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Entry 34  DR DAVID HAMILTON  When tennis and science collide

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Entry 34 DR DAVID HAMILTON When tennis and science collide

"Hey how's it going? Welcome to enter number thirty four to my tennis journal. My name is Krousar and if you knew to the shore thanks very much for checking out and if you are a regular listener than cheers for continued support. We have another cracking guest this week as slightly to move from the tennis world in that he is a keen tennis player but doesn't work within the tennis industry. His name is David Hamilton. Or should I give him his full title Dr David Hamilton. Phd Author Writer Speaker. One of the nicest people I've ever met in my life and his specialty. What he is world renowned for is being an expert in the mind body connection. I I met David Bank to maybe two and a half years ago where he was excused the Term Guinea pig on a coaching. Course I was running. We hit it off. Mmediately struck up a friendship and the more time I spend with David Moore. I'm starting to realize how much of a huge crossover there is between his work. And the sporting world so in this episode we really explore different ways that his work connects with the tennis. But you will hear exactly what he's about how he comes everything from a scientific point of view and how we can actually try and find ways of connecting that to typical tennis players of all levels. Something in this one for A. I'd also like to say that if you are not from a tennis background you'll get something from this because a lot of the principles that he uses are great for anyone's mental wellbeing so before I dip in. I'm going to give you a little bit of a glimpse into next week's guest. I have the WTI player. I'M GONNA say. Wto player because she didn't quite retire. Her name is Van Your King. She's a double Grand Slam doubles champion on. Us Open and Wimbledon titles back in two thousand and ten F tastic person. Fantastic tennis player. Obviously and she really gives some fantastic learnings for any tennis coach player and parent. So that'll be next week's episode lookout for that one being really and finally before I pass you onto my guest just the usual plea whatever podcasting APPs you use take two seconds press a button and give us a rating. Take a minute right a little view on what you like in particular for any of the episodes and it helps us get found on these complex search engines on their Internet. So let me pass you over to Dr David. Hamilton David Hamilton. You are my thirty Fourth Entry. Into my tennis journal. And it's probably been since episode for the I've wanted to get you on we've been talking about for probably a year and a half at least at least yeah we've been talking about us as a year and a half year my goodness at least well. At least you've thirsty more people an embittered in so I can live with. I did up passing and for the benefit of historical purposes. We are in the middle of the cool aged nineteen pandemic and so. How are you coping with all of that? I I have a book to rate and I have the an exam doing pop team university degree in mathematics and physics so I have an exam in six weeks. Seven weeks claim saw. I've just been so focused on those things and then you know other stuff. I do in social media you know. I'm trying not to think too much. Because of a famous also blessed it was slings. Good it's good that you got a call. Them distractions. Bus is a distraction. So they re as a distraction for me. Yeah stuff that I have to do. So you know it's a usual avalon. Travel any speaking events but I had actually planned this time to be mostly a home. So it's Kinda it's Kinda odd that I am Khomeini rate really has been of destruction for me. Just being solely be buzzy with. Yeah so if I go back to when we first met. I think you'll probably a couple of years ago night I met and the listener can understand. Where are pats crossed about? Two years ago on a Level Three Course tennis coaching courses. I should say I was treating Stirling University. We we get hit expression. Guinea pigs in practice on and David was one of those people and You know perfectly lovely I the meeting in exchanging so it was only at the end of that day the Sandy. We both know from Dunblane tennis crop. You'll of Ganesha Sandy Fleming. And he said Oh do what if it does next up. No idea. I've never met or any told me that. He was an author written many books and his latest one was on the side effects of kindness. Which is a clever title in itself. And now you've probably written a couple of weeks since then is that right a just once. Fun Talk Came this every a so because the majority of my typical listeners will be connected or involved in the tennis world it would be great for you to give a bit of an overview on the five side effects with kindness to see where we can tap into the tennis world. Great first of all. Thanks for that a tennis. Guinea pecking at that was immensely for me. Because as you know I only really take up tennis. I thought that was immense help to me. Even even though it was a guinea pig immensely helpful it to the defects is actually fight side effects of kindness. And you know first of all. I love bowling side effects because I for the benefit of the listeners. I I used to work as a scientists in one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. I was building drugs for heart disease and concert. And so whenever you talk about a side effect is always in the negative but but in say defect is really just something that happens alongside the thing that you're trying to accomplish so that when you kind of five side effects five things that happen a some much of which is sage insatiable for scientific. Is the kindness. Makes you happy and you know. There's lots of studies that do the compare people who've been asked to go out and be kind gone through a number of a week and if followed over a period of fine compared sorry over a period of time with people who are not doing acts of kindness in all the study. Show the same thing that being kind produces a net gain and happiness and some other studies suggested is actually real changes in brain chemistry as a consequence overly. Just comes down to Kindness Nick Fuel. Second what is amazing. It's the kindness good for the heart and it works in a way that valuable stress too. If you ask anyone of stress almost anyone will say will peace come tranquility dinner? The opposite of stress those states of the absence of Spanish. You're watching speaking. The opus of stress is kindness. An audit feelings induced by kindness because stress. It self is the feelings and just by the feelings of stress what process stress Hormones Adrenalin Cortisol and what we know about the physical effects but would you be kind feelings in just by. Kindness produce cabinet hormones. I call him kindness and that really is calling kind homeless to make a distinction between China's hormones strikes hormones because it's the ease of the physical product of the feeling to stress. Hormones Adrenalin Cortisol of the physical