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April 10, Hr 3  Pastor Paula White-Cain and Kevin Carr

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April 10, Hr 3 Pastor Paula White-Cain and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi and it's all about keeping the faith eight zero seven now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. F. K. Dot Com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum? Colorado ones like many others around the world will celebrate Easter Sunday with on line services as a covert nineteen once again has so many ramifications canceling services around the world. So how do we keep the faith Pastor Paula White? Cain is these spiritual adviser personal minister to President Donald Trump and is renowned life coast bestselling author and motivational speaker host of the TV. Show Paula White today. She is author of a great book. Something greater pastor. Welcome to the show so good to be with you and your listeners. This morning I so appreciate your being here on. Good Friday and boy as we grapple with all of the changes and all of the challenges associated with a covert nineteen. I'll reiterate that question. How do we keep faith during very uncertain times and we can be assured that we serve a certain God and and these are not normal times the whole world has been turned upside down and seemingly? What fills overnight. I'm always reminded of scripture in the book of Job. That says he sets an into darkness and we have to keep in mind that there is an into this God who has Auburn and all knowing is not up on the throne you know nervous and panicked and having a committee meeting. He knows exactly what we would be going through and I believe he has a piece and answers and his presence is love to walk us through this time and it's time that we're seeing in ministry so many people it really have come to the end of themselves and what I mean by that is all change always feels like loss and so when we feel like we lose something when life changes drastically we come to the recognition that we're not as in control of life as we'd like to think or believe and that life can be very fragile and that is when. I believe people begin to search get introspective and look and in God is standing there with love and mercy and grace at the door saint. Joseph's Open the door right here and that's what we're seeing right now. Gallup poll and puree searches come out recently with statistics. Say Twenty five percent plus of people who've never really prayed regularly turned to God or looking for those answers that they're praying and they're looking to God right now on. What an opportunity for those of us who I say are not super religious but really love God we we have a real relationship with God can say to people just as they are. God loves you. And he's here for you and he's here for your family and he'll bring peace passes all understanding pastor. Paula white is personal minister and spiritual advisor to President. Donald Trump author of the book something Greater Finding Triumph over trials. It's terrifying when you realize the timing. We have been told by the president and of course by the surgeon. General that This week and next are going to be the equivalent of our nine eleven. It's the equivalent of World War. Two and the death toll expected to spike on Easter Sunday. Which raises the question. Can you have resurrection without suffering a great question? I think those of us who are Christians and understand that this day. Good Friday is our beliefs most difficult day when we really begin to recognize the price that was paid when God loved the world that he gave his only gone south. There is nothing pretty about the cross. The crucifixion was brutal. It was ugly terrific. It should not have been. He went under a flake from Andy was crucified. Retender Roman wall during the political climate at the time of the wall. That should have never happened but Isaiah. The Prophet showed us that he would be wounded for our transgressions and you would be bruised for our iniquities chastisement of our peace. If the opponent bit by those stripes we are healed and it doesn't just be physical healing which is inclusive but it means to be restored and to be saved and to be made whole and if you reconcile to God and so we look at the brutal beating of Kreis there was such an unrighteous I would I would say unholy horrific debt but he died that death and paid a price to give me an all those who would receive him like that we could never earn so yes it is. It is what I call great Friday. That leads to Black Saturday that led to resurrection Sunday. And we know that the story didn't end there that he died and was buried in that world tune but on the third day he rose again. I just read an article. Not that it'll come out in the Washington Post on Easter and I ended with Resurrection Sunday gives us hope that we can never resurrected society. And I do believe that that while. It is the darkest right now we know. The power of Resurrection knows the greatest. Starting this is right before the greatest light and perhaps this Sunday is more significant than any Easter. We've ever experienced in our lifetime that we will absolutely seem we know. God uses science and our medical profession and government and technology. And all these wonderful things but could it be because when we were initially faced with this Colona virus and briefing the president and we didn't have the data that we have now are. We were just starting the mitigation with trying to slow the spread with initially fifteen as and we were looking at what we seventy percent of the population affected. Would it be thirty percent and those could have been maybe even should've been two million? Three million could have been two hundred. Three hundred thousand early predictions were in. It's devastating to have one lifelock devastating. My prayers were for every family member for every person that is experienced wall. Street IS CORONA. Virus is is heart-wrenching however we look and say perhaps we have seen miracle. Perhaps you've seen divine intervention so many millions of people around the world or crying out people say praying and asking for miracle that while the numbers are horrific and heart wrenching. It it is. It could happen and should have been. I think much more devastating so we do thank God for for intervention for a society that for the most part has gone along the guidelines and to get an entire nation of almost three hundred seventy million people walking in sync and seeing the best of humanity. Come out caring for one another and doing their part to help. Slow the spread Jamais. That's a miracle within itself and so I. I do know that numbers are horrific. And it's it's extremely fat as I've been dealing with Pearson Ministry friends and distant family members that we know are either suffering from corona virus or even died to this. There's only one of my faithful members my church last night and her brother passed away in New York this week. Would it is. It's it's we all have someone that we now is suffering from this. We also see that that God is a faithful God and he will bring us peace. He'll bring us through this and we can look at the good that is happening through this devastating disease and that is maybe the world needed a reset. I maybe we've all become a little more caring a little more conscious little more loving putting the human back into humanity. I I agree with you. I think that is accurate. Way of saying that that's the way I don't mean to pry or I don't want you to breach competences but I'm I'm curious in your capacity as the personal minister and spiritual advisor to President trump. What do you say to him? So many things I'm so honored to have known President trump for nineteen years and have a relationship with him and his family during this time. I think the world gets to see the man that I've known as leadership of his strength is ability to lead And Walk in my prayer and I tell him often spoke to him the other day and said you know they're millions of people praying for you while I after wonderful opportunity bringing the consensus in the briefing on condition and Bitchy. Asked me last time? You said where people said. Poehler they turning to God falling away from God and I encouraged and I said is what I shared that we administer. You're seeing people really come to God and you hear it. He was on the phone with US. Ten thousand faithfully. There's two days ago he was reading and it wasn't anything political. It wasn't anything of of voting for him or this is what his administration has done. It really was to encourage you. Wanted to call faith. Losers a rabbi's pastors priests together and encourage them and thank them for their leadership. And and helping Terry this nation through this difficult time and he was reading out of Isaiah and he just paused and said how true this is to me and he was talking about. Isiah facing some dark times coming through it and and I believe that I know that he knows that. Millions OF PEOPLE PRAYING FOR HIM. He comes from a strong foundation of. Betas. Mother was a godly woman. Very praying woman. They went to church every single Sunday. You went to church without fail until Norman Vincent Phil and retired and you know I've been strong part of being in that inner part of his his spiritual walk and so his is gratitude for people's prayer and the strength of what he feels right now by the prayers of so many is overwhelming to him and and we know he knows that it is making a difference so I encourage people to continue to pray for our Vice President First and second family. All our leaders. Our governors mayors county officials is their faith with very difficult. Decisions has to look at the big picture of The health questions the economic the Yesterday we've done with mental health. Care leaders You know the the what we recall for side effects and certainly going to have long lasting implications to be sure some that we can't even begin to identify yet. Co True and he is tackling all of that and looking at the picture holistically and and really works nonstop. I mean I've never seen anyone like he's tireless. It really is. I mean just phasing off. It's ten thirty loving at night and so please let them up. In prayer wisdom of God would be with them and he would know the timing of God not to get too ahead of it and not July behind it because timing is going to be very important. Pastor Paula white too personal ministers spiritual advisor to president trump. I would love to invite you back on the show because we didn't get a chance to talk about your book but your book has something greater certainly inspirational your life story in and of itself. Something Greater Finding triumph over trials. Where we find your book on Amazon Books Million Barnes and noble and it really is someone said to me the other day they savoy. God's perfect timing that you taught the principles of overcoming tracked using trials the unknown difficulties and little did you know you'd be writing to the nation to the world how they can find hope in hopeless situations and overcome in their own personal life so encouraged people that is something. Greater Book Dot Com and they can find how to get that. Thank you so much. Thank you Pastor Paula. White from darkness into the light. You've certainly been an inspirational force for us this morning. We certainly appreciate it. Happy Easter to you be well. Happy Easter. Thank you so much less a twenty thirteen ten. Kfi K. A sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Kay Haigh Thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with you. Extremists live or find your favorite podcast at thirteen ten K. and K. DOT COM eight. Thirty seven out there gene ten. Kfi AM thirteen ten K. A. Dot com when Sagale live local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. A welcome breath of normalcy although he rails against being called normal. Kevin car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. You can hear his weekly syndicated program right here on thirteen ten. Kfi each and every Saturday from noon to one and he is the latest greatest edition to our thirteen ten. Kfi May Block party heard Wednesdays. You can hear them in car at eight. All right. Kevin wait for it. Wait for it wait for it. I'll you doing. I'm doing doing doing well as well. So good to hear your voice. How not seriously how? How are you doing with all this? We're doing fine? Everything seems to be good in in my local circle You know everyone's safe and healthy at home. So that's a good thing. People aren't going to bonkers. We're used to this. I've said this before my wife a teacher so we're used to have everyone home during During the summer so it's not as It's not as jarring for US although my my oldest is a bit of an extrovert. So he's he's. He's happy to be an essential employees at best. Buy Right now there you go you gotTa love it all right so I gotta I gotTa ask you a question because I just discovered I was a week late to the proverbial party across the state. We've started going out at eight o'clock at night and howling howling. Oh Moon doing the howling at the pink moon. That wasn't pink by the way that Superman whatever but no it's and basically it's just a way for us to to all reconnect since when it really can't connect these days except from six feet and we're all wearing masks at this point when we're going out to those essential trips Yada Blah. You know the drill. But I'm are they doing that? No hieaux they're doing they`ve. I've haven't happened in my neighborhood. I know in some bigger cities. They're they're they're cheering for healthcare workers and stuff. They've done some things in Ohio whether we'll have a parades where people drive around in their car and they'll cheer for the teachers I know one of the kids in our neighborhood. He just had a birthday so he drove around and everyone honking their horns and stuff you can do to to connect away and they give give give yourself a reminder that there's something more outside your four walls go together parts and I'll tell you what it it's a deeply primal and it's just a heck of a lot of fun all right speaking of apply it. Yes yes be an early adopter there. You go all right speaking of Fun. Trolls world tour and out. That was set for release right and it's going straight to video on demand if you remember when when they shut the theaters down about a month ago. Everything that was in theaters is moving. We moved to demand and then they just pushed everything else. Away with this trolls. Movie would just sort of sitting down here in April. And everyone's like it's Sorta like when you're when you're at a at a restaurant somebody hasn't finished foods or like. Are you GONNA eat that? What's going to happen here with this and so- DreamWorks has decided to pivot right into a Vod release which is this is the first one that's not been released and as that was meant to be. You know thousands of theaters And they're going to say hey. We're just going to bypass everything which which is a bit of a gutsy move. But I think it's GONNA pay off for dreamworks because there's nothing new out there right now and it's something for kids you can do with the family. It's twenty dollars to rent it for forty eight hours and a lot of people you know you may think of that's a little pricey but you if you have a family of four you're going to take the kids on the weekend and go see the movie. You're coming out ahead here really absolutely you gotta get ready to drop two hundred bucks for the big Tub of popcorn dose exactly exactly and so. You can watch with your kids for family movie night. You know the the tonight or this week or anytime really want to and You know if you've got a everyone at home. Here's the thing that that's the story. I was not a fan of the first movie. I thought it was okay but I thought it had some goofy messaging going on and he tried a little too hard. This one weirdly enough just eases into the story and the stories kind of insane when you hear it. It's about you know these. The two trolls from the first movie Play in a Kendrick and Justin. Timberlake have to stop Barb Queen. Barb this heavy metal rock troll who wants to wipe out all the other music and turn it all into heavy metal and they have to try and stop her. And you think that's just an insane plot but you but you remember those albums in the seventies whether it'd be like an entire album would be about some some overlord who wanted to stop the music and then the you know the band just had a rock it's hardest you know win overtakes. That's basically what the movie is. Okay all right. I think even I could follow. And it's it's out there and bizarre it's colorful and a giant glitter bomb of silliness. But you know what we? Kinda is that right now. It's weirdly refreshing as as silly and it's absurd as goofy as he's trolls. Are I kind of got into it? I'm like ninety three minutes. You're not thinking about you know Rona virus and everything and it's a welcome break from everything that we're going through these days. You know. It's funny as we're sitting here. Having this conversation I have sorry. Rockies I haven't gotten the Rockies tro yet I actually had my Pittsburgh Pirates troll with the bright yellow hair in my hand go rob him for good luck. Yes definitely. It's the only thing that my puppy rudy hasn't torn the glasses out. Yes something about. Glass is in stuffed animals. They go immediately. I don't know maybe it's like what are you looking at? Stop at least just stuffed animals. Hopefully that's not happening in the real world because your your puppy could be a monster. Who doesn't idea for a horror story now? Just call gaels puppy. Yeah we could call it rudy rudy return of Rudy Looking. Now like what do you want? What do you watch out digress? What you bring up a very good point Kevin. I don't understand the people that are like Ooh I need to watch contagion. I'm like really why it's it's happening. It's real wants to watch the news for exactly. I'd rather see something that gets my mind out of the darkness that is Ovid nineteen. Yeah and it's it's that's I think that what's what's good about this movie honestly. I it's it's I if I had seen this just on a regular April I probably would have been like cute. You know we're but I'm like this is really something because we just had onward last week go to Disney placid. It's been on demand for a couple of weeks and I remember how much people were very hungry for that. Just to show something to their kids that everybody can enjoy and just have some fun with and that's really what this this troll movies about. I mean it's silly and it's stupid as watching like this this times kind of doesn't make sense but that's okay. I it served the purpose into spirits. It really is fun. It's it's it's a cute little movie. I liked it better than the original movie that they did. So and maybe it's just the the head space we're in right now but who knows exactly well. Speaking of uplifting films This also video on demand. We summoned the darkness. Now this I wouldn't call this one as uplifting but I would like to see. It is a heavy metal seems to be a theme this week because it's a horror movie. It's a it's a grownup film. Don't don't don't mix up trolls. And some of the darkness family movie night might be a little weird but it takes place in the eighties where these girls are going to a heavy metal like satanic rock concert and they run into these three guys and they go out partying afterwards and it leaves it into possible serial killers or or or. There's there's murder mayhem. I don't want to give too much away. Because they let up but they also have twists and turns and changes to the plot that are some are a predictable but it has a lot of them so that you're not gonna you don't see everything coming and if you're a fan of like eighties horror movies and you've seen the slasher movies especially like in the mid to late eighties. It seemed like every single movie that was released. Had some metal hairband doing an anthem for it whether it was a whether it was a nightmare on Elm street movie or I never made that connection. But you're absolutely right it it. They really doubled down especially in the late eighties. I I went over to a friend's house. Once a couple years ago we were watching a bunch of harmonies from that time. And he's a big metal head and he was. He put a whole bunch of these. Just terrible music all the movies. But they're all relevant. 'cause every single harvey had had a metal music video in there. That's funny all right. I'll let you go a couple of other entrees. I suppose in the cinematic world amazing stories and home before dark this on Apple. Tv plus the Apple TV plus a subscription service. Haven't talked about them for a while. But they're still out there and they've still got new content to Amazing stories is the reboot of the Steven Spielberg produced Anthologies sci-fi series here. He's from the from the eighties and then Home before dark story. It's actually based on a real life girl who was like a journalist age nine and would would like investigate murders and stuff so she got you know. Run up against people who are like. You shouldn't be doing this year age reading. I remember reading a newspaper piece about her. Yeah and it's it's a fictionalized story but it is. It's a nine year old girl. Who's kind of Nancy drawing it up? You know trying to figure out what's going on and pulling on strings she shouldn't be and it's actually it's a neat little like sort of detective story thing but told him kind of like three tiers like the kids level when she's nine not that it's like family friendly stuff about murder but you know it's like a kids more of a kid's mystery and then they have the teenagers in there and they got have their sort of teen angst story and then you have the club dolts dealing with real life stuff and the blowback from that. But it's an IT's a neat little series all ten episodes. I think all are available right now on apple. Tv Plus Right. Sounds like a plan. Kevin Car fat guys at the mini stack is at the movies dot com. Thank you so much as always have a great Easter and be well and Gimme a how come on you gotta break one out. That's enough time tonight. I would expect nothing less Kevin. Thanks so much be well. Eight forty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the Best High School Coverage Kovacs and I continue reviewing movies and TV shows because there's no sports on TV. Join US next time as we review tombstone on the whole show thirteen ten. Kfi were all repurposing. These days right like tombstone at the year. What Colefax and Brady all say about that whole show? Of course weekdays noon to two fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM glorious Good Friday had it's GonNa be a warm one under sunny skies might even see highs getting up into the seventy s but to calibrate me Matt Mickens Channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists atmospheric scientists in not. I'm your huckleberry there you go. How you doing stone as a girl rate movie? I loved to good yes. That's awesome absolutely awesome as today's weather but it looks like we got to change in store for Easter Right. Yeah Yeah you already hit the nail on the head with the seventy stay. Most of us do hit the seventies with sunshine. But commending for the weekend Saturday will start off like you know like nothing Have SOME SUNSHINE. Warm up quickly and then Very very rapid change will hit later. Saturday the temperatures will tank will bring in some clouds. It'll start this rain and snow and most of that will be happening Lake Saturday into Sunday morning in that leaves Easter pretty much stuck in the twenties passing clouds. we'll have some moisture around although it kind of looks like it will come in waves like one wave in the early morning with some snow and perhaps some some lingering stuff throughout the day so it's not gonna be like a non-stop snow but it's GonNa be nonstop cold all day long so It's going to hit Easter right on right on cue here And then do we turn it around on Monday. Do we get back into your warmer temperatures. No no next week remains unsettled in quite chilly for the time of year Well below average for most all of next week And a couple of little ripples that come through another on Tuesday and other on Thursday that may produce some additional snow force so Very unsettled week for next week. But it's for those that need the moisture it's going to be a good pattern for them to ask him out. Because I'm putting all of my guests through this this morning. So sorry for not giving you a heads up but nobody else got one either. Finally I'm a bit of a late adopter. I got out last night at eight. Pm and joined in the Howell. Is We support? Our healthcare workers first responders and law enforcement. Are you guys doing that? We did a couple of nights ago. Yeah the kids got a real kick out of it. Of course we're not much of house and we're like ooh but it's gotten progressively powerful over the last few nights like now everybody in the neighborhood's going out at eight to do it so it's a pretty cool thing all right so give us your best. How well done whoopie well done channel to pinpoint weather? Meteorologists Matt Make Ends Be well be safe and happy Easter to you. Thanks eight six now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the Best High School Coverage. Hda now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM warnings with. Gail you're good. Friday edition live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum this as we experience even more changes in our life as we approach Easter but any number of churches throughout Well throughout the state across the country indeed Around the world of making it possible to celebrate. Easter Albeit Virtually and you have to do is really go to your. Churches website had a pretty extensive list of churches throughout northern Colorado. And my guess is if you are a Churchgoer. Your church is probably on that list. Just go excuse me to their website For Easter Services. In meantime be well. Stay safe stays calm. Practice that social distancing all right coming up right after mornings with Gail. Of course it's no co now with your host Tanner swint kind of your touchstone in northern Colorado. And you can reach out and ask any questions that you would like as we draw together community with the Noko now From nine to ten hall show coming your way of course From noon to two and Just remember I'll see out there at eight tonight. Ready the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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June 12, Hr 3  Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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June 12, Hr 3 Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. We're not talking about the IRS. We are however talking about the Colorado General Assembly. Expected thankfully can't come soon enough to wrap up this week. Eight thousand, eight, thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten K. APP, K., A. Dot Com. Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Live local via the auto collision specialists studios all right Colorado Springs. Gazette editorial board doing a great piece. Typically, you know we kind of work our way through the legislative session while it was interrupted as most of our lives have been as a result of the covid nineteen pandemic about when they came back, they came back with a vengeance with any number of bills one a tobacco and vaping tax just introduced yesterday afternoon. That kind of gives you some insight as to what their plans are as springs, gazettes, rights, legislature plans to bury us in taxes going onto, say never as one simple fact been so clear businesses fund everything when shut down to slow the spread of Covid, the state government went from a nearly one billion dollar revenue surplus to a three point three billion dollar shortfall. Shortfall shuttered businesses while they don't collect sales. Taxes stands to reason, and they're out of work. Employees don't pay state income taxes. Give him the sorry state of our economy and state budget business recovery should be should be the legislatures top priority to help them recover and survive. Lawmakers should reduce the burden of overhead. Give these struggling patients, referring to businesses, oxygen and And you can build them for it later, but instead of helping businesses actually recover and indeed survive well. Legislators want more money from them, and they want it now toward that self destructive end Democrats introduced house. Bill Fourteen twenty on Monday and passed it out of committee Tuesday with the session ending this week. The bill proposes eliminating and or altering nine count on nine tax breaks to suck one point six billion dollars out of the economy over the next four years. It would revoke business saving tax breaks. Breaks created by the federal cares stimulus bill and President Donald Trump's tax cuts of two thousand seventeen, the cuts that led the soaring employment and economic growth. The bill would slash assortment of other tax credits long-term result less business survival, slower, economic growth, less employment, growth, fewer startups and businesses relocating to Colorado. It's a foolish attempt to tax our way to success. The new taxes are a clear violation of the Colorado constitutions taxpayer bill of rights, but the State Supreme Court reliable reliably refuses to uphold that law. Constitution could not be more clear forbidding quote, a tax policy change directly causing a net tax revenue gain at stable without an election to give the higher taxes and emotional appeal. Legislators insist it's all for the kids. It's all for children's schools yet. The nonpartisan Colorado legislative staff reports. Only half of the anticipated revenue would go to schools with the other half bolstering the General Fund. While the bill would burden employers that doubles the earned income tax credit for low wage earners and makes immigrants here illegally eligible by removing the need to claim it with a social security number, so here's a some other elements of this little gem cap deductions for net operating losses, including those caused by corona virus related shutdowns at forty thousand dollars eliminate deductions for capital gains on out of state investments including. Including real estate sales eliminate tax breaks on energy purchases, namely, electricity, coal, gas, few oil, steam, coke, or nuclear fuel for business and industrial uses eliminate deductions for net operating losses established by cares act eliminate the access business loss deductions allowed also by the cares act and excess business. Loss is the amount by which the deductions attributable to a person's businesses or trades exceed their gross income and gains attributable to. To those enterprises plus two hundred and fifty thousand dollars Oh, but they're not done. Eliminate tax breaks. Insurance companies pay on premiums. They right from offices in Colorado eliminate tax exemptions for deposit fund annuity, structured settlements and lottery payouts eliminate the qualified business income deduction intended to help small businesses structured as sole proprietorships, limited liability, corporations, and partnerships for anyone earning more than seventy, five thousand dollars, or one hundred and. And fifty thousand dollars if they're filing jointly, the cutoff without the bill is one hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars, or an individual and three hundred fifteen thousand dollars for those filing jointly eliminate the loan interest deduction established by the cares act reducing it from fifty percents of justice taxable income to the pre pandemic limit of thirty percent. Now this comes as the legislature pushes to raise air quote fees. and. Assessments close air quote on health insurers hospitals to further subsidize state subsidized health insurance plans cover the administrative costs of a new health insurance affordability reprise fund, the State's new reinsurance program and other costs associated with. Air Quote affordable, close air quote healthcare at amounts, stieg yet another tax remember fees attached by any other name disguised as fees and assessments that insurers and hospitals will most certainly pass on to all of us. The slate of new business taxes comes as valuable initiative to seventy one threatens to eliminate Colorado's flat income tax and replace it with a two billion dollar annual tax increase with brackets decided to penalize success. The bill comes as the legislature threatens paid leave initiative that would cost businesses one point three billion dollars a year as of June. The nonpartisan Commonsense Institute identified four point one five six billion dollars in new threats of taxes, fees, and other costs for businesses and households taxing our way to success. After a member. Governor Jared Polis ran on a promise to lower taxes in a tweet inviting Elon Musk to move the tesla. Corporation to Colorado, police describe the status very pro business. Very low taxes, concludes the Colorado Springs. Gazette editorial board, we hope police is polishing his veto pen and anticipation of House Bill Fourteen. Twenty because pulled us is the only possible shield for state threatened by an avalanche, an avalanche of economy, crushing anti-business taxes. Only his pen. Can Keep Colorado very pro business, eight, sixteen, Thirteen, ten KFI K, a thirteen ten, kfi k a dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand, one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, fourteen, nine or carrying hearts, H H dot, com all sports story in northern Colorado, state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi, k. it's always your turn to comment text Kf. K. Two, three, one, nine, nine, six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Kale continues now on thirteen ten. K.. Well. No surprise here this as gone with the wind hits number one on the Amazon bestsellers chart this after each be. Oh, Max drops the movie because well, they have to put in some sort of disclaimer an explanation of when the movie was filmed and the time period in the nation's history that it represented because well, we're just too dumb to understand it. Eight twenty, nine, thirteen, ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI, a dot com sekahl fueled by Great Western petroleum gap. We talked about this as the cancel. Culture just roars on as a This was dropped by Warner media's HBO. Max pooling, Gone With the wind for racist depictions. Now this was. An Oscar winning film. removed Tuesday from the HBO Max Streaming Service. temporarily Warner media says it plans to return the movie to the library along with the discussion about the historical context for the one thousand, nine, hundred thirty nine movie and a quote denouncement of the movies racial stereotypes. All right coming up this morning. Just WanNa, pass that along to kind of timely story as we're looking forward to our conversation. With Kevin Car fat guys at the movies, fat guys at the movies dot. com of course you can hear US weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday from noon to one right here on thirteen ten K., APP k. a. and is also the newest addition to our ever so popular block party heard right here on thirteen ten KFI on Wednesday nights, but we're in talk a little bit about some video on demand films including the King of. Of Staten Island on video on demand, artemis fowl on Disney plus and the bloods five on Netflix when Kevin car that guys at the movies joins us in just a few eight, thirty, now thirteen ten KFI. K. Thirteen Ten K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school. Coverage Dan Patrick is coming up in China Northern Colorado's home for news sports and talk thirteen ten K F K now back to mornings with Kale. Eight thirty mornings with fail fueled by Great Western Petroleum Broadcasting. Live and local the auto collision specialist studios joined this morning by Kevin. Car that guys at the movies, fat guys at the movies, a dot, com and Kevin. It's been penn up for two weeks now. How you doing cop? One. I'm doing good. Is L.. O. My Gosh. I'm so sorry we missed you last week. we're. We're trying to carry the president that was supposed to start making remarks at about eight Oh five ish, mountain time, and meanwhile there's an old radio term called when you just have to fill is you're waiting for someone to take the podium? Particularly the president of the United States you sit there and you read your shorts. Basically, that's what. And I'm filling and I'm filling and billing, and he finally takes the podium at about eight thirty this so. Sorry about! Shorts they're. Just. Reading reading. That wrong. Just not suitable for polite conversation like. All right. Let's talk about some of the new releases this week. Sounds like an elite? Goodness. Everything okay. Everything was fine. My phone just gotTA. Wait for me, sorry. Well, yeah, that tends to happen to the best of US right. Let's talk a little bit about the king of Staten Island on video on demand. This is This is Pete Davidson from Saturday live. It's sort of like a I. It's his own sort of like I. Guess I alternate autobiography if he and not on the comedy. It's sort of like what would have you know. It's a coming of age story of of him as a young man becoming an adult, then of course the fact that his father was a fireman. Who died during nine eleven and this was You know him growing up without a dad, and of course having to deal with that and sort of the impact it had on his family, and now he's an adult trying to figure out where he's going, and that's basically what it is coming coming of age. She's coming of age story directed by Jeff Appetite and it runs into some of the problems of. Movies have or does kind run a little too long and it does. Tend to vamp bit too much to be drawn out. It reads short set a couple of times. Sounds. Sounds a little self absorbed an angsty well? Absolutely, it is What's funny is is. Hit Done, a movie called Big Time Adolescence. That's on Hulu that only a couple months ago. He came out and there's a lot of connective tissue with that in terms of the characters that he plays so You know I I I. Don't know I'm not a big Fan. I never really watched live so I know there are some people that love him. I know some people can't stand him. but I think a lot of this. If you like the Davidson and sort of stick that he does and if you like John Appetites working, you'll, you'll probably enjoy this movie. As, he finally gotten over the loss of area Ariana Grundy. He does not mention that. I'm going to say yes maybe. We certainly hope so because I'm poor. Little heart was just ripped to shreds. I didn't even know. Where they thing. They were to Yes so if you're a fan of Pete Davidson, you'll like this right. Yeah, yes, it's it's. It's made for the people like his stuff and I thought it was a decent enough movie, but you know with the kind of stuff we've seen before, but it's effectively done. Yeah I. Don't know I mean I could take her. Take them or leave them until he took that gratuitous shots at. Ben Crenshaw who lost his eye and services country and it was just kind of like you know Pete. Let show a little class now. To his defense of Ben Crenshaw did come on the show and he. Apologized to, but then he'd double down on it like months later. It's just like Pete. You'll never learn. I digress. Artemis Fowl Disney, plus yes, this is a this is a young adult book or a kids. Book turned into a movie, and it was supposed to come out earlier this spring. I know that the movie itself from Disney had been jostled around the release schedule a little bit, and they make finally said Hey. We're just GONNA. You know with the coronavirus and everything what is put on Disney. And that's out this week and it it tells the story of this twelve year old sort of this this genius whose father deals in antiquities and he ends up in the father, ends up getting kidnapped her disappears, and he has to. ARTEM has has to team up with these fairytale creatures that he discovers real and sort of like live beneath the surface, the ferries and dwarves and stuff like that that are going to help him. Try and get his father back it. It is a little bit messy of a plot, and they throw a lot at you. In terms of world building they it just it's just an on nonstop assault of trying to explain how everything works right at the beginning and and it does get confusing, but you know you can usually figure your way through it It's an okay movie. It's got you know. The the excitement of the special effects in the action the characters and story little bit jumbled and Around there, but ultimately if you're looking for something to watch the kids in, you, burn through everything else. It's available on Disney plus and it works for just sort of like a a a night at the movies. It's always fun seeing arduous Of course. The progeny progeny excuse me the progeny of Zeus. Cling to your thoughts a character on me. Pardon me while you might tweet coat and my monocle. Just just trying to keep it classy. One well, maybe make it classy. I don't right. We can hold this getting a lot of buzz spike Lee's newest entree. Defy five bloods on Netflix. Jess this is on that flicks exclusively on Netflix. It was going to go to theaters, but you know well. It's the spike. Lee Joins US his latest film and it tells the story of four Vietnam. Vets all. African American overturning to Vietnam. And on the cover, the point of the visit find the remains of one of their platoon members who was killed in action back in nineteen seventy one but also a little more clandestine. They're also trying to find buried treasure that they had put their that they had found back in the seventies and smuggle that back home I just sort of like the launching point for it I actually deals that they lot of different things. Deals with you know the race relations within the G is you know the way the black jazz retreated different than the way she is just the the relationship between America in Vietnam back then during the war, but even today when they go back and they find. Of course, everybody's still has deep wounds from the war, both the people living in Vietnam and and themselves. One of the main characters played by Delroy Lindo he's got severe. PTSD guilt issues that have never been dealt with, and so of course it's him dealing with that throughout just how dealing with his friends and the situation. I have to say it's IT'S A. Spike Lee really choose off a lot in this movie. He bites off a lot of issues. It's not just like a one One dimensional film. There's a lot of stuff going on and I think he manages it really well. It's a fascinating look at sort the perceptions of the time, and and from back from the seventies to now and And dealing with all like all these little nuances to the plot I was really fascinated with it. Perceptions of the time I find that fascinating that there's not outcry. As there was with gone with the wind after Hbo Max Pulled It, and now gone with the wind has hit number one on the Amazon, bestsellers chart. Everybody wants to see gone with the wind now. It's funny about that. I have my own little thing on that Hbo Max which which has a lot of the warner brothers catalog including with the wind They made a big. You know release about. Hey, we're GONNA. Pull along with the wind and we're going to put it back up when we have something that that talks about the cultural. Aspect of. On it's, it's good. It's it's coming back. But what's interesting about it is now. Everybody's talking about gone with the wind. Everybody's talking about HBO. Max and when this goes back on. There's going to be all these news. Stories followed up and Warner. Brothers didn't. HBO Didn't have to pay a sense of advertising. So perhaps? Yes so, we all get played in so many ways. Kevin. Rather brilliant piece of marketing guerrilla marketing on on HBO. Max's part now concede that point readily Kevin car guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com course you can hear his weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten KFI from noon to one and the newest addition. To our ever so popular Wednesday night block party. Thank you so much as always always a pleasure. Absolutely, it was always fun. Have yourself a great weekend now. Eight forty, eight, now thirteen ten KFI KFI. UNC bears targeting game. Coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Jesse Kurtz of the Mountain West Conference Network and our review of any given Sunday on the next polls show thirteen ten KFI. Doesn't love any given. Sunday come on eighty, eight, fifty, three, now, thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten KFI DOT com mornings with gail fueled by Great Western. Petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists, a studios, and what a beautiful day channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, atmospheric scientists Matt Make Ends Beautiful Day ahead beautiful start to our Friday morning. Guys Perfect, isn't it? You know what's funny I just stepped outside for a moment to just check the meteorological conditions given the fact that I was going to have this conversation with your and my mom, who passed away hundred nineteen ninety-three longtime up. My mom would come out and visit my mom and dad would, and my mother just adored the Colorado skies, and she always said it's a Colorado blue sky because there were. So many times there's not a cloud in the sky in the blue is just so vivid. That's true. The? We're going to have a good day for your mom that. Yeah absolutely because it just it makes me smile. It's just like a warm place in my, but that's just me. So how's it looking for the rest of the day and for the weekend ahead? today's is mostly quiet, and we'll continue to of ratchet those temperatures again, so we had sixty s this week than seventies and eighties. Yesterday we'll hit the nineties today That's mostly quietly We'll have a little bit cloud cover kind of increasing late today, but in south but we'll stay dry. Most of will stay dry. I should say southern. Colorado probably will have some dry thunderstorms to watch out for the fire danger into the weekend. Saturday is GonNa be our highest chance for thunderstorms. We need the rain. We don't need the lightning. Lightning at this point, because it's just going to be an addition source from here on out for Dr Yard, but we need the rainfall, and it will be a touch of breeze, but we'll still at about ninety and Sunday and Monday, we're looking at pretty quiet conditions right around ninety degrees it will get a little bit breezy start to kick up the dust and the Allergen, so we'll. We'll kind of get that. The DOT com dirtier sky, going again Sunday, Monday but overall. You'll pretty quiet and I wish. We had the moisture on the horizon, but. At least we don't have those damaging winds like we had last weekend earlier this week. That was nuts map. That was absolutely nuts I was outside on Saturday as that windstorm just blew in. What is that thing called again? Derail Yesterday Chuck Thank you very much. And I'm watching just bushes and trees, bending over, and as I step outside and I, you know. I mean no I felt like one of those reporters that goes out and reports in a hurricane or Jordan. Okay. We all it up with the snow like Diana, all kinds of tree damage. That's no What was that Monday into Tuesday so craziness. Certainly, why so? We're out of that wind pattern at least for the. Time being for the time being but LEMme needs. Kick it in another civic factor, so there's going to be a lot of wind events some afraid as we go throughout the summer fall. Bummer doggone it, but no moisture in the forecast and we can certainly use that. We certainly can drought numbers, really really starting to climb steadily now, and now we have storm chances, but just not that great moisture outlook. Dongguan oh well. It'll be a great weekend ahead. Thank you so much for that. Wonderful Forecast I. Mean you know you're responsible for it so? I'll take the checks. Credit and take the check. Yeah, and make sure you catch it. To pinpoint weather meteorologists, atmospheric scientists that makings thanks so much. Go have yourself a great weekend YouTube. Eight fifty seven thirteen ten kf k, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten K. F. K.. Fifty nine now thirteen ten K.. F., K., A., Mornings with Kate field by Greek Western petroleum. Live and local, the auto collision specialist studios roof. What a morning! It was! I hope you have a great weekend ahead. Certainly, the weather will be cooperating. Don't forget coming up tonight. At six Kfi a classic two thousand seven state basketball champions ship between eaten and Kent Denver. So, what are you GONNA do? Market right here. Thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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July 31, Hr 3  Drew Hammrick with the Colorado Apartment Association and Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

33:08 min | 1 year ago

July 31, Hr 3 Drew Hammrick with the Colorado Apartment Association and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI Kfi. Eight. Oh, eight hundred thirteen ten, a thirteen, ten K. O. K. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local the the auto collisions specialists, studios, real page data analytics firm for the real estate industry reported that Colorado's rent collection percentage for July was ninety six point, three percent as of July Twenty Seventh Colorado Apartment Association expects the end of July numbers might be even higher due to its members working with residents on. Plans and other forms of rent repayment solutions. Draham rank is general counsel and Senior Vice President of government affairs for the Colorado Apartment Association drew welcome to the show. Thank you and thanks for evidence on Oh you bats and you know we so appreciate the work that you. Your colleagues are doing at the Colorado Apartment Association because so many people have been faced with a so much economic hardship as a result of covid nineteen but you offer a number of programs and initiatives to help with that right? Well absolutely and any resident that is for seeing financial up on the rising or experiencing. Once always try to encourage them to communicate with your property manager early because the faster you get engaged more options, you have to try to restructure the contract. And make it work for you. I. Know We all when we run into. Financial glitches the the first impulse is going to stick their head in the sand and. not get proactive with it but you know a real common scenario when somebody's Gonna Get a month is just simply to try to amortize that over the remaining life of the lease and and build that in. The thing a resin always has to keep in mind as the landlord makes absolutely no money at all on an empty apartment and that's the last place they want to be too. And that's a very good point but you know it's kind of the trickle down effect to because for the landlords. They've got bills to pay as well but overwhelmingly to your knowledge. What has been landlord response when folks come to them and say, Hey, Outta work I work in. Retail, I work in a non essential business I work in the restaurant industry and I just don't have it this month. Well it's largely depends on how long the income interruptions going to be you know obviously You're going to buy something you have to be to pay for it. Eventually but some some things to think about our Trying to apply the security deposit that's being held, you know at for the termination believes earlier on in the contract. Another way like say restructuring to build payments back over time and and skipped some upfront money, and sometimes it's just negotiating reasonable amount of time to move out and returned the apartment when things get real tight and the economy, the demand for housing starts to go down you know housing units, compress people decide to take on a roommate they moved back in with their parents they. Decide their spouse isn't quite as offensive as they felt like they were. You know there's a lot of things that happen that make household density increase and demand for units go down so it but without a doubt regardless what the solution is the earlier you engaged more options you have. Eight eleven thirteen ten, kfi eight, thirteen ten KFI, K. A. dot com drew Hamrick is General Counsel Senior Vice President of government affairs for the Colorado Apartment Association now, working press release relative to our conversations morning and of course, referenced in the Intro Colorado. Apartment. Association expects that end of July numbers. May Be even higher reporting Colorado's rent collection percentage for July. was six point three percent as July twenty seventh hoping that it would be even higher due to your members working with residents on payment plans and. Other forms of rent repayments solutions but wanted to run this by you. This enhanced unemployment benefits are set to expire this as congressional negotiators are deadlocked shock air over coronavirus deal the additional six, hundred dollars a week and unemployment insurance that Congress provided late March sunsets tonight at midnight this could deal very significant financial blow to millions of jobless Americans. Well Senate's already left town what impact will this have? We'll. Undoubtedly will have some. You know anytime you artificially put money into the system it goes somewhere but don't don't mistake the six hundred dollar. Bonus unemployment expiring with a loss of unemployment rights. You know there's a full thirty, nine weeks of unemployment assistance in the extended program So unemployment insurance is not going away the other thing I'd want any listener that's going through this to be cognizant of is there's been a tremendous amount of federal money pumped into the Colorado System through the cares act right being it's being administered by Doa and if you punch do L. A. in your computer, it'll hit you to their website and they have to ren assistance programs out there one call the. Program Emergency Housing Assistance, program, which if you make eighty percent or less of average monthly income and that's currently that doesn't mean last year. If you're in that boat now you can apply to Dollah for grant to pay all your rent back to March one of two thousand twenty. There's also a program that involves a little more a legwork by your landlord. protection, act, and That program requires your rent to be one hundred percent or less of average monthly rent and that provides relief to and and there's literally millions of dollars in that fun that's available for rental assistance and I don't know the words out that broadly on that program yet. But that's GonNa take a lot of sting out of slowly rooting protections on the income side if you can get assistance on the payment side. And as you referenced this was courtesy of the cares act. This was that is that twenty million dollar rent and mortgage assistance program fascinating that Colorado Land War Lords can apply for rent payments on behalf of their tenants meaning they can ask the state to repay missed rant that absolutely amazing. And they can't do it without the consent of the resident. You know the relevant asked to sign a very brief one page. A testament that they have a covid related financial hardship. But as far as you know certifying with the rooms are all the heavy lifting of compliance reporting falls on the landlord. And it's a very seamless program for the resident. The reason I point out the two different programs is they have a different income standard. So a person might find themselves in the position that they qualify for one and not qualify for the other but. These are programs that if your landlord is already aware of them, you need to bring it to their attention. Now, you are providing the Colorado Apartment Association providing any number of options and resources for anyone. Who struggling with rent as a result of covid nineteen correct. Well, we've established a private program called the Resident Relief Foundation and our members and others are contributing to it, and the beauty of that program is it's not income qualified. It is limited to one month's rent but it. It's intended to capture those people that might fall through the cracks because you know they were. Flying High and doing real well six months ago, and now have a temporary glitch that they need to manage and You know that private foundation is a resource out there, and by all means, ours isn't the only one. There's there's lots of private money that's trying to help people manage these issues as well. Tell us through if you would a little bit more about the Colorado Apartment Association and where we can find more information about the resources you provide. The Colorado Apartment Association is a trade association landlords. So we represent our have members that are about seventy five percent of landlords in the state. Skewed, a little bit to the larger landlords and know we engage in educational programs for them networking opportunities to exchange best practices and lobbying efforts to try to try to diffuse some of the worst ideas that are being proposed down at the State House and so that's our function. There you go and that website for more information. well, again for for assistance type things I, go right to the horse's mouth. At the Department of Labor Affairs? Website. Dole. But for our website, you can get us at a MBA dot org and we do have a covert page there with a lot of helpful links to get you two things that might be an assistance and we can also access that simply by firing up the Google were entering in Colorado apartment association as well. Yeah. Absolutely. I don't think there's any competing sites for our little Internet monikers. There you go. Drew Him Rick a general, Counsel Senior Vice President of. Pairs for Colorado. Apartment Association. Thank you for all you and your colleagues do especially during such an unsettling time but certainly appreciate your taking the time and a all of your insights this morning. Hey appreciate the platform you take care you as well. Have a great weekend eighteen now thirteen ten kfi thirteen ten KFI K.. A. Dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, fourteen, nine, or carrying hearts h. h dot com. Sports Story Northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. Hey, listen up another hillerod auto rockies baseball can be heard crystal clear and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. I got this. Insomnia bones. Goes Electric. It on eight twenty, five, thirteen, ten, Kfi k a thirteen ten am a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the Collision Specialists Studios. All right. Well, Hope Springs we all love our sports. We want our sports to get. Back to well whatever the semblance semblance of do normal is going to be an time of covid nineteen. You had Chasa making some announcements yesterday. Baseball who knows what's going to happen? Let's hope that the season truncated as it is the sixty game season. continues. Now we've got the American hockey league announcing yesterday are revised start date for the twenty twenty, twenty, twenty, one season working for peace out of the Greeley trip by Jaden Watson. Fisher you had American Hockey League President Scott Howson. Saying the League approved by its Board of Governors on conference call Thursday approved the anticipated start date for the upcoming season to December fourth due to the COVID nineteen pandemic regular season Games for the twenty one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty schedule began the first week in. October with. Two preseason games one week prior, the season course did most seasons as did most things. Ended prematurely. Or Post I suppose we pressed pause on so many things and prematurely when the H. L. announced in May cancel the remainder of the twenty, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty season, and of course, the play offs. Now, it initially suspended the season in March with hopes that it could resume at a later date Eagles President general manager Chris Stewart said at the time this is an unparalleled and deed unprecedented I. Think would be the best description of what we have experienced not only as a state but across the nation indeed around the world since this. Pandemic broke out. This is an unparalleled event in the history of the Colorado Eagles having been in constant contact with the American Hockey League and the Board of Governors. I know that this was not a decision that was made lightly. The H. L. said it will work with member organizations to continue monitoring changes with the pandemic and local guidelines in the thirty one team cities. The League has not determined additional scheduled details and of course, as with so many things they will release them at a later date wanted to pass this along as well Home Values in Weld County I've seen the fourth sharpest rise in Colorado this a piece by Bobby Fernandez in the Greeley trip according to a recent study on property taxes by financial technology companies. Smart Asset Home Values in weld. County saw the fourth largest rise among Colorado counties over a five year period. Now, in addition to home values, the study also included metrics on school ratings and effective property tax rates. The methodology used in the study included calculating per capita property tax rate for each county, the change in property tax value and a property tax. Index to determine in which counties property tax dollars are going the furthest as well as an analysis of math and reading language proficiencies in each school district according to the study weld has seen a forty point six, eight percent growth in home value over the past five years trailing only atoms at forty six point three percent Denver forty at forty three, point four, four, percent and Arapahoe at forty two point own nine percent. So good news as Home, values in Weld County are seen the fourth highest rise in Colorado. All right stay with US coming up. Guts new movies this week we're going to check in with Kevin Car fat guys at the movies, fat guys at the movies, Dot Com and some new movies this week include she dies tomorrow at drive ins as well as the secret dare to dream and summer land available on demand to Kevin Car fat guys at the movies, guys at the movies dot com, of course, the newest addition to our thirteen ten Kfi k. a block party on Wednesday. Evenings you can also hear his syndicated program each and every Saturday from noon to one on thirteen ten KFI K. A.. Kevin car fat guys at the movies joins us at eight thirty, five, eight, thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten. K.. K. preps radio is northern. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage tune into the hall show at noon and Noko now at four back to mornings with Gail and northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten. KFI K.. Seven now thirteen ten, Kfi k a thirteen, ten, Kfi, a dot com. Out Gail live and local via the auto collision specialist studios well, a staple of our Friday mornings Kevin. Car that guys at the movies fat guys at the movies, Dot Com of course, shameless plug time. You can always hear his syndicated weekly program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten KFI K a thirteen ten Camp K. dot com from noon to one and the newest addition to our just ever expanding roster of our thirteen ten KFI block party heard Wednesdays from four to ten given car is at the movies. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait how you doing I'm doing good. No UTA and. Doing good. It's good to hear your voice. It's all good. Thank. You could be here you too. So let's talk a little bit about. Well, what are entertainment options look like this? We download this because. We. Were talking about drive ins you have those virtual. Concerts. Let's see. Garth Brooks Blake Shelton Gwen. Stafani. And somebody else that I can remember up. But you know you you gotTa love. It's like it's like we're returning to our perception of you know kinder, Gentler. Tines. Who would ever think that? There could be a silver lining for drive INS as a result of covid nineteen. Yeah I mean while the one thing that's interesting about the whole pandemic and how the upheaval in the craziness that's going on is while it is hitting a Lotta people hard. There are some people that you know it it it is. It is a time for them to have their moment to shine in that right now, the drive ins are shining you own a drive in. You actually probably seen a big spike in business compared to last year and You know that that's that's good for them. I mean I think that's great. Unfortunately there just aren't enough anymore to really to really build up I mean most of them have been. The ones that have closed they've built things on them and and that sort of thing but they're still driving and they're still doing well and. that's great. I mean I say more power to them finding a way to get people to have fun and get out of the House Oh. Absolutely. You know we've got one I believe there was a survey where there were like seven hundred remaining drive ins. The Nation and I believe this was back in twenty nineteen. But we've got one in our own backyard right here the holiday twin in Fort Collins and I just I wanna get up and just go you know do that Dr Inexperience again and we have that opportunity though I'm not so sure this is the one I wanna see. Cursor doom she dies tomorrow. Yeah. This is what I like to refer to. As an artsy horror thriller isn't the best way to do it. It's and it is exclusively and driving this week it'll go on demand next week. But if you WANNA see this week, you gotta go out in the wild to go check it out. The story follows this woman who gets this premonition the sort of almost trippy premonition that she's going to die tomorrow and it's her reaction to it, and then as she interacts with other people, it's like the the trip be premonition is contagious and. Contagious paranoia and then other people start thinking I'm going to die tomorrow and and it Kinda filters through people she knows and and how different people react to it. Now, it's getting a lot of good buzz from from a lot of people in the community I was not a big fan and I well, yeah, and I thought it was a little Maudlin and it's slow moving. I also would wish that my last twenty four hours on the earth is going to be a little more exciting than some of these people's So. I mean, if you're having the premonition, why not just pull out all the stops, right? Yeah. I mean cut let's go to the buffet a Chinese Food Ethan. The. Dairy queen all that kind of stuff. Lasting. Go bungee jumping I mean it's it's GonNa be crazy if. Definitely, I mean, you know it's a blowout right? I mean if everything's going to go dark. Why not you know? So it's it's an interesting concept but like I said, I always like to point out if like I don't particularly like it if it is getting a lot of buzz from either critics where people in the heart community because it is a bit of a horror movie and not overt horror movie, but it's it's a thriller. Because I mean at least shows that there's you know there's some people that did like it was not a huge fan. See. That's what we like about you. Kevin car guys. Fat Guys at the movies Dot Com because. Basically Everybody's got their own taste. You know their their own likes and dislikes but thrown out there. So I appreciate that. All right. Boys something just crossed my mind at just quickly jumped the tracks, but it might come back I don't. Okay. So she dies tomorrow Oh I know it was It's interesting though the underlying premise of this movie I think it's a kind of mirrors what we are seeing today when you talk about that contagious paranoia. Yeah. Well, the woman who directed at wrote and directed Amy Cements She wrote it. As you can actress, you've seen her and stuff like choosing pet cemetery remake and choosing stranger things but she's done directing on TV as well. She made he came up with the idea basically when she found herself describing having anxiety attacks to people sorta how that Sort of almost became contagious at a certain point that is she shared it too much and it it just increasing Zayed's in the room So so that's kind of where the the idea comes from which which is true. You know paranoia can be contagious. It doesn't you know doesn't have to be you know a pathogenic ideas and suggestions. Are Words matter right Oh yeah. and. Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get us. All right on demand the secret to dream the. Dream was supposed to come out in April but like so many movies that got pushed through the pandemic and it's eventually going now to video D it's based on a book called the secret now, not read the book but as I understand what the book is, it's kind of a self help book sort of A. Christian Bale. Positive thinking only Matt right yeah. Okay. So that's that's it's it's not a how to movie. It's it's basically a movie that has a story that deals with that those principles and Katie Holmes plays a widow and she's got three kids and her kind of life's a mess and she's under debt and she's having all these problems. Josh Lucas is plays this guy who shows up in her life and he's got a secret behind him, but he's also trying to help her out and it appears that he's He's sort of bringing that message of you know put out some positivity, the world gets back. And You know it's it's like a light sort of drama I mean it's I. I would describe it is something like you might see on the hallmark channel the like like a higher production value actively done a lot of times these they can be really cheesy and Corny and it certainly pushes buttons and it's predictable and but it's not but it's not like overly Corny at the it earns its right to be a little bit cheesy at times. Homes Oh my gosh what. To I mean, I don't know but Josh doesn't job on a couch and this one. is so funny in our lives. So nightmare I flashed to that. Alright summer land also on video on demand, this is also one vod is is a British film starts Gemma Artisan as a sort of reclusive writer. In during World War Two but she lives in Kent England which is out in the country and during World War. Two in they took a lot of the children that lived in London the British government sent them out to the country to live with people because they want to keep him safe. 'cause the Nazis were constantly bombing London. And they put them out in the wide open areas to keep them safe and she ends up getting They deliver a child to her to take care of this ten year old kid and of course, she doesn't want anything to do with it. And he doesn't really want to be there but they have to be there and they get to know each other and they can they start to have a respect for each other and mutual admiration and sort of you know help each other balance out the the rougher areas of their lives and and you know it's kind of a sweet little story has some tragedy. Of course, it takes place during wartime. So has its ups and downs emotionally. But it's a charming little British movie. It's it's hearts in the right place and you know kind of has some uplifting elements to it and you know doggone it if we couldn't use some uplifting elements nowadays. Exactly and back to the secrets you know I think the same principle applies right there. Yeah. I. Read The book and I Kinda went yeah. Okay. I get what they're saying. But I just think we could all use some positivity these days for sure absolutely and I. I know there are people in my life who sometimes just think they always focus some native and it's easy to do that. But you know sometimes you got to find the positive and focus on that as well. Goofy and get outside of your Debbie Downer herself. That's right. Kevin car fat guys at the movies guys at the movies dot. com pleasure as always. My friend. Have yourself a great weekend. Thank you you too. Eight, Forty, seven now thirteen ten KF KIA burst. BURS starting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. A huge series between the rockies and the padres begins on Friday. Also a preview for nuggets heat game. One of the regular season talk about next the whole show thirteen ten KFI. Is To our ears right Major League baseball. Big Series says Brady Hall said, of Course Brady Hall purveyor host of the whole show her days from noon to two. But isn't a great even though It's difference right? We got a cardboard people and stands and organ music being piped in and crowd noise that has nothing to do with the action going on on the field and nose fitting and social distancing so much. For the belly bumping although I saw a little bit of belly bumping going on in Major League Baseball Bat isn't it great? Even in a truncated season with just sixty games major league baseball at least for the time being is back but I digress eight, fifty, three, now thirteen ten, kfi thirteen, ten, K., k.. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice joined this morning by Matt Megan's atmospheric scientists channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists hey matt. Today I'm a happy girl today because baseball's back ups. You Know I. Last night like I should put together a rocky forecast for the game. So excited Oh we nobody's going to the gains. Watch it on TV the TV forecast. Well, we can't watch that either because. It's blacked out. Tell you what I mean in nineteen I mean it's just the domino effect. How many impacts that has I mean? It's just incredible. Isn't it? It really is it is and I hope that the. Knock News but the marlins situation this week and then it. Appears that it may try to spread into other teams the marlins space I'll don't ruin it don't. I know yeah. They were talking about either pausing are putting the entire season on hold three days after it began I'm like, no, you can't do this to us. It's like giving your kid the toy that they have been begging you for all year long for Christmas and then go nope, I. Take it. It goes into your girlfriend and leaving the diamond ring on the people but never ask for months on it. I'm not going to delve into that but then. Again about it. Yeah. All right. Let's talk a little bit about. What the weekend looks like in terms of weather I mean we can get outside and play right We can temperatures were honestly to me personally, very comfortable You know upper eighties, lower nineties that feels good. So we're not talking about extreme heat. We're talking mere average to just slightly cooler than average temperatures for the whole weekend. So eighty five to ninety s on your is and as far as water we do need it. There's a civil stations around weld county that for the last month only picked up a ten to fifteen hundred. So. We need the water couple of storms. Possible today look to Wyoming drift out of Wyoming not a great chance today. Will actually be the best chance be late in the afternoon. So if you need the rainfall, Sundays most likely date to get. What about the week ahead? well, we're, GONNA, sadly. Not Hot, but hotter lower nine middle nineties and the wind will be an issue. So then we'll have to talk about if relax skyrocketing fire danger and all that next week. All right. Wow that's something I guess not to look forward to but I always enjoy the conversation the maybe not necessarily when we're waving red flags. Likewise, likewise, there you go. All right channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, Matt, Megan's always a pleasure. So sorry, you can't do your rockies forecast Dag Nabet, but you know hope springs perhaps this too shall return in the not too distant future. Go rox, go rods, right. Get it done. Thanks so much have a great weekend YouTube. Eight fifty, six, now thirteen ten Kfi K. The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen. Ten KFI K.. Just hearing that make you so happy yes. On your noon northern Colorado home for Colorado rockies. Yes. You can catch your rockies this evening. Colorado rockies at home versus the Padres pregame gets underway at five thirty. All right. Just wanted to pass this long few seconds that we have left this morning kind of a continuation of our conversation yesterday with Well County sheriff's Eve reams this as Attorney General Phill. Wiser has issued a cease and desist order against live entertainment run by promoter Carlos Barclays responsible for that Roga concert that was right around Hudson that attracted four thousand participants ness fries their Barkley said, yes. I will comply with state's capacity limits. All right. No Co now coming your way with your host tanner swint at four go. Have yourself a great weekend. Thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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May 22, Hr 3  Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:02 min | 1 year ago

