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"kenza green" Discussed on Minority Korner

"Have you noticed that we no longer make weird problematic cartoons here at disney anymore. Would that start. And it's like well because there's a black lady here kenza green was heading it up and can you please that. I'm not sitting in a meeting being. That's where my whole entire thing is because there's a power dynamic and that's why going back to earlier. I was so shutdown when this aggression was happening because there was a power dynamic and got threatened of like. This doesn't this project might not happen of like because i'm not bowing down to this situation of you know so i can't wait for that day and to your point. That's where the unions appoint. Recently i think the head of hbo. I don't know if it's still a black woman or the person who's a green lighting helping green greenlight projects a black woman berry high up. Because i said to my friend who. She's running the show actually called black and i was saying it was like man. There's somebody like everytime there's always like black folks on. Hbo just because there's a black woman projects over the exactly like that's why you end up with hbo. Max having a show about street wear. That's not lake. That's not so inside baseball that you're like oh shit they going to steal everything out of the show but like a very specific to street wear or you get things like a black lady scott show or you get. Things like watchmen have black people in it. You know or craft country even just something as simple as like four you for your or even the fact that the characters are fairly repugnant on white load as they to a point that you're not like oh how glamorous you're like or like gossip girl like we said having somebody black people saying oh this is okay how men and at the bottom of the ninth and then you drop the white lotus. We've gotta go to our next to the next aright. Well we'll put a tv continuing. It's better this way so people can catch up and watch your spoil anything quite yet. I have to watch it right. I i i know of it because we had sydney sweeney as our cover star in august for the who what wear magazine and i truly knew nothing about her and it was like oh your delight and then after she left i google and i was like she. She's an euphoria. she's on this show that everybody loves him like she's turning this to a movie a tv show with all the earning it. Yeah oh last thing. I just wanted to mention where do you fall on this latest. Mandela effect was sindbad. Ever in a movie called should they. He was not a movie called suzanne but he did a movie about genie's and then shack did a movie about genie's called kazan called kazam. I don't understand i. I'm having a stroke every time one of these mandela effects comes. I know i think confusing black peop- black they are to just talk tall bald black men. They're like i've seen this four. Oh and there's really making up to the point where like sindbad's parents are not parents but kids like no. That wasn't my dad leaves about a. He doesn't need this. I just let him do his thing. They leave him alone. give them a job. Actually.

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