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47 - Premier League on NBC Group Chat Episode 2

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47 - Premier League on NBC Group Chat Episode 2

"No one likes to feel stock especially by your cloud but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your apps and data anywhere smart. Loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm Dot com slash flexible. Hi Everyone I'm Rebecca Lowe and this is Premier League on NBC podcast number two as we try to keep your company their home whilst the Premier League is of course the Spohn for now. Now this week we've entered the modern world. We are no longer burning in on a corporate school. We have all goes onto zooms. Hope you can hear US better. And if you're watching as well on Youtube on the NBC Channel. You can see us as well then we all in roads across the United States and the UK as well this week as you can see. We've talked leslie. Dixon Ramaphosa Romeo Rubin Style and come out and checks is not be to see everybody in Michigan. Will we talk this week about overseas a challenging time for everybody right now no matter who you all across the world and we got to thinking about other challenging times in our lives not careers and how we best handled them and how we now reflects McFadden overseas not compared to what anybody's going through right? Now which is in the theme of challenging time so needed all over there in bombs in west London. I'm GonNa Start with you if you could take back to a time in your career where you felt. It was really tough. What happens in how you dealt with it? Will Rebecca. I'M GONNA go back to a nineteen ninety. He was October. Nineteen Ninety Duck season nine thousand nine hundred eighty one. It was. The season ended really well for us in the lake for my second time. It's obviously I t nine. Victory Is Well documented. The pool then went onto win the league. Ninety which is the last time they look slightly GonNa win again very shortly. Hopefully then we wouldn't getting ninety one dot seasons of the club that loan so just still trying to set lane still trying to make a white in the first division was then which is now primarily trying to workout As a young man what he's about playing at that level and had a reasonable amount successively on so going into that season confident and then we went through all Tober and it was a feisty facts Of the the battle of Old Trafford. We recently sold the one with the baptist. Avoid while that was nothing compared to the one back ninety to you all know that. The boys remember rubbing will cause he's radioed his old is. Malcolm will do rumblings with Awesome Monte News a few little feuds that were going on notice. Nigel winterburn on Brian mcclair. Something happened to Highbury Nigel McKee out of Brian mcclair full missing a penalty. So he's a bit nichols they came across. H You look a lot on the pitch played opposite each other so that is a few little kicks in there so after that game we go to Old Trafford and then there was a couple niggles going on joined the game. The referee key hockey. I think he wasn't a time was trying to get control of the game. I'm does linked POSCO THAT BRILLIANT goal from a corner show Conan wit into the post cold. Locate the line goes getting ended up winning the game while nil in the second half there was a couple of tackles. It starts a flannel on the facade of the pitch at the time when notch winning for sidetracked with Brian mcclair and and how broke loose and I was probably faulty. Odds wait time so when you see something like that. Robin will tell us. Probably the first to arrive when the scope is going on as a peacemaker. My naive you couldn't see for Dawson asked the other way so what hotton was kicking Nigel on the floor and then everything went off. I think under slim car came in trying to attack. Nigel decided that the best rights to protect him to throw the biggest right hook above the stadium. My life landed on Brian. Class here in Split is a completely open with one punch medic house in Manhattan but shaved long long story is going on all night about the five is what happened afterwards. Game finished the game. One NIL BELIEF. Istat tune in style to look at the incidents and quite rightly Saudi was play his fine. They'd be drunk castle. Diva's undecided on Nigel. I think we had about six players who find You know quite a lot of money. Full the incident on a cup Leonardo plays but then the FAA decided in that wisdom to duck awesome. Two points offense Point we will adopt two points Monday night with one employee which we couldn't quite understand why does any difference. It was a male. Everybody was involved emphasis raising week. Two Point so George. Guzzle rounding circle at the training ground decided to do one be almost Winston Churchill speech. He's about sticking together about Beta family about inefficiency. You get drawn together. It just reminded me of what's going on at the moment that you need to have family around June also was a big family. We were Very Close Knit Bunch Plaza. Lots of tell you that same spirit was one of a very similar. To what Robin had it at Middle Forever Wimbledon kind nude a will be on five three three nine But we'll have a jolt set out account of box against the wall Lincoln arms mentality where we wouldn't let anybody in the press wanted to toll toll plaza would allow any place votes press. We count if grew stood on from the fact that we were a big unit and we together all in this trying to fight a common enemy that was basically outside world on the settings choir still quite young give my career on a kind of my first lesson in China they real nuances of abate in a team I was the first time it really clicked. And Yes we absolutely outvoted. Bosa of plans should have been fine. The should've been points Not Michael but what it did for me sought me in a in a situation that was looks from the outside is being really Baqwa. We grew strength from that. Actually that was my first lesson into you can achieve with a group of players in everybody else's against you and obviously what's