May 22, Hr 3 Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI Alvarado. I'm on the other states in the nation. Continues that very slow deliberate reopening process? We have a governor. Jared Polis expected to release guidelines for restaurant Reopenings when it comes to dine in service on Monday may twenty fifth. But there's one thing that is consistent about anything related to Business openings when it comes to the ramifications the repercussions of covid nineteen. There's one thing that we know to be absolutely take it to the bank accurate. It's that it's not going to look the same way. It did. Eight Oh eight. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Now Jesse Paul in the Colorado Sun Did a nice summary of what restaurant owners may expect And of course we as consumers getting back into restaurants for dining services in advance of governor. Jared Police Putting those guidelines out and it is a tough dilemma for restaurant owners. We have the opportunity to talk with. For example low Lauren Bogaerts who is challenging by the way Scott Tipton for that third congressional seat owner of shooter's grill in a rifle basically had her license suspended because well she made the consummate sin of trying to do everything right. Probably adopting many of the guidelines for dining in or dine out as the case may be because many restaurants may opt to provide service on Patios or Lauren. Lober did of course as more businesses reopened. It's going to be difficult to do this. But she was actually setting up tables in parking spaces and really had the support of local law enforcement. Have up to at one point and said you know. You really can't put tables in parking spaces in front of your establishment because we need the parking spaces and she very sweetly turned to law enforcement. Not trying to be aggressive or contentious but said why do we need the parking spaces. Nothing is open at this point in time but restaurants like so many other businesses and really so many of us in our day to day routine getting pretty inventive and very creative. All right so that's on that particular part of the equation as yes Her license was suspended because she had the audacity to reopen also. Had the to talk with a tiffany helping Who IS Co Owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger now? They have remained closed throughout the shut. Down Order did not offer Take away carry out. But she is rather concerned about reopening even with the guidelines and face In place concerned about not only The safety of our employees but indeed the safety of her guests and I say to both even though they are on opposing sides of the spectrum. It's your business. You run it how you see that but what might dine in in the new normal of covid nineteen. What my dined in at restaurants look like well. It was Tuesday that Colorado released those draft guidelines for restaurants that want to reopen to in person dining as soon as in the coming weeks bottom line. Restaurant-goers should not expect dining to be normal and it will likely be difficult for many of those small businesses to recoup their losses. Now among the rules again. These are going to be ironed out in greater detail by the Governor on May twenty fifth among the rules for restaurants wishing to reopen for in-person dining are requirements that they keep tables at least eight feet apart whether they are indoors or outdoors and that servers wear masks and gloves other items included in these initial guidelines include menus must be single use. Only restaurants have proper restaurants. CanNot offer communal seating or bar seating self service stations and buffets or not allowed? Restaurants must have Florida cows to direct customers. Bathrooms have to be cleaned every thirty minutes. There must be at least six feet of spacing. Between in-service stalls urinals hand sanitizer must be available for patron and employees use. Service must wash their hands at least every thirty minutes menu offerings should modified to create more kitchen space customers should and again. This is under those initial guidelines of for reopening restaurants to In restaurant dining customers should be asked to wear masks. When they're not eating or drinking that would make it rather difficult when customers should be asked to register with the restaurant in case an outbreak actually occurs. Now there was some talk of perhaps Instituting temperature check before you go into a restaurant but well that remains to be seen restaurants under the draft guidelines are also directed to notify public health officials if there is an outbreak among their staff or patrons of covid Nineteen Colorado's food service industry has been as we've talked about To a great extent one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic scores have lost their jobs because of the virus and some restaurants have closed their doors for good because of the financial impact in fact he had the Colorado Restaurant Association saying that a full twenty percent of those restaurants. May well never reopen few restaurants where already chafing at the proposed guidelines released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Tuesday. William Oliver's Public House has locations in Lafayette and Fort Collins said the eight foot spacing role would limit seating to about nine point five percent of capacity and this hearkens back to our conversation. We had with tiffany. Elton Co owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger because again as she mentioned the profit margins are very very narrow. They're they're very very small in the restaurant business. So if governor comes out and says well. You can reopen at ten percent. You can reopen a twenty thirty percent. Is it really worth it for restaurants to indeed reopen given the fact that well once again those profit margins are just pretty slim? Colorado Restaurant Association set in a post on its website these guidelines still a work in progress however they give us a glimpse of what reopening may look like. Governor? Jared police for. His part has encouraged local governments to loosen regulations to allow restaurants to serve customers in their parking lots on sidewalks and even on streets. Now wait a minute. Where possible so that they can have more capacity. That's exactly what Lauren bogert of. Shooter's Grill in rifle was doing all. That's right I forget. There were political ramifications there because she had the audacity to challenge Scott Tipton in that third congressional district. Meanwhile back to pull us. That's really the only way with the spacing we're going to have a thriving restaurant environment for the coming months. Governor hopes to solicit feedback before he releases those guidelines Memorial Day. Which is when he said. He'll decide whether restaurants statewide can reopen for in person dining. Are you comfortable with in-person? Dining in a restaurant are champing at the bit to go back to your favorite restaurant. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen. Tang K F K. A text line at three one nine nine six all right eight seventeen thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. A. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts. Home health care serving northern Colorado since two thousand one. We're patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight four zero nine or hearts h h dot com all sports story in northern. Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with you. Keep IT ON K. K. For the latest cove in nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten K of K DOT com. Well it's not Louie. Louie Louie Lou. I know it is Kevin Car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. You can hear US weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI. A At noon and he is the newest addition to our Wednesday night. Kpfk block party as well. So Kevin you door. I'm doing well. Are you doing doing well? It is Friday and the sun is shining the birds singing the Theresa Green. The Sky is blue. I-it'S NIRVANA Guy Guy. Being Green of the trees theme blue. This is true this is now. I hear that it's the wine right. That's your governor. Mike Dewine yes I hear. He is easing restrictions in Ohio. We are were slowly opening stuff up. But it's they're taking their time and they're they're not They're not I think what people have to realize is there's a difference between easing restrictions and lifting everything free for all and that's the problem that we're seeing as beaches reopen and people going out to parks and unfortunately it's kind of like you know we talk about the new normal endlessly while they're going back to the old normal because well we've all been cooped up for so long that we forget that no we still need to practice that same social distancing. Yes yeah I mean. There's there's there's there's there's a there's a way to be cautious about it and and things can ease up because if you just completely open everything up you can. We're back where we were at the beginning. But you know we want to be smart about this. And and so they. They have like any state has their like plans. And I've looked at him like you know opens this thing. I think this is the weekend allowing patio dining and in the restaurants instead. I don't think you can go inside the rest. I guess you can in some restrictions. I think maybe this weekend You can go in there. But you have to have the social distancing the servers where masks and everything and then you gotta eat your food through your mask which I it's fiber when you get the mask involved as well explaining there was an you've got gotta love the ingenuity and the creativity that we have seen by so many small business owners throughout this pandemic but there was a story about this woman. And I don't know what she was. I don't know she was a seamstress or she I I. I'm not really sure what she did. Maybe she ran a tailoring business. But you know down in New Orleans. Well they do like to par. Tay came out with this line of mass. That have a little hole in in them so that you can sip your drink. Your lovely adult beverage and people going. Hey hold on wait a minute. We're scratching our heads over this. Doesn't that kind of undermined the entire purpose of mass? But it turns out Kevin that this is not the first time that somebody's come up with this because it was during the Spanish flu epidemic. One thousand nine eighteen that they actually had mass with holes in them so gentlemen could smoke their cigars. I think like a little flap flat. You'RE GONNA lift up to get a straw. There's a huge difference between that and just leaving your face open expose but I guess the thing that maybe I haven't heard people get upset at the fact that then people will be drinking wine out of a strike. Isn't that considered ghost of definitely definitely? It's kind of like drinking out of out of a Red Solo Cup. Not that I would ever well. That's just standard. Depending on what age you are. I guess this is true. Yeah this is absolutely true. All right we got some New Releases on video on demand and I want to start with the love birds because the love birds take me right back to the birds and tippy Hendra and all those ski birds and it was actually on this past week and I had seen it for a while so it was fun watching it again but you know what. I'm confused here. Because my recollection of the birds when I was a little girl just standard freak out mode just watching that and looking out my window at night expecting this you know this murder of crows to fly through my bedroom window wasn't it filmed in black and white. No not always color thought it was in black and white it was it was color it was psycho that was shot in black and white and the reason shop cycle and black and white is he wanted to use her. She served as blood and I think they had a budgetary issue as well and it looked great in black and white but I think before that a lot of stuff from the fifties you know like to catch a thief and rear window and Vertigo. All that was in color he and done like black and white stuff since like the forties but Yeah no no that was that was a technicolor. Movie and didn't have a soundtrack or didn't have a score is what I found so interesting about the birds. There's doesn't have any music to it and it's funny because you know you you cut music's kind of the glue that holds the film together right. And it's in retrospect. I don't remember it. Not Having a soundtrack I was just so caught up in the entire story at the gas pump. Well like the movie no country for old men. The COEN brothers film from about fifteen years ago. That movie does not. It has a very minimal scoring like two or three parts and I I actually once nominated for best score and somebody thought it was in San Diego. No the choice to not have a score as important as having a score you know. I think the fact that they don't have it the have to use the ambient sound and make the movie work. That way is just as challenging. If not more than putting musical I definitely agree all right. Not that we're keeping score but let's talk a little bit about the love birds on Netflix. The lover had nothing to do with birth. Verster bobbled tag this. This was originally going to come out in April but the virus and everything in the shutdowns had of moving out of the frame instead of pushing it up into later timeframe. Since it's a smaller movie they put it onto Netflix's they sold us as athletes for distribute distribution. So it's out there now. You can go home. You can watch it. It's an hour and a half new movie tonight. If you like your significant other WanNa watch something. It's the story of a couple played by Camille Johnny and Isa Ray and donder verge of breaking up but they go out on for dinner and on the way they get caught up in this big crime spree and they're trying to prove their innocence and track down. The people are really involved. And it's a comedy they're both known for comedy for the most part and you remember that movie about ten years ago called date night with Steve and I do yeah. It's very similar in setup tone to that movie only it's tailored more for these two comedians and it's it's a funny enough movie. I mean it's not great Has SOME JOKES. Don't quite make it But there are some funny moments to it. I'm not quite convinced that CA- on Johnny is a leading man. He's more of a supporting guy in what I've seen them in is array kinda holds them up more than I think She should be for her co-star but overall it's fine. It's fine my wife and I watched it and we had a good time. So as you've alluded to in the past and I love this characterization of one movie you were talking about. It's in a promo running something to the effect of it so bad. It's good some of my favorites. I have to admit I'm with you on that one. All right. Let's see we've got Streaming this week Trip degrees and I said if only wouldn't that be wonderful to go visit and this is a a series of films there. Were been three other films on this stars. The COMEDIANS and British COMEDIANS ROB writing and Steve Coogan and they basically play exaggerated versions of themselves doing a travelogue and going to touring the countryside going to historic sites and eating dinner and and these wonderful restaurants and wonderful food and it's just them trying to one up each other on their Their comedy and joking around with each other dinner in their conversations and getting on each other's nerves because of course they let's just say the enhance their more annoying. Poe Aspects of their personality worse than each other. Yeah Okay. That's the best part you know. It's not really a plot driven movie but more it. It's it's it's it's a spotlight on these two guys who are very comfortable with each other and very funny at times and and This is the third one. They've they did originally to the trip. Which was the series in Britain? And then they did a trip to Italy and then a trip to Spain and now they're trip to Greece And it's beautiful to watch. I mean it's just gorgeous landscapes and historic sites and it's fantastic and and then they're eating. Food is not like restaurant. They're just eating great food and having inane conversation over which which. I love these movies. I think both of them are very funny. Guys let's dance. That sounds like standard vacation fair. Isn't that what we do? You know we go on vacation. We'd see beautiful landscapes we go out to dinner. Eat Good Food. And have inane conversation. Yes it depends on who you're with. It might be more entertaining to see this or have the conversation yourself. No I think you and I can have a very good evening conversation. I think we could we do it every time. I'm in Greeley. We'll go out. We'll record a conversation at a at a at a restaurant. Yeah we could do the trip to Greeley there you go. Hey listen go this morning. I just wanted to circle back to the beginning of our conversation. Because we're talking about the very slow very orchestrated. Very cautious returned to normal. When are we going to see a return to normal in Hollywood? Whatever normal will masquerade? As I think it's going to take longer than people are expecting. I is the one movie to watch tenant. Which is the Christopher Nolan movie? It comes out in July seventeenth. That's it's releasing the thing is they just dropped the trailer last night and the release dates not mentioned in the trailer which is causing some speculation that maybe one or brothers might push that. I think what what what's happening is warner brothers looking at some reopenings and they're looking consulting public health people and they want to know whether there's going to be any you know even if you're going to open a theater safely doing at a twenty five percent capacity it's not gonNA work for two hundred million dollar movie you know and also you don't have New York. La Or San Francisco in that mix and that's like twenty five percent of your North American box office so it just makes sense that they're gonNA push this one I. My guess is sometime in the next week or two they're going to announce that they're gonNA push this one at least until Christmas which means moon on we'll follow and maybe things will get back to opening up for theaters in August when they figure out how to do this. Because there's a lot of challenges in theaters just from a social distancing standpoint put a plexiglass between seats. I mean I mean you want to have this the you'd have to do it at a smaller capacity so you'd have to block up so many seats or blockbuster rose The the problem is is that you're in an enclosed room for like two hours so the air can circulate and remove any potential pathogens around and then the other big thing I've heard is the the the the the entrances and exits to a theater. Are All you funnel through those. The large white gapes like at an amusement park where they can get those markings down on the floor was seen like an all the grocery stores and everything where you have to stand six apart. Maybe that's attack. They could take. That's possible but then again if you have a movie theater and how do you get people out without the thing they're looking at? I think and there's a lot that they have to do and especially like the big multiplexes have to open because you can only open a two hundred million dollar movie once you. That didn't work. We're going to do it again a couple months. It's kind of blended done. Kevin guys at the movies. Fat Guys. Movies Dot Com always appreciate our deep intellectual conversations as we query the enduring questions of mankind. Yeah right have yourself a great memorial day weekend and continue to be safe and we'll catch up again next week all right you too eight fifty thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. More information on win sports will resume as well as our full review of I Tanya. The next show thirteen ten. Kfi Long Time. Yeah I loved that movie. I know I'll be glued to the whole show today from noon to eight fifty three now. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen. She was such a thirteen ten. Kfi AID COM. Why why why mornings okay. All live local. Fueled by create Western. Petroleum joined this morning by Matt make ends at Channel Two. I should say the long-suffering that Megan's channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists. That I apologize for interrupting your Saturday. Saying once that thing that he'll on I twenty five you know the one that can shift weather patterns. Hey No problem. I've been stuck inside for ten weeks. I gotTa talk to somebody there. You go a long time ago. Share your isolation I don. I was trying to explain weather patterns to someone that Well it was my brother. Actually Ohio that said. Hey what's what the meteorologists there that they can't get the weather right and I'm like it's not that easy you don't understand do not be taking gratuitous meteorologist because we got a lot of topographical things going on here to include the thing the thing he Cheyenne Ridge which we came up with and and I so appreciate I mean you fired back at me. Nerd alert nailed. It need to pay a visit. Becky becky go see this guy. She'll would with them and can do you know yeah. That's right that's right. Don't you just job bone and over Weatherman because you just don't get it. We mock what we don't understand right true and you're you you were asking about the Cheyenne Ridge which is kind of a store meter And that was the case this week. I mean well county had the three land spouts those same thunderstorms as they were rolling off. The Cheyenne Ridge say closer to car and stuff but really very week until they hit a a feature that was pretty much president all day long around really and out toward accurate outward. Birlik that feature was there and until that Cheyenne rich kind of lined hit. They were doing nothing but that little feature they popped up so good there you go. Yeah because Those lands fouts are actually waterspouts overland. Right there the tornadoes technically they go into the database tornadoes if they can cause damage which we saw some some roof damage. There's really more wind damage than Lance about damage But they're different than tornadoes than that they. It's kind of a circulation that starts at the ground and extends up into the storm as this develops whereas a classic Tornado would have come from rotating thunderstorm and extended down to the ground and much much stronger so they are a tornado. Technically but We'll stick with the term land about Okay Tornado. Light as the case may be. How does how does Memorial Day? Weekend Book If you're trying to get to a service or something Monday boarding. I'm not sure what is going to be allowed by the Danes but Maybe you're just GONNA go pay respects to the cemetery or something Jacket weather and perhaps an umbrella to a depending on when you go tomorrow is GonNa be your outdoor day. We'll hit about eighty with sunshine. Rolling in late will be thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. On and off chances for rain especially late Sunday quite a bit of water will fall for some folks. And it's going to be chilly highs only in the sixties for both days and Anybody that lives in the foothills. Maybe you're west of Greeley or something in the foothills. Watch out for those temperatures Sunday night and Monday morning. He man to protect your plan. Any may see some snowflakes of all things. Oh my goodness got love. Colorado weather rights do the latest hold. Got Let's hope that's the case last surge all right meteorologist channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Matt. Maki- thanks so much for putting up with my Wonky nerdiness appreciate it. You Bet you have a great weekend. You as well eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K. TO UNC bears target game coverage on thirteen ten K. F. K. Memory of the courageous servicemen and women. We salute and remember your courage. A your honor and uncommon valor as you made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation. This Memorial Day. Thank you. Don't forget Noko now at four and Cape K. Classic at sick while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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August 14, Hr 3  John Clark fill in for Gail

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

29:24 min | 1 year ago

August 14, Hr 3 John Clark fill in for Gail

"This is mornings with Kale in northern. Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI, K.. At Eight, Oh eight right here in the. Specialist. Studios Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi Am John Clark sitting here. Gail glad to have you with us. If there's anything you'd like to talk about we could take a few minutes to do that three, five, three, thirteen, ten would be the number of comments, suggestions, protests, whatever you got. You take a breath John. Sometimes, it gets pretty crazy. We're going to. Have to take a look now at this story about. What the Greeley police have done about people who run away especially if they run away in their cars, this is really trip story by Trevor Read. It's all about. Well, let me give you a little flavor of it. When drivers reading from Trevor's story when drivers speed away from police, they put not only themselves and police in danger but innocent drivers to. It story goes on to point out the from two thousand fourteen to two thousand eighteen police chases across the US. Resulted in one, thousand, six, hundred, ninety, nine, fatal crashes killing two thousand and five people. In of those fatalities, eleven hundred twenty-three were not. The driver. Who was fleeing the police? They've come up with something that I is is pretty cool because this idea about do police chase do they not chase is been a discussion among people in law enforcement for a long time there's some jurisdictions that don't chase period the they just don't do it. Because they don't want to put anybody in danger ever no matter whatever. Then on the other. Hand. there. Police units that chase all the time everybody chases they bring in as many people as they can. But this is something that's called a tracker. that. was deployed in this according to story late July and officer deployed a trackers the attempted pullover vehicle expired plates. In the driver proceeded to flee the scene. Now, this tracker is something that the Kinda shoot in it's it's like a dark almost that sticks to the back of the car as best I can. Describe what I saw the picture In it, it's been remarkably successful it's called Star Chase. An has some according to Karma. Now, officer Carmichael is well, he's commander Aaron Carmichael of Greeley Police. He said of a person's running for us for very minor crime that does not justify a seeing that person run into a family in a minivan down the road good comic commander taking a look at What happens is they just put this tracker on the back of the car and then they can track it. and Go and pick the people up later. That's what happened. In the case of this officer who deployed the tracker. twenty-three-year-old Relondo Ramirez beads up at sixty five miles an hour, and they finally caught up whether Come she came to a stop in the four hundred block of thirty Seventh Avenue Court. And they got their less than ten minutes. After, she had originally been stopped and they arrested her. Charged her with suspicion vehicular alluding and other traffic charges, and she's going to have a hearing on the twenty eighth of August. According to the story by Trevor. So. This is the kind of thing that I really like to see in police work. I. It it's something that. Makes Sense. You don't want to let these people get away because justice demands in my mind at least the when somebody does something wrong that they pay a price for it. It it just to me is so important that that's that's the situation, and if you can't catch them and you're just going to say by and let them drive away. Maybe. You've got a license number maybe you don't maybe the car was stolen. So the license number becomes totally irrelevant. To to find any the perpetrator the this is really good. Carmichael. Last comedy said the trackers aren't always the best option but endangers in cases where the danger of the suspect out in public outweighs the risk of pursuit sometimes police may need to keep after the subject in other words if this is somebody who in the process as homicide on his or her mind the you gotta get him no matter what. But there are a lot of other cases where you don't have to chase. His last comment tech like this reduces the amount of time we have the force that interaction. That potential danger to the public. Yeah. Good job really police department. You guys do good work. It's it's so interesting way police departments are having trouble right now I'm telling you the people. Don, Aurora. They're bringing in some folks to look at that department because they seem to be having the worst luck of anybody or they've got some serious problems in their whole systemic operation there, and my guess is it's that ladder The things that they've been doing lately just you gotta say Whoa what's going on here and you can understand why people are saying. Let's. Let's get rid of police brutality nobody even good cops WanNa have police brutality. They're the ones that are the most opposed to it. But on the other hand, there are people who get that badge in. Use It improperly. Use abused their authority and they get in a spot where. They're doing things wrong and hurting people in that. That's gotTa stop. But. On the other hand, the people are out saying defend the police I totally resist that. Totally Austin Texas just eliminated about a third of their budget for their police department hundred and fifty million dollars a year. They're going to have to lay people off from the police department. And what's going to happen is they're not going to be able to investigate crimes as much. They're going to have to keep people on patrol more. They've got to respond to the nine. One one calls. They've got to take care of those emergencies, but on the other hand. There are in a situation where they're gonNA. Maybe not be able to investigate bank robberies and murders those things as a child abuse cases or whatever as much as they should is he the police do an immense amount? To help protect us and when I see these young people standing at a street corner holding a sign up that says defend police I, think to myself. Young Lady Young, gentlemen don't don't. You realize that there are people in this community who had hurt you. They would hurt you. In the only people who will come to help you if that happens. Our police officers. They're the ones whether you call him a sheriff's deputy or a city police officer a same job only difference is the geography and and they're there to help you there to protect you. Well, enough of my sermons just get a little carried away. We're going to have more this excitement though real soon right here. On northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten. KFI, am John Clark in forgave Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd are on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI K. as your home for prep supple training camp coverage weekdays five to six PM presented by PVC energy. Twenty. Little bit here. This guy is just a poor teenager and he's just so. Confused. Doesn't know how to deal with it and. That's a sad. So if you're a teenager love at least, she's not a stupid eighteen to twenty year old well that well according to Kamala Harris that's what they are. That's a quote. They're stupid eighteen to twenty four. If You're in that age range. I, think you should take that personally that she. and not vote for that lady that that's what I would recommend. Okay. Well, let me kind of get into something where the bottom of the hour. We're GONNA talk to Kevin Car guys at the movies as we do every Friday in the meantime I wanted to spend just a little time talking about the folks in Loveland. Dear your unique over there in Loveland in many ways. But one of the ways you're unique is that your town, the city of loveland takes care of your trash, they it to the landfill for you and you have to deal with the city of loveland utility trash hauling utility. They also take care of recycling and so on. They got up problem because you're not. You're not doing this right folks you're over stuffing your trash cans in loveland. Now I have a trash collector at my house in Fort Collins the some of the folks here in Greeley, the same one but the day tell us don't over stack them, but they don't get really nasty about it. Once in awhile you have to me, my traffic can right now has it's pretty full in in the top may not be totally tight down on top. As, they're waiting to come get it today. But Hey, just realized this though you're in a position where the city of love is GonNa they're gonNA they're gonNA mess with you if you don't stop. Yeah putting too much stuff in your trash cans. What are they going to do? They're gonNA leave your trash. They're not gonNA take it. It's like they're going on strike they're saying. As of August thirty first. If you over stuff, your trash cart and the lid isn't down tied on the top of it. You're going to have your. Trash back. You'RE NOT GONNA they're not gonNA take it until you figure out how to do that. Now you can if you want get an oversized a larger trash card and you can buy trash stickers for the occasional overflow bag Or. You can seek guidance on ways to decrease the trash volume recycling. They may give you a phone number if you're interested nine, six to two, thousand, five, twenty, four. But believe me in. Loveland. You're just GONNA have to clean up your act folks you in the city council's coming down on you. You. You GotTa leave your, trash. That's a statement they're going to leave your trash. We'll just leave it that way. Yeah. estes park has a really interesting way to deal with trash. They take it all to a transfer station and then they bring it all the way down the mountain and put it in the landfill South Fort. Collins. They do. That way they don't have any land Philip there there there keeping that place pristine in the sense they're not gonNA pile trash and make a landfill out of those beautiful valleys. It costs a lot of money. From businesses up there that pay thousand a month for dumpster. Not Getting, that's what they pay. Well we've got some other things that you need to learn about, and then we'll be back talking with Kevin. Car Fat guys at the movies real soon right here on northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. John Clark in for Gail. Cone now. Weekdays at four, another northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI. Can Watch all their games fine playoff hockey and northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi presented by the tavern. In Saint, Michael's Square. got. To Be Eight, thirty, seven, your World John. Clark. Kerr sitting in for gale today having a great time right here in the auto collision specialists studios at the Voice of Northern Colorado Af. We've not only got all that for you. We've got Kevin Car fat guys at the movies. Kevin Good Morning. Good. Morning. Hey we are. Shook and Jiving BEBOP. Underground. Yeah all that all that don't blow a hip or anything in the process so. Charity doodle. Yeah, what do you got for us today? There's Something going on in the movie world? Well, there's a bunch of stuff that's available on streaming right now the first one is Netflix. You've got a project power which starts Jamie Fox is a guy who's tracking down. These the drug, this new street drug that if you take it, it gives you a superpower for five minutes and he runs into and then butts heads with an ends up working with Joseph Gordon Levitt who plays a detective who's actually got hooked on the drug himself. It, it suffers a little bit from the same problems you get with a superhero movie and with a gritty cop film So it does cross the Johner a little bit but overall, it's it's entertaining for what it is. It runs a little long but you know if you've burn through a lot of the the stuff that you've already wanted to see and you want something new on a Friday night, this will work. I love Netflix I think that's just a whole bunch of fun that be an older person like I am the ability just to sit there and watch those shows with no commercials and that's cool. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's the the bean The streaming services are a great thing right now. Well and it looks like from I got milk here that you've got to the vod boys with no the sputnik what in the heck is that Yeah. This is on on video-on-demand and it's an independent It's been a lot of news and the independent and horror film realms. It's a Russian film. So you're going to have to read subtitles, get it, but it's a horror film about a cosmonaut who crashes in one, thousand, nine, hundred. and. They discover that there's this either it's a parasitic or some biotic organism living inside him and they try to try to figure out what to do with it. Now it's it's It's very eerie. It's very creepy at times we do and I really enjoyed that it's kind of this weird mixed between them and alien. So thank you. Know that's now I think a sputnik I think of nineteen, fifty nine when I was alive in the Russians launched it and we were behind. Well Yeah. I mean, it's it's the thing of it being the I I think it's whereas sputnik was the first time the Russians put something in the atmosphere This would be the first time. The Russians brought something back. Just a minor correction they put it out of the atmosphere and. Just just just had to throw that in. Debt now. What what else I earned the theaters ever gonNA open up here. We had a rumor that some of the theaters might be opening. What do you? Well AMC theaters. Opening next week it all depends on local locally it just depends on. If they open locally whether it's. Through whatever local municipalities are? So I can't tell you any specific theaters I know my hometown in Columbus Ohio they're going to be opening a couple next week. It's it opens on Thursday the twentieth. And if you have any EMC theater near, you are offering fifteen cent movies saying we're dialing back price prices a hundred years. Fifteen cents with. You. Because when I was a kid, we used to go to the theater around the corner every Saturday for quarter. Popcorn, Don? I know that there's a coin shortage, but people should be able to scare. Somewhere in the couch cushions I'm sure I would hope so but actually that's not too bad. Or are there some things that are just kind of been holding to in the theaters or what? What are we going to be able to watch? Well, in terms of new movies next week, there's that unhinged film with Russell Crowe as the road rage movie I. Then they're probably going to fill out the rest of the bill in the theaters with other they may play multiple theaters since are doing it in a reduced capacity or they. May Be, putting some old classics in there from the eighties or nineties like ghostbusters drastic Parker even some of these independent films that are still being released and then the week after that on the twenty eighth, you've got bill and Ted face of music and the new mutants are opening weekend. The following weekend is tenant, and so this sort of three week run is is on what everyone's looking at to see if the theater's can sustain the the smaller. Audience load whether that's going to be profitable for them whether they sold the snacks whether or not people come out after that probably mid-september, we're going to see if Hollywood pushes anything or starts rolling back into the theaters. Backup just a minute bill and Ted's. That was oh goodness and they're doing that again. Well, they did originally did don't excellent adventure back in think nineteen, eighty nine. Nineteen Ninety one, they did a sequel bill and Ted they're bogus journey, and now they're doing face of music. So Yeah that one that one's coming out in theaters is also going to be on premium video on demand so you can check that out as well. It was excellent. Know. Yeah. Now, to tell me in terms of the question, maybe maybe you didn't know I was GonNa ask you this but one of my favorite shows. US As heartland. In all I can seem to get as through about seasonal eleven but I understand maybe they did some more. Do you know anything about that heartland? That's all I'm thinking of homeland. The moon about the ranchers up in Alberta Canada. The horses and this girl is like a horse whisper. Okay. I'm not terribly familiar with that John's. Import I I don't know if it's if it's a it sounds like it's Canadian with. Canadian. Yes. Sometimes, you just have to wait for it to go through the rights and then it'll show generally if Netflix has. Any of the season's they'll usually end up having all the season's you may have to wait for the video date for the if there's an a second, an extra season or two out there that makes sense because they just could putting it on there and then that to me if you've never seen that I would recommend that to anybody. It's a wholesome movie about these people up there who were living on this beautiful end in Alberta Canada right up against the mountains and they raise horses and and it's just. I don't know I. I enjoy it. That's. Good Fun, Kevin we appreciate so much. We got to remind folks that you can hear Kevin Right here He's he's got to show and we we have him on Saturday and and sometimes we even running mother times because it's such a great show Kevin we appreciate you being here. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend. We'll talk to you later you betcha Kevin car fat guys at the movies right here on thirteen ten KFI. We're going to have some more of this excitement for your real soon we're GonNa talk about what some of the feds might do to former governor and Kurt senator candidate. Hickenlooper real soon on the heart of northern Colorado Thirteen. Ten KFI John Clarkin for Gail Code now. Weekdays at four, another in Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI. How feeling about my thirty eight win prediction for the rockies and the Nuggets First Round playoff matchup coming up on the next hole show thirteen, ten KFI. Day. Again, closer rollercoaster. Be Buddy. Forty nine. Oh. Don't give her. It's better than buddy holly doesn't. Love it love it. Love it. John Clark here with you because gale's not she's taken a very deserved day off and so I'm glad to be here having a great time this morning. I told you I was going to get to this tribune editorial. It was actually a guest editorial because it originated as a Colorado Springs Gazette editorial about how federal officials have the duty to investigate hickenlooper use of disaster recovery funds a Ha now let me read to you from what's published in the Greeley Tribune that was originally written by the Colorado. Springs. Gazette just to make it clear where this coming from. A little flavor of U S representative Doug Lambourn wants the federal government to investigate former governor Colorado governor. John Hickenlooper is highly suspect use of federal funds intended for disaster recovery. He should not have to ask the well known in seemingly outrageous. misuse of phones has been covered by Colorado's major media organizations and federal officials have an ethical if you dish cheery duty to get involved now to go on and just kind of. Paraphrase here what they wrote lambourn represents Colorado Springs, which is why the Colorado Springs is that I guess is involved also need dimension. He will not be on the ballot for reelection this year he was beat in the primary by Loren Loren bogut she's the gun-toting lady from. who who beat him. Almost an unbelievable political. Experience to see that happen but nonetheless Anyone according to the editorial anyone who thinks the actions of former governor, our water under the bridge? No the he has fiscal irresponsibility with lasting ramifications. Basically what happened was? the there was money left in an emergency fund federal money, and when Governor Hickenlooper was accused of ethical violations, he used one hundred, thirty, three, thousand dollars of that money. Of the recovery funds to pay his legal bills and even lost. He was convicted of two of those. indiscretions in using money improperly. The charges are made that he received also illegal corporate donations in the form of private jet travel, lavish hotels, meals, and other related expenses. I mean, this is this is pretty serious stuff I in my mind anyway. Now, the year was the rub. He was actually accused of mini mini violations. I think it was a hundred or so or night almost one hundred would be a better accurate way to set because I don't have the real number here in this editorial, but he he took. All these trips and everything and they could only convict him of too because the rest of these charges had come up against the statute limitations. That's why you've got people want to change that staff statute of limitations here Colorado because it was only a year or two and then boom it's gone but he was convicted of the ones that he could be that could be heard. And found guilty. He used this money from this recovery fund for a lot of things during times that were personal expenses, membership dues in professional organizations and so on. Yeah. I think he needs to be investigated and let's see where this whole thing comes out but the solution to this. Vote for try. Gardner. Cory Gardner what I say Troy it's Koi Koi Cory Cory. Cory Gardner just having tongue twisted anyway that's the solution to all this will have more for you real soon right here on. Colorado's voice thirteen, ten K. FDA joint Clarkin for Gail Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten K F. K. Fifty five in your morning John Clark's admits regale. We have the distinct on her right now, talking with channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Megan's, and he's going to tell us all about what's going to happen in the weather this weekend map. This is one of those things that everybody complains about nobody ever does anything about it you're, GonNa fix this. Well, I do lots of things about it. I'm just telling world yet. That's a deal that's a deal. I enjoy so much. I am A. Pinpoint weather fan. I think you guys are awesome. Good deal I'm glad to hear Tell us about what's going to happen this weekend. Should we? Probably wear shorts and flip flops or something. You should and I will tell you on a serious note tying to air conditioning. The smoke is going to be tremendously bad at times especially in the mornings. So air quality's just GONNA be horrid not very good for working outside. The throats and all that Hopefully we don't get new fires, but we certainly are prime because we'll be sitting in the nineties today and again tomorrow, and then we'll try to get some thunderstorms in here, Sunday but the chances low but at least it's a chance and then a better better than non. Can cleanse the air somewhat. So that's good. Well, we we have a brand new fire up here in northern. Colorado what by Red Feather Lakes which is upwind from Fort Collins Greeley, all of us it's there. It's ripping and railroad up there. It is and that is a tinderbox as much. Colorado is that area is is. Terrible. I mean any anywhere in that area has not had much appreciable rain in closing in on sixty days so. that. Draining the reservoirs to keep the crops alive up here. That's. It's working out. A question that I've always wondered about I listened some forecasters down there talk about. And others talk about average temperatures and so on and being Colorado native I'm not so sure there is such a thing as normal I realize in the weather business, you have norms and so on. But it always seems to me that they're always talking about how it's so much above or beyond or below normal which average would be a better word in my all messed up here. What what what's my problem? I use the word average most because it's What people expect however. and whether we average everything I say today we average everyday today. but then you try to, we try to force it into what a normal curve was see. That's what I meant about the norms. We're fitting it to a normal curve. It's not the average. It's fitting something to a normal curve, and so that's why we call it a normal and that gets too heavy for a lot of people. So I stick with the term average in along those lines, all the averages that normal curve changes next year because we do thirty year averages and next year will kick off a new thirty year period. So rather than nineteen eighty-one. we'll start at nineteen, ninety one and go up to twenty twenty. So we'll have a whole new set of averages not shifts everything will be. Looking at warmer temperatures and all on and dryer condition though are averages will change. So I appreciate that so much because I always yell at television there isn't any normal average in Colorado because we're always all over the place. Well, we appreciate that warning about staying inside with air conditioning so you can stay in some fairly good air but other than that we could have a great weekend. Yeah. Have a good weekend and stay smoke free began. Matt Megan's channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists. Glad to have you with us. Oh, great folks well. That's what I meant about the weather I'm I'm one of my favorite classes in college was. Physical geography and part of that was climatology and weather and I know just enough about it to make me kind of stupid and dangerous. So anyway, it's been an honor and a pleasure to be here with you today sitting in for Gail right here on northern Colorado's wise thirteen ten Kfi K. A. Greeley loveland. Fort. Commons. No Code now. Weekdays at four, another in Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.

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November 20, Hr 3  Kevin Car, Ken Buck, and Barbara Kirkmeyer

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31:50 min | 8 months ago

November 20, Hr 3 Kevin Car, Ken Buck, and Barbara Kirkmeyer

"This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Our mixing it up a little bit just to keep you on your toes eight. Oh seven now thirteen ten. Kfi day thirteen ten k. F. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings regale from the auto collisions specialists studios joined a special time. And thank you for your flexibility sir by kevin car fat guys at the movies. Fat guys at the movies dot com. How you doing how you doing. I'm doing good are you doing. I'm doing well. i'm sorry. I got the big. Chill there for a sec. Sorry about addiction. Well you said the flexibility of time. I've ever been accused of being flexible pretty much. Pull a muscle. Every time i get off the couch well we've got just a couple of smaller movies a in theaters this weekend right. Yeah we've got a couple of bigger ones gonna be coming out next week and you know even even a christmas. There's wonder woman still gonna come out in theaters but they're going to be dropping it on. Hbo max as well. I'm so glad that you brought that up. Because i have a note right here in front of me and says as having about wonder woman one thousand nine hundred four christmas day. Hbo i mean it's it's already going to be dropping soul on christmas day on disney plus Each field max is a little more expensive. It's like fifteen bucks a month but if you want all the warner brothers content and all the content you can do that and that gives you a chance to watch. You can do a little movie marathon on christmas day but you can also go to the theaters and see it. 'cause it whatever's open at christmas is going to be playing that But you know it's a smattering of stuff until things start kinda hopefully getting better over the next couple of months i but But right now there's only a couple smaller ones well. One of them is a chinese movie called vanguard which i think they. They saw sort of vacuum in the movie houses of love like big studio content so they decided to release. It's a jackie chan movie It's available in both mandarin with subtitles and english dubbed. So we want to check ahead to what theaters have. What do you prefer. Because i was going to ask you. Are there subtitles do you. Do you prefer the subtitles or the soundtrack not matching up with the movements of the lips. I i'm conflicted on both. Because i think you'd get better inflection. 'cause sometimes dubbing can be really terrible but it's also easy especially for an action movie to pay attention to the action and you know if it's just a dialogue driven film you. Can you know lower. Your is read subtitles But you know. But if i'm watching it at home i generally like it to be dubbed. Because there's enough distractions in my house that you know. Sometimes subtitles are really small on the tv. So game i know the cinema file answer is always get it subtitled. But i have to admit. I don't necessarily agree on that one. That's what we appreciate about you. You don't give us stock answer. No i give the unpopular one. I've gotten raked across the coals. By my compadres for that before you'll how dare to be different via. Yes yes but anyway. The movie it's about vanguard it's like the six in the james bond movies for britain. Only this is the chinese version of it and jackie chan charge of it. And they're supposed to stop you know whatever. International problems are happening kidnappings extortion nuclear weapons. It doesn't matter and they've got this team that are going after these guys. Honestly i gotta say it was kinda hard to follow because it's not well written. It's more written just two two tie together action sequences and i don't blame this movie. 'cause you know every time michael bay movie comes out. They do that in america so it's nothing new it's just that you're seeing this for sorta like the spectacle on the action and the effects. You're not seeing it for a you know a like a really intense political. It's it's it's kinda goofy well. If memory serves you are a tremendous hardcore. Michael bay fan now aren't know i love him as much as i can throw myself. Oh you have such a way with words. Kevin appreciate that all right so kind of hard to follow kind of disjointed. Yeah but i mean it's honestly you're just seeing it for the action if if you're paying too much attention to the story you're seeing this movie for the wrong reasons. It's it's an action movie. And then has everything from like. A river taste with with lions in africa to like downtown in in middle eastern countries. So it's all over literally all over the map. Well it's kind of like the fast and furious franchise watch for some to answer the deep existential questions of mankind. You're watching you know. Those are not known for they're plotting plots they're known for the known for the characters not the character development. Let's just put it that way. And they are quite the characters. I will not the last vermeer. This is a historical piece and it takes place right after world war two where the dutch government is going to the reconstruction they did after world war. Two where do you not at all the stuff where they're cleaning up the mess. The nazis had left after the end of the war and you know not just the rubble and the dismay and that sort of thing but like all the artwork and all the artifacts and property that had been stolen in the tributed. They're trying to get back to the people and tracing origins and the process they find this painting by yohannes premier. Who of course the famous dutch artist who is known for his paintings and light and Brilliance earing yes. Grow the pearl. Earring is one from works And this is about the the guy in the government trying to track down what it is and and who sold it to the nazis and who collaborated with them and so it sort of focuses on this one local artist who's been a character so it goes from investigation to a courtroom thing and it's based on a true story which is kinda cool the the structure of. It's a little bit clunky. because it's a it's a first time or second time director and it's it suffers from suffers from not being streamlined enough. But if you're if you're in st buff you'll you'll probably enjoy okay. This'll get michael's attention for sure. Lego star wars holiday special on disney. Plus yes now before you talk about this. You've got to kind of go back in time. Forty two years ago in nineteen seventy eight long before they actually started making sequels. Cbs aired this star. Wars holiday special. Which was this to our fever. Dream nightmare inside chew bacchus family where you had wookey talking for extended periods of time on broadcast television with no subtitles whatsoever. And it was written by bruce vallejo and it involved like like You know these these nights. It's sort of like a variety show. Almost like donny. Marie show took over. And you cast in their carrie fisher's coked up out of her mind she can barely walk around the desk ends of singing at the end. And you know all these a executives say we know kids and teenagers love star wars and what else to love. Bea arthur do a whole thing with the arthur in the middle where she sings to the tune of the cantina band. You looking night there. It is worth trekkie down on youtube and it's not good. I mean you will feel every minute of this two hour special. It's not good but it is amazing to watch because it's a train wreck in a dumpster fire so the people lego decided they're going to do their own star wars holiday special and as much as i would love to see a lego version of bruce vallance variety hour with the arthur. They wisely didn't take that route. They did their own version of the holiday special where they basically have raised. Find a a an artifact that takes her through time and space through all the different stars universes but it does tie it together a little bit with the the life day surprises in the movie. I expect to see a little lassie. Posse posse martha graham martha graham. Why not honestly. When it comes to the star wars holiday special anything is possible. Anything goes all righty. Kevin car is at the movies a that guys at the movies. Concourse shameless plug time. You can hear a weekly syndicated radio program. Each and every saturday from noon to one right here on thirteen ten k f k a thirteen ten. Kfi dot com and also we's Very very important member of our thirteen ten kfi k. Block party heard weekdays no wednesday nights starting at for. Yes indeedy do. It is a friday kevin car on us at the movies. Thanks so much my friend. We'll talk to you later. Take good care now. Eight seventeen now. Thirteen ten kfi k. A thirteen ten. Kfi dot com this time. Sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse broadway in your backyard. The colorado candlelight dot com for more information dan patrick. The whole show and colin cowherd are on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f. k tune into the house show at noon and no co now at four pack mornings with kayla colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi a so. Let me ask you this. Did you ever draft an email. And let's say the you were out of sorts with someone and while you said what you really wanted to say but you had no intention of sending it that then hoops as you write dear jackwagon and everything else that goes along those lines. You accidentally send it well. Justice colorado oil and gas commission the conservation commission pairs vote on several new rules. Testy mail by the staff that use disparaging fake company names was mistakenly. Oh my goodness oh my lanta released to people in that industry now. This was first reported by cbs. Four on wednesday companies received test emails early on sunday with a list of hearings before the g c for companies that included the names snake oil inc. And it's lop firm blah blah blah an email obtained by the denver post Showed other names where bad oil and gas act me company to here we go again and the lure acts okay. Everybody knows about a company that makes everything from the roadrunner. Wiley coyote cartoons. Laura acts by dr seuss as a cautionary tale about the environment making castle. Co spokeswoman said in the email that to ensure that a new online filing system worked staff was practicing on what they thought was an internal site which was accidentally shared with our stakeholders q. Damage control and the requisite apology congressman. Ken buck will weigh on weigh in on this when he joins us in just a few right around eight thirty five eight thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi k no code now. Weekdays for northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k. tastes headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and scheduled about coming sports broadcast. Find them at thirteen ten. Kfi k. Dot com the colorado oil and gas conservation commission apologizing. After sending an inappropriate email ridiculing the very companies it regulates now. Cbs four broke this story learning that staff members at ceo where actually testing a new e filing system when they inadvertently sent an email to hundreds of oil and gas workers across the state now. The email arrived early sunday morning with a list of oil and gas companies. That had upcoming hearings the names of the companies included on this email were snake oil inc. It's law firm referred to as blah blah blah and. It's 'cause or case numbers six six six. We all know what that means. Other names included acme company bad oil and gas really rich here. We go again and the law racks. That's that dr seuss character that warns about environmental destruction. I don't know they might wanna ditch that particular email filing system. But that's just me eight thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi am mornings with gail from the auto collisions specialist studios joined this morning by congressman. Can buck congress vodka. So let's say you about this. Well i think it's unfortunate And really Inappropriate a government agency would refer to Customers referred those regulating In a way that it does. I think if you live in weld county and in northeastern colorado and you understand how hard only gas workers work and the conditions that they work in extreme heat extreme cold and they do it because they are proud of the fact that they help us turn on the lights and generate electricity and Able to put gasoline in our cars Understand all those things and you see how hard they work. I think it it really is even more sad that A government agency would feel like they should refer to people that way. Now make castles not spokeswoman. Sent out an apology saying we apologize that some of the names used during testing. We're not professionally chosen. She is the mistress of understatement. There and of course governor. Jared police called the incident quote completely unacceptable. Going to say whether agree with everything. The oil and gas industry does or does not do in colorado. We treat everyone with honored respect and professionalism but it seems to me that this email goes to an underlying bias. I think so also and i think it's really unfortunate. There was a time where government agencies considered their job to be making sure that those that they regulated complying with the law but also helping them comply with the law helping them understand the nuances the law because the laws are so complex complex on the regulations are so complex and to have the Agency that's that's governing oil and gas have a A prejudice against oil and gas Really doesn't bode well. I think we're down to five or six Rigs that are operating in colorado at this point And there has been a drastic reduction since governor poll took over and I think it's just unfortunate that You can understand better. Why there's such a drastic reduction when you see the attitudes of the regulators so given the fact that the democrats have the trifecta in the state. I mean they won just about everything. What's the future for oil and gas congressman buck. Well i can tell you that A lot of the oil and gas. People that i know are looking at wyoming and north dakota and texas and other places. I think you're gonna see less than last Oil and gas development in colorado until We have a more favorable administration in in the state. Wanted to ask you about your future as the gop leader in colorado came across the great piece in the colorado sun that just popped up this morning at the dark thirties. So have you made a decision on that decision on. What whether what your future might look like as the leader of colorado's gop. Well i'm i'm committed to helping all candidates republican candidates in colorado and. I'm committed to doing everything i can to help the state party I have not made any announcements about seeking another term in that office I am in dc right now Were in the process of reorganizing for the next congress and I just have not sat down and thought through it but i I did it Because i wanted to help cory gardner. And i wanted to do the very best i could to help President trump and and I will evaluate in the near future And make an announcement. What's your take on the outcome of this election. This as a rudy giuliani of course President trump's attorney alleges that there are enough flawed ballots to actually flip the results of the election. I have to wonder. I mean i. I believe that if our elections are not fair and equitable and if we don't have integrity in our election process that needs to be exposed. But at what point do you believe or do that. President trump should concede President trump could should concede if he concludes that He lost this election and that the election was conducted fairly. And i think that You know every election has had questions and it's what happens in an open per realistic society and we need to go through that process to make sure that this election was fair I think in the end. President trump will evaluate and make a decision. And do the right thing. I have every confidence in that. So i'm not I'm not ready now to say that there is no evidence I am not in pennsylvania. Have not been Or michigan or some of the other states that are involved in this and so I'm not in a position to say that there was fraud or or there wasn't. I shouldn't say that there's always fraud Whether it's a level of fraud that overturns the election is a different question. Well said what do you believe that voters said this election. I mean republicans. Indeed you know we were told it was going to be this blue wave while it. Morphed into a blue trickle and you had republicans picking up seats in the house and then of course there's those That all important runoff election in georgia for two seats in the senate. I think it's pretty clear that the american people have not rejected republican policies. I think that The in the us house we gain seats in The us senate It looks like we will most likely Have lost one seat. But but keep the majority in the us senate and The presidential race was a an absolute nail biter. And when you look at what is going on around the world right now with the pandemic and Economies that have gone south In a lot of uncertainty. I think it's clear that The the democrats should have picked up. Seats should have won the presidential election in a bigger way. If you just look at the economic factors and so I think that republican policies still remain popular in in america. You just introduced something. Called the bricks act. This is bill to increase penalties for violent writers. Tell us a little about that well. I'm just very frustrated that we saw the rioting that we that we did around the country. And it's not just peaceful protests. These are people who are burning down buildings and there seems to be a coordinated effort in this country that anytime a conservative group or really middle of the road group wants to stand up and thank police officers for their hard work. There is a counter protest harassing those that want to express their opinion to me. That's un-american We live in a country where we have freedom of speech and it should be harassed and these people who are burning down. Buildings and assaulting others just happened recently in washington. Dc there there should be A criminal prosecution and there should be Severe penalty that attached. And i hope that the us department of justice is engaged in that type of investigation. Eight forty six now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com. Joined by congressman. Can buck all right. Well as well counties. I'm sure you're aware it's just came down from the colorado department of public health and environment last night letter to the board of county commissioners from the director for the colorado department of public health and environment Elevating our dial status covid nineteen dial status to level red effective five pm sunday. My question for you sir is can we. Would it be ridiculous for us to hope that we might see any covert nineteen relief coming out of the congress anytime soon when you say. Relief of you're talking about a financial relief. Yeah i think it's very likely that It won't happen this week or next week. But i think it's very likely that Before christmas congress will pass a bill. It was being held up by nancy pelosi in the house. She was demanding changes to the tax bill from two years ago changes to Help bail out the pension funds and in california and illinois and new jersey. New york She was making ridiculous demands because frankly she didn't wanna see. President trump get a legislative victory before the election A lot of americans suffer as a result of her partisan games. And i think you will see something In the near future I know many from congress are calling for a bill that focuses on relief for individuals who are unemployed and small businesses who are suffering and and leave it at that and and then he debate that we need to about a larger bill. can be had after These special elections in in georgia In determining who is going to control. The us congressman. Ken buck. Thank you so much for your time and your your impact on a variety of she's this morning and while thanksgiving's going to look different i all this year. I you very happy thanksgiving to you. Also thank you go. You bet. Eight forty eight. Now thirteen ten. Kfi kfi party. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. The block party from four ten pm patchy inside up ayers. Dan presented by christmas agency. Allstate insurance tuesday nights northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. A. as we talked about all morning weld county will have its covid. Nineteen dialed level elevated to to level read By the state at five pm sunday a letter signed by colorado department of public health and environment. Director jill ryan was sent to the weld county board of county commissioners and the weld county department of public health and environment. Deputy director mark lally to inform them of the change joints morning by weld county. Commissioner of barbara kirk meyer. Commissioner kirk meyer. Welcome to the show. Thank you and good money. Did this come as a surprise. A bit yes. Because you know we just had a discussion. With the governor and jill ryan and it was a twenty five minute long discussion and no time during that discussion. Didn't mention about moving us on the dial You know he is a bit condescending and some of his comments to us. But we're working through. That and i thought we ended up the conversation on a very good note where we agreed it was about personal responsibility and then the other part of this isn't it. I mean he actually had a further discussion with commissioner james where he said that it's counties themselves. Who will move them. They moved themselves on the dial. That the doesn't do that. And then You know we get a letter from are actually got a call from joe ryan our commissioner premature chairman got a call and she just said that they were moving us and without any discussion input and working with the board of commissioners I i just think it's Think it is surprising. And it's a bit ridiculous quite frankly well. This goes back to that conversation that you had with governor jolt police and also with jill ryan colorado apartment of public health and environment. When you said just tell her no and then you put that in context. It seems to me that what you were saying is. Let's just not do this categorically or or capriciously or arbitrarily You need to be in touch with the county commissioners but apparently that did not happen. Exactly i mean you need to kentucky to the board And that's exactly. I mean you nailed it. That's exactly what we were talking about. Because here's the thing in the letter that we received. They made a comment about forty five out of forty eight icy you bet in weld county were in use. And that's so that only leaves three. Well i'd be pretty dang alarmed about that as well but the actuality is they need to look at all the hospitals in this region. Just not the two that are located in greeley. Two-thirds of our population doesn't come to for their healthcare they go elsewhere and there's actually from our calculations and working with our hospitals. They're still forty-three are left. So their numbers aren't even correct and they don't look at it from a regional perspective. I mean i lived down here on the atoms broomfield weld county line. I don't get my healthcare and gray like you know and You know they're just other issues going on and they're not looking at it from a regional perspective but the other thing gil. That's just really disturbing. When i find just completely irresponsible is That you know they they put these orders there without a lot of detail on how they can be enforced and in fact if you go look at the enforcement. It's it's like three sentences and it talks about you know. Local authorities are increased to determine best course of action to encourage maximum compliance between not the best sentence structure. But we're just encouraged to determine the best course of action to encourage maxine compliant. Well we've done that but then you know there's all this discussion about how it's going to be enforced and who's going to do that. And the governor. I keep saying we'll talk to your county it's up to your county and you know our put it on the sheriff that type of thing and the share has been very clear about how he doesn't have the authority or doesn't feel that he should be enforcing it from our perspective First of all I don't believe it's within jordi to enforce there is there's no authority that gives county commissioners Or even municipal the ability to yank estate license. Those are state licenses and quite frankly. I don't think he has the authority to do it either because it has to be based on the conditions by which that license was given in the first place so for example. I can't basically revoked a permit in my county based on something you know something totally different. It has to be based on the conditions that were within why we gave him the permit in the first place and nowhere as covert mentioned in there. The other part. Is you know. Talk about fines or jail. Time again. sheriff address fat but with regard to find County commissioners have very limited ability for civil penalties or fines. If you wear. And i haven't found anywhere in statute where it says that we can find people for either not wearing a mask or for goodness sakes you know. Having too many people in your own home. I mean it's ridiculous and so he's governing from this platform of fear and threats and intimidation and i just find it. One insensitive and irresponsible and you know from my perspective. I mean we're just heartbroken about you. Know our small businesses now being confused yet once again feeling like they're being punished seriously. And i probably said that three too many times now but these businesses since march we were told flat in the curve. Let's get our hospitals. You don't have that much time and it's going to be two weeks. Two weeks turns into four months. And then after that it's like sorta kinda open up and here's how you have to do it. These businesses did that. I mean we have businesses. Who did the social distancing require you to wear your math. You know especially in the restaurants and all of that stuff more on the tele telecommuting and stuff in that nature and then a week before thanksgiving you know. Not even a week. We for thanksgiving. We're gonna tell restaurants that your capacity has to change to the point where you can't make it you can't survive and If they haven't gone through enough it's absolutely hurt. Exactly why are they being punished again. They played by the rules. And now we've got a governor who is yet again moving the goal line. He's moving the goalposts again on them and on everyone and partying winners and losers. That's exactly what's going on here. Cressner kirk meyer. I saw appreciate your taking the time. And i would love to continue this conversation with you. Just unfortunately up against the clock to get it to be continued and happy thanksgiving. She says with a question. Mark a thank you for dwelled county commissioner barbara cook biron eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten kfi k. Dan patrick the whole show and colin cowherd or northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the dan patrick show the whole show and the herd with colin cowherd only thirteen ten. Kfi carrier eight fifty nine now. Thirteen ten kfi a thirteen ten k of a. Dot com busy morning said lab. We had the opportunity to talk with. Commissioner barbara kirk meyer. All right coming up high school football. We've got broomfield at loveland six. Pm pregame so you do buy. You're going to lock it right here. Code now weekdays at four another colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi cayenne.

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Dating Responsibly ft. motivational speaker Kevin S. Carr

