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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level  Launching to Leading  Ken Rutsky  AND 33

A New Direction

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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level Launching to Leading Ken Rutsky AND 33

"Say the game is good old Monday morning, coffee, cold. Live is one. Hi, everyone and welcome to a new direction. It is me again j I know every week. It's the same guy right with the same show. Who does the same thing we try to help people find a new direction in their life their business in the career today? We have. Well, I always say, right. We have another great show. And we do because here's the thing. I've got I've got a Ken ruts years this book right here. Yeah. I know some of you can't see he windy so can rookie launching two leading a we'll we'll this is going to be about marketing. All right. So here's I want you to do in the next twenty to thirty seconds. I need you to talk to anybody that you know, that is interested in marketing and be to be marketing. Jeff snow walk to show your love this because Ken does a ton of marketing. And but I'm gonna tell you. I don't care if it's BBB to see what the things that he says in his book, I am going to tell you right now are going to ply to anybody who is trying to make there. Business better and make an impact. All right because things have changed and Ken talks about the things that have changed. You're gonna love this again, the book launching to lead talking Kinross in just a second here. But before I do that. Let's do it. We do every week. And that is I check in with you in the four areas of your life, right? Because I believe before people I believe that we're physical mental, emotional spiritual beings. And so I want to check in with you. How are you doing this week? All right. So here we go so physically skilled one to ten one being miserable. Ten being outstanding. How are you doing physically feeling good? Are you doing things take care of your body? Are you doing all those things that are necessary for you to be healthy? Are you getting the exercise eating right? Sometimes just putting down the fork. Okay. That could be helpful way for you to be a little more healthier. Right. Have you been getting checkups it'd been doing the things that you need to do? So on a scale of went to ten physically where you at. Okay. You got that number. Okay. All right. So mentally where you do. I mean by mentally. Well, what are you feeding your brain with right? We have we have a left rain in a right brain. Right. The left brain is more of our logical brain the right brains. More of our creative side. So what are you doing to feed your brain? All right in skilled went to ten one being miserable. Ten being great. How're you doing feeding your brain mentally doing pretty good? You feel like you're gaining knowledge. Listen, it doesn't matter. How old you are the two of the matter is you can always be exercising. Your brain. We can always exercise physically too. But you know, your brain never has to stop regardless of what you do. Okay. And regardless of where you're physically, okay, never has to stop. So where's that number? You got that? Once you got to numbers. Okay. Good now where you had emotionally scaled went to ten one being miserable. Ten being outstanding. How are you doing emotionally what I mean by that? Well, so for instance, what's your emotional quotient? Right. So like are do the little things tick you off do do our little things. Making you upset and angry. How well are you able to relate to other people's emotions? I well, are you willing to relate to other people's emotions? Maybe that's even better question for you. Right. So skilled went to ten how're you doing emotionally. And you remember, you know, emotions are one of those things, right? We can be intentional about our motions. We do not have to feel what you feel right now. You can intentionally change your emotions if you want to. I don't have to feel sad. Even though there could be all sorts of circumstances circumstances, do not have to dictate how we feel. They just don't it's up to us to do that. So being bettering control of your emotions raises that score. And then finally we're yet spiritually and what I mean spiritually is that I know that we all believe in something outside of ourselves. We do we don't want to necessarily admit it. We will deny it. We will say we don't. But the truth is we do believe in things that we can't explain with science. We can't explain with any other thing, we believe that they give us hope they give us a sense of peace or a sense of happiness for some people. That is God. And if it is are you doing with that for some people, maybe it's nature for some other people. Maybe it's karma for some people. Maybe it's just the whole idea of being able to be part of something else. That's bigger than themselves. Whatever that may be the question. I'm asking you as we're on that scale went to ten when being miserable ten being outstanding where you at spiritually and now. You've got four numbers. Now, the whole point of doing this isn't to get you from wherever your number is to attend today. The goal here's would ever your number is right now in any one of those areas is what can you do to get to the next number? That's your goal. Okay. However that may be whether that is putting down the fork or maybe reading a book like Ken Russkies launching leading that might not be bad for you, mentally or being able to purposely say, you know, what I'm going to be told my most this is not going to. I don't care what happens to medium nothing allowed to bother me. And then spiritually could be when I'm gonna make a change. I'm to I'm gonna follow my faith. I'm going to believe in my faith and make a step in that direction. Whatever that may be right. The whole point is that those four numbers will like the four legs of a table. And so if they're uneven try eating off of an uneven table makes things difficult, but if they're all too low imagined trying sit in a normal chair. And then try need off that table makes things difficult. Right. So all right. You've all checked in. And I see there's people. Joining us. I appreciate that. And by the way, I've been asked about the shirt, oh, why am I willing wearing a whole physical therapy shirt? Well, l tell you why because I've been wearing people who've been giving me shirts, I've been wearing them on the air, and I've been telling people, okay, I'm gonna wear your shirt, right? This also means Jamie because I know you and Lou this place, and I come to see you. You could also be a sponsor if you want to my show, but hope. Physical theory. We really appreciate you. You guys are awesome. And I would not be able to do what I do physically. Have. I not gone. See you you've got me through several surgeries. And you know, what the truth of the matter is you do get me back in the game. And even at my age, I constantly am getting hurt because I won't quit doing what I do. And so I think you guys were doing that. So hope thank you so much. So let me to our next gust because our next guest is out standing and I love him. His name is Ken risky. Here's the president founder of K JR associates Inc. They providing marketing and business strategy services to be to be technology. Vendors can has twenty plus years of experience, marketing and selling enterprise and user technology and solutions during Kim's tenure of as vice president product marketing, it's secure computing. He spearheaded the companies go to market efforts exhilarated, the growth of its web security business leading to its eventual acquisition by McAfee, you may have heard of them. At may. They may be on your computer right now. Yeah, they could be at a forty percent premium to market value Ken has held executive roles at Intel Netscape McAfee and ran marketing at three startups including coalition which was acquired by IBM to volley. He has sponsored today by none other than you know, what the fine folks who are sponsors, and that is in line business brokers and advisors in line. Business brokers advisors have helped literally thousands of clients in the sale purchases a business when it's time to sell your business, folks. Contact the professionals at end line business brokers and advisors. You can learn more in line dot com. That's E N L I G N dot com, and we pre sheet them and now without further to everybody. Would you please do me a favor? Give yourself give our guest, Ken Russky. A big hand. Ken, welcome to the show exchange. Great to be here. So can unite talked before the show I and I am holding up this book here for everybody to see launching two leading. It's how to be marketer market leaders, create flash mobs Marshall, parades and ignite ignite movements. And I read this like, you do I read all these books. This book is one that peop. We're going to have to read reread and reread read you're going to get so much out of it because there's so much in this book. I mean, I I was telling you before I could literally you could have taken one chapter of this book and made it a book. And and so I'm commending you on that. Because there are. So there is so much in this book, and I've had to reread it. I don't know if people could see this. But I got this thing like just highlighted like crazy. Okay. I mean, my highlighting pin ran out. I had to go to the store in the middle of this book to get another lighting been. There you go. He should've just untied. I really did. I literally had to go to the store and get another highlighting then, and I couldn't believe it. So okay. So let's talk about this book launching two leading and marketing because one of the things I that you point out very early in this book is that the marketing game has changed. Completely. Yeah. I mean, the world change right with the internet, and then even more. So I think when Google became so prominent in the way, we find an access information because it really did it really did just change the way, we communicate and. I like to say I have four kids on board with how great they are. Right. But used to be the dads. What kids do when they didn't know something? Everybody said go ask dad, right? Dad would make the answer up. No. Now, it's like go ask Google or go asked Alexa, right? So we gone from a world where if for mation was really hard to find to one where we find so much information. We don't know what to do with it. We don't know. What's true involves and? You know, that ripples through everything not just marketing, but light and so. That's been a fundamental change. And that's really changed the role of sales and marketing world. So this is this is the point. I think the book that you start off with so. Well, is that for the marketer? Okay. The marketer has to understand that this change has occurred. But there are really some major shifts that have been created over the I mean, some of it's a result of technology. But some of the ways the consumer is now treating everything so why don't you give us a little more insight into how marketers need to start thinking about some of these changes. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you start with that becoming commodities, and then you see some other things happening to competition as become so much greater in the markets have become so much more crowded, especially in business to business markets. What's happened is a lot of the barriers to start a business and to promote it, you have also gone down dramatically. Excuse me. And so yeah, who'd have ever thought, for example that the world's largest online bookseller would become the Lert one of the world's largest IT vendors as crazy. Amazon is one of the most important technology vendors in the world now, and they started by selling books. So you never know where you're next competitor is gonna come from an even if you're a local business, you may find yourself competing with someone who's in India doing it online with maybe less, expensive resources. So we've got to compete with a lot more people both for business and attention than third is your buyers have become really really in charge of the process used to talk about a sale cycle. Oh, there is no sale cycle anymore. It's truly become a buying cycle. And you know, as a consumer and purchaser things, I think that's great buyers should be. In control not sellers. So that is a really positive thing for society. But that doesn't make the job of sales and marketing professionals any easier, in fact, it makes it a lot harder. This concept of the buyer is in control to me. It all started with the internet because I felt like as we started getting more and more websites when the internet was created. And we all of a sudden we were doing e commerce online. I felt like we were seeing this major shift of I get to consume my information in my way. And then I read your book write the book launching leading Ken risky is with us here on a new direction. I'm reading your book, and I'm going you're right, by the way. It doesn't matter. B two B B to see the consumer is in control of how they want to consume the information and how they wanna buy. So this whole old marketing adage, right? We used to try to do the whole marketing thing, and you bring this up in the book that we used to try to sell what are features were or what are benefits were? But that's no longer working, according to you. Yeah. You know, benefits matter, right. But biggest challenge marketers out. And I think you're right. This is easy to see Rb to be is starting by getting attention of the buyer other some research from an organisation called the corporate executive board. And they put on a stat. They said fifty seven percent of the business buying cycle. Is over before the first interaction with the vendor salesperson as startling that means basically a buyer was making you could be a large purchase is almost two-thirds away. Two thirds of the way through their process before they talked to a sales rep that means they're at their shortlists. They may have started with twenty on their list. They may be to three before they even get a chance to have that sales interaction. So what that means is marketing has to take much more responsibility on finding those buyers early. So they can influence the process provide an actually by the buyers that are right for them before they get to the short. So it's become a lot more challenging it's crazy. It is more challenging because I mean, what you describe here in your book is almost that. Okay. We've got to get there early. We get there earlier. And we gotta get there faster get early gotta get there faster. And you've got to be able to breakthrough all the noise. Right. So and being able to do that. And which means that we can't be doing the same things. We've always been doing and expect the yet at the same time yet at the same time the buyer doesn't wanna talk to you. Right. That's you hit the nail on the head. Jay Wright, is is if we got to get there earlier to influence in the buyer doesn't wanna talk to us what what do we do? And so know the most important thing for my perspective is to really just shift. Your mindset. From this. What I would call more diagnostic sales and marketing where we get to ask the buyer. Lots of questions before we talk about what we do to a more thorough Tatum model of selling and marketing where we come in. And we teach the buyer something about their business at how we can improve their business before we start spouting out about upgrade. Our product is. You bring up a story, by the way, we're talking with Ken risky, author launching two leading this is we're talking marketing, by the way, if you're in B, two B, you're gonna love this. If you're be to see you're still gonna love this because I'm gonna tell you right now, the principles apply across the board in marketing, and it how to improve your marketing because we have to have a different we have to have a different shift. And I thought one of the things that you did. So cleverly is because evidently, you're a football fan on some level. Because. Because when I read the book, I was like, okay. All right. We got fill time. We got we got. We got drives. We got the second half drive. We got to drive. Right. So of course, what would be better than you taking coach Kelly from Arkansas high school in Arkansas, and and the guy doesn't punt. Okay. This is a high school coach who doesn't punt. I don't care where he's out on the field. He never punts. And by the way, every kickoff is an onside kick. Okay. So so so he's, but you used explain why you use coach Kelly's model as a way for us to start thinking differently. In terms of marketing, I read that story I'd sought saw believe special on him. And he just captivated me. I'm a football fan. But I'm not a fanatic. But what really captivated me was how he took an idea and. Really changed the way he approached his entire profession. He took this idea that statistically he'd be better off going for network down. And then he went lock stock and barrel. All in and said, if I believe that which I do because I have data that supports it. How am I gonna change the way I do things and compete with people who are bigger and more resource than I am. I mean now, it's like all I have to say, well, if you're a small business business vendor, and you want to be with those large giants find something that's true and commit to it because you can do it in a lot lower risk than you're bigger competitors scam. And so that's what really attracted me to that story. And to that approach is really the combination of risk-taking going all in on on a truth that, you know, to be true, and then executing crazy. In can don't you think that there's it's hard for a CEO to take that risk? If a marketer, if your CMO your teeth marketing officer comes into your CEO COO and says, you know, what we're in take a risk. And we're gonna do something we're going to get away from talking about our features. And and you know, our benefits, and we're gonna we're gonna create a whole different story line. That's gonna long really well with art what our consumers we're going to line it with their story. Right, which we're gonna talk that later. Right. That's tough. Isn't that a tough sell for the marketing officer? I think maybe a few years ago is a tougher one. I think that's really changed. And there's the reason is the data just supports this approach. And one of the things business has become as you know, Jay is very data driven. So when I can come in and say to the something like. Seventy sixty percent of the buying cycles. Dawn before our sales rep gets to talk to someone. And if I can tell them that, you know, research shows the number one thing that buyers want from their sales reps is industry knowledge about their business. They know about the buyer's business and second that they teach them something. And then I can tell them number seven is product knowledge it, by the way, everyone has product now because it just go to people's website. So why don't we want sales wasting time saying what's already on the website? If I if I go to the CEO and say that and I go to the sales leader. And I say do you find these things to be true? You know, you just get knots. And so the data and the reality that people face is just there, I think if you pointed out, and then you follow that with a so what so here's what we're gonna do. We're going. To stop Ponting. We're gonna do an onside kick every time because the data supports doing it. And by the way, we don't think our competitors. Could do it as fast because of the risk it creates them? Wow. Yeah. Now that becomes a powerful approach. The see of that. We're talking with Ken Russky, author of this fantastic. Book looking at launching leading. And he is brought to you today by art are friendly sponsor who is sponsored us for a longtime. Our original our first sponsor ever, by the way, end line business. Brokers and advisors in line represents profitably profited, the profitably private held companies with gross annual revenues in excess of a million dollars in line delivers the highest market value in the shortest amount of time with complete confidentiality. It is their trademark, and I'm telling you should really look these folks just now on his people are outstanding check them out at n wine dot com. That's E N L I G, N dot com and. They're bringing a new direction, and they're bringing you can rut sqi, and we are so grateful to them for doing that. Can there's so many pieces. I wanna talk about this book, and we don't have time because this is really a three day should be three day show where we continually for three days because I there's no way I'm going to get through all of this book in in the nappy comeback again. Okay. Well, you're going to have to because I want to talk about I want to talk about so many things. And but I I want to kind of go in a little bit of an order because there's a part of me that wants to talk about the race car. Right. And then there's a part of me that wants to talk about aim steep. And because I loved steep. I wrote you and I said, oh my gosh. I love steep when it comes to kind of a lining ourselves and thinking about are consumer. So I'm gonna let you pick it us which one which would we wanna go aim steeper wind took about building your race car. All. He's just a really quick thing. We really focus a lot marketing programs content marketing and marketing automation, right? These are the hot buzzwords in marketing today. Yeah. To me, the marketing automation and all the process that you put in place, that's all the body of the car right or the engine of the car. A on your programs or the tire right there you roll on the road with. But if you put bad gas into that car, it's not gonna go very, well, it I think we've gone away from some the fundamentals of building great messaging that we need to do. And as we said we need to do differently end. If we put bad gas bad messages, no matter how good the car is. Right is not gonna run. Well, advice e you know, every client for every client. I see almost inevitably the first discussion is we spent a ton on all this marketing automation. It's working really well, and we're running all these programs were really officiant, but we're not affected, and you know, our league conversions are low, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, we're not growing the business the way we should why are we spending all this money. Should we keep doing demand gen it all usually comes back to what's the message? And what's the story? Anyo that goes right to the steep stuff and younger shy could say I invented Steve. That we because you point out in the book, and I'm sorry to interrupt you. But. In the book that you know, we always talk about swot analysis, right? Wt. And then you come out, and you pull out steep. I don't care if you didn't invent it or not. There's a rule. There's a rule, right? Because I know you speak, right. And you know, the speakers rule speakers rule is, you know, the first time, you know, you give the person credit, and you said you get up on stage and go as my friend Ken Russky used to say. And then and then the second time, you go you say, well, I've heard it said that and then the third time he do go as I've always said that. We all stand on the shoulders giant. We'd do. So let's talk about steep, and how that fits the consumer marketing piece. I because I think it's beautiful, and it's a beautiful acronym. Yeah. So I St. comes from actually international development work where NGO organizations, right? Not governmental organizations, we go into a country and try to understand it. And so they said yet really understand a country. You have to understand what's going on in the society of what's going on with technology and their adoption technology. What is some the economic factors playing and taking place in that country? What's going on in buyer, mentally, and you know, as it is on a high pollution are they, you know, carbon-free, blah, blah, blah. And then what are the politics, you know, democracy is a dictatorship isn't a socialist regime once going up lyrically, and so yeah. One of my mentors guy a match on of Australia. Yeah. We were talking about this. He said, well, one of the things, you know, you're telling your your. Clients to do is take an environmental scan of their bios. Maybe you should look at this tool. Steep. And so I did and we applied it not been applying that for a decade now at basically, we just ask those questions about what's going on in our customers world in your. It's really just an extended version of the old adage of if you want to understand someone walking their shoes. So that's what we do by doing that. We could better understand the challenges and the opportunities that are in front of them. Not just the ones we might help with. But the ones that matter to them because we gotta relate our value. You know, as as a seller to something that matters, otherwise we just get lost in the crowd. You know, can I used to I'm a psychology professional in business, and they work with business. You psychological coaching business thing. And so I always tell I've said for years over a decade. I've now said you got to pay attention to the psycho graphics of your right out, whoever. And I don't care to be a matter of fact, I was meeting with a BB company. And I said, so what do you know about the psychographic? So the people who are the decision makers. Yeah. And they they looked at me like I had just I had grown extra. You know? My head, you know, because everybody talks about demographics. But they don't talk about the psycho graphics. And I think what I loved about this idea of steep, social technological economic environmental and political is that it applies. It doesn't have to be a country it applies to your consumer. And that was the beauty of what I said, man. This is this is an application of psycho graphics that typically we look at bio away right behaviors interests opinions and attitude is typically what we look at. And so this this was doing this is taking that. And I think doing a little bit more. And I just and I fell in love with that. So I'm gonna steal it. And then I'm going to say that I came up with that probably the third time. I talk about when that's that's all good. Just a little bit of credit. Is it is on a lot of ways the psychographic profile the customer, and and at the end of the day. I wanna find what's keeping that fire up at night or getting them excited to get out of bed in the morning. Right. And if I can understand that I can then start the process of relating what I do to one of those things, and I said that are y return on investment for sellers. That's just table stakes now in these crowded markets. Nothing gets bought if it's not a positive are. Why problem is most of the buyers could buy a thousand things that have positive our washer. They're only gonna buy ten or fifteen in a year. So you have I really don't understand the strategic needs of the buyer and steep is tool to do that. I'll never get higher on the list. Right, right. I just I love that. And you let's let's let's take this thing and stretch it out a little bit further because one of the sections that I thought, oh, I really want you to deal with because I I have this issue with the word value. Yeah. Because people throw it around like everybody knows exactly what it means. And in it. And if you want to infuriate me seriously when it comes to marketing, I get so infuriated when people go what are you just gotta provide them value? What you? What do you mean accord sweep, well, what does that mean? Right. And you really take apart value. Not that it's not that it's exhaustive. But when you really take it apart. So let's talk about from your perspective value, and what you need to do to kind of maybe understand value from your consumers perspective. Yeah. It's it's a great question. We start with teacher in benefit. And I think a lot of times a lot of marketers will stop there get this feature, and it's libbers this benefit. Well, you know value is really in the eye of the absolutely because at the end of the day. You know, this is all markets in general are kind of conversations about the exchange of value. Right. And I'm trying to convince as the seller that I have something valuable value to the buyer that they're gonna exchange there too. Most valuable things that they have their time their money to get right at usually the time is the more valuable those commodities the buyer. So the first thing is to understand that value is the is the buyer and all these needs to be judged from the buyers is so if you think about how I wanna market I wanna find the unique values that the fire can get for me. So the first thing. I need to do is. I need to basically start with what I do uniquely or here. My capabilities the things I do that are interesting import filter that basically defined what those business benefits are. But if I stop there as I said, I'm not done. So then I have to say a much will buy or value this business benefit, even if you just use a simple rating, like high medium and low which I tend to do you? I might take lists thirty benefit statements narrow doubt the ater tat. Then the next question. I have to ask is it unique. You'll can they get this value from another seller through another approach, and then I can take that eight to ten thousand three to five. Now, I've got something of value that only I can deliver and make important in the way, I market it's occupiers. So that's that's kinda my process. I think of it as your starting with a big bucket of sand in them putting through these. Yup. Fire value and then competitive sips to see what's left at the bottom in in. I really don't think we look at it that closely. I think we just assume we have value. I think we just assume that whatever, you know, whatever business were in whether it's a product or service business. We just make the assumption. What we've got value and people want us because it's us. