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"kettles veterans administration hospital" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

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"kettles veterans administration hospital" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Berry C W to type United States Army 1969 helicopter pilot Vietnam When 95th assault helicopter company mentioned that today because we're gonna be talking with Aviator Wars, um I'm really excited about today's program. Uh, I wanted to make sure everybody is aware of what we're going to be doing The on December 7th of this year. Unfortunately, we lost a world famous aviator on that was Chuck Yeager demand faster than the speed of sound on the first one to go faster than the speed of sound. And so we're gonna pay homage to him today. Not only was an interview that we did Oh, 12 years ago. Now my partner can row G did an interview with Chuck Yeager. You're talking about the P 51 fighter airplane that was used mostly during World War two. And so we're gonna play that in just a moment. And then after that we're going to have on another p 51 highlight probably one of the best. B 51 pilots in the world, according to Chuck Yeager, and that is, but Anderson and so we've got the interview with Chuck runs about close to 20 minutes, But before we get into that right now, I want to make sure that we want to thank all of our Wonderful sponsors. Without you. We would never be able to be here not only on this station, but the station that you may be listening to us on today. I want to thank legal help for veterans. The National Veterans Business Development Council, better known as N B B. D. C. The Eisenhower Center here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Vez vet his central And, of course, our local veterans service organizations. We've got the American Legion Post 46 Veterans of Foreign Wars Post for 23, the Vietnam Veterans of America, Charles as kettles, Close number 3 10. On. I mentioned Charles as kettles because of there's breaking news coming out that The Harbor Veterans Administration Hospital is going to be renamed the Charles as Kettles Veterans Administration Hospital very shortly, and so we're very proud of that, and we're very proud that we had the privilege of knowing Chuck. For those of you. They're not familiar. Chuck received his Medal of honor. For action in Vietnam in 19 sixties seven, I think was 66 67 now, um, where he went back into a Chelsea. More than once and eventually saved the lives of 41 people. Um, this was a look and I find him on our website to learn more about all of our sponsors and organizations that are helping us out here. You can go to our website That's veterans radio dot net slash sponsors. Also, if you want to know more about Chuck Yeager or Charlie Kettles. You can go to our website and into the search for thing up there in the corner. You just type in the name and it'll bring up any programs that they were on. During the 17 years. We've been on veterans radio. Wow. 17 years is a long time. I want to get right into the interview with Chuck Yeager right now, as I mentioned this was done in July of 2000 and seven my partner, Ken Roby did the interview and so, Darrell Derek, whenever you're ready, Here you go. That we're back on Veterans Radio.

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