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Porco Rosso with Justin Charity

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Porco Rosso with Justin Charity

"Right right breath bed and you don't. I don't know what uh-huh I'd rather be a podcast than a fascist Porco Rosso top-five guy you think so I think a top-five Guy Right. Can I just WANNA get out of the way with something. I'm I'm kind of embarrassed by. I think this is my favorite one. We've watched so far I why almost I was almost certainly would be yeah and this is why I'm kind of embarrassed. Okay I feel like I'm falling harder for the kind of basic ship. What do you mean the base and basic is relative within a Miyazaki who've right none of basic no? I don't understand what you mean and we haven't gotten a spirited away. You know which I have seen right but you don't remember when I was fifteen didn't get what's going on. Forget it right right and I felt kinda somewhere on the twitter every watch I'm a little barris by don't be embarrassed. Totoro to me would be the basic one. That's like the most famous one of all. I know. That's why I'm saying I'm not getting into the ones that are like see right. You're not getting into the super. The Super Proteomic Me Izaak. I feel like the ones I'm getting into are the ones that are a little more Western like your favorites are Kogyo Stroh in this which are like Kinda set in Europe kind of like kind of about like action heroes right right right. PORCO Rosso is like so consciously know Masha like forty Hollywood. Yeah sure that's that's my my embarrassment. Is that the stuff where they're like. This is so much like this you never would find. Ns in American animation look at me as ocoee spiritually is now connected to nature and how willing to non narrative places and I feel like those ones I'm appreciating appreciating and not connecting with her or even those elements in the movie. I'm like a preview. Don't love nature. You're not really a nature guy I don't. I don't think of you as someone who's there's like guys. Let's go to the Hudson Valley and hike guys. Let's let's stay by a lake for a week. I'm not a fan of answer right. It has been a prominent almost every antic antic relationship I've ever had sure because classic you know. Let's let's upgrade the relationship is your Griffin go together. Desert's it's planes. There's there's all environment vacation as long as it's planes. I want to be in some plane. You're saying planes drifter yeah. You're saying okay the walgreens not airplanes planes like I mean look I don't I don't WanNa out myself as some like nature nature Dayton asshole but when you listed those things I my body physically ten. Stop all three of those things when you said like spotting books yes I did. I felt so I started holdings INC on his no. I felt my shoulders rise a little higher which each of those things I can appreciate it but like any time in nature and it's beautiful. I'm like this is beautiful. So how long before we get taught by just feel now I mean let's let's call it some other things right. Let's just like address all the elephants in the room okay and realize there were so many elephants in the room. I'm not designed for this world. Okay I'm saying my body is terrible and it feels like I'm someone who in like a society that is still actually based around survival of the fittest right would survive the shortest period of time and I think nature scares me because I'm not supposed to survive in natural environments. I only have been able to stay. Stay alive in this horrific or official Manhattan manmade. That's the thing about you. Yes you haven't even straight to the outer boroughs. You're like I'm sticking with Manhattan like the moster urbanized of the cities boroughs. I have straight but it's my home base. You've lived there. You live in Manhattan right. You've never lived outside. I've never lived outside of. Obviously you've gone. Ah just to make it sound like nice eye. Contact anytime retired bit traveling to call yourself to now travel but I do. I usually go to cities. I would say I do and when I go outside of cities. I get a little stressed and I didn't realize we were going to get into this because it was something something I've been thinking about but yeah right. I've been thinking you could talk. Just yeah please nature is awful. Thank you and Poker Osos the best news okay okay. This is great. I don't think it's that Western. It's pretty Japanese I think even with how European it is it but it is. It's one of his movies. That's like explicitly probably not set in Japan. This is set in a bond movie bond movie. I'm just saying I feel like I get the ones that are half-and-half you. You know what I'm saying like. Stroh is like Europe Caper v like Eastern Miyazaki storyteller sure but also via like one one of the most classic anime franchises right right right. I hear what you're saying but I think yeah half is probably the right way to think about it and I'm a little worried going into spirited away because everyone thinks that's like the best fucking movie ever made I had. I watched that movie for for some around the same time like fifteen years. I had the exact same react. The first time I watch bearded away sort of like what this is a very bewildering movie didn't quite get it. I just WANNA be able to like four. This mini series series. Come back to it and be like I get it. I'm converted. I love it. Look at me in touch with it. I love the people being friends with a river. You haven't watched spirited away no but I'm worried and have the same thing where I go like. This is very pretty. I get it but it's not as nature is it's mostly said in the bath how it doesn't have to be the nature stuff. I also feel like it's sort of like non literal spiritual. You've got you. You're saying that it's not that much about nature but it is literally about a girl fall in love with a river run foreigner love. He needs to understand that he's a river. Get back in touch with them so she needs to understand she's a whole person and he needs to understand that he's a whole river right and this is my nightmare my if you are river it would be like as the metamorphosis says I be fine being a bug griffin himself a river I would be terrified and in the worst thing is I wouldn't know how to end it. Do you know what I'm saying the guy that's dark. It's dark but I I wouldn't know how to end it Kegoe Stra. You liked left. I'm just watching Lucas Lucas and watching the show Lupin your watching like the first series Hasas guy feel like you were into very into but again. It's a it's an action movie like actually really Totoro was the one where you were kind of like wise this like hitting some deeper and look I I like porno but I read it below pork Orosa Castle in the sky and Lupin and I know plenty of our best friend and opponent Ham. I haven't seen Puna. It's like the one move I just. I have never seen it on IOS pretty cool. is pretty good movies. It's you know it's so so scared and his mom but she's fucking banging and here's another we're going to raise the table for hilarious back okay. Here's another thing I've been. I've been wondering if it if I should've watch these in the dubs and it's a sacrilegious thing to say now. I'm going to watch them all subbed because this is actually going to tell you to watch this but as fucking Michael Title Keaton I figured you were Polka rose or are you fucking kidding pretty good. It's kind of a quiet performance by him. I watched the trailer and I was all in yeah. It's great we can raise the table right now you. You should watch it. What is his laugh sound? PORCO laughs a lot more a lot. He does a good laugh. Okay Japanese like Japanese rules to be clear. I mean you loved. It loved it now that you've seen the sub especially watch the duck. I know I feel like if I was a professional. I would be watching each of these two times before recorded the episode. You don't need to watch the duck before you record the episode because like it's not gonna it's only going to confuse the matter honestly but after yeah you can always go back to those dubs. It's any of the small changes are good yeah and you watch I mean you mostly saw these dubs before subs right. No I saw spirited it away no mostly no mostly Nice yes yes because that was just on TV and stuff and theatrically you saw the right same but spirited I saw in subtitled theatrically came remember with how I think I saw that one sub dispirited away I remember seeing dubbed and thinking the WSB at the Dublin spirited spirit is not amazing right the girl the main two girls are just not. It's Lillo Leila. What's your name data also Leila? She's white. She's like Barry. White Girl didn't realize that okay MHM performance. It's a great performance. We launched issues so fucking. I haven't like I haven't seen a movie in almost twenty years. I Guess Yeah Tasinari CEPA. You said that that in Brighton Okay Disney's. I think there's shooting days. Basically I think they're the two best film home since wallpaper. I don't think that Ashman that's not true. That's crazy. I like him more than all musical. That's that's I don't. I don't I agree with you but that's okay. I think is a perfect thing and I remember being Leila is also kind of closest. Disney's come to making something that feels was a little like Miyazaki. It's very American in its storytelling treasure planet. It's got some Yuzaki but Balilan such as like is very small and intimate is all about the inner life you now and acute creature and the way they like involve like the the fantastical with the lake the whole relationship between Leland her sister and how much of the movie is about like this single mother trying really hard not a single mother and older sister who is forced forced to become a single parent and doesn't have time to like be her own age. now that I'm watching these muzhaqi films feels like that is the subplots plot every Miyazaki often. There's some sort of human spine to it like that tote around yeah all right well interest US spelling check griffin do a podcast Kessel from Agassi's directors have massive says early on the career and gives us. Here's a blank checks make whatever cruise parents want and sometimes they connect more with Griffin sometimes they don't. I like them all. I haven't disliked a movie. I've seen I just wanted to suddenly have a galaxy brain and be like I know Kung Fu. You know like I get it. I get the whole nothing it's fine. I Love Harare so he's a top five Guy Polka Russell Series on the film's a high yeah yeah what's it called. It's called House moving podcast and who's our gas justin charity damage control also co host of sound. Only we recently did an enemy podcast that we and even Galleon podcasts called Sowell idea yeah we did a mini series about neon neon Genesis Saving Kellyanne me and Mike Peters we did like the original TV show we did the movie the involving Galley and now we have a bunch of people and Sean Fantasies Mentions Chins campaigning for us to do the like even Kellyanne reboot movies and also cowboy bebop shirt. Will that will see a decent ago she ations. We'll see what happens I highly recommend watching original Lupin fucking the best. He's also a tough. I've watched any of the new loop like I've only watched. Ah Watching the first series. If you like Porco Rosso I recommend the it's not the most recent season campaign but it's one before that which is set unlike Milan European yeah good you know here. Here's the thing if you're digging into this. I've been trying to like exposure therapy. Break Down my walls with Japanese animation which I feel like I've been very selective in terms of what I've been able to connect with previously trying to like breakthrough all my my dumb western Biases Right you love animation though that's the thing you love the whole channel you just gotTa start familiar loving animation. We talked about this and I've been doing it. I'm getting into stuff but we talked about this. I think in a castle in the sky episode the fact that I love animation so much means that I so imprinted into American animation merchant shirt and it's like I I have to sort of and it's easier for me to do now but when I was younger as this is not how I understand animation to work so I was a kid got really into like structure and forms and patterns and things like that and it was so off the beaten path. I was experiencing even Jillian Evans complained to Netflix versions are fucked with right yeah. high fat is I have complaints about people's complaints because I was gonNA maybe take a swing at that. Might've Mike no not not fuck with it enough that watching it on Netflix is not like sacrilegious basic basic through with all. This stuff is like if you're not watching something in the original Japanese watching you're watching a translation of so watching one translation versus. It's like you're you're not watching the original things are translates English table chain liberties yet. That stuff is more like licensing problems in anime. They just in general has a lot of problem even the idea of getting even Gillian Net Flix yeah. It took a decade in some chain because the fuck anatomy industry is a nightmare and getting the rights to anything is very byzantine process and I think all of that show getting on Netflix and people being like well they didn't license fly me to the moon food. It just felt like kill me. Get the fuck out of here. They also replaced fly me to the movie another classic song from the original series like they were in replace it with Gangnam style yeah. It's kind of good yeah yeah yeah yeah just imagine trying to explain navan Genesis Genesis neon genesis two weeks after yeah right. What's a robot start there? There is that amazing I only found found out about this because of you might remember this lots of noble castes. Do you know about periodic table. Do you know about the Frank Sinatra space album. Yes I do too one of the early what's episode which was written by narrated by crane along with. Yes as I said this is the only reason I know about that but he did this triple album which is where his cover of New York New York comes from it but it's also like him going like Pluto place so you re discs okay. It's a triple album. It's called pass future present. I disc frank do and has classics right the standards second disc frank covering like present day like recent recent songs so he does New York New York that's him. I think doing something for the first time it's it's right a lot of the like Billy Joel Song it doesn't Neil Diamond Song Post seventy s songs Sinatra cover that are famous all come from that second disc and then the third disc no one talks about future a future and it's frank singing like and what of Pluto the smallest planet it's incredible. It's got this like bushes czar like ziggy stardust production great albums nineteen eighty. I think it's incredibly old Sinatra so maybe he was like gum. Digging your baby more robots suits I went to Japan not allowed to reenter diplomatic agreement to be struck by Jimmy Carter. Oh I called