going on in the outside well right now. I'm not saying we will go round file. Traffic does not able saying. Is that these people around you. The simple things in life about just having you may next year. We take for granted tons ECO. It sounds to me like George. Graham was overseeing real Montijo men a real leader. I should at time. You're young so you needed that. But do you think that right? Now when you think of the Club sneaking the bandages van role. Now let's think of Michaela for example they can't be with us but using their role in this very moment has taken on a whole new dynamic that a cool st nick applying for where they're going to have to face by trying to instill kind of owning it together mentality and positively from a distance right now. Selena on a think sometimes at margin certainly plays through the typed up his action in a team in for granted a little bit times. But I think it's time slot Perhaps the head. The figurehead village was then to stuns open. Actually there's a lot of mutterings going on in the world right now on an conspiracy theories and chats and all of that source though Fedex as the leaders that that stand up and actually calm everybody down in a moment light dot com slash because we wanted to fight the world about point. You know everybody was against as we were right. Not Fighter will we. We're not gonNA take any calmed his old down. He wanted to become a didn't want to be a hot headed. And I think the coach is a manages that you said now there's obviously a huge amount of emotion flying around everybody at the moment and quite rightly so not just full of any every walk of life and we Kinda just gotTa will come down and just breathe. An Oxley just listened to the people in power in food. Hopefully the experts will be out against this. Can I ask you a question? Yeah absolutely How disappointed are you that all all your gigs? At a coffee shop in covent garden were cancelled. What is this hot? You're inside? If you've been on the call at the right time heard but you would be laid. We move on Concertina never on on to you next you'll punish Romanelli Reading and so calm in his new lovely house in front of the rains. Love it rolling. Assay take us through what is challenged you or moving in. You'll create this shit. I think everybody I could pick out multiple Situations where it's been challenging through different reasons when you've been playing for as long as we have an interesting challenge impaired. I WanNa talk about is GonNa mid nineties when the foreign pledged to come into the Premier League Club Middlesbrough. Not Of course one of the biggest clubs but there was lots of money that wanted to go places and all of a sudden in nineteen ninety six all these international players coming into the dressing room. And you remember the the Middlesbrough we were a British squad. We stuck together and we got promoted into the flight shed one season back in into Bryan Robson and we finished midtable. Everything's fine that summer. I will change circus revenue. Any just WANNA Champions League event we have this little presenting co Janine. The was spectacular player. Msn was another midfield play. They came into the football club. Plus Italian pledge I knew confessed all all of a sudden adjustment changed. I'm for us. It's been there for many years. It was it was Kinda cool aheads around it and I'm not saying it was for the for the it wasn't for the worst. It was for the better because we went on a fun was a great run a Games etc etc. But it was very different. Justin was very different. Obviously the training habits of the place was different. We had players bringing their chefs to away games. telling chef come. I'm made his cookies every night and decided what we're eating. It seemed dinners every night. Oh okay right right. That's okay. We'll do that. And everything changed I'm familiar with me. Trying to find a way to stay on this road with the club the wanting to go places and on on on the league and it was difficult. Janiaux MSN. We had other good midfield players that May Have to change how I played and you know I was never a great attacking midfield player. But that's what. He's good at because they need to do that. Now would you neo coming in and Emerson another place to change? Basically and one thing I could do was run and I could run more than everybody else and I had a big heart and everybody else and I would cover runs engineer on Emerson. Didn't bother covering runs on. I found a way in a difficult situation to adapt to the team environment into the squad to stick around the sport needed and I ended up being that guy that worker to to to enable anybody else to play So so that will help from me as well. But amongst all the situations Rebecca one of the biggest challenges and we got about a lot the planet with that before was the difference in wages Ravanelli reportedly on and it was kind of factual everybody knew at the time. Forty two thousand pounds a week. This is back in the mid nineteen and I'll tell you right now. My wages at that time was about four or five on the question kept coming to the likes of Manson to other guys. These guys that you know the the the other kind of part of the squad. If you like the super south of what was how can you play in the same team with a guy's earning so much ten times more money than you're earning and that in itself was given thing to kind of get to grips with? How did that maybe fail? Well I I had no problem with it. Rebecca well saying no problem I I understood what both those guys bought to the squad and to the team and we went on cut runs and experiences basically because we had some really great pleasure in revenue schools. Thirty one goals in his first season. You mean the Was An amazing place. So I I understand the benefit of having those superstar players but sometimes it did make you think really they ten times more valuable to the team. When you're in the first eleven they are than I was so you think also starting to what did you think. Also that it depends on the character of the person. You don't mind them getting ten times more than us if the giving everything that you will giving and and if you've got a section that not maybe you know working quite hard on a mission to the cores that's when you start to get that that friction. Well that's a great point. 