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"kevin bayside" Discussed on Blank Check with Griffin & David

"Other film with essentially twenty five and a half twenty five point four where can Japanese. It's an American film. It's the most recent film to crack the list. The only American film from this decade crack the list. What's interesting here is there's a lot more staying power than in the American top ten the franchises 'cause this list is like two two thousand one ninety seven two thousand fourteen twenty sixteen o one zero four ninety seven? Oh three Oh two oh nine. It's twenty fourteen release twenty five point four eight billion yen. It's the third highest grossing film in the history of Japan any other clues. It is the only American animated film to make the list Ooh American animated Spirit Spirit Away Number One and number two this third highest grossing fell in the history of Japan is an American animated film the only American animated film to seem to permeate the culture some even looking down here the next highest grossing American Animated Film Is Number Twenty three is finding Nemo and then you have to go down to twenty eight is toy story three while he's before then. Is it a pixar movie. It is not yeah wow of wow I mean you wanNA throw some other guests for the other spots. We've got an Avatar yeah. I'll give you a hint there. Three Premia Sakis invited spirited away how is Hal in their act is number six with nineteen point six billion yen and that's movie about moving castle as long and then what role nope no. That's how the earlier ones are less video that so I guess the other one is one okay correct. Yes nineteen point three Housman castle on not very close to each other six seven on the list. So how many left we you got this American animated movie. I'm just realizing not an okay would have been the number two film at the time with Titanic. Yes okay right and then these other things that come of it have been released Speier way number one number two your name number four house move a castle six Mono Kevin Bayside shakedown to number eight Avatar ten. You're missing the American animated film which is twenty five billion yen and you're missing the five and the nine slots I will we'll say are both from the same franchise to American films from the same franchise. No clues here okay. You want more clues. I mean three. I feel like I've given you so many clues. It's a twenty fourteen animated film that is not from Pixar. It's huge. It was huge everywhere. It's not like it over performed here. No I'm trying. I'm some blind spot. I'm like it's a massive blind. Spot is one of the had the greatest cultural impacted rose frozen is the third highest grossing film The history of Japan. I was getting lost in like DreamWorks Forgot About Regular Vicky of animated made it night. CGI right artificial intelligence yeah it's the only computer generated movie to films from the same franchise. What is interesting to me is that they are the first two films of that franchise? Is it vendors and ultra ironman no no I it's not it's not super truly the first two films of the franchise okay. It's not like of Andrew is like a subterranean yeah because especially overseas this most franchise built the overseas market built and this is two movies. The franchise peaked. I mean it's literally it's this is fascinating because number five all time. Japan is the first film in the series number nine all time Japan is the second film in the series Letterman number thirteen is the third film in the series which which underperformed everywhere else Oh and then number twenty three is the fourth film like each of them. Okay okay whereas the states they pretty much grew there to films in a long franchise that has since ended x-men definitively defended and they have been trying to do other shit around it so like they're like. Can we do other stuff and other mediums. Can we make movies that are sort of connected but aren't really the same the thing they're trying to keep the sanctity of the movies but I feel like everyone feels like it's a matter of time until they bring the original actors back and do a new phone. Oh that feels like the thing everyone's like waiting and they're like the copy a little bit older. What is the bring them back and do it? What is they don't don't do it? You the first two films I mean I'll give you the biggest clue there from two thousand one and two thousand two they come out in successive years and they're huge one makes twenty billion one makes seventeen billion Harry Potter never would have gone there las personas the fifth highest grossing film The History Japan Chamber Secret Chamber of secrets like the one that everyone's like Oh yeah I guess so now. Let me throw out some other crazy stats okay last Samurai the twelfth highest grossing film the history of Japan Armageddon tied for thirteen with E. T. in Harry Potter deserves it deserves sixteenth highest grossing film in the history of Japan and foreign away the most recent film to appear Scott's a good year. I knew that one rhapsody boy and then you get into like Jurassic Park Phantom Menace Wind rises twenty one is Alice in wonderland has a very big big presence in the took Disney theme park by all accounts no coming. Everyone else I feel like is just sort of like okay we're done and the thirty first highest grossing film history of Japan of course. It's the original Bayside shakedown the movie me me. I love a bayside shakedown anytime in I'm in base. I'm more of a basic shakedown to guy well. You know I agree. I ah see that's Tarantino movie. That kids punk asked me I like a good old fashioned Bayside shakedown okay okay okay America's cheering all of our listeners. They love it doing the way I don't get why this is my Sinatra and I don't think he sounds like this yeah but this is what I'm doing. It sounds like your