This Is Why You're Single

51:05 min | 2 years ago

Dating Responsibly ft. motivational speaker Kevin S. Carr

"This is a head gum podcast. Welcome to this is why you're single podcasts. I'm Laura lane. And I'm Angela Spero Vico writers of the book. This is why you're single every week. We highly different dating topic. This week's episode is dating responsibly. Yes. Also in the lineup line talking about what's new in dating news love resolutions for dating success in the new year, and why sending nudes to strangers might mean jail time now, then we're diving into the mailbox to answer your listener questions, including one listener whose boyfriend is not swath about asking have sex and another listener who is annoyed that her guy friends won't stop asking her out. But first we want to welcome this week's guest. He's written about dating essence and given a tech speech. Title dating is dead. He is the author of the dating books. If all men are dogs than women. You hold the leash and what I've learned about dating and the book date responsibly. Please welcome this week's guest Kevin car. Thank you for coming on the show excited to have you. We watch your your speech inspired. So you say that your perspective can help singles navigate dating in our current cultural climate, tell us a little more about that. What is your perspective? And how did you start speaking and writing about this topic? It really happened a out of a conversation. My cousin was not much pregnant, and I will say to the hospital to get her labor induce and on the way to hospital. Your and I love you. But where's the guy who made his baby? Why am I taking hospital? He she hadn't heard from him in weeks. He basically was back. And so I always the working finance. I got to work the next day. And I was talking to a friend of mine saying, hey, listen, you know, when you you can't you can't help who you meet sometimes you can't help their interactions or their actions. But when you allow somebody to mistreat, you continually at that point, you have a responsibility in that. And she said she might a book, I say, and I went back to my dozen introduction. And so here we are. And so in doing that are kind of realize my audience, just like much, you guys is just, you know, singles navigating, you know, trying to figure it out, and this has let me to to this conversation. So where's the line between like like that sucks? So bad about your cousin. She probably thought there's no way she went into thinking. This guy's a dirtbag. Right. So what point do you take? Ability for dating dirtbags. And then what point is it like is just bad luck. And it you can't take responsibility for somebody else's actions. You know, and how do you kind of figure that out a lot of think that again, we meet people, and sometimes they just don't turn out to be the people. They we thought they were that. That's what usually happens with our listeners. You know, you think you're meeting someone nice right there are there are an hurting instance. You know, she missing rare flags on the way. And so we we've all done it. Right. We meet people. And we're there's the chemistry is great or we are tracked it to them. And we overlooked someone those behaviors that are like no about that. Right excuse you, see them, but you excuse them away where it's still up stories for why they're happening. One hundred percent. You're like all right. Nobody's perfect. We're all human. And it's like where do you draw the line between? Of course, you're not going to date them on. That's perfect. And you do have to understand that people are gonna make mistakes long the way. But then which ones are the red flags that you need to like cut your losses and move on. And then it's like. China again, we all have we'd like you said nobody's perfect. So it was like identify is this behavior that will kind of consistently happened over time and cannot cannot manage this cannot deal with this with this person. You know, sometimes red flag isn't always a stop sound. Sometimes it's just a caution. I might need to pay attention. I might need to investigate a little more like a yellow light year caution. You don't take. But don't overlook it. What were the red flags? Your cousin missed was on. It wasn't consisted in the beginning. Right. So as like if he's not consistent in the first six months is hard to get them consistent at year two. Right. So it's somewhat things and some character issues like God couldn't keep a job stuff like that. So just. People's daily character tend to reveal themselves over time, and it's important even as record up in that bliss of I'm in love rise important to just, you know, stay sober enough to really address those things when they happen. So large issues don't surface down the line. So you have a book with a great title. If all men are dogs women you hold the leash tons. That's impairing. Yeah. Not men but to women. Yes. Yes. So what does that mean, basically means in show, I can only go as far as you? Let me. That doesn't excuse me four a heaven to be or at least should be in the person present myself as honest been respect for no those things, but the reality is you wanna meet people that aren't you're gonna meet they're just for whatever reason aren't the type of person that you really should be attached to and at that point. You have decision to make s to am. I going to attach myself to this person. Am I going to allow this person into my life? Like, I think sometimes we miss that. When it comes to dating, right? We have a choice as to the proximity. We allow people in our in our space, you know, like people are going to try to push the boundaries. As fires. You'll let them in a way of setting the standards early on. I guess I can see that like even early on. Like, I got lucky Nick is just the nicest kind of sky. I don't need to like put a leash on him. You know? But just for like a little example is at the beginning when we first met he would he started text me like, hey, like wanna go to ball when we like meet out like it was like holiday season and. You know, I'm like out and about an early. I was like I'm not going to have my Burs kinda like date we'd met at a holiday party. I'm like, I'm not gonna have burst. Hang out posts meeting be like late night. So I just kept saying I'm busy. I'm busy. I'm busy busy. And but I'd love to hang out, and I was still very happy and trying to be positive shows interested and eventually he got the hand. Like, okay. If I'm gonna hang out with this girl, and he's like make reservations, and like ask her out to dinner ahead of time because she's not going to do the like late night thing. So it was like Mimi setting my boundaries that kind of what you're talking about. Because once you like if you don't set them, you can't set them. You can't go and try to set them six months. Don't align. Right. So people in all type of relationships people kind of razz up to the boundaries in the standards that you have or they they were they we that we people L as well. So it helps you both ways either, you know. Okay. This person is willing to do this whatever that behaviour, you expect is or this person isn't and then we'd them up. So you've been writing about. Dating for a while. Are you single? How has it affected your own dating life? And how has it made? You think about about a yourself in the type of people you look for. Oh has an infusion ways. I mean, people who think when you're in dates it's like because like as right, as you know, we now create a certain perception of you. So as why am I out with like the love version of Dr Phil right? It's like this. And if you know, we're just having like did they expect you to be perfect? Yes. You're like the dating expert, and then like or like, you do something that doesn't really line up with it. They like Dana expert you're supposed to know this. Yeah. So you currently dating. Yes. Currently single. Yes. We're never sure if having significant others makes us frauds for having a show called this is why you're single or if it makes us more reliable. Yeah. I don't know. I I don't know. I 'cause he it's really sometimes I feel the same way as you is like I could be great at giving advice to a friend. But it doesn't mean I'm always going follow the advice myself so much easier to be from like an outside perspective to see what's going on with the problem. But when you're in it, you get like, those foggy love colored glasses, and I'm like, I definitely have started fights and things that I would tell any of mine like girl, you're crazy. Right. What are you doing? This is a good guy. What are you doing, you know, Lind's to the content as well as a writer, you life is your content? So the reason I'm able to kind of write about looking out for red flags and doing the norm because I've been in situations where I have ignored them and six months online said, oh, wait a minute. Yeah. You're doing field research. So in your tax talk, you it's titled deigning his dad, personally, I cannot stand when people in millennials get shit for things we killed everything we kill chain restaurants killed napkins. The new one is it true. That millennials have killed dating. Did be doing. No, I don't. I don't think. So I think that. We're an interesting place. It's a different space. Right. Like life is different now with we're in the digital age the way, we can duct ourselves daily has changed. And I think that you know, we're in kind of that place where especially millennials. Whereas like because we're you're you're old enough to still appreciate what it was like not to be glued to your phone. But also you have that dynamic now. So it's like China find a balance, and that I don't think you know, know, I think we are doing just fine. I think that it's important that we embrace where we are in terms of how life is conducted. Now and still, you know, the things that we wanna still very much available to us. Just like you mentioned when you met, Nick. And how you want a certain type of dynamic, right, and you still enforce that. So you can still do that even as you're swiping or meeting people line and stuff like. That all of that. It's still valuable, and you know, the the rules for dating have always changed from generations. And all of a sudden, it's like, oh, the millennials phone, but it's always change. Yeah. It's always evolving one hundred per so you don't think dating apps make dating harder. It's you can control them. Yeah. On the I think, you know, apps in general. We have a lot of tools that make life easier in many ways, I think dating as well. I think that they, you know, apps you had to weed out more people. And so you do increase you had the potential increase your dating pool. So you might have to kiss a few more, frogs exactly prints that you automatically. What have? But that's just a comes with it. I feel like we're the first generation to get burned out on dating like we coins like the dating fatigue. Van where you have to disconnect for awhile and be like, I'm to stay off my phone and not gone like a data week where where's that wasn't necessarily an option before it's so it can be really over warming. I still think it's always good to have someone that can vouch for a guy. So that's why it's I still think like, you know, meeting through friends, or let's har- party that a friend has it is hard because you're like, I know all my friends friends. But then you sometimes surprises often realize, you don't, you know, I don't know your most recent book says that it will give readers clarity on what they're posted thoughts and feelings mean, and I feel like that's always so hard to go on a date, and you're like to skied or not, I don't know. He was okay. Should I give it another chance? So tell us a little more about that. How do you do that? And yeah, they do it was basically started off as Instagram content. It was me really articulating the the process as I was going through. Right. And when I learnt that. Whether you're male female, white or black. We all experience these things we Spanish rejection, we experience butterflies and all these different things at different times. And so the reality is just the biggest way to do that just stay present in the moment. And sometimes we think so far ahead. It's we leave the house. We're headed out on a date. And we're like it's just the person gonna marry. Forever. But it's funny. Like when you meet somebody like, you meet a new friend. You don't say are we going to be best friends forever? I do that. But that's because I'm crazy, but you fixate on it, you meet the person, and you. Okay. I met this one friend recently. And like she has a husband who I don't know. Like, she has he has the same name as neck and also has long whatever. They look like they could be besties. And then they have a man her baby was born the same day as Rilo. So I'm like, all right. This is a lot of commonalities. So I'm already like we've hung out once and I'm like, I wonder if some of the summer, they'll they will want to the -cation with us like, and we can go on like a family vacation together. And we've hung out once, you know, what would you advise against? I definitely do. It. Needless to say, they can't go on the cause. I already asked them like. I'm like, I'm a special person specialist. Good. Sure. All right. Well, we have so much to pick your rain about and we're gonna take a quick sponsor break. And then we're going to pick your brain about dating more later on the podcast, and we're also going to jump into what's in the news. We'd like to thank our sponsor third. Love third. Love is probably my favorite bras that I've found in a very long time. They have a perfect fit using millions of real women's measurements love designs. It's bras with breast size and shape in mind for an impeccable fit and incredible feel. Here's how it works. I you fill out your fit finder quiz, you answer. A few simple questions to find your perfect fit. This was very helpful for me because I found out that I was wearing the wrong bras is and I had been for years. And I was like, oh, no wonder things are not very comfortable. So over ten million women have taken this quiz today. You answer bunch of different sizes about how your bra currently fits. 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Fifteen percent off your first order, go to third love dot com slash single. Now to find your perfect fitting bra and give fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third. Love dot com slash single. For fifteen percent off today. All right. Angela. What have you reading about in the news? Okay. Well, we were just talking about dating apps Kevin actually rights for Zeus. That is a dating up their blog date mix. And he wrote all about the seven new love resolutions for dating success in the new year. And we're in the New Year's in the new year timing people are ready. So kevin. Let's let's talk about him number one. You say is embraced the volition. That mean, cuddle it what we were talking about life is different. And so. You know, instead of fighting against it just kind of using everything at our disposal now. So there are abs- there are over eight thousand niche dating websites. They are the social media. There are so many ways to to engage with people. And so if you're single, and you're looking the best thing that you want to do is engage with people as much people as possible to increase your chances of finding that person. And it's just you know, using those things to using those tools to reach people, but we still have due to work of building relationships. But just, you know, this is where we are, you know? So instead of biting it kinda swim with the current. How do you feel about people that spend a bunch of time like month Taksin people on apps and put off meeting in person? I think that is the wrong way to go about it. The put it. I. You typically want get off line as soon as possible, and so you engage online, but you know, life has to be lived off line. So you want to if you meet somebody on the app or website, and you develop some report you wanna take it to the phone. And then you wanna meet up want to you want that you don't wanna live online. Right. You wanna create overly ship? You can't create a relationship without connecting in person and on a phone to build things. So that's number two focus on the connection. Right. You know, because you know, we're more connected, but more disconnected than we've ever been. All right. And so yes, we have these EPs. Yes, they're social media. But we actually have to focus on connecting and building relationships because those are the only that's how you actually build it right relationship. Cannot be you can't you swipe swipe swipe or you want you can like pictures. But if you don't actually put determined effort into build it it won't last and then number three is find your sweet spot online. Absolutely. That's just the nature of where we are every site isn't going to be for everybody. Every app is it for everybody. But I do believe that as a single you should have some type of outlet online. You just wanna have you basically, you wanna have all your doors open? And so you might not meet a person that you might meet somebody through a friend or otherwise. But as long as doors open you have to pretend. Shoe to meet a suitable partner, and you say don't discount social media. So you're open to sliding into absolutely okay. No. You gotta there's etiquette. If somebody is thinking, they wanna slide into a DM, what should they what is the right way to I vote for the guys know unsolicited DM's. So you wanna kinda gauge I if you own Instagram likes pitcher or to leave a comment banter easing as easy if you get a light bet. Okay. She might be open then you can sign it. Then you can slide that come out of nowhere. Then they're like who's creeper. Yes. A like back is like, but and then you don't want to just say, hey. Right. Just know if you're looking for those light backs like backs you're going to have to like go onto everyone of your pictures opened up who's liked it scroll? Like, it's gonna take some work to make sure they've liked you back. I mean, if you're true, millennial you're checking your phone Shen. That's just you know, slot in and use your debt worse. You have to talk. Like, you know. Hey, I like the book that you will read your profile something, I wholeheartedly agree with that. I hate a bland, hey, okay. Number four lead with your true self the easiest way to find people that fit you is to be yourself. And a lot of times when we go on dates, we leave we leave the house with a mask on and we're projecting. What I am trying to present to you. What I think you like and that might work for time. But at some point the real means gonna come out, and so by leading what your true self you tend to a help shoe fine people that are in line with your values quicker. I like that sometimes people do like the social adjusting, which is good everyone. Does that naturally? But you can take it to an extreme where you try to pretend to be somebody that you're not absolutely. All right. What is the last piece of advice for the new year? Okay. So we're going to get ahead. We have beef lex bull. Remember to be social offline and they finally because then you can meeting. Ersan, which is always great, always great. If you just get the dating app fatigue. Finally, number seven. Remember the process takes time. What happens is it doesn't happen overnight. And so is gonna take Tex it's gonna take dates it's going to take some fill dates were Dick's that don't blast them that you want. That's just part of the process. And so I think that if we remember that is also a journey to build something if we remember that it helps us along the way, I got good advice when I was really nervous. And I was dating Eck. And I just wanted to be like twenty steps ahead. You know, and my friend called me up, and she's the one that had introduced us. And and she's like, Laura, I'm not gonna tell you anything else about him, just let things happen organically. And she's that word or Ganic Lee, which I think is kind of in line with what you're saying here, and that just really stuck with me. Whereas like, yeah. Like, why am I trying to force something to happen quicker than I wanted to I need to let it happen organically, and that calmed me down a bed. Maybe not completely. It's hard to when you really like somebody, and you're Sner, and you're like I really wanted to work. He's like so perfect. And he's the nicest most amazing person I've ever met. But she said let things happen or Ganic. And that's kind of like, you know, it's a journey. Don't rush it, and it is a process, and whether it works out or not that period of getting to know each other is always going to be the most fun and away. And you forget that at the time you do fun. I want you secure. I want to know that we've got this on lock. And but then I look back on my only those butterflies those rights I would kill to go back on one of those I eight yes, it's exciting to not be sure it really is. So enjoy it. Enjoy it and good luck in the new year. All right. You want to know what I've been reading yet. What are you reading? I was reading the New York Times. This is an article by Sharon Otterman, and she writes about how sending nudes strangers might mean jail time. So Angela I don't know if your member we had read like a longtime ago about how there were certain people they were air-dropping yoed and like. Picks to strangers and subways. And it was like unsolicited totally unsolicited because airdrop allows people to send images non mislead. She writes, there's no way for commuter to know who is who in the busy train car might have sent it. And unlike traditional public lewdness crimes the center might not know who exactly within thirty feet receiving the picture because the feature identifies nearby phones only by phone's nickname, so people can just like as a funny prank. Just like be on the phone start selecting people in like sending dick picks and stuff because I don't know why you think it's funny in gross. But it's not cool, and it can feel extremely violating to be like scrolling through your phone. And then all of a sudden have like a dick pic or naked photo of stranger. Or like, you know, some other lewd photo just pop up on your phone. If you have your airdropped selected to all open to anybody. So now people are saying keep your pick and your pants if you do it the message that you're sending is going to have a fine or jail time. So what this has been known as it's called cyber flashing, and it's a growing trend sadly of technology enabled sexual harassment. It has been so common that lawmakers introduced a city council Bill to explicitly make it a crime in New York City publishable punishable by one thousand dollars or up to a year in jail. So it's already misdemeanor in New York state to harass them one by telephone mail or other forms of written communication, but that law was not explicitly addressing the issue of visual images. So this Bill was introduced, and it would add language to the city code that would make it unlawful for a person with the intent to harass annoy or alarm another person to send by electric device in unsolicited intimate image. All I can say as is this not about time or what I mean. Yeah, there's there's no difference between this and some guy just like. Dropping his pants in person. So which is punishable punishable offense. Exactly. So the makes a lot of sense to me thank. You know, even though social media get people who send unsolicited dick pic like in the DM's, sir. What are you? What are you doing? We said comment on the book she's reading yes. That's why I like the keep your taking your pants thing. Yes. So yeah. Good news for anybody New York City on hopefully, this will happen in in other states and cities around the country 'cause that's not cool. Don't do it guys. So, but you can you can send an anonymous anonymously. So then how do you track down the person though, too? Like that's a good question. I'm sure maybe you could I'm sure there's a way to track down. I don't know cybercrimes. That's actually a great question that I don't know if they answered, but there's there's got to be way for them to to find out. I know like apple super on like privacy. But I guess if they do find out that you're doing it. And maybe they have cameras in the subways. They can see you doing it for go to the police if you get one like, yeah. If you get one just go to the police, and I'm sure there's maybe a way that they can track down like within the image. I don't know. I'm not a tech person. I just know that it's going to be fine -able, and you could go to jail. So is it really worth sending naked pigs of you wanna go to jail for year. No suggests there. Going to find you. Okay. All right. It is time for us to jump into our mailbox, but first let's take a quick sponsor break. We would like to thank our sponsor Honey book Honey book is an all them when business management platform for creative small businesses. And if you're a small business owner Honey book dot com can help you spend less time handling the administration work and more time doing what you love. There's so many difficulties in growing and managing business. I have all these business ideas. But honestly, it's like all the logistics. That are stopping me. I didn't know that something like Honey book even existed until they became a sponsor. So I have a lot of ideas. Some of my ideas, really wanna open like a pet store one day called cool dog. I talk about it pretty much. 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And maybe it'll inspire you to create your own that squarespace dot com slash single offer code single. All right. Angela what we have in the mailbox for our friend. Kevin to help us answer. Okay. First up. We have an anonymous question they write high big fan here at random times of the day. My boyfriend asks do you want to have sex later and almost every single time? I say, no, it's not sexy to me doesn't make me want to do anything. What do you think I should say to him about this? Also my boyfriend is a huge football fan. We both started this relationship about a year and a half ago knowing that I am not a football fan. How should I support him in this his whole family loves football too? If I just don't care help. So two questions about the football. The peons on really depends on him a full phonetic on this need to be one. It will be great. If you didn't talk by the game was on. Right. But other than that like, I'm fine. But you know, if if he wants her to kind of experience that you know, sometimes you gotta take one for the team. You know, you don't have to have everything in comment other things that they bond about like from afar like watching the game day or your pizza and wings right about you on the go. Yes. And then go I don't wanna go to the mall with you. So in that instance, in terms of the sex thing. I would ask has she had a conversation with them. Hey, listen, like this like, you know, this this gets me on if you touch me this way. We'll have you talked to me this way. Like, you know, I wanna please you. But I like start my murder motor a little bit, right? Yeah. It's hard to go from like cold to hot. And that's kind of what he's asking for. Yeah. That's hard. Well, I speak about the football thing. So my dad throws SUV party every year and every year, my mom and her best friend during the Super Bowl party. They go to they go through store shopping. And that's like that's like what they do. And why not and I also like with Nick, I'm like very encouraging of him having other interests because I want him to be able to like do some stuff outside of me, you know, like uses brain differently. So then like when he's done doing that activity. He'll wanna hang out with me. And like miss me, you know, and he he's very into sports funny. When we first started dating I was writing for ESPN and working for them. And I hosted a poker show, and I had. In writing for them for them for five years. Now, I don't play poker at all. And I also just don't follow sports. So your interest change like maybe you're into something at one point. And then you're not. And so now, Nick Nick is super into which is funny because I was the one that was like the big poker TV host. And I used to cover like every major sport. Now. I just I don't know. I just don't now that I'm not writing about it. I just don't pay attention as much and Nick Scott like the games on all weekend. And I'm like, I don't even know the coaches anymore. I've just not I don't follow it. So your interests are going to change, and that's gonna happen throughout your life. As as long as you have some like core things that. Yeah. That you're into what I will say, I don't watch football. But I do love musical theater. And that's also something that's not for everybody. And I get it. When you really love something, you wanna share it with the person that you love. But I know that like my fiance. Ian, is that say those the person said it? I know that he doesn't wanna listen to like jazz hands first thing in the morning. So like I'll like for me. I'll be like. Okay. Once in a while watch musical with me. But I don't expect him to do it all the time. You know, you gotta like every now and then and like to force somebody into something they're not into. But you also want to select share things that you think they'll like so maybe like if you're like, oh, hey, you're really like the halftime show watched this show with me. I like that. And also, yeah, maybe go to one football game with him. But you don't just sit there and watch the whole game you've got other shit to do. And then in terms of the sex thing. I don't know. Like, I mean, maybe I would just tell them like, hey, let's try to like have it be a little more organic, you know. And but I gotta say now that I have a kid, Nick. And we have to do the thing like gee wanna have sex later. Like, he literally was like do you want to have romantic time on Wednesday? We call it remanded time. Do you wanna ever magic on Wednesday? And I was like sure and then like romance time it's Wednesday. And I totally forget, and I've put the baby to bed, and then he comes and he's like join ever Manta time. And I was like right now. Okay. Sure. And then like, and then we'll get in the mood. So I see where his head that like it's a priority to him. And like, I don't know some people would be into it. Like, I like that Nick approaches me and says that so for me, I would enjoy that. But maybe just tell him like sometimes we'll have a little more. No. Yeah. Which he probably doesn't and instead of being like do you want to have sex later? He could try being a little more he could sex her. They could try sexting day. Up. What else we got in the mail box for Kevin to help us answer. Okay. This one is from Karen, Karen rates. Love your podcasts aimed going through divorce. And now I am single after twelve years your podcast has helped me get through this year and helped make dating easier. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Now that I am single several of my male friends. Have started hitting on me. It pisses me off because I don't think of them that way. And never will. I almost feel guilty. Like there is something. I am doing that. Is having them confessed their feelings, Ken men befriends is that even possible or do they all hope to have sex with you? How do I handle this? I don't wanna ruin the friendships. But I also am not the one hitting on them any tips on how I can prevent them from hitting on me. Let's ask the guy. Yeah. How would you tell? I mean. Yeah. I yeah. We'll all those all those. Well, it goes back to those boundaries that we talked about earlier like you really have to set those clear cut boundaries and not, you know, not break. Those and NB vocal. Hey, listen. You know, I'm not we're friends. I'm not interested in in any other type of relationship you have to be vocal with that. And then if you set those boundaries in vocal with it, and they keep pushing it then there was probably are really friends. I should be engaging with anyway, I totally agree. I yeah. I couldn't agree more. You've got us. And maybe just say like, you can even throw in comments when you meet a new guy from like, oh, it's so nice to have friends that are just guys. Don't get on you. You know, like, yeah. Like say something like, oh, I love I love hanging out with you. It's just so nice to have like just a guy friend. And then maybe ask him advice on people that you are dating, you know, like how gotta pick your brain from prison. That's just a guy friend about someone that I actually like, and you know, you could say those things because it's, you know, this is not this is not your fault. You know, clearly, they weren't reading the room correctly right thing. I don't want to ruin the friendship, but that's not something that you need to be worrying, you know. This is nice. When you need to be worried about all this is them. But you know, I can also see us getting a response from a guy saying an Email from guy saying, I really I have a friend. That's a girl. I'm not sure if she likes me or not and like, we've been friends. A long time. And we're so great together. And I enjoy your company and like how should I? You know, what do I do? How do I let her know? We're like you just got to ask her. So I can also see as giving advice of just saying like, you just gotta ask her, and I can only hope that these guys are respectful in the way that they're asking. And like, yeah, it's probably gonna make things awkward when you turn them down. Because you're going to always know they kind of had a crush on you. But I don't know from my experience. I have our our former podcasts guests got reduce key. We were very close friends. And at one point we were like, let's see if this is something we went on a date. It wasn't. We never even kissed on the date. We like the most was hold hands around an ice skating ring. And then there was no chemistry there, and we actually very easily were able to just go back to being friends and not being weird easy. When you're both on the same page about it or shape think it's very difficult to carry on a friendship when one person is secretly in love with the. Yeah. One hundred percent, but hopefully, they respectful when you tell them and like, yeah. Maybe in in the future, something you can do if you're worried about this just saying. Like making the comments that I said about how nice it is that people that are just friends that don't hit on you. I definitely listen to what Kevin said about if they're not respecting your boundaries. Then you don't need them in your life. Just indicates that they don't respect what you have to say, especially make you feel bad about not being into them or something like on a real friend. You do like I don't I don't feel this like like weird about getting to the table. Yeah. You don't know them anything. We hope that's helpful. If you want your listener questions answered or if have any messages that you wanna share MLS contacted, this is why you're single show dot com. You can also find all of our contact info on our website at this is why you're single show dot com. Now, let's dive into our reason of the week. This week's reason is dating responsibly. So tell us a little bit more. What does it mean to date? Responsibly means a few things one it means to be intentional. And so just as intentional as we are in picking outfits or looking for employment being intentional. You know, who we attach ourselves to Minhas also about being also some self-awareness in that. Because the thing about dating is we all we all are at different places at different times. And so some of us want marriages, some of his don't some was went relationship some of his don't, but it's about being self aware enough to know exactly what you want and also articulate in that to the people that you come across and as for both sexes. Right. So sometimes we meet people, we want certain things, but we aren't forthcoming about the things that we want or we don't want certain things, and we're not forthcoming about that. And so it was just a rowdy about transparency. True relationships are built on transparency. In general, right? So the first step is probably identifying what your standards are. Right. And not compromising on that. I think a lot of the time like you meet somebody and you wanna relationship, and they'll be like, no, I'm not really looking for relationship, and you're like, okay that works too. So like when women are in that situation. Don't do that. No. I mean, if the reality is if you want something, and this other person does not want that thing, they're probably not going to change their mind. I think that thing is when people say, okay, that's fine. It's because they think they're going to change somebody's. And they think they're going to change somebody's mind. And that's the thing that that. I think we've learned from all the from doing one hundred seventy nine episodes is that it's really hard to change people. And like yes in a relationship people are gonna compromise. Like Nick hated having a schedule. I was over scheduler we had to kind of like I had to loosen up the schedule and not over schedule us, and he had to realize that like I need to make plans to feel less chaotic in my life. So you. You can compromise. But you're not going to change people's like core wants and core personality. And so so, yeah, you I would also listen to we didn't episode with interest your ties just thinking about that all comes back to that. Yeah. And her whole thing was was making the house and can't stand. Yes. Making must have it was like five put five on each list. And he was go back and listen to that too. Because that will that will be like a great companion piece with what Kevin's talking about here. We're also we'd also want to know like how can people make better choices in terms of the people that they and like spot those red flags that you've been talking about? While think that the intentional piece comes in it and also allowance allow in time and space, the kind of Ville things for you like sometimes we meet people in this. I love this person. Like us. You went on one day. You know, like just allow the pro again, it goes back to that process. Don't panic that process. Let it grow like a has to grow and as a grow as people we in general, good or bad. We've Avila who we are in time and proximity as we engage with each other. And so it's just important to allow that time and space the kind of aid be a guide for you like time does a wonderful thing for is. If we let it and then it's just about what do you want, right? And knowing that type of person that fits, you know, one kind kinda life out at you that you want to live this important to you. And as you know, that it helps you defile who kind of fits that that way of living. It's fan you say like people on one day. And then say, oh, I want to be this person forever. And I'd hate to stereotype women doing it. But I I feel like most it's most of my girlfriends that I talked to do that. And they go on a date with somebody. And they're like, oh, I really like this guy and then. They spent every other interaction trying to almost like lock them or like prove or, you know, get the guy to feel the way that they do instead of looking at the relationship like that guy's still figuring me out and seeing if you know, I should also figuring out this guy out because instead of approaching every hang out as an opportunity to learn more. And also in that process decide whether you still like that person is that make sense like hang out. This is also an opportunity for you decide, but they're not right for you. It shouldn't be an opportunity for you to try to like. Them or. Yeah. You're it's not your audition. Yeah. It's not your audition. It's a mutual additions and every date is like that. Until until you decide this is the person that I wanna be with forever, right? It's okay to get excited. You just have to kind of remember your worth and know that you don't have to cling onto this like I guy that you have feelings for. Yeah. There they willing to prove themselves. You we we do that all of the areas where are you looking for? You're looking for a job, and you go, and you have a great interview. But guess what they're still interviewing somebody else after you. And they still want you to come back for a second interview. Maybe this time with a panel. And it is time with her interview, you decide like is this a company I wanna work, and maybe go back home, and you do research on the company or you talked like a friend of a friend that used to work there. You're like is this company this company soccer is this is a good place to look right trying to find a right fit for you is so that doesn't happen overnight. But it does take dating which is you gathering data. You're gathering information as to. To is this a person that fits me on that note? It is time for our reason the week done. So Kevin has lots of thoughts on modern datings. We are going to see if his wisdom could benefit some celebrities who kind of suck it dating. We're going to ask him to give a little advice in a game. We call from carts like heart and his last name get it. And. They suck dating. But maybe they're also they're figuring. The way we all. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I hear you. I angela. Okay. So I love that needs your advice. Pete Davidson, he he keeps getting tattoos of his girlfriends, and then it doesn't work out seems like he moves to fast. But would you say to Dave it's not tooth? That's. Don't do this. Don't do it. Just when you feel like you want to go get a tattoo of something else. You know, like just allow time to flow. Maybe wait. Yeah. Okay. Next liberties, Arianna 'Grande who gotten gauged to Davidson after just a few weeks of dating is a few weeks too soon to get gauged for anybody. Yes. Yes. You know? What we were just talking about. Like, we just, you know, I'm, you know, we is exciting you meet people, and you really like them, and you know, you for the butterflies intoxicating invigorating. But at some point we have to remember, you know, that dissipates, and we actually have to build and work at Bill something. And so in we have to be willing to work at the relationship. And so in the midst of that, there's no rush, right? Certainly not for engagement either. Yes, Arianna, okay? Number three, poor rob Kardashian. He seems to have some confidence issues. He cheated on his first girlfriend. Adrienne violon. He got possibly scammed by black China joke. You got a lot going on. What would you hit a rob Kardashian? So from the outside looking in the seems like he might need to do a little self work. If you aren't confident yourself, you don't believe in yourself. Then you you open up to all. Type of things and all type of people. And so he might need a breather. You know, just a break or, you know, talk to a cell phone and the mayor. You know, be the champion of his own self before he gets out there. I like that. I right next up as Cardi B. She just had a baby she's getting divorced. What kind of advice would you give to Cardi B? To keep her love life of social media as harder every or. Well, everybody are more just for celebrities in general. I mean for everybody. I mean, you can you can celebrate your love. But the details of your relationship are it should be, you know, between you guys not for shouldn't be for public consumption. And so it's hard for her because she came into the light on media on TV. And so it's hard to kind of separate that at times. But I think that when you open your relationship for public consumption all type of things get into it. And so I would be a little more private take your time. You know, it's a it's a say breakup are never easy, and especially when you're talking about they're married, and it's having to go through that and have a new baby. I'm sure super challenging. And so I would say take your time. Take your time challenging a little baby. Finally, we have Drake Drake. Did that whole thing where he tried to confess his feelings for riana in public and got shut down. How should you approach somebody that you have a crush on biz Yana? Then you know, I mean, I'm for confessing the public. I guess we all turned into. Leaves you any chance you get you probably like, even if it's at whatever that was the as the do it. You never know. Right. You know, it's just about being transparent is so you can do it in a way listen just being open. When people, you know, I like you. Yeah. That's a hard thing to do. But is easier than walking around with it knowing that you like this person or you're interested and not knowing man, so the quicker you find out the quick, and you can even start building or move on. Right. And going back to our listener question. Then if they tell you know than you respect. Yes boundaries. Yes. Lastly, Katy Perry. She got divorced over text message from from Russell brand. So like what you know. And then she is dating Orlando bloom, but they're always like off and on I feel like she's going for. I mean are little booms not like a bad boy. But but he's a hot boy and they get around. Yeah. So I don't know any kind of advice for for Katy Perry. So it seems as if again this is on the look in Russell brand. Orlando bloom the same type of person. So sometimes you gotta look back and say, well, you kind of dated the same person in the last three people I've met, and so sometimes it takes you, what am I doing? This keeps me in these with these type of people and just it goes to change in routine change, the people that you engage with interact with but anybody is diverse over text message rough. I mean, that's more like vice for for for Russell brand. Like don't do that. Yeah. Right. Oh, I wanna add a last celebrity. I'm curious to get your vice for Leonardo DiCaprio, are you like, you know, he he dates a lot of younger women, and like it's around with you know, he's like every hot model in from Victoria secret, catalogue what? But is he doing anything wrong? Or is he like living his best life a living his life? I don't think he's doing anything wrong. If he's honest and open about his intentions. That's you know, we again, we don't have you know, we all different places at different times. So his obliga- shit is to those young women is to this is who I am. This is my lifestyle and be open about this probably won't last forever. I'm probably not going to get married. But if you're down to like have some fun, right? Oh, I like it as long as he's on it. All right. Well, we hope we have cleared up this week's reason because that is it for this week's this is why you're single podcast. Thank you so much. I guess Kevin car you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at kes- underscore car with two RS, and you can purchase all of his books on Amazon any other plugs that we should tell people about about where they can find you. And where they can find your stuff Twitter Instagram, a website is Kevin S as in Sam car dot com, and dating is dead is on YouTube. So you can YouTube debt, Ted talk and about it little plug for ourselves. You can also find are books available on Amazon Barnes and noble and our audio books on audible. Yep. And hooked up with discounts from all of our sponsors for fullest of sponsors. And the coach check out our podcast page on this is why you're single show dot com. We are also on social ourselves. You can follow us on Instagram Twitter at your single show, please like in subscribe on itunes, and thank you so much for listening to next week for a whole new show. That was a hate gum podcast.

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The Steelers Are Undefeated, the Chargers Blow Another Lead, and Tuas Debut Victory | The Ringer NFL Show

The NFL Show

1:07:21 hr | 9 months ago

The Steelers Are Undefeated, the Chargers Blow Another Lead, and Tuas Debut Victory | The Ringer NFL Show

"It is the runner. Nfl show part of their podcast network. I'm kevin car great show nor prince. Yati joins me to discuss the steelers as one of football's best teams. Lamar jackson struggling again against pittsburgh sunday night football to his debut and much more jas episode of the nfl show. Podcast network is brought to you by state farm getting great car and home insurance from state farm and surprisingly great rate. That's like drafting a player. That becomes an all pro the real deal state farm. Aides provide personalized service. So you can customize your insurance to fit your needs like a gm putting together their very own roster. You need a team that supports you and stay from got great one. In addition to agency award winning mobile app helps manage coverage pay bills file claims more with a great price. Even greater service state farm goes from strength to strength choose insurance and always brings. It's a game when you want the real deal like a good neighbor state farm as there. Hey podcast pals this week's ringer. Nfl show brought to us by our good friends at who football is back. It's been going strong. We've had great slates. You can watch it on. Hulu and live t. v. The football gods have looked down on us favorably. We're getting most of the games played. The slates are mostly occurring notwithstanding pandemic issues notwithstanding injuries. Star your free trial today to watch your favorite players like baker mayfield. These flying in the rock all over the joint. Watch baker mayfield. It action live. Tv plan is required. Restrictions apply learn more at hulu dot com It is bell show partner during our time car toys. The wind by reading. What's going on buddy. Kevin great crave rivalry week. Yes rivalry week steelers ravens capping it off a lot of great rivalries fighting cowboys. Eagles in theory is a great rivalry has been a great rivalry now. It is may one day. Resume being a great rivalry Seahawks forty niners charges broncos all sorts of games to get to. I do want to get to the biggest rivalry in football. Nor does adam gays against the jets. He loses a game to the kansas city chiefs and says doing this job to win not to give my face stopped in is tough news. Goal is not to get his face. Stomped in michigan exactly accomplished right now nor yeah not that. Actually it's funny. We talked about this and they're like well. Let's talk with the comments. And i didn't realize you were going to that one. I actually thought you were going to. When he said that when they get their starters healthy which they'll have soon though it'll help stretch the field a little bit where it. They're getting the right time. I think you're saying they're getting hot right. Very time had three hundred yards in a single game this season adam cases more losses by at least twenty points than total wins. The jets had coach. But i'm sure that when you get jamison crowder and bershad param and you'll be fine all right. Let's get to actual good football. The steelers played the ravens on sunday. This was one of the. Most physical one was exciting. One of the games. Where i think we learn more about football. And what contenders like in twenty twenty The steelers win twenty eight twenty four There's a lot to get you in this game Obviously if lucien catches that pass or there's way penalty or any number of things go a different way. This is a very different narrative coming out of this game. But as it's currently constructed the narrative coming out of this game was lamar continues to be short in big games that the steelers lasting defeated team. The nfl look like they're among the nfl is elite And that quite frankly the steelers have lamar jackson somber In two starts against yours. He didn't play at the end of last season when the ravens had a playoff berth tied up. I was actually at that game again. Robert griffin started. I was not a game to watch But in two starts against the steelers he has three pass touchdowns five interceptions against everybody else. He has fifty touchdowns and eight interceptions. At some point. We start to talk about lamar jackson. Steelers in wonder what this was going forward. Obviously they play on thanksgiving ranchos or was on this podcast last week and said he'd rather have from stewart's protective he'd rather shine on that date in this day because this is rival probably see again in january but i look at this and i started to think okay. Well he struggled against the chiefs. He ozzy struggled against the titans in the playoffs. And i'm thinking about the commonality or i don't necessarily think it's a big game problem. I think that and this this conversation's to eat itself some point. But i think it's a smart defense problem. And i think that that's with every quarterback and every quarterback ten start but almost raunchy a little bit of the old. Tom brady narrative which is. Oh well if you have got four team were four players can rush tom brady and then everybody can drop back. You're not success. you can get with well. That's true of everybody liked it. The the narrative with amar jackson right now is the good defenses can can put a stop to mold. What quarterback isn't that true for. And i just want unpack norwich on sunday while i'm curious just based on what you said. What constitutes a smart defense right because in that chiefs game we saw and actually faulted them a little bit for going to run exclusively to quickly and this was different right. They were completely able to run on pittsburgh which entered the game with the number two run defense in the nfl so that was not a given but it seems like the steelers. Just said okay if you want to be one dimensional. Gobi one dimensional and. It didn't seem like an accident that ultimately game on the line comes down to one pass play and the steelers defendant won the game so it's not necessarily one facet that seems to be shutting them down so i guess i'm curious when you say that that smart defenses seemed to be having their number a little bit. What do you think that is because the way some of these games have played out has been a little bit different. So i'm more speaking about the narrative as far as what we're looking at what we're talking about and the big game stuff and i'm saying it's not necessarily as real as it appears now there's a couple of things here. Dan orlovsky came out and said you know gregg roman dominated the first-half using zone read and the never ran it in the second half. And i think that that was part of the problem in the kansas city. Game as well where they kind of lost her identity little bit chasing something and now. The steelers played awful in stretches during these games. I mean this was to say that this was a perfect game is a little bit of a reach. okay Sean sean athletic. Does he said the steelers had seven snaps in the first half that resulted in positive yardage the didn't ended in a fumble. Like so this is. This was not some blow out and again. There's so many different things where we could have talked about this narrative bingo play different. But for me this comes down to the steelers being as good at building their roster right now as the ravens now because the ravens do it a different way because they get so much value for the fifth round picks mid round picks. No able to find value from anywhere we talk about. Erica cost him more. But kevin colbert is just as good at building a team because you look at fifty three man roster right now and there's talent on every on every single level and makeup it's got trade was amazing The -bility to lose aware like devin bush. And have roberts plane come in score touch on this week. Last week puts huge it. On derrick henry the ability of the front seven with with bud dupree and td watt and having that speed. And i just you know is ahah bugs to come in and make a huge play in the second half. This was to me as big a team building win. For the steelers and proof of how good they are as a franchise as much as a onfield victory and so i don't necessarily know learned anything about lamar jackson today. They did know already. He had four turnovers. This was not a good day for him. He's had those struggles before he needs to be more consistent way learn. Today's at the steelers are if are probably the second best team in the nfl. And i feel like we probably should have seen this coming. I feel like. I didn't learn something about lamar. But maybe cemented something a little bit. And it's not necessarily specific only to lamar. But i do think that were collecting a pretty good sample size. Where their offense can be incredibly explosive but what they're trying to do is have some sort of explosive passing game build off of the strength of their run game but they don't seem to have good enough safety valves to get out of place when they're not going exactly how they want them to and it seems like hollywood brown was not happy having one catch on two targets in this game which is a little bit ironic to me tweeted for this game. Yeah he had an angry tweet but it was interesting when i saw that because before this game he'd never had fewer than six targets in a game and i would identify the bigger issue for the ravens being that they don't get good support from their other receivers and you know willie snead had a good game today. But that doesn't always happen and sneed boykin do rene. They don't always do enough of them. Are averaging more than twenty five receiving yards per game and lamar if you couple that with some of his struggles against the blitz and we saw them going against one of the most blitz happy teams in the nfl and the steelers and that was sort of the chiefs game plan against them as well. That's not necessarily what the chiefs do every game to the same extent that the steelers do but that was their game plan for the ravens. I think those two things just him not being able to dissect that necessarily in the same way that some of the other young quarterbacks that we see being really good at that are plus the lack of some of those intermediate safety valve. Guys being really effective. I do think that when they're playing good defenses. They can kind of pick their poison and if they're good enough so that it doesn't totally stop them and if they're balanced enough like the steelers are where you don't have to have rothlisberger making a ton of explosive plays but he can just not turn the ball over average seven yards per attempt and keep it moving. That's a pretty decent formula when you're playing a good team so it comes back to what we were talking about the at the top of this conversation where it's not a steelers problem it's not a chiefs problem. It's just that they have a weakness and smart teams are going to figure that out so that to me is a little bit stronger than i've felt after after the chiefs game. Certainly after their playoff loss says it's starting to feel like something that differentiates them from the steelers from the absolute top of the afc in a way that even last week. Frankly i don't know that. I would have said quite so concretely. Sure so again. It gets into the broader lamar so he was hit nine times on sunday. He threw in too tight windows. Twenty percent of the time This was your calin. Jones had a nice little breakdown of this on on the ringer on sunday. They made him play a game. He doesn't normally play Their lowest yards per carry output four point one yards per attempt again if he if that that run touchdown run and was called back for a hold Stands were having a rate of a conversation today. So it's a little bit different but i think that there's just again he probably has a bit of stewart's problem is steelers o. Talented and fast and can make place. And i feel like. That's that would be true of any quarterback to play the steelers right now And now it. Ronnie stanley being out for the us massive. He has an ankle injury. And that's the kind of injury where that would probably have changed the way they play on some parts of field just because of how big of a deal ronnie stanley was. He sent a huge extension this week for almost hundred billion dollars and they like to play bully ball and the way that they're getting the way that they're getting The way they get guys off the ball in the running game. I mean really and last year i remember talking to police andor this The the longtime line coach went. We did a piece on the only gave you a four five or six runs and they just beat the crap out of guys with obviously to the different looks and mix it up and all stuff but when you bring in someone four ronnie stanley that she's changes things now. This was as positive performance as you could possibly have from sewers defense against lamar jackson. Even the little stuff. Like alex highsmith playing on the outside allowing them to do some interesting things in the middle of the field with debris and today. What vince williams remains a game. Recor isaiah bug. So i talked about earlier. came and did not play well in the first half then made one of the plays of the game on a fourth three If you were feeling good about the steelers tonight you're going to feel really good about the next three weeks because you've got to look at the schedule. Cowboys on november eighth bangles on november fifteenth jaguars and the twenty second biggest game is on number twenty six against the baltimore ravens when he started about this team among the afc's elite and we need to start talking and wondering whether or not this team can get the number one seed afc is. It looks pretty good. Nor what do you think. I think they absolutely are there. They're going to. They're pretty much locked to win their division. I know that's a little bit silly to say at this point but there are already two games up with tiebreaker. I think they have that balance that we talked about. You know in a game this close. There's always a player to that can go the other way and you say maybe if something had been different we might be having a different conversation. I would push back on that a little bit just because the ravens were coming off a bye. They're at home. The steelers were coming off an incredibly physical game against tennessee. So there were didn't get and didn't get a real by and did not a real robot because the titans lasko so factoring into this. Is that situationally. There are a lot of things that i think favored baltimore and this and it's a close game certainly but if the ravens had one there are situations where we wouldn't necessarily be be saying the steelers were frauds. They weren't who we thought they were. I think this is a really good team. I think they could. It's just going to be a matter of record with the chiefs right. I think either one of them could get it and at this point you always say this but it starts to be a math problem at a certain point and the schedule that they have left. I almost wonder if if thinking off the top of my head. I made even pick them to be the one seed at this point. I probably would too when you play. I play schedule at the chiefs. Are there's obvious disadvantages. They play the bucks. They played the dolphins. So we'll get to in a second The chiefs play the raiders. Obviously they already lost to and then the saints in the chargers teams. Where i know you'd pick the chiefs but you just don't know but i think that we for so long saw this as ravens chiefs ravens. Cheats ravin chiefs. Who's gonna who's gonna win on january twentieth. Whatever it is and that equation changes now. And i think that if the if the ravens and stewart played ten times i'd i would go five five at this point and i did not believe that until this afternoon This is just a fast physical football team. you know kevin colbert again. It has done a masterful job at assembling talent. And there's just you know. I think i learned so much about this team last year. I was expecting them to be really good. This year. Just having eking out those wins when when they had some of the worst quarterback play and football and then even i know this thing but even to see the instagram livestock. Where do all these guys are going live. And it looks build simply a good vibe on this team and that seems to be normal of pittsburgh teams and i just kind of like. The directions is team franchises. Going on right now. And i think i thought was interesting. The ben roethlisberger said after the game that he was calling the plays in the second half because he says essentially that He's always played backyard. Football this was quoted in its truest form and into something to be said for what pittsburgh does is why this works. And they're going to be flexible and they're gonna say okay ben playing playground. Football's what works. Let's just do that. And you know juju was point The the line was on point. I just think that there's there's something going on with. Pittsburgh run pretty impressed as far as a team helping it stock from what i thought about them in august until now even though i pick them to make the playoffs. I can't imagine a team impressing me more his birthday twenty twenty again especially you consider the fact that they had the game plan for the titans twice. I thought that was like a weird like maybe that. help them. The ability to game plan for team twice and then one game cancelled all that stuff but they didn't have full by week. And i know joe burrow's asked what's he gonna do on his by week this week and he said absolutely nothing and i think that's probably the vibe of most players in the nfl but still to not know you're on a buy into a full week of practice. Essentially that really rex with and their ability to overcome that. And it's I love steelers team. Mike tomlin definitely gets the most hindsight coach of the year awards and this. This might be another odd and talk every year. Tony brown the same totally now. Just slightly below. That is having the screwed up by week. We're gonna move on from this. But i love this that from cbs. The ravens are the first team since at least nineteen fifty outrushing opponent by two hundred yards out. Pass them by any mountain lose so this was again. Look at the box score. Expecting this result will we talked about the how much the steelers blitz and. What that does lamar. I don't know that you necessarily saw it a ton this game in the same way that we saw it in the chiefs game. Just because he wasn't they were running the ball so much that kind of obscures the effective a little bit. But were you did see it was the turnovers and that was really what this was about was that he was so flustered and at a certain point that i think was just too much for them so it was interesting. I felt like that was the biggest matchup going into this game. And then midway through just 'cause they were running so much you hadn't quite seen it. But i think that's where it showed up the most art quickly. We talked about the gulf widening in the afc north. Let's start with the browns zero for a second. They play a very strange game wind. What forty miles per hour or something like that They lose to the. Las vegas raiders. Sixteen to six. Would we learn a wintry mix is what i heard. The weather report was november. I love to early for that winds in boston. Couple of days ago. We'd like four. This is not this is not right. I loved it. I loved it and i love winter. So i'm kinda throwing this out a little bit. The browner five and three the raiders of foreign three Both a thick of it for the last wildcard spot. You saw some of those. It looked like slider pitches some of those goals out there. Very strange game Browns couldn't really do it. Couldn't get off the field. But i don't know i are. We ready to throughout. The browns are better without. Oh bj theory. I mean throw throw it out on the pot. Throw the narrative in the trash can. Yeah i think twenty the reason that we're not ready to do that is because we we already put it in the trash can. We didn't even really except that we just. We pulled up a tennis racket and hit it back to from whence it came. I'm you that this is a weird game. I don't totally know what to make of it. Beyond just feeling like the fact that the browns couldn't really run the ball is an issue. Because that's the one thing that you would expect to hold up in a game like this beyond that. If they'd been better in the red zone they could have won and biggers probably get a lot of heat because he's gonna get a lot of heat whenever they lose but they had dropped slander that touchdown called back. I jus- kid. Can we say. Thank you next and jake judgments in the future. Did you know that before. Two today threw a touchdown drives. Orange was the last left-handed quarterback's throw a touchdown seem credible. I was just blown away by that All right the the browns have oh by. I think this confirms what we already knew which is at the north the tours race and the browns are not involved. That's fine that. I never expect them to be graduations. The browns for being as long as myles garrett is is healthy Congratulations to the browns for still being in the next the wild card so i think it's a tough loss again for math perspective but i it's it's i didn't i'm not you know can't swim or anything like that. All right before we get to senate. I football avery williamson. Linebacker goes from the jets. Steelers very nice of them to go from winless down defeated in three hours. That's very exciting. Big big day. yeah and You know find get some value. If you're the jets are not a lot fifth round pick and Seventh round seven hundred goes to the steelers So you know. Basically picks up get some depth trade. All right Let's get to sunday night football. You know when we talk about lamar jackson or ben rothlisberger were essentially picking nets. Because if you wanna talk about actual bad quarterback play and not just for stretches of the game not just not just a handful. Mistakes sustained and thorough bad quarterback play you go the nfc east nor the philadelphia eagles beat the dallas cowboys twenty three two nine carson wentz hundred and twenty three yards spend a nucci in his debut one hundred and eighty yards not a good football game. Chris ryan our beloved colleague at the ring sums it up by saying i felt myself getting dumber by watching this game. Feel like we're all kind of their norwich. Thank so i don't want to say mean things because they should we. Should we stop the segment then. I'm just going to say some things that i thought were fun One wildcat offense. Yeah I'm happy for ben to new. Gee this is a big moment regardless of the results. I'm sure his family's very proud of him to Probably the most valuable ineffective player for the cowboys was greg's or line. And it me of the rams all or nothing season from several years ago when john fassel was there their special teams coordinator and he did. This thing called doja. Fridays remember correctly where on fridays he would wear a headband. And maybe bang a gong to signify that the week of practice had gone well and it struck me as incredibly odd and i hadn't thought about that in years but i remembered it seeing him on the sidelines. I also think it is very funny on twitter when mike mccartney who's an agent. Yes gets mistaken for mike mccarthy so this is my version of if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all and i'm trying to have something to say here and those were the things that i enjoyed. So rodney mcleod returns one of the dumbest touchdowns. I've seen in a long time early idiotic. Bendon uti fumbles the ball. It gets kicked around an office environment from the cowboys. Kicks it backwards. And then then it becomes a backyard. Half of have a length of the football field Touchdown this was pretty much what you expected anything different from this game. That's on you okay. The only point guess you could make is that we see what the cowboys are when they get any down back. There won't be much better. We know what washington football team is so they have a little better defense than the other teams and we know what the giants are there. Daniel jones falling down in the open field. So i think i made the comparison to everyone trying to dunk on an eight foot hoop on fridays. Column about the cowboys. I think that the eagles will be able to do this. This is my analysis. They are competent enough relative to other teams. They're not competent relish. It relatively average team but they are competent enough relative to nfc east teams to win this division. That is all they will not. They will host a playoff game. They will not win it. There's nothing beyond that if you're an eagles fan. Don't try. don't get excited at anything else going to win the nfc east get a hat. Get a t shirt. I have a feeling that that you get to seven wins twenty twenty. Nfc east hat then becomes like an ironic thing you know in philly would get chris ryan one get any greenwald one and and yeah it will be good nothing else. Incredible vintage item incredible vintage item. There is no no expectation beyond that and quite frankly. I'm happy to be able to do this. Because i was worried that the i wasn't able to draw that conclusion of this game nine by. That's it. I get the winners and losers miami. Dolphins a big win over the los angeles rams in to his debut. I was surprised by it. I didn't see this level of dominance. We shouldn't be surprised by the dolphins. You've done fisher. They dismantled the niners They're they're vaguely hot. They made this quarterback. Change your voice strange time. Would you learn vaguely hottest larry's well they. We're dominant everywhere except on offense to didn't look good. I i hate to be a hater but this is what i want to talk about right now. I don't think it was the right decision to start. Him and brian floors is a lot smarter than me. But i think it's kind of iffy process year I had a hunch just a hunch that because their original by was supposed to be in week eleven they were maybe thinking about starting to after that and then when that got switched because of covid scheduling. They thought well. Maybe we'd rather still have the extra week of preparation before sticking in there then. Jay glazer wedding backed up with What i believe was actual reporting so shout out j. For helping us out there so we can talk about this with a little bit more backing. But i don't think it worked out very well and we've seen how competitive they can be. And i wonder what it means for them going forward because if he's not ready and we saw how well ryan fitzpatrick was playing. I actually wonder if a team that could conceivably be. A wildcard team is really hurting themselves by doing this. And i don't understand why. You'd want your rookie quarterback to start opposite. Aaron donald in his first start after recovering from a brutal brutal injury and i know too as a special player. But he just didn't look ready. And i know they won. And they they shut down jared goff and they had a great game plan but i don't think that it can excuse seems like a bad process to me so sorry to start it off with action a bad process call. Okay all right so first of all there's a number of things number one he becomes the first. You can't even get it. Didn't know i there's a lot. I can't get through so he becomes the first rookie quarterback to win his first. Start with your hundred passing yards in twenty attempts since donovan mcnabb in nineteen ninety nine. Landi boot So he has what ninety three passing yards and his debut is twenty second quarterback to start since dan marino retired And hopefully hopefully for a long time. He'll be the last This was dominant performance from the dolphins. And i do that. You're encouraged if you're brian flores. Night or your chris. Greer or even ross If your chan daily right now I'm sure. I kind of echoing your point that there are questions whether or not this was the right time but i think you know. Jeff darlington brought this up if the team can win and support the quarterback than i think. It's it's an okay decision and start to grow with to start to go from there. I don't think they're expectations this year. Were to win the super bowl. They have all these picks and and you know it was written this week. That that the the fact they have all these books kind of alleviate some of the pressure on their expectations this year in what they do and they can build on this and so. I think i've never listen. Patrick mahomes was given the greatest system and situation of all time when he was a rookie. Be learned by alex smith. He was given a personal quarterback coach essentially and mike africa. He under matt nagy. Andy reid was obviously. They're telling him telling me all this stuff when he's a rookie but that's not going to be. Everybody and brian floor is a necessarily build the same system. And i think we look at the. Patrick mahomes is aaron. Rodgers will only say they sat but did anybody ever get worse because they played immediately unless it was like. There's some guys. I think that they get the apps and you know they did so much that. They're i think david carr is probably one of those guys but as long as you can keep him generally upright and again questions about the dolphins elephants of line. Our buddy unicom's Gotten a bit of a ted karras like called her out for some reason and then munich has proven completely correct. Ted cares was like my favorite patriot. I ever covered. Ease the delightful human being so he. He's he's seems like a very nice person the office is he now. An kirk cousins need to get todd together Okay so the as long as she can stay healthy as long as the the dolphins and keep them healthy. I think he tried to plan if it got into a situation where he's gonna hit on every play. Obviously we sell the strip sack. Kinda i play and all that stuff but if that just keeps happening then you put ryan fitzpatrick back in there. And he started again as long as he stay healthy and they can they can keep them up right. I would get him much playing time as possible. Because you're not playing for twenty twenty. You're not playing for twenty twenty. I probably for twenty twenty one. You're getting these picks in and your bill you're trying to build a dynasty sustainable dynasty reason. You take a step back and again all these new trade laremy tunsil on trade. Mike patrick stop is. You're trying to accumulate assets. Rights of sam hanky the whole deal okay and they put a timetable when i talked to them of two to three years on thing and i think it's on track and i think getting to a reps right now is fine. I'm not offended by it. I'm sad for ryan fitzpatrick out south. But i understand why you would do it From a rams perspective we hold on. Can i say why am offended by it deeply offend. I'm just. I'm not offended. But here's what i would say to that. Which is that. it's not about to. I think to his okay in this situation. I think the reps probably they will probably do him some good. Although the idea of aaron donald versus eric flowers makes me very terrified They got through that. And it's okay. And i don't think it's going to harm alive fred. Praise be what i do. Think is that this is a team that when people talk about them tanking and when they had a really bad record in the first half of the season last year and then got a little frisky in december. This is a team that has like recoiled at the idea of losing games on purpose. And they're not trying to lose with if ryan fitzpatrick gives them a better chance to win. I don't like that they're going back on that particularly if the plan originally was to give him a little bit when i say him i mean to a little bit more time to prepare and then because they got thrown for a loop because of the scheduling rushed it. I just think that you should stick to what the original plan was in less. He is absolutely proving you wrong in practice. And then even then because i think we've heard various reports out of florida that he's looked really good. But i just think that if your original starting quarterback is playing so well. I don't like the idea of benching him and if they're going to do it you kind of want to see it go super well and i would just argue that. Like for instance to is a lefty as we've discussed so he likes to roll out to his left so he's not thrown across his body. And the rams blitzed him a lot from the right side to take away. Those throws that's going to happen to him. That's one of those. Things that i think is an early test right of. Are they prepared for it. He ready for it. You can excuse a lot in a first start especially after what he's been through but i didn't think that he looked very good handling that and i just wonder which we're never going to know the answer to but i wonder if that would have changed with even a couple more weeks and i also wonder what the other players who their stats matter. Their contracts matter all of those situations matter what they think that particularly with how their defense their specialty like was so good it. Just it really. I don't know why it really rubbed me the wrong way. And i love you but i will say moving. This debate aside christian wilkins may know ombu. Ginkel gets the touchdown like these. This defense is it's got some talent there. And i know that you know someone today said that i was probably one of their best outside editions. this year and i'm i'm inclined to agree and so i just think that the talent is here and i think that they they can beat almost anybody going forward now a couple of people trying to call for them to an afc east. I just don't think it's happening. Especially after sunday. I still think the bills just from a talent perspective math for active maturity perspective or probably a little better. But i think you're you're looking at at twenty twenty one for them to actually compete. Then that starts by giving him the start. Now nora much to your chagrin. Im seriously chagrined. I did think the rams helped them out a little bit and the dolphins defense is really impressive. It's the way that they blitz from the secondary e they had a ton of zero blitzes. That goff just really couldn't adapt to a broker. Said he'd never seen that kind of pressure before which is kind of crazy because he plays with donald pressure but a lot of football. I did think though that. I mean we. So one thing we know about. Jared goff is that. He's one of the most variable quarterbacks in football he's clean versus when he's brushed that's one way to put it. That's that's a nice way to say it. And here's the thing. Is that sean. Mcvay had through sixty one times in this game when he barely pulls running backs out of thin air and the dolphins can't stop the run so i didn't really understand that i am all the credit to the dolphins defense for dialing up pressure and all the different ways that they were able to do it and really confusing him. But i did think that the rams kind of played into their hands they are when they could have just tried to run the ball a little bit more. I'm really backseat. Coaching this game. I don't know why. But that was what i felt are. Anc buffalo bills beat the new england patriots at some point infantile talking about the patriots because they're just they are who we thought they were the last three weeks just not going to get better with a different viewpoints on the patriots and at no point do we didn't take a win the division But we thought they probably better than this cam. Newton fumbles on tying or game winning drive right at the end. He's turning the ball over an alarming rate. He says that he's the reason and his ability to to hold onto the ball is the reason they keep losing games. I'm inclined to agree This is not. This is not a good football team at buffalo bills did not per game but they won. Would we learn. It was weird because one of the things in new england. That's been going around as people have tried to diagnose what the issue is is. There was the perception of a mechanical issue with cam where he wasn't throwing accurately to his role right and it had to not put and then most of his completions were to the right today. So like when. Michael jordan Could said he couldn't play defensive. End defensive player of the year. It's like that excite done except except commute was still bad Yeah the mechanical thing. The funny thing was the mechanics. Twitter couldn't even agree on what the mechanical problem was which is a bad sign for cam. Newton it was like some people were like well as feeder misaligned his shoulders as listen. If if people can't agree it everything's on with your mechanics. A he was also throwing not a single receiver who was drafted in any draft. And i just. I think where we are with the patriots. Is that when we were talking. Orion jazeera for the pod. Last week he had the only good patriots. Take i've heard all year. Which is that. They're not winning because they're bad they're bad we keep looking for reasons for him to be good and it turns out. They don't have very much talent and the coaching that makes a huge difference. When it's equal amounts of talent does not matter when there's massive disparities in groups. Funny how that works. Oops all right Bills again nothing. Nothing to write home about Happy josh allen. Yeah sure You know i. It's i think this was the first win in buffalo against the patriots. Two thousand eleven What was a wild year. i will say Not to get away from this too much. But i would say that. This is the kind of game where i wish that they had fans like. I wish that they had got in a perfect world Eighty thousand bands. Where bills fans could really have enjoyed this And you know josh allen run into the endzone spike in the ball. Which you today on that rushing touchdown like there was some There was a moment's. Because i remember that she doesn't eleven game and it was amazing and Hopefully hopefully next year everything back normal. It's all get the tables someday. Get the table talk. I haven't looked into this. There are tables coming out in like homes and stuff right. I'm sure private tables. I'll i have some goodwill with with phil's mafia twitter right now. Because i did a feature josh allen alaska. I'll ask my bernie's we'll get that out there all right quickly. joe burrow. who beat tennessee. Titans and i don't wanna keep saying it was weird game. Maybe it was just a weird sunday. But joe burrow beats tennessee titans I liked what i saw from joe burrow in particular in a game where they had i think four backup offensive lineman where karston lower requested trade midweek by posting real estate listing and got it John ross requested a trade is well i mean. It seemed pretty chaotic. Everything seemed to be trending in the wrong direction. job robot. Well and then by the way the tennessee. Titans helped him out by being complete. Not events Would we think about this one. I'm kinda gonna throw away. The titans offense from this one. I just thought. Tannehill was super radic. But their inability to pressure. Quarterbacks is awful awful coming a significant issue. When you can't sack joe burrow who's been getting hit left and right and is playing behind an offensive line that's missing for starters two hundred and forty nine yards hundred and six rating one backup her bedroom in incredulous laps. Now bacon house is. I don't know if it's it's sold at furnished no. He said he said it could have been furnished. I was just speaking to the quantity of bedrooms. I don't a floor. Yeah i meant. Yeah i don't know i don't know we. Nobody nobody i know. Bought it from what i understand. None of the guys in. Cincinnati bought it so who i know in cincinnati and so then for all we know it is a vacant home that's being populated by a horde of backup bengals offensive linemen. That's my theory. I can't get over this okay. This is from chinchilla. Rexroad this tip. The titans are on pace to destroy the all time record for third. Down percentage allowed sixty two point five percent. Nobody on records ever been about fifty percent so the titans cannot get off the field worse more than any team in history. They are elite at not getting off the field on third down. That's what they do. That's what happens when you don't get after the quarterback. That's what happens when you just have a generally bad defense and i from an organization that i i liked so much just fighting through a smart organization with with a really good offensive coach. Mike vrabel on john. Robinson who i'd i. I've praised a lot on this. Podcast is a guy who could identify physical players. I am shocked that they can't you know vic beasley signing was a disaster. The clowning wasn't all that good There's no excuse for as much as we praise john joe burrow and all the stuff there is no excuse. Voice game is off. I don't know you can lose this against the steelers. That's fine that's accepted. You can't lose this game against the bengals can't do it all right next looser. Speaking of bad defenses. Let's run defense doesn't have to imagine you can have a bad run defense. Solve a great team. The green bay packers are testing. The theory down. Cook surpasses two hundred yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns for touchdowns against backers lambofield. I bike miss score four touchdown since ahmad rashad in twenty in twenty years. Dalvin cook playing golf on television with whatever. Nba star is at its peak at that point. What's the ball. What's the younger ball. Who's going to be the first overall pick in this draft lamelo lamelo ball and dalvin cook are going to be doing a walk and talk golf. Review in twenty. Thirty five awful tackling and rob demovsky has said that they tacked they touched cooking the backfield twelve times eighty gained four point three yards per rush on those on those plays sub fifty two yards This is not creating turnovers. This is a fatal flaw. Potentially fatal flaw a if teams can just run on the packers. All day Again this does not to matter. But when you're this bad it absolutely matters if we have an elongated conversation about the value of ren defense right now. I will walk into the sea and i think you probably don't wanna do the damn packers forces to have this conversation. They should not. We should not be having this conversation and dalvin cook made us do it. We should be you know. It's funny because you were saying so before the game or after the game. Aaron rogers says well you know the wide receiver will be good at the deadline. If i'm brian goodwin floor. The only thing. I'm worrying about the next forty. Eight hours is fixing this. Fatal flaw to the point that the a nother weapon aaron rodgers. Mike go by the wayside and it really should frankly and this is the thing. That's tough about it right. Which is that. Rents events doesn't matter until it matters. It's not something that you want to put a lot of resources into. I think that is true. But then all of a sudden when it matters if you're playing a game in the slop if you're playing dalvin cook on a really good day. If you are the chiefs getting stopped going to the super bowl because you have to play patriots team that can run the ball and basically do nothing else then all of a sudden it matters and in some ways the packers are lucky that they know that it matters for them right now while they still have time to make a move and try to fix it but the problem is that you get forced into the situation where it where nine times out of ten or eight times out of ten or whatever it is. You don't want devote a lot of resources to that but since the trade deadline's in a couple of days you kind of have to choose whether or not you're gonna do that. And i think at this point because of how their offense is they don't want to waste this opportunity and i think that they should go for it and try to get someone but this is the situation that gets at the heart of what people are talking about when they debate running back value. Run defense value until i as discussed want to walk into the sea. But it's also the situation the packers are in so i'm curious to see what they do at the deadline. I absolutely think that they should try to upgrade their rather than get rogers support on offense because the offense is fine but defense is not. I just don't know what you do. You know mike patton. I think has been pretty good. Vince coordinator over his career And i i have faith that he's going to fix this but listen guess. Who's next on the schedule. The forty niners and guess what they did with the run game against the green bay packers. They destroyed them last year. To the point that i everybody had almost written off the packers competing this year for the nfc because of how much the the forty niners pushed them around in their two meetings. Luckily that reversed itself we higher expectations for the packers. Now actually think the packers are a better team than the forty niners but if the packers had these sort of weaknesses going into sf. They're going to get bullied off the ball so they've got the forty niners this week. Jaguars next week. Which is a different deal. Colts bears eagles. I don't know i just i. I worry when when a team sees read like this with a team in and say okay we can. We can attack this and we can just do one thing over and over again. I think that that's when he started to get in trouble. And so whatever it is to it. They've got to do it. I always talk about the bear staying in the nfc north little bit so they lose a game. Twenty six to twenty three Is a lot to get to first of all. I did not expect a should they start mitch. Trubisky they put in mitch. Trubisky debate did not see that coming. Nick foles goes twenty to forty one for two hundred and seventy two yards touchdowns on interception Drew brees two hundred eighty yards two touchdowns Alvin kamara does his thing I think this game is going to be remembered unfairly because the center now five and two and the bears five and three these both teams will make the playoffs This game's remembered for the the slap site. Was it a slap fighter. Is that see. I was hoping you would actually break this down for me. Because i think you tweeted something about how that all that whole altercation had a lot of florida energy as a soft northeastern girl. Tell me what happened. Because i call that punch not a slap so it looked like wims sort of people were saying grabbed a almost tried to grab a chain. But i don't that doesn't look like it. Looks like he's he kind of touched his chest and then he punched him and then they kinda look each other for a second. They punched him again. Okay and i sort of thought. I i thought he kind of tapped him on the shoulder just to be like. Hey you shanshui yet. That that part unless we're mike up which even if we're miked up they will burn that footage and we will never see it. But i think that first of all. I was not surprised when williams was revealed to me from florida. Some jacksonville Garner johnson is also from florida Janoris jenkins who was breaking up the fight and was kind of a the first man in there. He's also from florida actually covered a game. He played in high school This sets of florida energy to it. And i don't know what the actual story is and we'll find out but those sort of There's only two fights and florida k. The first is like the weird terrible techniques sucker punch which is what we saw in this game and didn't even matter because you chauncey garnered johnson wearing a helmet. And that's another hallmark of florida. Is it that. It doesn't even make any sense what you're doing and the other florida fight is just two dudes who were just talking about fighting for like thirty minutes no flights and so you either go one or the other. This was absolutely the former and It was just some good florida energy. I've seen this. I've seen this many like you know a tiki bar in In key largo by china learning and keep getting punched. So he's been punched now with michael thomas and and now with winds i i don't i don't know i also i will never get over players punching players in the helmet. First of all don't punch people punching is not nice. We all went to kindergarten to punch someone in a helmet is a variation on one of what i believe to be the stupidest acts routinely performed by mostly men. I don't mean to gender stereotype here but humans which is the wall punch may helmet punch the punching a solid object. That can cause much more damage to you than you can caused to it and the nfl hockey hockey buyers to bunch the helmet yet. But they're like hockey players are like they're so wrapped up that i. I almost put that in different category. But you're right you're right. It was not a productive fight. It was not a practice fight for anybody. Also whims like celebrating. Afterwards he'd won something. I don't know this was this. I've seen this. I've seen this fight. So many times in downtown orlando what is a guy guy starts a fight kind of loses it and just goes around celebrating it. I i totally broken up. Those fights probably broken up. Those fights jenkins i've caught. I've caught a few in my day. Just innocent bystander. All right from the game perspective out no surprised anything not really. It seemed like a there was some good foles in there right. But we get that with him. And i then there was some pat foles which you also get and robertson. Yeah i feel. Bad for allan robinson robinson could could live a different life than the one that he's living right now I did think that the clamoring for mitch is sort of funny because different does not necessarily mean better guys all i would say the wonderful people of chicago i i want to ask about alan robbins broker. Because we've got to re question that we're not gonna get to. But i want to bring it up. It's from got him norm. he said. How many times would you have to randomize a grouping of five quarterbacks to find a worse group than the ones allen robinson has caught from so it's blake bortles. Mitch trubisky chase. Daniel chad henne. Brian walters i know that is. I don't know brian walters. Is i think. The only what what brian walters order backs. Brian walters a former jaguars quarterback who played in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. Is the practice squad for. I don't know who this is. Sorry this man. I don't know brian. Walters is on your nfl. Show i i. I'm sure he's a very nice person. But i i don't know is This seems like it would. I don't know if. May i guess you could add nathan peterman and there. He played with hackenberg and college. Well it so. The answer depends on what the pool israeli who qualifies as a quarterback. Is it current quarterbacks. Currently on rosters. Because i kind of think the answer to that would be one to not a lot. I'm looking into something. That is very important here. It appears that brand. Walters the former jaguars a wide receiver. What was going on with the jaguars in this throw. He threw one pass in his entire career in twenty fifteen. That's why i didn't know he was and it was down. Robinson was not the quarterback he was down robinson and it was not his shoes lifetime. Qbr is one point nine tough one still better than i am which one point nine is pretty. Good it's right there in the middle. There frown robinson quarterbacks. All right before we move on. Let's break podcast. 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I think this was a particularly good match for their offense. They use their titans as a running backs. There are so important to them less so than the receivers and alliance are so bad against twelve and twenty two. They are addicted to man coverage and don't prioritize the right things not to throw cold water but i just wanna see them do it against a different defense. How many wins. Do you think lines have to win this year to for me to start praising win over matt patricia but if i if they get to like seven wins later in the year and a team patricia. My excited about that. You can be excited. We'd be excited for matt stafford. I guess Chargers broncos boy. The charges told the chargers so matt. Patricia is addicted to man coverage. The chargers are addicted to blowing sixteen. Plus point. leads is what we threw three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Not since peyton to somebody done that. Yeah and then. He tried to dougie. He did try to. W i will say this. I like drew locks like moxie and grit and all that stuff significantly more than i like him as just overall passer. I don't know what his destiny is. i don't think he's ever going to be a great quarterback. I like them in these sort of fun situations. He's got the chance to be more fun quarterback than a great quarterbacks that make sense and we live for it seahawks. I forty niners seahawks. Get a little bit of pressure on the quarterback On thirty eight percent of the dropbacks our best pressure percentage since week six two thousand eighteen according to. Espn nora anything there. So it's interesting that we think the the packers are kinda screwed defending the run against them. Because we're actually kind of. Yeah wow Got that never know. We'll never know we will never know what you're seahawks. Packers was darn it Really fifty two rushing yards the seahawks. The fires the niners against the seahawks. So we can. I think we kinda categorize the seahawks and the packers together a little bit because they have great oftens isn't terrible defenses. And just saying that. I still think the packers are going to not have a fun time. Defending the forty niners game but it was at least encouraging that seattle had some semblance of run defense. Yeah those good. Bobby wagner every single phrase. I said in that like went up at the end. Because i'm like i don't trust these people because he thought it. We're gonna cut you off because you you disrespected. The honorable mentions structure. Disrespected the timer. Bobby wagner underrated twitter which comes out on days like this all right Bank questions in question number one. I will cooper what are the jets waiting for incredibly philosophical of a meteor. I think we know the answer that i don't think they're particularly trying to win. Games is is what i would say to that. So you now agree with the sean fantasy. Take that they are. They are tanking. I think that they thought that there was a chance. This year with sam darnold being will but into his career. Maybe there'd be something you're and and i just think once they saw there were like we can't. We can't risk three game winning streak here. There is nothing there is no win or like locker room excitement or whatever. It is worth losing trevor lawrence. Nothing don't be shortsighted on this. I think that's i think that's right. But what the jets are waiting for is to have paid adam. Gays more of the money that they owe him so that less of it will be paid to him while he is no longer under their employment. And it's it's it sunk cost at this point. It's it's bad. And and i don't think i think that even if you get the first even if he does the manning thing and he's just like we're not talking to play for the jets having the first overall pick and the ability of trade out of it if it happened if they were in the chargers spot I think that that's that's worth more and you. Obviously you know trade down to three and get just feel to trae. Lancer zack wilson. Who's getting a little bit of buzz here on the nfl show last three weeks. All right Second question this is from tricks then is it nature or nurture with anthony let trench and also said anthony lynn which got to the which got to the heart of the matter. So can we get a lot. Is it nature or nurture. Like why why. They're a disaster all the yet somehow encouraging the chargers have blown in the last four games leads a seventeen seventeen sixteen and one john. You one of those games though. They did johnny she. Our data guy are a abetting data. Guy said That so in the last twelve years their record ones were game. Just awful off and since two thousand fifteen. They've only had a winning record in wants games. Once they've had three wins. Three winds three wins. Six wins than two wins. One one. Okay awful one in five this year at to an eyelash jer. I don't know if it's bad luck. I don't know if it's bad conditioning. You know you. And i have both explored the idea that the patriots always they have such good conditioning and they run all these hills and all that shit that there's they have some edge in minute fifty nine of a sixty minute game all that stuff. I don't know what it is. Something's wrong and i think that there's you know there's thousands of reasons at a team wins a game on a given week. And the chargers seemed to not have a large chunk of those embedded in their in their their structural dna. Okay and i don't know what the problem is. I don i. They seem to have the talent they do. Other talent thomas alaska's pitch good players anthony. Lynn seems a good coach. They get the talent to get this far and beyond these games that's not easy and then the inability to keep it it's maddening so it had to be something there. I wish i knew more about football to to diagnose it if i had to be some mixture of conservative coaching and conditioning. Thou that would be my guess. Just from what i know about the opposite which is that aggressive playcalling and conditioning helps you in those games late. But i'm not sworn to figure this out because quite frankly nolan smart enough to figure this out. I do remember when the chargers were considered a potential landing spot for. Tom brady one. They wanted from one thing. You'd hear from people as a caveat was just yes. He's got california ties. Yes they have a good roster but don't discount the fact that they're cheap in a lot of areas of the organization and the air travel and some of the facilities and being second fiddle in their home stadium and playing soccer stadium and all of that stuff. I do think there is a collective toll that we don't necessarily talk about all that often and the ways in which they've lost are so bizarre and ridiculous and go beyond any one thing. I think it's fair at this point if they felt like anthony It's it's been weird but maybe let's just try shuffling the deck a little bit. It would be fair for them to try almost anything at this point. But i don't think it's primarily coaching. I think there are some organizations failures. He was so he was emotional after the In his press comes after the game he said. What do you wanna do. Go hire new players. Go get new coaches the middle of the season. You can't do that. this is what we have. We're going to have to figure this shit out right now. You know you you know you could get new players. Coaching season anthony. And you maybe don't want to bring that one up. Yeah don't don't bring that one up. Don't bring that one up All right click headlines tomorrow. Nor would he got. The dolphins should bench to and go back to ride fitzpatrick. Cancelling two is my favorite thing in the world. Everybody else's website. Everybody else's website is so excited about two and you're ready to trade him for backup for one of the bears eleven ends. I'm gonna like bribe one of our producers to go back into the trades episode that we did and instead of me saying ryan fitzpatrick should be traded to the cowboys. I need should be trade off to the countless. You're on outta here. He's non arm Just kidding i love him just not right. Now it's over it's over. The explosive pulled the plug on the experiment. I hear you all right A likable person in the world. I think that about two. Or may i'm talking about All right so The mike. I think that there's probably going to be a lot of discussion off of another jay. Glaser report on sunday. Which is that antonio. Brown is living once again at tom. Brady's house as he was last year And that confirming an earlier. Report that that tony robbins was one of the middlemen here and tried to get antonio brown going the right direction There is no evidence that he's going in the right direction. of redness. We've talked about this Talked about on tuesday I don't know what to say exactly except to say. There's going to be a lot of discussion about this particular narrative going into sunday night. Football next week against the new orleans saints which will be antonio brown's debut. I dunno a. Brady's living situation is exactly i think they're out of jeeter's house but The only thing that makes me think other than this is a bad idea is in recent history they have gava -tated towards rather open floor plans. And i just would love to know what giselle thanks. I have no comment on that. There's been we're gonna finish this fin- version podcast network I'll be back on tuesday for a trade deadline breakdown ryan and coal will be with you on thursday Regular shows with warren. Joe house and chris vernon taking you through the rest of the week all of them. Great shows all of the martha going to be done in news this week. We're going to show. Podcast episode is brought to you by call of duty mobile call of duty. Mobile twenty. nine hundred mobile game of the year is a free to play first person shooter. If you're a fan of the call of duty brand this is the best of the call of duty universe in one place with console. Lay quality on a mobile device. Play with your favorite classic call dude and characters and maps get in the fight download. Call of duty mobile for free now.