'cause forbid revenue was a great player. He was a pain in absolute pain in the ass squad and he went away on international juicy when we were struggling in the premier league so we use Grey Cup runs but basically in the league. We were struggling I'm GonNa go away with his international do interviews send. The team aren't good enough. The defense terrible. You know. That's why we don't do well in the primary wig and all the goes. We're not good defensively now. Of course that was big headlines at the time he comes back into the dressing room and he's so awkward is difficult. It was a difficult dressing room. And you're right Graham. I mean if if those players star players that run all the money and getting all the headlines and making a difference. They're going to be honest about that. But not showing the same willingness not rolling the sleeves up when you're fifth from in the league table due to own the hiding in games so that that was difficult part of it and some of the players and also didn't like it was stopped. Players mostly selling joint pain on August two two by being the leader that in taking all of address what was so Bryan Robson. All that was kind of guy. Say when you need somebody who can be leader in almost tool to you why. Somebody's getting this mom money all is exceptional player is going to make the benefit to you. It was one of the moving them in home games for me. Didn't do enough. It didn't do enough. It wasn't strong enough in a situation. Where the dressing room getting a little bit out of hand? And there was no clicks and the foreign plants being one corner visit ends in another corner the bridge that will always together and with the majority but it it it wasn't a great scenario and you know from the season before where we we did all right. We finished I think trump ten in the permanent ninety six or first season by cup the following season we had only straight runs in and they finally got renegade and so it wasn't as good even though there was some stop plays in that team that went on and other things are the clubs but it just shows the dynamic and the change of adjusting room. I it's so important we do all the time about we talk about all the time and the team getting promoted primarily they change too many plas- come in the room sauce to go away other teams. I mean there's examples of a good inbound both sides but the shepherd nights is right now the pretty much stuck together they bought. Some strike is to help them get goals but they've done marvelously. While so I just I I relate my experience back to some of the things promoted too many changes. It just doesn't work. Must say that that responsibility to me like when no the French slots came in so all dressing room after Austin came ninety six ninety seven. It was No influence in the dressing room whatsoever. Awesome idea until about Bryan Robson. Who didn't out guys in that when we police not just flew so those guys as well. Robby Robby was deciding Wimbledon judgment. You couldn't go in there and stop from around knocked. Try Putting fifty percent. Fm get found. They would so you ever and I think that's. That's the difference where the really the top managers can create an environment the police's itself within those walls. Thirty rarely after step into it. It does itself nothing. You can get balance. Ri- that tight so much white. Yoda's yeah anything without an agree with that you aren't you personality is big on the plane by Ghana's rubbing Nettie coming in too late low Middlesbrough tell you all. It takes a lot of big personalities. Because he allowed he was very loud very obnoxious. Very demanding very moody. And it's difficult. I know what you mean and not an idle snow. You pull these plays and you bring it back together again. But it wasn't easy and an old. Yeah school goes exactly. And he was a star player for him to be mood in. Be the painting yards and addressing moons. cynical can keep in touch with them roby. By the way I I next week I could I could. I didn't mind Ravanelli and we absolutely fine because see appreciable I brought to the team. Did he hated some of the slackness trainer we had. We had no training ground than we used to jump on a rickety old bus and go and go to some crappy old trading pitches so he rightfully he kicked up a fuss and we got new training ground and it helps a lot. The other players may be would envious didn't well to revenue was fighting with him Physically in training. Sometimes I mean I didn't I never got to that with me. I I respected what he did. I I understood the importance of a team but certainly it was Molesting the club must have just a little a little line on Janina and training training. Yeah I mean I I. I'm not sure how many of our listeners of us remember that what you need me. But when he came in it was it was on the ground just doing simple dribble through cones drills. That was like wow. We don't do very very quick. Dry Dynamic The biggest hot I mean he was Bernie posted while Kyle so his skills and abilities he wanted to come to Middlesbrough. He wanted to do well and he did too. So I can't speak highly enough and we all got. Who's your favorite player from the best place to be played with Janina by a mile for what he did club and he's not the chewed is hot. But you're right and I I. It skills and ability and quickness was was stunning to you. Thank you that's great About a challenge in your career. How's dealt with that I'll talk about a challenge in my career. That will also be me. Educating my English mates on what? A trade is I know muscles an American and you know huge huge patriots fans so he understands rates for sure. I was also drafts so I got drafted to Columbus out of out of college. I decided to leave school early. I had a chance to go play in Portugal before college decided not to do that. And so when I landed on Columbus. I had kind of quick rise after really bad. Start