impression of my dress with Gordon. I know that's kind of what it is. I was thinking I know the precise weight of this looted die. I'm going to sell these governments secrets. I'm Edward Snowden and I made a weird commitment to replicating his voice cares. There's a weird no one cared about me did of course have French. I walked on. I bet it was my first balancing act. We said how he needs to complete complete trilogy of tourists who peaked in the eighties and nineties making unnecessary remake of best documentary winners guy so I called that we had not so you have to walk doc and then you have snow notices and four right and since I made that call another one has joined the fray in the annals the best documentary which is clearly what he will do free solo he will do a free solo remake. I'm Alex Ronald Yes. I got to climb this here El Capitan he'll do it free solo remake like who lost ninety director Curtis Hanson is fairness. Most of the people the ragged into the we've talked about a lot of dead people that we've nonetheless at a reanimated for the purpose of this. Do you have any final Porco Rosso or Miyazaki thought just watch the movies great price you like I am. He doesn't put Shit on knowing because it's just like people should watch the flying pig movie. I agree creativeness for that much time on the podcast. It's it's not fun again. It's like you reap. Among fourteen pages point is the it's the visual spectacle it's animation. It's the loving yeah exactly. It's character driven film. I love it. He's one of my best friends. It's the best movie ever based on in-flight but even even as a character the different film. It's not even that much of a script driven get really there. I don't know man hater. Yes I was just watching and I was like I'm in on the vibe of this movie. He doesn't say Shit Shit but you get such a vibe from Gina 'cause she. Just sort of walks through the movie I can set my watch to this movie. I understand the way it's taking you know. It's like I get it baby. I love that pig. He's just the pig is working on this working on his plane. I love that pigs. Maybe he's working on his plane. Maybe we will get PORCO to one day Banyu like this one right. You're happy you're Goto FEO goes. Fash go to red pill taper next week with man. Okay Okay Great Eight movie I I I agree that next week. We have known and Okay I can't. I can't argue with the truth. David has given up. He's staring off into the mid. Someone sent me. A text took me a second puzzle. I figured it out. Can you read it or is it a private and I'll read it off my okay. yeah no no love PORCO. You might not be my favorite Miyazaki but I think it's good that we have the two sides between us. Sure okay well Geez. I think it's a compliment green. I went sure I just think if you watch poker also and then go watch the documentary about gb the Kingdom of dreams madness sadness. It's like putting into this guy this guy chain-smoking Weirdo who makes these movies Weird Apron Sake. He's the pig pig. Have you watched the Rahman video. No I'll find him. I've been saving a lot of these things Justin. Thank you for being thank you this. This is fun. You don't watch a lot of movies but we finally got a lot of weight. Check you'd have like being into movies your subject act of blankets which is people who like the podcast and don't like it's great you which is a subset. There are some there are there was yeah yeah I do. You like the Star Wars prequels which is how I got into. Check really what's your I like. I like I like I like thinking about them more than I like. Certainly I don't like attack of the clones so I should retract statement really dislike that movie but I I like your. You've got into the Star Wars. Yeah say something crazy I easy. You're having watched any of them since we did that me neither. Why would you right? We watched them to immerse. The more I think about stuff. I'm like SOCLEAN's my favorite or it's bad. It's so bad so I can I I would end with this. I will say I remember release. Day of attack of the clones is my mom took me to see that movie and if you think that like I I cannot reconcile how excited I was to go see a star wars movie. That's all fan of medicine theater. I liked it. I was a kid but attack of the clones I literally it's during the Django fat chase scene. I fell asleep. Wow My mom had to wake me up. I fell asleep during the very early in the all in couldn't do it. The only time I've ever fell asleep in the movie theater. Peter is watching attack of the clones when they're in the asteroid belt. I just goes off. I'll say I mean you know we've we've mentioned this before but I feel like were harder on those movies because of the bit we were doing partly that's true because they certainly don't live too standing outside of the star waiver site. They're only only interesting in dialogue with the original films and how much he deviates from them how how reticent he is to like do what people want is. What's interesting about them? I don't think any of us either of US would argue that they're good but I feel like if we watched them with context. We both have more complimentary things. Thank you say that but it's not true. This is just the trick. We talk about it so much where we're like. You're like Phantom. Menace might be good and you turn it on. You're like no. I don't like it and then ends in and you're like but maybe there's something when it's on. You're like oh I see. I know this is very boring right right right but then the second engineer but you know what about what no no let's think about it fessing now how much like the prequel defenders are becoming like a thing the exact horror lying thick thicke. Finally we kicked Lucas like the people who are like texting death threats to Lucas are now like fucking Catholic the balls to make a prequel..

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