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August 21, Hr 3  Ed Edmunds, co-founder of Distortions Unlimited and Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

32:08 min | 1 year ago

August 21, Hr 3 Ed Edmunds, co-founder of Distortions Unlimited and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. Smith. Aw. Was On Saturday twenty, twenty in Greeley Goes Virtual Tomorrow August twenty second eight, ten, thirteen, ten, kfi thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios, and here's the good news distortions. Unlimited has welcomed a new member to the Monster Day family. Would that be. Would that Could. That be a monster let? Co.. Of Distortions Unlimited Proud Papa. Joins US this morning hey. How's it going? Good. Good. Good congratulations on Fang Oh. She's so darn. Cute it. Tell us about. Well thank you. Know we were had a meeting with the city and And we're talking about the new character because this is something that you know originally, it was just well, the events should have a little monster and and and so we sculpted Greeley but it was so popular. We thought well, maybe year we should have a new monster so. We knocked around a bunch of ideas and. The we have a guy working for us. He used to work in Hollywood and he he knocked down some ideas and he we were thinking. Well, you know we have a Frankenstein and the different characters in our in our LINEUPS and and they're pretty popular the classics. So we were thinking of empire. I. Didn't really like the Bella goes he kinda vampire thing. Yeah. Well, it is as a kid with paying. So he came up with this bat vampire character and the minute we thought it's like that's it. He's just too cute. She is too cute. I'm looking at a picture Greeley trip she's just adorable and a great addition. To the family, tell us about the family. Well we've got Greeley of course. The Start and then, and then we thought we make a mischievous friend forum called Choubey and Then we thought well, let's let's bring in you know monsters or all kinds. So we brought in a little alien called Galaxy. And Fan just fit right in and and it's becoming a thing and I. I can tell you. It's you can never tell what the public likes or wants wherever. But we we would go to trade shows where it's like for hunters and they want you know bloody zombies and things. And we sold more of those than anything we went to mass deaths, which is all about selling mass. We brought some really collectible mass things. All they were interested in was at the time we just had chew in Greeley. and. So it's it just it's a kind of taken off in. Like you say, we're we're surprised. All right. Ed Who's your favorite it's just us. He can tell me. Oh boy. I. Think I have stick with Greeley I just to me he's like a great combination of. Cute mischievous colorful weird. He'd just he's he's still my favorite checks all the boxes, right? Yes. Yes. All right. So it's so good to hear that despite all of the restrictions and all the uncertainty with covid nineteen, that Monster Day will indeed go on tomorrow I'll be at virtually tell us how that's GonNa work. Well. You know when we went the city which we had to fully agree with I, mean they were kind of debating it for a while and this was months ago and finally they decided there's no way you can't. You can't count on you can't plan for it. You can't have you know ten thousand people in three degrees. I'll milliner. As so The decision was made and everybody's you know. But then we got to thinking about it. It's like, yeah but there's so many people that want to come You know crushing United States, even worldwide a little bit and. And they just haven't been able to make it for the last three years. And I kept thinking wow, we could take thing go live 'cause the discussion started with the Internet and it was like well, yeah we could do something a- what you know that's not as cool. But as we got into it and we realized man, we could reach out to the world and show what Monster Day is showing what greely is and this is something that. You know Marshon. I've really as we've gotten older and lived here. Longer we've really grown to appreciate Greeley and loved the city and there's So so many things of improved just so. Even the idea that they would welcome something as weird as Monster Day. You know I thought I was going to have a serious sales pitch on my hands to talk about monsters roaming the streets as such a crazy idea breath and the city just welcomed it with open arms. Yeah. The event began in two thousand, seventeen this according to a piece by Tamra, market in Greeley trip draws over six thousand people to downtown Greeley to to attend and right out the gate. The event won the governor's Award for best event that's civil or recurring activity in a community. Twenty thousand people that's hosted by downtown Colorado Incorporated. But just so good to hear. We're all looking for some semblance of normalcy these days and it's so good to hear that the monsters are going to be virtually roaming the streets once again. Yes there are a little sad about it, but it's okay. 'cause we're actually I don't know. It's just. This year is going to be the opportunity to let people let people see it and so forth. It's. It's funny because it's such a goofy idea and it just it just took off and and and it's it's fun to say. Well, and you're raising some money as well. for a very good cause. Aren't you? Don't be a monster look. Those guys I. You know we watched one of the somebody's, but I'd seen their videos we'd been supporting them for years before Monster Day started. And it was like the perfect fit and there's something about what they're doing. First of all the people they use their hunters and stuff and a lot of them have been A lot of people in the organization have been bullied and things. So they they really know what it's like and so they they incorporate a monster but the monsters the. Guy That's being bullied. It's so clever. You get this Frankenstein or Frankenstein they're they're the kids are picking on him and stuff, and it just shows in a way that I think sticks in kids heads. And this is why monsters are used whether selling beef jerky with bigfoot or whatever it sticks in your head better. And it's just been wildly successful at a golden into schools and the kids you know they just. Shut. Up and listen for for the most part they've had tremendous success with the kids really engaging. Don't be a monster this foundation as a nationally recognized on profit that does promote anti-bullying through seminars and. And so much more works to educate and empower youth to stand up for themselves and their peers. So that's just an amazing organization and. Just, love the fact that you're communicating with kids on their level. It's something that they can understand and appreciate. So tell us a little bit more about distortions unlimited and I gotta tell you. I've got a lot of tricky fans. That listen and I was doing a little bit of background little bit of homework and. that. You designed costumes for Star Trek. Yes. We the really just one and it was an incredible pro project. We we got contacted by Greg. Dykstra. Who designed a I think most everything you see in Pixar movies he has created in three dimensions and then they scan it he's he's an incredible sculpture out there, and so he wanted us to help with a monster they were needing for Star Trek continues and so. we he sent out model and we talked about it and it was a really cool monster and they wanted to the series is retro nine thousand, nine, hundred, sixty star, trek, and they. Did. An incredible job. Really perfectly matching the sets and everything and so We went out there. We made this thing and worked on it for months and they wanted a lot 'cause they wanted they wanted to light up and. And they wanted it to be big and and the way it was designed the actor could not see the head was right where his head was. So we had to have video goggles for the Cameroon his chest and and it was a very complicated suit in fact, we did it. pretty darn cheap but as we looked at it, you know we we went into it thinking this is probably like thirty thousand dollars shoot, and then when we got through, it's like I don't know if I'd done it for seventy thousand dollars. ALL RETRO WHICH I Love I love you know I'm not anti CD I. Just Love Practical Effects. So, this guy got in this thing and just it's we had blazing on the nation's which does a lot of work with us and with Greeley. Different they do all the lighting forget Viru for the capital and stuff. So they developed this untethered guy that vic guy plays Captain Kirk he wanted completely untethered. So the guy had to be able to walk around without wires coming out of him which was. Added to the complication 'cause we got live video stream. We've got a video of power a powered lights and his head, and is that had to be controlled by computer offset it. Turned out, to be. Crazy but it was so cool and and it was amazing going out on the sets because it's like you were on the starship enterprise I mean you. Gain it that you know I'm a tricky to and when Star Trek came out. That just blew my mind and so to to be able to be involved in something like this you know what? I don't know how many years later we talk and fifty years or something like. It was a dream come true for you. Yeah. It really was and and everybody that was working on the film was great and So it was it was Super Bowl and there's there's scenes that. on really a monster live because it just it was too cool. It was just it was just something. What we tried to do is just pack this video with monsters and you know that's what we do for a living. So we have lots of them and you do it so so well, because you will thank you, you are known worldwide for your mass, your props, your impact on haunted attractions. The famous brutal planets among your many accomplishments. So well, you have your homework dot. Yeah, you know this group planet goes. Back. Ninety five we started that I think and and the electric chair all that stuff. So, much fun. Okay. But here it is. This is the question of twenty twenty. please. Tell us are we going to have Halloween this year? Yes there. Are you know there was a lot? It's it's been a rough hall for the hunters because. They know if they're going to be able to open a let alone work out the details and so one of the I call it a haunt, but it's a haunt and the corn maize is Anderson Farms. And there they're south of US I'm not sure the city exactly, but they're like on the way to Boulder but they. They have brought out sixty actors every year or so and helped us run monster day and fill it with monsters. So they were get baiting whether or not to open they put lots of thought into it and they were working along just like they were gonNA open no matter what and they they pull the trigger and decided to open. They're going to cut their customers in half and tried to distance and so forth. But that's great news and that's an incredible I. Mean this haunted houses When we I don't know say the mid nineties they were mostly real. You know low income and stuff, and now they're like multimillion dollar production. Some of these big ones are just A. There's there's. Aunts and Denver Opening thirteenth floors opening and So they'll be there just be you know they're going to have to. Run a little differently, but they are going to open not all. There's a lot of them. That just aren't GonNa try to do it, but we've got some good ones into in Denver and and around here that are. So that's good to hear at Edmonton's CO owner with his wife Marcia distortions unlimited. Thank you so much congratulations on your little bouncing bundle of Joy Fang what thanks eating these days but Absolutely. adorable. Thank you so much for your time and everything you do a monster day twenty virtual. Where can we find out more information how to access that? Well if they go to Monster Greeley dot com, it's all the information's there. It's going to go live at two o'clock tomorrow. and Saturday and and it's a three and a half hour presentation. So by the time you watch that man, you're going to know all about monsters and Monster Day in. The city's history on it they just. This took. You would think this would be all well, that's easy on Oh. This we've been slaving on this thing it was it was a huge project to get this this this thing together. At Co owner two sources unlimited of Greeley with a worldwide following thank you so much for your time. Certainly appreciate it. Thank you. Eight twenty five now thirteen ten Kfi K.. Patrick the whole show in Collin cowherd or northern Colorado's. Thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen, ten KFI. Your home for Prep supple training camp coverage weekdays five to six. PM presented by PC energy. Eight thirty eight on your Friday morning thirteen ten, Kfi k a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists. Studios joined this morning by Kevin car. Fat Guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. Of course, you can hear his weekly syndicated radio program each and every Saturday from noon to one right here on thirteen ten Kfi a wait for it. How you doing I'm doing good. I don't know if it gets old for everybody else, but it never gets for me Kevin. Why should we even worry? It's all it's it's hilarious and it is. It's our thing right? Absolutely. Why not? Yes. There you go. All right. Speaking of becoming unhinged, we tend to do. That that's one of the new movies out. So let's talk a little bit about it. Yes. This is in theaters now because they've opened up the. At least you know, of course, depending on local areas but he like the chains have opened up I mean like drive ins and and then independence have been opened but they've opened change with the Republican social distancing and requirements but unhinged star Russell Crowe as a man who and I'm not gonNA say he's teetering on the edge because he's reached the finish line. The trip the trigger easy town. Yeah. Right. I was GONNA. Say this is. Imitating life like, yeah a little bit and he's like there isn't that finish line when the movie starts. So I you he is. He is off his Office had in this one and he's Gets. Altercation with a woman at a traffic stop, and then he goes completely off the depots. bonkers goes after hurry stocks or he's Assaulting and killing people that she knows he's going crazy. He's just wanting the teacher a lesson of being polite on the road by being the most horrible person possible. You know overall I sort of an action movie it's not bad I mean it it does push the buttons it needs to push I will warn you though it is one giant ball of anxiety. Just what we need and Cova nineteen and fires burning across the state of Colorado and we've got all S, Nile virus on the rise and an. Hinged political season grade. Yeah. Pilot on. Well, it depends on how you decompress. This is if it's like you can go watch something in vicariously get all bent out of shape and then relax when you're at home. You know, of course, Dr Very nicely politely on the way home and when when you're at home, you can relax that's great But if you're if you're dead all triggered in anxiety I mean do do go into this with a bit of a warning. Okay. Sounds like a plan but your take on it would would you recommend it? Not. Bad It's not a bad movie. I, mean it's only exclusively peters right now. So you gotta go You have to make the decision on whether you want to go to theaters for this one but I mean, it's it. It works for what it is. It's sort of like you know dual the TV movie with Steven Spielberg did or or. something. Like changing lanes with Ben Affleck and. Samuel Jackson some people can be compared to falling down. I think the character and falling down a little more sympathetic than than this one. But yeah, it's I mean it's interesting though I mean it was it entertaining movie. But like I said, you have to make your own personal decision on whether you want to travel at the theaters for this one dual I still think to this day still holds up written by Richard Matheson if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, true. Oh my gosh, and you know what? It's just us. So I can tell you this. I actually used to read my father's playboys when I was a little girl. For the. For the articles. For the articles but you know what's funny. That's where I read dual Yeah. That's incredible. Dolls. It's. It's a good story in the movie is a little bit dated but you know it's it's still you know it's it's a directed by a guy. You certainly had a career ahead of him, oh? Yeah definitely. Yeah. Holy Moly just incredible. All right and see theaters open worth they selling tickets for fifteen cents that was yesterday. Yes. Yeah. For the hundred anniversary of it I think they need to make a little more money this weekend and we'll say this when it comes to theaters either all eyes are on cinemas the next three weeks because we got unhinged this week next to you got. The New Mutants and bill and Ted, and then the the couple of weeks later and Labor Day, you've got ten. So the studios and the cinemas are looking at this to make sure everything goes. Okay. So I'm just going to say if you're GONNA if you. If you feel it's appropriate for you to go to theaters but play by the rules don't cost problems do everything responsibly. You know they're going to be doing limited seatings and social distancing then masking of course, you can pull it down to eat but you know go overboard on following the rules because if there are problems or if there's any sort of disease transmission that's traced back to theaters. All that cool stuff that's scheduled for October November and December is going to get moved. Well and they're going to be the host. So predictable story of fisticuffs in a brawl at movie theater because somebody refused to wear a mask, don't be that person this project time people. We need to play well together. Exactly what you hearing from folks I don't know if you've done like an ad hoc survey talking to people about getting back into the theaters. You know I'm I'm hearing I'm hearing both sides I'm not here. I'll tell you I'm not hearing anybody in the middle on this one I'm here in either people are chomping at the bit to get back in theaters and I hear people that are like I won't even go near one and that's again it's a personal choice it depends on what's going on in your life. It depends on who you're interacting with You know. So it's you know there's going to be a personal choice. I'll just be curious to see if the you know the limited seating is enough to keep sustainability because as as expensive as it is not run a business. Can Be, sometimes, more expensive to ask the business and not have enough revenue coming in well absolutely, and that's what so many bars and restaurants are looking at across the. Opened with fifty percent capacity problem is many times. It's more like thirty, five, forty percent capacity because of the seating restrictions and you know unfortunately. Their profit margins very thin. Most businesses are built for what they're built for. Suddenly cut it down can. Be a problem for profitability but you gotTA balance that with Public Health. So yeah, there's a lot a lot of spinning plates on this one. Doubt no doubt. Okay. Now, this I love the timeliness of the name of this next film words on bathroom walls because Greg Gut on the five just described twitter as being the world's largest bathroom wall. At the spectacular. You know whether you love them or hate him. You can't disagree with that statement. Certain certainly on a nonpartisan take that is not an inaccurate description I can tell you that for sure. Yeah definitely life but. Yeah. What's funny is that that that's a terrible name for the movie because it does not cover the you know there's a part of it that that plays into it but really it's a story about a kid who's seventeen or so and he's diagnosed with schizophrenia. It's him trying to get medication and helping and I've not. Had that personally touch me. So I don't know what it's like but I've heard from anecdotal sources that it's a very challenging disease because. Everybody's different and everything needs to be tailored. It's not a one-size-fits-all remedy, and so I I've heard positive views on how it handles a mental illness although it does kind of make it seem a little quirky and fun at times which I think might be a disservice and then it has this love story where he falls in love with this girl at school and and then it just kind and that makes it devolve into one of those disease of the week Romanticizing a disease type movie, and that goes all the way back to love story in the Seventies. But but even recently the fault in our stars or siphoning apart or or what was at the movie the me before you where it turns a disease into a love story and I think completely undercuts with the rest of the movies trying to do gotTa tell you though I mean I loved the fault in our stars I just thought that was magical Chernoff? Genre not here it's. All right let's talk about the one and only Ivan on Disney plus yeah this is GonNa come to theaters but they pivoted to on demand relief disease, putting it on their service and my wife's a teacher. So she's read the book and she would read the book with their class. So she was very excited I hadn't heard of the book It was just a movie to me but I've heard a lot of people. It's a very popular book and it's based on or inspired by a true story about a gorilla and that was in a sort of A. Circus in a mall that actually took place in the mall. And Brand Cranston plays the ringmaster but the it's told from the point of view of the gorilla and the guerrillas played by Samuel Rockwell. And it's him wanting something bigger than just being in this cage and the interaction with the animals. also wants to have a certain degree freedom and it is a really sweet story. Yeah it works and it's you know when I thought I'm like Oh this is going to be talking animals that far and There's a little bit of that. That's okay. We can have that in the movie. Little thing actually going on there. Yeah. It's much more than that and I I really thought it was a sweet movie and I've run at work. So if you're fan of the book, you might enjoy this one. Cool. Finally, the sleepover on net flix. Yeah. This one is it's another another one for sort of family movie night it starts Balan Ackerman is a suburban mom who? Is Actually in the witness protection program and people from past show up and try and get her kidnapper. Do another big heist and Ken Marino, plays her husband is kind of a bumbling idiot and he actually steals the show. With the adults in this one but it's about her kids and their friends who ended up having to go try and save her. So you know they're they're of course stumbling trying you know advertently finding themselves in an action movie and there's a whole sub-genre of this one where you've got average people are suburbanites who suddenly get yanked into some you know spy or a burglary type thing We saw this with date night with Steve Carell and Tina fey about ten years ago. there've been other movies like this. So. It's kind of cute. It's something you watch with the kids. It's not perfect. Maybe runs a little long but you know it's it's a fun little movie that I think you could watch on Friday night. About, and you don't have to worry about wearing a mask with your kids at home. That's right. You can watch this one at home could throw popcorn at each other. You Go yes you can approximates. Normal is these days so absolutely. Kevin car fat guys at the movies guys at the movies Dot Com. Thank you. Excuse me thank you so much as always appreciate it. Absolutely. Eight, Fifty now thirteen ten KFI K-. No Code now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.. What would the resumption of sports look like without a little panic both the nuggets in rocky? Certainly have some of that going on. We'll talk about it next on the whole show thirteen ten KFI. How we all had enough panic, go around these days eight, fifty, five, now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI, a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local the auto collision specialists serious. Okay. I wanted to get your take on this and the few minutes that we have remaining in the show today the navy seal did you hear this one? The navy seal who fatally shot Osama bin? Lana is bin Laden excuse me is persona non grata on Delta Airlines I. Kid you not former team six member. We're in for a piece by Victor Morton out of the Washington Times former team six member Robert. J O'Neill wrote Thursday on twitter that he had been banned for posting a since deleted photo Wednesday of himself on a Delta Mask with what he referred to are without a mask on a Delta flight without a well dumb. Expletive deleted mask saying he wasn't wearing one because I'm not A. Kitty cat. That caused Delta. To Ban Him. Just got banned he said on twitter. From add delta for posting picture while. The airline Delta had said after the initial photo went viral that it was reviewing this event spokeswoman. Kyla Ross told the New York pros to all customers who do not comply with our mask wearing requirement risk losing their ability to fly delta in the future will but it's okay to take that mask off when you're eating. When you're drinking. Do they still serve cocktails on Delta I'm. Not. Sure. Why is that? Okay. Are you in that magical Cova free bubble but to take your mascot for photograph you get bounced. O.`Neil best expressed bemusement. Thursday evening retreating a link to the Washington Times story insisting that he did not in fact, go ask Alice he said he took the covering off only for the photo. Saying I had the bask in my lap. Everyone has gone crazy. Comes as no surprise reaction on twitter was missed next though Delta's official account had no public comment. But. Are we all succumbing to panic? Eight fifty-seven now, thirteen ten K.. F. K.. Party. Northern Colorado's. For. Thirteen Ten KFI K the Block Party Wednesdays from ten PM. Fifteen ten, Kfi. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice all right GonNa want to lock it right here. You got the also coming your way as it does each and every weekday with your host of Radi Hall from noon to to no code. Now with your host at Cantor swint at four thirteen days thirteen teams, softball training camp, a coverage edition at five, and then Yes indeedy do rockies baseball come in your way pre game at seven. Have a great turn Patrick, the whole show and Colin cowherd on northern Colorado's. Thirteen ten KFI K.

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Episode 078: Fitness Rambles Volume 1

The Pillars of Health Podcast

17:12 min | 2 years ago

Episode 078: Fitness Rambles Volume 1

"The billers of health podcast with straights. Coach John Carroll to you from the movement. They rally North Carolina. We're about to dive into everything you need to know when it comes to strengthen conditioning, nutrition, sleep and stress management. Check us out on movement lab, rally dot com and coach John Carroll dot com. And now your host, John. This rambles volume one. So it's one of those where ramble on and talk. So I went today. That's the movement lab here in Raleigh. We are hosting the technical strength challenge that is may fourth. Probably wondering what is technical strength challenge. Right up all of max deadlocked. My several all your pull ups also five minutes of Cobo smashes recent development for myself. I have opted not to do the TSE. I started playing soccer again down here valley, suspend amazing, whether it's been tastic, it's summer light. So I couldn't pass that up. Plus when I did start playing again, I realized how much this sport. I don't top of that. And that guys we couple of outdoor teams with the indoor teams on planning where from three to four days a week. So therefore, my TSE training and my actual game play for for soccer, just wasn't sustainable. So I have signed up data TSE, and I've kinda altered my training more towards athlete more towards athletic type of program. TSE is always experience the last year had a great time. But yet just the frequency of how much playing soccer versus training from max ever Daedalus and pull ups and snatches just wasn't. It was almost like co competing goals. And so as on road to nowhere insert song pun here. Gotta say though about the snatches Anoc gonna miss doing five minutes with to cable. I will however be cheering on Alex's. He attempts. So best of luck to him. And I will be officially refereeing. Would you say that was not refereeing, but overseeing TSE the movement lab? So lung forward to that. This past week. Joe are Tari out of next level and Rochester, just re tweeted one of the previous podcast episodes. It was episode sixty eight the five strategies or five strategies to improve kind of health and that was featuring Kevin car, and this is one of those apsos that I've done at the time. But you you kinda lose track as a strength coach just coaching out, whatever it is in relation to getting that message out there that training is not only good for you physically. But also mentally. The benefits for you. As you age are numerous. So Joe was just re tweeting or actually tweeted of he listened to the podcast and join it sometimes he gets the bigger picture, which I thought was pretty good synopsis of what that was about stuff like keeping the brain going as you age is imperative, and I think that gets lost in the media message of trained to look like an Instagram model, which we will get to later instrumentals or coming up one of my favorite topics, but the the ability to stimulate the brain and keep it challenged is one of the reasons why people will number one live longer given up some other factors are in place. But also, the brain is the control center, and if that goes, well, there's not much hope for for the rest of the body. So just looking at things from that point of view. That's why it's important to be challenged. And training is that it's like a very taxing quiz for the brain. Especially when you're trying Mazar new skills, and she good coach probably change every month six weeks and challenge in that respect and to other things the brain, you know, of his left stimulation. That's when bad things happen. Like, I said we've seen in early set up mentioned people who are not reactive and other diseases. You know, if you want to read more definitely recommend picking up the books spark see the bigger picture because you know, we definitely think. Okay. You know? Help me live longer. What else? Kind of do so consistent actually is definitely helps with stuff like warding off depression, any sort of mental illness cue them day is hugely puzzled effects for the for the body as whole we know other stuff that I wasn't fully informed. Not was like lower levels, Zayed's stress tension. So people who suffer with those can have a lot of benefit from working in a consistent. Exercise routine is our actual schedule as well one that really caught me off guard was the effect ahead on addiction. So it could have been think in the book the book, it's mentioned that recent to gambling on smoking. What exercise can do actually helps alleviate symptoms for smoker has nicotine is both stimulant and relaxing at the same time so exercise as he goes in in hopes increased levels. Of dopamine to replace nicotine. And then also lowers like we just mentioned stress anxiety tension. So a lot of people turn to nicotine as that stress reliever. I need to smoke and just kind of get things together exercise can actually fill that. Void. And then as a knock on fact exercise can fend off cravings for nicotine. And because you've exercise actually fact double or triple the time until the next graving. Whereas if you didn't exercise it would just be that same time when again until you credit cigarettes, so definitely let it let a good research in the book spark check it out. If you're looking for some knowledge on that definitely as my parents get older and something I'm looking into also for myself, honestly for the future. So definitely something to to to look at thing. I saw during the week with some but settlements and when asked the question do us up on a number two what wants to use so certain people's minds supplements soon as you bring that up it brings to mind, okay? GNC protein powder creating performance enhancement in the gym. For me supplements are just kinda ways of filling the holes in perhaps stuff that I'm just naturally lacking. Or minor tradition is not covering in your twenties. Definitely don't need any supplements. As you get older from thirty on Mike, vice definitely just be aware of your blood tests. So if you're gonna see your doctor, your check of every six months, get a full panel, obviously, they're looking at front red flags there anything that's below some that partially worked for me kinda. Brought up some talking points on thyroid levels, something like that. Because some of the tests that doctors run may not be covering all the bases. Again. I'm not saying I'm qualified physician or anything like that. But there can be some areas are left uncovered in relation to the self months, though, the ones that I take personally, I take fish oil. I take vitamin d and I take this other supplement for thyroid health. So that's kind of meat covered. Don't really feel needs to do protein powder thing. I get enough pro with food I eat. So I feel like all my bases are covered there. And I'm not on a huge push to try and put on much muscle as possible. I think I'm upset in that area. But if you do take supplements, I love to know number one what you take at number two white Teigen. And if you've noticed a difference, good or bad. So maybe hit us up on the. It health Instagram on this episode. You have some feedback from there. All right Instagram models part. So this one every time I open Instagram. I follow a bunch of really good strength coaches. People have met at industry, and then there's always suggestions of like follow this person and that person so you have the tree attractive girl in Scotland CLYDE closed doing her workout and she looks good. Good body. I think we're lot of people are kinda fallen down in release the c in this image is number one. They'll see that that person has ten followers number two. They wanna look like that person a number three. Then think I need to do whatever that person is doing nor to look like that person. So that's all fair. That's totally no judgment there. Get in there right now on the flip side of things. I think the message is lost in translation that these stunningly good-looking men and women they have just won the genetic lottery. Right. And in a lot of cases, not all. And a lot of cases they look that good because that's just the hand they were dealt and so a lot of times I look at doing the training sessions. What what else and they just looked at good despite what they're doing a lot of these models for use of a better term used finis miles. A lot of these models. Advertise like, I'll buy online coaching program to find ways to get a bigger bud or whatever it is. You know, something that's kind of invoke was word substitute here or there also selling supplements. So what we just touched on previously. And you know, it's one of those one of those. The magic t that's gonna help you lose weight side that does not exist. Okay. But just seeing these at their they obviously. We live in a world of consumption. We're seeing these images all Michael at bodies perfect bodies. And so it's hard not to gravitate towards that. But I guarantee if put that person in Jim antone to coach high school summer team or coach, Mary Jane, the soccer moms, I think they'd be find out pretty quickly as the where you stand in the coaching ability. So you know, I kinda find it insulting to hard-working coaches at their who are putting hours weekend week out with people on a face to face basis. Getting people better not rea- blown own foreigner social media, and then you have people with over a million followers 'cause looked like supermodel selling whatever to the general public and probably making quite a good wage doing. So but feeling the bomb's gonna fall out that pretty soon? The kind of follow on point that to that that I had is social media. I've come up against this challenge. Let me let me know if you ever if you feel the same because I feel as if your challenge to keep up the regularity with which you post in order to keep up with other people, right? Because we know comparison is great way to ruin how you feel about yourself. So social media is great for that carrying something people. Not great. If you want to feel good about yourself term because that'll kick in the negative consequences. But I feel like this is the con- social media like this is the hidden part of social media that no one tells you about, but it's kind of like ingrain in you as soon as you start participating in social media, whether it's Instagram Facebook Twitter less so you know, what it was more like. Less visually consumed than something like an instrument. I know I feel as a strength coach, you know, if you're not putting out content. You not going to be very well known can be recognized. And so you try create online personality where you know for that person. If you're just coasting to kind of keep up with your friends or something like that. All look what I Don this. And that is is the highlight reel the ones posting the bad days post in the negative experiences. It's just not a hundred percent. It's not Jit bear that in mind when you're seeing all these highlight wheels of all the people start questioning your life. But getting back to to what I was on in relation to posting a strength and conditioning coach, I've found it. Yes. Can definitely help as you post better content. You know, people recognize that, but also going to courses like partial restoration two courses. Strong force strong, first courses, whatever it is weekends were coaches are going away. To get better to learn to network. Crude connection share experiences. Learn from others that's going to be a positive experience. No matter what industry. And so this is just not for coaches is can be any line of work. If you get away from your normal surroundings for a weekend, maybe once a month or once every two to three months guarantee, you're gonna feel refreshed. You're gonna feel and figuring it you're gonna come back being or wanting to be better. What you do a lot of times. I found myself personally not getting outside of your comfort zone. You fall into that trap of almost being too comfortable. And I think in your good to go. Whereas if you want to get better, you gotta be challenged. You gotta get uncomfortable. And that's what we do. So my advice definitely to seek out some sort of challenge like that. And just gave comfortable being uncomfortable. All right. Last of all wanna fill you guys in. We are launching a second podcasts. So you know, I'm a huge fan of hip hop. Especially ninety up on teaming up with some really good friends at mine who is on the podcast long ago. And also, Danny Lazarus who will be on the podcast soon. The three of us are teaming up to do. Eight nineties. Hip hop podcast called ain't no half stepping. So visit the format of the punt guys is going to be picking one from that era and general research into the goings on behind the Bill to the recording kind of unknown stories and share those with the group on the podcast. So each person's going to be responsible for their own digging. And some of this stuff, we will already know individually, but then also sharing it with the group are sharing has a group on the podcast. We're gonna put out. More information in relation to that podcast in the near future. Just want to give you a heads up. If you know any that likes hip, hop ninety seven especially we're gonna be doing all those pretty safe to say, we're probably going to cover some some biggie Albus to all, but also some more obscure albums that maybe receive pray as they should have. So look after that if you guys have money time head on over to items drop review five serve you would be amazing. We really appreciate that. Hope you enjoy the content of this previous episodes. If you if you are listening to us the first time head back and check out our previous episodes, lots of great content. Great guests on there. Let us know what to think our guys as been my fitness ramble for volume one. Enjoyed it. You on the next.

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October 2, Hr 3  Cindy Mackin with Visit Loveland and Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:07 min | 10 months ago

October 2, Hr 3 Cindy Mackin with Visit Loveland and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. Causing an eight Oh nine now thirteen ten, Kfi, a thirteen ten am K. A. Dot com northern Colorado's voice with Gail, live and local from the auto. Collision. Specialists Studios wise that I. WanNa break in into a song. This warning if they only had a brain loveland is doing something really really cool. Okay. Easy easy. Loveland doing something really cool with their scarecrow a scavenger hunt with a thirty plus unique artistic scarecrows across the city L. scarecrows will be outside of businesses or public areas joined this morning by a visit loveline director. Cindy Macken Cindy welcome back to the show. Thank you so much, Gail. So. This sounds like it's going to be a really fun event was just I've been talking over the past week or so how covert one thousand nine hundred has well, I am the mistress of understatement here disrupted. So many aspects of our lives and many wondering about Halloween trick or treating, and if during a time of covid nineteen, that is a good idea hearing all these surveys and studies talking about the fact that we as a nation, we're buying more Halloween candy, but we don't plan ended out because we're using it to self soothe. That's probably happening a lot but. That's that's why when we were thinking. and. got together as a group and we're like what? What kind of. Outdoor cool. Different events that are safe. Can we put on and scarecrow scavenger hunt was? Something that one of our group member came up with. I think it's a great idea. So take us through it because it's it's socially distanced to, and you've got the opportunity to win prizes as well. We do a lot of a wonderful businesses stepped up the we have thirty three different scarecrows that are going to be installed starting today, but the social context doesn't start until Monday. everybody's just kind of rampant these things up and finishing them up and you know it's it's a it's a race to get them all done. But we're doing that and a lot of glue guns You know a lot of, Hey, going on but I like. Wars gone crazy right around here. But it's GonNa be really really cool. So thirty three different scarecrows. All around the city on visit Loveland Dot com, you can find the interactive map that you can download to find all of them, and we are asking families to go out and you know search where these scarecrows are, and then we're asking them to take pictures with them and they're really cool. All sorts of different ones everything from you know burkes tavern is making this ridiculous like Yeti thing. And I know today at the love sculpture Curious you all gonna be installing some of her monster scarecrow. So these aren't your typical scarecrows. These are like scarecrows gone crazy out of all sorts of different materials out of all the different looks I may have a six foot tall. And Tina, as you know, Valentine's. Crow in my living room made out of burlap right now. Be a whole bunch of different ones, and it's a great way to go around the city and also you know going to the businesses that may be hurting right about now and just get out with your family You know where your masks get out take pictures we're asking people to Hashtag your pitchers that Hashtag loveland scarecrow, and then post them to visit Loveland, and then we are going to. So for every picture of a scarecrow that you post, you get an entry and then we're giving away all sorts of really cool fund price. You. Did you just say Ghul around the city? John. Paul Paul. Love that it's a great way to around loveland. Get at it. Not Quite woken up. Yes but no I love. I love the turn of phrase there now did you break out of Pedaza? We're GONNA have a bedazzled scarecrow. No I'm I'm not joking I think that my fingers are raw from gun. And burlap I know I've seen a lot of people struggling with like. chicken wire online. To. Build things but people are really going crazy. Well. It's a fun event in. It's just great because once again during a time of covid nineteen, it is. Well covid nineteen appropriate because you can get out, you can enjoy you can post those pictures and well stay healthy at the same time you can't and we're giving away really cool prizes So the grand prize is a winter station. You know a lot of people are taking different types of vacations this year, and this is one in your own town so. I at the Marriott courtyard one hundred dollars gift card to the promenade sharp. You get loved laser tag and then I pry is an abundance of Chick-fil-a Neil to look Nice. I think I could probably. And then and then we have private escape rupaul sorts of fun. Loved ones stuff. So it's just a great way to get out into the fall weather and appreciate all of the beautiful things that we have around here and to see some really cool artists were actually made these. We are so blessed to have so many artists here in Baldwin and one of the. Things that we wanted to do was you know we gave him a stipend to create these amazing works of art. So these are not your typical scarecrow. I think you're really going to be wowed by what they look like. God, love it. It is the Loveland, the scarecrow Scavenger Hunt thirty plus unique artistic scarecrows and I'll tell you what I mean you suffer for. Your Art Cindy. But you could find them across. Yes you can find them across the city. All right. So give us all the details again with the interactive map and everything else we need to know everything that you need to know is visit loveline dot com and there's an interactive map which shows you where they all are. We actually are going to have a printed map starting on Monday at the visitor center that you can pick up as well. and all the rules are on there and you're gonNA. Just Post your photos with the Hashtag loveland scarecrow and then at the end of the month, we're, GONNA. Pick, randomly from all of the people who entered and you would. Cindy McCain loveland thank you so much and just have a really cool day. Cool to. So. Appreciate your time. It's sixteen thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI A dot. This time check sponsored by candlelight dinner playhouse Broadway in your backyard where you need to take in an absolutely amazing presentation of camelot. Tell you tell you what you can learn more simply by visiting their website at Colorado candlelight dot? Com Ten Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f.. K.. Tune into the House show at noon and no Co. now at four back to mornings with Kayla northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Causing on eight, twenty, eight, now, thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten KFI. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings. Gail from the auto collision specialist studios. All right. As we continue to digest the news, this morning actually broke in the early hours. This morning that both president trump and Melania trump have tested positive for covid nineteen you got to wonder how this is going to change. The trajectory of well already out of Control Twenty, twenty campaign season this as a once again, president trump testing positive for covert nineteen. Now, it's interesting because it seems to me that this has been one of the cudgels that Joe Biden throughout his campaign has wielded against president trump. Just blasting him for his handling of the covid nineteen pandemic particularly here in the United States and you have to wonder, will this change president trump's messaging relative to covert nineteen course keeping? Both president trump and Melania trump and it seems as though there is a cluster of cases emerging from the White House staff those closest to the President Hope Hicks one of his closest advisors, of course, tested positive for covid nineteen. Meanwhile, you've got the secretary of State Mike Pompeo and treasury secretary. Steve MNUCHIN testing negative for covid nineteen also breaking this morning Ironic Daniel of the RNC testing positive for covid nineteen, and of course, the testing will continue within the White House but you have to wonder if this is going to impact the messaging particularly coming from President trump, of course, now in quarantine in the White House and. contrary to initial reporting this morning showing symptoms cold like symptoms as a result of. Contracting Cove nineteen and that, of course will lengthen the time of the quarantine. But how this changes messaging interested in your thoughts this morning nine, seven, three, five, three or will it three five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, drop me a text on our thirteen ten. A text line at at three, one, nine, nine, six. All right. A couple of movies going into theaters this week to include possessor and save yourselves. Kevin car fact guys at the movies AFFEC- is movies. Dot Com weighs in at eight, thirty, five, eight, thirty now thirteen ten KFI K.. No Code. Now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI. He won football Sicher dials her KFI K. here NFL Games all season long in northern Colorado this voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Eight thirty eight now thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen, ten K.. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the auto collision Specialist Studios One of the best times of the week when we welcome in Kevin Car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. Of course, you can hear US weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten KFI thirteen, ten KFI K. A. dot com from noon to one three to one how you doing. I'm doing good Kevin I'm doing good when I can talk to you. You're cutting a rug. I was the infant around. Bumper music that certainly wise and. Potatoes and all credit to MICA kilpatrick behind the glass at the con as he is he is almost each and every morning well done right well. We approve yes. Way To cow. Yes. A big round of applause. No Booze. So do we have a big round of applause or plenty of booing for those couple of new movies that are dropping into theaters this week? Here, let me tempered this I by saying because the experiment putting tenant. Didn't like recharge bringing Sunday people. That didn't go so good. Hollywood moved a lot of their blockbusters 'cause they actually do need to fill theaters to make the money back on that. So what you're getting is a lot of these more independent smaller films dropping into theaters, which is good because it gives you something to go see if your dining back the theater and I will say this I haven't heard any stories about problems with theaters I haven't either which I think is great. I think part of it's because there's not a whole lot of people going back I mean if they were packed and. They wanted to open them up an increase, the capacity that that that can start getting the dangerous, but it sounds like at least what's going on people are doing the right thing so good for them and but at the same time, they're not packing the house at capacity. So these smaller releases more independent films some more fringe stuff that relies on a smaller audience. Those are going to be showing up in theaters. We're now that they've moved on the blockbusters at least down the line a little bit. We'll see if they move again but. Right now, this is the kind of stuff you're going to get. So everything is I'm not saying that everything has an asterisk next next to. Everything you have to know what you're getting into. It's going to be your standard movie like one of them possessor, which is out this week in the inters. That's one that you kind of have to say you gotta like this kind of movie it's off kilter it's speculative. It's weird it's not like you know marvel movie. It's not going to be something for everybody what it is it like spinning heads and spewing Greenpeacu kind of thing or But what what it is is it's a it's a it balances between horror and science fiction, and it's directed by Brandon Cronenberg. Who is the son of David Cronenberg best known for doing stuff like the fly. Jeff Goldblum but he did a lot of like obscure weird body horror gory movies in the seventies he moved onto stuff like eastern promises and history of violence with your favorite actor you're a big Vigo, Mortenson? Fan. So he sees he moved onto the dramas later in his life but at some brandon is now directing this movie So it's it's worth mentioning their connection because. While he's not trying to build off his father's name he is benefitting of a little bit of the fact that his father has a. Glut of credibility in the horror realm. Chip off the old block as say yeah. But this is own thing. It's it's not. It doesn't feel like it's just one of his father's movies transplanted from the Seventies. It's the story of this This business that's very shady around what exactly this is but they have this technology where they can they put somebody in a booth and that person can possess somebody else. Else's body and then they use that to. Do assassinations does that somebody else have any say in the matter? Hopefully. They don't end up to well at the end of it anyway. So It's sort of forced on these people. But it allows them to sort of get access to the people. Instead of getting the person you're going for you get somebody close to them and it's the story of this woman who does this? And she starting to lose touch with their own reality because she keeps changing personalities and when she's brought back out, she has trouble reconnecting with who she is. Symbols like. Yeah. And then also because of that, she's also having trouble controlling the subjects that she's possessing thought it's a really interesting idea, but it is. It's it's it's got some pretty violent stuff and some pretty graphic stuff in there So it's not for the squeamish. It's not for somebody WHO'S Not Prepared for this sort of thing but it's it's a neat movie. It's a weird movie that makes you think, and almost what would you do if you either side of it whether you're the possessor or the possess it's it's it's it's a bizarre film and if you like that sort of thing that bizarre speculative fiction with a little bit of violence to it. You should enjoy this one. It does the premise of it does sound kind of interesting I have to admit I'm a little bit intrigued. Yeah You know what I'm sorry. I'm still I'm still stuck on the remake of the Flying Jeff Goldblum and I. Remember that one scene where he's standing in the bathroom picking up pieces and parts. Of South Brazil My favorite part of the fly honestly is where he how he eats his food and he. predigested food in front of. Looks at her. He Goes Oh that's disgusting. Isn't it? had a nickel for every time. I've had to say that about something that I've done. Exactly, right? Yeah. We'd be on our own private islands. Could I go wait that was disgusting. Standard disclaimer apply that's what you could say. Yeah. GotTa Love It. About. Yourselves save yourselves. Now, this one is another one that's a little bit off kilter different Standard, fare in the movie theaters and that's kind of exciting because there's you have an opportunity to see some neat stuff This one is. Basically romance a not a romantic comedy relationship comedy about this couple and they feel they're overly connected. They're always checking their phones are always checking their emails and notifications and they're always on their laptops and everything and they said, you know what we need to kind of re connect ourselves. So we're GONNA unplugged turn everything off. We're going to go to this cabin for a week and enjoy a vacation free from all the electron ix, which is a great idea I guess calamity ensues well, generally the reason it becomes bad is because they do it on the morning aliens invade the Earth. So by the time, they finally get to their phones and turn them on and they realize as as Kurt. Vonnegut, said, the the architects hits the air conditioner. It's them trying to figure out what to do because there's alien invasion happening and they can connect with the people they know and they're trying to escape in protect themselves, 'cause the invading aliens they're not like bug eyed monsters are like the giant poofs are like big triples that Can also be very violent. The trouble with triples. So it's weird but it's the thing that's funny. said the actors in it there there's sort of this adorable couple. They're both kind of have these annoying features to them but not in a way that a lot and this is a fine line to walk sometimes when you make a movie and you have characters that annoy each other the end annoying you when you watch it and by the end of it, you're like Oh God with the ailing, just kill him already. Like, watching the first presidential debate. Wasn't. By the time I got to the end of the movie I'm like I like these people rather annoying they got these weird courtney. Oh secrecy but there's still good folks and I I was I was rooting for him and that's kind of what makes the movie work. See Sometimes, quirks are quite endearing. Aren't they? Try to do my the only thing keeping me afloat sometimes. We got laugh at ourselves or else will cry. Big. Ahead of everyone else laughing at the okay. Yeah exactly. Yeah. They can join in. Here's the question who. There seems to be a theme foot here over our past several discussions that we're seeing. Okay. So we're seeing the kind of boutique movies right? We're seeing. Yeah, and they all seem to share not all but many seemed to share this commonality in that there you need to know quoting you back to you Kevin you need to know what you're getting into because they're kind of weird and they're kind of off their kind of odd guard they're kind of off base a little bit. Think this is due to covid nineteen that we're seeing movies like this pop up. Yes No These movies probably would have released the theaters anyways but they would have been like like view on a multiplex at has a dozen screens. It would be one of the smaller screens right and everything else. Would you know the noise from the regular releases would drown it out So these these are it's sort of like if you take like the if you take if you're if. You're in school and he got all the people on the bus and then you take away all the people who ride the bus and you got only the people drive to school. You may not have seen them, but they still existed in the background that sort of thing and and so I think he's movies are showing up and they're just a little more noticeable because the big ones aren't in there to steal their thunder fair enough. All right before I let you go when. You brought this up this morning tenants didn't do so good as the case may be when you look at the box office results for tenant. Question are the numbers depressed in theaters because capacity is down or are we seeing lack luster numbers because people are afraid to go back to the theaters? I would I would say it's the latter I wouldn't use the term afraid as much as cautious. You Know I. Think I think about you gotTa Addison. US A more neutral turn for that because I don't think people are counting fear from theaters but I think it's a mixture of the fact that. There's nothing in the theaters that that were coming to caution. You know like if you were to go back five years if this had happened five years ago, I don't think it would have stopped a lot of people from going to the The star wars movie it back in two thousand fifteen. Hardcore fans. Yeah. No nothing would hold them back. Yeah. I will not even hardcore fan I think are a lot of casual fans that would be like I'm still going to go see star wars because it's the first time I'm seeing the seeing last year with the avengers movie I. think There were a lot of other people that I don't care how many Max I have to wear. The avengers endgame. Yeah we'll double and triple up the mess. And I think like everyone's hoping tenant. But I think they overstated how big of A. Fan Base. The casual fan bases for for Christopher Nolan's. People are saying I to go see this in high Max and seventy millimeter. I think there's a lot of people say well, it's getting middling reviews I. Wait two months. Yeah, exactly. What's the and relative safety of my own home and disgusting if I want I wouldn't be surprised if this happens with James. Bond next month because. I think they're going to stick to that date, but I wouldn't be surprised if they say you know what? Going to release it in the states and do whatever it doesn't theaters but we're GONNA do an early video on demand. So people have a chance to see it in theaters if that's a big deal to you but they know there's going to be a huge demand to see it and there's GonNa be a lot of people that it'd be like well, I'd wait. But if you're GONNA, do it at home I'll pay twenty bucks to watch it. Yeah, see I think from my money because we've had this discussion in the past I wasn't an early adopter as far as getting back into the theater is, but I'm like Scooby Doo with bond. Get me back in the theaters. I think. So and I think that the bond movie would have a Greater Pool I. Think like the wonder woman movie no No. Those movies no one wants to be the Guinea pig on that. That's. but but I do think in the end so far I haven't seen like I said, I haven't seen any like bad reports I haven't seen this like Oh theater and so and so city becomes a super spreader every thing they seemed to be rolling. Okay. Yeah If they can keep their their numbers and make their rent with a with limited capacity. Because that's my concern that movie theaters one day may go the way of the eight track. We lose a Kevin. Kevin car guys at the movies fat guys at the movies dot COM eight, fifty, two, now thirteen, ten, Kfi K.. Disgusting. Party A. Northern. Colorado's. Force. Thirteen ten KFI K. The block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. Perfect segue. Brady Hall Purveyor host of the whole show her days right here in thirteen ten hit. You may from noon to two, hundred, eight now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen, ten kfi a dot com mornings gail from the auto collision Specialist Studios Yep time to celebrate broncos are still many things. The Denver Post yes. But after beating the New York jets last night at least they're not winless broncos. Fan. extraordinaire Mica Kilpatrick. All right. What was your take? My take was yes I told you. They would win look I know three interceptions not Great Britain. Rippin. Pretty well, the offensive line was not the best, but you know, hey, we're making some improvements in our work. So deep it wide receiver so deep so I. FIG-. The defense gave up a lot of yards, but you gotta give them. You gotTa give them credit. They beat the jets on their home turf that I drive Oh my God. Well Yeah. Okay. y'All have that but you know what? we are. Happy Campers right as the broncos beat the jets touching gopher wile. All around a good deal. Keep. President. Trump melania trump in your thoughts and prayers says they were diagnosed with Kovac nineteen just remember haters are going to hate you don't have to be among them thirteen ten KFI. Have, a great weekend. Dan. Patrick the whole show and Colin Coward or on Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI. K.

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Biggest Questions Entering December | The Ringer NFL Show

