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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 251

"The views expressed on this turnbuckle tabloid livestream or turnbuckle tabloid podcast episode. Do not reflect the views thoughts or opinions of the rage works brand including the rage works. Podcast network rage works content partners advertisers and affiliates viewer and listener discretion is advised. Jimmy lloyd and fuck turnbuckle tabloid buckle tabloid. Looks like memorial day. Weekend is gonna be shit for everybody here in east coast i got i got a homegirl. S ship shipping me. She's an orlando right now. And it's fucking rating over there. Terrible terrible thank. God you know my in. My job has umbrellas. Because i forgot mine so i didn't get wet but i'm gonna get wet because it's raining. I made out of sugar. Who am i'm getting paid for. I'm getting paid to be wet fun seconds already here. We go over this shit kill you. Please do your your apologies to The listening audience. About i won't i won't listen i i. It's not an apology. It's more of a i wanted. Everyone know this move does not mean. You're gay luke means that you're a dumb ass so forever so when we say underlying it means you're gay but the real term is your dumb ass. I always use it as the being dumb. That's all if you're if you're i don't know we'd be called a couple of fagel of people mooks on this show but that was that's a little on the movement of the week when people touch dick's dumb ass. Two guys touching call. You knew that news days using names when when you kill. That's that that's gay me broke off tonight. Yeah yep here's jeers happy birthday. Oh yeah let's talk about a minute momentum birthday But yeah for nuke major gay so point using the word wrong blamed matt. Blame that reach whereabouts synagogue. Mavin team waited. Got mad seventeen for homework. Everyone for homo hell drop was at all. Oh jeez well. He used the worst happy birthday. So hasn't even with the fairy pixie. Dust lady like is incentive for my nephew dear one to say happy birthday to the for no concern to mugabe mugabe in funniest. The song like having to home up mike. That's all i'll even then van shit. Hey joe who mike. There's bastard fan what's good. What's good athlete. I'm karen from spongebob. Now on the computer in the background this week. Nba she actually got to change the channel because the game switched over. Yeah why the nuggets no. Aws back on at seven thirty so keep it on. Yeah i guess so have you booked into my man. Mike mike turn fame. You wanna tell people on the twenty five six off by one close enough twenty six man round you. You are are officially rounded two thirty. Yeah get around up yeah. It's a scary thing to think about rounding up. I have my own health insurance now. Yeah they had any go. Adult an accolade nicolay. We should flexed. Ladies and gentlemen doing doing adulting right have a health insurance. How long you been with. Will you be two years carrying august already. Invested in union. Yeah well i gotta get into mind. Pay a band thing dan right. Yeah that's one thing. Ups has probably the best unions out. There i was That's all i love. My one lives by fucked me. Wow did they bitterness. You get into that made me a fucking favor after. Yeah after box fell on my foot and shit and then they wanna fucking on compensate me for me. Fuck this company. i'm out and i just love. Let's let's just be happy to have good while the jobs should i was there for what three and a half years of sugar cam fact that i'm gonna i'm gonna good overly working job. Sure overly work. Do you stand and you count out to rich people. How does that Half of them. I guess mystery homeless with other. I love my job is you be. Would you rather work with children no i. I'm just joking. I love my new job. But it's it's it's it's going grateful for. It's a listen listen to this. The people are nice. The workers are not love the staff. That's a great place now. I i seriously love gratuity. it pays. Well it's it's it's it's good cars drive by fast in the water. Hit you really think this is like a fucking i. Don't donald style side for a long time ago. Outside of i bring someone to their cab but that's no. I is thank god because hot once. It's hot. I'm standing the ac boyd. God chief fuck that hell yeah. That's that's that's the good thing about especially like m- where i work at like twenty four seven eight c so i. I'm blessed with that soon. As you walk out the guy down hate this he does. Oh my god. But i'm just grateful that that that Air conditionings like the greatest invention at ever created in life. I i mean and the weather's like yeah. No we'll put a fifteen hundred and my building. Some of the are sold in the nineteen seventy so they have like the big white box for that. You have to unscrew. It's like the units. That's a good question. What is the greatest invention in the past. Let me say one hundred hundred twenty years. Maybe what would you think is like the greatest. Was i think in a little bit earlier than that did that. For the sun us. I would say technology in phone cell phone. Yeah technology's been around since fucking ancient greek and ancient tech in terms of tech. It's gotta be phone. Cell phone changed the whole game. Now you communicate to people it. It's changed our lives or become allies. Will i don't know it. Could listening is up. they have brought. Can this is pretty up there of your phone echinacea. Fuck yeah please tell you i got. I'll people i can do everything else. My fucking computer. I'll just wait call. I could call so. I call them my cellphone. Whatever echoed listening Yeah i think essentially if you have central air on your house. That's a fucking right there. Yeah up here. In florida. you're automatically guaranteed central air Trying to think what else. Hey people were saying. Internet internet is probably the greatest of all time The internet Accessibility the porn. That's great way for that. That's great you could watch big listen a vibrant. Don't listen years ago when you had the computer. You had a download a j. pag. It took like thirty five forty minutes to get a pick of something. Can you imagine the see. A video of it and you the virus. Yeah pre promises one picture and it gives you another i. No i don't want see dick. Oh na elbow exactly or it's like that It's supposed to be the snatch and like that part of the elbow that meets the arm all you bastard you now that Yeah that that going to say that neck and neck is going to be internet. And ac has gotta be gotta be. That's the The are you. Are you all right over here. What the fuck you looking for porn talking about is you mentioned. You mentioned porn. I gotta catch up. Na na na na we ordered who Aj got charged twice. So we're trying to figure out how to call me that fuck over over eats. He can't so he cancelled the order. Like the second after he plays it. 'cause he missed an item and they give them a cancellation fee of forty dollars. Oh yes oh i. Don't blame them for being pissed way. Thank you for bringing that up. Because i did my first delivery of new yesterday back never again. Would i do that. Where i order for uber eats ever again. That is it's a train wreck. That is fucking awful. How much they charge you for that. Shit yeah yeah. Yeah one once as a pizza ends up being twelve bucks. Y'all i literally eating service fees. it's ridiculous i suppose. Would've i wait on mcdonald's. Mcdonald's only uses uber eats use. Anything is yeah so my average order. Which would have probably been maybe thirty dollars. If that came out to sixty bucks oh emu dow that rattling scarring moment. Incredible and in his like How much do you want to tip. And how about if i don't want to know. How much are you going to like you. Scumbag zero when they say customer not missing. These guys were each takes a cut out of that shit money. Let me decided that shit. Today's like you know what zero. I'll give you a tip of my dick about that. Fuck outta here. No fucking way never again. I'm using obese. Now finito with that. Shit is dr dash any better. None of them are groupon. Not groupon seamless boyfriend. Does door dash daily. How about a seamless. Right it's not that bad. I said next time. I would go get the local show in the fucking torrential storm and go pick that fucking food myself then pay sixty dollars for fucking thirty dollar meal farc you never again but get your money man. If that's what if that's your hustle get your money and jeff is a true. I'm jeff on. Facebook was like all the crowds are back. I'm fucking bummed. He's at troll after the week of fucking dynamite. They should be fucking should be pissed rogan at the mice. Picking that up so Was that bad. Like i said. I don't listen. I you know what i'm not a fan of. I'm not a fan of win. You have a major event coming up and you have wrestler's wrestling the victim the day before the before the match before raskin's yeah exactly like i am not i'm not a fan of It's like you could still progress storylines lines or even the reason why the had to do friday because an mba o right. Yeah adam for them. Be on property. Nba tbs well didn't tnt. Gonna end up being like the new hob for four sports hameeda. Nhl they might even move the Data braves there. Maybe because i always been. Tbs fucking Staple so. I mean who knows i like. I mentioned earlier in the show. I say it was the best place we put on fucking because they have comedies anyway. So that's w funk fuck atlanta sports why why are you so mad. Trae young trae young. Do me dirty right now. i'll talk about it. Don't be the guy that spin on them. You mean the you mean the twenty seven year old kid who looks forty five. That's killing you're killing oldest shit. Yeah well the great khali okinawa. Vinick vent fans were chanting trays balding at the garden. The other night while he's been bowling says he got out of high school. He's been balling. But you know it's out of cooking it. Yeah well he's very wake. My coworkers say he goes. I'm not gonna say he steph curry But he steph. Carl like he's like terms of what your kid is clutch and he could shoot the shit out of a fucking jimbo does he. He's a good player. He's nowhere near steph. Curry out of your patch. Steph curry steph. Curry took a team. That was full of my players. My players onto k and fucking made them almost the player. Slowdown steph. curry was steph curry when he first came out of college. Relax steph curry nazi. No no no. I'm not saying. I'm nothing will ever do that. He can possibly become of corey. Play right now runs very good. He's nowhere near steph curry. Well we just said he stabbed like why no no no no. He said he has steph curry potential. He's curry mad. Because he's burning. You fucking knicks shit. Oh it's only one and it ended up. I'm saying people get knicks fan. Get it for coming out of the fucking screaming. We want brooklyn get so as the first round. I you idiots. Okay the knick fan okay brooklyn to rent right now. Because i'm pissed me off. We the we want brooklyn the we we want brooklyn. Chance are definitely unnecessary among other things bright. But i said the same thing to show on your nephew yada yarmouk people. Who are mad hype. Okay we're talk about okay sites. You use the word correctly so i did for everyone on. Espn like max. Kellerman and mallaby. Read assuming and sean and nephew ever were were like were. Were at these knick fans for being hype. Y'all really wanna hate son like said. Hey y'all haters because we we weren't even them. We weren't even supposed to make the playoffs this year. How are you figuring rail venezuela place for dude in the beginning of the season. We were supposed to not even make the press we were. We were supposed to make eighth seat or not. Make the playoffs. At all and jewish random was a con constellation prize from not getting kevin durant kyrie irving and we hit fourth place. And you don't expect us to be happy you just yeah just delusion jamir is. It's not no it's not because you hate that we're height that we wanna playoff game and it's like we weren't even supposed to be on the fucker so you know what where support where we weren't even supposed to be in the playoffs and the fact that we are in the east sucks okay and you're okay here. We still okay. We saw here though. so what. what's your point. We the has been good for fuck anyway. Adelaide the playoffs and for everyone. Who's going off on the next. Listen the real brooklyn chancellor ridiculous. we're gonna get washing. It's brooklyn even if we were face them. We're not going take what's so wrong about knick fans be happy that we actually i don't know are relevant for once after being treated like shall orders terrible. We never have a good team. And and and julius randle was considered constellation prize at people laughed at us when we got to raider one. That'll be consolation prize. Whatever it is and he likes improve player and he has and he gets most improved player and we make the playoffs no garden. I don't wanna hear good because fans are fuck ya ya making. It say we're making. We made it in a frame that. I think that i appointed you appointing me with max kellerman and everyone comet max kellerman valium. I takes thought dan. Wow i don't like her either by other venom is real like either no harbor. Let's the bottom means is real. He talks too much. No facts though. I guess they make like she's she's annoying mexico. He gets ganged up on by other black people on the one show. And i always talking about getting. Matty's did you know that. Max had a hip hop. Did you know that magazine around right now but listen to say now for nothing. He wasn't that bad. Yeah he wasn't that bad. Yeah yeah yeah. Sleeping doesn't flaming shit. You've mentioned it a couple of times. He has stephen as will mali's horrible molly. Yo robin gangsta. Fuck in general hospital shit like that makes me want to accidentally pull my leg when she walked down the hallway maker trend like she's showing all for some stupid. How so annoying girl from the jump. Anyone ali nichols molly molly about molly is that molly thinks. Her position is permanent. Bitch calebs braxton. Take your spot when you're sick. You're not relevant. it's a it's it's between magnus. Even this is not a triple threat to be like. Hey coach he is fire today. This is this guys was so tired from working seven solo. You'll be on his bob. Molly get molly because my afternoon ships in the morning watching i taken like. She doesn't shut the hell up like she sewing annoying. I'm gonna now welcome everybody to another episode of tablet. I'm your host. Mr king a talk style the cheap thrill and in celebration so albouy getting married this upcoming i. Am your girls. Favorite wrestling podcast. A j. the santa fe and i am for move. Ooh with the mike. I am mr funchal. Help himself metal ski girls favorite day. Manhole mike the berko in the birthday boy. Bigshots so albouy georgia's boy celebrating his new entrance into a new level of of life. Love and commitment. John boy getting married this upcoming weekend. Him and his lovely bride. Make sure that you guys Since celebratory love prayers or it isn't that you guys do or good on the show if you follow them on their on their instagram's facebook's sorta loved their on social media outlets catastrophes and go blessings to you guys coming mainly they check us out of all the social media outlets. Check us out on. The light grew page on facebook number. Growing ladies and gentlemen eight. Thirty just added Our new facebook pages and the group as homeowners as well is been killing it on the social media seen Check us out on instagram. I chuckle tab as always on the twitter at. Hey rainy way to happen on. Ease out onto youtube. And all the anchors and everything else certain on On tiktok and all they show you check us out there on hick ner. We have had one for a long. But i just haven't used more. We're going to talk about no. There's you could always Like what you put on put on instagram. She wants to post them. Sell jerky multiple bakers wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. I actually had a gimmick that i wanted to do. Did you want me to start practicing dances. Yes sure you could do. Boundary tiktok azure. Yeah i don't have any time anymore. So you bet your ass. I ain't doing that you'll be cool to do tick tock dances on wrestling themes no. I'm a grid from a choice. As i got actually makes them lesson bullshit stuff. Like that i actually. There was a gimmick that i wanted to do was called the day in the life of a lucia. And it's be every day it's like you don't have a is gone and do everything that you do every day or if you're shaving you have to have a little shaving your head in and at the end of every time he's just addie. Finish every everything you do. You washing your body. Drop the soap. Picking up your the kalisa new show. Yeah yeah dana laughable. Whatever now it's not just. Because i just wanna make like. We