where the coach didn't like to play young players. It took me almost a fourth or third of the way through the season before I got my first start. The trouble is it was two World Cup. Veterans a Colombian international and and John Arc's was southern midfielders and so finally broke into the team had a great season got into the US side. Second season was was really well. Got The number. Ten Jersey was all going great and my my career. Trajectory was on up. I was getting more calls into the team. I was playing in international tournaments and then we got a new coach Amen to Columbus and and he and I did not see eye to eye. He thought I should defend. I thought I shouldn't It was where my performance in hindsight I can look back and see it now. I was I was kind of. I was believing my own hype and I was getting I was getting too big for my Britches and he was doing me a favor that I didn't accept which was trying to help me get back to being a player that could impact every game rather than having his ups and downs. And only when we were playing well or only when I was getting a lot of touchy as or only when you know things were a certain a certain way would i. Would I be able to take over a game and then disappear on US trying to help you through that? I did see it when I was young. You know you're you're you're in this weird world of like everyday it's tunnel vision next training next game and so sometimes he would do things that would that would really annoy me. But now I see how much is trying to help me. For instance he wouldn't call fouls on training so I would hold onto the ball too much and he was like all right. We're going to show this guy that you can't do it to to set up thousands areas and all this stuff. Sometimes you don't get the calls and so he would get someone to kind of follow me around and kick heart Kick the crap out of me in training every day and it got me really upset and it would get me a couple times. I kind of blew up and he was trying to teach me lesson that I didn't see and so I regret I requested a trade and I remember it really well such a tough decision because I loved Columbus. I bought a home. I was I was creating a life for myself. I was twenty three and was in the US team. Everything was going great and I kind of through this huge disruption in my world. Because I couldn't handle this challenge. This coach was was throwing for me and I remember it. I was in my house getting rid of fixing a light fixture because I was gonna put it on the market and one of my really close friends on the teens. John Walney was up on a ladder and I was. I am by the way my kolding. Aladdin he's up there actually and I got a call up the ladder and I was like automated study and I got on it. It was my agent and he said you know trade went through. You're going to La it's actually. It's actually I two players. It's a combo deal. It's you and John Wall. Nyack four these to La players and John was definitely not looking for a trade and was up on the ladder lesson fixing light fixture. And I was like no because I worked at this trade the only way the galaxy. We're GONNA do it is they. Were giving up a big player but wanted to players and to explain traits. Two guys you can actually buy player. You just want that player. I'll give you this fire for that player. It's it's like playing cards exploration really You called me after the podcast wasn't clear. So then what's crazy about trades and transfers in the same? But there's a whole window. There's time to think about that day. It was like one PM. The call came through. I was on a flight with John that night because the galaxy had a game. The next day we flew in landed really late. Nah Not night met the manager at the time and the GM who was lexi lawless for breakfast and then I was in the La Galaxy Locker Room putting on my jersey. I haven't had a training session yet. We just played three weekends before. Night scored the winning goal. So I was like. Hey guys and I started that night and it was this crazy thing of being thrown into turmoil of like you know how. Pichu our world is same. Drive the practice. You know. Same place that you sit in the training ground in the locker room your your your stuff. The same way the physio. I was meeting people while I was getting my ankle tapes and I do think of like four or five players that James me in that moment because I think other players like listen. Buddy gets like figured out quickly. I've got a game. I'm not going to change the way I prepare. Because you don't know how you know where the where the training and so there were four four or five players that really immediately took me under a couple from the national team that realized how off putting that was crazy it was to be a new locker room and be in such turmoil and yeah. I mean it just goes to show. I'm sure you guys had similar experiences when you moved clubs. It's like that that that that Brotherhood in that commodity. It's it's sort of quick like you have to gets about level with people really really quickly and put a lot of faith and trust in people in a weird way our competition with you at certain moments but like it's this kind of put it all aside. We've got something to do together and I kind of feel like I've been thinking moment because right now is all this like we. We don't have the ability to lean on each other and be there like we normally are and see each other in the in the in the in wardrobe or or in the in the makeup room where you guys in the in the van before the game. So it's you know it's it's nice to remember how good that feels but it's just tough to feel that feeling right now so Calling did you. So the Columbus experiments with the coach did that help you did you take on. Some of the lessons was kind of trying to retort you. Columbus do you change the player based on that experience Now me I think I think what happened was I got a little bit complacent at Columbus because two things one is. I didn't have to be at my best every week to start and I also didn't have to be at my best to get in get into the US team when I got the US team. I was at my