The NFL Show

1:19:14 hr | 8 months ago

Biggest Questions Entering December | The Ringer NFL Show

"It is the runoff l. Show part of their podcast network. I'm kevin car great. Show today a crossover episode. Ryan shazier donna. Kelly or prince. Yati join me to ask an answer. The most pressing questions for the rest of the year seahawks defense chiefs comebacks. Why aren't we talk. More about the steelers and would nfc east super team win the nfc podcast pals. The holiday season is here and if you are considering the perfect gift for your loved ones consider a six pack of heineken. Bear a gift. Even the pickiest friends and family members can appreciate is the perfect time of season for delicious. Cool crisp heineken. I am drinking heineken. Right this second because there's a little chill in the air and what. I'm having delicious chilly with my delicious football game viewing and some gulf viewing in november. The kind of can beer is the perfect accompaniment so pick up some holiday heinekens or have them delivered straight to your door and no matter who the lucky recipients of heineken. Turn out to be. Make sure everyone enjoys responsibly. This episode is brought to you by mcdonalds. Need to get over a hard hitting game loss. Did your team lose yet another game. We've all been there. There's a meal for every moment. Mcdonald's even devastating ones like these. Cheer yourself up with a big mac. Mix it up by adding a fish for just a dollar. Buy one get one for a limited time. Only pricing may vary valid for item of equal or lesser value. Nfl show other gas. Now are com- coming car joined today. All star cast ryan shazier year. Danny kelly nor prince going on guys. I am excited to get to this episode. It can be really fun. It's very simple premise. Biggest question flushing i. We all came up with two couple fund one couple of serious ones. but we'll get started here I guess minds of so. We'll just go here. Is this seahawks defense. Good enough to make a deep playoff bush ryan shazier defense better than anybody here. Danny kelly knows to see anybody here but ryan shazier. I'll start with you. The seahawks team has to do what to make the super bowl. The defense definitely has stuff You know back in the next you know. They're starting to play a little bit better. But i don't trust them. I really don't trust them. You know it kind of reminds me of of Of the cheese last year. And the reason. I say this because again that it like during during the regular season people didn't really trust their defense but defense stepped up like they would need defer to step up on the level of the chiefs last year for them to go on some type of run but i don't think they have the pieces to do it because yeah i. It's so weird. Because i was just looking today. Bobby wagner is graded out. It's the best linebacker in football. Obviously traded for jamal adams. I mean there are pieces. They're they're entering a carlos done that's giving them a little bit But they just need basic competence to make the superbowl. I think their offense just so good. Danny i'll send this to you. Because you're obviously the allergist the group here here what is the what is the past two basic competence now. I didn't the record is going to be. Maybe better than it than the team suggests because they still have. Nfc east games to go. We'll get to the nfc east a little bit but what happens. What happens if on what happened on january twentieth or whatever it is and when we're talking about the super bowl to that defense. Yeah so. I think a couple like dominoes have to fall for them to kinda like get it altogether number one and i said this when they're playing the cardinals. I think it was for a couple weeks ago. It the defense feels like they heard about blitzing and also we should try this. This sounds fun like this sounds cool. Because they've been so blitz heavy but it's been mostly ineffective. I think obviously you know you see jamal. Adams has made a few plays but overall The way that they've kind of like covered in the back end on these blitzes is just been really bad so we was leading the team pressures going into last thursday night which is a really bad sign. Yeah he's all passer. Pass rush linebacker. Something like that. So i think they need to figure out their pass rush little bit and kind of figure out who they are. I think because the way that they are blitzing that blitz heavy scheme. I just don't think it was working for him. It does help to get carlos dunlap. I think they're gonna get daryl taylor their rookie. Second rounder at some point here in the next couple of weeks and he might like the at at at maybe a best a rotational guy that they can bring in on third downs And i think overall just there secondary get healthy chakib griffin arshile griffin. I should say has been out with a hamstring throughout the flask. Four games that hasn't helped their depth has been hurt. I i honestly do think they have a some pretty good players in secondary. They just need to like gel or something like that. It just isn't working what they're doing so I dunno i. I'm with. I'm with ryan though like the word i don't trust them really rings true like i. Just don't trust them at this point nor do you trust the seahawks. i trust. No one i. Here's here's here's the bad news. We're just not gonna know right because they've got the eagles giants washington jets week. Sixteen rams seahawks. That's probably our best bet. We're gonna shut down the download conditional round this the of the schedule. Yeah yes yeah. It's a they held. The cardinals have a good offense. They held them to a season. Low three hundred and fourteen yards total when they played. I think it's quite possible. That if they i think maybe they'll go back to letting adams be a little bit more of a coverage player because it seems like even though he can get pressure because he's such a good player it doesn't actually help them all that much if they they sacrifice what he can do on the back end. But we're just were not going to know like we're going to go into the playoffs with them just being like okay well Do your best out there guys. And in the nfc. I think that's fine leg. They can win any game that they're in but we're looking for some confidence in them. I just don't i mean unless they totally shut down the rams or something. I don't know what signal they're going to be able to give before the end of the regular season every now to me is like everybody in no getting before you got jamal adams so yeah he was a blitzer he always that was like he brings pressure. He wasn't like a super great guy in coverage he's good coverage but so i actually him to get away from what he's great at. He knows it Dan he's talking about rotational guys if we're talking about different so i don't know how this is gonna work. How it's gonna work is just russell wilson. Throwing this is gonna work exactly ryan. I want to ask you. Because i think that there's a narrative of the past five six years especially when not limited training camp all that stuff defense get better late in the especially the seahawks busey that before we've seen that with patriots forward were p carroll or bill belichick they understand december is when needed peak. Or whatever it is you get better by january now my guess my question is how much better can defense get late in the season. Why does defense get better. You know their danny. I'm sure you saw the stories this week. That they had accountability meetings. Now messed up. I think a little bit of hocus pocus. But when you're talking about actually tangible getting better ryan how does it happen. And how much better cannon defense get at this stage of the year Honestly for pretty much every defense it can lead to scott has always the limit for defense because what should get in a groove understand that you can slow somebody down understand that. Hey are this. Like the coaches understand. This works for these these guys on this limit. You know because the defense life francis our defense last year they kind of started off a little slow miki game and then he turned around and you know and obviously jamal was for a little while griffin was alpha while so once they start gay pieces back together and they start practicing and understanding. This guy is really good at covering this guy is good at blessing and they really understand it. Just stick to that is. That's the way a lot of teams get better but when you're still trying to figure out what everybody is good at at entity year. It's hard for you to be be successful like a lot of a lot. Really good defenses. They know where each player brings to the table. And you don't really have to search for that in the playoffs when you're still searching for that in his week fourteen. Fifteen now is is not a recipe for good defense Ryan you have a question about the chiefs go ahead. Yeah so so. My question is obviously we all know that cheese are a hot pool in office. But how long will this last with the chiefs always coming from behind to win. I don't think this can last like like as much as it did last year. I to me. I this is going to catch up to them especially in the playoffs off. Like one of these teams in the playoff especially with some of the good offices If they keep coming from behind he's going by them in the bud. They're not going to have enough. Tom left so nor so. We've talked about this a little bit. You and i kevin i with any other team i would be right there with you ryan. I just mahomes is inevitable. Like almost never like he's out. I can't bring myself to be like like did. Did you feel like they're gonna lose that. Game against the raiders. Nah i knew they were gonna win but the thing is is like no. I thought you were going to lose. The raiders gave them way too much time like they gave them way too much But i i really thought that it was going to be different situation. I think. In the playoffs. The raiders are a good team but in the playoffs. Like for instance the steelers opinion points. Just lighten cheese all right now. And it's in some other teams that are playing really good football right now so i i don't know man. Because the raiders their defense was always little suspect but when they when they go get the team that has a good offense and a pretty decent defence. I i don't. I don't know if it's gonna happen again this year. You know i'd. I'd the last year you know mahomes is the guy but a team going. Hey we're not gonna give you back the ball you know and and two hans left in if you don't get back to ball with two minutes left you lose the game. That's that's what. I'm saying like some teams. They do a good job but just keeping the ball away from you know so i. I don't know i don't. I don't think they can do it again. This year. coming back from behi- ten fourteen points in the second half twenty one point a second half and win the super bowl. I don't see it. So the first raiders. Game that the raiders. One was a really good example of how you be beat the chiefs which was day control time of possession. A intercepted mahomes once. It was until the second raiders game. His only interception of the season and then they were able to get get pressure without letting the problem is. That's just a. That's how you beat any good quarterback right like if all of those things go well you probably have a decent chance in a game a still look at the chiefs and see how good they're passing offenses and then look at their defense like okay. They can have games and they're pretty good against the pass. And i would rather trust that plus just mahomes than pretty much any other kind of makeup of a super bowl contender. No no no. I totally see them as a super bowl. Contender i've totally seen him as a team that you want like if he's going back at four of the cheese going to win but i'm saying if a team jumps out on him and his third quarter down seventeen like everybody's older chiefs are gonna come back like in. I feel like. I don't know if that's going to happen as you. Especially because obviously they're used to doing it but some teams are just gonna are going to start getting better at his ceiling games. Short had fewer of the explosive plays this year. And i think like been very much on the side that that's not a big deal if moms is just going to throw picks but what i do think it does is. They're playing fewer games. That are just like completely dictated on their terms like they used to be in those games all the time where it was just like a track meet and maybe the sort of hidden cost of that is. They're not necessarily forcing the envelope and making play the way that they wanna play games quite as often the. Nah i i agree. I think there's so obviously mahomes last year and the chiefs became the first team in history to have three double digit comeback single postseason and obviously the best way to to win. A game is to never trailed by twenty four points but the second best way is to be able to score points really quickly okay. And that's that's what they're built to do and it's interesting to me because andy. Reid was criticized for two decades for not being able to gain management and then the short way out of that was quarterback who can just get you out of any situation and i guess my question ryan is how many teams because we saw it. Obviously with tennessee we saw with houston we saw with san francisco. Where they they they were not built to stop mahomes in the fourth quarter. We saw that. How many teams in the nfl right now can slam the door shut. If they're up ten points is it justice yours Let me see if there are. I i if i think if green bay is obtained it'll be hard. Colts are up ten. It'll be hard yep The round by no. I don't trust him right. Specially with especially with Tom areas. They're like like just attacking lately. I don't trust them on a new orleans new orleans. I don't think that she will come back on new orleans but oh new orleans with drew brees not new orleans with Do breeze Not getting a ten point lead on the chiefs. I don't do it in honestly. If they played it is again in up by seventeen or fourteen. I don't see him coming back again. I think this year is titans team is better than is better like in a deficit wise Their leisure me personally but I i don't happen again. I feel like they were literally just lied on their radar game. Danny what would happen. If mahomes was down ten to the seattle seahawks probably they probably have about six or seven more lead changes that game. I think like the the bottom line with a discussion. I think is it actually kinda reminds me a little bit of the seahawks but not to the same extent is like you ha. You're leaning on mahomes be perfect and that's exactly what the seahawks are doing with. Like if he's if he's not perfect they've lost the game this year. You know and you know. I think it's less. It's less of effect with with the chiefs. 'cause their defenses quite a bit better than seahawks but Me when you fall in behind like that. You're just expecting your quarterback to do these great things every week and there are some variants in there that like like ryan was saying can come back and bite them so Yeah clearly it would be better if they they didn't lean on that going forward and that's pretty much what i'm coming for is like like israel like obviously you have the best quarterback. Some people say that might might be one of the best quarterbacks ever played you know it's early for that but he's he's showing that he can do it but like just a lean on him to be perfect is really are. Because i'm not lot tampa bay was gonna come back and win the game but you see how much pressure brady felt towards the end of that game. You just like man. Like i gotta make sure i get this ball on my hand because this russia's getting here if mahomes star feeling that type of pressure obviously he. He's a really versatile it and he can move around hockey but you know if if somebody started hitting him a lot man towards into game. Because that's what defenses are starting to the sent a lot of pressure towards the end of the game if he started feel flustered. It's hard play really good when when you feel pressured a just one question for obviously never played against mahomes but is there something to especially late in games just the frustration of i in the fourth quarter and teams going to cheats. They just tired of seeing mahomes make plays a psychic frustration. When you go against guy holmes who can do everything just kind of like a here we go again. Type of mentality does is definitely frustrated. Because for instance. If you're going to get a quarterback like i'm to say like cam newton his prom like cam newton and his prom. Everybody was like man. Kam could do everything but the one thing you knew if cam starts scrambling. He's not by chuck chocolate ball. Sixty yards you know. What i'm saying is right. Obviously a lot of times we him. It's like all right. He can do everything but you know he can run. He could pass but with mahomes he can literally be a one-sided feel door it across the field have it on a line or seventy yards down the field while he's on the run so it really makes it frustrating when you watch somebody like him play because it really shows like all right and off coaches. Tell you this You can't cover everything you know like a like you have to give something up you know and most defense is they know what they're weak points on the defense and is like a lotta times mahomes finds that he always finds that when like your divas breakdown and you're in the scrim abode is called plastic in a plastic drill. We try to stick to your guy when he's running around the field. That's what divas a breakdown sweat. Start getting frustrating. Because that's when the db's like why can't you get their lead lines like why can't cover longer you know and it's just it's just frustrating in now you had a great game in now. You're arguing on the sideline mahomes over here. This you can catch you know just all right nor prints. The idea is a question about the steelers that has already angered ryan shazier. I'll let you. I'll let you said noah. I'll back away from the microphone. Yes i of forgot that these were going to be emailed around including two right phrased incredibly flippantly as wide. Don't we care about the steelers when i mean by that. Is that pittsburgh's data out of the only undefeated team in the nfl. But i don't feel like there's quite a consensus that they're the best team or that. They should be super bowl favorite. They have the best point differential. I think part of the skepticism though comes from the fact that they've won some close games five of their wednesday by a touchdown or less Seven of their winds also have come against teams with losing records. They have a great defense. Great special teams the offense. Maybe hasn't been quite up to that standard. So i'm wondering. And i know ryan i think should probably answer this i. What do we think is the ceiling for the steelers team. And do we think it's legitimate or illegitimate that maybe they haven't been crowned as the best team in the nfl. Up to this point naugatuck team. I was just looking at something. We have the thirty two strip the schedule so i you can't get mad because you don't choose who you play against you know i've there was. I haley wiki played against the chiefs. I think they were up and say. Hey we'll play in the mall you know because ending days it's like a predator is they. They wanna feel the best team. But if you go against you go against but i. i think that it's the ceiling for the steelers. Keep going up. And the reason i say that is because with their offense is all young pieces so they're constantly getting better every week and They have been who leads the him. So that's good. The run game definitely has to step out. Got one hundred yards last week which is good The defense and special teams. I think we're fine with that. But i think that they really. The offense can keep growing but You know we do have close games versus sorry teams by today We win them. You know and in a lot of teams lose them. So it's the nfl team is good. It's a you know a cumulation of the best players in the world so You know teams lose bat. The bat teams all the time in the thing that makes them to meet the best team. Is that no matter who you go against us. They're still winning these games while some people are let them slip away you know so i think i think that's why i think it would the offense. I think you can't really key or one guy compared to high used to be a two guys while with every other offense besides the chiefs. You can kind of key in a one or two guys. You know aaron chats over football outsiders actually the spn Was writing today. And he basically said that there's no metric that has has stuart says the best team because of his strength to schedule in the close games and their pla- the only ten zero team to play an easier schedule. This point was the indianapolis colts Kind of a different team. But i think that you're right in the sense that they haven't had. I think we were. Were trying to judge teams. It becomes a little bit almost like college where it's like. They just haven't had their marquee moment in primetime. And i don i. That's that's deeply unfair but that just sort of how how the media works. Ls danny kelly is. Where are the steelers right now. In your sort of afc hierarchy or nfl hierarchy number one number two number two in both the afc nfl having just behind the chiefs. And i think they're honestly. I almost put them at number one this week because i think the narrative for a lot of the season was like ryan was alluding to like. They're playing down to their opponents. Kinda yeah you know. They barely beat the eagles who are a bad team and they barely beat the cowboys at a come from behind against the cowboys but the last two weeks they trounced the like bad teams that they played like they've blown out. They didn't even look like you know they're on the same playing field necessarily so i think they're kind of killing that narrative and there's not a whole hotter reasons now not talamante number one other than i guess like honestly. If you're breaking a tie like mahomes is that is the tiebreaker but Yeah i think you know. I have them right there right behind the chiefs and it was not an easy decision to put the chiefs number one Especially after you know they. They've been struggling against the raiders. They did win the game. But like forever. The raiders are playing the chiefs really well this year so I think the. I don't know like i still the ben rothlisberger thing is still kind of like i. Guess the thing that's nagging at me. 'cause like in some games. It's kind of the brady thing in some games. He looks really good and another games is like man. He's he's like shaking his arm. His elbow seems to hurt. Can't push the ball down the field. He's just been a little bit inconsistent. I think in. That's maybe like tugging like talking mirror nagging nagging me a little bit but I don't know it's like you're picking to the there ten no ryan. I would actually love to hear what you think about this. Because i feel late. Season rothlisberger is like such a. He always seems hurt and he also always seemed indestructible like do. You is very true so as a teammate of been them but as a teammate of all sometimes it does seem frustrated you like her right now is not like like because because obviously because he's banged up a lot but and he's an older guy at least thirty six thirty eight of you know So he is older guy but sometimes you like man like my band we right now is not in a moment. Like we don't need you know so But is like every time it's a big moment it's like you can lean on too so it is but it is like that all my guys did hurt right now like we we can't we can't we can't deal with this. We can't deal with this. We don't we don't we. Don't need this type of pressure right now. We don't we. Don't we trust mason. But i don't know if we want mason. His game right now like no permanent state is having braces on every single limb and we had no idea what's going on with him at any point. It's amazing right. Is there a weakness right now. You're concerned with about the stores when we're looking at this the the afc in the nfl. General i think the weakness would distillers is that we have to be more consistent with. I run game. You know like i'll run. Game has to be more consistent because then it takes pressure off of been in court and everybody else I think that's the biggest issue with me is just more consistent with the run I think when it comes to pass and ban in indiana you're actually like Started figuring out more now. And i think if they can t figure each other out then i think the actually no everybody loves chase i think actually are number one and Because like obviously last week he went crazy but All i think we don't truly have a number one. I think we have a bunch of as when bs cs roku players. Yeah send a role players. I think it is that we have a bunch of guys. Laughing like is kind of how the vikings worry but we have another one of those guys like. I'm i feel like hey. Are you going to double chase this week. Okay let's give juju nineteen targets if you want to do all right. Let's say nineteen targets and in those guys are stepping up. I think that's one thing that really helps our team on a lot is because whoever you kinda like you can't really decide i'm gonna take this guy out of the game because if you do is just like right we just give it to other guy and i don't feel like a lot of college. Quarterbacks are confident enough to do that with the other guy. So i i think that's the one thing that i'm happy about but run game definitely has to step up. I love it. There franchises the haven't drafted a good wide receiver in like a decade and a steeler. Just one as one v once where you can rank them wherever new orleans who is your question yes or no of the steelers was gonna win the afc. Yes so we do care dealers. What did you do them. I'm just an asshole like that. What about you know what. I mean if i had to pick right now i still go The chiefs coming out afc. But i mean. I don't know i don't hold on. Is our question to win the afc championship. Quite get the number one seed to win the afc champ to make the super bowl. I would take the chiefs osh so this is this is this is about the with the steelers so i don't know exactly how many points they scored game. But i know they're up there with the top teams. And i feel that the chiefs defense gave up more points so i feel if we're going just as much it give it up. Jess is giving up lease. I think that is equips is like winning. The game doesn't it doesn't it number on the numbers. Don't lie here. You guys like maybe we give the anybody industrial. If we're losing that game. I the listeners. Don't know is that before we started recording. I came in with the question of. Why can't you save a setting for where your seat is on your car ryan and company just like. Yeah you can you. Can you just don't like before anybody pressed record. It was already established. Just like who you should trust and listen to. And that's right noriega better car challenge twenty twenty. One is that danny kelly. You have a question and it's the question on everybody's mind take it away. I'm actually becoming more and more. I morbidly fascinated with this. Who is going to win the nfc east. It's like it's like a car crash. You have to kind of look at it as going by you know and i mean right now i would say i guess. Do you want me to just answer my own question. Nancy's he's i don't want to i. I think it's gonna be the giants. But i'm starting to actually have a little bit more faith that the cowboys will like mount this weird comeback. I don't have a ton of faith in the eagles right now and knock on wood. they're playing. they're playing by seahawks this week. So that's probably like an jinx my seahawks in and now the eagles are gonna win that game but yeah. I think that. I think the giants are gonna win it. The colors the best quarterback right now. Andy dalton i love this. Let's let's unpack this unpack. This all right ryan take through. Take us through is go in the nfc. Easter owner cowboys. My family likes to cowboys. I'm just. I'm just gonna like flip. According right here this is where we are. Yeah the reason. I will go to cowboys. I really just feel i order. Team is just better than everybody. Else's rostov is there just the better team and their quarterback they have the best backup quarterback would whatever usa. I feel any plan. Any worries is not gonna play any worse than carson winter daniel jones so i feel like if they just like. Hey andy don't try to make any big plays is getting the ball to the guys to actually need to make the place. I think they can win. Games so nora. So i really wanted to make a case for the giants here in particular because right now they have the best of record so they could have a little bit tiebreaker. Help there. Yeah so there are three and two Oh division worker. I thought she saw. I thought about the time so forth. Yeah yeah so supporting in history really. Do you know what i really want. I want the eagles. I want the eagles to win the division. Because i want them playing for that tie which we just excoriated them for to be a thing. That wins the nfc. That's like there's nothing. I want more than that. But i don't think it will happen. I wanna make the case for the giants just because they have the tiebreaker help But they have ravens cardinals. Browns seahawks bengals cowboys. That's quite the right order But those are the teams they have left. And i i i think ultimately the cowboys just have a little bit more talented. It'll probably win out in their schedules. Actually even easier than new. York's but i. There is a path for it to be the giants so i think it's going to be the cowboys because of the schedule by also don't trust anybody in all these teams stink like i just. I trust a lot. This is turning into therapy. Is there a way to all of the finish with the same record. Technically oh yeah Filed four winds five win something like that. I mean at this point. It's like. I mentioned that i'm in the same house with my an eight month old niece right. And it's like you know tr- trust in the nfc east to do this trusting a toddler. Do anything right like you. Give them spoon the spoon you put the food in there. But there's just no guarantee it's going to go to three inches. It needs to go okay. You can lead to water. Yeah exactly and so with these teams. It's like oh these have an easy schedule or this guy is the best quarterback out of the four bad quarterbacks this is the best roster and there's a reason that these teams are in this position and they actually had things that we keep ascribing them like an easy schedule. They wouldn't be three five and one they wouldn't be three and six so i just i. I think that it's guessing what's going to happen in this division is Is again very more. Just what the month old is going to do. The giants on a two game winning streak. So they're also like they have some good good mojo like they have some good and she's in mojo. wasn't there just a confrontation with marc colombo. Like last week. I'm still just like sobbing laughing. Picturing the nfc east just like mashed peas on the side. Fatal crazy though. Imagine imagine the the giants go right. They win a playoff game. I mean it goes to the playoffs and win a game. Whatever whatever the east he makes a run in the playoffs giant jones doesn't turn the ball over our lake actually not terrible. It's just that that doesn't happen really ever. Yes that's correct. We have a chance to washington. Doesn't have a check. I mean maybe they got they have an okay defense i. I don't know. I don't know the whole thing is just very strange to me So let's get into a reader question and this is an extension of the question that we're talking about. It's from noah from north carolina. how far when. Nfc east super team be able to go in the playoffs. Who would be their quarterback and their coach and then by extension of this is how would they win the nfc basically any. We'll we'll go ahead. Ryan is the gm jerry jones Yes yes who's the. Who's the best. I think how we might be a better. Gm than jerry jones right. They'll howie we gotta give howie. Jerry's the owner. Gary sooner super team because the owner and how. He's the gm. Well no. that's not good because then they're gonna fight. It can't be any worse than what's going on right now in kennett. Iron iron sharpens iron. We let him fight all right. So they're co their quarterback will start here ryan Their quarterback coach. I mean i don't even know. Is this healthy teams a healthy team. Yeah well no. It's right now. It's right now we couldn't put that prescott on okay cool yay because if dak prescott was on the cowboys i think that they would have your. Yeah but i think they would've at some point been able to steal two games if they hadn't right now as a coach you have to go school you're going to have to go with. Doug peterson media. I think so. Yeah you gotta go. And he wants us to vote and nobody else will. Mike mccarthy has but yet yeah air rogers so a quarterback. I don't know if i could go and carson wentz man. He's turned the ball over stream. Too much Alex move yeah. Okay so alex smith and this changes the question for me because it probably is alex smith and and i can't believe that we're we're here with that and i was trying to talk myself into the nfc east super team getting pretty far because the roster wouldn't be that right you have you'd have your lane johnson chase young's your your damarcus. There'll be some depth there. I think right but it's quarterback coach and then you're just looking at what. What is this elden orleans quarterback. So you know. I actually a quarterback. What i'm pondering i think ron rivera might be my coach especially if the owner and how he's the gm like i just want to calm personality. Okay is a good guy. But he's like a we. Try to make a winners. Who are we trying to like. Yeah he's had a good time trying to just have good vibes trying to win. I really worried about the vibes because also you have to remember you. Got people like amari. Cooper like these guys are just learning. They're going to. They're going to come together in one week. So we gotta get the schemes up to up to staffer quickly. Right and so. Doug peterson done that he he let nick foles win a super bowl before. So you're going to have to create a super team really really quickly. And i think doug peterson is probably the best coach for that. 'cause you just implement the schemes really quickly. Alex alex smith. Yes it was. Alex smith and amari cooper need to develop chemistry very quickly and dougie p can fill alice. Move on all of those quarterbacks. Obviously he had a few rough games. But he's he's he has the most history of not turn the ball over so that's true. Alex smith is gonna have time clara. Now get ready. Hasn't meghan markle mclaren yeah. Ncd this feels like this feels like the question. Everybody asks every year is like alabama beaten. Nfl teams like answers. Few put together a nfc east super team. It's going to be a fucking good team like there's some incredible. I agree with the line vibes. Amazing seat in this amazing russell. Yes that's it. It's going to be an amazing roster with terrible coach terrible quarterback right man so then what happened the practice neurons. I kinda too. But i just again. This is a quarterback driven leak. There'll be there'll be the seahawks. Oh yeah destroyed them. Their defense would be really good and there's guys will be good in their line. You could get a really good line at a fourteen yard was it. I would be there running back. I guess you have to go zeke. Nobody else busy. He's having a rough year. But you're not going with Give gibson get an. Yeah yeah the thing about danny but the college thing is that we know nathan peterman beat clemson and the nathan peterman came to the nfl and was the worst quarterback in a history of football college questions. Always a little. This is a little different. This is more. I think this is more about how important a quarterback and a coaches relative to the rest of the roster. So it's a different debate. I think i think in reality like like you said you can't. It'd be like they would probably be terrible because they don't have to be learning the playbook they'd all have to be learning how to communicate with each other and all the that actually does matter on a philosophy on a football field and so i mean it's fun to think about but like in reality. It probably be terrible just because they would not be on the same page. You know crazy. Not the crazy thing. Is that every dependent on us. You know the craziest thing is that all the best teams have the sipowicz methods of beating people like Andy reid and the chiefs. Obviously like everything looks crazy but every concepts are all the same like when it comes to defense. The best defense is running like four coverages. The whole game like a lot of people changing things up. That's when they're losing. So i think if you like especially defendable a covered three recover wine and we might read like a man blitz nasa. But i would not might desk. We're not doing too much. Because they have good pieces they'll have like they're not using dallas Db's that although mike at all yeah they're db's might be a problem. Wow all i know is the nfc east. Super team would win the nfc east. That's all i know. That's all i know tonight. I'll be eating gigantic turkey. Sandwich on wheat was swiss lettuce tomato mayonnaise. I'm gonna keep it simple. I'm a get some chips on the side and you know i'm getting the turkey sandwich because gonna eat so healthy. I could pick from all kinds of restaurants on uber eats. They've got your favorite restaurants in addition to your favorite restaurants. They've got a range of restaurants with zero dollar delivery fee order with uber. Each tonight this episode is brought to you by. Mcdonald's want to celebrate the winning game with a great deal. Who's in lille for every moment at mcdonald's debating if you want a burger mcnuggets no need order that quarter pounder get your ten piece chicken mcnuggets. For just a dollar. 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Let's get to the second round of questions again. Mine is on top here in this show sheet so we'll start with it Canned saints make a super bowl with hill at quarterback nor prince yati takeaway. Yes i think that they can. I think that. So here's the biggest part of that to me whether or not they hold onto a top seed in the nfc Like practically speaking everything. If you just wanna look at sort of their ceiling on the field yes. I think they would need a few breaks but i think their defense is good enough. Their special teams are good enough taste as long as he doesn't start turning the ball over a ton actually had ten point. One yards per attempt against the falcons which was the second highest from that week. Which i like as something that can take advantage of their skill players in some new ways that they can get some different stuff on film that said if you are operating in that like slightly shaky territory. It really is going to help to have the by. And they're eight and two. They have one game left. That's just going to be a tough bet. Which is the chiefs game. Like anything can happen. But i would not necessarily pencil. That went in is w The packers have the tiebreaker over them because they beat them earlier this year. Obviously the packers could lose another game. The rams the seahawks still play each other so there's at least one loss for somebody there but to me. The biggest question is basically. Can they hang on to the top seed in the nfc. Because then i just think it's a much easier path right so to me. The biggest question is what you will take them not turning the ball over and being competent making enough place. And you get two rushing touchdowns they but also how good that defense can be because that defense has had so much talent over the past couple of years. We've been waiting for it to sort of pop this year. Whether that's lattimore getting healthy. Pressured matt ryan on sunday. So i think that it's more about just kind of basic competence rotation hill and then defense becoming what it's capable of ryan What did you think of. Tatum hill on on sunday. And what i guess. Problems just present to a defense obviously is not going to be breezy can be close to it. But what can they scheme up to get him going. A little bit For the rest of the year as a pretty good. Start on sunday me personally. I didn't i thought a decent game. He did enough to just keep them in the game. they went against the falcons. So it there's a woman named from The he'd gone against the broncos so I i feel. I don't think they can win the super bowl. I mean all do. They didn't get the super bowl with him. But i think i think he's i think he's like a placeholder. I think he just get enough to help. The team just gave by. But i i don't i don't really trust them much as a as the quarterback you know i think he's more of a specialty. He's more like kind of like lamar a little bit. 'cause like imagine that like that one throw. He threw the a mayo senators that he threw then. A gal fumbled in the falcons. Dan ball back. I kinda showed you how strong he's arm is and then once is kinda see that they they know lie. He's at forty fifty yard. So we go over pretty much underplay everything you know and i think the the divas are gonna start a new plan on most of these routes i wanna spend him to go deep in the he's gonna try to start running the ball a lot. They just got to be careful. Rest of all To me i think the saints are a good team. But i don't think they're gonna be able to make it to the to with taking the quarterback. Yeah i think i. I'm reading that same sort of area in terms of i think he in term in terms of a backup quarterback. He's pretty good like he. He did a good job of moving. The football Schematically he i think makes things difficult enough for the opposing. Defense to like you know. Get them to move the ball. I think it's going to be interesting because the saints will have to keep running the ball. Well 'cause they really need that. Play action game to make tastes effective. I think like ryan was saying like defenses. Aren't gonna probably respect him too much as a passer but if they can really marry that play action game really well That could be a big key for them. I lean towards not having them as a super bowl team though with some helen under center I would just say. That's it's asking the asking him to do a lot. And i don't know if the saints are like that balanced and that good on defense we'll see as they go down the stretch but I definitely wouldn't have them as my topic nor would i. I just think that there's a ceiling. Are they gonna freeze. Comes back to santa my team but again we don't even know what breeze will look like when it comes back in this is talking about broken ribs levinger long. Yeah yeah eleven ribs and a punctured lung. I mean it's not for me. I think that the media is kind of cavalier. Won't when he comes back with ground running ion i. I just think it might take a little bit when you when you had that kind of injury in late november weird things can happen. One of my close friends is a radiologist so he looks at seven x rays on images all the time and he and i'm not saying the doctor but he is a doctor he was telling me That by the time they say that drew brees would come back that His long and His lungs and ribs were still hurt tremendously. If you like one time he'll probably break them again. So i don't i me personally i don't i don't see him coming back. This season by. I'm the based off of with my. My friend was telling me and i don't feel like he had a reason a lot of me about that way you know. Yeah ryan. You have a question about the wild card picture so before the season. Everybody were big. We have the ravens winning. You know all this stuff. So is it possible to dolphins to browse made the playoffs in the ravens. Don't nora is it. it's it's possible. Would you mean do you think will happen. I i think the browns will. I think the raven think the browns will make it. I think the ravens at this point are more likely to make it than the dolphins. Now i think the dolphins even though they had a bad game last week. I trust what the dolphins are putting on the field more but the dolphins at this point have the math problem. The ravens have the how they're playing problem. But i think still since they have so they play the steelers at least as of now. That game is still scheduled to happen and then they have cowboys. Browns jaguars giants bengals. And there's enough in there that i think they're odds are still pretty good whereas miami Now has jets bengals chiefs. Patriots raiders bills. So that's a hard. Last month of the season i think if you put them head to head right now i would rather be on the dolphins side in that actual matchup but given the schedules. I think the ravens are still more likely to squeak in arabia. Schedule is our. I mean the ravens schedule isn't hard but they're also just a little bit lost as a football team right now and obviously they're going to have a really strange week playing pittsburgh on a short week with with cove positives and and you know facility shutdown going virtual yesterday. I think there's a lot of weirdness right now. I think they're going to make the blouse. I think that there obviously throughout card spots right now. It's tennessee. Cleveland and vegas are the three teams. I think baltimore finds a way to get that seven seater. Even that succeed eight. The browns titans raymond's or you're looking at. I don't think it's the dolphins zero or the or the raiders. Here as much as i really love that that gruden bill. The i grew mac bennett. Great job in that is different. Podcast but i think the ravens will find a way again as you said kind of the the math part of danny. Where are you right now on the ravens and their playoff hopes sh yeah. I think i'm i'm in that again. I'm in that same boat. I think it's the schedule. Definitely favors ravens. And i don't think. I mean even as much as they sort of struggled on offense and stuff. They still have the foundation to win games because they've got a good defense at guy good special teams and they can run the ball. Even if lamar's continued going to continue to struggle. I still think they can get. They can beat those teams. So i lied. I definitely lean the ravens beating the dolphins. The dolphins offense to kinda like took a took a big step back last week. Like obviously they haven't been an explosive year and they went to to a and to a look pretty good but they were like winning was special teams defense. Really you know. And then this this offense just couldn't do anything and they obviously brought in fitzpatrick and that's his whole thing so to me. it's like i just. I think i have the same kind of worries with the dolphins as i do with the ravens is their offenses feeling. A little bit broken in in the ravens schedule is just way easier. So i think that's kind of yeah to me when i just came up with this question. I just thought it was just easy how you know just the situation like nobody would even thought of this in the beginning of the season. It's crazy it's crazy and would miami having the chiefs. The bills and the raiders. Obviously and obviously playing the raiders. This huge if it's tiebreaker i kind of. There's not a pat there Ryan with this. This wild card picture in particular i i know. I know it's crazy. I'm one of these people who did pick the ravens to win the super bowl. Yes i feel bad about it Did you anticipate things would ever get. I don't want to say this bad because again. They're probably gonna make the playoffs. But when you see this ravens team. Are you surprised that again. I don't want to throw around. Were caught up with. But are you surprised at the ravens are on the spot. They're in right now. To be is not in the reason. I'm not surprised he's lamar's are really. You know great for more player football player but i don't think he's a great quarterback in a lot of times you watch them play it kind of seems when a lean on lamar be a passer. It doesn't seem like he's comfortable and and he doesn't really have that many weapons as he doesn't seem that comfortable to me. And lamar kind of reminds me of how kapernick was when the forty niners suppo. You know like that one year was a super bowl and people start figuring out play and you know in his is now they're all in shambles and trying to figure things out and i think last year was there to win it in they slip it up i think knowledge is gonna start going downhill. So do you think there's any path for him to get back to where he was last year. I feel i feel. I'd only way lamar would get back to a was last year is like he's going to have to really take off season and go with some type of quarterback coach. Our goal will occur. Russell wilson or somebody that plays someone like you like someone that was kind of how he was before obviously russell. Wilson's always established quarterback. Go with somebody that that has the same type of Ability that he is obviously everybody around him but that throwing run in and go to one of their coaches are spent on with them just trying to get better at their craft. And i think he will get better like that but i think that he be stopped trying to lean on him so much as a football player in just to make plays and he has to figure out. What's the best way to become fate of quarterback and and sit in the pocket and find the best the best The best player. that's open actually re defenses. Because sometimes he looks lost they were he. Seeing defense is and and And knowledge is depend on his legs in the while. People were not just going to let you beat on running the ball game. Not now with the quarterback not interesting note speaking of exciting quarterbacks nor has a question about the cardinals. Yeah so my. My cardinals question is similar to my steelers question. Except i was much more polite about it. I wasn't feeling for the cardinals. How far do we think that they can go there in kind of a different situation from pittsburgh. I think there's been a lot of eagerness to kind of hype up the cardinals but sometimes and sometimes they're so exciting other times. They're a little bit shaky other times. I'm like this offense is going to be great. And maybe they could make a playoff run but then cliff. Kingsbury is gonna like try for a sixty five yard field goal on second down and i'm just curious learn about innovation nora. It's cold being on the cutting edge football. Not a sport for that now. Well yeah. it's it's it's it's a great question because this is something that we've been talking about for a couple of weeks where they have one of the best quarterbacks football. Their coach is generally coach till has flaws. I'll start with you. Danny because you're nfc might nfc west maestro here. The cardinals were they going. I see them as one of those teams and this may sound just like cliche or whatever but like they could go on a run. The they have the quarterback to You know he's so dynamic both with was with his arm and his legs I don't see them as like a really complete team They're pretty inconsistent. I would say. And so i don't think there are a favourite necessarily but they're the type of team that could get hot and the because they have superstar players socially on offense so i don't know i i feel like they're to me. They're in the same sort of against category or wrong as the seahawks because they have like a very exciting dynamic offense but they don't feel like a complete team to me and the they're flawed enough where it just wouldn't be surprising if you know they lost but at the same time it wouldn't be all that surprising if they just like tear through some opponent because they're so good on offense their defense is better than the seahawks but i think they take a step back coaching experience and i think offensive talent. Like wilson's better passer. Get pure passer. You know especially like in. I i would say like. He's shown over his career like crunch time. He's very very good. So i don't know it but i put them in that same sort of categories team. That could get hot and make a run but at the same time. I don't see them as a favourite right now. Just because they're they're flawed enough that an inconsistent enough that it. I just don't have a ton of confidence yet ryan. What's the pass for the own cardinals. So i had a color. Murray as my vp. This year and it's too late for him to win it still. That's a great question. So they have two games against the rams and then a bunch of crappy teams according to nfc teams left. I think that if he was going to do what you had to have done it in either of those against the seahawks. Yeah one game. I think you would have had to have done it again. And to put up twenty one points. Take a step back in there. I think it might be if they went out and he turns into patrick mahomes for the next six games. I ain't is probably a little bit of possibility. But i think that right now. He's probably buried as you know for the fourth fifth sixth seventh on so i was just wondering because i you know. Here's dr i just. yeah now. But he's actually plan really well. I actually think that they're best team in in the division only The rams are good and jerry. Golf had a good game. But for some reason like says jared goff got into the nfl. I don't really trust him that much. Like i mean i i. I don't trust them. Trust column more. Because i feel like colorado shows you who he is. You know jared some sometimes you gotta have three hundred yards. He's going over fifty times. There's some games you like. Who is this guy. Back your quarterback land and Their officers like committee backs and things like that. So that's why. I kind of feel the the office of the cardinals to me is more consistent. Obviously the rams have a better defense. But i definitely feel like they can go on the run and i feel that the the we're talking about davis's earlier i feel like the cardinals have the pieces to understand like are they understand boot bakers to play. Make your own video. They're starting to figure out. Would put isaiah simmons on their team. patrick peterson. He's got to slow down on giving up the deep passes and things like that obviously But i feel like they actually figuring things out you know. I feel i understanding who who makes plays who's actually A big piece over there and not to help them turn things around and not actually helped her going to run I don't trust the rams offense as much. I trust a defense. I don't trust their offices much. When it comes to try to make on the seahawks. I trust too often by. Don't trust a defense. It in the forty nine hundred. Zero is just. They're out of the picture saw so we did this. Excise ago. me you and nora. About how many teams can make the super bowl Do you think that the all three of those nfc west west teams came. Make the super bowl. is it. just the cardinals is just the ox and the cardinals. How do you view that that division and who has passed to the super bowl. I won't be honest. i feel like outta those. I know Like this one. But i those three teams. I feel like the two teams that can actually make the super bowl under rams in the cardinals. Now danny i don't have a strong. I don't have a strong reaction to that. I mean i say he's been dead all of the smiling strong reaction brian shades year he lake knows. Yeah more than us a lot. i'm not gonna. i'm not say that. I liked it too. I just like to go against the grain of you. Know the dan. But but the reason i said. I don't trust the defense like you said before. Like trying to be perfect for a quarterback mahomes has done consistently but a russell's denny but we have seen russell getting situations where he's like man like i can't. I can't bring us back from this. You know and i feel like sometimes the cardinals defense show up way mortaring seattle and we know the rams defense is gonna show up and you know when you have a good defense you always in a game. I just offer one one note on the cardinals. Then i had forgotten about. They lost to the lions. Hey what what. I was talking about before you know like the steelers. How would the worst record worse scheduling. Nfl by at indata. Getting them their winning. You know so you've gotta you just got a we're all all. Nfl teams except jet. So feeling along as you winning the game. That's all that matters honestly surviving advance. Nor don't they're all teams except the accepted. Jax danny kelly whose whose on till after after finding out the seahawks. We're not gonna make the super bowl. You have a question. Yeah i sa- this is kind of you know you can insert any other team if you want. But i was gonna say if of the cowboys chargers and forty niners stood out to me. Which team has the best chance to take like this massive next step and look like a real contender and twenty twenty one and feel free to answer other teams but to me. Those three teams stood out to answer your question. I yeah so. I'm just going to throw the chargers off a here because they're the team like they're just you know. I don't trust the chargers. Are they gonna another coach next year. I don't know. Yeah there's there's a lot of moving pieces there and then the cowboys have been the steamed to me. That's like really talented. Have all the pieces and they just can't put it together for whatever reason and the coaching situation been great this year. So i guess. I'm i'm defaulting to the forty niners because i think they mostly just been hurt by tons and tons of injuries this year and i know the quarterback situation is sort of a question mark in in san francisco but i trust shanahan enough to like figure it out if he's got if he's got a full not you don't even have to be fully healthy if you're just like a little bit healthier than they are this year because they just had like twenty people go on injured reserve the season and has all kind of fallen apart. I think of those teams i. I could see the forty niners kind of like jumping back into contention looking more like the team. They were in twenty. Nineteen they to me. Look like the sort of dark horse contender for twenty twenty one nor so i did the same thing which was basically just default to the forty niners because i trust their infrastructure and and don't really trust the coaching situation either in dallas or with the chargers. I stay on the chargers if we have any listeners. Who are professional astrologers experts. Dora if you could get me in my. Dm's they're open. I would really love to talk to you. I've found that celebrity. Mediums are kind of hard to get on the phone and i'm out of earthly explanations for what's going on with the chargers so i'm seeking advice from the stars and i really appreciate it if anyone could help me out with that I think the extent of the injuries should help the forty niners next year. Because they'll get guys like both back. And then i think shanahan do that whether it's garoppolo or someone else. They move on from garoppolo without much of a cat penalty. But then they'd have to find a new quarterback so pick your poison. But i think just the infrastructure gives them an edge over over those two teams plus the fact that the chargers are cursed. Who's the best quarterbacks that could end up on the forty niners next year. The oh that's be great question. We'll be fun. Who would be expendable. Because a lot of these quarterbacks tied in these mega contracts they can't be right and so would have enough money to pay him to Are the cowboys going to let him reach free agency. They're just gonna tag them again. I don't. I don't know 'cause i don't know they're taking or they're trying to win whether they're trying to do right now. So i don't. I don't have the cowboys as consideration our charges as a contender But this is anthony. Land like is like a formula forgetting fire. How he's coaching right now. Because i don't. I don't really see him as a bad coach last year. Really bad injuries this year. He has a rookie quarterback. Obviously everybody's coming back and winning the game on them but Do you guys think he's gonna fired issue. I think he's a good coach. And i also think he's getting fired this year. I think he's a good coach. And i think he's got. I mean kind of similar problems strangely enough. And i think andy. Reid was a better coach twenty years ago. But it's the same sort of vibe where he ninety five percent of the time as you could coach and then he just has the ability to blow these games. He shouldn't obviously andy reid. Twenty years ago was. I wanted to go to football anthony. Atlanta's not but. I just think that the the the late stages of the haves and the games and all these crazy endings at just une does the positives. He's able to do so at some point. I think they have to at least look at it. I think you'd probably give them a more year but there has to be something we go wrong in in with the chargers for them to keep blowing games like this other than if you get one more year. I think there'll be a real contender with him I don't know what was going to do it. A quarterback situation. So i i i that's why I hope they keep dagba. I don't know if they're gonna keep back So i'm gonna have to go to charges over the cowboys with a forty nine is. I just never trusted jimmy garoppolo enough. If you put another quarterback in there. I just don't know who will be the guy to lead them to a championship. You know So that's why i don't have the forty niners. It is too late to have the dolphins. I know they're like kinda contending right now but are they really contenders right now. Like i would prefer to the dolphins over like these other teams. Like i would take the charges over the dolphins. But i feel like it. I'll go like charges. Dolphins for cowboys. I i the reason was so far behind. Because i really don't quarterback situation ryan. Do you think the dolphins and the chargers could win the super bowl next year. Oh you say a winner. Super bowl no no. I'm asking the separate question different questions. Thank those two teams. Those teams had the capability to win the super bowl. You know about the dolphins. I feel like the dolphins have a great coach in their defense plays consistently on a level that has been playing. The last few weeks is possible but we have to really see how to is going to be when they actually like trust to. You know like they have like they're just trying to figure things out there. They're just trying to get into the playoffs right now. It is like an Florez is like all right. I'm gonna run round with the hot hand. Let me just figure out. Like i'm just i'm just he over here just juggling the pieces liberty and see what works you know and But i i don't think i don't think the dolphins can win a nation about definitely charges. Because i think Auto quarterbacks right now Thought joe burrow was having a good season. so he got hurt And i think that would joe burrow healthy. They can be a better team next year. The bengals individuals will be a lot better. Make sure but. I think i think just i mean i think is a really good quarterback so i think that they have a possibility. That's why i feel like they shouldn't fire ebony land because they need to give him a chance to have You know Normally like normalcy but some type of stability there and just try to help them because once you start changing coaches in pending so many different schemes in different coaches. Yeah that kinda messes up players. And i think that will really mess him up. That was herbert's issue. At oregon too he played like four different offenses at oregon. And so it's just like changing every year. The dolphins to me feel like a team. That's playing with house money this year. You know they're they're good enough to like make a run. I think but there definitely a twenty twenty one contender in my mind like a team. That could get really good quickly. You know that. Got two first rounders a bunch of as they can do a lot of different things off offseason so if it comes on especially they're gonna look really good next year you know they gonna try to trade up get over lawrence. You never know i. Yeah i was gonna say. It's a shame that jobs are probably the jets are probably gonna get trevor lawrence because there are certain situations and maybe it's whoever gets yes fields but there's certain situations where their teams were get a great young rookie quarterback they might be contenders next year. It's just it's just not going to be the jets at the justin feels the do really good at the cowboys. Ooh that would be interesting now. That would be interesting cowboys. It's a shame they're going to win two more games and then when they make the playoffs instead of getting instead of getting a top five pick All right Ryan you have last question. Yes so this is my bonus question. How long do you think areas in birdie. Marriage will last because like every time there's a bad gay aries. It's like yup. Like we're only gonna wave if tom players get if he plays babar. Losing so i gotta attack your quarterback you know. Yeah so. I guess this is a question about the future. I think that when. I look now at jim. Thome or at the nfl. Put this out today. the past six weeks brady on deep passes is three of thirty six three hundred thirty six and we weeks before he was loving and twenty two heading fifty percent so this is really bats an eight percent completion percentage okay not great and arians obviously wants to throw those deep passes throwing more than really brady ever. Having jeff darlington said today that he's throwing more than than when he had randy moss Now obviously thirteen years ago now So i this all seems very strange. Rhino. ask you having been locker. Obviously having been You at some point in your career. I'm sure you've had coaches apply pressure through the media or whatever How does a player reacted as player like brady. Heave obviously played against a. How do you see this sort of playing out because you know this having been in the locker room. So i i said this podcast before you know coaches khanna coach players. Kind of how they respond. Especially when it's quarterbacks like they understand how dare player response to criticism like public criticism in a relationship I feel that boost areas kind of know what type of player brady as he really a competitor so when somebody calls them out i think he. He's trying to get him to you. Know just you know. Just give them a kit like come on. Let's go But i think brady hasn't had. This happened to him in twenty years this often. So i think. I think he would kinda after while Aggravating you know Because i if i coach tomlin hewett called me out in front of the group in a team meeting time if i had a bad game or were he'll come back. I thought that i write and i had to do that. So i can get let the guys know that. I'm i'm tough on too but we but i just. I really need you to work on this. This this and this and i feel like that bruce arians and brady my head atop relationship but Brady's not really used again called out. Because that'll cheney really call on anybody just like so how you guys keep winning we just gotta keep playing football. That's something that had better check with it. You know so Bruce areas is more open minded and just going to say how he feels so I just get aggravated. And and you know i'm not gonna say brady just retired after this year. But if you start figuring out more. I think brady is gonna wanna finish on top then finish you know. Start losing in. You know people starting to find out that he can't do things anymore. And then once you find a quarterback hand do certain things then it limits game. You know we play brady. We knew he wasn't the best deep door but he always found a deep derwin. Because they're like on a flea flicker in or to play action deep ball now. Just hey cut heightened. The ball. Mike on a deep and he overthrown. Abm going deeply. Overthrow him like they used to add a concept in there to help help you now is just like a. I want you to be like ben. And though these dubose like bruce areas used to in. I don't think he's really doing that right now. Nora as a oh this is doctor. Yeah no. I know. I didn't want to i in your face just lit up there nor as a as someone who's covered tom brady is a two year deal. How long does how long does this this. Tom brady career continue well. Tom brady career. I think beyond the two years because it's really important. Him and the deep ball has dropped off a lot. I actually bought his velocity and his his arm strength looked pretty good at the beginning of the year. Actually the first place you saw right And i thought the first place that you saw him look kind of like a quarterback of a certain age was more with his pressure sensitivity. That's changed recently. I think the stuff with arians is probably not that big of a deal. It's certainly different from bella who you know would have brady and a meeting room and pull the. I can get a quarterback from fox pearl high. They control better than that but then in public say well. Tom's doing the best that he can. Nobody works harder than tom. Wobble la with arians brady was always mmediately going to have a much bigger opportunity to have the kind of relationship that he likes to have with people that he works with because areas is just a relationships guy in a way that similar to how brady is and different from how ballot check is. I don't know how he's processing. Not i don't know if he's learning a little bit that maybe it's not quite all. He thought it would be cracked up to be. But i would still lean towards trusting that the behind the scenes stuff between the two of them is good and that he's enjoying being in an environment where you know you talk about how your kids are doing and stuff like that a little bit more often. I can see it just being a two year contract and then he maybe even go somewhere else right. Because i think what's important to him is just playing for a long time and i think he's still been good enough this year. That if unless he absolutely you'd falls off a cliff next year he would still want to run it back again. It's important to his business. It's something that he's talked about for a long time. And i think he's just going to keep he's going to keep pushing the envelope there pretty much no matter what he's a front for. Tb twelve tb twelve tampa. I think they have open. Door is opening. Oh gosh danta kelly. O'brien were you gonna say. He has some thoughts on. Do you said two years after this. He gonna keep football. I wasn't forty. Six forty six was the target age. Because that was what nolan ryan was able to do and guys authentic back. He's the big five o. Believe it or not Has started to enter the covers. Oh god if we keep doing eight percent he's gonna not allowed to be. They're going to kick him out. He's going to become a maybe. He's an extra breeze where he just throws five yard passes constantly and just becomes efficient. That way. we'll see what happens. Danny last word for you What what is what needs to happen for the bucks to to win the nfc here. An incredibly imperfect conference. They are birthdays but they still have a lot of talent. I still count generally like the what happens. So i kind of feel like the brady question is divided into several different categories in a lot of people focus on the age and the arm and everything. But like there's less attention paid to the fact that he's on a new team with new receivers and they didn't have a preseason off season and that really sort of how their offense looks to me they go out there and half the time. They're really dangerous like they look really good you know. And and they're clicking and then sometimes they just looked like completely out of source like brady doesn't look like he's on the same page of people and i think we kind of took it for granted for a long time that you know brady knew the offense in new england like the back of his hand and and he was very familiar with all his receivers. He knew exactly what they're trying to accomplish all the time you good relationship with long serving offense coordinator is all that stuff does matter. I think so. I'm not. I'm not trying to give excuses for tom brady because i think he has to be better but at the same time i think that's also a variable that we have to take into account so if they can start to. I mean like we've seen the offense really click. And i think it you know if they can play in that way and and start to kind of get on the same page and you know same what we're talking about the defense early on in the year figure out plays that really work for brady and in this offense And kind of stick with those. I think that could definitely help them in. And if that means maybe they try and do more game stuff at maybe that means areas like i'd relentless we've identified the place that work but i certainly think we've identified the plays that don't work for tom. Brady right right right right so Bottom line i guess is they have to adapt and they have to figure in the have to get on the same page a little bit better to. i think. be super bowl team. All right guys. Great ryan shazier. Danny kelly has been the nfl show and your podcast network on sunday. Nor and i are back regular schedule next week.

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What Were Getting Wrong About Quarterbacks, Defending the Saints, and Playoff Predictions | The Ringer NFL Show

The NFL Show

1:08:32 hr | 9 months ago

What Were Getting Wrong About Quarterbacks, Defending the Saints, and Playoff Predictions | The Ringer NFL Show