in a favor because I am deeply connected to the American American mop these crazy little green man. I love them kind of all the impersonations that I've ever have this five commissioner. I was driving down sixty six with Jimmy Hoffa. We ran into these real alien cats. He shot him in the face and we buried him in Nebraska. I just go to Nebraska Angie Dickinson. I took a wild weekend trip to area fifty one the first draft choice Porco I mean if you compare to attorney or like that Era Frank Sinatra you can pick them up curved by critter Shit Kirsch it but when I was looking for when I realized that Keaton was the voice of Porco Rosso and I want to find a trailer for the adopt so I could hear the voice I found a youtube clip of when they were playing all the jubilee films. I think it was right before Disney properly released all of them Chirp they were playing them all on Turner. Classic movies and Lassiter and Ben Mankiewicz would do the introductions together and Ben Mankiewicz made a really interesting point where he was like this is of all the Miyazaki films we've been covering this is the one that probably fits most at home on the one movie that feels like it could have been a fifty percent like that right and then he's fifty percent Kinda Wilder Miyazaki Shit but he said he was like you could imagine the three leads in this film being played played by like Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard and I forget who the third person he said was but I think the answer is Sinatra Played Grosso you could play poker right older Sinatra trickling Porco like fifty senator comeback. Oh you're right baby-faced could play the would have been too young to play old PORCO but old Sinatra's the perfect perfect guide up late fifties Sinatra can do it fifty Sinatra could do it he. He was pretty old in the man with the golden arm because in in the fifties he's in his mid to late. Forget puts forget. It was such an old man he was born in one thousand nine hundred fifteen yeah he's old old but kept young by those crazy muscians kids. I loved his on this planet. I'll sing you a song. GotTa play by my rules Green Mas pills in the episode. Where do you think he's Saturday? I don't Oh boys take. What's that but you hate hippie? He's the most anti I don't hate hippies hippies. You actually were refined with hippies sixties music ahead of huge influence culture. I dislike at Charlie Manson rolled up on me. I would have shot him square in the face. I think I got two things against Sinatra. A because I'm from New Jersey he's been shoved down my Garoppolo higher life sure it's like Sinatra Joe Biden man and that's like New Jersey and that he was born there and he was like twelve years like Outta here places a dump I mean I think there's like a famous mugshot of him. Him being arrested in hoboken. Yes tries to kill the governor. That's like the poster that people have on their fucking college. Oh Yeah yes of course where he kind of looks like Jon Diligent eligible yeah right right okay because we're making fun of him. You're doing his like singing kind of like schtick. It's not singing. He's just saying so. He's an incredibly he can. He can sing a lot of the guys forty goes for tastic. He's got pipe but yes later as career. The thing you could mark was him just sort of like release and I saw I saw the the second shot some good songwriting into bent so the second Byrd I never knew you at such a beautiful cleese. Oh yeah can sing. You can sing like an angel. Come fly with me okay enough of me. Where do you stand on Bruce as you love Bruce Bruce Bruce? My Man Bruce is like blue collar hero right but like we're talking about how good the Broadway slash net flicks specials as were. He's like I never worked in a factory crash bullshit. I'M GONNA fucking professional musician what he's talking about fancy. Nancy Twenty never worked in a pack. My family was into town you. It was not my life at all. I just found it. Only darkness is in the rooms. I don't enter in my mansion because it's so large okay well. I resisted bruce a lot too because it was so shut down my throat my dad's music but then later in life I discovered it and it's just like Nebraska Yeah in the USA. There's so many even as late eighties albums are so fantastic tastic. He's just a great songwriter so I've come on board to the Bruce Train. Where are you from Justin Richmond? He's from Virginia to the outskirts of Richmond Richmond's famous Deangelis. That's I mean that's I always associated with the hip hop scene the Angelo singing atmosphere. Oh Wow you spent time in richmond trying to find like you the list where it's like famous people from yeah. There's not someone who's like shoved down the throat in the same way Benz talking about though no like a clear cut like this is our pride and joy sort of no. He's the one who got up made good. I mean the the problem with the Angelo. Jason didn't really make it out he sort of got stuck in enrichment for a while and was going through some time we his down period was enrich yeah yeah if you'd read about him on local news it was it was rough with him. Apparently what is the guy with the hat Jason Mraz you say I never knew that or at least aimee Mann an apparently gals Charlottesville yeah but I think he's associated with Charlotte's yeah yeah let me see Oh Chris Brown who yes CB's from Yeah CB's Richmond Oh trey songz okay okay. I'm trying to see that's better trey songz from Petersburg and Guar Guar there from Richmond bar rules. Do you know that Guar every ten years they cycle through new characters and their due for a new set of characters might be behind on this. You might have already debut me. I love choir. Those kids from Richmond those crazy kids will love with their helmets and oversized weapons and I went to a show runs out socked in the jaw was part of the experience and I I love more than a couple of cats from school coming up with a conceptual theater project that somehow charts as a legitimate band. Maybe HEP cats from art. School is definitely Cleveland. Richmond is that when I was growing asking me who the best kids making music today are it's for me. Frank Sinatra diva would tate Frank Sinatra and frank would love. Do you get kids. You don't like disco either right right these kids. They can't stop whipping at this. We arrived on for Parker because Frank. Sinatra is the voice performance in English. That's it that's it live action pork or a rip rip. I'm not surprised the loved this movie. I am surprised you did not flip your audio channel over the English just to at least check out old keady eighty. I was really tempted. I did for a second or two but I was like. I'm GonNa Watch the Second Time I love this movie. Let me fully engaged with it and as the the master himself south intended but God so fucking tempting to hear that like you know why I didn't flip over more because I was afraid I'd get stuck on it like all the other ones we've been watching. I flip over a little bit just to get a lay of the land and if I start hearing key for more than two seconds I'm GonNa be sucked at right. I was telling David before we started recording that I went back can watch this movie last night without the subtitles but also without English dubs because it's just like sometimes. I like doing that with animated stuff. It's sort of like you get the Keno instead of just just sort of how does this movie work just visually sort of with the energy of the voice performances format even if I don't understand the original voice performances and I don't know for such a a weird premise of a movie like pretty easy to follow the Russell also very easy. Not they plot light. There's not a lot of crazy like he's wearing goggles. The entire movie pretty much he takes them off one time and he's got an bushy moustache. Ask that covers a lot of his mouth like coca. Roseau is facially kind of stoic importantly though nearly a few times he has like a weird buzz in the back of his head head. Yeah I love yeah exactly like landing show. I don't know why this is so cool full. He's pretty cool so I was in from started the movie now it's like fuck. This is my favorite one for the moment he's asleep on the beach in his chair with the Hollywood magazine over his face grotto. It's a fucking pig. You know I love pigs to think I knew that. I didn't think you hated pigs. Pig Pig thing. I have a big thing I didn't eat any a pig products until the last five years of my life because I felt solidarity parity with pigs that I was like I'm not eating any any derived making started making five years ago. What was what did it come into Bacon so good so they're saying Oh my God I don't i what could be There's an item at Costco called the chicken bake the chicken bake. They sell at like the food stand that Costco which you know of course is one of my favorite your favorite place to eat right yeah okay. It looks like it looks not dissimilar from your very popular. Dunkin donuts a BAGEL twist option. It's like a Bagel twist but stuffed with it's kind of like a chicken roll from a pizza cheese. He's right Caesar dressing sure chicken and Bacon. Who is the first time you ordered this because I it's the money who didn't eat bacon so so recently what was those deductions of God because there were two options? There's a chicken bacon. I forget what the other one is but I think I ordered the chicken baked without realizing there was bacon in it. That was the thing and then I was like Oh there's bacon in this and then for the first time I was like what if I don't recoil you know what if I what if they keep eating this and I liked it enough. I started going like track and Bacon on the dish bake on everything my friend Jake used to say when when I was like I'm embarrassed. I like this chicken big thing and I was like he was like of course you like it. You only like eating Food Dick's which then I realized that many the foods I like are just a big phallic hunks of food like I like just like some stick something with Shit it. Is it s there. I like food right. I like I like that just being able to hold a stick yeah. 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That's confused aimed after Miss Piggy I didn't I didn't know that either well. It was like a culmination nation of that and when I brought her home the first time she made a mess of my apartment the turn into a pigsty yeah she she did all the business business on herself. So then I had to try and put it in the shower and that wasn't good and then she just ran around tear everything up this funny aac yeah. This is sound fun. I wish wish I could watch that film that yeah okay. Hey cat ownership is tough. Then you should pitch this equation. He gets an autism. The heart is a producing okay. I love cats student over there. The kids like six minute thing when Ben pissed me his crazy project I said Katzen and Katzenberg. It sounds like a match made in Pluto. Oh the smallest of the planets. Do you think if he was back today he heard that like Neil degrasse Tyson made Pluto not a planet punch that I hope he would make distracts just do you think Sinatra you are off covens Shum to go like full McCartney and like you know guest don like a Kanye travel. You know what I mean like collaborate. Don't you imagine he'd be like the subject of lots of Click Bait. He would just give outrageous. Maybe he'd would be like Shatner on twitter yes yes. That's exactly it tells it like it is. I don't know he's a New Yorker like the guy but he's got brass balls. How old was he when he died? Let's say he says eighty two one thousand nine hundred Yep. I remember that's the sketch yeah I remember most from when Giuliani hosted. SNL strengthens the he hosted the night that he won the election yes and he. There's a sketch that Giuliani has an old Italian mother. I think was Sharyo. Terry Giuliani crossing crazy and it's not in New Jersey and the premise is that like Sinatra's kind of been on his deathbed okay and they're like all terrified. Everyone knew Sonata. We might lose them. I just remember that it's a weird weird not in it. It's just about that. It's Giuliani as the matriarch with his adult daughters. Others say Sinatra not framed pictures. Frank will never die crossing myself yeah yeah I prefer Giuliani's early really funny work yeah right. you know making the Staten Island ferry free very funny. They'd bit great beds so Russell so this is your rather be a pig and Juliana voter. When did you come to this movie? Justin sounds like you were later in terms of getting to most of the Ezaki. No I saw it's funny like you were saying earlier like I actually didn't like a few the Miyazaki movies I saw when I was a kid and I I watch Totoro for the first time like several years ago I love Totoro and so I just assumed that my I take from childhood. Were bad right and it yeah I would say like maybe six or seven years ago. I watched Totoro. I watched Nelson okay. I read the NASCAR mangga which is much larger a lot more sprawling than the movie and I got to Polka row so maybe like two or three years ago. and I wanted to fucking kick myself. I had to see him. I just had this sense of. I don't know there's there's there's sort of this myth of high Almaz ocoee of like what he's like that not that many animators get you look at me as ocoee and he's just like smoking in cigarettes and being extremely dark and sarcastic and interviews any watch PORCO Rosso Pogo is not like that. He doesn't have that weird glib yeah sort of nihilistic edge that Miyazaki has but everything else about Porco like the fact that he's just a guy who's like working on his fucking airplane and he's looking cigarettes. It's like Oh. This is the guy who makes these movies yeah. This is my insight into who he is. He's a pig yeah. I I feel like yes. I do feel like I get a greater sense of him watching this movie him as a as an actual person not what his worldview is the yes him him as a person is in this is the most in this and win writer yard the most plainy movie right troop session right and that thing of just like I can't relate to you if you're not well-versed planes yeah yeah and it's funny 'cause arose around the lake. You know Polka Roseau's adapted did from it. It's like they're Misaki. Manga that are actually larger and feel more Manga even adapted from fifteen page Manga. That's just I think Miyazaki Sake has talked about him like fucking in the nineties I really loved drawing planes and there are three different art books and mango where he's just drying planes and he's getting coming insanely detailed about the big health store Taivon's. Where's the pork arrose stuff is just here's some planes uh-huh okay this? This is the thing I want to read okay so right. He writes a man called the age of the flying boat but the film was originally planned as is a short in-flight film for Japan Airlines. Yes based on the Manga grew into a feature length Ville yeah. That's just wild insane if you look at the money it's it's like you can read it. In five minutes fifteen pages read in five minutes and that's the movie Bork Arosa but it's also like if they were