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And I it that's just not true. Because as you so adeptly, just really. Plane and people need to understand value is in the perception of the buyer. That's right there. It's their perception of value is so it would be who've you and you talk about this of one talk about people you've been successful success been successful with right? And once you start talking to those people, but what they found valuable about. What you did? Right. I think you talk about that a little bit. Yeah. I do this all the time. Very typical when I gauge with the client or order week crosses of doing all this in its off about in the book. What are the first things I'll say is let me talk to three or four of your successful customers, and I pretty much ask them three questions. What value did you expect from buying this product? Did you get that million? That's kind of question. One question. Two is what values did you get that? You didn't expect to get? Question three is what would you like out of the product or service that you're not getting and that creates a pretty interesting pallet of information, so to speak or great data to bring into a process of trying to figure out how to talk about your valley. And also, it ends up giving you some good ideas on how to evolve your product or service also season. I love that approach when you wrote this in the book because I think sometimes we have Tennessee to look at all the negative things. Like, if you know, you get negative review or somebody doesn't buy where we sitting there trying to figure out why didn't they buy right versus going to the people forty purchased from you and understanding why they did see I think it's it's qualitatively two different things. I think we sometimes focus on how did we lose that deal versus what caused us to win that deal in you know, as a psychologist right loss. Aversion is very strong, motivator, you repeat, right? A huge. So I think sure you're I guess proposed that maybe you're a fan of Steven covy bigotry, Stephen figured that. So. So, you know, Koby talks about an abundance mindset. Right. Right. One of the ships. I think marketers need to make is there is so much business out there. Right. We live in a world of abundance. There's so many buyers out there. Let me find. Taking my success. Find more like out because there's gonna be more of them. But if I don't understand who they are, and what they value then I can't maximize the number of them that I find that are like them. And so, you know, my belief is if you can articulate your value. Well, that kind of that first step you're doing better than ninety percent of your competitors, it competition all just disappears that point because those who can tell buyers what they what's in it for them. And do it really. Well, a really the ones who rise about the crowd and win all the other stuff is just the next the extra twenty percent that takes you from successful to wildly successful. We're talking. You're absolutely right. We're talking with Ken Rogulski, author of this outstanding book launching launching two leading a how to be market leaders create flash mobs Marshall parades in ignite movements, by the way, it's available Amazon Hudson books bar. Barnes and noble here. Let me put it this way. If it's not on a bookshelf, you just go to your favorite bookstore. And you tell them I want launching leading by Ken Russky. This is what you do. Okay. Guess what was just came out on audible yesterday? Okay. So I've got some audible credits. So guess what Jay's going to be doing with audible credits? He's going to be listening to this book. Even though he's read this book a couple times he's gonna listen to the book over and over again because it's just so chock full of amazing marketing ideas, and we're going to talk about the viewpoint wheel here in a second. Because I to me it is the crux of this book. And so you're going to want to pay attention to the viewpoint wheel because creating the wheel and understanding where you are in this processes, how we get to the point of whether you're you're at the point of flash flash Bob parade or movement, and that's gonna help determine that along the way. But before I do that. I gotta do some business. And here's the business. I have to do. And that is I have to take our sponsor for spa. Ken Russki and this book and new direction, and that's inland business. Business brokers and advisors. Are you business owner at some point you're going to need the services, I'm an experienced business broker selling your business is a big decision. So make sure that you build with the deal team. And these are the experts start there. They're the experts in line business brokers and advisors. You can learn more the this is a B two B company, folks. And I'm telling you if you're looking to sell your business you want it to confidence with confidentiality which is their trademark there. Are none better. I'm just telling you that right now there are none better. You can find them and inline dot com. That's E N L I G N dot com. Find him because I'm gonna tell you. They're gonna help you. And they're going to do an amazing job for you. And we thank them for sponsoring, Ken Rogulski and his book and a new direction with Jay Izzo and over folks for for being with us because thank you so much for watching us live, and we wanna thank our podcast listeners. I know that I have some listeners. Can I got some listeners that are in Merton England that regularly listened to the show. So I need to shout out to my folks in Merton England that are part of the edge of Wimbledon right there in lower London. And so I wanna shout out to my friends and Merton. It's great always having you listened to the show. And I appreciate whether you whether you catch us here library, whether you catch on the podcast, and we thank you for tuning in with us here. So let's move on in this segment. Let's move onto the viewpoint story wheel. Because I feel like that. This is really the crux of this book. I felt like I really felt like if you read all the stuff, and we've kind of given everybody kind of the some of this some of the there's a whole lot more by by the way, we didn't. We didn't even cover. Right now. What can I talk about Dunedin cover twenty percent of this book? Okay. There's so much more. But the viewpoint story wheel is the heart the soul of this book. So rather than me trying to go about at help help help the listeners understand what the viewpoint story wheel is in white is so important to launching your marketing to getting to leading. Yeah. So it starts with this idea that stories motivate equal and change people's behavior. And so if I want to be a great communicator, I really have to be a great storyteller. And when I was reading the book, I was looking at different storytelling Paradyne's in an I knew about this one called the hero's journey and the hero's journey. I was first proposed by a guy named Joseph Campbell who was a cultural anthropologist and not to get an a ton of detail there. We could talk about that for now. Our but Campbell basically said all of our mythology whether religious or cultural a classical across the globe, followed this same story pattern, which Economou no myth or the hero's journey and the really quick version of it is the heroes living there light they get disrupted. They get sucked into an alternative reality where they have a death or near death experience. They need to God. Or goddess they get a magical gift, and they go back to make the world a better place. If your listeners have seen the LEGO movie that's the perfect prototype hero's journey with Evans, so eilly recommend that movie as a study of the journey on Campbell. By the way, he consulted on the original Star Wars. Trilogy us, a Lucas decide. George Lucas at the site will of him. So I figured it. Also used by Disney extensively. So I figured it. Well, this is good enough for George Lucas, a Disney probably good enough for me, and my clients and side model this idea of the viewpoint story we all around. That here's journey and making the customer the hero as opposed to be making my product the magical gift in heroes journey. So. Apply to business business or marketing in general. The story kind of goes like this chapter one is the world's change. And don't you agree, Mr. customer? Chapter two is if you keep doing things the way, you are you're going to be in a world of hurt or you're gonna have a lot of opportunities. So you're suck. This Campbell would say into the depths of despair that chapter three is to the rescue is my Google product or service, which takes different approach uses a different set about analogies. Innovation and shift your mindset about how to solve your problems. And when you do that chapter four is you end up in this great break world. So yeah. The danger of being self referential if I used myself here and tell my story that's in the book, very quickly is that. Okay. Absolutely is the world's changed its buyer driven market. That's chapter. One chapter two is if you keep leaning on feature function benefit you're never gonna breakthrough lead chapter three is take this approach. Tell your viewpoint story, and then you'll be leading your market parade chapter four. So you see how even I use that in telling my story yet I've applied this probably about forty or fifty times now with clients over the last decade at really excited to say my clients have created over I think last count about seven billion in in market cap through PEOs in acquisitions at. Yeah. They've done a lot of things. Right. But one of the things I haven't communism told their story. Why are we reluctant to do that? I mean, 'cause it seems so it seems so commonsensical to me. But yet it's really not done very frequently. I mean, we we try to tell the story from our perspective. Right. So often we try to say, here's our story. You know, we started off as a mom-and-pop shop back in right instead of making the like you said making the consumer the hero in our story. Why do you think we? I'm hearing I'm asking the psychological question to you. But I mean, I'm I'm asking you because it just seems to me that it would make more sense. Are we that selfish narcissistic? You know, I think it's that passionate. We're so passionate about our products and services, especially the ones we ourselves. Right. And we put so much into we naturally want to stand up on the mountain top scream about how graded it's 'cause we're yet were rabbit believers, right, and that's awesome. That's awesome. Energy to have. We just got a harness it. And we got a harness it in a way that we put the context around our pride right in the context is how we can help you not how great we are. And you know, that's just a little bit of a ship of. But man. Yeah. I talk about executing with ferocity. There's nothing like founders who believed to be for Rochas executor's. And so you don't wanna lose that. But at the same time, you've got you gotta ramp that context in the right place. I think what you said in the book was. You know, we caught it's our baby. Yeah. And we're so proud of our baby and. We look at our baby. Right. We look what we created. Right. We we created this baby. Right. The ever sat on the airplane next to the guy who's got four kids like nanny brings up his phone. How many pictures is he gonna show? So what we tend to do we want to show the buyer every take the baby from the time. It was born until it's college graduation. We do we we want to show him everything that we do. Right L all read this read this. And I love what you said about white paper. I wanna stick a fork in my eye with some of the white paper that I've read because it just makes no sense. Stop it. It's over. When you've gotten past like three to five pages, I'm done with reading your white papers. Okay. It's true. But we do we even in business. We are. So proud of our baby that we want to tell everybody about the baby. But then what we forget what we forget is that the person who's in the other airplane seat. They really don't care about your baby. They want to know what's in it for. What is what's in it for me giving me your children because I've got children of my own which like to see mind their thirty which like to see you like to see them now. So if you sat down next to somebody was going through say medical crisis with their child that your child in through excited, they would be to see the recovery. Pictures of especially if the guy was tend to be a surgeon who did that type of. Right, right. I mean, if you knew if you knew the psychographic of that person next to you, right, then then you can shift the conversation. Oh, you may be interested in in this. We're talking with Ken Rogulski, author book launching leading marketing book that will blow your mind. I'm just telling you, it will blow your mind it has mine. So we've got this viewpoint story model that we're using that you that you so eloquently put together and it's beautiful. And by the way, there's an appendix in the back of this book. So if you're looking for pictures, there are pictures that he's drawn that are gone up of these models and how they work, and I thought it was really interesting how you were able to take four different situations. Apply it to the viewpoint story wheel. And I found myself in that fourth category as a B two B person as a consultant. It is that inspirational piece, so maybe you could talk about maybe a little bit of these four areas, you know, the the pain, and what percentage you use of different things, can you? Yeah. You know, you think about this the story. I think the part you're referring to others for kind of story types it in that wheel, right? The first one is really about the world. And how the world has changed in my poster child company for that is a company here in Silicon Valley called Zora. Oh are a. Those guys do subscription billing accounting software. You can't get a lot more dry than billing and accounting software. Right. But what they did is they really went on a mission to educate the market about the change from buying subscribing of products. You know, we're now in our house quit toothbrush users. Right. So we even get our toothbrush on subscription now. Now, how does that? Right. Right, right. Lending of sorry. No, no, no. I've seen this whole thing about they delivered toothbrushes like every X every ninety days much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that you don't you say that you don't use the same toothbrush because who doesn't use the same toothbrush too long? Exactly. Exactly. And it's toothbrush. Nice product, the nice service. But what did is they basically said look it's turning into a subscription economy. Let me educate you, if you sell products or services, why you need to go from a purchase mindset to a subscription one. And then by the way, when you need the billings offer to help you get there. I've got right. So they didn't spend a lot of time on the rest of the story about why you're billing softwares broken. And the problem you're gonna have with your current solution, and the magical thing I have and how to transform your business. They just went straightforward. Let me explain the world to you. And how I can help you. And then you can keep going around the second one is, you know, I just basically say look on I feel your pain Mr. customer on because I know what you're doing today to solve your problems. And I understand the pain you're in or the opportunities. You're missing one of my clients FireEye on us that very effectively, and they're they're nineteen security company. And they basically just said, hey, you know, the threats out there have changed if you keep trying to defend yourself the way you are your big trouble at they spent a lot most of their time explaining why the current solutions were broken. And then I call that kind of the all paint no-gain story. And then they went on to say, oh, and I've got the magical thing that can help where one of their your fellow travelers nineteen security company made Paolo Alto networks. They just went straight for what I call the better mousetrap version of the story, which is it's time to fix their case category was called the firewall scientifics the firewall. We've got a better one. Now, they still told the whole story. From. Yup. The worlds change it keep using your current firewall. You're gonna have all these problems. We've got a better one dot it's gonna make your life better. But they really just focused on that better mousetrap heart of the story. And then lastly, and this is where I pulled from the consumer world a little bit my former favorite line virgin America, which doesn't exist anymore. They recipes basically said, hey, lying doesn't have to suck. We're gonna make flying great again. And man, they delivered without the whole experience applying virgin America, which was headquartered out of San Francisco and had a big odd. There was just awesome. And they might right to the end of the story, which is were making flying. Great again. Yeah. They didn't have to tell you all the pain. You had when you did business line. You already need you already knew that. So you can choose where to focus. Your story out which those Jap there's and there's some guidance of the book around how to pick whether you're a growth market or replacement market or a new market or grow through stagnant market. Certain of these story types tend to perform better on depending on the characteristics of the market, you're in it's awesome. We're talking with Ken ski author of the book leading to uncertain launching two leading got Becker for second available. We're books are sold by the way, I need to just interrupt. Your for second for this. Folks, listening podcast nothing happened. You listen to Ken all the way through. But for those of you who may have been watching Facebook live. We for whatever reason we ended. We're back on again. So I want apologize to all those people who who are now joining us back and wintering what happened. Well technology is never perfect. And so we just had a technological glitch. I apologize for backup life. So we thank you for rejoining us, those of you who are doing that as well. And and I know that so many of these folks who were on the podcast again. So Ken, we're down. Do you know we've almost been on an hour. It's it it always does this always happens with the people that I interview I find I'm so engaged and having such a good time with him. I hope you're having a good time to as well great time. Jay, but it just seems to go really fast, and I get so bummed because I'm like going. I don't want it to end because I got more questions Ken. And they aren't going to stop. And what makes him? What makes me say is. You know, what you're gonna buy the book is what you gotta do. I'm not quite done with Ken. I'm gonna ask him a couple more questions. But really if if you were into marketing, and by the way, I don't care what kind of marketing you or into an, and I know that it says how to be market leaders, create flash moms Marshall, parades and ignite movements. And I know that's what it says here. But I'm going to encourage any people who were in marketing to pick up this book, by the way, CEO's I want you to also pick up this book CMO's CEOs CTO's you need to pick this book up. And the reason why you need to pick this book up is because this is more than this is more than just. Just a book for just a marketing person. This has got so much information that so relative to so many people. So I'm going to really really occurred you to please pick up this book. And because it's a great book. So I wanna talk about the last three things because before we leave you, and we may go a little bit overtime. If you if you don't have a hard three. So the the things about in the book create flash moms parades movements, and I found that to be a fascinating part of the end of the book was how you determined. How you defined flash mobs and parades and movements and where you were at so give us a quick overview, and they keep us wanting for more. Yeah. I mean, I think the quick overview is. It kinda says it in those three words right a flash mob is that crowd of early people who gather because they're adamant about what you're playing in. What you do? And so we're in the early stage of our leadership journey we're really trying to find those clothes in close in buyers, really see us just become passionate. And then I moved to the parade where this is about what's going on in the world that too steep, right? And how do I click into something like this attrition economy with my value f parades can take you all the way to an idea. Right. I mean, they're very very powerful on beyond. And then you up you companies get to the movement stage, which essentially is changing the world. And when you're doing that man, you are just already, you know, hugely successful hugely. No. As you go through those stages, your everything from your business objective onto your communication of jacked up to your marketing mix a changes as well as your audience. So at the beginning is really the problem owner right at the flash map, who's the person I can help today and going to dance crazy or me at the parade is really becomes more of the sea level sponsor who's looking for that strategic transformation. And then by the time, I get to the movement. It's like I'm trying to have not with those other CEO's on how I can change the world. So everything changes, depending where I am that a continuous and the beautiful thing is they all build on each other at one of the stakes. We make is we get a little tunnel vision into the stage wherein, so you talk about on talking about your purpose of what you're starting your parade on because when you get to the movement stage a lot of this is about purpose of if I totally ignore purpose. It till that it's too late or really thinking about your story at the flash mob stage because the story still has to bring people in and it's going to be critically important as I transition up from the plasma up to the parade. So the back of the book, I think it's on page fifty four if I remember right yet. We kinda summarize the different stages in what you need to do to move from one to the other. You know, what it is? It's on page hundred fifty four that's really good. I'm holding it up. So people can actually see it. If they want to look at it. I know you people listening on podcast can't see it. But it is really on one hundred page great on page on her fifty four to let you know. You've been awesome, Ken. Thank you. It's been great. I'm enjoyed our chat. This has been a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. And so what I always ask my guests to do is the show's called a new direction. So I asked my guests if you could leave my listeners, I I call them my listeners, really not mine there on loan to me. I there are listeners if you could give them a new direction when it comes to launching two leading and marketing, what would be your new direction. Direction would be to put the buyer at the Senate your story and make them here. Beautifully done. Well, done sustainably. Hold on with me where you can shirt. See everybody that's a show. Right. We we have to think, of course, our sponsor, inline business brokers and advisors. They have been a part of the show guy. Thank them for sponsoring launching two leading and Ken Rogulski today. They were awesome. Listen when it's time sell your business, right? Call this folks. Business brokers and advisors. It's it's inline dot com. It's very simple E N L I N dot com. And folks, I tell you every week as I close the show look. You know, be inspired. Because when you're inspired you can aspire someone else, and when you're inspiring someone else in term big inspired that allows her world to change. And so changed the world. Be inspired. I will talk to John everybody. Jill confidence and innocence dumb. Got to keep going. Got you know, you can't sue. Joe? Jay. Two. Thomas. A new show. New. The new brand new.