"It is the wringer. Nfl show part of their podcast. Now work i'm kevin car great show today. Mike sando from the athletic stop spy. Talk about quarterbacks will we're getting wrong position this year. Kyla murray lamar jackson. Mvp talk and a little bit of everything really then van leith and joins us to defend his saints against calin jones. Take last week. That are the clippers of the nfl. we segment with vancouver northern ziada. Myself and danny. Hyphen joins us with k. One at the end to talk about our playoff predictions. Who's gonna win the wild card What teams can make a run and more. Today's episode of the ring around. I fell show on our podcast network is brought to you by state farm getting great car and home insurance from state farm and surprisingly great rate. That's a drafting a player that becomes an all pro. The real deal state farm agents provide personalized service. So that you can customize your insurance to fit your needs like a gm when it together their very own roster you need a team that supports you and state farms got a great one edition to agents t ward winning mobile app. Help us manage coverage pay bills file claims and more with a great price. Even greater service state farm goes from strength to strength choose insurance and always brings. It's a game when you want the real deal like a good neighbor. state farm. Is there whether on the field or in everyday. Life flexibility is a game changer. That's why united's eliminating change fees on all flights within the us or between the us and mexico or the caribbean for eber by offering more flexibility than before they're setting up their customers to win win plans change. Great teams always have a plan. B now united customers due to note. Elimination of change fees doesn't include basic economy tickets Joined now by one of the smartest people in football. Mike sando senior writer at the athletic. What's going on buddy. Not too much not too much to be your go so you did some things that i think is really fun you you do. In the summer you cue. Tears would kind of known for but you did the revisited version at the halfway point and i found it fascinating and didn't do a whole re rank or anything like that but you just checked in. And said hey. Where are these guys right now. And i want to start big dicks. Who is the biggest riser where guys. Gm scouts assistance. Whoever it was okay this guy. We had him way too low in the summer when random. But i think we finally have the production for josh allen to go along with the talent right and people. People don't suddenly think that he's top tier all this. But i mean he's got the production so he was a. He was already one of the biggest risers from last year. Coming into this year. But i think he'll go up again. He from the third tier where he's i think he's got a great chance to come in somewhere. Maybe in the bottom of the second tier of certainly continues to you produce. What with in particular. What do you think nfl. I don't know what are the lessons going forward with alan. I guess you could see you can put it that way. Where is it going to be more guys who were drafted a little bit more raw. A little bit is going to be obviously. The lesson is always many on quarterback surrounding with talent. But when you talk to you around the league and where maybe their evaluations off in one direction or the other with alan. What kind of sticks. Out as far as what they're saying now. I think that people think people's thoughts on allen are still their thoughts on allen still makes bad decisions right he does. I mean what the ram go. There are plenty to three and almost lose the game and he gets to personal fouls is to fifteen yard. Penalties of wins last quarterback in a game right in the game the other day. He's throwing the ball player. He's holding away from his body. I think all of those things. But i think we're lessons is you. You get a guy who's a fit for your team and baby out like all the way through. They have clan for the organization right. I mean I think you can see the coach and gm on same page right absolutely. And i think they're okay with what josh allen is right. I mean they're play strengths and they have been able to. I think coach amount to think he's been better. I we saw. We've seen flashes a big players. But i'm out production they've had getting on digs has been huge and answered a sticking with it. Now we'll see ultimately in the end Know what it means. There's such a short supply of those really top. Your guys right. So is he gonna go. What's going to happen when you buy that option and you know their offenses even that. Good this year right. So if you're gonna take him all the way. I don't know but least seem to high end. Plays in production that we didn't see as much in the past. It's a different podcast paying josh allen. Tomase one most fascinating test cases. This season i honestly have no idea where it's gonna head but it's it's to me. It's a top three. Most fascinating thing of the next year is how much money do you commit to a guy like that who has shown flashes. But they're obviously she'll suppose they're big guys though you know i mean they do you pay attention to not have a guy one hundred percent honor and that's it and that that's the the fear of not having agai guy. Any guy makes these so much money. What was it. that's we've seen. Some of the dark car was who i think is a good quarterback with at some point was the highest paid player in football. He's not the best quarterback in football. The entire market is is not broken but it certainly not well oiled machine with quarterback quarterback mike all right opposite question. So who's a guy who may be the folks you talk to in the league little too high and through eight weeks nine weeks we've seen and i thought i thought at the time i thought that of carson wentz yeah i mean i feel like so of course came in. I was like tenth or eleventh or something. He was one spot ahead of back and know. In some cases i think it's i draft day evaluations. Take awhile die people have those seen carson wentz at his best you know think that that could he could be great but i think there's bhai be something missing you know. I don't know if it's him or for the team or a combination of it. But how could he be after this year. Unless there's a strong finish even if you think which is legitimate around him it's been bad it's all phone. I'd have a hard time thinking he's gonna be in still in tier two. Wow okay so shuka potty. As i don't know i it so it's so hard for me to put carson wentz in perspective at all you know shuki potty wrote that great piece last week about just how broken similar parts of his game are whether that's the intermediate throws where that just pocket presence Anyone who hasn't read. It should seek it out i don't know what carson wentz is because i still again this. It's not just for me. It's not just the drought valuation. It's also the twenty seventeen evaluation and maybe it's his have an optimistic person. I don't know. I keep looking for signs of that. And i i feel like certain guys are just not irretrievably broken and i i. I'm not ready. I'm on wednesday island and but so is dope peterson. So is howie roseman. I'm like there are a lot of people who are and i just think and this is again. I'm going to wait around for the eagles to accidentally win. Four straight games win this division with seven wins but they may do it. But let's just so when i. Here's how excellent conceptualize. Let's just say there's ten factors of varying a importance that were Instrumental in him looking so good in two thousand seventeen. And i think if we checked all those boxes they would all be worse now than they were then from his health and his house right From the organization around him in all areas the receiving corps the offensive line and the offensive line's not going to be the probably that good again. Note i mean So kind of an okay off. It's of line this year. If brooks's healthy nick dougherty is healthy. And that didn't happen from the start and all of a sudden thing the damn starts to burst. Yeah so maybe that comes back. I mean i. I think it's there's always been sort of a weirdness in his you know trying to find the receivers to grow with them or a rapport with them. How hard is it to develop a rapport with receivers quarterback we act like. It's going to take ten years to get the right combination for. Wants to have guys that that he's on the same page with and it feels good with all that i mean should be that hard to get a guy and beat and have a good situation. I agree with that. I mean even even the impressive nature of wadey last year in week. Seventeen restoring to people that you know feed barely met but this year era. Jeff mclean on on sunday and said well. They got developed a chemistry. They got al become insurance. Like i understand. This is the weirdest season of all time. No as all that stuff and maybe chemistries a little bit behind the curve or whatever but it's We're in the second season we're wellness. Second half of the season at some point you. Let's just have chemistry. I team seem to figure it out. One of the most fascinating things. I thought in the quarterback tears piece from over the summer was a little bit of psychology of carson wentz and You know the the leadership of him so when the quarterback you're constantly managing those personalities guys want their touches. You all these guys are looking used to be in the old days. They'd look at the game book in the locker room. After the game see how many touches they had a right. Everyone's aware it was almost like once all of the name. Receivers routes it was almost like last year whence could relax and just throw it all these guys who were who are. Nobody's right we'll sweat. You're going to have to manage a bunch of guys in the huddle and have reports with really good players too and doesn't feel like he's had bad is that over analyzing it. Just something just feels a little off and has their and and there's other weird things to like the fact that they want super but it wasn't really him. I think you know what i mean. There's there's elephants in this room. You can't really see them all but you can feel so i'm told him with. We're there's a weirdness around carson wentz pretty much never agree intake at this point. And i don't know i it. It's such a winnable division if they don't win this division this year. I don't know how to i. I wouldn't say blow it up but to be extreme changes. And i don't know what that looks like and again they got to be a really old team. They tried to keep that window open. And we're gonna do it. And i think in which a year too long right. They did it a year too long. i wonder i talked about some of the quarterbacks before we get to more of the team building stuff Cuyler and when you talk to people over the summer and then now do they expect him to be this. Good this quickly because i kind of did and i expected i expected to kind of a confidence boost in what would come around with that. But i i didn't expect almost you know at little bit below. Mvp level play in in two thousand twenty now. The hail. Mary was unbelievable. But what what is the perception around him Is it sustainable. What what what does this look like. Inside the league with tyler very optimistic you know he he so he came in after only one year in the league and he was a top guy in the third tier. So he's counting. That means you're he's like a little bit above kirk cousins and garoppolo who are sort of settled in now at that top tier three bobbed. You're too depending on. You know if they had a good year or not so that was really high for For somebody only one year coming off a rookie year. And so i think the only person in the last several years that had been that high mayfield done a lot of love. Baker did after his first year baker. Mayfield also saying how. Johnson's that dot dot dot with with nancy on compared because with baker mayfield there was no real elite trait and then they screwed up the whole organization. I mean they changed the offense. They changed coaches and now they've got kind of going back again but you can. I thought there was no way that was going to happen to cutter. Murray because Heck they had the perfect marriage of the coach. I mean they got the coach basically to draft a bright and they're bringing that back and we saw signs of success and he is he does have traits. I mean he does have things that he doesn't have to be propped up in scheme necessarily right. I mean amazing running ability without getting you know just slobber knocked and hit you be scampers away and then he can throw the ball really well So sure isn't gonna always be as easy for him. Being being shorter standing in the pocket. nobody. But i think we've seen that you can still be really effective throwing the ball so that ability to throw the ball is why i think people. I think there's a lot of people in the league would take him over lamar decks so you wrote about that hail mary. This week is sort of an entree into to hopkins and had a great game and almost won that game. Thirty seconds prior What is the perception of the cardinals franchise around the league. Because i've heard varying things advance. Jobs aren't really nice job. And i i had heard some pessimism coming into the year but that defense and how they were going to how they had pieces that maybe didn't fit together or whatever Been hugely impressed with vance. joseph Even against wilson and that seattle game. Just how much woodson's played with his mind until he threw that back back in the section. All that stuff What is the perception around league when you talk to folks about hopkins and cairo this week. About how good. This cardinals team can be. I think it's totally shifted him. You think about a place where You know really not that long ago. It's josh rosen. And pictures of steve time effort. Dui show you know what i mean. I mean i know cheryl flow. I mean complete embarrassment like people are gonna get fired. I i mean it was to have this kind of flip in one year by making the absolute right choice and being position to make it the absolute right choice a quarterback instead of hey rosen's our guy we've got to give at least three we gotta bortles and right. We gotta were knocking. Look all these other guys. And i think it's a much more positive outlook on for them. Invest show suspense kind of a pleasant surprise. Yet here right. I mean that was one where you were kind of like. Golly he got the head coaching job. Before in denver without really having much of a track record there was optimism. Didn't have like ten years of a track record so that's suddenly looks better to me. And they've been adaptable somewhat on offense. I mean kingsbury hasn't just widely stuck to everything. He wanted to college right. They've used tight end more. They've they've shown an ability to probably grow so. I think it's pretty darn good There in arizona. I mean think of it. Like how many teams even that division would you rather be. You know you might rather be sale because you like russia mortaring. No it's tougher is. It's tougher no i. I i that that whole divisions intriguing to me. Because i would not be surprised and the fact that samsung has kind of removed. Discussion makes even more amazing. But i wouldn't be surprised if any any those three teams were playing in the super bowl seattle arizona and the rams nebula people around the league also feel like that. Because there's just there's a floor for all of them because there's there's talent on all three rosters. The coaches are pretty good. I think the fact that. I'm talking about this on friday. The fact that cliff kingsbury is the worst coach among the playoff contenders and kingsbury. I think is actually pretty good and is growing into the role. I mean there's there's something there. There's a parody in the nfc. I think is interesting to me. i do wanna ask about golf real quick because we're going to stay on the nfc west thing here is i saw some stats today. Where you know he. I think he might be the worst quarterback With his splits under pressure versus. Not under pressure and we kind of know what office he's having his. I guess you could say as gothia season right now Where are you on golf. Where are you on that rams team. Because i i'm starting to believe in them especially with brees out as maybe the team were looking at in the in the nfc and sorbo. I liked the rams coming into the year. I think the rams were treated this offseason as if they were coming off a ford twelve record absolutely because they had been so high and mighty but sort of had this thing like gotshall one by one sort of uncertainty and concern was okay. You're going from a guy who's been coordinator for five hundred years in in wade phillips to somebody who's new at it really unknown with a coach who's offensive coach right. I mean sean. Mcvay is not going to help defense so i didn't really know for sure where that was going to go but i felt like they were totally slept on. And that's what. I mean after one or two weeks in the in the year i wrote a calm. I'd rather be the rams and the eagles just where they're at and that seemed laughable now. of course you'd better be ranch coming into the season. I think people thought beagles some people to eagles or you liked once more for this or that. So i i at i think that They need to be reassessed a little bit with their roster because dental thought no flexibility they made these trades their stock. They can't well are they. I mean you know as far as it pertains to goff. I mean there's a limiting factor of goff right. I mean i think we. We realized that it for most of the good quarterbacks. Now there's two there's to call plan there's the one that oh my goodness it broke down and now it might be an even better play kind of their marine. Russell wilson Even aaron rodgers or even older quarterback mahomes ryan center heels. You yeah roth it. Yes all these guys. And there's not a second play with god so the first play can be pretty dang good but but the reason why you say system quarterback right. Okay so i on the rams point. I think this is an important distinction. Because you mentioned they're capped out or whatever and my general feeling on this is if you're capped out but you have a bunch of good players. That's fine going all in on a team. Okay you give over her million dollars to aaron donald and ramsey. I understand that for the golf contract is really bad. But the reason you go all in is because you can have jalen ramsey wipe out decay. Mcafee could have aaron. Donald suck up the double teams. There's a re. You're not just going all of this going all in and so i don't think the strategy that the rams employed was particularly bad because ended up with with with blue-chip player. So i mean you. You have to look at their defense. I mean look at look at various williams. I just. there's there's something there and i don't think the all in strategy which was much maligned you know. Two years ago. They're gonna fall cliff. I didn't i didn't see that. And i remember talking to kevin off at the super bowl about that. Who basically to say. The sixers kind of process mentality shifted. How everybody looks at sports. And i think in his point less needs point was if you can speed things up go for it. And that's that's what they did so you're living in this year. It's kind of like you know people people in their own lives. Have this idea that there's going to be this amazing retirement waiting for them and we're just planning for them. They can't live now to write. Today's what you got so The rams are doing that and it's pretty good day when when you got aaron donald jalen ramsey. I mean just to you know arguably the best road. Donald is best players position ramsey. I think is to. We'll do this quickly. I you're in seattle or in seattle area for the seahawks to make the super bowl. What happens I think their defense is funny. I'm gonna say this. I think their defense and running game mall perks up like no. I don't be mad. But i mean you have to have a little bit of it right. I mean. I think it's been so fun to see them. Just be at the red line all the time but it's hard to be perfect every week right so i'm like it was funny Do running backs matter and that well it matters. If you don't have any of the sporting context right so i think defensively like they played a decent better game against the rams. Some of that could have been under went out but it was a little bit better. I think we've. There's some hope with jamal adams that they at least twenty third fisher. There's some sure if they can do that. And then just for mitt you have somewhat of a physical presence in the run game i think carson can help without. I don't mean that we want to you know Be running the ball all the time but just just remember their righteous bouncing out a little bit just a little bit. Because wilson's got seven turnovers last two games. It's been fine but don't go too far to where we're just winging it around. That's that's not always the best way to have a little bit more of a balance in your team roster interested in how you play the game. How real is this lamar thing because almost in this again. I'm i'm an optimistic person. When i see flashes of brilliance. I think that that's going to sustain itself especially with young quarterbacks because league is much more fun when young quarterbacks great when he talked to run the league. I think there's there is some heat on gregg roman the offense and just how stale it's god and i understand that part lamar not looked like twenty nineteen the mar- how real is this. And how did the ravens get out of it. First off stale thing. I mean gimme a break like the second half of last year. Everyone's reading how they reinvented boat. Game of football now. A couple months later completely stale. I don't buy that. i don't buy that. That's the driving force. But i think The mistake people make is Seen the second half of last year for the ravens. When when the mark jackson had twenty four touchdown passes in one or section as a default. Neural okay so go back and look at the year cam. Newton won the mvp. The first half of the year had fourteen. Touchdown passes nine interceptions. He he was arguably not playing as well as capital. That went cabinet got bench. There ain't no great defense. No one says a word second. Half of the year. Twenty one touchdown passes one interception. Wow they've they've reinvented game. This is how it's going to be. No it's not going to be like that all the time. It's like that all the time. For maybe rogers maybe mahomes. I think that the first half of last year is probably a greater indication of what's realistic for lamar jackson. Which wasn't terrible wasn't terrible but it's not always on fire. I think the more time goes by. If you're committed to this incredible run heavy scheme people are going to defend better and you and you we have runs on spurts and they may have one in the second half this year but i think we may not ever see for the rest of his career. Arana's amazing as the second half of last year and that's not a knock on him. That's just a was such an amazing run now. I'm sad now you've got me sad mike. Yeah i told you the good grow. I thought the passing game opening up this stuff and you know. I think that teams of of learned offensive lessons from the ravens in so much that you know again. We don't listen to the running back thing but when a running back kit when a quarterback in run that opens up lanes so they're running back as well and so. I think that you're seeing some of the teams around the league. Understand kind of how to build around a running quarterback in in that regard and also. Obviously lamar tyler. Whomever also have just been credibility to pass. But i thought i was going to see a little more pollution from that ravens offense this year and i just haven't seen it at. Yeah yeah i'm with you. I would hope for that too. But i think there's so far down the road of of being that style of team with the tricked out running game that it's hard to then suddenly develop this passing game. Yeah they are and also he's not an accurate. Passer is not an accurate passer. Understeer passing situations is. It's different when it's coming up the run game and a guy running wide open and can hit you but third down other situations. You're behind the game. That was always going to be the issue this year in may always be the issue in the future. The one thing. I'll say about the staleness part of it is. I actually. Don't think that it's impossible to have. Reinvented everything last year. Nb stale this year. Because i think that the nfl moves so quickly and you know. I remember reading a formula one book one time a huge fan and i remember the guy former again. Him rothrock said that the beginning of the the car that wins the first race would finish last in the in the last race. If there's no improvement okay. Because that's just how quickly everything moves there right. And i kinda feel like that would football. Where if you just took whatever whatever the best thing was the best roster in two thousand eighteen twenty nineteen and dropped in here. There are so many little adjustments. Week-to-week everything is just getting better and better and better. And i think there's i i can understand why. Why schemes would quickly. I guess you guess you could say so. And they are so scheme independent. Yeah right. i mean they're the most schemed offense. Almost that there is right. I mean is certainly an unconventional way. So i think we don't one thing. We saw member when they lost the chargers in the playoffs. Would they play seven. Bb's there's just different ways that you can kind of make it tough and i think You know in the end. That's probably what more teams are doing. I think Pf had a pretty good piece. This we have. Mike renner have a good piece by piece talking about people in different sub packages and that sort of thing so you don't have their good days to you know what i mean. This last game was in a rainstorm. So the to the ravens is that they are still going to make the playoffs. They played a game driving rainstorm against the best offensive coach in history. And everyone's takeaway. Is that the ravens are in crisis. And i just i think there's twenty and five since the start of last year. We're going to doing better. We're gonna be fine but they're not gonna be that amazing down the stretch. That's not normal. If they did that they'd be the best thing of Okay and the race. Because i think it's mahomes. I've heard people say if. Pf guys are hiring. A not being mahomes. Because i guess he has more turnover worthy throws than than than he has thrown over thinking. That's yup and so I guess the question is this is. This is why. I asked you when we were talking about the show. So let's view it through this lens if there was a team right now that lost starting quarterback which team would be the most screwed. Well i would have a process for doing this. Okay so the way. I would do is look for a team. That has a good record down but has a bad defense but has a great quarterback but doesn't have a good backup and doesn't have a proven record like kansas city. Does of being able to get more from less at the position so to me. That's thirty seattle right. Seattle's not good on defense. They have a great quarterback they don't have necessarily a good backup and we don't know that they're able to more out of quarterbacks. Not name russell wilson so to me clearly. What would their record be they. I don't think they have a game this year. Were there on the positive side of epa on defense for the whole year. As you were given that answer. I looked up. Nfl defenses to see who would be in disown own here. Yeah and the answer is no one except seattle. The answer is that seattle is so significantly worse than everybody. That i can't believe i listen. I knew that they were on pace for the worst past events of all time and all that stuff. But i'm actually i'm actually melting down over here looking looking at this because there are no other good teams in this zone at all and i i was going to say i think there was an argument for someone like aaron rodgers in this case just because i just don't zoff instead. Offense works without him. But i think you make this thing. I it just in the sense that i i've i've seen aaron rodgers. Come out in the past. You know five five get injured and then five years ago all of a sudden. You're looking at i also matt matt. Flynn would be strung separate from here on that seventeen. Th that made him a lot of money. But i've seen him come out of games and they just look like they never football before So i just think that. There's i'm always going to in these situations. Say that the packers would not be able to function without aaron rodgers on offense but you make a great point about defense because this is just. This is a disaster for for the seattle. Now i agree with you. It's actually refreshing for me to to not be the one who's having to defend. Aaron rodgers had become aaron rodgers defenders as people were talking about him not being as good anymore. But i do think the one thing that stands out to me about green bay and i'm with you. They would be in trouble without a but they are. They have shifted to this. You know more horon oriented offense with play action things that traditionally you can get more out of a lesser quarterback out of that like i would make the argument. They're not getting the most out of rodgers and they could know that if you could be lining up with some weapons on the outside and putting them in the shotgun and flinging around the yard now maybe he'd get her to running around. But but i think they have a structure that offense kind of a little bit like san francisco does right where Sometimes you plug in mcmullan's and he has four game. I don't know if that happens for seattle Two quick ones number one. What's the quarterback when you talk about people inside the league whether this is good or bad who had the biggest disconnect between what how they're perceived in the league versus how perceived among fans and media. Okay there's a process for this too and especially this People in media pay attention largely to stats. Yeah and people in league. They attention to context of how are produced. So you might hear somebody in the media. Read a column that ryan tannehill should be in the mvp. Race look stats. Everyone in the league would say no. No you'd they're they're giving an easy throws or doing this. So that would apply to somebody like ryan tannehill. Just some degree. I mean to some people for lamar jackson. I mean i think everybody acknowledged amazing a player. But there's a context there that works against him with some in the league right they even dot frisco. Little bit was a little bit like that Where he had to go off of line for awhile stuff around this year i think he showed right down completion season. Yeah yeah but you have to show that even russell wilson early in his career had to show that we had the top defense and the great running game even though he had all the great stats. People weren't giving them on credit on par with andrew luck for example who was thrown at six hundred times a year and did never gone. And so that's where the disconnect forms and so somebody like tannehill this your be good. We would drive a good example of that need a little bit lamar last year back at times but that that's sorta the template for those Differences last thing. We get you out of here on this jamie's in orleans obviously don't know what that injury looks like with drew brees part part of it as a collapsed lung obviously could be serious but seems like talking about matters of weeks. What do we expect from. Jameson new orleans. Obviously listen we know what jameis winston is. But we haven't seen him in in. Sean payton champagnes offense which i'm sure will look significantly different than errands one. What what what. What do we expect. And what's the ceiling there. I think it's going to be more good than bad. I i'm optimistic will be better than tampa so i'm not there's not a lot of To go down well yeah except they. They did score points They had he's leading the league in a lot of the big play type of stuff. But i think there's a governor. They're on and i think. I think i've said this before on him. When he went to tampa they basically gave the keys to the ferrari to their sixteen year. Old son you know. And typically what you'd wanna have is Have a context of a run game. Don't have it all on his shoulders all the time. Well that's new orleans they've at the same set up to manage drew brees us forty one years old and can't just shoulder like used to so keep him in that context Keep the threat of tatum hill. They're like hey we may we have another guy you're going to hear the defender. I love it well. Only for the context of creating a different environment creating conditional love vermin for For jamie's it can't be that he can just do whatever he wants. Yeah that's not the way this works and so the to the extent that they can have the little bit of a hammer over room. Roy your i mean yeah. This is his window if he can't do it now. Making one point one million with drew brees probably coming back with a good team with taste of help there to take snatched away from than then. We're not going to it from them. So yeah i think it set up as good as it possibly can be for him and also not from week one. He gets the whole year to come in now so you know. I'll be disappointed. If he goes in there and his terrible mike sando read them at the athletic. Listen to his podcast. Thanks so much buddy. Thank you this. Football season is different. I know i haven't traveled to a game for the first time since i became professional journalists. I'm sitting on my couch now. It is a completely different experience. That i've been used to over the past eight years but pepsi is here to get ready for game. No matter how you're watching this season pets refreshment. You need to power through. Damned pepsi is a made for those to play the game. It's made for those who watch made for football watch goto made for football watching dot com to check out the latest football watching content from pepsi. Okay last week on this show. I was out nor prince yati hosted and calin jones. Nfl effort at the wringer unleashed take. That was controversial. Saints fans We have brought in before we get to all of this. We brought in nora to to help. Moderate whatever's going on here. I mean judicial resources capacity. She's here she's here to laugh. Calin jones is here. And then ben in one of my favorite people on the planet. Really thank you and He's a saints fan. Big news newsday host to podcasts for us higher. Learning and and our wire podcasts jehovah is incredible but he has a bone to pick with kaelin kaelin. Why don't you restate take it to the debate. Okay so the take was that you know. The saints are the los angeles clippers of the nfl. And it's because of you know the postseason inefficiencies passage and look look at it. I know i know you're upset. Look were not going to disregard the super bowl championship. That one that y'all one in two thousand nine two thousand ten season but that was also ten years ago so over the past ten years. There's been too much postseason. Success for the saints. You look at two thousand eleven. They lost out smitten in the niners. That was a good loss. Twenty thirteen lost russell wilson. What's the super bowl. Went to the super bowl. But since the saints scored fifteen points on the fourth quarter and then three and three years in a row when seventy nine and then over the past three seasons case. Keenum in the minneapolis. Miracle not a good viking seem gerry. Goffin the rams. What's the super bowl. You guys got screwed out that call in the game. Sure but you shouldn't shouldn't have lost game and then you also drew resort interception. We're not gonna talk about that. But then also kirk cousins last season and the vikings another not. Good team that you guys should have locked so you know it's been these. It's not so much for you. Know really the clippers have made the playoffs eight out of ten of the past sensation. So really the saints missing out on. The postseason makes them a little bit worse by comparison. If you're talking about post reaching postseason but that being said you know. Look at the severity. And i guess the flagrant s- in the way that you guys go out is why i'm hesitant to choose you guys pick you know win the super agents. Alright later i'm going gonna let you guys handled this van. You have the floor kaylin. You have the floor okay. Now let's get into a couple of things number one you just requalify. You said since two thousand ten saints are the clippers okay. that's not what was said in a clip. That's the first thing they said in the clip was that the saints or the clippers in the nfl. Let's before we even get into the. Let's let's let's let's analyze with the clippers. Are the clippers are team with no championships. No western conference finals appearances. No real face of the franchise. No cultural support where they live there. A second also ran team. They are one of the worst franchises historically in the entire. Nfl and it's not just for what they do on. The court is for the dysfunc- like when the clippers clippers their way out of the playoffs. Nobody even better i. Nobody's blood pressure. Went up that when they would. Hey clippers all right now when you compare that to the saints who number one did go to the nfc championship game against the rams. Have had some heartbreaking losses. You know what. I was on a plane coming back from anguilla and and the saints the saints Playoff game was on. And i heard a guy like scream in the back of the plane and i turned around and i tell us from louisiana had a gumbo soul. I looked at him. I was like we lost. We lost that game. There's no way we lost that game. I looked and i and then when he looked at me and we could tell and then the rest of the flight was terrible. So i get. It hasn't been a lot of high level success but in the totality of what you said is very disrespectful now. I think there's a better. Nfl com better nba comparison. Okay then the clippers. I'll tell you why the dallas mavericks saints are actually the dallas mavericks of the nfl. Tell you what number one dallas mavericks to really high profile losses in the playoffs wants to the golden state. We believe team right where they got not out first round berry embarrassing loss but another time made it all the way to the finals loss to wait and the nba refs in that series right but then they were able to change their culture by having a bona fide. Face of their franchise mvp caliber player. Who actually became the mvp who was able to be good enough to get them over the hump to win the championship and since then dallas has good teams. Dallas has bad teams. But they're all they're always right. There is it. It's a difference comparing the saints to them. We're not one of the blue of the nfl. We're not but when you say the clippers you're talking about his store ick dysfunction. We're talking about on a honey boo boo family type level. I that's not right. I can't go without one dog. And i said to my dad and my dad was like not boy. You know my nerves bad. Why would you say this. You hurt my father bro. You hurt my dad. I apologize for. But look i and i should clarify. It's been within the past ten years because they'll get you know and also think about that before i jumped on. Maybe you compare champagne to doc rivers. Maybe that's a better comparison. Probably because dudas won one championship and he's brought stability where he's gone. Saints have been stable. You know really for the past twenty plus years but they were able when championship underneath champagne and really since then. It's there's that potential based on what we seem during the regular season. There's been years where there have been better teams within their own division or conference. You know even with the panthers and the falcons who reached super bowls impasse seasons but at the same time. There has been that kind of self sabotaging. I wouldn't say dysfunction. There's just been self sabotaging moments that get exasperated by you know being able to pin it on referees. Like look i mean loo- you could say that we look you can say that we're pinning the referee the back hall in the super bowl. I don't know what to say about that if i was coaching. A peewee team. A peewee team. The southbound bedrooms rams i well. I'm from back home in baton rouge if i was coaching them and in in that call happened against us. Me and a rough got a box. You understand we got a standard the fifty yard line. If you don't do that to my son we got a box bro. We got okay. Look not as long as horrible one of the wars calls in nfl history sir. We're in suit. I agree. I agree. But if i look it i'm i'm not trying to be contained but look if my son is on your team and you my son the ball he scored you know. He's a good receiver yemen. Been the baltimore enough in the first two quarters and all of a sudden you did in the third and fourth quarter. Why won't you do now the first and second quarter so you didn't have that position in the first place okay. That's really what it comes down to. If you wanna make that that we should have never been in the position where the game was that tough. That's fine but it's the innocent championship game right. It's the nfc championship game. Which means they're pretty to pretty good football teams playing often times. Those games come down to a couple of possessions a couple of scores. So i'm not shocked that the saints were in a position. And that's really if you're if you're even when you take the super bowl that we won right you take the super bowl that we run one. Look at the way the nfc championship game played itself out in the dome even in that year. Difference between them is that we had a guy who under pressure is normally pretty good and the other team had whipping whipping mr rank and it was just a matter of time to whip it it whip eighty through us one and he did and we want all you can ask for if you have home. Field advantage is to be driving for the go ahead score on your field in your town to go to the super bowl and we had that and a disease zebra snatched victory out of our hands. And you're giving him a pass. Would've clippers shout out to atlanta. The clippers are the falcons. Bathroom was on the falcons. I'm dave never done anything. They the falcons haven't done anything. They should move them the montreal. They've never done anything like anything and they will. They had a chance and they clip with their way out of the deal. But what you did to us wasn't right and i'm hurt is. I might even met her. 'cause i really respect you guys in the show and then i had to come in this room. I had the water my plant water and right now. He's literally watering the plants to say. Wow this is. I feel like we've all grown in the past ten minutes. Norwood you thanks. I'm shedding tears right now. Microphone for a little bit. I really did have to pull myself back there. A little bit van. I think that was a very compelling argument. I do have a question for you. Sure which is are you aware that the saints are nearly a hundred million dollars over the salary cap next year. This is neither here nor there. For this argument i just i like to keep it in the in the mix. No yes of course. I'm aware of that. But thank you clippers. Like to bring it us and here. I'm glad that i can be on the wringer anti-state show today but Yeah i'm aware that we have some money problems. I'm also aware that hall of famer has broken. ribs and lung collapsed lung and pretty soon white. Lamar jackson is going to be the starter for our team. So there's a lot of things that are going to have to happen. I'm not saying we're in a better place. What i'm saying is please don't come on. Don't us dot. You don't clippers. Do you know how many people i put that on. Message boards you. You took me back to two thousand seven. I put that on message boards. I really outsource this answer. This wasn't just all you think this is all me. We came up with this as a family business. You had helped kaylin. You didn't have any help on your take. No i did. And i had saints fans who are close friends get. They're like oh. I had a few of them are like like man. I hate that you're right. And i was like i'm not sure. Oh wow some of them were like. I'm here that you're right. And some of them said exactly what you said. The mavericks and i was like wait a second. The mavericks are never you know in the top five. We're talking about how prolific the mavericks are. They don't really have a face of a free now. They do in and brown. that's why i disagree. I think dirk. I think they had there for years. And i think we're all we do talk about them as a traditionally offensive team that normally has fatal flaws that bite them in the playoffs. Go around and i think that's something that you can say about the saints since sean payton has been there we've been a dynamic offensive team right with all you've always you know in situations. We've never been an even in when we won the super bowl. It's not like the defense was solid. They were opportunistic. There were a high turnover defense and really really good at hitting the quarterback four to five seconds after the whistle had blown so for so very good now they would they would with constitute. So i'm just saying. I think they're more. But when you say the clippers you talking about historically bad but basketball dog united me and so i think that's kind of what jumped out of people but appreciate the take and i. I love to take a loved to take the we love to take. That causes problems in your personal life. I appreciate the take the perfect way to get us out here. Yeah peace of mind when people get to it. My man got to it. He was like fuck. Y'all lie enemy me. That's basically what he said to us. I'll matter now. Van late calin jones. He's been amazing. Thanks guys episode is brought to you by. Mcdonald's team lost this week now. One is a meal every mcdonald's like when you feel defeated and need to recover with the. I lost my fantasy football league this week. Neil had to mcdonald's and buyers of quarter pounder then another just dollar buy one get one for a limited time only price. Participation may vary ballots before lesser value bringing in from the wringer fantasy football show from the murmur dot com. From what else. Danny hi fits a ringer content. Yeah from from from new york. The state of new york new york richmond. La coastal elite and ankle jones is back for a second segment kaelin. How'd you the first first segment. I still feel bad for vance down. I apologize to him for hurting. his feelings. bans data. It gets an apology from your scorching day. That's the old standby take. Otherwise i do. Yeah all right so going to do guessing. The playoffs here and very easy very straightforward. If you don't know what is doing right now Ears playoff spot a playoff picture. One through seven member they have seven spots and sure they might have eight of games cancelled. It affects the playoff spot. Packers one saints to cardinals. Three eagles four. I said with a laugh may be may big laugh. boxer at five rams are at sixty oxford. Seven bears vikings lions of teams on the bubble and we use bubble and huge quotations in the afc. That's workers interesting. Steelers are one chiefs or two then. Bills colts than raiders. Dolphins ravens and. Here's where it gets intriguing. The teams on the outside looking in tennessee. Titans the cleveland browns new england patriots at four and five danny will start with you. Give us your wildcard teams. What does it look like. Well my first thought as you were talking we set. the term. playoff bubble is over because that means something completely different now. Oh that's a good point but take. Nfl dot com. We want afc or nfc. I or both what's what's let's do. Nfc to get out of the way. You know the playoff teams. Let's just do some some some housekeeping unless you have a bear stake now i thought about it because it nick foles. I decided i'm not going down on the chip. Now i got seahawks books cardinals. The wildcards seahawks cardinals. Okay so the extension of that. Is that the rams are gonna win the division. Yes i got. Yes the rams winning the west saints keep holding onto the south bay packers holding the north. I think giants actually took over the east. Which isn't your question. I think the eagles then fall out. That is my question. I mean that's that's that is relevant to the nfc so the eagles over the get overtaken by the giants. How does this happen and why so judges with his fist. Just brawls across yeah no. I know that didn't actually happen. But no i think the giants are just the best team and i. I'm i'm certainly biased. Because i love watching the giants at the giants. But i think anyone who's watched them over the last month knows they're the best team in the division they. The bucks game looks less and less like a fluke the further bouquet from it where everyone is doing the phrase. Everyone's a lot of were one hundred. Percents sang many team division. No they are. I mean like it's ironically. They fired more colombo today but the offensive line's been playing a lot better. They're still running the ball. Winkleman daniel jones had his first game without a turnover his career and i mean if he does that like i actually think they're going to keep the bars pretty low they could host the buccaneers and wild card weekend at six in ten. I'm well aware of that kaelin. Nfc and of see. I've got the bucks the rams and the cardinals guess seahawks win the division. And do you have. The eagles won in the nfc east. Why the giants as well at the giants went hell. Ya see objective was it. I think they can do it. I don't think they will. I think at some point. The eagles are gonna that that punt to tie is very important. And i think that there is simply are gonna accidentally went to games. Wow fans are not confident in giants fans are. Does that mean anything to you. Were now now back in the division. They the best quarterback in the division and and then the best coach in the division the best quarterback at some point. It has to matter. It's the toughest schedule as the saints. The packers the seahawks and the cardinals. You know setup road for them. I'm i'm i'm aware i'm just saying i don't think it. Listen everybody in this. Division stinks every single tasty. They smell they want to be left alone. I think even projecting them is. There's a reason these teams are awful and so the eagles had the fifth of the schedule but the giants at the seventh tougher schedule going forward. So it's not like they're they're the problem when you patty. Judge is about grit. No let me tell you something. The problem with the nfc them is that they don't play the nfc east. It can't play themselves so they don't. They can't rack up at a division. They can't you know the giants can't play the the giants to get an easy win. That's what they see. West washington for the nfc west is like everyone's like the nfc west. Amazing they just put in the nfc with you. Is the interesting westover ended. it's the records are inflated absolute. Sure no like seattle still has washington football team. The and the eagles to go so seattle is going to win those three games and they have the jets all right I am generally going jocular. I think i. I agree date with anne. That the rams win the division. I had the eagles winning the division. And then the azi west team so this is not there will be no bear stakes. There will be no viking stakes. Simmons i talked about this about how the vikings at least have outside shot. I don't think the winter is is going to get there. There's there's not going to be an eight wildcard team so that that's for sure for them all right. Afc here's where it's interesting calin. Jones take us there I've got the dolphins. The raiders and the ravens. Chalk right now. Dolphins raiders ravens. Okay so you. Do you have any faith in the titans or browns or the patriots. I don't have faith in the browns. Okay i do have a little bit of like slight faith in the patriots. Just because a bill check and cam newton and the weight up a you know kinda just find ways to win Tell in coaching there. But as far as you know the titans. I am still conflicted here. Because i think that they can sneak in I don't trust the fact that they are not able to. You know really put any faith. Once they fall behind. They are not the same team. they're not able to. You know rely on their quarterback to make plays the way that other teams can't ryan tannehill when he has lied when able use play action. Run the football Great team of the best in the league but they need their defense the play at a high level know consistently think sucks. I mean kevin. You keep talking that this is like the. This is the outcomes razor season. This is like the keep it simple. Season defense wins championships. The titans defense sucks also. Their special teams are often. The charges have the worst special teams in the league. The titans are right there at the bottom with them. And i think it's ironic that you've got the to check disciples of mike vrabel. Flora's the dolphins have the best special teams football outsiders. The titans are at the bottom. And i think that that kind of like the detail oriented. -ness of the dolphins is kinda why i have faith in them and not so much in the titans because beyond their offense just sloppy. You know. that's exactly what i want. Think defense wins championships. I think defense can lose your championships. Though i i've heard so many. Why would it not be true. All right i want. Let's get danny fits teams before we get into specific debates on this. This is so boring. I've got ravens raiders. Dolphins almost want to change now. Okay so i. I wanna get back. So what's debate the browns here for a second. Yeah i actually do like the browns as as a as a idea because they play defense yeah and and they have the jets the jaguars the giants eagles as as they're easy opponents. Now the vegas also has a very easy schedule But i think they're going to be able to get to ten wins at some point And by the way. Vegas has tiebreaker. So it's a tough road to hoe as far as just day at take that the browns are gonna make the playoffs. But i do think that they're probably going to be a ten one team. Anything with the divisions right. Now guys where you think that that this could shake up or a the current winners the steelers chief spills and colts is the agenda. I have chalked there. But i really thought about putting the dolphins in the afc slot because basically the bills run by this week. And if the dolphins win this week close. I think florida's is a better coach than fangio and i think that if the dolphins win this week that divisions really close they playing week seventeen. I thought about it but realistically it's just it's more likely than not daniel on daniel mississippi right there did you have to go with. Flora's better coach fangio that was your x factor versus broncos it all seriousness. Yes in all seriousness. Yes guys. I drew lock like no. I think. Coaching the most underrated part of the season. I mean you talk about this. All the dolphins have the edge in like every single department and then in coaching. Just funny. it's just funny. I like it. I like to take. This is not a take. No but i think that the interesting part is that the i actually don't think the afc south is that close as a division even though the colton titans of the same record and you know we should say i. I think the dolphins have a better chance than the titans even though they're countdown spills dolphins satellite. I'm gonna take the bills. I know again. Like i like danny mentioned you know. I think four is definitely better coach. Sean mcdermott but i think You know the bills. Do you think you think okay. You think that that floors back ocean mcdermott. That's interesting. i do. Yeah no personally do okay. I think that no look. I think it's a bit of a toss. It's that's the thing it's not like they're above. I think it's very very very close. But i think forces better coach when you look at trump the roster in what he's been able to do with this team maximizing the poisoning house but like being said. I think that the dolphins still the they're not the most complete team you know. The bills do have relatively speaking to do of complete team. Haven't been wait at a consistent level and a lot as josh l. I'd say the similar history. Mcdermott and floor is. They're both great culture guys though both make you believe an intangibles if you don't going into an interview with them They both like veteran presences. But know how to work in and develop used so. I think there's a lot there. I i think it's too early for me. This is the first listen. Brian floors is only had a team to win with for like five weeks. Like it's hard. It's hard for me to make the canal. But that's my point. They take these sold everything that was not nailed down the first half of the season they were worse than expansion franchise and they finished five and four. They're better they finished with a better record than the patriots from november. I last year's team and if my mind coaching the definition of a coach is your job is to do more with less. Your job is to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. You could argue that. No coach in the twenty first century has been handed. Worst parts than blind for. Brian floors he ad for half season. Got the team to be five and four and in my mind. I actually connect at five and four the first half of this season. Even though you're not supposed to do that the coach of the year. I think he's coach of the year. I i think mike tomlin can do that out. I'll make that decision with them back in next month fly. I think you're over looking the that. Sean mcdermott brand being had to like they're both so good. I mean there were the top three years ago. They had to they basically to do an on the fly. Tear down because of the cap problems there with nicole problems and all that stuff. So i think that they. I think that. I understand why you would want to say for is better than mcdermott. I'm just saying it's a. It's a lot closer than let's kidding. We don't have to pit them against each other head of the patriots. They can both be happy. They're doing the same division going for the same. That's how the patriots win. No the patriots are not gonna let their bills and dolphins fence both be happy. All right Let's let's let's go to some questions here all right number one. We'll start with you danny. Hi it's energize right now. Who is who is the wildcard team. Your most confident. With what a playoff game. It's the bucks unless they have to play the giants in which case that'll be because they'll lose but it's tom brady and todd bowles. I mean it's it's defense. I mean all cliches defense wins championships. It's tom brady. It's like i. I can't i mean it's this isn't a take it's like the safest thing i can think of for playoff game. So can i ask you a question. Do you think though that there's a chance that the bucks are out allowed guard team because the fact that drew brees is out for indeterminate. Amount of weeks. Fivethirtyeight breaker goes to the saints but five thirty to twenty six percent chance pointing division. I understand everything. But i you know you're trusting jameis winston to get you some wins here. We've seen it with teddy bridgewater how they've been able to operate with a backup quarterback. But that's just worries me a little bit when you've got the best quarterback of all time out of course wearing as you said they would five teddy bridgewater. Now winston is i think the polar opposite of james wins of teddy bridgewater as a player like they have nothing in common janus nothing common threes. It's like he has a cannon arm kinda reckless with the ball like. I'm i don't know if he's going to be able to replicate that. Because teddy was very content to let the defense win those five games but if he can i mean i think i picked the saints to win super bowl and i stay i stick with it so i think they're going hold on to the division in the bucks will get the wildcard kevin jones. Give me a wild card winner. I picked the ramps. But you know. I you both of you guys have them as you know when either division. Yeah yeah so it doesn't. It's not surprising when you consider you. Know again sean. Mcvay brenston with the coaching job. That those who have done this year maximizing especially staley what the defense aaron donald jalen ramsey have been playing observed football and i have played around them. Also playing really really well I think complete alzheimer's gonna show. I have to be honest kevin. You changed my mind about the rams defense. Because i thought firing wade phillips and sixty years of football experience during a pandemic would be a mistake. It was not. I thought it was a mistake to i until this year. I thought it was a mistake. I listen. I don't wanna be credited with some sort of take where i was like. Oh great great. Hire brandon staley march. It was just that. I saw them play really well and really innovatively in september october september october and then went on resilience. Said this this this is it chief and so. I don't think that there is i. I'm just looking at the at the evidence here. So yeah i. I love that that ramsey him all right Who's the division winning. That's gonna lose. Calin jones cannonball by the way we cannot say the nfc east so the listener knows why we're not doing that. Otherwise would just pick that galen jones. I'm picking the colts I don't really know if they have a convincing a truly convincing win this year. Outside of you know they They lost week. One the jacksonville. You could screw that the twenty nine point win against the jets but also eight point win against chicago. Nine point win against cleveland four point win against cincinnati. They have a fourth rank defensive but they have eighteenth an offense and i know philip rivers is veteran. Knows what he's doing but he has a career of you know kinda screwing up in crucial moments and offenses weapons. I love all these numbers. And then like philip rivers screws up rats meteors out right succinct way of putting it wrong. Danny kelly dan. Kelly danny honestly. I'm honored that you called. I would love to have to. I i at the first super bowl we went to i. We're on radio row as walking down. I don't know. I forget what song judge walking down the hallway. Somebody comes up to me and goes. Oh my god danny kelly. Now it's like. Oh yes. I am danny kelly. You know all these gm's kept coming up to me at the combine were like. Hey nice to meet you. Kevin are you. Are you serious no joke. That didn't happen total. No it was like a random person. Random i yeah. That's it was not a geometry thing. It was just a random person who was like standing. I don't know where the wires got crossed. Or whatever but is a huge compliment to me. And i just called you danny kelly. So it's the circle of life my division winner the steelers. The steelers are obviously the most likely team to lose in kaelin. My only qualm. The colts fans colts is all the steelers trends to listen to. This also agree the steelers of the most likely team to lose in the first round. Because i don't think they're gonna hold onto the by. I'm pretty i mean. I think we all probably agree. That chiefs are going to end up with the by the steelers are so wobbly like ross perkins literally wobbly rothlisburger looked older than any person. I've seen on the field last week with the two knee injuries. He just looks slower than ever that the line can't run block anymore like they're they just keep winning by the skin of their teeth but not in a way. That's like oh what a great team. But in a way that's like holy crap. This team is just honestly my issue with tomlin as head coach of the year. Is that the steelers. Look like less than the sum of their parts. And that's just an issue like they keep just finding ways still. They're eventually going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I feel like they're doing that over. And over and also it matters. If they're defensive line stays healthy they need cam heyward on one hundred percent the needs to fund to it at one hundred percent so i i just feel like they have this history of playing down to their opponents. I mean from the broncos game of tibo of lost so many important then we'll just frigging cowboys game. That i wouldn't be shocked while we're having this conversation. I bet the nfc east team wins the first playoff game. Because that's always how this goes like. I really think that whoever wins the will win a playoff game. Just because that's just how this year has gone up. It'd be against the bucks two hyphen just blackout is roll off. Ten great lakes. That was amazing. All right so let's unpack all this number one calin jones. Do you believe in the steelers. i do. Because of their defense. Because rossier is proven and i mean honestly and i agree that danny's right in that they've looked wobbly and rothlisberger for his part. You know he. He's been a completely different player than what he's actually not quite different ways been a different point that he's had to get rid the ball so much faster than what he's doing this past throughout his career but he has a weapons around him. You know. I know the running game has not been there but rothlisberger has been you know solid enough to get it out to guys. Trust them the offense that they have. So i a couple of things number. One is the looming problem here. Is that the ravens might as of right now on the seven seat and that would be a really bad break for the two seed and that's where getting the bible comes even more important. You don't want to be gained planning for lamar jackson on wild card weekend. That sounds like an absolute gamer. So if you get nothing against the raiders or even the dolphins and the browns or any of these teams. I think are really interesting. I don't want to begin. Planning for lamar jackson on wild card weekend All right last thing free is for we get outta here. Anybody also board to make a run whether that's the vikings patriots or whomever. Is there anyone if you had to bet if you had to take a bet if someone gave you ten dollars to lay down on someone we have not picked to win anything going with calin jones. I'm picking the vikings and it's because of their schedule you look at the cowboys. The jaguars bears lions. And then you just have to flip. One of the panthers are saints not make voting reference here. But there's a pathway to going nine seven so conceive the questions ten dollars to put someone. I once read in one of your columns that if you bet on the patriots before the season every year that you would be like behind air like. It's better than like that sound. Sounds great but in right no no it sounds like something i would have written it. He's remember writing but the point is i'm betting on the best coach ever but the real answer here is i was looking at. This question is fourteen the perfect number for the playoffs. Because i looked at it like no none of the bad teams are going to make it none of the teams that really does like the teams that are left that can make a run really deserve it like basically the patriots have to go six and one to finish. Maybe five to six in one and the vikings have to do the same thing and at that point you deserve it but i kinda just looking at. This was kind of excited. Like i like. Fourteen is a playoff number. So i also have the vikings and it is a scheduled thing because i look at first of all like. They're just a pretty good team. They're decent team. They're not gonna win a playoff game. But i think they can rattle off some wednesday schedule as caitlin alluded to jacksonville. Dallas carolina is a toss up and then detroit and then they have the saints the bears and the box i. They've got a point upset over the boxer or the saints in order to get this conversation but they can certainly beat the bears. So i would not be surprised if they make a run I don't i think this is kind of a bad year to be a bubble team just because of how crowded that whole thing is the fact that we talked about the ravens might be the seventeen like that. That's that's the depth does not afc and so with you know with new england and got a pretty easy schedule twenty six by by future opponents. Winning percentage. I got the texans chargers and the jets. Charges are not an easy out and they've got a quarterback by in theory could beat everybody if they didn't just blow everything at the end of games within the also. Have you know the bills. Rams cardinals indulgent so. It's going to be tough for any of those teams if anybody made. I wouldn't be surprised if the vikings did it. Listen i i. i'm pro patriots. I'm famously pro. Patriots wouldn't just on if if candidate made a run like this but this is it's a tough year for that all right danny. Hi it's any other topics Now fourteen teams to the playoffs. Everyone complained but adding to spot is perfect. It's less than half and but it's it's enough the right amount you'll get used to it grew. I says i'm not used to it because it's never happened before. How could you be used to it. I'm just. I could be sixteen. Y'all could be. Yeah we'll have to get used to that to either way all right. Danny hi fits. Calin jones hit people on. He's been rumored i felt show on the wringer by gas handle.

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December 4th: Brieana Reed-Harmel and Kevin Carr HR 3

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December 4th: Brieana Reed-Harmel and Kevin Carr HR 3

"This is mornings with kale in northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. I feel the need the need for speed. Indeed that is your clarion holwell. Ludlum pulse has got you covered launching business high speed internet and a boy services Just yesterday now. The launch comes after they launched residential service in june so we wanted to get a little bit more information on that we turn to our loveland. pulse manager this morning. Who has all the details everything that you need to know. Welcome to the show this morning. Thank you so much beyond. Yes so tell us a little bit about this everything we need to know by the way Brianna read hormel. Welcome to the show. Yeah so this is exciting news. I gotta tell you. I live in loveland and Oh i would say over the past couple of weeks or so. There's been a lot of boring going on the yellow trucks in your neighborhood. Yes many compliments to the crew on those yellow trucks because they are just the nicest people around. Oh that's no good to hear that we it's always good to hear good comments about our crews are doing in the field. You know there's so many out there that watch them all right. Well very courteous because you know again. My inbox like your inbox. Probably brianna just jammed. Full of stuff. And i obviously missed the email on this so i stopped one day and touch the crew and they were so courteous and so nice and it was just a very pleasant experience. Oh good well they are. They're a local company and they live and work here too. They have a lot of pride in our community Just like just like all right so this is exciting news. Tell us everything we need to know. Sure so yesterday we long our business services As you mentioned. We launched our residential services back in june and We're not ready to start brings business customers online as well. And so we have Rate products offering everything that a business might need and speeds at from one hundred megabytes two months gig symmetrical hundred percent fiber And we have boy services Completely comprehensive From small business news all the way up to very large enterprise customers and everything in between so. We're super excited to be able to start bringing our business community on board. You are or service. So how does it stack up in terms of the competition when you at pricing. Yeah so we We did a marketing. Study earlier this year to make sure that we were being competitive with With the current offerings in the market. And we are right right in the next with With the competition out there. We think that we're offering a better service overall. And but you know there were certainly not offering that at a higher price so we're we're making competitive area. How an update on the residential service. Now my understanding is is that you launch that residential service in june. We're still looking at it by the way. But how's how's that working so far. Oh it's going great. We're having really high interest from the community in the areas that we've launched it's gonna take about Four years for us to completely roll out to the entire community and that clued special and businesses. But we're signing people up as we go and we're seeing really strong interest Our our business plan have about thirty two percent at the end of the year four. And we're already at twenty two percents so we're doing really great And we're getting really great feedback from everybody who signed up that it's reliable fast. It's exactly what they expected. That's really commendable. That's quite the accomplishment. Brianna read harmonica is pulse shooter in loveland particularly when you look at as we're all looking forward to getting out from under twenty twenty and everything than twenty twenty is brought our way but looking in terms of optimism for the future and certainly that goes to Companies looking to relocate to loveland. Yeah we we think going to make our community a lot more desirable i one of the a pandemic has really proven activity is essential not just to businesses but also to residents and being work from home school classes online Just being to conference call your your grandparents your parents From far and we're all zoom in these days we are. I think it's really changed. How we look at our internet service and you know pulse has a number of different things. One is that we're fiber optic end to end. So that means we're super fast super reliable but it also allows us to have symmetrical which is really become very important for people working from home not just having download capability but then being offload and communicate back to other places and it's it makes a huge difference and we don't have data cat that's the other thing and that really sets us apart and crew for and the business side so you're not going to run out of run out of bitch and bite at the end of the month. Run out of sumit's as the case may be as you mentioned. pulses Twelve months into this four year project and you you are working with community members of businesses to let them know As the service becomes available in their area right yes so we have a rare form online that you can fill out. If you're interested in knowing more about web services come to our area that puts the ball back and artworks though is our responsibility to reach out to you let you know but we're also putting door hangers and putting out when Not only come into the neighborhood or the community for construction but then also when services available. So i really signing up on early interest for him on our website and dot com and. That's that's really the best way to stay informed about what's going on brianna read hermel Pulse manager this has loveline. Pulse launched business high speed internet and voice services to complement the residential service That was established in june. Thank you so much for taking the time certainly do appreciate it again that website if we want more information it's a loveland whole dot com. Thank you so much. Thank you take care you too closing in on eight fifteen now. Thirteen ten kfi k. Party northern colorado's force thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. After mornings with gale's stay tuned for the dan patrick show the whole show. The herd with colin cowherd only thirteen ten. Kfi all right so you know that mask that we've all been dragging around with us for the past eight nine months. You know the one that you're supposed to if it's a reusable one the one that you're supposed to wash after every wearing and now but you can't wash it more than five times because four times. Excuse me my bad can't wash more than four times. Because the fibers breakdown and kind of effect well its efficacy as the case may be and what about that disposable mask the one you're supposed to wear once How many of you have actually worn. And i'm sorry to you. Medical professionals out there who are just rolling your eyes going. Oh gail stop. Stone encouraged bad behavior. I'm really not. But i've got to ask the obvious question. How many of you with that. Disposable mask have actually worn at once and dispose of it. I've talked to so many folks just doing you know kind of a non scientific survey asking them. How many times have you worn not mask. And they're like count that where you are nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. kfi k. A text line all right. Now's the time to go into the disclaimer about text line. Because if you're a new texter well we have a new number for text line. If you i'm not gonna call you an old texter. I'm gonna say if you have been a texter to us thirteen ten. Kfi am for some time. Well the good news is you're grandfathered into the equation. You don't have to make any changes whatsoever but if you care to dip a toe into our text line. Our new text number is nine seven zero four seven eight. Thirteen a one. And if he'd cared taxed all you have to do first time it's text. Kpfk a two nine seven zero four seven eight thirteen o one and then Well once again you can join our longtime texters in. Just text the way to your heart's content. Meanwhile back to the mass well regardless of whether you have disposed of the disposable mask which i would suggest you might want to consider doing given the fact that well it tends to well breakdown pretty quickly and you're not going to Get the protection that these max per actually present or offer us. Well if you're regardless of how you feel about wearing these mass. I would suggest that you might want to get used to them. This as joe biden will call for one hundred days of mass after he is inaugurated. I'm not seeing mandates anywhere in this equation that remains to be seen but joe biden says that he will ask us to mask up but only for a limited period of time that one hundred day period starting today that he is inaugurated in order to Hopefully drive down the number of corona virus cases. Yeah this was during an interview with c. n. n. and the president elect joe biden. Said the first day. I'm inaugurated. I'm going to ask the public for one hundred days to mask just one hundred not forever. One hundred days he went on to say. I think we'll see a significant reduction that occurs with vaccinations. That will certainly be the case and unmasking to drive down the numbers considerably social distancing works as well we learned that from the pandemic of nineteen eighteen. The spanish flu pandemic so biden's comments actually came a day after the. Us recorded a new high in corona virus related fatalities on wednesday at two thousand eight hundred and four this. According to data from johns hopkins university the nation which by the way has logged more than fourteen million cases and more than two hundred and seventy five thousand deaths since the pandemic began also recorded a two hundred thousand seventy new daily covid nineteen illnesses. Though it did not surpass a previous daily case record set november twenty seventh of two hundred and five thousand five hundred and fifty seven now the record daily death toll coincides with the news of a record number of hospitalized coronavirus patients topping one hundred thousand on tuesday milestone comes as health officials warned of surges tied to holiday travel and locked down fatigue. Biden's comments also came as he urged lawmakers on capitol hill to get their act together. My words not his to get behind a bipartisan. Covid nineteen relief effort after months. Long a months-long logjam to deliver much sought after aid as the tempestuous congressional session speeds to a close. Here's the thing all right. You've got the announcement governor gavin newsom. Mr do as i say. Not as i do hulo mayor hancock by the way i just want to be inclusive here by the way if you check the front page of the new york post this morning. That is the headline you remember. We work down through the list of the top Government official hits basically telling us not to travel then turning around and traveling telling us not to have family gatherings. And then doing the same telling us not to congregate in groups outside of our cohort and then going to fancy restaurants napa so check out the front page of the new york post because well mayor michael hancock joining that list of the top Sure it's expanded to twenty now top twenty hypocrites when it comes to do as i say not as i do your member mayor michael hancock sending out a tweet just before. He got on a plane to travel to mississippi to spend thanksgiving with his wife and daughter telling denver rights. Well no don't do that. No stay at home Do not gather for thanksgiving that. I had to laugh when i saw that. But i do digress. House speaker nancy. Pelosi senate democrat leader. Chuck schumer wednesday came out in support the almost one trillion dollar approach as the basis for discussions but again as you got gavin newsom moving ever closer to increasingly strict lockdowns in la. It begs the question as these moves. And i'm sorry. Check me on this. If i'm wrong. I understand that science changes by its very nature. I also get the fact that this is a novel corona virus. Oh so the science indeed will change but as we have gone through these litany of restrictions and ever changing guidelines and shutdowns and lockdowns and corn. Teens doesn't it appear. It's an emission of a failure of public policy. Whenever you have. These rather or wellington governor's throwing up their hands as cases spread and basically saying epic fail everything that we have tried before didn't work so we're just gonna lock you all down again your mental health. Be damned it's about nuance and were missing the point when it comes to the fight against a covid nineteen but more to the point unless congress gets its act together as a small businesses will. Many of them will never reopen across the nation. Shouldn't congress actually come up with the way to help those people's whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed as a result of these lockdowns stands to reason for me nine seven three five three thirteen ten all right eight thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com coming up kevin car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies dot com joins us at eight thirty five with well some new offerings in theaters to include half brothers and all my life as a as a documentary called dear santa also ask him about the fact that all twenty twenty one films will stream on. Hbo match more to the point. I believe it's the warner brothers film. So we'll check in with kevin car fat guys two movies fat guys dot com when joins us at eight thirty five. No co now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Tastes headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten. Kfi well as thirty seven on your friday morning. You know what time it is in every sense of the phrase kevin car that guys fat guys at the movies. Dot com shameless plug. You can hear us. Weekly syndicated radio program and i might add. It is a real. Don't miss because he pulls out all the stops you can hear that Each and every saturday right here on thirteen ten. Kfi gay from noon to one and you can also catch him as a wonderful member of our thirteen ten. Kfi a block party heard. Weekdays actually hurts. A wednesdays of beginning at for kevin car is at the movies. How you doing up. Don't good how you doing gail. i'm doing great. It's friday the sun is shining in. The sky is blue and the sun trees. Green in the birds are singing. So it's okay good. That's a nice outlook. Have right now. Yes yes although some my call a toxic positively but yes. I tried to look on the sunnyside street. Hey i wanted to ask you about this. We've got a bunch of movies to get into stock humor. Nice documentary but This is seismic when you look at the fact. That warner brothers is releasing all it's twenty twenty one movies on hbo. Max i mean. That's the precursor of chains. I mean it's us well am i. I like the way you said that because a lot of people are saying. Is this the end of theaters. And i didn't go that. Yeah i don't think it is. I think you're right. It's a precursor for change Do keep in mind a couple of things when they said they're gonna really some day and date. They're only going to have him on. Hbo max for thirty one days. I think and then they'll take them off and then we'll come back later. I'm sure But that's just for that the window time and then they also have said they'd be buried in the press release. They're like well. This is just temporary. This is just for twenty twenty one. This is just for those seventeen films that are going to be coming out over the next year So they're saying they could leave room for them to scale it back but the question is. Can you get the genie back in the bottle. After this bats the thing. I just have to wonder if this is a dry run. Let's you know let's give it a shot and see how it works. But i'm like you. I don't think that you can put it out there and then just categorically pull it back and think there are two reasons. Why warner brothers did that was able to do this. The first one is i think they got their clocks cleaned when they tried to release ten prematurely this summer and did not take with people going to theaters and say they lost money on it. I mean i. It's still going to be profitable but with the overseas but the domestic box office was low. The other reason they're able to do this is hbo. Max exists already. It's a viable service that people have signed onto and it's got plenty of content on there so they're able to pivot into something that already has a subscription base and so that gives it puts them in a position to do that unlike paramount or even universal which has their peacock service. But it doesn't nearly have a pain subscriber base away. Hbo max does so. I could see other theaters. I studios do this. But i think the one that's prime to do. This would be disney because they have disney plus of they've already done this to. I mean this isn't an unprecedented move right. Yeah well telegraphing already this. The last several months that they're wanting to go to direct distribution of content to the viewer which would bypass the theaters. It would do would give them all the prophets and would it's a business decision. Even outside of the pandemic this may have been where disney was pushing pandemic or not and. i think that it will change theaters. I think if you're going to say the death of anything it might start to be the death of the multiplex where you have. These buildings that have like in my town. We have a thirty screen theatre lau. Yeah that's to put that in perspective in the movie bachelor party which came out in nineteen eighty-four. There's a scene where they run into a theater. And it's meant to be absurd. They had thirty six screens. I'm like well that's just reality now. You know it's not that was. The joke is thirty. Just ridiculous number. So i think i might be the end of that. We might end up. They'll always be feeders. People are still going to want to see the big screen movies. And you're gonna have. I max out possibilities and stuff but i could see in the future. Kinda swing back to what we had in the seventies and early eighties when you had two or three before screen theaters. That only played the big movies and some of the middling ones for the people who wanted the theatrical experience of the people who wanna see i max and immersion stuff and also for the big movies. They'll be there for that. But you won't need thirty screens anymore. So we can pick and choose now because there are certain films the wow. Is zoe the amazing films that you want to see stuff blow up on the big screen. Yeah i've said before when it comes to just a normal year. Let's take this year out of the picture but on a normal year. I say there's you know you can count on one hand. How many movies you really have to see in theaters. That really make a difference. I and arguably the feeder experiences great. There's nothing like watching a comedy where everybody's into it but there's also downside always got someone with the phone somebody eating loudly and somebody kicking your seat and somebody. Yeah so in plus the fact your home cinnabon capabilities are so good now. I mean we. We lived in the seventies. Remember what it was like. Your home theater was a black and white nineteen inch. Tv on the other side of the room with rabbit ears. Yeah i've heard about that back in the seventies let's just say. Amc is not happy about not at all in fact. You had the ceo and president of amc entertainment. Adam erin saying ask for him see we will do all in our power to ensure. That warner doesn't do this at our expense and that they've already commenced the quote immediate and urgent dialogue with the leadership of warner on this subject that those conversations are about as testy the between nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell these days. Because here's the thing with this. Is i imagine that the protector the President of amc. He heard about this about when i heard about it was clearly wanna brothers. Did not have them in on the discussion before they made this announcement and he got taken by surprise with his pants down and he's like whoa because they negotiated a seventeen window with universal this last summer. And that's part of the reason we still have the inter's movies in theaters right now. Is universal's releasing their stuff in theaters then seventeen daisley later. Putting on demand. Stuff like freaky. This weekend's bath brothers. they got seventeen days. And that's a that's a focus features that's owned by universal and that's going to end up on demand in seventeen days as well such a pro. You are kevin carfax among these guys at the movies. Dot com perfect. Segue a review of half brothers new in theaters this week. Yes this one is a. It's a story. We've seen similar stories before it starts off in mexico with a Executive of airline and his father had left mexico to go to america to find a job when he was younger never returned and he finds out his father's dying and he has traveled to chicago to have closure and say goodbye but that's when he meets a half brother he never knew he had and then they have to take a road trip to find something and along the way they get to know each other and we've seen that sort of setup many times before and it's formulate it's got some funny moments It's i think the audience traveling along with them would feel like another half brother being that they'd be annoyed at the beginning but then maybe would tolerate it and then by the time you get to the end you're like well that was. We had a good time. Didn't we for that lasts ninety minutes. And that's what it's all about particularly in twenty twenty is having that opportunity to have a good time because those opportunities are few and far between the bar set load movie aiding myself so yeah exactly okay all right all my life yes this one you know what's funny is if you look at the not funny is if you look at the the promotion of an almost looks like a romantic comedy. It's not. It's a romantic drama. And that's important to know it's based on a true story so this really did happen to some people. It's about a couple that meet and fall in love and kind of have that first half the romantic comedy world wind romance and they decided to get married and then they get tragic. News causes them to reschedule and do stuff with the wedding. And you know it's that's what it is about. Their relationship is based on a true story. So they're real people that they went through this. The the problem is once you know what that is. Why don't you wouldn't you figure out what the movie is about. By the blurb written on the poster basically just kind of goes through the motions and and the emotions as well the motions and and the people do a good job in their their their the couple's good you know they they have a nice little warmer relationship but You know it is sort of that intentional tearjerker. And if you're into that great you know there's a whole sub-genre of hospital romance true that now. Isn't that interesting. Because you talk about half brothers. And i love when used the term gonna steal it from you connected tissue and all my all my life because they are formulaic. Now half brothers is kinda comforting while life is kind of like stop with the tearjerking. And i'll i'll admit that the my biases come in here. But that's okay because i'm a critic. I'm allowed to do that. But when it comes to formula films if you like the formula you're gonna like the movie you know. I like the formula for half brothers. I i'm a little tired of the formula on all my life. you know. it's i think of it this way. The entire cinematic landscape is hallmark christmas movies. If you like the formula you're gonna watch all of them throughout the one hundred twenty eight that they release each year. If you don't like the formula you want something different in the. That's i watch a slasher movie and love and just because there's there's just a stupid formula from the eighties. It fits so. I thought that's i think that's kinda fun all right speaking of more formulae christmas music movies and nice documentary as you said in your email. Dear santa yes. This one is about the us post office and the post office been in the news a lot lately this this year and it's just like anything that's in the news. Everyone's fighting but what's nice about this. We have a nice documentary that shines a light on something. Really nice about things and it's about how. The post office delivers the millions of letters. They get for santa every year and they how they get up to santa at the north pole and the process that they do for that but it also has a thing that not everybody knows about. There's a section of the post office that's designed to. They use volunteers to sort of take a little bit of burden off santa shoulders. 'cause he and he's busy this time of year and people can basically adopt letters and find a way to fulfill the christmas wishes in those letters. And it's a really sweet and heartwarming documentary about the true meaning of christmas. Not just the point of heartstrings not formulaic but just real life things that the kids are going through or even the people that are that are answering. The letters are going through and you know like i said. Everyone's fighting about everything right now. It's nice to see something like this. It's up lifting its inspirational and I don't know kind of means. See the good. That is still around us and i certainly appreciate that. Yeah all right. We've also got manque releasing on net flicks yes. This was in limited release for the last couple of weeks. But it's now on netflix. They're releasing me on the service. It tells the story of herman markowitz. Who wrote citizen kane. He's played by. Gary oldman directed by david fincher. And they they sorta tell it in. The style of citizen kane is in black and white You know it's got this booming bernard herrmann style score and it's got some interesting camera elements that they use It's got a great cast And it basically shows all the hoops to jump through. Inspirations is interaction with randolph. For william randolph hurts. Then and orson welles to a tiny degree. I so it's interesting. I think it's most interesting for people who are huge fans of citizen kane and want to see how that sausage was made back in the forties. Little chiro skirrow i love black and white. I it just vokes such emotion in me. But that's just me right right. I'm not sure we have time. I wanted to ask you about what's going on. Import ryan is just like pulling his hair. But but one to ask you very quickly okay. So we've all heard about swell. The breakdown between amber heard and johnny depp. Wanted to get your take on this off to petition amber heard as it tops. One point six million signatures. It's kind of bizarre. Well here's the thing. I think there's two things going on. I think that there's there i have not. I have not studied a lot of the cases minus but from what i understand is this was a two way. Abusive relationship between the two of them both seemed kind of on edge. They brought plenty to the party on this. I think there are people who are thinking. She's getting a. He's getting a big worse rap than she is the reason though that he got dumped from the warner brothers filmed the the the beast tastic. P. series isn't because it's because of the libel case that he was that he had filed and lost and that's where they're like okay. We need a back off of this. She hasn't gone through the case. I think that's kind of. What did i think people have a point but it's not the first time now. A jerk is in a movie. It's unprecedented as so many things. Aren twenty document to and no one would give a flying bat jason. Momoa you're going to have soccer moms riot go. You're gonna have some issues and you won't have a tissue for them. Her kevin car fat guys the movies. Fat guys at the movies dot com. Thanks so much as always do appreciate you all right. Thank you take care. Eight fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi k rolls board story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. Gotta love it. If you're on monolith of watch now you remember the first one popped up in southeastern utah summarily disappeared. Then we had one in romania that was torn down. We'll guess what there's a third monolith that appeared in california atop pine mountain in a task adera who's place in all these across the globe remains to be seen brady hall purveyor of the hall. Show coming your way today at noon.

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October 23, Hr 3  Matt Makens and Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

35:25 min | 9 months ago

October 23, Hr 3 Matt Makens and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen. Ten KFI AM. Cold Front in northern. Colorado with cloudy skies. Cooler. Weather and the chance for precipitation helping firefighters battled some of the wildfires in the state. Now, yesterday's cold front impacted the Cameron Peak Callwood and left Hand Canyon Fires Warm Windy, and dry conditions will persist over grand summit and Park counties They did it did persist on Thursday keeping fire danger elevated in those areas which includes. That east troublesome fire, which absolutely exploded Wednesday and Thursday question is with that cold front expected to arrive on Sunday. Will it assists the firefighters in their battle eight Oh eight now thirteen ten, kfi thirteen, ten KFI. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the auto collision specialist studios joined this morning by channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists atmospheric scientist Matt Nickens. Good Morning. I'll tell you what it was absolutely terrifying yesterday and I don't mean to launch into personally and certainly I'm not under the danger that others are looking at hundreds that have had to evacuate from Grand Lake areas like Estes Park. But by two o'clock, it looked like dusk the skies were black. There was black ash falling from the skies and I am watching a steady stream of traffic as they're evacuating on a thirty four West East question is, is the weather going to cooperate? It it is to an extent es What we saw yesterday was the fire got up to the divide started to try to work its way downhill into Rocky Mountain National Park, or well the rest of Rocky Mountain National Park toward, Estes Park it is encountered a lot of that fog and low cloud coverage humidity and it really stalled up there due to the humidity. So to an extent, the system did help, but the system will be clearing out today and we'll have about a twenty four hour period where we'll have. Drier conditions stronger wind again. Once we hit tomorrow. That's when we'll have our big system arriving and then heavy snowfall should fall. and. We would love it. If that you know Mother Nature if we would get the heavy snowfall that would put the fires out but that's kind of a pipe dream and. It seems to be. In you could use camera as an example in early September covered by a lot of snow rain and then a lot of snow and then look what happened. You know it came right back now some of the smaller spotty fires that came under great control yesterday cow would left hand Perhaps this'll be enough snow to help them but I think the troublesome that hotspot is just far too large in far too hot now to think that one snow event will put it out. We would need frequent events. So we'll have fingers crossed the next few weeks we can keep even smaller snows just we just need the additional moisture to count. The intensity of these fires particularly, the East troublesome fire that we want to explode Wednesday into Thursday, burning six thousand acres and our. At last count burning one hundred and seventy, thousand, one, hundred, sixty, three acres now second largest fire in Colorado history second only beyond the cameron, a peak fire not talked about this before that phenomenon where fire creates its own weather are we seeing that now that one for sure in that happened several days ago when we started to see those really. Powerful towering pyro Cumulus Clouds there was quite a bit lightning detected within that plume also cameron peak a few days ago. So they were creating their own environment again that he just fueled itself and then you through unjust that right amount of wind, well terrible in our perspective, but right for the fire for it to spread. So quickly, the other day it was just tremendous. But Yeh, it created its own, its own fuel system fuel cycle if you will. And then I came across a photographs that well terrifying on its face, but it was captured by. A resident Mason Bell resident behind the Mason Vale Post Office on Saturday and it's something known as a smoke NATO. What is that? you can get when you get these really hot environments. It would be like creating a dust devil on a hot summer day over the plains. Where there's just so much heat on the surface, which rises because he'd rises just like a boiling pot of water you'll see the steam rise, they modifier area, and it will interact with all those valleys or a slightly cooler pocket of air and it can create. A you know in essence a dust devil but in this case, it's the smoke devil and some times you will get. A fire tornadoes to form to. Now you know it's funny. I. Get conflicting reports one from the farmer's ALMANAC that says, watch out it's going to be a very heavy snow winter but then well, you've been talking about another phenomenon that factors into the mix. So I guess the question is as we look ahead to precipitation this winter, what can we expect? It will well for an far far northern Colorado in the far northwest of that segment you go. You'll probably end up around average but as you transition over the Front Range Fort Collins Greeley Boulder Denver and you work south and east and over the eastern. Plains you'll become much drier than average and that's When we have lenient place which we do. That usually only favors north western area of the state in the North Central Mountains. So that's one factor, but then we have the Atlantic which is behaving in a way that. Can reinforce drought signal in our region. So the the Combo impacted the double-punch from both the Atlantic and what's happening in the Pacific will very likely mean drier than average warmer than average conditions here and that May as in years past. Give us more more. ICING events. Versus a super heavy snowfall kind of winter temperatures to be a bit milder So, we're more prone to wind were more prone to icing and we'll have warmer than average temperatures. So should us the forecast for the weekend ahead now? Standing I could be wrong here. But what we're looking at, for example, in the area, the Cameron Peop- fire and the east troublesome fire could be different. It probably will be, yes. It's another cold front that pushes in here Saturday. Saturday midday through the afternoon evening, you'll note it very quick. Change wins sharply changed much colder temperatures move in the farther east or other West you go on the other side of the bide a much lower impact because the front just can't hop over that much terrain they'll be cooler they will get snow at east troublesome and they may. Still get a decent amount six to twelve inches but from the divide in our directions much much colder temperatures moving. We're talking single digits at point highs on Sunday so very hard freeze and we will have some snowfall here to kind of looking at Sunday and Monday both days we may come away with a couple to a few inches around northern Colorado. Channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, Matt. Makings. Thanks so much for taking the time this morning. Certainly do appreciate it. You Bet my pleasure. Eight fifteen now thirteen ten kfi thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse where we're in the waning days days of an amazing presentation mazing production of what taking center stage through October twenty fifth I would suggest you get into see it candlelight dinner playhouse Broadway in your backyard visit Colorado kindle I dot Com for more information Dan Patrick the whole show in Collin cowherd on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten. KFI K.. All sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Save Time. And that's exactly what A. Dead. Saving. Time. Not In a bottle. But in two time capsules that crack them open yesterday eight, twenty, three now thirteen ten Kfi am a thirteen ten. KFI K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the auto collision specialist studios where confirmed piece by Tamra markered of the Greeley trip after a long long wait Greeley Museum staff members and city officials rather excitedly opened the to count them to time capsules yesterday afternoon. Now, the two time capsules have been sealed and buried for more than fifty years, and the city took the opportunity to open the capsules as part of Greeley's One hundred fiftieth anniversary. The opening of the time capsules was kicked off through virtual presentation with remarks from city manager, Roy Auto, and some notable historic information from Peggy Ford, Waldo curator of a development for the. Greeley museums here's what she had to say in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine, Greeley became a wet city no longer had that temperance clause which hard liquor was not allowed to be served within the city limits, of Greeley, and what was that number one song in nineteen seventy wait for it. It was the bridge over troubled water and the number one movie was Patton. Now, the first capsule to be opened was varied on the twelfth nineteen, sixty seven where the doubletree by Hilton, Greeley at Lincoln Park now sits the Greeley museums been housing, the capsule and the contents since two thousand sixteen when the hotel was built. The capsule was topped with a round lead or capstone that listed the data burial and the date for opening with a carving of a large beat featured in the middle of the lead Sarah. Sacks. Museum managers said we've been waiting eagerly these past for years to open the time capsule and see all the treasures that are inside wearing masks and gloves, holly, Berg, curator of exhibits and Sarah. Lester assistant curator of education. They gently pulled out envelopes, plastic bags and Manila folders. The Long Metal Tube. Burke commented as she reached further into the tube, it looks like it's pretty cramped full of things. So, what did they find? Well. Some of the items retrieved from the nineteen sixty seven capsule included pen from Smith Battery and electric a large role of movie film original Artwork City resolutions a copy of the city budget and various articles from the Greeley Tribune newspaper. The second capsule was buried in Lincoln Park on October sixth, nineteen seventy to commemorate the one hundred year anniversary of the founding of the city. Interestingly enough this capsules capstone was created from a re purposed tombstone sack said. The registrar did a little research and she discovered that this tombstone was. In Berlin Grove cemetery at one time and it was from Carl and Laura Gehring. This old tombstone was replaced by a new tombstone when curls second wife Gladys was added to the new tombstone. Staff. From Greeley's culture parks and recreation department had some difficulty with one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy capsule when they unearth it on January twenty ninth twenty twenty staff was only able to remove the contents rather than the entire metal tube from the ground by the way that metal tube is currently still sitting in the park. Most of the items from this time capsule where enclosed in Mundelein L. envelopes about five by seven inches some of the items retrieved from the capsule included print made from linoleum block by a child from the Community Center for the arts type plans for the Community Center for the arts postcards and an article about the land being gifted to the center. A letter from previous museum staff to the current museum staff was also included in that capsule. Sacks read from that letter. The hope is. That the work done during this period of time the first one, hundred years of Greeley. History. WAS NOT. In vain that there is still a museum and that some of the artifacts collected at this time are still intact. We're very sure. The letter said that things are still changing and the hope is that really came through the first one, hundred fifty years and is still prospering. Sacks commented, I, Think Museum staff from years past can rest assured that their wishes are being upheld. The program actually wrapped up as These two capsules were cracked open yesterday. Virtually, the program wrapped up with some comments from longtime resident and retired assistant city manager that Becky Safran. She said I've been in Greeley for about one third of its whole existence and like Roy Roy Auto I am in love with town. It's a beautiful place not only to call home, but to raise a family and to help build its future now, items from time capsules will be incorporated into an exhibit that will be featured at the museum. However, due to the pandemic the date for the opening of the exhibit well is yet to be determined. Now, a recorded copy of the opening of the time capsules can be seen on the city's Youtube. Channel. And you can just Doug I did this right before we did the story this morning, you can just Google city of Greeley Youtube. Channel. You'll come across it or else I have to give you this bitterly addressed that you'll never remember but for more information on Greeley museums. Greeley museums, dot com this as. The opening of those time capsules two of them and gives us all a glimpse into Greeley's past closing in on seven thirty now thirteen ten Kfi K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A.. DOT COM COMING UP Kevin car back guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. Some insights and some reviews of some new movies this week to include synchronic in Theaters Bar Borat subsequent movie film on Amazon Prime and the witches on HBO. Backs. Kevin car guys movies fact is at the movies DOT COM joins us at eight thirty five. Rogue Code. Weekdays at four northern in Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.. Tune into the hall show at noon and Noko now at four back to mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Well it's eight, thirty seven on your Friday morning and you know what? That means Kevin Car fat guys at the movies that guys at the movies dot com shameless plug. You can hear US weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten Kfi a from noon to one and he's also part of the mix of our ever. So popular Wednesday night a block party on Kfi K. A.. How you doing Kevin. Nice. Nice. I see what you're doing now. Saying that was a great success was. Well done well, done. Yeah. I appreciate that. Really. On, top of that. Yes. Let's start with the BORAT. Subsequent Movie Pelham on Amazon Prime. What what's funny about this one is honestly a month ago nobody knew this movie was coming out. That's kind of what somebody and there were sightings of Borat. Though or rather Sasha Baron Cohen this summer but a lot of people were thinking it was fourteen show he was doing and suddenly they just dropped his trailer. They said Hey we got this new movie out. Just thought was safe. And the story follows him after the last movie fourteen years ago Kazahkstan wasn't happy with how it made him look. So they put them in a gulag and they pull them out of the Gulag. To Send back to America with a bribe for the government to try and get. Stand back in good graces. Along the way his fifteen year old daughter who he didn't know he had a smuggles herself. Let's just call it his luggage. You'd have to see the movie to understand how this works out. Okay. Luggage in luggage. Ishbel. Ends up in America with them, and then it becomes it's a borat movie. Going around and of. Course. Pasta well, yes. Yes. Address up because people recognize them. But it's them. Interacting with different people are very, very different ways seen some awkward moments, some crass moments, some Rachi moments. A mirror up on people and saying, oh, seeing some of the ugliness that's bubbling beneath certain things and they go after everyone from. You know a person at a feed store just working on feats are all the way up to you know there's a scene it's in the trailer with Mike Pence and of course, we all know the Rudy Giuliani, the it hitting up, you know picking off some of the. Some of the the bigger names in in news today But but ultimately take those things out for a minute of of the focus, which is where most of the media attention is on. This is a borat movie. Did Not like the first movie you're not GonNa like this one. If you don't like his comedy you won't but if you do and I'm a huge fan of Sasha Cohen I think is stuff is screamingly funny. As cringe worthy and uncomfortable at to watch sometimes. Guys. Know what you've got to give the man props. Okay. Derek Cohen. How does he get people to continue to fall for this? Well. And that's the thing that's kind of amazing about it is the he gets people to say and you're like a camera you know there's a camera, right? Thinking Yeah. I mean. It's it's not. It's you know what people call it an ambush journalism, but I mean is Higher but it's not really an ambush when you walk in there with a camera. You know it's it's the thing that stuff. That is so outrageous and I don't know how you don't recognize this guy even in his absurd disguises, his borat disguises. It's still clear who it is. So yeah, I, I. IT blows of course I say that and probably for rats three, I'm going to be pumped myself. It's Brilliant film critic and I'm GonNa look like an idiot on screen. We know it's interesting because you were talking about either you love them or you hate him. I remember it was way back in the Dark Ages But we were doing movie reviews on a different radio station also that starts with a k. just on up the road and in mid stream. Okay. We're reviewing that what was one of the I can't remember the name the movie now the borat movie. The original. Well it has a long sometimes. Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Yeah Yeah, that's why I can't remember it and midstream on. Okay. Bashing this movie saying. Do. Walkout it was just awful and then I continued to talk about it and all of a sudden it was like a light bulb went out when he went on not out in my. Brain and I realized it's satire Gail. It's really funny when you think about it. and. That's and that's what happens here and you know I mean obviously people are upset some people are upset about the Political Jeff's. But I I gotta be honest. The stuff that's going after the known figures will say it's low hanging fruit and stuff that you'd expect to see jokes. On live about you know I. Mean it's not like there's not it's not like it I sex. Any sort of great political schemer thing is sort of the absurdity that we're seeing play out in in just the media and that's it and. I think the most valuable part about it is how he does manage to. Show, certain things that you're like, ooh, that's uncomfortable I. Hope you know I I. Hope I don't I don't I don't have that trait tour or more. I. Hope I I'd react differently and you always have to give the benefit of the doubt especially to the people that aren't used to be an on camera. You don't know exactly what the reaction is. You're just seeing snip of it but yeah, I, mean, it's the movies. Funny. It's the funniest movie of the year so far from. Well he has this certain skill in making a serious people look fullish. And I'll say this I love Sasha Baron Cohen I feel the same way about these movies I do like the Jackass movies those I think are very funny and very subversive in sometimes a real point these are the same way I do not like just any any schlub trying to do this on youtube that I think is garbage. Gratuitous. A skill here. Yeah. Leave it to the professionals who really know what they're doing. Rudy Giuliani, were you thinking I? Just watch it play out make your own choices on that one. I don't know. I will say this I'm a big guy. I've had studio. Mike's on many times in my life. I've never had to straighten. I'd read A. By shirt like that. That's We'll leave it at that, right. That's known as a tease in the radio business. Moving on as synchronic in theaters. Yes. Actually, in brick and mortar theaters, it is a smaller independent sort of sci-fi type film. Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan Star as two medics in Louisiana down in New Orleans and they're discovering that there these people that are dying from this new designer street drug that seems to I. It's people are dying weird almost metaphysical ways and they do some more research on and they they look into it and they find that it might have the ability to make you and I'm GonNa steal a term from Kurt Vonnegut SR to become unstuck in time and it's an interesting concept and. Fluid. The thing is with this movie I love that sort of Scifi angle to it. What I don't like is the characters that lead up to you don't have to slag through. You know forty five minutes of these guys horrible lives. To get to the good stuff. And I've always said look if if I don't feel like I, can sit down and have a beer with the characters. I'm not GonNa like the movie and that's where I fall though it is getting some good reviews. Okay metaphysical death. Wow, that's deep and profound and also very. Obscure. So I'm not giving anything away. Now. Is that how you determine who you're going to vote? Somebody that you would like to sit down and have a beer with. I don't know because there's there's some people I'd like to have a beer with. Necessarily think. would be good in government. You know we talk about Johnny Knoxville he'd be great to have A. Beer with I. Don't know if I want him breath. Yeah. I I concur entire. All right. Finally, there's the witches on Hbo Max. Yes. This is a remake of the witches from nineteen ninety. The one that had in a Houston in it it's based on a book by Rawal. Doll and Robert zemeckis directs this change a little bit of a takes it out of England and puts it in Alabama in Nineteen Sixty, eight Chris rock narrates it as when he was a little kid and Octavia Spencer places grandmother by the way she. is fantastic and she's great and everything she does but she brings a real tenderness and heart to this in a as absurd as crazy as movie gets she really grounds it but he and his grandmother go to this swanky hotel and they discover there's a coven of witches there that are planning to get rid of all the children in the world, and of course, it's I'm trying to stop it It's kind of fantastic cast not just Octavia Spencer and Chris Rock but you've got in in hathaway playing the evil witch who choose the scenery, the way Angelica Huston did in the first movie and you've Got Stanley Tucci playing the guy who runs the hotel I, it's exactly what a remake should be I mean the has a problem sometimes getting a little too focused on the special effects. But he manages to focus on the story here. It's I. I thought it was a perfectly charming little film I enjoyed it I I I liked it. I wouldn't say like it as much as the original, but it certainly keeps the heart and soul of it I love Stanley Tucci. DORMS. He's great and everything and I love the. My favorite roles of Stanley Tucci Yeah. It's great when he does the the the respective roles I love it when he shows up in a terrible movie. 'cause you know at least you're going to get something interesting and whatever time he spends onscreen. You're always transformers movie at least that part will be. You know it's funny because I'm I'm a reader. You know I. I'M A proofreader editor in my other job but I read a book the lovely bones and he was in the film adaptation of loved ones It was just an incredible story. Yeah Peter Jackson movie. I think that's what he followed the Lord of the rings with. A fascinating yeah was well done. What did you think of that I? Thought it was I thought it was interesting. It was it was I. Tell you it it didn't fit a formula. The movie did not fit a formula I believe wasn't it? Sure? Sure. Ronin played the girl in it. Right. Yeah Yeah but it was disturbing and I think that was one of the reasons why kind of major thing kind of metaphysical in a way? No. Yeah. Full circle back to the beginning. Get cars guys at the movies guys at the movies dot. com. Thank you so much. My friend as always have a great weekend. Aren't you to? Eight, forty, nine, now thirteen ten KFI K A. Party northern Colorado's force thirteen ten KFI K the block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. Football variety finally. Here we'll get to it on the next hole show thirteen ten. All right Number when president trump touted the benefits of remedy severe and of course you had the. Quintessential expected predictable response from so many. Turns out he was right. Rome disappear as a coronavirus treatment eight, fifty, two now thirteen ten K of k a thirteen ten. K. A. DOT COM. Northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local from the auto collision specialists does studios working for peace out of NBC. By Berkeley lovelace a junior this as well. Some good news in the fight against a covert nineteen as the food and Drug Administration just yesterday approved Gilead Sciences antiviral drug, Rendez severe as a treatment for Covid nineteen. Now in May, the FDA granted the drug and emerges emergency use authorization allowing hospitals and doctors to use it on patients hospitalized with the disease even though the medication had not been formally approved by the agency. Now the intravenous intravenous drug has helped shorten the recovery time of some some hospitalized covid nineteen patients. In fact, it was one of the drugs used to treat President Donald Trump who tested positive as you're well aware for the. Virus earlier this month the drug will be used for covid nineteen patients at least twelve years of age and for those requiring hospitalization. This according to Gilead Ram disappear is now the first and only fully approved treatment in the nation for covid nineteen, which has infected that more than forty one point three million people worldwide killed more than one million this according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins. University's now needless to say after this announcement yesterday comes as no surprise Cheryl's, of Gilead, where up more than five percent in after hours trading Gilead CEO Daniel Day, sat in a statement since the beginning of the covid nineteen pandemic Gilead has worked. Relentlessly. To help find solutions to this global health crisis. The drug is administered only in a hospital setting VNI IV. The company said the medication should only be administered in a hospital or in a healthcare setting capable of providing acute care comparable with inpatient hospital care earlier this month. Shocker a steady coordinated by the bose. So Gusted Oso credible she says with no small degree of snark who donated by the world. Health Organization had indicate that the drug wait for it had little or no effect. oops see on death rates among hospitalized patients. Still it has shown to be effective in reducing the recovery time for some hospitalized patients earlier this year Dr Anthony Fauci of. Course, he is our infectious disease experts are epidemiologist in chief. He said, the drugs would set a new standard of care for Kobe and nineteen patients. The majority of patients treated with REMM disappear receive a five day course using six vials of the drug company is also developing and inhaled version of the medication which will administer through a nebulizer delivery device that can turn liquid medicines. Missed company said. That the drug can't be administered in pill form because its chemical makeup would actually impact the liver. Now, August company said it planned to produce more than two million treatment courses of Ram. Disappear by the end of the year anticipated being able to make several million more in twenty twenty one adding that is increase the supply of the drug more than fifty fold since January it's manufacturing network now includes more than forty companies in north. America Europe and Asia Company said on Thursday. It is meeting real time demand for the drug in the United States and anticipates meeting global demand that this month even in the event of potential future surges of covid nineteen cases. This as the FDA approved gilead disappear as a corona virus treatment eight, Fifty, seven now thirteen ten, k. f. k. Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd are on northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten, k., EV K. Just simply requests keep all those impacted by those wildfires indeed the firefighters fighting them in your thoughts and. This weekend eight, fifty, nine now thirteen ten K F K A. High School football coming your way tonight at six thirty pregame Loveland at Greeley West and no canal the tonic tanner swint. No. Code now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen, ten, KFI K.