like Delta airlines hired Martin Scorsese Eighty to make their inflate film and he got so caught up with it turned out to be aviator that is vic craziest origin of a film. Everybody wants to do a short film and then it's like Oh. This is a feature happens to I just love it. They're like me. It's really simple. Inflate movie talk about planes. I literally just buckle the seat belts the oxygen bags exit rows and he's like cool cool. It has expanded into a ninety minute inherited talk about war fast yes and the toll it takes on men and turns them into picks when they tried to enter heaven or reject this they were short walk is the book is planes right and he was like I cannot what a poor gross still had a scene where PORCO Rosso gave out safety yeah yeah we're proceeding. Apply your oxygen mask. I yes or before helping others. Yes always freaked me out when I was a kid. Hey Yeah don't like it now doing fine. Actually I know you don. I love it. You love it. Yeah crazy. Don't like cars. Have you ever been in a small single engine plane. I feel like I have I have. I got some five one so let me fly a plane Coo Yeah Oh shit. Let's let's just my favorite. This person's license told me the statue of limitations horrible crime is my friends irresponsible. We'll step that okay when you were a kid. Take the stick kid up his go and down his and I wanted me to the moon and he let me it just do that kind of move gesturing we're like I kind of turned the plane on its side. You did like a half barrel roll. Yeah Fuck Ben. I wanted to go to space camp so bad as a kid hid did get the fuck you talking about like. What are you buying food not space cam? Meanwhile you're doing barrels like fucking star. Fox is great. I hate the music you should make a star Fox movie. This movie is almost Fox movie as a big man especially in the last twenty minutes and this move very very you know get back here so let me get back here do a barrel. I should mention though having to jacked rushing that was that was unfortunate for you. Yeah Oh boy. I don't think I've told this story on the podcast before I went to space camp. Wow No you fucking I went I went. I went to Florida. I Okay I had this brochure. You went to the place where I had the brochure for this now but here's the story. It's a traumatic experience for me. One of the centerpiece attractions is that the driver scope which everyone watches from the side hiding goes like that's what I think. I'm going to be able to handle that whereas I'm like Oh. I know I won't be attending. Keep the deposit everyone last three sec back right then the final thing is when you get to do the simulation of the cockpit and they give you a binder that has a script and everyone has a role and my role was exercise expert which was such a fucking bummer kind of a disastrous role for you. It was like you're on the exercise bike and you have to keep epilogue of how it you're fucking hate. How long does the simulation take like an hour okay? You're like in like a capsule and it's like Oh. You're the pilot year the engineer you're the exercise expert and one person gets to do like the space walk like one person gets to go out in the arm and like in that role all is shown much cooler than everything else. You're not floating right. You're unlike robot a robot arm. It's it's pretty Jim Bulls Bulls analog but someone's like maneuvering you around. You're on a rig or whatever from my memory exercise scientists is the worst I fuck position. I hate it but I was already at this point like completely traumatized because the other big thing is here's our zero gravity like sort of simulation in the way they do it is it's essentially like a wall of rock climbing wall okay with like police except the wall is just kind of like a grid it looks like the set for rent or something right. It's like a metal grid of bars and chat and on the the pulley the other side of the police on the other side of the grid and on that side is your weight in iron impounds right so they way you before you get on it and then you get on this thing and because there's an equal weight when you jump up it feels like you're sort of zero gravity and you can clamp the wall and whatever that's simulation of like this is what it feels like to be able to whatever I was a like a dangerously underweight kit right so they just took like somewhat sack lunch input on the other side well. It was a thing where my dad was like. If you get to one hundred pounds I'll buy you a Tamagotchi sure and I wanted at that time gushing. I finally got it was a very old statement. Yes you got it but it was in two thousand fifteen. Yeah I got it from my thirtieth. My parents finally got me Gottschee. You've hit Ondo Right but I was like sixty pounds and they were like you gotta eat more. They're like funneling ice cream cream into my mouth like everyone's afraid I was going to die and they were just gain weight gain weight gain weight and I got on the scale at space camp and I was like like I got him one hundred and five pounds and I was like this is. I can't wait to call my tell them. Tom Gosh you ready for me. I'm coming home and I'm cracking got Eddie right yeah and of course I had not miraculously gained thirty pounds just while at space cam there's ice cream their skill was is broken and so they plugged me in and they let go and I shot up to the ceiling and you're in like a big like hanger and they couldn't get me down for two hours. Ahead Matt is based not exaggerate. This sounds so strong sleep over for like you had to stay there for and I left my almost all at home and it was a nightmare. I didn't know he had no mode Hanauma. Doll your big ullmark. I was big al Kid but the other part of it was that I would sleep on the elmo every night like as a pillow. Oh okay pillow ELMO head to look. What about pillows though do you ever hear about those? There is in a nose but I was so used to that shape that when I got old enough that was embarrassed about the height hi my pillow case. It's pretty cute griff. You're weird reported on them before but you are weird good but my main take it from space. Camp is two hours where they were like with a megaphone like the only way you're getting down is by yourself we don't have there's no way for us to get up there and to reach each you in there so much weight working against you. They were like you have to reverse climb down the grid. I'm not sure that I like the idea of space camp telling me there's no away for us. That's not the problem solving that I saw a movie like I man I feel the whole point is problem solving nine years old and I was it's like two foot one I would sixty pounds and they were like you're going to have to use your brute strength to carry your way down to the ground again right right right. No Elma broken scales broken scale exercise expert terrible fucking racket PORCO orca Russell Crowe Rosso say Bro so-so rhyme yeah. He's the red pig the criminals do you like that typewriter intro and all the languages pretty good. That's the thing like right away. I was like this funny jamming on this this movie. This movie is having a laugh with the form a little bit. He's World War One fighters he is. He's a freelance bounty hunter yeah Griffin's best friend. He's one of my best friends. He chills out cove. He loves old Hollywood sure but he pushes people away yeah because he's he's big. He's discussing pig. All middle aged men are pigs as he tells us late in the movie house. That's why he's a pig is either that or that heaven may be rejected him and turned into a pick nick right right right like fifty one fifty the other right but also wore makes pigs us all this thing that it's like. He's the best at doing thing thing. That's inherently Kinda fucked shirt. You know what a hero he shoots people out of the sky undiscussed pig murder as you said he should children in the beginning he he he the movie opens with like so heroin. It's this bond style like everything's happening and he's like shooting at Children's Rosalie but he shouldn't get children well. They're these air. PIRATES BEARD'S A big teeth. It's GonNa take them down. I love the pirates. Pirates are so good opening with a bunch of pirates kidnapping put like young girls wha that's good. It's good like there's no point ask you why that's the beauty of this movie I love the girls being like looked at pirates tak- a serious cut to them like five minutes later and the kids are jumping around and they're like we shouldn't take an all the kids tuning we could have proven the same point with like two. There's a handful now and Porco so good that the pirates higher this asshole called Curtis ought to help them fight PORCO. WHO's like Ronald Reagan combined with Douglas Fairbanks American in there in Italy just played by Carrie? L. was in the Doug which is funny. Yes he was a Robin Hood Parody Point Right but then carrier was also plays like he's in like a ton of these right just like David Ogden stiers came one of those guys that I just do your dubs whatever funny he's the cat in whisper of the heart and the cat returns. I believe I love. I love character. I haven't watched Oh my God only jubilees. I've never seen characters fucking back in this one it does you're in pork Rosa. No I'm not I can't just be stupid yeah. He's done. You're right. He's done three. GDP Dobbs David Guitars who plays Mr Piccolo in here. I feel like he's done on multiple jubilee dot COM well he also he was like cogs worth and he's yes he did so many David Ogden stiers yeah he's also so jump and only loans yes yes and he's commodity and spirited away. Come on he's The dad and better that Justin. I feel like Oh no oh you. I guess you gave Your Your Miyazaki your his personality. Do you have anything else you WANNA say about music before we do I like when did you get into Miyazaki well. I don't like you already into the lake t to Griffin's earlier point about like Gidley your relationship to Japanese animation. Maybe being contingent on your feelings about Western animation gets even more complicated because Japanese film animation is so different friend from Japanese TV animation and so I have been able to access much easier yes the distributions totally different and as somebody see who I my highest loyalty animation is still a Japanese TV animation and think that accounts for why I used to have like a lot of trouble with me as I can and I was just sort of like like I don't get it. was that the case from a young age did you get into anime early yeah yeah I the first enemy ever watched with sailor moon okay frightening and I didn't get into the Miyazaki. I didn't really start getting into me as I can tell like a yeah I'd say easily fourteen maybe and it just so totally different and I also think the way that he has ocoee movies used to be marketed in the US was so strange they were very felt like they were marketed with this very self conscious prestige to them and I don't way to object yeah here hi how hard working I think in retrospect that is not the way to approach it is fascinating that like in Japan he is of course the most mean stream yet like the equivalent of like a blockbuster film. May I think he is for the top ten highest grossing films in the history of Japan the list up because they want to quiz you on them at some point in the podcast quiz me I WANNA do a reverse box office game with the top ten Japanese films because I looked them up last night. It's a pretty fascinating. Do you have the list. I'll do it at at some point. Maybe in this episode of we don't have box office real Orissa which feels like we won't I mean once again. We have like a you know twenty eighteen rerelease I I might I might call my shot but sailor. Moon was sort of your entryway and yeah and like Japanese TV animation right and so so I think for a long time I'd say really only in the past ten years of I really tried to get more into Japanese film animation. What are your like your top TV shows what are your say eva a the original sailor moon okay ah I mean I you know I think I I like a lot of the mainstream shit like cowboy bebop? I guess I like some of the more trolley rolley lake some two thousand and stuff. I think that's when it gets weird. It gets very like I don't want to say fishy but it it's sort of like the anime he initiated. Ah Yeah her he's a really like because that that is like the ultimate sort of like troll when he said troll show you mean they're trolling or it's about trolls trolling Richard have any role and ask no Susan me as a show. Oh that is trolling okay like down to the level of like which order you should ideally like ideally watched the episode thin like it is a very fascinating Lee he constructed show that goes off the rails and its second season yeah but it is a it's a great it's like one of my favourite. TV experiments that show from two thousand six six so you get into his ocoee. Yeah you see some Yazaki movies. I don't know what you saw. Her totoro spirited away spirit away mom okay. When do you come to Mr Pick you know when the when when does Porco for show his based you three years ago okay and so it was at metro graph and you're like you kind of latched onto it and you're like this is this is the Misaki I felt like I i? I'm I felt upset with myself that I it had taken me so long to get to pork right. I remember seeing like the Parker us a poster at some point because I feel this is one of the ones that is least disgust in his youth. Well I think for a long time it was like if you were talking to someone about like which they'd be like Russell. That's a weird one and it's more for grownups like also is a movie that doesn't really farewell if the if the test is like if you liked x watch what you're never the Y. Is never going to be poor. Totoro watch poor Garozzo. I just feel like I didn't know it existed for a long time and they WANNA finally hit my radar when when I saw the DVD cover best buy or something and I was like this is a Muzak via pig no one talks about it and he pig. I was like a coin right but I was like is. Do I not know about this because this is the bad one or do I not know about this because everyone else is dumb and this is the best movie ever the weird one. I think that's the best way I think a gross less than some of his biggest hits and jam like it was not quite so divine yeah but it was not quite the sensation maybe that Todorovic Europe Yep well set nearer I know did whether it also feels I mean I think were a little it can feel a little discordant even because so many other Miyazaki you can feel like the made by a guy who doesn't really like the future or the present Nissim like human innovation has ruined everything Polka Rosa's about a guy working on his plane. It's all these loving shots of equipment. Yes and it just feels very very different from watching like you you wash now soccer and then you watch Paul Roseau and it it feels like to completely different world views are making these movies even though I don't think I think I think on closer reading they're not incompatible yeah but it just at at first glance something about poor Grosso