not you're it's GONNA be honest. Yes yes all the time you know make every day. We're putting a pause. Yeah Yeah yes so. It's all L.. Listen my brothers. You like me. Brothers applauded the skins. I didn't want to be around book though from rose to the new. We'll do George will I've you know I had a cup b-sides on the album but Joan poll with the primary song right and all the Venture Coppola songs on Abbey Road. Can we have President Obama pitch the about last night. PODCAST IN NETFLIX air. I don't know about this this but like to get on this. PODCAST got a dwarf in a big guy maybe make him more menial or some. You'll get a lot of flavor ever and you gotta they come in. They don't have much to say but they come out real strong sometimes. They're a little nasty. They got a big big poster. Some radioactive turtles and the about last night in them. Well fuck me. That's not. That's not something we want. We don't move on do. That's a bad pitch. NEVER GOING TO WORK MR president. They already have. That's called the about last night. podcast fuck me fuck me fuck me. Twelve twelve ways not not not not. That's one does not that. I ever do deep deep Choper when they say that's how we end. But I need to hear that and that is the word in the planet earth and spiritual being spanked me with this moon Hunia beach and I want you to know that I love all of next time panties. Anyway we've you refute handle of my ass. I wondered Terry so I love you. Daddy I love you so much. Thank you thank you Brad Williams and Adam Right. Thank you brad closes out with everybody. You find one. Oh I was just getting a little rick lumpy. Yeah thank you guys very much on behalf of all you thank you for your messages. Thank you for listening and thank you for continuously tuning in supporting our sponsors and supporting our guest and with that I bid you farewell goodnight. Hi everybody thank spots the You do take no what you just tell them that yet. Ed ragged the podcast. We'll be right back. Hey everybody it's me Tony Danza. Thanks for listening to the about last night. podcast grant Williams hit atom. Ray Boy there are a lot of fun want you subscribe on to this. Welcome podcast give them a five star rating so this midget you can feel good about themselves. Brooke minutes it's also get on your iphone or android and get the podcast APP. You can also listen to it on or about last night. PODCAST DOT COM. Where you can hear past has never so it's with great debts? Like Lisa Cujo. Paul Feek Kevin Neal and Bob Sagged Dion. Coal Crystal Leah Adam. Devine Michael McDonald Julia White But But Friedman Stevo Parlin Williams. Tom Arnold Ron funches. Glass Bin Blake Anderson on his home. Decimate Peluso Joey McIntyre and many many more. I'm only nasal. Thanks for listening to the about last night. podcast goodnight. That's it right. You got it sweet boy smoked goodness booth by the way. We're kind of a Hanukkah willow. Nice me what's up dog. This is your bugs bunny. Say I got a question for you. Do you know who has the head of Elmer fudd. And the body of Foghorn Leghorn why debts Adam Rain Bread Williams ain't I a stinker.

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Kim Krause Schwalm - Why Writing Your Own Copy Is A Huge Mistake

The Hustle & Flowchart Podcast

1:12:00 hr | 1 year ago

Kim Krause Schwalm - Why Writing Your Own Copy Is A Huge Mistake

"When you hire good copywriter, and maybe things aren't always going to work the first time, and I can go on and give you a million examples just that I know from like knowing other copywriters having worked at a major company hiring copywriters. Allot of big name cooperators do not hit it out of the ballpark on the first try, so it's foolish to like. Throw the baby out with the bathwater. Doing all these little things. You know so go back to them and have. This is where you kind of have that partnership. Is You know like give them another tribe because that second try sometimes can be that one. That like really works. Try you know. This is an intro intro intro intro. Flow chart with four. Joke. Hey do hi there. How's it going good? I feel like I. Feel like I know how to hire a Greek copywriter now. I mean you? Didn't. Know. I didn't. Seem shocked. No, I'm just messing around I'm pausing for effect to the. Audience is like. Why is he positive for effect? Becomes confused audience. It's okay. To confuse people I'd like to throw people off No today we did. We got a masterclass in how to hire the best of the best copywriters what to look for how to pay them How do you know how to compensate them and other ways? How to structure deals with meeting an ace partnership is a win. Win Throughout. Yeah, so Kim Krause. Schwalm was on the show with us and she's. She's got an insane. Just track record when it comes to copywriting and and beating a lot of the greats. I mean she's obviously agree herself, but she's like when she was just starting off, she tells the story of how. All these controls that were basically around in occurred control meaning this is basically the thing to be. This is the current winning sales letter the sales. What are they performing the best rate now here? Kim Reference controls a lot in this interview and she basically came in fresh out from her previous experience, but as a junior copywriter essentially. beat all these controls, and so she talked about how she did that, but more importantly, how you listener us to as these podcasters people talking to Kim. Hire people to do this for us because. You know. Most of us have have some experience of hiring someone else to help us with copywriting, or at least the messaging of what we're trying to sell out, and it's not that easy to get the right person that seat. Yeah, like if you're one of those people like we've been in the past the past us not not current past us. Past is the past and we're. But if our past us? We've always had this philosophy of you. Know what we should probably the copy ourselves because nobody's going to know our product as well as we know, our product and copywriters are expensive, so we're not gonNA. Pay Money to you know to have somebody who doesn't know our product as well as US coming in right copy for a product. If you think like that, you're thinking like we've kind of always thought, but after this episode we're going to think differently now and I. Think this episode is going to make you think differently about thinking that way. Definitely. Yeah, change her thinking and I think that I know the thing that resonated with me as a partnership, and there's so many ways to establish A. Just a long term, relationship and someone who can help support you in copy, and as a business owner were so we got so much stuff. I mean obviously endless to do list. If you just let them go legal work around the clock, and it's like okay, and then now toss in copywriting into the mix. Shoot now I'M GONNA learn how to write a headline, and how to write a lead in and all these other bullet points in value probably didn't count. It's like poof. That's a whole nother job right there. It's like e don't need do that. I think there's a ton of value. In learning, copy S, but I don't know if there's a ton of. What? I'm basically what I'm taking from this conversation that we just had is, it's probably not always the smartest move. In fact, it's usually not the smartest move to write your own copy for your own products, saying that I still think it's super super powerful to understand copywriting and understand his lesion and understand the principles, because you're going to be using copywriting and more than just selling your own product, right? You're going to be using copywriting if you're reading emails. If you're running any sort of advertising you know just unification. Communication through email like if we're talking specifically written copy like just through email and verbal communication and sales. They're all using this sort of philosophies of copying so I. Think it's an important skill to learn i. just don't necessarily believe anymore that it's the smartest thing for you to write your own copy for Your Business for sure, so on that point. Yeah Kim's GonNa walk us through how to find the right person, but also a lot of her principles as well and will likely bring her back on to dive even deeper into some of the you know a lot. Lot more deeper details of copywriting how you can apply it as well. Yeah, I'd like to bring her back in talk more about like copywriting principles and you know how to actually structure your copy, and for those people that are listening because they do want to be copywriters and write their own copy. I do WANNA get more into those sort of tactical elements in a future episode this episode we kind of stayed in the vein of hiring copywriters and bringing copywriters onto your team to help what you're doing. Sell better off here, but I'm looking forward to having her back. She'll be back. And she gave some amazing resources all at her. Shout out that resource because it's pretty much at the beginning of episode. Anyway, so We're taking notes on this episode like always, and there's a Lotta Knutson this one. You can get them for free. Within two weeks of the show going live at hustle and flow chart dot com slash COMP, C., o., M., p., and you can also text with your texting device. It's usually called the cell phone or smartphone I have mind labelled as such as texting device. You know Joe Joe uses a rotary phone. Yes, it takes a while to do this, but I have to rotary dial three, eight, four, seven, zero and somehow. Rotary COP COM, P Yeah, no joke I've seen Joe, try. He Rotary dials three four, seven zero, and then just starts yelling comp into the handset and he just he doesn't. Just like yells comp as loud as he can into the phone took. One day he'll figure out one day I'll send him some youtube videos. A flip phone I'll be happy with that I don't even more technology. So three four seven zero. If you take that number and the word comp also get the free notes so and then joined. The facebook group were probably will will likely have came in that group if she wants to be, but we have a lot of podcasts in that group seeking interact with them interact with US interact with the folks listening to the show low chart group. Dot COM com, yes, only one dot com 'cause Jones Saint Down with me, but it's flow chart group Com. There is a lag. All right onto the episode with Kim. Kim We are recording how you doing. I'm doing great. How are you guys doing good? We're all we're all toasty. Were released. Ninety degree temperatures. Yeah submarines here finally. Man and we're were just chatting about tram. Co., obviously you've props to WHO's introduced the genes. Mutual Buddy of ours and Justin got in Justin Yeah. Yeah have on the show, and that's like that's how I got on your email. I know, thank you, Justin. And seems like your emails are very similar to. Justin's as well where. Maybe I don't know mind tend to be a lot longer. Yeah Yeah I know. Justin's. What daily your office daily I'm. I'm inspired and sometimes it's just a whole lot. Yeah I was I was telling Joe earlier that they're kind of similar in the sense that you don't always necessarily have call to action in the email. Sometimes emails are just like here's a lesson. I wanted to share with you today. No caller action and show yeah, they're not all marketing. But, yeah, there's also some great opportunities to do other things, too. Yeah. It's weird that we have to highlight that because usually my. Emails now for marketers Oh there's always a purpose behind that you know like a call to action there always directing him somewhere, which is great now, but yes is valuable emails the ones. I do give a lot of valuable content. Let, you. Just, shut it out right. The beginning here work. Where can people get on your list if they if they WANNA? Check that out. Either to www dot, Kim Schwab dot com, and it's K. I. M. S. c. h. w. a. l., m.. I we'll make sure we'll make it up in the show nuts too so. If you're listening to this on the website. There should be a link. Yeah, I mean I go bike him crises Schwalm, but you can just typing Schramm. You don't have to type all that stuff in. Cool, we got the calm actually though. It was nice talking with you. This is our normal. He's back. You have an interest I mean Brian Kurtz. Yeah, you've done a lot of work with him as well I saw. You've done some work with a Gora and we're buddies with a lot of those folks, too, so it's just really cool to hear the tie-ins and you know use a copywriter you've done I. Don't Know How many you have a insane world dislike. You've had a breadth of industry experience. It's not like you've been in like one lane. You've seen it all. It seems like. From what you've done and the, it's got to be an exciting conversation around copy. General will make sure it's exciting. That's her job. I have a former life as a marketer to. Publish your. So that's how I got into this whole copywriting thing I never actually worked as a copywriter before I went freelance a few decades ago, I was always the marketer who could write and worked for a couple different companies, but it was those publishing. That was probably the big turning point for me in terms of really getting heavy into direct response, and fills publishing back when I joined it in a got us sound so old, but the early nineties it was when the whole alternative health market was exploding, and just taking off and I've been there about six. Six months as a marketer and they asked me to help them watch a supplement business, and so I launched, a business called healthy directions, and you know grew to like more than twenty three million in sales within the first three years, which is like eight million and today in today's dollars, just going to the back end like to their their house. You know inhouse subscribers to their alternative health newsletters and so that was just a lot of fun, so I've been like in the supplement business. You know since you know some of you guys were even born. Hey. I'm really excited and really passionate about alternative health and I have done a lot of other things, too. I worked in some other areas of fitness. After I launched the company I worked with actually directly with Jay Abraham some his newsletters I worked with Toby Smith. Who went on to? Do his own investment staff, and then I I finally decided just to take the leap and I've worked with all these big name Greece copywriters over the years and just saw while they live a great life they work like. Twenty hours a week and they have all the sensibility. They make all this money and I think I could do it, and so I took the leap, and never looked back, and it's been now a little over twenty years, and you know. I've I've I kind of just to give you. The the bigger picture of my job was that the reality was it twenty hours a week for you. Once you got into it and. Or. Was it like Oh wait is more to it than I. It took US years, but yeah so I got to the point of So. Do I. I mean the time I was. Phillips I mean way back. This was like a ninety eight that I left filters publishing I was making like six figures, even that Michael's making Kim plus a year and so to walk away from that job was like you know a big leap, but I was able to do so I had a retainer arrangement that the I like the first six months. That was guaranteeing me. Me Like ninety percent of my salary, but only take half my time, so I was doing that right out of the gate, and then I just started having more clients to me or people that I was referred to, and so the first year I made like fifty percent more and probably worked. You know thirty five hours a week. I had a full time nanny 'cause I just had my first child while and So you know, it's nothing like having A. I, don't you guys Priam dealt with this yet but women. You're paying a ton of money the somebody to come to your house and watch your child like I would go to. My office has been she got there. I just feel like nose to the grindstone. I was so productive I get so much done because it's. A hey you know. I'm paying like a fortune for this. You know this nanny and so yeah. I I worked pretty hard, you know, and then it was like it was like the best of both worlds take breaks that could be with my son I can take him out for a walk or whatever but yeah I did that in the Mike I had a second child, and then like my kids got a little older, and then it was time that they were just in school for like maybe six hours a day like the primary. You know whatever preschool whatever on. And so by that point, I had gotten to the point where I was writing promos where I had royalty potential. We're going to talk about that a little bit later. But that allowed me to create streams of passive income, and so it just got tweet that I just kind of simplified my life and I dig it to the point where I was working maybe twenty twenty five hours a week, and I was making significantly more than I was at my six figure job at hopes, and and I was just working when the kids were at school, and then I was just mom, the rest of the time in doing all the MOMS stuff, and it was just wonderful I felt really lucky that I was able to achieve that elusive balance and have. A satisfying good paying career, and but like it was I wasn't doing all. Nowadays because my kids are both like in their early twenties, now delake nowadays. It's like everything like twenty four seven. You know but like I just I literally like have smartphone back then. Everything would just be okay. I'm Don. It's three o'clock I'm picking up my kids, and then I got take him the football or soccer, or whatever the heck you know and. So it was great so I did that for many years and I did really only work I twenty twenty five hours a week for many many years. I mean that's a great I mean I kid on Halloween? So our first baby and my wife is experiencing exactly what you're going through where we have. It's sister, so it's a little cheaper than a super expensive nanny. Still like it's a constraint and I feel like this constraints like I. have it as well not as much as her but of a God. It's been helping me so much just to prioritize. Prioritize what I'm doing. Set up or streams of income that don't rely on us doing the work like actually manually, so yeah I mean I think. It makes us very focused on how you run your business, and now that my kids have you know independent or in college or whatever it's like I'm like I'm not nearly as good as I was like my so. Why is it taking me the line to get those done? And why am I working at ten o'clock at night like it's nuts weird when I had more the constraints with the kids like I, actually in some ways I I mean I'm focused I'm definitely focused on doing a lot of different things, but you know it's just it's different. You know because you kind of when you have those force constraints, you have to get really focused and and yeah, yeah! I feel like we live in a world to worship so much easier. She could distract it now than me twenty years ago, you know. Kinda wish. It started twenty. Other than now just for the constraints, but it's all good. We're dealing with especially with the current news cycles which we won't get into now. Today, but. Yeah let's hope let's hope is old news? A few weeks from now. True. Lender. Yeah. Well, let's. Let's get into the copy stuff what you're doing You know you help a lot of clients. You're obviously helping out a lot of folks to. Become better copywriters and we were chatting about. Preach at before recording is helping folks who? Might have issues hiring the right people, the right copywriters, or even understanding the reasons why they would do that in the first place, sure so I don't know where we start there, but what's I guess the common issue when someone's thinking about copyright hiring someone or maybe just approaching. Hey, I want to improve my copy. What do I do? Right not so much. You improve your copy. You want to improve your sales results, right? Now that you're whatever it is that you're currently using. It Ain't getting done, right. So you know and You know coming from the background I came from which is trauma a major direct response publisher? You know at that time Phillips was probably five or ten times as Bigorre was at the time, but you know again Gore has a Gora has similar philosophy said it's boardroom where Brian Kurtz was a obviously for many years They always had the attitude of. To be constantly testing new PROMOS, we went to hire the very best copywriter as we possibly can, and we wanna pay them as much as possible because of we're paying them alive. That means we're making a lot you know, and that's like these. Some of these royalty originals come in where I mean I know. There were times for you know as probably cutting like a three or four million dollar. Check to Gary, Benson Bango or you know people like that. You know just for royalties for massive mailing. By Making Fifteen or twenty million? So you know they always they like. It was a good fine like if they're paying a lot of the copyright, because they've got a really successful Promo package that's kicking butt and making the company lots of money, and then in return and got him out I don't want these numbers to scare anybody away. 'cause no one's making like three or four million dollars in royalties per mailing these days right, but but you know when you when you when you have a win, win kind of baked into your copywriting arrangements. Is, a whole different thing is really more of a partnership. There's an incentive to you know. COPYWRITER has a stake in just doing everything they can. They're not working. I know when someone hires me. I'm not working for that Fi I'm working for you know maybe the hundred thousand, or plus you know two hundred thousand, plus hopefully in royalties over time that that Promo may bring me right here the band. Yeah and I know not. Everyone is GonNa. You know a huge winner I mean. I have a pretty good hit rate, but like no one's no one's batting thousand. And every single one's GonNa. Be Huge, but yeah, you're looking at you. Know what I need to do to get that big winners. You put everything into it. And then when let's say it becomes a winner, and it's you know they're using it and then six months or a year later, the lake, a starting to fatigue, a little bit like all good promos. Do you know I'm like? Yeah, let me let me add it. Let me do headline us. US when we do email, whatever and I'm not charging for that kind of stuff because I I'm your partner and I have a stake in keeping the sing going or let's test something. That's GONNA, boost response, or whatever so you know that's kind of what you get when you work with a a more seasoned copywriter, who you know has a vested stay in your success of your Promo in the success of the Promo. They wrote for you. So and I don't think a lot of people really see it that way to see. Oh, it's like four percent or whatever it is, you know of my sails like that's like an expanse, but it's not because like again like it's. You know you're going to be bringing more sales in and you know if you are able to like, you have a successful promise. You can run it to more. You know list or run more ads to win more traffic to it. ETC, like your sales are going up, you know more than proportionally. As a copywriter or has a business owner winter some things that. Maybe as a copywriter like what would you look for as like an ideal partnership like? Are there certain things with their offer that you want before you say yes, and this is where I'm kind of framing for the business owner like maybe they can prepare themselves for. E type copyright southbound. I mean there's definitely I mean. A lot of copywriters will take a wide range of projects on. You know. It's not always the same list I mean for me like the best bet for me like would be. You know if I was picking and choosing I would be looking for maybe two things one is this is a proven product. Have you actually been successful selling it versus a completely new watch? You know I? Definitely do launches all the time like I. You know right the first Promo for brand new product and. and that's fine, but you know sometimes I if you're going. If you looking at it like as a you know this is going to what's going to give me the best Roi on this time slot on my schedule versus something else. It's like well. This is a product that's been proven to work, and the control is really fatiguing, so then I know okay. Good I can. It'll be something that's beatable rather than Oh, it's like kicking button. You know it's like Oh God like. Do I really want to go up against something? That's already kicking. and. It's funny, 'cause I remember Gary Bends Anga. Talking about this very topic when I went to his been swimming and one hundred seminar. You know so even like the great copywriters kind of look at those things and then you know, are they? You know back in the day you know. When direct mail was huge, you know most copywriters were including myself and still am compensated in terms of royalties for peace nailed because the bigger than Nellie. The more the better the promo, the stronger was in terms of its responser projected response. You know the more names accompany could safely or profitably mail, and so you know they're able to do a huge roll out because. I was just talking with a potential client who somebody I used to work with Phillips just earlier today and she's like. Yeah, know we'd have a just okay promos even now with wreck Melles, you know we're able to mail like two hundred three hundred thousand names every two months. If we have a strong one where mailing half a million, an every two to three months, so if you're getting a royalty of you, know three or four cents a male than you're talking about A. A. Big Difference you know can again. This is where the incentive comes in right so so yeah so I would look at potentially okay, so are you already generating sales with this prophet product online or you know? Are you mailing Alana names regularly and so or or with other products? If you have that are successful, you know so then I can kind of gauge okay, so it might be x amount up five, but then here's the potential you know and so. If I if I was just looking at that, but again, there's a lot of a lot of copywriters who? Like. Working sometimes just a different you know like a different range of clients are not always GonNa have like Oh, it has to be a certain threshold Sometimes, it's like maybe they really buy into. The Passion that you have or the market or the product. They're willing to take a chance on something that they think they can make it into a big opportunity for both of you. Yes that's. That's that's really, do you. Because we we were chatting matenaer chat, and before with you about how we've run into hiring copywriters that you know just don't pan out how we wished it would have, and probably because of our lack of wanting to invest more in them, or maybe build incentives like you said royalties, and maybe some extra things. So. Help us out. I. Get. You get what you pay for. We all know that's sort of one of those things now now. That's not to say that there's a lot of really good upcoming. copywriters been been mentoring some myself, and and you know not everybody you need to pay huge dollars for, and you can get to really good copy you know I mean. I started out like obviously not making you know what I've made in recent years and you know. People saw me Oh I remember once. Somebody said he know you're like this what is she? Call me like a hidden gem or something and. And I felt like I. was just like this dusty old thing like an antique shop. Somebody like just picked up. You know this one's kind of cool. For off. Maybe that's what she. was kind of a weird. I, don't know I thought a little weird about it, but I was like okay. That's fine, you know. Like but anyway, but she then she decided to give me some more opportunities, and so you know I was able to take these small projects like you to page renewal, letters or emails, or whatever and really do very well with them and next thing in other like well. Let's give her chance at one of these big projects you know, and then within a year, so I think on my second try I jim rats. Rats and I've ever heard of the late Jim rats that he was like. Oh, great copywriter! He was legendary, and he had the control for their flagship financial newsletter, and here I was this little upstart, and I was able to beat him and and then as soon as Brian. Kurtz heard that I had the control for this product and had be Jim Roots Heasley was higher Kim to write a boardroom Promo and And then I went up against Paris on Propolis, there was some seven year control for tax hotline, and then I ended up beating his Promo and and I have the first female copywriter to get a boardroom control, and so, but it all started with just being a little diamond in rough that somebody said hey. She looks like she could write some good copy and you know so I. Guess for those kinds of things. Things you WANNA look at is if they haven't written exactly for your type of product or even the type of Promo that you want them to write like get some samples of their work, and you know and I always tell other copywriters starting out like into the best way to start is just start. You know getting some paid work. getting some samples in your portfolio and it don't necessarily have to be exactly. You, don't say oh I only right through the. Huddle owners who live in San Diego Niche. Like sometimes people just like want you to go so micro, and that's crazy especially. If you're just starting out like I would write for pretty much everybody in anything. Almost you know what I was starting out, but I think it made me a better copywriter because I wrote such a wide variety of. Again, a lot of it was in health financial because of my background, but you know it, it gives you that flexibility and you know because you realize to like none of these two products are really exactly the same and you don't WanNa. Take a fill in the blanks formulaic approach to every single promo. You know so. I mean I could go on on about that topic, but yeah, so that's kind of how I got started and so things you would look for is look at their writing. Look at their portfolio and Kinda. Just talk to them and just are they person who? Is really passionate lake very curious, do they? What did they strike is comprehensively. Put the hard work into the Promo. Yeah not not to get too granular here, but when you do get samples. What kind of things are you looking for? Inside of the samples like if if we're somebody who maybe isn't well versed in copywriting. Reading a sample of somebody else's work. What what kind of things would I be looking for? It's a good question. I mean one thing you could do is just read it cold as if you were the prospect like does. Does the headline grab you you know? Does it make you to read further you know? Do you find yourself? You know reading it and not getting confused or lost I. Mean I had? I've had the experience of having you know Parasol Propolis who I just mentioned earlier, but he copied chiefs all the copywriters, who right for one of my clients, and so I think you told me once that is. He just prefers to read like. Read copy that he's reviewing like at night. Maybe you know when he's Kinda sleepy maybe after a drinker who knows you know and does it like? Does it still grab them? Does it like, does it? Is he able to follow it was. About of his own head, almost like A. Little different than prospect be able to look at it called. I know it's hard like you're. You're a business owner and you know sometimes. It's the hardest thing the write your own copy immune I have. The experience is sharing with you having my own copywriting programs. Something I'm just like Oh. My God like it's so hard to to just write my own copy other people to write it. INTO THE PROGRAM Because they can usually take a fresher approach. The night can yeah now. That's something that we definitely struggle with ourselves I mean Joe and I both studied copywriting quite a bit and we can look at other people sales letters actually give like pretty good feedback on. Here's where we make some tweaks. When it comes to our own sales letter, we struggled like crazy to to even put the first few sentences on the page. One thing you could do now. You mentioned it is and I know there are copyright who do this is. You can ask them to just do a critique of your current control, and if you like what they say, maybe you're like. Maybe this is a person you. WanNa hire to do to do a whole new one nine. So that's that's actually probably a great thing and we've done that minorly, but without like really a real process of motor doing, but yeah audits or critique like you said I, think that's one of the ways to see their them as a character like how they work, too, because we've had some issues of copywriters, kind of falling off and not. The, literally just falling off in like not communicating really Dang it. Like that let's talk about how to solve that real. Quick now to. It's my getting on my list again, but my current Freebie when you get on my list is what I call. The a-list copywriters Promo checklist. and. It's actually five checklist in one Like there was like a start kit. Know one for like getting copywriter started on a project. There's a research checkless, but there's some for like the Promo for each section or the Promo like can actually help you as the client. Evaluate like the headline, evaluate the lead. Evaluate the body copy. Evaluate the clothes you know because you could just go through and seat as it check all the boxes right, and then there's like a final promo checklist which you know, a covers a whole bunch of other things, so I would say grew you get that free checkless? I should be charging for talk about it and In fact, I might not get it. Get great required. But yeah, used fat, and and that might lead you to some things. Evaluating the copy and then. To say something else and now I forget other one was about having them draw like. Falling off them, not following through. Yeah, so I guess the question in that case is. How are you paying them? Are you're not paying them one hundred percent front or you? Know. We've never done this case. Case Basis I think the one that you're talking about I can't remember the guy's name because he fell off, but It anyway. So. We basically were in conversations with somebody who is going to do some copy for us. We actually never got to the point of making agreement with A. Specific one but I know. Yeah, it's it's kind of happened. In numerous fees is but I guess if you have any good principles, our best best practices that. If he just go. I'm not saying this is what you guys did, but like if you go back and forth and back and forth on. Like I. Don't know to me. That would just be like a yeah like I don't want to work these people you know, so you know again it. Kinda comes down to like you. Get what you pay for I'm not saying that you should just. Be like prices. No object on I'll just pay anybody you know. Twenty thousand dollars writer prompt Mo- I. Mean You Still WanNa? Make sure you're getting. You know something like a good value for your investment of you know me, you know that's a big investment whether it's two thousand or five thousand for a lot of small companies investment, so I think you would look at you know trying to you know have have a fair deal that you're compensating them. Well, pay them you know twenty five to. To fifty percents up front, depending on what the situation is I, mean I. I've always gotten half up front just a book slot in my schedule, but I'm. You could have a phase where I know there's companies. Do those and I I personally kind of drives me crazy, but you know you could just maybe do a quarter upfront, and then maybe they give you some sample headlines or some kind outlining copy, platform, document or something so that you Kinda have maybe some different steps of approval built in. That allow you to like. Maybe it was the first time you're working with a particular copywriter, not like somebody that you already knows like established with a hundred different controls controls but like you know that could be away to maybe minimize some of the risk and. Kind of go through it that way, and then they have Kind of some. Bilton deadlines, they have to meet. Milestones that are holding them accountable. Yeah, right in. Saying that could be one way to do it and But most I mean again most professional copywriters. You'RE NOT GONNA. Have that situation I mean? You're going to agree to a schedule of front. You're going to hopefully put it in your agreement I. Mean I always put my rough proposed schedule like any kind of agreement. Her invoice said everybody's on the same page and. So make sure you have all that mapped out. The the other thing that I've run into in hiring copywriters in the past is I'd love to hear perspective on. It is in my opinion. Almost copywriters being almost too stubborn with the voice that they want to use you know we've had people copy for us in the past. We read it and we'd give him the feedback that you know this isn't really. This isn't really our voice. This isn't really the way we'd want to word things, and then we'd have the copywriter. COPYWRITER come back to us and go well. Do you want it to sell? Because what I wrote is what sells right, and so there's this kind of debate between us in the copywriter of like. Yes, maybe this is what sells, but it also doesn't really feel like us. We're kind of uncomfortable with the wording. And I've had that sort of back and forth situation in the past where I butted heads with copywriters, because they wanted to write it in one way, but I kind would have preferred it being in another way. I'm sure you get what I'm saying, but why do I'm just trying to look my jaw up off my desk. Crazy for copywriter to be like that I. mean especially because like you. What are you guys? Are you selling from his based on your personality and your your your own personal brand right for the most part? Yeah, and we're talking more like past case scenarios. I mean right now. We really don't have many offers that are ours. That were putting out into the world. Most of our revenue comes from affiliate, marketing and sort of jv deals where we're kind of more behind the scenes these days, but in the in the past. Yeah, it was like Info courses, or like agency services or things like that, and there was a brand element like. Emails so we're just trying to keep it congruent. That was the only also so maybe that you add that. I was to how you evaluate potential copywriters, because you know you want copywriters who have had to write in other brands voices in the past, and there is a whole skillset to that I know a friend of mine. Abby woodcock created this whole thing I think is called Codex. Training and it's a pretty high dollar training that copywriters can go through, but I know a lot of people who've done it and. allows. It gives them the tools like how there's whole systematic approach to incorporating the brand voice or the spokesman voice, but I mean even going back to my Philip publishing's days when. We had the big brand person for the alternative health newsletter was Dr Julian Ticker and you know so. The newsletter came from him. It was written by him, but all the stuff we sold on the back end, including the supplements was very much his brand, and and so we were incorporating his voice like every little in house. We wrote a lot of the copy. You know that my team and it would be you know sales, letters and stuff that would be coming from him, and we always incorporated his voice that had to be on brand I mean it was like a basic of marketing. Communication was once a brand manager previous company so I'm. Just Kinda drives me. It makes me especially in something you somebody selling a or people buying something based on that person like I can't think of anything more important than for not just sound like everything else out there like some generic marketing voice and I mean to be fair and in. It was probably just the fact that we were kind of. Price Shopping copywriting. At the end of the day is probably what it comes down to. You pay for WHO said that. Goes. I know you said it a few times here. And pound foolish. But I think it's a struggle that a lot of business owners. Have with. This is to know. Understand the value that a really good copywriter can bring to not only just a promo, but a business overall yet and I think that's the big I know that was our issue and that feeling. Maybe it's this isn't a partnership to transactional aren't going to get a sales page, but like you've been mentioning Partnership Building Incentive. Partnership. I mean no one can guarantee your results like somebody says I'm great you something and I guarantee you know her. You can build in something IMF is not like this. You know huge royalty deal you know, but you could build something in like okay. We're going to hire you to do one version, and then we're GONNA want may be two possible test versions. Maybe we'll do those after we do the initial test or something you know May when I say tasks like maybe two different headline and leads, and you know you could either have them provide those along with the initial draft or you. Could you know say we want to test it with this? This one but them we may come back and based on what we learn what you do. Another one you know in the majors include that in the whole deal because I'll tell you I i. mean I did almost I've done a whole presentation on this once and I actually have a whole may I course I talked about this, but you know I, and I mentioned earlier how I got a control early on where I beat Jim Richardson and another one where he beat parasol populous, and then after that I actually wrote my first help supplement of promotion and I will say in like Magalogue right long form, and the first one of each of those. It didn't work, or it can either bombed, or it came close to working, but not quite right, and had the client, and I just sway set up. Forget it and work la La La. But no like everybody you know because i. I had an incentive. You know even though like not going to get the royalty I received. The Promo does work ahead inside like well. Let's go back and try something else or the you know the client you know to. Their credit was like Yeah Louis. Give you another. Try Right so the first time. It's kind of a funny story, but like when I wrote my very first financial Promo and this is for a fairly big company and I thought you know what I'm GonNa. Take this. Maybe it's a little cocky, because unlike young arrogant. Not here can be you know what I? Didn't know any better. Was You. Know like I'm GonNa take a fresh approach. And I convinced him to let me put this Zoa monster on the front cover, and it was like the headline was something like the change monster that the economy and I. Kind of intriguing, but it was going to begin Jim ruts and the control it went up against he actually had put a presidential seal on the front cover and looked imagine it looks like a special white. House report, and it said something like what I forgot to tell you before the election, those George W Bush, was president, and so that was just like that just killed it right against a dinosaur. So. Mine did not do well, but then they. They hired me six months later. Said you know. What can you right? And they paid me a full fee again like write a whole new promo and Blah Blah Blah because he likes your Kaba just didn't work against Jim. Rats and so I did it again and I took a a whole different angle, and I made it up more like a issue with like an actual issue, and all this stuff anyway ended up beating Jim Routes on the second try and kind of same thing with the boardroom folks when I got my first shot to go against Paris's control I kinda. My headline was a little too clever. Everything else was great having a little clever, it came close. It might have actually tied, but you need to be like fifteen twenty percent ahead to get the new control with boardroom back then, so they gave me another shot. Like what can you do another tests on my short? And of course? I didn't charge for that. I'm like yeah, let me just I got a new headline new lead. Put that on. Everything else was the same, and I beat them on the second try, and then with that first nutritional supplement promo that I did the first. First shot like I was like well this pro, this product does everything it does like this and this and this and this and it went out there and you know of course at the time like that kind of stuff wasn't working. It was more like as joint pain thing, or is this a memory solution in people wanted like a specific solution, so I went back on the second. Try and a client. Pay Me more money to just kind of do a complete reworking and I I decided to position. It is a joint supplement, and that thing mailed does a control for like ten years ago yeah. So these were all humongous successful promos, but like it was the first try like either bombed or just you know really didn't quite work, and then didn't beat the control, but then it was going back and doing it so I guess against another lesson is like when you hire good copywriter. Maybe things aren't always going to work the for I can go on and give you a million examples just that I know from like knowing other copywriters having worked at a major company hiring copywriters. A lot of big name copywriters do not hit it out of the ballpark on the first try, so it's foolish to like. Throw the baby out with the bathwater rate. We're doing all these little sayings. You know so go back to them and have. This is where you kind of have that partnership. Is You know like give them another tribe because you that second try sometimes can be that one. That really works third. Try You know we'll look so? That's why I think it's resonating at least for me because of all the other. Times? We've taken a hack copywriting and you know it's like we need someone else to. Because we just don't have the time where we think they could do it better than us, and then we don't give them a fair shot to try to actually maybe learn or voice or learned. What's what's working? What's not I mean? Like nothing you're. You can't expect an amazing result out of the I go every. We've also we've also shopped around copywriters in the past. We've sort of priced shopped a bit I. Think is is a big element of it, and you know we. We've talked to some of the the the more you know, quote, unquote like Alice copywriters, names that people all know and stuff, and there's a definitely a sticker shock element when when they first bid you, you know the the copy project, and it's a sticker shock that comes prior to like even knowing if we're going to get a result so I think there's that mental barrier that we've always struggled to get over of like. Okay. This person I'm just I'm making up. Up Numbers, okay, this person wants like thirty thousand upfront plus ten percent royalty on the deal. Well shoot. That's that's a really really big number, and we don't even know for sure if they're gonNA. Drive results for us and so I think it was like a mental block there that we've yet even to this day to really get over to jump on board with the a-list higher ticket copywriters. Yeah, and you don't necessarily need again. If you have a business that most I don't even know how big your businesses, but let's say it's a two million a year, business or something. You know that'd be like living in a house is. Worth about two hundred thousand dollars, and putting on like one hundred fifty thousand dollar, edition or something you mean like you. You mess me, you may not. You're not gonNA necessarily. Get a big enough Roi potentially. Again it really depends like you could have a product business two million, but it really could be a twenty million dollar business, and in that case hiring making that one big investment in getting that really great copywriter that could potentially really leapfrog your business. I think it. Kinda depends on your situation. I mean like you speaking of Jim Rod on forget when he wrote a promo pipe was like fifteen years ago as a legendary direct mail pro with the headline. Read this or die. Believe it or not, and you guys, are you? Familiar yeah, worth cutting, but I remember when that and is when you know. Direct mail was in its heyday but i. mean that piece was so strong that was. Like. It was healthy. Directions that or Phyllis publishing that was mailing it from one of their health newsletters, and it brought on like one hundred thousand subscribers like within a year, so that me naked built an entire business because they also had a whole back end supplement business, which I also helped him launch, and so that you know like bringing people in at like an average of you know maybe. Maybe seventy dollars for subscription, but then being able to sell a good chunk of those people like several hundred, if not thousands, ours or the supplements and I. That was a huge business, so if they paid him, I think back in back then like I, think Jim Rats would charge like a hundred thousand dollars to write a problem and I think he might even gotten royalty on top of that, but. It was worth every penny. Built like literally like one hundred million dollar business out of that investment, but that's key. You said the whole back in there. You know it's it's. If this only focused on this front in product just understand the implications of what more customers will do for selling repeat customers. Yeah, you know it's interesting. I did just have a podcast interview with our friend James Trump. Go that we were mentioning earlier and it's funny. Our whole topic was completely different. Topping you what we're talking about today. It was all about that whole back in and and just maximizing that because I mean that was sort of the background I came from was when I went to Phillips. It was all a what we do with this whole back in and. An now that I've you know for years of been that Unicorn, net can write the acquisition. Promote that successful which you know, a lot of operators can't really do. That's what everybody always comes to me for and then. I just see like some some business owners, not all, but some are just so. Focused on bringing New People in and just churning through new customers and they're not. They're just ignoring this this huge back end. They're not. They're not nurturing those people. They're not thinking about what next can do. They want to buy beyond the whole funnel upsell thing which. I think can be a negative when it's not handled as well as it could be you know having the short-sighted vision of Lemme just Max out everything. I can get from this person just because they click the button and leave them feeling like Oh, my God i made some horrible mistake. You don't to start the relationship off wake that but yeah like you know back in the old old school days like we would get somebody to buy again. It will be through like an insert in the newsletter, or whatever kind of mailing and then we always found that they buy like some kind of bounced back in the box and then we'd. We'd all something within the first ten days in the we'd get like eight to ten percent response from that, and while they were still hotline right so the hotline period, and just at that time of ordering. There's a whole period of time like in that first thirty days. I think are really critical, and I'm not sure very. Many marketers focus on that. Maybe we talked about yet. I've actually never heard of that term hotline I? It's an old school. You know it's like I mean it's not like it's that old school. I mean my God. Teen I mean I'm sure there are. Companies like okay so I just like three or four years ago, I. There's a Guy I know he's. He's super. Old. School is what he's been doing like. He does like newspaper ads, and he sells like these vinegar books, and then on the back, and he has like all these little honey vinegar. Silence on all these things that he's never really done a lot with. He's Nice, little business, but but I. Just I just consulted with them for free. You know just because he's like. Like an a mastermind that I'm in, or he wasn't the time and we just had a few conversations and she somebody I was coaching as a copywriter that I was thinking up to help him out with some copy and and so I mentioned this whole idea like you know. Why are you like sending people a mailing to introduce this product? After they buy the book like send something within the first ten days. And he was, he tried it, and it's like Oh my God like. We did that and I and there was another thing to like have a stock up. Have people buy more of what they've already bought? which know Justin Goths talked about and other people like up else, but you can do that really at any time with your with your buyers, one of the things I. Did you know back when I was at Phillips? There would be times where they would literally call it. Dash for cash. Where company president be like okay, we're big. Come up with something you can before the end of the quarter to boost the boost revenue or whatever we call it dash for cash. Five ideas to bring in more cash, and so I with this idea like. We had all these people buying you know supplements which are obviously a consumable product, and we try to get as many people to go on auto ship, and not everybody wanted to go on the ship or stay on auto ship, so we'll list a stock up sale and we. Put like a seasonal thing on it like stock up for winter stock up for summer. What her and just brought in like? With one little mailing list like three hundred fifty thousand dollars. and. It's funny, because like like fifteen years later. There's a woman who lives in my neighborhood, and she works part time for the company for directions and all. She does a stock up mailings. One summer, she hired my son to Babysit or kid. I'm like right. It's all come full circle. The stock up million get created her job and now she's got a job for my son. Is kind of funny, but no, so anyway. I had told this guy like you know, do a stock of mailing and he's like he was so happy sent me a check. To. Pay Yourself whatever you know. But you know and I was able to just take one of my old stock up mailings and give it to the copywriter I coached instead here just of follow this, and she wrote it, and it worked great, so there's a lot is much more simple. Copy that you. You know. You don't need an a-level copywriter to do this back end stuff and there's so much money in it, and there's a lot of opportunities for a lot of companies, and you can get like a fairly junior level copywriter who can just? Just, knock the stuff out, and that's basically how I got started. I was doing all that for the first couple of years. People I know she's doing some nice stuff and we'll give her a shot at something bigger, you know. Let's actually interesting. Because I could be a way to get a little warmed up to hiring a copywriter, it could be a junior copywriter. Yeah, get out lesser lesser investment up front. Maybe there's a maybe there's more perks incentives built in because you have the back in deal with and There's that could be very interesting because it's kind of just found money at the end of the day. It is, and you're not getting to it. Yeah, I. Mean I think that would be? That would be a top top opportunity for any business. Look at is. And then bringing in a copywriter, you can write a simple one page, two page, letter or email, or whatever it is, and you know just bring the money in him. That's much lower risk than it's much much harder to get somebody who can who will buy from you for the first time with cold. You know cold list or whatever, and that's why people pay you know the A. listers like. Like me a lot of money, and I said you know we become those UNICORNS. That can do that because a lot of people can't, and it is hard to sure you bring on new, people and obviously both are vital to any business, but you know I worked with way too many companies, especially the smaller companies, but even bigger companies that just there's so much emphasis just on that acquisition acquisition. and not building I mean like a real business is the customers of by from you again and again especially, if you have a consumable product, I mean you're absolutely crazy if you're not and it's funny, too. Much of this gut. You know inculcated into my head because you know coming from a subscription business like a publishing company like Philips. That was all around me like we're in the business of getting renewables and this and that, and so when when we were getting ready to watch thousand directions business I remember having the company president. You know grilling me okay, so you know because we're like. Oh, we got this little. Get the copy ready to sell. Okay, so, what are you GonNa? Get an order second time you after that. That it was like Whoa Whoa we had to have it all mapped out. Have everything set everything in place for that first order in like boom boom boom? Go right into the machine and you know and again I don't think a lot of this is think about it that way. Yeah, no, it's not actually had a conversation. Just you know prior to. We record another podcast and. His emphasis is on the back end the whole model around it, and that's actually what you're saying. NOPE, Perry! Marshall, you reference over there. He has this whole Espresso machine concept where it's like they're always going to keep percentage of your customer. You're going to keep paying for more expensive things being out giving them offers. I liked that and and that's a good way to bring a new copywriter. Anna tested out and. And another thing, too, is you can also you know maybe work out arrangements with other copywriters to copy chief? You know for you because I think that's also worth. Sometimes things go awry if you are busy business owner, or maybe you don't have a lot of experience with copy, and you're the one or maybe you fancy yourself to be a good copywriter, which sometimes can be conflicting because you think your way is the best way and that yet you hired this person to you know figure out the best way right and. That can be an issue so sometimes. It's better to just sort of separate yourself and. Maybe you have someone come in and kind of copy chief and managed that project for you know better how to work with that copywriter and making that process. Go more efficiently and. Yeah, like a project manager for copy, essentially project manager, but also someone. Who Will you also have this two? It may narrow people. I've done a lot of work. You know in the past like book launches and Stuff for Dr Mark Hyman another people and. They will bring it I. Actually a couple of people who do this who I could highly recommend that. Are you know for higher project managers, and they just take over. They handle all the creative like they will manage select. The copywriters designers is that they'll get at all though you know what I mean like. They'll take that off your plate and it's almost like having you, but you only need him for a like. Like having a part time basis, you know having a a solid marketing manager or project manager who can like handle those things, and sometimes that's better Kazoo much more experience with. Had you worked with the copywriters and had you you know? Keep things moving along. You know because you can get. Things can can just get bogged down. I know how busy I get I'm sure you guys get busy in any business center? So. And and then that prevents the thing from the project from actually working out, and in our case, sometimes it prevents us from even pursuing copywriting, even further hiring someone because we're like I don't want to banish another. Time but like you're missing out currently. Yeah interesting. I'm curious when it comes to like the cost of hiring a copy. Are there any sort of rules of thumb or anything like that that people can follow as far as like what they can expect to pay for copy what they can expect as far as like up front cost versus royalties like you. How how? How does somebody know that they're going into like a copywriting agreement than in? They're getting like a you know a a decent price. They're not. They're not getting. You know they're not. They're not getting robbed by. Basically you know what I mean. How? How would somebody go into it and know that they're paying a fair price for what they're getting with the copy? And then you know. There are some people who've done some pricing guides out there I know Awa has put one together. That actually could be I. Don't know if it's something you might be able to get it for free. but it it breaks down like all the different types of promos. And it gives ranges, and the Rangers are quite. Broad, if I recall Selena the Rangers are GonNa vary a lot depending on the experience level of the copywriter. You know and their reputation. So is there any like? Is there any like you know if if you're willing to give like this amount, upfront than the percentage should be this much for you know. Is there like an sort of sliding scale on like royalty versus upfront kind of thing so? I mean the royalty deals that I've done are generally. There's a flat fee for creating the Promo and then there is if it's like an online promo, it's like a percent of gross or net sales beyond that, and it's you know it's a single digit number. It's on some huge scary number rain but yes, so that might generally be how you would structure and online, and isn't be only for a long form copy like I would not charge a royalty on an email or website copying I mean, but if it's like a single along sales, page or beat video sales, letter something that is meant to convert people who land on it into being buyers. Know, that is You know what I would potentially because also it just takes a long time to write those. There's the flat fee and the nurse Royalty if I was writing and I have done this like a a series of a bunch of emails that were maybe acquisition oriented. I might just charge a flat fee, but then maybe they'll be like a one time bonus. If reach a certain threshold, there's so many different ways you can structure it. I mean you could have just. Set up deal with one company for one of my men TS to just do a headline and lead task and some emails to drive traffic onto the sales page, and they'll be paid a flat fee. Assuming the gets completed to their satisfaction, and then if they run it, and it reaches a certain sales threshold with them. I think the first days whatever the period of time is. They'll get basically an additional bonus of one time bonus in A. A, so you can build in in San House for performance and that then you might find that. Okay, so maybe they might WANNA charge three thousand, but you. You say we'll have it. We do it for two thousand, and you get two percent of net sales or have we do it for you know twenty, five hundred and becomes our new control will give you a one time bonus of two thousand dollars, or whatever there's so many. Many different ways you can do it. I mean I once had a control with National Geographic many years ago for one of their books, and they were not accustomed to doing royalties, but I I just sat up something like a bonus structure, and they had a like. If they hit certain thresholds for the number of names, it could mail noses withdrawing nail, the more you mail, the more is a sign that it's a successful Promo you know. Know, then I would get like either a five thousand dollar bonus for each mailing or ten thousand dollar bonus, or whatever was you know those structure, so there's just a lot of different ways you can do it. You don't necessarily always royalties don't always make sense It depends on the kind of Promo and and you can use incentives to pay less upfront, I mean as a business owner. Actually think you can use them to reduce upfront risk. Yes setting in my I like the milestone to the bonuses, like even if it's just a one time, and maybe within a timeframe, so it's getting them to really put a lot of focus into it. do a lot of AB testing. Assuming you have enough eyeballs on there I mean I've done it with like people who are like to pay your full feeds too high. You know so. It's like the wild will, so I'll just take a smaller fee, but I'll be like. I'll get a one time bonus of x amount, and it basically comes out to my what my fault he would've been, or or whatever, but it you know it makes it a little bit less risk for them upfront. You know so so there's ways you can structure it and I and I think that incentives bonuses can work to actually reduce your initial upfront cost, and you may pay more over time, but you're only paying it if it's successful. I making you money, right. Awesome I think that's I mean. That's Super Helpful Kevin Kennon exposing what I think a lot of. Folks don't really talk about. It's kind of a new bill. COPYWRITER will ever now. We're going to talk to me again. Keith. Or Secrets! I think it's been. It's been really helpful for us because we've always had these mental barriers about you know hiring copywriters whether they be you know financial barriers of going. ooh, that seems pricey for what it is or you know barriers of. Feeling like nobody knows our product better than we do, so we shouldn't higher copywriters. We should write ourselves because we know the product inside out. Or maybe it's you know just. We're to close to our own product or A combination of all that I. mean you know you're close to it and you WanNa get a copywriter who is not gonNa just frigging phone it in. Saw Little Tap. Let let me fill in the blanks. With is going to really dig into that product you know and like enough I think i. told You I had this program. I've been doing whereab-. Mike Tearing down some of my most successful controls, and for each of these ivy. There's obviously steps that are always the same but then there's you know just approaching each one is like its own unique thing. Because you know, there's like digging out that story and and you know I learned. Learned that early on like working Filipino just some of the different products that we marketed and made and got on a plane and little winter, and went to visit a manufacturer of an air purifier that we wanted to see if we could saw on the back end, we were like a four hundred dollar air purifier, but I knew I you know by the time I knew toward the factory saw. How took one apart? I knew I. There was this much Zeolite, and why then was like that much? And why this Aaron that I could have built the thing. And I wrote like this little six page insert thought it was going to work, and it like did really great now you're interested the pro. Then I write supplement copy like i. go deep I, really dig deep into K., not just you know what is unique mechanism, but like sometimes multiple ingredients, and they all have multiple mechanisms than there's not just one mechanism of a problem, but there's multiple mechanisms and the like. How do you make it up? You have to make it all obviously understandable and. But like how do you? We've this whole story that you feel like I need every single ingredient for me. I'M NOT GONNA. Just go off and by this other thing you know because I read about the sore. So, there's. You want copywriters who are going to really dig in and you know like another quick story like on that vein again these are all lessons for me that have been closed my copywriting over the last couple of decades, but when I first went to Phil's publishing, one the reasons my job was created was a Clayton makepeace. Sleep may may fierce great great copywriter He had written the launch promotion for their First Alternative Health Newsletter, health and healing, which was on with Dr Julian Whitaker and. So like the way he approaches researched. Ideally how any copier would approach it, although not everybody's going to do it to this length, but he flew out to Newport beach. He toured Dr Whitaker's medical clinic. He hung out with him by the pool. Talk for hours and dislike really got newest head got in. His brain figured out like what is so unique about what this guy does. You know and basically just created this brand. You know that was in this this. Successful Magalogue sales promotion that brought in within the first couple of years they had over three hundred thousand paid subscribers, and so when I came and I was like figuring out. What awesome of these people you know! Let's start a supplement business I mean we basically you know. We went to twenty three million. You know just going to that list you know and and you talk about. About brand voice so much that was was set brand. And how does Dr Whitaker talking now? And he says he certain words and phrases, and in get his passion across and everything so like as an entrepreneur like you ideally want to copy just going to do that on my on some kind of micro level, but like the interview you, you know figure out like you know. Why you do what you do was unique about your process. Whatever it is, you know an put that story out there and you WanNa you WANNA copyright. Who's really going to do that work do that level of research. I mean sixty to seven at least sixty percent or seventy percent of the work I put into every long-form. Promo is research known. Figure out what I'm going to write about and then the damn thing practically rates. Just a lot more work than that, but still it's like. It's really that, but it says that research in those interviews and an advocate dissecting all these promotions might copy tear down point out file folder. Some of them are from like eight or ten years ago and I'm like looking at notes where I interviewed the doctor I interviewed the formulator interviewed. You know whoever and just like. Yeah, that's where I got that and match. Match fragment that so you want you want. We're going to put that work into it. Yeah, and it's like it's kind of like. The the copywriters will find selling points to that. If you are the product crater, you probably to close to even see those selling points. There's there's the example of this is going to sound really bad because I don't remember from Madman. Something that Ogilvie did. There's that example of like they're trying to do this. Like cigarette campaign right and they say ours are toasted, and they're like we but everybody toasted yet, but the customer. The general audience doesn't know that just say you're toasted in. Everybody will associate you with the guys who's cigarettes are toasted. That's the strategy of preeminence that Jay Ham lots about the uses. Those Schlitz beer story you know and they were. It's funny, because madman. Probably the scriptwriters five based on that but. They you know Sh. Let's was talking about how they're bureau. Cold, filtered or some kind of. Prices, everybody did and. The CO, children, it's just Lebron. Labeled and people imprint that in their minds. As I. Mean you might have to do that, but really there's usually a unique story can come out especially when it's a you know a personality driven product definitely. We already. Took longer than we asked you. To. Thank you time this flown by. Is? Probably do three hours so maybe. Maybe if you're open, we'll have you back for around two and we'll. We'll go off on a different tangent. Different Copy Tangent. We can definitely I would definitely be up for that I would love. It also reminds us again where folks can get the the action guides that are free, but you're probably GonNa make him paid right after this episode goes. It's the copiers checklist. You can go to Kim Schwab Dot Com K., I. M. S. C. H.. W. A. L. DOT com. Now are there any we like to ask? This question of our guest is we're big readers ourselves. Are there any books that you recommend others often, or you refer back to often probably specifically in copywriting, because there is a lot of copy writing books out there. What are sort of your go to's? Well I mean. Jean. Schwartz's breakthrough advertising is an amazing book. There's really one or two chapters that I just always go back to look like the stage of market sophistication stage awareness, and I think that really ties in a lot with figuring out the the right copy approach that you might take especially with the headline or just a main hook so i. mean that's for probably a little more sophisticated about college ding, but I'll tell you like two books that I read. When I left Phillips and I, I became a freelance copywriter where scientific advertising and my life and advertising by Claude Hopkins, and at least I think one of them I think scientific. Just get a free pdf on weep so I believe they're just great books. You know I mean I I did reread I reread scientific zing last year. And just got actually the thing again earlier this year and I got so many lessons that I shared with my men and. But I. Remember reading it back then, and this is after having six years of working at Philips and having all that you know success without the directions and it all just like made everything. Click I'm like. Eight like okay now I get it like you know. It was kind of weird. Because I like I said I'd never actually been a copywriter written copy, but I was always a. Right. Little beeper. Just really made it all. Even though it's like taking place in the nineteen twenties or when it was written like this, it's timeless timeless about selling. Through words you know. That's not GonNa Change just the neo nameless lessons and I think that book alone. If you read scientific advertising, you just don't get so much doubt air and you can find it for free I believe that when he's in the public domain now. What will link that up in along with everything else to Kim thank you so very much, and you're very welcome. It was great. It was wonderful. Hoping we'll see you guys in real life these days. Okay take care. Thanks so much for tuning into that episode I. Hope You dug it I know Joe and I dug it I. Actually kicked Joe Out of the room. He's not here right now, 'cause I wanted to tell you about a tool that I really really dig. We use it in our business. We recommend it all the time. It's called easy Webinar and it's a tool that lets you do. Live webinars, automated webinars hybrid webinars and You know pretty much any other kind of Webinar if If there are other kinds of webinars, but anyway this tool is kind of like you're all in one. Do at all tool for anything webinar related. It's easy webinars. Put up by dude named Casey. He's been on the podcast. If you haven't listened to episode, it's a killer episode. He's a really smart dude, but his software is amazing. It does everything it's. The title tells you exactly what it does. It's an easy webinar platform, and we use this in our business to run automated webinars all the. The time. We don't do a lot of live webinars these days we like to do the kind of automated webinars where somebody can register and then it. Do you know they can either watch it like fifteen minutes later, or they can watch it the next day, but it's just kind of always running, and it's a system that helps us make autopilot sales off of our webinars. Super Cool tool. If you haven't tried it yet, you know it's it's. It's an amazing tool and Casey is actually hooking. Hooking up. He said for listeners of Hustle and flow. I can't believe he's doing this, but he said for listeners with the hustle and flow chart podcast, giving twenty five percent off of the membership to use easy Webinar. It's already super super inexpensive for what it does, and all the cool features it has, but he's hooking up with twenty five percent off because you're a listener of hustle and flow chart going easy webinar dot com slash hustle. That's where you can get that twenty five percent off. That's easy web dot com slash Hustle AIDS a awesome to you're gonNA dig it to just go grab it. Check it out. Easy Webinar DOT com slash. Hustle C. not see. You'll hear me in the next show. I don't know I. Don't know how to close these things. She'll get easy. Webinar chucky later. Thanks everybody for listening to this episode of the Hustle and flow chart podcast for taking the time to listen. We want to give you something a little bit special. Every single episode that we do. We actually have somebody on our team. Take notes. We basically have in cliff notes version of every episode where you can go and find all of the tips and tactics delayed out all of the resources that they laid out all the good stuff from this episode. We actually have a nice simple note. Version that you can find on our website. Is it ever profits Dot Com? Find this episode that you just listen to. Give us your email address and we'll send you the notes. Thanks for listening. Don't get it. Wiki Wiki love you.

