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"kevin glow gahler" Discussed on 10 10 WINS

"Seen everything. Wins news time 6 33 On the campaign trail today, Democrat Kamala Harris held a virtual early vote rally in Wisconsin. We vote because we know what's at stake from health care to the economy. To the standing of our nation in the unity of our nation, and we vote because we know our power tonight. President Trump is holding a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania. Earlier, the president phoned into Fox News and said he wants Attorney General William Barr. To appoint a special prosecutor to investigate his opponent. Joe Biden has gotta act and he's got to act fast. He's got to appoint somebody. Biden today picked up the endorsement of former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and another campaign related story is developing tonight. Regard it is in regard to the president's taped interview with 60 Minutes, CNN is quoting multiple sources who say the president abruptly ended a solo interview and did not return for an appearance He was supposed to make with Vice President Mike Pence. Now tonight, the president tweeted quote. I am pleased to inform you that For the sake of accuracy in reporting. I am considering posting my interview with Leslie Stall of 60 minutes prior to air time. This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse ofthe what a fake and biased interview is all about winds. News time. 6 35 grand Jurors may soon be going public in the Briana Taylor case correspondent Jim Chris Solo with the story tonight. A judge has cleared the way for grand jurors to speak about the proceedings. The case against Louisville, Kentucky police officers who fatally shot Briana Taylor lawyer Kevin Glow Gahler represents two of them. Neither of our grand jurors are in this for any type of a claim. They're not really seeking that media attention they wanted to contribute to the truth and transparency of this proceeding. None of the officers were charged directly in Taylor's death. One was charged with endangering her neighbors when he opened fire, where a face mask on public transportation. That's the word from the CDC. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention has Issued new guidance that strongly recommends masks be worn by all passengers and personnel operating on public transport across the nation. The CDC calls masks one of the most effective strategies available for reducing the spread of covert 19. The British government says it's backing what's known as a challenge trial where volunteers will be infected with the Corona virus. Correspondent Empanel has the story first step of the process, using a small group of 18 to 30 year old Establish the dose of the virus to be used in the trials will then be closely monitored in a quarantine ward at a London hospital. In typical vaccine trials. Doctors don't intentionally expose volunteers to the virus, especially a deadly one would few proven treatment. The doctors will run this project due to start next year, telling ABC News that everything will be done to minimize the risks. Winter. These times. 6 36 the peanuts are apple plus bound 10. 10 wins entertainment. Hey, I'm Andy. I'm still not famous. But you might remember that I started Harry's because I was tired of overpaying for razors. It always felt like big brands were taking advantage of us. Every time they improve something back then crisis seemed to go up. At Harry's..

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