feels like they're elements elements weren't revealed in the other Miyazaki move shirt. I think well we started digging. Insist by loved. The movie starts with a NAP and then goes like a speeding bullet like starts with like a little quiet nap and then it's immediately like straight into the action comedy action thrills. You know what I'm saying you're right. They're like GONNA fire like a Disney. Any move even would probably be like well. We're starting with this very melancholic. SORTA like here's Porco right he nap yeah probably not probably you would start in the air earned then you then you do this then you got him here without any table setting without any table sitting down. We know he's a pig yeah. I'm saying it's like fifteen minutes before he like shows up at the restaurant zero minutes before he's a pick your have you ever been because he shows up the restaurant Iran. You've got curtis there. You Got Gina there who rolls who plays gene in America Susan Egan Classic Voice Actor. Oh interesting you know she's she's bell yes. Yes yes. Yes yes. Yes yes yes. According to you moving Yup Fehmi I stand by that and and Gina Curtis is trying to like hit on gene so you know what's up with you. I love you and she's like sorry. I'm into the big yeah steer clear. I'm picked picked up Oh yeah but but I love that it's it's like Porco genuinely as we get to learn. The movie has not ever considered that anyone would like him. That's fair right yeah. He's kind of like. I'm a lost soul. I I was like okay. I get what kind of movie this is. This is the like honey. You don't WanNa know me. You don't WanNa be with me. I'm protecting you know instead. It's like I'm a fucking pig wait. She likes media even at the end of the movie when the guys like. What are you what we're fighting? She wants you not me is one mostly mad about. He's like you're lying so stunned that the guy gets an opportunity a clear-cut camp. I think we've talked up the melancholic elements of the movie but I think it's important that the character porco himself actually kind of care. He's like sitting around drinking drinking wine on the beach is kind of got that vibe of like look. I brushed the face of death and I'm still here so it's all extra time. I think he's a little night also we're also we're in Italy so the process I think he's a little listrik and a little hedonistic in terms of like I'm doing me. What's the worst thing you can do to me already a fucking pay? That's the thing is if I'm a pig on Mike. I'm going to eat twenty four seven. It's like I'm pick. I really worry about how I look anymore. I look like a pig. He's great body shape and I love the way he outfits himself. He's his mustache is great to compare curtis his mustache which sucks versus mustaches the best signifier that he's like a weak Chin Dildo pocos mustache even when you see human and you're like oh it was just the same salary as opposed to look at criticism mustache in late at any point exactly no thank you curtis sucks monster. I'm trying to think of the plot here Hollywood movie star and also be President he actually you know let me read you music. You got my book right. Okay Oh David taking out a leather bound volume great. There's like a green smoke rising from the this. Is your new bit. which is the line holding us out there? It'd be great if like Porco I could sit around and smoke cigarettes or watching some young kid and making comments like like staying up late all the time will shorten your life or it'll be bad for your complexion. laughs of course reality. Ali Doesn't work that way. It'd be pretty tough to live the way the characters in this film do the staff members who worked on Poker Roseau to burn the midnight oil all the time and some didn't even get to rest on a Sunday. There are a lot of the reasons for this and it's an area where I need to meet him. I love here's the here's the part that I wanna get to but I personally enjoy it when I become so absorbed in something that I completely forget about myself that's Kinda sweet I know but like I feel like that is occupied. Wherever else's like we have to please Mr Miyazaki I the draw until my hands are bone? He's just like sitting there and he's like Oh. I pooped in my pants again because I just loved this movie so much. I forgot that I'm a human being right. Everyone else's like working overtime and crunching ranching music is like I'm trying to work so hard that I forget who I am that I become one with the work. I relate to that so I get that you seeing it about myself me. In PORCO I see me in Porco I do but at the same time when I'm making these movies movies I am not me. I am the movie like you know I. It's my body Yup. I love that love PORCO trying. I WanNa see what else he says about PORCO. Is there anything about pig my cat in there. Does he say anything about that. No no mention she swims treasury war I own around new national treasure and it's about my cat and cage like we've got to fight bits cut. He's trying to because it's a national treasure. She is a national treasure. You disagree with that. No I can't airtight lodge he scien- time he's Si- thinking uh-huh speaking don't even know how to describe this problem Let's see I mean I I would say I've been getting better night's sleep every single night in my life okay. That's GONNA make you tired last thirty years. I feel very very tired and I've been trying to isolate what the problem is. In the best way I can put it is that it feels like my sheets are on buttered. Oem buttery they're not buttery does is that that even settle for margarine sheets very dry flan and you spend a thirty year life and she I'd say about a half of my life and that's not euphemistic. I'm very depressed. Person doesn't like getting so you definitely want your sheets. 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The Soviet Union goes away this war in the Balkan states which is where this is set and he felt very conflicted about like I'm making the slip or movie set in a place where there's actual war so I feel like he tried to make the movie a little darker as a result a little more what you're talking about the kind of like we are. You know it does make animals of us like you know it is. He's kind of like an unforgettable sin. At the best you become glorious animal majestic Predator right route pigs are predators but you know what I'm saying no. They're they just the but they are smart piggies at the other reason why I like them. They are smart creatures. I think they're very smart there. Have you ever get like a teacup pig pet now. As what is it teacup pig supposedly small pig that's cute but then they do grow up and you you know there are large creature you do you treat them like a dog like you can take friends here. You did George Clooney Clooney famously had had a pink pigs pigs like all right up there with dolphins says like the smart quite intelligent illegal and your city to own a pay but that's just bullshit legal to own all kinds of things New York City that my roommate had a snake for seven years. It was totally illegal but like who's GonNa come. Yeah who's going to please yeah. It's like the only one they care about US ferrets. We know the Guiliani Guiliani hates the ferrets pig nick get a pig. I feel like if you have a pick you WANNA be able to take it outdoors. Yeah I mean you'd probably because he's probably prefer to live in nature. We're going to check my snake like like fucking case what it was. It was pretty big. Let me tell you remember. I stayed in one time. We was there when you say it. Was Your your old roommate. Learn it. That's right learned. A learned man was a learned man yeah yeah he had to think and I remember I asked him once wining. Why do you have a pet snake? It was a big it was a large Whoa constrictor yeah and he was like when I come in the room doesn't even know who I am. Wow I never learned bedroom was just books and a snake correct. He lives he. He wanted to have the largest library. I've ever seen in one room. Yes he wanted to have a beauty and the beast style experience so he tried to turn his room into all these like bookcase sort of shedding new doors big like hardcover books he very deeply connected to bell like gliding along on the ladder. You know right. Where is he now Texas doing what a PhD in like science fiction Shen at Rice University? I know pretty cool. It says learning corner learn foot anyone shout out the only person with that name so if you heard that name you know him so we end up at jeans restaurant yeah and I think the key things we established in this scene. GINA loves PORCO. That's it. I don't know he goes to about the curse. This is the first time we we start to talk about the curse. They talk about the curse he was once. Curtis shoots him down right because he's got the engine trouble Curtis's like I got him. He's dead well. That's after after this. I guess it's but that's right after right. There's nothing else here's a rivalry right. I like Jesus. I like this like the movie step into this like Casa Blanca Concha. How your host music European movies have like a setting where you're like? I could watch like a take one hundred episode. TV Show Gina's cool fucking rescue yes about the spirited away bath house. I don't know right you know like there's some cool place. Yes I want to live here. He's very good at making you want to be in an environment that he's in high would say I think the other thing that's established by by the beginning to is that everybody just has a plane plane like there's so many people sort of run into each other in the air like it's traffic. Yes and they're just having conversations yeah. This is the that's how people interact back in his movie flying Planes World Yeah Yeah wanted to see the plains. There's that play police late that partly when what's your pants the younger one at the fear fear Y- is like come on you guys are seaplane pilots. You've got to be able to see see pilots and like the honor amongst plans. She's a seaplane pilots a lot. I was a seaplane pilots have their own codes the camaraderie the F. C. C. Air Cowboys right but I think to me as ocoee right. There's that the freedom of the air and the open ocean but then also you open those planes up. There's mechanics matters fiddling so big like threes. There's you know hard work. There's something there's a craft and care. He loves planes like he loves animation. Raise like working on something intricately you know and you have to get exactly right but he hides the contrast between the machinery versus nature in this movie whereas all the other Miyazaki movies feel like they hide the machinery like all of the the sort of metaphor of like machinery and the effort that goes into making those movies feels like that effort is so well hidden in something like princess-mononoke movies. Don't get into the guts and the same kind yeah. This movie has guts. Yeah has like the inner workings of thing and I feel like even when Kurdish shoots him out of the sky it is like there's always a moment in Miyazaki movie where something is just like so animated and such extreme detail like the thing you can tell he spent like eight months on a loan and for this movie it feels like that is when the plane gets shot down and you just see it fall apart all the pieces strip off and you're seeing a plane get deconstructed in the sky in real time but then you also think of the people who had to like all of annual visit when he goes to Piccolo Piccolo showing him the engine and he's like like they're like this is we is shot where they're testing the engine in the shed. In every single angle panel has these very precise movements blowing in the wind yeah and you're like it must have taken like three years to animate that one thirty second bit of enemies right right right. I mean it's it's like the the would buckling in castle in the sky. Oh I love that right very there's always this kind of thing where it's like something falls apart art and you see yeah yes well. Hendrawan animation is over this it. Isn't you know that's True Author Hand Photo Photo Realistic Key frame. CGI gives us the opportunity to see what a real lion would be like. I just can't wait to be giving my secret. Hope Right now. Sure sure there's a part of me that thinks that net flicks is gonNA start announcing they're going to do and we have an animated studio right have one right right but like it'll be we're going to do Disney. They have been very vague about what they're doing but the person they hired to run it is Glen Keane Oh sure right a legend and they released a video radio because you know Netflix has all these like different twitter accounts in different youtube channels for different genres or sub sections of what they do like Netflix. Netflix is a joke in I'm right. They did a video for their animation. That was talking about like what Netflix wants to do animation how they want to be like their own animation powerhouse else okay. It's a lot of Glen Keane talking other people talking about like the qualities they want to bring a lot of videos of people drying and obviously even even if you're doing CGI or whatever you still have to do the sort of basic drafting you know of strongly montlake character modeling or that's what's unclear. I mean this is really a video. That's it's not going into details. I don't remember if they've announced anything but I kind of believe that lake Netflix as they are trying to disrupt the industry by doing the things that other people aren't doing making phones by the types of people that aren't being made or the genres that are sort of dormant like the romantic comedy or whatever they're going to be like here's our slate. We're doing doing like four hand-drawn animated films not announcing them because it takes years and F- looks likes announcing everything very shortly before it comes out and they have the selleck movie which is supposed to come out next year I think they're gonNA start announcing a bunch of classically hand-drawn films if they're smart that's what they do you at a time where every other studio is like we're done and you're feeling more and more of a push from like the I don't know the intellectual Community Unity Yeah you know this guy and that's also this weird thing that Netflix says don where it's like. We're going to gain legitimacy by going to the most sort of artistic sort of that's always been there move much Amazon the corners that are seen as uncontroversial right OECD animation automation three hundred in Japan like is that taking off at all like you meetings are style you know I guess it's more expensive yeah the construction wire. US is I it just seems like transitioning from the era. I guess it's one thing to have digital like two D animation but yeah I think the weird historical trajectory toward the most expensive possible enemy seems counterintuitive to me. I don't quite get it. I'll say this it is easier and cheaper to make bads on it is also herder and more expensive to make good. CGI Yeah Yeah Yeah Right. You can make the Koran movie or norm of the North or any of these bullshit