products. Old feeling stress so kindness. Hormones oxytocin for example is one of them out of the physical products of how being kate makes you feel but at tons a. Kanus homeless the directly on the arteries under released attention in the walls of the Reduction in blood pressure to Kane this homelands and actually cold Protective that means that attack Jakarta vascular system so amazing. I think that the thing that I appealed to me in the work that you do is it's not no. You introduced me to this expression. I think we were along people when when you mentioned this type of stuff they think plainly almost like a spiritual type level but everything. You're talking about his own. A scientific level so straight away with the happier and the the cardiovascular impact one of the things that we have in the coaching world is the is quite a stressful job. In it's also quite lonely and because of that I think coaches instinctively become quite territorial about their area and also the the players they coach. There's not a lot of collaboration. Goes ON BETWEEN COACHES is starting to change in our thinking the last few years. So even the coaches are listening the the benefits of being kind. Not just in a the feeling that you might get from actually the acts of kindness but there is actually a benefit for your heart absolutely in fact even even in the context of Tana's it much you know when you feel stressed and you get tension in your shoulders and then you stop playing you lose someone at fallen mean what. Fm Stayed You I'm feeling really stressed yet. If I see her do something. Nice for my Compliment by one of justice something or even just in my mind even Concetta gratitude or something something Nice about my. What actually does is logically relieve some stress. Because kindness physiologically exact opposite of stress is like a see-saw kindness goes up stress comes down. Some studies have actually looked to Nazi so fact in the find. If you follow people over a period of fine you chop. The levels of stress scores Edo detained scale and then shot the acts of kindness score. Meaning the number of claims. They said done something kind. And what you find in days when kindness score comes up stress from it really has like a C. so effects even in the court. I'm not I've I've done message in life. You know noticing feeling stressed in quake banking or seeing or doing something kind and it just has. It's almost instantaneous. Release political tension in the body. I'm so glad you said that because I have had many debates with patents in particular the last couple years and I tried to introduce them to this concept and there's been strong resistance because the nature of their relationship obviously to their child and competition element mixes so a motive but one of the things that I've suggested when Letsie appearances their child's opponent the weekend was cheat or key to the match and I try and say well there's a benefit or I'll play devil's advocate and say new child cheats and the instantly like they get so stressed out and say if you believe that your child is being cheated or does it make you feel it just makes my blood boil it. They're literally telling you what you're saying is that they're releasing all this cortisol and adrenaline our system and said do you believe that your child will perform better believing that the opponent is a cheat and lie then we can start to see the logic kicking in and so on one of the things that I suggest to them. Is that if even if you turn around and be you that the opponent is desperate. Not What tends to happen if somebody gives a bad call? It's that fine line between determination and desperation. If I'm playing against you and you give me a bad call I opt for Russa can responds one. Which is I call you something or I confront yawn it or option to. I actually feel a little bit of sympathy for you because you're in such a desperate state that you've resorted to doing this. Act US incredible refrained. 'cause what the I immediately doesn't. Is it changes. How you feel and therefore changes attention in your body so so by being kind and that mistake having sympathy you will actually play out. And then how'd you got angry about the fact if did me? That's not for me. One hundred percent. Is it not the kind of the lightning are the light bulb movement? I want dependents. The have is that. I'm not suggesting that they have to believe that. This other person is not seeing. The benefit is for their child to change the chemistry in their brain. Change the body language. And you know us like yourself. You've even yesterday a couple of times. A shoulder drop five six inches. The body language relaxes a lot more a bit. More focused a bit more. Well at you tell me that was the result of Cortisol reducing and was the cancer is a Drennan no testosterone going yet Usually that's actually does accounting effect between a stress hormones in Kenya Swanson. Not As you increase lightness horror. You have a net reduction in stress hormones and many of the physical effects even even stress hormones cause of adoption in immune function is actually elevate. I mean functional. So it's not what you're gonNA. Yeah I've often referred to cortisol is being like squid. Ink for the brain clydes Krygier ability to an ability and think straight and if you're thinking about a cerebral sport like tennis where you have to move thinking and perform the same time you can't afford to be high in cortisol because you won't be able to see what staring you're right in the face. Even to the point whatever young children who at the end of a match have come off and I said so. You agreed the guys back. Ken was worse than beforehand. Admire I targeted. The back end and they've not realized the player was left handed. The they've not been able to see literally was staring them in the face. The player held the racket in the other hand so that from using indication that there were so stressed that the literally. We're not seeing what was staring them in the face like that. I like that. Idea OF S- because Samson hang this hormones. A Lake is something that utilizes the color of spending can restores back to clear again. glut using these currencies physical concepts because oftentimes let you said Elliott. I'd use the ten would often things. You're talking about these feelings and stuff. People Think Eh Okinawa Bring it down to the basics really does come down to you. Have THE FEELINGS? But the physical products of describing. You have the stress hormones but you also have the cleaning hormones. The kindness physical products of that. Reframe using getting your mind like we haven't even my opponent is desperate. Nothing amazing refund because you feel sympathy so you introducing not just the feeling your introducing if physical brought out of feeling. Sympathy isn't it. That is not physical feeling sympathy as these cleaning hormone kindness hormones but you could call them cleaning hormones incentive cleaning escorting your same time there's a corresponding station effect in the emphasis of the of the autonomic never system is governed by biggest now in the Vegas is it control