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"kenny smyth" Discussed on Other Big Brother

"All right well there was that so now we're back so jack catches a couple strawberries and he's like we gotta keep on this plan to back door. Semi Final Score Christie Tent Jack Ten cliff zero can't zero Nicole zero and there's a little bit of build up to Sam's last person and how did he do twenty one and he's very excited. He's in the confession room and he's like I'm so excited. I can't even week that so nick and Jack are trying to get <hes> Sam to take cliff off of lock and their whole angle is you're like man that poor guy just needs a break. You know he's really been thrown under the bus his whole season and cliffs like you're right Erin. I gotTA take them off. He doesn't deserve it. He's a dad is like me so <hes> Nick and Jack doing a good job there then we're up in the room and Mickey's like we can't get cocky. Here's the order for the next few weeks away. I think it might be <hes> the Jason Mimosa who says the order next few weeks Kimmy Jessica and then Lovie Chemi is reason is she gained too hard too early says the guy in the Personal Lions Jessica has potential to win an accom- that's his reason for getting rid of her lovie. He's just too smart now. Here's an interesting thing on the last episode the <hes> the order that they wanted to get them out in was cat Cami Jess Nicole cliff lovie Sam to lovie was way farther down the list but in a span of a couple of days he has moved up to number three with a bullet <hes> <hes> now Kristie is super bent. She is not happy because she doesn't like the Jack is he's running the show. He thinks he is at least right. He's dominating the planning. He's telling everybody what they're supposed to do. And there's a ton of of crying going on with her. In a second here we go out to bill and nick who seem to be developing a little friendship there in the hammock outside and they're kinda scheming and Bellas really kind of lane and she's like. I think we should keep coming. I really feel like we should keep coming. I like Kenny Kenny Smyth POW. She hasn't done anything. There's no reason for me to go home and we'll see what we can do. So nick goes up to kind of petition to Kemp to <hes> he goes to Christie to try to keep him in the game and Christie is eating. I think it's cereal so loud like mouth open crunch crunch. You do have a microphone before on you so I understand. It's going to pick up some noise but keep them out shot. It's it was it was it was tough for me to watch all right and I want to hear he creeps me out. I discovered and then Christie after nick has on tour trying to keep the Kimmy and she starts to freak out visas this where the tears come in and Jack's like stick with your heart he true to your word and Christie's not enjoying any of this because he's trying to peer pressure. He's trying to manipulate relate earned it sending kimmy home and well. There's really no reason to send cameo <hes>. She's not a threat at this point in the game. She's by herself like I don't. I don't like it. I don't like the optics I don't know why we're ascending Kimmy <hes> but so then Christie starts crying and she's talking to Tommy and she's like it's too soon back door kimmy to back door anyone. That's going to put too much blood on my hands. That's GonNa get me sent home. Mom doesn't want Sammy's veto at all and how can we get them to not use it and then Nicole comes in and Christie's still crying and she's like Oh. That's why she tells to Christie tells <hes> that comes in a second so Christie she tells the coal that she's while still crying. I don't know what to do. Checks manipulating everyone and Nicole's like trying to comfort her makerfield better but her little cut away line was mostly interest Sante which I feel like is amazing amazing thing to say because essentially Christie is saying hey there's this big group of people. Jack is running the show right now so there's information being given out and then Christie still crime goes to Sam and the locked H H tweets room she makes a big deal that it is a locked room and she spills the beans <hes> to Sam on Jack. The Jack is running the whole show and he wants to back door kimmy and Sam's like what what and so then <hes> Christie's like. I don't know Oh you know. Maybe we have to put up Jack. Maybe that's something and Sam was. He could see he was just like. Do you think we have enough votes to get rid of Jack. That would be an amazing move. Get rid of him. Get him out of the House. It's a completely different house gray. uh-huh and then somehow obese name comes up and Christie's like well no but you know he's smart. He's playing seems like he's playing with everyone <hes> and you know and playing at the same time so maybe we just put over here aw and I was like I wrote it on CASS. I wrote Ono not lovie. 'CAUSE I like lovie. Slice go to veto meeting. Sam Uses it on cliff takes off the block cliff is now safe and then Lo and behold lovie goes up you know and she throws out the whole. You know it's it's not I you know I love you lovie type of thing but he's like cool. I'm on the block route. Glad you love me. I'm on the block. He also says you know in the confessional. This stinks I'm up here basically first week I can't even use the nightmare power that I got it supposed to keep me safe the first six weeks and he can't which is just frustrating them by imagine and then it flashes over to Jack and he's like come on Christy. We've really got to work on our communication skills chills. If something like this happens again. I don't know I don't know and insist like Bro. Chill with the bro all right Bro. You're brown a little too bro and Bro. put the Bro a put in the bro Cabinet putting the laws and just bro- broke down a little bit and it's an interesting initially when I first came into this season and it may turn out to be this way but I thought that Mickey Jackson Jackson was going to be playing the part that Jack is actually playing and I thought Jack seem like he was gonna be a little bit more low quieter and stuff but oh I was so wrong so very wrong all right. If you <hes> wait a minute what's what's this. We have a message. Let's see what it is. I didn't even know about this. Hold on one second. Oh Yeah Hey this is me leaving a message for <hes> me just to see how this whole thing works. Keep up the good work. You're you're doing a great job. I want you to know.

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