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Weekly Rewind 4/23 - 4/26

First Things First

1:27:20 hr | 2 years ago

Weekly Rewind 4/23 - 4/26

"Good morning and welcome to first things. First citizen Tuesday morning here in New York City forgot boss. Oh, okay. So I'm Gina. That's neat. You know where you are. So the glasses will hold on just for the first segment hall of fame. Your day. Mccain question to ask something. No God glasses around on the Bill tied. I will give you credit. The velvet tie is something learned for my good friend. Chris carter. I didn't even know that was the thing that existed. So yours liked it so much. No problem when related no. We'll never have it. We'll never have. I love those high general how are you very much? I got the idea from C also a work one day, and I felt like. Show today. The giants might add. It's gotta be included, man. Oh, y'all talk ties I learned about dresses from you. Surprises. Bosses are in town. Good time. Get fired start the show the near China might actually pass on a quarterback with the six, and you believe that the Houston Rockets got blown out by the jazz. We'll start with the NBA in the east where for the first time since two thousand one the bucks have advanced in the playoffs. They finished up the sweep of the pistons last night with a one twenty seven one oh four win Jaanus put on a clinic forty-one points, his playoff career, high nine rebounds, four blocks. The bucks are moving on though face the Boston Celtics in round two. Here's Janas after last night's win. Just. I believe these here. It's unbelievable. I think we played great basketball stock together the whole serious even the women face adversity. And they were up there taking lease wasn't playing. Our best the rebel to just keep fighting as a group and feels good to win our fest playoff series together. Artsy? See Celtics swept bucks swept the two. Now face off in the second round. How did these two teams matchup with each other teams? I think these two teams matchup fairly well until you get to that guy was just talking right there. We can talk about all these other players that are gonna do it to five kyri going to do against Bledsoe all that believe negates it self, but Yang would is the answer to young up and coming superstar man, he's amongst just a handful of guys dribbles past midcourt. And he is at the room his ability to continue to shoot the jump shot and to watch his jump shot growth. His ability to build a not down free throws because he draws so many files, but we haven't seen this type of play unless you go back to the days of shack as far as someone scoring in the paint unassisted and how he's doing totally different than shack. But they end up with the same result. At the rim close to the room are dunking the basketball. He's a special basketball player. It's going to be fun to watch him as he gets into the second round for the first time because last night's game. You could see he just took over he took over when the bucks took over this game. They're trailing. Yes. Midway through the third. And then they do what great teams do and much respect to Detroit. And what they want him Blake Griffin plain out there with that chemical neabry on and everything Detroit played well enough, they weren't going to just Sarim they weren't gonna roll over. Usually if you're going to be overmatched in a series, but you're going to steal one. It's game three. It's the game. Where it's like, oh, we were just back at home. Yeah. Typically when you fall down three, oh, you're wave the white flag. Especially in a one versus eight Detroit was up late in the third quarter, and Milwaukee did what great teams do they went on a forty five to ten run of forty five to ten run in about twelve minutes of basket. Good night. Good luck. We are now up by thirty which continued the trend in this series. They won games in this year's by thirty five twenty one sixteen and twenty three in last night's Twenty-three. It would have been thirty if not for a late flurry by Detroit. But that continues the trend of Milwaukee this year a league high forty five wins by double digits over the course of the regular season. Why am I so high on Milwaukee prior to them this year Jenna only seven teams, and then be history had forty five plus or more wins by double digits all of them won the title, like if we were not living in a Kevin Durant, Steph curry Klay Thompson era. We would say Milwaukee is not as heavy favorites. Come out of the east Debbie favorites to win the title, which is why I think yesterday when we talked about the Celtics series at a lot of people took my commentary as oh nixed. Hate on the Celtics again, it is less to do with Boston and more to do with the team that they're facing. That I think is something of juggernaut. We just don't know it because this is the first year to your point. They've even want a single playoff series guests much less advanced very deep into the play. Okay. So if we all agree that you can't stop yon. We'll defense can Brad Stevens put together to at least slow him down. And keep them in these games. The problem is they shoot a three pointer. So well, there is no team that is sync offensively and defensively. Shoot. Two three will defend three whale. If John is draws a double team, they have four shooters own the court almost every at all points and brook Lopez. I totally disagree with Mannix who said your yesterday in Nick, and I've been watching brook Lopez man his game is special. We were kind of puzzled why didn't the Lakers for only three million dollars. And he's just changed his game. If people that we see when you say, you're puzzled by Mannix Mannix, yesterday said he thought brook Lopez could be played off the court in this series. Awesome. Because. He would be a liability exactly in Nick. And I don't agree with that. Because he's had a special season. Sixty five percent of his attempts at the field goal or beyond the three point line. That's his career was totally different before that. So now, he is a great shooter at the three point line, and you can bring him off. So now Janas has plenty of space Bledsoe is playing the most consistent basketball of his career. And I gotta tell you surprisingly, George hill who disappeared with the Cavs has played in spot duty has played some good basketball for the books who guards Jaanus if you look at the team who do you have on you? I mean, listen they'll start with it will be the same thing. Boston tried to do last year with LeBron which is throw a bunch of bodies at them, and they will fail Marcus Morris will try Jalen Brown. We'll dry, but he is not big enough shimmy, Osceola, we'll get some minutes because he shows strong. But he is not Tolan of Jason Tatum. We'll get some minutes. But he is not thick enough. There is nobody this is why when you say how. Boston slowdown. The walkie of Boston is going to make this a series. They're going to have to do it through putting together two of their best ofensive weeks of basketball. We've seen all year kyri is going to have to be twenty five plus points and night. Tatum's going to have to duplicate what he didn't around one where he was extrordinary. Gordon? Hayward is going to be the Gordon Hayward. We saw momentarily in the fourth quarter of game four throughout the series. Like the Gordon Hayward every month of the season this year average ten or eleven points. They need him to average eighteen or nineteen points. If they're gonna find enough offense because you are not holding Milwaukee under ninety five points more than maybe once in this series. Jenna you can go up and down in challenge. Anyone is going to be eight teams in the second round go up and down the roster and you see who who can guard young. You can ask for anyone. I don't care who they play teams in the east teams in the west. And that includes. The rockets and Golden State. Well, you mean, Kevin no, this is a mismatch waiting to happen. Every series this series, the finals in the east if they make it to the com- to NBA finals, and no matter who they are going against there is no one MBA that can match up against Janas witness. If you're going to slow Janas down what you need more than a great permettre defender. What you would need is a great rim-protector because Janas so much of his work at the rim. Rudy go bears. His season's about to end. Even though they extended it last night a guy such him. Joel Embiid, maybe if they were playing the conference finals could at least at the rim. Give us a little bit of trouble. But the Celtics have that guy the Celtics it's Al Horford or it's Aaron Baynes like, they you you can't no matter how great of a perimeter defender. You are if you're going up against the league MVP or one of the MVP candidates. The offense a player almost always wins that matchup in the long run. You gotta throw. A bunch of bodies out on which will mean the bucks are going to have in this series, an abundance of open three pointers of guys collapsing on Janas. And if they miss their threes like Indiana, did then Boston have a real shot by don't think they will. Which is why Milwaukee's the heavy favorite. Nick. You also believe from a coaching stamp point. Coach bud is really underrated in the things that he's done to Bill to bring out not only honest talent. But the rest of that roster. You believe that's the biggest difference between Milwaukee this year. And last year, it's not the evolution of Janas. It's coaching. What boot Holzer's done all years been brilliant? All right. So the bucks speak the pistons last night that is a suite for them. They move on to the second round against the Celtics most likely this weekend that series opens up coming up Kevin Durant feud with the media continues way t- here, it's next on one. 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Hood is giving listeners of first things. First a free stock like apple Ford or sprint to help. Build your portfolio designed sign up at first dot, Robin, Hood dot com. Back. I will talk to Kevin Durant in a second. But first couple of big plays from last night bucks. Pistons yon hanging in the air before finishing the layup. This remind you of see. Jay. Yeah. It's different acres yet. The iconic Jay play this. This is more body contact. This was this was a nasty play right here, though, man this guy. And then this time Jaanus drives to the rim finishes over maker import on maker requested trade out of Milwaukee. Man. I want more run didn't think that wrong would have Janas boom on all series long. I want to run into Yang this. I'm going to run on the courts with. Yeah. Man. The problem, and they got all those three points. Hobble to Blake Griffin gets in transition finishes at the rim with a group of bucks closing and good night for him. Oh, man. Great. Now, I gotta give credit. He's a pro's pro going out there. Jeopardizing your thing on that apparatus of some the sixties that knee brace. You gotta give Blake credit in this close out the last two games. He's played with a lot of heart. I rockets and jazz Donovan Mitchell, great extension, finishing the Elliott. What an awful fourth quarter for Houston credit to Royce O'neil Donovan Mitchell Donovan was great net fourth-quarter, by the way, but the jazz after really controlling the first half of this game. Houston takes the lead going into the fourth and goes is cold in that fourth and Donovan Mitchell down eventual outscored the rockets as a team by himself. He was he was special to out the game man, which is good because in this series. You shouldn't like thirty five percent. He needed one of these really good games. I'm moving onto Kevin Durant. K D coming off a big game in a big win over the clippers on Sunday. Coursey couldn't just bask in that win. Instead he was peppered with questions about his future. Hey, one thing's for certain wherever Katie ends up. He will be the one curator in the message. Here's Kevin Durant on his relationship with the media. He said they need me. If I wasn't a free agent. None of this expletive would go on. Right. None of this speculation about who. I am. What's wrong with my mental y I'm miserable. Why isn't happy with life? Nothing. Got a big. Wow. From CCC. What was your reaction to katie's comments? Bring a car in potentially. We can get him to. Some counseling from someone that you might liming. I mean with K D. This is the thing. I'm really about being self aware. And I realized and I might joke in everything and we have strong opinions, but overall in just in life, I'm not that important in if Katie if he takes a look at himself and realize that. We need Katie. We do need him. No. We need to bring some balance back to the NBA. Also, katie's about our show. He's wrong about the media part. Because if he wasn't a free agent if he had signed with Golden State in extension, if he had told people, I'm staying in Golden State, the news would be about other people. It would be about kyri. It would be about Kawai. It would be about. Now, Katie is one of the best players in the world and his move would change the hierarchy of what we have in the league. But trying to think that the media need you. Oh, no, they don't need. Lebron don't need. Steph. Don't need harden. They don't need any of those players. So I think eighties partially correct? And partially to your point is totally totally lack self awareness where he's cracked is. We do need him for content. We need great players and interesting players. So we're not just talking about the games. Right. When was the last era that we didn't? Great players, right. Your point is Katie weren't there. If you removed him, then everyone else just ticks up a level. And we're talking more about Steph, my mom, right? Young athlete told me. Listen, don't don't don't think that one size show will stop the circus. Of course. Okay. Don't ever think that you're going to be that important that they're not going to run their business without you. But the other part that where specific to Kevin Durant is the NBA and the NBA media. I think does need Kevin Durant to leave. Golden State store. Not only some balance to the league. That's how good he is. And he instead what that t- them teaming update and to restore some real intriguing suspense about the regular season. But we're he's wrong is we're he acts as if the reason people are speculating about my happiness about my mental wellbeing is because I'm a free agent. No, man. It's because of all the things you've said in the things you. Have done. Is anyone speculating about quiet Leonard's, mental health or happiness? No, what about Klay Thompson? What about Jimmy Butler? What about what about Nicole of each any of the other free agent? What all those guys you just mentioned have in common. They don't talk about it may don't get out in front of the media and pour gasoline on the one topic. And then the next day complain about all the the pushback, they get from that talking about that anyone you can say, oh, well, those guys aren't as big of a name is Kevin Durant. Fine. Was anyone speculating about LeBron James's mental wellbeing last year? No, even though he was bending agent. He if there's anyone in basketball world bigger than Kevin. It's lebron. There are two guys who we talk about their free agency and their level of happiness. The two guys who have given us reason to Kevin Durant and his buddy, Kyrie Irving. So I'm sure when those guys talk like me, and there's little things crazy people think you're not happy. They think I'm not happy. What's everyone's lost their mind? But there's they're not the only two for agents. They're the only two free agent who have made it seem like they aren't happy. They have other things going on. It's not this is not people didn't do this to Kevin Durant three years ago when he was pending free agent. No, getting ready to leave Oklahoma City because he wasn't pouring gas on the fire and because he didn't see miserable. Kevin arenas seemed miserable this year. Yeah. There's an element of we're playing pop psychologist. I get that. And I can imagine that would be frustrating. Everyday people talking about you, how happy you are what you're gonna do. I understand me wearing on you. But the self awareness comes in. There's a way to remove a lot of it. And to take the quiet pro I am focused on this year or the LeBron from last year. We'll talk about the off season in the off season. Kevin Durant hasn't done that. And with that. And with the general Malays seemed to be under a lot of the year leaving league technicals fighting with Draymond this is going to happen. But let's look in the last year. You and I were talking before the show look at the optics on Linnet last year. Everyone was trying to make him out to be alive or he was faking his injury or he's not that tough. Remember, all the things San Antonio organisation. They do things that right way. I told you guys all men quiet hurt. They misdiagnosed him. They didn't treat him. The right weight is form a doctor standpoint, not the organism from a medical standpoint. And how much has Kawai repaired his reputation by not saying anything, but just going to work doing his job being a good teammate and saying I won't comment on free agency compared to Kevin Durant in that last year where he has gained another postseason in the they are the over overwhelming favourite to build three peat, and he still taking more of a PR hit then Kawai because he's just not going about it the right way. So I don't expect this to end especially when a player thinks that he's needed. By the media. Like, there's going to be a big story. And that story is going to be Kevin Durant leaves the Golden State Warriors. And next year. We're talking about basketball. We're still going to have some of these same questions about Kevin Durant. No matter where he is is just on. We're just going to move the needle from being in Golden State to be in New York being LA being somewhere else. But Kevin Durant will be a part of the media is long as he's in the league. And given all the ways the league is covered on a daily basis three hundred sixty five days a year, the one thing that would serve cure all this. The one thing that would make him happy would be winning. Well, he's one and he still sort of similar in attitude towards the media towards his own self awareness. Whatever it is as he was before. What makes me think that going somewhere else is going to change the other element is take salaries out of it the player salary? The other element is to why the NBA superstar make so much more money than the NFL superstar is because people are. Oh, really interested in who they are as people. That's why. Kevin Durant has started a feature length film called thunder up to I Cairo Irving got the drew movie and yet NFL players Aaron Rodgers and got no movies talk. Maybe Tom Brady could be done any movies that there is an element of. And Katie is talked enormous said Christine's when Christine's asked about free agency and the podcast man, wherever I can make the most money he's very focused on stacking as much money as possible and good for him. He's creating generation wealthy doing good things with his money. But part of that is because people are interested in more than the forty eight minutes and night two or three times a week, and seemingly Steve Kerr gets it Steph kits it the other stars in the league on his team or otherwise get it Katie wants to have it both ways in this regard. And it's he is the only hurdle to us talking more about how great he is on the court is the things he says off the court because the truth is if you look back over this. Zain what stands out more specific games? Great games or all the drama that is played out off the court with all players. All right. Let's take a break coming up. Hey, why are the New York Giants committed to passing on a quarterback? Sorry fans. That's next. Coming up at nine o'clock. Former Ohio State quarterback twain Haskins will join us later only on first things first let's get to with twain cannot wait to talk to them. We'll get to the Sixers in just a second. But first nuggets and Spurs Derek Whyte, the nice spin move before making the reverse layup, Dirk Weisman. When the great stories man, I don't how Tonio find all these players, Nick man infrastructure. Good leadership. Not just hiring the Rambus family run basketball. You know, the things most days. No big deal. Raptors magic Lowry thrown leap passed a coup. Why who catches and dunks in one motion it managed a good thing. We had the instinct classic as the nightcap last night. These first three games were not competitive at all at any moment. After the first quarter. Raptors looked great same game. Norman Powell drives delivers the big one handed slam get it, and you got confidence in Toronto's bench this year. Typically you like their deep, but they don't they don't play well in the playoff this year. They listen they don't have LeBron scare them this year. But I'm so excited this raptor Sixers series because there's so many interesting kind of storylines to finally play of the year Damian Lillard game winner thirty seven feet out over Paul George thunder going home, Portland moving on. It is unbelievable that there's only been six of these MBA history series, winner puzzle. Leaders and Dame's now got two of them Dame whose only if my to my recollection only one four playoff series ever and two of them have ended with hitting walk-off game winner series winners. Unbelievable moving onto the Eastern Conference. Now, both the Sixers and the raptors took care of business last night as we mentioned Toronto finished off the magic Philly ended the net season, and that sets up a great second round matchup between and the raptors and Embiid and the Sixers Nick which team has more of an edge in this one will the raptors have an edge a clear there are better team there deeper team to seize point. And unlike most series that Philly would play Philly doesn't have the clear cut best player. In fact, the raptors might have the best player, quiet, Leonard. I think most people think is still a at least a tick above Joel Embiid. But that doesn't mean the Sixers don't have a way to win. And that's why this series is. So fascinating. Because there are a lot of questions. Philly is going to have to answer that if they're smart they've been thinking about since the regular season ended. They knew that it was going to be Sixers raptors in the second round. They knew the magic we're going to beat the raptors and that they should be able to handle the net. So has Brett Brown been working on a way to stagger Simmons and Embiid better? Because as we talked about yesterday been Simmons does seem a lot more empowered and a lot better what he's not sharing the court. Joel embiid. Joel Embiid doesn't need been Simmons out there to go to work can Jimmy Butler be the guy that Jimmy Butler wants a time was supposed to be which is quite Leonard. One of the best two way players in basketball can not cancel out quite but come close to you know, give you eighty percent of what is doing to where there isn't that distinct edge. And then another side is PASCAL. I'm going to continue to elevate from most improved player. To wait. Is he second star on a contender? Which is what he was in the first round. There's so many to me storylines here. The biggest one is going to be the Sixers lack of depth against the raptors overwhelming depth. But it goes a lot further than that. This is an intriguing series. I do believe Kawai probably around the league. He's been more consistent. People would say he's the better player. I would say Kawai because his overall demeanor in leadership because I don't think Philadelphia has anyone can match up with him. I mean, he's too physical for the smaller guards. And he's suits basketball to will. They put Ben Simmons on them. Then who's going to guard the point guarding in Karelia JJ can't run around with him. So tremendous advantage to the raptors I'm gonna go Kawai because he's my guy. I think he's one of the most underrated superstars we've had an NBA in the last ten years and after going through that skirmish with San Antonio where he was saved a lot of criticism is far as being was he misdiagnose was San Antonio men all the reputation that they have that they've collected two years because I got a lot of criticism. We have heard a peep out of quiet this year, they rested them for load management. But Kawai he's thirteen in August. Xers three in this season. So you talk about who got an advantage grind never lost to the Sixers. So I didn't know that. That'll I think that when you go into an NBA locker room, and you have that type of cachet, and you can say that I think that's a tremendous advantage at Toronto. That's remember last year. We about Toronto has accused disadvantage against LeBron. Well, not only the numbers just to how many times has LeBron ended their season or when they had championship aspirations. Lebron was the person that said, hey, hold on. We're still here in Cleveland sofa me that vantage in this series. If it is one person Kawai Leonard how he's dominated the Sixers to out his career going to go to the Sixers where you're hoping joylin beat is healthy enough and is able to go the distance to be able to compete against this team. How do you how do you slow down or stop dwelling beat if you're the the raptors I think that they will throw they will use all their files available. Even though it's very good free throw shooter, Marcus Saul is a big physical guy who once on a time. It was defensive player of the year in this league. He's. Not the same player, but he has the same mind. He knows he knows positions knows how to get guys out of their spots and Serge Ibaka will not back down. No surgery Bach is a legitimate tough guy in this league. Joe? Alexa, talk Joel can make people mad surge. There is no fear in him. So surge Abaco admit of a resurgence this year. Yep. He's going to be key as well. They're going to be key. They're also going to be killing offense of in how they run their offense. Typically, they can bring Joel Embiid away from the bucket in the Brooklyn series. Both of the centers for Toronto would be starting for Brooklyn if they played for them. So he's going to face in the pain is totally different than he faced in round number one. But what you have to watch out for on the defensive in is they're going to try to double team Jolan beat in the post them. You have to watch the length of Danny green, Seok them, and and Kawai they have long arms, and they make a lot of steals Toronto's a very good team. And they're going to force. Ben Simmons to have to be effective off. Offensively because I think on the perimeter they'd match up well with Philadelphia better than the other team besides Milwaukee. I wanna talk more about quite just for a moment. And what maybe Phillies playing would be because coli cement in the load management, quiet. Only played in sixty games this year. I mean, I some context it feels like LeBron didn't play since Christmas. He played in fifty five of them. Right. So quite only played five more games than LeBron. Why? Because they wanted him fully healthy for the postseason and what they're getting from coli is the best basketball. He's ever played. It's forgotten because of who they were playing in the first round. This was the NBA TV series of all MBA TV series Toronto. Orlando book was giving you twenty eight seven and three on fifty six percent from the field and fifty four percent from three say that as of as a fish. Now, the three point he nobody can shoot that fifty four percent from three over long of sample. But his he's been incredibly efficient and he's doing in only thirty four minutes. It's a game. He played thirty four minutes even the regular season playing exactly thirty minutes game in the postseason. So he's been great. What you said in the beginning. I do think they're going to have to try. I think they're going to have to spend some minutes with Ben Simmons on because been Simmons does have a length advantage. Now that does mean JJ Renick's can have to guard somebody and so that does create a problem for them. Could they put been Simmons on by Jimmy Butler on Kyle Lowry shore? But at some point you trickle down JJ Radic's guarding somebody which can be three. Well, he might have to for some minutes because that would be the only matchup he has unless Lowry is having an off series. But that is this is to me the underlying story of this is Brett Brown got a lot of credit for dealing with the process for dealing with all the losing and the team staying unified. And now that we've seen Brown play in Cochin playoff series, high leverage games. People are starting to pick away. Wait is Brett Brown was a good coach to get you for me to be. But see the. Right. Coach from b to see it is going to take legitimate, not only adjustments. But smart rotations as far as when my guys are out there because you only have six guys you trust with Philly Toronto's got nine, and so how can you make sure that you are not getting killed when you go to your bench unit. That's on the is much as anybody some really important watching this year. We'll talk more about this. But I think the coaching matchup is also an interesting one Nick nurse in his first year Brett Brown seemingly the jury's still out on who he is as a head coach with that team. So we'll talk about that coming up. How much of a hit was last night to Russell Westbrook legacy next on first. Get NASCAR returns to Talladega. Superspeedway the geiko five hundred Sunday to eastern only on FOX time for us to go viral. So last night Dame Lillard hit one of the greatest shots and NBA playoff history to end. Okay. Sees season. Of course after the game social media. Went bananas. Allen Iverson tweeted, God Dame Modell Beckham tweeted, disrespectful, Dala, and friend of the show. CJ McCollum tweeted man, craziest game I've ever been a part of cold-blooded logo trae from forty feet for a fifty piece and a series clincher. Lebron Draymond Dwayne Dwayne Wade also chimed him. How crazy was the shot though, guys, honestly enough to spark interest in applause from all of the top players in the NBA, the longest baazar beating shot that I can think of an NBA playoff history. Jerry West hit. One from almost three quarter court to force overtime the video. That is amazing. Unbelievable. Just casually take the bomb from abound is seventy four nothing. But the this is this might be is this the second longest game winner in playoff history will have to check that it will live in MBA video lore forever. Like this this image Dame's face afterwards, them roast and Ross who deserved it. And for fifty peace now. Yeah. Not not. Is it the second longest but four fifty. So it might alternately, especially if they go on to win another Sears, it might be one of the most iconic playoff south we've ever seen. I think they'll be favored in the next series. They play whether Spurs or the nuggets, I wouldn't have home court over the nuggets. I think they'd be favored high time for stores. Start you morning. Brought to you by the expensive energy Exxon Mobil. Speaking of nuggets Spurs big win for Denver last night. They took down San Antonio won away to ninety they go up through. Three games to two Nick in this apprise. You certainly the margin surprised me they were thirty in the third quarter. And this the way they were in total control throughout this was a game. The Spurs could steal obviously been down on the nuggets since the postseason started at the last two games. Yes. Starting with an unbelievable run in the third quarter of game. Four in the entirety of game five they've rustled control of the series back from San Antonio. And you think which teams going to make the most significant adjustments because in playoff series, you have to make adjustments man what Denver's done and what they're doing defensively. They've matched up better with San Antonio and knocking down shot surprisingly to your guy at center, he's not getting he's not getting used up in that getting used up defensively way thought he will it's true credit to Nicole Yokich grudge, and you gotta give their coaching staff. A lot of credit moving onto the Lakers now Jason Kidd interviewed for their head coaching job. He reportedly had multiple interviews with rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambus. Nick what you make this Tani gun. Google. He wrote an article nail eight times about this yesterday. That was like a mad libs of awful news for Laker fans. This sentence was in there, Kurt Rambus who is with the team and advisory role. The husband of Linda Rambo's genie buses closest advisor conducted also an employee of the team conducted this interview with Jason Kidd. Now, luckily later in the article Tanya wrote chasing kid is not a series candidate that he is not someone that is actually eligible for this job. They did the interview as a courtesy, but I wouldn't put anything past the Lakers right now. The Lakers everything that's happened. Since magic walked out the door. See is disheartening if you are hoping the Lakers are going to compete for championships moving, and when you're in the position the Lakers are from a PR standpoint, you can't afford a common courtesy to help someone else's PR. You need to work on your own PR. Like, you don't even have enough cash to build something. We'll spread the love around. You need to concentrate this stinks. And I believe it's gonna get worse. Why is Kurt Rambis? Conducting interviews why you why is Kurt Rambis your brain trust some believable to the NFL. Now the draft slated for tomorrow. According to the cardinals, they still don't know who they're picking cliff where he said, quote, I wouldn't say that hey is in the barn for the first overall ping artsy. What should the cardinals do? If cliff Kingsbury wants to be successful. If he wants to stay true to form as far as what he told the Bidwill ownership there in Arizona, he should take. Because that's the only way you're going to be excited about errors in them moving forward now unfair fair to Josh Rosen. If the coach likes the guy, it's his first time in pro football as a head coach. I would get my quarterback if I was him. That's what I would do. I call Jon Gruden and say, listen man, give me the four gave me one of those other. I you got from the raiders or the I'm sorry from you the Cowboys or the bears. Okay, man. Give me an ex something extra on top on a stick with Josh Rosen at four, you know, Quentin Williams Joe, Joey Nikki Bosa or Josh Allen, one of those three defensive player's going to be there for Cuyler would be going one that what I would do what they're going to do is take color Murray and trade my guy Josh Rosen hopefully to a better situation. That's what they're gonna do what they should do. I finally chiefs and Seahawks business yesterday. Seattle sent defensive and Frank Clark to Kansas City for a first round pick. And at twenty twenty second round pick Clark who's been one of the league's best pass rushers. The last few years did pretty well. For himself got a five year one hundred five million dollar deal chiefs. We're happy to pay him. They finished thirty first in total defense last year. See was this a good move. I kiss. I can't sign awfulness as being a good move for one. I believe that. Frank Clark is a good football player. Not a great football player. Not hundred five million dollars note, if I'm going to start paying guys in that type of price range twenty million. This is what I'd like to think about do. I have the double team him every play. And if I don't have to double team every play then he is not worth that kind of money because if I'm gonna pay a left tackle that kind of money. You know, what I'm asking him the same question. Do I have to provide a tide? And for you or running back, the chip lock, no soul. The math doesn't work. Also, these type of guys make this type of money because it's not personal against fright. Can he get twenty sacks in a season? You're paying them twenty million. You would think if he gets really good. He has a great year. I don't see Frank Clark as being one of those guys that can approach fifteen twenty sacks consistently and for the third thing, which might be more important than the first two. You can't bring a guy into your locker room who has the type of domestic violence issues that he's had in his past. When you have issues that you already currently have you just sent a guy out the door and Kareem hunt young player because a domestic violent you currently have tire. He'll on your roster who's involved in a very very serious domestic issue that his child was removed from his home Kansas City. And there was word out of Kansas City that they were getting ready to make tire Keough the highest paid wide receiver. The only thing stop them from the Goshi eight. Now is this case that they have. And now they're getting ready to give a guy. Now. Do I believe Frank Clark should be playing in the league? Yes. But I can't bring them into the Kansas City locked room because now what do I tell and that's what do I tell the people work in my front office. And every team I've ever been Olen. They have a wives group are significant others, they do events and everything when I sit down in a dress this group, what do I tell them? Do. I tell them that. I really do care about them or that trying to put the best football players on the field is the most important thing to me. So Kansas City is sending a mixed message to their locker room and to their fan base. When you give a guy hundred million that has the past that Frank cast. I think people would probably expect given the fact I'm from Kansas City I root for the chiefs, admittedly, and my philosophy that when you have the young. Star quarterback on a rookie contract. You go for it. You go for it. You go for it. You spend you spend you spend that I love this deal. I do not I wouldn't have loved this deal. Just as a free agent signing. Let's say they didn't give away any draft compensation. The news was that chief signed Frank clerk to five hundred five million dollars. I would have said, yes, he's I think he's better than D forty even if the numbers don't agree with me there. I know he's better than Justin Houston, a guy who wants a time was a twenty year guy. Yes is past that point this career? I it would have felt like an overpay on just a free agent deal. But you can you understand it from football perspective when you include they traded a first and a second for Frank Clark. They exchanged third. So it's centrally a first a second that the defensive players in recent history gone for that type of compensation or Durrell rebus. Jared Allen, Richard Seymour Khalil Mack a little before that John Abraham guys a ticker to above fr. Clark. It seems to me like Seattle will do it. They only had four draft picks. They just paid their quarterback. I need cheap. I understand Seattle's perspective. And I get the chief saying, you know, what maybe we are overpaying, but we were in offsides away from going to the Super Bowl. We think winning it. We brought in Honey badger bring this guy in. Even if we have to overpay. We want to Super Bowl. Nobody cares. But the off the field stuff matters. And the one thing you didn't mention it me being from Kansas City and having covered this when I worked there it shouldn't be forgotten that chiefs also before cream before tyreek hill before Frank Clark had of every pro sports team any league in in America. The worst case scenario domestic violence incident on their watch. They had a player murder his mother the mother of his child and come to the facility and kill himself that wouldn't generations ago. Then sent it wasn't under this regime, but it was this decade, and they then drafted tyreek and say we're going to take a chance and everyone forgot about all that while he's leading the league in forty yard touchdowns. And then all of a sudden there's allegations that he broke his son's arm and his kid gets taken out of the house cream hunt. You get kicked off the team for what shows up on video nitrate for Frank Clark. No measures can't say this the team that my hometown team's gonna run should it. What do what the media scrutiny keep Kareem hunt? You know what he'll take the penalty. He gets. We are. We are football business. We're not in the morality business. If that's what you wanna be. But you told me that's who you wanna be. And now it feels to me like they took the money that was bookmarks or earmarked for tyreek and send it over to Frank. Yeah. But it's not like they've cut tyreek they're gonna keep tyreek kill if they can't they might not give long-term money. So all of this chiefs. And it makes me feel and just on a football perspective. Twenty one million dollars a year. Four is pay defensive player in the league for Frank clerk overpay to a I in a second round, pick clerk is an overpay. So even if he was a boy scout, it would feel like man paid a premium. So I get why they're doing it. You got Patrick Mahomes league MVP making a few million bucks. Go for it. Couldn't you Patrick Peterson for first in the second. Wouldn't isn't? He a better. Better player at his position. Could you like with no off the field stuff? It strikes me. This news didn't sit well with me, especially as being the team that I've rooted for my whole life. Let's switch hairs and get back to basketball now and that big shot of the night by Damian Lillard, a thirty seven footer right in front of Paul George to send okay see packing the third season in a row. The thunder have lost in the first round. Russell Westbrook who put up a triple double in the loss with self reflective after the game process. Always look. So I. I forgot what I could have done better throughout the whole season. It's put Martine position about a win games. I saw a look at it. Forgot how can we better, you know, coming back in how could they better to help us when a gay? All right, Nick, we started the conversation yesterday. Let's keep it going now that they've been eliminated can the Fender have any success if they're going to build around Russell Westbrook. Listen, they're going to have to recognize the type of team they have to be. And that is you have to be shooting for number one defense in basketball, not top-five not top eight number one defense in basketball because your offense is going to be inefficient with him using the number of possessions. He does unless he comes back next year committing I'm not shooting threes or I have found learned how to shoot threes. Your offense going be limited defense this year. They were they were top ten deepens this year, they were even better defensively last year and last year they had Andre Roberson. Now Rogerson who is one of the best defensive players in basketball. He missed the entirety of this season. So that hurts