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

The Friday Packet with Stocky and Stout Podcast

50:04 min | 11 months ago

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

"What are you. What are we talking about today on the friday. Packet stocking stout. I'm imagining it's not going to have a lot of information or snarky comments from council members. no no i don't i don't really know we talked about today. Lost 'cause nobody fucking nose anyway. We listened to some excellent clips of some council members discussing the budget for fiscal year. Twenty one option. Yeah adoption so. Today we discussed what a arduous heart wrenching annoying process. That was a six hour council meeting. That almost ran into another calendar day. Making everything null and void weird cryptic shannon as twisty motions that nobody understands including the city attorney parliamentarian. Who was completely like. Yeah not i guess because he just the blindsided yeah yeah he knew. It's just weird anyway. So yeah it basically. All we talked about was budgeting and what arduous terrible process. It is better every year in the city We also read a message from lasco. Pd glasco peavy. Thank you lasco. Tv and kentucky washing lasco bosch bosch lasco pva insider and then talkie bosh now. It was sanyo bosch. The citizen member who meandering sidewalks remember who citizens city said civilian civilian. Who talked about our ears so because it won't be a package show without discussion on sidewalks. Absolutely right that One last thing. I went to that silly public meeting down at Liberty in vine about which also styles good point neighborhood meeting about graffiti and crime and transient see addiction and poverty and trauma and they decided that they would handle that in an hour and a half ocher and boy. Oh boy did it ever work but they basically just wanted to duplicate services they just didn't know any of that shit existed already. We need to start a thing that does this and started thing that this and it all exists. They just haven't got probably get a study done. They just haven't been paying any attention to anything other than what they're doing so they don't realize that all of these things already exist but one dude was hollering about How we can't get a streetlight put up in front of his building Okay where's this building remember. Yeah wonder how specific. I should get so yeah anyway. He has absolutely no idea. How streetlight districts work at all. And he says he's been trying for two years to get a streetlight put in front of his building. I really wanna recommend our episode. Streetlight manifesto to church so fucking understands it four two. It's sad that he's been trying for two years and he still doesn't know how streetlight districts work chair. But anyway you'll figure it out street lights and sidewalks actually the only two things that matter in billings get more light on. Its braider better. Yeah and and as long as you don't have to lose any long freight sidewalks are perfectly public right away. That isn't yours. Yeah project we talked about. I think it's a good leader in. I think so stick around. Oh it'll be guessing you run our times of break it down into quarters thirte- perhaps just get yourself six bags at down and drain it all on the first fifteen minutes straight over there there you go but on your learning pants. Montana's in the supreme court news With the religious school exemption stuff allowing federal funds to religious schools. Yeah like that. Some sorta tax credit thing. Yeah you're allowed to donate donate to a certain institution of choice and write it off on your taxes. That's what i glean from it. Yeah is that what the what it is. It's basically roughly completely around. There's more nuance to turkey. Jesus i think they concern hills versus bluetooth. Not just looking around by looking doing the anchorman. it works well. I'm sure there is probably a case called. Sent howard has versus bluetooth via presided over by chief justice yamaha buffalo princess versus virgin mary kentucky case nineteen three a lot of implications. There was tendrils everywhere. Andrews tendrils what a fine amount of banter to begin this episode. I guess. I think we could do the freddie packet with stocky and stout The the authority on billing city government. We happenings and goings ons. If you want to know what happened two weeks ago you just have found the perfect spot for what that means. Yeah three weeks ago by the time you hear this. it's possible. Am i get it out this weekend. We'll see what happens. We'll see what happens. I've got my computer. Becky was having troubles again. Because of an update and to re-instill the hard drive so that was exciting exciting. When that happens to your things This week well. You have comments questions concerns. We've gotten a couple. Yeah a few from from from some devoted listeners. So that's nice. Wanna do that. You go to friday packet at gmail.com with those questions. Photos comments concerns there If you want to become a sustaining member of the show go to patriots dot com slash the freddie packet level member for only a dollar. I'm just looking through our emails. Are you in the spam folder. Those are as good. No i probably should know. I'm looking at this one from an anonymous listener. If you don't want to be anonymous put that in your email. Otherwise we'll just felt to anonymous free. Sanyo bosh offices fantastic asian german asian sherman american luda fisk only worse. It's a photograph of quote. Wes anderson ask sidewalk seven. This listener is not wrong. It's a little you can crash your bike. If you're going to you just gonna go straight and be fine. It just goes across. It goes dead two blocks of the cobb field. I'm going to call it go because it's not it is interesting. It's an organic meander through the dreams of wes anderson. If you get if you get a good head of steam up though man you're gonna have to carve it back and forth pretty hard to stay young s curves down. I mean is slow slow down. it's a chicane. Yeah quote look at this shit. Just look at it. Md ot ripped up a perfectly normal sidewalk to build some whimsical bullshit. Wrong i mean. It was kind of curious because that was relatively new issue sidewalk. I'm guessing they might have had to just because of optics or fiber optics or some sort of utility. That might that. Put out of there. But i could be wrong. Probably the la tore it up and put in a hindering stream of concrete on north twenty-seven their south twenty seventh. It's i mean at least i guess. At least it's a sidewalk. It is that there's concrete. There are some cold joints in it. Turns rushed bro. Some i'm guessing it was probably around. Four thousand psi warm day. Don't want it to set up two quick test. It i did. I did a slump test. We should probably go get cut us test cylinder two out of it with core example. Make sure that put the rebar in their brothers. Got a nice big rodeo hammer. In a big old six inch hole saw that we can know it'd be pretty good. I like it. What could go wrong at least is a sidewalk. It's they're going to take a core on it. I'm guessing they put in bar. Maybe i did. Maybe they didn't. I don't know seventy t- fucking. They live by their owners. I do the put the right base in there. I don't know handsome. Rebel doesn't play by society's rules this is true. You know what we hit around. Here's the hard questions like. Why does a sidewalk meander click. Crazies are out. why is there dogging here now. We also had some communication from an insider in the city. Okay we'll call them lasco. Pv lasco pv says. You guys had some great. You've had some great episodes so obviously not. All of them are great. Some for that backhanded. Insult good lord. Thanks a lot some right shit. I wanted to tell you how much enjoyed them. That's very nice. I just finished listening to slash-and-burn had a couple of comments like actually. I know what all this stuff is. And i understand it way better than you guys. Here's where you were wrong and wrong. Absolutely right wrong again. We're always ready alaska. Pv incidences unless and until the lawmakers from billings and yellowstone county. Go to helen. Push for a local option. Sales tax will never happen. Yellowstone county citizens contribute about one fifth of the state's budget from taxes. But have been the torius absent in helena. Lobbying their legislators. I believe the city could use this momentum in public interest to get people interested and involved in lobbying for local option sales tax the tax burden in the state does fall to property owners and workers because income and property taxes. Make up the majority of the revenues. So that's an interesting figure. Yellowstone county contributes twenty percent of the state's income from taxes. You're welcomed the rest of the state. Luke belinda like those roads. Yeah you're welcome fallon county more. Like fake county. Borough field account mr pva felon pd lasco. Lasco p basco. You're not wrong. This is true A local option sales tax would be it would be a definite option And it's been struck down so many times well past few weeks. We've had quite a few things happen. We've got a budget. Now that happened. The buzzer was approved. Spoiler alert went great really well so there was a work session and when i say was work session boy. Was there work session. Six hour and twenty twenty minute session that turned into basically a regular city council meeting. I mean they started making motions. They started taking boats and shit which didn't make a lot of sense. I don't know if they can prove that before the meeting like lets us do it this way and see how that goes because usually in work session it's usually and unofficial discussion kind of capacity. They decided to go the motion route. And my god did it get confusing. Way fucking confusing. How much were you able to watch the whole thing. Did you watch all fucking six hours. You're a superhero dune that took till eleven the lowest midnight. I not a chance. It took up a lot. Well i was able to mike or do some stuff while i was watching it. What a stuff. But if you're able to do something because you sit there and watch it you sort of lose your mind. Oh god yeah. I don't know how people do it but anyway At the beginning of meeting They were mad because they released City or wealth. The city council basically said well. Let's look what three point. Five million in cuts looks like and loan the whole. The parks board said okay. Yeah and they unveiled those add parks meeting. I believe a week before the actual council meeting essentially. We're close billings pretty much close. The pool. Schools wrote sparked people south park pool the senior center Go away lose a forester urban forester at this shitty level and a few other things but council member boy at Read a statement at the beginning of frigging meeting voicing. His frustration at a public meeting was held and stuff was disclosed at the public meeting that he didn't want to be disclosed. It was really fucking confusing. It's a public meeting. You asked for what three point five looking cuts and then you've got angry. That they showed the three point. Five gets angry at the process. How came out but when we're expecting people to get say and discuss the cuts now entering six hour meeting. Could you imagine the six hour meeting turning into like a ten hour meeting because you brought up these cuts during that meeting seems seems kinda weird but yeah this would boy. It had to say at the beginning of meeting. Good footage i love. I wrote my nose nose down. Because i didn't wanna forget but recently we the city council promotion direct the staff of the city of billings looking at ways to reduce the proposed future budget by about three and a half million off i fully expected to be presented with a variety of options to reduce the budget and a level of impact for consideration at this meeting instead of them bombarded with telephone calls emails texas starting wednesday texas. Texans how council. Not the close the parks pools and senior center. I had no idea what people were talking about later. Found that the arts department. that's alive. Budget cuts were shared with general probably prior to presenting it to the council as our senior administration. Admit i'm not making any judgments on the merits of a recommended cuts the park by it. But i'm very disappointed in win. How the proposed cuts were disclosed. The recommendation should have been presented. City council i. No reasonable person would be surprised. The outcry of the citizens regarding these ads announcing that cuts for the first time in art board meeting was in in and counter-productive were in the future. I hope that the city employees will present all os budgets and all subsequent changes to the city council for review in consideration before sharing with gentle. And lastly the council and the administrator we work together to make harden citizens can't continue in. My opinion bounced budget using saving. That was my statement. Thank you very much. It's a one time deal you promise. Oh what a liar. Everybody in billings fucking knew about it. You had no idea. He had no idea what they were talking about. They didn't even know there was a parks board meeting at at at a certain time i just make him a horribly inappropriate city council member then a little bit city council members should know i. They should know all the secrets before. Sure i get it. But then i don't i don't i don't recommend that's the way you think how little input which you want the city to have i mean the seems like the perfect time to do it. Would you want it to happen during that meeting and turn it into a twelve hour meeting. If he be paying attention. I mean this is sort of drop that three point. Five million dollars cut during a meeting that people are struggling to get through to begin with four hours into a meeting. Yeah and by the way it's interesting. Yeah the they discussed all this stuff at this meeting made all these decisions and motions. How they what they want to see not in the budget that they were gonna prove the next meeting And they didn't have comment until about fifteen minutes to eleven at night during a zoom meeting. Jesus the fact that anybody was able to hold on that long as a miracle in itself how many comments were there. there was a few. There's like four or five to say. Yeah i mean that's a good way to keep the people quiet source that one. I don't know if this was on the work session. But this was ya way. Council member yankovitch. Those uninformed is known as ya in my mind. He made a motion during a work session. I believe this was that city council. Pay should be on the board and if you're if you're curious about what city council members get paid. Just go back and listen to this episode to episode to know in my binder of secrets. Don't let fucking mike boy at find out that you have that mike. I have a calendar to with when boards meat and stuff bombarded by texans. So it's six hundred council members a month per month every single month. And i believe it's eight hundred bucks a month for the mayor. They did pass an ordinance earlier last year that he's going to bump up their pay but they're going to wait until all council members who were elected get off and then that will bump up twelve hundred for the mayor and then the hundred for council members but these are the hard numbers. They're coming up with. It's like this is the solution to a former million dollar deficit to pay council members. Little to nothing at all. It's just more of an argument like well. We should just abolish little fucking thing and haven't run like a city county commission and filled with people who know what the fucker they're doing. That's that's my interpretation. But this this motion and the ensuing discussion. Afterwards i guess well i would entertain the motion that council we give up. July's wage or one buck the richest guy in the group food. Thank you appreciate that. And i guess i'll count edwards just because we don't have emotion on the director level salaries component. So we can deal with this one. We can come back to that. They're all kind of related councilmember. Boy you had a second on that and your motion a second city council number one month. Is that what you said so so one month got eleven members. Times said i got ten. What's six hundred for ten of them so we have six thousand plus the mayor. Sixteen hundred bucks. Yeah so there you go one month taken care of sixty eight hundred bucks nights. I don't know he can take everybody out to lunch. What what exactly is going to get in there and talk about having that motion on the table now council member. Sean accounts moronic. I really have to speak up about the pay issue in. i understand. I understand where councils coming from. But i also have to be really honest that i can't even pay for childcare. What we cramping. I'm doing this harshly. My family is losing money so no. It's not a ton of money but we're creating this idea that it's okay to not gay our council members or not pay our directors and. I think that's a really dangerous message to send to buildings. I also just honestly as i look at the council. There's a reason why. Our age demographic is skewed higher and yes. I'm getting a little bit upset about this. Because this is an issue that Is really very central to me when i talked to people about getting involved. Rangpur city council. They're all saying we have kids. How do we pay for this. It's just not possible to do so. I will not be supporting those. Not because i make a ton of money and you know feel like i need the six hundred dollars because the principle of it is very important to me and i need to see these wages. Increase haven't increased in twenty two years so that we can start getting more diversity onto the thing. I thought about making the substitute of all to be above their wages for months combat. Do let the people go. Let them keep it. Maybe we should just keep your salary. Fuck you want to just it. Back for fuck sake okay just to clarify. I assume that emotion official city council action would not be necessary for me to do that. If that could be getting in solving customer brown and then councilmember niece humor council member. I would support this duration that breeze wages. We want to pres ourselves wages for six months for six months. I don't support either so where i'm at. I'm sorry this and we support the motion. Or not. I would give it. We had the condition that we would our wages. For the same duration that greg little salaries were frozen. I don't support either. But i would support it. In that case. I see okay if something were treated as a blubber stop salaries humira and actually. That's sean. I was thinking the same thing i broke late. Four might be in the motion. I was gonna make emotion. And i'll make us substitute motion direct. A budget include a fifty percent reduction in the in councils wages from the twenty one i. I don't think. I think we're asking the staff had to take into cut. That's going to bring about forty thousand dollars in the table. that can help someone else. Keep the job in the city. You're right. I don't do this for the money i do this city and and And i think that's the whole reason why people need to do that. Is not is definitely. Whether it's six hundred hundred i am. I think that's what we need to give back as much awesome. And frank follows up with a snarky snarky guy. I had paused for set. Because it's it's a fucking hunting but it it's a it's indicative. That council has raised wages in twenty two years thinking that they're giving up their wages that haven't been adjusted for inflation. In twenty two years is going to take care of city level position at forty thousand dollars a year. Yeah so you're here. You go with a frank frank. What do you got to say frank. Only reason i went into this position is for that six hundred dollars a month. So i really feel terrible about losing three hundred but i think you have to lead from the top. That's that's how you get things done. How many times you hear that. Us congress they they always have way better things than the rest of the people and they never leave the top there. And i think that would be a good show. Where leading from adopt. We wanna get. The specs is going to take us some time. Or you're going to get it done. And i think the people see it and hopefully it will work in our advantage in the long run. So we've got a vote just like make sure that people understand. This motion was not made other than to show from the leadership that we were willing to sacrifice because we're asking the public's of sacrificing will be asking also increased taxes. So this is what this book. S motion was intended to do to show the public where leading like making cuts in. Show the staff that will. We're willing to take cuts as well. We're asking the staff to do I think we should be leading with that. So that's the reason the only reason that motion it's not any anyone trying to exclude anyone for agents and it's not the intent is showing this as the this year. Only thank you. What a fucking meaningless. Bullshit political yeah. What a huge sacrifice they're all making except kendra shop probably is making a folk and huge sacrifice would be making a huge sacrifice doing that. 'cause she probably needs every goddamn cenci can get fucking bullshit and also. I don't know how many times frank that i've heard that the us congress. They have better things than the rest of the people. Thanks for that. Lucid aiding comment so that was a two and a half hour conversation that was just thrown little monkey into the beginning of that. I believe it's followed up by the person who made the original motion. Mr yankovitch saying this. Okay thank you much bring us back then to the underlying counts react. Which is a one month reduction that is still mandatory recognize. Is they'd have to go back and change the or counselor react. Which under this point. I'm going if i have permission from boy i'm going to Remove my motion so that stays in my life. I don't ever get back. Never mind never mind. It's wanted to stand on principle. I guess i realize it's meaningless bullshit but thanks folks sake exactly okay. Thank you very much with your consensus. Well okay so. We don't have any motion on there. Were any on this at all. But i think the discussion very valuable was. I chose to sacrifice castles already making but also the importance of participating. If we're asking people to take contributions so we move on to franks discussion about a bossa. Which is the budget. They've been presented to it They're expecting to get. I think it was four hundred thousand dollars in sticking to my mind more. That's just one of his suggestions. But i mean he's got some more karachi things to say really. Yeah he's got some angry things to say about buffa and now at the end of this meeting so people were getting tired and cranky and we call it e walter e wealthy so he had one little thing to to add to diatribe of things we can get money from which was meandering lists over here in his guts and things like that council member burnt and says what happened to buffalo. We need to get money from their eleven off of us for free and we gotta do something about it. We got our fire department. If dante guam get fire service and started up their own it would cost them a whole bunch. More county doesn't give us a break on our prisoners that we put in jail. We pay the same as all the other cities around us. So let's get some real serious look at that buffs and that would help out a bunch bunch. Every little bit helps everything and place where we might be able to say what he had. Any is blowing my mind. How many people drive vehicles harm the live of the city limits. I mean how gases cheap right now. It ain't real cheap but it's cheaper. It has banned right but that adds up does so. It's fifty thousand fifty thousand a couple of times that that's one hundred thousand and it doesn't take long and you got pile of my commander we don't let anyway take vehicle of city limits ever ever so it makes a lot of sense so don't go to say it's like forty thousand dollars. That's a lot of gas solves some focus for going up. You're talking dump trucks not going to happen. We're talking fires not not on my watch. Firetrucks ain't going past that say the hose can go past the limit. Maybe sure if it's not the truck itself though hand the exactly by a county vehicle it can pick it up at the city limit line so those those are franks ideas and making sure that i'm guessing department level heads can't drive their vehicles home at night. Know that's gonna add like forty thousand times that by thirteen you got. I don't know three hundred million dollars helps problem. Solve under fee also means police cars too. 'cause like a lot of cops well they don't have enough storage at the barn for every cop car lot or parking for everybody when they get to work but a lot of cops will drive their cop car home and park it in their neighborhood. And it's i mean arguably but i think it's probably a pretty effective deterrent way to just make cops like a part of the community. Oh you know what i mean. What would you want to do that. I don't know never mind. They should all be on mark of being stupid right now. So i believe it's Onto the regular to meetings where the budget discussion. I know this is all fucking over the place but It's hard to play catch up and make a concise council members earn notorious here in town of Making motions of substitute motions and substitutes to the substitute motions and it gets really confusing. And no one knows what's going on including is trying to keep track of what the fuck is going on. Oh my god is that the worst job in billion skits got the i imagine. What are those call. One of the storage they. Yeah someone up front so they can read back what people are saying or just some sort of robot. i don't know like like telemedicine about the wonders the council chambers. This spits back what they've been saying mentioned having to read back. Franks state be bop. bop jazz. Four aero works not found but administrator goski expresses his displeasure with having to figure out what the council members will never seen. A group makes so many mode substitute motions and subsequent motions. Which frankly i think frustrate each other in confused the public whatever you choose to do my advice to us just straightforward make amendments to the budget. Vote them down or vote them off in in. This feels a little bit four. And i think this four frustrates the public. Because they don't understand what's going on at at the end of it gets even better off. I recognized gaspar. Brown still need a little bit more by seymour. Clarification there were schwartz board of fuck. Can we all do the. But i'm just gonna let that go talk over at jesus. So they're trying to figure out what the budget looks like boarded or of in question before and this is councilmember niece. I don't understand exactly. He cites a certain thing in the city council charter that i'll just try to let the city attorney. Explain it because there's no way i can. But he makes this motion before they approve the city budget. And it's this weird or not arcane but just weird in the weeds kind of motion to. I don't know exactly. It's fucking frustrating. What it is. I man. let's do. This does consist multiple distinct propositions and budgets every budget stance on your enterprise funds. Separate enterprise zones. You have separate departmental. It is not all one budget considering under consideration more than one proposition. So i hereby request. That'd be separated. Turney parliamentarian brent brooks. Can you help us here. Your honor a my interpretation is the same as yours talks about the question under consideration as opposed to the various departments or divisions that are included within the city's budget. The operative word me in your own rule is if they question as one or more or multiple parts if i am just one piece. Is we look at the clock. So this is casper. Earn council member. This is the city of minister cole. Ski mania coming in hot saying oh by the way during this meeting we have to have at the public safety mill. Levy foul language. We had to have that prove which is also on this agenda. Which is the regular session. June twenty second. We have to have this language approved. Just get on the ballot because if we approve the budget with the assumption that a public safety mill levy is going to be approved. And we don't get the public safety mill levy to bow language approved screwed in a whole bunch of trouble so they're approaching midnight on this meeting. They haven't gotten to that agenda number yet. They haven't approved the ballot language. Which spoiler alerts they all ultimately did but they hadn't added at that point and he was getting worried. Yeah that they weren't going to get to that point where they'd approve it. And he decided to interject. They're going to get to the strike of midnight. We need to get the second reading of the public safety to done today. Literally the election is on the day. We've confirmed this three different times. Elections office is on the day as minimum is statue. So i need you at some point tonight before midnight to satisfy despite the discussion in deal with the second reading. We're going to get on midnight. You could you could tell the i had concerns substitute motions improve the enterprise so is so through that entire thing. The question if you if you understand great because i still don't. I've listened to like three times. I still don't completely understand. He want from my like vega understanding. I think he wanted to pull out every single individual department and just approve them one by one app. Really which at the time as watching it best when i came to. And it's like well. Didn't you have a presentation by every single using different department individually. Got up and said bob this this this and this hasn't that already been done and if you're paying attention and then you had some concerns about it. You would make a note by that certain budget and call it out and ask the question rather than biggie. every single department get up again and Approve their budget individually. Got it was. It was mind blowing so he moves onto just calling on specific funds as in the Proposed in the final budget and we will give the enterprise starts with enterprise motion and to argue motion with win simply notices not anything in the general fund and deserve second council member. You won't make second comment. I don't even think he knows what it secondhand andy helped me out of yorkers enterprise on a very specific you know kind of technical accounting term technical account come on. His budget are not being adopted with on is i think it's a lot more than just the general fund. I guess everyone to resume house tres. Eller says financier exhibit broken down by funds. I i would counsel nieces. Motion to include wastewater water parking solid-waste airport in transit. I don't under- enterprise. Funds on age to of the exhibit resolution officially entered the movie inception in the dream within the dream or okay and i believe i'll have to long pregnant pause just to highlight this lake. They approve the budget with the assumption that the public safety milwaukee would be passed which is not a safe assumption which is not a safe assumption. They did get around to approving about language public safety meal every two. Okay good spoiler that happened. I don't want you to be here all day. And the actual breakdown of the budget itself. I thought he recorded a snippet of what it was kendra summary i. Yeah oh she gets to. Yeah that's what i've been just kinda glancing at this whole time. Basically the budget three points. She said okay to keep everything operating this year including all the major park. Amenities council voted forward. This tripod number one. Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar cuts to police fire in parks and number two one million dollar increase to pd one. This will show up in your taxes as an increase in cessna. Park district one at pencils out to an increase of about thirteen. Seventy seven for the average household number three seven hundred thousand from reserves. So that's basically how they made it work for one more year. There you go and she wanted to bring it up to. She made a motion to bring it up to like one point seven during the meeting at some point. yeah And i got voted down. Because she just didn't wanna use fixed it yes. She didn't want us reserves And it would've made a twenty dollars. May the visualization of balanced budget. If you will in running Had an initiative at the end of the meeting about senator around public safety which is kind of on the forefront of people's minds in one of her tuition sponsoring to it so initiative a proposal for a council initiative or a citizens. Police advisory board. And i've listened the details in the just sent you filled out the form so you'll get the form that's been filled out and just so the public not in for those of you that have access to your email right now. Typically i would have handed this to each us. You you sat at the tables but this is something i've been working on for a while and have reached out to saint john and ken rogulski near coal and heaven linden south. We have a meeting that will be setting soon with networking. I'm not right now and involved. Different citizen members and this will continue to increase by my goal with this board is that it will help with the following but not limited to build expand and promote communication between the buildings police department and the public these community feedback to inform police department. Policies and practices develop a more diverse lease force develop and recommend alternative approaches to mental health. Prices develop and recommend effective civilian oversight structures leave you instruct review and strengthen police department use of force policies established recommended standards and reporting police use of deadly force development recommend cultural training programs develop and recommend domestic violence response. Training programs developing recommend trauma informed response training programs a culture of support relationship between the public. And the billings. Police department develop and recommend programs of trauma informed. Care for members of the billings. Police department extremes emotional or mental health challenges and more is my intent with this initiative that it also develops a board that is diverse and representation at is black indigenous people of color and include people with disabilities so that's all stereo so black indigenous people of color. That's all one person by bach. You haven't my pocket a guy names by by so there's a thing coming on the pipeline for an initiative coming up here in the future. Seems like an okay idea to me. Seems like a good step in the right direction. Whether for wishing or not we'll at least foster discussion a fruitful discussion rather than sure. Hey i want to give up my six hundred dollars so we can pay for half a cop so pointless garbage gesture their gestures that hold more weight than other sped up. There you go. That is inflammation city. Budget billings montana. It happens every fucking year. We devote at least six months. Five to six months of discussion on each department's budget and micromanage it into the ground to where you have a i. Don't you know about six months time for actually coming up with ideas and figuring out what the hell we wanna do need to do. It seems like an at aronie. Waste time figure out like a two year budget or something to where you can have an entire year of watching it run neath changes where you need to make them but just not making departments go through this every single year. Seems like it would be a good good start to the whole process. I'm guessing micromanage down to the point where you're discussing six hundred dollar council pay one time deferments to take care of a four million dollar deficit yup and making sure that people can't take home or out of the city limits. It's like at least twenty three bucks. Doubt i mean yeah times by to you. Got damn near three hundred forty million dollars. It's math smith so your city is gonna shut down. Your poodles aren't gonna shut down your this year. You can't get season passes because of the did but by god we've got a budget better. Nothing so that's happening. So this next week is Discussion about the safety. Milwaukee warning on that is what council members responsibilities are kind of foggy there with promoting something if you're a city employees especially if on the ballot. So that'll be discussed at this next meeting. That's interesting i've often wondered. So if you're you're wondering watch this week's meeting there wasn't one this week because it was the fifth monday june. So perk counsel law tradition. They don't hold the meeting. Because split to accessions and two regular sessions factoid. Ever wanted one council tradition. Do you vote. that's it. i think gutter knock down. We we've caught up from three weeks of that. And i opened makes it somewhat clear as mud but i think the audio will help and go pretty package email dot com patriot dot com slash robocop level number for buck twelve bucks a year. I mean we could give up our salary like how to two cents nearly next month. I'm going to donate my salary to buffalo wild wings nice.

