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"kennedy space department" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Would you like to get a chief? But I said chief waves it through I. Because everyone thinks for related mayor so good morning to everyone and thank you to mayor Williams as well. As to those people who are standing with me next to me. I stand here today to announce to the community that the hard work and dedication demonstrated. By the members of this Phoenix police department has resulted in the arrest of the person, whom we believe committed this unspeakable act when he sexually assaulted one of our most vulnerable members of our community, as you know, this matter came to our attention at the Kennedy Space department on Sunday, Saturday, December twenty ninth when we received a nine one one call of a baby in distress must've. You have listened to that nine one one tape. We responded to the scene and began the process of doing what I continually say that the men and women of this department do each and every day that we're sworn to protect from the minute. We I became aware of this crime a sexual assault. We have worked virtually non-stop every day every night seven days a week trying to solve and resolve this case the investigation was and still is the highest priority for our department through a combination of good old. Fashioned police work combing through evidence talking to people following up on information combined with the marvels of DNA technology. We're able to identify and develop probable cause to arrest the suspect and at this time, I am announcing the arrest of the suspect we believe who is responsible. He is thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland Sutherland is a licensed practical nurse who was responsible for providing care to the victim during this time, the sexual assault occurred Sutherland is being booked as we speak into the mirror COPA county jail where he'll be charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vinyl vulnerable adult abuse in connection with this crime. I wanna purposely purposely recognize and thank the men and women of the Finnish. Please crime lab the family investigations bureau as well as a fugitive apprehension investigating screech street crimes detail without your tireless work and effort. This would not be possible. And I wouldn't be standing here today. This again is a testament to the drive and compassion that the employees of the Phoenix department have for our community we owed this arrest to the veteran we owed this the rest of the newest member of our community that innocent baby. So with that if I can entertain a few questions, and then I'll turn it over to second. Tommy thompson..

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