best. I wasn't I was disrespecting my club team by not bringing my my highest level because I in a way I was getting away with not and not really picking up on some of these on some of these lessons and then I could go away with the team at n find that level again which is unusual typically. You can't kind of switch it on. Switch it off and so L. A. was just a new challenge. So I didn't learn a lesson. I still was a brat. I still thought that he was against me. But I had a new locker room to earn credit from these guys didn't care what I was doing with the US team or with Columbus like weaken a week out in training. I had to prove to those guys that I deserve to start every weekend. So that that started to bring my best level back and also Beckham Anabelle's ave in some other veterans. That wasn't back. There was a really quiet guy and training. He wouldn't he wouldn't talk much but there was a lot. There was a lot of standards settings through how you performed in how you train so l. l. a. was was just a different more challenging environment with Landon and Kobe and so you Kinda quit and float in La. Like I got away with in Columbus now on likes to feel stuck especially by your cloud but the IBM cloud is the most open insecure public cloud for business. It can manage all your apps and data anywhere smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Flexible suffered interesting. Came up thank you on the Elsa coming to you in Long Beach California over team my friend. Yes mom. I'm so I'd like to take back to April twelve two thousand nature twenty years ago. Which was the last time compassionate. I kicked to bowl now circumstance you to nominate rural little bit strange in Joe Kinnear before would have a hard time capsule even the full weight on the Norwegian Not Snow Eagle Olsen components of the Obama remembrance bone for wearing Wellington boots and having Fox about how high mountains weather knowle's saying come from me on on Olers maybe would have helped it. Came going netted crime gutters. Fasting crime signed to. We will talk. The way we play on is dry. Am probably when you played with them then. We're going to win the game. Because he can play. I'm going to change them. Evenly distributed off can be defense even an impassive and try the bowl which just don't profiler Time and main him and I was catching in the club at the time. The didn't necessarily get on himself was quite an important game coming up on April twelfth. Two Thousand Plan Schefter. Lenzi is the team and was reserved game being played nine and I knew I wasn't in the fifty lapin. Alexi the minding. Listen if you don't think I'm GonNa be playing you. You didn't know GONNA use Mrs so to play in the musicians and get many thousand kip fitness and hopefully do need many S A great idea. Ans- shield may also went to play Waffen immunizations. Victory Drought in about two hundred people and We we will play not game. All the fish team playing Sheffield Wednesday now. Ten minutes into the march around heading a Bul away. Cronin come out young people in a little bit notices coming John. Jesus he's coming. Punched the Bull Olivetti handed it. I'm we both landed on the floor. And we ended his name. Basically kind of trades through into my stomach and as a time you're just like wow that's really weird feeling mole. China tallied until calls time got time sitting in the dressing room. Shot the situation across. Something's wrong here relooking. My stomach basically went from a normal summit looking local is nine months pregnant and basically in a busy clinical winning hostile so we went to inflammatory quote long story short a kept me overnight discount the next morning I had a bleed Balsam Honey get blood out of a blood transfusion. Knew there was some damage eventually. Six weeks later found out. Toma countries three months in hospital loss for five stone and how to big operation to go to London. On the bay operation had country Song Together Fulton evacuated the job And that was basically ended. If a civil itself it's Kinda funny. How fate choke each? Paul teams have not been walks. But I did go. Walk playing in the game go. An injury that meant advocates kicked a ball again exit sessional level the point. I would say for Mad Max Shit. I'd be really interested in boys would of momentum house not just losing my career that's one thing and Huntingdon respects. That was that made the decision. Easy wasn't like should a play another seasonal now. I couldn't go move on with my life of the mental outside Training grounds seem to the Chad. Jesse name LID embiid pull up and find and enjoyed a lot MC totally isolate taken away from it. No Paul looking forward not knowing what she did. You not understanding what was going to happen next event. It made me think about times. We're not wear people in College. Become an issue way. Maybe play on a team on Wednesday night with you mentioned hoppner anymore and how those things and just being Jesse Elliott. Long career at all snow. Maybe thought that he wanted to do these plan. Create I felt as though about your activity. There was a little bit of the missing mentally. I just made myself busy. I know you need to the names and not too is just a little bit more your lots Donald Final shots in your career playing. Definitely your point you know. Leeann I and roby were fortunate enough to choose. Rummage stopped I mean at a couple of big injuries but ultimately retired thirty six having not much left in the tank Lee definitely have nothing left. Thank you watched any of his finals. Kyle you stop for us the big injury. Can you call an unrolled? You finish you finish your career. And I think there's a definite difference between that inverted commas closure a name being being able to decide and how that impacts on you and verses having to stop with an injury and I think that's a real challenge in it's always concerned me even to this day. There isn't really any of his big thing with long-term injuries and career ending injuries in terms of that support getting them through it in the post traumatic either. They let you inevitably as a result when