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Hour 1: KD-Draymond Drama

First Take

46:05 min | 2 years ago

Hour 1: KD-Draymond Drama

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Asher lingering odor. Switch to jewel. Check O J U, L dot com slash sports. If you don't smoke don't start warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. What's going on? I take fan makes you check that. Weekdays ten AM eastern to noon on ESPN. Head on today's show actor Michael Biehn Jordan is in studio creed to out next week. And we'll the beef between K D And dream on impact. The warriors case for another chip. Plus will be on bell regret not reporting to the Steelers, and what can we expect with Jimmy Butler makes the Sixers debut tonight? Let's get started. What's going on everybody? Welcome into I take on a win day. Make you so much for hanging with us. Stephen a Smith Mexican women. I'm Molly, Karen. How phone fellas? Yeah. Yes. Give me all the drama up. By the way, we got a huge show coming up. Michael Jordan will be in the house later. We'll talk all things sports get his take. Of course, his new movie. I heard you're you're in it. Well, I may have been asked to return after my star turning performance. So many thespians around me, I can't handle it. Gotta give props matches. In the belongs in the morning. Sandy dust on very proud of. And as far as Michael b Jordan is concerned whoever thought somebody other than Michael Jordan could be famous for being Michael Jordan. Only one other me the deal this guy looking forward to it. Let's get into it. So it allowed a drama with the warriors. Here's what I know. Draymond green was suspended without pay Tuesday's game against the hawks for conduct detrimental to the team an angry link game exchange between green and Kevin Durant. Monday. Carried into the locker room leaks courses telling Adrian owed, Ken Rogulski and Marc spears. No one had to be separated. No player left to see no hint of physicality loomed. At the setting sources said let's hear from Katie after last night's win over Atlanta. Kevin have you been able to hash anything out? No. Do you see that happening anytime soon, I'm show long season ahead? The just similar to like two brothers fighting growing up. We are brothers. Okay. Whether we realized that we all think Cain and Abel took brothers. Cain and Abel. Kind of cute. Day. We're on the same team with the same goal to three Pete. And I don't think either of them will lose sight of that whether it's personal agenda, or whatever I think we'll be gift far past it. And we'll, you know grow to that will. Gets that cool. Ailsa said a passing me behind this like a ponytail referencing Drake. How do we not put that part into it? All right. Steven I so I said that's what I know happened. What are you doing? I spoke to a couple of people a couple of people inside the warriors organization. Couple of people that will obviously there is what happened obviously, we saw what happened on a quarter tells the Draymond green grabbing a basketball racing down court not giving the ball the Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant was clapping his hands for it. Wants to play fell apart. Obviously, they go into overtime. They go towards the bench. And Kevin Durant was like I was asking for the ball. Why didn't you give me the ball, etc? Etc. Kevin Andrey Margaritas went off started Cussing about. Obviously, the the b word is something that everybody's been using Draymond green has said that's a lot of people. You said that to opponents like LeBron James he said that's his own teammates before he certainly said that the Kevin Durant. You say that to the wrong person? That's a problem. Yeah. But that's not the issue here because it's something far bigger that went on in the process of Draymond green. According to my sources in the process of Draymond green going off. He brought up Kevin Durant contract. Now, I've heard that Steve Kerr and others may have denied that. I don't give a damn about the denials. I trust my sources on this one. And I'm telling you Draymond green said to Kevin Durant. Essentially, you got one foot in one foot out. I'm not quoting them paraphrasing. You got one foot in one foot out? You're not down with this team. The way, you know, the way the rest of us are and basically questioned Kevin Durant of commitment to this franchise. And that's where it. It really really crossed the line. And so in a lot of people's eyes from the top down, the belief is they would have had absolutely no credibility whatsoever. With with the rest of the team if they had not suspended dream on green. My position is this has been tolerated or many occasions, certainly not the part about bringing up the contract in the middle of the huddle. While you're going at each other. And you know, it's bad when boogie cousins gotta restrain you. We know it's bad when because he's got restraint you, but for me where it really resonates is that I was saying and I asked this question. Wait a minute. Draymond is an emotional, dude. This is something that y'all have applauded religiously in two thousand and sixteen in the locker room in Oklahoma City. Draymond green M F. Steve Kerr the tone. Don't say another MFN word to me. I kill you. Okay. And all of this other stuff had to be restrained. And this is from going after the coach he didn't get suspended then. So if we can. If we attribute so much of the emotional stuff to Draymond green as we have done in the past what warranted this, and that was when I was told that Draymond green brought up the fact that Kevin Durant hasn't committed long term that. Kevin Durant is contemplated walking out the door at the end of this season, basically questioning his commitment to this team. And that is where folks felt he really really crossed the line after the game either during after the game. I don't recall when either dollar showing Livingston and Klay Thompson all spoke in Klay Thompson reminded the team. According to what I was told the only people that can beat us is ourselves. Nobody can mess with us but us so let's keep that amount. Let's stay together. But that's essentially what has happened. And really what it comes down to max just to put a Bill on it. Bottom line is the most agree GIS part and all of this in a lot of people's eyes wasn't the language because Draymond green. Typically does that he was off. Kilty wouldn't let it go. Kevin durant? And let's go win this game. We got a game to win the overtime. Let's go win Draymond set f that and still kept going and kept going after him. And in the process brought up the fact that impending free agency is coming up in the middle of the game. And and people thought that crossed the line. This is like the original hot take show. Right. Like people talking about hot takes. We do a lot more than that. But people think about hot takes what does that really mean? It means you've come to a conclusion that is counterintuitive for everyone else. So you state the conclusion rose, what are you talking about? And then you chop it up and get into an argument in the made it and all that. So when I say something like K D is maybe the fifth best player in the world right now that's called that's considered a hot take. Because it's what what are you talking about? Then I'll go through LeBron and Kawai and AD and the Greek freak and say Kay D is somewhere below LeBron in the mix with the others. Maybe as low as five we'll see by the end of the year. Everyone loses their minds. I think I hate on K D when I say that LeBron is way better than Katy which is people think I'm hating on K D. Let me give you an ice cold take right now. Just completely. This is whatever K D is one of he's in this group of all time greats scores in the most elite category with Michael Jordan. Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, maybe Kobe Bryant, maybe a couple of others. Maybe he is that great a score. And he's also turned into a top ten certainly maybe top five defensive player in basketball. He's an all time great in his prime dream on. It doesn't matter if he has one foot in one foot out, even if you believe that's true K D with one foot out the door is better than almost every other a basketball player who has ever lived dream on. This is hard for him to swallow. I'm sure 'cause he's the heart and soul of the team. What really makes the warriors the warriors because they were the warriors before D got there is Steph one and dream onto what is ushered in the modern era of basketball in terms of style of play is Steph one because he's a mobile artillery unit. He could shoot from such distance. And the ball doesn't stick with them passes. Unselfish and dream onto can not only switch on all five positions can go off five positions. Legitimately and shoot at three. You can play five out so dream on position in the history of basketball is significant on this warriors team is significant and everyone knows he's the heart and soul of the team from his point of view. It's like this dude one foot out the door. Now, you gotta be committed nod dream on K D doesn't have to do it like everybody else. K D can do his own thing. They're still going to choose him over you. They will choose K D over Draymond. Because it's excellent dream on his K D is on another level even defensively the things that gray Manca, doom K D can do and can do some things defensively like guard the rim that dream on can't do. So. I love the fact that K D has grown up before our eyes. He came into the league's a nineteen year old kid unsure of himself. Faking a lot of ways in terms of the image. He presented and he has turned we've seen him mature publicly. There's no hiding in this social media age into a much more mature adult who even the way he handled. This is right on the money. Don't lie about it say, I think it will get work that hasn't yet. I'm still upset all that stuff. What dream on has to understand is? They will choose K D just as everyone will one hundred times out of one hundred over Draymond no matter how committed dream on is this one game suspension. Read the writing on the wall dream on get in line, or they're going to get rid of you gave an isn't that? What this part of this is about though because obviously he could have given Katie the ball. I get that he made it personnel. But don't you think drain on knows deep down that he's probably gonna get dealt and he's salt. First of all, he didn't know deep down that he's probably gonna get dealt. He should be thinking about that. Now, according to what I'm being told. They're not thinking about it. Then I thinking about trading model, he's too valuable. I'm here to tell you. I question that I'm not questioning drain. Mas value. I'm dream on his big time to me in terms of the he's the glue for that team. He's that valuable, but I do believe they're worried about Kevin Durant leaving. I do believe they don't want. Kevin Durant to leave. I do believe they noted if Kevin Durant lease it's entirely possible that he may decide to join LeBron in L A. Okay. I do believe got a home in LA itself. I do believe that even though the Knicks thing they have shot at him as well. We shall see the point that I'm trying to make to us because of those concerns all along with the fact that I can tell you as of three o'clock this morning when I was getting calls Draymond still had an apologize drain Mazda. Was of the my say he didn't do anything wrong. He did handle the suspension like a professional, but he didn't back up from his position one bit. He believes he's right. He doesn't believe he. Did anything wrong? And because of that, you never know what kind of fallout this could be you can use the b word that you can act that way towards an opponent. You could do it against somebody like LeBron who could shrug that off and still be your boy because Draymond is is real good people. He's as real and authentic as it gets. He doesn't have a phoney bone in his body. But K D is a different animal and how he absorbs that moving forward. I'm not talking about. He's gonna handle his business on the basketball court always 'cause you could come at K D in any way, you want to he'll he'll still dropped thirty. That's not that's fine. But how he communicates with you? How he bothered with you his willingness and desire and inclination to be around. You all of those things are now up in the air in question, and as of three o'clock, east coast, Tom this morning to according to what I was told Draymond green still had not apologize. Great. Ron Draymond Greece. Do not believe he was wrong. And and again, he would. Wouldn't let it go. To more matter of fact, somebody told me he said, quote when Katie said, let's go win this game. He said f data I'll give a damn about that and kept going at him. He wouldn't let it, of course, the warriors don't wanna lose K D is almost impossible to replace him. If you try to get a piece to replace k D's value, you have to get either Anthony Davis or coli Leonard who Greek freak not available. Lebron's not available. The only two others of equal value or AD or Kawai. Well, if you think you can't get one of those two timeout, you're not going to replace Katie. You're not well, again, you're not dead hoping they now have to make a choice, but you also have to remember couple of things number one. If you decide that you want to move dream on that doesn't guarantee that you keep K D because K D was contemplating leaving before this happened. Right. So the point is it's not all about Draymond as to whether or not he'd stay with. Stay with working number two. You also have to worry about where K D goes hypothetically. Speaking is big Tom is Anthony Davis is is big Thomas Lyndon is we understand that the Golden State Warriors. Don't win the championship this year. But one could argue they don't win the championship. The last two years if it was not the katie's arrival that is greatest Steph curry is with Klay say they would have taken one out of the two. That's fine. But then without Kevin Durant. You're not winning the championship bitchy. I can tell you that. So they they recognize that. Now, if you're going to lose K D, here's where it gets interesting. It's not just about losing him. It's about who you lose him to if k D rose up in LA over with lebrons James, though, if you are the Golden State Warriors, you have a problem, even if you Anthony Davis or co wildland. That's right. You still have a problem? But. Y k d with larusso now, it's a really. That's the dilemma that's the kind of dilemma Kennedy departure exposed. It's a really interesting question for the warriors. Because on the one hand, you can take this tack. We're going to prove demonstrate to Katie that. We're all in on him and hope that that keeps them here. Because that's the best shot to remain this incredible dynasty. And so we'll deal Draymond green. The problem is you're not going to do that. Now because the more important thing is that you win the championship this year, which still do if they stay together and stay healthy. Then at the end of the year. What do you do when this dudes in free agency? Do you then try to deal dream on to keep K D? And what do you get back from dream up for dream on because dream on really helps the warriors be the warriors, Raymond is incredibly valuable to the warriors to other opponents. You look at his defensive prowess. But the warriors of a ready put out there. He's been breaking down a little bit. I don't have what is true or not say. But this is what they say. He's down a little bit. He's not the. Same player, Nixon knacks injuries, wear and tear attrition all of those things have kicked in. So as a result of it. First of all, you're not gonna value him over K D because nobody is you can't find three players four players in the NBA that you value over K D. He's DAT prolific. But it's certainly not gonna be Draymond green. But also if you move Draymond green because of the money he's looking to get you have to take those things into consideration. Here's the thing about dream on. When you think about the way teams want to play the game today. Yes. You have Anthony Davis is be your number one choice at as your forward or center. You know, a big who can do all those things Al Horford who's off to a slow start the season as another and because they can also rim. Protect and then dream on dream on kind of exactly what every team is looking for even a slightly diminished version of himself should have a lot of trade value. Whereas boogie cousins fallen all this. Well, because this has to get back healthy when he's healthy. He's big time. He's twenty eight and twelve walking. But the reality is. Is that the kind of injury that he's had the achilles combined with the size that he brings it with. He's a big boy. And so because he's that big and he has to overcome that injury. This is some miniature God that suffered any Killys. Did this is a six eleven two hundred eighty pound do and that's going to be a lying about. Oh. Long-term yet. This is what I think I think they're looking at boogie cousins. I think they're hoping maybe they can get some kind of a discount boogie does not rely on athlete's ability. Yes. Very little of it for an elite player he kit his skills. His moves his his passing ability. He's not. But but but you see what he's not even in the same stratosphere defensively as drama. However, wait a minute. This is this is my point. It's not to replace trae Mon the player who actually replaces Draymond in this equation is K D K D can in fact, though, you think of them different their body types different their attitudes or different K D can do many of the same things Draymond can do defensively some things he can't boogie is just an offense of upgrade. I bet if they think they can save some money and go get boogie and deal dream on. That's going to be their plan. I don't think so we shall say for another day. All I know it's going to be a big summer for free agency want healthy is a problem. Right. I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel. So I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Switch to Joel check OJ dot com slash sports. If you don't smoke or vape don't start warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Sportscenter right now at the Collins the Steelers are hoping James carnival clear concussion protocol today the team's leading Russia was injured in last. Thursday's win against Carolina. They played the Jags. This Sunday Pittsburgh's next leading Russia's quarterback Obama this version, that's because belt did not report by yesterday's four pm deadline. That means bell cannot play this season. Twenty six year old did not want to play without a long-term deal. Steelers. Head coach Mike Tomlin who spoke a few hours before the deadline had this to say about the situation. I understand that businesses and element of the game of football and the elements that a game relationships within the game football related relationships that we all hold near and dear and understand and then football at this level. There's also a business element. And even when we don't understand it was sensitive to it. So we're not shock when things happen from a business standpoint. No now, let's get you back. I take. I'm kind of shocked this story has been wild. So lady on belt dig report by the Tuesday deadline in his playing days. I mean, I'm assuming are almost over in Pittsburgh, again, we know what assuming does they me one eight and the house how he fell a man Phil in crispy way, real k. The house. You see you see what Tommy did you see what time it is? I do. Okay. You look. I know. But I know I know I do. All right. Okay. So we can we can we move because I know I look good. I don't need you to come mega coming. You. Don't need to already know. I love how you follow instructions. Don't come in here. No you blue. Got it ain't gonna feel. Do get you. See you see you see what he's saying day. Listen. Come in and out. Oh, look so long. All right. Thank you, John. It is hilarious with Molly. We're all talking about. Somebody gotta do. That is hilarious. All right. Who wants to start on the steel to your Steelers? What about what about this, right? No. I don't I don't believe. He did you can't make up for fourteen and a half million dollar loss. But you know, it's really not about that. Because he may not get like max pointed out yesterday, he may not get all of it. But he was taking the principal position. Let's give respect which do and understand that this is what he may be thinking about. But let me tell you what my personal principal position. It's you know, there's a coach in Pittsburgh by the name of Mike Tomlin. Who outside a Bill Belichick can make the argument that he might be the best coach football considering his record. And what he has been able to accomplish of this is also a man that is proven to be a leader of men. This is also a man that has reached out to Levy on bell on several occasions and has been ignored. I don't like how he handled that. I don't like the fact that you consider, you know, the challenges that a black coach has to absorb that. You have one of the elite players in this game that's been insensitive to that in terms of just communicate with them, showing them that level of respect. Based on the reports that I've read that's number one number two again. I think one of the things that people have ignored in all of this katelyn capitalistic is suing the league for collusion. Do you really really think that if they colluded with Colin Kaepernick or they colluded about Colin capital, if you have an inkling that they colluded about Colin cabinet, you take the same. Isn't gonna apply to Levy on bell? You are trying to set precedent. You are trying to send a message. Do you really think league owners are going to allow that to happen? We won't know how this plays out until we see what contract levian Bill receives ultimately and from home, but I'm willing to venture to guess that they're gonna make sure somehow some way this brother gets pinched. When all is said and done because if they don't it will be sending the