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"kenji ken " Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"If they would have found something in the residence, it already would have leaked. And yet you're seeing reverse leaks now. What do I mean by reverse leaks? You know how there's a trickle trickle over time if you find something really bad and it's meant to like degrade Trump's credibility over time. Do you notice the trickle was a gusher in the beginning? It was a gusher. The reverse trickle. The gusher was banned nuclear codes classified documents you had fusion Kenji Ken delanian, fusion Ken on MSNBC or NBC, whatever it was, implying that CIA names, people could die, man. People could die. And yet all of a sudden that all dried up, you've seen no leaks. You're telling me if they found something significant and serious in the Mar-a-Lago residence. It wouldn't have leaked by now, please. Please, please stop the stupid. It's Thursday. There's one more day till Friday. Thursday is like a tease for Friday. You know I love Friday, okay? But there's things like detail mess with me today. I'm not in the mood for dumb. If you're gonna have to go do dumb, call another show. Preferably not one I like. Don't call a van or something. Call a dumb show. Call a dumb person show because they'll take you out of it. This is stupid. You're telling me they found something so significant to be a game changer. That would destroy Donald Trump, and yet all of a sudden, the FBI magically decided to keep a secret. It leaked out one time that Donald Trump watches Fox and Friends in a bathrobe. It leaked out that he likes two scoops of ice cream and everyone gets one. I'm not joking. Now those are actual stories. They will leak anything on Trump. So now you're suggesting to me they found something so serious that they've kept it on the DL on the download no, they have not you're an idiot if you believe that. Newsweek story pops yesterday, I see it reported on Fox. I'm like, bingo. The gavels fall in, we got a new gavel. We got the bird well down here. For those of you on Fox nation. Look at this, Jim. State senator Brian burwell. Yeah, is that a gavel or what? Yeah, no, that's he said he's from Texas. He sent us a Texas size gavel. He says folks for you watching on Fox nation. This is insufficient for my personality. So he sent the yeah, I'm not kidding folks. This is an act. So he said, we'll call this the birdwell. This only comes out when it's serious. I see this newsweek article poppy yesterday on Fox. And I'm like, boy, now the FBI is really in trouble because now they're basically admitting that they went in to serve the warrant and the purpose of the war was to go and get the Russia gate documents, which would indicate the FBI was spying on Trump for no good reason, and they wanted to get them to hide the documents. Here it is, newsweek. William arkin. FBI saw a documents Trump hoarded for years, including about Russia gate, quote he sought after documents deal with a variety of intelligence matters of interest to the former president, the official suggest always some, you know, anonymous officials. Including material that Trump apparently thought would exonerate him of any claims of Russia collusion in 2016 or any other election related charges. Here we go, man. Here we go. They got zipper roo. They've got nothing. Now they're starting to panic. They're like, holy Moses, man. We broke 200 years of precedent to raid a former president's home on a pretextual read. We had no real reason to do it. We got a judge who was, you know, if you know what I mean, like simpatico with our cause to sign off, we were expecting to find evidence of all kinds of crimes and it was really Geraldo Al Capone's vault. Remember that? Like 30 million people watching. Hey, look, man, I could put more open it up and look at it. It's like a bottle of whisky in there, so that's what happened. And now they're in a panic and they're starting to kind of buffer this because they know this is going to blow up in their face. Why? Because now the Trump team, the Trump team knows what was there. They know there was nothing there. So now that Trump team saying, release the hounds. Let us see what you got. It's Al Pacino from here. I got you guys. And they don't have anything. There it is. There it is. There it is. Even Al, even out wants to see it. I was Al Pacino calling it to the show to demand it. Fact checkers, bang my kidding, build a McCarthy. It's a joke. Kercher, church Dan funky stand down. But I want to say it, I'll say it four hour. Give me what you got, man. What do you got? Oh, you got a bunch of Russia gate documents? Jim, you see where I'm going with this now? How this creates kind of a problem for the FBI? Because now the Russia gate documents, which Trump may have, which may expose malfeasance by the CIA and FBI who spied on Trump, now that the FBI took them, you see how this creates a small problem now, they were squirreled away in Mar-a-Lago and now they're public record all. Snapper. I feel really bad for the FBI. Just kidding. Just kidding, I don't. I don't at all. You dug it. You deal with it. That's why I titled today's podcast, even though I don't title the radio show. We'll title today's show, Trump's revenge. Because now you're going to be forced to put that stuff out there at some point. Especially when the Trump team says, give me what you got. Kind of creates a bit of a conundrum, though. But damn, they're just going to claim it's they may come out the Al alcohol back again. That's the second thing you really want to see it. Creates kind of a conundrum. They can't hide it forever. They can't claim it's an ongoing criminal investigation in perpetuity. It's all kinds of things. That should a limitations all this stuff. Weird, right? They did it to themselves so embarrassing. Trump's revenge. This is a Nelson muntz moment if I ever saw it.

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