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"kendra kendrick green" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"In case your first time listening we've had a lot of people join us during the season last year in twenty twenty one that weren't with us during training camp. If you're one of those people just understand the training camp recap is really just a chance for me to let you know what's going on a practice. These will only be happening when the steelers actually practice. Obviously there's not gonna be news when they have the day off in the steelers. Were back on the field for the very first time. They reported on wednesday. Thursday was their very first time at practice. And it wasn't saint vincent college it wasn't latrobe. Pa but there was a lot of news happening amongst the pittsburgh steelers. And i'm going to break it down for you in simple terms is what you need to know The steelers after practice did have three three people. I should say three very important. People available for in-person media. It was actually the first time since two thousand nineteen you know. Mike tomlin stood in front of reporters. They weren't that close but he stood in front of reporters. So mike tomlin office. He spoke to ben. Rothlisberger and t. j. watt. Were the three people that spoke after practice on thursday so a couple of things of note The first thing that came that was really noticeable for me. Was that This mike tomlin said the kendrick green. Everyone's thinking could this guy be the center for the steelers in week. One what he said he is going to be the starter at center at least for week. One of the preseason. He also said the big. Dan more could start at tackle. I'm not sure if it was left to right tackle. But he did say the kendra kendrick green but dan more could be starting as well And then you got a feel for already early in training camp. There were some that were getting into like kendra green guy first team snaps. He dealt with ben rothlisberger on thursday rothlisberger said. Although it's not pouncey he said that Kendrick green communicated did all the calls. They didn't fumble a snap. So good i start for kendrick green but then also antoine brooks junior six round draft pick at a twenty and the twenty twenty draft out of maryland. You know how. Mike tomlin loves disturbs. He intercepted rothlisberger from the slot and rothlisberger. He said quote. He's filling mike hilton shoes. Who's been a rock on that defense for him to make that play. I was happy for him. And then also jim wechsel of twenty four seven. Sports said rothlisberger appeared frustrated by sensational diving interception by slot corner. Antoine brooks dens. Eddie was just amazed and was complimenting. Mike hilton's heir apparent a larkin change in the course of a preseason in training camp folks but it seems like the steelers are giving that first shot at that slot cornerback to antoine brooks junior. Some people thought it might be james pierre. Some people thought it might be someone like marcus allen no antoine brooks junior is getting the first look and he is seems to be making the most out of its keep that a minds to file it away. It's only day one. I don't wanna make too much video out of this but still something. No worthy also tj. Watts new deal might. Tom was asked about that. And he said quote. I'm sure that process will run. Its course and we'll have something to announce That's interesting. I didn't expect a contract to be done before the season. But maybe it will. Ben rothlisberger took to the podium and he was asked about some of the off season in a narratives supposedly involving his ability and his physique etc and he said quote are things being said about me nationally and then with a smile said well. What's new ben rothlisberger. Understand what's being said about him folks. If you're someone that's sitting there thinking how does not know he knows and he is. Trust me he's motivated to go out and show people that he is still capable of getting the job done. Speaking of rothlisberger a lot of people are wondering will he be able to learn nat canada's offense. It is different. It is complex. No one really knows exactly what it's going to look like rothlisberger certainly does he was asked about how he's learning all the formations. The new verbiage play calls. I mean this guy's going into his eighteenth year in the national football league actually said that his daughter helped him make flash cards and he said quote. There's been some quizzes with a smile. Devon bush if you didn't read the article on behind steel curtain dot com. He was told that he's basically been fully cleared medically with his knee. That he won't be you know. Have any downtime. Before he's able to practice he should be given the green light right away. Zach banner also ahead of schedule. Zero steeler players will be starting camp on the pup list the physically unable to perform list. That is great news for the steelers to not have anyone. That's dealing with a major injury. Early on now kevin and didn't work today. He didn't practice today. Said he's dealing with something that something is not serious enough to put them on the publis. I wouldn't put too much stock into that something. That was interesting. That i thought of it. i was curious. Did the steelers know about vince. Williams thinking about retirement according to mark bali of the athletic. He said it sounds like the steelers. Had no idea that vince williams retiring until yesterday. That's really interesting to me. Really interesting to me. And so Maybe he didn't tell them maybe he didn't know i'm not saying it's his fault. I'm not saying that anyone is to blame but very interesting news there. If the steelers had no clue that vince williams was about to hang it. Up tomlin. Mike tomlin was asked about the new offense of line in he did not Splice words he said quote. We don't have the bar set too high. We were last in the league in rushing. We have nowhere to go but up with certain aspects of that. Yeah i hope that that's the way they view it as they can only go up but at the same time we hope that they they don't just move up a little bit. They actually thrive. That's that's the hope that is the hope. And then lastly in like. I said there wasn't a ton of news coming out of this first day of camp There are some steelers that will be wearing new numbers. Some people like the jersey. Some people want to go out and buy a bunch of jersey. so in case you're interested like new. Newly-acquired melvin ingram. Outside linebacker will wear number eight number eight this is. He's taking advantage that new. Nfl rule where linebackers are allowed to wear single digit numbers. He wore number. Eight trade turner. But we're never fifty one. That's really weird for me. When i think fifty one i think james farrior But still fifty one and yeah a buddy johnson. The rookie from texas am fourth round. Pick is also wearing number fifty one He's on the other side so something's gonna give but honestly if the rookie makes the team he will probably not be too attached to that number if trae turner wants it. We'll keep it that way. Kicker sam sloman. Who is basically a camp unless chris boswell gets hurt is gonna wear sixteen and also newly acquired offense attack. Oh chaz green is wearing number seventy four so for all you jersey fans out there. There's your jersey fixing all those new numbers the pittsburgh steelers. I wanna make this very clear. The pittsburgh steelers have not released. That i've seen any type of schedule for training camp when they're at latrobe. There is a clear cut. The players are working out this day this day off this day this day this day. Preseason game i have not seen anything like that. So i wanna be able to say. Check me tomorrow. For another training camp recap but if they give him the day off and there won't be a training camp recap so your best bet is to check out behind.

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