that happened. I was five so I was coming to the end but I think like everybody. You KINDA WANNA finish on. You'll think years left. I think we'll Graham said really pull no because what I did. Tunisia finished was. I did my coaching badges article. He didn't look didn't shave him. Nigel I just thought my South super-busy away didn't didn't mess it about CEO Foyer Eighty seven day. They not a coup times. I've been to games really started. Sat me on my job back. You know when you've been kid Newcastle. Doing the game was jogging by on the one and he's got the feeling line. I'm no longer the big poll show him? I'm more on the side now. I'm just a little bit of extra year when you the plow Think when you go to games you can often define what's going to happen in the match whether you scored a goal stop go Something or not when you kinda finish you you feel as though you lose a little bit. Hala little strength that it was the same major. You appro in splice roby now now. You're older wiser and have more reflections now. Are you now able to look back at your entire career and see the ending almost all of the story and visible now? Yes because I'm point. Twenty on new realized landed up looking the game and whatever that I did actually that decisions implant Walter of it was called story. Is I think what the differences in Grad makes a great clue. Some plays ended up coming to finish regardless of the position. A promise money. You've got a not while creative. I look at somebody at any interest in and I hope we're not talking about the under these creator yet. Will Jot Wilshire in Kobe? Appoint an example is some ten twenty eight years after he is created many. I think he's GonNa live by fax. Nothing these regrets nothing absence struggles with these lives grows on because the kid we saw domino nineteen. I was thinking while in the one of the great. I didn't quite expect. And it's really important earl and I'm glad you brought it up. We have to be able to have these mental health conversations and fortunately athletes are to talk about it and my I had to stop it twenty eight. I can remember this conversation like it was yesterday the US team. Doctor put a recorder on the table. And we had to record my message with is that that Mike Mike. Professional career was over in. The recommendation of the doctors was even. I couldn't play anymore and like I. It took me ten years to get over that in my still. I still do today in hindsight though I started sobbing in that room partly because I didn't realize it at the time but I show much relief because of what what depression was doing to me at that point. I didn't I didn't realize it and like we. We get into this much world. If we're supposed to be strong or not allowed to feel next game next will get up do it again and like. I think it's really important for young players out there to understand and Jack wilshere. Whatever he's struggling with you. Hope he feels. He's got the support system to say. I'm not doing okay. This isn't well and like I have I. I have a lot of challenges in finding people. I think this climate has been good where people feel comfortable to speak in Sam scared. I'm I'm frustrated. I'm tired I'm angry and like you know I think pausing to consider that stuff is so important and like I wish you know. Part of it for me was a trajectory as a player in a dream all these injuries I had came at these crucial moments when I had wind at my back and reset and so that's hard enough for any player but if I had someone I looked up to that was that was that had a successful career or successful life and showing what. It's like to live a healthy mental life with depression or anxiety or any of these things man. I think it would've changed my career path. I think one of the reasons I had to retire was was. I was so defeated that each next injury took so much more out of me because I didn't have the tools to really get myself mentally fit again so that physically. Those things connected again so. I'm glad you brought that up like speaking about mental. How often and challenge and difficulty is not weakness. That ultimately is the strongest. You could be to be honest about how your before I get to grand. Just want to add one thing that we spoke about three times in the studio with regards injuries in Mrs Injuries. Implies like Wilshire Carol even hurricane at times and away back to the lights down into an who was nicknamed sick notes and. I think that we've talked about this. Actually author maybe one day. We'll talk about more on AC is there. Is this weird thing that humans do around. Footballers Entertainment. It's kind of take the Mickey. It's kind of always injured again that holds and there's an if you put yourself in the position of somebody to Ambi Caracul on Stephon and imagine how it must feel all the way through your grid engine everywhere you go. You're injured and he thought about blowing the club. I guess what you did and we all do it. Oh guess what he's in. Europe is injured again. But we don't actually imagine what it's like to be in his shoes to actually being. Same with John Ralston. It's it is a worry or that mental health and I'm just not sure that the the perception of injured players who are injury prone obviously some humans more injury prone than others Treat defended by the media when it comes to talking about them and often it seen as their full week in some way and they should be blamed. I think that's quite interesting topic that we can explore many on another diet grandmas. But let's finish with them. You will time is shaky grants book. Anyone watching read grams book. Because he could have had a new different ones. He could off today a few interesting challenges in his life. My friend which one picks I think you know in this time where everybody is being affected by the corona virus and the impact. It's had on all of us and drawing on everyone's story is really about the sort of the need for human contact. The need for relationships lead talks about you know a a situation but Bercy is team together might them closer made them more resilient inverted commas on the other