them they get him back next year, theoretically, but see they got no reinforcements coming note. Just next year thirty eight million for us fifteen million for shoot or ten million for Rogerson thirty five million for Paul George nine. Jeremy grant twenty six million four Stephen Adams, all those guys I just mentioning separate Rogerson, by the way, their contracts go on past next year about multi year commitments, this is your team. And it seems that very clear glass ceiling like cement ceiling which is make the playoffs. Win forty five to fifty games. And then be knocked out in the first round here. This is a tough they got some they got. They got no money, no money. And how do you find some of these fill in guys that that you would try to find? And I don't have that much confidence in Billy Donovan as a head coach that if he has less town than what they're going to have in Golden State with they're going to have in San Antonio and other places is he going to be able to win you game in the series because you made the decision once Katie left, you're trying to build around the Russ, and you have to if you're being real with yourself is you have to realize Russ's not going to change that much. So you're right. You're gonna have to be a great defensive team. And how do you win games on the road in NBA playoff games because Russ is over eight Swiss K D has left in road playoff games. So you're not gonna be able to shoot your way out. You're gonna have to be able to suffocate teams and Bill to stop them from Bill with the score the basketball. So you have to still try to find. Some guys for minimum salaries three in diguise guys who can shoot it and defend it and try to mess mesh when Rogerson comes back, and you hope that Rogerson doesn't get hurt again because he's been hurt to our last three seasons. And I don't believe he's the type of player that they're robots and away from chance. Hopefully, I one hundred senators is this a Russell Westbrook problem. Or is this a Billy Donovan problem? Can you coach your way around that you have in Russell Westbrook? Donovan might end up getting fired. I don't I don't know. The Billy Donovan's a great coach. I don't put this series on him. I don't put this season on him. But Billy Donovan has on his NBA resumes. Now, the following first years a coach three one in the western garments finals and got three one lead that change the course of thunder history forever. You don't blow that lead katie's probably still there the war. We don't know what happened with the Golden State. You blew that the next year everyone on the thunder got a ton of credit a Russ wins in BP gets a triple double you make the playoffs coming around. But the year after that. Playoffs and regular season combined. You won fifty games were out in the first round this year playoffs regular season. Good mind. You won fifty games. And you were out in the first round you you had Paul George for both of those seasons. Russ didn't evolve as a player. So it's up to the player to get better. It's up to the coach to find a way to put players in the best position. And the way they melt down down the stretch getting out scored twenty six to eight after having a fifteen point lead with seven minutes left. That's on everybody involved with believe it some involved with the coach if I'm the coach though because I just don't believe Russia's going to do much changing. But the chains that need to be made is the franchise these revolve around Paul George and I need to somehow kit them healthier for the playoffs. Let's not forget George didn't play well in the playoffs. But justifiable he did have a bad shoulder injury. He was spectacular. The first two thirds of the show for me. I'm the franchise. All right. Paul George is going to be the guy. And when I start getting in games like this. I'm going to lean on. Him more because it's easier to when your leader is a two way player compared to being the way Russ and the way Russ plays. Again. I totally agree with that philosophy. The problem for the thunder is even Paul George totally healthy. And they do that. When we saw a better Russ than right now be the second best player on a team with a better star player than Paul, George and Kevin Durant. And that team wasn't good enough. Right. And so this version be good enough. No. It wouldn't I that's a break. Coming up later in the show states Dwayne Haskins will join us with his final thoughts before tomorrow's NFL draft. That's ahead on first things. Scar returns to delegate for the wildest race of the year. Talladega. The guy phone five hundred Sunday to eastern only on box time for us to go viral the near giants drafted do quarterback. Daniel Jones six overall yesterday. Let's just say some G men fans not excited about the pick. Zero so recruit. Schanche? Josiah told. Shit legit devastation. What you were in the background, though was just as rice lis- hasn't area. Which was Joe's hero who was a zero. Has a very athletic system. What that's how you end up to. Not even to shirt into your super that fan, though. Josh L, the Kentucky's Jack the truth of the matter is that happens to be the guy that runs our show. He's gonna Fatman suit. That's Kevin there. Here. I know that's Kevin Kennon. Team free agent now almost giants fan forever. And I was just the hospital we need to check on your right man jury time for AT and T wakeup call. And with the first pick in two thousand nineteen NFL draft the Zona cardinals select Cuyler Murray Murray becomes the second straight. Oklahoma quarterback drafted first overall last year was Baker Mayfield. Interesting to note, the cards did not trade Josh Rosen. See Zona do the right thing with this pick did the right thing. So for now the Bill finish it off. They gotta build trae. Josh Rosen today, the coach the organizations got a conviction about this quarterback to bring some excitement back to the cardinals. They're in a tough division. Their offense of line is atrocious. As a team that needs a lot of help. But this is a good start Aaron Donald Nikki Bosa Seattle defense, that's who the cardinals and that division. So I understand why they feel like they need to basically tear this thing down to the studs and rebuild it. You gotta protect this young, man. You got to protect. These young quarterbacks, but especially one his size. That's what they were not able to do for Josh Rosen. Worst offensive line worse. Running game in football last year. He didn't have a chance hopefully Cuyler will with the number two pick the forty Niners drafted Nikki Bosa out of a high of states. He will give them a much needed boost the Niners pass rush was ranked twenty seventh by pro football focus last season. See what do you make of this pick by the Niners? Very happy for the bows of family at the realize my history goes back with them there. Eric Kumar role the first round pick. Right. Played with him at Ohio State. I know the mom they're twins Eric in her are twins. So we went to college together. The dad I got to know him in south Florida. He was a first round pick John Boese from Boston College to the dolphin. So happy for him following the legacy of great Boza football players, and he's got the potential maybe most special, Nick, listen. This was of all the picks taken in the first round yesterday. This was the one that was the most obvious and the most. The no-brainer when you saw Cuyler go number one, you it was minus ten thousand that Nikki Bose who's going to be the next name picked and the Niners. Now, they trade for deformed. They have wars Buckner. They're trying to get something out of third overall pick Solomon Thomas, and now they have Nikki Boza. Instead the giant yet. I mean, they have a formidable front I don't know about their offense other than Kittle. But the defense they are building it up front in a division where you gotta get after the passer the patriots wide receiving corps extremely thin right now. But they took a shot at bolstering it by drafting AirAsia statewide out Nikial, Harry. This is the first time the patriots have selected receiver in the first round since they chose Terry. Glenn back in nine hundred ninety six Nick would you make New England selection. We thought they needed a wide receiver. But I've learned in years past don't assume that because of what we think they need to where they're going to go. They always do things their way, though, I think most people have thought in this spot if you need a wide receiver Akeem Butler might be the pick for them to get out of. Iowa state. They go with Nicole, Harry. I see I know you talked about the elements. He can add to the offense. They had to fill this need, they filled it earlier than I expected if you wanna give guy a comparison, let's compare him to Dez Bryant when does brand came out, Oklahoma state. Oklahoma state more dynamic passing offense got the ball to death little more. So as numbers aren't comparable measurable 's high weight explosion forty time. So he should be an immediate red zone target after losing gronk, but a possession receiver that should have a long career. Good pick by the pats at the end of the first round. I just one game on the NBA playoffs scheduled tonight game six between the clippers and warriors in Los Angeles warriors had a chance to finish off the clippers in game five, but Lou Williams had other plans up thirty three points ten times in that game. Golden State head coach Steve Kerr was asked about the way his team's been playing take a listen. Spent a year where things haven't gone exactly smoothly all the time. So it's it's. I'm not surprised by anything everything that we did in LA. We did not do tonight. We sorta seemed to take it for granted that we were going to be okay. But you know, I said it before the game this this clipper team has been scrapping and clawing all year. And. You knew they weren't going to go down without a fight. Yeah. They're stuff. This team has some stuff that they're dealing with now as they try to put the clippers out what how concerned are you with the warriors struggles right now, Nick. Well, I thought Kerr Luda to a point that you made yesterday that then sure would Strauss who covers this team wrote a whole article about it, which is this has been the warriors identity. Those agree point by you, which is maybe I there was another article written, which is how many warriors losses is going to take for people to believe they're vulnerable. And I realized that article was speaking right to me every time they lose them. Like, this is bad. They now of an injury. The defense hasn't been good. They're not as deep, but they're still win the title. Like, I I it is hard for me to believe that this team that I've seen go on a nearly unprecedented. Run over the last five years, and it is unprecedented. When you include regular season and postseason success for five seasons that they are not going to come out tonight and be the warriors be dominant. Do what? Clay set, which is let's go beat them by thirty. I know they have that game in them every game in the series until the previous one they had at least a twenty point lead in they, but they do not fit the they are not the team on the court that they are in my mind's eye and a lot of it is about defense. And it's a point that we've been talking about all year and a lot of it is about they are yet to have consistently where Stephon Katie sync up together and our great simultaneously, right? Like Katie was unbelievable in game five and Steph had a rough night. Katie was unbelievable in game. Four step had a really rough night. Steph was unbelievable in game one Katie was fine. Like, so if those guys aren't sinking up and their defense is vulnerable. That's how they all of a sudden get to a sixth game in a series. But those are reason why the history of the NBA has team struggling when they tried to three peat and not only three peat. Let's go back that was in Iran. By some of the greatest basketball we've ever seen by LeBron James, so clay Steph, drain mon- Iggy. This is five years in a row for them. Right. This is not three in a row. Iggy is not as athletic. He's not as dependable only defense of standpoint trae Mont green is having one of the worst seasons. He's had in a long time shooting a basketball at an all time low. They're not as good their benches knotted as d they don't have people coming off the bench like David west San Luis has struggled. He's not the same defender is definitely not the same offensive threat. So if we looked at like, yeah, they're not as good, and let's not forget they lost all star center in boogie cousins. So they're not as good what's important about. This game is how they come out in the first quarter Draymond said he took responsibility for the game number five loss. He said I didn't set the tempo from the beginning. It was up to me. In. I didn't do it. Because he thought that all these other all stars would be focused. Klay was focus Katie was focused, but the rest of the team, which is less talented and they're not as good defensively. So for me, it's not just mental. They are not good at doing the things that have gotten them and opportunity to try to three P. You made such good point the team in your head is not the team you watch. I like an at to take one of those lawnmowers right and trying to pull it we keep talking about this switch that they're gonna flip. Don't worry. They'll be fine. They pull it it revs for a little bit. They have a good game thirty point game, whatever. And then it goes back to and you pull it and you wanted to get because you think the next pull is going to be the time where this turns into the team that's in your head. And for the last couple years it has been and this year same way has been in the regular season. It hasn't been well this is all say about tonight's game. If the warriors are not the team that I believe they can be my head tonight. If they do not dominate an Overmach, Los Angeles Clippers same then that will change my opinion about. Ability beat the Houston Rockets like they if they are not able to respond to what happened to them defensively in the previous game. Then I will finally believe what my eyes have been telling me right now. I can't I I Can't Leave Behind what I've seen from the same in the last few years. This this game is not going to terminate thing for me is far as Golden State. They are they're better than the clippers. They will win the series so regards they close them out tonight. They will win the series, but everything has changed going into round number two. Houston is sitting resting plane. That's best basketball of the Golden State. They've already suffered two losses at home. They don't have to play another bad quarter for me to believe, man. This is the team who they are in two thousand nineteen. All right. Let's get back to the NFL draft. So where data is day quarterback twain Haskins end up once the giants passed on him. He draft all the way down to Washington with the fifteenth pick Haskins who played his high school football in Maryland now gets the plane front of his family and. Friends as a pro and we'll play with chip on his shoulder forgetting passed on by so many teams in need of a quarterback. To be honest. I'm more motivated, not never bigger tip of my shoulder leader messed up and miss less by like, my family might down the street. So do it. Right. This time. So crazy. Artsy? I'll start with you. How does Haskins fit into Washington's plan? I believe if it's well in the what they're trying to do. They've drafted a lot of players university Alabama defensive y the defensive line they got man they got players own that defense, I believe with their offense of line. Their ability to run the ball with a couple of different running backs. I believe that Jay Gruden has done some good things with less personnel than a lot of people last year. He had Alex Smith and this team off to a fabulous start before Alex Smith and that offense a line was devastated. So this is Haskins the best fit for him now coming out of high school. He wanted to play football in Maryland. So he could've played all his football in Maryland. He was committed to Maryland. And then the mighty Ohio State came in and gave him a offer. After seeing that, man. He's a lot better. He's developed but will house they recruited over it. I mean, we take Martell from Vegas going to come in and be the next starter at the JT. So this is not new when you go to a big pro. It's about competition. The NFL the draft is just laying assignments ain't nobody won the race. Cuyler did win the two hundred meters. Daniel Jones didn't win the two just laying assignments. Now, he don't have the best lane assignment. But he might have from a comfort level being right down the street from where he was born and raised. He's going to have the type of support. And regardless of your the first pick are the last pick you need to stay motivated NFL because you need to know that they are trying to replace you from everyday that they sign you on until you retire. The only reason that the the only negative is far as his lane assignment. So to speak is the reports that Jay Gruden didn't want it. And that this was done by the owner. And if you man if you get to a team where the head coach is not on board with you that can make things more difficult. I hope those reports aren't true. And if they are true, I hope Dwayne Haskins can win them over. Because here's here's what I know about Haskins. I think he isn't a good spot. Not because he's from Maryland. Because before they got hurt. Brandin Scherf Morgan Moses and Trent Williams that's three fifths of a great offense of line that you can cover up for Eric flowers being your left guard me of that offense of line. I like Deron pain in Jonathan Allen and their players on defense that defense played statistically really well until their offense died when the when they're all the injuries. Now all of a sudden deepens on the field thirty five minutes per game. And the other the only knock on Haskins people come up with other than lack of experience was people said lack of maturity and a lack of ability to fully comprehend NFL offense. That's not what I saw. And when they say lack of maturity, what about the fact of what a great teammate. He was sitting behind J T Barrett who he was better than this amount that you try to justify what the Pixar there is no way on God's green. Or that the Duke blue devils are running a more sophisticated offense than Ryan day in Ohio State Buckeye. That's. We got three guys why receivers that probably being drafted day to our day three. So I think that what people when you try to justify the pick you try to justify make an excuse for people NFL offense like stop. Well. That's that's the maturity point to me was shown when he was a great team behind JT Barrett who he was better than and I know a lot of Ohio State fans, and maybe even alums thought he was a better, I told you, okay? I didn't know if he wanted to say that about JT. Exactly, right. Correct. You were sitting there. We were at the game against Penn State, you're clamoring for for four Haskins when JT bear to four years four year, captain of the team, and as far as you know, intellectual capacity, which is thing we only do two quarterbacks. Look like him Ryan day was I know he wouldn't head coach last year. But he's running in NFL offense in college football, the idea that he couldn't comprehend won an NFL teams doing silly now to the point. Making all morning. Yeah. Quarterbacks crapshoot. So nobody's a sure thing. But of all the quarterbacks to me, he was the safest bet and Washington being disciplined enough to not mortgage everything to move up and still getting him at fifteen. They have to feel great about that. Tell you something the. I just can't go on without saying this. If the Wayne Haskins as an African American goes to do inputs up does mediocre stats seven in the conference. He's not drafted day one damn day to all right under percent. So when you start talking about a guy can't comprehend that stuff is racial. All right. You don't go to state throw for fifty touchdowns baked break the big ten record Ohio State changed their offense to Ryan day for this guy when Ryan day when I sit down with them say what attributes he said, listen, Chris as far as football Xs and os, this kid is way above what you would expect. That was before we started seeing on the field his touch his deep throws and things like that. So I don't see an African American quarterback that would have played the way Daniel Jones. Did it do and been drafted in the first round? And I might not have been drafted at all. And on that people are gonna say yelling at their TV's a black. Quarterback went number one. We might be at a place right now in the NFL where teams are okay when they weren't before with the black quarterback, that's real athletic and runs around. And does some things that oh that used to be college quarterback? But this is a black quarterback. That's not real athletic. That is just a drop back passer. He's going to have to beat you with his brain and his arm. It's like, oh, he doesn't run. He's not athletic. Oh, well, I'll go with the six five white kid from Duke because I mean, he he reminds me more of the quarterbacks I've seen high salt three series. Fell in love look at all the teams that could use the quarterback the raiders the giants the Bengals the dolphins. The Redskins probably were the winners yesterday jewel. Joel fins Passover. They didn't believe and they didn't have to move up to get him with their rating. Fifteen. All right coming up to the cardinals. Make the right move drafting Tyler number one. That's still ahead on persons. First things first, and we are going viral. The giants drafted quarterback Daniel Jones sixth overall yesterday in quarterback many expected to see drafted to the giants twain Haskins couldn't help but smile. Nineteen builder. The New York Giants. Jones. Right before the pit came in right before you heard the Commissioner say it you you saw he knew it was coming. So I was gonna say was he how long before that? Did he know that it wasn't going to be him within five minutes? I mean because he didn't get the coal. I think long before that. I think you could start to fill the temperature of the team. I talked to d'alene asked him that he have a sense as far as teams that might Bill go up and get him. And he didn't have a good feel for it. And that to me let me know the giants with two picks had not led him to believe he was going to election interesting. Yeah. All right. That listen. He's happy. He gets to play in Maryland now late high. I think a team better suited for him because a better offense wine and better defense. Now. I don't know what the hell the giants are doing. But I guess we'll find out Janet, you know, this you just need one person to believe in you. And that's what the Washington Redskins. That's what they did get stuff. All right time, fair AT and T wakeup call. And with that first pick in the twenty nine hundred NFL draft the Zona cardinal selected Cuyler Murray becoming the second straight. Oklahoma quarterback drafted first overall, interesting to note, the cardinals did not trade. Josh rosen. See to the cardinals do the right thing. Here we do who coach one Kyle to bring some excitement to their organization if he is going to have a chance as a coach I believe it's just as important as career as his coaching crew clips gotta to get his quarterback. And he's got a Bill to make this situation. Right. If this situation doesn't work to Kingsbury, we'll be back in college football, right? As a coordinator, not even as a head coach. Which is where he was headed before he got the lifeline from the Zona cardinals. You can't say they don't have a plan. You can't say they don't have a process now. What almost every decision they made last year turned out to be wrong. But that doesn't mean the decisions this year will be wrong if he can survive an NFL schedule he will be successful. And he might change the way we look at some of these college undersides college quarterbacks and their ability thrive on the next. I don't believe we'll look at college quarterbacks different. Because we haven't had a guy five ten can throw like him and run like him. I with the number two pick the forty Niners drafted Nikki Bosa out of Ohio State. He'll get in a much needed boost the Niners pass rush was ranked twenty seventh by pro football focus last season. See what you make of this pick by the Niners? It was a no brainer. John Lynch was at Ohio states Rose Bowl practices. Nikki bose's. We know that he stopped playing pass midway in the season. He happened to be at that practice with his brother, Joey John Lewis told the coaching staff I'm going to draft a kid. I ain't done. No research. I ain't done all my work. I done on it. I don't need. I know football players when I see one. So this happened to be probably the easiest pick John Lynch had as a general manager for the forty nine. And it was the most obvious pick during the draft. Once you saw he didn't go number one. You were certain who's gonna go number two. Now, they've traded for d for the. Have deforest Buckner they ever Armstead. They are building a potentially dominant defensive line on a team in San Francisco that it's good thing. I think he can be an incident back player, which is important because is a very important year for John Lynch, and Kyle one thing people need to realize about Nikki, bows. He's a very serious guy. He's serious about football. He comes to practice. Not a lot of laughing and joking around very very mature for his young age. He's the leader by quietly doing his job and doing it a high level, and that was one of the things house. Take miss when he suffered that injury. Move onto a disturbing story out of Kansas City, the Kansas City Chiefs have suspended wide receiver tyreek hill from all team activities this in reaction to an audio recording released in which hill is heard being accused by his fiancee of abusing the couple's three year old son chiefs, general manager said that quote, we were deeply disturbed by what we heard on the recorded conversation. Now, obviously we have. It concern for his fiance. We are greatly concerned for tyreek. But our main focus. Our main concern is with the young child. See what is your reaction this right here is is very similar to a number of years ago when the running back Baltimore got suspended in an alternate. His career was altered where he was never able to play against and Ray rice. There was knowledge that he had an altercation with his fiancee in future wife, but there wasn't a video so domestic violence without any audio. Our video is totally different. And I believe that everything changed once that video came out his career in in life were altered in the way that he could never get back. Never played another down at football for that. Now, I'm not saying that about tire heal these not gonna play another down. But let. Me tell you something after the prosecutors had dismissed the case, even though they thought that someone should be charged. They thought that a crime had been committed a young child had their arm broken. So in doing that, we didn't have the audio. So now once that's the released audio, and then now you start to put some of the characteristics with it. That's why the chiefs had to respond in real time last night. Once they were able to hear this everything changed what the NFL office. Remember when they said, they finally got the videotape, and I believe with the chiefs like they're going to have to make a decision and they've received a lot of criticism after signing Clark. Frank Clark trading for Frank Clark paid him one hundred million dollars. He had a domestic issue when he was in high school. And now the tire hill he was already on that roster because when this off season began they were getting ready to make tyreek hill the highest paid wide receiver in. In pro football. I doubt that that's going to happen. And I do believe that we could have seen tyrant heels last days plan with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, I've seen the NFL respond in a couple of different ways in these matters. So how they respond? I won't be surprised but the audio beam released was a game changer for what was getting ready to happen. I really really believe in second chances on proponent for him. I think people make really awful a horrible mistakes and doesn't make them awful. Horrible people. I'm not huge fan of third and fourth chances and Tyree. Kill. When when this three year old was in utero. He strangled the pregnant mother beat her up, and that's why he fell to the fifth round. And the chiefs my hometown team, Tim I rooted for chief said we're going to deal with it. We're going to give a second chance Kim a chance, and he turned into one of the most exciting players in the league a dynamic player. And now he the the cops went to his house twice in March for alleged potential child abuse. I watched the full press conference the prosecutor gave two days ago, where he said, we know crimes being committed. We are competent crimes being committed. But when the victim is three and win the parties the adult parties who potentially could give information aren't going to it's impossible to charge and the fiance. The mother of the child is pregnant again, by the way, she had recorded tyreek hill talking about what happened. And where she he he admits in that audio. Oh that he or she says that as of foreign punishment for three year old punched him in the chest, and you crazy. Whoops. And was built with a belt loop some with a belt. Yes. Thank you. And tyreek says and the audio child respects me and the child's mother says no he's terrified of you. And tyreek is on tape saying her use should be terrified terrified me. Be and curse. Word is no place for this. There's no place for this in in just just civilized society. This stuff is is tough because we all have kids we all love kids. And I don't care the the. How good of a player is. You have now. Who is more vulnerable than a pregnant woman have baby. And so like what should the chiefs too? They should cut him yesterday. What will they do? I don't know. But I I think there's an element where you can separate the art from the artists where you can respect someone for what they do in their freshman life in their personal this something's got to be beyond the pale and a guy that is got a second chance and had everything out in front of him. And he's allegedly you think he got a second chance because from what I know and what I've experienced from public information standpoint that information is very very limited. So if you saw conclusion off of that incident when he was in college, and he was kicked out of school and wind up onto west alabam. What about all the other stuff? I try to tell people I tell version of the NFL did is ready for TV for people, but I can give you another version that I ain't surprised by this. If you talk about what was one of the most complicated. Things for me as a young professional athlete. It was the Bill to try to manage my family for me to try out my siblings. My mother my brothers and sisters. I'm an NFL. They not NFL. They think the NFL they're not NFL how to become a young dad how to become a young professional, and I didn't have a dad in my life. So I didn't have any parenting skills. My mom was working odd jobs seven kids man, it was about Cussing. Most of the time. My mom was not at home. So trying to become a good parent. It was an it was an issue with me. It was paramount to me it became important to me that I had to get other guys that were good parents and role models that I could learn from them. I'm not surprised that NFL player. NBA player is struggling trying to raise their kids. Why trying to become a professional athlete? No. We give athletes the benefit of the doubt, we think because someone can shoot dribble. Do something special that they have unique. Abilities as a human being, no, they don't they just is normal and that couples just a young couple trying to get their stuff together. And now it's public because of his job. There are a lot of people that struggle, but you cannot make excuses when young men abuse women, the elderly and children, I have been through this over this and over this. So it's not emotional with me. These are the real things that go on. And when they go on you have to build a do something about it. Kansas City should respond the NFL should respond, and the reason why because just takes me back to Adrian Peterson the thing that made me so upset was no one was speaking for that kid and someone's got to build a speak up for that kid who has a broken arm and has a fractured relationship, his mom can't protect them. And he's terrified of his file. And I think one of the reasons this struck me so emotionally is because people audience here didn't know me Adrian Peterson story. Happened in my backyard, Houston, and I I was the person that brought that to the national scene because I had the audio Adrian confessing. And fortunately, I had the photos of the child that were never released publicly of what his injuries were. I saw the Bengals. But. Okay. So you absolutely. So there there were photos that were released publicly, and then there were even child same ages this little baby. The you got your kids come show today. One of them's this kids age I-, parenting, hard, I get it. And I and be we have different opinions on if you should spank you shouldn't spank the you can't beat your kid and break his arm. Ever. And we know who this guy is we know who tyreek hill is. And I hope the chiefs in the NFL recognize Tyree kisses. Business persons. Lori was drafted number one overall by the Zona Parnell's collar will be reunited with cliff Kingsbury began putting him the sophomore year in high school to break down along with the rest of the first round. We are now joined by FOX football analysts, Joel klutz jolted morning. Thanks for being with us today. Good morning. It's good to be here. Guys. We got a ton to talk to you about. But I wanna start the very top. Did the cardinals get it, right? Drafting picking Kyla Murray. I think that they did listen it's about two things for me when it comes to having a quarterback, first of all we all know that you have to have one. But I think you have to have the right one and Cuyler Marie is going to be the right fit for clip Kingsbury. If you're going to go all in on a coach that was sub five hundred in college never finished in the top half of his conference. Guess what you have to do. You've got to go all in. And so the chips have to go the middle of the table. And that's Murray his style of play fits what cliff Kingsbury is going to try to do plus the marriage between cliff Kingsbury and Josh Rosen. I don't think it was ever gonna work because of this infatuation with Cuyler going back to the college days when cliff was a head coach at Texas Tech. And even an assistant coach at Texas AM when he was recruiting collar Murrieta, vile Allen high school, so those two things fit and then the marriage between coach and quarterback. That's why I think that they got it. Right. All right. So what do you do with Rosen? I'm sure they would like to get the first round pick for him that didn't happen. I don't know if they're going to be able to the second round pick for him. What do you do with Josh Rosen from here? Yeah. This. I mean, this is worse case scenario for them. They thought that the market was going to materialize for them after they selected Cuyler. They thought they were going to get the first round draft pick for Josh. And it never happened. And so now they started looking late in the first round for two in change. Hey, give us a second rounder. And then something give us a kicker. They weren't getting it. So now, they're just desperate for a second round pick for Josh Rosen. Plus they already paid him as bonus. And the team that ends up. Getting Rosen is only Owen what six million dollars and they've got three years, plus the option left on the contract that is such a great value for whoever gets him. But Arezzo Ona's behind the all they're certainly wishing that they could have gotten more for him. And right now Cuyler Murray's the guy and their roster is not very good. It's not a great situation in Zona. Joel Klatt I need your wisdom on this situation. The New York football giants, we covered. The giants. We're here in New York City, you f f on FOX you cover college football. There's no one more on top of college football. Then you if a Martian came down from outer space and land, how will we be able to explain to him that Daniel Jones and lack of productivity at Duke goes before Haskins from the Ohio State who you saw plate many at times and threw for fifty touchdowns. Explain it to him because they don't know how this football in the drafting operates. Yeah. You can't explain it because it's unexplainable. It was the worst pick in the first round. And I hate saying things like that. Because I hope Daniel Jones has all the success in the world. He's a great kid. He's done everything. Right. He's a safe pick. But my goodness. The giants reached up top they reached in the middle. Then they traded back into the first round what in the world where the New York Giants doing last night. If you're trying to explain it to anybody that doesn't understand football. They would at the end of the night and be like oh that team. Didn't do very well did they and you'd be like, no, no, they didn't Daniel Jones would've been available at seventeen. Dexter Lawrence would have been available at thirty seven guys. They were reaching the entire night. Does Dave Gettleman know something that we don't because apparently not. I tell so here you go the raiders the giants the Bengals the dolphins. Washington all of them could have taken Dwayne Haskins. And he did drop all the way down to fifteen after the giants passed on him. How do you think he fits in in Washington? There were rumors that that. Didn't even really want him. They weren't all on board with taking doing Haskins. How do you think he fits into that organization? Will be targeted him really the entire night. And they thought they were going to have to go up ahead of New York to get him. They were talking with the jets about a trade there. Talking with Tampa about a trade. It was a little bit too rich for their blood. And then they started catching win that. Hey, maybe it was Daniel Jones and not Haskins that the giants were interested in and so they rolled the die and sat there and they got their guy. I think he fits really well with what Jay Gruden wants to do. Listen, this guy that had lots of success. Chris you touched on it. Just the numbers that he had. But I think his development more is a leader late in the season was what ultimately made me so much of a fan. First of all urban Meyer is a big heart of the man type guy. He's he wants to look in your eye and see you as a leader. He wants to see you in that situation in particular in big moments. And that's what Haskins did he had a conversation with them before the last four games of the year. And he talked about Kobe Bryant. Kobe was assertive both vocally and physically as. Ah leader guess what Dwayne Haskins did that last four games? He did that he asserted himself. Maryland carried them to victory with those three rushing touchdowns. Just on his back. He dragged Ohio State passed the Maryland Terrapins, then he had that brilliant game against Michigan. He was terrific against northwestern. He was dynamic against Washington. He was blamed playing the best football of any quarterback in the country in the last four games of the year. So Washington's gotta be thrilled. I think his fits from an offense of schematic standpoint because he's great underneath routes. And I think that's what Jay Gruden is gonna wanna do art. So which team do you think had the best draft maybe set Washington inside because we know the value. You think they got in Haskins? What team do you think did you yesterday? Okay. So there's there's really four teams that I think when you put your head down on the pillow at night, you've got to be thrilled with what happened, and is because you got both value and your target San Francisco, first and foremost, they got what they've got to be considering the best player available mic boats, and they got it at the number two pick. Then you go down to TJ Hawkin with Detroit Detroit was targeting TJ Hopkinson. They're hoping known was going to steal him before he falls to them. They got to stand Pat, and they got to make that pick buffalo right behind them at nine guys at all what I feel like slipping to them. They get at all of her. They've got a -ssume that that's huge value. I think it offers going to have a really solid career the National Football League. And then the next pick which was Pittsburgh trading with Denver to go to ten and getting Devon Bush. That was the best fit of any pick. I thought in the first round Devon Bush is an emotional leader. Great linebacker. I think he fits perfectly with the Pittsburgh Steelers. So those four picks I really I really thought those t. Teams have to be thrilled with them at the end of the night. Joel going the day number two today finish his off. With gimme the best player that might be left on the board or the player. You're most excited to see taken in day. Number two, the NFL draft. Okay. That's guy love that. Actually. Because John Taylor's the best player, but who likes sitting here talking about developmental offense of tackles. And this is a tackle from Florida. That's a really talented player. He's going to be coming off the board in the top probably three or four picks in the second round. But the guy that I'm most excited to see where he comes off his AJ Brown the wide receiver from ole miss so AJ Brown who has decay. Metcalfe's teammate was actually the more productive of the two receivers at ole miss. I think he's a better NFL prospect because he creates space in particular over the middle of the field. And then he makes contested catches. If he's in traffic he will come away with the football. He had over one hundred ninety catches nearly three thousand yards at all miss. That's something decay Metcalf. Didn't even come close to and I know Metcalf had injuries but Metcalf is a very linear player. AJ Brown is the guy that I'm looking at that. I think is going to really help an organization moving forward. Thank you for listening to the first things first podcast. Remember, leave us a review and tell us what you think subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catch us on f s one Monday through Friday, six thirty AM eastern for Chris Carter, Nick, right? I'm Jenna Wolfe. So long, buddy.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Dec 17 2020