don't know she exactly makes you take us out on also all the podcasting outlets on Google plays spy Spotify guten Google podcasts. Use me Iheart anyway you'll get pockets. I'll tell you we have hit. Mike mentioned earlier. What countries all fucking everywhere. We've been hitting every fucking Country land are apparently. What was it that of johnson. A guy he heat fall because he didn't know that wasn't what did he say. Taiwan was wasn't a new country or something but it is a country. Isn't it robert opposite. Taiwan got yeah. I gotta look it up. Because i'm like. An focusing punk is great because he trolls bio says. Taiwan is a country literally. Do fucking an apology to the people of taiwan senior. Pol didn't and i think he did it in cantonese or mandarin this shit my character. What if apologizing. For what. I know he did it in language. And i'm like oh shit. I mr mr impressive. Whatever do whatever i also and make sure the please don't imitate any because after having awa last night wolf far. Yeah well. we don't want to cancel coach. You know what we're so. We are so irrelevant. Noah cancel coach is no one. We'll be fine. I can say. I can say any word i want right now and i wouldn't get would even care the lip the producer after missing episodes. Yeah i'm just gonna say the f. word right now but i tell you wanting though we have the numbers have gone up. Also show you the minute. The numbers are on the dallas. And everything is crazy. So i go. Youtube youtube a fucking banners. The algorithm is fucked up. Agai- out at the monetize. And it's just ridiculous wilson. If we go on youtube you're not going to see us on the front page ever now. The ones worse degrom is worse. Yes my funchal page. I post one fucking video of lightning mcqueen in a theme song from cars. And i fucking ripped off. The i get flagged out of. They'll do. I just got hit with What's the point of what's the point of giving an option with that song. Then a real. I could add music and i type in that music. Because that's it's available it's available and why can't i use. It said this is i. Guess they think you're using it for profit. Y'all the business page no to community page Interesting because you have to read between the lines. Yeah you have to find out you. No but i should not be able to press on it if it's not allowed that's bullshit it's funny said because there's like. There's there's nights that i will do on my drunk spectacles Gone facebook. And i play. But i play music that facebook already has that. They recommend recommend all they're saying it's on somebody's pays like if it's on jay z's pay for sherry i play it and it's like oh we have to content because it doesn't follow the bible's michael. Fuck your so you'll put it. They're dumb shit. That's get you cheese so much at if not on those podcasting outlets michigan outrage works network dot com radio network dot com has all the podcast that no no the the dot net is the patient radio network dot com has all the podcasting Commerce that are under us. We have Blacks new black. She's toys and tax trek untold and of course So guys make sure you check us out there if you can't get on all the other Podcasting outlets and raise dot. Net is where you get. All the articles previews reviews everything that connects to the world that we can Not yet which would be funny if richard allows you to a porn review. It'd be fucking crazy You also get out of view there. The porn of and vince. I don't even think that exists in. Why would that donald think. He's as the montreal screwdriver. I that sounds like a porn. Definitely the module associate is. I didn't watch what was it. That was one that ever seen china. Do one this one. That china and china no no no no different. She does one. That's related to wwe that there's a guy that's vance one that stephanie. Don't ask me why i know this. Definitely sunday's yes. I did You review science. Point are seen it. Oh it's a mess god. I rather watch bodybuilder porn. Vomit was a porno. The fucking high was crazy because she was so hot at one point is like oh mom download like looking at it as i go train wreck grandma and ain't around 'cause i've gone into give porn as well another story. Masur has raged works on that race. Works that's unfortunate. Age works that we do have culture obame and pop culture. That is so You up for stuff. do you have news. You have anything online. Do you know anything. I have news That's the one thing i do have this week. i have news Yeah i have a ton of mind. Let's see bercy shit as i've an e w firing. They finally fired somebody. You know announcers. Summer slammed plans cardi. B. in wrestling will find out Let me play along to receive Wwe and New japan's partnership Religion the main event. that's the main event. So we'll come in asia deb. Wbz new jewish pans punish page page has been banned on twitch Yeah yeah i have some some some. I have some things to talk about. That's the one thing i do have to offer on this program. Yeah that's the one thing i did. I have notes of so two also on around square circle. We have another scored circle. I actually have a surprise. Mikey your birthday gift. What your birthday gift. On about squared circle. We'll find out also we have On around us we go Another not shocking week in which roles ratings and going to is going down. And if you've been watching royds fucking it's fighting. Terrible i i. I'm making an official announcement on my rope. My raw watching it is fucking do jackson's yes. We all do we double or nothing prediction. So that that'll be interesting as well. The double or nothing bets Because he wanted to bring betting back again no because right goes back on his best. He's a fucking fucking makeup on his exactly for the one who basically lost i think. Then the why'd you bet again. He wants to ban for us address. Fucking tack teams. And i'm like i'm not doing now. 'cause he's on it that's not gonna know if you said no from the jump that the conversation we need to renew. It wasn't just a demolition doing that. Your your what's the word when you go back on bets nature. I renew nigger okay. He outlets you. That's your racism is no. Let's cup was minimum. There's a complete different from that. Were what i said. I know exactly what i say. Certain people i'm trying to teach hold door renege. What's a reneged book to go against what you what it is. You gotta bet you agree to it. So what was the other one like. He wanted that the was to have some gold hat thrashes or the head bangers doing now i'm aware of fucking kill shit like doing it. Rather don't agree with it. That's your killed though. That's makeup on. Yeah i did horribly as well. That's small ass. Room wasn't even cute. Tried but no nobody anymore until he was on his bed. I'm not doing that now. What were do you guys know. Better welsh i e r. Well yeah you're better your wealth racist to our wealth like scottish. Irish people were also fruits fruit. Snacks welches same. No it's not. God also we had sleep we review. Nfc as well as smackdown news coming out from emo wwl. New drafty coming out. That way as well as what happened on a w there go away show before away go away show not gonna to go away show cardona before double or nothing as well as news from there and other still another topic so guys don't go anywhere stick around. We will return to at a second. Oh by the way. We have a new sponsor this week From ourselves it's on new advertising term go tablet presents. Asmar so guys stick around what what what just go took to my youtube. History jacob tablet my now tabloid is podcasts. That brings you the and real nice and loud bully stress and to your face when it comes to pay means skin belief or one's going to world wrestling but not only are the podcast. They give you real wrestling podcast. We also finally took me but the family here at tablet knows put audio compiled together. We can bring you download for. Chris sale a wrestling. But also bring you down to a sleepy and combing moment in time period. Hope you appreciate not only relaxing town but also the new and current events wrestling for example. I'm so tired of kenny omega and his nonsense the young bucks is probably the worst wrestling right now employees. Don't get me started about what's happening on raw of what's happening. Pair raw happily goes hand in. There is such cohesive world when it comes sounds of an individual but also the aggressiveness and thirty wrestling. Individual are frustrated by the landscape can also and soothing so too does it resonate give anyone on a spectrum. High blood pressure for those who are fans will want to make sure chickens all social media as well as more podcasting in everything related to turn tabloid but for you to check in trouble the tabloid caned. It's more conversations. Make sure you check same park seeing of for areas in which calming taxing with russian status. Thank you for checking in. And we are out. This segment was brought to you by turnbuckle tabloid joe. This is gabe sky. And you're listening. Turnbuckle tabloid ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages turkogle tabloid brings to you. The tag team champions the sanity meadow ski with wrestling worse. If you're not down with that kinda sucks. Got on my instagram. And i just see One of my one of my kids that i had in my When i worked at my dad school program some campus shit. He was killed him about five five six years ago. Today was his birthdays right now. They're doing you know his mama's dad and sister at his graveside life is short man especially you know. Let me tell you something. I fucking the worst at new york. City's been telling. You grew up in the nineties men in the nineties. Shit oh please thank thank trump for that. No the blasio for that. We can't put trump. no. I can't if i want if i wanted to. I can't but the real target out there. No the blasios summa cum caused a division into blazer called the scores the stupidity the the blasios is. I don't wanna get on a rant here. You know but you know. I like i always say i'm not. I'm not with any fucking party because you've got one party who believes in yahoos ridiculousness and then he got the other party. That just wants to forgive and talk about it. I mean fuck outta here on that shit the blasios so left him and ned flanders opened up another fucking store. Ridiculous simpson's reference. If you guys go fuck yourself. Ned flanders get it goodbye. You left out of the compensation. I actually tried watching the simpsons from beginning to end one day and you know like Like started off. And i was like. Yeah it's funny but it's not south park. Funny i when i was growing up i was like i don't get the humor but now i kind of do that when i got older. I bailed instances okay but south park. He's on another level. I'm sorry bailed after think season. Twelve of late that maybe a little bit in the names right dirty. I remember when the first episode aired. I was like in eighth grade or some shit like that santa fe. Griego was the Early like nineties. Yeah when they were When he was the christmas episode they were part of this other. Show go on tracey ullman. Show and from that. I was you know you didn't need that. The show will be this fucking long But yeah i get what you're saying. It's not like poker or family. Guy who premium simpson's is not even the jump start to make shows it's like fucking now every every time. I did a pita whenever somebody says something like sanchez. Did you do that. I go get drop yet. I should beat all as always. I am to howard stern in the segments. A mile and robin hopefully equipment co. ski and our already. No would you be already or would you. Who would he be. Yeah he could be already. He'd be artie he already. So i already hold my so. Let me up on already. Land my guy which by the way guys if you don't have a if you have. Hbo max they have the fourteen seasons of matt tv on their s fucking funny ash show. Yes non-opposition looks my my on just The the hierarchy of the show. And you're not a coke head. Heroin addict culas mike. Michael cohen ari scores scores. Seventy m yeah record at eight hundred eighty before. It's no you no. You're all three your your pre really reddish. You would be proud What my coworkers in my new job is a big howard stern guys. Meet him when we're going back and forth like two hours. And i knew my shit because of you because of youtube videos and yeah tell and tell him to listen to our people's that quite frankly shout out to my boy Jim fake samantha. Over there quite frankly actually namedrop does in the show About two episodes back ninety actually took a part of the show where we had a conversation with casey armstrong aired into gave us credit for shot. Sat out to those guys that quite frankly very nice show love. You should look back I'll put you all vote and the new next next What is the what's the next Show that's coming out. I'll bury you know all right the first piece of news we have here on wrestling. Rundown is that Wwe announced this past week that adnan virk the new raw commentary lead has officially been fired and as expected But not the reason you thought originally all know. People think that i'm his workout fi for his table. Commentary gig which. I thought he was awful. I didn't cut it for me. It didn't do the job You know not. Everyone's meant to be a lead play by play wrestling commentator. Unfortunately and he didn't he didn't match up. Ver- tweeted went on twitter and said thanks a wwe for a wonderful opportunity. The weekly travel along with my other jobs a grind for me and my family everyone at the company especially grades and byron saxton ravines such fantastic teammates work also has been working with 'em mb l. studio on the show changeup and for another subscription service. You also appears in mlb network and hosts boxing events. So it's was clearly. Plate was full fire because he was shit Yeah think also based on we have a new a new guy for commentary. Ladies and gentlemen New guys already been filled in the shoes. Jimmy smith yet. Jimmy smith men. Mma bella tor guy He's a couple and he's he is apparently idea what the current wrestling landscape ball. is the fire avert. I think it was needed. He sucked But i'm worried about this guy too. Because i think we should. I think we should stick the two men commentary team. I think it should be. i think kosher meat kosher. Run smackdown corey. Graves should do raw that and any fire. Tom phillips which. I'm very upset about so for tom. Phillips got release as which. I think stinks You could easily had philipson greg bobo. Coal thought be us facebook time because to book matches to the commentary. Team says be smackdown has Cole and mcafee. Raw is cordial and tom phillips. Why couldn't be ringling. Hello some mojo. What are you doing russian wise. We'll resume data. We didn't have much much two point. Oh because once sees him on commentary role. He's not getting out of you really. Don't wanna come back to work. Come about the recent commentary changes and firings mentioned before when i mentioned the previous episodes that trump is not easy. Because do you constantly have somebody in your fucking can you imagine. That doesn't know what the fuck ago lines in the current stage of life night. Not even him. Well ham and fucking kevin dunne. Mr booker to say they don't do this stuff. I investigate russell is like the exactly what you can temperature. Bell is a championship opportunity title. He's like the baba bluey. Fucking stir mavericks bob. Buoy of a fucking. Wwe fucking clown From the first week not virk was on it. Sounds like he was a baseball with real wrestling. He also notice that he's very low wasn't very ex- like we got the job. Because the produce the second of deputy hired him at all per. There's another con. Nick on go to this day the recipe to be a good commentary team as you need to follow mike tannen don west. Those two guys that were the perfect combo for being loud out of the ordinary. All people you muslim fade. Those were my two favorite commentaries allowed in every match every matter. Why not a reference. It's a it's a blueprint as to how to be a good commentary team. Because you need my yeah my act great. I love on the monsoon and heenan okay. What did we grow up. How even fucking jesse events at a time okay. But don west made a gave them. My thinking might today don wild out that those are my favorite. Those are my favorite commentary team. At the time there were different from the different from ron smackdown. Don west was loud as hell. Matinee was was a familiar voice. W w it was a good team. I think they bought every match mattered with them. They will hype as hell and they worked. I love because we're not live can only imagine that we we went live all my car. He said that appeal. Thank the fuck also working under the amount asleep on me. And i would have told all the case away live up before we move onto the next one demand changes to this role. Now seems