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"kenya swanson" Discussed on Kris Soutar�s Tennis Journal

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"kenya swanson" Discussed on Kris Soutar�s Tennis Journal

"The the benefits of being kind. Not just in a the feeling that you might get from actually the acts of kindness but there is actually a benefit for your heart absolutely in fact even even in the context of Tana's it much you know when you feel stressed and you get tension in your shoulders and then you stop playing you lose someone at fallen mean what. Fm Stayed You I'm feeling really stressed yet. If I see her do something. Nice for my Compliment by one of justice something or even just in my mind even Concetta gratitude or something something Nice about my. What actually does is logically relieve some stress. Because kindness physiologically exact opposite of stress is like a see-saw kindness goes up stress comes down. Some studies have actually looked to Nazi so fact in the find. If you follow people over a period of fine you chop. The levels of stress scores Edo detained scale and then shot the acts of kindness score. Meaning the number of claims. They said done something kind. And what you find in days when kindness score comes up stress from it really has like a C. so effects even in the court. I'm not I've I've done message in life. You know noticing feeling stressed in quake banking or seeing or doing something kind and it just has. It's almost instantaneous. Release political tension in the body. I'm so glad you said that because I have had many debates with patents in particular the last couple years and I tried to introduce them to this concept and there's been strong resistance because the nature of their relationship obviously to their child and competition element mixes so a motive but one of the things that I've suggested when Letsie appearances their child's opponent the weekend was cheat or key to the match and I try and say well there's a benefit or I'll play devil's advocate and say new child cheats and the instantly like they get so stressed out and say if you believe that your child is being cheated or does it make you feel it just makes my blood boil it. They're literally telling you what you're saying is that they're releasing all this cortisol and adrenaline our system and said do you believe that your child will perform better believing that the opponent is a cheat and lie then we can start to see the logic kicking in and so on one of the things that I suggest to them. Is that if even if you turn around and be you that the opponent is desperate. Not What tends to happen if somebody gives a bad call? It's that fine line between determination and desperation. If I'm playing against you and you give me for Russa can responds one. Which is I call you something or I confront yawn it or option to. I actually feel a little bit of sympathy for you because you're in such a desperate state that you've resorted to doing this. Act US incredible refrained. 'cause what the I immediately doesn't. Is it changes. How you feel and therefore changes attention in your body so so by being kind and that mistake having sympathy you will actually play out. And then how'd you got angry about the fact if did me? That's not for me. One hundred percent. Is it not the kind of the lightning are the light bulb movement? I want dependents. The have is that. I'm not suggesting that they have to believe that. This other person is not seeing. The benefit is for their child to change the chemistry in their brain. Change the body language. And you know us like yourself. You've even yesterday a couple of times. A shoulder drop five six inches. The body language relaxes a lot more a bit. More focused a bit more. Well at you tell me that was the result of Cortisol reducing and was the cancer is a Drennan no testosterone going yet Usually that's actually does accounting effect between a stress hormones in Kenya Swanson. Not As you increase lightness horror. You have a net reduction in stress hormones and many of the physical effects even even stress hormones cause of adoption in immune function is actually elevate. I mean functional. So it's not what you're gonNA. Yeah I've often referred to cortisol is being like squid. Ink for the brain clydes Krygier ability to an ability and think straight and if you're thinking about a cerebral sport like tennis where you have to move thinking and perform the same time you can't afford to be high in cortisol because you won't be able to see what staring you're right in the face. Even to the point whatever young children who at the end of a match have come off and I said so. You agreed the guys back. Ken was worse than beforehand. Admire I targeted. The back end and they've not realized the player was left handed. The they've not been able to see literally was staring them in the face. The player held the racket in the other hand so that from using indication that there were so stressed that the literally. We're not seeing what was staring them in the face like that. I like that. Idea OF S- because Samson hang this hormones. A Lake is something that utilizes the color of spending can restores back to clear again. glut using these currencies physical concepts because oftentimes let you said Elliott. I'd use the ten would often things. You're talking about these feelings and stuff. People Think Eh Okinawa Bring it down to the basics really does come down to you. Have THE FEELINGS? But the physical products of describing. You have the stress hormones but you also have the cleaning hormones. The kindness physical products of that. Reframe using getting your mind like we haven't even my opponent is desperate. Nothing amazing refund because you feel sympathy so you introducing not just the feeling your introducing if physical brought out of feeling. Sympathy isn't it. That is not physical feeling sympathy as these cleaning hormone kindness hormones but you could call them cleaning hormones incentive cleaning escorting your same time there's a corresponding station effect in the emphasis of the of the autonomic never system is governed by biggest now in the Vegas is it control controls to logic extent reduction in heart rate when you breathe out if you take your pulse when you breathe in your heart and PC's breath out your heart rate increases when you breathe an increasing ticket offer fewer spitting died decrease is produced by Your Vegas now and it's what it does. It support the enter. The nervous system interstate rest relaxing. You breathe then you gotta fight or flight. You're getting ready to brief reported restaurant. Lachey breathe Fight or flight Alexa what you is. The the sympathetic nervous system breathing potter sympathetic sympathetic invent autism Bills Breezing breathing kills a hot rate. Donors Your Vegas Vegas. Now is also tied. Intricately into feelings of sympathy and compassion. And this this is something that evolved over millions of years humans. Thank you both. Compared to other animal species humans larger heads limit bone and whatnot. Means is human babies born technically premature compared to other animals on other animals often walk within a few days. Even human babies need months and months of Kim and it's because of the logic hates hyun babies pre born premature so much more so over millions of years of having to care for children at human emphasised them evolved so that feeling sympathy and compassion. Spn's care for children evolved in concert with the Vegas now with kidding so it's actually often called the ICARE so tied enter your experience of sympathy and compassion has evolved because of the larger head size. If you want some outside so what we have today is whenever you feel kid and compassion. You never system immediately kept into. Potus who never system was interesting. Relax so even an above the cleaning hormones for describing kanus cleaning that stressful over and above that you actually have fun domain to it. A relaxation state being juiston your body simply by that reframe to do sympathy for my opponent. Whose so desperate to win this much. Rather than passing cheat me. The differences phenomenal. It's Just to play devil's advocate but just imagine someone hears this and confronts us in terms of higher. Is it possible that you can detach that from being competitive? Is there any any science behind intern? What will we'll actual refl wasn't because because what you can see is I can use this as a strategy. I can choose if I want really what when then I can real. I can recognize that. I'm more likely to win. If I expecting sympathy. Then it becomes a strategy. So you becoming your retain your competitiveness. But you're just doing a little bit more delicate understanding the mind boy. Anti War can automate. And you know that I know that and I. I'm so competitive I knew the F. I. Rather than you're angry I get sympathetic instead. Reframe that so I feel differently. About what my son is a strategy. What's in concert with my real competitive to competitiveness? I'm going feel sympathy as a strategy to win. I love that my response is being a little bit more. Almost overly logical in day. Competitiveness doesn't happen in between the points that I think. There's this thing in Tennessee. That people talk about the will to win. You know. I'm like well I kind of understand the drive and all this stuff but in the moment the it's the doing that leads to performance in versus a win versus loss for example. So if you take someone like an Andy for example who over? The years has been criticized for some of his body lying resort gesturing in between points but his ability to refocus and switch back on to actually perform is where the points are won and lost in new psychologist would say. Of course. There's a kind of snowball fate if you get your mind going too bad. It will rule over into the next point which agree.

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