The Rush Limbaugh Show

1:53:40 hr | 6 months ago

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Dec 17 2020

"You're gonna come into a new season of joy and fulfillment like you've never seen hi. I'm joe los team. I have a daily podcast rat. Talk about poker coming obstacles accomplishing dreams and becoming. All you were created to be. You may have had some disappointments in the past but this is a new day. Keep feeding your home's feeding your dreams use your energy to feed your destiny. Listen to the joel stein. Daily podcast on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcast. In a world of an ever changing economic landscape. How on earth can i get some financial stability in my life. I'm david grow. Most of the podcast. Follow the prophet. Every week you'll hear from successful entrepreneurs learn from their the most importantly to avoid their mistakes on the podcasts. You'll hear stories that will deconstruct what's going on in the economy and how it's affecting your finances so that you can follow the prophet. Listen to follow the prophet. Every saturday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to today's edition of the rush. Limbaugh show podcast. It is an incredible honor to fill in for rush limbaugh on the eib network in russia's told us that from time to time is going to need to take day and he's taking today eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. If you want to be on the program mitch mcconnell. You probably saw mitch when he when he got up and informed us Joe biden a gert public. Turn ver ver very familiar. Nuts i senator. Mitch deserves a ton of credit for the judiciary in the work. He did there and pudding constitutionalists into seats on the judiciary and i would just remind everybody a couple of things and then a new item that i learned this morning if the democrats god forbid take georgia and that occurs even on this day. The lord has made that that could happen. The victories that mitch is one in the judiciary don't matter because the democrats have made it very very clear. They intend to effectively abolish the balance of the supreme court or to abolish it is a court to simply fill it up with leftists and i would remind mitch as well that we get to read things. I mean the credit about the judiciary. I mean that wholeheartedly but there's an article this morning in the hill. Jeremy de meyer in both snerdley drew my attention to this. Do you know to have a debate about the election results and this alike election that too. Many of us absolutely reeks. It takes one senator one member of the house one member of the senate to say. I do not agree with these elections results. I do not. I do not accept these ballots. And there is a process and it's convoluted but it's an opportunity to have a hearing in a discussion about this. How comfortable were you honestly. How comfortable were you mitch mcconnell. When is quickly as you could to a microphone to call. Joe biden much burden unlocked and then went and said this. These words that joe joe biden is no stranger to the senate and he's a career public servant. I would just address senator mcconnell this way. You won't remember meeting me. you won't remember that. accompany i sold. Did some work for you. You meet a lot of people senator. I'll speak here from the heart. I will take the assumption that in saying that you are hoping to soothe a nation but senator we remember when john mccain said. Don't worry about barack obama being president. He'll be fine president and we watched eight-year assault on our freedoms to choose their own healthcare. We watched the weaponization of the irs against political opponents watched the biggest pay to play operation in history with the clinton foundation who purchased and rented for time the state department rather it out. We've learned later about barack obama allowing hamas in the taliban to smuggle drugs across our southern border in partnership with mexican narcoterrorists when brock obama broken and stop the indictment. We learned about those things senator. Then we thought it was over then senator. We watched as a barack. Obama conceived apparently driven apparently soft coup attempt against the president of the united states and against the people who voted for when we watch these things senator so charitably. I think that maybe you're trying to say. Hey aren gonna be fine just going back to normal. Go to a to normalization right. After attempts to murder cops some of them successful by the laughed who is linked arms with comma harris and joe biden period of normalization. Please that's normalize it. Senator joe biden's not a public servant. Public servants do not give their kids tacit if not active permission in a be blunt to go pimp pimp their name of their father who can purchase for them decisions in purchase for them. God knows what through the government. that's not public service. We senator mcconnell. We watch that for the life of me. I can't see this as anything other than you. Erecting very special finger at us. It takes one senator to have a debate about an election. That to a lot of us doesn't just stink too a lot of it's mathematically not impossible impossible that all of these events happened in a four hour period in four states all of which magically decided at the same time to pretend to cop stop counting it takes one senator to stand with members of the house and say we do not accept this outcome because of irregularities. That's a nice word. The game about joe. Biden's our opponent. Okay there are democrats who our opponents. They'll have reasonable discussions about tax rates. There are democrats who are expressed enemies. They don't want balance. They don't seek a constitutional balance that they seek to control us outright or to make money on us outright so that little hat trick that little magicians game of world good friends. I'm sure you are. I'm sure you're very good friends with joe biden. We're not. There is a difference in dc morality compared to real world morality and senator mcconnell. I don't blame you for this. You've you've been there forever you and your wife. And doesn't she run. The transportation administration. Hasn't she continued to hand out money to transit operators who are not even operating it twenty five percent. Because of the ridiculous continued lockdowns that are medically useless and deadly. Hasn't she continued to hand. That out didn't your wife elaine. And i'm not. I'm not trying to take someone's wife and put them into the picture but put your team. Hasn't elaine chao continue to hand out money to transportation projects that don't transport anybody don't ease congestion. Oh wait that's right. Those are proposed by public servants. Those are pros by public. Servants who then launder donations to the permanent class of worker put into these useless projects who continue to hand money to the democrat machine that continues to beat you. Mitch senator mcconnell. There's a difference. Impassioned level senator mcconnell. You have a passion. For the judiciary. I choose to believe. It's a patriotic passion. That's what i choose to believe. Choose that we have the passion to not be crushed. We've a passion for fairness. I haven't seen you demand full-throated demand an investigation into one hundred biden in china as china is buying democrats openly. I haven't seen you come out and say a single thing about four states changing the election rules prior just prior to intellectual when all of us saw this coming. I haven't seen that fire now. i get it. You're not an activist your professional republican you republican for a living. And sometimes you do things like the judiciary but please don't expect us to say. Oh oh it's cool. Joe biden's career public servant who attached himself to the furthest left aspect of the democrat. Party in history. Cops have become enemies. Domestic terrorism on the streets is fine so long as it meets our ends on all sure if tony she tells me to lock the entire country down for another two years. Yeah well. I mean he's a public servant taught him an infrared on the eib tot herman in for rush limbaugh. Dan's normally do a radio show at t t h in seattle. And i try every single day to ground my audience in facts and let people know when crossover into supposition. I wanna take a shot at something that pale comparison to the mahas ability to take things are complex and make them understandable but i am an ongoing student of the limb buds says. Let me try this in terms of why. I feel think that the election was likely stolen. I've got sort of this process. And i wanna lay this out for you. Let me start with this. Isn't it a unique. Is it a unique thing that when it comes to vote fraud. Did we use different standards. I mean think of this. We will hear. Oh there was widespread fraud or the their favorite is. It wasn't enough to change the outcome of the election. But we're not gonna investigate. Well why aren't you going investigate. Well it wasn't enough to overturn the election but you have investigated. Yeah but but it wasn't enough but maybe you should investigate before. He say it wasn't enough. We can't investigate because it wasn't enough when you encounter circular self-defeating excuses like that. You have to step back and say wait a minute. Do you want to know if it was enough. I mean just compare this to the real world. Just just take a point of comparison. Let's say that in your state people's 401k's and pensions were hacked. And then you have the state authorities say while the hacking did occur. This is not enough to change the outcome of anybody's retirement or or life expectancy and you'd go okay all well then then we're not going to look into it. So that's that's cool. That's would you. But this is what we're told with elections. Well we can't look into that. It wasn't enough to change the outcome. Have you looked into it. Well no because it's not enough to change the outcome take this to another level of crime. Let's say there was an assault in you to file charges and the police say well. We can do an arrest report. But they're not gonna file because he only broke your shinbone not your femur party you shinbone that's connected to your knee bone and then it's connected you like bone but this old leg bones so we're going to file charges. This is the standard for the election for the president of the united states. The standard. If we're going to investigate is was there enough fraud to overturn the election. We're not gonna investigate because there wasn't but you don't know that there wasn't because you won't investigate. We can't vesta gate. there wasn't enough. So based upon that initial scan of this. I'm saying wait. Maybe maybe the system set up a little bit here so that we never know man. You don't wanna watch sausage being made you just want to eat it. Congressman in dc. Tell me if the american people really knew what was going on here. They'd be here with pitchforks. She said that really knew so. That's one thing. I look at look at this. You know the famous when they can't get you on anything else they get you on conspiracy. You know that famous techniques thurlow enforcement were charged with conspiracy to what this your conspire nonstop. Just like conspiring well. But you don't have a crime like you said. I stole this. I didn't yeah but then he conspired. So what are we gonna do. It's the reverse his reverse from. Oh well that's not enough to change the outcome of the election will. Did you investigate. No because there's not enough so let's look at this conspiracy four states at the same time far Just ask everybody. We're gonna stop counting. But i only the republicans car home that was. That was a coincidence. Clock struck one thirty in the morning. I shouted man all at once. Then in that four hour period joe biden started to get mathematically impossible if not impossible return rates as there were no people. They're watching then. We have the audit of a of a dominion vote. Counting vote interpreting machine and if this audit is correct and the people who did it or not clowns they're hardcore if that audit is correct that pc or that that computer shifted votes from president trump to use your career public servant. Joe biden okay. Anyone who builds software do software companies curry unique software for each device. No there's one software running all the devices. Okay multiple instances. It is not believable. That only one dominion machine did that and then and then and then in terms of conspiracy you have the election. Authorities in michigan san wipe the machines at black with a clive. What difference does it make with with cloth now again. Compare this to the real world. Just compare this take. Take a casino for an example. Let's say a group of people come into casino in all the sudden the odds it. Blackjack go from forty nine to the player fifty one to the house and it just flips in all the sudden. These people are winning seventy percent of their hands in all the sudden. All the math is is is candy wallpapers. Oh and by the way at the same time. there's a bunch of people who are distracting the pit bosses and wouldn't you know it up there. The cameras the guy. They stopped working. Oh did i mention in the audit report for the vote. Interpreting machine in michigan. They kept their logs. There event logs for two thousand and sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen but not not twenty twenty. And i go through the witnesses i could go through irregularities. But but we're we're we're told to ignore the fact that it only takes one senator. One republican to debate this outcome mitch mcconnell. How about you be that. One republican senator taught in for rush limbaugh on the at been my continued. Thanks to the russian. The team also five ninety k. q. And t. in spokane for letting me user to do today appreciate it very much. We watch a democrat party. Who is absolutely look. I don't like to give people who are doing evil things to our country and they are and there's now the what is it the secular democrats that they've just said let's just destroy. Let's just destroy christians in public life. And i've just gotta read this document. It's their members of congress. So they put on the useless cove woke masks at the same. Take off there We're not really communist masks and just go out. Full full force now is cool so they go full force with that. And we're watching this. And we're hearing from mitch. Mcconnell a joe biden career public servant. We're hearing from the democrats looking into a possible theft of our election. that's dangerous. Oh we'll what we should be doing is just saying china stole it for joe biden safer right. We should just did. China hacked the election. There we go now. I could see jake tapper. Cnn said well you see it that way. Maybe there's some truth to this. Maybe we should look into it. Since it's it's it's like russia russia russia. We'll look at a democrat party. I don't like to give people. Who have i fully believe that. They have spiritually in earthly evil. In in mind. I'm not saying they're evil. I don't know that. I don't know their heart's not mind to judge. But their actions their policies their outcomes. they're evil outcomes. They are worthy of credit. In this way they're brilliant at heads. We win tails you lose. So let's just regard that. Do we want to play that game and careful what you wish for because you can get into a game and pretty soon. I want to be in this game. But you're in the game. Let's talk to tim in fairview. Pennsylvania tim you're on the rush. Limbaugh program is the first caller. It's your job to set a great town. Lots of pressure. It's taught him and filling in high. Tim hi And thank you. It's a pleasure to be on. You know i never in my lifetime. Did i think i would ever witness non only stolen election but also when our elected representatives and our our courts Turned their back on the whole mesylate america. Go down the tube and having said that if president trump is expected from office. In if he were to ask me. I would encourage him number. One to never concede defeat because he was not defeated. He was tossed out by a corrupt election system in also not only would i The have him concede. I wouldn't have him. Go to the inauguration and on the way out i would have him from the white house Address the nation and just lay the groundwork about how This has that. Joe biden is an illegitimate president. And he's a fraud and then let him set the tone that for the rest of the biden presidency that he shall be known as an illegitimate president and a fraud. But first and foremost don't concede the election. And i'll just hang up and and No no that's not fair. That's not fair you don't get to present a very hard scenario and then run away from it. It's unfair okay. What is the best case. Scenario for the united states of america if president trump takes your advice the best case scenario if he had to take i well the best case i think the best case scenario would be if the supreme court would feel the pressure. Now i've written them if they would feel the pressure and say. Hey we oughta go back and revisit this thing. But i think that if he were to set a biden up as a as an illegitimate president it would it would would cause his meltdown to come sooner. 'cause you can see it pushes his odd hot bucks. I think biden might just as well say wait. I'm president what i think because the left will go nuts. If trump trump goes out there and accuses biden of being an illegitimate president put their through a fraudulent. Then biden will absolutely go nuts in the left will go nuts and then the left will constantly be throwing questions at biden about being an illegitimate president and he will find himself in office as president of the united states and half the constantly take questions about because trump brought it up. The press will keep throwing that atom. I can see it. Now and press conferences Premysl biden mr biden. What do you think about trump saying this because trump set it and it will. It will always. He'll always have to account for the fact that he is an illegitimate president. And i think that will if that'll be good for the nation. The fog will lift a little bit and they'll see that. We've made a huge mistake in america me. I'm gonna take this. I want to take another director. Thank you for the call and you did stay on. I appreciate that. Timmy said very good. Very challenging tone especially for a guest house on russia's show so let me just offer this we already well. I wanna speak for people but but my audience and Look i listened to rush every day. I've heard the comments. About how a lot of us view this election. I just did second segment on. And i look. I can do. Election irregularities signs of fraud. I do structure data in in feeds of raw data raw data in structure itself. I could say these look like algorithm plugs of votes. I could go through patrick. Burns were the founder of of outlook dot com. I could go through my friend. Justin hearts data analysis to say. Oh wow look at these votes being taken from the president. Listen i could do six hours six hours on this on this likely fraud i could talk about the physical aspects of this missing toured and eighty thousand ballots. My point is this that there's there's enough of this who already have this feeling that. What if instead president trump. If if there is this shot and i'm hoping that mitch mcconnell will be that one senator say Job undercover public service. American people deserve answers on this election. And i stand in and oppose these ballots and call for a two hour debate which this piece in. The hill indicates is an outcome. And then there's a a legal body who gets overseas. It's a body. I've never heard of the electoral count. Act they get tiebreaking provision but if the president did not remain in office as let's not lie to the right now appears likely. The president trump doesn't do that. And i will stand with him to every last legal outcome. I will because. I think the election stinks if the president turned and said you know what investigations not stopping you see in dc land in dc land. They're already trying to get us to move on. By call members of the media who act this way. Mocking bird members of the media. They all they do is parrot and amplify the official positions of the deep state technocrats and democrats. That's all they do. It's not news it's an. oc it's booze. It's an intoxicant if the president said come with me as we investigate helped me hire the best. Investigators in the world helped me go to patrick byrne and say let's continue the work to find the election fraud. Let's continue to spotlighted. Let's make movies about it. Let's make tv shows about it. Let's write books about it. Let's identify the players involved in it. Let's see if in fact it changed the outcome of the election and let's paint that. Let's put the proof on the table and let's dare people to come back and say oh well but that was last year and now the career public servant is an office. What if he did that. What if we went through the voter rolls in states since we have two thousand three hundred people getting ready to illegally cross our border right now per day which is about eight hundred and forty thousand in a year who will be brought into motor-voter states who will be sent ballots but don't fill them out. What if he focused this movement on integrity and finding the people who may have an. I think did the fraud this. That's the fear. That's where people begin to scurry for the exits. We can't let this go. I would pray for the spirit of truth. Which in my mind comes from. God almighty to prevail donald. John trump could be a huge driver of that. More of your phone calls as we continue. Todd herman infrared bond the ignore a. You can leave the moja a note at rush. Limbaugh dot com a merry christmas note to rush. He said from time to time. He's gonna need arrests. he took one. And that's his prerogative. America's anchorman is talk to john in marietta georgia john. You're on the russian program. Taught hermit filming in high john a god. How are you merry christmas. God bless you. Thank you sir. Thank you sir ed. Thanks for being out there christian. Jesus as the reason for the season the reason i called though was tell you that it seems to me that pelosi and schumer and even biden harris ought to be screaming for an investigation of this whole thing so they can prove that they are legitimate and they are silent silent as the are which is confusing to me. Oh so you would see nancy pelosi coming out and saying we're going to prove this so that i think you know. I know that her people at media matters when they camp out in the basement for fifteen cents an hour. They're always looking for what we say here. So maybe this. Maybe that could get to nancy nancy. Why don't you appoint an independent prosecutor to look into this outside of government. Why don't we employ cyber experts outside of government to look into this just so you can prove your man and woman were in. Fact elected legitimate. That's the outcome. you're looking for exactly right. I would wonder i would think they would be screaming for an investigation to prove the legitimacy and not doing no and it's worse than that. I mean look when you have the audit of this machine. This votes interpreting machine in michigan. It plays to so many patterns. We've seen. I've been asking for a long time. Why are we seeing. Eighty percent of ballots adjudicated. What that means is instead of being counted for trump or biden. They're put into a separate pool of adjudication and apparently what happened. According to this audits of this machine this dominion machine michigan. They dumped a whole bunch of ballots into an adjudication pile and then they went through and sixty percent quote error rate tabulated that in the way that boats were taken from trump and given to biden. And i've seen people around the country who are just there there. The work vote counting commissions electoral commissions. And they're just saying a social media and they're just quote nobody's all the our moms dads business owners people who volunteer the time on election commission saying wait a minute. Sorry eighty percent went in the adjudication pile. We'd judy kate. Maybe five percent. Because there's a problem we like. You can't see what the voter intent was. We have to study that eighty percent. And it's not just in michigan. There is motive. There is opportunity. There is a lot of assets. And then there's the attempt to say don't look over there that's stuff that stinks to me. And maybe i don't know. I john let me ask you this. Do you think. mitch. Mcconnell should be that senator that republican senator to demand that we have a hearing on these ballots. Should he be that. One senator to stand up on january six and say i believe american people need to see a full accounting of this. Do you call on mitch. Mcconnell to do that john sure. Yeah that's exactly right. That's the china to wipe is connected with him. So that's not going to happen please. Don't come to me with corruption in dc. I listen i have virgin ears now. I feel harmed. I in fact i'm calling. Hr thanks for the call. John appreciate it very much. Jeff in gainesville georgia jeff. You're on the rush. Limbaugh program is taught. Herman filling in its georgia day. Jeff welcome good afternoon. Todd hermit Yes mitch. Mcconnell may not be in charge on january six if we lose these runoffs in georgia and the only reason why. We're having these run austin georgia is. They couldn't do the recounts or the audits correctly. They couldn't do the mathematics. We know there were sixty six thousand underage voters registered in georgia. Thirty three thousand of them came back with folks. None of those were subtracted. We haven't had any subtraction. Going on in these so-called recounts or audits. What's up with that. Well they just keep recounting the same ballots in this. It's you you understand this very crisply. I want other people to understand. This is very much like you. Have the police come to your house and say people broken through. The front door went into a room. Open that safe and took her money and then the police say okay. We'll check the basement. No no it's right here. Oh well so. We looked around the basement. We don't see signs of entry. No i said the front door upstairs right here. It's this one. Well their hands are tied. We've checked the basement door this. We've we've checked five times. That's what's going on so let me ask you this. I hope you agree that even with the problems and the challenges. I am begging listen from from from washington state in the west coast night. Aho were begging you. please vote. please elect these even if they're soft soft gooey republicans. Are you with me on that. Jeff in georgia in the in the runoff we would have a real audit so there is no real everybody's using missing just runoff should be cancelled if we just do the proper audits. Listen i stand with you a hundred percent. If there's a pressure point maybe this jeff let me try this by issue now. Maybe this isn't my prerogative. Is a rank amateur guests house but i issue this standing invitation right now to the secretary of state of georgia. Call this call the show sir and we. I'm sure there's a special line. I'm sure your pr. People could get through to russia's people and and let's have a hearing was have that on the air. Maybe that'll happen. Jeff thank you for the phone call. Great point thank you for understanding this crisply. Thank you for being informed. Asad hermit in for rush limbaugh. The it's taught herman filling in for rush limbaugh on the eib network boasts thirdly Who's very famous on. The show just received a tax. And i've been given permission to share this with you and this is an example of the reach of russia's program in being example the seriousness of our times we talked to a caller who inspired justice suggestion that if president trump is not able to stay in office and again i will. I will stand with him towards every possible legal remedy in this because i think the election stinks detailed today. Louie gohmert if people follow this advice. What i said is what if the president said helped me raise funds to investigate this election nonstop helped me hire the best investigators the cyber investigators. Let's go find the people who fix this election rigged it and if that happened in it changed the outcome of the election. Let's go for massive prosecutions legal if people follow. Todd's advice. The leaders of the effort will be prosecuted in go to jail as flynn was about the half to do. The democrats are already prosecuting election whistle blowers in texas. So if we were to investigate in a serious sense they would jealous for investigating but remember as mitch. Mcconnell said joe biden asia career publisher. Todd herman in for rush limbaugh qualcomm. We believe in staying connected and you can see us wherever five g is helping transform telemedicine supporting remote education empowering mobile. Pc's the invention ages here. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age onto the grosso host of the podcast. Follow the prophet. Now i'm talking about profit in the biblical sense. I'm talking about entrepreneurs who follow the prophet and how they're making it work in business and sharing those exact lessons with year. 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Talk about overcoming obstacles accomplishing dreams and becoming all. You create a debate. You were made for more. You have new levels in you. There are seeds of greatness waiting to spring four. you can't think negative thoughts and live a positive line and on my daily podcast. I'll help you get your mind going in the right direction. You may have had some disappointments in the past but this is a new day chains that have held you back or being broken doors are going to open the to never dreamed with open. Now do your part. Keep feeding your home feeding your dreams. Don't use your energy to feed your history use your energy to feed your destiny. It's inspiring uplifting and encouraging. I think you'll like listen to the jolo steam podcast on the iheartradio app on apple. Podcasts your podcasts. It is an incredible honor to fill in for rush on the eib network today the day. The lord has made is a gift for us. And i'm eternally grateful for that obviously as well. It is eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. If you wanna be on the program. I got a maybe ask a team to keep me on task in this particular segment. Because i'm very tempted to make this a segment about two people and one is is The ma brush and the other. Is this woman jennifer rubin. But there's a point to be made and jennifer rubin's not worth the the twenty five seconds given her but i'll just do a little more so jennifer rule used to pretend to be a conservative. Who were for the washington post and she was. She was the conservative at the washington. Post so you know. The pretends showed a hit piece this morning. Here's the first line before. President trump defiled by awarding it to a right wing hatemonger rush limbaugh and campaign donors. The presidential medal of freedom was a big deal. There is a way to compare this for level of derangement syndrome. Limbaugh derangement syndrome. Which in her case predated her acute and and pronounced in scary the formative trump derangement syndrome. That is mentally deformed leading to brain swell and don't be very clear. I don't wish any any material harm at all. I'm just saying it's become crazy. The medal of freedom is about freedom. That's why it's called that and freedom to express ideas is why there's a first amendment in to express ideas that people like jennifer rubin. Who has her chooser really. Well shined always really well dressed smartly dressed. Always very polite and proper. Well no not when. She is attacking people for doing what she does but better. She's in the business of ideas albeit canned pre-prepared ideas to maintain the status quo in dc. Where the special smart people control everything and keep us rubes in line but their ideas rush on the other hand has created a career that i was doing the math in the back of an envelope. It has touched so more on the order of eight million times. As many people as jennifer rubin touched with her ideas or pre canned keep everybody straight. Keep the smart people in place in order in power to keep these silly rubes down ideas and a sitting. President attempted to destroy this program. The one you're listening to if you're if you're new to russia's show and why wouldn't you be the numbers have gone from sixty to eighty million people listening to rush's program. You may not remember that. Barack obama attempted to destroy this program and failed. Because rush. new obama's work better than even obama newitt said outright. You have nothing to give me therefore you have nothing to take from the and what rush said on that day will never forget because it was gorgeous. He said mr president i tell you what. Why don't we get together and have a meeting of the minds. You can fly air force one down here. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let me change that. I will fly. I'll have eib one. Come and pick you up. It's a nicer airplane. On the way back. I can tell you what. It's like to have an airplane. You own because you bought it with your own work product and talent and support from advertisers and listeners. And you can find out what it's like that's freedom that's the medal of but rush of course is maintained. Somehow this is so hard to do the status outsider. He knows president trump. Their neighbors and rush is still able to look the see as an outsider. That is a very difficult thing to do. I don't i don't believe jennifer rubin brilliant knows how much of a cog within the machine of cogs that she is. I really don't think she knows this. But she's comfy and it reminds me of mcconnell be comfy joe biden not a career public servant jennifer rubin's comfy because men now the the smart people who aren't going to do anything upsetting are back in place as she sees it rush reminded us this week about brexit. He said the the most rushing thing. That hasn't happened yet has it. It's four years ago. They voted for it or so. It's not it's not like they're dragging the feet. They wouldn't drag their feet. The british people said. Hey we prefer not to have the european union tell us. We can't have tea at a certain temperature and crisps toasts at a certain level of crispness and yet they're telling us this. Those were literally things that help push us over the top jennifer rubin wants the pieces back in place she. She wants her friends back in place. Seventy four million plus see. I did listen yesterday. Seventy four million plus americans wanted an outsider. Why because no one's listening to jennifer rubin is the smarts class. She is what she's what people call the expert class. Another fake conservative at the new york times referred to an expert class. Your expert class has driven this country thirty trillion dollars into debt. And yes i know. President trump was forced to spend a lot of money because another deep state or tony. Fao she said you gotta lock everything down. We know that doesn't work. We've known that for one hundred years but you know you need to do it. And the president does not want americans to die so he took that advice. So if joe biden god forbid in the white house as i can't lie to you it seems likely all stand with president trump on every possible legal remedy. We've talked about that. What look at look at the bay. And john kerry. John kerry is going to have a new cabinet position advising biden on the weather on the climate. Is it a cabinet level position. John kerry during the trump presidency was his deep state. As you can be and you know what the top story this year is. It's the deep state what it is and how donald john trump has unmasked them there naked in front of us. John kerry undertook to engage not in discussions but in foreign policy assurances to foreign governments that stood in contravention to the president of the united states into you. That's no longer an outsider. That's sixteen hundred saying this. Foreign policy is going to change and john kerry is flying around the country on private jets telling other countries. Don't listen that's not going to happen. And don't you know what the state department was. Refusing to implement. The president's orders trump was our brexit still not implemented in the uk. Four years of assaulting you salting president with lies four years and then this piper year of distortion around covert were every thing they did made. The disease appear worse. Listen all debates anybody from the cdc about the following statement. You guys change things in every possible capacity that had the outcome of making it appear worse. I don't know that that was your goal. I don't i don't know your motives. I know the outcome. I know it affected the selection jennifer. Rubin likes tony. Vouch apparently seen him at dinner and such and he's keeping the rubes in place then. There's this the mockingbird media. I call mockingbird media members and look i am on a search with my local show in seattle. I'm on my search search to find great local reporters they exist. I've seen them. I can name them but you would know who they are. Because they're just seattle people. I could name catherine herridge. It's at cbs. I'd have no idea her politics. I know she follows the facts. Mockingbird media members there the media companies who simply take the talking points of fao. She says on monday blues the best color this is what scientists indicated the mockingbird members. Say breaking news dr. Tony felt she says blue is the best colored. The next day she says orange is the best color breaking news. Science indicates oranges the best color. Cnn people recently to not be concerned if people die after taking the vaccine. Hey solid advice because a lot of these people are are very old in. God is ready to call a lot of. That's solid advice. That's the same cnn who has been telling people that there's it's extraordinary that eighty five year old people. Three co morbid conditions are called to god after they get the covert than it contributes to their death is as deep state as it can be. I don't know c. N. n.'s motives. Well well come on man. They're amplifying things may disappear worse. Washington state was forced to revise. Its death numbers going down two hundred because the freedom foundation caught them lying again. The story of the year is deep state. Jennifer rubin is saying one thing very very very clearly. I want my tyranny back. Because i got to be with the people employing it. It'd be more honest headline for peace in the incidently it so as chairman in for russia. You're listening to russia's said that from time to time is going to need to take a break and the moja decided today's one of those days and he's told us about that it's certainly i. I'm getting emails from people who are seeing things like this. I get this daniel todd loving listens. You listened for rauch. But i don't think anyone seemingly taking this racist seriously as it should be taken face it. This election is was it under republican than senate and a republican president. The democrats went around the devised a way to cheat with fraudulent voting machines. People talk about twenty twenty four. They'll be another republican elected. And listen i i. It's a long email. it's very well. Said i don't know any other way to say this. Yes if they win. The georgia runoff. We are in tremendous hurt and to me that doesn't equal you fold to me equals you look back a little bit the in history and i'll just remind people and maybe this is trite metaphor. Because i've said it before in russia show for me. It's just utterly profound. I'm sitting at a broadcast desk. That i can just about extend my arms and touch. Both sides of this is roughly the size of the first boat in the united states navy and that went against the deepest stick it exists. Which is the dna state the the royalty the biggest navy the most fearsome army in the world with one boat the size of a broadcast desk at At five hundred k. q. In spokane washington. I'm not calling for armed conflict. I'm saying we have worked to do. We know this it starts for me with. We are not leading the election. Go and congressman gummer's warning of taken into account. I'm willing to go to jail if it means finding the people who may have sold in this election if it shows that it changed the outcome. All do prison time for that. I think i'm brave enough for that. Are you furthermore. We have so much work to do in red states. Let me just offer a little bit of advice from experience. sorely aren't contain your college campuses. If you're in red states like you're in utah. Utah is going to get flipped guys. You need to demand at every college. Campus in utah ideological equity equality fifty fifty at least if not get funding if you as a state college using state land property our buses etc. You don't get to have seventy percent sixty percent or fifty point five percent liberal progressive communist. Professors we will zap your funding. Do that because the left us college campuses as part of their maoist purge there the villages if you live anywhere in any red states in the country in texas and you have someone come along and say we would like to talk about harm reduction strategies with drug users. We want to hand out needles. So they don't get infectious diseases understand. That's not the design. It sounds really great. Because i don't want people dying from infectious diseases either. I don't want people adult under the boot of heroin and fenton all. I don't want that. But i say move them away from the drugs or the moving them closer to the drugs. But it's weird theory. Don't give people in your red state. Don't give in the cities. don't give people things. Democrats like or that fund them. These little tiny link rail little light rail trains run around downtown ten percent folder. It'll move anybody but they provide a massive donation base that goes directly to democrats and labor unions. Who go around knocking on. Doors for democrats is a lot of work to do. Barbara said to me todd. Russia's said for years democrats used to say it's the evidence evidence doesn't matter. it's a serious charge absolutely. Oh this is great joanne. In a taveras. Florida wants to talk about how we get our power back joanne. Welcome to the rush. Limbaugh program taught him and filling in high. Join all right. Thank you so much for taking my call. And i i wanted to extend my husband and my heartfelt prayers for rush for complete re healing and recovery and second thing i keep hearing is what can we seventy. Four plus million people do so. I thought of three areas One is used the system. We call bad people go local. Put your own people up for election and win primaries at the city councils school boards water authorities etc etc. And if you can work with your republican party if it's good and their representative use them otherwise form your own american party or whatever a second area i thought of is user. Commerce power stop using amazon use walmart. Stop using google us gogo duck. Stop using those twitter's and use parlor and the third area was regain your votes demand paper ballots. Id cards no mail in ballots. And then i would add pray and your please. I was start with prayer in start with this. I was start with the recognition that god is in charge and we cannot change. God's will we could ask god to give us the power. The patients the love the fortitude. The courage the holy spirit's courage to deal with these times and to not lose our sold in the process. Because let's not gain the world and lose our soul because it sounds like a bad deal but the rest of what you said spot on. And i i would. I would extend to one thing. It is absolutely time also to understand that the democrats are flooding every zone. You think your school board doesn't matter. Let me tell you the sex ed. They're installing in. These schools is the most perverse thing you've ever seen. And if you doubt me a you can sometimes provide pictures. But you don't want to see him. I will just tell you that. They're they're they're saying things. Like seventh graders are ready for full intercourse. They should take their clothes off and get in a hot bath and hug because that's important intimacy for seventh graders. That's a light example. Get on your school. Boards go to the meetings. And i know this is a lot of time. I can hear people saying dude brother dude. I work yet to raising a family. I do to get to these meetings and and be there visibly because when they are being observed they know what they're doing is going to be allowed. Parents is not going to be sponsored by parents. And yes also this. I expect to see every attorney general. Who is a republican in this country using the system. Joanne you said use the system absolutely. I don't recognize. Joe biden's right to come to me in demand that i put a piece of cloth on my face. I don't recognize. Joe biden's right to come to me and say i don't like that particular rifle therefore you can't have it i don't recognize that and let's hold republicans to being republicans in using the system for which they were elected. I love that you're thinking this way. I love that. You've invited god into this conversation. And i love that. You are giving warning to republicans as well as democrats. We are not done. We're not going to be done. John thanks for the phone call. 