since. October of director of october. Twenty nine hundred Vic joseph fucking jerry lawler and corey graves and then they just keep changing samoa. Joe reminds me of the mets injured list. They brought him byron saxton. It's just know should be should be one fucking confrontation if you want to do. Three announcers do mcafee coal graves. Every- show for second row. Either mcafee can't do it because he's still do it barstools on well then fucking microcosm every damn day. Let them do raw ansi. The thing is that the fucking internet is gonna explode with anger because they hate. Cole will Fucking phillips and all his replacements and there's nobody left we don't think phillips really got fired. Nigel mcguinness fired him to know oral. Niger was it five on annexing. Uk but he should be the main roster have to check that out Let's see how the new guy does. I guess a lot of heat already for not knowing wrestling. Oh he's got summer do fucking address law. you know. we'll see we'll see how it goes. I commentary is really important man. So and in verka fortunately didn't make the only. It's the least important thing whose works. Who was worse. Hamer matt harvey you talking about mike. Adam lee. oh god. Any work was worse. Because mike allen lee at least tried to have some energy in his williams and he was awful. It was terrible we knew number two. I slightly slightly bowed in virk. Okay jeff harvey hardy. I speaker comes every motherfucker. Pack punk i was on The bow martha's Ec w legend. Mikey whip wreck is no longer making public appearances. Doodoo is health issues yes Mike you whip brooke announced on twitter that He will no longer be doing public appearances because he misses his family his really betting zion e. k. Drive at night anymore crippling social anxiety. He has a hard time hearing. And it's embarrassing. Even it shouldn't be. He goes if i say what's my wife will more time. She may strangle me number four. I'm fat. Don't tell me we're going live. No no no no no no Far i'm scott circle I get can e yes confused easily panel with no. I already know that people are going to make some comments that i'm in no mood for Yeah so what breaks out Bizerte specify what his condition is. He thinks he did. He say this is this specific naming named dropped. No not nothing you the eighty Getting old and by the way he did those stupid w matches back in the day. And he's also he's suffering from migraines every day and he said it's it's a multitude of things and he no way he does probably really doesn't It's funny because i even try to. I wanted a message on twitter. But it's blocked. I don't know why. I probably did on purpose. He probably did. He probably did it if he's not doing public appearances by not gonna do any audio tapes which by the way since i know you do social media and charleston for for Sending out messages. If anybody asks for money just tell them Great we'll get back to you soon enough. Leave like the. We're not paying shit. Fuck you buy bad for the person of course unless you actually He's asking for small fiamme small field. We'll get back to you but fuck you come to say no kill me because for four years we've been trying to get him and he's always dobbs does now is small foods like no For yourself you have you noticed. Situation alaska motherfucking. You'll need us to promote your shit more than honest we need you. 'cause i we could do a show without fucking compensating when anybody but you know what shit bricks. No problem. you'd be right. You keep hanging on that fucking on linear herro. That gives you a tip of who the fuck fuck. It charges money better. Sorry about that. All best wishes not of made it in my world. Not what things like. This and a knockoff. Diamond cutter awa commentator for the spanish announce team willie or beena has been fired from the company a. w. finally firing someone will whippy if only muko jones another next up. Please explain what the announcer did. That's below that's fucked up. What set on. So apparently the the announced that the mike's worker car seat segment after No i actually think it was before after after coming it on a hot mike and they were. They were speaking spanish. And it's about fifteen minutes. Fifteen seconds segment where a two a spanish announce any a the day Enticed him to do it right. It was sunday alex over. Got more of as is the other guy the one that does the Translation for fucking Penser says known as another guy. Okay whatever so. I might be mistaken but they were there and they had in spanish. They were telling him. Do your do your impression of Macara shida and he did the whole. You know typical racist asian sound. And you better stop. You better stop. But like i said all this hispanic and his daughters penny behavior who saw him to stop cody. No no no no The rosa will say he and is a she's like be yourself stops but they were laughing and they were joking but they told him to do it and they were joking around he did it and your shut the fuck up. They'll tell them to do it but the us should i first of all been a bit day. One it's a hot mic right I told you. I told you earlier when you when you listen to the overseas internationals raw feeds and Like a w whatever it is. They don't run commercials because some of their commercials can't air on their in their country so they just sometimes air. whatever. I don't know whether it went that way but it played and yikes with all the fucking shit that's going on in this country. No the asian hate and bills me pass and blah blah blah blah. This was the worst for becoming because jr saying king. Tahu five years ago wouldn't have been a problem. Jane johnson said what you think in jail were to say. King gel hung. Who siamese shit. Oh he would have been fired about ten years ago. Five years five years ago got hit that shit. Fuck you can cross. Get no no no. No you get paid like a funny announcer. But you can't go boy racist ten fifteen as i am the answer there. That's noble. say. Well fucking hell jessica will call. He gave tito tito santana. His movie called the flying burrito. Yeah that's fucking race this like oh look at taco fell out that kind of thing taco. No one understands what he's talking about vets visit. Will you stop speaking english really. I thought that was that spanish language he talks doesn't fucking eighties away with you. Got away with it now this. Jd's two thousand twenty cents now twenty one when the draw the line can you. You realize the twenty ten really was when the all we too sensitive yes in this instance. No fucking tv. You can't make a line you can't cross can make a little joke but if i if it's offensive. What's going on now. What the fuck you alone look. Look what cornet got hit with. Cornet i hit with a m l w who was talking about A rental with nwa thing with trump myrtle. Yeah yeah the trevor. Murdoch day and talk me through the sahara desert africans chasing. What a box of chicken his back right. He got blackballed for joke. That was done in the eighties. I and i was not going out. You could've edited out exactly. This joke was live right. You couldn't take this out Unless you could unless there's taped no this is live this guy on the show yesterday so it's like the this guy's I don't know. I always sensitive. Yes is this something that needs to be that he should have got. Yeah he should have bagged him. Hell fire his ass fucking hell you they had to they had they had to. People would be storming guys had. I'm laughing because i'm not. If i if i was really are being outed me and i do shit you wanna faulk avenue on your cody. Don't worry at ub aaa fucking doing announcements this shit over there. Triple eight triple media. Yeah exactly the most butts show fucking lord ninety warming that's awesome Former wcw star. Marcus buff bagwell has been arrested again. Yes dove progress has been arrested. He was booked on may twenty second for giving a false name address birthdate to a law enforcement officer. The police report also states that he was booked for speeding failure to yield when entering an intersection hidden run following too closely reckless driving driving within a gore were median or emergency lane. Drive a say driving on the wrong side of the jairo. Open an open container violation. He did everything you can get you five stars in. Gte me mark mucking. Isaac has done on. Pta did not shooting someone outside. the car. missing was possession of weapon. Real thing was pitchy coats of make mixture. He got away with exactly wonderful. We're not gonna find out. You're not fucking john williams. It's fucking buff back. Well there's no if you don't watch wasim drug here's the same anymore. But he still. He's still looks like a stops called. Dna test more. Mook joe the dumbest especially because momma ballclub of by wolfgang became. He's based on. Based on the things he got charged for elsie. And coming out anytime soon. I mean your dad's posted. A picture of a humongous sandwich doesn't look delicious. Rich beep at the sandwich and make everyone gets what it is delicious. Fun buff bagwell he married. Somebody named judy o. So he's so he's married to judy. Bagwell how shakespearean. How how greek is very very agree that the other thing about bhagwat one. Sure he's a fucking mess Let yeah definitely next. Uh fast in the world at what i to Ultimate warriors first wife says he was acting a radical wrestlemainia six and led to the end of their marriage but the most important story year is that ultimate warriors widow is pissed off alter warriors portrayal on dark side. The ring. i don't know why they fucking protected the shit out of him. That's even that's the dark side of the ring i've ever seen the ultimate warrior. Yeah that was the worse. Dana war the the the one that every year the whole family is at the warrior ward payment for no reason called Vig ready died. He got a job. Ultimate warrior died. She got a job. How this works Vicky got a job. She was good but most of was. Because of betty. Dying underlying underlining reason why vicky got a job was because they want her to finish eddie's contract right yeah about that like they wanted to do. The same thing with martha hardman owned right. They wanted her to finish his contract because his death wasn't contractually with fellow. Owen says yeah like it wasn't contractually subsided associated finish dates technically something like that. So his dad didn't meet with them their contractual Wellbeing of He i guess if he got in a arena or he died because of wrestling something like that that they would have given her clemency for everything for some. I say here two years two years right but it ended up. Being that age she was she was good. This turned out to be a being as she actually did like it then. She stood on board but yeah it was that. That's that's what it said that they wanted to martha to with no mother said fuck. You know i've done about what they wanna do back. They can do. They couldn't do that with her. They couldn't wait. Let me finish the story. So because the warriors wife is so upset about his portrayal she said that darcy the ringer's smut and filth and Ducks are the rain that went on to make a smart and filth t shirt with the proceeds going to charity. I am okay you. Why pro wrestling. Tease dot com. Why both warrior documentaries. Don't touch on anything. Nothing they want and the dark side of the nothing. It was wasteful week full shows. Yeah it really was one one made them seem like he was the fucking. The greatest sliced bread another one air conditioning to do that. But the other one was scared to even touch on the fact massaging his stick. Homophobic fucking racist that he was like i mean i i. What are we doing here. This is where like. I need my friend. Ben fumbled behavior. He has all the facts on warrior. Thinking name of everything. The motherfucker did yes. They didn't do it such on the self destruction of alternate warrior. dvd they didn't touch upon the The fucking video that that man. I always laugh at what he was doing his motivational videos and he had the band. What's the name of that band matt. O ultimate warrior. Yeah yeah he had the band and they were. He was doing the workouts with and shit like that. All i wasn't even a ban Meet with two hearts. No no fucking for that. He he did a A motivational he was supposed to be a tv series. Like a pilot. And here you're going to have to squat. Taking should have name nine. He's dating and mentioned that. Jim howick jim hellwig cooking when they barely steep sting was not involved in it cornell of course corn is going to be on it Bischoff touch a little bit on it. like the p the people you think would talk about would be ryan i hogan fucking especially hogan was she was. Jake was talking shit. I might well. Just do it now. Because i was gonna say from around switzer jacobs soaking shit. Jacobs was the two cold scorpio episode. Where he and i did. I warn everybody's gangsta and everybody's a actually. I'm the best high flying wrestling. I had a roll of quarters in my hand and ready to knock him the fuck out. They know you weren't us about the do blow shot up you about the smoke crack fuck up but yeah that The one who got over as a fat rat it was like metro was dana warriors. She's the one. I got over with the ship. She should have been fired. Just of course. She's the brand ambassador now. We'll paycheck exactly still fit stupid stupid stupid stupid. What else we got Cardi b. Hardy neatness at a host summerslam. This year what do you think about that. stunt for for some angle. They're going to do. We knew that was coming. The i'm assuming cardi and sasha cordier bianca guardian bailey yet as associated all the blacks as on it bailey. She's okay she's black she's there. Let's go but yeah We know it was coming which was called out last year on twitter. It was it. It was dana broke and Charlotte no no. No no no no dinner brooklyn all snow This girl lee evans was her. They called out. Yeah but it was leading up to this so now be ready to see the spot. She's not going to be able to To right now. She's the host right for some centers location. Well let's just say that Don't be surprised. If a ni- jack's fucking pro bowl is going to happen with fucking cardi b. or some shit like that on italian so i'm just gonna hit some fucking bird calls to me To me some shit like fuck knows. Nobody's mean unfamiliar. Yes with that. You know what you just made the last Anything on your ambra. Go ahead go ahead. i'm not even joking. I'm sorry guys. I'm i'm getting a text conversation with a quick coke right now and i'm just taught i'm not a so okay so been missing. Since february as being reported that he's dealing with personal injury and commented about mehan told them a fuck off. It's basically our business. We accident to keith. Lee passed meeting out longer. Or when do you think you make return I did they gotta do one of those things that it's it's it's a work but it's also true because he got because he was diagnosed with covid. Right has a positive back in january. Came back in early february because was supposed to do that. Triple threat with lashing in rental and then an injury caught up with them. They didn't specify but they did say that after the match that he had with riddled that he was on he was out of breath so i guess they were doing tests. The they're trying to figure out whether if he's having cardio issues if he's going to be dealing with a longstanding diagnosis or health issues. That but i also think it's. It's a work as well that he might be one of those that pops up like that money in the bank or some shit like that so because with the current Because it's is reported that has been transferred to smackdown and with them keeping couples together. It's automatically assume that he will be following her right right. So in the in the big match would be hoping for would be. Roman reigns vs keith lee or keith lee or coming on e. fli keith lee and fucking kevin always throngs. There's a bus that he could be seen as more for him to play with over there and it would be on. Rule of course was as more bodies on smith and that can actually work around with them pasta. Any more black people on smackdown and baby thesis. What else you got. We talk about the cardi b. thing Talking about the war you know. Have anything Even a reasonable has been Spoiled that she will not be technically wrestling. But even having a more Manager type role. Female fucker frog amory. Who even marie is is. Is it a waste of bringing back as a valet or something like that date. I've always said wrestling needs more that anyway. So that's fine. Let it be your body let it be a looking but the whole scene is can she talk no never will voices. No right yeah. Is she going to be a grading. Fuck invoice that is like oh go away he. That's not the the that'd be what be wants right. They want the paintcare girl the voice. That's hot right the most annoying. That's why pair off with a girl. If you pay with