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"kennedy boy robert" Discussed on Conspiracy Theories

"But the curse that some have rumored the plates the Kennedy Family would not be satisfied on November twenty second nineteen sixty three as John was touring the country in preparation for his reelection he was assassinated on the streets of Dallas John's legacy and by Extension Joseph Seniors Legacy was permanently tarnished by the tragedy all the John had done in all that he might have done as president was doomed to be overshadowed by the killing feeling but Joseph senior still had more sons with Joe Junior and John Deceased Robert Kennedy was now the oldest Kennedy Boy Robert had served as. The Attorney General under John's administration and many Kennedy Historians believe that Robert May have even been the choice for vice president in John's reelection campaign and for most of the late nineteen sixties. It seemed I'm like Robert had a straight path to the White House. After President Lyndon Johnson announced he would not seek reelection in nineteen sixty eight Robert was the natural choice to lead the Democratic ticket after the tragedy of John John Kennedy's death Robert Kennedy may have been the first Kennedy to become president and actually serve a full term but then in nineteen sixty eight just after he was declared the winner of the California Primary Robert Kennedy was shot. He died of his wounds. The next day in the span of twenty five years Joseph Kennedy senior had lost three sons to violence Ted. The youngest Kennedy Son who was is only thirty four was suddenly the heir apparent to the dynasty. All of Joseph Seniors hopes and ambitions rested on Ted Shoulders. The pressure was now on Ted to become the third Kennedy to run for president accident but his political career would be maligned by scandal long before he ever got the chance up next. We'll discuss the events of July eighteenth nineteen sixty nine and the death of Mary Jo Kopechne e going from one veterinarian to another trying to get a proper diagnosis for your sick cat is stressful. I know because I've done it with my cat eva..

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