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"kendall allah" Discussed on Book Echoes

"Sort of system for kindle valla as well but again we don't really know so that's one thing that we can at least kind of we kind of know kind of extrapolate now. What do we know about the readership of kendall valla. We know about the readership of cereals on other platforms and from talking to other authors from reading the posts on facebook groups other social media about authors who are heavily involved in cereals. We know that these readers do skew younger than the general reading population. We know that there are some genres like why a romance that do really well in cereals and we know that they're probably they're less likely to Jump to novels than near someone who maybe downloads a free book in. Ku they might enjoy that author and then go buy their other novels Or other free to them. Book in that's in kindle unlimited then go by other novels that aren't in kendall unlimited that. They're they're novel consumers but cereal readers aren't necessarily novel-readers there you know there's some overlap but it's a different market altogether. So what does this museum when we think about these things. And what does this mean in terms of making a decision on whether or not to pursue kendall allah. Because i'll be honest. I i can't i can't go through everybody's everybody's intricacies end and thoughts on this but i'll tell you guys a mind because i was really excited by this idea and i i've been interested in celery cereals for a while. It was a structure that i like And as a podcast the idea of the weekly content is definitely appealing to me but it was something that i'd had several ideas that kind of came too late for the cereals phenomenon design the fad was over. I had one that. I envisioned first cereal. And then i. I could bleed and packaged it into a book and actually to touch back on one thing. We do know about kindle bella. They're not looking for books broken up and they're not looking for content. That's freely available elsewhere. Those those are the content freely about billable elsewhere thing. That is something that you can't put on vella. So i have now kind of barnes. My chances to do that story developed. Because i patched it up into a novel instead of doing a serial but i have some other ideas for things that were cereal and i thought maybe one day. I'll find the right forum for this. Maybe when i have time and now that i've developed by illustration skill. I'll turn this into a comic an ongoing comic. But now i've like okay..

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