angel garza. That would help him a lot. Yeah yeah but it's also causes suffering roses of people's asinine kicking them. Yes kinda i can't. I guess i can't say anymore. But but i can't say 'cause it's stupid say what you can say. Whatever you want is Yeah i don't. I don't i don't really see I mean let's do the trial and narrating let's see let's see how it goes. This is her second attempt at. Let's see anything else. New japan announced that okada and shingo. Takagi will be fine for the. Gpo won't hemingway title at dominion and he prediction. I'm not happy with that 'cause already know what they're going go if it's either way it's a win win for them. Anyway yeah the last time. New japan shocked me was one of the evil one long in either way. It's like you're you're playing safe because Takagi is a fan favorite and killing right and okada is fucking scene of their fucking companies. So you don't you don't lose anything there. I actually kinda shocked about that booking. I would've thought they would have done like a mini tournament for but I think what the timing though because he has a doing a show at the tokyo dome. That does not have time to do that. Also is that which i had on my list was that new japan is still suffering. We're fucking colbert outbreaks. They still dealing with that shit out there as well so there's also spot guys that they're not sure whether or not there's going to be able to fucking wrestle because Although japan looked as though that there were still there that they were handling their covert situation. Guys fucking but whatever with them is. That guys are coming in another country you know. You gotta finn juice. That are just coming. But they're gonna be coming back soon. all spray was in and out. I think all spray really wanted to go home for now. A heck he kinda fucked them. I really cell. He said he said injuries now looking good but he could be lying today. I'm supposed to be made of antonio. Don't yeah i think he fucked him. And i think he's trying to make this bidding war happened although he he got pushing herself like these before the back in her. Yeah but he dubbed. Wwe not so. Long ago. and dan i think he realized that he made a mistake by doing that. And now that Priestly is about to get that look and wwe uk. He's i fucking. I'm gonna be with my girl and go back home but it's weird because what you really go to if if you would you go to. Nfc you k- know he would want the extent us the only who want that you would face fin child bug. I mean he he would want that right. I it's weird. I want that before before the main roster. I kinda like what he's doing. But i don't i am not sure i'm not sold on the air. go one more thing on. Ecstasy has released a job. Ziya williams another one of these. Wb cuts gad. Sixty sixty more people by the way getting all backing night Graphic people shit unreal making so much money and they're just cutting people that's That's you know what that is. Nick con comes in and he anytime you become a an executive or higher up or something you gotta put your staple or something. That's business business. Says that's what the yeah put him on funding wind commentary role on the number one. Show and get them out. But you know fortunate Got a multibillion dollar company and it's not really fucking losing anything they've been in a black since the fuck pandemic so the stock is were shit though i was going to invest in this shit so now knows awful This move new japan later on we about to I'm gonna just do my quick synopsis and got kayode out of s w e v of nwea event has got knocked out. Not going gonna go through the whole story about it. But he's looking up video. Twenty anniversary of owen hart Was this past week. And you're still alive and flees god. I can only imagine thousands of kurt. Angle chris benoit's milenko eddie Edge us rock star like could have been a good few. He wasn't a wwe anymore he could have been Matches with joe Fucking aj he would have had a fucking greedy but you know what oh and also said that. He wasn't gonna stay in wrestling show. He did the videos with like the home like home videos. He was bad he w coach i. Now he'd be a family man right now. He said he was. He really was the house and and be a fireman. He was actually going to be a fireman. That's what he wanted his son owl's if i was daddy was alive when you train them. Maybe maybe he would have been brought up. The wichita was honor. Know what you're going to the doctor. Dungy back he did his own version in bc brat Breading doing shit. Did you see the a bitter brig speaking bennett. Did you see that. The tightening put him in his pitcher with the new foundation was around. They put a cut out of able to cut out but speaking of the twenty three anniversary. I was listening to I listen to some of it. But i got a Snippet of of one jeff jarrett was talking about the night of owens deaf that he actually suffered Ptsd for y over fifteen years since that night. Yeah and he never really came to terms with it wasn't so he went into therapy and everything started coming back to them that he started remembering when he got his. He said he couldn't even watch the footage of it. Because i remember he wanted to. He was using next match. The next batch gotta go fuck out. There had died in iran and told them you've got to cut a promo now because they were trying to kill time of course and when he told them what it was because they saw he saw when owen was being wheeled past these and he they were doing him. Cole and deborah right and you know don't compressions and he was like what the fuck is that. what's going on and on and that was actually bokhara. Took the glasshouse at all on. Please be well. Frankly he's like we're praying for you buddy. And he. He said he got he got into the car he got to a police car. They drove to the hospital. He was the only one and when he got there they had told him he's gone. And you know the doctor said. Do you wanna go. And he says it's not my place a letter family do it. He's as at all that came during therapy while I think we yeah. We had the conversation already about the jr thing. We did it in the last episode. When i'm talking about randy being arrested a Aws ticket prices are going down. I think i'm going to save this for around the square. Circle Why do i have buffalo. Bagwell's fucking hilarious official. Oh anybody see the response. That valentin dream had About the allegations of okay. So the ship was too long and sideways. I couldn't read it by what it i was able to. I didn't see. I was able to get what you posted it and was half those like this. Because it's it's it's typical like saying shit. Now fired i. I think there's two sizes story but it's going to be allowed to like the anything comes down. I think that is i. Think that if if. Wwe held on for him this long as a w. hold that hold on for this law or they held out for the small year for the year and a half day they. They really supported the fact that this could be true. But i also think that his release was due to the backlash of that only the The the social media but also the back. They pretty said that guy. I'm the one on twitter. That's like the village. Dreams still still hired cut job. He's the he's he was a jt g of the time but But i guess when you're doing the cockpit looks at his name is like okay. What's the point of keeping him around. Well basically this talented but we keep them around fans got back if they ever debut on they were actually lining them up because they were talking having them as a trainer but he's twenty five. Why does not wanna do that right. And also jason jordan with right now executive producer of raw. Whatever the fucking but they also he also said that he had a lot of heat with guys in back to so and said he was beer because his his by rubbed off on route. Wasn't gimmick. yeah that's what i'm saying. Yeah it wasn't giving him for rhythms and asshole w we took care about alexander wolf after his release alexander. You've got paid for his trip home guy his so they took care of him is one of those where forest. He's a part of a group that they did nothing with My sanity this is. This is going to be my. This is going to be my main event but a muslim say now because it's done a lot Alex alexander bliss a pet pig. Larry steve passes away dish. Hit me bad. I got my being serious with this dead ass and and and two reasons. I followed him a instagram. I love that that pig was blind and it was so fucking cute as hell to see when like alexa does by nonni veterinarians in the air and a bunch of people respond. Oh my god my halo. My hair's standings just talking about it. Because you know why i've always wanted a pet pig always always always always i. I'm even still in. The hunt can looking for a now if i can get paid. I wouldn't want him that big. Because i don't have seen the pig when a episode till divas and then seeing how the pig it got cheese has taken on the road. He's a he's a he's a he's a big he's a he's a hawk. So but It was sad because she was trying to get event to come but it was in her area. There's something in any couldn't move him because he i guess it was. I don't know if authorized and stuff like that and it was paying. It had been people doing. Plus i didn't know until i spoke to somebody about it but does different scales. Can doctors different times of different types of vets does vets that deal with domestic animals and as vets that deal with farm animals and she couldn't get a farm animal and she tried. And that's a difficult to find. His birthday was the next day to he died the day before. All my god. I will raise. I believe sixteen thousand dollars for charity. Fan edition livestream the day after. Oh my god. I'm trying not to be a perfect star. But when she lives in. Florida air. Florida okay. Don't say to lockers number. She got stoke. Yeah i mean. God things with a kurkim extending really have to exact fare. Bella wants to bring the bring back the demon the reason why he couldn't the visual demon that he did overseas was because w e wanted something different. They want an Unconstrained moran i myself. I think he's the same with me at the investor demon. I missed the painter guy where he did. All the marvel characters in the dc characters. Like that right right right. Yeah the alabama corn. Except when you said goodbye my in the house a fan aso when he when he when he when he painted his venom or carnage back in. Your mind blew my dick. My dick heart did it. We need to get you laid again. How that's going to happen. We gotta find a way to do that. Back out. odyssey that says that ultimate warrior actually matched with a girl online. So did you or an act ford. No no. she's the ultimate warrior was a gay prostitute. I'll leave it at that He fucked the hulk hogan fuck fuck him in the us i you and that's it my in what you got close enough for. The main event and the main event is that dough w e end new japan pro wrestling are supposedly talking about a partnership between themselves and twenty. Kahn automatically called ball. I think this is mad suspect. This is matt petty. Tony comics and video about it He made on their Their their pre show shit concept. Tony kahn Well like i said it was reported earlier. They w we This report from the observer. Dave crop meltzer has had talks with new japan. Bleacher report posted this to this is legit W e has had talks with new japan about possibly working on a relationship. Aws owner and president. Tony kahn that address. The report in a video and totally calm pointed out that nick nicotine has been in talks with new japan pro for the last couple of months and he sarcastically. Said you've gotten a lot done. Okay tony also. Not a w has had yuji. Nagata ran the rita and rocky romero and roppongi vice roppongi vice. Or what did that on dark. He also mentioned how john marston should set. Tony tony cold nikon some con man from connecticut. Okay man what do you think about the rumors of wwe japan working together. Do you think it's it's it's it's smart. What do you think about. Twenty com being What's the word a little brat. Well let's let's. Japan does not sound like that doesn't sending stuff doesn't fucking exist after. I asked her not not. I want make this point because vince is that kind of guy. Where if he gets looked at badly in a certain aspect of he'll he'll he'll he'll he'll look into making his vits booker promoter so he doesn't like he wants to yard but see me once. Awa was working with impact and vice versa. I know vince was like i don't want to be looked at as that evidence or scrooge company that doesn't work with anybody so let's new japan there even been talked about w talking with m. o. w. so i don't see why of elsie why this is far off. I mean new. Japan's probably going to be open to it. Because like i said new. Japan's president lilly said a few months ago. Our goal is to get all wrestlers to fight who they wanna fight where they wanna fight doesn't matter where opened for it so it would just have to be discussed between everybody. You know w impact new japan. On what what measures to take. But it's a smart move. I mean jon. Jon moxley back in i w. Gps title in. It's good for padding. That's where you need to know who's well for the most part there'd be more of do you wanna work for w yeah i'll go over there and see what's up. Okay you go go fight fucking raw. Whatever that's what's gonna be put this if we're talking about new japan and w we we're gonna talk about okada suzuki nitel and like the guys that are japan you i maybe more interesting. Not skip -able. So if they advertise kazu okada on roy. You're going to tune in for three hours to see what bullshit he does. Well he he his depends also horrible. Matt you said said that dad tony. Kahn was acting like a five year. Old i think he'll five hundred but you know he's not lying. He's not wrong. He's not wrong because in that aspect that that they already had ties in for the longest. People been crying and bitching about ww to do something for the longest time. Now all of a sudden you see this with a wd witness and it's like okay Now all of this laser going set has always said that he's always been wanting to he's been opened to do certain things. Are this one when the when. Vince wants to work with people like oh yeah right. But here's the thing now. Cot knows and let's see different wisconsin talking about here Tony tony kahn knows. Let's let's i see different. Cont knows he's not going to get the meter vendors. He's not he's not gonna get the night souls he's not going to get the cars the goddess She he's not gonna he's gonna get the lower level guys you'll get that you'll probably get another jeff cobb pie come back soon. Epa he'll get caught but the great okon. New japan knows that they'll give all those big names. Wwe they'll give them easily a new japan. They're going to be okay then. Bring us Well w either they would want rollout. Apparently would they bed from rome right so apparently from from the from the sheets what they say in the conversations happen because they knew that daniel bryan's contract was going to be up so new daniel bryan has always said that his his goal was to wrestle anyone that he wanted to and he wanted to japan so so. Wwe not to have them go anywhere. Rouse day open up that door. So that daniel bryan golden new japan have matches over there. And it'll be a trade off so that's not a bad idea when you look at it because i could be on raw. And then whenever he does a tour no danny will go to japan. I and that's where the matches ob as long as he wraps w. e okay that's fine And then you get the you'll get the blowback of what you get new. Japan will come over. Will you have to look at. Daniel bryan is a main event. Or so he's going to go to japan and get them and have made of matches so we so we here in the states would have to get the same and that kind of look saw Now i'm okay with the idiotic. The opening no. Because now i mean. I'm tony kahn. Starting about like he's he's he's the door to any if this occurs he's going to close the door all right stupid. I don't think you want to do that. But okay because new. Japan says even if we work with w e doesn't doesn't mean that we're not gonna work with aws impact but it's good to know that that doors open so I don't know i. I i'm i'm kinda weird on how tony kahn is not the guy that cut a promo. He tried to cut a promo on this year in. You look kinda stupid doing it. But he's not wrong the okay why are you making video about it. Like that site bannon. Now because people want his thought on twitter and says video a competition but he's supposed to be the guy that that says. I don't wanna be that guy. That's an fry. They don't exist contradicting themselves already. So many times. In the past fucking years before i came over here drew's facebook or twitter. Retweeted the article about the new japan. So maybe there's something to it or maybe he's just like all the bullshit story. i