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July 10, Hr 3  Kevin Carr with Fat Guys at the Movies

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

29:14 min | 1 year ago

July 10, Hr 3 Kevin Carr with Fat Guys at the Movies

"This is mornings with Kayla. Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI okay. President trump a Juki net out with CDC, scientists over how to reopen our schools safely eight eight, now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten K. K., A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Ko live and local via the auto collision specialist studios, and that is our question owed the day. How do you feel as We struggle throughout this Kobe nineteen pandemic on just a multitude of levels. How? How do you feel about your kids going back to school? In the fall nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text on a thirteen ten KFI, a text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, working for peace out of USA Today by Brett Murphy Latisha. Stein trump indeed blasted the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just this past Wednesday, as very tough and expensive and asking schools to do impractical things by CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield said yesterday, the guidance would indeed stand, and his staff would provide some new guidance of new documentation to clarify the recommendations. So what are those recommendations? Well as stands their current, recommend recommendations subject to change. which urge America's frequently overcrowded classrooms to put six feet of distance between every student Dass have seen increasing scrutiny that's has communities grapple with how to safely resume classes. As early as next month, the nation's pediatricians for example recently called out the CDC's six foot guidance, it said such stringent distancing could do more harm than good by forcing schools to reduce classroom capacity well, the school question is particularly fraught with complications. Children Have not. been sickened by the new corona viruses as adults. They've not been as sickened. Had the just kind of rework that by the new corona virus as adults I've got another piece here and that's part of the frustration, too. Because a lack of testing on young children doesn't give us the information that we need to know the extent of covid nineteen in children date we're not even sure across the country of the death toll, and of course, the death of any child is is tragic and one child is far too much. I understand that, but again when you look. Look at all of the complications surrounding this question of reopening schools well, no wonder it's into such a conundrum, children again not have they haven't been as sickened by corona virus, as adults have yet spreading, it remains a concern with reopening schools. The Nation's experiment with virtual education in the spring widely panned, and it's no fault of the teachers, but widely pan for any number of reasons as a failure showcasing equities in the nation's digital divide and asking many parents serve as their kids teachers while also. Juggling the responsibility that they face as adults and with all of the ONA's put on them and as a result of trying to you know, get to work or work from home. I'm not telling anything. It's been Dante Vice President Mike Pence. Who leads the White House? Coronavirus Task Force, said yesterday. New Documents would be issued next week supplementing the original guidelines. He had previously cited the same plans at a press conference earlier in the week, but here's the problem. Alonzo plow is a longtime former public health director in major US cities. He's now the chief science officer and vice president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and I think that his statement could be applied across the board when it comes to all of the information, and how we have been whip side by the ever changing narrative of covid nineteen. Here's what he said. Hyper politicized messaging. Hard to adapt to and use the science driven information. We're not talking about Voodoo. Science here. We are talking about hard cold imperial scientific fact, unfortunately, the messaging has taken center stage leaving many of us just scratching our heads as the messaging seems to change almost every day. He went on to say it costs us. In terms of increasing case, counts and mortality now the politicized role of the CDC and the pandemic prompted nearly three hundred and fifty public health organizations to sign a letter just last week, asking health and Human Services Secretary Alexander to affirm the agency's role in providing evidence based scientific guidance. Why do we have to ask for that? Isn't that readily apparent? Isn't that obvious to even the most casual observer as we're grappling with this pandemic that we would get the truth and not conjecture, and not especially speculation not worse case scenario. Give us the facts. We're adults. We can handle it. Nancy 'cause CDC's former director of the influenza division who worked at the Agency for almost thirty years, said the public pushback from the administration is self defeating because the guidelines currently in place are indeed in line with those, of European countries that have successfully reopened school. But the fact. With the start of the school year just weeks away. The entire nation. And you've got any number of school administrators. In fact, we're going to check in with Dr. Deed Repeal CH Greeley Evans School District Superintendent on Monday when she joins us at eight Oh five, and we're going to pose some of these questions to her about opening recommendations and guidelines and where Greeley Evans School district six actually stands. But state officials relying on the CDC sh to actually sift through the science. Without viewing it through the lands of weaponized politicized the messaging. When they're now waiting once again for those updated recommendations. Should schools reopen this fall, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Oh, by the way Colorado. Teachers want a say in those reopening decisions. We'll get into that in just a few eight sixteen this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine. Nine, seven, three, seven, eight, fourteen, O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot, com, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Hey Dan? Patrick is coming up in northern. Colorado's home for news sports and talk thirteen ten K. F. K. now back to mornings with Kale. Gel. Well at school, district's across Colorado announced plans for reopening this fall. You have the state's largest teacher's Union, making it clear that its members deserve a seat at the table when decisions about health and safety are being made, or some of them might actually reconsider a return to the classroom, working from a piece out of the Denver Post to by Christine. Ricciardi this morning on Wednesday. You have the Colorado Education Association announcing. What President Baca. Olert called four or excuse me Amy Baca. Called four expectations district's need to meet before faculty and staff returned for the fall, SEMESTER CA represents thirty nine thousand teachers, counselors, nurses, bus, drivers, and other support staff across Colorado. It's surveyed its members about their concern, surrounding the reopening of schools during the pandemic crafted its expectations based on that feedback Amy Baca alert, said standards it believes will lead to a safe and healthy return include involving employees voices in decision, making allowing them to vote on reopening conditions, clarifying school, Safety and And health protocols such as how a. p. p. e. personal protection equipment would be provided to staff and students, maintaining a sense of transparency about disease that that officials are using not only to track sickness outbreaks, but also to make decisions about opening and ensuring equitable access to educational tools for students and staff throughout the state. Now what if those expectations are not met Baca Oehler? told the Denver Post we have educators who are saying anything from, they will leave the profession. Or they won't return if it's not safe to return to school in the fall to educators, actually saying they're willing to take collective action. These four things certainly aren't pie in the sky expectation. She went on to say they're very reasonable. Things that should be met as standards to return to school. Governor Jared poll, said just yesterday. He expects most schools will resume. Resume in a more or less normal fashion in the fall, but once again what will that look like? and Are you comfortable with your kids? GOING BACK TO SCHOOL? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, got me a text on our thirteen ten Kfi K., a text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, coming up. Right around eight thirty five. Kevin car is at the movies fat guys. The movies dot. COM joins. US says he does most of Friday's right around that time to talk about some new releases this week to include a Greyhound on Apple TV plus the old guard on net flex and relatives on Vod and Theatres. Kevin car fat guys at the movies. Fat Guys at the movies Dot Com weighs in at eight, thirty, five, eight, thirty, now, thirteen ten KFI KFI thirteen ten K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past highschool coverage for more on KFI programs podcast sports scheduling news go to thirteen ten. KFI K. A. dot com now back to mornings with hail. No, it's not time for Louie Louie Louie Louie why it's time for Kevin car that guys at the movies that guys at the movies dot, com, thirty, eight, now thirteen, ten. KFI Thirteen ten. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios how you doing? I'm good how you? Am doing great this morning. Sun. Shining the sky is blue. The trees are. Green and the birds are singing, so it's all good better than the tree singing. The birds being drained. Just thinking about that yeah. Yeah. Did you just a little a little optimistic fact for you even when it's cloudy, the. Sun Is still shining. This is. Out. We have bigger problems at that. Much much bigger problems all right? We got lots of cover this morning, but I had. A random question for you I know you're not used to that whatsoever. We never go off into the week. Kinda thrown. Out The window at any point. Catch at Kevin jets I know you. All right so I'm doing a totally anecdotal nonscientific non-binding survey this morning. This this as president trump is duping it out with the CDC over guidelines for schools reopening across the country, and I just got to thinking. because. If I'm not mistaken, you do have school age children and your wife is a teacher that is true. That is correct I have. To, my three kids are still in school. Their middle school and high school so. There's there's huge differences that are going to happen between Grade School I. Mean It's just there's logistic things, but my wife is. She is a third grade teacher, a third grade teacher. Fifth Grade Teacher. She's moving around a couple of them. She's fifty now. She's fifth grade. Okay, got it. So. How do you feel? And how does your wife feel on one track about your kids going back to school and then as a teacher? How does she feel about returning to the classroom? Well. We're not GONNA have any time for movies. This is a complicated issue. Complicated issue because schools are complicated, it's we are no longer in the one room schoolhouse. You have multiple grade levels. You have even within elementary school. You got things that are that you can maintain with the with fifth graders with kindergartners and first graders so once you get into the older ages. It's a little bit different just for my kids. They WANNA. Go back to school because they want to. People get cabin fever. They want to interact with their friends. Even if it's socially distance, they WANNA get back to you know it as much as they like sitting home and playing on their phones at a certain point, they wanna go somewhere, but they also realize that there's going to be restrictions and we've told them that. Even if the school doesn't have said restrictions that they gotta follow, what are restrictions? Do Yeah sure now with my wife. It's way more complicated because you know that's. That's their job and it makes me nervous because this is on. He's untested waters because pretty much. They close school wants to pandemic started, so we don't know there's a lot of unknowns that can happen, and then you have to look at it from the different age levels, and and there's also you know special needs kids. I know people who have kids that that that that receive special help and attention from school that they don't get with distance learning, and that needs to be covered. There's kids if there are kids that are facing. Poverty issues or they're not getting nutritious foods, somebody insecurity. Yeah, well, sometimes the school lunch that you get this the only really good salad meal you get on top of it with so many people out of work. That's that's been magnified. So there's a lot, but then there's also you WanNa have safety and you wanted to have it safe for the kids. You WanNa. have it safe for this for the adults and you gotTA. Keep in mind. People are immuno-compromised or people who could take it home to somebody who who hasn't so I mean is it is a complicated issue. It's going to be ever evolving in every school system over the next several months. Yeah, because you know, my concern is you know we talked about the impact of nine eleven on young children? You know grew up in the shadow of that the so-called nine eleven generation. I worry about what our kids are missing, not only from an educational perspective, but social interaction is so important at. That time of their lives and you know it just seems to me and I understand how complex and multifaceted this question is, but it seems to me. We need to find a way to get our kids back into the classroom. Yeah! I think that there's Y- depends. It depends on what's going on. It depends on what's going on in your state. Even in Ohio of Franklin County, which is the county of Columbus where I live, the the cases are much bigger than out in the middle of. Knox county somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You know that sort of thing so that makes a difference. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution absolutely and I think there are also parents need to realize that this is not a light switch. You can turn on and off and. You know teachers and and administrators are doing the best that they can't in in a very complex situation, so I mean you're right, and you know, but every generation has it. I grew up in the duck and cover generation. I grew up in the Cold War. Drills. We never had the I with a little bit late for the duck and cover drills, but I I mean I grew up with the threat of nuclear war these. Eight three in the forefront, so that's GonNa that was traumatizing for my generation. But I mean just. This is something you can enjoy. This is something we can't see and that's what it's you know it's so ephemeral. It's so cereal, and that's what concerns me is that unfortunately we all to some degree are are afraid of something. That's invisible the invisible enemy. I mean that that it's a legitimate fear. I mean my my. Questioning that. Just as a personal thing, one of my wife's students from last year, her mother died from Covid, nineteen and I think size. Thirties because she had cancer and she had A. Pre exist in reality is there's a lot of people like oh I don't have a pre existing condition. Did you smoke for ten years? Maybe do you know you don't realize it so? That's a lot of it I. I think the other the other thing we gotta realize and I think there's a difference with the covid nineteen then. The threat of terrorism at post nine eleven. eventually cove. There will be a vaccine or series of vaccine or more. More aggressive therapies or useful therapies for treatment of it, this is not going to be. This is not a forever thing. Cova nineteen will run. Its course in science should be able to at least have something coming up at some point, so any sort of hold on children's develop not development, but the experiences. It's temporary to years. Yeah I and I think that's realistic. You may have a vaccine. You've got to recharge every three or four months or might be like a flu vaccine that you gotta get annually that as a forty percent chance of working, but that makes a big difference compared to having nothing well and I think it at some point I don't think it's ever going to completely go away, but at some point it's going to become more similar to the garden variety flu, which is lethal in an of itself all right Kevin. We've got two minutes here. Thank you for going down the rabbit hole with you because I specifically wanted to ask you because you're dealing with this on a multitude of levels south out. Sure yeah, dabbling great. Greyhound Apple TV, plus yes, this is Tom Hanks new movie. It was originally supposed to come out in theaters, but obviously we don't have those in full of facts right now. And when had offered it to online and Apple TV plus snatched it up now the difference between this and say something like Netflix says. You need a obviously have a subscription for this, and you can't rent it elsewhere so if you WanNa Watch Greyhound, you gotTa Have Apple TV plus but you know honestly it's not it gives you a good excuse. detriot and there's a lot of other stuff on there that you can dig through. It's about World War Two. A battleship is in charge of protecting a convoy going to Europe. And of course, the wolf pack of German subs are coming after him, and it is ninety minutes of this cat and mouse. Heightened seek game in the open ocean in the in like nineteen forty. which is a it to me this very gripping. Also when you look at the fact, you know this is Giddy your old technology that they were using the you didn't have fancy equipment. You basically had a guy in a sonar station, not just waiting for a pain, but trying to figure out where that Ping came from. What it means, so it's it's a fascinating move the end it it goes and goes and goes, and and it has a lot of energy. It's worth watching it. I would say if you've been wanting to pull the court record on Apple TV, plus now's the time to give it a shot. Have a trial period trial runner. Off The top of my head that they have a trial run, or if it's different but you know even if it's even if you just paying for the fee for that, you know there's a lot of stuff you can watch it a month. True that true that all right old guard on net flicks. This one starts charlene. It's based on a comic book. This is on Netflix so. If you've got the subscription for that, you can just watch it One, password and the entire word for net flicks, but that's everybody uses it everyone that one guy's account. Rocket Mail email address, right. But this one she's she's an immortal warrior, and she's teamed up with several other immortal warriors, and they've been around for hundreds of years, and they are fighting for good, just random good causes, and then there's a bad guy coming after them, and they find this new immortal, who's who's killed in the line of duty as a marine, and she comes back to life, and so they're trying to bring her in has some good action and here's the. The thing I love Charlie's around I think she's great. Far I'd love to see like a John. Wick series with her You know taking revenge on people. The Way Canada Reeves does I think she's great as an action star and this movie as an action I just I just don't think it's well written the it's real, clunky and uneven in terms of how they provide the story in the background so it's a real mixed bag for me. Got Charlie's thrown going for it so. Yes. Yes, that's yes. That's an appeal. Definitely all right relic, Vod and Theatres yeah, well, I mean. In, drive INS and the the. The Single Street, the the the the independent theaters that are better open places that it's allowed. I mean still cineplex's the big. The big chains are closed but if it's a mom and pop theater this is a thriller by IFC midnight, and it's about this woman and her daughter, who are going to try and find her mother who had disappeared. She lives out in the woods in this house in the middle of nowhere. And when did she finally does reappear the? There's something weird about it. There's maybe there's zero possession. Is there some sort of haunting or something with the houses? There's something with her. Pet. Cemetery for adults well. What there is a sort of certain subtext, their it works as a horror movie, a lot of good harm. Movies have subtexts in the subtext is the is the struggles and the emotional pain, and the confusion and anger. You feel taking care of an elder older, relative, who maybe having cognitive issues and dementia, and and how that could impact the family so i. think that's it can be seen on two different levels I i. I think that's what kind of makes it work as a good horror movie isn't just about Sambas it's about. That have something to say no. It's the psychological components and nobody can scare yourself as Alfred Hitchcock well knew better than yourself. Yeah, so there you have it Kevin car. Guys at the movies, fat guys at the movies dot, com, thanks as always for going into the weeds with me this morning because I really want to have that conversation with you, so that's been the primary topic all morning. Sub, have yourself a great weekend. Thanks so much all right you, too. Eight, fifty one now thirteen ten f. k. the best UNC bears target game coverage lives thirteen ten. KFI K. as far as the NBA goes. It's all systems ago, but whereas Nicola Yokich we'll talk about it on the next show. Thirteen ten, Kfi. Nevada Yokich with although who knows listen to the show weekdays from noon to two radio have the answers I guarantee eight fifty five thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten, Kfi, A. DOT COM, northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios still interested in your thoughts this morning and waning moments of the show, but this will certainly be a conversation that will continue throughout the summer months. This as a schools wrestle. With how to reopen? They know they want to reopen. Kids want to get back to school and yes. online learning was a placeholder, but It doesn't replace everything that the in classroom experience provides kids from. Mental from an interactive perspective again kids like. Adults. Were kids at heart right I. Mean we crave that social interaction and my concern is. Is that the impact that this will have on our children? If we're not able to reopen the schools it could be devastation and a devastating to their mental and emotional development so again. How do you feel about? Plans to reopen schools this fall. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI tech sign at three, one, nine, nine, six. Unfortunately I. Don't think we're going to be able to squeeze in a call this morning. Time won't permit, but certainly this is a conversation that will definitely most definitely continue because well. It's complicated now, isn't it? A fifty seven now thirteen ten k. f. k. while the whole sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Looking Toward Monday course Dr Near-term. Greeley in school district six superintendent will join us and boy. Do we have a lot to cover with her? Particularly along the lines of what reopening schools will look like this fall also just got confirmation. It's going to be a great conversation Vernon Robinson. The third is a CO author along with Bruce Everley of coming home. How Black Americans will re elect trump? We're going to talk with him a little bit about. Cultural appropriation racial strife and. How far left radicals like the squad, AOC hijacked the Democrat Party and will stop at nothing to keep black voters under the Democrats a thrall. Ri Coming up also from noon to two and Noko now with your host, standard swint at four thirteen ten k. k. a. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best? High School Coverage.

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January 15th: Kevin Carr, Matt Makens and Congressman Ken Buck HR 3

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

32:22 min | 6 months ago

January 15th: Kevin Carr, Matt Makens and Congressman Ken Buck HR 3

"This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Eight now ten k. K. teen pregnancy k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collisions specialists studios and joined this morning by kevin car. Fat guys at the movies guys at the movies dot com and as always you can hear his weekly syndicated radio program right here on thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. from noon to one on saturday he's also very valued participant in our wednesday night. A block party. How you doing kevin. I'm doing good how you doing gail doing. I'm doing it's friday. We're doing to get in on power. Powerball mega millions No i haven't thought about it. I've bought tickets before i once. I once one like fifteen dollars lou okay. That's good that i retired. And then i went back and i beg for my job back. Well that didn't work out. So well announced a little premature of that one. Yeah the odds are pretty much a stacked against you that sad. i mean. Somebody's got to win right. Yes someone's gotta it's one of those. It's one of those things it's it's yeah it's it's there's there's somebody who can have a success story but you know what i had heard this statistic. Do you know what the average light life of large lotto winnings is. Not what is it. How long how long the money. No people tend to burn through it with wild abandon eighteen months months and many of them wind up worse off as a result of winning the lottery than they were before. Yeah you can leverage not only can you leverage stuff with that much money and then you end up massive in debt. But you also i. I've i've heard stories of people when they win. They're like you really find out who your friends are. And and more importantly are not because everybody wants a piece. Oh yeah and all those relatives that you haven't spoken to for decades. Why all of a sudden boy they just want to renew those family ties. Ones that you didn't even know existed go. Let's talk a little bit about the new movies in theaters. We'll start with the marksman. It's i think there's a contractual obligation to have a new lease neeson movie out every six months. Yeah it's time for us to get another one out there and this one starts decent as a widowed rancher who lives down in arizona and his his properties right along the border there in this young Mexican kid comes across and he's become sort of like the guy who says he's going to help him get up to his family in chicago because he's being chased by this cartel that wants to kill him for revenge for something that happened with his family and so you know it's very typical liam neeson becoming that reluctant hero trying to save somebody who's in. Who's in real dire trouble and it's The actions the beginning in the end the medals a little slow i will say and a lot of. That's i think because you know getting up there in age. I mean you know i still don't want to you. Know have a fistfight with them. A so he he doesn't do the hand combat as as much as he used to. Well let's stands to reason because well things it might get a little bit messy. But he's i mean it's it's it's it's fine for the formula for what it is and his big skill is he's a marksman is the title says a lot of people in this one rather than punching him out. Okay well that makes sense. Yeah gotcha all right. This one sounds interesting to me. M. a slash fbi. Yeah this is a documentary and it's appropriate coming out this weekend. Because it's martin luther king weekend and it's the store it looks back not as as a bio-pic of dr king but more looking at his career through the sixties and how it but bumped heads with the feds in particular the fbi with j. edgar hoover in charge and and how much surveillance That that hoover did on him under the guise of course being a communist or potentially being not even under communism was that he could inspire people to become a communist. I mean dr king wasn't doing anything illegal. But he had fbi surveillance going on for years and they're trying to take him down and that very Over overreach during that and then also even his his politics with johnson which started out. Okay but as yet nam war on he spoke more and more about Against the war. In vietnam and so. There's this very tense relationship with the federal government. And for somebody like me. Who i i was born in. Nineteen seventy one. So i grew up in the shadow of his assassination and he was always a martyr he was always This icon of the civil rights movement but back in the sixties he was a little bit more controversial and polarizing especially to Somebody like hoover in particular who wanted to keep tabs on everybody really. yeah definitely. yeah. I think that one is a real must and as you noted timely as well all right we've also got one night in miami on prime. Yes this one also goes back to the sixties during the civil rights period. It takes place in nineteen sixty four. And it's in a i it's motel. It's it's it's a fictionalized account of malcolm x. Attaches clay. Sam cook and jim brown the football player together in a motel room. It's based on a stage. Play about them of sort of interacting with each other because they were all friends in real life so this isn't completely fabricated they did. They all had Relationships friendship relationships. And it's about them talking about their influence on on culture and black america and civil rights and you know coming from all those different perspectives to sports guys an entertainer and a preacher And and the very polarizing political figure being malcolm x. It's really interesting. Look at this especially because it's right. At the eve of cassius clay getting ready to change his persona to muhammed ali. Kind of like a mention. The martin martin luther king documentary. I grew up knowing mohammed ali. Mohammed ali never knowing him as cassius clay. And it's interesting kind of looking back in in the for this sort of this historical period of where he was at the tipping point in his career. And it's kind of interesting too. I mean the subject matter of both of these. Mlk fbi and one night in miami kind of hearkens back to the tumultuous times of the sixties perhaps being mirrored by the tumultuous times of the twenty s. Yeah yeah there are certain certainly seemed to be a lot of connective tissue going on lately. It's it's always good to look back in history and trying to learn from it rather than just repeat it. Well said well. I don point there all right. We got one vision on disney plus. Yes this is the latest from marvel and it's a little bit out of the box tv series it's it stars. It's about one. Who's the scarlet witch and vision. Who's the you know. The tony stark's computer that takes personal form and has an infant stone head and it's them off having a fling but they find themselves in each each episode. They find themselves in a different sort of sitcom environment. Going back to the first one being this black and white ozzie. and harriet type thing of This couple living in his house. And it's very idyllic nineteen fifties neighborhood. The next episode plays off of bewitched which of course classic sixty commonly go to other ones like the brady bunch and that sort of thing But the first two episodes were dropped last night on disney. Plus you're going to get a new episode each week and it's played for laughs. It's sort of like playing off the old sitcom tropes but there is something more sinister going on behind the scenes that you you're hinted at the beginning. I hope they reveal that a little bit sooner than later. Because you know. Just sort of aping. Sitcom every week can get a little bit tiresome. But i i want to see a little bit more. What's going on here to weigh in on who's played lucille ball. Honestly if you could put her in a high heels i take jews. Gene levi levi. She's the one from Zoe's extraordinary playlist. I think she'd be a great young lucille ball. There you go. Kevin car guys at the movies. Fat guys at the movies dot com. Thanks so much for your flexibility. Uh certainly appreciate that this morning and taken us on at a different time. But you know we're just kinda spread the love around a little bit with kevin car guys at the movies. That guys at the movies dot com. Have yourself a great rest of your day great weekend. Are you to eight seventeen now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten of k a dive. Con- this time. Chess sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse keeping the spirit of the season alive with winter wonder s now through january. Twenty four th candlelight. Dinner playhouse in johnstown broadway in your backyard visit colorado candlelight dot com for tickets and show information code now weekdays at four northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Basketball dry cured the latest stories surrounding the mile high crew by listening to the whole show a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k silicon valley free speech. Shutdown continues to get curiouser and curiouser this as parlor still does not have a platform still off line twitter of course issuing that ban of a president trump from now until the end of time joining other social media platforms that have president trump. At least until after the inauguration oopsy. Don't you hate a leaked recording. It's kind of like a hot mic. But that's where we get our information right. You had Ceo the bearded. One jack dorsey of twitter saying this is going to be much bigger than just one account and it's going to go on much longer than just this day suggesting that the company's policy enforcement actions will go far beyond banning president trump working from peace out of fox news this morning. Apparently project veritas released a clip just yesterday given to them by a purported twitter insider whistle blower who secretly recorded remarks by dorsey to staff dorsey said in the clip. You should always feel free to express yourself in whatever format manifestation feels right. Well as long as you're going on with the mainstream politically correct narrative. I suppose Dorsey recently addressed the compensate The controversy over his company's decision to permanently suspend the president he told staff in virtual meeting that twitter will do a quote full retro. Whatever that means that will quote. Take some time going on to say we know. We're focused on one account right now but this is going to be much bigger than just one account. It's going to go on for much longer than just this day this week and the next few weeks and go on beyond the inauguration he went on to say so. The focus is certainly on this account. Of course we referring to president trump's account and how ties to real world violence can banning him because they felt on twitter the arbiters of free speech. Whoever that group may be while other protest stations and a while other things that are said on twitter. Which is the world's bathroom wall by the way not mine. I stole it Are much more violent much more incendiary interesting that we're taking a shot a proverbial shot at a conservative thought but dorsey wrapped up by saying also. I think we need to think much longer term about how these dynamics play out over time. I don't believe this is going away. Any time soon. congressman. Ken buck castle. Something to say about that as well as the impeachment. The second impeachment of president. Donald trump congressman joins us at eight thirty five eight thirty now. Thirteen ten kfi k. Yea here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Unc bears basketball can be heard on northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten. kfi as you're well aware at the house of representatives voted at two thirty two to one ninety seven on wednesday to impeach a president trump as second time giving him the dubious distinction of being the only president to be impeached twice a the house representative. Ken buck did not vote to impeach president. donald trump. why well ask him. What do you say eight thirty seven now. Thirteen ten kfi k. Thirteen ten kfi dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist duty as joined this morning by congressman congressman buck. Welcome back to the show. Thanks gals i certainly appreciate your taking the time because i know this has been a very busy busy time. You were opposed to the seven day impeachment. This rushed process from the get. Go as you joined several other congressional leaders. All republicans in sending a letter to president elect by asking him to quote formally requests that speaker. Nancy pelosi discontinue her efforts to impeach president. Donald j trump a second time. Did it fall on deaf ears. I don't know the president-elect in the speaker had any conversations are certainly didn't result in the action intended. I think the president vice president-elect could have had a lot of goodwill had. He started off on that foot. It seems to me and again. This is just my very humble opinion that this second impeachment was petty and vindictive and gratuitous to some point it was personal it was partisan. Am i wrong more partisan than the first one but i think you're right because the The nature of it was was so abbreviated the In my view the procedure was was fundamentally flawed. You don't have it impeachment With a week of the action that you're alleging was impeachable. You have an investigation. You have hearings you explain to the american public. Why it's so important to remove a president from office who has been Voted in by the people and the president is leaving on tuesday january twentieth regardless of whether the house and peaches are not so. There's no reason to rush this. There's every reason to make sure you get your facts straight for moving to impeachment and that of course is the reason why you joined other colleagues now. Ten republicans did votes in the house for impeachment. But you joined others in voting against it. Correct i go. I joined others in voting against it for a multiple reasons. The first is procedure. The second really is that this president While i think he acted badly. I don't think he's alone in his conduct speaker of the house. Ripped up the state of the union address representative maxine waters called for people top brass trump supporters and public We saw Protesters harassing trump appointees. The this is level of animosity has gotten out of hand and it requires now Tens of thousands of troops to surround the capital when we have a new president sworn in. And that's just the wrong image for america. This is a peaceful country that wants to see a peaceful transition of government and I think both sides are to blame and they're trying to pin this on the president and it's wrong. It doesn't seem like a strategy. A tactic and i can't imagine i mean you have National guard troops deployed to dc. My understanding is twenty. One thousand in advance of the inauguration might be as high as twenty six thousand armed national guard troops. I mean the total number of troops is roughly three times. The total number of american troops deployed in iraq afghanistan somalia and syria. The optics aren't good. Are they know the optics aren't good I think the point is that we can never allow a mob to disrupt the functions of congress again and you could do that because that's a lot fewer troops rightly but The i think I hope that this is a calming influence on. America wants these troops leave the capital. We will get back to business as normal Which which isn't very healthy in my opinion but get back to business as normal and Make sure that we are passing laws that help the american people. You've spoken before about the incendiary rhetoric that we have been hearing from both sides of the aisle as far as toning it all down taking a breath and communicating clearly in a non-combative manner. Is that possible. I think it is possible. You know for example. The colorado delegation works really well together Obviously i'm gonna miss cory gardner as as close personal friend and I thought just an outstanding united states senator. The people colorado made a choice. And i look forward to working with with Senator hickenlooper. But i think that overall We work very well together. There are a lot of good personal relationships in congress and i think we need to foster those bore. You don't do that by the way by having an impeachment Seven days after an event in seven days before president leaves office. But i do think that those close personal relationships will result in a less of the supply amatori rhetoric and more good policy piece in the hill. Let's see came out this morning. Saying trust between lawmakers reaches an all time low after capital. Riots you're thick of it. Do you see that in that manner. No i don't at all. I think that the the hill is trying to gain some kinda readership By by being sensational and and that's part of the problem really. It's not the problem. But as part of the problem is people get their news from from different sources. And we can't even agree for the most part in in america as In public opinion what the truth is and so when you can't figure out what the facts are. It's very hard to develop policy based on a common understanding facts. and i i think that There are close personal relationships. There's always a turnover in congress and so you have a lot of new members that are more willing to throw bombs then The members that have been there a little bit longer. But i think you'll see the relationships flourish and and Good good policy occur. Eight forty four now. Thirteen ten k. k. A thirteen ten k of k. A. dot com. Joined by congressman. Ken buck wanted to ask you this. Because i thought that the conciliatory address that video that president trump put out on wednesday this after the impeachment proceedings in which he didn't even mention impeachment. I had to wonder it seemed to me that he hit all of the high notes imploring his followers to if they must protest do so Peacefully that there is no room for violence. That violence doesn't accomplish anything. I have to wonder if he had come out with that statement. A week ago as the riots were raging at the us capitol would if it had made any difference whatsoever in terms of this rust impeachment. Great question I wish he had. Because i think it would have taken the wind out of the sales a lot of people in his speech. She talked about Walking to the capitol. He talked about peacefully protesting and yet The the mob turned violent and and injured. Police officers killed a police officer Others were killed And so i think that The president's words A right or during the riot could have been better. As as you just pointed out Would have been very helpful and I think it would have really helped. some republicans. Some democrats not vote for impeachment. But i think the president is now focused on his legacy and i think that his legacy is one of a great accomplishment in this country we had tax cuts that stimulated the economy and Rollback of regulations and and More common sense healthcare measures. And i think that the pre covid trump administration will be looked at as a a real Stewart of our economy. And i think that This is an unfortunate Your mark on a a great presidency. You had twitter see jack. Dorsey oopsy on hunt. Mike basically it was a video addressing. His employees saying this is going to be much bigger than just one account referring to twitter suspension of president. Trump's account it's gonna go on much longer for Just this one day is this silencing of conservative speech that perhaps what he is alluding to is absolutely in it is done by a group of monopolies look at what apple and google and facebook and twitter have done an amazon have done They are monopolies. They act as monopolies. They have to be broken up. They are so anti-competitive and un-american and they decide what the speeches in this country and frankly it is shaming In shameful that this country. accepts corporations major multinational corporations who are willing to allow the ira toll in iran to spew his hateful message and Try to Get into the chinese market by bowing to the chinese communist party but Ban the president of the united states for a lifetime and Other conservative voices. This country has always existed because we have tolerated voices sometimes extreme voices And put those messages into context now are being asked to shutdown Voices on one side of the political spectrum and it will do anything but calm those people. They will be even more furious and even more likely to engage in bad conduct. I appreciate all your time this morning. And before i let you go. I wanted to get your take on this announcement that the air force is announcing huntsville alabama as the location for the us space command headquarters which Well we were. All under the impression would remain in colorado springs colorado springs mayor. John suthers republican saying that the move was politically motivated and that was backed up by representative. Doug lambourn your take on a collection of consequences. President obama said it and It's true and and if they if they stayed is gonna move dramatically to the left. The military is going to take notice of that. And i think huntsville alabama has been a very Welcoming presence for the military and We have to just decide whether we want to be a balanced state or or whether we are going to take this moved to the left but it it costs us certainly in in this situation and finally are you planning on attending the inauguration. I will be at the inauguration. I'm not sure how to get into it. Because there are so many security measures. But i will be at the inauguration congressman. Ken buck the thank you so much for all your time your insights your perspective this morning certainly do appreciate it. Thank you very much grill. Eight forty nine now thirteen ten. Kf k. party a northern colorado's force thirteen ten. Kfi the block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten k. K. a. dot com to download the podcast. Today back to well never happened right. Obama winter kind of 'em. I ate these days leading to some serious drought conditions throughout to stay but if it was snow inside as we wouldn't be happy either but we could blame channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists atmospheric scientists matt megan's. He's used to that yup. You read email last night. I am blamed for the low air traffic moving into as well that i don't understand how but i am so just can now. Have you done this time matt i. I'm charged the faa guess. Who knew that. That was on your list of many japanese. Bonsai explained the paychecks. I guess you'd better step up my friend so we look looking this weekend. Quick little system's gonna move through tomorrow. Today will be cleared warm but tomorrow will wake up clouds So look for about half today to be cloudy. And within that cloud cover maybe some forays or like the sprinkle or something Light priests anyway and then that system clears out. Sunday will be sunny again. Coming in monday and tuesday will be a little bit. More of a decent Snow chance it's not going to amount to a lot but at least it'd be some moisture and again that's going to be monday and to not much of a temperature drop with that one and then kind of in the longer term The oceans northern pacific may finally actually changed. Just enough that will End january on a rather cold note called note but a snowing out as well more frequent snows. I don't know that it would be enough to get us back to average for Winter snowfall or even january early february snowfall. But at least there would be that chance. Yes okay so that's something to look forward to. Because you and i taught great length about well the dearth of snowpack that we're facing down the state and of course that's only going to exacerbate wildfire danger. Oh for sure for sure and our water storage is not doing very well either That's coming way way down in as we saw late last season in fort collins water restrictions and things. That's going to be a big issue as go into the summer. So yeah we've got to get a lot of water even if it doesn't fall here if you can follow the mountains that would be great and there will be some heavier snow for the mountains with this pattern shift late in the month in early february so that will be good news in that aspect. You're right are we done with the wind because sometimes there's just not enough aqua. Well that is true. That is true you will. You haven't looked at my mom's bathroom. Then there's there's quite a supply in their stockpile that The wind is still going to be a bit problematic. A bit more annoying versus problem causing over the far northeastern corner of the state today and we will have a breeze kicking in tonight as this little feature. Clouds moves through but as far as significant wind events that should be avoiding our region For quite some time all right well. I'm sure you've got planes. Dues insurance trouble at the faa not wink wink. So i'll let you get to it this morning. Well certain that resident broomfield and Our writing to that resident. I'm on it. I'm going to get the plane out of their mouth. I can't that makings always stepping up to the plate. Certainly appreciate that about you. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend youtube channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists and atmospheric scientist matt mickens causing an on eight fifty seven now thirteen ten k app k holes sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k keep up with your favourite high school basketball teams with perhaps radio and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k great. Congress is looking into quotes media literacy initiative such left the missouri this to help rein in quote misinformation. Guess who's behind that. Why none other than andrea ocasio cortez and a nickname. Sandy as the case may be what does that really mean. Silencing all opposing thought. That's pretty scary. But it's also a topic of conversation that we will delve into all right eight fifty nine now. Thirteen ten k of k a thirteen ten. Kfi a dot com your home for live and local programming. Stay with us. No co now. with your host. Tanner swint coming up next from nine to eleven followed by the power trip. Michael peterson david duggan. Eleven and noon and then of course the ever popular hall. Show with your host of grady hall from noon to two. So what are you going to do. Have a great weekend and lock it right here.

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September 25, Hr 3  Kevin Carr

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September 25, Hr 3 Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen. Ten KFI K. It's been forty three days that firefighters have been. Exhaustively Right Smile Bloom Heart in the Fort Collins Colorado. And Working Cameron peak fire today is a critical juncture eight. Oh wait now thirteen ten, Kfi k a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, from the auto collision specialist studios well, today as Mr Heart Rights, they will face the firefighters wailed their biggest test. That's when unseasonably warm temperatures low relative humidity and westerly wind gusts exceeding thirty miles per hour for a second straight day are expected to. Test those main fire lines that stand between the fire and thousands of homes and other structures in red feather, Lakes Crystal Lakes, and the glacier view communities fire has crept to within three miles of red feather lakes. Since Cameron, peak fires started August thirteenth around ten thousand homes have been evacuated around the two hundred and forty mile perimeter of the fire that had burned nearly one hundred and five thousand acres of yesterday that makes it the largest active fire in Colorado after full containment. and stay on the pine. Gulch fire just north of Grand Junction. The Pine Gulch fire by the way burned more than one hundred and thirty, seven, thousand acres, Dave Gasser fire incident commander said Wednesday we are in for a couple of days. He was right the wind and we're putting a lot of effort into the area they are calling the thumb we have even up our night shifts to where we are with our day shifts to really have a pulse on if anything is happening so that we are prepared Corey Callers Carlson. The fires planning operations trainee said, it is critical cruise complete the last mile of fire line on the fires edge and around the so-called head of the fire on the east side. Before the westerly wind makes things a lot more difficult everything that gets in on this north part of the thumb. He said, takes the potential for the fire to make a run toward a crystal lakes and these other communities further out of play. If nothing else he continued, it'll take the punch out. Of it and even if the fire does go north, we have spent a lot of time on the dead band road and have bulldozer lines and hose lays in and around those communities. So we're feeling pretty good guess her said twelve miles of water hoses with hundreds of Ponson ample water supply line, the Manhattan Road, which is the main line. Of Defense on the east side of the fire. He said if the fire should cross the road prior fuel mitigation such as prescribed burns. Over. The years will indeed help firefighters work that fire Friday today is a Red Flag Warning Day starting at noon meaning that conditions will be conducive to an increased fire risk. Those conditions existed around Labor Day when unusually hot dry windy conditions helped the fire quadruple in size over several days fire overwhelmed firefighters sending embers over the top of fire lines near the Pingree Park road and destroying fifty four structures including twenty five homes in the monument golf and rustic areas in monument Gulch. twenty-three homes were lost near, rustic two historic properties were nearly completely destroyed. Carlson said another area of concern for firefighters is the wind moving to a more northwesterly direction, which could push the thumb south edge into difficult to rain where drainage could help lead the fire south east toward Colorado highway fourteen. Carlson. Went on to say the drainage is very, very steep making it inaccessible for bulldozers and other heavy equipment in the area and that aerial retardant repels the fire only for so long. Carlson concluded wants the fire spreads into that area. It could actually go in a lot of directions. We have a huge presence in the Colorado fourteen quarters. So if it wants to push that way, we will indeed be ready for it. This says today that Cameron, peak fire reaches a critical juncture God bless those firefighters each and every one pull this out of nine news, Adams County fire rescue wildly and team there among the more than eight hundred firefighters who are working to contain the cameron peak fire and they have some stories to tell if a facebook post from their department is any indication whatsoever according to the post? Crews have been dealing with some. Well, I'm unexpected visitors in camp. Well, actually maybe not all that unexpected because after all this is Colorado those visitors are three black bears. Three black bears that Adams County fire rescue has said on their facebook posts have been visiting the camp at night. It's a little fact that will make you say. Firefighters actually named one of them. No baby bear. Little smokey. Adams County crews have been busy with fire working on everything from structure triage to even putting out a spot fire on top of the mountain eight fourteen now, thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com this time check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse where camelot and I'll tell you what get in to see camelot. It is absolutely incredible. CAMELOT takes center stage through October Twenty Fifth Candlelight Dinner playhouse Broadway in your backyard visit Colorado candlelight dot Com for more information Dan Patrick the whole show in Colin cowherd or a northern Colorado's. Thirteen ten KFI K. One football your dial two KFI K. here. NFL Games all season long and northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten K of K. The heads Freely trips I it would be good to pass along just to your edification piece by Jaden Watson Fisher out of the Greeley trip headline reduced interest rate on delinquent taxes. Helpful. Most helpful to weld county businesses and oil industry are set to expire. Writes Jaden. Watson Fisher. Weld County, property owners have until the close of business October I kinda right around the corner now isn't it to receive a lower interest rate on delinquent property taxes now, Governor Jared poll list signed House Bill Fourteen Twenty one in June Twenty House Bill Twenty fourteen twenty one giving cities and counties the power to defer, suspend or reduce accrued interest on delinquent tax payments. The reduced rates apply for any time period between June fifteenth the day many accounts became delinquent and again, the deadline of October First Weld County commissioners reduced interest rates from one percent during each month of delinquency to one. Twelfth. Of A percent per month from June fifteenth through October I had too many forward slashes there anyone who pays October second or later will be assessed a one percent interest rate for each month of delinquency dating back. To June Fifteenth Don Warden Weld County Finance director said the interest rate only applies to owners who pay their taxes in full on or before. October first of course, the purpose of lowering the interest rate was to help businesses struggling due to covid nineteen. Now, a similar decision was announced earlier this year the county announced an interest rate reduction on delinquent taxes from March until the end of October if the outstanding debt was paid on or before October thirty, first a state executive order at the time only extended tax relief benefits until the end of April, nullifying the county's decision now. The county typically receives ninety nine percent of all property tax payments by October and despite Cova Nineteen, this is likely to happen in two thousand twenty warden said that Weld has already received roughly seventy six percent of tax payments with a handful of payments from oil companies expected by that October first deadline, those payments should put weld near or at the typical ninety, nine percent mark. Now, any commercial or residential property owner who does not pay the remaining delinquent property balanced by October I will indeed be subject to full interests. The final deadline to pay is Four PM October twenty ninth. Delinquent taxes will go to a tax lien sale on October. Thirtieth investors may purchase the taxes according to the county and these become a lien against the property. They have the right to collect the taxes interest in fees from the property owner most standard homeowners have three years to pay off the extent, the outstanding debt or the investor could actually get the title to the home. County will send out notices of delinquent properties toward the end of June, using the most recent address from the assessor, and this may be updated. From the original address used at the beginning of the year. This has that reduced interest rate on delinquent. Taxes Helpful to weld. County businesses and the oil industry are set to expire a thirty. Now, thirteen ten KFI may thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice stay with US Kevin car that guys at the movies that guys at the movies dot com ways in right around eight, thirty five. Rogue Code. Now. Weekdays at four on northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K? Tune into the hall show at noon and no co now at four pack mornings with Kayla Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI. K. And what would Friday morning be without? Kevin car that guys at the movies tell me fat guys at the movies Dot com eight, thirty nine now thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten K. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios right wait for it for. How you doing Good I'm doing good. It's Friday. It's good. It's all good. Yeah. What is it a good fellows celebrating what is it the thirtieth or the fortieth anniversary? Probably. Thirtieth. Of Goodfellas I think came out in nineteen ninety. Okay Got Ta Fortieth Anniversary of Friday the thirteenth. You've got these sixtieth anniversary of psycho. Mike Goodness. That's incredible. Isn't it? Own. My Gosh. Yeah. Because goodfellas I mean, it's like it's all good fellows all the time so Can't get away from it where it's just one of those movies that I get drawn into. You know we all have them. Yes. The ones you don't WanNa swerve into on TV because then you're just gonNa stay up all night watching my gosh. Yeah the run time is. Six, hours long one. Martin Scorsese. Yeah. All. Right. So it's kind of it's you said in your email a thin line of movies this week. Let's talk a little bit about Kazillionaire. Yeah and the reason it's a thin line because theaters haven't been leading on fire. So to speak from the box office away, they hoped with tenants so Hollywood has pulled back on the blockbusters. In fact, he delayed whole bunch the Disney blockbusters. As well, everything from black widow to. Story got pushed a whole year. Yet tunnels death on the Nile which mocks property but owned by Disney. That got pushed to Christmas So They realize they're not going to get huge audiences. So it's going to be smaller movies coming to theaters at least in the interim Jillian airs one of those smaller movies it's an independent film and it has this feel of what an independent film from the early nineties would have been like it's it's very quirky. It's weird. It's about this family this mother father and their daughter. As they move around there Orr's but they're like knocking over a casino or anything like that. They're very small time gifters. I mean they're checking checking payphones for change and that sort of thing. That's. level. WANNABES. Yeah, and that's that's worth kajillions comes from 'cause he there's a point where Richard Jenkins the father's like well, everyone wants to be kajillions airs. That's not what you WANNA look these people aren't hundred airs let alone. Anything. So You know it's it's this weird family and they're doing all this sort of like living in this fringe of society right smack DAB in the middle of it, and another woman comes in played by Gina Rodriguez and she wants to join their disease basically joined the team but that that kind of throws a fly. because. It messes with the dynamic and you know I. IT causes a kind of schism between the parents and the kid for a relationship that really didn't have much love in it to begin with So. That's basically what it's about. It's interesting. It has its good points and bad points. It does sort of lose cohesion partway through and has trouble staying focused So I wasn't a huge fan but like you said, if you're a fan of. You know nineties era of independent films. This is something you might like. To call it nickel diamond airs. Or even dares. There you go. Well, done. Well, done. Carolina own. All right. This behavior so good so. Misbehavior with a you. Listening UK. Purchase morning. Yes this is a true story back in one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy. Character played by Keira Knightley gets involved with this sort of this feminist activist group and they wanNA disrupted the nineteen seventies, Miss World pageants that's taking place in London, and Bob. Hope is the host and true story. These women really really did some of these things. And The thing I found. So fascinating about his first of all, how popular Miss World was back in the day 'cause they were talking about it was more watched than the moon landing or or the World Cup finals or anything like that. And I'm like, really you know because I use that is that accurate? That guy? Apparently it is I mean I. It was like huge a global event and I look at it as like now I kinda like. Beauty contest to me just seem to be a thing of the past. Nobody. I still go on but honestly did you know who? I have no clue. I don't know either nobody. Accepts her. And even someday she wonders. Exactly. Where where all my events and appearances? Get exactly I mean it just seems so strange and It's. It's weird sort of snapshot a feminist history where you're like you look at it now and you're like, yeah, of course, they're sexist and of course sickness. Yeah. They have their turning around and showing everyone behind and everything and. then. Of course, you've got the contestants who you know it's a big opportunity for them and everything and they have other things going on culturally like it was the first year that they put the pro bowl brought both a black woman and a white woman from south. Africa to be in the. in the pageant. And it just it just seems like such an absurd thing but it was such a big deal and watching it kind of happen onscreen. You're just like man the seventies where weird. I I. Don't think you'll get any argument from me on. Holiday compared to twenty twenty because I, think twenty twenty takes the cake for weird. There's a whole level of weirdness that they didn't even predict. So I. Just staying in their own box this time you know. Wait till the yeah the twenty twenty, the movie about twenty twenty is GonNa be crazy. Yeah. Sure. It's going to be. Insane all right. Net flicks and Nola homes. Now, I didn't I didn't know the back story on this and Mike I actually told me and it sounds kind of interesting. Yeah. It's a story of it's based on a book and it's about Sherlock Holmes is the sister. And she is younger. She's played by Millie Bobby Brown who played eleven in the stranger things series So she's IOS is. Getting a chance to shine in. Her. Character's kind of subdued. Stranger things, but she really gets a chance to grow and it's a story of her tracking down her mother and trying to find her mom and at points she runs into Sherlock and Microsoft of, but it's really her movie and it kind of turns into this junior detective movie which takes place in You know Victorian London, which is kind of a NEAT little film I. I've always liked. Not just the Sherlock Holmes movies but sort of like the offshoots of Sherlock Holmes and just does a really good job I'd watch a whole series of this. Millie Bobby Brown say that three times quickly Billy by Barack. Rubber. I. Go right there with you. All right. I just wanted to touch briefly. We talked about I think I had the same story you did I'm pulled this. Station of running by you. But talking about that that you've got black widow west side story journals woman nine, thousand, hundred, four, all d'alene they're opening dates now. Okay. Tenant was not the saving grace for theatres that caps the industry hoped. But what about the upcoming bond movie? Now my understanding is that was scheduled to be released what? A November twentieth it's still on the board both and the Disney did not move the movie soul, which is there pixar film, which is also scheduled for that. I don't know if they're just GONNA, they're waiting another month to kind of see how things shake out I would not be surprised there. There was rumors that they were GonNa put soul on Disney plus that hasn't moved yet. Now maybe they'll do something where the. Disney plus Navy, they'll charge a fee move on made there were there was a news story came out last week that's an Milan. Made like two, hundred, million dollars but then they revised the number to be like sixty nine being which isn't great but it's not terrible and I wouldn't be surprised if they're still trying to find that sweet spot of what the charge. And because I think thirty bucks a little steep. So maybe they'll maybe put soul on on. Disney plus. I wouldn't be surprised when it comes James Bond if they just stick with the date. And have a theatrical run, and then like within that two weeks can give you like two weeks exclusivity and then put it on a premium video-on-demand service and that way they can be an advertising in the buzz for it. At the international numbers, which is what tenants doing. All. Right. So no time to die will that do that accomplish? What the industry hoped to as ten it did not I don't think so I think honestly I this because of Disney moving everything I think that says that. Blockbuster films the movies that need to pack them in. They're still gonNA take some time to return the fact of them keeping no time to die on the board is more I think they want to get released international because there's these movies make five, hundred, million dollars overseas, and that's why they're. They're sticking with that date and then they're just gonNA figure out some sort of hybrid model for for This my own theory that they're going to figure out some hybrid model for the states. You know until theaters are kind of like open for capacity and everyone's ready to go back you're not going to be able to recoup the two, hundred, three, hundred, million dollar movies anymore got to wonder if this is indeed the new normal for movie theaters you've got a lot of people saying, yeah it might not ever get back to normal well, unfortunately, you you put people at home for six months and they find other things to watch right through that other things to do. Kevin car fat guys at the movies back guys at the movies dot com of course, seamless plug time. You can hear his weekly syndicated radio program a real don't miss. I might add each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten KFI from noon to one Kevin. Go have stuff weekend now. Thank you. You too take care eight, fifty, thirteen, ten Kfi K.. Rogue Code now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten K. K.. Cameras Pete Firefighting crews facing their biggest test today as unseasonably warm temperatures, low relative humidity, and westerly wind gusts exceeding thirty miles per hour for a second straight day are expected to test those main fire lines that stand between the fire and thousands of homes and other structures in red that lakes, Crystal Lakes, and the glacier view communities joined this morning by Channel to pinpoint meteorologist atmospheric scientist Matt Make Ends Hey. Either how are we today? Well. You tell us because boy, it's going to be a challenging day for those firefighters as an. Sabbar. All too. Yeah. We'll be very hot record. He no humidity wind. So. Yeah. Not Not a non ideal setup by any means not only for Colorado, but the Big Molin fire in southern Wyoming to just. Laremy. So that multiple complexes we have in the area will probably flare up quite. Quite dramatically later today. I. Would Guess. So that's frightening and Do we see any break in the heat anytime soon? we'll catch a cold front on Sunday It's GonNa come through and try to catch most northeastern Colorado most of the front range foothills and balance. So that would cover the cameron peak, cover them all in It won't hit anything off at the Utah though that called for it's GonNa. Try to swing through it will drop temperatures a lot will cool off into the sixties and fifties Sunday afternoon and even and it will try to drop some rain and snow. Across the whole region late Sunday into Monday morning. But the amount of moisture may be limited for the fire areas and more the farther east you go over the plains. So at least it'd be a chance to to bring a little water to those areas though yeah. Well, we certainly need the moisture I. Know that it's turned into a cliche in Colorado own my gosh, I mean as you look at future projections are we? In line for any significant precipitation anytime soon no. No a this would be the best chance for the next week to ten days in. Then you get past the first week in October, they'll be another system coming in then around the eighteenth of October maybe something more significant at that point at least there's been kind of a consistent hint that that around that time would be a potential impact but no nothing really significant. And was the Lanier year classically most areas with the fires those firearms classically, they are much drier than average channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Matt Megan's thanks so much as always all we can do at this point is keep those firefighters in our thoughts and prayers. That's right. That's for sure. Yeah. All right. Thanks so much have a good weekend eight, fifty, seven out yup eight. fifty-seven Thirteen Ten Kfi K. Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd are northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI. Nine now, thirteen ten KFI may thirteen ten KFI K. dot com northern Colorado's boy send northern. Colorado's new home for donkeys baseball this as Colorado rockies or at the diamondbacks for a double header. Yes. You heard correctly pre-game gets underway at a board get hall show with your host Brady Hall from noon to Tuna Nabil, have yourself a great weekend. No Code now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten, KFI K.

