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"kenny lynn scott" Discussed on True Crime Garage

"Molester. Well, all right, this. This is really sad that the young couple was the Lord to a cornfield near Kenny Lynn, Scott's house. Allegedly, after more partying went down McKnight was high on LSD and cocaine, and he told Lynn Scott that he was planning on raping a net and is sounds like Kenny Lyn Scott was into doing the same. The four of them left Lynn Scott's house. And when they left Lynch got handed a twenty two caliber revolver to Chester McKnight. And he said, if Todd Schultz puts up a fight us this gun to control him. Well, they did start to assault a net and as expected, Todd Schultz came to her rescue and started to protect his girlfriend and so- mcnutt McKnight shot Todd six times twice in the head and a net started to scream, and that's when MC. Night panicked, and shot her in the head and neck. The men then grabbed a machete from Lynn Scott's garage. They stripped the bodies McKnight masturbated over the body of the female victim wasn't prepared for that and Lyn Scott held the limbs while McKnight cut away at the bodies. At one point, McKnight apparently slipped badly cutting, Kenny, Lynn, Scott's arm. The men then loved the torsos to the riverbank and threw them into the Hocking river. Apparently the men washed up in the river and went back to Kenny Lynn, Scott's house. Afterwards. McKnight says he let the body parts li- saying that he left the home at some point and at some point, Kenny Lyn, Scott must have returned to the cornfield and buried the remaining limbs. Investigators withheld a witness report that a man not Johnston, followed the couple into. To the cornfield and then heard gunshots and screams that man that was reported to police back in hundred eighty two was Kenny Lyn Scott, but the caller didn't know Kenny, Lynn, Scott's name, right. This was the lead that should have been followed up on instead of honing in on Dale Johnston on September second, two thousand eight McKnight and Lyn. Scott were both indicted on charges of aggravated murder. McKnight demanded lethal injection to pay for his sins, but later ultimately accepted a pair of life sentences. He will die in prison with the case against him, shaky given mcknight's varying stories. So keep that in mind McKnight was giving multiple stories and confessions. It had been a long time, you know, I it had been over twenty years, right? Lynn, Scott forty, eight years of age at the time, pled guilty to abuse of a corpse and was released from prison after. Only serving ten months. So to put this in perspective, Dale Johnston who killed nobody served a longer sentence in prison for the death of his stepdaughter and her boyfriend then Kenny Lyn, Scott who participated actively and willingly participated in events that led up to the murder and led to the concealment of the murders right Johnston served more time than this guy. He lost everything and then Kenny Lyn, Scott, it's ten months. And both these killers actually remained free after killing these two young people longer than the victims lived on this planet. It's a sad, sad set of circumstances, but just because there's a rest and this case, that doesn't mean there's Justice, right? They're they're actually feels like there was no Justice in this case. Now, Kenneth, Robert Lyn Scott. Lot of Logan, Ohio passed away on Monday, November twenty. Fifth, two thousand thirteen at the age of fifty two. Do you have any recommended reading for us this week? You know that I do captain this week. We are recommending the acid king by Jesse p Pollock very, very exciting stuff. Captain. I cannot lie though. I have not actually read this book because it just came out yesterday, but I have ordered my copy and Jesse is a great author and a good friend of our show. We've had him on before the captain had him join the captain on our other great show off the record, and the acid king is about a murder in a small town that local police in the international press dubbed a satanic sacrifice. The short of it for teens went into the woods and only three came out the long of it, the murder became the subject of several popular songs and TV specials. Addressing the issue of whether or not American teens were practising satanism and debating the symbolism in songs by ACDC and Ozzy Osbourne. So make sure you check out the acid king and support our buddy. Jesse p Pollock and thanks to all of you for supporting the garage until next week. Be good, be kind and don't let.

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