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This metaphor at least one lady did when i'm saying that we had a small tiny boat in our navy one the size of the desk at which i'm sitting and we took on the british people are saying what are we gonna fold this. This is over. I responded by saying we took on the british with a small tiny boat dinner navy. I went and checked we one would we won. There's been zero. Talk of surrender on this program. Please just just everybody understand flat out. I will back president trump to every possible legal remedy in this. I don't. I don't know anybody in this audience. Who disagrees with that but what am referencing. The american revolution and the spirit. The brave nece to take on the world's superpower at the time britain regard the outcome and remember. I said i'm not calling for armed anything. I'm calling for the spirit to understand. We've been in tough spots as a nation before and also understand this in my judgment. God's not telling us the full details. This is the time in which god is not asked us. He has provided us life. In this time period. I think he has a purpose and we may not know the full design. That's why let's lose our silva. Let's fight for what's right. Let's talk to a jeff in port. Charlotte florida jeff. You're on the rush. Limbaugh program is taught. Herman filling in welcome. Jeff thank you todd and appreciate it and longtime listener i actually i used to listen to rush in sacramento any anyway My point was our founding fathers pledged their lives and their and their To to the cause on the independence and they went and fought a war. Okay my point is. We've got muzzles on our faces. We call ei masks right now. They keep us from groups so we can't do our first and then we can't gather we can't talk we can't communicate and what we have right now is one right and we. I'm not hearing it from this show which is really disappointing. We should be grabbing our pitchforks. Showing up at our senators and congressmen and tell them at their house. We don't want you to come home if you don't do this job you're not welcome here. We will remove you. we will send you somewhere else. You can go back and never come home again. And that's what we have to do if they don't stand up and have our our votes count. I don't care. Don't come home. So i i operate in this realm of being a bit of a public person and i will ask you this. Are you also asking antifa to come back to my home. No no no brother brother. Jeff hear me out. Listen listen. I agree you. I agree with you up to every point except this. I'm not ready to go to people's homes. And i'll tell you why and i'm just gonna ask you flat out. Have you ever woken up to the sounds of antifa at your home. No i have not. Have you ever had to go out. Woke up i woke up to a million iraqis in a tent in saudi arabia. Okay you win that battle. There's no doubt you win that battle. I'm asking you if you really want to light. Vat views jeff. Because you've seen things. I've not seen you've seen than the brutality of war because that's what that will be in. The left is begging for it. They're begging for brother. they want it. They're they're doing everything they can by threatening cops by trying to kill them by trying to burn them alive in buildings. My friend and colleague jason rants. Kt teach broke that story. They tried to do that. One of the kids is the son of a democrat former democrat officeholder. I am asking you to say. Let's let's not like that fuse yet. If ever and let's do this let's track the cheaters down. The track them down. Legally i i agree with the legal means but at this point we need to tell our congressmen and senators. Don't come on until you've done your job. We heard it do the job. I will stand with you at the saudi arabia to do a job and i did it. They have to do. They're they're public servants. They need to do it. Jeff listen brother arm and arm matthew and hey you know what how about this. Don't don't bother coming back guys if you aren't gonna to fight and you aren't going to be that one senator because we shared earlier in the show. Do you know what it takes. One senator one senator to join it the house to protest these ballots being accepted one to send this into our debate to send it to a legal body who would be a tiebreaker. We must take every effort. And i'll stand with either. Say to the senators who fold on this. Who will not look into. This will not demand to follow the evidence to investigate all. Stand with you saying guys. Don't bother coming back because we're not with you. I'll stand with you. And i'm just not ready yet. I'm just not ready to go to people's homes and just because i've been on the other side of that i know antifa wants us. I know the john brown gun club. Which is the antifa militia jeff. I know they're locked and loaded. I've seen these guys. I've i've watched them with their medevac. Jeff with their medevacs. They have drone support when they go into these rights. Jeff they have drone support. They have calms teams medevac. Pr teams be assigned people riot roles. You are a peaceful person. You are the one who instigates violence new stand back do jeff. I'll tell you this. They have the police officers home addresses and their license plates. And you know what else. I'm pretty sure they had them facial recognition tech. It's almost like they're getting foreign help. So when we ask for that if we are the ones to light that fuse understand. We're not ready. And i'm not ready spiritually to do that. I'm not going. i mean. Never get their. God forbid i get there because it will mean. Write a terrible point brother. I don't want that for a country. I don't think you do either. You fought a war man your home. Let's dow do this thing where we tell them you me jeff russia's audience. Hey listen we're watching if you don't fight for us don't bother. Running for reelection will find other people can we. Can we come to that compromise jeff. I don't want him back. Okay i think what they need to go do it. Or come back on their shield. That's a brother. Welcome home welcome home. Thank you appreciate it. Jeff from port charlotte ford. I hope everybody hears that man. I hope mitch mcconnell. You deserve a ton of credit for the judiciary but mitch. It's not time to play the game. Joe biden it a career public german spanish timer enriching his family in his son. Hunter taken not the cocaine. But that's made it the mathurin and take from chinese kirk kurt public. It doesn't work anymore. I think we just heard that it's a good time to pray for. The nation is taught him an infrared On the tottering. In for rush limbaugh on the eib network. Merry christmas to you. What does this present. Just a vision of why we keep fighting why i will stand with president trump to every every possible legal remedy to try to stop this what i from belief and i have made the case with data and pattern analysis in witnesses. That this this should be investigated to the bottom. Is i have a sense. It's a selection withstanding with every possible legal remedy. I said time and again. I apparently can't see this clearly enough one or another reason fight. Because i've never bought a woke mask. I will not wear woke mask for the kovic flu. I will never engage in woke mask theater is i did the research myself. Read volumes of period studies unmasks. That simply do not and cannot stop. Virus particles just doesn't happen. Furthermore i'm quite aware as i watch the technocrats and and the left wants technocrats in charge. They love this dynamic of people. Like this this is. This is the most frightening tweet. This is just astonishing to me that a person who has to be smart. You can't be. I don't believe you can be a doctor and on analyst. Nbc news and msnbc. And be stupid. I don't think that's possible. Listen to this tweet from the gupta. I get my vaccine tomorrow. And i'm grateful to the scientists who labored to make this happen after the second dose twenty one days later i will continue masking distancing avoiding travel until dr tony. She tells me otherwise. So a man who one day said in the midst of a pandemic wearing a mask does not provide this sort of protection that that people think it will the fact that might lead to some unintended harm later says i. I wear a mask because it's a message. It's it's the right thing to do. You're going to you're pledging to follow a man's moods. There's nothing scientific about that. If i was a young person you know this virus is not going to affect them which is true. It's not particularly dangerous for young people. This might be a good time to take a cruise to italy weeks later. Everyone is at risk the all. Everybody's risk your pledging to follow moods and then there's this this is his statement to you. Msnbc's vin gupta. M d. Can you roll that mike just because you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating and things like traveling in the middle of an out of control. Pandemic your liberated from masks mark me. There is a massive effort to install the technocrats the experts the expert class above us. Because they're unelected and they can they can claim it science gun. Violence is a public health issue. And it's really remarkable that we've allowed it to extend this far and it's a public health official. I'm calling people to give up their magazine. Guns fancy of. I don't know what they're called but You know that they show them in australia. You already have to use in southern australia. You must use your copay safe. Checking supermarkets department stores hardware stores. General retail stores d. You think intense to return this power. But i'd like to give us the okay to go and watch baseball. But i know how to not wear a mask a medical way. They're pledging loyalty to moods. They want they want to have scientific. Technocratic tyranny. talked to ken in livonia michigan can. You're on the russian about program is taught him filling in high ken. Well like to say. Merry christmas to you. Merry christmas to everyone out in the audience and really edge truck. Merry christmas to rush. Limbaugh and god's blessing the reason i'm calling is i'm calling as one of millions of christians who's getting ready to celebrate the christmas holiday There's millions of us. That'll be celebrating it at the end of december and there'll be millions. There'll be celebrating it during the first week in january now when we gather. We're celebrating the birth of our lord and savior. Jesus christ the same. Jesus christ that lives today and is our good shepherd now since the bible is very clear that our lord and savior cheesy rice kin kin. I'm as a christian to stand with you in all of this but we also have forty five seconds and i saw brilliant point. You wanted to make about the technocrats in the politicians. And they're wanting to tell something about christmas. Yes we have all these politicians. I wanna tell us how we can celebrate christmas. They wanna tell us how many people we can have our gatherings. I say that since. Jesus christ as my lord not them and since the virus a ninety nine point nine i am not afraid. That can't kill me. I put my trust in. Jesus christ dr foulsham amen. Ken appreciate the phone call. Merry christmas happy hannukah to everybody taught herman in for rush limbaugh on the eib network taught hermit filling in for rush limbaugh on the eib network. Just another reason to just continue. The fight is continue to stand with the president in every possible legal battle to try to stop. What i believe is a stolen election. Just another reason to do that. In the nutcase fallen city of seattle. It's not dying. it's it's being murdered. This case study for san francisco. Los angeles minneapolis new york chicago all across the country. It's not about seattle. It's about the left. There's a so called seattle city council woman who wants to legalize crime if you have a mental illness if you're depressed that can be world-shattering if you have anxiety that can be world-shattering if you're addicted to drugs that can be world-shattering but she wants to make it legal for you to commit hundreds of misdemeanors. Well accepted her house. She's pushing a piece of legislation. That would make things like someone deciding that they get to live in your front yard legal if they have a mental illness or or say they do or things like vandalism this this this this woman. Primary name is lisa harold. This woman had some throw rocks at her house and so she called the cops that that would all they'd have to say is mentally. Ill says he wants to put that on you but not heard. This is what the left is these days. The rules are for. You taught him in for rush. Limbaugh let me thank you and thank team. Eib for allowing me this incredible honor. It will always be that. Today is the day the lord has made and it is always an particularly now a very good day for breaking news. Thirty eight state agencies have filed monopoly charges against google. This is going to be very entertaining to watch in their aiming it at. that's anti-competitive practices. I hope this gives us as conservatives an opportunity to look inside the machine and see how anti-competitive they are in terms of allowing conservatives to work. There it's a it's a. It's a monoculture a unique culture. And i gives us an opportunity. Look inside under the hood and see to what degree they rigged things against republicans. Because there's no doubt in my mind that they did. And i bet you. There are further actions like this coming against facebook now. That said i'm not a big fan of going. In saying a company can become too successful and monopolistic except for this with google. They're lying about what they are a platform. They're nothing like a platform. This is aimed at their search business. But they're terp publisher. Furthermore there a an election meddler so at least that opens the door to this. There's been a some members of of russia's audience who are just. I get people being beside themselves with what we've seen in this election. I really do and i want to. I want to look at this from a different perspective. I want to look at this from a perspective. Of what if the situation was reversed in its further. I guess it's backing up by opinion that this election stinks and was stolen and that we need to pursue every legal remedy. But i please allow me to say one thing. There's a lot of people who are saying. Hey it's really time to ratchet things up and there you know it's time to take things to the ultimate level but man that requires a lot of pressure. I'm not there and it's an easy thing to say those words but as you are in your neighborhood today just really think. Do you really want that level of violence. Here it happened. I've been saying for six years on the radio. We're not immune to forces breaking our country in two or three or pushing us towards a violent confrontation. And since i heard rush this week begin in to once again go through and crush this lie that rush had push for secession which was ally brush. Never did that. I'll just point something out. The west coast is already seceded functionally. They have said that we will not cooperate with federal. Officials will kick ice out in portland. The so-called mayor there allows a domestic terror organization antifa to attack federal property to attack cops. And they've just flat stated we're we're just not gonna follow federal laws. We don't like the they've already seceded functionally. Now the come back and join the fold of god forbid joe biden complete this act in his allowed to occupy sixteen hundred. It's cry. i hope that it's a personal decision. If this is where your head is at. It's not where i'm at yet. And i'm so frustrated because i look at the situation in reverse and let's start with this. The violence would already be here. Except we'd be hearing this from the mockingbird media members and gate if you know a great local reporter. Please hit me to who they are. I want to promote their work. And that's one of the things we can do is reporters who actually report the news we conservatives can say hey look the mockingbird media members would be telling us this across the nation protests mostly peaceful rage as voting rights act abyss react to a suspicious election democrat nominee joe biden points to affidavits from thousands of witnesses stating that they witnessed irregularities and now cyber experts say that this election may have been hacked. You watch a flipping of the narrative in your hearts we all know that the mockingbird members of the media and not everybody's in that group fox news is not in that group and is not net group. There are individual reporters. Catherine herridge is not in that group at cbs news. Not not even near that group. She's just a straight ahead reporter things. The rest of the media just will not cover but we all know to be reversed. You go from not enough fraud to change the outcome of the election. That's what we hear from mockingbird media members mockingbird and they simply perritt amplify the words of the deep state and the democrats. It would morph into this. This is exactly the report would be so so. Here's what we hear right now. Well there's not enough fraud to change the election outcome. President trump continues without evidence to insist. The election was what he calls raked. However cyber experts with the united states government say this was the most secure election in history. That's that's how they're doing it now. Here's how would be doing the computer. Forensic data experts say to vote changing programs. It appeared this switch votes from biden to trump. Because this is reverse world biden to trump or unlikely to exist only one machine the calling for a full audit of vote counting systems even as the republican secretary of state is covered a computer to be effectively erased drawing accusations of a cover up from voting rights advocates. That's how cnn would report this. That's how the new york times would write this up. If you're at the times in the news department you know it an. I know it if you're at cnn. The cnn in the news department. You know it's an i know it. The merit of wouldn't be the only thing that would flip. And i hate saying this the fbi would already be dispatched. He did already be that. The fbi would be seizing computers. We found one. That's according to an audit was taking votes and putting them into an adjudication pile a massive number of votes. I've talked to people who work on elections. They say oh we might put four percent about six percent abouts in an adjudication pile. Human beings have to put human is on that to figure out. Oh the person meant to color in this circle or they used the wrong kind of pan that cetera. they're putting what sixty seventy percent of votes over into an adjudication pile and there's an adjudication program as i understand it. In the dominion machines understand this audit and from that adjudication pile lo and behold. They took trump's votes and gave them to biden. We're being asked to believe only one machine did that. That would mean that. We're asked to believe that a dominion's business model. Is they write an individual individual piece of software for several computer. No no one does that. So i join you in the frustration and i want to move forward this way. Notice to democrats. This doesn't stop if you succeed. In putting joe biden in sixteen hundred. This doesn't stop more going to continue the investigations. We're going to find out what you did. We're going to name the people and we're going to want legal justice to don't think it ends. This isn't the normal republican party where we put this to bed. You know and i know if the roles reversed you do the same. we heard. I read a text earlier from from louie gohmert congressman gummer and. I was saying that the president can organize an effort like this to investigate this. If god forbid he is forced to leave office and he'd said people follow that advice. The leaders of the effort will be prosecuted and go to jail. This flynn was about to have to do. The dems are already prosecuting election whistleblowers in texas. So i said wow. that's scary. The congressman got back to bow snerdley. So there's no mistake. I won't quit. Battling for truth. Justice in the american way but the damn puppet masters are vicious and once they completely control the fbi at all the doj. Plus all interruptus. They'll come after those. Who step up with evidence. Will the investigators are done by. Investigations are done by them lawyers or firms who are hailed as the gold standard like weisman or crowd strike who exonerate end the guilty and prosecute the whistle blowers from congressman louie gohmert. We are in an unbelievably challenging. Time and god trusts us to be in this position. My number one parties to not lose my soul my number two parties to not lose this country in any decision to go outside of the legal remedies requires a whole lot of prayer. And i'm not there yet. And i hope as you drive around your neighborhoods. You regard your children. As we build up the christmas you really pray towards a peaceful approach to what appears to be a massive attempt to fry taught him in for rush limbaugh being taught herman in for rush limbaugh the network impact. Your phone calls here. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. If you want to be in the program. I'll have some breaking news coming up about election interference. wouldn't you know it. It's related of course everything they've been talking about today. Probably involves cyber stuff and speaking of that online retailers. Don't the only ones that love this holiday shopping time. There's a grinch like characters. they love this time of year. Just as much rush will tell you about that right now. You know the people love this time of year. They are cyber hackers. They envision the increased online shopping going on out there and all the new credit card information being transmitted online. I mean this is christmas come early. You might not know it when new credit cards are approved This is not the record time of year. But it's among them and you can use a newly approved credit card almost instantly because credit cards are now gone so digital. You don't have to wait for the thing to be sent to you in the mail. You can use it almost instantly. And they know this one big stolen database score and they are set for sometime if your holiday shopping online and your data is shared when you make that online purchase. You're never gonna know when a company database has hacked and your information falls into wrong hands. That's why you have this time of year. And all year lifelock provides online identity theft protection better than anybody does lifelock's online monitoring systems. Look for evidence that your information is being used without your permission and they can do that. They've they've got excellent algorithms for their members profiles of their members. They can spot when this kind of fraud is happening sooner than anybody. And they're quick to notify their members of potential problems so they can weigh in and make their own determination with the facts that they share with you. Now no one company can prevent all identity but lifelock is in a league of their own folks. They scan more than a billion online transactions every week. They have got a restoration team. Trained to help you fix what goes wrong. They have the ability to shut down the illegal activity to restore your good name speaking of reputations. And if you're a victim of stolen identity theft you want nobody but lifelock trying to fix that. Sign up today. Lifelock dot com or call them. Eight hundred four forty forty eight thirty three way. Use my name. Save twenty five percent off the first years plan. That's lifelock dot com promo code rush or eight hundred four forty forty eight thirty three. Thank you rush This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system this is a test of the journalistic ethics system. Ready for this. I was just praising catherine herridge as one of the reporters who is not a member of the mockingbird media. She is reporting. And i picked this up to the epoch times. Just it just came to me. Here's the test of the ethics of journalism. You're about to be able to an outlook. I'm i'm so aware of the press is a in so many of the media far too many media members and organizations who just combined absolutely played this to destroy president trump for four years with a big focus on the last year. Anybody who listens to my show regularly knows. I point that out. I'm also in a hunt for decent journalists. This is the test. This is your lead story today. If you are a serious news outfit tip this. Is your story. Also tass mitch. Mcconnell who deserves great credit for the judiciary but was very quick to call biden. The president elect to congratulate him into say joe biden publisher one vote from the senate matching a or protests from the senate matching. That of the house can take this election to to our debate about these ballots. Here is the news director of national intelligence. John ratcliffe says there was foreign interference in the twenty twenty election according to cbs. News correspondent catherine herridge. Here's what herod said. Well deny ratcliffe leads the seventeen intelligence agencies and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the us government and he told cbs news. There is foreign interference by china. Iran and russia in november of this year the -ticipant in a public report on those findings in january the fateful days january sixth will mitch mcconnell. Now stand back up and say john. Ratcliffe is a career public servant and he is a leader of the intelligence committee. He deserves opportunity if there's foreign interference in this election on my democrat colleagues stand with me to demand full and complete investigation willie. Here's your test if your news organization and you have ethics. There's your lead story. We'll sit back and watch talk to joanne. In the villages. Florida in the russian program. Welcome to the show as taught. Herman filling in god. I just listening to everything. I've just been losing my mind. Because it was more of an investigation over deflategate then there is over eventual election. And i just like. I believe there was a year and a half investigation over airing balls game. I miss his country. I crazy for this country. Because i don't know where it is anymore and that's all i got a crazy to me. That's a brilliant comparison and it's also something to put up on a wall and look at in washington dc on a whiteboard. Y'all take a whiteboard on one side of your office mitch. Mcconnell on one side of your office republicans place a whiteboard and go through all the hearings. You held on deflate gate. Did tom brady deflate his boss and i understand. It's a sensitive topic to deflation of balls. Did he deflate his balls to get a better handle on them on the other side. Put up a white board with all your investigations in hearings into what deny ratcliffe. Enough says was a election that foreign interference occurred by china iran and russia. Put them up one side of the room and the other and ask yourself what's proper multiple. Is it proper that you had twelve times as many hearings on. Whether or not tom. Tom brady purposely deflated his balls or should it be more like six times mitch. I'm not trying to make this show about you. I'm begging you the game. Joe biden's occur. Public servant is over. Doesn't work anymore. We see what we see. We've watched a year of trying to make us crazy mask. Work mass. Don't work shut down the churches but not the strip clubs. We watched three years of lies about donald trump. Now we're telling you mitch. We're not crazy. We are observing one. Vote from the senate to put this into a debate and a better here. A hearing about dna reckless news. Very soon as taught in for rush limbaugh ib network. Thank you so much for allowing me. This honor mr limbaugh and team. Eib bow and mike and greg and bryan and ali and craig. Every time i honor to do this people ask me. You get used to this now. It's it's when you when you form part of yourself by by the advice you hear on the air not just outside the politics but life advice. It's it's mind blowing to do this. This is another reason that i'm fighting this fight and maybe you are to the left. Never never their policies are never what they claim them to beat ever. They are the ultimate creator of elite their the ultimate blockades to life liberty and pursuit of happiness their the ultimate guards against achievement for all in every capacity from refusing to allow charter schools destroying them piece by piece bit by bit sometimes just with blunt force even his parents weep because their kids have to attend they gang ridden government school because of a union power play to this. Just think of this joe. Biden's dementia in his teleprompter and whoever is putting words up for him. To say has decided that he wants to write off all college debt. Write it off. Make it disappear which is impossible. This is a massive inflation of the cost of college. Just think of how this prevents upward mobility. They go to the colleges and say we're not going to guarantee you a revenue source from people. You don't need to please. You don't need to deliver anything to the people who are going to be paying for your inflated salaries who are going to be bolstering things like harvard's thirty nine billion dollar endowment. The people go into your schools. They won't care either. Think of conservative approaches. You want to hear young people. You wanna hear your path to freedom. Here it is state funded colleges you contest into any state college. Not pay a dime for what you know so if you walk into a state college and you know enough to be a senior. They make you a senior. They don't charge you fees. Oh well you you you. You have to pay a clipping fee. No i have the knowledge. I don't need the first three years. Your test admitted that boom you're in one year. What do you. What do you six thousand bucks boom. You're done you've got a degree because you've got the knowledge you could pass. You can allow people to attend free online classes at state run universities free but in order to graduate if you tenure classes there you take a modified test you pay a modified fee and now you have how many other people in the game but they have skin in the game as students. You could fast track professional degrees such as this. You want to be a lawyer. You don't need undergrad. If you contest in. Why do you need to take botany literature. Classes understand. i like. I brought education. I like knowing a lot of things. Information is potential power but if your goal is to be a lawyer and you're poor and you're working if you contest into that you don't need the first four years if you've got the knowledge or the smarts or the i q promotes apprenticeships everywhere as competition to college in every trade in every profession apprentice ships are allowed. You wanna be a brain surgeon. Yes you can beat apprentice. It's gonna take you a while but you can get their. Lastly rank colleges by data driven outputs return on investment instead the same people who are telling restaurants. You need the state. Shutdown unless you could relocate your restaurant inside of a home depot. Then you're good are telling people know the only solution is to give more money to the people charging too much money so people end up in debt that they can't pay all around us. Democrats the left are the biggest blockade to freedom and yet we're the ones supposedly tagged as or tag this not wanting people to accel. We're the ones causing despondency in the young people. Let's talk to jerry in charlotte north carolina. Jerry you're on. The russian program has taught him and filling in welcome. Jerry i thank you very much. I wanted to call for small. I enjoy when you substitute you. Very you have a lot of spirit. That's one of the things i'm calling about. You said that what we need is we need spirit. We need legal action that is successful and we need to pray. Well i have a lot of spirit as i think. A lot of other people right sided people have My spirit is very quickly turned into despondency. Because i don't see that the spirit you have spirit but it's a lot of rhetoric we hear the same thing from all of the conservative people. We talk it but nothing happens because we try to take those other actions and nothing happens because we get overpowered you earlier in your talk talk gave us justification for why spirit and prayer and all the other things. You're not gonna work because the democrats are taking over and the more we want to be clear. One thing i wanna be. I wanna be super clermont thing jerry. I don't believe i said prayer is not gonna work. I think what i said is that they need prayer and i believe in prayer. I'm a religious person. I used to have spirit. I still have a lot of spirit. But i'm despondent because i don't see going anywhere The legal actions are obviously not going to work. I just. I've given up on that prayer. I like many other right leaning people. I'm sure every night. When i go to bed at night i say a prayer for rush. I say a prayer for our country. I say a prayer for for donald trump. And i pray with every bit. I've bumps that. I've got but i'm not saying anything happened and it scares me to death for our country. I'm seventy year old female. I've been a republican all my life. I'm very conservative. And i've found like but you know you say atif is not going to do anything unless we coerce them they do whether we coordinate over nazi again jerry. I want to be very clear. I said the opposite antifa is trying to get us to commit violence. They're trying to do the violence. Whether we we get them to instigate them are nice. Yes they do. Can we admit something together. You and i. What we're talking about rightly makes us nervous. This this elephants in the room of people will how far to be going and ready to go. Look i'm going to be super very very very clear. Here is clear as i can. I do not want war at all in this country. And i know you don't jerry i know you don't on just sesa suggesting this may be the prayer we should be. Praying is to have in fact the wisdom to. We're not the first people in this situation to look back on history and say that we have faced tyrants before the world is a story of free people fighting timers what we have on our side is. There's still people like you jerry and charlotte. They're still people like scott in minnesota. There's still people like to callers. We've had from georgia today. Who are not going to forget our freedoms or not going to walk from them so the steps we have to start somewhere election integrity. We're not letting the fight go to the bad doers. Louie gohmert says he's not backing off back enough. We're going to find you. We're going to prosecute you to the red state governors. You're going to clean up your voter rolls or were not going to support you. You wanna watch us walk. Watch us walk. You wanna stay in your sweet jobs. Then you clean up the voter rolls on the city councils in the school boards if everybody who listens to russia showed no rephrase that if one percent of the people who listened to russia shows you know what. That's i'm joining my school board. I'm going to the city council meetings. I'm going to be the noise. I'm going to be that person that they fear. Oh no the person who has all the facts and other logic two minutes to speak. Oh my goodness dat is maybe god's energy maybe we're praying for phillips are human capacities not enough lord. We need your capacity. We need your capacity for energy your endless capacity seven times seven and then seven more. Maybe that's the pro jerry. God bless you. Thank you for the call. Merry christmas to you is taught him in in for rush. Limbaugh the eib network. It's taught herman in for rush limbaugh on the eib network. Eight hundred four eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two number by heart. Merry christmas to you. I saw a tweet. I'm trying to figure out what boasts nerd feels about this. I just saw one of those tweets. And i'm just trying to figure out his feelings here. You're right so far. Not one republican. Senator has said he or she will step up an object to the election. Frog not one all caps again. Members of the house are unafraid. More than one of said they will object in the house. We just need one in the senate. This is a this one. I'm going to say is not. It's not guessing. This is a fact the democrats if the situation was reversed would have every single senator saying they will object. They'll have every every single. Senator said don't even bother bringing it in but subject now they they'd have a photo session they'd be out there and they're in their woke masks in the pandering scarves and really special pandering scarfs to and you'd have members of the mockingbird media saying in an extraordinary show of unity democrats in the senate today say they will object to what they say is obvious. Election fraud now confirmed by national intelligence officials. john ratcliffe has said deny ratcliffe foreign interference in election. Not one folks. It takes one republican senator to debate the selection and these ballots in the senate. One i think mitch. Mcconnell has has has issued his statement when he said joe biden a career public servant. No stranger to descend on a graduate president-elect joni saying to the rest of the senate is if you want to see any bills make the floor. You're going to stand stand behind meanest. You're you're not going to make waves one so i'll just say this you're being watched you want to divorce yourself from the base of the conservative movement. Just continue with this path. You'll do it. You'll reap your reward stock to scott in minnesota minnesota's that right minneapolis minnesota on the russian about programs scott. Welcome to russian show as todd. Herman filling in thank you. Yeah it's been a pleasure to listen to. Yeah just been taken with this thought. We got eighty million disenfranchised voters forty million of flight of spirit. Time on their hands do lockdowns and stuff. And i'm thinking it's probably our last shot at. Maybe this would be a good time for like a road trip to washington. You know people jumping area cars. Just go visit the east coast for a while. You know drive around. You don't have to do anything nasty. Half of them decided to go displace or disinterested or disappointment in their behavior. You don't we just used to wander around for awhile just can show support. I mean if it's like a drive by a joe biden rally was actually people show enough. You don't do. Maybe maybe what you're saying. Yeah maybe what you're saying is from their million dollar condos and and they're expensive apartments and they're they're they're they're limos uber's if if the people in washington dc. Maybe the staffers for republican senators were to step back and say dear. God i can't even get to the capitol. There's so many people here that i can't even. I can't even move about the city. There's so many citizens here and they all have signs saying we demand to clean election. Maybe that's what you're saying. Something like that. And i agree. That would make a huge impact. If you organize and push that forward then you let us know. And because i'm telling you nothing changes minds in young staffers like oh i might not have a job a little bit later scott. Thanks for the call. Kevin in amelia island. You're on the rush limbaugh program kevin. We've got about a minute. Welcome to the show the guy out here to go ahead. Kevin kennon again. We not getting kevin good point. Nothing puts pressure on republican staffers and legislative directors like numbers. You know what. They're looking at their twenty six thirty bay. See the response. One republican senator. They're looking at their careers. Saying oh i wanna be a senator one day. So hey twenty. Six year old thirty year old thirty-five year old thirty year old. Senator senate staff you better tell your members one vote now. The biggest talk radio audience in the world knows it's one vote from one senator. Better tell your bosses taught him an in for rush limbaugh on the eib network. It has been always will be always is an incredible honor to fill in for america's anchorman rush. Amal thank everybody at eob for making that possible. Wish you a merry christmas if you took one thing away from the conversation today and it was a times. I felt like a really intense conversation. Make a list of. I want you to limit it to three things. I'm asking you to limit it to three things. We have a huge of work ahead of us. so let's take big things and make them small. We make a list of things you will do in terms of taking action either at a city council level or making phone calls or deciding to run for office or attending school board meetings. It doesn't have to be at the federal level can be local demanding election integrity by ag. Starting a group limit two three. Put a timeline on it. You have been given a lot of information for years. Decades from this program. Information is potential power. Only only when you decide to use it. does it actually become powerful. Please make that whist write it down. Post it for yourself in help us save our our country because she's worth saving because she saved todd herman in for rush limbaugh when the in a world of an ever changing economic landscape. How on earth can i get financial stability in my life. I'm david grosso. Most of the podcast. Follow the prophet. Every week you'll hear from successful entrepreneurs the learn from their achievements most importantly to avoid their stakes on the podcasts. You'll hear stories that will deconstruct what's going on in the economy and how it's affecting your finances so that you can follow the profit. Listen to follow the prophet. Every saturday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. You're gonna come into a new season of joy and fulfillment. You've never seen high on jolo steam. I have a daily podcast. I talk about overcoming struggles accomplishing dreams and becoming. All you were created to be. You may have had some disappointments in the past but this is a new day. Keep feeding your home's feeding your dreams use your energy to feed your destiny. Listen to the jolo steam. Daily podcast on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 188: Featuring Stephen Dixon + Brandon Segal