controls to logic extent reduction in heart rate when you breathe out if you take your pulse when you breathe in your heart and PC's breath out your heart rate increases when you breathe an increasing ticket offer fewer spitting died decrease is produced by Your Vegas now and it's what it does. It support the enter. The nervous system interstate rest relaxing. You breathe then you gotta fight or flight. You're getting ready to brief reported restaurant. Lachey breathe Fight or flight Alexa what you is. The the sympathetic nervous system breathing potter sympathetic sympathetic invent autism Bills Breezing breathing kills a hot rate. Donors Your Vegas Vegas. Now is also tied. Intricately into feelings of sympathy and compassion. And this this is something that evolved over millions of years humans. Thank you both. Compared to other animal species humans larger heads limit bone and whatnot. Means is human babies born technically premature compared to other animals on other animals often walk within a few days. Even human babies need months and months of Kim and it's because of the logic hates hyun babies pre born premature so much more so over millions of years of having to care for children at human emphasised them evolved so that feeling sympathy and compassion. Spn's care for children evolved in concert with the Vegas now with kidding so it's actually often called the ICARE so tied enter your experience of sympathy and compassion has evolved because of the larger head size. If you want some outside so what we have today is whenever you feel kid and compassion. You never system immediately kept into. Potus who never system was interesting. Relax so even an above the cleaning hormones for describing kanus cleaning that stressful over and above that you actually have fun domain to it. A relaxation state being juiston your body simply by that reframe to do sympathy for my opponent. Whose so desperate to win this much. Rather than passing cheat me. The differences phenomenal. It's Just to play devil's advocate but just imagine someone hears this and confronts us in terms of higher. Is it possible that you can detach that from being competitive? Is there any any science behind intern? What will we'll actual refl wasn't because because what you can see is I can use this as a strategy. I can choose if I want really what when then I can real. I can recognize that. I'm more likely to win. If I expecting sympathy. Then it becomes a strategy. So you becoming your retain your competitiveness. But you're just doing a little bit more delicate understanding the mind boy. Anti War can automate. And you know that I know that and I. I'm so competitive I knew the F. I. Rather than you're angry I get sympathetic instead. Reframe that so I feel differently. About what my son is a strategy. What's in concert with my real competitive to competitiveness? I'm going feel sympathy as a strategy to win. I love that my response is being a little bit more. Almost overly logical in day. Competitiveness doesn't happen in between the points that I think. There's this thing in Tennessee. That people talk about the will to win. You know. I'm like well I kind of understand the drive and all this stuff but in the moment the it's the doing that leads to performance in versus a win versus loss for example. So if you take someone like an Andy for example who over? The years has been criticized for some of his body lying resort gesturing in between points but his ability to refocus and switch back on to actually perform is where the points are won and lost in new psychologist would say. Of course. There's a kind of snowball fate if you get your mind going too bad. It will rule over into the next point which agree with but to know that there's an actual or think of it as a strategy is a much better we are. I'll definitely be using one instead of my overly logical one because it because so many I mean so many any eastside working with and Leslie. It will help them develop strategies for when this happens when such and such a thing with this folks. It is what it is. Why thank you I will do with my mind? And so much of the strategies really are it is. I'll do with my mind Oftentimes you've just gotTa find a way of getting your mind to look at such we even when you're losing you know which is something. I was quite law as finding a way to deal with an almost myself. I'm thinking back to when I was about twenty twenty one years old maybe and I used to practice a little bit with a guy called. Tony Dawson. From Aberdeen USA. People people are listening to this. Nintendo's will probably remember him but he was Betty competitive pleats played for Scotland at tennis and badminton one. These guys have sickeningly good everything but he was a fantastic competitor. And I remember I used to struggle baked time when I used to compete against people. I knew a way of dressing. This didn't like I just heard a real. I was a bit of had a chip in mature or when I was younger. And he gave me this this amazing tip and he says if when you compete against these people number one smile at them and number two. Pretend that you're they're your friend. Might be nice to them and he says it will make you feel better and you perform a lot better now years me. Twenty six twenty seven years laser. Actually He. There was some science behind. What said yeah absolutely. Yeah because mean so much of anything in life even even with a lower talk in Tennessee. But an anything that you are farm. Light anything that you do in life so much. Defective this comes down to how you feel. You feel will affect how you how you communicate. Even the things that you see on to any situation is modulated in large part by how you feeling in that moment and so we have to develop strategies for bringing a definite bringing a way of thinking to any situation strategy that can also how we feel if we feel in the moment is helping instrumental effect on performance the court of performance in any aspect life to one of the skills in life to fight anything is is what strategies. Can I bring to a to change how I feel that? I'm I'm in a state much more productive. Perfect perfect go back to the five side effects and one of them is improving relationships. So what's the science behind that? Well first of all think of it really logically you tend to like people can t till like so much people who cheat as ungainly. So it's really obese in that can wait but scientists I'll give you two studies rate Scientists surveyed overcame foes and people in thirty seven countries the some good oversexed continents and the ask them what was most important to you. What's most important to you end up in a long term relationship and you're not really think about it and you know what Kim told an old fuddy seven countries more than financial security more than a good sense of humor more than good looks kind top that ten thousand people I've asked people and they sit doesn't make sense and the reason doesn't make sense 'cause we told them around and we think what does someone who someone been looking for me and then we immediately thank well funding a you know a hero a look