mean. listen that'd be something. Did i mean there is the phone. Something announced japan is going to come here and fucking get two million fucking our viewers on their shows. The only hope is if there's other put it opened something if they do like an invasion storyline again. Would it work in today's now wrestling. Now let me be. I knew japan because only hartill got a wrestling fans. No new japan right. You have to tease it. You have to give it some kind of Soon japanese fucking guy goes all female. Goes the fucking on raw because all here comes to stereotype mccall person. Sushi is like asking number before exactly a bullshit. Annex t now Sorry saying we've seen you already sweetie. There's nothing that they i don't. I don't see a repeat but yeah exactly but other than that That that ten. Hopefully something happens. So we got around the circle coming up. We have basically role smackdown. Aws and whatever a podcast or Shows that we watch. We pretty much Glaze over the ultimate warrior stuff. So don't guys who back to visit a second. this is the coo of wwe. Triple eight shaw. Then you're listening to to buckle tabloid. Tell street football podcasting. Outlets like i to kuku play music spotify i heart and all podcasting outlets you can listen to fifty fifty one episode all songs show. Yeah the fuck are we doing. Allies the origin of the milkman. Ladies and gentlemen router square circle ladies what. We've listened to watch and partake in wrestling what we have partaking in wrestling. Mike are you looking forward to initial a little bit more. Mostly maybe a little bit towards the wrestling and a little bit towards like the people. I used to see around the shelves. You're vaccinated for. Did you get a bad reaction to. It was very sleepy the next thing. I'll just a bit all day. I wanna go to wendy's in the nose. Of course he didn't yeah. Was it on grubhub. Charge another thirty dollars for three hours turned out to be forty forty. Now i am. I know actually. I guess we'll be a battery actions. I guess big sick again. Rational no man. You got what you got everything. I was like i left my second shot i got. I got bad symptoms but I've i've heard people with worse. I'm grateful you had headaches. I had a headache. I had to chills. Which i think the shows are the worst no matter how many blankets you put on yourself. You're still fucking freezing. That's tortured and i look forward to the because i love the cold so i wouldn't give a damn that you me this all the ta all the time. No i If if i did get any symptoms. I wouldn't know because you you'll feel tired. I'm like i didn't feel anything i got. It is funny. 'cause i i took it right after for her. I took it right after. I got outta work right so i got the shot and then i was going on vacation anyway so if i got any symptoms i gotta work and went to sleep if the next day. I got it sleeping anyways. I didn't give a fuck lancair getting feeling you guys went to the office right. I lucky with my grandma. The dr king's us nurse came to our house. Oh god vaccinated house. Oh look at that with some white privilege so app finish have up to. Wow that's why too. But i really. I gotta that beard you got going on. I don't know what's happening there. It's coming off tomorrow. I is it. Yeah yeah i'm not sure. Connect foley patches. It's patchy create it kind of looks like a vader something was going on with the long haired people say like warren. I'm defend you defend you read effective offend you right right. Get the shit ear man. Why some filing other people's working man. I bad habit yours. I am envious. Because i don't grow facial hair. So that's that's like that's that's like judging people on their weight and your fucking Yeah come on. Mike mike mike. I might held on a little bit longer. I would you. I don't think he want you to fuck him. No no no. No i think if you held on living in low i is that a full beard or it like you want to go. Yes he wants to beer fan. You know. look like Businesses a lot What's that fucking guys name He wants to have the beard from Jackman no he wants to have the beard like What's his name. The big show the big big shows. No that that's a that's more cambridge marquette beard. No i that he had to be black to get that. Do skin color no. His beard is spent autumn. That has his special. You have to be black to get that volume again. But i think. I think if you if you hold on for a little bit longer and my happen i need looking. Just whoever's going to be the barbara whatever to some you right you'll be all right. I just hold the same haircut ball spotlight right here. Yeah in the middle right right there. I don't know what in the cute shut the round square circle around the square circle. Ladies and gentlemen so What i saw a lot of wrestling's we know you ten. Let's go to mike. I might any Any anything besides ross mcdonagh podcasts. You listen to anything you came to listen to the podcast on. Say the same. All the official name. It's awful for example voice. Everyone thinks every wrestler things. They have a podcast because they have the access to fucking guests. Faulk you can you on the podcast. It's called offer chops. They call the listeners. Pork chops It's the first episode. They talk about like Busy comments us Trion w. e. They said that they were in a class of forty people. And they're the only two got signed. Yeah her honest with your over murphy over the story they do. I think people do. I some actually do especially hailed if drake maverick makes a podcast quayle. Who says he doesn't can you lack of their. But if as jack maverick and listen no. I was in the gym corner. You think i'm gonna listen. To fucking drake maverick. But this is the first episode episode to talk about personalized france before wrestling. They did there was one thing where they did. Mention impacting either but all talking about that personalized by cambridge. Does he is married. That was one of the most developed thing in the whole podcast. Who i'm billy case. She's married she's married. Yeah she keeps. She didn't say she that's why she's to private. Okay good for her. I always thought she had a pancake. Face well okay a body so that is so horrible that i said listen to body you dude. What the fuck is wrong. Hosa this is bad. They fucking W what did he do now on instagram. They keep Uploading the video of nyah. Jags versus brubaker on on raw. Thank you. I think it is but actually this was actually a good fuck-ass passed that was when her first. The parents role she actually looked good. And i don. I don't like what they do to face now. They beat her face of so who have makeup. Yeah no that. That's the makeup people. She actually looks really good here. They beat a fucking fayssal. Make them too. Much is terrible Let's see what else you got. Anything else. that's pretty much. The only new a podcast. I listen to other than that. It's still wasn't oral sessions. Mostly boesky basketball pockets open cinema art. Oh yes maters open is opening. Yeah i m my next day off fifth mortgage because i meet someone on july fourth bridge v. it's open cinema the us it's open. Let's go see We're gonna see the conjuring three nom de because i want to see new disney gives. Here's what they got on. They have the conjuring three in the heights. Okay peter rabbit to the the runaway. No thank you. He ran away Luca i wanna see muka. Yes fast and furious nine black widow. She i'll see that Jungle cruise the karate movie after That shanxi. She obviously that reflexive internals means the rise of Grew coming soon. I was always come out yet. Yeah not coming soon man. So i have heard most of them and most of these flooding things like chain shank supposed to be on disney plus anyway i also cruel develop movie Which by the way if anybody who's on is into Their credit checks doing credit lines. Temperatures apple is here for you to say that experien- has to wear that you could add your Your your your streaming sites who netflixing all that added to your your credit and it boosts your credit score as long as you pay on time. Oh interesting fact fact. My my credit score on wrestling fact. My my credit score went up twenty one points because of that will point you guys young so you need to. We're going to get credit. So is valid hundred dollar credit score. Seven hundred some bullshit. I realized one thousand blue. No sting credit. No way doesn't know. I do my credentialing really good. I just want to say it's okay minus fair. Because i had had a whole a whole fucking career bullshit but now it's fair i've gotten i've got responsible. I was so people though i'm late. I'm always fucking turning up at the party. Know you've been working too hard. Was there anything that you can. He shakes his head. No all right. This is going to be gone through our. He's still got me because red girls trope of course because always like Three weeks with eric. Bischoff shelter bischoff. He actually made it to a w dynamite again for that segment of the lace. It was fucking pointless The talk four smidge was meant to say. I don't remember anything. He really said But he was Did a A watch along of on raw and wcw dice their new thing. That's happening my nari never as popular thing to do. Yeah but they're now for that night. It was i'm was was it the I think it was the night where I can't call it. I know i fully were. Yeah i think it was supposed to be that night and win the title. Yeah yeah yeah. I think it be but i i don't because i didn't really pockets. He didn't i'm kidding. Msw drafted average kane. You alex kane. No can you let me know. Clinton fucking promising hogan's who is now so do daily richards in the first round him. Alex well a- lagging. what. Alex cared exactly Now no i'm sorry. I'm sorry i listened. I'll check them out. We talked about the dark side of the rings. I didn't get to see the wvu treasures. I missed him. That was a weird one. I liked the show going to undertake this as though i didn't want to wait until the most creepiest guy's house with yes. This is my collection. I know he has fucking. I'm sables hair member. When and the went crime time sold leaders panties at backlash able to up to new orleans. I caught up with my nose. I was able to obtain tour stories. Pubic hair remember. When i caught. I caught panties with my note was remember what sermon would take the distinct. Here's the density as you know was desperate now remember what was asked bischoff remember when crime time everyone crime time fucking solita sebag ryan knows and he has it in. The caribbean was the night. Where scott hall and kevin nash debut on. Wcw on monday nitro and at the same time. He looking at Raw they were doing that night. That's what it was at the infamous. The big boy tormo that came to later. What's yeah a third known. Koska debut by himself right. And then nash came after that and then i was allowed to or three weeks later. That's nash came up to the podium and aquifers like this is where the big boy plays verb. I'm just telling you what the man said. I'm only doing what what what will watch media. Does he goes verb adjective verb sucks. Because he's so smart guy you fucked up you fuck debut all right. studied up. Let's go monday night raw. Start off with the same with five. Different sexy women did it. People went nuts when on instagram. Trying to find the bitches lashley. Mvp Tried to find the bitches. Those one muscular walk in high heels. That was the funniest shit I dunno lashley. Nbp prone opened the show. Big last week mcintyre taunts comes out and taunts lassie for losing to kingston and the main event of last week's raw a winner came from mcintyre's help Now the title shot the newly come out. Kingston takes issue with mcintyre taking credit for his win and appears announces. That next week they'll face each other and the winner will get a shot lashes championship match the opener. Yeah i think the. I think i don't know what the fuck is going on about. It's okay just go with the flow. Brought a match ended in a no contest because mvp lashley Interrupted then winning. I said we don't do it in order anyway. We don't care out fought throughout So you know. They had a match ended up being a no contest. They had they announced their will be next week and nfl If every interfere it will be suspended for ninety days. Said nothing about him. Being stripped of the title right by. Wouldn't that be contradictory because it's supposed to be a thirty day. If you don't compete in thirty days they gotta strip your title. Maybe high because ninety days off right the windows to help us sell smoking situation right now. Hi oh i don't feel. I'll take ninety days without pay Nikki cross had her first match after a while Yes this was. This was a beat. The clock challenge crossed fee ripley in a two may have beat the clock challenge because we lost track of time. Oh how the corner did not change to the clock and then she one shot it. Laid out this challenge for love is love a good beat the clock challenge. Do this two minutes. Yeah Charlie oscar match because anytime there's nikki cross on on tv. I'm happy. Her song sucks she. Then that changed. Shit now i remember. She doesn't know song. Let me see what you we find it. Quick tons w check the music youtube resin song. Nikki cross was if she doesn't come out to the sanity bullshit anymore. Oh great news bullshit. And it's not the police sirens about W that sounds horrible. This is not a blessing. Entrance theme eighty the opening to the opening band. Bon jovi why a cartoon that opening the beginning. Jim johnson head right now to make their music again. This is the opening band to some mid west of fair then actually sounds familiar. I think they played germans new york city reference. I focus a european shitty. Barring glendale new york where you drink at a connecticut for track. I got you. Oh by the way what the what. Nikki cross winning the beat the clock. It's rea- charlotte on sound as expected rian charlotte. We're face a helena so by oh shit. We didn't do a w nothing petitions would later. Everyone at the end. It's fine. Let me rusted rural real quick please because it shows unwatchable even. I didn't watch it and it's unwatchable. I'll just go through subject. Pete shelton in in another match reynaud was the shelton the shelter them and cedric matches on. I'm actually not bad. I'm asking you a fan of that. They're enjoyable chemistry. And i really hope this. This story leads to them. Join bobby again. But i don't see it happening. No sorry hit i. I got this rundown Real defeated exhibit pinfall. I guess archaic. Oh the pizza dough staring to you. Call it the ko the brocail sense. Why was it hasn't my notes. Here will not my notes long match and we really disrobed long. Because i'm sorry. This is because of last week when kofi be randy and then does about the shoving. I i'm going to be honest with this. Randy really doesn't care anymore doesn't the feed feuded fucking care. I mean this joke goes improves in west. Fucking feet gives a fuck anymore. jackson reicher defeated. Aj styles thousand painful. Are you kidding me with the ball and slammed that was weird. That will vary weird or was a rumor. I saw on lie. About a week ago saint jackson rikers next in line for the championship. And i'm like go fuck yourself is the one person that's still has. He's from june black face and he still has a fucking as little bit sad. That lou little bit say fuck off should be all he should be with that fucking referee and unemployment line but anyway Boss man slimy beats. Aj styles one of the best of this show inches he'll allies ranan hits dogs with a knee represented at the end of the match maas rented or they're about a turn face. Who are my myself face arm. Of course they are lacking face teams. See choose them. Talk is faces. Oh can't we fall march to go. I i can like a fucking caveman. Don't even don't even get me started with this whole fucking to fucking at each other. Eight w the great khali two point. Oh shameless Over your pin after pin holding careers ties runaway career growth shape Looks great day. Thinking of weeks we share ran into the save. A shameless was trying to lock in career. With a cloverleaf i guess They're trying they're trying to you know. Fill in that gap. The keith lee is not there which by the way. I'm really concerned for his health. I'm concerned with whatever's going on. I'm scared to keep things about to come out here and say yes to retire. It's gang that point that i'm getting rather concerned Ribbons tag team championships again. While ninety nine for monday night raw the woman's to prevent this was x. To bring this up to the osce. Teasing alexa i and shayna baiser. Reginald runs away. fire comes up chanting. It's rolled up again. And then cena grabs on and challenges into a gender mac next week so that is official and alexa wasn't there. Because of larry larry steve. But that's obviously the story was going alexa bliss nutshell. Yeah i guess i'll tell you into