message that other players can do this. And I don't know if it's gonna work, you know, way, I think there's something to that. I do think that. At the end of the owners want to win. I think the calling Kabir Nick situation kind of stands alone of off by itself. But I think when it comes to lady on Bill because of. The versatility that he has as a player, I think the way this works. If he gets a if he gets a mega contract, huge contra. And it only takes one team. This team's only takes one one team comes out and gives him that big contract that he that he desires he's never gonna make the fourteen point five, but you don't need. He didn't need to make the fourteen point five. What I do think that it could set a precedent for other guys of how to circumcise circumvent that franchise tag. Because really? That's the one thing that the players. Hey is the franchise tag guys want to get out there and be free in the open market. So of lady on Bill can go here and essentially sit out a whole year and still get his money. Don't think the other guys are going to sit back and think may I may. Maybe I can pull that move. You guys are taking the words out of my mouth the whole point about this. And I made it yesterday Levy if you're just counting dollars and cents. Maybe Levy on bell lost a few bucks. Maybe he's getting to get wind up ninety ninety five percent of the whole he would have gotten had he'd done business on the other hand, you purchase an insurance policy. It's not free. And he you take a risk every time you step out on the field deal. He was offered had he been hurting his first year of would've paid them something like maybe twenty five million something like that. And he's looking for maybe less, and he's looking for, you know, basically, he was guaranteed is bonus. He's looking for a better deal than that. Especially given what girly got paid? What it looks like some other running backs could get paid coming forward because they're younger. So he has showing another way if we are just to say did he win dollars and cents. The answer may be no. But he has consistently said, I also want it essentially set precedent now the question becomes. Steve day. You said it wanted to talk about it. If they in fact colluded about Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reed. We don't know. We'll find out their lawsuits. Are they not going to suppress Levy on bells market, not just with a nod and a wink or just with an idea like weed, but like, oh, if he's going to show the other players the way they can sit out a year preserve themselves avoid risk and then walk into free agency. We're going to have to do something about that. You know, he plays in the NFL. I'm Bill, but he also lives in America, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's your own private interest. No one defines that for you you define that for yourself. Levian bell. Does not need to say that what makes him happy as just more money. He may want to set an example and show way. So to say how did he handle this? If in fact, those are as priorities I believe he will make at least something like ninety percent of what he well short away. Because I get you're saying the league could potentially suppress his market. And I understand because they don't want to set precedent other players to do it. But could he have suppressed his own Mark? And Steve Nye just by teams looking at this. And like, hey, you were. Went down for your team. You are more about yourself. You could make that argument. I think that's a better question for Damien to answer. But I think you can make that argument certainly, but we don't know for sure because like you said this thirty two teams in the National Football League. It only takes one to pay you. But I want to make sure that I am facade and crystallized this for everybody out here, including y'all here in regards to what we're talking about with talking about at the end of the day money. Right. Why are we talking about money? It ain't just because the bell that's primarily because of the owners. So what you have I bring up Holland cap. And they you want to sit up there and make sure that you suppress the opportunities that anybody else may partake of protesting in the future. Whatever the case would be this guy was the instigator of it all in their eyes. So as a result, they want to send a message we want to make sure you don't reward such behaviour evergreen can get another job in the league with Joe behind not so much. Now, we get to Levy on belt completely different scenario. But nevertheless, what happens you have a league that negotiated. Ten year contract without an out. They got cost her teeth. These guys even when you said max, there's no evidence that they're losing money. They use the protestors sit up there and say we might be losing money revenue comes in four point nine percent increase two hundred and twenty five million dollar check per owner. They were still wanting the moment, you know, one of the other things that we haven't discussed we haven't discussed gambling and have because of the supreme court's ruling had that's been legalised how to leagues are going to get involved with gambling. Well, what are these owners doing this sitting there you can use Colin Kaepernick, you can use anything you want to ingratiate themselves with members of congress? Why because they're going to one a percentage of that gambling revenue. It's all about money. So if it's all about money, what's the one thing? You wanna do you believe as an owner you do have control over that is a player going rogue? And deciding that he's gonna fight. Publicly publicly he said not just for me, but for others. So they can't get away with this in the future. They're to say, no, we will get it. Right. What they're going to try to do. No question about it. We're all three thinking the same thing when we came onto the set today on this topic. It's exactly what I wanted to say. And let me just explain a little bit more. The CPA is always going to go in the owners direction. Why? Because they behave as a monolith is a single group because they're mostly the same guy that mostly the same rich older white guy. Like, let's be honest. That's what sensually what the owners are. They have similar thoughts about how they want to run their business. And of course, every business wants to control labor costs. Now, look, let's look at labor. Let's look at the players. This is an extremely diverse group and by diverse I mean in terms of age in terms of family situation in terms of geographic, we where they come from their socioeconomic backgrounds. How many people they need to take out of poverty versus what they're planning to do with it. There's so many different interests in the in the NFL players union. Right. So they will never be able to oppose the owner's position with the same kind of uniformity. And so they will always lose that CBA Nagoya. She -ation now Levey are bell is saying they have the upper hand. But here's what we can do and to Stephen as point. That's the most important thing right now for the owners to control it will be very interesting. I think also I think also this could become a trend. I mean think about this. Remember when today Clinton was in college a lot of people talked about shoot here set out a whole year to try to protect himself. We've saying something similar with Nick Bo settle how he decided. You know, what I gotta I'm shutting it down because it's more important for me to make sure that I'm healthy. So I can cash it in. And now his brother inherited exactly now, we're seeing like the new experiment will lay on Bill Bill cashes in on this deal. I'm telling you right now, it's going to open up a Pandora's box. I'm not saying that we're only talking about us to let few players, but it's going to open up a situation where? A lot of these guys who are in his type of situation going to think long hard man kit. Do I really? And I'm saying to you because of that very very point you're making the owners are going to be just as diligent against him as they have been against Colin Kapp, Nick in an effort to curtail that from happening. They cannot in my opinion. I can't see them allowing Levy on bell to get the money. He richly deserved. They must they have to collude to do that you could say we have to collude. But if I'm if y'all my boys, and I'm hanging with you. And we think alike, and we talk alike because we have the same interests and agendas are allied. I don't and then something comes down the pipe. I don't have to. I don't have to collude you after also he wants to do here's a on gender long. So here's the thing. Here's where things get dicey. Because Todd Gurley makes this thing takes it to a whole different level because tire girly reset the market. But he's younger he yeah. But it's not it's not their fault. It's not that the comparable players. It's no question about it. But girlie girlie gives them more guaranteed because he's younger he's younger. But I'm, but here's what I'm saying to speak into Steve Nick's point. If the owners going to collude, and he's his money guaranteed money is not at least comparable at his dog. Oh, what's the threat? Wouldn't that be not wreck? Learn to colluded right on. I don't think it's a girly money. That's gonna prove that. But I do think there's a threshold it off the top of my head. What it seems to me is how like how much money needs to be guaranteed for Todd Gurley. Right. That's the real question before you start saying something's going on can ask the question. And we'll. In the second and millions more. Rhetorical question. It doesn't required answer because we know the answer this if our interests are aligned, and it's my goal as an owner too key money and power in my stable, not transfer it to the players do I really need to collude with one of my weight. Yes, you do. No, no way timeout. Yes, you do in this case because there's the longer term business interests that you're talking about but behavior is more often shaped by your short term interests and in the short term there several teams who might look at Levy. I'm now. Me a ratchet down. I asked the word. To communicate CBA other without being on said, this is the blueprint no one or two separate weight in order to not offer Levy on Bella contract or real contract. There about a half a dozen teams that probably should you're going to have to know that they could come in. Break I money. He wants the end. That money. He wants nothing. That's another question is what is the threshold? What stops you got only got to do is make sure they don't give him as much as he wanted. Hey, a lot to get into. I can't believe it that Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it? Get there. Get there. I'll really get there. Now. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's what's this button? Bill. Let's button Dale this. This. I believe that. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Sportscenter right now a month any of the column tonight. We'll get a first glimpse of Bonilla. Sixers Jimmy Butler set to make his view against the magic yesterday does introductory presser while they're made it very clear why he fits perfectly with this team. They they play so incredibly hard. They want to win Mike that that makes me smile because that's who I am as a whole as a person every single day. So it's gonna be fun to get out there and compete. Some games. I can't wait these games come around quickly. And hopefully, I can get out on a florist possible. Here's a thing. Butler is expected to bring a significant amount of the seventy Sixers roster for the fifth straight season bowlers averaging more than twenty points per game. But he is more than just a good offenses player on a per game basis last season bother ranked fourth and steals fifth and deflections and second in loose balls recovered. Now, let's get you back to I take. Then again be in the house. Good to see you you. So Jimmy Butler guys making the debut with the seventy Sixers I want to start with Houston. What impact you feel like he's going to have on this team and the east overall? Well, I think it puts them more in the mix. I mean Jimmy is one of the best to way wing players in the league in the east. You would look at Colby and better than Chris Middleton may be right there with him. But other than that he's one of the best two way guys in the league. Plus, it gives them a more experienced guy who's been through the battles. They don't have a lot of guys like that that got Radic. Amir Johnson who doesn't play a lot but Jimmy's been through that. I think that helps them a great field. What did you make all the noise that was being made about Jimmy Butler in terms of his temperament is behavior the way, he spoke out against some of the play, etc. What did you make of all of that at the time? I made it to Jimmy wanted out of there for whatever the reasons were and he figured out a way to get out. But eventually what happened there, and you know, this is well as I do is the losing what made a make the deal, they won't worry about all the other stuff. But once I started losing, you know, and they've lost all eight of their road games. And things like that. The results told them they needed to make a deal. But I don't think anybody was really worried of teams look at a trade for him about what Jimmy would be like on their team. He would be happy to be traded. He wanted out of their supposedly Philadelphia was a place he wanted to be. So if he's in a good frame of mind, the guy can play when you talk about Middleton, he's hitting threes in an absurd rate right now and part of that I think is because buttonholes are is like the other than LeBron probably the best off season acquisition. Right. So a lot of great coaches in the league. But they're not all created equal. Do you think Brett round of Pierce to me to be a good coach is going to be able to work with these three guys? And really maximize. What he has. Absolutely. I think Brezza great coach, and I think from an Xs and os standpoint, but also from a communication standpoint with guys, and I think that he will work the dynamic now nothing happens as quickly as everybody wants it. It'll take some time. But I think over time Brett we'll work it out. I think he's done a great job. Being there looked the thing. I worry about with them right now is they still don't have much shooting. Okay. And losing Covington losing Saric. You know? I worry about that. I would expect it a Philly really wants to go all in right now that they try to find a way to get another shooter. Because Radic is the only guy affor- French four. I don't even care the position because Simmons gives you such positional versatility. It doesn't really matter. Heck, it could be a point guard. But Radic's the only guy that you can say as a reliable knockdown shooter on that. I completely agree. You got Covington that show. Hit one hundred and eighty nine catch and shoot threes. But actually Jimmy Butler was better than him this year doing that. So I would ask you this question. Would you have made that deal if you would Philadelphia seventy Sixers meaning sacrificing Covington and Saric for Jimmy Butler in light of what you just said. I would look I think Philly was very realistic about who they were. We've talked about this before Stephen they were twenty five and twenty five last year until they got Bella Nellie and Ilias made that run. So I think they're realistic that they're not at the top right now. I think they're looking up at Toronto. They're looking up now at Milwaukee they're looking up at Boston. And how do we get better than they had to take a chance and Jimmy Butler is a big time player when everything's Roach thin. Mm-hmm. There are some players who are kind of better than they ought to be because of their self view Butler seems to me to be that kind of guy he sees himself as a star. Even if the world didn't any built himself into one through his hard work. But I look at this team now Embiid shoots a lot of threes for a guy who doesn't hit them very much. Okay. For a big. But could be hitting them a little better Butler. Also was that kind of guy who seems to shoot a little bit more in big situations and take tougher shots. Maybe then he ought to which is one of the reasons. He's good. But ultimately in my mind, maybe makes them a dead end player if you're chasing championship. In fact, what's your view on his ability to be on a championship team? Well, look, I think the Jimmy Butler two things there is I think he's a great great competitor than a lot of times. Those playoff games come down to the wire, and it is toughness and competitiveness and he can take and make big shots. He's not afraid of the situation with all of that said, look this is a team. That's not going to be great offensively. Necessarily they weren't before. What people don't understand what them they get carried away with the talent that team wins on their defense. And then they're often say opens good enough. But if they can go out somehow doesn't have to be a great player. Right. If they can go out and get another shooter if they could get a Kyle Korver somebody like that. Because again what Ben Simmons does positions. Don't matter. Just get another guy that can shoot because Benza point guard and he's a small forward and he's a power forward if they can get another shooter. Then that team could maybe make some noise right now. I still think they're looking at because all of that being said, obviously, I think three point shooting is more pivotal in the Western Conference than it is an eastern cubs because I think he got more shooters out the obviously go to the states to target you look at the Eastern Conference. You have teams that could shoot what are not right with shooters per se. That's the way I look at the east, but it's really interesting because I would too. So yesterday, I'm looking at the numbers, and I think this was going into last night. I think ten of the top twelve teams in the league in three point attempts are in the east the trans. Is formed itself into a three point shooter reason visuals, and I started out preface my comments by saying is because I want to ask you we look at the eastern we see I think the Eastern Conference compasses bullet competitive and the better fit right now than a west and covers a better picture in the eastern and the west. But what exactly do you think is going to take for whether it's Boston Toronto all by miracle. Somebody else to beat a team like Golden State Warriors. What will it take to be quite honest? What it'll probably take is golden stay having some problem implode, imploding. But even an injury, right. They take an injury to one of those guys, and it's probably going to take that. But it's also an it's harder to do in the playoffs. If it's Phalle trouble things like that. Where depth becomes a factor. I think the teams in the east in general have better depth than Golden State does. Now, that's the one problem affiliate. And that's the one thing. They don't they don't have it. And that's why I don't think I still think Philly's looking up at those. Teams. But before I didn't give them much of a chance now with that threesome and Rettig, I at least think if everything goes, well, they've got a chance to compete as as someone who's not only coached a team, but has had control over front office decisions. It seems to me it'd be very difficult. Like, it's one thing to say like a great relief pitcher, just forget about the home run that get another thing to do it. It seems to me given that Philly doesn't have that depth that a trade where you traded a first round pick and traded up and passed on Jason Tatum to get Marquel folks, like just cycle. Now, you need shooting, psychologically, it would seem very difficult for an organization to just get past that how do you do it? Well, I look those kinds of things happen all the time. And so you do you just move on with the team you have now? I don't think that's a psychological problem. I do think the hallmark Celts Marquel? Full situation. It might have become a little bit of a distraction because it gets talked about so much of your help. Talk about him. And I understand that. I do think with Markelle Foltz what's going to happen is he's gonna if they're all in on winning now, which the Butler trae they are that full tests that take at least a lesser role Rettig a bigger role. And I think the guy that's going to get a bigger role there again and people laugh at somebody sings TJ McConnell, and he was very good player, especially in the postseason. Exactly. And he has not been playing. Well, listen, the only reason he hasn't been playing is because they prioritize given fulsome love because you got to validate the number one overall pick or decide what you're gonna do to move them. You're gonna try to help elevate his market value to get him out of there. He's going to go to the bit. I can show does Butler help or hurt full. Because at that kind of personality is gonna make or break a guy like full to seems to be having some problems speaking of psychologically, right now, it's not that so much to me what's going to happen. It's just that Philadelphia has made a very clear signal here. They're all in on trying to win. Now. And so now Marquel Foltz is not going to be judged as a developing player. He's going to be judged on. Can you help us how it could go either way because I think having a guy like that in practice every day seeing his competitiveness all the time. He's got another good role model in Rettig there. Those things can help him. But neither one of them's going to teach him how to shoot the ball. So that's his biggest problem right now. I hold that. Terrific insight from you as always we'll get into the west after the break. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be this smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like this is good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking at all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch at J dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Apr 02 2021