things where you're like. What is this like? If you have two sets in your animation your performances performances or bad you can make shitty computer animated film faster then a Hendra on film because you don't have to draw every single frame user you have models that you can just sort of reusing a sloppy way but to do it well. You need big big infrastructure. A lot of people isn't saying because there are all these different departments that don't exist I otherwise the texturing department your lighting you gotTa ten texture things but every every other country has I feel like move to CG. I mean like I I was in Barcelona and there is so much. CPI Shit in Spain anytime we're turning on the TV I was surprised by the amount of like completely native Spanish cartoon shows or trailers for Spanish like this is the third in this franchise of beloved. CGI SPANISH CGI movies I keep saying CGI soon but I feel like at least what carries over here in any way you don't really early see Japanese. CGI Yeah I mean I think Japan's I I think the way the anime has adapted to like Digital Two d animation is just more graceful role than the way other countries have adapted to Yeah Three D. Post veggietales and imagine trying to even has more. CGI animation now Interest Yup. I believe that Japan seems to have stayed pretty strong. Obviously these movies are so popular in China's well right across all right. He got shot down yeah orca. You pretend dead you. SORTA like find them. You know you think he killed me. That's great I can lie low and also I'll let curtis like sell the legend right. If you're GonNa Brag that he killed me which gives me some time to lay low because PARCO harvey debt thing is Harvey then are right right yeah. PORCO is a wanted man if they know some of these shores that he's washing up on. They're going to apprehend them immediately so better for him to let everyone believe that he's dead and then not much happens until he needs to regroup raise to hang with Piccolo. Excuse me he meets a great friend great P. blessed because he doesn't have a plan. The action is now basically until the final dual action at this is the thing I like about this. It's a long movie once he gets introduced. I was like Oh this movie is also kind of a true grit narrative Hailee Steinfeld and even the way it ends with the narration which we'll get to it is the scene of like this is this man who is very tough to break through to who taught her a lot of lessons lessons who she taught a lot and they were just together for this brief period of time that changed the rest of her life and she reminded him that he's not just a cursed big man as well right yeah you know what she kind of drew that out yeah really Nice France and I also I just like any story where someone has to prove that they know what they're talking about like this assurance that he comes where your son's. WHO's this low grade yeah but it is funny? How like the beginning? It's like the earliest in the latest minutes of the movie. You're very action like you said after he got shot down it. It's all of these things where he's like. He's writing the plane. He's riding the train. He has to get the plane to the shop. That's the thing it's like all of the bandit who cares all of all of the stuff that's him dealing with the fact that his plane is fucked up. Yeah like I mentioned early from Richmond and I think a lot of my own childhood watching this movie because I grew up outside of Richmond and my dad I used to drag race in his car. All the shooter and it's just like the middle part of Pork Roseau is totally the vibe of just like observing people who are really into their cars you know and like drag racing. I imagine it's like your engine is what's most important because like the heart is not GonNa Camaro not nice nice paint job but but it's you know when I was a kid I didn't didn't get it at all because I fucking hated cars because they were super low like driver racing a super loud when I was a kid to to the culture of didn't get but then I watch a movie like this and I think because of how meticulously all of its animated especially all of the sequences where Feo and all of the women I'm in Porco are are working on the plane and there's sort of animating the sense of assembly yeah. It's like oh I kind of get. I think that's the thing it's like. It's it's it's that's Miyazaki putting himself into the thing it's like when you find a field where you can become obsessed with the rest of your life to having a complete fleet understanding of this thing and complete mastery of this thing and when you're in it even though it's difficult you entered this flow state. Yeah you achieve this state of Zen right which you know it's like people who race they talk about that anyone who has any sort of like you know passion for anything that seems dangerous you know when you watch like Free Solo and you're like why the fuck would he do this and he's like. This is the one time I feel calm. You know I think as you're saying this midsection action of the movie is like this is a guy who doesn't really know what to do with himself when he's not in a dogfight as much as GINA is like why won't you you so cool right yeah cool right and he's like what do you mean pick. Where's the fuck out there on the phone on the payphone God yeah they've also that old? Timey phone calls very old-timey but that's right. He's a guy where he's just like. This is the one thing I understand Tayo comes in and he's like you better. Not Fuck this up. I've been working with same people forever. I Know Piccolo. I know his sons. I can't take a risk risk on a grandchild. You know young because I need to get back up in the air and she's like you're a sexist and I totally know what I'm doing it. Also I'm precocious rushes. She's she's very. She feels like when she's introduced her energy. Just in terms of for animation feels so different from the other characters she sort of moves more fluidly is like what's going on here. I'm GonNa work on the plane. Also because everyone else is in the sort of like classic Hollywood there. I say it because it's been on the bench for Awhile Patina. You know everyone else is giving these performances engine took crackles to life. Everyone else's giving these performances that could've been done by any classic nineteen forties Hollywood star and then she comes in and she's giving like specifically like eighties nineties movie energy. She's a thoroughly modern care otherwise yes a little classical love that that's true that's true and she's also just the classic Miyazaki occupy key yeah where you're Kinda like oh he made a movie about boys and then she shows up and you're like okay that type doesn't exist in the type of movie that he is sort of referencing and using a mood no absolutely not it's also in this strict version of it might like you know hey mister you. You know that kind of kids like a ragamuffin you know ragamuffin right but it's also this contrast with pork owes a character because it's like PORCO has two who different pairs of glasses and he wears these trenchcoats and he's sort of you know he's Nice but he's sort of closed off in a way and then you have feo shows show up and her facial her eyes and specifically her eyebrows have this very distinct expressive nece and so whenever they're in scenes together you're just plays up that contrast of like the kind of performance that Porco is give him versus wit energy Feo is challenge yeah AH is the window to the soul animators. That's the whole key to the thing it's one of the reasons why line can fucking sauce yeah the Federal Lion King and like they make this conscious decision decision. That's like this guy's eyes are always going to be covered. You know not because we're trying to handicap this characters express minutes because this is a character doesn't want anyone to see into Seoul like he's trying to keep his emotions close to the chest and then but then like when you've reached a point with him yeah where you're some you see his human face would would right yeah then he turns around the again. Yeah I prefer the pig looks great looks great fucking awesome. Hey great very handsome pack like this style yeah if he wanted to be in some Hollywood movies just the pig like at the end to it. Yeah you know what I mean just him flashing the thumbs up you know with the pig face ace it just scar icon all of that. He's as what we should with photo realistic technology. Make people look like pigment. Keep on hitting on this like the fucking photo real thing but it's like hit on it. I feel like this is. That's the me as ocoee thing though right is. It's like one thing to accept that. We don't do hand-drawn animation anymore but I do think that Miyazaki is one of the people who's going to make the strongest historical case for listen animation is a distinct thing and realism is sort of an opponent of this stuff. You're trying to accomplish an animated cinema right. I just I feel like this gets back to the cats trailer as well but it's like this thing of like if you're gonNA use. CGI use it to make things that are alike against the laws of nature could not exist and putting new things with the camera that are not possible things like that right right stylized people's faces in a way that doesn't make sense or like they should never make a live action Perot so but if they did it's not like I'm against the concept of Porco Rosso being photo real because that would be in juxtaposition to real human beings seeings in front of a camera Pirka Rosa. It's perfect now. He's he's looking for a long time that he was GonNa make a sequel did he and they wrote a script it and then I let me let me get that Sir. Yes often find it. Find it okay he wrote a script pork Larussa the last sortie that would be set during the Spanish civil war so PORCO will be much older. Miyazaki was like it'll be about what like me being old you know my angle and he wanted Hiroshima unibody she the guy who made like the Secret World Marietta and when Marnie was was there right he was saying he was direct. I imagine and now all of these fallen apart like who knows but now it's sort of back together again well but no but that guy I went off to do creates poke which is sort of like trying to rise from the ashes of a flower what and make sure I don't know it's it's one of those things like crazy. She's making right now. It's one of those things like old found you live old. Fink brothers have always said like when we're older older we WANNA come back into old. Think with the Barrow near like you. You're not sure if that's a joke or not right. You're not sure if that's the best idea or the worst idea yeah if it's barely well enough and loan or if it'd be like the most triumphant thing these seem to generally no like you know what I mean because sometimes they'd be like yeah we're going to Jesus spin off from and then they eventually it's like Oh someone to kind of make in that and they were they were clearly like yeah. You know. What if you want to do it that's fine like we're we're probably not going to right which is apparently the exact same attitude they had with Fargo like people were like this is such a big deal that like the Collins Blessed Fargo right and apparently their attitude is like as long as you don't step on our show? It's fine. You can do whatever you want. Yeah Okay Yeah. We just don't WanNa do that right. God Fargo so bad. It's what do you think about Fargo ever watched. It never watched them once. He's into great detail so you only use three. You hated season one season when they were on but three three was kind of like I was like Jesus the earlier ones were actually like something I haven't seen yet. newquay great makes me cry every time it's a the TV corner here we go. I Love Guerra. I mean queer is trying to get the water right like that's the whole mission right yeah right episode leadoff. I've watched the new ones yet. I resisted watching it for a while. I got into it once. My back was injured and I started watching a lot of shows that I wouldn't usually watch ice resistant washing for walk because it feels like an attack on my lifestyle any show where people improve themselves or others walk walk you doing over there saying I should wash my clothes. I feel like the shit but the good antidote to that that I think that the to the queer eye guys who are really good antidotes to that sort of concern are anthony because they're both kind of content content especially Kerama. Oh because if you think for like five seconds about what Komo's rolling is occasionally say something about an album that came out recently and and then just sort of like culture yeah and then meanwhile build a house or something like house and Chrome Os like it. Did you hear the new Arianna Guerande contribution. They had J. Really WanNa strong handshake. When you walk into the handles a sensitive conversations that's his role because you're come to our personal baggage? He's always the one to sort of address it and that had some feel more takes the original. The joke was like J. is completely pointless. He does nothing like the culture. Lifestyle position is silly and then like food like Talon like that's the best one obviously was the best of the original question answering boy. All he can do is really slice. Fruits and vegetables isn't Anthony Yeah. I don't know if you put like Avocados in a blender because you take a little bit of control of their daily stance it's like I don't want to give them things that they can't replicate. I WanNa get and stuff like you can actually do you make put Sola liquid he was he gonNA teach. Pathology Cram that it's like really smart is like no what he's actually doing. He's just being a really good friend. Hey nine times. He's just like a Web. Headline just walks into an episode of television television when he's getting Sean or someplace else he's sort of like verizon and he's like the he does have great moments. I think that there are some episodes. Were there are great. Crumbs Evian is a he's a national treasure and that's what we should do. A movie about is finding. He's Gone Messing with peg heck yeah. I don't know what any of you guys talking about. But I remember Ted Allan Allan he rule for Teddy Bear. I mean just like a teddy bear. No Ted America's favorite movie star. Oh No I don't you don't mean Fox he literally we're not talking about the parts began Dan. I said that I was like I guess I forgot. It's gone. It's gone out of the head. Haunts me burned in my memory. Every time I close my eyes is I see Ted fucking a woman with Parsa Yeah but the thing about the all that is like Seth Macfarlane even is sort of like yeah. I don't know I kind of just WanNa make my space. My sincere zero star trek show now yeah you know he's calm. I get everyone was into that for a while but I feel like now just doing the Orrville on Hulu. It's just crazy see how big the first head was. We talked about this on the buck on this seth Macfarlane Voices Curtis that could be a good alternate casting if they do the pork roses well because McFarland does