me. Retained up in the main event to me. The min- ross. Ross is fucking horrible. I'm sorry listen spanish. We were saying. Can we get these to be meeting old ladies. Can we get these two. Has aria agreed. next annexed team. We had to quote a chi- and calkins allies versus eber. Moonen chassis blackheart. Women's tag team mashed star of the night. I'm waiting for the sean diesel. Turn i hold on her. This was fun. But i was again. I don't know so Supposedly speed was a stray. You know. I don't know. I don't fucking know good no. It really wasn't though this didn't showcase anybody's at all nothing. Nothing way for the raquel. They'll cut the kyw turn and once again i'm still pondering the fact on. Why did they have you and why no he does fine. That's okay so what the fuck what's the what's the point of Racquel in her fucking. What is she doing with the title. Like she's at one town fenzl against say these. Yeah and it's a story wrong. It should have been dakota wayne the championship for a few weeks. So do what. we're calgary. Amber raquel against shots like things people on this rally in the point the point the point of is not saying rebels. Good at being a champion. It will be a it would be. It would be out. Compare the raquel being champion for north dakota. Ibm for a while or killing the back being like triple h batista. A half acre crutch and using her using her for for for the championship. Run cal finds out in the by to talking shit about her and into court and then raquel gonzalez turns into a major fucking batista face champion. I told should've done tripling intercollegiate aaa four. People should know that the story to row because he was a part of the smart in done. Smartly dakota be your brubaker. Right now if you what i'm saying i just made that up in like ten seconds and it just makes more sense than what we're giving black saucy win my personal opinion and bruno chelsea blackhawk below on the main roster if you're gonna if you're gonna build up women's tag team championship divisional with more roar or something because roles bucknell women they are and moon. She's already better than an accent if they want Call somebody it's ill 'cause she's the most talented. Yeah but he's talking about if for like the tax team looked a fuck about the tax division the main roster because they they they put it to shit that's why they have to pass once they got rid of fucking dynamics the one team that they fucking had what else we got What else happening freeman debut. Hold on a second jimmy. A million you wanna you wanna breathe through sin as give me a minute because we have to give me a minute. I didn't finish the damn man. Happy still on the first match. It was okay bread bobby. Fish was don't tell me twice bobby. Fish was pedone then there was also another match. that happened. this week were mercedes. Martinez zeta romy air after that date. Who is that what we're going. Okay go fishing. How good was the hulk home. Look like four medals skiing steel cage match. I it might be the shit out of him. nah just played. Bobby fish was be done I guess bobby fisher singles. Now that ain't gonna work. This is fisher's i found since november his first singles magnetic st. This guy's been deal with. Dr great. And i would not be surprised if it was a good match broke. Bobby fish singles. Ain't gonna work fan. Yeah no it's not gonna last long Not going to work knocking at. My fish is at that age where he could just call it a career in asia for trainer. But it's funny though that that Fish didn't really have a bad run and ring of honor when he was on when he singles chance. Yeah i got a few main event. Yeah it wasn't really that bad though but you look at you. Look at him now. he's not up there. That's the problem up there. As as i. I miss roderick strong. I'll believe me he'll be back soon. Be on the main roster. I don't think so he went back in. Nfc yeah i. I think he's going to be that he wants back after all. This shit has happened with bobby. Fish but This is a north american crews away. Type yeah yeah. And i think he. I think he gets that understands. He understands where his position on the card's gonna be but the match with pedone was fucking solid is held p. Con enough the ladder which is a good thing. Yeah i i think pete is another guy that's like saying i don't give a fuck if i'm an. I'm i'm just good and in the match guy mess the announcing later on it. It looks like it's going to be handed. In the main event of the next day over so with three options he'd be the favorable one options. It's well next week. The good dupiton colorado elian johnny gone on the winner faces carrying the nfc champion at in your house right right. It'd be happy pizza. donald cross. That's medical veteran aces. Want i want voter and cross. That has to happen. That's going to be like. That's that's going to be. One of those mega matches wrestlemainia rumor week. Yes some shit like that or some on won the match. After the match only lurking serves beating fish. Fish fucked up Again it has to help. Because he's single. Say we're gonna we're gonna re we're going to injure you again. I think he's i think he's with jet he still frankford. Who saw i think. I think the injuries nagging. That's the problem that's the other thing. That's the reason why he might start looking to hang up because he's been injury prone for. Is he in. This late thirties forties. He yeah shit. Yeah so may be tom. What's next as martinez for zadar amir. I don't know who the fuck that other girl more note about. This is that after the match Xilai put their mark on mercies his hand. Celeste obvious next few mercedes eilly down in the fact that you guys like the character. I like how she looks. What about that. I don't me what the fuck that asia his name is. The one that sits in the chair nobody knows glad to eight awa ring announcer. So when about okay they tagged you is this. My frankie monet makes her debut type. The former ti'er vaccari. I think this is the week right. And then Cross i guess she actually does though inches music than nikki cross. It's on youtube My website is like little little remember about this. Little bit is not happy about frankie monet. See why she doesn't like the gimmick she doesn't like what she's basically the same grocery impact. Let me give. Beth phoenix five. No finish regular news. Is she good. For what what that is for for what they are doing with her. But that mass that she had Showcase smart. It's just squash as supposed to do until she gets inside here. I to be honest. I wouldn't even be surprised that they didn't give it to put they put on the main roster like within the year maybe the next six months with ms being out i want something with ms be and i wouldn't be surprised if if she comes up to be with him. It's bigger than this is coming back next week. He's missed mischief. Fuck yeah he's going to host mississippi with rian charlotte right but it's always something with morrison morrison looks like a jobber But it's also the female side helps. Yeah we need that. John morrison and and frankly anytime she is talented as fuck by. I am eight and one of those shows. Need that sparked. A female of broaden effing the need another death email in there yeah definitely what else. We got We had a million dollars. Face are which are greatest match. The greatest thing to happen on the show. Explain i clinical. Drug drexel is what j. Catalysts interfered drake. Days got was with the fucking roll up one. Two three and l. a. night interrupts in he wants to be the million dollar Protege of teddy bianchi. It'd be us. He's listening night pitches himself yossi and wants to join forces which i think. That's the camera. Grimes grabs face and the best part about it was everybody sat and thought that he was gonna align himself in and i came house like perfect beautiful that make sense allied drake. Tina's like what and listen. If there's anybody to the moon fuck you. I love you. Just turn you just turn. Camera grinds face that quick love. It offers a millionaire gimmick. Yeah what else happened. Yeah no at were. It works things work. Just the main event cross in ballard. I always else it was on. My website is like bugging. This is where they announced a triple threat. It's going to be gone. I'll don and riley come away to park promo by bronson read ago. Escobar's his new fucking opponent. Which i line it makes sense. Who's that santos escobar. Yeah yeah yes. And he says netanyahu main event is taken away from their next week is gonna be msk and bronson against We got all different times as false tall. Small but crossing ballard tube. Is it three those two second match I think the first one was better. Yeah i was gonna say the same thing. I think It's pretty much the same thing with bow. Our heads some across kills them. Yeah it was. It was paid by numbers for me. But this one I'm still are you sold on. I know i like crows. But it's another thing to wear. What the fuck are you like a gladiator. That just those people what the fuck what are you. What the play. Yeah what's her role and also you. After you wanna title you cut a fucking face promos like what the fuck are you an. I don't know who lose face or heel most was like aws the same shit see. It's worse because it's developing characters individually gupta. Whatever they want. But it's like who am. I supposed to cheer for that drives at night supposed to be hateful but now it's grimes has to be the face and night's going to be the he'll yeah i dunno i did they know that the nfc fan base likes cross right so they don't wanna lose the fan base by making them a he'll but it's also things to wear. I'm afraid that focusing too much on the entrance because that's wrong because is supposed to be this killer. People fall and praying types shit right and eventually animals coming back. That's announcing it do the opposite going to him there riley again you have a gargano chopper floundering in the tag division. What's thatcher and. I hate his finisher off hysteria talent. Oh god awful. I hate that finisher. Begging for walter the impact know exactly what though through the double knees right. The wbz finishing here. I'm not. I hate that fucking finishes awful ever. Since he got killed by cross. He's been wowed in your house not an oxygen about no. I'm talking about. Carrying crosses finisher crosses his share. Think is the balance is fine. I'm talking about you supervisors. I'm shit submission choke right. But now here's the other show where he hits you back the fucking hand and all that shit right debts dreadful wasserman's finishes at the top now exactly like what any case. Let's work ethic is is always what it is. It's boring one. Finds a way to have good matches Got into the future eight. W for last. Yeah well it was awesome at ten o'clock to opens look the usos versus the story. Profits gotta tell you this saturday dream match. Yes and a disappointed. Yeah yeah built better talking to give you the whole thing on smackdown gotta make it better for the people that have this. This is gonna be the main few and ruthless become champion. Why give it to me magda easier. Won't you could done uses in the academy cigarette. Ruth gave me a lesser. A lesser match. Rose a teaser. I'll the open way better than the main event. I'll say that. Yeah yeah i. I'm still just on the thing where i'm on my hold up my process and so much but i tend to like you can just fucking belts and just do one set of tag titles. I don't want that. I don't want it because honestly it's vince being a bitch not fucking having faith in his tag division anymore when you have a lot of teams that you could fucking build on if you if you fucking have faith in stop breaking fucking teams right because eventually of its break up but let them build a division around them and coming back can you. Don't you don't need A plethora of taxis teens all you need is on each show three solid for maybe tack teams to face teams. Only six to win two. And then you have the throw together fucking tags that job out to the fucking people and then you make something happen where it works. It's what happens in a fucking old days in the territories at work dan. You had the main tag team. Had guys like mike. Johns and read fuller and they fucking became like you put them over. You didn't have to have the these main tag teams always battling each other to be fair with if you have the port Khalid not calista lucho fucking on party or against Ari sterling in whatever to five. Got out to tony boys right or whatever the fuck. That's that's that's how that's how you worked on a get over it. It's it's easy booking if you fucking smart me. It's bad that you have assholes that don't really appreciate the tactic division anymore. I have to say honesty. Say that eight eight w have so many tag teams that. Oh god. Yeah day try. They have established and they still make teams right. So it's like okay But this did. The users versus sheep was underwhelming and like matt says it's like this is their prelude to something bigger. So which is facing cheddar. Virtually no yeah. So but as we had ray dominic defeating ziegler robert root for the smackdown tag team championships. They were tained. But i heard ray got pegged wasn't wasn't that one. Okay so this is what will happen. So before the match ray guys halfback stay the same basic her pegged. They did the backlash spot again. Where dominic attachments said rang tax. Donna kinda work. The match one onto he did fine for what i saw than ray came back came out even at up and they won and then earlier than i. It was announced that the bills will face the winners of the tax time next week. It's going to be the usos versus the mysterious night. And which romney was i. I'm not sure what you're gonna do with that. I romans still playing the c. Doubt for like jay here with me who side you on. I'm listen i. I'm full one hundred percent with this storyline. I'm good with that. What do you think the match is going to be. Roman ray. i'll do that. Won't marines rather than enrollment versus Jimmy it's too soon if you know what if they do. Who's jimmy i town juvonen and then have be a referee or some shit. My all the cell. Oh did we just blow up the fact that rome is not gonna be at the pay per view. I is rumored thing is gonna be hidden and seeing that some right. That's what i'm saying. Do we do we do we would have to do. At least one higgins jimmy but we also still have a we have another you coming up in this in in the bank right so shit so there. Is this the briefcase. No the say you jimmy briefcase. How kids will be so pissed. They give jimmy briefcase oldest. I'd be passed. Give it to the guys. i fucking deserve it. I mean honesty The other thing i did was apollo. Crews coming owens and coming on one and now next week be him versus apollo crews with commander aziz babatunde banned from inside the make card title relevant. Again now yes. I see both disappointed that they didn't follow up on the black. And biggie. there's no follow. Well there's there's a reason why you want wanna keep the more flu. But they did have some kind of promise that he wants a shot. The universal title was wrong. What i miss. I miss the russ. I missed the wrestling shows. Where i miss show what what show did is right awa early on like the first couple of weeks and then i think tna used to do aware we don't need every storyline every week like one story like dicap- be like three main stories. You focus on one week. And then next week it could be the other stories like For instance like our president of the clown like i first week of smackdown it could be. They can focus on the women's tag belts the icy belt and And a main story feud and the next week they could focus on the main several. We'd bell the you know. And other store i give them like spread it now if you'll for tv sometimes you're fuck. Would i'm disappointed. I don't get the story every week. But you know what Those stories that aren't so looked upon and like so gazed on. They can wait a minute. They'll be fine. Like i always say i can't. I can't miss you if you don't leave so it's fine just for one week and then it makes you more. It makes you go. Oh shit destroy for next week. I cannot wait to check it out. I've been waiting a whole before you give me some warning more of those matches. They announced for next week. You interested like does shoot mysterious and resources and a cruising owens for the title jess adds a good lineup now. with One through this real quick because these are like the side things that happen. I i have them here. Nakimora defeated chad gable. What do you think about more now. Having rick boobs as his guitar. You love this fucking boob hanging on. Tv i know you love books and i told you ever since he did that. Fucking spy shit. That he's over now so he's got himself in really good shape. That's that's vince. Loves though he loves bodies days of course he's gonna be on tv. You remind macho man again. This