good and a smell nice and a lot but it we've turned around but if you really think about it and then someone else you what would you like to really find cheaper than what really is? Someone is so on the basis of another study. Scientists that up several studies. That are like the Big Brother House and what you do is you have a group of people interacting. You've you've radio them over. A period of time and scientists noticed in study of newlyweds on the watched. How the Internet in what you often see. Is someone making what they call? Embed for connection and that's what they call it when when you see come check the so. You're looking at the window for example. I'M GONNA check this out what it really is. A few nature is a better connection you to connect to the best and so look at the one driver is to the partner will do one of two things they will either. Tom Towards more means able engage with you in some way to either the Komo Louis to the window and look at it with the other and the whole issue is some positive engagement or they will turn away turn away would mean it could go from each of off that's rubbish and it could be just a possible rally. Okay bye to the corner. Something and what did they find when they fold up six years later we find an an average in these studies? Is those who Tom Towards? Most of the time usually find sex usually at a niece statistically nearly ninety percent of couples of stolen altogether and those who turn away most of the time only about eighty four percent are still together is that she is later there. A ratio of five to one that people who taunt towards five times more than the tunnel we not so good cadet tough for the gift of a relationship. But it's less than the finalized. One thing you start to get into that could go either. We can talk. Statistically a five to one ratio boils pumping towards really as over and above. Love is split tightness. So so what you find in. All of these things is owed with love itself. The glued the underlying optic each relationships. Not just reminding friendships and get his kindness. Willingness to be there for someone. It's funny when I'm say as you're speaking I'm thinking right. Why because there's so many crossovers in tennis? Burton really basic one that we use in doubles training for example in a tip that you give to club players to anyone competes. You would say in between every single point you must always turn towards your partner again. I done it again is everything I'm doing is more from probably from a logical point. If you criticize you'd actually pretty hard science to which I love and the whole thing is a member very clearly playing doubles when I was maybe fourteen or fifteen with our club champion at stonehaven tennis club. Who was club champion for donkey's years in a row? And every time I missed a shot turned away from me and even now I can remember the frustration. The game he was it was almost like he was abandoning ship and Used to say that all the time whenever the especially when your partner makes a mistake turned towards them walk towards them so that they feel the togetherness when you know they're not blame. It's a partnership you win together. You lose together. So it's amazing the crossovers between John and never before have I made that connection to the tennis court. I've been talking about this study but a couple of years two years I've been you're hitting. This is an example with with public audiences when I get talks and never dental negative. Actually I talk. I say all types of relationships never quite queasy that in the Douglas absolutely of course because otherwise you feel you feel under pressure menu. Feel if I feel my important with Putin's enough is doesn't like my doesn't Find Cam Newton for example on the stress and I play I play based on the final. My opponent doesn't here. You just want to enjoy the game that I can't stand here and it said the to couple it with a silent. Which is the most negative signed in the world in my opinion is this. Is somebody touching winning back knowing the name the guy that this guy was infamous for this like? I would be serving. He'd be at the net and I would serve the first serve into the net and he'd go then exhibit a double-fault Echo in this show. You know suicide so true. Though I think the point that I make my my partner partner thank you sit my opponent doubles but I sent the Beta. When when have a double spot nut I feel comfortable at I? I know that they'd okay with me. shorts. There's bigger part of this improving. Relationships in terms of touched on already is that coaching can be quite lonely sport. So this is almost a message for the coaches. And I say this. All the time to work with coaches is find a way of building relationships with other coaches another clubs in other programs and find ways to work together. Not just because of loneliness thing but you will have a bigger impact if you work together as a team than if you are competing against each other and if you used a silly analogy of Microsoft and apple are stronger because of each other you know. They proved each other on. If you think of all the big brands in the world they normally have fake competitors far verses Volkswagen and so on if there was no competition wouldn't be as strong. And if you WANNA use that is true topical at the moment or at least timely the moment on Friday versus thirty tomato night. Andy Muddy and Novak Djokovic. We're GONNA do have life which will be amazing accurate and debt. Were asking for questions and I was so desperate to ask this question but no no never read the whole thing. We'd Andy be the player that he is or was when he was at its peak. If Drew Ed Roger Hlavac Rafeh hunting been around and it's a philosophical question. I totally I totally agree. I totally became super much better player because of the challenges of the best players out of a base a collection of players time that ever played sport possible. Yeah and if you think of that whole thing to take it to the degree. Is that off court to be appreciative of your opponent. And actually one. This is another thing that can't stand is when I say you should want the best for you to Cornyn because a lot of people they want the hall win take the cheap win if they can get where I said no you. Won't you should want your opponent to be at their best. So that when you compete if you win you deserve the win one hundred percent and if you lose ya you were tested to the best of your ability. I understand why the struggle was that that that whole thing of one thing. The best feed opponent is in my opinion. Another thing is almost an act of kindness in a way. That really has an again. It comes back to what we were saying earlier. That one thing to win puts you in a different state and it does an really does bring the best immune I can see that not just an endoscope and my gender life you when you when you want the best for people you tend to you almost tend to rise up yourself an Amos court anger soul we rise by lifting others. Yeah definitely you rise by letting others and we on the tennis court off the tennis court. We bring our based game when we