have that like Sinatra reborn bad vibe God. That's of all of Seth Macfarlane's vibes many Richard bed. That's that's one of the worst the Martha uncanny or I don't know something about it. That feels like no one asked for this Do you know what his album standards. Maybe he's made several now forget. It's on the tip of my tongue to music is better than words. Hey I believe is the title I think that's what it's called. God you know how Richie is you're correct. Yeah you can take a guess eight hundred twenty one million two hundred million. Maybe seems low gave them like Oprah. Income like Oprah income there was so much higher than two hundred yeah yeah anyway well whatever he also made an album called holiday for swing third studio album. No one ever tells you you smoking a cigarette fourth album in full swing eight hundred twenty one's a little absurd pretty high. That's like Spielberg number. He's he's been going hard. Maybe Fox victim on American dad or something I don't know I know we've done talking about worker rose. We got more of a poker. Okay another thing I like. I like the Curtis. Is this like Hollywood leading man type especially of that era like literally security about the fact he's not agrily a tough guy right right this actor action star kind of thing that goes back to to like you know John Wayne not serving in the war or you know he's. He can't back up his right right right right that like he wants to be. Be a movie star and be the press he wants to have these performance of rules but he hates the Gina likes a fucking pig more than him because he actually gets his hand hand stirred. She's chill about it. Though yeah the whole show for airfield yeah yeah I like the pig PORCO show because he's drinking wine and smoking all all the time but he has over committed just give no Fox because entire movie and we'll talk about her beautiful dream Gone Curse makes the proposal to her and she's like look. I be honest. I made a promise to myself. There's one man I love and he only visits me at night and my restaurant but if he ever comes here and on his plane when I'm in my garden I'll know and I can't I can't leave behind the chance of that happening pretty devastating stating for Curtis honest where she's like not only am I rejecting you but I've pinned my hopes on pig visiting me when I'm in my garden and then similarly devastating ever sitting he flies by like right when she's saying Oh my God here. Here's here's here's here's happening and he's gone and I love. The movie ends on the I'm not I'm not gonNa tell you if you ever showed up. Is there a little secret I became friends with Gina for the rest of my life Porco and I we kind of lost touch not that felt that felt very true. Grit to me when she likes shows up and they're like yeah he just died on the end of trigger just her walking through the sanitary and she's like well. I'm comes first all credits masterpiece by the way yeah underrated people not putting into their tops of the twenty lists crazy great movie. Have you seen grip yes. Yes I know just in that you rarely watch movies thirteen movies really you're not a big movie wants Guy Fall you love sky fall you more of a td guy no yeah like animated. I play video games issue like Milton. I have tank shared on the pocket book Mama Over second-generation too big cow okay okay. It's a shady video-game Ashida Video Shandy Guy Getting into no shady guy a Shittier shady shady because we should he do do. I'll tell you what I'll tell you fucking the teams that play Rainbow Succeed or shady but that's you're talking more about the player hate the players the the game by a she wants a game guy who's like Kinda scummy and his kind of way with the modern day Max Payne. I'm in a game where you have to virtually take pills. You know that's yeah I don't. I don't know what would you name is like the last thing I can think of like grand theft auto got a lego pirates of the Caribbean. Oh shit okay scoundrels in that one love scown dirtiest of the Lago Games scalawags Allie wags and scofflaws what do like Lego Body Heat. They start just making like full on sex norm nothing LEGO. What's it called blasted auction? I would love I would love if they did like you know. Of course we did like a star wars. We went through all those homes we did Indiana Jones went through all those films we thought it was time we finally cover the rest of the Lawrence Kasdan over Auto Silverado Chill Mumford like a Mumford Mumford Lego like oh dream cash like longtime companion I would love Allegra figurine and Morgan Freeman and dream catcher and of easel yeah. I don't know if you could fit the eyebrows on a Lego head. No you need to make the head bigger. There's only one or like the tough team out. There aren't any good yeah. I'm stressed out David this time you're not dealing with this problem and you solve the sheets but you're not gonna be able to solve this one. Okay okay third. Time isn't the charm. I'm GONNA fool you. You'RE GONNA have no solution for this. I'm concerned about my legacy. Dave okay sure what you leave behind. What you leave your memories right well? No not less is the memories and more what I physically leave behind. We're going to leave behind a bunch of VHS tapes and DVD's stacks of you know one hour photo surrounds sermons all these things that my family's going to have to inherit and I had this with this. I had a box. Lami legacy box filled with old videos. You Know Oh my great grandma talking on camera photos. You found no solution and your ass dresses. I am great back to the show. What I did was I spoke to? We're friends at legacybox. They send me a big old box. It's big old barred attention. They send you a box. The Sea it's basically empty box arrived the autonomous legacy Bob. What do you put in the box legacy? You put in anything you want. You put in film reels. Let's like this do you want to do. You want to tell us what that is. It's my most cherished memories thirty five millimeter trailer for Elizabethtown. We're not joking you you put in like. VHS tapes you can put in old family photos. You could put in Shady Polaroid's. You've taken over the year I suppose so it. It was more of a family thing from England is tapping the celluloid right now. I want people to hear this is what a thirty five millimeter prints of the elizabethtown trailer sounds like an up until now if fit to carry this thing in my pocket every hour of every day no other way to watch my back went out and every time I wanted to someone the Elizabeth trailer which is every every hour of the Elizabeth trailer. I also do that but I'll talk about that in a different address every time I want to show some of the elizabethtown trailer to pull out a project there and find the white wall and it's driving me crazy. You're told me I could put this in a legacy Bob. Here's what they'll do. They could upload him for the first time ever. I can watch the ELIZABETHTOWN elizabethtown trailer online. Here's they'll do they can put it into a thumb drive on into a dvd into a digital download carry this and they have easy to phone -struction in safety barcodes for every item you get all your old stuff back with perfectly preserved digital copy and get personal up. They'll let you know every step stabbed got personalized updates. There's you know twelve emails. That will just tell you what's going on. Four hundred and fifty thousand families have trusted legacy box with all their stuff. I just want to double double check. We're talking trailer version number two it's two minutes and fifty five seconds with SR optical backup and Claude tracks they could handle that to all and all the work is done by hand right here in the US at all right so listen listen. That's the sound of the trailer being thrown into the garbage. Never been will know throw it in the box uh box. There's never been a better time to digitally preserve your memories visit legacy box dot com today just get started plus for a limited time. They're offering our listeners. An exclusive discount. Go to legacybox dot com slash check to get forty percents off your first order. That's LEGACYBOX DOT com slash. Check save forty percent today and get started preserving your past Porco the part before the duel. What else do we recalls his pig transformation and the Adriatic this scene okay? I love the China Anna Oh you've seen yes yes explanation flashback human man with a beautiful mustache we love him. All of his friends get shot down. Yes he's freaking out. It's during World War One he goes up and up and up and up. You sees his friends yep going up yeah. He sees a big band of Shimmery planes in the sky but he put boy. That's the thing you kinda very like Powell and pressburger somebody sort of blacks out for a moment. He doesn't know if he's a loosening if he's died. If he's watching Ching then go to heaven yeah. He's entered some different plane even the part where he gets shot. Even the power of the planes are getting shot down low feels loose nation because it doesn't feel like it's not like it's a super for st forward like war scene or something like that and almost feels like they're flying in this like artistic formation and then the plane just mostly Berkeley like it looks like a water water number becomes a nightmare in this very weird right right there. Is that sense that he like glimpsed the other other side. Maybe something like that happens but also that so much of this is tied to this sort of shame of a genus first husband yes getting shot down at. He lived story where she's like. Look if all Nova pilots they're all dead right this guy there that guy bear you know right but what can they do. Here's the survivor guilt almost greater than the fact the shame over him being a pig right but they're probably tied together orderly Yeah Yeah and when he tells that story sorry She sees his human face for a second then he pig again and he pick and then come on right that doesn't curtis show up while the planes ready the pirates show oh up the plane's ready ready although it's fantastic and you know it's a little tricky takeoff after I finished the plane when they're flying on the water. Her view is built in the compartment so that she can fly and foregoes plane earlier like that's a beautiful sequence to me. I love him saying you can't get my plane. Even if your buddies small there is a lot about talking she's like. Are you kidding me my butts so small like I got the best ever for planes you ever heard about. He's you gotTa pick button right right. He's not one to to criticize butts really no use a pig that pork bucket gopher pretty pretty penny hi restaurant but I one of my favorite visuals and the entire movie is all the sea pirates cease sky pirates. It's coming out of the little pet on the beach. Yes yes the ambush stockton like a clown car spill out. We talked about it in castle this guy but like he's he's very good at large. Adult sons like the pirates are in both cases large adults on adults at me. Ezaki movies are always like the most fascinating vegas yeah because it feels like a referendum on adults as a class of human being stupid yeah his dad's we talk in Tow and like his dad's usually Deeb Yeah like the dad is kind of like hey man whatever I think this movie gets the closest to being adult suck but also at Poca Roca feels like it's it's for once Miyazaki trying to sell who guess kids or adults on the idea of adults can have adventures to address right because otherwise it's always kids usually range monsters in the forest movies lock and cool. I knew I compare me as occupy like and like many serious. Let's say for missing link. which is the one? I don't like you like but I think I think I realize one of the reasons. I don't like it is that it doesn't have a child protagonist. Um and the like films are really good on that. Miyazaki level of like these adults have gotten so caught up all this bullshit that doesn't matter but they're sort of like oblivious to what's really going yeah link is kind of that character missing yet gas but he's the closest to your child protagonists right and I don't like that he is in the audience circa character the audience surrogate character your entire forty minutes. I know your problem. Is the Jack Wink Terrible. It's not great. It's not great. It's like what if someone was the worst was an asshole right and you're GONNA learn not to be national and they're like yeah like right right yeah I didn't love that. Even I think you genuinely disliked it where I was like. It's okay I hold regard. It looks looks great. How do you like the LEICA movies Carline arline yeah I'd nursing corleones paranormal and you have a take? You haven't seen paranoia paranoia my show of the other ones you going my best at least one of us. I I took a swing at a decade list. You know I it. It was some other like a coup. I feel fifty fifty on Kubo weirdly. I really loved the voice performances and Kubo sex at the Tapie. Yeah I still like the performance is though I don't know I I like the style something about that. Movie didn't totally come together for me. yeah I respect it more than a enjoyed it except for the voice performances which I thought were fun and then box trolls. I haven't seen check a paranormal apparent Fox. I've Seen Sky Fall Kubo for corozzo melancholy. I don't know reading gets like four of my twelve movies. Good movie Lucy Lewis another masterpiece made by sex criminal YEP YEP Yup. Can't you just ask me for the Jackson Lights Camera Jackson Book Smart Review. I had to send it to a right away. You sent me that Brady Bunch. I just think it took me like twenty minutes to realize that the Brady Bunch House yes. He's weird. Let's Karen Jackson posted a video of himself. Walking down the street and singing Sunshine Enga- and then at the end the camera whip pans to reveal that he is in front of the house from the pre doesn't really you're like Oh okay okay behind a wall. Yes and it's like I say oh. I just wanted to do more musical numbers. So is that what you want him to. Of course he does. His twelve twelve moves to info wars yeah right it could happen. It's a short walk Camera Jackson no but I do like the idea of Lights Camera Jackson moving to Info wars probably not really like that. Let's Jackson was completely. A political all movie critic like like outdoor revere was lights cab attacks Jackson Tanto. You really put a lot you great right actually build info wars into like a modern critical powerhouse sort you can do it you show it doesn't change all all everyone around him is like a broadcast you like sort of like pro. I gave Stupor three bags of popcorn or whatever whatever it does if you're looking for fun ride in the theaters this summer you could do worse than hitching a ride with super then like once in a while a book smart comes along where he's like. What's going to shift without pushing the clutch like you know what I mean like? He's like those are teenagers. I don't think so yes and then he has to like Oh. I don't know go back to his Borg Cube per day in charge or whatever these teens break all the rules like literally say cuff