Spittin' Chiclets

2:32:46 hr | 2 years ago

Spittin' Chiclets Episode 188: Featuring Stephen Dixon + Brandon Segal

"The phone small town. Small. Same small. Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode one hundred eighty eight of spitting chiklis presented by new Amsterdam vodka burn, the dog days of some of free agency, not quite yet, not a shitload to talk about, but we'll still the tainted needless to say, let's say, Hello, the boys today. Mikey granny what's going on? Where are you right now? It looks like a hotel room. What's up boys him on the beautiful island of Newfoundland? And I was wrong. Screeched in is a fellow Newfoundlander the other night. And I had a kiss a cawed, so we'll have some crazy video coming out of that. So. Trip so far, the probably the hottest thing you've seen them go to town on this thing through. It's fucking tongue in the little fishes that you. He's the grossest kisser chauvinist tongue down girls. Throw to guarantee it a guarantee of node finessing. I needed that cod. I needed that caught actually I'm good catcher. I guarantee you go. Buster song. Next up, boy, Paul Bissonnette business TI would you in a room next door? Grenell up there. It's been a great time here, looking forward to pushing out all the content and hanging around with Terry Ryan out on the podcast before he's an electric factory, but not as crazy as his old man, his old man is him times ten null. We had him on the weird we go. We went whale watching with them and us having beers on the boat. And he just he went to another planet. So that was very entertaining. Got a ton of stories from the old days again, from one thing is like when I first met him a Mike, I do I have to filter through these stories or half of them lies in whatnot. No, we ended up going down to his basement, the sky's got autographs, from Gretzky, Bobby Hall. He I mean he was a hell of a Elvis stories from Elvis. He's met, Elvis Presley. Yeah. He's he's done at all. So very interested for you guys to see all the content. We got we're actually going back over to his place this afternoon ago. All of his album collection and some other artifacts in that crazy basement is, but it's been a good time. We we're going to try to show everyone outside of Newfoundland what it's about in the great people that are here and they disliked advocate. Good time drink. They like to tell stories like to sing and dance. So, yeah, that's pretty much it got he picked up grilling with three balls around the airport. So I guess they do like to potty and last, I was the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. I was just waiting by baggage claiming it's three new fees that just showed up. And they were like, hey, you might now as I get like, well, we got three bottles of booze. There's no better way to welcome you to Newfoundland. No. Like I was a K where do you get a taxi around here? They're like. Oh, no, no, no. We'll just drive your hotel. So they drove me to my hotel while. And then an auto good guys in last. But not least the Buddy Ryan, Whitney, what's going on, with dog much guys them in just a fabulous mood right now. I'm not gonna lie you. This is peak golf season. It's just Vacation's coming up, whether it's been good. I mean I couldn't be happier. I really couldn't you know, this is a light episode NHL news. We're waiting for the free agent frenzy to come to US July. First but still for now. We get some fun stuff to talk about biz. I have a couple questions for everyone actually biz. Are you still off the piss? Have you know off the Newfoundland boozing? I've survived vagus for four days nobles that I went to Vancouver for the hotel Belmont opening where there must have been one thousand women in there. It was a joke. I've never seen so many hot chicks in one place at you really have to boost just grab a girl that's, that's. I've done all right on the on the road trip so far for five but. But still, it was a party atmosphere that on the Friday night in an couvert. We ended up going to some some house party on my friends. Parents bought a beautiful brand new condo. They like fucking pool on top of their deck and shit. Anyway, then I survived a Saturday in Vancouver. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday in van, then we came out here on Sunday and survive, one of the biggest drinking cultures for the last few days. So he must take plus the on the rock. No, no. I on edibles in joints, the entire time, though. I, I don't think I've opened my eyes fully since I've been here. Dispensary seen narrate. Check that out already K. So you're allowed to fly with it and Canada. So I bought no mine in Vancouver. Oh, so you'll have stuff in Nova Scotia. I have I have, what do I have three joints left? I have some edibles and. Yeah. Indicate ables. And some sativa was, we'll be all right. We can stop by dispensary up there them. So, right. Other question, Mikey. What do you mean what else happened when they drove you home, nothing? They gave me a tour around town. They showed me where George Street was. And that's it would, you know and, and then you like sort of laughed and I'm like, I'm not going to be the fucking guy that doesn't know the story that guy. All right. I was doing it on waiting. I'm waiting to hit the Cotton Club today. Okay by car. And I was like, Ed, Dan. And RA do anything for you know, I got one thing here. So we have to make a rule if you have a good story and we're in the midst of hockey talking, and you say, hey, I got a story, but I'll tell it later. We have to start telling it right away because last episode you told us you had a crazy Russia story with, and you're like I'll tell it later. And then we never reminded you to bring it up. So oftentimes that happens. So I say from now on when we say, we have sorry, we have to tell. Yeah, because our brains are just mush. Have time I went out to dinner with a guy good friend of mine. Name won't be brought up a couple of us at dinner. And this kid played in Russia played in Europe for a long time. And he's like, dude, I never told you the story of the reporter, and when I was on our tack, I was like, no, what are you talking about? He's like body because we were just telling the old Russia stories. He's like, dude, we showed up to the rank one day and, you know like year on I get out on the ice. I'm doing, you know, the Daytona five hundred laps ripping a couple in the nets waiting for. Russian practice to start which will take four hours and I look in the corner, and, you know how the media -cational reporters, they just kind of sit in the seats at the at the practice, you know, there's this older Russian guy, and he's sitting there dude. And he's like asleep like he's, he's completely, you know, not awake my Jesus, I passed though. Well, it turns out he was dead. So this reporter, dude, had a fucking heart attack, or whatever, I don't know what happened, but he's lying there. And he's in the stands and he's dead. Once they realized that he was dead was like, oh, my God. Oh my God. All my God. So they throw a sheet over the sky, and they start practicing the guy's feet and hands are hanging out of the fucking sheet, and he's just laying there dead with, you know, his body and face covered. So he's like, oh my God. My god. This is fucking insane. What is going on right now? He's like I would not go into the corner. I we were doing drills where you have to go on every single corner. I wouldn't go in that corner. I'm not. Being that close to dead guy. So what do you know all of a sudden fuck and paramedics show up the Russian paramedic. These two guys in the reporter was a big man. I guess these to go to pick this guy up, and what happens they drop them. And the players are watching as this dude rolling down the fucking. What is the stairs called where you sit the I'll rolling down the sheet comes off, and then boom hits the boards and they're like the divide divide? They run down. They, they cover them again, turns out, they ended up need to bring like six seven guys who at the carry them out big guy. But sure shit practice was never cancelled. Everything was going on as this was happening, the players find they stopped to watch like near the end and the Cote will Louis Farquhar tenure practice? That's like my Russian Mexican accent. So that was just a normal day for this kid at practicing reporter in the stands who's then dropped trying to be picked up and transported to the more ya. I don't think I would have been able to practice. Do the kid said he couldn't. He was just like what is going on? Why are we stopping practice? Why aren't we getting off the ice at the dead body? I could see his right. Foot from underneath the puck at sheet. It was just I was like, oh my God. So obviously we pile up with these Russian stories, and they're gonna keep coming out, because, you know, it's Russia, because, because that's how shit goes down there, which is fine. But there was a comment recently that you text the group chat in one Russian guy. Basi said tell tell whit to never come back to Russia, because it's gotten so bad. And so public over there. This is crazy. I was told this. I'm like, what, what really well one I ain't going back witty ain't going back. There's no way you would ever go back to Russia. Not one chance. Not even signed. No price on his head biz dude. No. But here's the thing, like I've, I've been critical of like Russia, but I've also been very complimentary right? I mean I said there was a lot of smoke shows there. And. You're forgetting the first point I said, I said, New Year's Eve was fun. New Year's Eve, a lot of fun there. I said that. I said that I had a great driver member. Dean we showed the picture him in the hot tub guys at great driver. We have picture evidence of that, too. Yeah. We do. We do. And I also have said it was great to leave. It was it was. It was. You know, when I was leaving cool. I don't really understand the whole hate towards, like, wait don't ever show your face in Russia. Again, the only chance the only thing I ever worry about I go on there. My wife ain't going there. Rider plays hockey and ends up like good, only get playing the cage and don't ever send him. I was thinking like juniors. I'm thinking, like if he ever like became a good hockey player in, like made a team and there was a term in Russia k but sorry you ain't going. What about world juniors? You have to have security around that Whitney name is never going back to Russia. The Whitney name was there, and it's gone, and it's never called him back. You'll have to ballpoint noise fucking Super Bowl disguise, with the mustache, she can sneak in that dead guy wasn't just Bugsy. That's true. Thrown Bugsy sheet over Bugsy. It's his Saint Cloud state focus a lot since since we're on the Russia subject. I actually checked out that television show, turn oble great noble Chernobyl. Yeah. Would you think? Excellent. And I'm and I'm happy that they didn't do it in Russia. And then had the subtitles once again, that's not a shot at Russia. Keep wit on your hit that I'm off. But very, very good. I mean just sad. That, that is a crazy fucking. Oh, but only thirty six people died. I heard that Russia is actually really pissed about it and they're actually making a, a series in Russian. Said it's all the Americans fault. They're gonna say the CIA Hata handed. Well, that's what happens when you fuck on the dictator and propaganda as a fact but yeah, it was very well made with they decide and you've seen this like English productions is they would rather have the English actors Swedish actors because one guy was Swedish. They rather have them talking that natural accent, instead of doing terrible fake Russian accent, or even trying to speak Russian and just totally butcher. And so they just do it in the natural language. But yeah, it was it was pretty good stuff in RA. We said this before it's because so that, you know, in America, Canada, you're watching, and you still think of it as, as, like international or I don't know homes how, how much say this, they want you to be able to, like picture it happening somewhere else, but durum saying, but, like, not have the corny accents. Yeah. Oh, it's like having the English accents, she'll shows like that, you know, it was a way from America, whatever, I don't know. Yeah. No sense. What you get used to it like idea. They're rushing. But they just have English accent. Pretty easy to deal biz moment there wit you saw Jude. I something's happening to me were I can't talk anymore. I think doing this would have made me a better talker. Now I fumble fuck words. I can't complete sentences. I'm talking in like slang and just like it's like when I came home from Russia knows like Ryan hungry, by the way, have you seen those asshole social media influencers, who are now going to noble in, like girls, take pictures and thong sticking their ASO like Chernobyl? How's your fucking ask cancer from doing that? Absolutely foolish cancer Jesus. Well, I mean, people go to this place, they think it's like a tourist. It's like this is the most fucking radioactive place in the planet. Why would you wanna go there because you gotta get the likes? Yeah. Exactly. Did the show said it's going to take one hundred years for for it to not become radioactive? I would imagine that even after that they don't go there and revamp. It not definitely not just leave it forever. But speaking of HBO, I don't know, if you guys caught the HBO real. Segment on Tuesday night on Boston anyone able to catch it all. But one of the guys online was lying about it say that there was no females interviewed for it. And then obviously no interviews came out with females. But Erica, who was in the thing. Yeah. Who's a female, who's the CEO and then and then RIA was also interviewed for an hour, but they didn't put anything in it. He fell who wrote that recanted and apologize for that. But yeah, they realize kind kinda pissed did interview for an hour. They didn't use any of it. They also interviewed a guy who hates Basel for hour, I guess they didn't use any his either. But I think it wasn't a hit piece. I mean, I've seen enough boscell hit pieces over the years. I think it was very slanted. I, I don't think Sola that O'Brien kid much Dave. I mean she basically called him a vile person out the woods. But I think she slanted like when you call my key, like a third world dictator like those. That's one words matter. That's putting a spin audio your planning. The guy's a piece of shit is news. That's your opinion. Exactly in Alec even eat. It was funny to before they went to the segments like this is not for the faint of. Hot fucking kidding me. Literally two segments later. They had a guy getting bit by shock bloody Goral, and they never gave a warning about faint for the hot faint for the hot day. It was fucking kind of funny, but I thought it was pretty fair just slanted. But it wasn't a hit piece like we've seen in the past by any stretch. Interesting. I didn't I didn't considered a hit piece. I didn't think it was very good. And I will say this that Bryant Gumbel can suck my deck because if you're gonna fuck it think about something, and you're gonna say at the end of that fucking toll. God damn wasn't an episode. It was like a little segment. He asked that woman. If that was the most unpleasant, unpleasant thing she's ever covered. Let's go over what she's covered. This was a tweet from borstal kid Jack McGuire. This woman has covered Haiti after the two thousand ten earthquake war veteran. Suffering from PTSD the two thousand twelve Aurora school shooting and the two thousand twelve sandy hook shooting Aurora. Sorry was a move. A movie theater either way. She's covered some of the most horrible things in the world and he asked her if covering barstool for fucking week was the most unpleasant thing. Are you fucking soft Bryant fumble and how much plastic surgery has that guy had and his face Jesus Christ just like it's like you have to use your brain? And when people are talking about barstool reality goes flying out the window. It's like the worst things in the world about body due to comedy site. Like you're really gonna try to compare this to covering earthquake thousands of people died. Fuck off Brian Gumbo. Who the fuck is that I'm trying to look up? He's the, he's the host of the show. Yeah, he's a he's a pretty pompous due to I can't stand him, but it's typically a pretty good show. It's kind of like the sixty minutes of sports like couldn't believe that the most unpleasant thing you've ever covered. Have you looked at her resume what she's covered for your show? You fool. He says, all angered sounds like a lot of angry white males something like that. I went to one event and it was pretty overwhelmingly white and male. It's like yeah. You went to Boston Bruins watch party in Boston on and talk about often subject. Ryan Hartman being completely off the grid right now. I'll let you t the story up here are but I'm gonna read off hartman's tweet a few food as ago before the draft heading off the grill till next Saturday. If you need me leave me a voicemail. He's world yet that was on Friday, and Monday, the fly sent Ryan happened to Dallas Tyler hit lick and because the size didn't extend a qualifying offer. He became a UFA. He'll be he'll be a UFA next week. So basically, he got traded and pretty much released still doesn't know this. His mother tweeted out, Ryan, you need to call your mom L O L on Monday. She was replying to media requests wondering where he was. So as of last night at last check, I, he still didn't know what had happened. It was career and his mother was trying to track them down. This is funny. I've never seen anything like this before, all say this, he's probably the happiest guy the world right now not having his phone on just enjoying life in. It was a picture of what looked like a cotton. Egeria. Hey, but him go decompress. He's gonna find out everything after imagine that he's gonna have a nice clear mind after this week on and you'll be able to accept this information digested properly. He might have the closest example of the Homer Simpson gift or whoever the Simpsons gave when he walks in the bar, literally turns around walks out of the bar because he might get get off the boat. Pick up his phone turn it on and be like, are you fucking kidding me and put the phone down right back on the boat because like to come back at all right? Well back into reality to get in touch with people see what's going on, on my God. I've been treated and released what has just happened. The only good thing is he's a USA maybe signs for little coin. I mean I don't know what's going on, if they decided not to, you know, sign back up, maybe that's not a good thing. Good sign for him. But still, it's, it's pretty cool that he's able to put the phone down. I'm guessing without knowing him. He's a guy that's really into I don't know about nature, but, you know, living free and having a good time and good for him to take a little break from social media Sam causing teen. Style. I mean he's had a hard time sticking places in Chicago. I thought he was going to be a perfect mix because he's got that high end skill or at least erat, he seemed to have a little bit of high end skill where he could muster in that light. What do you mean? He's a like he plays like a rat like he is skilled in times. He hits he'll fight. He's like I've seen employees. Some very good hockey where he is tough to play against. And as far as him not finding out. I mean it doesn't really matter what we found the Monday Wednesday, Friday because, you know, you FA doesn't start till next week. So we really can't do much of anything anyways, in with that was Abe Simpson in the Mayson Daria episode when he walks through the whole house and does a one eighty watch right back. Oh, I thought it was a bar at the Horose. Yeah was. Yeah. The whole house episode when by work on the door. The mayson. Daria, one of the prototypes and Simpsons episodes of so. To the Simpsons fans out there speaking of that real sports segment, they actually another one last night on Don Nelson. The former NBA coach show. He's actually hall of fame play in a hall of fame coach and just a piggyback. You're dead guy story. He told the story last night, which he, he never smoked as join his whole life. He said after he retied he's a wicked stolen Willie. Nelson got him. He became a fucking grow all that stuff and he hosts a poker game every night, and he said they were playing poker and one of the dudes like they looked in the Doges fucking died like he had a heart attack. He died sitting up. He said, they just kept fucking deal in the hint until the Karna got the in what he died. They cremated his ashes. Put it in a like a cigar tube. And they have a he has a little space, Don Nelson's mankato's pretty fucking free one related to Willie Nelson, no no relation other than other than bud brothers. That was bad. I know I'll walk. All right. Let's get to the hall of fame stuff Tuesday afternoon, the Hockey Hall of fame announced the twenty nineteen in dock dis get right? So that we had Jim Rutherford Jerry York Hayley Wickenheiser Sergei. Zubov. Vaclav Neta, Manzke, and Ye Kaban oh, when you took a look at the eligible players, there was really only one no-brainer guaranteed to get in this time. And that was Hayley Wickenheiser. I mean she's in the conversation but greatest ever player in the women's game. She symbolized Canadian women's hockey, Canadian hockey for twenty years. Racking up golds and goals sold. She was a slam dunk. Then you figure you take a look at rather fit you joined the wheel is back in nineteen ninety four had twenty eight career with them on a couple of cups. He's a builder. Correct. You went in as a Bill thus, so he was, you know. All right. No, no beef with that. When Jerry York winning coach in college history that alone get you in. Then when you add an all that national titles frozen void trips all the players that went to the NHL under his tutelage, and I have a no brainer. I thought Sergei Zubov it was his seventh year of eligibility. I mean, he was among the best power play quarterbacks of his era and he basically had a wait as turn because of this, you know, eligibility stuff. The guys got in right before him where I got it right here jelly need a my Blake Pronger, Lidstrom, and Housley. So he basically, kind of had to wait until all those guys get in the only one, I said, I really had sort of an issue with was e Cobb, and he was a great player. Free time Selke wanna three-time Cup when my issue is there were seven separate times there were health in class, they're allowed to duck four meals each year for male skaters players in seven years, where they only inducted two or three players and it was actually one year two thousand ten will only I invited inducted Dino Sicily. So basically, I guess what I'm saying is, he was a hall of Famer they had eight other chances to put them in. They never did. And now he gets in and kind of an off year for first year eligibility. So, which take on these guys go to you first wit. I was very surprised key Carboneau gut in, if you're gonna look at the hall of fame resumes of players, I understand completely that he he's a three time Selke trophy winner. I mean eighty eight eighty nine ninety to one of the best defensive forwards of his generation note about it, but. One one thousand three hundred eighteen game six hundred sixty three points hall of fame defensive Lee amazing, but that's like so off from normal numbers mobile, not even in yet, correct? Nope. You didn't get in shorts insane. So now maybe this is like this guy. He won three Stanley Cups. He was like I said he was a huge part of those teams the fans in Montreal loved them. He went to Dallas the team love them there. He's had a lot of success. But if you're looking at the hall of fame and I just I don't see that. I don't see it at all. I know he coached the Canadians, and the Neo. He was up for the jackass atoms one year. But still, it's not it's not at all. What you expect when you look at the resumes, and what people have done they get into the hall of fame. I know it seems like we're kind of dogging like instead of pumping up the guys who ran it's, it's just more more questioning while this has been. Yeah. A lot of people are questioning that pick. I didn't watch him during that era. So I wouldn't be able to say his stats do not jump out at you. Keep in mind. Back then, you know, the Selke was handed out to guys who were more very defensive and not necessarily as ofensive. I mean, nowadays, the standard is I'd say, minimum seventy points. I mean co Petar one at two years ago I think he had a hundred points. And yet an unbelievable two foot two hundred foot game all season long. So the standard of the award has has been elevated, you know, I was reading some tweets about him care LeBrun, obviously, congratulating him on his hall of fame induction. Somebody tweeted underneath that their favorite Carboneau story was telling coach mersal take on Gretzky after their game one loss when it was much y'all against the, the Los Angeles Kings. He ended up limiting Gretzky to three points in the next four games, and then Canadians ended up going on to win that Stanley Cup and five games. And he you know, that was consummate material right there. I the numbers don't jump out at you. I'm just going to chalk it up to the fact that when you do win league awards. It does help your case to get in. But there if he's getting in there are lot of guys who are getting snubbed right now that, that deserved to get in, and you mentioned Alexander Mogilny. That's definitely a guy who should be getting her hall of fame. The most points Carbonell ever had in seasons. Fifty seven it's not thought I had fifty nine one year. I can't even cross over. Yeah, you can't have fifty seven points as your career high and being hall of fame. I'm sorry, congrats key. And in the end who gives a fuck because in twenty years, you say, hey, I'm Carboneau NHL hall of Famer two thousand nineteen and they say holy fuck I get your autograph and a picture, so who gives a ship. But if you're some other guys that's more what I'm thinking about like a pardon. Yeah. That's an we're not. I'm not reading on 'em. I'd ever even watch the guy play. I mean he's got three cell Ke's done more in his career than I did. The one where it was about time Sergei Zubov for me. Oh, yeah. Every guy you talked to is like, yeah. He's probably the best defense when I've ever played with, and that's coming out of guys like Yaar, mere Iago's mouth. And I have a quote here that from him, if there's one thing that I would ever reproach Mario for is that he got rid of Sergei Zubov. He was the best defense, but I've ever played with he was especially great offensively. He was able to get the puck in the offense. Sorry. He was able to get the puck to the offensive zone and make another play once being in there. He was Aera. He was irreplaceable on the power place. He would receive the puck on the blue line hold it for a moment. And if got attacked by forward, he would never worry about beating him one on one. He never panicked and was always capable to set up a scoring chance for brutal. And then I get nervous knowing I'm on the fuck and clock, just it's. Just it's eight hundred some more here. Don't know score. We scored a lawf- fuck you wit. We scored a lot after plays. The trouble wise, it was always Mario who's controlling his power plays. He stood on the left side, and everything was centered around him as soon as we would make the defense start moving a bit. Someone would feed it to him. And Mario would shoot the puck on the net. But Zubi used to play his way he wouldn't worry about a passing the puck to the other side, where Mario was standing. And the latter was, of course, angry about it Zubi was too big of a personality. And Mario eventually lost his patients. He came onto Craig and they traded Zubov Dallas for Kevin Hatcher, who has no. Surrogates above who is no doubt a very good player would become one of our key defenseman, but he would never replace UB. Fuck me a couple of things one, I think that couple minutes right there, we'll go down as some of the funniest reading I've ever heard out loud in my life. That was like good screen shotted on tech. So the font is like overnight big. It's like your voice to makes it. Zubov Zubov in the latter, but I will say that guy was a freak he carried the puck up the ice with his head up the entire time. He just walked the blue line with ease. Like silk. He had his head up for every single shot shot passes. For tips shot for rebounds when he was trying to score. Just go shell from the back end. It was just perfection. And I know that we've talked about it a million times, but him in Leach on that ninety four team for the Rangers was a joke on their forget the game. Seven goal. I think it was game seven Lee scored Zubov went to download the offense zone just an incredible player that should have been in before. But are you mentioned it a lot of demand before him that had to get in? But this guy was a Russian superstar, and I think he smokes cigarettes at the intermissions, which is incredible to wouldn't be a surprise for Russian. Interestingly, he led that ninety four Rangers team in regular season scoring twelve goals. Seventy-seven system. I was a pretty fucking. Doc team so that gives you an indication of how good he was. And just another quick note on Cobb. No. Again we. Yeah. We don't wanna like seem like, we're this merchant. The guy my only point was, you know, if he was a hall of fame, he should have been in, in one of those other years. And what I think is some to look at is the selection committee, that's really the only thing that changed in his sixteen years of eligibility. And what I think happened is a lot of these guys if the Milia. They know a lot of the guys were eligible eligible to be inducted. So I kind of let those biases seep in not on purpose, but all I know him. And you know, maybe with twenty years ago, he didn't get voted. Now all these people know him, there's a familiarity with them, so they may be more inclined to vote farm because they know. 'cause like I said, there was the year that I keep going with carbon thing, we're beat the dead horse here. Fucking fuck everyone's opinion. We, we made it very clear on baseball though. You run out of years to become eligible. I think I think there's, like, is that not true? All right. You know, I'm not sure on the baseball you like had like I was like your last year to try to get in. I think you're right on that, Whitney Ocoee. Just never ends. I guess, pump up Hayley Wickenheiser all, what a fucking play our she. She just retired last year. Right. So she was essentially first ballot. Oh, yeah. Jesus first ballot. As any woman who never been any hall of fame. She played men's hockey and Finland towards the end of her careers. Well, so I mean, I would say probably the most decorated female hockey player of all time easily easily, I. That, that kind of comes close to her. Cammi Granato Granato, probably in the conversation at that point when when he was going through her prime Kandla was the one who is dominant. Yeah. Right now, I feel like the American women have taken over so that kind of puts Hayley Wickenheiser on that, pedestal because they weren't losing back, then they were just dummying the American ladies. I saw thing this morning that she, I think she has twenty four or right right around twenty more points in the history of women's Olympic hockey than anyone else. So she she has been as dominant as, as you can get in women's hockey. She rightly to get in a four time gold medals in the Olympics, a seven time gold medalists in the world championships, her her record in the world championship. She's seven golds six silvers. So it was early when they were winning golds. Mid nineties, early two thousands, and then lately, like you've said biz, it's, it's changed a little bit. But still, I mean, for her to play in the Olympics in two thousand two and then twelve years later in Sochi is just incredible. So good for her that, she with, with the rise of women's hockey. I'm assuming it's rising this at the same rate in Canada, as it is in America, because I know in America, it's the fastest growing women's sport is women's ice hockey, I'm guessing in candidate has to be the same. And this, this woman has a lot to do with it. I really think she does. I mean she proved that she could play with men like you said, biz she proved to every single person that, that it wasn't just a flash in the pan, she did it for frigging twenty years, and she's deservingly going in. I'm sure she'll have a great speech. I've seen her talk before she said some awesome things to say about the game about her career and how she went about things. I've never met her, but congrats to you because that's, that's an incredible career. And you deserve all the success. And accolades, you're getting now. And she's actually in medical school right now. She was taking an exam yesterday and couldn't look at her phone. She could accept the phone call. Induction? Go ahead. Are you could take that over? Yeah. She if she answered her phone during the extracting, she's taking a final. She would've actually failed that it had. She answered the phone, so she couldn't get the traditional phone call. And yes, you act at school is yes. Sorry. I got a call. I got in the fucking hall of fame and you're gonna fail me, you never know rice, any McDonald could be reading off some answers when he's collar. What are you studying the hot Honey? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got some stuff on the hot one. Other quick note, we got two guests today. We have Brandon seal, Stephen Dixon, these guys. It's a minor league and the national careers busy, you know, a couple of characters will begin to them in a little bit. But I wanted to get to the Neta Manzke fell of Vaclav. I wasn't familiar with him. And I, I read up on him. He was the first player to defect from a eastern European communist country to play pro hockey North America. I know the staff came over in the eighties. And of course, Mogilny defected from Russia. But this was the first guy to actually defect from communism to play North America to me that took a tremendous amount of balls to pull off. He's a pioneer he risked life, unlimited do it. So this guy is definitely in the hall of fame. You should have probably already been just by dint of that accomplishment. Yeah. I don't I don't know anything about him. But can I don't often about the job, right? Great work, right, there knowing that, that's fucking. How much you're you've improved getting a lot of info on a guy, we knew nothing about because that's. Pretty interesting. I one to ever do that. That's gotta be scary shit. Yeah. He was. He was the first euro to lead like teams in in score and stuff, yet he had a huge list of compliments for a euro and yeah. It was it was interesting. I'm surprised they hadn't heard of him because, you know, like, say, we think the fact that we think the staff knees Mogilny fatigues off and all these kind of crazy subs subterfuge story, so congratulations. Last whole fame thing. That's that's it for the players, right? Yeah. Unless you had any other case so. So. Jerry York, Boston college coach. I hate PC but congrats you you're in the hall of fame as a builder Rutherford as well. We saw Jacobs get in as a builder. Why isn't dawn in? Yeah. He's another guy who's links on cherries. Not in the Hockey Hall of fame. We got fucking Jerry York in their what? Taking crazy pills launch Sherry say what you want every time he like tweets out. It's just like old man yells at cloud, and people can't stand him, but that guy's enormous part of hockey every Saturday night, no matter what people are tune in to see what he says now for like forty years. He's not in the hall of fame and Jerry York's in there. Yeah. I this is where politics might come into play like a few minutes ago. I think that sometimes people voting on things other than accomplishments, and, you know, you guys know you guys have been hockey forever. There's a huge element, the favouritism. Nepotism, basically politics, where people take care of people and maybe someone else deserved that more. So it could be that could be in play as well. Biz any other notes on the hall of fame before we send it over to miss the Dixon. No. Fame's great off you ever chance to go visit to up in Toronto downtown te'o. Really cool. I, I don't think I have like have one thing to talk about. I messed up the icing rule last soda, apparently I said that you could sit on the penalty kill they met my first off, if you do it ends up going back and then the defensive on, I don't know. People have been tweeting you. Don't be tweet me about it. I've been sick. I've been traveling and doing content. I personally don't give a fuck about that rule change. I had to mention it because it's the spin podcast. We'll, we'll cover the rules cheese. A lot more as the new season starts not worry about that right now. But let's send it over to Stephen Dixon. This is a good chat. You had with him. This, this interview was brought to you by Ray. Con it's twenty nineteen everyone needs a great pair wireless ear buds. 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For twenty percent off recon wireless ear buds. If you've been I in appear, now's the time to get an amazing deal one more time by raid, con dot com slash jet. ladies and gentlemen, Beulah solo interview in my next guest was born in Halifax Nova Scotia known as Hollywood Halley would apparently, apparently, I've heard that, that bubbles. What's, what's the bubbles palace used to be bubbles? Mansingh yet close. Now, who is one of the characters from trailer park, boys? So I don't know if you American listeners will know what we're talking about. But this kid played his junior hockey for the Cape Breton screaming eagles of the, the Quebec major junior league played actually with Marc Andre Fleury during his junior career was drafted in the seventh round of the two thousand three NHL draft one of the greatest drafts if not the greatest draft of all time, where I was drafted three rounds of how very much I play with this guy in the American Hockey League after sign a contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins. But shortly after that with another stint on another American League team the Portland pirates. This guy spent a ton of time overseas. And we better have some good stories lined up. Welcome to the spit shekels podcast. My former roommate Stephen Dixit. Thanks for having me biz ticky, baby ticky, baby. Let me tell you, if you stories about this guy, though. Boy, this guy was so hungry for for servers, and wilkspur. This guy would get one hundred dollar tab, and he would he would look at. Making eighty spending one hundred that's you're making eighty grand spent at one hundred and tip the girl four hundred bucks. Oh, really the one night we went to that place out in Scranton mind. You keep your mic up here. I already told you that interview I got it down. And you tip foreigner bucks believe. It was one hundred dollar tap thicky. What are you doing, and he's like I do because I can busy boy. Oh, jeez. Those were the days weren't, they, we mentioned living together, or I mentioned, it, we live with Dan car Sillo, the three of us where these guys would pay me fifty dollars a pop to, to stand about fifty yards away. And you guys would ever forget that paintball guns rain on, and I think used to have the Speedo onto I, I used to have or the thong, I think, Danny boy, would have the old control the gun there and yeah, you'd run back and forth. I think it was one hundred bucks, actually. Well, yeah. Well, fifty each Dickey credit Jesus Christ. You're in school now. We'll get to that later. So I wanna talk about your childhood growing up in Halifax plan hockey there, obviously, your parents were big influences on that yet, it's, you know, health X, the whole east coast to Canada's very cool, cool spot to grow upright. It's the hockey communities, very small. You know, everyone knows each other and. Yeah. No, we had we had great times. And, you know, my parents had the old Oto Arinc, and we had a whole way. Yes. Yeah. It was a real. It's a real community atmosphere. The whole the whole hockey world note there. So, yeah, I had a lot of fun growing up there now. And being from there tonight to see you see marchant Crosby. Mackinnon, I think it's so good for the for the next generation coming through, I was just gonna ask you when you were growing up there who are the guys that you looked up to that were the local. Well, we didn't, you know, being from Halifax. There wasn't too many. Too many star guys like that. Right. We had, you know, comb, white and John Simm were. We're from down to Glasgow, you know, guys like bonvie to Dennis bond view who I got to know pretty well dawn McClain like some older guys like that. But you don't know real stars. Like the like the kids have now with Crosby and these guys. So you ended up getting drafted to the q two k Britain, screaming eagles were you were. You point guy when you're playing minor hockey were you were your first line player. I think we all were right. Yes. So it was always, yeah, I was always putting up putting up points put enough numbers. And you know, tried to carry that into junior to Cape on Cape. Breton you, you had a great career there. Played four years you played for for two world junior teams during your time in junior. Yeah, it was. Well, first of all, Cape, Britain was great. It was for me. It was it was nice to be able to, to stay not that I didn't wanna go to other places but being in high school was do English high. School there. And like some of these places in the queue were even French Canadians. Don't know a lick of English and you know, I got a new people going down before that. You know, a lot of Cape Breton, and health X growing up. We're always playing down there, so, yeah, I knew a lot of people. I really love my time down. There is great. And yet, like you said it was it was very fortunate to play those two world juniors. That was a, you know, a huge honor and it all started, I think, with the under eighteen we had right? We did we you ended up, making the team that went over to Yaroslava Earl slow that was the world championships. I was actually talking with Brennan Siegel about that. And how we had gets law and Perry. And did you play in the summer one as well? It was the Lincoln, then. Yep. I did that too that was in. That was in PS. Johnny, johnny. Yeah. That was when Dion enough was on my sticks before. Remember how fun was that team? This of, oh man. It was that whole group of eighty five guys, it was just. Such a group of guys, right? There were so many characters you know you had guys like yourself. And it was just it was just so you know, you look forward to these tournaments and those events because it was just such a good laugh. I feel like I'm selling Dion enough, every time I talk about him on the podcast. You had first hand experience. This guy was a westerly, I was competing for a spot team of the sky. And I just gravitated toward right away. Just owns the locker room. Oh, yeah. Cently ragging on everyone. And you're, you're an easy punching bag because you actually like getting ripped on. I didn't mind. I just kind of sit back and giggle at everything. And, you know, for me, I think I was maybe the only guy for Modise there, right? So there's you guys all kind of knew each other. Right. So for guy like me like you said, I kind of gravity towards you Fano for those guys. And you know, sit there and get a good laugh at everything. Right. So I had a great time. Yeah, I wanna go back to the world junior experience. Now, you wanna gold medal and a silver medal, the year where you on the silver was a year where the infamous. Goal by patch. Go Sullivan happened where flurry shot it off them. And it went in, and it was you guys were expected to win. You guys had a stack team, and it was a bit of a colossal meltdown. Yeah. It was. I mean you don't even when you're there in the moment, you don't even realize actually how big the world juniors is sounds crazy. Right. But you're just over in your another country. And you're there was no social media really back then either eight so there's you know, you're just there. You're join it and you're having so much fun. And then just just the way we ended up losing, and it kinda hits when you get back to Canada, you get on the air. Wait so the goal when, when flurry put it off. Patch go Sullivan. Did that not happen in Halifax? No. That was in Helsinki. It was in Helsinki. Excuse me. Okay. I thought it was on home soil, which would have even more colossal and in your hometown. Yeah. But it's just one of those things I mean just just just a bad bounce, right? But, but you don't like I said, you don't really understand the magnitude of the term. It's you. Get home. And you know, you're on the airplane like every papers, the front page, you're like, whoa. You know huge. Right. Right. Of course, and then crazy. But in the people are spinning into, you know, will he ever recover from this will, you know, h l career go onto look. Meanwhile, this guy's going to be easily a first ballot hall of Famer what was it like dough because you're playing with them in junior. Yeah. So a lot of these guys saw the impact that had throat, the country via media, but did it linger with him going back to junior? Oh, not at all. I think. It was just a bad bounce writer. Well, I know but some people like to take our to like he's the best guy best guy going. So he's, you know, he he shakes things off. But no one ever. I don't think anyone ever thought it was, you know, that's what caused it, right. Like is just such a bad bad bounce. You know try two thousand more times. I don't think it will ever happen. Right. So exactly. I know he was he was a great guy. We, we ended up we actually room together that tournament. And then then we went to Wilkes us in Wilkes when we got there, too. So I spent a lot of time with them when I was younger. Yeah. Greek Unip with Pittsburgh. And, you know, we spent some time together and wilkspur when you got to the American, the I feel like you're, you're pro game kind of change from junior, where maybe you relied, a little more upon offensively where you adapted this checking role and it to t-. Yeah, it was it's kind of similar role. You. Out on the world junior team. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. That's you know, it's one of those things where, you know, you're asked to do a different role. I didn't mind doing it. And when I when I turn pros, kind of asked to do that, too, and I enjoyed it, and I kind of do whatever whatever they want the one thing that sucks ause. You had a block shots when you're killing penalty. That's the thing I remember actually damn balls. Mahouz great. He really. But he used to bring me out and they'd have tennis balls. Right. And I be like, oh, man. Those tennis balls. I was Yoon curse be on the bench. Laughing bond, tell bomb you. I'm like, man. I hope he doesn't shoot those tennis balls at the tennis balls, the voice that coat laugh. No, it was. It was great though, was great for me. He was he was a great guy. Little fun fact for all our listeners off. Stephen Dickson is the only player in Canada world junior history to play two years of world championships or sorry, excuse not world championship world juniors. And not score a goal. I said that one day that. Trivia question right already is, or you got the memo, listen, I would've liked the score when I wasn't doing it on purpose. You were great with within with us in wilkspur. I was it was sad to see you go, you end up getting trade over to Anaheim over in the last year of your entry level contract. Wh what do you think the reasoning for? That was in. Did you enjoy your time in Portland? I mean you never know when you get traded right? Like who knows in the? Yeah. I think I went for TIMMY, Brent mean TIMMY, got free chapter and then. Yes. Spent the year in Portland, I love Portland Portland's great. For the main, we had Kevin Dineen was the coach. He was a great guy. We agree group agais there, too. And. We ended up playing Wilkes. We actually lost in the final, I think it was game seven in the conference. Finals who had a big game to me brand. Timmy, Brad the guy. You got that, right. Up your fucking by. Yeah. But I remember we had our goalie, I think it was Jaso bam. And he broke his ankle playing to touch. Oh, no. And then he came back, but he had like a walking Budi still played good those incredible. But yeah, it was just funny the way that happened. You know the lose to Wilkes. I was happy for you. Guys out it to move on cases since we're on the sewer ball story, which is soccer game you play before every game or at least most teams to is, is stop playing when Kurtis McLean guy who played in wheeling West Virginia with who got called up to wilkspur this play division to hockey d three over the excuse me, three. You're right. So I believe d three was better than D to college as so I wasn't trying to insult them even further. But he's playing d three ended up signing co steal. Maybe it was H L east coast to way got called up to two wilkspur. This guy made all the way to the NHL with the New York Islanders and he ended up, I think, rupturing achilles playing sewer ball, sewer Bill, and that was the end of his NHL career after that he ended up going having a nice career overseas. But that's why stop playing so you hear another horror story like obey and you're trying to make an excuses to why it cost you guys game seven e played good. But I actually never played to touch just because I don't really soccer. So I never I never got into it. Yeah. You're not much of an athlete. I'm not bad. It was a good baseball player. But I'm not I didn't get into the soccer before we get to far here. So I mentioned being roommates with him in Wilkes bear him. Danker sillo. And if I had a dollar for every time the bathtub sink gotten clogged up, Stevie Dixon, Harris man on the planet, would would shave a V neck into his Chester. So when he wore his. Neck, deep v neck, shirts. You love the deep a little. A little today. I don't wear them as deep now. But yeah, fake God if you did I wouldn't be interviewing right now, he would have the dog chain hanging out. But and he would clog up the sink so we'd have to get drain. Oh, but even it got to the point where the drain o on work and we couldn't even shower at home anymore. The bathtub was half filled up on happens a lot, and I had that the shaver on the coat hanger to for the remember that, well, you can describe that one. Yeah. Should Pat and that there's actually a tool like that. Now I used to tie the clippers to the end of the coat hanger. So I could reach all the way back and USA, trim your tricep hair. Everything biceps. Try another thing. We used in salt inforwars. You're shark teeth still forgotten those fixed. I know is that your trademark now funny when I'm done. I think I'll get them fixed and my girls. No. I like them and adds character. Jeez. That's all right. It does add character. And then it also brings morale to the room like when guys like that us bomb. Be say his teeth or so bad. He can sure tika chew corncob through tennis ACA. Oh, I know the boys used to be hurt time. There's actually. I never really got chirp too much on the ice. But I remember I was in Germany, forget, who we're playing me in the sky were going back and forth, and he just stopped. And he looked at me goes, oh my God, man. Do you still have your baby? That's good. I got nothing else to the bench told the boys. Oh man. You're, you're punching bag. You loves funny. Okay. What you mentioned Europe. Let's get right into it. So I'm looking at this sheet here. It looks like David Ling's Lear was actually my cap that in Russia. Oh no way. No. He came on the pod recently. Yeah. It was a little timid. He's a good guy. He's always great. Yeah. I don't only heard a little bit of it. Yeah. So I know this. You, you got sent a qualifying offer by Anaheim to be signed with the Anaheim, ducks you'd never played there as we mentioned you played in Portland with the pirates but right away, which is weird. A lot of guys don't wanna give up on their dream to play in the National Hockey League. But you're probably like, screw this. I, I wanna go and start making some significant money. And you got UN over the Deel noise started Sweden for Sweden, excuse me. Look, I'm a fun but yeah, it was a pretty awkward position because, you know growing up your your dreams plane NHL, right? So I played three years. You know you don't get a game and a qualified, and even remember at my end of the year meeting. They were talking about some guy's going to Europe, Saddam. No. Like I don't wanna go to your, you know, I kinda thought I never really wanted to go to Europe anyways, right. And, and then I got qualified no talking to my easy, and it was just, you know, they're talking money or whatever. And then all the sudden it was kind of August, and I guess they're still talking came with with an offer in the Swedish league, and it was pretty good money. Then they were giving you kind of not a bonus, but, like half of it up for on type of thing. So I was him and Hawn and. And you're, you're, you're making eighty spending a hundred years American League, maybe I can catch up here. Get back to even. But no. At the time, though. I thought you know the Swedish leagues are pretty good league right? And you're seeing guys come back and stuff like that. So I thought, you know, big ice, you know, work on my skating. It'd be good this and that and. Yeah. Ended up going over and here we are twelve years later. Right. So, you know, sometimes you think you know what if you stuck around a bit longer, but the way things have gone pretty happy that happy that I made that jump. I believe it was in your first couple years, where you ended up meeting girl there, and she her father was one of the owners of the team. Right. I don't know if it was an owner. But yeah, all you got a little shy there. No, no. I put you on your heels comment. No, no, no. We talking to them in bars. Vicky. Get on there. Service car Silla do all the work. Take your leftovers. No. Yeah. Meta girl earned Sweden, and it was actually I was super lucky in. My first year when I went over, because a lot of times in Europe, you can end up on older teams and a lot of guys married with kids. And, and I was only twenty three years old. Right. And I was the only import and I got over there. We had such a good group young guys on the team like Jacob marks from Lim Bak play with Marsh remarks room Lim Bak was there like we just had really good young guys. So was it was never sitting in your apartment by yourself? You know you hear those stories but we were always on the go, you're always doing something. It was. You know, they brought me in all those guys Sweden were so good to me. Right. Just being a young guy like you used to go on your, your fund trips. I see pictures you'd go like Dubai during your breaks and stuff like that. We used to go around. Yeah. He used to try to would you go with Marquis, and all those guys. No, not then. No, no. I didn't I didn't do too much then it was more more later in the years, I, I still do. I sure whenever we get a break, I try to go check. Something. All right. That's good thing being in Europe. So, yeah, I mean, we were surprised to see you over to Sweden, and I was even more shocked that after your first two years in Sweden. You ended up getting a very nice contract and go over to Russia. You talked about not sitting alone your room when you're over in Sweden, because you had all these younger guys on the team now. What was that? Like in Russia will Russia was was fun because like I said, David linguist captain, right. So I knew linger and he's hilarious. So I got over I knew linger already. Right. So that was hilarious. And then we head Brett Skinner was there, yawn. He was the goalie. So we had a good group import guys. Right. Like same thing we were doing stuff every day. What was team called in Russia's Khabarovsk of more Amoros called like the Moore river AMU was this, located so that was over like China? So there was a sign. It was like thirty kilometers from China the border. Right. And I looked it up one day and this is so crazy. It's almost the same distance from Halifax Moscow as Khabour off to Moscow. So you could imagine, like we're doing this flight quite a bit base. Imagine going like hell affects Moscow play a couple of games fly back to health exit basically what we were doing. The travel isn't saying, like our closest game I think it was four five hour flight, maybe. And you're all these time zones, seventy time zones at really is just crazy. So so to that wear on you by the end of the season, you know, I was pretty pretty tired. You're just not used to it. But, but as a city like they had great fans there, and it was a nice city, like I didn't even mind it. Right. Because at the time I was young, I was there by myself, right? So the thing with with Russia's sometimes you might have to worry a lot of guys. Do it, though. If you have a kid and the communication that could be the only thing I could see, but I mean, when you're there by yourself, you're just kind of taking. It all in major flying everywhere. Right. It's no Netflix back, then, either no Netflix snow ahead. Would you do your time? You don't wanna head. I think I had like five movies saved on my computer was like tombstone. The hang over it was like very generic movies. And I would just rewatch them like on flights. That's what I did. Oh, they didn't have the portable DVD players back then either it's like Flintstone age. She's way back sought imagine after one year in Russia. I gotta get back to Sweden. Well, you know what? I, I didn't mind like I probably would've went back in the funny thing with that. You're was we didn't make playoffs. So I was home February fifteenth. Right. That's pretty crazy. That's a real early hockey playoffs started North America and not even a junior. And you can't really start training right? Why I mean you could you could. But we know you're off ice. Well, no. It's more of the thing with me is I can gain weight very quickly. Right. So being done. Mid February was not good for me. So I, I ended up I put on a ton of weight. I remember going back because I mean I took February March took a couple of months off. All your hockey buddies. Get back from their seasons and they're going through their benders, or they're on -clusive vacations and you're joining them. So I remember this'll be a great summary and all train it'd be great. And you know you take that month and a half off. And I went in stepped on the scale like oh my God. So it turned out like I had the best summer. It turned out to be the worst summer after that because I had to eat like a rabbit all summer because I had to lose probably twenty twenty five pounds. So but anyways after that, I ended up going to Finland to Pori. Okay. Yep. So I spent two years there in Finland and a great spot. I ended up spending four years there. I love the Finnish, people just their whole culture so cool there. Degrade great time. Not much sun. Though, does that affect you at all. I know. Yeah. But it's good for naps. I mean you can just close the blinds. What do you think it's like for women from there who, who end up getting with you? They're not used to the Harry men. Do they like it? I mean I don't know. I guess it would be different because the Scandinavians are very much hair on their body, blond hair blue eyes. I'm sure it's, you know, definitely be something different and, and then back to the K for a little bit. But you didn't end up last and long there. Yeah. I left partway through the year. My second year Emporia I went to euros level and same thing there. We group import which I Ron, if the enough is where we ended up winning under eighteen gold medal. With with Ryan gets loft. Corey perry. I believe Brent. Seabrook was on that team. So stove seem rink to. Oh, I was. Yeah. Has a bowling alley in it shopping, places. Nice little, we were talking about Russia. The Brandon Segal interview, and how like everything. Is like poverty, and then the Rina's immaculate. Eagerly apartments late department. We stayed at it was, you know, the outside of the building might not look the best. But yeah, grass you get into some of these apartments early beautiful like the nicest places I've seen. Right. So it's, it's pretty weird there how it's, you know, like you said, a lot of very is out when you're spending all your off time and Dubai. What's the by like those only breaks? Awesome. Yeah. Because you would use some of your brakes travel around a little bit that is one advantage. You do have plan overseas in my, my girlfriend. Her sister was living in Abbott Dahbi, and she was an accountant with Eddie had the airlines, so she had passed to like, flightpaths. Oh, wow. So, yeah, that was that was great. So we'd go over to Debbie. I think we got over a couple of times and even before that. I used to go over and the thing is when you're in Europe, it's not so extreme to get there. You know, it's not like an hour flight. Yeah. It's fine. But I think it's just such a cool place. It's always warm. So you got to experience a Swedish league the finish league k Chow. And then you even spent some time in Germany two years Germany's Germany's probably the more most North American, all those places. Oh for sure. Yeah. We had, we had nine North Americans then you get the guys with the North Americans but they have the German pass. Right. That's a good thing to have if. Can get one of those passes. Right. Because then you're not you're not an important, and you can make more money. Yeah. So like I said there was always probably twelve thirteen fourteen North American guys and Germany's a cool place, man. They love their hockey. There soccer chance. Yeah. It's just that soccer atmosphere. Right. Was it like that? And Sweden Finland as well. Yeah. Not degree not to the same degree. But. You just don't realize how big Haughey's in those countries like, I mean, the second place I played Tappara great city toll roads called great city. But they've to pro teams in the same city player to the same rink. They both have great fans. It's just remarkable. Right. Because I mean, the city's not like two million people in the city right now. They just love hockey and basically all sports there. And they developed their players now so. Well, it's, it's remarkable to watch some of these guys coming through from when you look at it, they're not big countries, right Sweden Finland. Those places is unreal. In the Cerna pump out tons of talent. Actually big time. We're actually recording us during an H L draft week in Vancouver. So I'd imagine there's going to be some more Scandinavians coming out develop extremely well last season. You ended up plan for my old team the card of devil's going through the English elite league apparently, it's got even better. Since when I was there in slowly, but gradually just getting to more competent legal overseas. And they offer to get your masters. Yes. It was your legend there to your legend. Everywhere you go. But I saw a bunch of Bissonnette jerseys up there in the stands. But no, the league the league itself is, is really improving your certain see lot of good good players there. I think there was always good players. But, you know, I think being in Champions League really helps the you know helps get more notoriety to the league and you know teams can compete now and, and thinks just going to keep getting better. And yeah. In Cardiff, I mean, they're, they're great organization, you know, Todd and Lord or they, they run a really well, so a businessman out of Calgary or business group out of by the Cardiff devils, when I was there, the guy who owned it was very nice. You could tell they didn't have the type of budget that they do now. But it's like a well oiled machine. They got Lord whose the I guess you could say he helps scout as well. He's the head coach is he's still playing as well. Don't just head coach. So so at the time when he first got there, he was kind of Reggie. Dunlop. Is that the name from slack Rheinland? That's Ryan land. We had him on recently to. But no, it's I mean they definitely have a lot more money than some of the other teams. I think when the other teams up that'll help really grow the league allot. I think the big thing there is you see them so many guys stay for so long. There's guys you played with healthier Longo. Is that Josh batch is Luke? Pigan piggies. Their piggy was players system, coach this year. So Lou pig it. I've talked about him before on the podcast sky when I was playing they're both beauties. I end up going to take a piss on one of our road trips and in this, he's got one of the only lights on the bus, and he's reading a fucking the source thing that's. At least three four inches thick and I'm like, what are you doing? Their bundy's on just doing some homework and ensure shit. He was becoming a documents time. Yeah. And he L helped discovered this before. I got there. A cure for breast cancer, which actually slowed down the cell reproduction of the breast cancer credibly, and this was fucking played hockey and I felt bad the one game because he ended up taking like three stick minors in the first half of the game. And I can't in between the second. Fucking kill one more. You're, you're, you're minor penalties. And he was like, we have three lines there. He was a fort liner. Three shifts period taking. I killing your fucking anywhere. I play four or five I took three miners in a game. I think the tip it would ask to take my gear off in between. Nonetheless, very cool. A lot of different stories over there. I always talked about the backup goalie there. He was working on a car rental place. I ended up leaving my sneakers form because they are they're paying this guy fifty pounds a week and I don't even know how these guys are surviving. But I think you can make a little short TV series out of my experience. There. Oh, how nice is the city to such a great city like you get the rugby games coming in the city just crazy right of hardcore drinking drink now there, how many people would you see passed out at the bar, and it was, I mean, if you go down around four AM down to chippy lane, their, you know, chips? I mean it's just it's hilarious. It's just something you don't see too many other places right? It's just and it's not young people either. It's like people my parents. Everyone's all banged up man. Well, no. They like to drink good time greet people, I got here this eagle story. He was telling me about ET me up for this one, you're playing in Portland at the time and you guys had an afternoon game for all the school kids, and it was Super Bowl Sunday, the night before. So I'll let you take over. It was funny. I think I think we might have had some money on the game betting on the Super Bowl playing Bridgeport, the next morning I think it was ten or eleven AM and. Talk to seeks. So let's go down. We'll just check out the watched a little bit of the game, heavily couple beer at a local bar is you wanna see little. Puz I think few of the other guys came in on the other team. There's a few of us and then. One thing later. Another shot started going around I lived probably fifteen minutes outside the city. Wait, you lived in a in a hotel hotel, where they would make your bed every morning, and that, and you're paying a premium we talked about you, spend whole really premium actually because it was Renton Portland, you're gonna laugh but Renton Portland's pretty expensive. And I came in the room one day in my mailbox, I think it was the Marriott. What do you call that long-term steak comfort suites something? And it was eleven hundred a month all included. Like did your laundry cleaned your room and you had continental breakfast in the morning. So I was like, man. This is unbelievable, right? So you're fifty minutes outside. Just goes to show you listeners, how fucking lazy. It'd be on my own after live with you curse that little space. John, we'll get to that after this you pecker head. So you end up going out and having to beers shots. And you got the fucking ten AM game. The next day. Just turn. It wasn't too crazy. But I couldn't get home. So I'm like, okay. See got a crash ear place. Right. So I ended up sleeping on his coach like I'm gonna deep sleep seeks wakes me up. He's I mean we got a game. Oh, that's right. He made this big breakfast. And he's like on this breakfast. And I'm like I felt so bad about, you know myself like I can't even eat man. I can't eat anything. So I didn't eat anything. And then we have to go to the game. Sees is a lot bigger than me. Right. So I gotta wear a suit so suits probably ten sizes too big. I put his shoes on looks like Ronald McDonald's shoes. Probably five sizes too bay. And we go to walk down to the rink like the drag and like the heels or drag the bottom of the suit, and I walk in one of the guys looked at me like whoa. Yeah. I'll bring the steam room to talk to you after eight a member. Meet seeks grabbed r six went up taped her sticks in the stands kind of freak it out. Right. Because we're like why do we do that? Like this is so dumb anyways. We went out that night. We had the best game of the year both of us to one gold assist. We were played on the same line it, we were just like, you know, after that, and then we started like, just dying laughing after I can't believe that happened. But I mean I was the whole week the rest of the week, I was just straight seeks to dead. It takes so much, you mentally and physically you're doing with pre-game. Nice to get one in one plane guilty so much like I said, I couldn't even eat I didn't eat before. Wh-. What do you remember most about living with me and car? See other than shooting paint, balls at me for money. I just remember it being hilarious. Like every day there was something going on, like, I go to bed at night. My ribs, ABI sore from laughing. I think we all just had such different personalities Guida. You know we, we mix pretty good. The craziest thing about Dan Kerr. Sillo is he have his alarm set his alarm would be blaring in his room on his phone, right? The phone, right next year. And he would sleep through it. I know how many times let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Oh, but no. You were. You were very, very clean. I remember that you like your stuff. You have nice stuff, right? Keeping your stuff clean, your very organized, right? There's no carseat you're busy opposite. Yes, I was a bit different. Yeah. My, you probably couldn't see my bedroom floor at the time just off everywhere. The one of the reasons you went over to card if the play was to get your masters going back to school, now, you're not exactly the biggest school guy from what I know what the fuck is. Like being back in a classroom, man. It's I remember the first week. And I had Bentivoglio with me. Charles Tigers Ben blood was there, he left action went to Finland so we had three of us, and I mean, we're visibly older than everybody else. That's the first you go. And everyone's like twenty we're, I mean, I'm turning thirty four I think lingers, thirty five thirty six so first of all, your visibly older, right? You just look older than the second thing is your. I mean we've been out of school so long. You don't even know how to use the computer really like to process paper like PowerPoint this stuff. I didn't know any of that. You're going in like a great nine level. But once you get the hang of it, you late. It's all confidence, too, because you get there you automatically think like, oh my God. Everyone so much smarter than me. Right. But once you get in there and you realize, hey, I'm pretty good at this. I'm good at that. You realize what you're good at. And, and you don't realize how much you learn playing hockey either, because a lot of its was HR classes, leadership classes group, work relearn, where some of these people can't communities -actly. Yeah. Like you could be super smart. But I mean if you can't talk in a group or you know how you going to do stuff. Right. So, yeah. You really like I said, you start to realize how much you actually learn in hockey and. Yeah. Saying earlier, like. I thought I was a good speaker public speaker, I can get up on stage and throw it a couple of words right until you have to do a class presentation. And you're sitting there in front of like everyone in your class, and you have to go up and talk about while, especially when you went out the night before. Did ten AM game. Oh, no, no. But yeah, you go out and start you go up there. And you're, you're trying to give facts of league school stuff. It's not like stuff. You know off the top of your head. So I got up there. I remember my first presentation, I'm like, I'm going to nail this. I got up as all confident, then I started talking, and I couldn't get air back in my lungs. Like I literally at the end of the presentation might teach like gonna hyperventilating. I think I was. Yeah. I think I was like, oh my God, it was like the most stressful thing. And I'm like, yeah. Why was I so stressed though? Right. And then, you know, you learn off that in the next couple did get better and better more comfortable. But I remember that first one, I literally leaned up on a table. I thought it was going down. Like my legs were shaking get fuck out and it was so like I'd be like taking a penalty shot in a game. I'm serious. All all eyes on lesson. Something you're comfortable doing where when it was fighting. That's what I did. So I was like that was my time to be a showman where I mean that, that obviously wasn't your time, just kind of late now and you just put your arm up, you got the biggest pitchers I've ever seen. What happened? I was. We told you wait for taxi took twenty minutes. It didn't come. So I hopped on one of those next the little bikes there. Oh, the birds the Moby Mobis head to rip down here on a bike. That's what start at this. Oh, that's probably the first bit exercise. Guys since you started your off season. What's, what's next for you? I have to do dissertation, this summer. What the fuck is dissertation like, you know, thesis, just what are you reading your thesis on? I don't know yet. And that's the thing I have to. I have to let them know within the next you know what you should write it on next week. You should write it on what what hockey is provided you for life skills. Yeah, that could be good. Look at that right there. I just thought of your thesis how maybe you, you know, you didn't have all the knowledge of the in classic spirits for you. You more so went backwards where you have the field experience coming in. It's a good idea just have to find something that you want to talk about or wanna learn free. Now, I don't know what that is. We never really talked about your relationship with sid because you guys are fairly close. You were training with them back when you're in Halifax when he was just going into junior with remove sqi, remove ski up. I mean what was he like early on? The he we got we got an interview in a week. You're coming up with them, this might actually afterward. But what was he like, Greek guy? Right. He's so growing up. He would always some of those, you know, the provincial teams he would jump up to three years play with us. And so I'm new sid since since we were young really. And. No. He's just. Just carries himself. So, you know, your members everybody at home. He can remember you know, if you're with a buddy, who remembers that guy he used to play against novice. Right. I think that is, I mean obviously probably comes from a great family. Yeah. There was this father, maybe like, like, like Harmon of about, or he was just naturally genuinely GIS a great person. He's just always been a nice guy. Just he's always just loved hockey. You know, he pays attention to everything. He's, he's very aware of, you know, surround people around him. And and you know how we how we handle himself and, you know, he's funny to right. He's calling all he's funny. Yeah, he's got this persona because he doesn't give the media anything that second nerd, he's, he's far from it hangs, all the cool guys off the ice amazed. That is how low of a profile he can keep being as big as he is. It's I mean good for him to right. Because. You know, there's one thing even with you now. And you go walk down the street. Everyone know maybe a candidate. Yeah. I'm also a little different where they know they can come off. Bag tap or something. But yeah, you never think about, you know what magin sit was just a walk somewhere. Can't do that. You know you can't. Yeah. It's crazy. It's crazy. What's next for you? Like I as far as playing are you done? No, I'm hoping. I'm hoping to go back to Cardiff. Oh, you're going to another year kind of his Bentivoglio still play in there. He's, I think he's he wants to go back to. Yeah. So they got a group there. You know, as you get older, it's kind of. Fun to keep playing actually. Yeah. Now. Now, when you look at any time if they were to try to take it away from me, you'd be like I, I knew it with you kind of appreciate it more really like going to the rink and stuff like that. What, what were the craziest things that you experience in Cardiff because you're going from playing on teams that, you know, have way, bigger budgets and carnivore would even know they're in good shape now like what the day of travel was it just maybe the post-game meals, or something that was just a more of a shock to do, what I was actually very, very I should say surprise because I heard her help professional was, but even compared to all the other leagues I was in like I mean we would go day of, but only three or four hours. It's not a requirement that league. Yeah, we bust. But I mean when we were going to Scotland we'd fly, we go to Belfast we fly, so basically, our longest trips like three and a half four hours. I mean everything else. Besides that was great. Like, you know, -partment car. Great meals food, at the rink all the time, it was very professional, like, really have you been able to figure out how to drive on the other side of the road because it took me a little bit Stephen Dixon didn't have his driver's license till what your your second year in Wilkes Barre when you would have been twenty one. It was it was after my second year. Wilksbury. I got it. Yeah. Which is pretty fucking insane. Because you're. Rides with you and your. Fucking driver's licenses. Twenty one. Who's funny when I got it. I actually stayed longer after the year to get it right. Right in the US there was a thing where you could you didn't have to if you're over eighteen you can write the driver's test. And then just go do the you didn't have to do that. Six month dinners. Right. So I did that. And I couldn't. Oh my God. Like couldn't drive really in. Everyone was gone. So I think I call Colby Armstrong and Mel was there. So I took mel's Jeep. It was like a Jeep Cherokee or something. I never forget this. I went and it was one of the fans was the driving instructor. Wilkspur penguins fans. Yeah. And they said, all right, Steve. Let's go. Let's parallel park. I said, okay. This is right in front of the office. Right. I go in the car was sideways. It was sticking out sideways these, like, okay, let's just get outta here, man. I'm like, yeah. So we drive up we get on the highway. We did like a u-turn around around a coal the sack came back park. The car is a good job gave me the license and I still couldn't drive. I was so bad. I, I didn't even drive much for year after that, I still don't even like driving. It's not my thing. I don't know. Just don't enjoy unreal away, then the podcast on about forty five minutes here. Well, forty two if you take out my six fuck ups at the beginning. But what a pleasure having you on your actually less nervous. I thought you were going to be just the school presentations. Well, thanks for coming on and excited for people to hear this one. I'm surprised. We actually wait should we talk about Dennis bombed the a little bit? You know what was funny? Actually, you'll like this go meet bonvie yesterday because they're here for the draft. That's right. So I went down to the Fairmont med bond befor beer. Guess who comes in? Chris kelleher. So we're sitting there. That's a fun thing with hockey. Right. You don't see these. I haven't seen Kelleher, like ten years, right? You sit. There's like a day hasn't gone by then I go out for dinner last night. We went down to Yale town. We're waiting for a table owed on the on the patio. We walk out who's two seats behind me Nazar, ding, Elaine. The Wilkes Barre Scranton. Aw him seeing thing. Like nothing changes set. They're talking fifteen twenty minutes. He was actually talking about the remember that station wagon that we bought off Nazar dean with the wood panels, so we were dying laughing about that. We're actually trying to figure out what happened to that station wagon, I think some of the Stoler got left somewhere, we had some wild times will expire, actually Elaine Nazran brought us to a rookie party in NYC that one year that was good. And then it was at Elissa Molyneaux. Yes. She ended up common there was a connection there. And the boys told me up to told me to get up and dance for her, and she was completely unimpressed. And I remember her left. The my pant ragged say, hey, Honey. Never wear whites white sauce with, with, with jeans, and shoes. The last time I ever did that. So a little tip for you. Guys listening. And then your fashion styles. Don't wear whites white socks with blue jeans and they sneak if you're going out, especially in NYC specially NYC when you're trying to impress she was an MTV host at the time. Yes, she was all over the place and then and then I'm going to say who, but one of the teammates ended up talk a little bit was traveling back and forth and hanging out with Richard Jefferson this sitting courtside at NBA games playing in fucking American League. We were hanging down at Mayflower crossing the nice he'd come into the dresser at this party last night with, like, Derek jeeter. What unbelievable man. Shot business loop with a paintball. Anyway, that's a good way to thanks for coming on again, buddy. You're a beauty. Thanks also. Brought you by Roman. Most guys have tried different ways to last longer in the rack thinking about Wayne Gretzky stats, maybe who wanna World Series in the fifties who signed your favorite movie anything to distract yourself. 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They were very close friends. I think their families knew each other, when, when they are grown up and stuff, so moving on this, this has been deleted off Twitter. I thought it was one of the funnier things that surrounded the draft was capital, Cocco in NYC for the first time, and then they had them do a message saying how he loves NYC he must be a robot is he wrote? Why was that deleted men? He scores in that fucking MS should play that on that exactly. It funny. The kid is new English is very new language. He and it was perfect. I mean it was hilarious what the fuck deserved it not to get deleted. I don't I don't know if they will get to people making fun of them. But I thought it was funny. It was some innocent about it. You know, York the city, every set it was funny, but I went to look at it again. And yeah the fucking ranges deleted. It's all I guess I don't know. I can't imagine. He read all the comments figure them out. So maybe it was into something. We play the audio arrive in New York while it's a nice sitting there you go. You guys hurt. I think it's great. It's grows. The game get a little humor involved gets people. Engage socially. Absolutely. I can't wait to see that kid fucking dozen the ice. That's for sure off. Speaking of social media. I n posted a picture on Instagram when I was at that hotel Belmont opening with what am I good friends? Jackie the alien. Probably my best friend has girl and man, I got some nasty ass followers. They're all like Awja dump a loner. You fucking you know, fucker like on ice kill like this is my one of my best friends as a girl and her boyfriend's luckily, she's a good sport. And so as your boyfriend like they went home, and they are in bed, and the reading off all these, like there must have been two hundred nasty messages. I sitting there like the league them all on a Thursday night when I got home after that hotel Belmont opening, if you guys if I post a picture of the lady, can you be a little bit more respectful, like go open my page, and go read some shit some of these people writing and try not to read comments because so just guys don't thing. I think so we tweeted out that we got the new merchandise, Mikey with the bathing suit and the in the sandals, and at and there's a response to the tweet. I check my phone randomly s Coughlin. CO. G. H. L. I. N coughlan. Yes. S coughlan. You fucking loser. You're fucking joke. This kid writes me. Hey Ryan, Whitney six golf guy? The British Open in Ireland this year. Actually, it's in Northern Ireland at Royal Portrush I've played the course. No shit, dude. I know that. And it hasn't been called the British Open is years. I think you meant in years, you've dumb fuck. And I know it's the open championship were talking on a hockey podcast. And I said British Open big fucking deal for you to take the time to tweet me to try to tell me where the open championship is this year. I know believe me, I know more than you. And then to try to tell me, nobody calls it the British Open, Lucas fuck you loser. Don't send me tweets like that. You will rat s Coughlan. I see your picture to this is the guy with the with the back picture of his backswing looks terrible, Waterloo on -tario. Fuck you. Tell me about golf. I've played the course and its Northern Ireland. So you're wrong. You can't spell. And I know people still call it a British Open, buddy. Don't worry about it. I didn't even know openness weekend. Maybe it's not technically called the British Open. What a loser to the guy. Who's when someone says, like, yeah, I went to the soccer game. They're like oh you mean football. Komo even worse saying it soccer, you know, I know you call it football but there's a league North America call the s. Oh, it's in. It's in Ireland. The sheer yet dude, I fucking stripe to drive on the first of all there. And then hit one to six feet and made birdie. I know where the fuck tournament is stick head. Twitter reading right yesterday. I said, you know about the voting that Wickenheiser shoes the only slam dunk and I got a bunch of tweets. Oh, what zubov's in you? Never watch plan. Like I didn't say zoo Maria saw that. I was like now, comprehension, though. It's exactly. It's definitely lacking on Twitter fish show biz, you have a lot of platonic fronts, fem- puts on female friends, I'm gonna say, no. Russian them all. Like the one that's you know, she's kind of like dude to me, where we can talk about anything and she's cool. But don't know the answer would be no. Rushing. Not for us. Yeah. That's funny. I actually had a couple of deals that catch you up on his. Well. First off the blues officially rip the interim tag from Craig Ruby's title as the Cup winning coach signed at three a deal to remain the bench, boss in Saint Louis. Norio surprises GM, Doug Armstrong said he had a list of one back in may Baru, of course, went thirty eight nineteen and six in the sixty three games out to taking over might yo when he was fired back in November that included a thirty ten and five stretch when they're last place on January third. So congrats Baru be no real surprise there. Also on Monday. The Vegas Golden Knights announced that they signed William Carlson to an eight year. Forty seven point two million dollar deal out to five point nine mil per year. It keeps them from testing U on restricted free agency said he loves it there. He wants to win a Cup with that corn place who he had the forty-three goal season at twenty eight where he had a crazy twenty three point four shooting percentage. You had a figure that would drop down. It did last year. He went down to twenty four goals, Choon percentage went down to fourteen point two but he's been a great great player in this. Season. Vaga sixty seven goals. He's the only night to appear in every regular season and playoff game and into your existence under ninety one games total. He's a big part of that team. And they have locked in at a pretty nice price for the next few years. I'm biz. Yeah. They do. They're running into a little bit of cap problem. So their responses, we're like where are they getting this money while they're over it right now? I think they're going to have to deal call and Miller seems to be the rumor, but regarding Carlson, great signing. I don't know what he could have gotten last year in, even if an eight year deal was the offer because I know that they were like the sky came in lit us up for lit up for over forty talks. We're gonna have to give this guy a big boy deal, but they were they're fortunate enough, where he was restricted. They did the one year thing and you know, didn't play up to what he had the year before nonetheless, I think everybody's happy in this deal eight years. For him he gets to stay in a place where they're going to have a nice winning team. I would imagine for good four five year stretch your minimum. If they're able to figure out their cop situation, but just a good fit. And I mean that, that team has really done a good job of locking in some players at decent numbers. I know some people say that stolen might be a little bit overpaid. But I think for what he brings his overall package. That's right around the number. If you would have went to free agency, he would have been the, the biggest free agent available, maybe other than Matt Duchenne so happy for Vegas. And think when they're when they're irrelevant. It's a good thing because they have one of the strongest fan base in the NHL. I know they're new to hockey but hey, they're selling out there. They're fucking crank in the dough and things are good in the desert there. And I do think that after his crazy year in seventeen eighteen we had forty three goals. I think if you ask him and the team, they both knew he wasn't going to get back to that. And part of the reason you look at the numbers and realized this isn't an anomaly IRA that the word ES anomaly. Yeah. Something happens out of the ordinary it was an anomaly because his shooting percentage that year was twenty three point four percent. That's crazy high. No one could ever to sustain this day in that. And his average is about fourteen percent, which is what it dropped back to this year. So then you know he gets his what was it twenty four goals? I think this year, so you knew he was going to drop back, but it's not even about him being like or implant you're planning on him. Being a forty go score to he's so good defensively. I mean this guy is playing against the top lines. He so good at eaten up minutes. He's great five on five in Coursey stats, they talk about I think he's great up there in terms of, you know being over fifty percent team. What is it? What are you possession when, when you're on the ice? Oh, great signing. I think the money's fair, I think he's he set for life and the team gets a great player on good deal, and they realized that they couldn't pay him what he what he probably wanted or thought he deserved after the forty three all year. But ev. One new that was gonna come back to back down a little bit. Absolutely bizarre. That's saw this fucking Boston. So this construction every day twenty four seven sorry for the background noises. Busia vagus, meowing lashed, yet, it was obvious. They were top Sedmak because it's the final but they were top ten team again. This she effort TV market, both regular season and playoff so bagasse to his immigra- bonafide hockey city, no doubt about that one of the signing tube before we got to next interview defenseman. Steve campbell. We'll stay with the Bruins organization. He signed a two year deal worth one point six million dollars. He was a guy. Full them all year, the season he did a good job, whenever they needed opportunity in the playoffs yet I think three games his first three career playoff games. Go to big goal now first game Carolina with Kevin Miller Jomo dealing with lanky recovery's beside gives the bees and other right. Ended shot on e you know and at this stage of his career he's gonna be thirty one. When the seasons thoughts you know, you got a nice little raise some financial security, and I'm sure he didn't really wanna go anywhere else could abound restricted as well. So congr-. That's the camp for on that deal. What do you got on this one with not much good good, depth signing? Did I did a real good job when he was in the lineup this year? So makes sense doesn't have to move eight hundred grand a year. There you go. Thanks for coming. How are you anything on that business? Should we send it to Brandon Segal? But set at the seeks. All right. We're off to Segal. Let's do it. This interview is brought to you by ZipRecruiter. Hey gang. You know, I waited a long time to finally go fulltime pasta. So I know it's tough to find the new job. It's a lot of work. It's a pan the balls and I got lucky end up here, pasta l-. But that's what ZipRecruiter's for. What if you had your own personal recruits, help you find a better job? Now ZipRecruiter's technology can do just that foia. Just download the Zip Recruiter job. Search, let it know what kind of jobs, you're interested in, in its technology starts doing the work the app finds jobs you like and it puts a profile in front of employers who maybe looking for someone like you, if an employer electric profile ZipRecruiter let you know. So if you interested in the job, you can apply simple now one the ZipRecruiter's. The number one rated jobs are chap in based on third party. Sherve eight seven out of ten people found the new job on ZipRecruiter increase their salaries. These results of two thousand seventeen survey will five hundred Zip Recruiter uses who got high for job found on ZipRecruiter. My listeners should know my listeners should doubt, load the free ZipRecruiter job stretch app today. Let the power of technology work view, don't wait, the soon you download the free ZipRecruiter job. Search up the sooner you find a better job. Our vex guess was born in Richmond. British columbia. He played junior hockey for the Calgary hitmen and after getting drafted by the Nashville predators. And finally, signed their went up to the Milwaukee admirals, and then bow surround the American Hockey League a little bit. He'll up I getting called up to the NHL in the two thousand eight and two thousand nine season by the Tampa Bay Lightning. He went onto play a hundred three NHL games with stints in Los Angeles. Tap, of course, Dallas and the New York Rangers. Then he finished off his career overseas, and we'll get all into that fun stuff. Welcome to the spitting, chiklis prod cashed, Brandon Segal. Guys. Thanks for having me, they central biz. Yeah. Way better than the first time. We did it. Oh, seriously bad. Well, you just wanna know all the stories before his Mary, so I got a little nervous, right? So. So he's gotten married since I knew who he was. He played for the Portland pirates wished even Dixon who's going to be on this podcast as well. Keep that in mind Brennan. And this guy was a ladies man. He looked like a nicer younger version of a sexier Dane cook. You kinda got that Dame cook locate don't you God? I heard that so many times comedy on it, and then used to. Absolutely. Demolished pussy now times changed talk about that, but I want it. Listeners to remind yourselves that this guy was a ladies man. And this is not the real Brennan Segal. So let's get started here. All hold on. I have something different and I runner in ironically enough, you and I first met, we didn't really meet, but we met on the ice, I should say when you took me down you took our team down in the call two Cup finals man two thousand three two thousand four leave school ago, go to Wilkes pair, we go all the way to the end. Then we run into you Milwaukee. What the hell that team was a joke? You guys at. Honestly, it was unbelievable. The team was just start. And I mean, I was playing you know, fourth line was me and right, evens, and gray cloth was their fourth line. But, you know that team was unbelievable as they said and going into woke Sperry winning enforced Ray with was. Yeah, and hurt wrist at hurt risk, jas McDonnell. Bury me from behind fucked up my wrist. The man, I need to ask about is the Herkus Tony Herkus. If all your true hockey fan, I feel like you know who this man is the former North Dakota, superstar went on to have an incredible Perot, hawk career? But how sick was that guy? He was like forty five years old. Then wasn't he? He might have been I to be honest, Dovan. Oh, he might have been around forty. And, but that was the best thing about playing back then is that you gotta learn from him. I gotta learn from guys like him and even wait, clergy was a goaltender at the time and fried Kylie. I gotta learn from the older guy, and it's a little bit different nowadays where, you know, they got the, the veteran rule in and you know they didn't have back when we we we start in the American League. So it was nice to have a lot older guys learn from, and I tell you what. Like I was such a great cross for me and to going in there and obviously win my first year pro was just great and then learn how to will by Scotty Upshaw. You were getting. Yeah. That's the best thing I learned on and off the ice from the guys. Right. So. So do some of the guys in this team. It's so funny. So, you know, Shishkov that Russian I ended up playing with them in Sochi. Well, yeah, I remember playing against you associate. I remember in you behind the net. And you just go come on. Now you fucking serious. Just giving me this bullshit right now. I just get up that. No, I get it. You were in Russia right now, and it's like report from home. I get it. Fuck trying to trying to live off the rushing gas. I get it. I just remember being like FOX zeke's, you ran me around and fucking pro hockey North America for ten years felt like just leave me alone. We're in Zagreb Croatia right now, I'm hung over. That's so true. You know what I might have been exact same way myself, though? I totally totally understand Brin business mentioned up, now it was his second pro season with the admirals you had Upshall into on that same team when those two animals like that seasonable you just like holy fuck. Is this what pro hockey's like? As I said it was unbelievable team. Those two guys they live together. So I try to hang out with them much. They could. I mean those guys were stud like they're great hockey players. Good teammate. They did everything. Right. And but, you know the they went out hurt they. Did office as well. And so I try to take long as much good, and now they're, you know, we became pretty good