want the best for someone else's to to throw the comparison the opposite in there. It used to wind me up when used to take the Scottish kids to British nationals. Every year. And you would. Let's say quite often to give a backstory behind this British nationals. Used to be in pretty much the end of August every year and the very best players in Britain have been tooting the entire summer quite often internationally as well and it wasn't uncommon the best seeds or like the top seeds in the nationals. We lose our second right because they were just absolutely gassed. By the time he came to nationals. And you get all these kids running by the tournament and it was like Chinese whispers or or like a wave of euphoria of you see the number one seeds like four one third and they're almost happy the top seed is going out and I was like we doing what I say. Why are you happy about that? I said you ever beaten this kid and no no he kicks my ass so it will. You've just lowered the bar because you are hoping that someone beat you handedly is actually gonNA lose. Therefore you've lured the bar you should want everyone to win or compete to their best therefore we all collectively raise the bar together. Absolutely tougher. Hit understand that. But don't we can rationalize. Wilted denser is great that you're communicating not to catch so because the most teams people you these things you have to hear things several times before it can sync it once it sank and you take on board and then it really begins to what nothing when when kids really get it can change everything really not too late because I'll change how they feel and many many situations big time big time so let's say get to other tangible things that You've used in a knife take f stolen from you. Which you mentioned to me by the crew of mindful meditation to help you when you're competing in you're in the club and so on so could you give a bit of an overview on what's involved or what as in was involved in it. Yeah so so. Mindfulness Meditation passably phone to be mentally helpful. A Taylor told me about the signs of why it works is because I took obtain associate years ago and I've been on a steep learning curve. I found it no matter how much I was getting better. I could always get to this point. Let's see it was game point. People would never taken a game thrown before game point and I see myself being forty love up. And I'm savvy still lose the game and do that so many times and what would happen is suddenly about forty love noticed the four hundred thought about until the gnome thinking on for this guy is in the division in payment before division. So I shouldn't be here in a moment always in my head. Iced double double fault. Again Gordon Language Toco Selena balls afforded Jerusalem that so many times so I decided to a to an intensified. Mindfulness Meditation and it was through doing that about every single day almost every day for a month. I found myself in a similar situation and it was just so much more unequal one when the game. That situation didn't seem to cause figure for me. Be is mindfulness. Meditation for listeners. Have never tried it. It's really just you become mindful of the fact that you're breathing if I'm used to do. Mindfulness right and I would hope most of lessons of doing. But so let's see I used to breathe and then I was to notice that breathing. What I'm doing right now if I noticed I'm breathing than unbecoming mindful of the fact time breathing though the moment you become mindful of the fact that you're breathing you give attention to your breathing if you want to take Scott of the brain. What you'd see is. The major activated region of the brain is a better Just above your eyes to forehead had just above. The ice is called prefrontal cortex in a really as the brain. Ceo of the brain is most active. When you're giving something you feel attention so for example it's like when you if you left our weight and you what let's see you go to the gym. You walk out your your your ties. For example they you'll notice to thanks. How could the Muslim will become firmer and become l'objet with practice? So you have exactly the same process. In the brain oviously you'd have scientists Muscle GROWTH NOODLE CLUSTER CITY. But it means exactly the same muscle growth. So if I was to exercise worker a region of the brain. So let's see my frontal Cortex then. Two things happened just like muscle growth the comfortable and and that's exactly how she developed more connections to more muscle fibers. So if you make a muscle stronger than anything that you use that muscle for becomes easier to prefrontal cortex stronger than ever before to comes easier. So therefore concentration becomes easier because another it becomes. Easier is ability to override feelings of stress in the moment and an ability to feel in control of yourself regardless of what's happening inability to stay present so in a sense when I intensified. My mindfulness practice is doing. I was taking muscle to Jim the above my license rather than by by sex or my quads. On my things I was working at a p front to fix and as a consequence if I walked to my shoulders and my arms on May available to the Honda Timothy Frontal cortex nine booth my ability stay centered and focused even when moment of stress. I could win game you too so when you practice. Mindfulness and Hewlett takes five minutes a day of Satin quietly and giving your attention to the breathing just notice what breathing sounds like notice breathing. Feels like that. You doing mindfulness meditation. You really are taking your fix the gem just as if you're doing twenty wrecks on any particular muscle and it's amazing. The the first time I really properly appreciated this is when I started to do yoga. Because the there's so much focus in breathing in yoga and I find. It was an amazing result for me in terms of holding positions for longer an end. So that whole idea of attaching your breasts to something so for example it would be like Grethe into your leg. Breathe into now like breathing. Then you do it and you can actually feel the stretch get up to longer and and that something a I historically have not been the best leaper in the world been best in recent years but if I do have a bad night's sleep I actually have find peace by just lying back my hands on my chest and being mindful of my breath and before you knew it absolutely yeah and Al- also as well as developing pre frontal CORTEX also remember Elliot. I was talking about the as you put out your outreach. Lewis down by focusing on your breathing. Watch Hopkins. Breathing begins to elongate bet. We intensify the length of time the rest of the lots of never systems checking and so when we give attention to a breathing breathing naturally deepens on zone. Sui increase more of the arrest and relax Washington. That's one of the reasons why the body and the mind began to relax when we read. This is such a big thing for tennis players. I think it moves coaches. Listening at most players are listening to this will at various points in their career being told the benefits of breathing and in typical tennis a world it would