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The Best Rosters in Football With Daniel Jeremiah. Plus, the Best Non-quarterbacks in Football With Trey Wingo

The NFL Show

1:00:38 hr | 8 months ago

The Best Rosters in Football With Daniel Jeremiah. Plus, the Best Non-quarterbacks in Football With Trey Wingo

"It is the wringer nfl show part of podcast now work. I'm kevin car great show today daniel. Jeremiah joins me to talk about the open. Gm jobs justin. Herbert the best rosters papa. Much more and then trey wingo during nor piatti nine to discuss wednesday afternoon. Football and the best non quarterbacks in football jays episode of the wringer. Nfl show on the run. Podcast network is brought to you by state farm getting great car and home insurance from state farm and surprisingly great rate. That's a drafting a player. That becomes an all pro. The real deal state farm agents provide personalized service can customize your insurance to fit your needs like a gm putting together the very own roster. You need a team that supports you and state farms. Got a great one edition to agents. The award-winning mobile. App helps manage coverage pay bills file claims with a great price. Even greater service state farm goes from strength to strength choose insurance it always brings. It's game when you want the real deal like a good neighbor. State farm is there. This episode is brought to you by gatorade for over fifteen years. Gatorade has fueled the best athletes to rise to the occasion during the biggest moments from young athletes. Just starting to turn heads to some of the best athletes to ever play their games. Gatorade shows they are the proven fuel of the best then now and forever. Nothing beats gatorade daniel jeremiah. Nfl network now amazon scouts feed one of the best minds in football. Quite frankly ho smoothies spot gas. Which is where i go to learn things every single week times a week. Thanks for joining us. Dj but it's great to be with you. How's it going i. It's going good. It's doing good. We're recording football wednesday. Which is not normal but will random you know. It's not normal season not a normal season so speaking of non normal season. This has been the craziest season that i've ever been around. Probably you too. And i want to start with what the future looks like for the teams that are making switches at at the gm role fisher. So we i. When i was making a list here i'd forgotten that atlanta was open. I it seems like it happened five years ago. It's still rich is doing stuff in the interim but that job will be open. So it's detroit jacksonville houston and atlanta. And i'm fascinated because every opening is a different type of built atlantic ago either way obviously detroit zone. Thank jacksonville is a total builder. The obviously they've got guys in their contract to got young pieces. But there's just a lot there and then houston you have the quarterback and then don't be else if you're looking at all four of these jobs daniel and i maybe it depends on what type of what type of builder you are. How you approach things. But what is the most appealing open job right now. I think it's i think it's between two. I would say jacksonville because they don't have the quarterback but their position get the quarterback. So you're in a position to get a really good quarterback back on a contract. You've got a bunch of good young players and you've got all the traffic's so to and you've got salary cap money so to me you have if you're confident in yourself. You have all the resources they're able to turn it pretty quickly provided hit on guy number two number one if the sun how the jets were to fall into a win. Which doesn't seem likely so that to me would be one right there. And i know for all the reasons that you wouldn't Listen to good job. Because of the lack of draft picks be you know because of the they are against the cap but houston. I mean the twenty. Five year old franchise quarterback. It might take you a minute to trang. Clean some messes up and then get your draft. Picks down the road. But that's a pretty enticing place to start. Just because of shaw with jessica particular one is there and how do you is that a three year. Builders they are they. I guess you could say their quarterback away the hit on justin field or something where they might be almost like what miami is busier and then maybe they're competing in two years. How do you view that built. Call with miami and this is a fun exercise. We can dukes actually just printed this stuff. I had our research with this. So i had to give me starters on these teams right under the age. Twenty five so guys games under the twenty five th you only ripped through some of these Absolutely thank let's start because we're talking about. Let's start with jackson who has a long list so these are some of the guys though the whole the whole Desert longer but you're looking at bandra lingered. Cj henderson jam robinson dj shark devan hamilton. Who's played great this year. Third round picks is really a defensive tackle. Got the quarterback mention luton. But yet james robinson booze offset a big year. John taylor josh allen. Jason chenault Miles jack still is crazy. He's mentally forever Sidney jones who's actually played okay over there Tatum brian sussman despite. But that's a that's a lot of guys they're twenty five started so all right through these other these other ones and you tell me after of hearing the young talent out. Get your thoughts we us. Let's go houston much. Smaller list Minute who watson obviously justin rated player lonnie johnson mac scharping titus howard zach cunningham. Much much smaller less yeah. I think it's jacksonville. If you're just going by that. But i also think that when you named shawn watson magazine comes down to how much way the quarterback that's and that's the question. That's a question monitor football right how much you weigh. The quarterback ras everything else where that scout space draft picks. Or whatever when you look at this houston team. Do you see any road to contention in in twenty twenty one or two thousand twenty two or do they have to do a little bit of a tear down around to sean and have him work. Miracles on the fly. I could be a playoff team because of the roster the having with a quarterback so i don't think it's a twelve one team during this process but i think you're nine ten when you're getting into the postseason and you're trying to can add the pieces and sprinkle in the talent around him. But you know you start with the shawn watson you start the season with six wins now so you have a much higher floor there. I just think man as he builder. You want blocks. You've got lots of blocks to play with if you're jacksonville because you have so many are something the bats it you know. Whatever cracks the bat. Whatever you wanna call it whatever you wanted us. Yeah and it's fascinating. So you're jacksonville right now. Let's play this out here. So you're jacksonville you. Are you need a quarterback to start everything. They're gonna have the second pick in the draft. What's assumed sarah. Lawrence goes number one to two cats with zoom. they stay winless is adjusted fields or. Is there going to be a conversation that we're not anticipating in february march next year. Were saying. Hey maybe someone could sneak in there. Yeah i gotta do more quarterback. So when i go through this process i usually. I go position by position. So i'm just gonna trust my way through the offense line. And i like to save the quarterbacks for a little bit later so that out is i can. We'll have a cheery countertop. I haven't done a deep dive on them all over the summer and i've watched fields a little bit this year but the little bit i've seen. Zack wilson i think he's going to enter into that discussion. I don't think it's going to be a slam dunk. He's interesting is very interesting. And then you know. I i really liked trae. Lancet his building. You're going to have to get past the fact that he's got three hundred eighteen pass attempts in his college career and not at the highest level. Either so there's less skill there so long story short. I don't think justin fields has a stranglehold on them on the number two quarterback spot right now but standing and it's gonna be it's gonna be well just because of how many people you know you you in bucky trent dilfer on last week and he's throwing out different names and it's just like there might be five guys. Were legitimate first round expert. There have been an past couple of years. I it's going to be fascinating to see how the stopes because of kind of you're like the trae lands problem where there are guys who only played five six games this year or or they didn't even get a crack at playing a big team or whatever it is it's gonna be fascinating to watch detroit and atlanta row quick. Y'all are looking at those teams to go through elektra. let's go. Let's do this all right here. we go. let's go to trail over warrior. Just because i want to show off the david pronouncing deondraye swift. Sean hand rag. Now divide of kuda. Penn played grades. Go jonah jackson. Kerryon johnson safest hodkinson tracy walker. That's canada. that's pretty much the guys there. Lanta i mean i. It's it's would. He matt ryan and julio jones yeah jones at least something to build around but do you see that you know i. I could go either way there. If i'm taking over that. Gm job they're not going to give it to me. But i if i'm looking at it this could be. Let's build around those guys. Some of the veterans big contracts. Time to mitch off the last couple years. Or you just say let's just blow this whole thing of the next two years. Which path would you go with atlanta. I will go blow things up. And the reason i would look around the landscape inside the division and look at or vaccine you have and say man all these teams are going to have to go down to go up. I wanna go down. I want to go down. I so i can beat them to punch on the rebuild process. So that's the exciting thing about that. Division is like man if you can get it right here in these next two off seasons you can be ahead of where the saints are gonna be where the are going to be in terms of trying to replace their quarterbacks and where they go he's got a chance to leapfrog them and it's a race to me with carolina who's good if he's got some good young talent so that to me is what's appealing about that job but i think contract wise. You're going to have to live with matt ryan for another year. And i've just book is a still a top fifteen quarterback but meant to be. It's i'm excited about trying to get everything else and build up from the bottom. Last thing on this is just detroit and matt stafford because it sorta the same thing where you can say okay. Let's just go in on matt stafford and see what happens or you say. Let's let's move on from this thing if you're taking over that job you do. What with matt stafford and the next two years detroit. So tough I honestly think i would. I would probably try to move him and chief get into start a new here and this. It's a fresh clean slate. his value. I think he's still going to be relatively high. So you're kind of sell. Hi there in my opinion. I like staffer honestly. I feel bad for him that he's been in the situation. He's been energy if he would have been just luck of the draw right fees another year. He goes to the lands wanting more stable organizations. He's probably talking about him as a hall of famer. So yeah but that being said. I just think it's it's time to sell hi. There is much resources you can and really start to build the thing. It's funny. I talked to stafford about that. I think he's kind of in this loss. Generational will bit where the guys above them are freeze and brady and manning or whatever and the guys below him are are the mahomes generation. And he's in this this big middle where. There weren't a lot of elite quarterbacks. He could have been if you broke right but he he has his personality where he's fine was all best like he's just so easy you just want to hang out with his kids and and be a good teammate. Not be a good teammate. And he never wants to complain all this stuff and so he. It's a really interesting scenario with him. But i would love to see him on a contender. I just the next ten years of his career. Yeah and some of that honestly is you wanna do it for what you think could be best. The organization long-term but there's For him like on doing this kid of solids leading get somewhere else. Get get a shot at this thing. Why he's still has good football left in them. So that's the personal side of it were ever gets the job. I'm rooting for that too. Yeah trade matt so we can get opportunity. Go somewhere else thinking about that. Think about if some somehow he ended up with sean payton from the beginning of this. We'll be talking on the all time greats. It's amazing i guess. The summation of his life is not fair. It's amazing that life's not fair. When it comes to quarterbacks and and how much it makes a difference. Or andy reid or any of these guys but you brought up a great point about him and what's so cool about maddin just a little bit that i know about him from instead of looking at weight doesn't have he's always been grateful He's made as much money as anybody made. A ton of money is Wife being through some health scares to have her healthy so he's happy with his with his family. He's been taken care of financially and it easy for him be kind of a little bit down on. Thanks just for the situation. He's been in professionally but never point. I remember orlowski. Said something to me about him. Obviously their friends. He said he's everyone says they're comfortable in her own skin. Matthew stafford is the only guy who's actually comfortable but he's the only guy just totally cool with whatever totally chill. It's dan crap. Though is one of my. We talked Crappy as we all know that you're tight with with With matt okay. We know second that they fired patricia. Dan he said they have to trade staffer. Whatever you do train them like. I felt like this is like a rescue mission. Statement blair here like no man behind orlowski had dangling out of a helicopter and trying to matthew stafford out in detroit. So you've got a bunch of jobs now obviously. Nfl network doing the draft. And nobody's better and now you got the amazon stuff. What do you like. you've done. The chargers games in the past. But what do you like about being in the booth and noticing that obvious from your scouts background. You didn't have to give instantaneous feedback when you know when you're looking at this prospect or whatever it is or or another team what do you like about the booth and how's that adjustment been. It's been a lot of fun. It really was a team. Like the perfect time. I think i'd been over. Tv side for about seven years. Maybe in then the charge opportunity came along and the now event amazon. But i get to is people say in we call it the scouts feet with what we do at amazon. And try to hit it from that angle. But also be selfishly. I kinda feel like. I can go back four back again. Where you gotta be sitting there you come you. Come to the line of scrimmage and charge games ranch be like okay man look at the coverage we have your Sneak little nuggets in there. About what what. I would be trying to do here in the situation. That orioles see him when they dropped when they when he realized that safeties bluffing. He's bailing out of their check to a run. Play i just a little bit like the position against. That's what's so fun for me being around. The chargers obviously so often justin. Herbert is one of the stories of the say. Not just among rookies one of these stories in the league. Did you know having seen practice or at least heard about. He's not normal years like you could have sat there and twenty training camp practices like you normally wouldn't twenty nine hundred twenty eighteen. But did you anticipate any of this success. And did you kind of see this coming in a way that that that other people didn't or was this a surprise. Even the people who are around the team no clue. I had no idea that we would see him. Play at this level. I had the hope that two three years from now you would see glimpses of what we've seen this year but i mean. He went out there from the first game at kansas city. We're sitting up there in the booth. Like oh my gosh. This is not. This is not a rookie trying to survive. Like he's he's a problem for is the way every weeknight said. No miami in buffalo. Were not great games but those are like more. Typical rookie games are have been many of those with him. And you know about the trade city possess mike kind of knock on with man. I just wanted to be more aggressive. Cut it loose. Be more in attack mode an exam. That's you know. You're at oregon. He's got former offensive. Line coaches your head coach. They'd run the ball play great defense canada formula so it. I don't wanna take shots. That was her job. They won game rose bowl plan that way but i don't think they took a little bit of a stinger away and i thought i give look if shane steichen. All those guys a lot of credit for not what they did with him janiking is he was fine. Their mentality wise. It was like dude. We're we're gonna attack people. He's been awesome. It's kind of funny because it's almost the exact opposite of why people missed on mahomes in. I remember you in bucky tab. This where he's he was trying to put the team on his back so much that he was doing too much and just herbert was not doing enough. And so it's it's almost like you have to find that happy medium there or if you're a smart team you can take advantage of the fact and recognize it It's just it actually. Is there a lesson that teams can take from from doesn rubber going forward next time. The draft quarterback. I'm glad you brought him home. Because i think you can titles together. Which i haven't done because you talk about told polar opposite issues coming out the things. They hadn't common while. Obviously elite skill sets the arm strengthen the athletic all the delete. But the other thing. Is those both those guys when you visit with them are extremely intelligent life now off the charts smart. So you've got the you've got the talent you've got the intelligence you've got the work ethic the mentality thing. I mean being able to either rented or being able to crank it up. I think that's a good lesson right that that can be that can be changed with herbert and protect a person. Some say you know when people and you have to say you see it. When people were in his face he is not bothered by. And there's there's a real. That's not normal and one of the things i've heard. Is the younger quarterback. Now coming into the league are a little bit less susceptible to a blitz or to pressure because of just you know almost the ten thousand our theory where. They're getting so many reps when they're younger. They're seeing so many different complex. Pressures enlisted sound like every quarterback perfect against pressuring on baker. Mayfield's numbers are just abysmal. But i think on the whole you might see a little more of. Is there something to that. Where the younger quarterbacks coming a little more prepared and they did a couple of years ago to go against these types of defense. I think a couple things one seven on seven culture with that. You're talking about so that that's helps speed up the clock for these guys. The other thing is they're all plans spread in upon their from high school and through college so just their clock is different. So the ball is. They're just get the water ends whereas when i was coming through in our generation it was throwing the ball out of time off. Play action lot of times. You've got a wall in front of you get tight ends and backs in the u. Clock is slower. These guys their clocks cranked up. And so the ball's gone as fascinating. All right let's get to the discussion here about rosters. We talked every male. I think that a lot of times you. We learn in january that a team was deeper or had a better roster than we thought. Maybe they didn't get to show it in november october. Midden the depth or whatever I think you might the eagles three years ago where we find found out in january. Man that is. That is a damn good roster. They built in an amazing way. It feels like a million years ago watching carson wentz. Now watch the nick foles. Eagles there was just something there Who is the broad question before we get into the specifics. Here who has the best roster wants fifty three right now in. Dj tempted to say saints is one i look at just because they can. They overcome injuries at a lot of positions being with filling with guys. And i think they're in the trenches which is obviously very important. That was that eagles team that eagles team mouth offensive line was probably top fifteen offensive line of the nfl at that point in time so that would be one outside the other one. but it's maybe sneaky. Deep is tennessee. A tendency to be able to kind of what when used taylor lewan. They've got some other injuries. They've been battling through impressive and their physical and again. I think they've got bigger role guys through on on both sides of I think they're kind of sneaky team pittsburgh. Obviously when you know they're gonna be up there as well so those would be the ones that of come to the front of my mind which pittsburgh by the way. We're just talking about this. The other day haven't done in a couple of years. We always had somebody with a team and told me a long time. They were obsessed with sack differential that there was a period of time. Were like nine of ten super bowl winners head positive sector french. See at least be on the positives. They're in the top five in the league. Pittsburgh's number one at saks number. One at saks loud. It's that's a pretty good sign and some of it is been just the ball out means not sit back long balls out but that's assigned to me team when you're at last scrimmage and i'll sacks aren't everything but it's a little a little snapshot of what you've got a front recoiling i this couple of weeks ago. No one seems to give. Kevin colbert credit for for the teams that he builds every single year. He doesn't promote himself. Never he always steps into the background. And that's why his reputation inside the lease so off the charts high. You just doesn't get mentioned was somebody's other gonna screen team builders. They haven't paid guys. They have not brought in players all from what he's been able to develop that guys walkaway replace them and nothing slips. I've said this before. But it's almost i've asked him probably three times just explained to me why you hit on receivers. Just just give me something. The there are you know this. Dj twenty eight other. Gm's who would who would say. Well here's how i did it. Here's here in this meeting room. They said this is the secret of finding wide receivers. Well you only get lucky. We've we've we've missed on some and it's like come on that is that is a sign of guy who does not want to promote himself funny to me. He's done phenomenal job. I've thought about that because you think about some of the teams like the packers used to be that way. Obviously that's kind of knock on them but you go to the receivers. They were kind of charm through. Obviously you look at. What what they've done in pittsburgh Think that the forty niners early. Ah the rams have a good is what they want. They have a tight Haven't type of procedure that they go after but with pittsburgh meat he's done with big as its little guys. Don't want him in the middle east with saints in particular. Let's say the worst happens and drew brees doesn't come back. What can they do with tastes. Like what is can they win. Can they get to the champion game with tastes milk quarterback because they're adapted long as they get a nice draw. I think so. I think you've seen her difference. Go to a whole other level. I'm at throw out last week. That was yeah but on a whole lot. I think defense at all three levels really really good so to me that their formula just changes a little bit in. You know some help. He doesn't have to be twenty one points. Men hit a chance to win the whole thing. Like they've been playing and sean is going to be able to be creative enough to fight their way to twenty one point. Four points him. It's just not gonna be it's gonna look different. But i think there's a former lead exist with tennessee and the robinsons done you know. I talked to him in august. Why do you. Why do you get guys who break tackles and kind of the body blows theory. How do you do that and he said well you know i. I like to watch. Who's being physical late in games. Who's still hitting people in a blow out like those are the guys i want my team. Do you think there's a lesson i mean. Obviously listen this is a passing league. This is a league that is all about speed and spread and all that stuff but do you think there is a lesson in tennessee and the physicality there that can probably spread to the rest. Leave when you just look at that. Team's built dj. Yeah i think is ajay rob to as he had a very clear crystal clear vision of what he wanted to football team even with derrick henry when there were some people want to convict was what twelve and a half on at nine months. Twenty five million. I think over two years there was some people that were critical of that. Even that number. Which wasn't a huge number. And when i talked to my this is this is our identity. Our bill in this team wouldn't have the same value may be some other teams as for us. This who we are so to me. That's the sign of android. I don't care what style you are but know who you are crazy menu. Go find it. And that's what they've done. It's just we're going to be physical rugged and that's not just one position that's at every position and a big fan of his and i think he's he's another one who's not going to vote himself at all here. You mentioned at all with some of these great team. Billers guys hecker job there. When i talked nagas. He kept comparing his team to different hunting dogs. And i'm from orlando florida. what i'm talking about. I'm like i'm saying so as far as young rosters go. you know. We talked a little bit about it. Open john jobs but is there a team that we need to be talking about as far as progressing two to three years from now. They've got the building blocks to be the next saints and have deepest hell roster with a lot of pieces everywhere mean. I want a homer. But i just the charge is not a three and eight roster and this is a team that is position with a rookie quarterback who's already stars only gonna get better and you look. I mean some of the toughest things define a top three. I mean i would argue. Nobody better than joey. Bosa off the edge defensive playmaker you gotta keep them healthy but derwin. James would fit into that category. They've got a number one receiver. They've got a you know a good tie and another number to receive that they need to just get some offense lineman and corners. And i think they'd be positioned really well. I mean the the division with cheese aren't going anywhere The raiders are better. You know there's things there. But when i look at a young roster i'd be betting on with a couple of movements to be good for a very long time. I don't find one better than chargers. Tonto lesko i think has been snake bit with some injury injury luck there. Then it's It's a really talented young roster couple more. Is there a team that has i. May maybe the answers jackson. Oh maybe it's is there a team. That's a quarterback away. Is there a team. That's gonna draft high in the top ten next year. Where if they get the quarterback. They're they're ready to go in two thousand twenty one good question. It's the usual jets jacksonville. Football team denver's twelfth right now. Chicago's thirteenth. That could be interesting. Yeah i think those are interesting. But no i think there's been other teams. You look ansett or back. I mean. I'm bullish on jets. Think the jets if you if you can get into orienting. Go forward two years from now. I'm excited to see where they're going to be. That's another thing where you kind of go trying to identify. the building. blocks go one on each side. Of the line of scrimmage the white queen williams has played this year along with becton. Men's i think's got a chance to be named as number two. I think he's got a chance to be a number one. Those are kind of the key visas. They have right. Now and joe's gotta zillion pigs in a ton of money so again. It's not a one year thing. But i think if you look two years down the road. If they get the quarterback that will assume they're going to get that could be a little bit quicker the think it's fascinating facet last question for you in the twenty twenty one draft. What is the one thing that you're watching. What is the one thing that this sort of overshadows everything is it. Is it how these teams are going to adjust to the lack of playing time. Is it whether or not you've probably heard that i've heard it. Is you know so many things from the quote unquote virtual draft last year virtual. Combine whatever we're going to carry over next year. Hey we original in. We learned about efficiency this year for the first time we will need to be flying over the place when you look at the twenty twenty one draft. What is the you think. The number one story line going. It's not about quarterback suppliers. It's it'd be like a baseball draft's in a baseball draft. You have high upside high school kids versus the may be higher floor. College kids in every organization handles that differently. Some guys okay. Not gonna swing for the venstre. Gimme just a nice del sauteed. These college kids are gonna get. They're gonna help us. Sooner might not be as great and they got other organizations. Say screw it. We're gonna take these high school kids across our fingers and swing for the fences and that is that what we are to have guys that have played hardly at all. And then you're gonna have other guys who've been starters you're an sec. They played they played and games. Nine ten you get a senior from the sec's Started forty five games. Maybe he's not going to be a great player. But at least. I know. I m you're gonna see two different strategies facets that all plays out down to my we'll get you out on this. Tell us what you're doing with amazon. The rest of the month. You're calling it. A game. Exclusively on december twenty. Sixth national at cardinals. And you're going to be in the booth on thursday with bucky enjoy as you have been all year. It's so much fun. I encourage people to check it out to see. If you can go on twitch you can find it twitch that slash move the stakes in the three of us sitting in there and it's it's not atypical. play in polar broadcasts. Were having a conversation. We might tee up some of the things we've talked about here today in the middle of the game as we look at some of these good young teams. But it's really kinda hang. Say just like you're hanging with kim joy. We watched eight yards fox. It's awesome three of the smartest people in sports media again. Moved to six. Podcast is awesome dinner jeremiah. Thanks for coming on. I appreciate you. I know world gearing up for a lonely or unless exciting holiday season this year but the good news is that the folks making call of duty mobile. 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There's a way to be bummed out and sad that it came to this that there is a wednesday afternoon game and that players were uncomfortable and all that stuff but also as soon as the game started go. Wow this is much better than a normal wednesday afternoon. We'll right and i think that neuron. I can claim that a little better than you because you are in florida where i think. It's about fifty six degrees today right. It's like sixty something like that. Well nora is a bath. I'm in the middle of the woods. in connecticut. Like fifty six right now. Would be beach weather so yeah. This was way back for us. That i think it is because you actually had alternatives. It got dark at. What four twenty nora. so this was glorious. Yeah and i gotta say kevin i do kind of resent you scheduling this roundtable with a christmas tree lighting. Oh the christmas tree. Lighting the christmas tree lighting the game plan trace mcsorley has played himself into at least one blog post or whether or not he should be a starter somewhere. At least i really hope that's not the case. It's not the case. I don't know if the ravens. I honestly do not know if the ravens got a passing i down. They were on track to be one of the fourth team in modern era to not have a passing down. So we'll see. I will look later on the game just ended. So that's where we are so trey your podcast. Kurt warner on your show. Correct with all this with the show you doing. What's the best thing you've learned so far. Well it's not. Been fortunate to talk to kurt a lot. Yes let me get all the plugs half forgotten history or drop every week by state. Farm maker's mark mcdonald while ucla maker's mark. Fair familiar behind the in our little set up here a really excited about. It's going to be a lot of fun. The thing that i learned from kurt when we taped show was that everyone in football at least noses story how crazy it was. You know couple packers stocking groceries and all this kind of stuff three times the arena league asked him to join he said no. I'm better than the arena league. And then they wanted him to go to the world league which he ended up doing and was on fire for the amsterdam admirals. I believe but he said i would only go. I would only go if you guys alikhan. Bill was the one that set it up and he said i will only go right. I didn't know that either. I will only go if you guarantee me a trial for an nfl team. And basically he went and had a tryout for an nfl team and the rams earth city at their old park outside of saint louis and he said it was the worst trial. He he's had but i think the rams just decided to sign them to do a favorite at loganville so the idea that he turned down the arena league three times because he thought he was better than that. And he only got a tryout and signed. Because as a favorite of hallelujah bill what he thought was the worst trial of his career is kinda cool. I thought that was interesting. Nfl jomie i remember. I think it was john. Dorsey told me that it would have been around. Him will bitterness his career that the arena league made kurt warner in the sense of his release. Got really really quick and so the and he wouldn't have had that quick. Release a man. There's probably a lot of quarterbacks would have been improved by going to the arena league. No you're one hundred percent right and he mentioned that on the show up apple spotify youtube stecher. Wherever you get your podcast. And it's funny. I was in saint louis in the early to mid ninety s when he was playing the iowa barnstorm and i was the color commentator for the saint louis stampede of the old arena football and we actually went up to and Did a game when he was playing for the barnstorm. And if anybody has not seen the i barnes overs uniforms they might have been the greatest uniforms in the history football. They had goggled helmet goggles on. Propellers on the pants like the old barnstorming pilots to fly across the country and take people up in the air for the first time ever so. I remember watching that game with kurt warner and thinking. This guy's really good and he actually said on the show he credits the ringling to make the nfl. Or becky was. I will say as someone who grew up in orlando predators in his backyard. I know a little too much about the arena league. That's one of those things. I wish i could remove from my brain and i don't know melville novels or something but instead it's just like nashville cats rosters from nineteen ninety nine once you experience. Full hunky cooper and the arizona rattlers. You can never go back. I mean that's it all right before we get to where we're going to get to. We just witnessed the steelers playing. I guess down to the level of a team that they should have probably trounced are we. Don't wanna do the steelers fans mad at me. But they're undefeated are we. Are we worried about the steelers is. They're maybe worried is the wrong word. But how do we view the steelers after that game nora same as before. I think you can shock up the short. We obviously much much worse for the ravens than the steelers given. How many backups they were playing with. At how many guys are on the kobe list for them right now. you can. Chop some of the weirdness of play on wednesday to both teams. But the problem for the steelers is that they do this all the time they play down. They win close games against bad opponents. They don't blow people out and you worry about their offense but that's not new after this wednesday afternoon football game right. That's how he felt going into it. That's how we feel coming out of it. So they have a great record. They'll still be able to compete for the top seed but they do seem like a flawed team. Trae what happens if the steward's played the chiefs in in january. Will i feel the same way. As nor i feel the exact same way about the steelers as i did before the game as opposed to after the game until someone proves to me that they can beat that guy and talking about patrick mahomes in the playoffs. Show me when the clock strikes zero. I believe it. Because i firmly believe that he is going to go down as the greatest quarterback. Play the game. It's just tell you beat that guy when it madison's here's my thought on the chiefs and why they sort of done what you've talked about nor with the steelers it's sort of been up and down. They lost the raiders. They almost lost to the raiders twice. The they almost lost panthers. They know how good they are. And i think they're a little bored. And i think they just want to get their honestly i say warriors a couple years ago like i think they're like let's just get healthy. Lets you skip through this because at the end of the day. We've got that guy and nobody else. Has that guy the exercise we're gonna do today. I think it's helpful because we talked so much about quarterbacks and we talked about the mvp race so much and whose win the super bowl and all this stuff. And i want to take the focus. We can still talk about. Who's gonna win. The super bowl is this is a big part of of take. The focus off of quarterbacks sheet. Do the most important or best or whatever. You wanna do non quarterbacks in football most valuable non quarterback however you wanna phrase it. It's up to you. We each brought three trae will start with you. Give us your three. And then we'll debate okay. I think two of these are actually really easy like i. The third one. I struggled with and there was a bunch of people but i narrowed it down to two and then i cut it down to one. Okay obviously number one from used erica. Because he is a sledgehammer little. Did the numbers like now this this past weekend was an outlier because he had a hell of a first half but normally in the first half their candy is very pedantic for lack of a better term and then you have to tackle them for two more quarters after halftime and it's like trying to hold onto a bear before this last game this week starting back to the beginning of two thousand nineteen th through the playoffs. His first half rushing totals were about twelve hundred yards. His second half and overtime rushing totals. Eighteen hundred yards. He went from four point. One yards per carry to five point. Seven yards you carry and again before this last week. We had three first-half touchdowns he had four first rushing touchdown twenty one in the second half. He is a east literally a sledgehammer. That's it just wears you down normally a running back. It's worn down. She wears the defense down because he's the biggest people trying to catch him and as good as tannehill has been. He's been great especially in the red zone when the best red zone team since he got the job starting job week seven. I think it was last year. If they don't have derrick henry. They're not the titans that have a chance to get into the afc championship game every year. So that was number. One number. Two i think is a consensus pick and i said this for awhile. It's aaron donald up before the before the wednesday afternoon game. He was the league leader in. Sacks. j. watt too so he knows the lead but we're talking about double digit sack production from someone on the interior line. Not a not a designated address like tj. There's a difference if you can get that kind of consistent pressure and actually pressures mean more to me than sacks because you can as often sublime and you can do your job perfectly mess up on one plane give up sack but if you are constantly crushing the pocket aaron donald never make a tackle to make a difference in a game and you saw that against Against the forty niners on more than one occasion. He just crushes the pocket. And makes you have to divert from your original option on the game plan so those two guys were easy for me and then it came down to the third and i. I really talked to a lot of people about this. Because i wanted to make sure that what i was thinking was correct and we wait a bunch of different options and i had to that i was trying to decide between one was devante. Ads and one and one was tyreek hill. Now you could make a very compelling argument that davante adams is more productive and he is more in rhythm with aaron rodgers and he is more consistent but travis kelsey most importantly correct. And that's a big. That's a big part of. But i don't think there's an offensive player outside of mahomes that scares defensive coordinator to death. More than tyrod. jill. I mean i literally felt bad for carlton davis on sunday in the first half when you're gonna play man on tyreek hill which is like saying. Here's a straw. Go beat the hope. It's just not happening. There are better receivers. Don't get me wrong. There are better route runners. That are better all these things but third fifteen to the super bowl wasp to tyreek hill. The first half in that game when they went up seventeen and nothing. It was the tyreek hill yet. To every facet of receiving yards in the first quarter which would have been a high for any receiver this season for the entire game. Now granted the only at sixty three or sixty plus yards. After that i understand that but the most important is the is the term. We're using its henry. Aaron donald entire. Because you can't you can't adjust for his speech. You can't adjust until you see it in real time just how incredibly breathtaking. He is in his ability to break a game at any minute. That's fascinating list. Because i don't have a running back on our actually don't have a wide receiver on there and part of that for me is that i just think that quarterbacks no one's gonna manufacturer atari no one's gonna manufacturer davante adams but they can manufacturer something and i think there are certain positions and certain players where you're not getting enough brockton somewhere else nor give me your list before i go to mind all right so i to have aaron donald and davante adams and then. My third is deandre hopkins. Aaron donald is a no brainer. He has all that production until this afternoon was leader in sacks wall being double team seventy percent of the time correct and. that's the insane part because that allows brandon's daily to do. What i think is just been such an impressive job. This year of rotating guys knowing. They're going to be fresh knowing that they're going to be able to take advantage of all the single blocks they get because aaron donald soaks up so much attention and also because he's just such a unique. It's not just that he's an interior rusher. he's just he moves side to side so quickly that it makes him such a unique player from those interior positions. Where he's not coming from where guys think that he's coming and if you think of him just as a traditional three tech he's not and he's getting triple team some of the time. So i you need player in football and i think that one's pretty pretty clear the reason i went with atoms and i hear what you're saying kevin about being able to manufacture some receiver production. He to me is such a valuable asset because he's such a good separator and there was a fivethirtyeight piece before the season started and they found through their analysis that from twenty seventeen until before the start of this season davante adams had two of the top three seasons in creating separation on intermediate routes for mall receivers over that entire time span so two of the top three belong to davante adams and the reason that i think. That's so significant. Is that yes you can do. A lot of things to create Receiver production in a good offense. But that's something that you can rely on. It doesn't matter if you're playing a man heavy defense. It doesn't matter if you're playing zone. Heavy defense aaron rodgers and the team that relies so much on its offense is going to be able to have a pretty decent feeling that they can count on him producing and particularly producing in the red zone. He's only played nine games. And he still has eleven touchdown receptions this year and that's so valuable because he can create that separation when space gets tighter. So i think you're broader argument about the receiver position is right but i think when you have someone that's such a good separator and is so important to an offense that is so important to its team option to me so i don't want to say receivers but they're extremely valuable pro bowl focus. Does it's wins over a placement. And the top spot is always quarterbacks called timeout here for a second. I hate the stat replacing. I hate it all sports or just football hall model. General wins over replacement well who replacing like mythological. You know average. Yeah it's just some player so if you're on a man statistical straw man. The replacement quarterback thank you. It is such a ridiculous. It's such a ridiculous that not look. I'm this is not old man yells at cloud. I i love. I love all this stuff. But give me a break with this war win over a placement mythical creature. I it's like the loch ness monster or he get out of here with. I hate it. I hate it so trey. You've been a breath of fresh air on this podcast because we have certain probably world views about football and one of them is not considering running back so that valuable in one of them is is enjoying the wins over replacement stats so the fact that you've you've dunked on on on twice in that regard in the fifteen minutes you've been on. The show is extremely valuable. You you are the most valuable non quarterback here. I want to be clear about the running. I think i'm with you. But he is such an outlier. Derrick henry thing is just different. He's any when they were deciding whether or not to pay him. I could have understood if they did pay because not only is he. Is he running back. But you can't do this for ten years. You can't do it for eight years. What they're doing eventually is going to stop. We saw that last year in the afc championship game. After massive yousef against the patriots massive usage. A against the ravens. He literally ran out of gas against the team. He really could have run well against so what. You're saying is accurate. But he's just a lumberjack. I would also say and isn't that we've talked about with players on the show before is that it's not just i understand that it's probably not that many yards. He's gaining because this is a psychological thing where defend just hate going against our country. It's really guys talk. The best players say that is tackling him. Not something i want to be involved in. It is a real phenomenon. Like josh norman. For josh norman he retired. That's all anybody. Josh norman the next decade is just him getting put on a poster by that all right nor do your third may third was deandre hopkins and could face on basically two things one. He has literally won the game this year. He's probably won the more than one but he has one an actual game this season. Two is just what it means to young quarterback like kylo murray to have a receiver. Who's one catching seventy five percent of his passes and to just has that game-breaker ability the contested catch ability. And also just kind of the house of a deandre hopkins where you go into a game. You're freaking out the defensive coordinator of the other team. And you just feel like you have someone to count on. And that's an intangible thing but when you're talking about young players and a team that is in a tough division and is trying to kind of make a leap. I do think that matters interesting okay. So here's my three. So i have donald on there but i almost want to throw him out but you just you just. Can't i almost because he couldn't even well no in the sense that i know because able for this discussion position. No he's going to be on all of our lists and so to via hipster could turn them no. No no no no. He's so valuable. He's the most valuable non quarterback in football. And i almost can't no you want what he's going to be on all of our list and i'm just looking for some more variety and so anyway he's number one sometimes. The obvious thing is the right answer. Don't think yourself do this. He's number one on the list. He has a pass rush efficiency of around ten percent. Nobody else's above nine being stefan to it at his position is number two going to be the way to do it. Tweet out before the game ultimate shape like all today. I didn't see what was it. He couldn't planet said. This'll i said sorry. I can't play but you got this one easy. Just go out there. We'll see when i get back all right. I wonder if he was nervous in the fourth quarter problem area and it was not quite so easy. Like we've all had those tweets where it's like mathis at this game goes south. I tweeted something three hours ago. That i'm gonna get ratio into the high heavens. I'm sure i'm sure i did that. In the chargers game a few weeks ago. It looks like they did not charge her and the guy caught at the end zone and then of course he did not catch it all right so i have a different list than you guys. I went with three defensive players. I fair so. I had my when i do value and one the things i found interesting over the past couple of years is what happens when a guy is not on the field right and so the big thing is when aaron rodgers comes out of a game. The packers ceased to know how to play football. Correct famously when earl. Thomas came out of the seahawks couple of years ago and on that sunday night game was like they'd never they never seen a football before. What the hell is this. And so i think that the last thing last week in particular We went to a little bit about this. But i think that we've seen it the last couple of years. And i think one of the most valuable non quarterbacks football's deforest buckner. He's played phenomenal. He's played phenomenally going into sunday. The defense gives up almost two yards per rush more when he's not on the field. The quarterback rating significantly higher. When he's not on the field he just wrecks games. And it's one of those things. I sell some chatter about this couple of nights ago. Whether or not the niners should have dealt him. The forty niners are always smart organization. They didn't want to pay him. They thought they could. They could move some things around. I'm not gonna sit here and say the forty niners are dumb because they generally are know what they're doing but playing better and kinloss by me had to fix fix and so i don't. I don't really wanna get into this smart teams. Do things like this. All the time. bill ballot check is created a living off of trading guys who are really good before the. It's time to pay them. But i think that this was a steel for the colts to give up a mid first round pick going into the season. He was one of the most consistent pressure guys in football. He had among the top leaders and defensive stops going into the season with guys. Like aaron donald. Gino adkins did next gen stats. Has something called. hustle stops which. I don't know what that means. But i like it and i liked the fact that deforest buckner is in the mix on hustle. Stops sounds shady. That sounds like a little inappropriate. Every defensive coaches now like hustle hustle about. That's all they care about it. Sounds like something that like. An old new york politician gets caught at like. Oh did you hear about bob. Hustles up for the attempted hustle. Stop bust hall reference. What sol solid. Yeah so that's where i'm at on buckner gets my third here. I do have an honorable mention. Because if i had moved aaron donald above above the threshold of which you didn't because you were smart i was gonna put one of the steelers megabits patrick. Ot wahdan here fitzpatrick. Obviously he's been amazed. I almost we've recently. By the break-up he had today if should have been a pick six as well the things he does. I think the he's he has three more turnovers any other safety and football sincere with the steelers. He's type of guy. I love an elite defensive. Back as it gets you know. I i subscribe to the theory. That a good pass defender is better than a pass rusher and i think he's just he's a game record back there in the same way. Some guys are upfront. I will say for the most valuable in the most important for me. I'm about a guy right now. Who is by far the best player on a really bad defense and defense is a weak link thing and you have to have eleven good guys and so it's not like one guy can solve defense but he can help and i'm looking bobby wagner in seattle because he's been one of the best linebackers of his generation it's probably yep all fan p carroll said at this week and he's amazing also huge ninja turtles vintage another. I did not know that huge neutral like bit like he has like wardrobe specifically because he loves the teenage mutant ninja turtles. So there you go. Hey told a story today during media availabilities in what she said. The first time he called plays in two thousand twelve and he did it to the legion of boom. Is there richard sherman. All those guys and he said that none of them listen to what he was saying and they just told him he had no neck also true. I mean also true. I remember being in that locker room. That seems like the kind of those guys would just say anything to each other. I've never been locker room like that. In the eight years. I've covered week. It was just insanity. Well turtles either have a significant knacker. No neck depending draftable solid so with wagner. I mean when he pressure is he doesn't pressure a lot but when he pressures he he he gets to the dishes back. It was one came in week eight this year. We had twenty pass snaps and six quarterback pressures and this has been going on his entire career. He's been doing when when he he'll have games where he has five pass rushes and get to the quarterback twice on a couple of times this year but then of course play in a play out the most important thing he's ever on the field he can hang with anybody. He is a modern defender. He discovers huge amounts of ground. And so it whether it's coverage whether it's run up whether it's whatever he can be so important to that team Whatever it is whatever they need and in the season where they might just need him to patent rush the passer onto plays and get there once or or cover a tight end. Whatever it is bobby wagner can do that. So he's he's he's in the mix there And i think lavar day. David is is the only linebacker graded higher than him this year by fast and so i think that there's just a case we made that he is. He's going to be extremely important these next two months. Well and that's that's such an interesting point with the seahawks defense to as they sort go down the stretch here because i think with both him and atoms they have an interesting choice right where we know. It's not a very good defense. And they could use help in coverage and in in pass rush and both those guys depending how you use them can help you in either facet and they kind of have to pick their poison and we'll see how they end up doing it. I think they've kind of tested it around. And and obviously they were missing adams for abortion but watching them navigate that and choose how to deploy those two guys. I think is going to be fascinating for the last month of the season. And i don't know how much better they can get. But if they find the sweet spot there it could help them a little bit. Which would be pretty significant because the offense has a high ceiling. If you defend sucks you need just the bare minimum with russell wilson. You just need three four play. All you need to do is create a couple of turnovers and just figuring out so if you have carlos dunlap jamal adams and bobby wagner doing something. Just do something things. Good things can happen. It's interesting right because it used to be man. That offense was terrible. Russell wilson just scramble around and do something and now they've got them all kinds of weapons and a solid running wide receivers. They can play with and now it's like okay now. We need you to do more because the defense is terrible. You know the defense needs to be the calling card. It's like a complete one eighty from what russell walk into as a rookie. He's dealing with now. Do we all agree that aaron donald is the number one and the wins the. Mvp of quarterbacks are exempt. Or would you go well. Listen lord. Taylor was last defensive player of the year right. The it'd be the mvp right. If i'm not mistaken if so we're talking a very high thrust toll there to me. When he had twenty net sex couple of years ago you could have made the claim that he was the mvp but then that was the year. That patrick mahomes went. Absolutely bat. shit. Crazy fifty touchdown passes first star so i do find an interesting that none of us and this was one one of the guys that was on my list. Get your take myles. Garrett was someone that i was dead. It rings well. It's just a health thing. I also i was making fun of kevin for trying to cheat on the donald thing as soon as i put donald down which was immediate. Because that's so obvious. Something in my brain was like all right goodbye. Tj watt. i'm not choosing offensive linemen. Which is so silly. Because that could clearly be the case. So i felt like accusing someone along the line. They're kind of invalidated choosing someone else. Garrett is just an availability thing at this point. Because i think bodies hurting and then he was on the covid list but It does upset me trae when we talk about the fact that it's only been one non quarterback to win the mvp in two thousand six. I think i just feel like that. Award and i understand. Obviously you have to give it to mahomes. If he keeps doing mahomes things of this year. I get that but i just wish the award had a little more of an open mind. I guess you could say the voters of the award. Can i tell you something. It does not bother me at all. I think it should always go to a quarterback it is the most valuable position and so the most valuable player year to year is going to play it. Like life isn't fair guys. I'm sorry shouldn't have been running back. Well i'm not trying to give it to a running back to give it to a pass rusher. i'm trying to give it to a linebacker. i'm trying to give wide receiver. Well it's like the heisman trophy. Right the heisman. Trophy is going to go forever now to the quarterback who has the best rest team on the best team. It's that's just the way it is. You know i'm to the suggestion because it is like you know you could make some sort of quarterback award or an. Mvp awards always go the quarterback and then give it to the most impact player. Who's not a quarterback for example this year. Let's be honest. it's going to be air. Rogers patrick bones and russell wilson now should derrick henry be the ford by the term valuable like that's is jewish the best player or is the most valuable because we should have n vp and like most outstanding player like the most outstanding up the mob. The mob is aaron. Donald but the mvp is moms but like we have a defensive player of the year award right so the mob should be the offense of player. That isn't a quarterback within the offensive player of the year. Which in theory should go to someone. Like derrick henry but oftentimes oftentimes not every time oftentimes goes to just another quarterback. Well but in my world you can win mop and when defensive player of the year and then it's just a more impressive accomplishment. I just think we need to make a mop a thing and wore nada thing. Like if i'm getting one thing out of this podcast get rid of less more more mob. That's my campaign slogan. That's my platform. On which i will stay. Michael thomas one offensive player by the way a little really cracking up here like happy. Christmas wars over mop is here ferret. Is i mean. War is bad mouth is good. We clean up. We make it better so we're moving. I feel like we've gotten to a good place. Here say your third player yet. Deforest buckner bobby wagner and donald bobby right. You had aaron. Donald michael honorable mention was going to be avian howard. I really wanted to make that argument. But i'm here for anything pro dolphin. Yes we all are. There's a pro dolphins podcast ryan fitzpatrick is. Nobody wants told me he said trae. It's not matching if it happens all the time. wow wow. how great is that best. He's such a bearded lunatic. I love that guy. Yeah i had a hard time making an argument for someone whose team is kind of outside track for the playoffs at this point. But i don't need to opine on the the value of pass coverage and he's really got any helps them a lot and he helps a really good defense. They're secondary is incredible. I mean they're secondary's absolutely amazing this year on we talk about all zero blitzing in the stuff that they're able to do with their pass reg in manufacturing that but the reason they're able to do that is because that's secondary so good so there's an argument to be made he also leads the league interceptions but again i feel like you kind of have to be on a tray. What's coming down the road with have forgotten history. we've already shot ten episodes. Were excited that. Yeah we're good. We're who's the who's the picking my favorite child come on. Can you give us some names. Oh yeah we've got jim. kelly. We've got darren woodson victor cruz. Who goes into detail about the boat photo which is really really south. You'll be surprised. Emmett smith is going to join us uniform. And is this a few other people so it's gonna be good what you're about. Find out how the colts was that team mutiny before super bowl. Forty forty-one and somebody had to say you only put push back real quick. It almost ended before they got to miami. So that was that was a good. Do that will be fun. Wow the bears almost won the super bowl. Yeah grossman had. They not had one person pulled back a little bit. There might have been a nation. I can't wait to trey. Wingo nor principalities fell show and your podcast network call of duty twenty nine hundred mobile game of the year is a free to play multiplayer and battle royale first person shooter. It brings console level graphics and gameplay to your phone monthly updates deliver fresh content like limited time game modes weapons characters battle passes and much more best of all cod mobile features the finest of the whole call of duty universe. You can plays your favourite operators with classic guns and maps from games. I black ops of modern warfare instantly get in the fight for free by installing. Call of duty mobile now on ios and android.

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November 25th: Clay Caldwell and Kevin Carr HR 3

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

31:52 min | 8 months ago

November 25th: Clay Caldwell and Kevin Carr HR 3

"This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Best praying best educated best equipped free to fight seven thirteen a thirteen ten minute k. k. a. dot com mornings with gail by and local via the auto collision specialist studios. Alright nearly seventy loveland businesses vowed that they will not restrict their operations further this as larimer county along with twenty one other counties moved to the states a safer at home level red clay caldwell is owner of a better gumbo and spoke yesterday s conference at his downtown loveland. Restaurant joined by morgan herrington a brewer and co owner of grimm brothers of brew house. Klay joins us this morning. Clay at thank you for what you are doing. For small businesses particularly restaurants that have been so hard hit during this pandemic all right so lamoure county went to into that level. Read yesterday at five pm. Please tell me that you're still open. Good morning bill. Thank you very much for having me today. We are actually closed because tomorrow we are served. I mean no. I'm sorry today. were closed. Because they're serving about twenty two hundred twenty five hundred free meals to the communities and we're doing it out by restaurant and right now. The restaurant is packed with volunteers. Prepping food and that begins that can be Wonderful news because you at that gumbo have been supporting so many that have been so hard hit during the pandemic. But i have to ask the question. Have you heard anything from the county commissioners. Have you heard anything from the department of public health. As under this level read you were supposed to close to in person dining in your restaurant and you said basically enough is enough that we did. We believe being science or numbers of what is going on in lamoure. County is not Being represented correctly these should not be at read the fifth we were yellow before and they kicked orange and went to read. Our numbers are less than half of state numbers and yet they used to say numbers to shut us down. If it's the second time but done this in a year and the first time we had the federal pt money helps a great deal But now there's nothing. There's no provision the governor has nothing to About either and we're asking for a dialogue that county our health department to you know. Help us use a plan that we're calling the mesa county. Five star variants program allows certifications variances to be given to businesses that tocqueville they've requirement and Provided flotation last week at yellow. We've managed our business effectively. Everything was wonderful This week they say that we're not table or maintaining their health and wellbeing of our community. That's simply not true. Restaurants are highly governs by health department and We maintain a level of safety that most businesses aren't aware so We're we're humbling asking for a dialogue that we can show them that we can do what we have done. In the past and maintain a low number hearing lamer found point at this point in time. Clay about survival but it's also about exercising personal responsibility. I mean i had to laugh. It was such a pleasure meaning yesterday. And i know it's a very busy day for you at a better gumbo in downtown loveland but i had to laugh when you said when it comes to all the sanitizing that you're doing you could be doing surgery and make more money by doing it exactly. Oh yes very true. I mean we have for one on every shift is designated to be nothing sanitize so You know we use a fog machine that kills ninety nine point nine percent of anything syria virus and we use that twice a week and it has multiple week staying power so Our staff they're healthy. They have abided by the rules that we have put in place Their safety is important to us. Just like our clientele our guest. Why would we want to bring harm to people that you know. probably money. That doesn't make any sense. It's it's just as simple request. Talk to give us the ability to do what we've done. Maintain our numbers were not denver We don't have those numbers. Were not fort collins even Because of the college and maybe some other things and treat us like that. 'cause i remember are less than the lane county yesterday. It is about personal choice. I agree with you and we should be treated as adults and my heart goes out to restaurants owner small businesses as. I'm sure you're well aware. And this number is probably gone up. You had Colorado restaurant owners association saying that seventy nine percent of small restaurants. Small business restaurants will never ever re open. And as i said earlier this is about survival. And it's particularly heartbreaking that. You're looking at this lockdown once again Right before thanksgiving. What does that mean for your employees employees about thirty people. Many of them are single parents. They make a good living here. But you know a three hundred dollar unemployment check does not even begin to pay for their telephone bills much less arenas and insurance and you know and so. I'm very protective of my staff and i i'm fighting for them and then i'm fighting for the other businesses that atta boy but no one ever listens and we have the influence so It's time to do what's right and support Small business we have a right to survive. our survival doesn't mean that other people have to die either of very You know off base arguments so we're excited here Proud to be doing we had. This will make us a little over. Eleven almost felt thousand equally fed very close it and which the help of our community and a grant we received. And we're just. We're doing what we not do. And that is our community This isn't about greed this is about. You know we're gonna stand up for people and we can do it in a healthy manner. It's not hit or miss a tremendous amount of middle ground. But we send operate in. And says i would feel the spring with the weather allows patio so That's where we are. I think it's the difference between making a taking. I should say a nuanced approach. Not a one size fits all approach as opposed to coming down with an iron hammer now. Clay governor jerry poll said yesterday afternoon colorado businesses that refuse to comply with the restrictions To slow the spread of covid nineteen could lose their licenses. I'm sure you're aware of that. How far we take this. I may not agree with Our governor on a lot of issues. But i do feel that Make good decisions during the crazy Operate no governor was prepared to deal with what things happening. Kids people are in a bubble. They're getting paid their paychecks. Their basic counts have not been affected by this. And i i think would be wisdom that our head businessman of our sake to say let me hear from the people who are affected. Maybe there is something that we know how to govern our restaurants communities that are self idea. I think that's where If i was there i would. I'd be picking up the phone and colleagues like hopewell's and saying i i really hear your show me how we can work together. Make our community. Safe and i believe that that could happen if it does We'll come to some agreement because having a bass number of hospitality. Employ out of work creates havoc and kissel drain on the system of the states. That we don't have so if he will help us help him. We i think we have a meaningful dialogue and understanding. This isn't politics about politics for me. I don't care if you read yellow blue. It is about a community that has the right to survive. And that's where we are. You're certainly a big part of the community. Is survival getting behind this effort as a you have and hope to stay in touch with you so grateful for all that you have done for the community throughout the pandemic but Certainly appreciate your taking the time as well as once again. You are reaching out to help those in need today. Feeding upward of twenty two hundred people clay caldwell owner of one of the best restaurants. Not only in loveland but throughout the state. Better gumbo and downtown loveland. Thank you so much. Keep up the good fight. Happy thanksgiving and no once again or that. You have our gratitude and respect very much. You have a blessed thanksgiving. We'll take good care. Eight nineteen now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com code now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. And the whole sports story northern colorado the state in the country tune into the hull show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi am so. Is the new movie in theaters this week. A complete and utter eight thirty six now thirteen ten. Kf gay a thirteen ten. Kfi k dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with game of the auto collisions specialists studios. Why it's a wednesday. That feels like a friday as we are joined by kevin car fat guys at the movies guys at the movies dot com scan. You can hear his fabulous weekly syndicated radio program each and every saturday right here from noon to one on thirteen ten. Kfi am you can catch him as a valued member of our thirteen ten k. a. k. A block party on wednesday evenings. Wait for it wait for it. Wait for it. How you doing kevin dog good. Are you doing gail doing good as well ford's turkey aright put you on the spot like that. Never no not expecting this at all. No of course not but asking everyone that that. I'm talking to this morning. What what are you grateful for this thanksgiving. Because i mean we've all been so whipsawed and just thrown into the the blender it feels like as a result of well politics and the election and of course the pandemic so trying to flip the script a little bit and look at the glass half full. So what are you grateful for this thanksgiving. I would say the thing. I'm most grateful for some stability in my in my family. I mean my Even with the pandemic My wife is a teacher so she was so working and my my son. My son still have their jobs and we can still make ends meet. And as as bad as the pandemic has been and and as much as we've had to adjusting we are surviving. And i'd say that's probably what i'm most grateful for. Beautifully sad beautifully said and certainly things are different this year. But i still think as we take a look around. We have so much to be appreciative of. So that's what. I'd like to focus on this thanksgiving eve or drunks giving as they have spitting i mean. Did you realize that. I mean you. You have more serious. A fatal traffic accidents on the wednesday before thanksgiving. That's nuts. i didn't. I did not know that i i see growing up. We didn't have like my kids have wednesday off. They have today off From school. But when i grow up i feel like i feel like the old man you know back in my day We didn't get. When did you want to school both ways county but we always remember. My parents had a pick me and my sister up from school on wednesday afternoon. And then we drive to To to to visit relatives that nights or we're getting up early on because we had to drive like two hours to go to my my family and it was either that or get up early on on turkey day and drive. So i appreciate the fact that the kids actually have a have a little bit of a breather here. It gives us a chance to do some things to prepare for that. But it's it's it's been different. So you know i. I was never growing up. Wednesday night was the getting settled in for for turkey day. Gotcha i didn't spend as much time in bars. I guess there you go. That's that's the short. That's the kind of took the long way around the barn there. but that's the shorthand version. There you go all right. Yeah all right so let's talk about well. The one and only new movie in theaters. This week is at a turkey or not. The crudes a new aids. I'm not gonna call it a turkey turkey. It'd be like You know like a turkey with a spider head to it. Because in this movie it takes place in prehistoric times and they just make up creatures and this which is kind of fun because you know even the ice age movies. They they at least tried to be like well. They were sabertooth cat. So we're gonna put a sabertooth cat in the movie that's when they're like Wolf scorpions yes. We've got those. This movie never existed on the planet but the cruise is a sequel crews new age. Is he on the crudes which came out about seven years ago. I can't a group of tiv men and his family who got the ended up having to leave their home because of a volcanic eruptions or something like that and they're on the on the road and their traveling and this when they meet this other family. That's less i guess less neanderthal. There maybe a little more A homo habilis than homo neanderthalensis people. So you have this sort of this culture clash of very primitive too much less primitive where they can do irrigation and farming and they're trying to sort of resolve their differences two different families. It's kind of an absurd premise. But it works and if you like the first crudes he should like this one. It's it's kinda loud. It's got the same task coming back. You got a lot of same humor. And then what. they're fighting. The these insane creatures from prehistoric times that never really existed. It just takes it kind of over the top in this bazaar colorful Not to be taken seriously sorta way. Oh okay john. Norma's flying centipede to things that are horrifying to meet in the wild them together. And those are the monsters in this movie enough. All right turning to net flicks. The christmas chronicles to this is a sequel obviously to christmas chronicles which came out. Two years ago That one had had chris kirk douglas. Kurt russell kirk douglas kurt russell plane santa claus and he doesn't actually a fantastic job at santa claus. He the really kinda works in the role and that one was on netflix. Two years ago they've done sequel. The the the first one was about these kids that were sort of sour on christmas. Meaning santa. i'm gonna slate kind of save christmas this one. They ended up in the north pole. So there are a little more tied into the whole christmas spirit thing and they What the Having to do is stop this. We were no from trying to destroy christmas all together. I what hey. This is a formula. And we've seen about a billion movies with the kids. Who have to save christmas with santa but know what when it comes to like romantic comedies and horror films sometimes christmas movie. You kinda wanna see the formula you wanna see the cliches all over again and and that's what this does i mean it's nothing terribly new but that's okay. It's heart warming little christmas story. Why has it. I'm having a day all over again. Compare and contrast to kurt. Russell versus milk gifts. You know it's so funny is. There is some weird connective tissue to it because a well mel gibson was really crotchety and fatman. But but this one caresses a little edgier of santa claus. He's like i don't do the whole thing. And you know the little more a little more chiseled grizzled but he's still. He's still jolly but in in sort of like a little more pragmatic jolly. He's he's less mickey rooney from the rankin bass christmas specials and more You know maybe leaning a little closer to fat me on our or something like that. Okay turning to hillbilly elegy on a netflix. And don't mean to steal your thunder but what i'm coming across is quite interesting. It's just say it's not getting rave reviews. Its getting raked over the critical. Kohl's thank you a little bit. I can always count on you. Kevin to the taste. Yeah well see. It's based on a book But it made a section of the book made its way several years ago through cable news and interviews and everything like that Which is about sort of like a little bit of a love letter to hillbilly culture. It's about a kid who in ohio and southern ohio but had roots in the In the hills of kentucky and the story is about him as he's grown up and he's gone to college he gets pulled back To take care of his family because his mom has a relapse with drug addiction. And it's It's less about the politics that the books is very much about the politics of the region and it's less about that and more about just sort of like the interpersonal family structure. And it's got some good performances directed by ron howard. Got any adams's a good job as the mom and glenn close actually does i mean. She doesn't award worthy performance in this transformative performances. The grandmother The i think part of the reason is getting raked over the coals. And this i took i. Didn't i had an issue with this as well as every single second of screen time is trying to win an award. Every seen that adams is in is our oscar clip every every moment that you're on screen. They're they're pushing buttons and it's less about. It's less a movie that pushes buttons than it is a movie about just pushing buttons everywhere like this is like baby. Yoda at that the And the console for the mandalorian ships put whatever can get the little exhausting exactly. It's like a strike opposes. I'll tell you when i'm acting. Yeah well vox took a real shot at it. Saying hillbilly elegy allah netflix. Does it feel so inauthentic. And i think that's what you're alluding to. Yeah well i think part of it is. I think i've not read the book. So i i don't know firsthand but i've talked to people who made its round so the media. The this is that there's a lot in the book that's not kinda that doesn't come out in the movie so it and like i said a lot of a lot of. It's about the a lot of the book. I understand is about like said the politics of the reasons region and it kind of 'cause i don't think he wants to tackle that because that's a much larger issue so it's more telling just sort of like the family story Where i think certain people felt maybe parts were ignored or or not brought into make it authentic. And you know i mean it. It does feel like the the entirety of the book. Kind of exists on this insulting title itself could much spells it out right there. Yeah which which is meant as a as an irony but it's but it's still it's still struggles to overcome that and that's very tough when you're dealing with a movie that's about a group of people that maybe not made by the same by the. I mean the howards. They grew up in california rance. Howard was you know. He was a stuntman back in the day. So it's not. Like ron howard grew up in the hills of west virginia or anything. Yeah exactly paddle faster. I hear banjos thing. Isn't the book talking about you. Haven't read the book but from my money. The book is always better than the movie. I can't think of a single example because so much is left to out so much nuance and i just just so much. The background i particularly found that to be true with any steven king book that was turned into a movie. I've always approached it as a book is a book and a movie a movie and they're very very different. A lot of people think they're very similar type things but it's like no. There's much more intimacy in a book. You take longer you can get into the characters book. That's five hundred pages long. Most screenplays are a hundred pages. Or so you know. And it's a very different medium so it's easy to say the books better than the movie but it's more or less your adapting something into you know it'd be like taking a painting and adapting it into a symphony. I mean that's the kind of very different good point. Yeah i see exactly what you're saying because you're compressing whole lot of material a whole lot of information essentially you on the book versus movie i would say jaws is one of the few books that i thought was improved into a movie But a lot of it's because of the character development that would have seen weird and awkward in the movie itself so the book. Great book but Same thing with psycho. It's the books are really good book but the movie kind of went somewhere different and worked. You would mean a better movie than if you've made an authentic adaptation of the book. We're going to need a bigger boat. Bigger book cow. Well done kevin car that guys at the movies. Fat guys at the movies dot com again. You can hear his weekly syndicated program writing around thirteen ten. Kfi a. from noon to one on saturdays doing a great job by the way as part of our thirteen ten kfi k. A block party heard on wednesday nights them and have yourself a very safe and happy thanksgiving and you to absolutely thank you as always eight fifty now thirteen. Ten kf kfi. Dan patrick the hull show and colin coward or northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Tune into the whole show at noon and no co now at four back to mornings with gail northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. Here we are thanksgiving hope. Even though things are a little bit upside down inside out topsy turvy this year as a result of all the restrictions relative to covid nineteen. Hope you are looking for forward to a wonderful things giving socially distanced though it may well be eight fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios talking a little bit about gratitude. This morning and again. I know it's so easy as you're dealing with everything being just a well as i said earlier just all inside out as a result of covid nineteen. It's is for many. It's it's difficult not to wallow in despair but what are you grateful for This thanksgiving because i think if we all take a look down deep we can certainly find reasons to be grateful and to express our gratitude to our friends our family and our co workers. Jeff vinik really really well on this. Feast day talking about thanksgiving tomorrow. Let's take a few minutes to appreciate the blessings bestowed on us. We've flip a switch and a room lights up. We turn on the tap and hot water cascades from the spigot we pull a small device from a pocket and check out the latest news. Laugh at a joke Our aunt sadness and send a message via social media to a cousin that Might be in another country. We drive grandma's house. Well maybe maybe not this year for meal and just thirty minutes journey. That would have taken half day or more just a century earlier. In addition we still possess the rights and liberties yes increasingly under fire. I will concede that point that are as natural to most americans as breathing some of those liberties admittedly under attack. But when in our history was this not the case. You gotta remember america. The representative republic. I just jain norma's idea. And well a little bit noisy. And messy like our ancestors we must defend and fight for those rights otherwise they will vanish but on thanksgiving. We should pause not only to remember but to appreciate and treasure them. Finally we can use a thanksgiving day as a time to celebrate the lives that we enjoy a time to draw our families and friends while i would say close but from safe social distance and to remember how gratitude is so powerful to our overall health. So again asking you that question. What are you grateful for this thanksgiving eve. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten. You can also dropped me attacks on our thirteen. Ten k of k a text line at three one nine nine six closing in on eight fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kf k. Here mornings with gail weekdays six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi the day's headlines podcast mornings galen more and a schedule upcoming sports broadcasts find them at thirteen ten kfi As we reflect thanksgiving right around the corner on all that we have to be thankful for a huge shout. Out to ryan. Kelly ryan kelly behind the glass at the con this morning Doing yeoman's work ryan. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for all that you do every single day but particularly today because it was kind of like being a frog in a blender now wasn't it certainly appreciate your ryan are coming up. Keep it right here as are thirteen ten. Kfi am block. Party is right around the corner kicking off at four with preps midweek the nerd show at five brew. Talk coming your way at six. Nick snacks at eight and of course fat guys at the movies. Coming your way at nine in the meantime wishing you and yours a wonderful safe and gratitude filled a thanksgiving.

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