is. Mike misses my prediction. We're going to have ken corbet versus nakimora more with the crown on a crown crown on our crown like in the middle of the ladder match with the crown. Either that or it's king ring so both showed. Maybe they should start over again. Even though king the king the king of the ring they should bring back. And you're part of the king ring again and it's up to you to lose your fucking ground. Unfortunately it's just a gimmick holder for somebody that make band fucking great if if you if you follow new japan Nakimora was the king and new japan. So it's I mean make me land makes sense that we i never heard of that before. He's king here. The fuck has been saying it for three years. Jesus christ by the way still cool motherfucker. After i listened to that rene podcast with him on it. That's that's a cool motherfucker land. I love nakimora. Fuck travel surf. And that's what. I told me. I said do you really think he gives a fuck he got. He got his fucking fortunate. W e visa to the states. He probably going to get a citizenship. He's like fuck that my family's here. I don't wanna be fucking japan. Fuck that shit. Although thing on on the so did bianca belair against carmella. Michael fucked up on the a and bailey's laughter ourselves. Say it again say it again. He got bonker. Heard this say it again say again cold. Say it again. You know barely i. Don't nobody tells me that is a bitch to sweaty right now. She standard but now it's like i love caring. Love her as she. You know when. I thought that she was going to sit there. And give shits michael cole. During her her match against fuck and bianca bella she started giving shit to fucking pat mcafee. I was say something love. She's my great yo a resume issues. My greatest highlight what else we got and then the bells ruined nagging that anything else Ron's cut a promo about zorro to meena in italia. Beat the riott squad. Which i think that was another team. That did not doing anything with. Yeah exactly you. You can have any right now. The balance should be is where since they're on both shows. You should have two teams right now. That are going against data. That could windows. Titles on raw a mandate dana right. And then you can have and then alexa. Whatever the fuck lillies. Because it'd be a person i know. Eventually that's going to happen is going to be marie. Oh my god. I saw and then you have rice go so you wanted to be those to where they almost win and have them so that they're always on the swirl they always on the lookout that somebody's gonna take those titles since establishment seem as the way is right henderson indian. It looks like the break them up soon. Right right. it's the shit right right to. Let's paint right so Yeah they did. Some roman was a factor on the show on smackdown for wants to. You gotta pull away some booting. He's brooding yeah. It's go broody. it's probably gonna be him. And jimmy helena. Sell cheese I've not been vp's on the show along with roman true That was smackdown. And then when it comes to dynamite the fans will defense were back in full force high and he was full day was marine wink wink. Sell tickets fanny masks. They can't sell tickets double. Nothing had trouble sell tickets. Yeah yeah but you know what though kobe's still around the reason that's not the reason come up there in florida and they can't get the fuck flew out there. This is the reason being is that. Aws not as biggest people think that it is honest. People people are fucking realizing that it's bullshit honesty for four long. It's wbz light this this this dynamite. Which is their Their their their blow of show to one of the biggest shows of the year and this was the basically like they're they're they're wrestlemainia weekend where you bought a ticket for this and bought a ticket for this show and today. The defense day couldn't even sell they had to. They were giving away giving away tickets for dynamite. I think for the double or nothing. Yeah they're giving away because they know people are listen. I could be saved for the longest. And i'd be telling you people who listen to the show people who fucking mad me when i say joe. This is a niche fucking promotion. This is not you wanted to wanna fuck. Why then. Why did they go on. Eight o'clock on on on slaughtered by smackdown. Do if they want to smell them. Five hundred thousand best. Maybe at best he still gets to choose but going around on all skis tired. So let's go when we got open air was what darby caesar nonni baloney that guys. He's trash for yourself down fast. And then he got hit with a coffin drop and then there was overseas garbage. Yo be fired him. How do you come out of. Wwe's available performance center. And you're that bad. Meanwhile turner tycoon is like a fucking star. There's no way that i could sit there. And say that i if i was wwe. I don't know. I dunno below fuck lose at baloney steamer. Baloney done god. I was six six dollars. Avalon tears sees below up senior baloney with pre pre six to thirty at best own fast. And he knew this five nine one seven drop and beat you in like three minutes. There's an opener in your opening dynamite. Yo he can't throw a punch he can't throw it. He can't run awful offer. Eight chance anime. Damn chance matt. And then of course we get the after birth with that because we get the call on scorpio and ethan paid right and then base then the bologna in his group attacked them and then the duck comes out for the safe right. The crowd hyper hope yes. They're happy daughter order. They just happened to watch wrestling in a builder. Yoro powerball again. We'll get that shit all right so This a bell. That's a doc. Order against paid scorpio maiden fucking fucking promotions all over the place what else we can Meeropol dumb that Dante martin mere pride them dallas. Probably the smartest thing needed the whole night. The finally book and mira correct. Dan was the smartest they need the whole night. Because i say i swear to god if this fucking match goes through to commercials or one commercial. They're pit fucking dumb. They did it right. He squashed him in three minutes. And i was like oh four minutes and i was like thank you thank you. That's exactly is probably a little bit too long and it was a necessary that More needed to be in that ring with him but they did it right but oh soviet gone. But should i care about this fucking lance archer. Mirrow shit no. They don't have. It has a rusty matches more of a brawl to fight. Dad if i see a lockup of but the reasoning for fighting is dumb wool the feud has been bells for two weeks. And it's dumb anyway. The title rush. Look at what they see something rushed. I don't care let's face now as he's been effaced for well has he been he been faced since He foxton their wider. Fuck does jake fuck with them. I dunno 'bout note is fine. But why does jay hold them back until he's way to wait until the pay per view now you wanna do this. Whatever he holds them like if he's if he's fucking on and the same thing that we'll get to that with the tasha's to all right After the after the opener had the way for anthony. Gogo and cody rhodes were grow. Grow broken rib has a broken rib and his have blind leads into the j. Sending a handicapped pit bullets fucking michael. Vick's house slaughterhouse. Exact by paul white made his of course one time he fucking doesn't Cody wait himself at two eight. By the way the strip to the boxers. Okay wait wait. Wait first of all the whole presentation. Matt when you get the chance to watch this gullible at the go came out with five people came out with fifty is the wind is doing the fucking the way in and and there's the french on the stage and he's like i don't know why i'm here and everybody said we don't either. We don't know what the fuck you doing here. This is okay time for the way here. come go. And that the baruch injury card aarau had the metric scale that no one knew how to work. How do how do himself. And gogo go of doing himself. Xactly a metric scale and all this way in for ccording to weigh in to eighteen in a goto the to nineteen. Why do i care about american versus clearly or whatever no longer has clearly rigged. We're friends break. Britain friends and cutesy. Marshall goes on the magazine. Gogo has the advantage one. Pound over the motherfucker bro. Whole are traveling. It ended with the best fucking thing on god's green earth Code thank you for coming out and joined the rest of the show. This is true of the Two hours so if if big show punched the out of fucking Cutie marshall yeah if he knocked him out aid off with ago. Cody all you. You you do teaser. Where that later on that big show has a match with a gogo because the power of the punch well see that either but fuck it but but at least because go punch to the body and big sales at least at least it means something. Yeah okay so does this man. Page versus gioja on one november. Homing i blow up okay. So this is what hap- so one point this out on hangman's name cartel and said couldn't find the tunnel and then after the match tasr that's on the mic and basically the shit talk each other and then as you said. Hangman was cut hardaway. And then frank as comes out ten cents brank age going to beat the hell out of you. A double and threatens to send t the rest of autumn tells. Kate page tells cage that he expected more from him and tells canes to be a man and face them one on one a double or nothing and cage agrees. Frank ages slowly turned baby phase. He's got kicked out of teens. Basically that that another ossoff hundred segments. That sucks after that. After this we had a fun mile auto. you want to talk more about this Rather on was it really. It's just awkward. It's just weird with these su- it. It's a weird with tasim. Brian cage cage fucking page. It's just weird. i Skewering base because brian cage beat them and knocked him off. I think the it's bloodied. Is like joy nilo bloodied. You really also tell joke about georgia was it. What is sonny kiss. Come out with him on on on of dark he turned his back on. Sonny kiss during the match and explanation was is that can run into the match and to help them because i had a migraine bill. When sunni came out. I was like what the fuck is at your lifestyle. Come on that. Dan affect us. That's why sunny within this would rather practice tiktok. So new jersey lovers idol. He was supposed to be a georgia in la. He'll turn also build up hangman page instead. Join a fucking exactly what the fuck i guess once again. This is a way of preloading. He can't really pre would see nothing. He can't wrestle the way he can't because he got bloodied on. Oh my god. Brian cage made a because because he bled early on and frightening say i do not like wrestles who are supposed to be in a pay per view wrestling on a on a goal match. Go home forget on the pagans. Danila kiss but then on the chopping blocks from me. Now we've been saying it for the long okay. So moxie kings close to fired joe. Gela fired muko stunt fire. One only to go the lawyer. I'm pretty sure. Cody rhodes recruiting moco snot. When he was having doubts. Dark order fired moxie kingston burger trauma under ten bucks near bearing shoes. They stole asked me. These shits cost nothing so we just bear the shit of them. The why would you bury it. I would have put them sits on fire like why would we sell on ebay right especially sign them. Especially eddie kingston's. I his background you but i was putting these shifts on fucking ebay. That promo was wasn't the best for them. Either though but i did like what what moxie was talking about like moxie but it wasn't. He likes to base. I'd like titles titles. I'll take time. Yeah i just. I hope they win. I know i well. We'll we'll do predictions right. So can you imagine the good brothers ambush pack how you say. How would you pronounce a packer. Pockets park park but the lubos. Even the odds aren't casting comes out and and rips okay. So he has an envelope. They pulled out of his pocket. Koyama watch this. If you've seen this you'll probably do your remote and fucking. I might watch it tonight. Where i'm going to bed. You're ready so packers. All got pockets knocked out in the corner omega. Cassie are standing off each other. A cassie pulls out the envelope and its biggest as fox as heavy as hell. So you know what the joke is going to be. Gives it to kenny. Kenny owes it up things. Oh you signed it. It's the contract ripped up into anybody. Pieces takes out omega and packed with an arms punch and then aren't by the way he throws the worst superman punch in the history of the aches awful then he posed with the world title law the crowd chance freshly squeezed in a way. He's gonna win. No he's not not check this fall. Now check this right. Rory's not now checked his right giving him dental brian treatments. Wanting fucked me up was like okay. They went to go save pot Trying the good rowlinson disappeared. They went off in the distance. Something here coordinate go and he wrestled all and wrestled dolph just like triple h when the fien soda. And i'm still going. We think oh god awful and then they say here's an should i should say now is not jade. Cargo beats killian king. This was our first live magic. Think on since the tag title since tag match shack right and then jade officials chicken's good though she she has a look. Who's among jade cargo. No fucker i'm talking about kirsch king. Good no she's good okay. That was not giving her anything. That killing king goes good. She's good listen all j. carlos missing the fucking head and she's exactly what it's y Mark stone marks was the attorney for jeff correct. I had no idea who the fuck you was. She signs him as her manager So now she has a mouthpiece ryan he said. He says that he only gets paid when she wins. Okay mirrow beat dante to retain the tnc title after the match. Our squash match comes out confronts him we speak brawl that an archer got the hands at the myrtle. Look he's gonna come this last year. I know who you do now. Rather lastly those videos archer being midgets in a barn exactly a year ago now. occurs sheila. He cars you. I'm sorry is presented with the new awa women's title it's slightly bigger and it's gold and as diamond on her as diamonds on breaker. Dnd's also homeschool ring about about though it is. Yeah she's gonna lose solitaire bread banker interrupts until she lets joy having it while she can as. Dnv era begins double or nothing that that was an era where the three sixteen an era which began with three sixteen. Where the era. That's gonna happen again. Dmv bella panetta either pages scorpio sky beaten evil and stu grayson after the match. Darby allin comes out with a parade of fake stings. Sky takes out some clubs that can be used. How many times sting we get it. Mad like halloween insecure as a that way for this sky takes some of them. But what of the thing is actually the real estate. This is worse than when he was the world. Champion instinct attacked them wearing a mask and say oh. Sting god then. They've chased off. Explain your own fucking you roll. Uranium mask off. Hey they ran off. And it's like we're still running away from a sixty two year old man the upper-hand beating up the fake stings. Main event. a w stain fucking promise. I was a kid. I get it. Inner circle video packages shown in a circle. Go over what they've been through together since the debut episode of dynamite all the episode. All the members take turns talking about the history together chris. Jericho says if they go down this sunday they will go down in a blaze of glory. Share hug the pinnacle interrupt to reveal that they kidnapped jericho's friend dean linko avary body circle go to the rescue rescue dean but the jumped by the pinnacle. And we had the scariest double pile driver spot into tables. I've ever seen in life. So we've gonna house roy. Dax harwood has since had a cash at ortiz. Dax went through the table casting. Not exactly a position. These mother fuckers in the worst way to go off all my god and the show ends with the pinnacle. All this and i went to about the die i i. I don't even know how these fucking is going to make it to fucking double another and this is the reason why i don't like shit like this. Why would we even care. That jericho was mad. That demon. I dunno because the week before the week four holes xactly right. Yeah oh and that closes out But we got predict all of these. Hold on a second. I've the current. He's winning by the way you think. So we're gonna get to it. We we get the finalisation. We're doing Wwl thing predictions guys so They boy has the whole card for your is has it. So let's let's get it going. Well we got. We started at the buy in with everybody's favorite champions the nwa world women's title as serenity. Defense against really. I love fucking serena deeb. I love her rocking. Hey this is gonna be the best women's match partner good No she no. I didn't realize that you go back. Take you back to shimmer. That's you supposed to be asked. I agree fuck like serena. I'm going to retain i'm going to say. That reijo actually wins as she fucking defends the nwa title on both fucking shows. I'm telling you ice arena. Showed up on nwa yet No i haven't seen a fuck de reba wins. Because i don't care. I'm kidding serena deeb windsurf the real wins. I'm tell you for double or nothing. And that's gonna be their pop right there. I would die. So that is the by in match Going onto the officials show. It's going to be the for the tnt championship miro defends against lance archer. Jake his corner mira win winds do know now. He's going to canada. 