normally be to reduce your heart. Rate's IT'd be more cam and be more relying spit to to hear all these other benefits in late very deep scientific ways for me. It's more I think. Knowledge is power personally and I think if the more I would buy into this if I knew the science behind versus most people I can definitely speak for myself. If you just tell me what to do tell me the why of it. I do buy into nearly as as much I. I love the fact that meditation. Mindfulness Meditation with such shoeless physical changes in the brain. And it's not just about stuff that we've talked about in the past Of talked to meditate in reduced blood pressure can fetch a breathing is only because in the last decade or so am I. Technology is advanced in other brain scanning techniques defines new year look at density scans of the frontal cortex physical change in the actual fibers having more muscle fibers. You have the same cannot is called noodle connections but muscle fibers in the muscles is the same as noodle connections in the brain and you can actually see an increase in the density of the noodle connections in the brain from doing nothing than spending five minutes. They noticing the agreeing. Dancing voted live minutes a day. Don't we never because knowledge is knowledge is power when she knew that that happens? You start to do the stuff because it doesn't say it's no longer it's no longer something someone's just seeing. Oh you should try. That is the really strong. A scientific evidence perfect you said breathing anti like in addition of a reset dramatic but really does affect you like research. Harvard led by professor cold. Pascal drop the name there because he's a very famous noodle neurologist and he got a group of volunteers to secrets of fide notes and a piano so the basically went academic scale with five fingers on an all for a two of a period had to bring scandal. Today the region of the brain connected to the finger muscles had done legal muscle growth. But as I say we call it. Acetate quite substantial. You'll plus it. You could physically see the difference inside of the region of the brain having not to us today for five days a second group of people or ask the closer is the hunt flatten. Able imagine the going book is called. Kinesthetic imagery using the margin would feel really. Were doing it. Like is if you could. If you imagining doing a volley in tennis you'd be magic out. Feels the same thing in imagining. How feels the also the DOT imagining? I've it feels for the two hours on five consecutive days on the brain scandal today missing. When you the brain scans side by side you could not l. deference between those played the notes with the finders With the mind exactly the same in other words. The brain wasn't distinguishing between whether you're really moving with Uber imagining us. That's incredible now. This what you did with the Andy Murray served I get so Chris. Aided this study after you give me a video of undeserving on the US. Open this day. It was just after he'd won the US Open. We did the Creek Locker ten center. Go the video just behind Nimitz. If you give me an judy and Andy was sad and knocking Balls target amazingly seven and knocking the ball of the pinpoint accuracy site to be video. I cut it down to just about four or five seconds from an ice happened. Is I decided I was fatal being technically probably the worst tennis played. Don't blame him afford device because everyone in the blame for years and I thought I'm going to sign so somebody visualize what I phoned the visualization difficult because you need to have a mental representation a mental representation. As you need to know what you're visualizing using looks like so I used this little tool goal action observation if you exempt something being done correctly a fuss amount of fines your brain processes as if you're really doing it yourself massively speeds up landing so. I actually watched that video of Three thousand times and I see that with scientific accuracy because I may not be capable in Microsoft an exactly four weeks to the of the next leaks season and I thought my average losing margin in the league with sex love sex one an avalanche. Something's at score with two three games all the things that sexual sex love and I just. I'm just slamming. Today's I will do visualize ten sabs enter the juice court and Tan. Seventeen the sued ethical. Because I didn't do why they have failed. White WASHED UNDIES VIDEO. One Hundred Times a day for theft two days. That's why I say three thousand teens after about three days of doing that I in greened patch it in my mind of for a really good look plate so I too often about three days. I could visualize anybody to cut loan to that for days. And the core and hundred bowls a once a week to call alone students show. I won the league and then I wanted to thought with a dropping. Say they're a tensely by any means? I'm not trying to impress anyone trying to impress a how fast might game change Really just by using federalisation and you said knowledge is. I knew that as I been doing that is causing massive substantial changes to the sucker two of my brain and they would have to be a physical benefit of and for me. It translated myself improvement. Give me much more confidence. In the courts. I've is no longer always usually within ten minutes. Four left out when averaging all of a sudden wasn't for love that too hold and that changed the whole dynamic scream I just started through. Yes this is like music to my ears here because I'm just speaking to court this morning actually about how and I know there's a touch of Romanticism going on here but I was speaking about this idea that in the eighties. When I first started playing tennis the wasn't not much tennis on TV. But it was on our record as much as I could. I recalled a remember when Vj VHS tapes you by CEO or tapes or five. You know that stuff. I saved up my pocket money off five or to record end of season called NABISCO masters. Is The world tour finals. As we knew it was Landau Versus Becker. Nineteen Eight. It turned into this classic match. I honestly burnt not pay like I I would watch. It reminded watch. It reminded just any spare time was watching it and the point of making this coach this morning is an it could be overly nostalgic. But I don't believe that the children nowadays love the game. The way that we did neither could be a few people like. They're arguing that and that's fine but they don't study the game and and I tell them the benefits of watching imagining them being that player and back to stuff. We probably did as kids naturally like maybe it was football for you ever tennis for me. It would be. I'll be Aker. Ub McEnroe. I'll be becker. You'd be Lendl I'll be you know an you would practice things that they would do because you were role. Playing the fact they were like a volume. I never said volleyed but when I was Boris Becker volleyed and kids. You see them the ones that do watch Tennessee copying the mannerisms choke exactly how the players play Not so succeed to lending actually. Cd of scientific resets going into what you've done as a teenager. Cds