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"kesse guerande" Discussed on Top 5 Comics Podcast

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"kesse guerande" Discussed on Top 5 Comics Podcast

"Because what's coming his way worse. And from there, we wind up finding one of the other officers catches them after the shooting. And once he realized what's happened. They turn try catch the FBI agents before they go into the warehouse. But by the time he gets over there. They've already been gone inside for like, thirty seconds or something. And we join them inside. They're searching around in so far, they haven't found anything, and that's kind of where it leaves us. So this impending doom whatever, it is whatever it was small so bad. The only way they could escape it was the kalija other as like he mercy save you kind of killing which is crazy. And yeah, it's just it's all saddling, very unsettling. Jazz score for that book. To it's so vague that I mean, a notes issue number one. But it's so vague think nothing, and it's like, okay. But it'd be hard for me to pick up this book and wanna pick up number two. That's a site. There's some really cool things in it like the execution style of the swat team. Like this holding guns each other's heads across the vandal eight of almost really cool seeing like a coal like the artist drew that was pretty RAD but rouses Kennedy's appointed. Usually like I would have been in Garth enough kinda just had higher hopes Miami. Maybe he and of needed to give just a little bit more. You know, girlies I can take a leave punish yourself like law. His cross stuff. I thought was shocked for shock value has boy stop without shock value for shock value. He was good in the boys will was good. But a lot of it was shock value for the sake of it. And that doesn't kill anything story wise. But for me, wasn't wasn't wasn't all turn on for me with the boys this particular book, like it's just so crazy. I'm I was interested enough to follow forward to the second issue only because it's just so like if this was a TV series, yet a closing would be a little hard. But as far as like the introduction of things like. I don't I don't know. I don't know without reading to yet. Whether I would chase forward after that. Or not just as we only learned a little bit about our detectives or main characters, and if this was like like, I said, this is like a TV show all that stuff with officers in the truck is so intense. They just crazy and whatever it is. They're afraid of. I mean, the books tile will walk through hell, so I have to soon the hell is coming. What that means? I'm in only because of that average you as we'll see I don't I know. But after that, but for first issue, it wasn't bad. But like you said, I kinda wish the cliffhanger was a little more than just the two of them in the warehouse. Right. So that part I felt kinda fell short. But what do I now? But yeah, give it to also arts. Good interesting concept, but. I kind of wish a little more than right? I think in some dry in that like if it would have been a TV show, you said like acting would have carried it with. Sure. Yeah. I mean, that's why I mean, if this is like an episode of a show he'd be a lot more sold probably on the way, the characters interact with each other at least two detectives. But it's a little dry. But is also the first time you met them. So it was movie DB rely on the actors to sell it to you. And the guys in the truck man is intense as hell. If it was a show or a movie, though, just be amplified, right? How crazy is about? Speaking of shows. Speaking shows move on the x files so to join some more FBI, folks. Mike that k- we FBI case files number one. And this is he's files the Florida man FBI case files now experts files case X files case files, Florida man, number one, pretty sure is the full title, which is a lot of words mouthful. Yeah. It's a yeah. It's a heck of a lot for one particular title. Right. And this issue is written by Delilah Dawson. The art is by Alina Kesse Guerande. Right. And this is for while X-Files have been with ICTY w and a majority of the stuff they've done has been pretty good. I mean, I'm read all of it the ones I've got I've liked. So anyways, we opened with his first issue. And we are joining FOX in boulder or FOX aimed Scully, ma'am. That's bad Golian moulder. Something like that both exiting plane in Ocala Florida, and he gives the dates two thousand seventeen in a book, so time on wise and as the plane like is not okay with the heat, and he talks about how. People that talk about dry, heat and wet heat have never experienced the two things together 'cause like walking through soup in his I thought man that is actually hilarious described that. Yeah. Ma'am throughout the story. He's plagued by this. Terrible heat in weather in terrible sweating like throughout the entire issue. Where's Scully doesn't seem to have exactly the same problem with? But you know, it's guy thing has any house. The two of them are on the way in this small town where they're inch issues of this. What they call the Florida man have happened in dead body showing up in two of them talking about it. And he goes over batch of news clippings and. Talk about how it's possible is just basalt or math just method Beth zome eaten others

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