friends and, you know, I tell you what, like we have some really good stores between us and I mean, I can't tell them all. But I'm sure I'm sure you heard from Upshaw many times, did you ever see to snap anybody's? I'm in an arm wrestling contest. That's the funny thing, would you mentioned that the, you know, the last fogcast he was on I, I wouldn't him just dominate guys who were doing. We were at rookie party. I just saw just us up about ten guys in a row. So, yeah, I seen it per cent and the guys, the guys legend. You're born in BC end up getting drafted to the western Hockey League by the Calgary hitmen. Yeah. That's right. And second round yet a plan all five years there. Well halfway through your fifth year, we'll get to that in a bit. What was it like plan there? I mean in NHL city you guys must have been drawn. Well, there's some babes around us a good time playing junior. It was a great city. Great spot to be. We always teams and some some awesome players that came out of there. And, you know, I mean look at the lineup by I had my last time there was linemates with get Levin live. So I mean those guys have done pretty well from the south probably famers. And but, you know, I got more Calder cups, and they do so. Because they probably because they're making, you know, north of six figures or entire crew. So the most been, you know, probably that as so gimme a gimme a Ryan gets left junior, hockey memory. And this is back when he had that, prostitutes, a he had that flow though, to get he loved his hair for a while. And now it's gone. I love him. He won't come on. He said he will write biz, we gotta get him on. But what it, what do you remember him in junior news, probably just filthy, w it, it was unbelievable. He's sixteen years old, and he was absolute freak I need. He's one of those guys like you talk about. He's like that. This guy is good at everything he was in a great volleyball player is Craig like made you just like you shake your head like, aren't you? Good at and not news. Yeah, exactly he was, but he was a great teammate. And I mean look what he's done is a whole career and you know, kind of same not enough. About that guy. Third year. You end up having your breakout season, forty three talks. That's fucking ridiculous in Quebec league. That's like eighty that's how they used to compare because the Quebec league was soft offense guys from the Quebec league. Now is your draft. Your you ended up getting drafted fourth route? I mean, what was that experience like just out in general? So I didn't get drafting my first year I wasn't playing a lot. It was kind of playing third line. And then the next year it was kinda my, my time to shine. And, and I went out there, and I just said, you know what fuck I got a little chip on my shoulder. And you know making name for myself and I went out there and just had a year and, you know, and it was nice I made the answer. Game made the top prospect game. And you know, kind of Romeo ticket from there. Mom was the moment that you said to yourself that I could make a living playing this game. You know probably during the top props for game I said, you know, I. You know, coming Goodyear, and it was like, you know, cook it dropped it was rated around second round or somebody by by midway point. And and I mean the the prospect game and I was like, you know, playing alongside of j Bohm Easter and, and all those guys ever drafted into those, too. And I was like, you know what I give you part of this. I can be one of these guys. So there's kind of that, that time, and especially maybe after was drafted that summer. I went to team Canada's camp for world juniors in the in the development camp. And I really shine there, and I kind of really was like you know what I can make a crowd of this. I must have felt good finally became a bit of a household name. Right. I mean that's a breakout year where you're starting to get respect from all the other guys in the league. And then you go on the next year to have thirty one goal. So you pretty much suicide, solidified. Yeah, that's solidified yourself as a great W, H L player, but then you ran. Issues in a summer, not getting the contract, you, they ended up kind of low Manja little bit in, in Nashville, right? Yeah. So I went to camp and they were like look if you have a good camp. We'll maybe talk contract and severe ad. So I went there had a good camp and they're like, okay. Well, we like what you did. We want you go down to Milwaukee, and there's like those back in the day were busy has reported it where you had like a month, long training camp was she got there because the timber and it was right till the end of end of September begin. Oh my God. It was Russia. Right. That's like two months old. It's longer. I don't I went down to mock he and you know two or coach and he was like on love what you did. We want you on the team. It's just a matter you for your contract, and we couldn't come up on contract, so I ended up going back to junior and ended up having a great start to the season. I think it was about two months, and it was a round Christmas break and, and upsetting my entry level deal. Okay. So here here's where it gets a little tricky. Are you comfortable telling us the number that they offered you, and I'm thinking the reason they low ball Jews because they got a year later than they were supposed to get you because you didn't get drafted the first time you were eligible, you end up coming fourth round or now, I was a fourth rounder, I know what I signed for what they offer you it was a low ball. No. It was just to be honest. It was just the an American League deal. Offer you any Doman. Knowledge, not have been a entrance often. Yeah. I was like, listen, I'm gonna go back to junior in gonna tear it up. And I'm gonna sign with someone else but eventually everything worked out. And I ended up signed with national it, December twenty four. I think it was Christmas Eve so they came to their senses. I'm assuming maybe they didn't have enough contracts available at the time. But then, did you end up finally getting a signing bonus? And what you should have gotten paid. Yeah. I got everything. I got a good signing bonus which. I would say a six figures for sure. You know. Rights. For the rubbers now. That was, you know, it was, you know, as I out money now, which is great. So I did pretty well for myself being drafted in the fourth round. So. Will you end up? So you know, you're I didn't in the NHL. You've got a couple of games the lightning in. Oh, wait oh night. Which by the way, Ryan Malone was on that team. Bugsy. Quick visit with him. But I'm wondering the season you play twenty five games the next year with LA and you score your first NHL goal. So I'm thinking, like who's that against what what's going on there? Like their background Jere. I talk in the in the National League. Yeah. So it was it was actually remember, the, the date is generally night, and it was on Christmas and Saint Louis, and Jerry soul game of the past went try to take a slob shot. Went off the demand. Stick had you know looked like it would top quarter. But, you know, the demand kinda helped me I think it was Johnson at the time. Eric Johnson by to help me get a top corner there, but it was pretty special. Luckily, that was before kind of that slow MO instant replay. So it just looks like I wish shelf. It looked like went show and they went down. I was quite happy. Obviously. Brin before you call up. You had been the minus for about five seasons. You probably hidden amid twenties. Did you ever stop to think I shit, I'm never gonna make it? So the show did you always keep your confidence up? You're right. I one point remember, call my dad and was like, hey, look like fuck a grinded on the miners doing okay making pretty good living. But unlike hockey I really wanna get there. And what am I gonna do if like maybe this season doesn't work? Oh, like I don't get a contract. Next year is all you don't you could always be a police officer, something like that. And I was like, you know, fuck I don't know if I can I don't. I don't know if I have the stamina to be police officer so granted note and ended up getting traded and worked out with with when I was a Norfolk and had a career year and ended up getting my first call up in the kind of just blossomed from there. They get a nice couple years stretch. I wanna go back to Portland yellow playing with Stephen Dixon little bit. We are telling some stories with him. He told the story about how when he had to wear your suit when he was hung over the one time. Do you have any good dust, even Dixon stories that he would be to embarrass a share himself on your? God, there's too many Stephen Dixon's zero biz fuck you hug growth. I did you live with them and wilksbury. I lived with them. I mean some of the things that I forgot to bring up with them. He eats catch up with catch up. He puts all. Ever catch everything, I think he wears a catch out, every single how win as well. Catch-up fit you. Fuck me. So, but Dickie he's a great guy that there's, he's one of a kind, and that story that I'm sure you've probably told us when when him and I were having a few pints and they before a game. And you know, things kinda took off in about four in the morning. We finally stumble home, and he's, he's like just for and I. I put in the bed and is one of those games the next morning where, you know, remember the kids used to come, you know, the old. Field trip day, they'd be SpongeBob squarepants down seven nothing. Bucket. Thirty times a game. Jesus. Anyway, we're the wake up at probably like, you know, in the morning, maybe a four hour three and a half hours sleep at that. And this guy's just obviously to she the win and I have to drag that up. I try to feed him some food like, oh, maybe I had some like corn pops. I just try to throw in front of his face. Yeah. This is old school hockey. And that's what the kind of my, my stick is old school. And so gathering them up. I he doesn't have anything. He's got this calls from the night before I throw him in one of my suit, which is, which is the least like three sizes, too big for him and throw a tie on them. The rancor actually had unbelievable. I think I wanted want to wonder won that game you kidding me. Like the you re you can write a better script than that. So we used to have those painting soup t shirts when I was involved with SaaS hockey. I'm sure the term was invented before Dickie said it to me, but long story short, I'd, I'd had a girl over. And she left her panties behind Dickey was teasing me with him. And he said, we should make some Pani soup is. And. Got a pot of water any fucking foil that any through the panties, yet, and he presented me with the bowl Pani soup, and I started drinking a little bit of Pani soup with the Indies involving a French like a fridge Anya, kind of thing. Jeez. That's unreal. Breed. Man, he, he anything for himself, he was, you know, I remember him when we were partying, and he would get your buddy bubbles on the phone, and we're absolutely crushed. And we get bubbled chirp chirp and on the whole time. So that was awesome. Oh, he's have a buddy from Halifax. We used to call up nails in eastern have no voice like this. And this guy could rip phone books in half with his bare hands, and he was a little. He's a smaller guy. I don't want to say midget because that's offensive and he was smaller keeps. I seriously his he's alleged. This guy is one of the kinds if you, if you never even dick, you can't really have no idea what expect one of the funnier Dixon stories. I think it was Christmas Eve ended up going out and Halifax. They went away, he was go home for Christmas and the American League. And he ended up will and some girls and he brought him back to parents place in, like they, they were up to the wee hours of the morning and I think is parents walked down whatever might have been going on in the kitchen area. It was fucking Christmas day. So as office. Lose her mind, the data's talking or off the ledge like this guy. There's. Big daddy. Completely useless. Oh my God. How 'bout you remember crystal that chick? That was his mom. So he started dating crystal she was beautiful. She was in wilkspur. She's good. Really good. He he. Wits making a gesture to me, tell me to keep it down. Not saying any pounding stories with just whatever it was. It was his girlfriend, which used to do everything for she's to drive them around 'cause he didn't have his license, and then finally, she ended up filing all the type of paperwork, you need for like insurance, and, and helping them out. That's, that's how he was able to finally get his his driver's license, obviously Armstrong at length in the car to take the driver's test stories told in the podcast in his interview, he the only reason he passed his his driver's test was because it was a wilkspur booster. Who is the driver instructor. Park. He couldn't even. I'm surprised. I'm not surprised at all your. He's, he's, he's one of the said like I would have him on my team any day. He's a fucking great player is he's a great dude. And Kelly said he's one of the kind in Faulk where we kinda got off the rails. They're we. I mean you wrapped it up in North America. In two thousand fourteen ended up going over the cage L for your first year. I mean, we always ask is ok Chelsea stories and like, you know, is the shit actually true were they offering stamina drugs or you know where they turn up, put needles in your ass where you crush in hookers. Just kidding about the last one unless you really want to answer it and ruin your marriage. What's co Asia? Like I heard it sick. Morals loved it all mad is. Unbelievable boroughs. Aw. That guy is a beauty, not the best guy of all time. He, he might be one of my favorite guys I've ever played with an my life. He my roommate and Nuremberg when I was there on the road at oh my God. Guys, an absolute legend and seek home. Get me a water. I'm hung over gonna make sure my on my legs Hersholt, tire my him, tiny, how many times you're gonna lose to this team on the road. Oh my God. You complain about everything. It was great though. He was. I. Oh, he loved it. But he, he would be the he'd be the best captain for the boys, but he probably the worst out there for the coaches because everything he would complain about everything. Oh my God. The fuck it sauces on the wrong side. This the beginning. This is horse shit who the fuck is running. A lesser version of Phil. Kessel. Complaining. All right. Oh, no fill. But I tell you, what Merle's is unbelievable. Every Sunday Merle's, like aren't NFL pool boys don't have we don't need any cheap guys on this team pay up, get your final dick and tiebreakers than Monday night points. Come on. Choice is all about cartoons. Like, oh my God, I'm fucking mush mad. I've been fucking losing that Kerr's the whole fucking season here. Jesus is horsh shit. You you'd quite a bit of North Americans on that cage. Lt. No. So that must have been agus rendition Dixon and talked about that as well. How you know, having all those boys arouse is not necessarily a bad thing in the K. You know what that was that was one decision? That was was huge Romy. I had opportunity to play in those whose net a member that place winds up with a fucking shit hole. All you're gonna be on the hit the Russian hitless. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Probably. But I mean, that's that was the city that was like hooked on. Crocodile Ranga dial right? Yeah. Yeah. And so I had opportunities sign their vote on my teammates from her SHA the year before he signed there. So we were lying mates. And they wanted both of us to play together. And I was kinda skeptical look, I'm gonna I'm gonna bring my, my wife my kid, and I was just a little will nervous about going over and then the Soghra he'll came up and actually biz United skiing in the summertime together when, when this kind of came up and I was kind of him in on about it. And but as you guys said, it was a lot of North Americans on the team and, and a great great place to live and his outside of Russia. So it was like, you know, I'm gonna give this a shot and you know what? I don't regret. It was awesome. Great great city. They great. Friends in as I said, it was out side Russia. So, you know, you don't have to, you know, pointed everything if you want to communicate it was, it was easy to get around. So I loved every minute of fastball is pretty popular in Croatia? But how much does does the country love hockey over there? You know what we were sold out almost every night, and it was, I mean, it was a the nations can rank was kind of small but. Yeah, exactly. It was it was awesome atmosphere. You know, it wasn't like planets soldier there when you're only had like four hundred people in the stands, and, but it was it was awesome is a enjoyed a lot of like a lot of teammates. I played with. And you know, it was just unfortunate kind of whatever happened to grab, but don't think they've even existing more, even though the team wasn't located in Russia to they still off the Russian gas in the locker room. No, that's, that's the problem. I wish I got offered. I probably would've tried it. You know, I wouldn't mind something to take the edge off G, they'll be playing exactly nobody heard. You guys talk to TJ the other the other week. And he was saying that he got up the rushing gas all the time, we didn't have anything like that. We hop on the on the plane, and you go, you ended up finishing in, in the D L while not not saying you finished playing hockey you haven't announced any type of retirement, but the last four. Seasons in Germany, for the number Nuremberg my saying that, right? Yeah. Nuremberg the Sabato ice Tigers, what was that look? And I've heard nothing but unbelievable things about the nightlife in Germany, seriously. It was awesome. I headed chance actually in. I was going to side Emoto decided to take this man. Instead, I can't remember his name is name was right Whitney but. Your import spot. Two one shift. Yeah, exactly. But 'cause Bill Thomas ended up going and, and my, my age of a soccer with Moto at the same time. So I was, you know, contemplating whether I was going to sign a number or remote. Oh, and that was like, you know, maybe try Sweden for year and also them. They're, they're said to my, my agent, that they wanted to demand. Instead. Ended up. They sent a puck moving demand that Crispi Christie path is all the time. We shared that. Thank you. Yeah. And so I ended up in the Nurburg into to do it was, it was one of the probably one of the best singers, I made it was it was awesome. There you know a lot of great players. I came through that, that team for my, my four years there now as ports. No, we had a great team just couldn't win the championship. But it was, you know, maybe he's I probably won't forget. What's something awesome about playing in Germany that people probably on aware of the wiener? Schnitzel. All the beers that we're the beers and the schnitzel or struck it. Unbelievable. I mean I I love German food. I love obviously loved German beers. And it's the league is awesome. It's from top to bottom. I I mean I don't really haven't played in every league in in Europe, but I played against them. But I see from top to bottom. The league is probably the best out there. You know it's, it's almost it's almost like it's, it's very North American. You're allowed to nine imports and in all the teams this year. But the Mannheim who wanted home there. Those guys are unbelievable. That sure. What about the fans? I mean every game it's like soccer style up and chanting after you win. You sometimes guys bring their kids on the ice and stuff like that. They do basically, it's like the storm surge every game. No, you're right. They're their soccer hooligans the best part about it, and it's not just it's not just one team every single king. And then you go to the big teams, you know, like Berlin and Mannheim, Cologne where have any shell rings. And, you know, you got eighteen thousand people do one, you know our rank was both, you know seventy five hundred but those guys are so loud. And it was great atmosphere every single night. And no I as I said it was it was one of the best decisions ever made seeks on, you know it's fairly North American style over there. And it's it's fairly physical still a lot of fighting going on, like, did you get new scraps off season in what I never got any scraps over there. I got to two and the cage gel. And then when I went to the deal, I never got any scraps. But there, there are scraps for sure. There's, there's actually lots of fighting and we have proxy under team and he beat the shit up if you guys when I was. Playing and bitching about officiating the one year where you guys got completely hosed. Oh, we got who is actually it was him in the same play or not the same play the same game. They'll in he online and they were threatening him to take down. He's like fuck you guys, I'm not taking this shit down, like clean clean it up. Payment's going on or was it just bad officiating? I, I just think that, you know, I don't want to say too much, but. Baby. Yeah. Yeah. You know what the fishy fishy into need needs a boost. And they brought him this year which was good. They brought in a couple of North American guys who were kind of. You know, veterans of American League, and they brought those guys in which really help and they kind of they're trying to, you know adjust that because they know that it's a concern and that Amir better. It's only gonna make the hockey banner. You know if they can, you know what they're doing. You're absolutely right. That's what you need, you know, like you need to be honest. The reason why they chose best league in the world that you need guys from there to, you know, Hopi owed. So and that's what they did. They've gone over there for help and, you know, I think it's, it's, it's gonna be good in the in the future. One last one for you, Brandon when you were in her Gallas you played unto mock Crawford. We heard he's a bit of a madman. Does he have a kick? Anyone while you were there? I never would actually know what crow was was great for me. I think he I heard a lot of crazy stories before. But, you know, when I when I played there he was he was pretty mild. And I feel like if you worked hard and kinda did everything he said that you left you alone. And and we had a pretty good team in Dallas at the time. So he's I think he was pretty pretty good for us. Well, hey, by was awesome. So happy to have you on glob. We got to redo that one on on a day. We were both feeling better. I think you need the wit in the mix in RA. Hey I did one hundred percent. I really appreciate. Dates for joining us Baden, and thanks for bringing us the Dixon stories, as well. Yeah. Thanks for having me, guys. Appreciate it sank coming on. Segel for coming on, on other double interview episode just trying to give you guys a little extra content, considering we don't have much hockey to talk about biz quiet this week. But of course, free agency just around the corner should be a lot of money tossed around and some deals to go over by era, a couple deals, we haven't gotten to yet in one yet, the signing defenseman Calvin Dahan to a four year, eighteen point two million dollar deal. The hurricanes traded him to Chicago, along with fully prospect, Alexi seraglio sent them to Chicago exchange for a pair of restricted free agent Scully Anton Forsberg in defensemen. Gustav forsling Carolina's definitely not bringing back both last year's goalie. So they dealt before brag probably gonna contend for a backup role there. And one of the do sign they'll still have saved a couple million off their cap because they do need to sign restricted free agent Sebastian. I ho- every dollar counts as the hawks. They get another solid defense should help clean things up in their own and with which take on this one. I think it's a great deal for the hawks. I think when you look at look at the deal as a whole the hawks needed to get better on defense. Right. I mean Seabrook sold or Keith getting older. They need to figure out a way to get these top for demon in dont solid man that guy he played a key role in Carolina having a really good year is a good player. He can move the pocket. Steady stays at home? Does his job and it's just what you call go needed? So I think forcing showed some is forcing forsling in my Adnan. Al fours link f Lang, the L was correct. I think he shows flashes of being a great player. But I don't think he's as good of a player overall as Calvin tuhan, and that's why Chicago I think wins this deal that was kind of the popular opinion. But still in the end, it's all about getting a ho sign that kids in up and coming superstar. So they do they did need to create room. And I think even if you ask the GM of Carolina, he says, we might have lost a little bit on this deal, but we needed a little bit of capital. What makes sense in the end Chicago becomes the winners in my mind RA. I check. On my phone. I just got a tweet that apparently, some fucking loser is listening to an old episode. Did we say that Columbus fucked up pick and do blondes that pool Yar in that draft? We fucked up on that one. Episode. What forty this guys? I listen back loved it. When you guys said, Columbus screwed up by take devolve Apoyo Harvey. Hey, Phil, are what did you fucking? No. In the draft. What's going on buddy up? I'm curious then listen. I don't we screwed up. I think it was spread Phil dude post grad, Phil sick Twitter handle. I I'm so sick of people coming at me on Twitter for shit that I can't control and they would have no idea about either except for, I can't control. I know where the puck Oprah championships being played this year, and I know you could still call it the British Open, fucking s Coughlan. Men biz did you I have anything on the entree? Or are you familiar with him at all other than they're loading up on d back there? They got a couple of young prospects on the back end. We'll see how they they come into camp. But things in Chicago should be interesting. Especially the way they finished in the second half of the season last year when when Jeremy call tomb was able to get full control that team and finally implement is structure his systems, or, or lack thereof because he just lets them play you want. He wants that high high flying offense. And they just need the guys in the back end to be able to get these guys apocalyptic bit sooner little bit quicker faster. Get it up there, a little snap it around and let them do their thing. So I don't know where they're where where are the add on the cap situation. Always, they're always right around the the number. Yeah. Actually get about eleven projected space right now. But that that's based. Couple guy. I think restricted free agent it so but they got a little bit of capital. But obviously they got a couple of huge hits between. You know, Kane Taves Seabrook Dunkin. That's coming up thirty two million dollars, right? Debbie's between those four guys break it's going to be a big. What I'm imagine. He's even if he's restricted up the Brinks truck to the brink and household. When don't bring any beer I would say seven and a half, eight minimum. Yeah, it's gonna be interested in what if he gets forty eight this year while he's restricted and they're he's not going to get a bridge deal, but I would say that in eight million category is a fair number if he's gonna get greedier than that they're just gonna be like bide. We can't fucking sign you. Maybe Phil -pinion on that one. The martyr the martyr money that's been projected by some of these people online is getting out of control of the, you'd think it was Tyson berries agent. The number head is funny to it. Yeah. Post grad like fucking people on on Twitter. Give a fuck that you went to school, at the graduated once again, one last year to get you up to speed on the I Colorado Avalanche sent center Cal Soderbergh to coyotes for defenceman Kevin Kennon in a third round. Twenty twenty both players are in the last year of their respective deals, Soderbergh's gonna make four point seven five militia cannot on the hook for one point three seven five mil and I'm in Denver Soderbergh coming off a career high twenty three goals. He's an excellent penalty killary also plays on the second power play unit. The owls now have about thirty nine million to re up this six hour phase with Migo written and being the most important and expect to be very active in free agency biz wicked. Tell us about Kevin Coniston Kevin could on's awesome guy. He does the bachelor reports with me had a really good year two years ago. Scoring ten goals just one of those years, where he played out of his mind. Struggled a bit offensively last season. You know wasn't where he was this season before? Well liked in the locker room, great work ethic. I think he's going to be a good depth defenseman over in Colorado and help them out on the on the back end which I mean they do have a solid back end. But, you know, never hurts to have some guys back there who can who can penalty kill in lug. The ship minutes. Talk about taika making moves men. I know Saudi Berg is, I said, somber Soderbergh Soderbergh, you know, a little bit older decent size, cap it, but never hurts to have some depth at the center ice position. So he's, he's gonna help out the coyotes. They do have a lot of Centerman right now. But, you know, Chaika just trying to get a lot of hardworking players and, and put a lineup together that can can get in the playoffs. I think this deal made made a ton of senton. It's, it's similar to, to the Carolina traded to Han where Colorado needs cap space and Soderbergh had a great year for them. And Phoenix has plenty of room. They have plenty of money available to spend and that's why they get a forward. I mean, I'm not gonna say average forward, but the years before you know, last year was a great year. We'll see what he does next year. And and, and Colorado gets a little cap room which they need so understandable, trade to go down there and cannot. Yeah. I mean that's just death right there. He could play a good role for the Avs, no matter what. Goes on their entire decorum who whoever's back, I don't know what's going to happen. But that's a good. That's a good trade for them. And, and it it gets him room for, for Colorado as well. Now it's incredible base, the salary cap, pretty much fact as every trait of it's almost a major factor in half of them. It seems like so moving on. We have one big retirement announcement to make Brooks pick retired after a damn fine sixteen season career that saw him win cups in Pittsburgh and Washington, he said it was a pretty easy decision, given the issues with his knee in the paint. He went through last year is a beloved teammate where he played yelp change the culture of the loser culture in DC that had festive ESE commend you really changed the attitude in the locker room. And I left there a winner he's gonna now finish up getting his degree at PC, the salsa probably explains why the capstone Gouda replace with offic rods game, which good pals ram you've known him for a long time where you have to say about his retirement so have before what would a career I texted him yesterday. I said, listen dude. Congratulations. Nhs? All your teammates. Absolutely loved you and all your opponents despise playing against you. I mean, is there anything better, you could say about a career to stand reach the top of our profession twice and did it just being a warrior being professional? We've talked about it a lot. We had him on the podcasts. We've gotta have Mont again. Now, we could have retired or pecan 'cause we had playing books. We gotta get the retired or upon but he told me on. Thanks a lot with them. So excited just give my body arrest. And when he says, give his body arrest, it's legit because he has been working out like a goddamn savage for twenty years. So now maybe he'll just chill bit. Hopefully plays a little bit more golf. He's a member old sandwich golf club is well, maybe we'll get out on the links a little bit. But man, it's crazy to think that, that it's over. And what a run he had an I'm very happy for him to second. You said what a great teammate and he gets. He gets ripped on a lot for maybe some of the hits. He's made over the years and in some other ship. All in all men. Everyone who play with them, loved them. And in a two time Stanley Cup champion with with rivals to. Yes. Berg en Washington. But yeah, I'm excited to get him on and get the stories flying with retired or, and then when they want it and pit they beat Washington seven games. And when he wanted in Washington, they beat pit them. Pretty sure I don't know if it went seven might have gone six, they know they beat him in six that year. So it it's kind of funny how that worked out. But Washington, hate him, hated him when he was on Pittsburgh. And then the penguin hated him when he was on the cap so little sense. His work ethic is one thing that really stood out. Dickey's he'd be in their doing like an NFL player work, just Chuck and waits around after we love twenty minutes. His post-game workouts were way harder than any offseason workout, I ever did. Thinkable is a mutant, they actually did an article in, in one of the major papers might even when he was in Washington about his grocery shopping, because he's all organic and very healthy. So they took them around and just showed what type of foods he's putting his body. So just alternate professional, he's the guy at whole foods who's like is this saturated fat, sir guys like body. Your sixty two twenty shredded. Can you just go? Exactly. Just take the nuts, and go fuck and check checkout. I know you're gonna eat fruit for dessert is Trump wild doc was caught in the ocean. This form salmon from Alaska man, after one thousand forty four games Plato in nineteen seasons. One of the more colorful goals in the league has ever seen tweeted out that he's decided to take his talents to us. L P retirement home. Yes, Roberto Longo, ended, the speculation and decided to call it a career. And it was a hell of a Korea. He wrote an open letter to the fans. He referenced basically, the beating on his body has been too much. And he said he actually found him solve quote dreading getting back into his routine. So he's all done. He finishes with four hundred eighty nine wins, which is third all time. G A of two five to a safe percentage of nine nineteen seventy seven career shutouts pair of Olympic golds. I mean unreal Korea with you played against them. What would you have to say about Longo and just to a tip of the cap as much as you could give someone a hall, he's going to be in the Hockey Hall of fame? And if you've seen the reactions of this guy retiring today, you've realized how much he meant to teammates and friends. Along the way. I mean, people have said some incredible things even the me of said, what a joy it was to cover this guy. He wasn't boring. He gave you a quote. He gave you an honest opinion. He told you how he felt he was a hell of a player, not just a hell of a player dominant player for many years. And as he brought up that he never did win the Stanley Cup. And that's obviously you know, something tough. But I thought that his away of announcing announcing their time with the pads hung up on the on the look a phone line was just too good. It was the perfect picture. And then I think that everyone should do themselves favorite, and even if you're if you're a fan of long or not, if you're fan of hockey read his letter to his open letter. It was on an HMO dot com believe about retirement, and the part that really stuck stuck out to me was when he was talking about how he told his daughter said he was going to retire. And it's funny because I remember I've told this on the podcast when I decided to retire. I called my dad and like you know, I broke down. It's like you just think of all the memories and everything you've done growing up. And, you know, my dad. Was the guy that was a part of it all and made it happen. And I can't imagine how much harder that would be that conversation to have with your own kids, whose entire lives. All they know is your career, and he mentioned how his wife's the rock of the family like every NHL wife is I mean, they keep everything going strong when guys on the road and, and how much is daughters. I think I think they're both daughters if I'm wrong. I apologize. But he said how much they love going to the games? And so, to have a discussion with my dad is one thing to have a discussion with your kids in like how much they love it must have been so tough any rights, they cried I cried and it was I was getting emotional reading it, but an incredible career and yeah in the end he didn't. He didn't understand the Cup. But you never gonna sit in sit around and say he was the reason that that didn't happen. So he'll be in the Hockey Hall of fame forever, and in congrats to him great personality in the game while you. Wait, you said that very well, one of the. I mean, I knew he was an unbelievable guy. The one moment for me where I was like holy shit. Man. How the fuck did he just do this was, when there was that high school shooting in Florida and before the game he had to go on the Mike and address the fans and he basically took his political stance as far as he could without making it political? He just basically said, listen. I don't care what side you're on of this argument. But something needs to change if things like this are happening, he got up and talked before the game. And then I think I don't I don't know if he had shut out that game where he played each stood on his head, and I couldn't even imagine having to talk and do that, especially with having kids and them being in that area and him being able to hold it together and then not only do that. But play a game. So he's just a class act, a unbelievable hockey personnel at imagine that he gets tons of request to do media. He he'll have the pick of the litter of whatever you leave me alone. In the letter he's like, yeah. I'm also that for the next little while I'm gonna relax. I know he loves playing poker. I imagined. He's a golfer as well so to him and his family, congratulations, on wonderful career. And I hope you guys get to enjoy the retirement side of it, and the last thing I will mention the Vancouver that's shitty day for them. If you know how these contracts work when you deal with these players that I, I don't know the exact how it all breaks down. But I know that by him retiring, the Vancouver Canucks are going to pay a penalty. I think they get at three million dollar cap at the next three years in the Panthers million. A million. If he had gone on long-term, I are it wouldn't have happened. But he was he wasn't going to just hang around and say he couldn't play and collect the money. The salary went way, down this year to around one point five, but he actually made it official by retiring, which really kind of FOX walks for three years. Yeah. Actually both teams where they're gonna win Kerr. The cap recapture penalties for the next three seasons for Florida. It's going to be just over a million a year for the next three years for an couvert actually over three million for the next three years. I know it does because a lot of guys just traded a first round pick. Yes. JT Miller, too. I don't know if we, we've mentioned that ten times on this podcast or any founder, I what makes you sick that he's still at three more years left. But his career earnings of ninety three million probably made it a little easier for him to swallow. It isn't a little note to he had between playoffs in regular season. Sixty four thousand one hundred seventy four minutes in the crease, that comes out to forty four and a half days of his life in NHL net, which is pretty wild. How many days excuse me, forty four and a half days of his life. He's spending in any crease in games. Yes. That's. Yeah. Twenty two years ago, the guy got drafted, I mean twenty years ago, like right now, that's fucking crazy, man. He's been in the mix for a long time, time franchise leader in Winsford towards agents to congrats, Roberto. And you also mentioned that they're moving into a new house. I imagine that's complete fucking host or crossings where addicted. We're, we're moving into the left wing on July thirtieth and the right wing. Be finished in two thousand twenty one. Man, that wraps up all of our stories. I what else you guys got anything else going on. You've been watching anything. Good TV movies Reese, I started watching the wire again. What a show I watched it about twelve years ago. And so now, I kind of forget, a lot of stuff and shows just incredible. You've never seen it. It's, it's old school. But one HBO is best and the funniest thing about him is like Avon Barksdale and stringer bell. I think the whole premise is that these drug dealer gangbangers, there, actually so fucking smart, if they use their brain for something better. They could have been great at anything else because the way they run this, this drug destruct game, at least in Baltimore in this show, it's like they are smart. Fucking people. They're just, you know, putting their brain too, but a legal use. I can't talk all my God data may do what they had and also what I love when you watch it for the second brain to a legal use. Is that that sentence what the fuck? Weiqi up. So funny with you mentioned you have another story. You said your body brought it up yesterday tweeted the group chat. You said yet, another funny, one other than the Russia story. Oh my God voice. Oh, this is funny, redemption. Okay. So. Yeah, I start golfing or two thousand seven thousand seven I joined a course, local course in Boston, public course, granite links public private. There's members there. But it's also public course. So at the time I was a seventeen sixteen handicap and my good buddy foles was an eighteen handicap, so we sign up for the member. Guests that this course now they flight you based on your handicap. So I'm going to explain this, so that even if you don't understand golf at all, like biz, I'll experience you understand so on member. Guess what they'll do is they'll take both the member and the guest handicap, though combine them, and they'll put them in a flight with other people who have similar handicaps. Right. So we those are two very high handicaps. Right. So we still are like, all right. We're going to be in one of the lower flights. But this is great. You know, you go win your flight and you can win a bunch of cash the flight usually consists of about six teams. And then you play. Nine home matches against all all the teams say, I think there were seven teams in each flight. So we show up the day of we're all fired up me and foles. We're competitive bastards and, you know, we love playing golf, but we're not very good. But we show up the first day and get their about an hour early wanna hit some balls. Maybe get a little swing juice in, in the mix. And I get down to the clubhouse, and I see our our flight listed, and it's got the teams. You know, it's got Ryan Whitney Bryant Foley, will underneath that what do I see Barbara so-and-so? Gertrude so-and-so next team, Lisa. So and so. It was all women. Dude, we were in a flight with all women. I was like, oh my God. I go I'm not playing I'm not playing. They were all old women. It was all women youngest woman was forty years old me and Foley. I'm in the NHL dirt. I'm like, no. I'm like, I'm not playing. I'm not fucking plane. So the pro comes up he's like y you'll fuck up the whole thing like you have, like, you'll you'll literally ruin the whole flight all of them won't even have a match to play when they're supposed to play you a Mike. How do you not tell me it's all women and my flight dude, are you fucking kidding me? He's like dude, you have to play on, like, all right? Fine. So we bomb up to the first eight now. Now we end up going to get drinks. I'm furious Foley's, just laughing. He's like, are you kidding me? So we're just like all right. Well, we got a dusty women we got dust who cares now. So did I get to the first tee, and they had taken my bag and loaded up the bags in the cards, and we got up to the first I unzip my bag to get golf balls? Dude, the guys at the shop had put in four hundred pink off balls tampons bucket. Skirt like you fuckers. This is unbelievable. So what do we do, though? We go out there and dusted. Every team doing a winning matches rolling over dude. I'm not lying. These women were hitting one hundred fucking sixty drives and at the time, like I was brutal. But if I connected with one, it would be like a great drive. So we're hitting a hundred and ninety yards past these ladies and then buzzing by him in our cards, playing music plan. Get one of the women's days was Gertrude suck on that grandma. So we ended up Dustin. It was it was just hilarious. How it all went down. But we want our flight, we went to the shootout, and falls, you're not gonna like this, but I have to bring this up. So the shootout is every flight winner then goes and plays a whole as par-three basically they put in the middle of the fairway green, and we're the lowest flight to say we hit from one hundred ten yards and then the first flight has to hit from, like, one hundred eighty arts that way they don't have to do strokes. And that that way you get. Overall winner of the member guests. So we go. I dude I hit to an inch but it's aggregate, so it's my buddy and my score combined. Foles bowls. I know you'll never forget this. There was about eighty people watching. Oh, yeah. I would I would ashamed that false walking ended up hitting like seventeen shots and we know even with my two but on that. So I fall, it's still everybody. I'll never forget, though. Get into that tournament and, and seeing on the board flight seven Ryan, Whitney, Brian Foley, and then five other teams of women. And then we dusted those women, one of them actually do. So then one of them in the match this lady called like a rule. She called the pro out for a rules violation buddy I hit like a sky, high pop up and it was wet. And so the ball plugs, you know, when the ball plugs in the ferry if it plugs anywhere you get like, I don't know about anyway, but freeway food, so my balls half buried. And this lady Barbara's you don't get a drop. I'm like, yeah. You do plug that went up in the sky drop straight down and plugged in the ground. I get to pick it up. I actually get to clean it. And then I get to drop it. She's like no. You don't. You have to hit it. I go. What are you talking about? Barb. Call their shit like that. And sure enough, the pro comes out you're gonna make this guy come out he bombs out. He's like, yeah, you get a drop Barbara. He's she's like, oh, okay. Sorry. I didn't think so. And then I could hit one onto the green. I think I was getting a stroke offered. Mercy. Hey quality. You got to play your hardest against so matter what. Right stories funnier in my head, but still, I just get a kid. I liked it. I enjoyed I get a kick golf stories. Yeah. All right. Is that route things up for the Sepe? I believe. So. That's all the stories all the details we had. Yeah. Like we already talked about Chernobyl. Have you been watching big little lies season? Two of that actually, my wife was watching it. And so I said, why, I can't just hop in right? So I started watching season, one the other night watching episode one season one pretty good. I'll definitely finish. She's in one and then see what's going on in season. Two. I already know what kind of happened based on seeing what, what just happened in the episode. She watches season too early. No. Something will happen that I that I haven't seen yet but it's still good. It's one of those shows that the acting just carries it. I mean you got you know, some of the handful the best actresses in the game with a spoon, Laura Dern, who's fantastic? Sailing Woodley, she's great initiate season truly brought in the biggest heavy hitter of the mall, Meryl Streep in, you know, if you enjoy act is some great performances. So check that out city on a hill that new Showtime show about Boston of you. If you've been able to check out, oh, didn't even know it was out yet. What channels that on? That's on Showtime season season, two episode to just drop the other night, it's basically set in Boston in nineteen ninety two right after the Chuck Stewart case happened -cational familiar with that it was a guy who shot and killed his pregnant wife blame that on a black guy in the police in Boston, basically up ended all the black neighborhoods looking for a ghost because it wasn't a suspect that didn't exist. There was a big commission at happy. And a lot of guys got in trouble. This is hap- takes place right after all that when racial tensions were in the city where I usually and there's also a nominee car crew from Charlestown, Robin Bank. So this all kind of ties in it's pretty good. I know people kinda getting sick like the whole Boston Grimes, and it feels like it's done before, but I think a lot of the other things they never really covered the racial aspect. And, and this show is going to cover that it appears so, so I'm curious to see what they do for. That is kinda tack on that a little bit so so far. So good. I'm giving it a world. Check that out guys in real quick next week, we will be dropping episodes on Tuesday and Thursday. Just because Monday is the start a free agency, so no episode on Monday episode on Tuesday in an episode on Thursday. All right, boys. I think that wraps it up for this episode everybody have a fantastic weekend in w