Reception is called Action Observation and research finds you can rapidly increase the rate of laminate if you use option observation to know but you have to walk and the key is you're GonNa Watch it being done properly if you want. You've been on crates and crates on unconnected than into the brain. So the wrong if you watch unrepentant. I'm talking dozens and dozens. I did over fifty thousand things off extremist. Most studies have people. Doing Maybe Watch something a twenty times and then watch another way. Times in another twenty times and then visualized so it's like maybe sixty teams your what something possession and then almost all the action observation studies for. Tennis Golf Basketball. You name it wherever the past ever anything. That involves a mechanical movement wherever that Mechanical Movement as almost all of the studies show that action observation rapidly and vastly increasing Speed of landing of physical coordinated movement. And I knew that s why I did it with the research It's a great point for coaches because I think a lot of tennis players instinctively cook on what they don't do so well so if you let's say you have a little habit that you don't follow through on your hand in it crosses your body in you and the amount of kids that make that mistake when you get tight and then they'll do is if you walk in back to the baseline and they'll be they'll be replaying the bad shop in their mind like literally gesturing it. Yeah and I'm like well you've actually just played got short. Once it with a ball just played another three times before you go back to the baseline reinforcing. The wrong image which to we'd guests has the same effect but in the office. Directing has the same effect. That really what we should be finding is what we talked to. Elliott finding a way to change how you feel about it. If you're gonNA visualize anything just quickly imagine what you would have done from a lack space. 'cause what you've done chain you've re framed in your mind so that you're not feeling angry not feeling hot or stressed about it. No you're using US as a strategy narrow while is the margin myself another lap state note fling not show absolutely wonderfully wanted. Al Do two or three times in my head before I know. Take neck show. Yeah and I was remembered. The the Williams sisters were amazing for that when newburgh earlier in their career at times they make a mistake and they'd instantly gesture should have done or could have done in terms of cleaning destroyed and always struck me. That would make a mistake. Just shadow the correct version before they start the next point Oviously tapped into this at some point in the career. The this was a question I was going to throw you. Because you mentioned the prefrontal Cortex to this is something that I've heard on several podcasts. In the last year or so and it would be. I'm pretty sure you'll know what it is but I would like someone. Explain it in Layman's terms to me and it related to court. And it was the I can't remember his name now but he is a fairly famous breen. Dr For lack of a better expression and he was one of the ones that pioneered doing brain. Scans to check all these different things that you've talked to. And he said we'll be tied. Anyone expediencies Uber Fame. Before the frontal cortex frontal lobes are food developed. Are Your frontal lobes more that will frontal looks at the pizza to both of you that ability to to be able to be in the moment down presence it also when stressful situations happening you can overrule the strategy overall environment in the context and stay centered and balanced and so when Is If you get famous before you can handle it if you can be president enough to be yourself. Yup and that's why you will be tied because the frontal lobes such a big role in pitiable to control yourself able to stay centered and focused with Gaba this situation environment. Perfect the upset. It's so many people but it to me slightly that can have. Can you the gist of it? But I didn't know the exact science behind. It happens at a big one for tennis and again any ten spears listening or coaches listening. Now you knew clears that think they are and Jack? Ladder have achieved something before they've actually done. An early could be like fifteen years old. Win a big tournament and they. They've arrived to stir trying to keep president. Keep if you on the ground and so on frontal lobe. Just a part of the PREFRONTAL CORTEX. Just help you. To to maintain calm and pleasant. You Look Fanta. For example. Over the years homemade. The Dowell and I'm the Israeli Novak can how many times over the years they've been able to maintain a presence in Gaza Southie the moment facing the or the context. Even the losing I invite. You need a well. Developed Frontal Lobes of beef to be able to do that with a well developed. Frontal CORTEX couldn't do not see to anyone who wants to get to the top anything you've got to do you go. What your frontal lobes frontal Cortex in one of the base we as is as well as king attention to everything you do your attention to all the structure and really get everything your maximum focus also practice meditation. Mindfulness as an extra backup. Because you're always walking on building the strength from the Bolton Could is there a logic in that someone who has a healthy perspective or self worth for example? Attach attach their self worth to something like being kind to others is. They're logic in that. Also helping develop the frontal lobes in a sense if you if you have a healthy sense of self worth then. It's easier to plan your attention to any situation because your mind is less distracted on needing people to light you at approval of ought to get justification You generally find that if you've got a better sense of self worth value in your better is easier to be present in any situation. Slice of an internal distractions. The mind warned those all. The time is easier to pleasanton focused. When you huckleberry sense of self worth It strikes me I'd love to have had in dials. Scans when he was maybe twenty two twenty three. Because you know if I'm led to believe correctly these frontal lobes in males normally if fully developed right twenty six twenty seven years old and he females may be a little bit earlier and this was the context I was thinking of. Antennas is that there's a big shift and I believe in tennis players. When we get to that age over sudden you hear them getting interviewed and they have us a better sense of perspective quite often. It can correlate with either being married or having children so if you look at tennis players Rafeh Sorry Roger and the Nova. All of them had great periods of play after they had children because IRV hoerr values will be relying no be though. Have that whole sense of perspective tennis not being the bill and Endel so it has Rafeh always seem to have had it from a very young age because it seemed to be drummed into him that you have to be humble you have to ensure spag and be a humility influence. I'd love to have Scannel By lending humility respect. What does it help she? To main Saint Tutton in focused in