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"kevin keegan john bonds" Discussed on The 2 Robbies

"Of fighter flight really your body just went into autopilot and I had to go on ad within a few minutes of that happening because he was taken off the pitch and Jon Champion through down to me and then we were with Kevin Keegan John Bonds and I had absolutely no instead not huge amount of instruction of Halloween. We're going to be on the on annual ended up being about an hour. Now we go to break a few times but obviously ESPN because it's difficult to find those huge game. There are a lot of producers that they will have the guts and those people had come from the hospitality in the stadium. Spray way back into the trucks in order to help reduce the show there was a lot of producers trying to shovel those listening in the US. We have opened back in the day. Which means you hit everything. All the time. Every graphics operates up every every director the egg county effort so I had a bone in my ear. I I have this and that contrasted with a solid white hot man. Sort of fans still Dame it's going to be a bandage John Boehner very much not gonna come through a similar thing with one of his players not vivien-foe and who had gone on International Jeet Singh anisette similar situation happened and heaven was getting very very emotional as this was going on so I was kind of dealing with both John. Kevin know that his family because it was a Bolton play on their playing away a very good chance was I happen to interviewed. Moammar anew yet. A young Kid Omega to and I quote the child's of his wife and children coming all the way to why we're probably slows as good Johnson watching our. Tv's this so responsibility to make sure that I was grow costing her as well as maybe business family as well as the Gym Republic and it was it was hard I mean it brings Chivas to my sign now. It was really difficult right. The right tone between not being too because thank God he. He went on to survive an eastern Brennan late. But of course for a long time it did look like that was going to be the case. We kept getting sufficient information about which specific Nettie decent. You Information I. I have to always expand fill time without making it. Sound Frivolous is really difficult to strike that tone. Go into brand coming out with break reestablishing what happens. Getting facts right. What minutes to go down what we know so far. You will just shooting in because it goes. I knew we were the only company that had the end so there were people tiny on ESPN U. Crap all time to find out what was going on. We eventually optimizing our cool surface. The producers told me to end the show and obviously none of this was written completely athletes and trying to end the show rounding up. Something happened and saying goodbye and making show didn't sound too sad to mobile APP but I did still fake thank Was was far away. The hottest I've ever done and then as soon as we came back I have to go on and this is unprecedented because ESPN UK of those days to sky. I went on strike schools news with the bus by not busy news until school because I was kind of the anyone on C. So I had to a whole ream of interviews. Thought back to the truck at a lot. Sugar very quickly to try to calm myself down then drove home in a state of panic. unaccountable chauffeured thing so joan bonds and Kevin Keegan buzzing. The white however will not saying whether it's the back that night still in shop and terrified to wake up. 'cause I didn't WanNa know what happens as I said he somehow somehow survived and then about nine months later. I was hosting England under twenty one game at Carrow road. Espn UK and he was my guess because he's hanging on the twenty one. I never told him. The I was the one that was presenting the show but I was just like I found myself just looking at him. During the game like disobeys without that one wonderful people out of the many sons such amazing. But it's certainly a moment in my career where I never thought has to go into news mode real real real fuss property used by NC. So talk with you this this long I know that We can fight like brothers and sisters but there's probably no better person to be in that chair in that situation to do that right. I'm sure you were fabulous. Act Thank you may think you itself. The things like that in the corona virus than pay full housing human significance. A bit. Like now. We're talking about you know great. Is Flu Pool Tile? It just seems quite second between the conversations. Now that's it wrong knows each week goes on learning normal people who are suffering and struggling with this awful disease. It's awful condition. Everything seems to pile more more So you know. I know what's the thought of you guys to say that thinking of everyone who is sick on the family members of those on everybody who's struggling in already gone through this and we'll we'll continue to go through so. I know I said everybody love and support out there and we thank everybody for listening and tuning in. Thank you guys for sharing with your really interesting interesting insights into China members in your career and please make sure you subscribe or EPO. Cost to the Premier League on NBC. Podcast we will be hit back here next week will also be only NBC Sports Youtube Channel. So make sure you join us for that. Gentlemen it's been a pleasure as always we shall speak again next week I made..

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