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"kenneling alvin" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

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"kenneling alvin" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"The podcast and the season of Ellen today, and they all feature Andy. But so I'm guessing. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Mary Connolly, and I'm Andy lasts ner. I'm Kevin Lima, the second where Kevin actually not here today. We can explain why you should explain. We fired him. Oh. True. That was it was a tough one. That was tough retard. Yep. No, Kevin, we are in the middle of taping our game of games yet, again, we are on lunch break and Kevin likes to feed the crew so behind the table. Kennelling Alvin is in a content review meeting currently. Yeah. Yes. And if he gets done with that meeting in time he will come in and spend a little time with us on the podcast. But if not, we, we going to push on without him, well, and I thought, what we could do since Kevin's, not. Here's we start by going around the room and each of us could talk about how Kevin's drinking as affected them. Thank you, real, Kevin. I'm just going to say, we could tell the story about being in Vegas and Kevin getting a little tipsy and giving us each one hundred dollar Bill and having us play a game on. Race to tell the story about being at the holiday party a couple years ago and there was some kind of sculpture with tequila running through it. And Kevin I left was on his knees with his mouth up against the bottom of it. I believe it was called the think it was a lose. Yep. We could talk about him having his own seat at Don Kuko's. We don't have to talk about any of these things. I'm just saying he's not here. These are things that are true that are also about Kevin. Here's one thing, I've, I think I've learned about Kevin Leman is, if you are a friend of Kevin lemans, you are a friend of his forever. He has people in his life from seems like all walks of life. A lot of college friends, a lot of school friends, a lot of people he paid with a lot of people. He's worked with a couple of Disney princesses couplet his knee princesses. He meets new people along the way. That become very good friends. And if you've been a friend, you remain a friend of Kevin's. That's true. Yeah. It's like mafia. I'm more of an acquaintance Ilias. Yeah. He'll kill you pay for the good news is that with Kevin, not here. Andy, is not on his phone tweeting, while we're doing the bucket 'cause I have to I have to live this ship. A little more. Well, usually carry you wanna start. What do you wanna start with? We have a contest. We have run a contest. We have had a lot of responses. It was the Mary's big-box become subscription. You're getting a full year of our mazing boxes that we about. And we have a lot, a lot of submissions, which really. Over ten. Do you think they're the they were say in the tens, you think I think there were tens of, yes, we're up to three figures? Bali. Yeah. Especially 'cause they got to use the hashtag, you know, Mary's big box. So do you think it was three figures? But the winner of the be kind subscription box contest is or you're picking you're just doing this unilaterally. Evelyn dobkin. Thank you, Andy last ner. Mary Connolly at glavin, and Kevin Leman for your entertaining, podcasts. I hope that putting Andy's name. I will win. Current box of scripture on Mary's bigs box giveaway or is it Mary's big-box? She feels rig wins. You reading the results that feels ring, honestly because you're all my witnesses. I literally pulled it out in front of you. It's just really funny. That, that's the one I pulled out. Congratulations evelyn. Here's here's the thing. The subscription box is really fun. You think you're really going to enjoy it. And if you do enjoy it tell some friends in maybe they'll enjoy it as well. They'll tell their friends, you know what happens then, and so on. One. Yeah. It's walked to the living. It's phenomenons are started boss. Man. What's next? What's next is we got to play some of these best of moments. Mary. What's the first thing we're going to have our listeners? Listen to today..

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