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"kenny grant alexis" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Welcome back everyone. Jason and Alexis in the morning. Time to get caught up with all the headlines of the day in the journal with Elizabeth Three's Good Morning, Elizabeth. Well, Good morning, happy Monday. You guys on a rainy Monday morning. It's nice to be with you. Good to have you over the weekend. Of course, The big story is the death of Chadwick Boseman. And that is what is continuing to dominate headlines today, and it's just such a sad Story of how young he Waas at 43 years old. To die of colon cancer, a disease that he had been dealing with since 2016 when he was diagnosed Really unbelievable how much he was working and doing so many things in that time period and kept it a secret and kept it a secret. Yes, his family confirming that he and Taylor Simone lead word actually married before his death. So they were able to get married. But so many people, particularly black Americans, talking about the impact of Chazz Chadwick Boseman on Hollywood and then also just on mainstream culture. I mean Black Panther broke barriers. Absolutely. And I still haven't seen it. So I have to see it. You know, I'm just getting into Marvel things You guys know I get into things about 20 to 25 years too late, But that's a far that's sort of my style. That's a good one to start with, so I don't know It's fantastic. I don't know where to start. I actually would love a list from anyone of what to prioritize and what to start watching first and then where to go from there. I'm feeling very confused and overwhelmed. You, Khun Google it. They have it all chronically laid out for you. What you want to start on where to end it all. Really Just Google Mark, which movies Marvel movies. Do I watch? In what order And they've got it all laid out for you. Okay, that's helpful. Yeah, that's this's the solution to every problem in life. Why don't you just Google it lady? You'll figure it out so many people sharing memories of Chadwick Boseman today, which Which is wonderful, and it's just a hard, sad loss. And it's just sort of feeling like the wear and tear of 2020. You will believe me, girl. If it can go wrong, it will. Yeah, it's true. What a king on screen and off. Yeah, no kidding. Like the kind of man and Great person to work with. 42 is a fantastic movie and defied blood's another one. Teo. Yes, Very talented. Yeah, that's great. Um, let's talk about the V amazed because they were last night, and if you are in my age range, you probably didn't want it. So I'll just give you a few little Headlines from it. One cool thing. Taylor Swift became the first solo female artist TTO Win the MTV Vee Emma's best director award. So the man Yeah, she said. This is amazing. This is the very first video that I've ever directed on my own. And I'm just so grateful for this. She's 30 years old, and she won that award. So that's another. You know, I think nice example of women kind of taking control of their performances both on stage and off stage. Yeah, and then being recognized for it. Well, you'll be happy to know Elizabeth that we listen to the winners. And Kenny Grant Alexis and I felt like you were going to play the game of Who do we know out of the winners actually knew most of the winners. Yes, we did. Okay, That's impressive. I know the other nominees. Not so much. Not so much not so Oh, yeah, yeah. About the trailer last night. Lady Gaga as masks so good Wow, He's so fun. It is fun. I mean, people just go over the top and really cost to me with this, And so it's it's fun to see. I mean, even though MTV we can all remember a day when MTV was really really relevant. Yeah. Remember when the real world Spring break TRL guys I need Teo Teo videos. Actual video. Yeah. I know I'll never forget when a guy from my high school went on road rules, and they came down the street and picked him up and it was like all of us Owe this dance hustler. He was on road rules. Cool. Apple Valley native He lived just down one 57th street for me, just off to the left. And yet another lovely called a sack, and he, um and they came and they picked him up. And they like kidnapped him. You know, because he applied so wasn't unsolicited. Theo, you know, And then he went on road rules. And he was a few years older than me. And everyone was just like, Oh, my gosh. This is just so exciting. And that was before you knew you couldn't tweet about it. You couldn't instagram about it. Nobody knew about it. He had to go to school and talk to people in here. Actual rumors. Which are so much more gratifying than Internet stuff. Yeah, realize rumors realized. Imagine that, Yes, that's the juicy stuff, right? That's the good stuff intercepted from stolen notes these air all important things your teacher made. You read it out loud gods up, caught passing its don't even write notes anymore. I bet because they're just texting each other. They don't know how to ride. You don't know how to write cursive. I'm very emotional. Davis sending me over the edge. It really is. I don't did you guys see that I posted a really sweet letter from a twin cities lie viewer the other day on my instagram. And it was a lovely letter. But it was also because she had the best penmanship of any person I have ever seen in my life, and it wasn't cursive. It was just the most beautiful printing. Ever. Who I'm looking at it now that is beautiful scribbles or any rebels. No hurt. Bees have like extra flair to it. One really unbelievable. It was amazing if there are people out there with still goodness in their hearts. Penmanship letter to really sweet. I just loved the word penmanship. I'm just really glad that you said that I've gotten to use it a lot the last few days and I feel so good about it. Emma Roberts confirming she is pregnant and revealed the gender of her first child with her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund. And on that she's having a boy and lovely. And so happy. Congrats. She's.

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