'cause onto can't control themselves. I think this would lead to arena not cute match. It's so weird with aid of his booking it's like he won't tap the the book is nobody has been no fuck finishes everybody's been pinning people and clean or right. It'll probably be that. He just passes out that he doesn't fucking on either tampa or hopefully jay doesn't throw in the towel. Yes something like that. yeah hopefully. He don't got nearer archer Mutations he just got the heat has got the bro. It's gonna a cheating mechanism though. Going gonna be clean rupp knowing how w rox shit and we're gonna roll up here. Jake might actually cost him on accident. You know. I don't know yeah. That's actually a good look to. I don't know we'll see both mirror. Way mirror retains scotto hangman and pays versus. Brian cage So so desperate. I'm gonna go hang. the hangman. needs a win over. sorry deo him. They owe him so much hard. This is going to be the match rare. Brackish officially breaks off from the task. They owe paid so much right now. He's been fraught for me. Exactly they gotta give they gotta give Other big money thing. That went was probably was very entertaining. I think this is fine for now. Because i think two baby faces going forward air. But he's been oh because i'd like to see ranking. it's mirrow. He had the big the big build up with him and kenny. Still going to happen. But we're waiting five years for this. We'll wait until august hopefully going to say that I say pays gets it because it makes it one in one. And then they'll do that they'll do the The rubber match. I think hook on. This would be probably be imaginary hook up at fox up on brian's like you know what fuck this shit because remember them didn't they not supposed to be ringside so we'll all be so we'll see that this is tough. This is tough because both are really talented. They must be the top baby faces. The company hamer. I love as well my favorites I think he did they said. Hey w. smith kissing his dick because they fucked him he might who can basically go to. The police get called repegging because they but them housing time comes. He's leaving awa he's out going up the roof hate. Xt she casino battle royale for future aew world championship match. Your participants are don't care everybody else but Who's gonna be my god. He's going to be the twenty one I'll eat it all tonight. A andrade will today. As soon as announced his mentioned the first participant was announced christian. Cage this for him. Exactly here the fuck and lackluster debut. He needs this is going to be funny to be going to be twenty one. Big commentary for this. I'm twenty one. It's not going to be drawn. Come on sorry. I didn't think about the age. It's going to be David respond. why horrible you know that. Y'all it's funny because Isaac is has been saint nick. Gage might be in this shit. I'm going case we're supposed to be a fast one. Kill yourself trash. Nikki's was supposed to be the last one. But that's i this one you'll in this one he won't be the final guy. But hope you fucking he'll be is then bryan and option bryan danielson. No how no regard anywhere near this this. If he goes to a he knows. It's a step down. It's like you went from being a fucking director at the popular to the kidney team. You went for being a director of a program to becoming a fucking a bad guy at a supermarket that it's it's no you don't do that. The nature cannot win christmas on. Who was this. Yeah christian cage Awa women's world title hero shida defendants dr brit bigger dnd. I agree one hundred percent. Don't call me reba. I think one hundred percent where we saying that britain baker we have been built a for a year now picture. My words. Broker loses this match. I will not watch awa. Women's matches ever against be skipped school circle. Funding the news. Really nothing to watch anyways as long dream was to defend the town front of people so this is one last chance to do it right. Aggie right first and last What else up staying for and darby allin against scorpio. Sky in ethan page. Once the team sky paged old. The old heads goal over man. You got you gotta go with the phases to. This is the story of the face. This is a stupid match though. It's really doubling still. Won't scratch that. Fuck that ethan. Pagent scorpio win oscar penance. Yes i think. It's the other way i page just pin on overstaying. No he goes the other way. I think staying pains on scorpio because skopje. Such a big stink fan. So that's what he wants. Oh yeah take is that. Where if this mashed his company fuck itself. it's been fucking no different than actually the advertisers. The fuck this is a this is not going to be cinematic. Staying will wrestle in front of people which means dr is gonna take all the bumps is you can means that means that stings gonna be in the corner for forty five minutes getting punched in the fucking for forty five minutes. Turn the show. I'm thinking thirty five minute rest hold. I'm hoping it's forty five minutes. Whatever all right awa world tag team. Titles as the young books take on wild thing john moxie and eddie kingston low bucks win for now but Became yes because tomorrow in kingston low rene about a pop and moxie interview. You can do an angle where they injure mocks with. It's time to get the titles off the box. Listen it bought it get it got gotta last year And killing every team. So i'm gonna say i'm gonna say that matsen and eddie get. It doesn't matter if she pops because the only russell once a month they can they can make an angle with hurt. Anything matter They can they know they can write anything. Night doesn't matter it's like he's not gonna go go on a roll to defend tag titles in giving fucking don't go anywhere they go to play but now they're gonna hit the road soon and they'll be all right and plus he lives he lives in. They live in vegas. So it's not there they'll be alright is for reason why should be done because it's because spice up the tag division deletes knowing a w they'll be like the supposed to be this this great fucking faction keep the titles for a long time but this dumb because there's this thing. Okay so cocky. Who's about small 'cause we're still be good. Anywa the big get them back and put people over the fuck that shit. God co main event for the awa world title in a three way match lawler komen. That was the main event stadium stampede. Three way match with awa world title. Kenny omega defense against arms casting and pack. Wait a minute you know the same. Since he's ending the paper you you know it lou. Matt this is the first triple threat match or no not tripled. Ms for the world title. That they book. I know the first one us as courtroom book. They call the pretty way dance. Sounds like a porno three way match. I think it's still i. Pet for submission is the winner. The winner the winner is nobody was this match is going to suck ass. I'm going to hate this match so much. Passion with a passion at least kenny. My micro yuga kenny. Red ruge okay. Wait let me finish my. Tell me what you got. Who yeah orange cassidy wounds. Okay i swear to god orange cassidy with and you know what you would end of meghan. Now i swear to god. Ah i'm not saying well ours. Kassy's gonna wind keep his belt for a few for a month. He might lose next week. For god's sakes might lose it on the next show. I swear to god. He is getting his daniel bryan moment for a live audience. This is exactly what they wanted. It's a triple threat match against two guys against the underdog with the championship day. O'brien man. This sounds really familiar. Guess was been copying storylines from wwltv for the past couple weeks like the milk truck. A w orange cassidy is the underdog in this story key wins. He gets his special dale. Brian moment on their biggest pay per view of the year. He lose the belt like in a week or two kenny omega again. But this will be his moment. I swear to god. I why why would i see orange cassidy. I hate him. Why say orange cassidy. If i wasn't confident about this orange cassidy and here's the thing k. Doesn't take the pins. That's why tell kenny woods. Be back. orange casualty doc. Poc and kenny will. Kenny would be taken out of the match due to moxley and kenny. A key and kingston interference. He'll be taken out and it'll be a single become a singles match orange cast. You will win the championship. i swear. Mark my words. I swear to god. He's the he's ever doesn't happen here. It'll happen again. Some other time. Krasny will get his day. O'brien moment swear to god they're not gonna to wbz lee's especially like spring break type. Shit his what i hate about. This is what i hate about this. Why have a gimmick with rest of that doesn't give a fuck about wrestling and he's fighting for the world title now. He cares exactly. He held the title of the mets are being the braves thirteen run on a server. I y what when you establish from day one delegate about wrestling just has his pockets billy wrestles and now fighting for the world title and a year after fighting jericho. Y upgrades kenny omega. My whole thing was that i would have had a long story where he doesn't give a fuck about wrestling. And then you see him slowly progressing out of that because he became such the bigger underdog that he became like a job or and all this shit and then slowly out of that he started to care care and he's not. Kansas party lost all the time he started realizing that promo. He started realizing that his not caring for wrestling is affecting his people. Like tram pennies. Pay all trent which are Chalk 'cause trent not and and and and stat landowner became slowly. Because i go. I need to start giving a phone because like you said it started affecting my team start affecting my people and like you said it's been about money. There was within about this whole thing is that they had at the ranking setup. Where page was number one. Cage them to they do that. One match where cage beats then the fall within the blunt like. Oh the number one and number two rain wrestles are pack and orange cassidy like wait a minute. Have they been farming on fucking dark another. How did they get up to one and two two on the same shit about see her matches though. Yeah but did she would like to baxter's on fucking dynamite and arrest was wear on elevation in dark. And i need to follow that because this could be a public the second show this is. This is the reason why this is all laws. This whole match has been focused on. Kenny and orange pack is better than not factor in this right. So meanwhile he's he should he's looks like a fucking world champion okay. So here's here's my thought about this. I i still think kenny's retaining. No i think he's gonna be orange if kenny loses. I'm happy because i don't want him to fucking win. Because i hate in period. I hate it. It's it's it's dunzo with him We've had this conversation on a previous episode. Where i don't see this whole idea of him being the greatest wrestler of the modern. I don't. I don't think that either i don't get it He's not the rest of the decade Far from it. they're not gonna give it to pot because i don't see packers. Tnt champion unfortunately right the day if he gets himself more over and i know puck and and knowing pocket if he if he's the same like he wasn't wwe walkout fucking overseas. He's like i. Don't i go back to me. At least that he will go for. He would go by the dragon gate. All dragon gate which is up. But he'll go to. Can you imagine japan. Can you imagine seeing pop versus walter. All they wouldn't do that because he's always too small. No they'll do it. They'll do it. We'll be talking about walter eakin. Look i really as much as i say i'm gonna say. Whoever scores the pin wins it's limitation. As as i'm gonna say kenny's gonna win. Because he will take he will pin. You won't pin orange hue. He'll impact because some shit that orange did not know why i have to talk. But then that's built a kenyan orange of dynamite right. But i have to say that i saw that. I really think that they'll do some dumps again. They'll give it some fucking orange. It'd be the stupidest shit bullshit bros. Good brothers and the best friends around. They'll be it's it's a known fact right now that it'll be a big fuck you to anybody to wwe anybody who doesn't believe that orange cascade of the above because they've always we have big plans for orange cassidy over the big you guys who hate him. You're gonna put the title on somebody like this. I swear to god this this is own mind orange jazzy. I got this is horrible. If that is hello this is. The television is what i'll say. If mike's prediction is true that the young books do lose the tag belts. The kenny kenny. Kenny loses they kenny loses. Because they're not really fall. If you bucks retain i might because. This is the message that i did ask. I'm i'm really having not anxiety but not so so pissed it because it's so it's stupid is. This is what happens when you fall a dark. Dopey it's dom it's so fucking orange as your final. Yes i really. I as much as i don't want to say but yeah i'm going to have to say they'll give him the fucking bell. And even if kenny was a really cutting it'd be like that i want my rematch. Now one wednesday. I you know what i don't want anybody to win this. How about that. I don't want no wonder when the she okon contact for the main event. I'm about to go to bed. Oh for the mandolin. The pinnacle against the inner circle and a stadium stampede match if the inner circle goose. They must disband as a team this ever. This is easy. It's going to be stupid. Match is gonna be dumbest. Shit wins inner circle wind. And it's going to be a bunch of stupid gimmicks emmys semi fucking sammy's fall off the fucking out of gujarat bullshit. Jericho's gonna come out of nowhere. Jerkers yuccas legitimately hurt stole right. Yeah so thousand. Mark my words. When i tell you this this is going to happen. Jerko taken out early of course ambushed right by the next time we see him at the finish because at the finish inner circle is gonna win by jerko. Coming out of nowhere and pushing. Mj pride rock or judas effect knocking jeff tall platform. That's what's going to be pushed him off last time jerk do the same this time. Inner circle wins. It's going to be a real gimmick fest the pinnacle what you wanna bet jack swagger sorry jake hager and ward lower football helmets and football spee. They're to charge. each other. Is fucking defensive lineman each other pretty good fan. Can i pitch my ideas. So i have the pinnacle winning with jake hager turning on the inner circle jeff. Buying them off or somebody. That events feud with jericho Because see jake hager being fucking volume baby face. Kicks people. On the dick intimate. Is it a match. I know it's just one one far pinfall submission or give up. Who takes the pin. Sammy guevara for me. I d m. Joe takes nj f need to spend consents. Hannitys need better. I take years shawn spears. Where eating l. Just got to do it. Because this is like the ultimate finale of like the story of jericho build 'em jeff ankle a single day and take a law. He's the fall guy future basically. Yeah you can't after your is attacking they need to be. It'd be semi pins shawn spears. What makes them tap of gas. I'm sure i mean. Sending last year fell off a thing but from the When when angel yeah so my guys. That's typical tabloid going to wrap it up quickly Also go your asleep. I'm going right now. i do. You have anything up with What mr funke pop Content wise. I suppose w digs it. I'm taking pictures like in bulk but In terms of the podcast. I need to find a day that i'm off. I will keep you updated on the podcast but in terms of content. I post pictures every day. I i have pictures in the volt ready to go. Don't hang up yet. I know you wanna use other guys. Thanks for taking your show you guys love and as always follow us on social media always follow us on the podcasting especially there and Tomoko tabloid just put it on a google search or honor. Instagram turned macaroni. Once again thank you. Thank you vote for for doing our social media outlets in any part of that. And as always i am jada santee and i am a mook metal ski and and Take guys we're outta here. Turnbuckle tabloid der buckled. Tia lloyd.

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