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"kerry burg" Discussed on Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQ Podcast for Everyone!

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"kerry burg" Discussed on Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQ Podcast for Everyone!

"Want to kind of develop that further and Lake Orion incorporate that into some more acts because it's it's a lot of fun but also were in New York and a lot of these stages of the size of a coffee table and I. I don't eat like smack an audience member in the face with giant. It's really hard to deal with both having a chance to like rehearse it and to to be able to perform A. It's it's a challenge in the city. Yeah absolutely how do you go about picking your name and your persona. That seems like such a stressful thing. You are like once I picked this. I have to stick with us like my biggest regret in life was there was like two months. I changed my name to stage name and then and off author listeners. Who've been with us from the beginning know about this there's like fifteen episodes or twelve episodes of the podcast where I go by a different name once you go bye bye? We're only real fans now. I went by Kerry Burg shorten my name. My mom calls me Kerry yes and and then my last name bear. She a few chop off last. Three letters is Burg. I didn't realize that that's a Jewish name which now I'm like but I thought it was just German. If you don't have anything emerged until some people are like why did you give yourself a Jewish stage name. I'm like what because I'm not Jewish. Well this is problematic. Yeah I was embarrassed in like ten. Different ways is a good. It's a catchy name though. That's what everybody was an enabler. Not One person said Jewish name. I wouldn't have. I'm known my friends. Yeah terrible terrible people anyway but yeah so but like to make that choice I was like Oh my God like if I do big then there's no going back into going there. Always repairing that with there is another canot pain who is a Fit Famous Christian rock singer and she holds that domain baby Kendall Payne dot com. Have you considered failing hearn. Taking over her I did many many many a time. And you know my mother but no so consider changing my name but I just ended up. It was kind of. I couldn't come up with like I wanted to be funny but also like good and it was just it. It just was so much. Yeah how was your experience picking so I also changed my name after about a year I started with a different name and I yeah. It really didn't fit. It was like a little too cutesy What was it it was so I started as Dolly Onyx and I hope it was? Yeah it's cute it's fine And but it didn't end up fitting. Yeah it didn't fit and there was there was this. I always wanted to be Knicks and I was like Oh the the nickname for that will be knicks but nobody takes the stage name and then gives it a nickname. That's not like a thing that happens. Yeah and everybody was calling me Dali and I'm definitely not a Dali Ali for sure and I had and the thing is to you. It's also hard to make sure you're not like having you don't have stage names that you know other people have. There are a lot of things that show up as recurring themes stage names and I had a show where there were three dollars backstage and that was kind of my tipping point and I was like no. We gotta change this. I need something that feels good. Fits but also isn't you know isn't the same thing and isn't going to get confused into many not enough Joe Leans. That's what you're saying you can't stop Charlene. Aline Ism I know Dolly Parton has her Dolly `ISMs anyway lean maybe Wow so you landed on Nex. Yeah yes I I think I decided I wanted to be next and then I'd like tapped some friends being like. What am I going to be after next like what it'll be knicks? What and he's it's like got to figure something out and somebody came up with Nocturne and like this is it I mean? It's it's a little redundant though because nixes like goddess of night so it's like going on it really fits you like driving at home. This is this is is about the night time and the darkness. Is that like a lot of your performance is definitely yeah. I tend to tend to go for the lake. Goth Breath Glamour. You know scary creepy. You know like fetish you know all of that sort of thing And definitely they have. Since the beginning I was a little kid and you know and did that whole thing like did all by like industrial clubbing and SORTA. Where did I grew up in in central New Jersey? Very very rural area has a heavy seen the show the righteous I gemstone no but is it's basically Talladega nights meets succession Ashen is how it's very much about like a extremely rich white people so dom- That's kind of the theme of the show. Basically about this family that owns a like one of those big for profit Texas Texas are they in Texas or somewhere in this area and but there is one character who has been saved who was super show like industrial clubbing places. That he can go into rescue. People from there on in there is crazy. So that's what I'm picturing. You have to watch it just to know. I need to know if that's really really what it's like or like it sounded TV. Version really is silly dumb version of it by EH. There are a lot of peens out like Nah flailing. No unless you like go to something. That's also like very spliced with like fetish. It's like a like Goth. Play Party or something. You'd still like. Yeah I feel like the regular dance in by the house like I feel like with some exceptions a lot of that a lot of that scene his kind of like