guys talking about barriers paw soup careers has been changing big changes and unlike have had to do with us and and for me of US oppose this time of isolation Fula versus. Give me a chance to reflect on. Probably the last time I felt the world was shaken in such a way And that was nine eleven And you know the world stopped. We live in a bubble is sports where the show ways John but occasionally dozen obviously after the tragic events in September of nine nine eleven In two thousand and one on the world stops the Ryder Cup was cancelled. people didn't travel Lots of competitions sporting events were cancelled And it was a terrifying time for everyone I think it's probably in its own way Comparable to now the uncertainty of world events. Mike US feel more vulnerable. And this is the bizarre thing about what we're going through at the moment lose just as we need a new At least questions in these uncertainties so we're being told we can speak to people by You Know Coors Light Vase and you call even shake someone's hand so that emotional human contact is really difficult when after Nine eleven we had a gaming in Israel against Hapoel Tel Aviv and the company has options Six of US didn't go Such sort of plants elise pause about bringing a team together in a difficult time. We'll pulling the same way. Six of US decided not to go to Israel. You can imagine the The public sort of abuse. Omar's three that we got for that on the rats on justify the lot of the media tried to really a divide us as a as a group of a a a a very strong group of players who who had a real unity in on the outside is. We're trying to sort of drive a wedge between us And for me it was. It was that sort of conflict between being desperate to play and be part of my team. My family my full family but also the the responsibility on includes a tight for my family. My wife had just had a second child In the weeks off the nine eleven full the full the match and and it was very difficult. We had two friends. That daughter and my friend's wife was heavily pregnant with that second child who legit south of New Yorker managed to get out and living with us in our house just outside London and it was a hard decision to make it was. It was the most difficult with the choice between my full family and the guys were not about listening the bowl alluded to astronauts bomb. Dr and the personal choices i. It's May on behalf of mind family and my responsibilities to them. And I it just makes me want to really highlights that that sportspeople You know they. They have to deal with on a daily basis as well. We put on a bright facade. Gripe from I think it's called talks about mental health. You know we designed program to perform and and everything that we dating with one side when we step across that white line and I think now's the time the players of the sportspeople whether there Olympia suffering. The disappointment having the Olympics postponed for year other athletes and general people who aren't able to go to work just to take that moment so actually look at what's important and and try to get as much out of time as an because I think we'll be welby call and leave. They being expressed difficult. They think through but we'll come out the other side which a positive reflection on it doesn't mean that completely hill. I know well Lee well enough to know whether it's GonNa be audible to heal him but ultimately the situations we're GonNa find ourselves in that we have to overcome and and this is a great opportunity for us to actually reflect on what's important. I think Carl said the simple things in life really important moment and it just reminds me of that whole experience of what we went through Only upside off of that time we've played lead united one of our biggest rivals. Leeds United when when Applied Chelsea and the response of the whole group was absolutely incredible. We've never fought for each other more than we gave that weekend when we all got together and we valued each other and valued the fallen. An actually all of us. I think was strong before it because those plays that went I respected. We'll respected and the six of us. That stayed behind fell valued when the team came back As we did before we had to make that decision that we weren't going to go so it was a very challenging time and there was a lot of things we have to deal with but but out of it we we all Took something positive and became. I think stronger for it. It was manager then. Gray narrowly which was the coach and the difficulty rose. Ten Bites at a lot of bravado. Is the chairman And he he decided that that guy was gonna go ahead you I for we the only game that wasn't a postponed or played in neutral territory. And you know this was Israel so it was a at the time. It was very much from senator of some of the things that were being spoken about around. Nine eleven The Minister Petroleum was assassinated when the plane obscene were in the flying's retrial. And and so. It was a very serious serious time. The Foreign Office do not travel on. There were lots of things and signals and reasons why nobody should have gone but we have to do with the situation of a what we're seeing from the outside as divided Rushing them before before we wrap things up good Graham just from your point of view. Also tweet Rachel. Came from the football. Cloven footballers viewpoint vote for somebody like yourself. Who's in a role model for housing standards? Hosting shows slides in studio live side is many instances it mule career special created a situation. Now yes a couple tougher being terrified but every to mind feature on my knees nick to knocking together the Very Front. I have to do this somehow. Managed to The the one the situation you guys will remember eight years ago to the day. White Hart Lane Bolton against ethical final and I was presenting the show from a pitch deck with the guys do now when all that has the pitcher with Joan bonds and Kevin Keegan. Espn U. K. And Jon Champion was a commentator with. I think Craig Buddy and it was you know very late and I saw about thirty eight thirty nine minutes and Moamba went