them. He's written review of books. The Man Sinatra Lights Review of Books Mart has written review it. It's just like him being teams. Don't behave this way outrageous dishonest l. Listen to a thing that teachers tell them to let me find the actual book smart the last movie I saw with you was power Rangers Rain Right. I yeah the last movie theater had to be. I expand which I liked. What one idea wow here we go okay? The entire narrative revolves around the fact that amy and molly don't know the locations of the Knights hots part location of the nights hot party. We're supposed to believe these two classmates who entirely intelligent young women. They can't and find out what this huge party is utterly ridiculous. Well you know I says the guy who always knows where the party's at that's the thing is never. I was aware of every party right. No one ever definitely didn't tell me where a party I chose to abstain. The kids are big surprise a stereotypical bunch of modern high school misfits. It's instead of writing for Co Getting Ready for college. This cast looks like they should be wrapping up Grad School Plan. He really did not he gave you enough. What's the year this year? I feel like I don't know his only a listen right. Now is for wild rose which is a good moving. That is a good movie love that movie. Did you see him yeah love. Isn't it fucking great. Oh my God I didn't you know you saw it. I mean it's really good. It's so good. It's really listen to the soundtrack. I don't realize Mary Steenburgen wrote. That saw here seem version. Just woke up. One lindane was like country music now and wrote down song was famous. People are weird yeah. She's bizarre yeah but while have you seen wild rose bat this this lady okay from Glasgow who she had she gets out of jail smuggling heroin. She's a single mom with two kids. She gets out of jail. She lives in Scotland Hartland in Glasgow. She's real old working as a cleaning lady but all she wants to do is get in Nashville and sing country music cool. She just wants to fuck and Honky tonk three chords and the truth. It's also Catt and she has she has this go check Buckley and then like when she gets on stage she sounds like Miranda Lambert Umberto. You know what I mean like. She just has this incredible voice fucking one of those movies where I went to the screening being like I duNNo. I guess this is a movie. I know nothing about it and like two limited to nose Yep. You got me going up and look encouraged people to see it. Don't WanNA spoil it but the the last twenty minutes is where I went from being like this is very effective to being like this movie's really fucking smart agree. It does some things that are not like pointedly Hedley not manipulative agreed that are very very emotionally intelligent. He didn't like the dead. Don't buy either. Adam driver. Repeatedly says the line this is going going to end badly not only does it end badly begins badly and the middle is even worse. I mean he did this. You gotta give him some points. It's for some killer dunks thing racket ptacs. He's on fire come on they. They have the big dual. Do have a very prolonged the thank you so. I think it's pretty funny. I think it is making fun of men it but it's so it it goes hard. It goes hard. The image of the more older faces swollen after they've been PAT's the sky was back down to the writing in the fighting on the shore. This is after they've been shamed into like honorable combat by you know yeah you're playing pirates seaplane. Whatever whatever all the pirates at this point of just giving up on their it isn't just close? This is crazy. These guys fighting lions fistfight is because it's not like a scuffle. It's like a gentleman's fistfight fight a chair to be the corner. PORCO is so great marcus cream queensberry like like I I suck you in the face and then you take a moment right you prepare your one punch like there's like a real like give and take but also their faces just like so grotesque looking. There's no music it's just the sounds of their faces smoshing right right when she cornerman saying it's like the fucking ten comedy points and then what's the way that he finally gets a by the way fucking Gino likes. You can't have both women and you're a boxer doc. Sir Strew Park face turns red. What did you think of that of the punchline fighting seen the fighting's fun and I mean they I think they show cartoons actually take punches which is rare yeah usually their unaffected or they sort of like a dust cloud sort of right yeah it does skirmishes real punch in and bruising and swelling? I Love Dusko and then Lord Gentleman's fight right. He goes red freezes gets the punch on him. Parker goes down but it's right after the bells rat right right right yeah and the water is shallow which I like that too Gina shows up in a plane just like she's sort of land the the plane like Talion Air Forces on trying to catch you Parka make some they say that in the boxing match yes. I'M GONNA turn you in a prude. I mean hey I need this guy. You'd need him cure him and they were like and like I got something back and they pull out like a platter appreciate. I'm like Oh it looks nice and then like Parker Russell. That'd be like all right how much twenty bucks a pound okay. If it was the finest looking for shooter you've ever seen but had goggles and a moustache so you couldn't look at it without you can remove them both with with you have to go through the effort of moving them and thinking about who you're eating meat because he drinks so much wind throughout that meade is rich. Why love it with our eat? Them is one of my best. That's one of my favorites Simpson. Though so that's the other thing it's like the wine but then he smokes excellent yeah what is what does that tell you make a nice. Tasting animal is like you've got the farm farm guy who's like. I only let them smoke. The finest Cuban cigars smirk Tam flog raw goose smokes three Cubans Day. Was I gonNA Circa Rosso. Oh No yeah the simpsons. That's one of my favorite late. Simpson's is homer eating the lobster that is that where he's like. It's so good you don't remember the is that it's not snappy but it's something like that yeah. I know I know what you're talking about that. I think episodes really funny PINCI. I remember how he kills Pinci now. Has It gives him. He's always upstairs. I wanted to draw a bath after a log into marge's like homer and it cuts family eating good guy. Sorry who don't do Enough Simpson's jokes folks. I missed this whole podcast. You're just remembering bits from the simpsons right now. What if we go back to being a podcast about the only ever nine seasons of the Simpsons no-shirt? Pretend there's no bit to that. That's just a nice world I so now right like the whole point of the phantom menace. Being the only movie is kind of a weird world. Yes the simpsons ending with season ten is just a nice world. What God wanted uh-huh what season well Simpson's starts the year? I'm born so I believe they're on season thirty thirty. One season thirty just ended ended so thirty one starting up right around the time this episode tropic. That's insane yeah. Okay go a too much. How many episodes other until thank can I six hundred and sixty? Thank you for letting me guess the final. The ending is beautiful like feo voiceover voiceover where it's like. This is her story. She gets authorship of it. This becomes about this brief moment she had with this crazy pig man. I love that she she tells us that she gets a long lasting friendship with Jean out of it right because he got two hands over to Gina Right. He's like you deal with her but she's like we've remained friends for very long time. I took over Piccolo. Hello Yep what's it called Piccolo Aviators aviation or whatever the name of the company and she's like gene and I had a great relationship and I'm not going to tell you what happened apart perfect. This is for us to know. This is my story. I think the problem though feels kind of papering over something which takes over Piccolo live in Italy and then eventually world war to happen so makes killing off of making airplanes for the Italian linguists when when rises amount I just love planes. I didn't realize we drop bombs on Pearl Harbor. Sequel is he comes back and he's like let's. Let's fucking black. Let's like let's kill the Nazis right. What if it's like a vigilante you know well? The sequel is Spanish civil war though so it's pre-world war because again finding fascist he's not till they get off into Franco. Choose to avoided PORCO has to fight feel has like this airplane shares his empire PORCO has to I like this idea that the Spanish civil war dark the suspension you or and now I'm realizing what I want is to believe that all the characters died right before Hitler took the all just had a nice peaceful that's right they all just like lean back in their you know with magazine on their face and that was it yeah they overdosed on relaxation and contentment. It's the way to go okay hundred years old canteen boxoffice tough homes in Japan. When was the release did you do you have some American box office? Oh it's like two thousand eighteen th the rerelease. Oh I'm GonNa the have that if you want the numbers I osam not I don't know wh what number Sir well came out in ninety two. That's right like actual release date. I mean if you WanNa want to guess the number one film which is a sequel in which the character knows that these in a movie go right ahead templeton correct number two film. is you know masterpiece about a big blue the big purple man masterpiece a pretty good movie purple Purple Guy Ventures Yeah right and then number three is a masterpiece about Reading Books Books Book Club Book Club actual right number. Four is a movie ever Lebron Bergen getting buckets. Oh number four is a Bengal cone film. So you know was number. One most people's zero what's right but which one life the party Atta and the number five was this one again though it's where pay back was a mother peppermint no but that kind of movie sure is more serious yet more comedic more serious and payback is a mother can you back is a mother and this woman getting payback is a mother. You sure that's the that's the way that's the tape yeah yeah. That's like peppermint Yup and actress and you know this movie. I really liked him. You know this movie. Maybe not take a guess. No you take no because it's like it's the only one that I almost saw I haven't seen any of the movies and question Russian. You almost saw this. Do you think I've seen it but he doesn't actress. I really like I think so. I told her I mentioned her name at the basketball episode when you got really excited Oh this movie's bad. Oh is about breaking in Yeah. This would be great but it's not good. It's one of the most disappointing films last five years along with them at the primary yeah both of them are just like this is right. There and the actresses are really locked in in the movies a fucking mass breaking directed by James mctigue who I sat next to it dinner one break-ins a very bad film okay top ten highest grossing films in the history of Japan at at a time in general not like animation just in general Oh crack on American and Japanese releases. There's one that you will not be able to get there is one that has the Japanese. I imagine you haven't heard of it. It's number number eight. It's called Bayside shakedown to sounds great. Though Hondo is number eleven it just recently got pushed out okay very araca push out in two thousand sixteen but now the top ten highest grossing films in the history of Japan is one two three four five Japanese films five American films. I'll tell you the national each one before you guys and I'd given you number eight. Bayside shakedown to number ten is an American member tenants number. Ten is an American film. It grossed fifteen point sixty billion yen your name on this list my name know your name your her name is okay which number four Hell Yeah I. This is where I would love your name. I feel like we should just try to throw shit of the wall. Just see if we can get any like sort of like classic you know like limitation. Let's let's do that now. We have four and eight you have four and eight spirited away is the number one stay still at is incredible number walking. They re release it. Sometimes you know what I mean like. I don't know I'm looking at this number here and it feels like the maybe that's just the number because nothing has come close to there is one film that has made spirited away is at thirty Jan thirty billion thirty billion the number two film with twenty six billion Yen Avatar now wow is it it is it's ten because what's interesting is after I looked at this list. I was going down the rabbit hole of other countries top ten highest grossing films. Almost all of them have avatar in the top three right unlike unlike the Avatar didn't quite Megan okay interested in ten and it's not that it got replaced by more recent films you know Sapporo's number eleven and avatars number ten bayside shakedowns number eight spirited away is number one there are your name and your name is number number four it did twenty five titanic is number two so spirited thirty Titanic twenty-six your name twenty-five There's one other film with essentially twenty five and a half twenty five point four where can Japanese. It's an American film. It's the most recent film to crack the list. The only American film from this decade crack the list. What's interesting here is there's a lot more staying power than in the American top ten the franchises 'cause this list is like two two thousand one ninety seven two thousand fourteen twenty sixteen o one zero four ninety seven? Oh three Oh two oh nine. It's twenty fourteen release twenty five point four eight billion yen. It's the third highest grossing film in the history of Japan any other clues. It is the only American animated film to make the list Ooh American animated Spirit Spirit Away Number One and number two this third highest grossing fell in the history of Japan is an American animated film the only American animated film to seem to permeate the culture some even looking down here the next highest grossing American Animated Film Is Number Twenty three is finding Nemo and then you have to go down to twenty eight is toy story three while he's before then. Is it a pixar movie. It is not yeah wow of wow I mean you wanNA throw some other guests for the other spots. We've got an Avatar yeah. I'll give you a hint there. Three Premia Sakis invited spirited away how is Hal in their act is number six with nineteen point six billion yen and that's movie about moving castle as long and then what role nope no. That's how the earlier ones are less video that so I guess the other one is one okay correct. Yes nineteen point three Housman castle on not very close to each other six seven on the list. So how many left we you got this American animated movie. I'm just realizing not an okay would have been the number two film at the time with Titanic. Yes okay right and then these other things that come of it