The Rush Limbaugh Show

1:55:11 hr | Last month

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Apr 02 2021

"Liane caused grad gunned down walking his dog a young mom michelle parker vanishes after dropping off her little twins at the babysitter. Nancy grace here. Every day on crime stories we break down the biggest breaking crime knees and studied the clues left behind so we could help crime victims and their families every day emission every day. Another chance to stop crime and keep one more person safe. Join us listened to crime stories with nancy. Grace on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you listen to your podcasts. I ever. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast. The truth with lisa boothe with iheartradio and gingrich. Three sixty the truth. With lisa boothe is a podcast rejects safely checks fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness. Poisoning this country from with. You're ready to step outside your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride in buffalo and tune in on march twenty fourth. Very first episode. The truth with lisa boothe every single wednesday on the iheartradio app apple. Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to today's edition of the rush. Limbaugh show podcast. What an honor. It is to be with you on open line friday the good friday version on this day. The lord has made and especially weekend my fellow. Christians recognize the crucifixion and resurrection of jesus. And i hope that it is a great easter weekend for you. We do have unique responsibilities but also unique joys luck to talk to you today at eight hundred two eight two two eighty to one of the joys is to do something that's rush absolutely mastered beyond belief and that is that rush had the ability to pick up the entire mainstream media like a guitar and put it on his lap and play and strum it at will and he could do this anytime he wanted to. And it was such fun to observe the watch. This joe biden's dementia has announced that. It wants to reignite the corrupt iran deal which was of course a pathway for iran to have legitimized nuclear weapons. And it was joe. Biden's boss and still joe biden's boss barack obama who authored that and shipped the money illegally at night. These ransom payment to iran. It was joe. Biden's boston current boss barack obama who allowed one of the satellite organizations of iran hamas to ship well to smuggle across our southern border cocaine using the same some of the same. Kyle taste that. Joe biden's dementia is allowing to drop little kids off a fourteen foot fences into our country. So they want to reignite this deal now this even as he's in heaven rush limbaugh's accuracy rating just went up again. I worry that biden is going to reverse this. I think biden's going to come up. With a way to reinvigorate the iran deal. And i think it's going to result in the united states losing its energy independence but believe me the united states becoming energy independent. That was not on the drawing board for globalists. The obama crowd. And i'll guarantee this. The biden administration or obama to is going to do everything they can to reignite the iran deal which will get iran nuclear weapons. They're going to do everything they can to unwind. What trump did with iran including these remarkable new relationships with middle eastern arab states and israel. Eight is come to pass from heaven. Rushes accuracy rating goes up. The official ratings aren't out yet. Because i don't know i'm just a guide host. I don't get to see the sullivan group ratings. But i've heard rumors through eob circles. They come out on monday. Anticipates at least a full percentage point maybe up to one hundred and one percent correct now for rush in the sullivan group as that's going on joe biden's dementia through brock obama's teleprompter and with permission of obama. No doubt is also seeking to reshape. What capitalism means and. We'll get into a whole bunch of this during the show. They're selling tax hikes for this non infrastructure plan. It's ninety four percent of the things six percent infrastructure. Give nancy pelosi. Who's looking for more forms of blue state bailouts. One of the big shell games. They play is highly taxed blue states the the lesser taxed red states end up paying the bill for deductions for big house loans and mortgages. And look i liked those two but it was really a way of passing the bill onto these high tax states to recently tax states. And so what what. We've been talking about this week in one of the things that we must approach. If you're in business you must speak out. If you work in big business you must speak out. I there's private i know that. They're secret groups of conservatives at microsoft that used to be an open group. it was They did it like libertarians and conservatives at microsoft that was discussion group. I know their secret groups microsoft. Talking about. we'll we've gotten so woke. And i've heard that there are secret. Groups delta airlines got to speak out because some of the things that are going on as they start to maneuver into this weird authoritarian model with you see these companies getting very very woke all on the side of the left putting very opaque. Well we hate this. This georgia voting law. We hate this delta airlines apple. And we'll talk about that later in the show. But as they start to remake in reshape the role of capitalism. It seems clear to me. What the role of capitalism is. It's tobacco up. The party's pursuit to control us. All and in exchange they get to purchase some really interesting things such as this just breaking news out of the left coast of washington state. Parents are getting notes from their insurance company. Telling them we will no longer give you any information about any thing we pay for for your thirteen year old kids but your kids can create their own patient portal. And you'll end up paying the bill or cancel your insurance. This is something being purchased by these technocratic companies from corrupt so-called governors jay inslee on a nationwide basis watch what these authoritarian corporatist companies purchase in these packages of all this money that they're borrowing right one of the things they're purchasing is a reinstallation of the mortgage right off and again. I loved getting a tax. Write off for my mortgage costs. When they took that away. We paid for house and they no longer carried any debt on my house because it wasn't getting that tax advantage. See you have now this as well and follow this really clearly. In the wake of forty percent or so of small businesses being knocked out done away with during the medical useless selective lockdown so politically advantageous to the left. What did the big business partners purchase waivers to everything. Keep attention the insurance companies purchasing access to your kids. What did they get in california. The movie industry the entertainment industry got a waiver from the covert rules. Now is they're looking at this lockdown and these businesses had been destroyed during the lockdowns. Look at a change in places. The number of small businesses in the united states has been one of the prime sources of jobs but also the prime sources of a liberty lab. Small businesses can choose to go woke or they can choose to not go woke. They can be politically neutral or they can be political. It's all up to them but if you look the way. Business is leaning into support being against the george voting law which is nothing more than voter. Id and we're not gonna have all these crazy mail in ballots etc it's a return to sanity so when you see these big companies saying oh well it should never be illegal to hand out water. It's not what it says. it says. Election officials can handed out put the campaigns cannot. This pressure will go down onto these small businesses that had been so crushed during these lockdowns. This is part of the process of getting everybody onto the woke side and in wake of this and we had callers say this yesterday. We are in a perfect moment for pushback. There's a bunch of new trump's being born right now. It is going to be a huge battle this. Hr one to the seizing of voting laws across the country. It's a prime battle but there are people that this week waking up parents in washington state saying what i have to pay for things you do to my kid insurance company. You're not gonna tell me what it is. Boom red pills. It's happening across the country. It never could have gotten here without this radio network. The ib now speaking that we need to let you know something about a very special program that will be available this weekend over at rush. Limbaugh dot com. It's a tribute video about the life and career of our our rushbo with many familiar voices family friends. And the overrated staff. Justice clarence thomas is featured in the special. Here's a clip of rush describing the kind of guide. The media never portrayed. I don't think you would ever meet anybody with the more infectious laugh. I think that you would be. You would not find an angry broken man you would find someone loves life is thrilled and honored to be an associate justice on the us supreme court. He would find somebody who's well adjusted and happy loves. His wife has a lot of hobbies one of his favorite things to do. He's got a big bus like an rv and during court breaks he gets in it and he and his wife tool around all over the country and they stop at rv parks and state fairs. Hey stop it places where real people happen together. You might even stop at a walmart and go in many going to costco and people come up to him all time. So you know you look let current thomas and laughs at him tells them that he is. You wouldn't find a more genuine real guy and when the situation calls for sincerity you'd get it and you wouldn't find anybody smarter either. It's a thrill annoym- it's a lot of fun to hang around him something else about this feature russia's brother david limbaugh is in this video tributes and he tweeted this out about all of us in russia's audience he said quote. I have no right to speak for rush. But i'm gonna speak for any way to the extent of expressing my immense appreciation and at his fan base. That's us profound love for him. Thank you. I knew he was loved. But wow it's even beyond what. I thought so grateful. Many more words of wisdom from el rushbo long. Todd herman your guide host this week on the eib network. It's very hard thing to fight against. Free stuff it is a very difficult thing because people perceive things as free and of course they want these things now rush wanted so much for people to experience the permanent joy of achievement versus the psychological sugar rush of free stuff because he knew that fake free leads to real dependence. When you're obsessed with wanting things for free who is it that promises to do that for you. And democrat party in the government free obamacare free healthcare free food stamps free and of course it isn't free but to them they think it is. That's the first thing about about the second thing that bothers me is the expectation that people that invest and build out and build up on a give away their product as a public service or some such thing whereas the easy answer is to go out get a job earn the money you want to be able to buy the things you want and the things that you need the it. That's such a foreign concept. Mark say huge generational shift to me. I don't know like i said it's a pet peeve. Every time i read. And not. Just the millennials when i when i read people demanding or expecting or celebrating something as free something about it sent a red flag. Something that gets my instincts. Highly attuned at this is not good the expectation. The hope that something would be free when nothing is well. That's absolutely not true. The moons free. It's there for everybody nature's free it's therefore everybody. In fact there was a broadway tune. It said the best things in life. Art free that they're there for you and me but you don't possess them. They are the delights of life. But you don't possess them and to asserting that's true but we're not talking about the delights of life. We're talking about things and stuff that these people want hope expected. It would be free when you're of that mindset. Somebody comes along and promises you they can deliver the they're going to have you for the rest of their lives and yours to that's what joe biden's dementia through brock obama's teleprompter is offering in exchange for being allowed to borrow and spend all this money. Free free free rush formulated something so important that as we're seeing this fight back in texas against the the vaccine passports also in florida. We're seeing a fight for vulgar integrity in states like georgia. Arkansas has a bill is passed to prevent enforcement of unconstitutional gun. Diktats from the federal level in the state of arkansas rush way to fight back against tax increases even even against the so called filthy rich. You remember when the democrats decided to go after big yachts and yacht buyers with massive tax increases. Like biden's teleprompter is now contemplating if republicans would simply remember these lessons from rush. That corporations don't pay taxes and corporate tax increases hurt. The workers remember over the years. I've always told you. The democrat targeted tax increases on the rich. Never work and the reason. They don't work because the rich. Don't just sit there and make targets of themselves the best example i can give you of. This is when the democrats raise taxes on luxury yachts and boats and they thought all right. We're going to screw rich. We're going to soak the rich but a raise taxes on their yachts what happened. The rich stopped buying yachts made in america. They started buying yachts made overseas. You know who suffered the people make the yachts in america they were laid off. Nobody was buying american made yachts because democrats had raised taxes on them so they're buying overseas so the yacht makers in the mary late author implicit democrats. End up harming their own voters. Same thing you raise taxes on the rich whether it's income wealth or they're gonna find a way they're going to innovate and adapt. They're gonna find a way not to pay. I'll give you another example. You may not remember this. Nineteen ninety-three bill. Clinton decided that he was going to have a tax increase on corporate ceo salaries. Yeah any corporation that. Pay the ceo over a million dollars would be taxed at a new tax rate over a million dollars. Well that was going to make it really hard for corporations to find the best. Ceo they could find what they did. They created stock options. They created a way to compensate. Ceo's outside of the traditional earned income. They found away way. The not pay that tax. In fact i think it was done on purpose to create the stock option angle. And this happens. All the time capital gains taxes. They'll raise taxes capital gains people. Find a way around the ingenuity. The adaptability and the innovative characteristics of the american people unparalleled anywhere in the world. And you know why freedom fox the american people have the freedom and liberty to be as creative as they know how to be and by the way we're not all created the same talent and ability some people far more creative and others in certain things others are more creative and other things than others so it all works in all evens out but it is the freedom that americans have. It's the liberty americans. Have that permit. This kind of adaptability people around the world probably have the same talents. i know they. They just don't have the liberty or freedom where they live to put them into action. Put them into play. Take note republicans. What joe biden's dementia is contemplating this increase in corporate taxes. Those jobs that came back to the heartland those jobs that came back to the rust belt. They're going to be shipped out again are you there with the people who've gotten these good paying jobs back as as as joe biden's dementia condescends to them that. Hey maybe you can start go getting into green green industries. Maybe it's time for a new. Maybe should learn to code their concert. Refrain you have an opportunity to seize the attention and earn the loyalty of american workers by pointing out this reality as rush. Explained it with the example of yachts. If you have in your neighborhood people who've lived through let's see the expansion of government the ultimate expansion of government into communism and. They've escaped it in their here. Has some thoughts about that and what we can do as we continue to unfold. The news together taught him in your guide host. This week on the eib network takes my friends in spokane five ninety k. q. And t. for let me use studio again You ought to know just oh decided to coming up. You know that apple. Ceo has also come out with a statement about the georgia voting laws. I'm pretty certain. Tim cook has never read. Wait until you see what team. Eib found out about the hypocrisy of apple extraordinary by the way it lest you doubt that he team views awesome family. That is you me all the fans of rush. Michelle is gonna join us here from grapevine. Texas she was on hold for two and a half hours yesterday in. This team decided to take her number. Call her back today in here. We have michelle from grapevine. Texas on the rush limbaugh program. Todd herman your guide house michelle. It's great to have you here. Welcome thank you so much. And i do appreciate the team for calling me back I wanted to discuss with you. Sort of this insidious march towards socialism. And how the at the very very top of this administration and the democrats in charge how they are lying to us and as an example of this when the president Two days ago was pitching his one point nine trillion dollar quote unquote infrastructure package. He was talking about Made in america and bringing jobs back to america in almost the next breath incongruously. He was saying but i'm going to raise the corporate tax rate on twenty one twenty eight percent which m china's con Corporate tax rate is twenty five percent. It's a complete disincentive for any corporation. Who has to respond to their shareholders to bring jobs back to america from china. It's an incentive for them to expand their corporations their corporate work in china and it will affect all of us because we will lose jobs here in america and we will pay more for consumer goods coming from china then we would if they had been made in the united states but we have to become as the democrat say woke to this that we are being scammed by this administration at the border at the cdc with our loss of liberties and being told what to do and not to believe our ears and our eyes. I just it is very very terrifying to me. That they believe truthfully they can look us in the eye or speak to us over on television and we are just being absolutely compliant I was scammed a week ago. And this feels. I was and i was the victim and i was very compliant and this seems to be what's happening to all of us level but not to you not in this case not to you. I want you to know something. You've just now typified why. The democrats were so afraid of rush. Because of the information thirty three years of information that you can turn into power all of us pushing back against these things. Michelle what you just said you. There's not a host on joke called cnn. That would be able to a succinctly. Explain the scam of what is going on so it look take this to people who have these jobs. Now that brought back the rust belt jobs the heartland jobs take information. Michelle just shared with us to your friends at regard him so glad we got you back on the show michelle. Thanks very much for calling rushes program. By the way if you know people who have been through what michelle's describing the ultimate conclusion of all this is of course this weird china model that the democrats are clearly working this country towards with government and big business. Become one preying on us if you know. People who've escaped countries like that to here. Please please make sure that your kids meet them that they come to schools to speak to your churches to speak to talk about what this looks like. It's another way to take information. This potential power and make powerful. Now you wanna hear. We had russia's visionary statement earlier you want another one listen to the mojo us a brilliant example of how socialism destroy but he doesn't cite the soviet union or cuba russia's example has proven perfectly. Correct rush when you. And i were growing up there was a living embodiment of the disaster of socialism and communism. It was called the soviet union. Well young people today do not have a soviet union. There isn't an example of failed socialism. Communism as prevalent as the soviet union was for up to the soviet union was up to seventy year existence. Say fifty to seventy year teachable. Moment all we've got now as venezuela and cameras not big enough not powerful. I've never has been a threat to the united states at some little tin horn down there and it's not enough it's abject. Failure in socialism is documented. It's one hundred percent true but it's not big enough to convince young people look at it and say well the wrong people. Running it didn't have enough. Money did dependent on oil too long whatever they can come up with any kind of see. You know what the closest. And i'm gonna i'm gonna maybe step in it here. Do you know what the closest example today we have to the abject disaster we think is awaiting us. What's the closest and. I'm not talking about china because that'll never work. People's tech gear comes from china's. I didn't want to china and don't say north korea because nobody takes them seriously. Little potbelly dictator. And it's not that big an exhibit yet but it's getting there. What is the nearest example. We have of the eventual implosion california now europe as a whole. You see the news. Coming out of europe is not truthful enough. Europe is not being reported on as failing europe's not being reported as imploding. It's not being reported on being overrun by immigrants but california and it's not about them up yet but there is no republican party. It's a one party state. They have been overrun by illegal immigration and california used to be a dominant republican state. And not that long ago. It was a state of renauld as magnus george. Duke dukmajian pete wilson. The republican party used to be dominant in that state. it's gone and for one reason illegal immigration and the rise of the radical uber left in the california assembly. There are seven republicans. What must be like the. They are looked at as a total joke by the democrats and the assembly. They're probably not invited to any meetings. They're probably not any committees and if they are there for comic relief. California is all these sanctuary cities. California is aside from the coastal areas. California is a state that is close to abject poverty the divide the income gap the wage gap. The wealth gap in california is stark. The people who live inland in the valleys and live up north in the foothills of the sierra nevada. Can't compare to the wealth in hollywood. Silicon valley san francisco on the way up. And then you go down to san diego for a minute of it but it is clearly got the ingredients of a state that is at some point going to not be able to sustain itself but it look like that now the lure of socialism. What is it so we were growing up. There was a soviet union for all of our lives as a testament. To what communism is it kills people. Communism killed people. There is no prosperity. There is no plant. There's no abundance. there's nothing but fear. Every day of your life. We had that. There was no magic allured a socialism the we did have the sixties and the leftist radicals who hated america and actually were enthralled with the idea of a castro shake lavera soviet union because they were jealous of the power but young people. Today there is no equivalent of the soviet union. Venezuela doesn't work chicoms. Don't work because the face of china is not what the faces soviet union was. The my only point was that california is trending in a direction that will someday be an example of the failures of socialism and liberalism for one and all say look. It's beginning now. People are leaving the state not in drones. But it's been a trickle and it's continuing but it isn't there yet for those who live there understand. Live there long. Yeah it is but for people outside of california looking at it as the land of fruit and opportunity and hope and still is that. It's going to be a while. That was my only point. Is that young people. They don't have a living example of the horror so it's left to their imaginations to dream this utopia that they are going to build and create even though it hasn't ever been done well it hasn't been done because they haven't been alive when it has been tried that now they are alive. And people like alexandria ocasio cortez. Johanna omar are going to lead the way over the carcasses of brontosaurus like schumer and pelosi and take your pick of the rest of them rush nailed it as always now information into power. If you live in california in san francisco safely lock all the doors. Go down and film. The tenderloin filmed the people. Living under the freeways in a state run by democrats in oregon. Do the same in portland seattle. You know where to go film it be safe. Send it to your friends in the red states and say protect your votes. You will not believe the utter hypocrisy of tim. Cook's apples we continue. Taught him in your host this week on the eib network. That's todd herman your guide host this week on the network. I want to thank all everyone at ti. Be for having me here in you for hanging out with me. It's eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two So they're coming the lineup. You have the corporate woke harvests. Actually it's the corporate cowards being pushed by the corporate local hottest ends to some degree the globalists' to get whoa can get behind. We got up. Make sure that vote vote. Fraud is easy. The latest person to do this is tim. Cook the ceo of apple. He says that voting ought to be easier than ever and he rips the georgia voting law. I would love to say to tim. Cook just one question. How many pages is the voting law. Because you look at you during the headlights. No idea because the man's never read it guarantees. Never read it if he has that i soon. He's going to be changing the rules at apple because pepper. The abc staff found the acceptable forms of id to have a an iphone. First of all. You have your address on file with the your existing carrier then you need to have either a drivers license or state issued. Id but we're not done yet. A credit card or a passport or military. Id or utility bills so long as it has your your primary deaths in same name on it or an original or certified copy of your birth certificate to purchase an iphone and tim cook says this voting laws. It's unthinkable the ceo of apple. Which way jim remember this remember. Remember obama phones. Do you remember this. The the fake free stuff con is so pervasive that voters actually believe brock. Obama was was taking free phones. Out of his stash rush explains this perfectly. You'll remember this if you have been a long term listener the eib network. October of two thousand nine in detroit. You know obama at this point. This is after the stimulus. There's another plan. Obama is offering residents in certain cities. Rent free something. Deposits or something on a few number of housing units and these people have to show up at city hall and yet in line and apply for the free whatever it was and of course. There's not enough to go around because democrats can't give everybody everything be healthcare be and housing did an apartment. What have you so our man in detroit. Who at the time ken rogulski. Wjr went down and talked to some of the people in line waving to get whatever freebie obama was offering. It was the equivalent of stimulus cash. That was going to be used for a housing allowance. And see you remember this. Why are you here to get the money. What kind of money obama money. where's it coming from alabama. And where did obama get it. I don't know hispanics. I don't know don't know where he got it from. But he gives us to help us. We love him. That's why we bought it for coming from obama stash. Now that's two thousand nine is not this group of people still waiting. Democrats been promising them. Free this and free that and they're still waiting for. It was also feel bomb phones. Charlie indianapolis indiana graduated sir. You're on the rush. Limbaugh program taught. Herman your guide got about ninety seconds. Be brilliant right. Thank you talk show today. Happy you too sir What i wanted to touch on analysts believing that this whole push back against the launch an just to make it easier to vote in order to cheat is the democrat seating and kinda landed groundwork for the future narratives wins nine americans who oppose open mortars and high taxes and cancel culture and energy independence. Show up at the ballot box and just resoundingly reject the agenda. The biden isn't puts you through. They will then turn around and say no no. everybody loves our policies. This is only be rejected because of all those racist voting jim crow laws. I love it. I love it no see again. Just note to dc to joe biden's dimension note to biden's handlers. The biggest radio audience in history is smarter than you are. They already seeing steps ahead graduated. It was a fantastic phone call. More as we continue taught in your guide host this week on the one and only ib network. There is a battle coming for our freedom machines. That is what i consider are disgusting. Gas-powered vehicles mayor. Pete wants to Install what he's going to call a mileage tax rush tatis over the years to never accept the liberal premises premises that they make for their arguments don't agree to their terms. Don't allow their terms to be inserted into the conversation. I would go so far on this this per mile tax to tell you that. This is an enemy premise. I'm not calling mayor pete enemy. He's an opponent. I think he's an enemy of freedom. But i would say this that if they succeed in convincing enough people that this is a per mile tax. What actually happens is we ended up being tracked every where we go this a lot of things that they use in this way that they'll put a terminology on it that you'll then suddenly see of course the mockingbird adopt that premise. Such as calling you know borrow and spend plan an infrastructure bill or a covid relief measure but this per mile tax. How do we approach it. There's a lesson from rush on this on the major topic of not accepting premises. There's also a mini lesson on how to the push to get the government. Gps units in the cars. And that's that's not that's not a guest. They're installing these things and pushing these things in the left to states. So let's get into how we do not adopt the language of the enemy and then here rush explain how to avoid accepting liberal premises. We'll get to that. We continue on the weight loss. It feels like a constant cycle like my body is always working against me pushing back on all of my progress. I learned that anytime. I lose weight. My body tries to gain it right back. Finally i discovered it's not entirely my fault. I know healthy. Eating and exercise are important but they may not be enough so i talked to my healthcare provider about whether a prescription medicine could help me lose weight and maintain it together. We made a plan to tackle this a plan to help. Lower my risk of future weight related health issues like heart disease. Doing me and make a change for the better doctor. Your healthcare provider about treatment options to manage your weight. Hey everyone lisa booth here. And i am so excited to let you know that. I am launching a brand new podcast. The truth with lisa boothe starting march twenty. Four as a former pollster political adviser now a television commentator. I ever your trust by telling you the truth. I can make this promise to right here right now. I will always give it to you straight. And i guarantee that we're going to learn something new and we'll also be entertained with each episode whether it's just me on air leaving no stone unturned to get to the bottom of the hottest issues. Impacting your life. Whether i'm interviewing some of the biggest names out there. I will always think for myself. You should to look. You don't always have to agree with me but if you're tired of being talked down to this podcast if you're tired of hearing the same tired talking points and you want some fresh takes. This is officer pike cash. You wanna know what's really happening. Countries out the spend without the b es and this is a podcast for you listened to the truth with lisa boothe every wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Sign up and subscribe today. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left in the biden administration look bad when now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now. It's an incredible honor to be here with you today on the day. The lord has made this good friday before easter. And i wish you a blessed easter with your family if you do celebrate that and these are the times gods decided we'll live in does trust us to do the right thing and the more that we trust in the more he can trust us. Speaking of trust okay all right let me set the scene for you mayor pete and this is part of the steam of this first segment. Rush is gonna remind us to not accept liberal premises so part of the theme of this segment is to not use language of our opponents and our political enemies. So i want to set the scene. Mayor repeat is fascinated with doing what they have done in washington state and oregon which is to pretend to invent something called per mileage tax and even people who are free marketeers fall into this trap. let's usage tax. That's good number one. The gas tax is a usage tax. If you purchase five gallons of gasoline when you go back and purchase more you're paying for the usage your car rolls by every mile ugo subtracts the gas from your tank and a good portion of that up to half or three quarters going to taxes depending upon where you live so this is not about a per mileage tax. This is a surveillance tax. And i speak from experience. This is you paying to be surveilled this. Is you paying to be blackmailed. They're going to blackmail you with your own money and we listen if we allow this. It's a surveillance tax oregon and washington of pushed. This it. is you either go to the dmv every year. probably four times a year and let some bureaucrat. Take a picture of how many miles you've traveled and you pay based on that or you put a smartphone apper. Gps unit in your car. It doesn't just track how far you drive it tracks. Things like the computer thinks you made too aggressive in terms of a turn calling it a per mile tax accepting that. It's not just accepting the premise. It's accepting the language of our political enemies. This is surveillance tax because it turns into something that that just surveys. You and blackmails you. For instance the further away you drive from the city core the more money it can charge you. If you drive at times where the government has decreed the shell not drive that you shall take a bus or choo choo train. It will do that some days. It may decide to double or triple the cost to drive into a city. It makes it may demand that you pick people up and become a volunteer uber. Less you pay more in taxes. This is surveillance tax and we need to call it that now. Let me set this specific scene for you for we hear from pete. This great footage of mayor pete and four. Suv's in downtown dc mayor. Pete unloads his by cycle from one of the four. Suv's he then takes a lot of time to get on his bicycle as the four suv's around him and then mayor. Pete pretends to bike to work all show all virtuous signaling and. He's talking about this during an interview. Last friday and cnbc's squawk on the street with anchor kayla tau shea mir pete secretary of transportation said was asked what about a mileage based tax. That shows a lot of promise if we believe in that so called. The user pays principle the idea to part of how we pay for roads. Is you pay based on. How much drive. The gas tax used to be the obvious way to do. It's not anymore so a so-called vehicle. Miles traveled tax or mileage tax. Whatever you wanna call. It could be a way to do it so it's not anymore. Why what physics have changed. The petroleum burn now comes back. it's reinvented. it constitutes no. They want to be able to surveillance and blackmail you with. I know people who tested the per mile app in washington state and they got notes like wow. That was a little tight and your break in. Hey i think you're in the hov lane and you know we'll just go ahead and send a ticket to you or better yet. Why don't we just charge your credit card. That's what this is about. Do not accept the language of our political enemies. Rush was a brilliant teacher. We know that in here in this clip. He explains to call her. That goes beyond not using the enemies words. We must never accept their premises. But question is basically. I wanna know why. Such a small minority of people like them byron mental lack of can stop drilling and and more they can stop us from making new refineries but issues like tax cuts and border. Security are clearly supported by the majority of people than the deal. I'm going to answer your question for you. It's it's a good question and the answer is it's not such a small minority. The problem is politicians and politicians genuinely poll and focus group and find out what people want and give it to them. That's how you stay elected. That's what's so frustrating to people like us. We want leadership. We don't want people bending and shaping with the wind. We want leadership we want somebody. Challenging democrat liberal premises stop accepting liberal premises. But that's what we do. Let me give you a little story as an example here from the san francisco chronicle today they went out. They took a poll of people. Californians support the idea of charging green vehicle fees that would make drivers of gas guzzlers. Pay higher taxes and offer discounts for those driving less polluting vehicles. According to a survey by transportation researcher at san jose state university state of california charges drivers registration licensing fees and gasoline taxes rates. That do not take into account the pollution levels of vehicles but the survey A research associate with the University of mineta transportation institute named after leon panetta found that californians would support a variety of taxes and fees to raise money for transportation improvements as well as combat global warming including raising vehicle registration fees in average thirty one dollars to an average of sixty two dollars doubling them and having higher polluting vehicles pay higher rates and cleaner cars lower rates. They also believe in levying of mileage based tax that would replace the eighteen cents per gallon gasoline tax lee per mile amount would vary depending on how much vehicle polluted the air. The researcher at san jose state the public is very supportive of these green taxes and fees. This is how it's worked. They have created all this guilt. And you've got people in san francisco who think this has to be done. And when you have Linguini spine politicians. Who simply care about being reelected. It's not a minority of people that are getting things done is not even a small minority of people are getting things done. This is the thing liberals get hold of something and they don't stop then no matter how much of it they get. It's never enough. They wanna keep going this this this. This is traceable to thousand nine hundred eighty nine thousand nine hundred and one thousand nine hundred eighty two eighty three. This is when the modern global warming movement began. And it's been steady and they just keep plodding away and here. We are now twenty eight years later twenty five years later and it's taken hold so we're you know we're accepting the premise and trying to refute it a little bit. We should've stopped on it way back when i tell you what's going to happen especially with this new proposal that i see that this researcher i just mentioned that's in the chronicle today. The san francisco chronicle raising registration fees and then getting into a a Sort of a two tiered or three tiered tax plan based on the kind of car you drive. They're going to raise taxes on the gas guzzlers. They're going to reduce gas taxes on the water called environmentally safe nonpolluting cars. This is going to affect their tax rate income. The what is probably it's if it doesn't go up is like when they raised gasp When the gas prices went up and the state was urging people to drive less. Save the planet. dr less be more economical. People like sheep did with the state said and it didn't take long for the state to realize. Hey our gas tax revenues plummeting here and so they raise gas taxes to make up for people following orders to drive less than go. Buy more economical cars. So the bottom line is when you have a state government like yours in california wayne which is run by liberal democrats. You can make book on the fact that your government expenses taxes are going to go up every year regardless what you do to reduce them. They never stopped. They keep plodding along. Twenty years ago he was tracking. Now look at where this is advanced. Its advanced to step of. We're going to need to track every inch shoe drive. We're going to need to review. You're driving so we cannot accept the per mile charge. It is a surveillance tax. This week we played rush response to the Immunity cards that. You would present to business to see i'm immune to this virus. Now that's graduated up into vaccine passports. Which i would call big pharma passports right. I think it's it's cloaked government. It's a government passport. it's a business passports. Are traveling papers. Let's not call it a vaccine passports. Speaking of that governor run. The scientists in florida has just signed executive order. Twenty one eighty one just been officially issued prohibiting the use of vaccine bass parts both by the government and business entities in florida. Just as maybe an. Emc family can we all face towards florida and give rhonda santa's a thumbs up. Thank you governor. Much more to follows. Todd herman your guide host this week on the. It's taught herman. Your guide hosts this week in the abbey network You heard about biden and what he wants to do to major league baseball and once again once again next segment once again. It's the prophetic rush. Almost everything we've played today from russia's prophetic compared to today's news where he predicted what was going to happen. We'll get to that as well. Let's go talk on. Open line friday to tom in chattanooga tennessee. Tom you're on the rush limbaugh program. It's taught in your guide hosts today tom. Hi todd Happy easter to you to We we all miss rush but you do a great job in his words and your words to today's issues. I appreciate that thank you. I everything that the democrats do. They're wrong but they are persistently wrong as rush reminded us. They always come back again and again and again and as republicans. We seem to have the attention of a five-year-old we never and the issue that i called about was when i call the the biden gas tax because of his policies on energy the in my case gasoline costs has gone up. A dollar a gallon now The average driver does a thousand miles a month. That's five hundred or six hundred dollars a month additional out of my pocket because of his policy and we should. We should let people know that it. S affecting that drives every day of their lives. they're paying more because of biden. Get worse it's going to get worse because you bring good point Detroit this on precise tom Living outside of dc by about fifteen miles out in virginia alexander area. It can cost you forty seven bucks per drive this and that's just the toll that doesn't include the gas. We're talking nearly a hundred dollars per day. Not gas the toll. Then you have to pay to park. You could spend in d. c. one hundred and twenty five bucks a day to go to work. Now i mean it's dc so come on. There's no depression's there's economic recessions. If you want more money more money. Everybody from their benefits from the big government thievery of of of people's resources. I'm not saying taxes or theft. But i'm saying that. Were jacking the rates up to fifty dollars per way to get to work. That seems like fever the me tom appreciate the phone. Call beautiful beautiful chattanooga tennessee. Thank you for calling. Russia shows all the year of support years of support. Let's go talk to roy in oklahoma roy. You're on the rush. Limbaugh program taught him in. Your guide hosts today welcome. Roy yes sir I miss I miss him terribly. I grew up with a for most of my opinions within. And i hate to imagine. I hate to admit it. But i had to become a college puke. Don't get that if you don't get that sheepskin money. Yeah and then. I'm an american indian american indian. I'm not an american. You're not a native american american indian. No i wear. I'm i'm american indian. I wear it like a badge of honor like the red badge of courage like the scarlet letter. My daddy's what they used to call when they hired the federal government hired him as a breed. Half breed breed indian They'd gone chief the hurt he he made them like it. I love it I got so many things. I wanna say but My most important. I am really really tired of the college. Pugh and i am a college pukes. I'm sorry apologized. Wake later pukes. Why are you tired of him. 'cause we got short on time. I feel like you should write a book because you have so much to say and that's very important. But why are you sick of the college pukes as an american indian game. 'cause i well i took me twenty years to get to college in Listening to them There what they do and say you only because your ancestors abused my ancestors. Let's get straight until the end of world war. Two when america said that she had to stop. Yeah yeah it was that way. Yup i gotta america crammed down yup. Everybody but got it. I understand it perfectly roy. You said it so well and you know what this spring. And i want to thank you for the phone call with just. The clock is our enemy roy. I want to just say that you reminded me in a second thereof of the great walter williams. God rest wealth vaulter in russia together and having. Oh well Walter was was an african-american great academic Who used to white people of their guilt called russia's show. I'm thinking roy could start a service now for some of these college pukes they go to roy and then he doesn't he doesn't agree with you. Know this generational you use your ancestors abuse but he could sell passes. You could give people an absolving card. The liberals would pay for that great call. Roy thank you very much now. This weekend i want you to be sure to see the special. Tributes to radio's greatest of all time are elrushbo you can find it at rush limbaugh dot com and so many folks have contributed to the creation. This special like our former president. Donald john trump rush limbaugh was in a class by himself. There was nobody like him. He was an icon and frankly he was an american hero to so many what he's done for the conservative movement and so many other things for our country for the health of our country for the benefit of our country. That's the thing he loved. He loved our country more than anything else. He loved our country. He did love our country and you can watch that again this weekend at rush limbaugh dot com one of the many things that rush was great out was calling out even segments of what rush loved america but he loves sports. He loved athletic t to love that. Because in the purest sense they should be meritocracy. but as joe biden's dementia is now telling major league baseball. Yeah move the all star game. I want to comment on that. I want to bring rushes words to the four. Because he did not did not pull any punches in speaking back even against his beloved football. It's taught herman your guide host this week on the eib network breaking news at washington dc. A vehicle has smashed into a barrier now outside the senate side of the capitol to people loaded into ambulances. It's my understanding. There are two capitol police officers who are injured. Just take a second. Please say a prayer for the to capitol police officers police. That's the holy spirit would be with them and they would recover and will keep track of this senate side of capitol car smashed into The bears outside the senate side so we will keep track of that for you on russia. Show the a. It's a hard thing to turn transition from. I've i've a thing about cops getting hurt and it's it's kind of personal thing so i'll just i'll swallow and move program in fact maybe i'll move on with this. There are big businesses. Run by people. And there's this it's tempting to believe that because you are a ceo or a or you're a star and you've got all sorts of money that that means that you have enough money to tell the world you know forget it. I'm not going to do what you say. There's if there's a phrase for that you know it's the blank blank. Money blank. blake blake money. This is what we call tech. You get big enough exit. It's blank blank money to the world. I'll do what i want elon. Musk does that he acts that way. But that's not the case because a lot of people they never get over peer pressure and they never get over allowing that to affect them. And that's that's happening with major league. Baseball and sports and drew brees ended his great. Nfl career the last year. He played actively with with a apparent rapists name on his helmet. Jacob blake so accused of rape and trying to rape those women again the night that he was shot by the police. So there is j- joe biden is wanting to see the. The major league baseball game moved out of than he wants to see that he wants to see it. Just everything woke and he spoke about this. And we'll play the clip of him. Later in the show of biden saying it himself rush went just directly to the point about pro sports needing to take the knee to the woke hottest set. It's cowardice your opinion. Is i think professional sports need to man up you got. You've got the reverend jackson. Demanding that bud selig cancelled all star game in arizona because of the immigration law. Al sharpton on you've got the owner of the phoenix suns. Running around saying we're gonna do this. You got a bunch of liberal. Sports writers suggesting the d backs. The baseball team be boycotted wherever they go. I think sports needs to man up get liberalism out of it for crying out loud. Take a look. Seventy percent of the people of arizona support belong. The professional sports want to be associated siding with illegals breakers. This is no different than the republicans supporting amnesty back in two thousand seven because they don't want to offend anybody And they hope to get these votes. So you have the ownership of the phoenix suns. The lost sons and whoever we don't want to offend the portion of our fan base. So we want to appear to be politically correct We want him to appear to be all inclusive and so forth We'll find and dandy what happens with contributes to the overall deterioration of the culture of society. I just i just think it's cowardice. I'm sorry i think it's cowardice pure and simple ozzie gin. The manager of the chicago white sox medina's waylon said he will not go and participate in the all star game manager or coach. If it's in arizona. Well okay so we're supposed to change it. We're supposed to deal with american law by reacting to what ozzie guizhen kaga white sox is. No if he doesn't like it he didn't let him my go. Don't go finding don't go. It's fine if you don't want to go but we're not going to change federal law state law just so you can show up at an all star game this is it is a Interesting thing about intersection of politics and sports. Which i thought was not supposed to happen but it obviously is this. Just the the bottom line here is it's cowardice. running cowardice disguised as supremacy cowardice. Disguise has. I'm better than you cowardice. Disguise i'm more open minded than you cowardice disguised as i'm more Worldly then you are i. I'm a better person. I'm more tolerant than you are. It's just cowardice pure and simple and if it isn't cowardice it's pure ideology. Nothing mother nothing other than political liberalism guiding the opinions on this which is common and okay in politics. But tell us that you know. Don't give us this superior. I'm better than you are with multicultural. Garbage just tell us you're a liberal. You disagree with the law. And you don't think that the jerseys ought to say sons because it offends you. Don't hide behind holier than now you're better than everybody else stuff. It's the thing about liberals they just can't be honest who they have to always denigrate everybody else. Well we have to wear these los suns jerseys because somebody racists in our state we have to battle it. Sorry doesn't fly here on the eib network. I really thought my experience with the saint. Louis rams wasn't sports cannot be politicized these people you know honesty guizhen and all these other people. Don't if you don't like playing. In the united soon playing in arizona go back and play for hugo chavez and try to make the millions of dollars they let you make here. You notice how everybody folks. They're all for diversity. As long as everybody thinks alike if you working kamov diversity as long as everybody thinks the same thing if you work at a corporate environment. I look i i. I have radio station. Seattle's kt teach kind of corporate environment. If you can speak up lose your job or we could not speak up and lose our country. It really is time to start to ask questions in these meetings. Were were pressured. And i'm not saying that's happening at work. Gladly it hasn't but I know people who are pressure. It is really time for us to speak up and say wait. I'm sorry. I am not willing to pretend to be racist just because i'm white. I'm just not as anyone else in this room unwilling to do that. People are waiting for folks to lead them and we're going to have to do hard things. 'cause it was also walter williams who said that freedom is not the natural state of things now this weekend. Easter writer of eastern passover. Passover is a beautiful beautiful vent and they're perfect examples on occasions families get together and celebrate and remember. There's lots of pictures and video and it's been that way for decades. And how do you keep all those family movies and pictures preserved forever. You do that with legacy box. The company that specializes in digitally transferring. Your family memories. it's a company rush trusted with his memories and you can trust them with your family members. 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And what do you think was donald. Trump's greatest accomplishment in office elrushbo at a great analysis that will get to that taught herman your guide host this week on the eib. Herman your guide hosts this week in the eib network in cbs baltimore's reporting that this case in the capital were a car ran into barrier. Apparently it also struck the officers and we've heard a couple of different parts of that so please do pray for the officers. There's also officer told fox news. They think they shot somebody. And that would probably be suspect of this. And if you've ever been to the capital they have these massive gates the gates. I mean they're barriers. They can pull up out of the street to stop cars like this and so just looking at the picture it is the senate of the capitol the by the train station and those gates are pulled up. They say stop on him and they are not. Those games aren't going anywhere so it's capitol hill police can see. Suv's surrounded the scene so really do Take a moment. If you're praying person and and pray for the recovery of the officers that they will recover fully from this. There was something. There are many things we've talked about. The president trump did in office. That that we're seeing biden's you. The approach of the people who handle biden is obviously to undo these things. We've talked about to reentering the clownish agreement to allow iran to get legitimized nuclear weapons. We've talked about that. We talked we talked about the dismantling of the team. Yeah we have the department of homeland security team that existed to find illegal immigrants sex traffickers in our country that that was done away with clearly. Any form of border enforcement has been done away with something else as russia is mobilizing troops torch crimea. And they say this is an exercise. This is the time of the year they do those exercises but not normally to this degree. Do they do these things. We're seeing aggressive fly bys by the chinese communist. Party's military seeing aggressive posture. As we saw the chinese communist party functionaries basically go chest. Up with our our folks in alaska. They're taking they've already taken a mental assessment of biden. That's what they do and probably came back and said look. This can't possibly make quick decisions. Can't do it. So they're testing them. So trump achieves a lot in terms of being a guy that our enemies in our opponents in the globe couldn't predict easily. Now what do you think was the most important aspect of trump term in office rush considered many the president's accomplishments but the mohawk landed squarely on one thing trump did that stood out to him. He asked him quick question. What do you think. Donald trump's greatest legacy will be. Here's my list. And i think i'm going to have to add that to it. A supreme court three conservative. Justices right operation warp speed. I eat vaccine. So supreme court operation warp speed highlighting. The need for national election reform. Identifying the com- boy that is such a big one you realize. Trump has been hammering the chinese since he was opening his campaign. Two thousand fifteen even before that trump is the guy who literally made news may be news that hunter biden and joe biden had a relationship with chai com business interests. How about identifying the deep state problem exposing the fake news media how about creating the greatest economy in american history by way of massive reductions in regulations and tax cuts. I think one of the biggest legacies trump's going to have is making us energy independent. Tell you. I worry that this is going to be lost. I worry that biden is going to reverse this. I think biden's gonna come up with a way to reinvigorate the iran deal and i think it's going to result in the united states losing its energy independence believe me. The united states becoming energy independent. That was not on the drawing board. For globalists obama crowd we can accomplish our goals if the us becomes energy independent if the united states becomes a net exporter of energy of oil. This that gums up the works like you can't believe you watch. I don't know how long it's gonna take me. If we lose our status energy independence it will require purpose full strategies to bring that about and if that happens if the democrats literally biden and his crew actually succeed in revoking our energy independent Folks that would be the biggest indication of what we're up against. How about bringing an unheard of level of peace and cooperation. The middle east. And how did that happen. By the way why i think moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. Every president had promised to do it. Trump actually did it. And i think finding a way to get all of these middle eastern arab states to unite with israel because of iran. And i'll guarantee you this. The biden administration or obama to is going to do everything they can to reignite the iran deal which will get iran nuclear weapons. They're gonna do everything they can to unwind. What trump did with iran including these remarkable new relationships with middle eastern arab states and israel and they are and rush is right even more combat taught him to guide host this week in the abbey number so we continue to monitor the happenings in washington. Dc continue to pray for the officers who currently were hit by car that hit a barrier on the senate side of the capitol. Now she's just hearing word that apparently the suspect came out of the car with a knife is is what we're hearing and we'd also heard that would make sense than if the suspect was shot. Not that it wouldn't make sense to shoot someone trying to go at officers with the car so we don't know anything about the suspect yet at this point. That's what's happened. The capital consequently is unlocked down. There is a story out of waukegan kagan like that. I don't like this. Latin knicks latics activists protest renaming. Thomas jefferson middle school and bra off. Brock obama michelle obama. This is though a great way to dig into one of the things that's on our side. As were in what russia had called a death struggle with communism and that is what we need to do is buy some time for them to eat each other not not yet not yet literally yet. That comes later. I mean if they succeed that they'll eat zoo animals. I well no. I the pets than the zoo animals. But let's dig into this and use some of russia's wisdom to do that as well as taught him in your guide host this week on the your college grad gun down while simply walking his dog a mom shell parker vanishes after she drops offer little twins as a babysitter an indianapolis mass murderer. Leave