down and we were actually Cecil Observation seats which literally behind and Tottenham Dugout to me a few a few yards from the pitch and we were sitting there watching all kind of debris titan squeezed out. We knew that something was going on because he being down while and you just know situation I've got you get that sense nuclear that something's not right. Hit to the point to which we were to normally would be told. Get Out of our seats. Go take oppositions about forty three minutes and it was about thirty a producer. Go Now UNICO now so we had to cross in front of the dugout. She's never fun and over to where the desk was about faith symbols and then we'll basically happen from then on was one of those kind of Kind of fighter flight really your body just went into autopilot and I had to go on ad within a few minutes of that happening because he was taken off the pitch and Jon Champion through down to me and then we were with Kevin Keegan John Bonds and I had absolutely no instead not huge amount of instruction of Halloween. We're going to be on the on annual ended up being about an hour. Now we go to break a few times but obviously ESPN because it's difficult to find those huge game. There are a lot of producers that they will have the guts and those people had come from the hospitality in the stadium. Spray way back into the trucks in order to help reduce the show there was a lot of producers trying to shovel those listening in the US. We have opened back in the day. Which means you hit everything. All the time. Every graphics operates up every every director the egg county effort so I had a bone in my ear. I I have this and that contrasted with a solid white hot man. Sort of fans still Dame it's going to be a bandage John Boehner very much not gonna come through a similar thing with one of his players not vivien-foe and who had gone on International Jeet Singh anisette similar situation happened and heaven was getting very very emotional as this was going on so I was kind of dealing with both John. Kevin know that his family because it was a Bolton play on their playing away a very good chance was I happen to interviewed. Moammar anew yet. A young Kid Omega to and I quote the child's of his wife and children coming all the way to why we're probably slows as good Johnson watching our. Tv's this so responsibility to make sure that I was grow costing her as well as maybe business family as well as the Gym Republic and it was it was hard I mean it brings Chivas to my sign now. It was really difficult right. The right tone between not being too because thank God he. He went on to survive an eastern Brennan late. But of course for a long time it did look like that was going to be the case. We kept getting sufficient information about which specific Nettie decent. You Information I. I have to always expand fill time without making it. Sound Frivolous is really difficult to strike that tone. Go into brand coming out with break reestablishing what happens. Getting facts right. What minutes to go down what we know so far. You will just shooting in because it goes. I knew we were the only company that had the end so there were people tiny on ESPN U. Crap all time to find out what was going on. We eventually optimizing our cool surface. The producers told me to end the show and obviously none of this was written completely athletes and trying to end the show rounding up. Something happened and saying goodbye and making show didn't sound too sad to mobile APP but I did still fake thank Was was far away. The hottest I've ever done and then as soon as we came back I have to go on and this is unprecedented because ESPN UK of those days to sky. I went on strike schools news with the bus by not busy news until school because I was kind of the anyone on C. So I had to a whole ream of interviews. Thought back to the truck at a lot. Sugar very quickly to try to calm myself down then drove home in a state of panic. unaccountable chauffeured thing so joan bonds and Kevin Keegan buzzing. The white however will not saying whether it's the back that night still in shop and terrified to wake up. 'cause I didn't WanNa know what happens as I said he somehow somehow survived and then about nine months later. I was hosting England under twenty one game at Carrow road. Espn UK and he was my guess because he's hanging on the twenty one. I never told him. The I was the one that was presenting the show but I was just like I found myself just looking at him. During the game like disobeys without that one wonderful people out of the many sons such amazing. But it's certainly a moment in my career where I never thought has to go into news mode real real real fuss property used by NC. So talk with you this this long I know that We can fight like brothers and sisters but there's probably no better person to be in that chair in that situation to do that right. I'm sure you were fabulous. Act Thank you may think you itself. The things like that in the corona virus than pay full housing human significance. A bit. Like now. We're talking about you know great. Is Flu Pool Tile? It just seems quite second between the conversations. Now that's it wrong knows each week goes on learning normal people who are suffering and struggling with this awful disease. It's awful condition. Everything seems to pile more more So you know. I know what's the thought of you guys to say that thinking of everyone who is sick on the family members of those on everybody who's struggling in already gone through this and we'll we'll continue to go through so. I know I said everybody love and support out there and we thank everybody for listening and tuning in. Thank you guys for sharing with your really interesting interesting insights into China members in your career and please make sure you subscribe or EPO. Cost to the Premier League on NBC. Podcast we will be hit back here next week will also be only NBC Sports Youtube Channel. So make sure you join us for that. Gentlemen it's been a pleasure as always we shall speak again next week I made.

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