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"kevin hart bobby brown" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"kevin hart bobby brown" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Louis CK. I didn't think we'd rather go there but now that I keep an open it up then we are Louis. Ck Louis CK. I mean you people be mentioned as iconic an award-winning editor. Stand up is as biting and as as brilliant as any stand up you could possibly find and and as really hard to talk to too many comedians. Who Don't mention him and his comedy. So yes I'm going to do with C K Okay. So L Z win key bill cosby. I've got my master list here. I'm like well that means. I can add Louis C. K. Talk about some of the greatest running backs in the history of sports. Oj. You cannot leave out j Simpson. But I'm not taking him. I I give you pick bill cosby pick. Richard Pryor Fires Brings Travis. Of course you've got back to back because you know what it is. It's a snake draft. I do this next. Guy Is had a brilliant stand up career. He had hit television shows. He has been in multiple movies as the funniest guy on the screen is an Oscar winner as well Sadly he kicked out a while ago. I'm GonNa Take Robin Williams here in my spot so Robin Williams did everything. There was to do in comedy are Robin. Williams is my third pick. And I've got got a couple of different guys here on my board and I could go old school like key. I'm kicking around the idea of George Carlin but that feels a little dated so I'm going to go a little more moderate and especially considering that he showed up at our remote at L. AFC. I'm GonNa Take Will Ferrell with my income. Feral more funny movies in the last twenty years than anybody else is funny in person was SNL LEGEND. And of course all the movie so will. Ferrell is my final choice now like it I like it I was either brings you to your final pinker. You Rolling wit. I'm rolling with the comedian. Who has won nine Emmys? Three Golden Globes five screen at the Guild Awards and seven writer. Gills will righty guild of America awards. That is the woman who also wanted to mark Twain Prize for American. Humor became the youngest ever to receive this award. I'm going with the one and only Cena Bay. Okay I think you know I got two women things who in I? C C C would vote. You're going for all right. Keyshawn brings you to the final pitch in our funny man. Slash woman draft. Who are you going with? So I think I've gotten. I've went historical hall of fame. I've gone crossover You know I've gone stirred from you know. Creating from creating television shows to Jello puddings I did all I'm I'm across all sorts of generations now have to bring in some youth the young in fresh then everybody is still paying attention to not only. This young man can go on Stadium. Tours. Ain't that funny king. He sold out. I know where you're Lincoln field in Philadelphia. That's that's eight hundred thousand people in a stadium. A Stadium Not Maverick flats on credential. We're talking about a stadium in trying to set it up to make the viewers that are listening to us who I'm getting ready to pick is not funny. He's funny enough he keep getting jobs. Let's just say that he's a box office. Success in that would be the one Kevin. Hart all right okay. So he may not be funny to you. L Z because based on that is that you Michelle beedle. Took me to you talk about funny? Y'All wasted about our my dad time cooking. Of course we will have all these picks up on social social media and everyone can get the vote for their favorite funny man slash woman and this is. This is your top four. Were perfect but it's just different order. You can argue that all you want but a good draft guys traff Kevin Hart Bobby Brown of this drought. Ucla trying to discredit by draft. Cause they already know Tam. Richard Pryor Seinfield Bill Cosby. He Got Kevin. Fredricka.

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