six dead. Nancy grace here. These are just some of the cases. We're investigating crime stories. it's so easy to thank. You will never happen to you. Never to my family right. That's not true. It does happen and we want to help every day on crime stories. We break down the biggest breaking crime news. Anti put the clues together. We speak with family members. Reporters investigators police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day. A chance to stop crying and to keep one more person safe join us. Listen to crime stories with nancy grace on the iheartradio app apple. Podcast orc. Were ever you listen to your podcast wooded incredible honor and thrilled to be with you and to chat with you on this open line. Friday version of open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two on today the day the lord has made for all of us and the times the times he gave us a living and i've begun to be grateful for living in these times because it means that maybe your kids don't have to live in times such as these and it's tempting i. It's i don't know that it's tempting but it can happen. That people become demoralized. I go back and forth. Because i see the left on the march in back and forth between. It's over and i do think that for some areas it's over San francisco is it's gone. It can't come back. It's going to have to completely change seattle portland and the cities. I know well so. I won't make judgments about cities i don't know as well that that may well as also be gone and it's also tempting to think we have to win it all back right now and yes. Hey look if h one passes this stealing of the vote and if there's not successful court cases from every single republican attorney general were in deep trouble. But that's that's not. That's not exactly what we have to do. Part of what we need to do is buy time because leftism consumes itself because it is a it's an ideology of greed and avarice and anger and bitterness. That's what it is. It's it's acidic and right now. They have a protection from their own acid or their own venom. But that doesn't last. Here's here's a case in point. It's kind of funny. It's also case in point. There's a guy named edgar casinos. He's a district sixty school board member in a place called. What kagan which is a cool name. City what kagan illinois and he is one of many quote latin knicks. I've never met a large number of friends. Because i have family. Respect large number of friends and family correspond. I've never heard anyone say lacks there are. There's white liberal so-called journalists in seattle say nixon. One day one of them said. Just worry about the bypass community. I started to google. That and i don't care it's just another way to to divide people. So this guy. Mr casinos eggacados would is not in favor of renaming. Thomas jefferson middle school after brock. Michelle obama thomas jefferson. His sin was and it was a perversion of human rights to own slaves. Jefferson was thought of as a decent slave owner. If such a thing exists in it's my recollection that upon death he freed the people he'd held in bondage good for him too late and at least he did it but why not michelle. Brock obama. Well you have to ask. Edgar cost came to the united states illegally as a child or as the news report here says that he came here undocumented as a child. Abc seven says that so he said i will not be part of renaming a school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community. Okay so the criminal community now. I'm not saying it was his fault. He came here as a child. I don't know who brought him. I don't know the circumstances but let's just put this in real life language. That is that he will not back anybody who does not back criminals. See when you get into intersectional politics and you divide people up by grievance groups. Eventually you get a war of grievance groups. And i can. I could prove this. Like if i suddenly had this awakening. That's i'm in fact a fourteen year old girl but gay and and also that the republicans have been all wrong and in fact we need to. We need woke is. I'm an hour to go to. Msnbc with great awakening. I suddenly be a victim instantly instantly. And that's that's that's my platoon to now go to war with other victim groups on this great this great periodic table of victimhood remember the periodic table. The didn't chemistry the periodic table. We can buy time if we can just buy time eventually. These groups eat themselves. I know it's difficult to think of time when you have things like this. This is cnn. This is seen in. Just just this flat. Lying seen in politics tweets chief executives and other high ranking leaders for more than one hundred companies including target snapchat and have issued a public statement opposing any measure that denies eligible voters the right to cast ballots. That's brave wow so what you're saying is eligible. Voters should be able to cast ballots. That's exactly what the georgia law does. It make sure eligible voters can cast ballots. In fact anybody can cast a ballot what it does is make sure. Only eligible voters eligible voters. Get their votes to count and to these companies. They're saying these things you see joost. This is just like you saying we only want people who pay for our stuff to get our stuff. You wanna put this to the test target. Let people come at your stores and take what they want. Well they're supposed to pay. We're supposed to be eligible voters. We can buy time because the left does itself because there's never the government never goes far. There's never enough never enough power. They'll go to war with each other. Eventually rush explained that for leftist. There's no limit on what the government should do to you or four them are group's not happy with what obama did and it just amazes me and it really does. These groups are unhappy. Because obama didn't do what they expected which obviously means obama has been lying to some of these people in these private meetings with them. For example. I have here in my formerly. Nicotine stained fingers take a piece of one of my tech blogs which it is. I printed out doesn't matter reuters story. What it is. President barack obama's plans to make life a little easier for some foreign tech workers but silicon valley. Representatives are disappointed that here's immigration. Changes will not satisfy longstanding demands for more visas and faster cards anyway. Univision the anchor at univision. What iran most. And he's got this figured out and he's not happy. He joins tech buddies and being unhappy. But for a whole different reason univision anchor. What ramos described obama's executive action as paying a debt to the latino community in an interview with fusion colleague alicia. Jose ramos denied. That obama had kept his promise. Immigration obama hasn't even gotten close to keeping his promise on immigration full because he had pledged to take action in his first year and he didn't do it until his sixth year horrid. Hey ramos went on to say that. President obama must do more and he still leaving out six to seven million undocumented aliens. That need help asked whether obama had kept his promise. Hey rama's said well not exactly what. President obama promised during two thousand eight was to present during his first year in office immigration reform and that would have applied to the eleven million undocumented immigrants in the country he's going to benefit more than four million people the undocumented parents of us citizens and legal residents however that would not include another six seven million undocumented immigrants in this country. They're viewing this as a debt. That's being paid a debt that is being repaid now. How do you what you must believe if you look at what obama paying a debt. Tell me what what is it. Well i don't think it's that. Yeah they got him elected. I don't think it's that at all. I don't think this. I don't think hort. Hey ramos is talking about election payback or anything. When he talks about how latino people are owed a debt. I think he's talking. About the fact that california used to be mexico and arizona used to be mexico and whatever else and i think the debt that they're talking about goes far beyond obama's first year. Promise i think the debt involved. Hey you have been using hispanics to pick your fruit to take out your trash to wash and drive your cars to cut your lawns and it's gone on long enough. The point is when when you hear a guy started talking about how obama owes them debt. Here's what he put it another way. I think the democrat party has realized they have. What's the term. They've maxed out with the black population. They've i mean how much more how much better can i do. Get ninety three percent every election. Okay that's done. We got that we own it. It's time to build on that and so up. Next are the hispanics and it's it's the democrats are going to treat them and corral them the same way they did the african american community in essence. What hispanics have been doing all of these years been doing jobs that are beneath americans. It's been the equivalent of slavery. You'll mark my words. I'm not saying obama's gonna. This is going to be the activist impetus for the immigration activist groups and it's not going to become a matter of dignity. That's what this debt being repaid really gets to. That's from el rushbo himself. An explanation of the opportunity for us to buy time because we're seeing now that people who represent criminals criminal illegal immigrants are demanding now that they get to be above on the intersectional periodic chart of victimhood and therefore retribution dese above. Michelle and barack obama can buy time and so when we come back. Mtv thinks they have come out with an admission and may copa for causing mental health problems from that rush on the double standard of pop culture. Taught herman your guide host this week. On the eib it is open line. Friday phone calls to come later this hour. Eight hundred eighty two two eight eight two. Just an update in washington. Dc the capital remains on lockdown person apparently drove into an hit some capital police officers. This is on the senate side. I guess if you've been to dc you know where that is if you haven't really this matter. This matters is the condition of these officers. There was an ambulance scene. Taking people away now word that the suspect upon striking these officers for whom were prayer. Probably get out of the car with knife. We're hearing now. That one of the officers was stopped. So continue to keep you up to date on that. This came this morning A story i one of the team brought the story about this great story. That does it. Get chris mccarthy and he's the president of mtv entertainment group and it's from the washington post season buff to offer a rare may copa and undertake an ambitious plan to remake programming at mtv and sister stations including comedy central. Vh one and even paramount plus and he was inspired to do this because he's worried about the effects that they're having on on the mental health of young people and he was inspired to do this because of course the duchess of sussex talked to oprah about being sad and depressed. Now it's her right to speak this and you can be plenty rich. Plenty depressed asked the family of the late robin williams and this was the turning point. He says that about a scene in there like spin off of jersey shore or whatever it is there is argument and terrible relations between boyfriend and girlfriend and terrible things said and pushing and shoving having reality star. Say someone is really messed up. Well that's not the proper way to reflect the story. It sends the wrong message about somebody's mental health. We need to do better. You're supplying programming. Where where the reality is non reality. And we're young people are saying. Why can't i get paid to take my shirt off on tv. Why can't my life be to get to be famous for being famous that you have songs and artists featuring like this song w. ap by what's her name this about as misogynistic or should song. I'm worried that by a woman as as exists. And and this is your weakening. listen. I've been around team mental health. I'd be glad to sit with you. One day and go through the actual harm. Doing rush of course was on the cutting edge of societal evolution. About all the problems with coal pop culture years ago. This infuriates me. What is happening. B- outrages me scares me it insults me. it's all of the we're losing the country and what what is frustrating to me is that so many people don't see it and those who do are not willing to do anything about it. Everybody's scared everybody's frightened to what's going to happen to them if they've been everybody's afraid of the democrat party that's where the fear in this country. Everybody's afraid of the government. They're afraid to speak out there free to do anything about it. It's it's the path of least resistance for them. But in the meantime this whole notion that society owes anybody what they want if they can say. They're discriminated against for some reasonable when it gets to the point that we are providing the means the finances the resources for social activities. Or whatever it is i. It's scary to me. This is all part of the culture Deteriorating because fewer and fewer people and fewer and fewer businesses and fewer and fewer institutions actually have a moral core or. They're not willing to stand up for their moral core. And you're talking about the double standard is one of the greatest illustrations of it is that rappers can practically say anything they want about women and it's called art and they win awards for i don't know about you. I i have some television shows that i liked him and the p. word that stands for urinate is common now or when you're ticked off you are it's common. The word bitch is common in sitcoms in television dramas. I'm so naive in my hopefulness for twenty three years. I've been doing this on this stage oven four years prior to that in sacramento actually twenty-seven years. I've been doing this in every year. It's easy to see the cultural declined. Taking place the rot right in front of our eyes and i keep all of these years. I've said to myself at some points. Go to bottom out have had enough of it and it's going to end and it never does. It's it's it's nowhere near bottoming out and and it's nowhere near people standing enough of it. It's getting worse and it's going to continue to get worse. One of the things andrew breitbart is being lionized in his death and he is being heralded his death one of the things that the breitbart empire was focused on was pop. Culture breitbart grew up in west los angeles. He was surrounded by the epitome of wacko leftism. Today he grew up and was part of that. Eventually for a lot of reasons had an awakening and escaped it and one of the reasons he put together his big empire. Big journalism big bright mart. Tv big this all those different websites. One of these an andrew breitbart was trying to do was to have conservatism. Make an impact in pop culture. He believed that the combination of the pop culture and the media were the source of all of the destruction and the Deterioration of things in this country at the media had long ago abandoned their constitutional requirement that they were now part of a leftist agenda openly and upfront honestly they not even making any pretenses to more being objective or Holding the powerful Accountable long ago given that up and the pop culture is made up of people. I'm talking about the audience who don't know ninety percent of the substance of things going on in this country that will someday from them their freedom. They looked at it as gaining stuff to the extent that they even care and those are the two areas that he was primarily interested in and they're both extremely important and that's all part of the fact that there is a double standard but forget the double standard ever going away. It never will so. Even there as rush discusses pop culture. Did you hear him say it will never stop getting worse. Go back to this what we talked about with. Mtv and his this executives concern that the jersey shore spinoff is the thing. That's a terrible precursor to to health problems for teens. With all due respect to that gentleman your entire network is uniquely harmful to teens. And maybe you can have that awakening. We'll give updates on the washington. Dc circumstance the suspects ported to be dead. Todd herman your guide hosts weekend in job happy easter to find observance. Good friday for you. Update at a dc. It's now two or three media sources reporting that the suspect who currently rammed the car into police officers who are injured are price for them. That suspect is now confirmed. Dead apparently upon hitting the officers or perhaps that barrier then hit the officers. We don't know exited. The car were told with a knife And was apparently shot. So we'll continue to pay attention to that. The derek chauvin trial is continuing and the be much much much to unfold on that we we're talking earlier about the fact that the new york times is sort of kind of duxing the jury saying that there is. We don't know much about them. But here's what we do know. And then we're also talking about the fact that a lot of jurors faces are on video. Cnn all day with their faces. They're going to get recognized and clearly if the jury back and says hey it looks like george floyd died from offensive overdose which it. That's what the defense is saying and to me. It's it's a strong possibility. What position going to be right. And there's this focus on these bystanders. This piece in the washington examiner. That takes the instance of george floyd says. Why didn't people intervene now. Why didn't they go. And i don't know what you do. The police are the police. And what do you go push the police off. But but they filmed it on their cell phones. And there's this sort of dynamic if you've seen for instance the ever who was an asian american who was murdered when these thirteen and fifteen year old girls decided to steal his car to carjack him and they drove away with him hanging off and there is this they. They crashed the car in the man died. The girl was worried about her cell phone but there are a lot of people filming that but none of them stepped in and thirteen. Fifteen girls with tasers no one steps into open the door and pull the girl out to no. You're not taking his car that we sort of our culture should of have mutated into a stand by and watch culture. And i've seen this time and again in in the antique circumstances were they're not their thing can prove that to you beating on people and there's a bunch of cell phone footage and get it. There's a lot of people there but look rush. Rush talked about this in terms of police. I would say look. You're on the side of lager. Not and you're in if you give into incivility and you allow mob rule you'll end up with mob rule. If you stand by phil mob rule you. You're you're filming what you're going to get for yourselves so said it this way in this clipped it's only nineteen years ago that everybody in this country was running around proudly waving flags everybody including athletes were carrying flags around the bases and the major league baseball playoffs. Nfl players were proudly carrying the flag to support the first responders of nine eleven nine nineteen years ago first responders. the police. Sheriff deputies were the heroes in this country. They were loved and adored and respected. Everybody was driving around this country. It seemed with the american flag streaming outside car. Windows all over the place as a reaction to nine eleven. And now look where we are now. Now it's time to choose. You are either with the mob or you are with the police. You are either with the mob outside a hospital in lynwood california where. Two sheriff's deputies are fighting for their lives they are supposedly out of the woods after untold hours of surgery after being shot point blank range in the face by a single perpetrator who was laughing and smiling all the while doing it. The deputies were parked ever rookies. They were in their patrol car and they were just on the lookout. Just not doing anything. They were stationary and the perp walks up point blank and fires at both of them and standards by started celebrating. But it's time to figure out where you are folks reader with the mob you're either with the marxist of black lives matter in and where they still are gathered outside the emergency room of this hospital. Denying anybody the chance to get in. They literally were blocked the entrance to the hospital. Emergency room if there were any emergencies that needed to be treated at this hospital. Black lives matter had blocked the entrance and the exit. She was the hospital. Did the hospital cylinder tweet. Please do not block our entry way as though black lives all look. They're tweeting this dude. They want us to leave. Dude we better leave. The black lives matter. Mob made it clear that they hope these two innocent sheriff's deputies die a made it abundantly clear nineteen years ago not even a generation nineteen years ago. The police firefighters. Ems all first responders. Were the toast of this. Nation including among african american athletes. Video is available. Should you need to be reminded of these. Athletes proudly happily carrying the american flag on their field of play both the national football league and major league baseball just one thousand nine years ago. What happened nineteen years ago. They were the glue holding this country together and years ago they were among the biggest heroes in our culture and they went into buildings to try to save people. Now they are. The most hated disgusted reviled among us. No they aren't sadly so much of this is just pr and marketing. So much of this is people deciding to get in on this because of pr and marketing. Not because they really hate cops they just think that it's the cool thing to do. So protests really the democrat base becomes violent when the police do their jobs remember. Joe biden is demanding the disarming of americans just as his supporters making life a living hell in cities all over the country. So my friends. The question is you still want to talk about peaceful protesters. You still want to claim. That's what this is all about peaceful protesters. You gotta make up your mind. You're either with the mob or you are with the police now. Some of you weren't alive. Nineteen years ago. Some of you were so young. Nineteen years ago. You don't remember. Nineteen years ago in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven attack in the world trade center the pentagon the downed aircraft shanksville pennsylvania. You couldn't find a single person not supportive of the cops. You had people lining up to show their support. You had athletes and other public figures demanding to be involved in public ceremonies and in public displays of support for police and first responders some of the very people today who have now magically appeared on the other side of this now think the cops are a bunch of murdering nineteen years ago. Couldn't get close enough to them. Couldn't let every one of us know how much they supported them and how much they love. So what's changed in the last nineteen years. These are things you need to ask yourself particularly if you weren't alive in two thousand one if you were too young in two thousand or you need to ask once changed and if you don't know you need to believe people like me who have no interest in lying to you but i will tell you the cops haven't changed. Black lives matter has come a long within these last nineteen years and they are a full-fledged marxist communist organization by their own website announcing who they are by virtue of that and it is a thing to behold. If you've ever seen it. I have of black cops. Being told that they are white supremacists and worse the white wife of a black cop that also a marine also a combat veteran also a volunteer at his kids kindergarten for that family to receive an email from that school with a cartoon for kids to watch saying that. All cops are murderers that happened. I interviewed the woman with that. This isn't yet verified. Well fox reporting. We'll hope it doesn't become verified but fox's reported that in washington. Dc that one of these officers has passed. And i do hope that you will pray for both. Come back on the eib network. Todd herman your guide host. Don't forget to put aside some time. This weekend to watch videos special online at rush limbaugh dot com about the life and career maha-rushie you can stream. It's free this weekend. And the days come. It'll be available later today. Rush limbaugh dot com and available over the days ahead view. Thought it might be available as early as right after the show but instead it will be available later today exclusively at rush limbaugh dot com for this audience. I at our website. Appreciate your patience while we make it available to everyone at rush. Limbaugh dot com. You just heard rush in impassioned. The fence police officers the washington. Dc acting chief of police capital police in dc chief of police if announced that we did lose officer just now in washington dc and good friday and so to the family no doubt thank you for having a brave person who is willing to do a job that everybody knows can end this way and so the end of watches today and it. Just i just know. There's a lot of cops in the audience. I'm really sorry for how this segments of the society decided to treat you. You really don't deserve it. It's really not right. And i pray. God's peace upon this family and. I hope that you'll join us in that. And the mojo himself very clear even upon his death that the show would continue and so the show shall continue will go to david in lansing illinois. David here on the rush. Limbaugh program taught her new guide host. today graduated. Thank you david. Welcome to the program. Herman i like your show because you apparently speak your mind. And i want you to have eighteen years experience as a professional delivery driver Mostly trucks and i agreed with you early in the show that the proposed mileage tax is really a plan to track us rather than a tax alone. here's a comparison of the existing gasoline tax to the proposed mileage tax proposed by what's luda judge stopping at our heads with the edge of his booth. is in case one. The gasoline tax is a usage tax and socialists. Should love it because on its face. The more gas one buys the higher one pace You know As as Gasoline tax rises more. People should sell their suv's like hamas and by a more efficient car like a toyota prius or or east german trabant. Yeah so we have case number two. The the proposed buddha judges Mileage tax now. The intent is to tax usage. but we already have that but in case to That will get rid of the incentive to driving larger vehicle because ten miles in a hummer is equivalent to ten miles in the prius. You're still driving ten miles so why not just drive a bigger car so yeah let me. Let me stepping i might be. I might be a tiny bit ahead of you in this not out of a sense of disrespect your incredibly intelligent man. I can tell they already know the make of your car. I guarantee you. Because look i come from the leftist lab not only. Is it going to adjust for the make of your car the weight of your car. The carbon of your car David i promise you this. They're going to crank up the rates per mile the further. You live outside the city core. So what you're saying makes sense and then understand. Their their their secondary intent is to get everybody into the city states. Does that make sense. That makes sense to me now. And i was gonna say you know they. If they're tracking your mileage they might be tracking your location and so then they can target people like rural people. I mean that was my next step. I was gonna say anything like that but you put it the way you put. It was more you know i. Yeah they're not really tracking location. They're tracking your speed. They may well tell you. You're on the road. Pay the next eleven. Miles are going to be forty dollars per mile. You wanna do that because there's a train station extra. That's really what it's designed to do. It's it's a surveillance method and it is a blackmail method man. David i appreciate you waiting to be on russia. Show in for all your support. Thank you for that. We'll come back and wrap up this day on the eib network taught him in your guide host this week right here. It's really impossible for me to overstate. How much work goes into doing shows like this in. I'm the least of it. And there are so many people in the background. Paul susan crag alley greg keith. And i think keith is mojo. Everyone has a nickname here. But me mike and of cocoa junior cocoa. I could go on. And i. I know it forgotten. People apologized for that. Please know that that that that it's it's a labor of love love and also love of the maha also because it is easter coming up in. It is good friday. Just i would tell you that. From a perspective of someone that's christian if you're curious about this holiday one of the things that we observe as the resurrection of christ but that also came with the crucifixion and one of the things. That's remarkable about that. In my mind is that god knew what was going to happen. And jesus knew what was going to happen and he stopped it and he didn't and god knows what's going to happen and he picked some people to be alive during this time and to carry on our shoulders the responsibility of this time and i believe rush in the last months of his life is so kind to share with us his faith and it also asks us just to consider the faith that god has us to be able to maintain this home where i do think our founders were inspired by god so have a happy easter. If you observe it and it's been an honor to be with you taught him signing off this week on the. Eib network caused grad gunned down walking his dog a young mom michelle parker vanishes after dropping off her little twins at the babysitter. Nancy grace here. Every day on crime stories we break down the biggest breaking crime knees and studied the clues left behind so we can help crime victims and their families every day emission every day. Another chance to stop crime. Keep one more person safe. Join us listen to crime stories with nancy grace on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Hi everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast truth with lisa boothe with iheartradio. Gingrich three sixty the truth. With lisa boothe is a podcast and reject scrutiny. Checks fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness. Poisoning this country from with. You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on march twenty four th right very first episode. The truth with lisa booth every single wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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