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"kerry ryan jenny" Discussed on The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

"Going to happen this summer? And we're trying. We're trying real hard to get some clarity for them so we can say okay. This is what's going to happen. This is this is the new situation and they can figure out their season. So Carrie did. I hear that That the crackers are basically a band or whatever from farmers markets right. Now that's correct and I'm really glad that Josh. Bath that up. I forgot to mention that earlier but the in doing pickup location for direct borders. Only We went to essentials only which is what Is Allowed to happen currently in supermarkets and grocery stores so we're walking produce meat cheese bread Honey prepared a prepackaged foods. So things like that Which unfortunately we're we're very sad to not be able to support our crafts vendors right now but they understand Yeah so going forward. We are essential only until liberalized until the emergency orders lifted. I gather but right with collecting. Won't be anytime soon. Yeah that that's an in and I would think maybe I'll have to reach out to couple crafters next week and find out if there's a willingness to come on the show talk about their world but Boy I I know that You know when you go to the farmer's market in normal times You know a lot of times what you're looking at. There is a whole range of stuff that people are making the. Don't not food it's You know painted tiles at speeds and it's all sorts of Bowls and you know Other stuff that people are and I'm sure that For a lot of our our our craft workers in Vermont. These farmers markets are absolutely key to their annual revenues. And so on so and you mentioned technology earlier. That's also a great point because being in Vermont. It's a little bit tougher. Sometimes I mean as we know. I'm I'm sitting in my car on the side of the road so that we can A lot of it's you know. Thank you a lot of our vendors. Mega don't have the ability to do online ordering A lot of their fills maybe do. Direct sales may be over the phone or maybe by email if they have internet at home and a lot of our vendors. Don't so it's a tough time for a lot of people that can't be involved in the market or in the pickup location. It's difficult for them to reach their audience So another thing we're going to try to do is to get some funding to help them with adding up their own online ordering systems and teaching them how to do that. I wonder if there's a website that could be a virtual farmer's market where we're basically you go to this website and you say you know what this the following I want the following produce items and then the crafters could have their section of it where they have all their stuff on virtual display. And you kind of do it that way. A central location in other words for people who want to go to the farmer's market to go online and and Do the pre orders of produce. And maybe some mail order of of of of craft items and so on absolutely and we are working on that we are. Treasure happens to be very web debbie. She's helping us do a lot about Research there are quite a few companies out there that offer that program Unfortunately they all cost money. So your son's first and make it affordable for vendors. Oh Wow okay I'm sorry. Oh Yeah Back. Real quick Do you talk about how how we might come out of this. You know as a as a market at the end of this situation and I just wanted to say that. We have an incredible player. Area has just such a loyal base of customers. I mean the most incredible group of people who come may come in the rain they come into sleet and they come with their shopping bags and they and they buy stuff and it's I just wanted to put a shout out to all of our customers who have been so loyal to the years and I know well come back as soon as it's safe and able to it's a beautiful thing and we'll be back there before Before too long hanging there. It's about now I gotta I gotTa get done with my program for today. We're out of time. But Josh Karp Hannah Blackmore Kerry Ryan Jenny thank you so much for joining me this morning. Thank you dave glad to do it that that is a that is about it for today's edition of the Dave Ramsey. Show here We'll be back Monday with another edition of our program stay tuned now for a special coverage. Wev's coverage of the governor's news conference We'll be listening on that and stay healthy. Everybody talk to you next week..

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