have been released Speier way number one number two your name number four house move a castle six Mono Kevin Bayside shakedown to number eight Avatar ten. You're missing the American animated film which is twenty five billion yen and you're missing the five and the nine slots I will we'll say are both from the same franchise to American films from the same franchise. No clues here okay. You want more clues. I mean three. I feel like I've given you so many clues. It's a twenty fourteen animated film that is not from Pixar. It's huge. It was huge everywhere. It's not like it over performed here. No I'm trying. I'm some blind spot. I'm like it's a massive blind. Spot is one of the had the greatest cultural impacted rose frozen is the third highest grossing film The history of Japan. I was getting lost in like DreamWorks Forgot About Regular Vicky of animated made it night. CGI right artificial intelligence yeah it's the only computer generated movie to films from the same franchise. What is interesting to me is that they are the first two films of that franchise? Is it vendors and ultra ironman no no I it's not it's not super truly the first two films of the franchise okay. It's not like of Andrew is like a subterranean yeah because especially overseas this most franchise built the overseas market built and this is two movies. The franchise peaked. I mean it's literally it's this is fascinating because number five all time. Japan is the first film in the series number nine all time Japan is the second film in the series Letterman number thirteen is the third film in the series which which underperformed everywhere else Oh and then number twenty three is the fourth film like each of them. Okay okay whereas the states they pretty much grew there to films in a long franchise that has since ended x-men definitively defended and they have been trying to do other shit around it so like they're like. Can we do other stuff and other mediums. Can we make movies that are sort of connected but aren't really the same the thing they're trying to keep the sanctity of the movies but I feel like everyone feels like it's a matter of time until they bring the original actors back and do a new phone. Oh that feels like the thing everyone's like waiting and they're like the copy a little bit older. What is the bring them back and do it? What is they don't don't do it? You the first two films I mean I'll give you the biggest clue there from two thousand one and two thousand two they come out in successive years and they're huge one makes twenty billion one makes seventeen billion Harry Potter never would have gone there las personas the fifth highest grossing film The History Japan Chamber Secret Chamber of secrets like the one that everyone's like Oh yeah I guess so now. Let me throw out some other crazy stats okay last Samurai the twelfth highest grossing film the history of Japan Armageddon tied for thirteen with E. T. in Harry Potter deserves it deserves sixteenth highest grossing film in the history of Japan and foreign away the most recent film to appear Scott's a good year. I knew that one rhapsody boy and then you get into like Jurassic Park Phantom Menace Wind rises twenty one is Alice in wonderland has a very big big presence in the took Disney theme park by all accounts no coming. Everyone else I feel like is just sort of like okay we're done and the thirty first highest grossing film history of Japan of course. It's the original Bayside shakedown the movie me me. I love a bayside shakedown anytime in I'm in base. I'm more of a basic shakedown to guy well. You know I agree. I ah see that's Tarantino movie. That kids punk asked me I like a good old fashioned Bayside shakedown okay okay okay America's cheering all of our listeners. They love it doing the way I don't get why this is my Sinatra and I don't think he sounds like this yeah but this is what I'm doing. It sounds like your impression of my dress with Gordon. I know that's kind of what it is. I was thinking I know the precise weight of this looted die. I'm going to sell these governments secrets. I'm Edward Snowden and I made a weird commitment to replicating his voice cares. There's a weird no one cared about me did of course have French. I walked on. I bet it was my first balancing act. We said how he needs to complete complete trilogy of tourists who peaked in the eighties and nineties making unnecessary remake of best documentary winners guy so I called that we had not so you have to walk doc and then you have snow notices and four right and since I made that call another one has joined the fray in the annals the best documentary which is clearly what he will do free solo he will do a free solo remake. I'm Alex Ronald Yes. I got to climb this here El Capitan he'll do it free solo remake like who lost ninety director Curtis Hanson is fairness. Most of the people the ragged into the we've talked about a lot of dead people that we've nonetheless at a reanimated for the purpose of this. Do you have any final Porco Rosso or Miyazaki thought just watch the movies great price you like I am. He doesn't put Shit on knowing because it's just like people should watch the flying pig movie. I agree creativeness for that much time on the podcast. It's it's not fun again. It's like you reap. Among fourteen pages point is the it's the visual spectacle it's animation. It's the loving yeah exactly. It's character driven film. I love it. He's one of my best friends. It's the best movie ever based on in-flight but even even as a character the different film. It's not even that much of a script driven get really there. I don't know man hater. Yes I was just watching and I was like I'm in on the vibe of this movie. He doesn't say Shit Shit but you get such a vibe from Gina 'cause she. Just sort of walks through the movie I can set my watch to this movie. I understand the way it's taking you know. It's like I get it baby. I love that pig. He's just the pig is working on this working on his plane. I love that pigs. Maybe he's working on his plane. Maybe we will get PORCO to one day Banyu like this one right. You're happy you're Goto FEO goes. Fash go to red pill taper next week with man. Okay Okay Great Eight movie I I I agree that next week. We have known and Okay I can't. I can't argue with the truth. David has given up. He's staring off into the mid. Someone sent me. A text took me a second puzzle. I figured it out. Can you read it or is it a private and I'll read it off my okay. yeah no no love PORCO. You might not be my favorite Miyazaki but I think it's good that we have the two sides between us. Sure okay well Geez. I think it's a compliment green. I went sure I just think if you watch poker also and then go watch the documentary about gb the Kingdom of dreams madness sadness. It's like putting into this guy this guy chain-smoking Weirdo who makes these movies Weird Apron Sake. He's the pig pig. Have you watched the Rahman video. No I'll find him. I've been saving a lot of these things Justin. Thank you for being thank you this. This is fun. You don't watch a lot of movies but we finally got a lot of weight. Check you'd have like being into movies your subject act of blankets which is people who like the podcast and don't like it's great you which is a subset. There are some there are there was yeah yeah I do. You like the Star Wars prequels which is how I got into. Check really what's your I like. I like I like I like thinking about them more than I like. Certainly I don't like attack of the clones so I should retract statement really dislike that movie but I I like your. You've got into the Star Wars. Yeah say something crazy I easy. You're having watched any of them since we did that me neither. Why would you right? We watched them to immerse. The more I think about stuff. I'm like SOCLEAN's my favorite or it's bad. It's so bad so I can I I would end with this. I will say I remember release. Day of attack of the clones is my mom took me to see that movie and if you think that like I I cannot reconcile how excited I was to go see a star wars movie. That's all fan of medicine theater. I liked it. I was a kid but attack of the clones I literally it's during the Django fat chase scene. I fell asleep. Wow My mom had to wake me up. I fell asleep during the very early in the all in couldn't do it. The only time I've ever fell asleep in the movie theater. Peter is watching attack of the clones when they're in the asteroid belt. I just goes off. I'll say I mean you know we've we've mentioned this before but I feel like were harder on those movies because of the bit we were doing partly that's true because they certainly don't live too standing outside of the star waiver site. They're only only interesting in dialogue with the original films and how much he deviates from them how how reticent he is to like do what people want is. What's interesting about them? I don't think any of us either of US would argue that they're good but I feel like if we watched them with context. We both have more complimentary things. Thank you say that but it's not true. This is just the trick. We talk about it so much where we're like. You're like Phantom. Menace might be good and you turn it on. You're like no. I don't like it and then ends in and you're like but maybe there's something when it's on. You're like oh I see. I know this is very boring right right right but then the second engineer but you know what about what no no let's think about it fessing now how much like the prequel defenders are becoming like a thing the exact horror lying thick thicke. Finally we kicked Lucas like the people who are like texting death threats to Lucas are now like fucking Catholic the balls to make a prequel. She doesn't have the balls to make bad movies movies unlikes we talked about this at our airing Gilliam podcasts at the rear of like all the people who are mad at the Netflix are the same people who in fucking like two thousand and one hated the the original English dub because they were like oh it took so many liberties with the original Japanese script now they like a curse fucking soccer and they burrow sin occurs. They you wanna be able to say that. The last thing was better than this. It's always that's that's the art you had to be there. It's always the logic of like you had to be there for the real work we'd it was so much better than yeah. We're Dunga's breaking my back as a star wars fan five years. I have been breaking my back yeah. We're doing what you the voice broken backs. Thank you for being here. Just go Thanks for listening please around rave reviews subscribe Think Sanford good offer social media thanks to to lay Montgomery furth theme song Pat Reynolds and Joe Bone for our work go to that conference from real nerdy Shit Goto t public for some real nerdy shirts. I think we're working on some new shirts that will be hit the Internet around Christmas time Friday. Oh sure yeah yeah this year. They'RE GONNA have to call David. This area have to call a blank for storm in the malls looking for their CECCHI merch tickle me cecchi please. Can we be ready for CECCHI. Okay you can use it as a pillow dollar bill. y'All you put them in your pillow case Belleville right next week princess-mononoke k. and this pigeon dot com check listen moral commentaries yep. They're good. What are we up to now good question what would be approach from home home? It's going to be by panther next. Oh great comments Jamal boy yeah I mean we really actually he did a good job on that. Although once in a while we're just call your shot. I think I I remember when I was in. I was like Oh that was good I don't you don't you start it. You don't like Michael Be Jerome Jamal Jordan in that movie in particular. Oh I forgot about this movie. I think he's good I think he's good in fruitvale which which is not a good movie I think he's bad and Black Panther which is also a what's better than fruitvale but I listen to it for Jamila. Ah It's also one of those things like sometimes we're just quiet because we're like I said could scene yeah. Oh yeah this is cool. It's also using the commentaries monetary in their three in a row like that by the third one. We're like crazy right right and this is like Oh. I'm just GONNA give into this move. I don't have the energy yeah it. Actually I holds up great when you do that because you've seen other yes sensibly fun and Dr Morrow Movies Mint someone you're like Oh. This is a special right right right right. Yeah okay anyway so that's always PORCO Rosso Fox absence over get out of here. He is us the whole okay I think the whole point of Porco Rosso is that he fucks and the movie is like him largely remembering what it is like to be one who fucks Archer fucked and he will fuck again yeah. I feel like that's the tension in the movie makes love because I don't think he we'll let anyone in to that guy who sit there and eat that plate of pasta like he does and sips that wind like you that Guy Fuck. That's good fucked. Okay you're right. You're pleasures of the flesh of a new thing would be to be like I saw the new Clinton. That movie makes love. Oh Boy God the souvenir makes love severe does make a Donald Curtis is not then we're done. You wonder what a neighbor sure. I guess so I'm to live station to station with him of course or I don't know let's say what it would be like to get into a water gun fight with to pock boy buttons very thematic attic well gallows franchise yeah from audio boom and muddy knees media. A life lived reveals how the lives of the biggest stars were truly lift. Oh this is the show that has exclusive interviews and the people who knew them in Light Journalists Stephanie Okucani AC tells the stories of the debt yeah and this isn't like some Kripke per style show okay a life lived is attributed to the icons who changed countless lives and continue to do so either then each Monday Stephanie will tell the Tale of another deceased celebrity through interviews with relatives and friends of the deceased sharing their personal stories. I WanNa make it clear. This is not a spooky story show. We're we're talking about dead people so much that you might think this is an are you afraid of the dark reboot but it's not okay on a life lived. You'll hear about the lives lived by any Wine House Muhammad Ali Ali Carrie Fisher and many more you can tune in to find out Stanley's relationship advice the queen of souls favorite food and which hardcore rocker fought Kurt cobain and I promise you they're not GonNa Talk About Out Dracula's Frankenstein's Wolf men or women. This is an audiobook original. It's an unmissable Lidge. Listen this audio. Boom original is listen life lived yeah. It's a very easy thing to say unmissable. Listen and a life lived is out now. Okay right now. Okay okay. I'm ready Bonnie episodes every Monday so be sure to search for an subscribe to a life lived on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. No ghosts allowed missile. LISTEN UNMISSABLE. Listen don't Miss It. You can't new unique

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