dwindled especially in this. Am and and I mean I was like you know like nineteen being like. Oh so cool but like a lot of it you know we're all nerds like we're nerds. Yeah a lot of it was like you can like stand in the corner like stomp it out. Doing your like Goth moves staff. It wasn't nearly as cool as any of the movies. I mean I'll I'll definitely but at least they'll do it every now and then it'd be like living out my childhood again but I was like I saw them like when I saw the matrix like being a kid and that like you know rural town out in the party scenes from the Matrix I was like I need to find where that is like Mary. His Bat to be. I've found it wasn't quite the same informs. Your your dance now and you're definitely definitely so. Was Your family surprised when you started doing burlesque ask well I guess so. Yeah I guess so. It's been a while now. I feel like at the beginning when I was just taking n- causes it was like oh great like you know feeling good about yourself doing the thing and But there was kind of a moment whereas like and I'm GonNa perform warm now And and getting getting used to that and everything and Ed so they actually my family just saw me perform for the very first time last month For the yeah for the out fest. Screening of of a night at switching place they came to the the lake screening and they saw the performance afterwards stuff which was was really lovely and really wonderful wonderful after like so many years of kind of keeping it very separate and stuff and being a little bit more tentative about it I was like I thought to myself I was like well. All the time is now. If there's any other setting to do it this is certainly the setting. And how did they react. They had a really good time. It was really really sweet. They they had so much much fun and you know it it was it was wonderful. It was nice for them to kind of see what all that looks like. And how I spend so much of my time uh-huh a red carpet involved choice because sometimes they'll they don't really feel like parents and families families. Sometimes that aren't a part of like scenes. Don't really understand. Why are you doing a and then when they see kind of like an institution being like? Hey this is Zach. This is amazing. We're GONNA put this up as art. Then they're like so. This is actually something to be respected. And it's really cool to the kid. Yeah Eh yeah I pointedly always kind of dropped any of the things that sounded like a little bit more impressive like I'm doing this thing. It's related to this is like it's valid exactly like I wonder I just imagine if I ever did anything like. I bet that my mom would be like I'm just worried about your safety and I'd be like that's code because I knew there was definitely i. I feel like that's such a thing about like. Sometimes they just don't get it I. It's hard to understand but yeah so happy that they got to see it and we're excited me to. It was kind of like a like a full circle. It kind of came together after a big like being much more unsure about about that with them. Yeah before and you know and there was there was still like a lot of support. It was like they're happy. I'm happy of course you know. Yeah but you know there are people too. I mean I mentioned before we start recording my friend Raven Esa who does burlesque and the. She has a hard time dating because a lot of people mostly men are uncomfortable knowing that she is taking off her clothes on stage even though it's so are full and beautiful such like yeah. That's so oh it's insecurity is what it sure definitely. Yeah I hate that. Yeah I mean when it comes onto it too. It's like it. Is You know it is sexual is it. You know it is very sexy performance like doing whatever so yeah if you like if you have partners that are less secure you know that tends to come out in those moments especially because you know stage. There's a lot of. There's a lot of attention. There's you know people are really into it and But Yeah I feel I do you feel like it can come from any gender. You know it's about but it's definitely about who you're dating and and a lot of times if if they're going to if they're going to express that to the detriment of you being able to do what you're doing like yeah you don't want to go we'll see Chelsea and insecurity transcends gender boundaries. Yeah Ah for sure. But that's just it's such A. It's such a bummer. I feel because it's like. Oh you have a chance to like see your partner be an incredible performer. Incredible stuff and you're gonNA wine about it because you're insecure. Have you had experiences with that with with like dating and having to explain it to people and not really how I feel like I feel like dating. It's it's always been people like people have known about it beforehand or leg been involved in some capacity. Add stuff so it's never really been an issue. Yeah yeah it really really hasn't So I guess I'm you know like lucky in that you know it's it's just trying to think yeah and it's also about being. Well this is this is what it is. This is what I'm doing. You know an end for for so many for so many things. It's like you know if you if you were into me because of this like certainly not going to change But yeah so one thing for my friend in a different friend who did a lot of burlesque. She would always talk about how much drama there was on the burlesque scene and that kind of drove her out. It's just not worth it. I just can't deal with the drama. Yeah yeah and I think every type of performance scene has its drama yes Tell US.

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