balance and thought will call it correlate with increased optioning of the frontal lobes the frontal CORTEX Jodi. And there's new player I think history. That's plead or competed. In every point has relentlessly as rough you know in terms of being able to just reset and go again. He's the player recently. Somebody say if if you had one player to play for your life it would get you one hundred percent and every single points and that that also correlates with the frontal cortex looks ability to concentrate. Luckily it's like a muscle. No the stone gotta muscle as the more weight. You can left your stronger. The prefrontal CORTEX is the more you can focus in the barrier. Focus for the of what? The situation is irrevocable. If you scan these grain would probably have a super powerful frontal cortex frontal lobes and that comes out of practice practice of of things like breathing and bring attention but also practice are paying attention to every you're doing because you don't necessarily have to mindfulness opposite over pros it practice are paying attention practice giving you the attention to whatever you're doing in the moment. I mean I could. I could practice mindfulness right now by reaching for my bottle of water and just giving got school sensiti expedience my attention rather me bring him a bottle of water. Seem Tame on thinking what I'm going to do next and I'm thanking you. Send the email instead. I just bring my fill focused to. The fight is my water bowl and I'm just paying attention to anything like that. Develops a frontal cortex which means you can build up muscle fight the but just giving whatever you're doing you feel attention. Not so much mind wandering goes on because as the mind wanders you stop touching other vein other break. You want to build this. Give whatever you're doing your maximum attention in the moment. The this is brilliant because the one of the things that I am keen to. Let's say bring to the performance tennis world. For the like the expression buzz disorders called is a sense of play so I do believe that we treat people with better or more ability with more. Cds SNUS so but we're all human the Best Player. Still WanNa have fun play. But if you can let the western principle or thought when you see please unadulterated Tomfoolery if you know what I mean it but when when I say play in my mind. I'm thinking mindfulness so to use a silly analogy. If I'm reading a book for me a of play I could argue that when I when I do the garden. I used to hate gardening but now when I do the gardening I feel present and I feel. It's a sense of mindfulness when I'm doing it because there's nothing else I'm thinking about. I'm not doing the garden and thinking about my work the next week or what's going on the week or I am hundred percent present on whatever. I'm doing that time so it would there be any logic in thinking that when you play that you are giving you the tension to that thing absolutely if you if you bring your attention to anything you really are we have we had these. Luma brain scanners that you could looking at. What Apple Watch connects? You know? I watch the space in Scott and just that we Your head and you would actually see is alterations and be frontal CORTEX. Even as you're playing the game as your landing to give every shaw your full focused like the keeping an eye on the rocket visual rather than taking attention away to your neck short to quietly. Keep attention on all the way. I sometimes watch I I in my head I saw this image of of Novak Djokovic slowdowns was watching TV data when instagram at slowed down. And you could see the bowl coming. In you could see Djokovic Jeannie. Went without maximal attention was on bowl and it was total focus. Any took the ball. And he's focused with stow watching a note once that he's attention net short the next. It was a cold all the way through. All you could see this intense focused on exactly what was happening in that woman. And that builds prefrontal cortex having everything you feel attention is billion. We need to do more of these. I think they're so much crossover between I for me. This builds the bridge between what psychologists say. But it's in a much more concrete way. I don't want to be critical of the sports psychologists I've seen in my opinion too often they focus on just the act was sailing the why. Ovid and tennis players or competitive sports people are stubborn at the best of times and never more so than when tooled what to do. But if you if you talk about that was at Harvard. Business school equation for change of behavior. It's like they're disatisfaction. Plus Vision Plus for step has to be greater or equal to the cost of the change is tennis players quite often if they are of a certain level. Nur successful to sell them a a change. The Need disatisfaction. So if you were able to use these kind of scientific methods and maybe the word makes him a bit more layman terms the actually deliver them so they knew what was going on. You would create the satisfaction because you could say. Are you happy at the moment? This is what you're thinking feeling and behaving in so it would be another tool we could use to make it come to life obsolete this is this is why. I love that can have science really. Why is why? But it's really Y I talk about the signs of things because I find if people understand. Why something as far more likely to do over the years even writing my books and giving talks Hob ENGRAINED HABIT. Vote was backing effing science because then people more lightly to do the sensible things if you under the Sun why will actually? He's actually Hopkins people more like with I think people have more lately to medicate for example. If you understand you let are changing the physical structure of your brain something. Nice let the changing the physical structure of your brain. Just let you change the physical structure of your muscles if you stopped. Exercise up muscle is a physical change in the density on the size of the muscle for the same thing happens in the brain cold noodle density not was growth. But it's exactly the same idea same quonsett and so I find by understanding. Why something as far more likely to do the things that you use photos. Amazing it's a I. I do think there's opportunity for us to do more to this than future on the baby we've talked. We did a presentation together in Dunblane legit last year it was. Yeah Yeah So. There's definitely room. There's a space in tennis or this. Kind of work to maybe. The two words Two worlds collide a little bit more. I think there's a lot of overlap between We're talking about here in a great has been funding on unrehearsed unscrew conversation. Actually just a challenge. We we've always had you chats mover over red wine. You're normally over too much so well. Thanks very much fantastic. Certainly Forced Entry Into My tennis journal. And when this Kovic a fiasco is over we definitely have to get back to more red wine and getting back on the tennis court now order. I certainly look forward to that. I'll try and one point against you. Thanks very much.

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